Brotherhood of Death (1976) - full transcript

After antagonizing a Caucasian male, three black men: Raymond Moffat, Junior Moffat and Ned Tiese go on the run; join the army; fight Vietnamese; make dough selling dope; and return home to Kincaid County. They decide to assist oppressed citizens to be more assertive, and with the preacher's help, get them registered to vote. This does not auger well with minority Caucasians - who feel threatened, put on Ku Klux Klan hoods, amidst signs to 'Fight Communist and Intergration' and launch an all-out attack with impunity. Things get even more complicated when a black woman is sexually molested, a black male is blamed, and the Sheriff is shot dead, leaving corrupt lawmen and heavily armed Klansmen free to slay whoever dares to oppose them.

♪ High horse, get
off your high horse ♪

♪ So high

♪ High horse, get
off your high horse ♪

♪ So high

- [Man] Good morning, Leroy.

- [Leroy] Morning.

- [Man] Early enough for ya?

- [Leroy] (scoffs)
You know every time

I get up in the morning
and look at the damn paper

I say I'm not gonna
do it anymore.

Reading what Johnson is
doing up there in Washington

for these damn
niggers down here.

Worst thing is, you know
all the niggers down here,

they didn't want
none of that stuff,

that free stuff 'til
the federals started
spoon feedin' 'em.

I mean they were happy.

You know, took it easy.

- [Man] Right.

- [Leroy] They
didn't work too hard,

they had plenty of work
when they needed it,

and that's all there was to it.

They sees them out
there in the fields

and they feel sorry for them,

and they said ah look,
they're working too hard.

They don't realize
all them years

of breeding in Africa made 'em

fit for that physical labor,

I mean they like it.

(man laughs)

'Course picking bananas off
the trees made 'em lazy.

(man laughs)

♪ Can you tamper
with the light ♪

♪ Do you have the
right, no, no ♪

♪ Who are you to judge
a man's right to live ♪

♪ And stomp out a
candle so bright ♪

♪ Not tonight

♪ Get off your high horse

♪ And hear me

♪ Hear me now

♪ Do you hear me,
gonna be crucified ♪

♪ Get off your high horse

♪ High horse

♪ And hear me

♪ And hear me

♪ Can't you see it's suicide

♪ Don't drag us down we ain't

- Here we go boss,
right here, right here.

I got something for you, boss.

- What is that?

- Oh, I'm sorry.

- Man, you need
to go in the army.

They might teach
you how to walk.

- No, it'd teach
him how to duck.

- You gonna join the army?

- Me?

- Mm hmm.

- Oh yeah, I'm gonna
join the army alright.

I'm gonna become one of them
things you call a killer.

- Well okay.

- Yeah, you just want
to plaster a uniform.

- Like when you were an usher.

- Impressed you didn't it, baby?

- It wasn't your
uniform, sweetheart.

- Well, what was it then?

- Your sparkling blue eyes.


- Oh!

- Hey!

- [Man] You idiot!

- Gimme some gas.

- [Attendant] High test?

- Regular.

Make that 87 cents worth.

Raymond, Raymond, come
here, Raymond, come here.

- What you, what you want, man?

- I'll bet you $10 I make
that shot, what you say?

- Oh man, you ain't got $10.

- Well it don't matter
'cause I'll make it anyhow.

- Get on out of here, man,

let me show you how to do it.
- Quit pushing on me!

- Make this thing, man.



- You know that's
luck, don't you?

- Need something, mister?

- Yeah, fill it up.

Look at that.

Them God damn niggers breed
like flies, don't they?

God damn!

- Oh, the mother
fucker didn't go in.

- Hey boy, don't you know

there's a white
woman in that car?

Now you listen to me,

you gotta go over
there and apologize

for what you just said

and then you clean
your mess off my car.

- Like hell I will.

- Well, like hell you won't.

Now you just come right on.

- Hey man, take
your hands off me.

- Now listen, I'm
going to punish you.

- Hey man.

- What you doing?

- I'm gonna get you
niggers for this.

(engine revs)

- Let's get outta here.

- Raymond, see I done told
you about your temper, boy.

You gotta watch out
for them white boys.

- Every time I save your ass,

I'm the one that
got us in trouble.

- With Winniford.

The news is out that the Ku
Klux Klan is out after us.

In fact, we're the
A number one reason

for them getting
back into high gear.

- Shit, I don't much
like running away.

- [Driver] But you like
breathing, don't you?

- What makes you think it's
gonna be any better in the army?

- Well you got to get into
a good outfit, you see?

The better trained you are,

the better chances you got.

Eh, we get into that
special forces thing,

then maybe we can stay together.

- Special forces!

Man, are you crazy?

We'll go to war, for sure.

- Being as how there's a war,
we gonna go to war anyway.

- We'll have to jump
outta airplanes.

(explosions booming)

(gunfire popping)

(men yelling)

(explosion booms)

(gunfire popping)

- We're supposed to ambush them.

That asshole test got the
whole thing all ass backwards.

- I know one thing man,

I ain't going back
out there no more.

I'm tired, they can
have this damn war.

- Shit, fat lotta
a choice you got,

you got us into this damn war.

- Me?

You the one suggested that we
come here in the first place.

- Damn, it doesn't
make any difference.

Somebody must know what
he's doing out here.

We gotta join up with something
better fore it's too late.

- Hi, men, this
is Captain Quinn.

He says he has a
proposition for us.

- That's right, Captain Quinn.

On your feet, soldiers.

You grunts had your butts in
the grass long enough to know

this here is a jungle
war, guerrilla war,

only it's being fought by men

who think it's World War I.

Fixed defenses that get overrun.

Shit, fixed defenses
are something to hide in

and not fight from
and my men don't fight

from no fixed defenses.

We're hunters and
we stay on offense.

We eat cold meals out of a can

and sometimes we sit
stone still for hours

while the bugs crawl all over us

but we kill a lot of charlie

and they don't kill many of us.

Now if you want in,
I can arrange it.

If you don't, I hope
you bastards can run

'cause you're gonna
be picking 'em up

and putting 'em down.

- Well God damn, Captain.

- This could be your guts
spilling all over the terrain.

This is a sick ass war, troops.

The enemy's imagination
is unlimited.

And when you're out with Quinn,

you're right in
the VCs backyard.

Now they put these
in the ground.

Some grunt comes
along, steps on it

and Charlie racks
up another casualty.

So we got hip and we
installed steel inserts.

So Charlie comes
right back at us

with something else like this.

Now the spikes are
pointed downwards.

Try to jerk your foot out,

the deeper they dig in

and no steel insert's
gonna stop that.

Alright, here's another
one of Charlie's toys.

We call this a mud tato.

The rain peels the potato and
the potato peels your ass.

Now since you never know
what Charlie's gonna leave

behind for you,

the only thing that you can do

is try to avoid the places
where he's likely to leave 'em.

Now never take a path and
never walk parallel to one.

Never take the easiest
route around anything.

Look out for bridges

and watch out for
stepping stones.

Cross where it's deep,

don't cross where it's shallow.

Charlie can do more
with a river bed...

- We could take this night
advantage away from the VC.

You up for a little
night fighting?

- Why not?

- Get the VC so God damn jumpy,

they'd start
shooting themselves.

- Yeah but if the VC
moved big at night,

we might run into a big forest.

- Now you know how Charlie
feels about us during the day.

(gunfire pops)

(explosions booming)

- We got cut off.

We're in trouble, as soon
as those rockets stop.

(gunfire pops)

(explosions booming)

(gunfire pops)

- [Man] Halt.

Who goes there?

- Private Moffat, Private
Tiese and Private Moffat.

- [Man] Advance one
to be recognized.

(speaking in foreign language)

- [Man] Come forward.

You guys with Quinn?

- [Man] Yeah.

- [Man] Quinn bought it.

- [Man] What?

- He's dead.


- Good, huh?

That stuff is bad, man.

- It's bad alright.

- Come on, Junior,
get up off of it.


- Do you know the world's
largest smack factory

is right here in Saigon?

- Yeah, but you don't want
none of that stuff, Junior.

- It's worth a lot
of money stateside.

- Yeah.
- You know,

the kid got a point.

- Takes a big bank
roll though, Junior.

- That's the new thing.

We could pool it.

As a matter of fact, I
already got some investors.

- Be cool, man, be cool.

- You got the shit?

- You got the bread?

- No, no, no, no.

Let me see it.

- Let me see the bread.

- Watch it, that
stuffs almost pure.

- What'll it cut to?

- I don't know.

Depends on how greedy you are

and how eager your
customers are.

100 to one maybe.

- Hey, little something for
all my sicks friend, huh?

- Right.

Let me know when your
friends get sick again.

(funky music)

- I sure am glad to see y'all.


- How you doing Ace?

- Well, I know she gonna
be glad you back, Raymond.

Sure thought that street
corner was gonna fall down

without you holding it up, Ned.

You guys sure looking sharp.

Hey, you want a drink?

Can I get y'all a drink?

(funky music)
- Lay it on, Ace.

- So get out of KP and
go down to the dispensery

and guess what?

It turns out he got the clap.


- Ace.

Did you know Winniford?

- Mm hmm.

- Does he still
have it in for us?

- It's been a long time.

- What do you know?

He ain't the kind of person

that'd be getting
over these things

kind of easy like, you know?

- Well, I heard
something awhile back.

He had a few (mutters).

They got over that soon enough.

- [Raymond] Shit, I ain't
afraid of that son of a bitch.

- You ain't afraid,
huh, Raymond?

What you gonna do, off him?

- [Raymond] Shit I might.

- Oh forget about him.

He's small potatoes anyway.

Anyway, when are we gonna
get out of these monkey suits

and get some real clothes?

- Monkey suits?

Jimmy, this might be
a monkey suit to you

but in this suit, I feel
just like King Albert.

- You look like King Kong.

- You are King Kong,
nigger. (laughs)

- Raymond, you never
could hold your liquor.

- Shit, don't you
drink to get drunk?

- I guess some of us do.

- Being that you're
so good at it.

- Oh, get off my case, Junior.

- Now come on, come on y'all.

You want another drink, Raymond.

Ace, give him another drink.

Give everybody another drink.

- Yeah, yeah,
let's do it, do it.

- [Man] Hey Ned, come on,
man, let's get out of here.

- [Man] Hey Ned,
time to hit the road.

- Go away, man, I'm busy.

- [Man] Come on, man.


- [Man] Hey Ned!

- (growls) Jesus Christ,
will you look at this here.

- Boy, this fool had a good
time last night, didn't he?

- 'Cause he sure
paying for it now.

- He must've had a DTs.

- Yeah, I think
he needs our help.

(Ned exclaims)

- Come on, man.

Why don't y'all get out of
here and leave me alone?

Why we got to go to Montgomery?

- So nobody here knows
how much money we got.

- Come on, man, they
got all them bad stores

down in Montgomery.

We can buy some rags and shit.

- Oh, come on, Raymond.

Them stores'll be there
when we get there.

Just leave me alone,
man, leave me alone.

- Come on, man.

(horn beeping)


- Get up here.

- Take your hands off me.

You want to go, then let's go.

Driver, onward to Montgomery.

And watch the holes in the road.


- [Woman] Quiet, Jimmy.

- [Jimmy] Why?

Come on.

- What if somebody comes by?

- Ain't nobody coming
out here, okay?

- What if I said you just
don't turn me on anymore?

- Well then you're gonna
have to give me a chance

to redeem myself.

- You slow down,

you gotta take your
clothes off anyway.

You gotta get your
shoes off too.

- [Jimmy] Come on.

- Jimmy, what if I
said, not today, sucker?

- Hey, come on!


God damn, tease.

Hey, come on!

Well, that's more like it.

(funky music)


- Hey Snowball.

- What you got on your mind?

- What do you want?

- Nothing boy, you
go right ahead,

we just gonna sit down and
make ourselves comfortable.

Now don't cover up, hon,
we ain't seen nothing yet.

- Maybe he ain't up to it.

- (laughs) Is that right, boy?

- He ain't gonna do nothing.

- Well then, maybe we just
gonna have to do something

for that boy.

(woman screams)

- [Man] Get that
nigger outta here.


- Hey, got you now, got you now!

- [Woman] No.

- Slide down there, you bitch.


- Please stop.

- Gonna split me some black oak.

- [Woman] No!


(woman exclaiming)

- It's your last one today.

You know, you owe me $6.

- Okay, well just fill up the
glass and we'll talk tomorrow.

- All you got is mouth.

- What's happening, Ace?

- I don't know.

This whole Louise
Freeman business

is bugging the hell out of me.

- Yeah?

- Yeah, I mean like, you know--

- Hey Ace, what's
happening catch?

- [Ace] Oh, look at this,

must be some kind
of parade in town.

- Oh, just shut your mouth,
fool and pour me something

kind of tall, sweet and nice.

- [Ace] You got a
deal, coming up.

- Hey.
- Hey.

(men muttering)

- Y'all hear about
Louise Freeman?

- No, what about her?

- [Ace] She got
raped, that's what.

- By who?

- [Ace] Winniford and two pals.

- Winniford?

- Yeah, she and her boyfriend,

they got jumped by them.

They beat her boyfriend up

and then two of 'em nailed her.

- And?

Well, what happened to 'em?

- [Ace] That's just it,
ain't nothing happened.

- You mean they
got away with it?

- Yeah, they walking around

like, ain't nothing happened.

- Well Ace, did
somebody call the cops?

Do they know?

- The cops don't give a shit.

- Well, I give a shit.

- Well, you ain't the cops.

- Now come on, man.

When something like this happen,

we all go to the church and
we have a meeting and we--

- Fat lotta good
that's gonna do.

- That's just the way
things are around here.

- Well, we'll see about that.

(ominous music)


(men grunting)

(punches thudding)

- Oh shit.

- Well Leroy, look like a God
damn highway fatality there.

- Hey, you got no
cause to make jokes,

especially not with you
standing there on my porch

and a whole gang of niggers

rampaging through
Kincaid County.

- Oh, there's a gang of 'em huh?

- That's right.

- Well, how many would
you say there was?

- Had to be at least five.

- Five of 'em, huh?

Did you recognize any of 'em?

- No, they come up behind me
in the middle of the night.

- Well, I mean was there
a tall one or a short one?

- I told you, they
come from behind.

You can't tell one
nigger from another

in the middle of
the night no how.

- And they didn't
steal anything, huh?

- They didn't steal anything.

- Now let me see if I
got this straight, Leroy,

you're telling me
that five black men

that you never saw
before attacked you

for no apparent reason?

- That's right.

- Uh huh.

Leroy, I got to tell ya,

I think you brought
this on yourself.

- Jim, what are you
trying to drive at?

- What I'm trying
to tell you, Leroy,

is that if you're smart,

you will just forget this
whole incident right now.

- Forget it?

Hell, eight niggers come
along here on my property

in the middle of the
night and try to kill me

and you tell me to forget it?

Jim, you ought to go down
to nigger town right now

and arrest a few of them bucks,

make a few examples out of 'em.

- Alright now,
Leroy, listen to me,

you know and I know
why you were attacked

and unless we call a halt
to this thing right now,

things in this county are just

gonna go from bad to worse.

- You know, Jim, I
can't believe my ears.

I mean, you sound like
a God damn nigger lover.

- You can that talk, Leroy.

Now listen to me, Leroy,

we don't know who beat you up

but we sure as hell know
who raped that Negro girl

now, don't we?

- You ain't got no proof.

- You are just damn lucky

that I didn't throw your
ass in the slammer then

and I might still do it.

So you watch what
you call me, Leroy.

- You need to protect
white folks not niggers.

- I am paid to keep the peace

and that means keeping the
crazies off the street.

Now right now that
includes you, Leroy.

So you watch your step.

(ominous tones)

- Does the sheriff know?

- Yes, the sheriff
knows but he says

Winniford's got three witnesses

says he was playing
cards all night.

- Lot of good it'd do to
be going to that sheriff.

- Now don't judge the
sheriff just because--

- Now listen, preacher, listen,

now when's the last time they
done locked up some white man

for raping one of our women?

- Now don't get like that.

- Well, we can't let
'em get off scot free.

- Well, we're sending a petition

to the county attorney.

Maybe with some outside
pressures of community pressure,

we'll let 'em know that we
won't stand for such abuse

and treatment of
our young people.

- Reverend, how many of
your petitioners are voters?

- Not too many, I'm afraid.

- Well then, the county
attorney won't pay it any mind.

He don't care about black
folks in the first place

and especially if
they don't vote.

- Look, I tried to lead him.

They're set in their ways.

They won't follow
me to register.

They want nothing to
do with government.

- There are more black people
in this county than white.

Now if we got 'em
all out to vote,

we could have our own
county attorney and sheriff.

- Junior, I don't know.

You might be right.

- How would you do it?

You'd have to reach
a lot of people.

- The Baptist churches
are a natural network

for getting the word out.

- Brothers and sisters,

the word today comes
from the book of Proverbs

where it say, when the
righteous are in authority,

the people rejoice

but when the wicked bear rule,

the people mourn.

We have been a mournful people,

torn from our homelands,

our loved ones and our heritage.

We are the slave labor
upon which this land

of freedom and
justice was built.

- Amen.

- [Congregation] Amen.

- [Preacher] Am
I right or wrong?

- [Congregation] You're right.

- We have felt the
oppressor's whip

upon our backs,

his rope around our necks

and his bullet in our hearts

and yet, we have persevered.

Well, the Lord was with us.

- [Congregation] Yes he was.

- He gave us strength.

- Praise the Lord.
- Oh, praise the Lord.

- He brought us far.

- Outta the valley.
- But the journey

is far from over.

There are still wicked
men who would deny us

the right to live and prosper

as free people of this society.

- Preach it, brother, preach it.

- For today we possess a weapon

which would deny them
the power to do this.

We have the capacity
to utilize the tool

that dictates the
will of a free people,

the one instrument
that ensures our future

and our rights as free people,

the ballot, our votes.

Your vote, sister and
yours, brother and my vote.

- Hallelujah, amen.

- Amen.

- We will support the righteous

and we will vote to
cast out the wicked.

- Hallelujah.
- Amen.

- We will vote and the
people will rejoice.

- [Congregation] Amen.

- Man, you better get
out off that bottle

and get on down to that
courthouse and register.

(upbeat music)

- Nice shopping.

(music overpowers voices)

- Excuse me,

I came to register.

- Register to vote?

(upbeat music)

Here, take these forms with you.

(music overpowers voices)

Yeah, you too, you all
want to vote, how many?

- Come on, come on.

You just go right up
there and stand in line.

- The niggers is
taking over the town.

- Raise your right hand,
raise your right hand.

- What?

By the busload?

- This place is full of Negros.

- Now look, you close
down that office.

I don't care, you just
close it down now.

- Maybe I'll run for sheriff.

- You, a law man?

- Well, why not?

- 'Cause you'll wind
up arresting yourself.

- Now who'd ever heard of
a cop arresting himself?

(upbeat music)

- [Raymond] We're trying
to introduce a new breed

of lawmen into the county.

- Well, I ain't got
nothing to hide.

- You ain't got
nothing to hide, huh?

Then what about your
source of wealth, huh?

- Well if anybody
ask, I'll lock 'em up.

- Oh, you gonna lock 'em up?

- You can't lock
up a string bean.

- Hi Junior.
- Newt!

- Hey, what's happening?

- Hey man.
- You doing man?

- Hey man, you gonna get
out of school this year

or you gonna have Mr. Howard
ragging your ass again?

- Oh, no way, man.

I got out of there and I'm
getting out of this town, too.

I'm a college boy.

- Football!

- Alright, Penn State.

- Oh yeah?

Well, maybe I'll go with you.

- Junior, they ain't got
a uniform small enough.

(siren wails)

- Not to play fool,
to take classes,

you've got to do that too.

- Yeah, I'm ready.


- The church is on fire!

It's burning down!

(men exclaiming)

- [Junior] I guess we really
pissed 'em off this time.

- Well that's it,
man, I've had it.

Want war man, let's
give it to 'em.


- Did you see that
big dirt pile?

They burning on the wind now.

Oh yeah, now Sheriff,
if you don't mind

I'll be taking a
little pull on that.

You know we keep up
this sort of thing,

there ain't gonna be no
niggers left in this county

to shine our shoes.

- You can say that.

I ain't had so much
fun since my brother--

- Now hold on, hold
on just a minute,

Night Hawks, Night Hawks,

Night Hawks of the Ku Klux Klan,

I give you the grand cyclops

whose identity we are all
bound never to reveal.

(snapping fingers)

- Night Hawks of
the Ku Klux Klan,

tonight this klan has
reached the highest glory.

The foundation of Christian
life that has persevered

in the most demanding of times

including carpet bagging
invasions from the north,

Jewish treachery and deceit

and an international
Catholic conspiracy

spearheaded by a
Catholic president

has once again survived
the severest test.

Communist agitation,

of simple minded Negroes
who think themselves

the social and political
equal of the white man.

Now those responsible have
felt the full fury of our wrath

but to kill the
snake, gentlemen,

you must first cut off its head.

Now we know who is
responsible for this revolt

against the Christian
sanctity of our land.

Three obstreperous Negroes

instigating a heinous plot

involving the colored churches

have incited the peaceful
Negroes of this country

to challenge the
white leadership

that has served us all
so well for so long.

These men, Raymond Moffat,
Junior Moffat and Ned Tiese,

are responsible for
this conspiracy.

Now let their sentence
for these crimes

be swift and terrible.

Let the long and righteous
arm of the Ku Klux Klan

reach out and smite
those who would dare

to defile our
Christian civilization.

(men yelling)

(mysterious music)

- [Junior] Hey I
could use some help.

(funky fusic)

(gunfire pops)


- You like that boy?

You got plenty more coming

if you don't admit
to what you done.

- Fuck off, white man.

(punch thuds)

- God damn, hot headed nigger.

- Shit, my old man used to
hit me harder than that.

- Now hold on just
a minute, Myrick.

Ain't no need to waste
yourself on this boy.

We gonna be
scientific about this.

Now, I ain't seen no nigger yet

that would burn before he'd
say anything you want, Myrick.

What's it gonna be nigger,

you gonna burn or
you gonna talk?

- What the hell's going on here?

Back off, Leroy.

- This boy killed one
of his own people.

- That don't give you the
right to torture him, does it.

You got a case against this boy

or are you just
getting your rocks off?

Jesus Christ, Myrick.

First it's Leroy
here and now you.

Just keep it up, keep it up.

Pretty soon I'm gonna have

the whole God damn
klan in the slammer.

Alright boy, now did
you kill somebody?

- I didn't kill nobody but

somebody did 'cause
Newt Biggars is shot.

- Been shot?

Myrick, did you test this
boy for powder burns?

- [Myrick] No sir.

- Jesus Christ.

Well there's one simple way to
solve this then, ain't there?

Untie him.

Untie him!

- Well, well, well, you
don't look too bad, Raymond,

not for the bruise.

- [Junior] What's going on?

- They said I shot Newt Biggars.

- Shot Newt Biggars?

He dead?

- Stone dead.

- They tested me for powder
marks then they let me go.

- Let you go?

After he beat you up?

- No, it wasn't the sheriff.

It's that damn
Myrick and some dudes

that the sheriff
called Klansmen.

- [Junior] That's
a big surprise.

- [Ned] Hey Raymond, who
do you think shot Newt?

- I know who shot Newt.

It was that Turner.

I saw his car driving off.

- You tell the sheriff that?

- You think I'm crazy?

With Myrick and them
Klansmen still in there,

I aint saying nothing.

Soon as they go, I'll
tell the sheriff.

I got something to say to
you about tonight, Sheriff.

- Oh come on now, boy,

you know damn good and well

that the county attorney

is not gonna
prosecute that deputy

for what he did to you.

- I ain't talking
'bout me Sheriff.

I know who shot Newt.

It was Harold Turner,
the county attorney.

- Shit boy, get out of here.

- [Raymond] I saw
his car, Sheriff.

- Well hell, that's no proof.

- [Raymond] You could
test him for powder burns.

- Maybe I could,
maybe I couldn't.

- Uh huh.

You want me to go to
the papers then, huh?

Tell them you refused to
follow a lead on a murder?

- Now wait a minute, wait
a minute, wait a minute,

alright, alright.

Now we'll go and we'll
test Harold Turner

for powder burns, alright?

- [Raymond] That's awful
white of you, Sheriff.


- No Leroy, I got
rid of the gun.

No, no, there's no way
they can pin it on me.

We starting a rumor that
the niggers did it anyway.


Well, what difference
does it make

if nobody believes us, huh?

(doorbell ringing)

Who the hell is that?

Come in.

No, no, it's just
somebody at the door.

Yeah, now look, you
just relax now, Leroy.

I'll get back to you as
soon as I can, alright?

Now keep calm.

Alright, talk with you, bye bye.

Well, Sheriff,

didn't hardly expect to
see you this time of night.

- [Sheriff] Harold.

- [Harold] What
can I do for you?

- Well Harold, this boy here

has a pretty serious
charge against you.

- [Harold] Oh?

What's that?

- He claims he saw you
shoot and kill a Negro man

by the name of Newt Biggars.

- Why now that's ridiculous.

- Yeah, yeah.

Well that's what I told him.

So I figured you wouldn't mind

if I was to test you
for powder burns.

- [Harold] Mind?

Of course I'd mind.

- Oh come on now, Harold,
just take a minute.

Now you don't want to make

yourself look guilty, do you?

- That's what he's afraid of.

- Yeah, just to prove him wrong.

- No, absolutely not.

- Now don't be a fool, Harold.

You know I don't need
a warrant to test you.

What do you want me to do,

arrest you for
failure to cooperate?

- I said no, John.

You going crazy
listening to this nigger?

- You the one that going crazy.

- Car three, what
the hell do you want?

- [Man] The Negroes
were just in here.

He took the sheriff over
to test Harold Turner

for powder burns.

- Holy shit.

Where are they?

They leave here yet?

- [Man] They already left.

- Curse, I could never get
over to Harold's in time.

Wait a second, wait a
second, let me see now.

Hold on now, hold on.

Alright I got it.

Now here's what we're gonna do.

(phone ringing)

- Mind if I answer the phone?

- Yeah, sure go ahead.

- Yeah, hello.

Hold on, hold on just
a second, alright.

I'd like to take this
in the other room.

Is that alright with you?

- Yeah, yeah.

- He's guilty as hell, Sheriff.

- Still find that
hard to believe.

- But did you see his
face when you asked

to take those tests
for the powder marks?

- Alright Sheriff,

I'm ready to be tested now.

But I'd like to do it downtown

where I can get me
a reliable witness.

Now get that lying
bastard outta here.

- Be a pleasure.

I hope you fry,
you son of a bitch.

- Alright, alright,
alright that's enough now.

Come on, come on, come on,

let's just get out in the car.

Come on, come on.

- What fucking gaw!

I'm gonna want him arrested

for giving false witness
to the police, Sheriff.

(funky music)

- Just keep moving,
no reason to get mad.

- [Myrick] Sheriff,
come in, Sheriff.

- Alright Myrick,
I'm here, what is it?

- [Myrick] I got
the killer cornered.

I need help.

- Where are you?

- [Myrick] The old power
plant on Smart Road.

- Alright now you take it easy.

I'll be right there, 10-4.

Harold, I got an emergency here.

Now you wait right
here, don't you leave.

Raymond listen, I can't
take you back to town.

Now you get back by
yourself, you hear me?

(funky music)




- It's me, Sheriff.

Nigger lover.

(gunfire pops)

(funky music)

- Come on, what
we gonna do here?

Look at that.

- Dealer pull the card.

- Price is going up.

- Going up, huh?

- Come on, come on.

- Now watch this.

I know I'm gonna
get me something.

Oh come, well, alright
now, deuces bet.

- Deuces bet, $1.

- Only a dollar?

- Only deuces.

I mean, what you
want for nothing?

- Well, there's your dollar.

There's two more.

- Oh!
- Diamond ace.

- Diamond ace in the hole.

- Oh, keep your mama
out of this, Ned.

- $3 to you, junior.

- [Junior] Fold.

- Fold?

To two deuces?

- [Junior] To $3.

- Oh come on now, fool.

What's $3 to you?

- [Junior] Nothing compared
to what I lost already.

- $3 to you, Ned.

- $3?
- Yeah.

- $3, right.
- Yeah.

- Oh let me see, I fold.

- [Raymond] What?


- [Junior] You jive turkey.

- Just you and me, cutthroat.

- Put your $2 in the pot.

Put your $2 in the pot.

- I'll see your damn $2.

- You boys better
get outta here.

The Ku Klux Klan
are looking for you.

- That's news.

- They're gonna come
directly for Raymond

and maybe you too.

- The sheriff won't be out here

looking for anybody
anytime, any place.

- The sheriff?

The sheriff is dead.

- Dead!

- What are you
talking about Rose?

- I just saw, Rose
how do you know that?

- I heard Turner talking
on the telephone.

- Then Turner must be the one.

- Right.

Killed the sheriff

- Or had him killed.

- [Junior] And he
can have us killed.

- You catching on and this
is gonna be the first place

they gonna come
looking for you, too.

- Hey Dig, this
isn't even a good

fixed defense for us.

We gonna have to get our of here

where we can go into
offense to them cats.

- Thank you.

(funky music)

- Nobody move.

Check out that back room.

- What you want, man?

- I want Raymond Moffat
and his two partners.

- They ain't here.

- I can see that, asshole.

Where are they?

- I don't know.

- I'm gonna have to
shoot you, nigger.

- Please sir,

Mr. Myrick, sir,

I don't know nothing.

- I oughta shoot you anyway.

Let's get out of here.

- We appreciate y'all
coming out here.

Awful glad as many of you
showed up as you could

and as you know by the drum,

we at war with the Ku Klux
Klan and we need y'all's help.

We don't want you to fight
for us or nothing like that

but we do want something
that's just as important.

We want you to provide
us with some intelligence

'cause you never know which
ones of them white folks

you working for
belongs to the klan.

You know who be like, in the
kitchen washing the dishes

while Miss Annie's
talking on the phone

or Irvin like when you
serving Mr. Frank them drinks

and he's sitting out
there on the back porch

talking to his friends.

You know his tongue
gets a little bit loose

and he's liable to say anything.

Just keep your ears open.

And then when you get
all that information,

just bring it all back to
me and I'm gonna see to it

that it gets put
to some good use.

'Cause the only way
we gonna be able

to know what they
doing and outsmart 'em

is if we keep our eyes
open and our ears open.

- Ace, Ace, this is Rose.

Old man Turner's still
got it in for them boys.

No, no, he don't know
where they at but Ace,

they gonna start some more
foolishness though, Ace.

- Like what?

- They gonna get
after the preacher.

- You know when?

- [Rose] This
evening after supper.

- How many?

- [Rose] Myrick,
Myrick and two more.

- Myrick and two more, huh?

Thanks Rose.

I'll just do
something about that.

- Now I don't care if we have
to beat this fool preacher

half to death.

He's gonna tell us where
them boys is hiding.

- It's gonna be a piece of cake.

- Just be careful
you don't kill him.

- Well, it ain't gonna
be nobody's loss.

- I'm beginning to
worry about the FBI.

There's enough dead already.

- FBI, won't they just
figure that Moffat done it?

- I reckon they'll figure
he killed the sheriff.

They'll know he didn't
do in his own preacher.

- Come on, let's go do it.

Be quiet now.

(suspenseful music)

(men grunting)

- They've got Winniford and
now Turner's disappeared.

I tell you, we gotta
be more careful.

I think I know how we
can get to that preacher.

Believe I might have to
make another little visit

to that boy down in nigger town.

- Get on the phone, boy.

Call your preacher.

You tell him ifren
he don't tell us

where them Maffot boys is hid,

I'm gonna blow your
nappy head off.

Move boy!

- That won't be
necessary, Mr. Myrick.

I knows where they at.

- You do?

Tell me, boy.

- They's down at old mad river

in a old barn.

- How do I get there?

- You take the dry road
out by Sutter Stove

'til you get to the end.

Then you got about a
mile, mile and a half

'fore you get to the barn.

- Thank you, boy.

You better be telling the truth

or we're gonna have your
black ass on a pole.

- Your ass on the God damn pole.

- Hey boy,

look at me.

Look at me, you slimy bastard.

Now what I want to know

is why you spreading around
here that we's communists?

- [Turner] Because it's true.

- Horse shit, Turner!

Winniford may be stupid
enough to believe that shit

but you don't believe it.

- It's a good way

to keep the white
population scared though,

isn't it, Turner and to
keep yourself elected?

- It's well known that
communist rebel rousers

go around the country--

- It's not well known.

It's well rumored
by cats like Turner.

Where in the hell
did you first hear

about communist rebel rousers?

From Turner?

And who's private
army did you fight in?

Turner's you stupid
son of a bitch.

Do you actually believe

that you can put on
evil spirit costumes

and call yourself
dragons and burn crosses

and all the darkies will
shake in their shoes

and afraid to fight
your white supremacy?

Well, these darkies are
about to do you in, mother.

- Harold, they--

- They're wrong, shut up.

Now look here, you are
dealing in kidnapping here,

plain and simple.

Now you think you can
get away with this?

- Hey, we've already
got away with it.

- Yeah, yeah for now.

Now look here, now I
can't promise nothing

but if you release us,

I'll do what I can.

- To have us dead.

You already killed the sheriff

so what the hell is
a couple of niggers?

You already killed one for fun.

- You'll be killed regardless.

- You too, white boy.

But first...

We gonna set fire
to this whole shack

and then we gonna nail
your balls to the floor

and then I'm gonna
give you a razor blade

and it's either cut or burn.


Burn baby.




- Junior, they're here.

- [Junior] Alright, does
everybody know what to do?

(funky music)

- [Man] I'm lucky I got
up the hill in this thing.

- [Man] That's alright, scares
the hell out of the niggers.

(mysterious music)

(gunfire pops)

- What the hell you
doing, man, you missed?

- I didn't miss.

I shot the same one you did.

Hey assholes, we got
your pals in here.

You shoot and you kill 'em.

- Maybe we can flank 'em.

Take a couple of men

and move around to
that side of the house.


- There's three of them
coming up on our left flank.

Get ready.

- Get up.

Listen to me, you
make one more sound

and I'll blow your head off.

Now get up.

(explosions booming)

(frenzied music)


(gunfire pops)

- [Man] The niggers
is high tailing it.

(gunfire pops)

- [Man] We got him, move up.

- A little something
for old Myrick.

(snake hissing)

- What the fuck?

(ominous tones)

Good God, it's Leroy.

(gunfire pops)

- [Man] Snake!

(men exclaiming)

- You think we got 'em all?

(funky music)

- We got 'em all.

- Are you sure?

(funky music)

- Looks like I got the drop
on two murdering niggers.

Looks like they was
resisting arrest.

Looks like--

(gunfire pops)

- [Raymond] Die nigger.


- You better hurry now,
it's gonna be light soon.

Yeah and the Klan's gonna
be after you soon enough.

- Take care.

- You too, Ned.

See you, Junior.

(funky music)

♪ What are the facts, are
you sane are you mad ♪

♪ Does your daddy have
money at all, money at all ♪

♪ What are the facts

♪ Are you good, are you bad

♪ Do you think that
it matters at all ♪

♪ Matters at all

♪ Get off your high
horse and hear me ♪

♪ Should anyone be crucified

♪ Crucified

♪ Get off your high
horse and hear me ♪

♪ Can't you see it's suicide

♪ Suicide

♪ Can you tamper with
light like the tallow wax ♪

♪ Do you have the right,
do you have the right ♪

♪ Who are you to judge
a man's right to live ♪

♪ Can you snuff out
the candles of right ♪

♪ Get off your high
horse and hear me ♪

♪ Should anyone be
crucified, crucified ♪

♪ Get off your high horse
and hear me, hear me ♪

♪ Can't you see it's
suicide, suicide ♪

♪ Don't drag us down,
keep fooling around ♪

♪ Keep your distance,
don't start no fight ♪

♪ Start no fight

♪ You ain't our boss

♪ So lay down your cross

♪ Who was it that
gave you the right ♪

♪ Who gave you the right

♪ Get off your high horse
and hear me, hear me ♪

♪ Should anyone be
crucified, crucified ♪

♪ Get off your high horse
and hear me, hear me ♪

♪ Can't you see it's
suicide, suicide ♪

♪ Get on off

♪ Get on off

♪ Get on off

♪ Get on off

♪ Get on off

♪ Get on off

♪ Get on off

♪ Get on off

♪ Get on off

♪ Get on off

♪ Get on off