Brotherhood of Blades 2 (2017) - full transcript

In the Ming dynasty of China, Shen Lian (starring Chang Chen), a secret police of corrupt government, is trapped by the conspiracy on a mission. To prove the innocence, he seeks the truth with a girl called Bei Zhai (starring Yang Mi).

Spring 1619.
A series of battles took place in Sarhu

between the Later Jin
and Ming Dynasties.

Look at these Ming bastards.

Stop crying, or I'll cut you to pieces!

Get rid of these two,

then we can head back.


I'm one of Commander Du's guards.

How is he?


Except he just lost his head.

The reinforcements never showed up...

They're probably dead, too.


My name is Lu Wenzhao.

My name is Shen Lian.

Tens of thousands of men

cut down like grass.

If we don't want to die like this,

we must find another way to live.


one of the Eight Guardian Legions
of Buddhism.

The battle between Asura and Indra
was as fierce as an inferno.

Eight Years Later,

Summer 1627,
Southern District, Beijing

Ding An.

Yes, Your Honor?

Look around back.

Be careful.

Yes, Your Honor.

Your Honor, the box has been emptied.

The money is gone.

Master Guo from the Eastern Depot.

No wonder he looks familiar.

Your Honor.

I told you to get the coroner
from headquarters.

Where is he?


Your Honor.

I have failed.

I accidentally ran into the Lieutenant
on the night shift.

He will arrive any minute
with his investigation team.

When they get here,
they'll take the case from us.

It's been half a year
since we got a case this big.

Have you been drinking?

Lieutenant, you're not allowed in there.


I'm Lieutenant Ling.

Greetings, Captain.

Is this district under your jurisdiction?

You came pretty quickly.

The owner, three waiters,
and two chefs are dead.

Each was killed with a single stroke.

The money on the counter is gone.


They also killed a master from
the Eastern Depot.

Master Guo.

Your Honor,

today is the Ghost Festival.

I'm sure you're preoccupied

keeping peace on the streets.

Please leave this to me.

What are you waiting for?

Get to work!

Yes, Lieutenant!


Nobody moves!


Lieutenant Ling,
don't you dare steal this case from me.

Of course not.

How long have you been an Imperial Guard?

Don't you understand the rules?

I'm your superior,
and you have no business here.


headquarters has already
entered this case into the records.

It's my case now.

This is my turf, so this is my case.

Have I made myself clear?


Someone's still alive!

Yin Cheng,

keep your eyes peeled.

Nobody touches anything,
or you'll regret it.

Yes, Your Honor.

Get out.

Don't kill me.

Don't kill me.

You saw it happen?

Last year,
more than ten thousand people died

in the Wanggongchang Explosion.

Last month, His Majesty fell into the lake.

Now a master from the Eastern Depot
is murdered.

There's too much going on in the Capital.

The Emperor fell into the lake?

You didn't hear?

His Majesty was on Taiye Lake
with his new dragon ship,

and suddenly it sank.

A dozen officials became fish food.

His Majesty was saved,

but caught pneumonia.

No medicine can cure him.

Master Wei of the Eastern Depot
has been stressed over it.

Is that so?

What a loyal man Master Wei is.

You don't know a damn thing.

Three years ago,

Chief Prosecutor Yang

brought Master Wei's twenty-four crimes
to the Emperor.

But Master Wei wasn't punished at all.

And completely destroyed the
Donglin Rebellion.

You know why?

Because the Emperor favors him.

But now that His Majesty is ill,

who knows what will happen to Master Wei,

if he can't be healed,

and a new emperor takes the throne.

Now Master Wei is like

a widow peeping at a bridal sedan.

There's nothing he can do.

The Department of Royal Construction
was in charge of building the ship.

Someone's about to lose their head.

Shut your mouth.

You're drunk. Stop embarrassing yourself.

Get lost!

Yin Cheng can't leave.

I've written down every word you said
in my Notebook of Justice.

Where did you hear those stories?

Those libelous words against
His Majesty and the nobles.

You aren't bold enough to make them up.

Tell me.

Who are your accomplices?


I've had too much to drink.

Please, spare me.

Please, spare me.

You want to take it upon yourself?

How brave.

Take him to the Imperial Prison.

Yes, Lieutenant.

Lieutenant, forgive me.

Lieutenant, forgive me.


Put down your blade.

Protect Lieutenant!

Stay back!

Catch him!

Captain Shen,

your men were quite amused

by the story Yin Cheng told.

He laughed.

So did he.

And he.


Get Yin Cheng back.

Yes, Captain.



Come with me.


Please let me go.

Nobody will know.

Letting you go will jeopardize
our entire team.

I can't go to the Imperial Prison.

We put so many people there.

It's worse than hell.

I'm not going.

Master Jinghai.

A friend has just passed.

Please release his soul from purgatory.

His name is Yin Cheng.

Here is the date and hour of his birth.

Your Honor,

feel free to take whichever you prefer.

Bei Zhai's works are still your favorite.

This black rooster the artist
painted is quite vivid.

I very much enjoy this cricket.

It would be a shame to get those
paintings wet.

My sincere apologies.

Please forgive me.

Most common folk fear the Imperial Guard.

But not you.

What's there to fear? You're not a monster.

What terrifies them is your uniform.

What did you say?

If you don't believe me,

walk around without your uniform.

See what happens.

What's your name?

Where do you live?

Are you arresting me?

Your Honor,

next time you come to this mountain,

bring an umbrella.

High Commander.


When do you think Master Wei will
be done fishing?

Here's an urgent report on Jiangxi's
recent flood.


Master Wei is quite perturbed.

I urge you not to interrupt him.

I see.

Who's that next to Master Wei?

Lu Wenzhao, Colonel of the Northern Bureau.

He gave me four hundred ounces of silver,

just to stand next to Master Wei
for a moment

Good deal for him.

Master Wei,

a fish.


Speak. What do you want?

A position.

I would kill for a chance to serve you.

I would kill for a chance to serve you.

Reclaim the Northeast,

and drive out the Manchurians.

Can you do it?

Suppress the Shandong uprising,

and pacify the roving bandits.

Can you do it?

There's one errand, however.

His Majesty has been ill.

Three-legged golden toads
are needed for his medicine.

Go find them.

My sincere gratitude, Your Excellency.

I'm exhausted.

The fish is yours.


Please take care.

About Yin Cheng last night,

you two did well.

What's done is done.

Never mention it again.


What about Master Guo's case?

It has been classified as robbery
and murder.

But since the victim
was a member of the Eastern Depot,

the case has been transferred
to the Southern Bureau.

It no longer belongs to the
Northern Bureau.


That's enough.

There's a pro-Donglin Rebellion painter

who's been slighting our government
in paintings and poetry.

Especially criticizing Master Wei.

Such outrageous behavior cannot
be countenanced.

Lieutenant Ling.

Get the painter.

The Eastern Depot wants him dead.

What's his name again?

Bei Zhai.

Master Bei Zhai.

Yes, Colonel.

So this is where Bei Zhai lives.

Captain Shen,

I can't believe you'd fight me
for such trivial case.

I just want to see Bei Zhai for myself.

You can take the credit.

Hold there

Royal guard.

Who else lives here?


Are you Bei Zhai?

Answer me!

Are you Bei Zhai or not?

There's no one else.

Stay still.

No doubt she is the one.

You rebel.

Shut your eyes.


What the hell are you doing?

It'd be a waste to kill her now.

Lieutenant Ling!

You traitors are indeed stubborn.

Get your hands off me!

Killing you directly is
equally entertaining.

What do you think you're doing?

Colonel Lu just wants her dead.

Don't complicate things.

Is it you or me who's complicating things?

You know this woman.


No wonder you tagged along.

What are you writing?

Shen Lian,

is a supporter of the Donglin rebels.

Give it to me.

You want to kill me?

You don't scare me.

Shen Lian.

You're mine.

I have the proof that you're
helping the rebels.

Hand me your Notebook of Justice.

I dare you.

Shen Lian,

do you have any idea who I am?

Master Wei is my uncle.

Lieutenant Ling!

Lieutenant Ling!


Lieutenant Ling and I were ambushed.

How many of them were there?



Was one of them Bei Zhai?

I can't say for sure.

Did you know Lieutenant Ling
was Master Wei's nephew?

What a mess.

Commander Han has ordered

the Southern Bureau handle the case.

Even I must be cautious to avoid suspicion.

I have to go greet him now.

Cakes from Glorious Moon Bakery.

Freshly baked this morning.

Have a bite.

And you are...

Well, I used to work at the
Northern Bureau.

I made a mistake
and was demoted to the Southern Bureau.

We've met before.

My name is Pei Lun.

I'm in charge of Lieutenant Ling's case.

Pleasure to meet you.

I have a lotto learn from you.



This is not a knife wound.


The criminal attacked Lieutenant Ling
with a pair of scissors.

Go find Lieutenant Ling's
Notebook of Justice.

Yes, Captain.

Do you like paintings?


Not found.

Have your Notebook of Justice on you?


At all times.

I wonder why Lieutenant Ling's
Notebook of Justice

is nowhere to be found.

You'd have to ask him.

I smell rouge.


were the two criminals last night men?

Captain Pei,

are you trying to be funny?


thanks for your hard work.

Greetings, Your Honor.

Ask me if you have any questions.

Shen Lian will be promoted to
Lieutenant Colonel next year.

Shen Lian will be promoted
to Lieutenant Colonel next year.

I see.

I will be sure to write the report
in his favor.

You have nothing to worry about.

Bei Zhai...

Bei Zhai won't get away with it.

Come on.

Whose punishment is the execution of three
generations of the perpetrator's family

West Mountain, Cloud Hillside. After sunset

Was it you?

Why stop?

You must regret

killing that Imperial Guard.

Where's Bei Zhai?

She's the only witness to your crime.

Why would I bring her with me?

You want money?


I want you to burn down
the Imperial Guard Archives.


You heard me.

The Archives are extremely important.

If caught,
I'll be executed by a thousand cuts.


either we turn you in,

or you set the fire.

Your call.

One on three is a challenge.

But if worse comes to worst,

I can still run.

Your skills are from the Frontier Force!

The Frontier Force was no fun.

I enjoy being a bandit more.

Let's go a few more rounds for fun.

How's that?

Chong'er, block his retreat.

Master Ding.

Master Ding.

Master Ding.

You drove away my disciples.

You wanted me from the beginning.

Good thinking.

What a shame.


I'll burn the Archives.

But you have to give me Bei Zhai.

Imperial Guard Archive, Northern Bureau

Your Honor.

How do you do?

Why so many Eastern Depot men?

Master Wei has ordered

the Archives closed today

to examine all the documents
on the dragon ship's construction.

You cannot go in.

Your Honor.

Your Honor.

You cannot go in.

Your Honor.

Your Honor.

This area belongs to the Imperial Guard.

You have no authority here.

The Imperial Guard are
Master Wei's watchdogs.

The Bureau is Master Wei's kennel.

No need to overreact.

It's just an investigation.

Inspector Zheng,

let's not get upset with these
small potatoes.

This dragon ship case
is too important to His Majesty.

Cats and dogs can't be allowed in there.


Lu, I'm not talking about you.

It's okay.

Lu, you should stay outside, too.

I understand.

You're still under investigation.

What are you doing here?

Pei Lun from the Southern Bureau

has his eyes on you.

Watch out.

I'll get this.


Your Honor.

Please enjoy.

The vegetarian meals of Yong'an Temple

certainly deserve their reputation.

Master Jinghai,

I heard you've been
collecting Bei Zhai's paintings.

Where do you keep them?


I have many paintings,

a few are by Bei Zhai.

I give them away to our donors
to express our gratitude

Like whom?

I'm afraid I can't remember.

You know,

Bei Zhai is a Donglin rebel.

I must know who's been collecting
his paintings.

Your Honor,

paintings are just paintings.


our donors are very good people.

Monk Jinghai says,

those who collect Donglin rebel paintings

are very good people.

This one sentence

could ruin Master Jinghai's life's work.

Now tell me,

who collected Bei Zhai's paintings?

My apologies for keeping you here.

Please don't say that, Master Ding.

His Highness

has been thinking about you.

I know.

Your Highness.

How is she?

Wo-style swordplay.

She's a descendant of Qi.


please bless me.

One stick of incense for one round.

Master Wei has ordered

the Archives closed today

to examine all the documents
on the dragon ship's construction.

His Majesty was on Taiye Lake
with his new dragon ship,

and suddenly it sank.

This dragon ship case
is too important to His Majesty.

Lu, you should stay outside, too.

Inspector Zheng.

Open the doors.

Yes, Your Honor.

You two wait here.

Yes, Your Honor.

The ship frame left the factory twice
for examination.


Guo Zhen.

Master Guo from the Eastern Depot.

No wonder he looks familiar.

Guo was Grand Secretary
of the Department of Royal Construction.

I was planning to call
the watchmen after you left the yard.

I underestimated your vigilance.

No need to look around.

There's only me.

Show me your face!

The Imperial Brocade Blade!

You're an Imperial Guard!

Too late to run.

You're dead meat.

You little traitor.

How dare you set fire to the Archives!

It's you!

I saw the fire.

Where's Bei Zhai?

I'm sorry.

You killed Guo, didn't you?

I didn't know he was the Grand Secretary
of the Department of Royal Construction.

He sabotaged the ship.

Almost killed the Emperor.

What do you want?

I have the
"Construction Log of the Dragon Ship."

I'll trade it for Bei Zhai.

She's not here.

You two belong to the same gang.

If you can't make the deal,

tell your master to come see me.

If I die,

the Log will be sent to the Bureau.


I've been waiting for a while.

You're back.

What a beautiful wife you have.

You lucky bastard.

You must be hungry.

I'll go buy some groceries.

No need.

Just make us some noodles.

Captain Pei,

there's still some left in the pot
if you want more.

No, I'm good.

Let's get down to business.

I've made some progress on
Master Guo's case.

I find it quite interesting.


Guo went to the Golden Pavilion
to meet someone.

Guo's driver said,

there was a young man waiting
for him inside.

Don't wait for me.


Guo's death was not a coincidence.

It was planned.

I found this in Guo's mansion.

I will meet you there, -Bei Zhai

Bei Zhai.


That young man must have been Bei Zhai.

Bei Zhai is the key
to solving Guo and Ling's cases.

I've been investigating
Bei Zhai's paintings,

and discovered some juicy information.

Monk Jinghai at Yong'an Temple said...

You know him, right?


The monk said,

you've collected a handful of
Bei Zhai's works.

Where's Master Jinghai?

In the Imperial Prison.

His life depends on what you're
about to say.

If you say his accusation is false,

I will get rid of him for you.

But if you want to save him,

then give me Bei Zhai's paintings.

I don't have any.

You're a stubborn man.

The monk said you two were friends.

But that word doesn't seem to
mean anything to you.

Pei Lun.

You're trying to frame me
as Bei Zhai's accomplice.


My future rests on these two cases.

How could I not take them seriously?


you know better than I do

whether this is a false charge.

Why are you picking on me?

You want to know why?

Among all the Imperial Guards,

I had only one friend.

His name was Yin Cheng.

And you killed him.

What are you looking for?

The "Construction Log of the Dragon Ship."

Give it to me,
and I'll guarantee you safe passage.

What are you going to do?

I ask and you answer.

Don't even think about lying.

Was it you who disguised yourself as a man

and made an appointment with Guo?

Was it Ding who killed him?

You think I won't kill you?

I must be crazy,

for rescuing an assassin
who tried to kill the Emperor.

I didn't.

Stop lying!

I will make you confess

one way or another.

It was me.

I disguised myself
and lured Guo to the Golden Pavilion

for Master Ding to kill him.

Who's behind all this?


Don't try to be a hero.

If you don't want to drown, give me a name.



It was me.

You would die for him?



One day, when I was very young,

my father was teaching me to paint.

Imperial Guards broke into our house.

They accused my father of writing poems
that slighted Master Wei.

Our entire family was torn apart,

just because my father wrote some poems.

Some were killed, others exiled.

I was banished to a brothel in the south.

When the ship arrived at Datong River,

I jumped.

I didn't know drowning
could be so tortuous until that moment.

It was he who saved me.

He promised me

he would do everything he could
to kill Wei,

and wipe out his entire party.

So you decided to join him

because of that one promise?

Aren't you fed up with this life?

Life is hard. Nobody can change that.

You Honor.

He's alive

but unlikely to wake up.

Criminals dare to kill
and commit arson on our very doorstep.

This is certainly a first
in the Great Ming Dynasty.

You dare call yourselves the
Imperial Guards?

You bastards

Shen Lian.

Shen Lian.

Shen Lian.

What did he say?

I don't know.



Let's speak in private.

Shen has something to do
with Guo and Ling's death.


this might be the most important case
in the history of the Dynasty.

This is conjecture.

Do you have proof?

The Archives have burned down,

but parts of the documents remain.

I've looked into Shen and
Guo's backgrounds.

Eight years ago, in the Battle of Sarhu,

Shen and Guo served together in
the West Army.

Though the army was destroyed,

Shen and Guo survived.

I believe the two
already knew each other back then.

Who's there?

Show yourselves.

How bold of you.

Let me take care of them.


Lu Wenzhao.


Kill him.


Tens of thousands of men

cut down like grass.

If we don't want to die like this,

we must find another way to live.

I don't want to die.

I don't want to die.

Another way to live.

Find another way to live.

I don't want to die.

Another way to live.


Lu and Guo knew each other.

Shen Lian.

Yin Cheng was my friend, too.

Thanks to the breastplate,

the wound isn't lethal.

Thank you, Mrs. Shen.

I'm not...

This is Bei Zhai.


Inspector Zheng didn't die.

He said it was you.

I already covered it up.

You killed Ling, didn't you?

Pei Lun figured it out.

I covered that up as well.

Why? Because you once saved my life.

We're friends.


You and Guo knew each other
eight years ago.

You fought shoulder to shoulder
in the army.

You told him to sabotage the ship,

then killed him.

Then asked me to burn down the Archives.

Now you say we're friends?

You didn't have to get involved.

Why did you save Bei Zhai and Captain Pei?

You're colluding with the rebels.

I can turn you in.

Go ahead.

I have people everywhere,

in every administrative and
judicial department

in every state and prefecture.

We can make black become white

by just tapping our fingers.

How can you fight me?

You plan to overthrow the Emperor?

Wei and his party
lost the people's trust long ago.

They'll be overthrown sooner or later.

You can't be willing to let these
useless scumbags rule you.

We shouldn't be wasting time like this.

Now we need to get the real job done.

Go in there,

and finish off Bei Zhai and Pei Lun.

Give me the
"Construction Log of the Dragon Ship,"

then you can live.

You want me to trade Bei Zhai
and Pei Lun's lives for mine.

What's the difference between you and Wei?

You're the same.

Get off your high horse.

You think you're a good person?

How many lives have you taken

with your blood-stained hands?

Does your master know

you plan to kill Bei Zhai?


The "Construction Log of the Dragon Ship"?

Trying to steal it and run?


I'll keep it for you.

Go to sleep.

Lu must be looking everywhere for us.

Don't you think I know that?

You have Bei Zhai and the Log.

What are you afraid of?

We can't do anything to Lu.

His people are everywhere inside
the system.

What about the Court of Censors?

I have something on the Imperial Censor.

He'll be more than willing to help us.

You can't leave her?

We'll all die together then.

Your honor,

let's wait for the rain to stop.

Let's wait for the rain to stop.

Lu Wenzhao!

You posted arrest warrants citywide

without your superiors' approval.

Do you think we don't exist?


if you don't punish this dog severely,

how will your men listen to you in
the future?

Captain Shen of the Northern Bureau

and Captain Pei of the Southern Bureau

bribed Master Guo to murder His Majesty.

Luckily, they failed.

The duo killed Master Guo to silence him,

then set fire to the Archives.

Lieutenant Ling

was also killed by Shen.

I have acquired Inspector
Zheng's testimony as evidence.

To prevent the duo's escape,

I took the liberty of delivering
the message

to the Ministry of Security,

and city administrators.

That they be found immediately.

Where's the girl?

I lost her.

Where's the Log?

You gave it to her?

Our lives depend on that Log!

And you gave it to her!

Colonel Lu,

assigning you to catch toads
was a waste of your talents.

It's my honor to...

The two rebels
who put themselves in such jeopardy,

tell me,
who do you think they're working for?

I think...

I think...

Remove all the Imperial Guards from
the streets immediately.

The Eastern Depot is taking over this case.

Shen, Pei.

Bei Zhai.

I want them alive.

Why did you return?

To save you,

and Captain Pei.


If I give him this Log,

His Highness will spare us.

Do you know why I was sent to kill you?

It was Lu's order.

I don't know Lu.

That boyfriend of yours

is Lu's master.

The man you're guarding with your own life

wants you dead.

Are you still going to see him?

That can't be his intention.

He wouldn't kill me.

You still believe in him?

I believe in myself.

I believe that one day
we will have the freedom of speech.

In every administrative and
judicial department

in every state and prefecture.

I'm a rebel.

I have people everywhere.

Chief Prosecutor Yang

brought Master Wei's
twenty-four crimes to the Emperor.

He promised me

he would do everything he could
to kill Wei,

and wipe out his entire party.

Wei and his party
lost the people's trust long ago.

But Master Wei wasn't punished at all.

And completely destroyed the
Donglin Rebellion.


Because the Emperor favors him.

Why didn't I realize this earlier?

I'll go in your stead.

What if it's a trap?

Do you know who I am?

I think I do.

Let's hear it.

I should have guessed.

Assassinating the Emperor was
never your goal.

The goal of Your Highness

was to eliminate Wei and his party.

And the only one who can do that
is the Emperor.

His Majesty has no children.

If he died, the only successor

would be his younger brother,

Zhu Youjian, Prince Xin.

Am I correct?

Prince Xin, Your Highness.

Do you know this place?

What if Shen doesn't return in one hour?

Then we break into the Eastern Depot.

If Wei had gotten a hold of this Log,

many would have lost their heads.

What do you want?

I want to live.

One more thing Your Highness needs to know.

Lu wants Bei Zhai dead.


Brother Lu has no reason to hurt her.

Your Highness,

this man is dangerous.

Get out.

We're almost out of time.

He'll be back.

Have you two slept together?

You're disgusting.


Then why are you treating each
other like this?

Where is she?

Bei Zhai?

You don't even know her real name.

You dared to come see me.

Didn't you fear that I'd kill you?

I wanted to see for myself

the man she's guarding with her life.

If he's worth it.


you're worried about her.

So you came in her stead.

You like her.

But does she like you?

Your Highness misunderstood.

She told me

you were supposed to kill her,

but ended up saving her.


I admire her paintings.

I understand.

Her paintings are like her person.

What a shame.

Take this tablet of the
Mansion of Prince Xin.

You can go anywhere you like.

Nobody will stop you when
they see this tablet.

However, you must kill her first.

Wei is looking everywhere for her.

I cannot risk it.

Your Highness.

Bei Zhai didn't betray you,

and never will.

I want you to betray her.

This is my blade.

I'm taking her out of the city.

If you send men after us,

I'll take them all down.

You're not going to kill me?

She'll be sad if I do.

She'll be sad if I do.

Time's up.

Your Highness.


I'll send someone after Shen,

we can follow him to Bei Zhai.

Colonel Lu...

Your Highness,

she knows way too much.

Thousands will die if she doesn't.

Do it outside the city.

Yes, Your Highness.

Shen Lian!

He said he'd come find me, right?

Of course.

He'll come find you once it's safe.

He also said,

you should feel free to paint
whatever you like.

He doesn't like me painting.

He said that's where all troubles begin.

Thank you.

Wei Zhongxian's Mansion, Goldfish Alley

Your Excellency,

please save me.

What's bothering you, Your Highness?

This girlfriend of mine recently

I sent people to look for her,

and discovered that
she's one of the Donglin rebels.

She also has something to do
with Master Guo's death.

Is that so?

A Colonel Lu from the Imperial Guard

found out about this,

and came to threaten me.

Lu Wenzhao?


Colonel Lu wanted to frame Your Excellency

by having me speak falsely
before His Majesty.

Otherwise, he'd impeach me
with this information.

Your Highness, this is no small matter.

His Majesty falling into the water
wasn't a coincidence.

Master Guo was involved.

If, by chance,

this matter isn't handled properly,

Your Highness will be in big trouble.

Your Excellency, please save me.

Your Highness,

This problem, it's not so difficult.

We just need to remove Lu from the picture,

along with the other insiders,

including your girlfriend.

From now on,

I will follow the advice
of Your Excellency on all matters.

Please do not praise me more
than I deserve.

My concern is

His Majesty is very ill.

If something happens,

who do Your Highness think would
be the successor?

This is too important of a matter.

I dare not speak a word.

Everything shall be decided by
Your Excellency.

Recently, His Majesty has been
speaking of you.

I wager Your Highness will be called

into His Majesty's chamber in the
upcoming days.

My sincerest gratitude, Your Excellency.


they'll be expecting us to go by water.

Let's land at Liaocheng,

then take a detour east around Jinan,

and head to Yi Mountain.

That's where we can easily
evade the pursuing troops.


Sent by Prince Xin?

You lied to her.

We can find a boat at Weihai.

Once we're out at sea,

we can go anywhere we want.

Once we get to Weihai,

we part ways.

It's so hot.

Sweating will help you recover.

You made me drink

four bowls of hot water,

and made me sit next to the fire.

How can I not be hot?

I blew on the water,

how could it be hot?

Where will you go

after all this?



Good choice.


I'm sorry.

They've entered the village.

Too many to count. I killed two.

It's Lu.

The Windstorm, variable,

sweeps up the common and the noble,

life and death are inevitable,

and doom is unavoidable.

We must leave.

Split up.

Watch out!


Come on.

Come on.

Come on, you bastard.

The horses won't go on the bridge.

Without horses, they'll catch up to us.

Once you cross this bridge,

you'll be out of Yi Mountain in a day.


you take Bei Zhai to Weihai.

Wait for me there.

I'm not leaving.

Lu stabbed me with his blade.

I must repay him.

I'm not leaving by myself.

I'm staying.

You'll jeopardize us if you stay.

Aren't you waiting for Prince Xin to
come for you?

Stay alive.



Miao Xuan.

My name is Miao Xuan.

I will remember it.

They're down there!




guard the bridge.

You got it.

The woman has crossed the bridge.


Bring it on!

Shen Lian!

Brother Lu!


we're even.

Brother Lu!

It's okay.

It's just a minor wound.

Master Ding,


You two may go.

Shen Lian,

you underestimate me.

I must kill you all,

or I'll be ashamed to face Prince Xin.

You don't have to do this.

Is this really worth it?

How can you change the regime,

when you can't even let a woman live?

Shen Lian, don't you understand?

At my age'


and integrity

have all been worn down.

If I don't hold onto something,

I'm no different from a corpse.

Watch out!




None of them leaves here alive.

Bring me their bodies for a reward.


Your Highness,

His Majesty calls.


I don't understand.

Brother, don't you see?

For His Highness,

we are both loose ends.

Shen Lian!

We're both destined to die
on this battlefield.


Shen Lian!

Go get her!

Don't let her get away!



Get out of here!

Come any closer and I'll kill you.

What are you waiting for?

Come closer.

Your Majesty, please take care of yourself.

Dear brother,

the Empire of the Great Ming is now yours.

And you

shall devote yourself to it.

What am I doing?

Why am I risking my life

in a place like this?

To be born in times like these,

did I have a choice?

The way I live now,

living just to survive,

is no longer bearable.

Shen Lian.

Shen Lian.

His Majesty has passed and gone to heaven.

Before his departure,

he appointed me as his successor.

I am extremely humbled

to accept this extraordinary honor.

Despite of my fear of
taking such great responsibility,

I have been given tremendous support

from the people and the nobles.

I shall not betray their trust.


on this very day,

I declare my accession to the throne.

Your Majesty,

here is the list of convicts
to be executed after autumn.

Your Excellency should go home and rest.

But I am not tired.

I insist.

From now on,

I will lead the council
to handle all government affairs.

Your Excellency need not be concerned.

Three months later, the Emperor
removed Wei Zhongxian from court,

and banished him to Fengyang to
be a grave keeper.

Wei died on the journey.

The following year,
the Emperor titled his reign "Chongzhen"

ls it time?

Congratulations, Your Honor.

Please report for duty
at the Northern Bureau tomorrow.

All captain positions are full.

You will be a lieutenant, for now.

Outside Hangzhou

You're lucky.

If my little brother were here,

he'd use his twin blades to...

Twin blades. Yes, I know him!

His name is not Ding Xian.

It's Jin Yichuan.

A squad leader in the Imperial Guard.

Jin Yichuan.

Jin Yichuan.