Brotherhood of Blades (2014) - full transcript

This is a movie set in the late Ming Dynasty. The 3 main characters are all elite guards for the palace. One of their fellow guardsmen goes bad. His former companions must now forget their bond and apprehend him. But are they being lured into a larger conspiracy against their emperor?

During the 1620s,

Wei Zhongxian, Head Eunuch
and Head of the Imperial Assassins,

had ruled the Imperial Court
for eight years.

At that time,

seven out of ten Court Officials...
...were Wei's followers,

known as "the Eunuch Clique"

But when Emperor Chongzhen
came to power,

he relieved Wei of all duties,

sending him to the remote outpost
of Fengyang

Although Wei had fallen,

Chongzhen wanted every member
of the Clique arrested

It sure is cold, Master Ma.

A nice bowl of noodles would warm us up,

wouldn't it?


At this hour,

only two kinds of people are outside...

...besides the night watchmen:

there's us,

with our rotten luck... patrol the grounds,

and then there's...

What did you see?

Get out of there.

An Imperial Assassin.

What's wrong?

Let's get out of here.


The imperial assassins
are arresting the Eunuch Clique

5 o'clock.

Remember, 5 o'clock.

Take Xianchun with you to Xizhimen,

and take this letter to Sir Cao.

You'll leave the city in the water cart.

I'll remember that.

What is all this?

Why aren't you dressed properly?


what's the matter?

Sir Chen,

I'm from North Zhenfu Division.

My name is Shen Lian.

Please don't be alarmed.

I'm not alarmed.

Sir Shen,

even Imperial Assassins...

...need a reason...

...for storming my residence.

You know perfectly well...

why I'm here.

Sir Chen,

your brother only has one arm left.

Would you like him to keep it?

You know what I want.

Arrest me, then.

I know your methods.

I can handle torture.

Leave my daughter alone.

She's only 14.

Leave my daughter alone.

She's only 14.

If she ends up a courtesan at the Academy,

it'll be because... harbored a member of the Clique.

Where is Xu Xianchun?

Tell me,

and I'll leave,

never to return.



Sir Chen,

if you do me a favor,

no one in your family gets hurt.

Sir Xu,

please come with us.

Run, Sir. We'll take care of him.

Lu Jianxing, I know why you're doing this...

It's because
I didn't promote you to the rank of Baihu.

Lu Jianxing, let me go.

If you do, I promise I'll promote you.



Even Wei Zhongxian is down,

and this ex-Commander
is still so high and mighty.


The roots of the Clique run deep.

Those bastards higher up...

...only remember the three of us...

...when there's a tricky mission like this.

You're right,

but I'm afraid it's just our lot... deal with this kind of business.

Hey, Lian.


I get it.


you can't go on like this forever.

My good sir,

It's getting late.

Why don't you come back tomorrow?

You bitch. How dare you disrespect me!

Even if I have to pay double,

Zhou Miaotong will be mine today.

Come to bed.

I have to go to work soon.

You're an interesting character.

Of all our customers,

you're the only one who pays...

...but doesn't come to bed.

I'm happy to sit here.

Of all the houses, I picked yours tonight.

Have that Zhou girl clean up and see me.

As soon as I've saved enough,

I'll buy your freedom.

Please, Mr. Officer,

with your salary?

You're joking.


this is the brothel of the Academy.

Without official permission,

no one gets out.

Sir Chen,

I need a favor.

I need you... help me release a courtesan
from the Academy.

It's morning already.

I have to go.

Next time, don't bother to change.

I thought you might not like that uniform.

Everybody here knows...'re Sir Shen of the Imperial Assassins.


What's the matter?

Afraid your officer friends might see me?

Don't worry.

They're far away.


just take this...

...and go.

It's better than nothing.

This is the last time.

I don't want to see you again.

You think this uniform
makes you respectable?

A thief is a thief.

This secret of yours...

...will keep me well-fed forever.

You think I'm bluffing?

I'll give you three days... get together 100 silver taels.

- 100 taels.
- 100 taels.

I make 20 taels a year.

Where would I get 100?

Go peddle your ass.

Quite a few high officials...

...have a thing for pretty boys.

With your looks,

100 taels...

...will be a piece of cake.

Trying to kill me again?

I don't see what's so special about you...

...that made Master favor you over me.

Three days.


Lu Jianxing, you're quite the early bird.

I spent the night here...

...after work yesterday.

And Sir Xu...

Xu Xianchun is in custody?


This is all due to your careful planning, Sir.

All the credit should go to you,

as I wrote in my report.

Very well.

It's too early for any work.

Go get some rest.

Anything else?


actually we talked about it already.

It's about my promotion.

I knew you wouldn't be here for no reason.

I still haven't heard back from anyone.


I gave you silver for the bribes.

I even gave you credit for last night...

Lu Jianxing, you've got some bloody nerve!

In that case,

I want none of your credit,

and you can stop pestering me...

...about this promotion.


Apologies, Sir.

I meant no offense. Please forgive me.

It's just that my mother keeps asking...

...when I'll take over my father's position.

That's enough.

The silver you gave me...

...only goes as far as Sir Qianhu.

Everyone needs to be bribed.


...bring me more silver,


...learn to be patient.

Sir Zhao.

Sir Zhao.

Which one is Lu Jianxing?

Do you know
when Wei Zhongxian left the city?

Your Excellency,

the day before yesterday.

If you leave now,

when can you catch up with him?

If the horses are fast,
in Fucheng County by midnight.


You three, go do that.

Your Excellency?

His Majesty wants Wei Zhongxian dead.

Your Excellency,

why the three of us?

Look at how shabby you are.

There's no way you're part of the Clique.

Sir, Fucheng County is just ahead.

Once we're inside,

guard the four gates.

No one gets in or out.

Split into ten teams.

Inspect all inns, big or small.

Get out!

How dare you throw us out!

Wei Zhongxian must be inside that inn.

Don't send out...

...the signal.

There's no way the three of us...

...can handle this on our own.

With us three getting this mission,

plenty of people must be jealous.

Zhang Ying is not happy either.

He might have informants among us.

If he wants to jeopardize this mission,

even our lives are at risk.

Are you trying to make sure...

...we get all the credit for this one?

Think it through, I mean it.


Are you not fed up with this life?

We have no silver and no connections.

What we need is an opportunity,

an opportunity for us...

to get on top.


what do you think?

You lowlifes have some nerve...

...making a scene here.

Kill them.


They're Imperial Assassins!

Only three of them.

Nothing to be scared of.

For each head,

you'll get 10 taels of gold.

Give it a try.

Kill them.

Block the gate.

Get upstairs!


Sir Wei.


even if you cut off my head,

you still have plenty to deal with.

What kind of trouble...

...could we possibly have?

Why does that boy Chongzhen
want to kill me?

Is it because I deserve to die?

You underestimate His Majesty.

I was in power for eight years.

Now, my power is gone.

All I've got is lots of money.

Bandits and Manchurians
are harassing the borders.

What His Majesty needs is a fortune... fund his armies,

and he has his eyes on mine.

If you don't bring him my money,
your trouble's only starting.

If we kill you,

we'll certainly bring back your money.

It's not here.

400 taels of gold.

Open the door.

How much do you make a year?

A handful of this is worth...

...30 years of your salary.

Let me live,

and it's all yours.

This money will get me killed.

If you kill me,

my followers will hunt you down,
one by one.

Don't even try to save your skins.

This money here...

You take it, you die.

You don't take it... you still die.

Why don't you take a chance,

Sir Shen?

You know me?

I was head of the Secret Police.

We kept an eye on everyone.

From the commanders to the petty officers,

I know every one of you.

Go. Kill them.

Make a deal with me,

and I'll tell you where the money is.

Bring it back, and your mission is a success.

Lian! Lian!

Jianxing, watch out!

Make up your mind,

or your two friends won't last much longer.

These... All yours...

All yours.

Who sent you?

He's nothing but a pawn,

just like you.

Lady, it's on fire upstairs.

Go upstairs.

Wei Zhongxian is dead.

The Eunuch is dead, drop your weapons!

Your Excellency.

Let me introduce
the Cabinet's new Grand Secretary,

Sir Han Kuang.

Greet him.

Sir Han.

So this is...

Wei the Eunuch?

- Yes.
- Open it.

It's so badly burned.

How do I know it's really him?

Here is his tablet.

How did he die?

He set himself on fire.

- Did you see him do it with your own eyes?
- Yes.

Why didn't you stop him?

His Majesty wanted the Eunuch,

and you bring back a pile of ashes.

This table isn't enough evidence.

I'm not even convinced by this.

Let alone His Majesty.

Sir Han,

what are you saying?

You think...

...these three Imperial Assassins...

...brought back someone else's corpse?


we wouldn't dare.

If you ask me,

this is Wei's doing.

Dozens of Assassins saw him burn to death.

Who'd have the guts... play tricks under everyone's nose?

It'd be suicide.

Sir Zhao,

His Majesty is young,

but very shrewd.

When you're at His service,

better be extra careful.

If anything goes wrong, we all go down.


You're right, Sir Han.

Thank you for standing up for us.

We're more than grateful.

It's fine. Go get some rest.

Good job. I'll put in a word for you.

Thank you, Your Excellency.

But next time you see Sir Han,

don't be so presumptuous.

You know very well...

...whether you really saw Wei or not.

Let's go.

Your lungs are struggling.

There's blood in your phlegm.

Your skin is dry, and your pulse is weak.

Master Jin,

How is your sleep?

Master Jin.


I'm asking...

...about your sleep.

I sweat a lot.

I thought so.

Just a second, Master Jin.

I'll write you a prescription.

My name is Jin,

Jin Yichuan.

I know that.


if you're done with all the work,

come back in here.


What's this?

Musk, cloves, sandalwood...

...and camphor wrapped together.

Keep it on you.

It'll help with your cough.

Thank you.

My name is Zhang Yan.

Don't tell my father.

He doesn't like it
when I write my own prescriptions.



Wei Ting.

You've got some nerve.

The entire country is hunting the Clique,

and you dare return to the Capital.


Look at how you veil your accusations.

I see you've grown subtle.


You're unharmed.

I'm not dead,

and yet you don't seem surprised.

When I saw the corpse, I knew it wasn't you,

so of course I'm not surprised.

How are things at the Secret Police?

His Majesty is having all documents... the Secret Service examined.

I think...

...he plans to close it up.

The Secret Police
has existed for almost 200 years.

I didn't think it would end with my reign.

You're heading the Secret Police now,
aren't you?

You know everything.

His Majesty...

...just appointed me.

Special passes.


You'll...'ll need them on your way.

You want to get rid of me.

That's not what I meant.

You recognized that corpse, didn't you?

It was my servant.

Ting found out...

...his family name was also Zhao,

and that you're from the same town.


your men are no match for me.

If a fight starts,

we both lose.

Don't you want to kill me?

I thought you'd be more reckless.

My son,

you want to kill me...

...because you don't want
to get dragged into this.

Am I right?

That Imperial Assassin knows I'm alive.

Kill him for me.


Han Kuang is already suspicious.
If we act now,

I'm afraid he'll leave no stone unturned.

Kill Shen Lian,

and I'll disappear.

Only then,

will you truly be safe.


With this money,

I can buy your freedom.

We'll go to Suzhou,

and you can have whatever you like.

What do you say?



Sir Shen has been waiting down there.


please offer him a few more drinks.

My treat.


Why are you still here?

I have...

...a visitor.

I can't bear to leave you.

Whoever it is,

I'll ask him to leave.

That won't work.

He's an Imperial Assassin.

I hate their kind,

wearing Spring Blades
bestowed by His Majesty...

...but always with innocent blood
on their hands.

This one's different.

He says he will... me freedom.

You care about him.

No, silly.

I'm not taking his money.

I only wish... was you who bought me freedom.


I've almost saved enough...

to take you away from here very soon.

We'll go somewhere beautiful,

and spend our life there.

You two are really too much.

Why are you still here?

Madame Xue,

I did pay you for this.


All right.

You should go.


Sir Shen is gone.


Sir Shen must never find out
about you and Young Master Yan.

You don't want to displease... Imperial Assassin.


try it on.

Thank you.

Lian is here.

- Lian.
- Lian.

Bottoms up.


Did you go see Miss Zhou?


that pretty thing on your belt,

where'd you get it?

Come, Lian.

You were there, weren't you?

You little bastard,

tell me,

do you fancy the doctor's daughter?

You went to see the doctor?

What for?

Watch out.

Who were they?

Hard to tell.

Even on our way back here,

we were being followed.

We should watch out.

Maybe someone from the Clique
wants to avenge Wei.

If so,

we can't stay in the capital.

They see us but we don't see them.


Why don't we ask our superior... transfer us to Nanjing?


Lian, I've never seen you scared.

What's wrong this time?


For once, listen to me.

All right?

Wei Zhongxian...

...set himself on fire?


Set himself on fire.

If you leave,

what about Miss Zhou?

I'll find a way to bring her along.

You know very well...

...whether you saw Wei or not.

I say,

let's stay put. See how it goes.

What do you think?

I'll do whatever you two decide.



Stop it.

I told you not to act on your own.

If it weren't for me,

you'd be caught.

Don't expect me to be grateful.

Godfather told you... do it as soon as possible.

I have my plans.

Do you know about Yan Peiwei?

He's the Commander
of the Imperial Court of Censors.


He's also a member of the Golden Swords.

Imperial Assassins,


you are to arrest members
of the Clique listed here.

He commands several dozen followers,

all highly skilled fighters.

Lu Jianxing!

Yes, Sir.

Shen Lian!

Yes, Sir.

You two come with me.

We're going to Yan Peiwei's residence.

When you kill,

it's essential not to leave any traces.

Commander, we've waited a long time.

Shall we force our way in?

We're coming for Yan Peiwei alone.

Why storm the residence?

Is it a massacre you want?

Any volunteers to go get him?


Something's not right.

Don't go.

What are you scared of?

Are the Golden Swords that scary?

Who'd have the guts... resist Imperial Assassins?

I have orders.

Whoever captures Yan Peiwei...

...will be promoted.

Lu Jianxing,

wouldn't you... this credit?

You two don't need to go.

I'll go by myself.

Sir, how can I help you?

I am Garrison Officer Lu Jianxing.

I'm here to see Sir Yan.

I'm Yan Junbin, son of Yan Peiwei.

My father is not well,

and does not wish to receive visitors.

I have Division orders... bring Sir Yan in for questioning.

This is the mandate.

Young Master Yan,

it's better to let me in...

...instead of having the Baihu Commander
killing his way in.

What do you say?

All right.

Please follow me.

Having Imperial Assassins here...

...makes them nervous.

Please don't be offended.



What are you doing?

Father, I read the mandate.

They're framing you
to be a member of the Clique.

So what?

Even if I have to go to the highest court,

I'm still innocent.

What do I have to be scared of?

Once you're in the Imperial Prison,

they'll torture a confession out of you.

Why don't we tie up these Assassins...

and make a run for it?

Shut up!

What you suggest is rebellion!


Sir Yan,

we know you're not a member of the Clique.

It must be some kind of misunderstanding.

I'm sure the judges will clear your name.

I do hope... can come with us.

I'll come with you,

but can you...

...leave my family alone?


By all means.

I won't be long.



Kill them!

Send the signal!


the fight seems to have started.
Are we going in?

Are you...

...telling me what to do?

I would never.

No one goes in.

Seal off the gate.

Don't let any Clique member get out.

Wait till it dies down inside.

Open the gate.


Open the gate.

Jianxing, the gate is sealed!

Everybody, stop!



- Yichuan.
- I'm here.

- Lian,
- I'm here.

Let's finish this,

and go get drunk.



Your tea, Your Excellency.

One Two... One Two...

What exactly...

...did we do?

Why are there no sounds?

Open the gate!

Your Excellency,

the three of them are coming out.


Goddamn it.

Who is it?

Who's there?

Officer Shen,

are you trying to scare me to death?

I wouldn't dare.


...after I almost died myself.

It wasn't me.

I didn't order for the gate to be sealed.

I don't know which bastard gave the order.

I told them... open the gate, open the gate.

Please, it wasn't me.

I understand.

The three of us...

...took care of Wei Zhongxian.

Obviously, the Clique wants us dead.

We can't...

...stay in Beijing anymore.


...transfer us... Nanjing.

300 taels.

Sure thing.

Once in Nanjing,

Jianxing would be promoted, I presume.


Shen Lian,

let's put this thing...

...behind us,

shall we?

Sir Shen,

my master asked me to deliver this.

Father, have some tea.

Sir Jin,

have some tea.

It's time.

I want the money.

A petty criminal killing an Imperial Assassin...

and stealing his identity...

I'm sure...

the police would be interested in that story.

100 taels.

Leave Yichuan alone.

Take the money and get lost.

Didn't expect Sir Shen to be so well off.

Ding Xiu.

I did my homework on you.

You're an excellent swordsman,

but you're no match for an Imperial Assassin.


So you knew all along.


we're like brothers.

I won't ask you about Ding Xiu.

In return,

please don't ask me...

...about the money.



- Jianxing.
- Jianxing.

Sir Han is throwing a dinner party.

We're all invited.


You're hiding something from me.

What are you talking about?

Ever since we came back here,

I know something's not right.

I've been wondering.

That night at the inn,

what really happened?


I never betrayed you...

or Yichuan in any way.

My conscience is clear.

I trust you.

Sir Han is here.

Sir Han.

Sir Zhao.

Please sit down.

Thank you.

Officer Lu.

Your Excellency.

Why are you hiding in the corner?


Sit here.

Your Excellency.

I'm just a lowly officer.

I don't deserve to share a table
with you and Sir Zhao.


It's your big day today.

You should sit here.

What big day?

I don't understand.

Officer Lu carried out His Majesty's orders...

...and killed Wei Zhongxian.

That was his first feat.

Today he came out unscathed...

...from the Yan residence,

and captured Yan Peiwei's son alive.

That's his second feat.

Sir Zhenfu Commander,

what were you saying just now?

Your Excellency,

Officer Lu should be promoted... Baihu Commander.

Bring it over.

Congratulations, Sir Lu.

Tomorrow you'll be a Level 6 officer
of the Imperial Court.

You are of course qualified for this table.

As you say,

Your Excellency.

There was a funny story actually.

Sir Lu was so impatient that...

...he gave Zhang Ying 300 taels... bribe the right people.

It was completely unnecessary,

Sir Lu.

Please don't be offended.

There are only good friends here tonight.

Don't be embarrassed.


And don't go to Nanjing.

The Imperial Court needs people like you.

The three of you...

...are better off here.


Zhang Ying said
you asked to be transferred to Nanjing.

The food I serve is plain,

so I'm showing a performance... add a little flavor.

By the way, Sir Lu,

where did you get the 300 taels...

...for bribery?

Sir Lu,

you killed Wei Zhongxian.

And brought back tons of his treasures.

Sometimes Imperial Assassins...

...keep a little pocket money.

I completely...


What I'm saying is,

you didn't need to spend that money.

The position...

...would be yours anyway.

In three days we'll perform an autopsy.

If we prove the body is really Wei's,

His Majesty will announce to the world...


...the Clique has fallen.


Let's drink up.


with the condition it's in,

it's still possible to examine the body?

Wei drank elixir for so many years...

...we can still find it in his bones.

This inspection is merely a formality.

No need to worry.

You're right.

Sir Lu,

you're getting promoted tomorrow,

and yet you don't seem excited.

Anything on your mind?

No. No.

I'm rather flattered.


What are you exactly,

good guy or bad guy?

I did it to stay alive.

What would you have done?

I know... guys made a fortune.

Give me half the money.


I'll perform your story...

...every day in front of the Division office.


what fortune?

There's no such thing.

Sir Zhao.

You know who I am?

Who doesn't in this town?

Not bad.

Your Excellency,

this flute is a family heirloom.

It's not that good.

May I be excused?


There's something I've been...


- Jianxing!
- Tell me.

Jianxing, stop it!

Why did you have to buy me a promotion?

Where did you get the silver?

Tell me!

You're my sworn brother,

and you set me up like this.

Tell me.

Jianxing, stop it!

Lian, tell him the truth!

Go away.


Are you alright? Yichuan.

I'm fine.

Wei Zhongxian is not dead.


Every penny he gave me is here.

That's for Jianxing.

That's for Yichuan.

And that's for Miaotong.

I didn't think... would turn out this way.

In that case,

we're in such trouble...

...because Wei Zhongxian wants to kill us.

I'd like to borrow...

...some of your guards, if I may be so bold.

Zhao Jingzhong,

you already screwed it up.

How dare you ask for Godfather's guards!



Sir Zhao is very likely the man
in black last night.

Han Kuang is performing an autopsy
in three days.

Those three have to be gone
by the day after tomorrow.


don't say this unless you're sure.

I saw the arrow wound on his hand.

Liam's crossbow arrow... different from anyone else's.

I saw the shape of Sir Zhao's wound clearly.


within 24 hours, I'll bring you their heads.


You didn't expose yourself to them,

did you?

Leave the country with me.

There is... place for you in the Capital anymore.

Reluctant, aren't you?


tie me up and take me to the authority.

It was my fault.

I can't get you two involved.

The doctor's daughter is very nice.

Treat her with care.

Those who rely on their luck...

...are gamblers,

and you...

...won't make a very good one.


I am ready to try my luck.


I only ask you to do one last thing for me.

Buy Miaotong's freedom.

Let's go.

Let's leave town together.

Nobody needs to die.

We'll live peacefully...

...somewhere else.

- Yichuan,
- well,

go pack your things.

We'll leave separately tomorrow.

We have to... out of town by nightfall.

Your Excellency.

You're a skilled fighter.

I want you to kill someone for me.

200 taels.

Here's 100, as an advance.

Who does Your Excellency want to kill?

An officer of the Zhenfu Division,

Jin Yichuan.


Don't you know
we studied with the same master?

People like you...

...don't care about that.

That's not what I meant.

That person is dear to me,

like a brother.

You need to pay more.

I, Monkey King, will teach you a lesson.


The contents need to be changed regularly,

or it won't work.

Come here every three days.

I'll change it for you.

I'm leaving town...

Are you here to see the doctor?

My father's out visiting a patient.

That's okay.

I can wait.

The pardon letter from Ministry of Penalty.

It's for you.

Where did you get this?

I'm here today to set you free.

I'm leaving town.

Come with me.

That's the cost for my freedom?

I came here,

to ask you a favor.

There's an official in the name of Yan.

His son Yan Junbin,

I heard is now in prison.

Can you get him out?

Yan Junbin was captured by us.

The three of us almost died at their house.

One of his hands...

What happened to him?


I can give you money to make arrangements.

Please get him out.

You shouldn't squander your money
this way.

It's my money.
I can decide what to do with it.

I never asked you for anything.

Just this once.

It's the Imperial Prison.

If you get him out,

I'll come with you.

When he reads this letter,

he'll trust you.



Is Miss Zhou coming with us?

What time is it?


Stay with Miss Zhou.

Where are you going?

The gates won't be closed
for another four hours.

I'll be back by then.


I've got loads more drugs.


and you won't need to suffer anymore.

Stop wasting your time with him.

Finish the last few bottles,

and we can go home.


we have Commander's orders... keep feeding him this drug.

Take a walk.


You didn't see me.

Go. Go. Go.

Sir Yan,

I am Shen Lian,

a friend of Miaotong's.

She asked me... get you out. You and me.


She wrote you a letter,

and asked me to bring it to you.

My eyes are gone.

Sir Shen, please,

read the letter to me,

would you?

To Junbin:

These wrongs done to you...

...will be righted someday.

Please don't give up.

You once said
you'd take me to a beautiful place.

I'll be waiting for you.

Let's get out of here.

Lian is back.

Are you looking for Sir Shen?

He's not here.

I'm not looking for Sir Shen.

A Sir Ding asked me to deliver something... a Sir Jin.

Prepare my sedan.

We're going to the Imperial Hospital.

Yes, Sir.

Your Excellency,

Sir Han has left for the Imperial Hospital.


There's still time.

We can still make it.


I need to make a trip
to the Division office tonight.

Care to join me?

Sir Baihu.

Why do you need to go there at night?

To take my punishment.

Tell Ting to do it.

Yes, Sir.

Sir Shen.

Where's Miaotong?

I'm here to buy her freedom.

Doctor Zhang.

Doctor Zhang.

Let her go.

I'm aware...

...that people say it's wrong... kill a doctor,

but I had no choice.

Someone paid well for your head.

Very well.

I was going to kill you anyway,

so why not make a buck?

So let's not waste...

...any more time.

You picked a good one.

This girl...

...feels really good.

Why aren't you packed?

How is...

...Sir Yan?

No big deal.

You don't need to pack.

I'll buy you new things.

How is Sir Yan?


I've bought your freedom.

We have to hurry.

The gates are closing soon.

Where is Sir Yan?

What happened to him?

I'm as good as dead.

I can't imagine what they'll do to me.

You don't need to wait for him.

He's dead.

I don't believe you.

You're only saying that
so I'll come with you.

I'm waiting for him.

I'm not lying.

I have a huge favor to ask.

Please kill me.

I killed him.

He begged me to.

If you're dead,

what am I supposed to say to her?

You chopped off my hand.

Kill me,

and we're even.

You knew it was me?

Tell Miaotong...

...she doesn't need to wait for me.

We have to hurry.

Our only chance is to go now.


We have to go.

I was 12 years old...

...when Imperial Assassins ransacked
my house.

They were also the ones...

...that brought me to this place.

Ever since the first time I saw you,

I've been scared of you.

I hate your uniform...

...and that blade.

You think I like you?

I'm just scared of you.

I know...'ve been good to me,

better than anyone.

But I just can't let it go.

I saw your face so clearly.

The day we lost everything,

I saw you.

You arrested my father with your own hands.

I don't know if I should hate you,
or be grateful.

Do you still want me to come with you,

Sir Shen?

Sir Han,

the bones aren't right.

He's too young.

He can't be Wei Zhongxian.

Only when you're dead...

...can Godfather live in peace.

Run for your life. While you still can.

Lu Jianxing,

you have deceived His Majesty.

Throw down your weapon.

Kill them.


I'll take you to the doctor.

Leave me alone.

Jin Yichuan is at the Bailu Clinic.

Go find him.

Why didn't you kill Wei Zhongxian?

I wanted to live.

It seems like you want to die instead.

Your Excellency,

you're exposed.

So what?

If I kill you three,

I'll still be Commander
of the Secret Police tomorrow.

You are so dead.

Not just you,

but this woman as well.

Your Excellency.

Your Excellency.

Your Excellency.

If it weren't for me,

you wouldn't end up like this.

You'll wear yourself out like this.

Even to my dying breath,

I'm gonna kill you.

Those moves of yours,

Master never taught me.

You're such a wreck.

Going on would be boring.

Consider our score settled today.

Don't hurt the girl.

Don't hurt the girl.

What if I tell you...

...that all I ever did was kill her father...

...and I never laid a finger on her?

Would you be happy?

This is the end.

But if I really kill you,

I'll be alone... this world.

Go away.

Lu Jianxing.

I am Lu Jianxing,

Your Honor.

Lu Jianxing,

did you release Wei Zhongxian?



So where is Wei... the moment?

I don't know.

Who gave you the order?

I took orders from no one...

...and worked with no one.

It was all me.

Your Majesty,

Shall I interrogate Lu Jianxing?

I'll make sure he gives up the others.

I've already killed hundreds.

Even Yuan Chonghuan built a temple for Wei.

Do you want to kill him, too?

You want no one left at my command?

I wouldn't dare.

Don't let Lu Jianxing name anyone else.

Kill him.

I understand.

Why is Zhao Jingzhong not here?

Zhao Jingzhong...

He disappeared.

Clique Member Lu Jianxing... be executed.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry for everything.

The identity of the criminal...

...has been verified.


I'm so sorry for everything.

Sir Jin.

North Frontier, War Zone,
2 months later

He's still following us.

It's been two weeks.

We just can't shake him.

It's Shen Lian.

Shen Lian,

I gave you a chance to live,

and you came back to haunt me.

If I don't kill you,

I'm as good as dead.

You want to avenge your sworn brothers?

Let me tell you something.

His Majesty only requested...

...that Wei be taken back to the Capital.

He didn't want him dead.

I was the one who wanted him dead.

You faked His Majesty's order.

Even if we killed Wei Zhongxian,

you'd still kill us.

You three were dead...

...from the moment I approached you.

Which of you is General Li Yongfang's friend?

I am Zhao Jingzhong.

You're joining the Manchurians!

Those two Han men are enemies.

Kill him. Go.

Like I said,

you're suicidal.

The reason
why our country is wrecked with problems...

...and people can barely make ends meet... because of people like you.

As long as I'm standing,

you won't get out alive.

Ding Xiu is no match for them.

And you.

You really think you can kill me?


Your sidekick won't last much longer.

Neither will you.

Why did you approach us three
in the first place?

You worthless people...

Who would care if you died?

When I want you crushed,

you'll be crushed.

Zhao Jingzhong,

you're no longer Commander
of the Secret Police.

You lost everything,

thanks to us worthless people.

Go down south,

to Suzhou.

When you get there,

go to Qijia Lane,

and find the second courtyard on the left.

Your Zhou Miaotong...

...and the Zhang girl...

...are both there.

Thank you.

No need.

If you didn't kill Zhao Jingzhong,

I would've killed you both.


When we leave Beijing,

where should we go?


To Quanzhou.

I want to show my mother the ocean,

and the big ships.


What about you?

Suzhou, I guess.

Enough about us.

Where do you want to go, Yichuan?

I want to go beyond the northern border.

I heard there are very few people there.

I wonder...

what that feels like.