Brotherhood (1986) - full transcript

Lui, along with his partner Keung, are among the best cops in Hong Kong. But their high success rate comes at a high level of violence, and after Keung goes too far with a suspect, he is thrown off the force.

Tvb, broadcast drive please

sorry, I'm already on hire

gosh, I have to go to a show now

I can't imagine what'd happen if I'm late

you're an artist, miss

yes, I can't be late for the session

late is better than never

if I'm not around when my passenger arrive

I'll be at fault

lend me a hand, I've
been here quite a while

okay, let me think

Why don't you give this lady a ride

sorry, I'm off for today

please, give her a ride


Thank you

it's my pleasure


To kowloon

not for hire, take another taxi

but there's no other taxi

get started

can't you hear me, start the car

stop pushing me, I'll break your neck

No 27 calling 3388, can you hear? Over

3388, how's thing at your side

I almost have a fight just now

are you alright

what's the problem

do you need me to come over

3388, do you hear me

I'm driving to tai wai
to take some observation

Are you okay? You seem to
be in a bad mood later

speak your mind out

is uncle wah better

it's the same story

medicine can't help him much

he need to have an operation

but his hospital is an expensive one

we have no other way

take his turn in a government hospital

he would have died when his turn arrives

your brother has just
been a police inspector

Raymond is a smart guy, with a degree

he can go really tar

what can a fresh graduate do

he's totally unlike us

No 27 calling 3388

I'm now on chik chuen st
turning to chik tak st

Moving straight ahead and turn left

from tseng street to tai wai road

Get down

get down

Stand there

Hold it

don't move, get down, drop the gun

drop the gun, no foul play

shoot, why don't you shoot

don't come over...

Drop the gun

get down

don't you fire

you run fast

drop head... shoot... I told you to shoot

shoot... I told you

ah keung, let him go

you want to kill him

you'll kill him

don't be like this

Do you think you're dirty Harry

the law's tough

they are launching a complain

I've told you

you're to catch the gangster, not to fight

long service is not an excuse

for having your fault

it's the laws which govern

good morning, sir

I'm inspector trainee ko kwok man

reporting to duty, sir

welcome to the team

what's your name

k.w. Tsang, block 10, wang tau horn

this is the cid room

morning, sir


let me introduce

this is inspector km ko

he's brother of sergeant ko

welcome aboard, sir

how do you go


Welcome aboard, sir


Welcome aboard, sir...

Where's sergeant ko

he's having a meeting with sir chu

do I have to tell him


It's alright, get on with your work

yes, sir

follow me

you go in and just tell the officer

You can go in now, follow me


good morning. Inspector lun

just salute to me, what about inspector ko

please don't pick on me, sir

what's going on with last night's case

ah keung is meeting inspector chu

you two go on. I'll be in my room

yes, sir

goodbye, sir

how is it? Inspector ko

come on, brother

this place is different
from the training school

be careful

I know, brother

what happened, another complaint

use your head

violence does not solve the problem

you never answer my questions

you are like ah lui

if you want to teach me, go ahead

don't get my friends involved

what kind of attitude is this

didn't I get it right

of course you're right, you're the officer

we have to fight in the street

and we've to take you instruction here

don't you agree

how dare you talk back to your supervisor

I quit, is this alright

What is it

ah keung

I hit the man, it's not ah lui

if you want to take action, get at me

ah keung - ah lui, come in

To have a few words of
disagreement is nothing

why quit

I have wanted to quit for a while

you know my circumstances

my income is so little yet

I've to earn it risking my life

besides being a policeman, what can you do

I may drive a lorry

I've thought of it for a while

I could earn around $10, 000 net a month

are you sure

every trade is the same

can't worry that much

just take one at a time

You haven't paid up for quite some time

if you drag on, the debt will multiply

I'll be in a very difficult position

I'm sorry

please tell big brother that

I'll paid up, sooner or later

Mother, ah lui is here


don't mention it

auntie wah

ah lui

ah keung's called. He is coming back

you don't have to buy all these

take a seat, dinner will soon be ready

I've asked a friend

to find uncle a place

at qe hospital, will be moved

thank you very much

I've away wanted to move him

the private hospital costs
over $10,000 a month

it's not for people like us

ah keung wishes him speedy recovery

ah keung is such a silly boy

but we could

hardly afford

Is it examination time


Please tell your mother
that I'll be back soon

Look, a cop has to pay up debts too

I know, can you give me a two more days

how many days more

you keep pushing back the day

when can you make it

Look, don't imagine a cop will be different

we know how to get our money back

Let him go

a rescuer

don't fight

Don't move

get down

don't move! Get down...

Want to fight

a good fighter


Get down

come here...

Having a fight

follow me to the police station

ah lui... let them go

let them go

what? Let them go

I owe them money

Ah keung is too much

he didn't paid up and called the police

they has beaten us up

do we get him get away like this

Boss, don't press him too hard

he'll find a way

he can get away simply by a cop

can we get away

You've fought again

a few people were heating ah keung

what for

small matter

ah keung has a poor record

he always fights over small matters

don't get too involved with him

what do you know

I've known him since
we're in training school

we've always been honest to ourselves

I know

but laws and human rights now prevail

you're always having fights and arguments

soon, people will complain against you

what kind of world is this

now you're a cid, dress like one

or they'll think you've no good

I'm going to work



how much do you have

I mean money in your bank account

a few ten thousand

give them to me

why do you need so much money

I have my reasons, bring them home tonight

okay, I'll do it later

your building site is so big

surely you'll need more vehicle, do help

it's difficult, when you
worked in ah shing's site

the rogue always come to make trouble

a call for you from the office

yes, coming

Where do you get so much money

don't worry! They're good decent money

keep it if you take me as your brother

But over hk$80,000

they belong to Raymond and me

I won't borrow from the shark

keep it

uncle has had a talk with them

once the principal is
paid, the interest stop

you can pay the rest up in a year or two

business for the site is good

work harder and the sum'll be settled

that's what you think

I plan to sell the car

you'll lose quite an amount

there's no other way, I
need to repay the debt

it's better than to be in debt life long

Fire, the vehicle's on fire...

Ah keung, don't move, go away

my car

ah keung, it's dangerous! Don't go there

run for your life

my car

come on, ah keung, run...

My car


get away, ah keung

don't go over

help me to put out the fire

can't help... let's go

My car


Come out, Willy

Stop it, move away

how dare...

Don't move

police, stop fighting, move aside

take them to police station

how many times have I told you

you're just like ah keung

you never use your head

leading to complain against you

I can never convince you

harsher words and you said you're quitting

I'm not belittling ah keung

what can he do besides being a policeman

he now has to borrow from the shark

his financial affair doesn't concern me

but as a cop, you can't go to the institute

with your gun and caused damage

what kind of a policeman are you

you're pin-pointing ah keung

it's my own business to help my friend

I don't care what you say

I was instructed by the headquarter that

you're suspended from the duty immediately

until the investigation is over

hand in your warrant card and gun

Come in


what is it, Raymond

excuse us

Please sir

thank you, sir

No, thank you

sir, is there a way to
help my brother's case

all the evident are there? Tapes, letters

it's a trap which he's walked into

Raymond, I want to help your brother too

I've helped him numerous time before

but you know the laws as well as me

your brother's temper will cause problem

I'll try to persuade him

I've told you, you've to pay up your debt

now you've got your friend into trouble

take my advice, think carefully

Brother lung is here

brother lung! Brother keung

I'll take care of my own problem

don't get ah lui involved

I'll definitely repay what I've owe you

My bill, please



I am off cigarette


you have to be smart in old, to stay away

or you'll get stick too

uncle may be a bit harsh

but he wants to stay off too

how is ah keung

despite the efforts, I can't locate him

neither do I know where he is

is he alright

the gangsters are rascals

I'm worried they may try to get at ah keung

do you have an answer, uncle

you're my subordinate since graduation

I know every thought that pass your mind

I'll do everything to help

you think I'm a god who perform miracles

I don't want to discourage you

I don't want to know our ability

we can't go too far

you know the shark's scare police

if you've stayed away,
they won't burn the lorry

What about your own problem

icac is investigating the matter

I'm innocent, let them go ahead

I don't mind going on leave

what is it, ah lui

do you see the white car

take two more round, it'll be alright

come on... sir down

I'll take a look

remember don't cause problem

I'm still policeman, uncle

remember, don't get involved, stay off



Don't run


Senior - hi


what's it

there's a robbery in nankiang street

the sergeant was a passer-by

let's have this straight

don't let the sergeant wait here

let me help

there's too many people in the room

I don't mind waiting

they don't know how to handle problem

let's have coffee downstairs

call us if there's any problem


never mind

get away


you can't manage to carry a bag

never mind, he's member of the gang

after all, it's dropped


this stupid ass

risking all our lives and nothing comes out

but this has happened. Take it easy

let's think of another way

I'll kill you

take it easy

what's the matter

the head is wondered

are you alright

I'm fine

let's do another job

let's do a big one immediately

we've tried the one at Portland street

look, we've just come back

have you taken enough


where are you going

don't ask me to do again

you can't go

you can't go away

I've only promised to do it once

we're going to repeat once

you can't leave like this

let me persuade him

I've asked you to join
because you need the money

now we can't get a share

once or twice, you're done it

why don't you think it over



Stay where you are... robbery

get away



ah lui, I'm sorry, but can I repeat

can you recognize the face of the robbers

they've their face covered

I can't see them

what about their bodily build

about 175cm tall, weight 70kg

175cm, 70kg

go over it once, sign if it's ok

What was it like

I was working then, 3 men rushed into me

two of them have their faces over,
they fought together

I'm going

we'll arrest them

I know

is your hand okay

I'm fine, bye


Move aside, don't block the way

take some photograph of this side

move aside

inspector ko, this is Mr. cheung

manager of this goldsmith store

please tell sergeant chan what is happened

don't worry, the police will help you

please take his statement

yes sir

discover anything


Take the fingerprint carefully

yes, sir

Where's your brother

mum, lui is looking for brother


he's not back yet

has he said where he's gone

no, he left early

he may be late this morning

fine then, goodbye

Keep hiding then! How long can you hide

you're scared, yet you did it

I thought you're my friend

you get out

ah keung, come out

don't imagine that you can hide away

you will be arrested

if 1 don't arrest you

there are thousands of police in hk
who will arrest you

come out ah keung

I know you'll find me sooner or later

if you want to, arrest me

if I want to, I'd have told them

why should you do it

I didn't want too

but the circumstances

you know

I have my border

two old people, one young student

my father is dying

If you're problem, talk to me

don't avoid me and go robbing

I know you're my friend

but I don't want to incriminate you

I'll repay my own debt

it's the only way to solve the problem

the sharks said they'll get you involved

they can't break me

I've given talse statement, no one'd know

but if you continue, things will go wrong

ah lui, I...

The worst for me is imprisonment

but your family will suffer otherwise

I can't help you the second time

What's it

excuse me

inspector chu is asking Tor you

Sir, the sergeant is looking for you

what is it

excuse me, inspector ko

about the robbery at nankiang street today

the witness said your brother has released

one of the robber and the top is concerned

they're bought your brother
in for investigation

do you know who's in charge of the case

I think you better stay off

or you'll be interfering the law of justice

according to your statement

you said the robbers have their face hidden

and you can't recognize them, right

yes sir

but a worker on the spot said

you're uncovered the hood of one of them

is that true

no, sir

have you uncovered any one of them

no, sir

the worker further added that

you've looked into his
face after uncovering

and that you've not chased after him

no, sir

so the worker is giving statement

What happened

why is there such a late a late meeting

let's go

What exactly has happened


start the car, I'm tired

I want a yellow balloon, mummy

hold on to it

I want one too

okay, you want one too

this girl wants one too

Look this way, smile

let me take the photo for you



ah keung said there's police

Don't be stupid

I've checked the surrounding

the client's here, he can't wait any longer

if you want to be arrest, go ahead

where is the police

do you see the couple by the fountain

the pair embracing with their heads bent

they're trying to collect information

they could have neck ill

look at the man holding a camera

he's carrying a gun

I'm an experienced policeman

I know a good guy from a bad one

Calling 1348, is your side alright

station calling 1348, how's everything

this is 1348, I'm fine

3257, how's your side

the man in white by the fountain

has been there over half an hour

he looks as if he's waiting for something

there's abnormally near east ocean

two men have been sitting
there over an hour

ask them to get ready

station calling everyone to get ready

Swap the bag with that of the man in white


how's thing

take it easy, look

Don't move, hold it


leave quickly

what about fatty

he'll be alright, let's go

move away...


open the two bags

yes, sir


There's nothing inside

someone supplied the wrong information

it's quite impossible

I haven't commit any crime

take record, let him go

yes, sir

let's go

yes, sir

fatty, don't be noisy

Over here...

What's it? Inspector ko

I'm suspicious of the group

dig them up for me

yes, sir

This plane model is good

how's thing at your end

I'm studying the photograph


the photograph are quite nicely taken


everything going smoothly

the ship has boarded


take a piece of barbecue pork

This is your share, brother lung

this is yours

this belongs to ah keung


Ah keung, this is your share

you're great, ah keung

after all, we're here for the money

you got the brain, we have the gut

let's work together

I heard the boss

is concerned about

the robbery case. What's it all about


that guy is mad, a street apart

and he said I've let the robber go

why didn't he go after the robber

no, the worker was sure

that you've let the robber loose

I let him go

he hurt my hand

I'll kill him if I can lay hand on him

What's ah keung up to lately

I don't know, I haven't seen him recently

when was the last time

can't remember, it's such a long time ago

you're good friends

you must know his group

so what, why should I know

you're my brother

I don't know what you're doing lately

Why do you ask so many questions

sorry, this is highly confidential

I hope you could help me

you want me to help the police

this is our home, not the police station

you don't have to watch what you've to say

I'm not asking you for a statement

you know this is our home

you've asked about the robbery

and ah keung's information

you told me this highly confidential

this is an important case but

how different is this
from taking a statement

if it's a statement,
someone else will take it

I'm just interested in ah keung

if you want to protect him, I'll stop

what are you trying to say

that we are conspiring

I didn't say that

but you are good friends

and you should know what he's up to

I can't follow your reasoning

I've been a cop for over 10 years

and I act with my conscience

don't get big headed with your experience

the law is the law

the conscience is not the guide line

you two have a poor record

because you're too obsessed

inspector ko, you're walking tall

keep these talks in the station

I'm your bigger brother since birth

I don't need your advice

I have my respect for you

but you could wrong too

I know you're helpful to others

but watch who you're trying to help

they may doing something
else behind your back

what do you mean

I shouldn't have said this

but you're not using your head

do you know that ah keung

is now a suspected robber and murderer

since when

a few days ago

I'm now in charge of the case

and I hope you can help me

it's his information you're after

I don't believe ah keung is a murder

what about being a robber

I'm a cid

can you take a look at these pictures

they're about the robbery where you said

our colleague has let a robber go


is the one in black a robber

yes, it's him

are you sure

yes, I am sure

I can't miss him

The police now patrol in pairs

about 60-70 feets apart

if there's problem within 200 meters

they would rush to the scene

we'll take advantage of these

the three of you keep a
watch in the entrance

my car will wait on the said opposite

if anything happen, we've 2 choices

hung, you place the time bomb

in the male toilet in the hotel

set the time at 5 o'clock

Don't move

Have some tea...

The car behind has been following us

something's wrong, let's get away

We can't, things may happen

stupid ass

I'll send you to heaven

it's a main road. Watch yourself

I know him, he's ah keung's friend

a cop


park the car and see how he reacts

2178, target stopped on flyover

we can't see them from here

watch it from the flyover

yes, sir

Take it easy, they're carrying guns

Ah lui

Good, we'll take one each

a traffic policeman is
coming, we may open fire

get ready everyone

what happened

you can't stop here

a little accident, sir, we'll manage

give me a phone number and an address

is it convenient

18 observatory road, 2/f, tst

our own people


do it quickly


I'll meet you tonight

they've gone

2178, you follow the car in front

I chase the car behind - sir,

you can't park here

I'm cid

start the car

Inspector ko

you've got much information already

if you follow me again, I'll break


you can't go

you want to arrest me

if I want to, I'd have done it long ago


I've discovered that in the robbery at

nankiang road, you've let ah keung loose

we've got evidence against them

you've been covering him up all along

we have reasons to believe

you're member of the group

so you want to arrest me

come on, arrest me

can you calm down

if you weren't my brother, I'd have had

I know you must have a reason

can I help you

get out

you can't go now

get out

Either you arrest me now or return the key

no, I can't let you go

I don't want you to warn ah keung off

we've them closely watched

you've been suspending all along

I wish that you're not,
so I didn't arrest you

you want me to lead you to ah keung


don't call me

I don't have such a thoughtful brother

you can arrest me with evidence

but you can't make use of me

halt it. Don't move


I'll shoot if you move





shoot me

you want to shoot me

so you're an official now, I sponsored you

education and you now want to kill me

stop it, will you

It's none of your business

I'll settle ah keung s case myself


I want to split the money

the goods are not yet sold

I don't want it


Unless we have today's matter classified

what happened

I don't know

you talked to that policeman

and you want to split immediately

you'd even give up the good

I don't want to get the group involved

what has happened

you're scared because of the cop

we'll get rid of him

don't you touch ah lui

we can't wait till he gets us

tell us what does he want

what has you told him

I've told him nothing, I want to go

so that the group won't be affected

they know the faces of us three

you want to split and escape

leaving us to shoulder all

you call this brotherly love

ah keung is not that kind

ah lui is after me

I don't know if he'd arrest you

but we have done enough

it should be my decision, not yours

I don't think I can take this

I give you two choices

either you stay or we kill him

don't force me into decision

you force us

you're betraying us

no, I haven't

you don't have to believe in me

I'm only taking my own share

no one can touch the money

I risk my life for it

I'm entitled to my share

take your hand off

I'll kill you

don't shoot


they're gone...

Something's wrong

what's wrong

I know, I've been a cop myself

we've been followed

Let's escape...

Don't move, put the money down

quickly or we'll be too late

I'll shoot you and die together

let's get away first

ah keung



There is no way out if we move up

let's rush down and go separate ways

we'll meet at the car park, quickly

Sit tight

Don't get excited, they have hostage

don't move close

What should we do

let's go

Ah hung...

Get the bag of money

don't bother, they'll kill us

Get out... quickly... start the car

I'll take my share only

you can keep this, I'm going home

what should I do, ah keung

can't afford the time now, can you walk

ah keung

be careful

ah keung...

Ah keung has conspired against us

he's not that kind

I saw fatty and ah keung took the money

they should be here now

I'll go and get him

no, let's a wait for a while

he may miss us

Are you alright

no problem...

Why are you shaking

are you alright

what's wrong? Anything the matter

no, sir, nothing's wrong

are you sure


what's it

how come I'm not informed

you know ah keung and ah lui conspired

now the robbers escaped

what are you two doing

running your won domestic matter

sorry, sir

give me the ID and the gun

write me a report immediately

is any policeman involved

I don't know

a cop was locked on the
street, is this connect

sorry, no comment

do you know where the robbers from

how many shots were exchanged

sorry, no comment

we may have a release later


The shooting lasted around 5 minutes

at least 150 shots were exchanged

two suspense and 7 cops died

16 policemen were injured

over 10 passer-bys were injured

of which 4 are in critical condition

the police would like to seek eye witness

to assist police in the arrest

following are photos of the suspense

if anyone could furnish information

please contact the nearby police station

or call 5-277177

quickly, mother

Be careful

watch out, daddy

your hand is bleeding, ah keung

I'm alright


ah lui is here

What should we do

Daddy, mummy, you move on first

let's move together

please start the car, driver


keep the money carefully, mother

be a good boy

ah keung

ah keung

start the car

Ah lui, I...

Cut it short

when you're arranged for your family

follow me to the police station

I'll do so if you wish so

you're a cop and I'm a villain

how dare you are


I'm also turned a villain

after all these years

have you ask your conscience

can't imagine you'd kill and Rob

now they want me as well

why don't you fight back

come on, fight back...

They're all here, they're beast

do you hear me

Ah lui, listen to me

quiet, they are cold-blooded murderers

I won't be a cop if I'm afraid

I come here to fight them

don't move, stand up

listen to me

I'll talk to you later

be careful, be calm


Get into the car

please calling head-office

Get down



Where's the money

I've only taken my share

what about ours

I gave it to fatty

where's fatty

he said he'll find the group

fatty won't dare to betray us

speak up

haven't you watched TV? He's caught

so you are playing tricks

speak up, where's the money

so you want to take everything

don't beat him, he knows nothing

take out the money

speak up quickly...

Don't beat him, he's not involved

okay, then we'll shoot him dead

if you want money, I'll give you

where's the money

ah lui, take him to the money

where's the money

take him there quickly

don't pretend. My patient running out

tell us quickly where the money is

with me

okay, I'll follow you

kill him if he plays trick

follow me


Get into the car

Get out


Hurry up, that way

that way

what's it

Go to hell

don't move

shoot you if didn't it

shoot you must die


We're ready, sir

listen, people inside

we have you surround

put down your weapon in 5 minutes

and give yourselves up or we'll act

you got no chance is escape

surrounded, if you don't want die

you keep that, must die


shall we give ourselves up

put down your gun


I want to see inspector lun

he's inside, you take him in

yes, sir

sir, let me convince my brother

I can persuade him to give himself up

let me try

please let me try

I'm Raymond

listen to me, drop your gun

put down your gun

give yourself up, you're surrounded

brother, you come out with your friends

you haven't other way

guy, lay down

don't shoot...

You think simple that is inspector ko

I'm not, thieves is here

take him yourself

Ah lui

Ah lui...


Ah lui...