Brotherhood (2018) - full transcript

Wolves show no mercy

The meat will go bad

-Face its head to Mecca

Take this, you’re going to slaughter it

Strengthen your heart

Only one stroke, so it doesn’t suffer

In the name of Allah the great

Place your hand here

Pull it towards you

In the name of Allah—

Hold its throat tightly!

In the name of Allah the great...

The army and officials of Gabes,

were able to incept close to 1,743,000 dinar
illegally leaving across the Tunisian border.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the operation.

Next we will be discussing a sensitive issue.

Tunisians that have traveled to Syria to fight.

What have been the actions taken by

the government, specifically the Ministry of Interior?

My guests for the evening are

Mr. Touhami Abdouli, former Secretary
of State for Foreign Affairs

and head of the People’s Movement Party.

Welcome to the show Mr. Touhami

Also with us tonight Mr. Mohamed Iqbal Ben Rejeb...

Dad, can I help carry it?

No my son, I’ll carry it myself

We’ll have a big barbecue tonight, right?

Hurry up Chaker, your mom is home alone

Go help your brother



I’m here Mohamed



-Malek! Is that your car? Can we go for a ride?

Of course, let me rest first

-Hi brother

-You’re doing well?

-Welcome back

Dad, this is Reem my wife

-From where did they get the car?

They bought it when they crossed the border

-Where did they get the money?

I don’t know and I don’t want to know...

They arrived exhausted.

What is important is that they got here safe
and weren’t caught by the police.

The girl with that ‘thing’ on her face.
We don’t even know what she looks like

-She’s Syrian and new here

She’ll take it off once she gets to know us

They can’t stay here

She’s pregnant. Where will they go?

I’ve spent a year not knowing anything about my son

I thought I would never see him again


Tell him to hide the car

-Eat my dear, you’re not hungry?

She likes to eat alone

-As you wish

I saw that the fence outside is broken,

I can fix it with Chaker tomorrow if you want

Leave it broken

But last night the sheep escape and I—

-Who told you to speak?


Stop it

I had a duty to help my Muslim
brothers and sisters in Syria

And your Muslim little brother Rayene?
Did you forget him?

Where were you when wild dogs attacked
him and almost tore him apart?

He had no one to protect him
with Chaker helping me in your place

What about your Muslim mother?

She stopped eating and almost died of grief

Are they not worthy of your
god damn religious doctrine?

Can we please finish this meal?

If you had respected me, I would have stayed

but you treated me like your mule

Now that you’ve killed people
with the Islamic State you feel like a lion?

-I didn’t kill anyone

Because the Islamic State doesn’t kill people right?

I’m sorry mom

What matters is that you returned to me

Give him some time

You know he loves you

-I place this card down then I take one?

-When you find one like this take it

So I drop one then take one?

-Yes, do you have one like this?
Then take it. Play Malek

-Can I help you?

Of course dear, dry those

Mohamed go inside

I’ll let you know when we’re done

-How come?

-Didn’t you hear me?

-Are you serious? Does she think removing
her gloves makes her that desirable?

-Didn’t you spill your guts
last night, isn’t it enough?

have some respect for your son.

-It’s my house and I’ll do what I want.

-What’s going on?

-Maybe your wife can’t see with ‘that thing’ on

this is my house, I built it with my own hands

I won’t be pushed around

every time she decides to take off her gloves.

Reem please take it off.
Reem please

Chaker, Chaker

Let’s go to the beach,
wake Rayene up with you

-The waves are too rough to fish

-I need to tell you something

I regret going to Syria

Promise me that you’ll never go there

Promise me!


Malek, my pants are falling down!

-Bring the spoon closer


Are you scared Rayene?

Good morning

-Good morning and may God bless you

I’ll take two cigarettes

-Here you go

Can I borrow your phone?

-Of course

Can I use it outside?

As you wish

Where have you been?

Where are the boys?

-They went to the beach with their big brother

It’s the last time they go anywhere
with him without my permission.

-Let them breathe

Do you want to suffocate them like Malek?

Look where you led him

-I led him?
He led himself there

All my life I slaved away for him and his brothers.

I won’t let him influence his brothers.

-How can you still trust him?

He impregnated a child,
and you still defend him?

-As long as he is still alive

I’ll stand next to him and defend him...


Do you see a toddler in front of you?

How much older was I when
we married? A year?

Two years. The girl is 13.

She’s 14

-Go inside dear

-Come with me

It’s not Malek’s baby


I was forced to marry many fighters

-Malek was afraid that you wouldn’t
help me if you knew the baby wasn’t his

I met Malek after I escaped

when Malek was running away

Take her to your sister’s house


-What did you do?


What did you do?

I said take her to your sister’s
-Come back here. What did you do?





-What are you going to name the baby?

You should name it ‘Boomannaja’

I’m going to name him Marwan

If it’s a girl, Reem will name her

She’ll pick a name?
Yeah, she’ll pick it

She’ll pick a name?
Yeah, she’ll pick it

-Chaker, take Rayane inside!
-Let go of my brother!

-Move! Get him in the car