Brotherhood (2022) - full transcript

After years of fighting to survive on the streets of Lagos, two brothers fall on opposite sides of the law. The bonds of brotherhood are put to the ultimate test as one joins a Taskforce that hunts down the other and his gang.

Aunty! Can we help you?

Alright. If you move…

Give me everything you
have! Give it to me!

- Suzuki.
- Fast!

- I'm coming!
- Fast!

- I will shoot!
- Blood of Jesus! I'm coming.

God save us!

- Jesus!
- God will not save you.

Go! Move!

Stand up.

Let's go.

Move out!



Don't forget your friends!

- Please don't forget us.
- Don't forget your friends.

What are you doing?
You better be careful.


- Kala.
- My guy.

- Don't forget me. If you need me…
- That's not a problem.

We will be in contact. If there's
any job, don't forget me also.

I'm there for you.

- Aunty!
- Thank you God.


Thank you God.

- Aunty, you have gotten bigger!
- You too!

You have gotten bigger!

My darling.

- Aunty.
- I am so happy to see you. God bless you.

- Is this your car?
- My car? No, it's a market truck.

It's a market truck.

Thank you God!

- Some tomatoes have fallen into the trunk.
- Thank you God!

Don't worry.

We will rearrange
it, my darling.

Thank you God!

Thank you God!

Ah! That you were able to leave
that place safe and sound,

I give thanks to God.

My dear, so many
things have changed.

That Sikira that
used to help me,

little Sikira from back then,

- Small Sikira, the little girl?
- Small?

Sikira is no longer
is no longer small.

If you see Sikira,
her breasts are huge!

If you see her!

You see Sikira, you see breasts.

Her breasts are so big.

And to God be the Glory, your
brother just got promoted.

Today is his first day at work.

- Really?
- Yes.

Hello, sir?


Excuse me, sir. Officer
Daniel will see you now.

- Thank you very much.
- You're welcome.

Adewale Adetula.

Yes, sir!

- Welcome to the squad.
- Thank you, sir!

We're ready, sir.

Okay. Don't thank me. Strap
up, we're heading out now.

- Yes, sir.
- Alright! Move it! Let's go!

Please, what is this they
have put on our team?

They have put a weak
link on this team.

- Can he even survive the day?
- Come on. Simon, be nice.


Hi. My name is Efe.

Sorry, don't pay
attention to Simon.

- Alright, let's go.
- Thank you.

Wale. Nice to meet you.

Move your bodies!

It's okay.

- Who is this?
- What is this?

- Impossible!
- My guy!


- My guy!
- What's up?

What you did is unfair!

You're around and you
didn't inform the boys.

I just got back.

- Put me down. Don't injure me.
- My guy, my guy!

Hey, whose motorcycle is that?

Are you teasing me?
It belongs to me.

Your boy has got this.

Let's ride this, my guy.


Akin, where are you going?

Look, I don't want trouble.
The police officers are there.


Who is laughing?

Am I joking with you?

Get back to work now.


Let's go.


Look, I have dropped the gun.
Okay? So give me your hand.

Don't be afraid.
Don't be worried.

God save me from all this.

Calm down.

- Come on, give me your hand.
- I am coming.


Calm down.

Get them out. Get
them out of here! Go!

We need to go.

- Well done.
- Thank you, sir.

Beginner's luck.

Well done, newbie. Well done.

Well done. Let's go! Move!


Akin, my boyfriend
who forgot about me!

Go away!

I was gone for a little while
and you already have two kids.

That's not it. You left
me when you went to jail.

You have to understand
that I am only human.

You are still beautiful.

Thank you.

Akin! See your muscles! Wow.

Aunty Morenike.

I haven't seen you in a
while. I thought you moved.

- We haven't left.
- You haven't left?

You are taking The Ojuju
Boy's threats for a joke?

Please, go home.
We have heard you.

You haven't heard what
they having been doing?

- I said leave.
- Not a problem.


- Your stomach has became smaller.
- Thank you. We'll see later, right?

- That's fine. I'll see you around.
- Alright.

Leave me alone.

- Aunty?
- Yes?

Who do they call
"The Ojuju Boys"?

May God save us from
these Ojuju Boys.

We have been hearing about them.

We didn't know they
would get to us so soon.

Not until we got a letter from
them. Look, they sent me a letter.

May God protect us
from armed robbers.

These boys are insane.

There's something I want
to talk to you about.

But I'm not sure you
will listen to me.

What I want to say is, considering
the situation of things at the moment,

maybe we should move to your twin
brother's place for some time,

until things settle.

Aunty, don't bother.
You know I won't go.

Why are you always
acting this way?

Cool down. Look...

He is the one at the door.

Help me get the door.

Help me get the door.
Open the door for him.

- Policeman.
- Criminal.

God help me.

What's wrong with
the both of you?

Aren't you born of
the same mother?

Why are you both
acting like this?

You have become more like enemies. Like
a cat and mouse. Like oil and water.

What is the matter?
What is wrong?

- Wale.
- Ma.

I told your brother to move to
your house until things settle.

But he refused. Can
you please talk to him?

He is not a child.

If he says he is not leaving,
then let him be and let us go.

Is that what you have to say?

But I raised you both with love.

I raised you with love. Okay.

All I know is, you both are supposed
to be your brother's keeper.

- Who's keeper?
- I don't like how you are behaving.

Does he keep
anything but secrets?

Someone who keeps the fact he
has a twin brother a secret.

My dear, there's
garri under the bed.

You know you are dependable.

To collect is all he knows.

What's up with you?

Policeman, when you collect bribes on
the express, does anyone bother you?

Drop that, motherfucker.

Do you want to die?

Search everywhere. You
won't find anything.

- Shut up.
- Are you mad?

What are you saying?

You don't know who we are?

We are the ones who
control this place.

Goldie, give me a chance. Let
me send him to the other side.

- Calm down.
- What?!

Am I seeing correctly?


What?! Cobra?

My guy! How are you?

Is that you?

Motherfucker. Wait.

You guys are The Ojuju Boys?

- Yes, we are.
- Impressive.

Guys, let's go somewhere
else. This is my friend.

- Your prayers got answered tonight.
- What's up?


- Oh, boy...
- You said this is your friend?

Your god has saved you.

Calm down.

- Your god has saved you.
- Calm down.

I would have gotten rid of you.

Where have you been?

I have been in Kirikiri prison.

- Kiri?
- Yes, I just got out today.

Cobra! Move it.

I am coming. You know what?
Let me have your number.

We will be in touch.

- Izra The Cobra!
- Shh.

Shout, so it looks like
we did an actual stick up.


- Someone save me!
- Cry.

Someone save me!


There have been a series of high profile
car-jackings in areas around Lagos state.

We suspect that these cars are being
dismantled and sold on the black market.

Even the commissioner's
Bentley disappeared.

No leads. No trace.

- Yes, Officer Wale.
- Ma'am.

Ma'am, I don't know
if the team is aware

of the operations of a certain
group called "The Ojuju Boys."


We are aware.

Ma, how come we are not
doing anything about it?

That is the job for
the local police.

We are an elite squad.

We do not handle matters
concerning area boys.

Officer Monsurat, I would
like to have an update on

the latest car-jackings.

As soon as you are
done with this.

Yes, sir.

Let's move.

Ekeng, I'll see you
on Saturday, right?

Of course, I wouldn't
miss such a party.



Don't take it personal, Officer
Monsurat is strange like that.

Nah, it's fine.

But, for what's it's
worth, I believe you.

It's actually crazy because

my aunt had to leave her place

and stay in my place for a couple of days
because they were attacking the area.

And you know they
sent a warning ahead.

Do you know the guts
it takes to do that?

I know the D.P.O
of that area, yeah.

So I could link
you guys together.

And once he knows you are from us, he
will be more than excited to help you.

- That will be super helpful. Thank you.
- I got you.

Thank you.

What's going on on
Saturday though?

Oh, it's Officer
Daniel's birthday.

You are coming, yeah?
Cause everybody is invited.

Oh yeah. Of course. Of course.
For the boss, I have to be there.

Cool. See you then.

- See you on Saturday.
- Alright. Bye.

- Kalashnikov!
- Cobra, my guy!

My guy!

- Is this you?
- You are looking good.

- You are living the good life.
- Look who is talking?

Come. Come meet my guys.

- I'm seeing girls.
- Come.

My guy!

Kehinde, why are you
showing off? Lay low.

Leave me alone.
Mind your business.

Take this idiot home.

He is showing off too much.

Take it easy.

That idiot they're
taking away is Kehinde.

He is very stupid
but he is loyal.

Meanwhile, that's Poison.
He is a completely insane.

This is Emma. Townsman. Osho.

Isn't this your friend
that was carrying a bat?

It is him.

Yes, it is him.

This man is Kalashnikov.

He is too bad! My guy!

What kind of name is that?

- What is Kakaaki?
- You haven't heard of Kalashnikov?

You have been hearing of AK47,
that's the person who invented it.

Akin right here is
extremely intelligent.

He is so smart!
And he has a twin.

The three of us ran things
in Oshodi that year.

Akin would come up with plans for
what we would eat, could steal…

No mom or dad.


You know how it goes.

My respects to you guys.

- What would you like to have?
- Don't bother, I'm good.

Please, lets quickly
discuss something outside.

Okay. Let's go.

- Chairmen. Much respect!
- Sir.

- Respect.
- Respect.

This guy's name
doesn't make sense.

What is "Kakaaki"?

- Who's that?
- What's that?

That guy was just
throwing money everywhere.

You wouldn't be able to
handle the way we party.

Is he that rich?

I swear. It's not that way.


I have observed how
you guys operate.

- Yeah?
- I can help you guys upgrade.

What do you mean?

So I have a friend from jail.

Actually, he isn't a
friend. He is my brother.

He used to drive a bullion van before
he got in trouble and landed in jail.

How much do you think
a bullion van carries?

- Maybe up to five million?
- Are you joking?

Guy, a bullion van carries
between 20 to a 100 million.

So if your guys and my people
put our resources together

we could rob one bullion van.

It would be like we robbed a
bank. Everyone would cash out.

I'm liking this idea.

I am really liking this idea.

But this our crew…

we don't do things carelessly.

We have a structure.

We have a CEO. Right. Shadow.

But he is getting old.

This type of things interested
him before he retired.

You know what's going to happen?

I'll introduce you to Shadow, and
you'll tell him what you just told me.

I would really appreciate it.

You are my friend.

Ever since you came to my place,
that's all I have been thinking about.

- Yeah, man.
- I mean this could work out.

- I understand what you mean.
- It'll definitely work out.

Izzie? I'll see you later.

This is our first lady, Goldie.

You were looking at my ass
when I was dancing, right?

How did you see me?

Weren't you pretending
not to see me?


Can you dance?

Just say you want
to dance with me.

Be direct about it.

- Akin, calm down. Calm down.
- Oh wow.

You guys have a CEO?

- You have a First Lady?
- Yes.

Calm down.

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to you!

How old are you now?

Yo, my people!

When I first met my boss,
I was a young officer

and I did not want to
be in the police force.

But I met Officer Daniel

and he told me "Since you
don't want to be here,

I will frustrate you
until you leave."

And he did by
playing pranks on me.

But today I am proud to say…

-I'm so sorry -Oh, no.

- I'm so sorry.
- It's fine. Thank you.

One of the few good men who do this
job for the love of the country.

Hey! You are not her type. She
doesn't do broke policemen.


Please, don't mind him, he was
interested in her but she rejected him.

- Really?
- I'm sorry.

- You know we're cool.
- Wow.

I need a drink.

Do you see a waiter here?

Go to the kitchen and grab a
drink. There are plenty there.

And with all of this, sir,
we are saying happy birthday.

Nobody can do this job like you.


Honorable man! Hear, hear!

Hip, hip, hip!

- Hurray!
- Hip, hip, hip!



Do you mind if I help you out?


You want to wash plate?

Of course. I'm actually
really good at this.

See, I can see there is
still some oil on it.

She has always been…

Oil where?


- Come and do it.
- Alright.

Best in washing plates.

So I wash. You rinse.

Team work…

makes the dream work.

Maybe I should tell them to bring
more plates since you are in the mood.

No, I'm trying to help. I'm
not trying to get a new job.

- I'm just joking.
- My name is Wale.


Nice to meet you.

There you go.

Who here, even if…

I didn't know she had
invited all these rascals

Boss, you will miss us!

- Ta!
- You will miss us!

I'll be farming in my village.

So no one is going
to say anything.

With everything these guys
have done in all these areas?

You talk, you die.

Or they kill your whole family.

It's not worth it for them.

Mr. D.P.O, listen.

I am with you.

Whatever it takes
to get these guys.

If you hear anything, even the
littlest piece of information,

- I beg you. Thank you so much.
- It's alright.

- I appreciate this. Thank you.
- Not at all.

Well done. Thank you.

I know you all are stupid. Yeah.

I know you are fools, but…

If someone had told me
you'd act as foolishly

as you just did, I
wouldn't have believed it.

Because I don't see why you'll carry
out an operation that I didn't approve.

Number one. Boss.

We were not trying
to disrespect you.

We just thought we could
easily get it done.

We saw an opportunity and
we decided to take it.

Use wisdom and initiative
to get it done.


That's what you taught us.

If they ask, "Who has
initiative?" You will stand up?

The next time something
like this happens,

I will do something
I will regret.

I am talking and you
are wiping your face.

- What?
- Please don't be angry.

Get out of this place.

- Boss, we were...
- Shut up!

"Boss" my ass.


Boss, well done!



This is my friend
I told you about.


So you're the guy with
the big plans, right?

So you want to upgrade us?

Who am I to upgrade you?

I just saw an opportunity
that would help all of us.

Sit down.

- What is your name?
- Akin.

What do you mean, Akin?

Boss, this is Kalashnikov. Kala.


Let me hear your plans.

So I was talking
to this guy about

how much he thinks is
carried in a bullion van.

He said five to ten million.

Boss, up to 20 to 100 million is carried
in a bullion van heading to the bank.


You know that's why bullion
vans are heavily guarded, right?

Bro! I like you. You
are visualizing my plan.

I am not visualizing your plan.

So bro,

we will handle this mission
like it is a military mission.

Heavy presence.

Police officers do
not want to die.

Izra, do you trust this guy?

Boss, this is Kala.
We go way back.

Let me hear your plan.

So I have this friend.

He has driven bullion vans before,
so he knows how they operate.


His name is Adura.

Then I have another guy.

Ikeja! Ikeja!

There is no where in Lagos
that He doesn't know.

My brother!

Then we will need tools.

I have tools. That
area is covered.

Chairman, I don't mean
you any disrespect but

my plug is an
ex-military expert.

The kind of weapons we will need
are on a completely different level.

If the police see
them, they will run.

- Where are the tools?
- You are standing on top of them.


This is good

So if we have all of them
everything is guaranteed?

Boss, that's confirmed.

And the sweet part is,

I have already mapped
out our first target.

Today it's elephant green,
tomorrow's it is crocodile red.

She'll buy it for 30,000,

and sew it for 50,000.
I am tired of it.

- I am angry.
- Why are you talking like this?

- I don't know what you want me to do.
- You know women and their trouble.

But you are still
complaining. You will be okay.

I'm exhausted.

Guy, move fast. Move fast.

Boss, it's just a garbage truck.

If you see what my wife puts me
through because of this asoebi matter…

Huh? I'm in trouble!
I'm in trouble!

- Everyone reverse! Reverse now!
- I'm in trouble!

Reverse! Reverse! Reverse!

Officers down!

We are under attack!

Send back up!

Send back up! We
are under attack!

Don't move! Stay low!

If you move I fuck you up!

Don't try it!

Make a move, I fuck you up!
Bring that fucking shit here.

Bring that gun!

That way.

- Out!
- Don't try it!


Get the fuck down! Come down.




Hands behind your back.
Hands behind your back!

Sixty seconds!

Drop it!

Don't do anything, else I will
kill you. Have you lost your mind?

We are all out here hustling, bank
managers are relaxing in their homes.

You left your wife
and your children

to guard money that's insured.

If there are any bonuses,
do you get a part of it?

- Answer me!
- No, sir!

If everyone behaves,
no one will die today.

Let's go!

Let's move!

- Move!
- Move!

Fuck you! He will die!


- Hurry, come on!
- Do you hear me? Fuck you!

Put it away.

- Let's go!
- Where is Kehinde and Poison?

- They didn't show up.
- One minute, guys!

Fast! Guys!

- C'mon, let's go!
- Move!

Guys I need speed!

Move! Move! Move!

Put everything.

What is wrong with you? Do
you want to fuck up my plan?

- Step back!
- Are you crazy?

- You know me! You know me!
- What is going on?

He shot someone!

And you want to discuss it here?

Is this the appropriate
place to discuss that?

Get in the car and let's get
out of here. Are you crazy?

- Everyone get in, let's move!
- Move!

Kala, behave! Behave!

Guys, fast!

Fast! We don't have time!

Everybody move!



Did you even sleep at all?

Yes, I did. I have to go though.

Where are you going?

I'm going home.

What's going on? You have been
acting kind of weird lately.

It's nothing, Wale.

I'm fine.

Ah, man.


There's a little guy in there?

What if it's a girl?

Kamsi, why didn't
you say anything?

I was scared.

Hold on.

What are you looking for?

Give me your hand.

- Wale, what are you doing?
- Give me your hand.

Wale, what…

Kamsi, I love you so, so much.

Marry me.

This is crazy.

It's only been three months.

I have never been more sure
of anything in my entire life.

Kamsi, all my life,
I've felt alone.

I want to spend the rest of my life
with you. I am certain of that.

- Yes.
- Yes? Is that a yes?

Yes. Million times, a yes.

Damn. It's work.

One second.


Thank you so much
for your patience.

However, I would
crave your indulgence.

As you can see, we are
still investigating.

So we must make sure we do not pass
the wrong message on to the public.

We are thankful that
no lives were lost.

One or two officers
were injured.

But that's it.

And, unfortunately, there is nothing
more that I can give you now.

So I would love for
you to be patient,

and make sure that the
information you are sending

to the general public isn't
one that would cause panic.


I could not see their
faces. They were all masked.

Like masquerades.

Like masquerades?

Yes sir. Everything
happened so fast.

Sir! I ran the plate numbers
and they came back fake.

I thought so.

The insurance company is willing
to back up the investigation. Okay?

- So we need to give them a report.
- I am on it, sir.

- Morning, sir.
- How are you, Wale?

What's up? What's the update?

This is some big boy thing.

Not those small boys you
are always chasing around.

And how do you know they
are not connected to this?


Fake license plates?

This is some big boys' stuff.

Not all those amateurish level.



D.P.O. I was just about
to call you actually.



I have something for you.


He was arrested in
a bar last night.

He got into a fight with
some boys over some girls.

Somebody identified him
as one of the Ojuju Boys.

Officer, what is up?

We haven't eaten
since last night. Why?

This is why I prefer prison.

- By now, I would have eaten breakfast.
- My friend, will you shut up!

Boss, it is not like that.

Mr. Kehinde? Right?

Thanks for your
patience. Well done.

It's terribly unfortunate that we have
to meet in these circumstances, sir.

I am really sorry. The name
is Officer Wale Adetula.

Yeah, I am here to help you.

I am here to help you.

You know what? This is
what will happen now.

I'll help you talk to them,
so they will let you go.

You have to regain your freedom.

Frankly, nobody should be
treated in this manner.

I just need a little piece
of information from you, sir.

Who are The Ojuju Boys?

Do I look like a snitch to you?

Do I look like a snitch to you?

Put me in a cell right away,
because I have nothing to tell you.

I like being in the prison.
Kirikiri prison or the one in Ikoyi?

Any of the prisons are fine.
But that Ikoyi prison though…

The mosquitoes in that
Ikoyi prison are not normal.

They are almost like
you police officers.

Wait, Officer! I want
to tell you more.

Allow me give you more
gist as you leave. Wait.

That Ikoyi prison,
the water is so bad.

It is so smelly!

Everything will be fine.

This is how Shadow
and Izra do things.

See, this isn't like
your regular operations.

With the large amounts of money we
are moving, the police will find us.

I hope you know.


I trust Shadow with my life.

I remember the day
like it was yesterday.

Some boys wanted to rape me.

I was there trying to
fight. Shadow appeared

and he killed all of them.

He rescued me.

He brought me into Ojuju.

Every Ojuju boy,
Shadow rescued them.

Every single person.

I don't trust anybody.

No one is an angel.

You trust me, right?

You trust me, right?

You are watching Arise News
with me, Adefemi Akinsanya.

Not more than a week has
passed since armed men

attacked a bullion van
convoy in central Lagos.

Making away with
50 million naira.

Since then, police have confirmed
no arrests have been made.

No suspects apprehended.

And many residents have been
asking how it's possible.

These men and the money they have
stolen appear to have disappeared.

At this rate we are forced
to believe that the police

- are in on these criminal activities.
- Come on!

-You can't- -Yes

You can't associate the
police with common criminals.

That is what it means!

-Those are mere fairy
grapevine, -If we can…

in trying to tarnish

- the image of the police!
- If we cannot not be...

Someone is here to see you.

Oh! Wale!

Yes, sir.

- How are you?
- Fine, thank you sir.

- Welcome.
- Thank you very much.

Kamsi, did I tell you how Wale
saved my life on the very first day

he joined the SWAT Unit.


you have told me this
story several times.

- This is a super cop here.
- My pleasure, sir.

Welcome. Wale, sit.

- Sit. Sit down.
- Thank you very much, sir.

- Wow, how are you?
- I am fine, thank you, sir.


Uh, Kamsi, bring
another Trophy for Wale.


- How are you doing?
- I am very okay, sir.


Sir, I want to discuss something
very important with you.

Sir, since the first time
I set my eyes on Kamsi,

I realized I want to spend
the rest of my life with her.

Sir, I decided to
come here today,

to officially ask for
her hand in marriage.

Just after three
months at my birthday?

Sir, when a man knows, he knows.

Come, my dear girl.

When a man knows, he knows.

My first daughter.

Daddy's daughter.

Well. Sit down.

- Wale.
- Yes, sir?

Kamsi here is all I've got.

And you are a good man.

So if she says yes,

you have my blessing.

Thank you very much, sir.

- Thank you, sir.
- No.

- Get up. Get up.
- Thank you, sir.

Daddy's daughter.

Things have been happening.

Is it Akin that
bought all these?

And you accepted it?

And you know he doesn't
have a good paying job?

No! Don't say that.

Akin now has a good
job. A very good job.

He has changed a lot.

When he leaves in the morning,
he come back late at night.

- He has changed?
- Where does he work?

Let's not worry about that.

The important thing is

the wedding is the reason I
brought out all these clothes.

So you will pick
the color you want.

- So I will know how to buy it in bulk.
- Don't bother.

There's no colour.

There's no family colour.
There's no asoebi.

Aunty, this is the
invitation I brought for you.

You are the only one I am
inviting to this wedding.

So they don't say I
don't have relatives.

That's why I am inviting you.

And I know you, you will want
to invite the entire world.

Aunty, I don't want to
see any uninvited guests.

The invite admits one.
Thank you very much.


You are so bold.

"So they don't say I
don't have relatives."

You wouldn't have invited me.

Even if you don't invite
me, what about your sibling?

What about your twin?

You won't invite him too?

Aunty, this woman and her family

- are very important to me.
- Oh, really?

I don't want riff-raffs
ruining my wedding.

Who are the riff-raffs?

- You know who I am talking about.
- Shut up!

Shut your dirty mouth!

If not for Akin, you
would be dead by now.

Five years awaiting trail
for a 14-year-old boy!

With those criminals
in that cell!

And for what?

Just because of you!

Just because he went to go steal
malaria drugs for you to get better.

Aunty, what about the second
time? And the third time?

What about the fourth time?

Did he go and steal
malaria drugs again?

This boy has been in and out of
prison for the last ten years.

Am I the one who sent him back?

Aunty, I have tried.

I have tried. You have tried.

We tried to get him out.

We did not try enough.

We didn't do enough, at all.

If you were to be in your brothers
shoes, by now, you would have been worse.

Actually, I wore the
exact same shoes, Aunty.

I wore those exact
same shoes because

Akin was not the only
one who had it bad.

I came from the
exact same streets.

I chose to do better.

I chose to be a better man.

Aunty, don't invite
Akin to my wedding.

I will not have him ruin
everything I have worked for.

- Thank you, ma.
- Wale!

You need to keep
your family close.

The bond of brotherhood
is unbreakable.


What's causing the
quarrel between you both?

You are the reason.

You are indeed the
reason for the quarrel.

Is it out there that you got
all those goods for Aunty?

And the one with you too?

How did you get that?

What's with the
questions? Are you my Dad?

If you want to know,
I'm a mechanic.

- You're now a mechanic.
- Yeah.

Look, I am done with you.

You can mess up your life all you want.
Just don't take everyone down with you.

Off with your fancy english!

You had better find something
to do with your life

I'm also done with you.

I don't care about
you. Nobody does.

Pretentious fool.

What happened?

Did you quarrel
with your friend?

What is this?

He says he is getting married.

- Aunty!
- My darling is here!

How are you doing?

Who the hell are these guys?

Guy, I have no idea. But check
out this girl's shoes. Geez!



- You're a man now.
- What are you doing here?

Can't I come to
my twin's wedding?

You didn't want to invite us.

Your wife is beautiful.

A great girl.

I always pride myself to be
a good judge of character.

And that is why I gave you my
daughter's hand in marriage.

But tell me,

what kind of man hides
his twin brother?

Is there something
else you are hiding?

Sir, it is complicated.

My brother has always been
on the wrong side of the law.

He is always going
in and out of jail.

So your twin brother
is an ex-convict?

I don't have that
in your file here.

I joined the force because I
wanted to make a difference.

Then I realized that my
brother being in and out

of prison was not
going to help that.

Because telling the truth
would have destroyed my career.

So I decided to keep up the lie.

I'm terribly sorry, sir.

I completely understand if you
report me to Internal Affairs.

I am ready to face
the consequence.

Do you realize that you have put
me in a really impossible position.

In my 30 years of service
to the Nigerian Police,

I have kept a reputation
that is unquestionable.

Yes, sir.

So what am I supposed to do now?

Report my son-in-law?

To the authorities?

One week after marriage
to my pregnant daughter?

- Get out.
- I'm sorry, sir.


Don't pay attention to these people.
Just don't mind them. They'll move on.

- Okay?
- Thank you.

Mr. D.P.O.

Officer, that guy
has started talking.

Mr. Kehinde.

Has mosquito bitten
you that badly?

I thought you liked it here.

Super cop.

Since everyone has forgotten me
here now that they have become rich,

what would you have me do? I
gotta find my way out, man.

I saw you with my people.

You were just living
large! The money is a lot!

I and who?

We have watched your wedding
video on the internet.

You married that beautiful girl.

Your babe is endowed.

She is so sweet.

It was my people around
you spraying you money.

You didn't know?

You know these people.
You know these people.

They are the ones.

The Ojuju Boys.


Hey man, make the arrangements
to get me out of here.

He who laughs last, laughs best.

- Five hundred thousand for a hookup?
- Is it your money that I used?

Then you gave her head.

- She is supposed to pay you.
- Is it your money?

She is supposed
to have paid you.

Get out of here!

How are you?

How are you doing?


My G.

How are you?

- Have you lost your bet?
- Kala!


You know, with our job

we are supposed to
keep a low profile.

It is not everything we
do that people should see.

Is someone told me that
anyone would fuck up,

Kala, it shouldn't be you.

What sort of rubbish is this?

Boss, please don't be
angry. That is my brother.

My blood brother. Same
mother and father.

Nothing will happen.

Nothing will happen, right?

Nothing will happen.

He said nothing will happen.

If anybody fucks up my plans,

before I travel out
of this country,

it will be bloody.

Kala, did you hear me?

- Please sir, don't be angry.
- It will be bloody.

Don't be angry, boss.

- Don't be angry.
- The baddest boss.

New mission, guys.

A different type of job.

So there's this lady I was sleeping
with sometime ago. She works for a bank.

She has information about
money that is coming in.

About 100 million.

So we strike the bank and then

- we will formulate...
- No! Boss-


Keep quiet.

The money still has to come.

So they will divert another set of
that same amount to another branch.

And they won't expect that
we will strike them again.

Meanwhile, we'll be
waiting for them.

We run it. We have 200
million in the bank.

- This your...
- We move.

This is greed.

- This your plan won't end well.
- Kala.

Please Kala, what
are you saying?


Big Boss, look…

This mission doesn't make sense.

Who is your source? For this
information, who is your source?

She is a teller, but she knows
what goes on in the bank.

Boss, in a bank, there is a
department that handles cash movement.

Cash Management.

How do you know?

This is what I do.

Your source is not valid.

You want us to run two
operations in one day?

Kala, are you doubting my plan?

I don't have an issue with you.
But your plan doesn't make sense.

When you brought your own
plan, didn't we carry it out?

- That is different! I...
- How is it different?

- I planned it! I arranged...
- How is it different?

- You think that...
- Kala!

Move back. Kala, move back.

I said, move back.

If you don't check yourself,
I will beat you up.

- Who are you?
- I will beat you.

- What are you saying?
- Who are you?

Go back. Leave him.

It's enough. You, go back.

You see…

this 200 million…

if we get it, everybody
would be settled.


We are in a democracy.

We will vote.

If you want us to do
this, raise up your hands.

They will get
beaten mercilessly.


Just accept it!


Guy, go back there.


- Kala?
- Big Boss.

Are you in or are you out?


Kala, I am going to
ask you one more time.

Are you in? Or, are you out?

Boss, I won't do it.

Fuck this shit.

Fuck you! Leave! Fool!

Leave! What's the
matter with you?


I will reach my contact
to set things up.

See, these people are mad.

They are crazy.

And this job that they
want to do, they will die.

Or they will end up in
prison. As for me, nothing…

Goldie, nothing can take
me to the prison again.

See, our last job

It was two million we each got.

And we exhausted it at
your brother's wedding.

If you sit plan this well,

why won't it work out?

See, Shadow and Izzie don't
have the brains you do.

And, honestly,

this is 200 million.

Two hundred million!

Dude, come on! Aren't
you in your right senses?

See, Shadow takes
his 20 percent.


You take your share.

I take my share. We
join it together.


Or aren't you tired of
being an armed robber?

I am tired of it.

Aren't we leaving anymore?

Aren't we leaving?

Push it.

Look at that.

Who are you looking for?



Wale Adetula!

Dancing groom! Nice one!

How are you?


Guy, what are you doing here?

You guys came to my wedding, so I
thought to come by and thank you guys.

Ah! Nice one! Thank you!

Akin isn't here?

You just missed him.

I just missed him?

- He just left.
- Really?


What happened?

This is Shadow's shop right?

How do you know Shadow?

Akin told me that you
guys work for Shadow.

Calm down. Are you scared?

Wale, I think you should leave.

Call Akin and find a
place to meet up with him.

- I should leave?
- Yes.

- Till we meet again.
- Till then.

Two robberies, back to back.

This isn't street parole.


How will we do it?

How many people will we use?

How do we move the money?

Where do we move the money to?

Have you thought about it?

No, tell me. I am listening.


you're a pretty boy.

But you and I know that
strategy isn't your strength.

You know.

So you think I am stupid?

You think I am not smart.

That's why you like him, right?

Both of you…

figure this shit out.

Don't mess with my money.


Bloody orphan.

Aren't we all together?

Why didn't you tell
us you have a plan?

Your greed is too much. You
have always been like that

We used to steal Aunty
Morenike's rice and stew.

We introduced you to it,
but you went over board.

But Akin, you know if you want to eat a
frog, you need to find one that has egg.

You're a motherfucker.

I know that I get angry easily.

But you plan these
jobs. It's you.

Like how you told us to use a
motorcycle and a pickup truck.

So that if they catch anybody,
we don't lose everything.

That is all you.

- Stop teasing me.
- You are too smart!

You know! Guy!

Come on!

I have a plan.

But this one, we will do it
the exact way we plan it.

We will do it.


We will do it how I say.


Hey, Officer Wale, I thought
you wanted to see the boss.

Wale, you wanted to see me.

I just wanted to greet you sir.

Oh okay. I am heading for
the hospital right now.

Need to do my checkups.

- Well, I will see you when I get back.
- No problem sir.

Get this car out of here.

Hey! What are you
doing over here?

- Will you get out of this place!
- Ah!

My brother, don't be offended.

The bus broke down.

And I just changed
its carburetor!

- And I'm wondering, how is it that...
- No! Move it!

- Get it away!
- You don't understand what happened.

- I said get out of this place!
- That's exactly what I'm trying to do.

I said leave here now!

I'm trying to do that.
I'll start it now.

The bus is refusing to start.

No time to check time!

- Start to move!
- Please move!

Don't vex me today.
I'll finish you!

Drive! Drive quickly!

Everybody, stand down!

You're not going to
sleep here. If not…

Hey, don't vex me! Don't vex me.

Code red! Ongoing bank robbery!

Alright. Copy that.

Copy that. Over.

Move! Go!

Eagle! Explosives.

Eagle! Explosives!

Dude, explosives for what?

There's money in the ATM.

How much is in an
ATM?! Let us go!

Fall back! This is my mission!

They will call the police!

- Blow it up!
- Blow what? Are you crazy?

Come out of there! Move!

Move! Take cover!



Go! Go! Move! Move!

Eyes on the suspect.

Eyes on the suspect.
I am in pursuit!

Ah, let's get them.
Get them! Let's go!

Faster! Drive faster!


Let's go! Move quickly!

- Move!
- Move it! Let's go!

Let's move it! Let's go!

Man, he's losing
blood. Let's move out!

Light it up! Let's go!

Are you cursed? Are you mad?!

- Are you mad?
- It won't be well with you!

- Are you crazy? Are you mad?
- Hey, hey!

- You are crazy!
- You're too greedy!

Leave me alone! You
are cursed, man!

- Leave me!
- Kala!

- Kala!
- Why are you holding me?

- Kala!
- Why are you holding me?

- Why are you holding me?
- Akin, it is me holding you.

- What happened?
- Calm down.

- I said what happened?
- Daju got shot!

Because of this guy, I killed
my brother's father-in-law!

Okay. So?

Don't you know people
die in this line of work?

People die.

It is normal.

Guys, on to the next
score. Do you hear me?

I am not taking part
in another score.

- Give me my share so I can leave.
- What did you say?

I should give you "your share?"


Nobody is getting a dime.

Can you hear me? Nobody is getting a dime
until we are done with the second score.

Guys, pack up on
to the next one.

Let me see.



Even a dog doesn't bite
the hand that feeds it.

Look at Kala. Kala, you
are pointing a gun at me?

You are pointing a gun at me?

Kala, shoot me.

Kala, you must shoot me. If you
don't, I will kill you right here.

Okay. Let's all calm down.

We are all brothers here.

Stop that!

These motherfuckers
aren't my brothers.


Kala, calm down. Calm down.

Calm down. Boys, calm down.

Calm down.

Calm down!

Drop the weapon.



Drop the weapon.


I said drop the weapon now!

You all want to go ahead, right?


Fuck this.

And fuck you.

Wale, where's my dad?

Wale, where's my dad?
Don't tell me it's okay.

Where's my dad?

What's going on? Somebody…


Oh my God.

My father!

Oh no.

Just six months.

That's all the boss
had left to retire.

Now these bloodthirsty
motherfuckers just…

Now he won't even live to
see his first grandchild.

These guys are done.


Where is Akin?

Aunty! Where is Akin?

- He isn't here. What is...
- If he is hiding here, he should come out.

This is a serious matter.

What happened? What is it?

I just saw footage
from the robbery.

And I can swear,
Akin is one of them.


How do you know it's him?

They were wearing masks.

But I can swear on my life.

Akin was one of them.

Since you've said
they wore masks,

don't tie Akin's name to such.

Aunty, I said he is one of them!

They killed my father-in-law!

They just killed my
father-in-law, Aunty!

And Akin is one of the robbers!

Reduce your voice, people
around can hear us.

Please calm down.

Please don't say such
a thing, I beg you.

Don't include his name with such acts.
Especially when you are not sure.


You know I have
experienced a lot in life.

People have fucked me up.

Life has fucked me up.

If they had told me you'd do the
same, I would have disagreed.

Bro, I can't do such a thing.

Bro, but you know…

You know that whatever
you say goes for us.

We can't do anything
without you.

We can't handle it ourselves.

We can't handle them alone,
they are way more than us.

Also, is this how we
want to keep living?

Living from hand to mouth.

I'm tired.

Fine, we are risking our lives.

But isn't that better?

If we keep doing this,
there are only two ways out.

We either go back
to prison or we die.

But if we decide to risk
our lives, that's better.

So our lives will
change for better.

Kala, let's go in. Everyone
is waiting for you.

Let's go.

I know everyone
thinks I'm acting up.

Don't be mad at me.

I know this operation
is for one person.

So let's do it.



The bullion van will get to
the express via this route.

We will station Posion and his
guys as construction workers.

They will block this side.

But they know our M.O now. They
know we use motorcycles and trucks.

- But I have another plan.
- Hmm.

Before you go on
about your plan… Guys.

I want everyone to
memorize this number

This guy smuggles anything
in or out of this country.

Big or small.

He has already collected today's
loot. He has converted it to dollars.

If you call him, he will
guide you on where to meet up.

For the next two weeks, I don't
want you all contacting anybody.

Don't call your father, mother,
brother, sister or girlfriend.

Lay low.

That's for the people
who will make it.

Because not all of
us will make it.

He is leaving by
00:00 hours tomorrow.

It's only those who he sees
that he will take with him.

What is the destination?


After that, we
will all disperse.

And we would never need
to see each other again.

- What's wrong with you!
- Did you leave your brain at home?!

- It is like you are crazy!
- Move out of the way!

- So you didn't see me approaching!
- Are you going to move?

You are sick.

- You don't listen, right?
- Leave my-

- You don't listen…
- Buy some sausage rolls.

Man, move your vehicle.

- You know this area is jammed.
- The drink is not cold.

…Lagos State, on
Third Mainland Bridge,

there's very heavy
traffic there.

The construction
workers fixing the road

are causing the traffic and
the LASTMA traffic wardens…

Should I go check?

Okay no problem. I am coming.

Heads down!


Everyone, they are at it again!
Let's go! Third Mainland Bridge!

Heads down!

- Come down!
- Come down!

- Down!
- Down!

Now! Move!

Man, on the floor!

Get down!


If anyone of you has the guts
to try me, I will fuck you up!

Back up! I need back up! Over!

- I need back up!
- Back up, over.

We need back up!
Over! We need...

Get the fuck down, motherfucker!

Clear! Move away.

Let's go! Move it!

For Officer Daniel.

For Officer Daniel.

For Officer Daniel.

For Officer Daniel.

My friend, if you move!

- I'll fuck you up! Let's go!
- Move!

- Let's go!
- If you look up, I will shoot you!

Take cover! The cops are here!

Mago one! Mago two!

The police is here.

Guys, they are
shooting everywhere.

Please send help!

Sanusi! No!

Ah! Aunty Morenike.

- Eh?
- You are here.

You have not heard what is
happening on the bridge?

- What happened?
- Armed robbers are there.

In broad daylight.

What will we not
see in this Lagos?

What now?

Aunty Morenike?

What happened?

- Boss.
- Reload.

Officer down!

We need medics!



Don't be angry at me.

Just hold it tight.


Akin, listen to me, we
can still sort this out.

Stand down now! We
have you surrounded!

You stand down.

Who's your peer?

- Where is everyone?
- They are coming.


Goldie! Move!

Goldie, move! I will
cover you! Move!



Go! I will cover you!

Akin, nobody else has to die!

Akin, there's nowhere to run to.

Izra left!




Where's Akin?

Don't injure me.
Where's my child?

Let me see my
child. Where's Akin?


Drop your weapons!

Akin! Drop it please.

Drop your weapons! Put
your hands up in the air!

Please, Akin, it
is not worth it.

My child!


Aunty! Drop your weapon!

Stop! Hold your fucking fire!




- Wale!
- Hold your fucking fire!

That's my brother! Fuck!

The ringleader of the infamous
group, Ojuju Boys, Joshua Akintola,

also known as Shadow,

was apprehended and is currently
still in police custody.

A spokesman confirmed Akintola is
currently receiving medical attention.

The attorney general has promised the
judicial process will be swift and severe.

One of the group's senior
leaders, Akin Adetula, was shot-

and is believed to have fallen
into the waters under Eko Bridge.

Divers are yet to
recover his body,

as the search for
fatalities continues.

- I'm all messed up.
- Another gang member yet to be identified

is believed to have
survived the showdown.

Morenike, your mind
is all messed up!

I'm done for. I'm
dead. It's not fair.

A whole child.

Leave me alone.

I'm all done for.

Who's there?

- Baba, it is me.
- Open!

Baba, everything scattered.

The police came.

As they came, everyone took off.

It seems I'm the only survivor.

That's not my business.

Me? I will carry anyone

at the agreed time.


That's not an issue.

I believe this is the
balance of the money.


Bring it here.

Where should I put it?

Put it here.

Put it here.

When I dance, I feel free.

I will come back.

Free to live. Free to choose.


What do you mean, nothing?

What do you mean, nothing?
We saw him get in the water.

Tell them to get back
in there and find him!

And if they can't do
their fucking jobs,

get people who are more
competent to do their jobs!

Officer Wale.

These men are from
internal affairs.

And they want to
have a word with you.

Yes, ma'am.

It won't be well
with your loved ones.

Let's go meet Dada!


Vroom! Vroom!

See Dada! Da!

Now that the case is closed,

I hope they finally
lift your suspension.

I hope so too.

Sorry, let me take this.



Stupid criminal.

Subtitle translation
by: Ayolope Koiki