Brotherhood (2021) - full transcript

Jabir, Usama and Useir are three young Bosnian brothers, born into a family of shepherds. They grew up in the shadow of their father, Ibrahim, a strict, radical Islamist preacher. When Ibrahim gets sentenced to two years in prison, for war participation and terrorism, the three brothers are suddenly left on their own.

What's wrong with the lamb?
It'll look better when it's spit-roasted.

Calm down.

She scared the others.

Leave it now.

Move a bit.

Did you hear stories

about a beast
that used to live here?

I can't remember its name.

You watched it on the internet.

The Soldier Screamer, wasn't it?

- Those are just fairytales.
- But, they could be true.

How will you brave the night?

There's fire here,
I have dogs and sheep.

- The Soldier cannot touch me.
- You think so?

It can't.

- Hello. -Salam alaykum.
- Alaykum salam.

- Come home already.
- As soon as we're done here.

- What are you doing?
- You know what we're doing.

I told you to come home,
it's late.


- Who was that?
- Dad.

Where did he go?

- He went to town.
- What's he doing there?

There's a meeting.

Will we go back to our uncle's?

A friend of mine said I could go
with him to Austria after I finish school.

What's his name?

- Hasan, you know him.
- It'd be better if went together.

First let's see what
happens with father.

If he gets a prison sentence,
God forbid, I won't go anywhere.

Go to sleep.

I don't feel like sleeping.


Put them in the pen!

- No, it's not that one.
- Which one then?

- Make them move so I can see them.
- Is it this one?

It's black and small.

- Does it have a white mark here?
- No, its head's black.

- Brajke's head is black?
- Where is it? -Here it is.

Hold her so I can mark her.

- That's seven.
- Here's the ninth one.

The one with a black snout.

Let her go now.

- Take the yellow one at the back.
- The one in front of the ram.

Yes, that's the one.

Jabir, take the sheep up the road.

Uzeir, call them to you.

According to available information,
48 men and 3 women

have returned from
Syria and Iraq so far.

They live in isolation, mostly
farming the land and herding sheep.

They avoid the public,
although there are exceptions.

This man, who has returned from Syria,
was arrested and charged with terrorism.

'They need to prove that.
I haven't killed or terrorised anyone.

I just went to Syria to see
for myself what was going on there.

I came back.
I didn't shoot anyone in Syria.'

Around 50 people
are in a similar situation.

It is difficult to track them
as some of them are not in Bosnia.

The country is facing
a serious security challenge,

because of its citizens
returning from Syria.

The returnees pose
a great danger,

as they are unpredictable
in their reactions.

That's all for today.
Stay with us, we continue with sport.

Enjoy watching us.

Put it here.

Now we eat.

- Can we eat?
- What?

- Can we eat now?
- Eat.

Come on, rock, paper, scissors…

- Don't do that. Only finger flicks.
- All right.

Rock, paper, scissors…

I always lose on scissors.

Rock, paper, scissors…

- Don't hit me too hard.
- I won't, move your hand now.

- Not on that side!
- I won't.

Rock, paper…

- It's so hot.
- It really is.

- Do you have a girlfriend?
- I do.

- What's her name?
- You wouldn't like to know.

This one's just right for you.

She looks just like
a vampire from a movie.

She'll give me nightmares.

Oh my God, who's that?

- I have no idea, but whoever it is…
- Look at the size of her head…


- Hey, brother.
- What's up guys? Did I scare you?

- Nothing can scare us!
- What's up?

- You'll get me killed here.
- What's going on?

Just fooling around, teasing a girl on Facebook.
- Who?

- A girl on Facebook.
- Don't make me beat you up.

- Move a bit, you've pushed me to the edge.
- Just a bit more.

- I've heard about that girl.
- From whom? -Someone.

I'll tease her,
tell her stuff about you…

My sons, you know I was sentenced
to 23 months of imprisonment.

It is my wish that you do
the following while I am away.

Jabir, you're in charge of the house,
because you are working,

I trust you and you will be
in charge of the house.

Usama, you're in charge of the sheep.
You should sell them for meat,

and guard them until my return.
I hope you do a good job.

As for you Useir, I want you to study hard
so you can continue your education.

You'll have finished primary school
by the time I come back.

I'll come back in 23 months,
God willing,

and I'd like to find everything
as I have left it.

I wish I could drive him there,
but I don't have a driving license.

What can I do?

That way I could spend
tomorrow with him.

Now I have to wait
two more years

before I see him.

What an absurd law.

I guess they had
no one else to lock up.

Where's this country headed?

Towards the European Union.

Where can you find work?

You'll go to Germany.
There's work there.

So I should leave everything?

Who'll drive and do whatever
needs to be done?

- Will you come here and work every day?
- You don't have to go.

- Stay here while dad is in prison.
- I wouldn't go before he comes back.

- That goes without a saying.
- I wouldn't be so sure about it.

Empty your pockets and put everything
on the table. This is a standard search.

- Just don't make me remove my clothes.
- I won't.

Turn towards me now.

- Anything to report?
- No, nothing.

Just a few chocolate bars.

- I put all the books inside.
- Quran.

- The Quran must be on top.
- All right.

Blue suitcase,
that one there, and ID.

One war veteran card issued to Ibro, this one here.
- Yes, it is.

Sign here with your full name.

Stop that.

Some shampoo.

I'm the devil
and I've come from hell.

You know what happened up there?

- You know Sejfo, the shepherd?
- I do.

He went up there, but other shepherds
wouldn't let him graze his sheep there.

So he headed to towards the other field,
and saw an apple tree.

He wanted to pick some apples,
but stepped on a mine that blew up.

- It's littered with mines up there.
- And so what?

It's better to step on a big mine
and get killed,

than to lose a leg on a mine.
- But every mine is a mine, brother.

Yes, but there're big ones
which blow you to bits and pieces,

so no one can put you together.

They find only dust,
like in that song:

'Dust in the wind…
when you stepped on a mine…'

- Uzeir, you're such a diplomat.
- Where does the game take place?

- In Afghanistan.
- Are you a terrorist?

Of course I am.

I'm an elite soldier.
I'm Osama bin Laden.


We live in a difficult time.
As the Prophet said in the Hadith,

holding Islam is like
holding onto a burning ember.

Why ember, you ask?

You cannot let go,
because you cannot let go of Islam.

If Muslims don't rise up to fight
the infidels, they will come to their homes

and humiliate them.
That's why Muslims must rise up,

and push the enemy back.
Only then can they be offered Islam.

You cannot offer Islam
to infidels in Damascus

or in Afghanistan. You offer Islam
only during offensive jihad.

They need to be killed until they come
to starting positions, brothers.

Remember this, before they come back
to their starting positions

And then we offer you Islam
and then we offer you Djihad

and then we offer…

Let's go up there.
To the top floor.

They convicted him
although he's innocent.

That's because he went to Syria.
He went there to fight.

What's wrong with you? How could he
go there to fight, he's an invalid.

He shouldn't have gone in the first
place, he's not completely innocent.

- He didn't kill anyone.
- He didn't, but still…

He went there although he knew it was
forbidden to go to the battlefield.

Do you think they'll let him go?

No, there's nothing we can do.

- How are you, Halkić?
- Sort them out.

Take that off.

Why would shepherds need a home

before you blink, they are gone.

- You are a true talent.
- Just like that famous comedian.

We've got a hit song:

'Not a sound do I want to hear,
while I sit and drink my beer.'

You could've earned 10 Euro from Ramiz
last night, just to stop singing.

You're young, there's still time
to change your profession.

Is Ibro satisfied with our work?
Do you talk to him over the phone?

It's not like dad knows
what's happening here.

He asks about sheep and us, about our health.
- Ok.

You're right.

Do you miss school
and your school friends?

Who, me?

Who else, man?
Not me, that's for sure.

I miss school a little, but not my school friends.
- Why?

Because I didn't have any friends
in the first place.

You didn't have time because of the sheep.
Did Jabir ever help out?

My brother would rather hang himself
then give a hand.

It would've been better
if you'd finished school.

Someone has to do this too.

But it doesn't have to be you.
You could've finished school first.

Your friends are chasing after girls now,

and you only watch sheep and lambs.

That's my fate.

We could help out and substitute you,

there's four of us, ten days each…

Is that a new watch?
When did you buy it?

- When did you buy it?
- It's a gift from my aunt.

- Where's he going, for goodness' sake?
- To the bus stop.

- Are there any more kids coming?
- No.

First question:
What is a sentence?

- Medina?
- It's a thought expressed in words.

A sentence is the expression
of a thought in words.

- Bakir, what is the purpose of a sentence?
- To express what we think.

Yes, but why do I express my thoughts?
Useir, can you answer that?

Do you understand my words?

Will you understand me
if I tell you I am hungry?

You can.
- Do you want to understand that? -Yes.

- So what is the purpose of sentences?
- To understand each other.

That's right, to communicate.

We can express many different
feelings with sentences,

provide information, express
our need for something or someone,

we can communicate.
And that is the point of sentences,

to communicate among ourselves
and understand each other.

Let's now go back to grammar.
I want you to tell me…

You had an F in Turkish,
math, biology,

history, physics…
What is going on with you?

Do you understand me
when I teach in a class?

I understand some things.

- Is this perhaps my fault?
- No teacher, it is my fault,

I should devote more time
to studying.

I also taught your older brother.

- Where does your father work?
- He doesn't work, he's disabled.

Where is Usama now?

He's herding sheep
with two other shepherds.

- Does he come home?
- Sometimes.

- Does he find it hard?
- Yes, he regrets not studying.

He does? Well, there is
a clear example in front of you.

You should learn from his experience.
What can I do to help you?

I would really like you
to improve these grades.

We could go through lessons
after classes, but you need to fix this.

- All right.
- You are free to go now.

It's twelve minutes to five.

Did you understand what dad said about sheep?
- I did.

I did.

- So, what do you think about that?
- There's nothing to think.

- I'll do what he said and that's that.
- And what did he say?

He told us to find some wood
and put up a pen.

The pen needs to be strong because
of the wolves, bears and other animals.

Well done.

Watch out for the light bulb!

Hit it, hit it!

If I had hundred more lives
I would give them all for Bosnia,

my one and only,
Allah is the holy truth,

I'd give my life for Him.

Bosnia, my one and only…

Do you know what happened
here in the village?

I don't.

I think I heard it from my dad,
or some of his friends.

Serbs were in this
territory during the war.

They heard the President Alija saying
that his army was going to attack here,

that they were moving across Karacic
to attack our village.

So, the Serbs were preparing
for the counter-attack.

The next day, when the Serbian Commander
was looking through his binoculars,

he saw soldiers, and it was
actually the Mujahedeen unit.

I heard it all started
from that place where I graze sheep.

The soldiers yelled 'Takbir, Allah akbar'
because the enemy was afraid of this.

They must've run away.
- What would it be like today, if the enemy had won?

It was the Green Berets unit,
my dad, Elvir and the others,

who chased the scums away.

You wish you'd been with them.

With whom?
- If the war broke out today, I would collaborate with the enemy.

It would be my main strategy.
But I'd never betray my army.

I'd pretend to be on their side
and ask for their location…

- And kill them all in the end.
- Once they reveal their location,

I'd give them to my guys
so they can do their thing.

If anyone wondered how I knew
their location, I would play dumb.


- Attack!
- I'll kill him when I catch him.

Go over there Useir.
Come on Mustafa.

- I'm surrounded here. They'll kill me.
- Just don't move.

- Why do you treat your enemies like that?
- They're just pigs to us.

Move away!

Here you go!

These are my prisoners.

- Just look at you.
- That's when we waited at the dentist's.

Take a look.
I was just standing there…

- There was a mirror…
- Everyone was so quiet…

What's new, have you found a boyfriend?
- I have.


- Check if there's water anywhere.
- There's none here.

- I need some water.
- Wait a second.

It's a playful piece of wood!

- I'm Bruce Lee.
- You'll never roast a lamb on that.

- Says who?
- I do.

You don't know a thing.

You're crazy, you know.


Don't point those lights on me,
what's wrong with you…

Oh my god.

I shoot you in the legs, bang bang,
I want everything

easy money, fast cars
at full blast, this is Belgrade,

Just look at those chicks.

- We could hit this place, what do you say?
- There's a bouncer there.

Really? If he tossed me out,
he'd throw me all the way back home.

That's not the place for us,
it's for those…

Do you see how big they are?

What's the problem? If he hits you
in the head, you'll be done with it.

Leave it.
Spare me the empty talk.

Did you see her?
She's like a whale.

- Hi there.
- Hi, what's up.

- I heard you lost some lambs. Is it true?
- No.

-What do you mean 'No.'
-Well, it isn't.

- I'm serious.
- You dumb moron.

Not the ear!

Do you think you'll always
be a shepherd?

And why wouldn't I?

I was able to do it so far,
why wouldn't I do it from now on?

Everyone's destiny is written down.
Mine's to herd sheep.

That's what I wanted
and that's what I'll do.

If you want education
or some other work, go and do it.

That's your choice.

It's the last thing I would do.

Everyone has his own path.

I would like to start
my own business.

Open a shop or something.

To be self-sufficient
and not depend on anyone.

You know what they say,
'money talks loud and clear'.

Turn the volume down.

You're wrinkling the prayer mat.

Put the phone down
and read the Quran.

- Did you hear me?
- As soon as I finish the game.

You'd better put it down
before I take it from you.

- What did you say? -Put the phone down.
- As soon as I do a second hat-trick.

Dad's efforts to teach you something
were wasted, you're as dumb as a post.

- Be quiet.
- Put the phone down.

You're not going to learn
anything useful on that phone.

- Take this. Do you hear me?
- Oh God…

Just a sec. The player
must have broken his neck.

- Get off that phone right now!
- Wait, I have two more minutes.

He lost 10 points.

You're lucky I'm holding holy books,
otherwise I'd smack you on the head.

- I'll smash you against the wall.
- Wait now. Put that phone away!

- Turn it off!
- Leave it!

Do you hear me?
Put the phone down and take the Quran.

What did you say?

I refuse to recite it. You read
for yourself and I'll read for myself.

When dad comes back and hits you with his
cane, we'll see if you'll act like that.

When he smacks you on the head…

- His teaching methods are the best.
- Be quiet now, I'm reading the Quran.

You'll see when dad comes
and whacks you on the head.

You stay inside
and stare at your phone.

And to what use?
You are wasting both your time

and not helping us with money.

As if you're always working
when you're at home.

I'm giving you advice,
you moron.

The advice that's been passed down
from the times Allah created the world.

You're the one to preach. Drinking and
smoking is forbidden and yet you smoke.

You idiot! Do you remember what dad said
in the prayer room before he left?

Try to remember what dad said.

- He didn't say anything about sheep to me.
- Let me tell you what he said.

- Go ahead.
- These are his words.

Useir, you are responsible,
meaning, you must study

and help Usama with the sheep.

- I didn't hear that.
- Those were his words.

Perhaps you don't care,
but I do.

I do care.

The things one must do in life…

I don't want to do what you're
doing. I want something else in life.

All you're doing is trying to run away
from your duties…

It whistled by!

And… it's a goal!
What a score…

Forgive me if I hit
anyone in the head…

Let's go over here.

We have tests in math and Turkish
language, and we need to study Bosnian.

That's the same car as Jabir's.

- Jabir's car isn't like that.
- It's similar.

There's a thin line
between good and evil.

At your age, when you're maturing

from childhood to adolescence,

you tend to put blinders on yourself
from both sides,

become narrow-minded.

But you cannot go
through life like that.

If Allah wanted us
to go through life like this,

he wouldn't have given us
brains to use

and eyes to look all around us
and see what is happening.

Otherwise we wouldn't be able
to move our heads,

and we could see only
what's in front of us.

But our heads can turn, and our
eyes perceive light in all directions.

And our eyes perceive light
in all directions.

So, we have to watch the world
around us and then choose our path.

Even at home, you'll often have to weigh
whether something's good or not.

You will carefully choose words
and politely tell your parents

that what they're advising you

might not be the best for your future.

If the parents do not show you
a good direction...

Listen, we need to hurry this up or we
won't be able to finish everything on time.

- All right. -So hurry up.
- All right.

What's for lunch?

Beans, potatoes and soup.
What'd you like first?

- When were the beans cooked?
- Yesterday.

- How come?
- I made them yesterday.

How's work?
Did you get used to it?

It's fine,
I'm still getting used to it.

- Do you like it?
- It's not bad.

That's good.

Like any other job,
you have to work.

Everything's the same,
you go to work, come home.

The best thing is
having your own haven.

- Your own home and money.
- True.

Otherwise everything is helter-skelter
and you end up empty-handed.

When you get independent
you only take care of yourself.

Like everyone else.

But when you live in a community, with
others, you have to take care of them.

- This way everyone takes care of himself.
- That's right.

- Did you call Usama?
- I didn't.

- Why not?
- I'm way too busy for that.

Wait a second.
Put them on my shoulders.

That's right.
Hey! Don't grab that!

Did you hit ground too hard?

Are you OK?
Stand up now.

You hit me right here.

- Come on now.
- You hit me right here.

Why did you go limp?
You have to stand firm you know.


Never let anyone
grab you by the legs.

Whoever you wrestle with…

If only you knew how many
blows I suffered.

In the back…

Hurry up!
You're slower than a grandma.

I'll hit you if you move.

It's slanting.

Take the tarp from the house
to cover the donkey.

- Hurry up.
- Will I take the donkey to fetch it?

- What do you the donkey for?
- It's heavy.

We need that grey tarp to cover
the cargo on its back, you idiot.

Your problem is that you
refuse to learn.

I'm a quick learner,
I watch others and learn.

I might need it later.

Watch and learn. You have to press
it down so it covers the stuff.

What would you do if it rained
and it all got wet?

He's insufferable.
I feel like running away.

Calm down donkey.

Don't you pester me as well,
I can't take it anymore.

'You've shown your children
how to walk the right path,

for your peace from the bottom
of my heart will I pray,

next to your grave I now stand
and to Allah I pray

to grant you paradise.
My dearest, mother dearest.'

Others got a year,
but he was sentenced to two.

I find it strange. He should have
gotten a year, like the others.

- But he got two.
- He was recruiting people.

If you don't watch what you're saying, you'll be fucked.
- It's not that.

He was only quoting the Quran.

Your father didn't even
go there to fight.

But, he had
more important things to do here.

You can't leave your own family
to go save others.

Doesn't it say in the Quran you have to
risk your own life, wealth and family?

I'm trying to tell you
that we don't lack in anything.

Of course we miss our father.
He's our father, it's natural.

But we don't lack in other,
material things.

We aren't talking
about the same things.

I really believe that
what you people wanted to do there…

If it hadn't been stopped, we'd be at
each other's throats, just like in Syria.

- What are you talking about?
- It had to be penalised.

Do you really believe you can go
to another country and fight wars?

The bloodshed would never stop.

You're not even aware
how much you have been affected.

He went there for about ten days, came
back, and was sentenced to two years.

You're yet to see what you have
been deprived of in those two years.

If someone attacks a Muslim we should
all stand together, united, all Muslims.

- You misunderstood it.
- Hasn't Allah created five fingers on one hand?

Try and do something
without one of them.

Do you know what 'arrogance' is?

Do you understand
how big a sin arrogance is?

- You cannot have…
- We are not all the same.

The Prophet said a thousand Muslims
should defend the one who is attacked.

We have to stand together,
like a fist.

How many imams
spread fake Hadith around?

Let's look back and see
what's happened in these two years,

and what's been done. How much of it
has been good and how much bad.

Jabir was supposed
to find a job,

and he was supposed
to take care of his family.

Usama's task was to tend to
the sheep during these two years,

to maintain or enlarge our herd,
and improve our business.

He didn't listen when I told him
to mind the sheep.

Some of them have been lost,
and we are missing about 50 sheep

all due to his inattention
and neglect.

Useir was supposed
to help Usama and Jabir.

He was supposed to help them
and finish school with good grades.

The school didn't go well. He should
have done better to become an Imam.

As for the future, the division of labor
among the three of you will be such:

Jabir will remain at home,
he'll find work

and wait for a call
to go work in Germany.

Usama will tend to the herd
and keep it nearby during winter.

We'll spend this winter
in our house

and Useir will come to
help him out after school.

Now, Useir will finish secondary school
and learn the Quran by heart.

During the weekends,
when he's free, he'll help Usama out.

These are your tasks.

Did you understand them?
- We do.

Useir, watch the net!

Can't you see I'm holding it!

Watch out, they'll run out.


Fuck you!
Move it!

Come here you fucker!

Move it over here!

Hold it!

I don't care if they are
the Prophet's sheep…

Don't swing it like that,
as you do it, dust dissipates.

…And the sky is opened up,
and it becomes gateways.

And the mountains are set in motion,
and they become a mirage.

Hell is lying in ambush.

For the oppressors, a destination.
Where they…

- Where they will remain for eons…
- Where they will remain for eons…

They will taste in it
neither coolness nor drink.

Except boiling water
and freezing hell…

I seek refuge in Allah
from the accursed Satan.

In the name of God,
the Compassionate, the Merciful.

Praise be to God,
Lord of the Worlds.

The Compassionate, the Merciful.
Master of the day of Judgement.

You alone we worship;
and upon You, we call for help.

Guide us along
the straight path.

The path of those
You have blessed,

not of those with anger on them,
nor of the misguided.