Brother of Darkness (1994) - full transcript

Toh is on trial for the brutal murder of his brother, Wah. As the court case unfolds and witnesses take the stand, a horrific tale of sibling abuse, domestic violence and all-round thuggery ensues.

l don't want to see him

l'll die for him to see

Defendant Wong Kuen To

and the evidence is true!

You can choose to defend

or to keep silence

l represent my client

to let him self defend

To my memory,

l never see my born parent

l guess my born mother

is bad lady

l've no idea how
my born father was

l was adopted by a couple

And my mother was
disappeared afterward

The couple is kind hearted

They are the parent
whom l admiring

They are now my adopted
father and mother

l remember l have
asked my father

Why l was always being hit,
but he can't answer

l know one person who
always assault me

l know late that the person
is my brother

Actually, he objects
for the adoption

give his statement to me

My parent always
stays away from him

Keep the problem in secret

l remember, one day when
l dressed in white pant

This is the final of governor cup
Seiko vs South china

The first half is about 30 minutes

Seiko has a chance

Up, up, ah

Shoot, shoot...



l have said Seiko should win

Do you agree?

Old man, you have to go to work

Seiko vs South China!

l've arranged Old Lee
to work for me!


Open the door!...
The king is back

Ah To, come and hide away

go inside quick

Come! Quick!
Don't come out!

l open the door

Open the door! Damn it!

Damn it! Why so slow?

l thought you all dead!

All of you have forgotten me

You have never visited me
in the prison

Why you all stand here,
are you mummy!

Remember my rule?

One goose leg and one chicken leg

Plus one pack of well-done pork,

You're back?
Why you so noisy?

Looks like a crazy dog!

Stop your nonsense!

Just in time!
l'm stimulated when l see you, wife

Don't go away, come in bitch!

Still very soft!

Why you not come

to the prison to visit me?

get away!

l warn you,
don't turn away from me

l'm released today
and l need sex

Let me touch your nibbles

Oh! Still in good condition

You touch my penis
and see how it erected

Don't be like that over here, okay?

Okay! Let's go into the room

Listen old lady!
Buy me fortune leave

So l can wash after making love


Forget it, don't cry,
there's no other way!

l go to work!

lt's hurting,
don't force your way in


You look, you have stimulated

Hey! You think l'm unable!

No! l'm fighting back!

Shoot! Shoot!

Son of the bitch!
How can l make love without TV sound?


What do you want?

l want to go out to watch TV

l want to see the football match!

l will talk to your brother first

l want to watch

You must not go out,
l will cook the dinner now

Twisting my body!
Aim at left and aim at right!

ln different styles!


Why you are here?

Help! Mama!

Son of bitch!

Mama! Help me quick!

What's happening?

l have told you

not to adopt this kid

l'm in bad luck

since he is here

What do you want?
lt's already so many years

l don't want to see him, stay away

Don't beat him!
Don't beat him!

You stay away!

Let him go, and don't beat him!

l'll beat you till dead!

You're crazy?
He is only a boy

l was in hospital

for few months after that

l remember, my brother always
in jail when l was young

One time after he was released,
without any reason

He hit me right
into my right eye

l was shocked

My eyeball was broken
after the hit

And it takes few months
to recover

My classmate nickname
me ''Panada''

Everytime when he was released,
he hit me

l don't want to be hit...

Do l come late?

No, l have not changed yet

You see you totally wet

l'll change first


So many year,
your English are still bad

Her name is Jenny!

How are your parent

in Australia?


We're neighbor for so many years,
we're missing them!

They are also missing you all!

Your parent are lucky to
have a daughter like you

Looking after the
grandchildren is fun!

You dated with Ah To so long already,
and so matching

You understand what l mean

Mother, please eat

Don't stop my topic

Our family are very simple,

you understand?

Frankly speaking,
they wish you both to be married

Yes, yes

Don't talk about
such during dinner

Always talk like that

Please call me

if you wants to see little Keung

Mother, where are we going?


Ah Lai, you really want to
bring little Keung away?

Should he stays here?

The King

is back

My guard! Open the gate!

l'm released, l feel good!

lnto prison is just like picnic

Return home

to fetch my lover

Why you release
few months earlier?

l've released due to
good conduct inside the prison

You have grown up, boy!


go away!

You have all the meats

l don't have anything
inside the prison

You are getting more
beautiful now

Very good body also!

What! Won't let me
just have a touch

l don't think your
girlfriend is still a virgin

Don't talk like that

None of your business, old man!

l beg you not to spoil the home

Have you heard,
let me touch!

Everyone have to
please me today

You are lucky,
l have something to do

Come! Put off my fire!

What are you doing? You?

l have said you have
to please me

My pet! Come!

Mother! Mother!

Stay away!
l've to put off my fire! Stay away!

go away!


Sit down and eat!

What are you doing?

Making love!
Undress yourself!

l still haven't finish my dinner!


My organ also needs to eat

My organ must eat something

There are dozen of people outside!

Come! Crazy!

Don't touch me!

Come, crazy!
Let see who is crazy

Let me go!

l will hit you!

Don't touch me!
You go away!

go away!
You will enjoy afterward

Don't touch me!

Crazy! You fuck off!

l'm hungry!
l have hold for few months already

get off!

You will enjoy later!

Stimulating... right?!

The soup is good for your body!

l have to go to work now!

Mother, l'll send her home!

Oh! Yes!


Ah To! You are going out?

Yes, uncle Chan!

What's the matter?

My brother took your beer,
right? l pay

Forget it!
lt's only small money!

No! No! Please take it
He always drinks for nothing

l don't understand why you and
your brother are so different

One is good,

and one is bad


This is not because of you!

l feel sorrow with their family!

What a hell,
l haven't see you few days only

Your breast deformed,
your lips widen

You must make love with others?

What you talking about?

You think l am an idiot!

Rumors say you have
a boyfriend outside!

And you don't want making love
with me now

lsn't this right?

Yes, l have my man

l will leave with my son

You look after
yourself afterwards

Clever woman!
Look and see!


Son! Come over here!

l want to watch TV


Don't blame your son!

Shut up!

Cold blooded!

Mama! Mama!

Whom he belongs to?
You dare to disclose!

lt's you, no one else

l know all the tricks!

How l can explain this
to my follower?

You betrayed me!

So what?

Listen to me!

Ask your boyfriend
to see me tomorrow

Or else l will give you trouble!

None of your business

None of my business?




Don't go wild!


Be smart and talk

Mother! Help!


Your mother push me to do this

Do you think about moving out?

You can keep away after removal

Not possible!

l live with my parent
so l can look after them

Not possible!

Here we are!

Never mind

Call me if you are not happy!

good night!

Ah To!

Do you know?

l have wait for years!

What years?

l have wait for years

for a kiss from you!

go! Don't look!

Brother Wai!

Ah Lai! Come over here!

That's it?

What's your name, sir?

Mr Cheung

Boyfriend, right?

You are...

l am her husband


Yes! Let's talk over there!

go inside

Sit and feel at home!

Let us discuss more in details

How do you think about this?

l'm not ordinary person


Mountain Chan is my big brother

Mountain Chan, right!

He is now one of
Ten outstanding youth

ls that so?

Triad Sang is my cousin

Triad Sang!

He is selling panty in women street

How about you?

l don't have anything!
l have a garage

Yes, very good business?

l'm now discussing business
with you, stay inside!

You don't want to talk?

Let us discuss

l want to sell my wife,

how much you can pay?

No need to bother

Hey! Brother!
How much you can pay?

Hey! How much?

l don't have experience
in buying wife

No need to care about
selling or buying

You will learn after we trade

All will be normal when we trade

How much? Say!

One price,

two hundred thousand dollars

Very cheap!

Two hundred thousand?

lt's only second hand!

And she is aging

You are right!

Second hand, l give you 50%

Hundred thousand

You spend more
for a wife in China

My wife is sold for good,
the son is free!

A wife in China is
few years affair!

Your wife is sold for life!

That's mean you are not agree!

Ah Lai!

Forget it!

give me the money! Cash!

l only have check book

Check also valid

What have l done wrong
in my previous life?

l have said you have to please me

Hey! Brother!

Her breast is deformed,
her lips no good!

You must be careful!

l'll try my best! Let's go!


Yes, l have to go to Macau!

Mr Wong, please be seated!

Everyone be seated!

Sir! Whom you looking for?

Can you see? l'm the host!

get away!

What a splendid party!
Why you left me out?

We don't know where you
are for the past few days

gambling in Macau!

Today is our father's birthday!

l know!
That's why l dressed up in suit!

So sit and enjoy the dinner!


You never inform me
for such a good occasion

Never mind

l have to rush anyway

give me 8000 dollars

The money is for the dinner,
l can't give you

give it to me,
l'll check your bill

What do you want?

Mind your own business

Today is uncle's birthday,
don't spoil the dinner

Who the hell you are?

What are you doing?

You can't eat if don't
give me the money

get away
You all get away!

l don't have any money for you

give it to me

l've no money!

Do you have the money or not?!

Let him go!

Mind your own business?

Don't beat me!

l rule

First defendant Wong Kuen Wah

guilty of hurting people,

according to record,

l sentence the first defendant
to jail for three months

And second defendant
Wong Kuen To,

due to self defense,

not guilty and can be
discharged immediately

All bail money can be returned

Damn it, you must be wrong!

He hit first but you
jail me only!

He must be paying you

Jail for one more month
for impolite to the court

Fuck you!


l'll kill you all when l release

He is the same judge

for the last case

Please lead the defendant
for self defend

You have talk about
your girlfriend Jenny before

Please talk about
your relationship


Relationship is not
related in the case


Psychological condition

can affect ones behaviour

The jury have the right

to know about this

To know about his
psychological condition

The defendant's lawyer
tries to divert the point

The defendant should describe
his relation with the victim

As my client chosen to
defend by himself

He has the right to explain
everything to the jury

l believe the prosecutor
will understand this point

Defendant's lawyer can continue

Thank you Judge

Ma, it's late now,
where are you going?

l bring soup to your father

who's in night shift

Jenny, feel at home

l will be late

Ah To, you still remember
we have married before?

Married? When?

You said you will cook
for me for life long

We were playing
only at that time

l'll send you home

Why? You don't like me?

No, l love you,
nothing, nothing

We better separate

Why, you dislike me?

lt is not your fault
lt is my problem

Didn't you feel?


No, l am unable!

What are you saying?

l am sexual hypogonadism

That's mean the victim
have make you sexual hypogonadism?


My client was threatened

by the victim since young

This caused him not only
to become sexual hypogonadism

But threatened his life too


The defend lawyer should
not use one sexual contact

To determine the defendant
is sexually unable

There are lots of reasons
for a male sexual hypogonadism

There are inborn,
virus and others

For example:

He has made love
with another woman


He is in bad mood

Or, his woman

is sexual insensitivity

l am sure the defend lawyer

should know about this

Why male becomes
sexual hypogonadism!

Although the prosecutor

knew all the reasons

For causing a male to be
sexual inability

But my client

only have one reason

Defend lawyer please continue

Thank you, Judge

Did Jenny contact you afterward?

Wong Kuen To

l need to talk to you!

Why didn't talk to me?

Don't watch! go away!

Why you treat me like that!
We've known for years

Now you talk to me

lt's hurting when you
said we are separated

lt is no good for us
to be together

You think that's better way?
But that's painful!

Can we live together?

We have to separate,
so earlier the better

No way! No way!

We only try once,
and that won't represent anything

Actually, we are in good shape

You know

l'm a male that couldn't
have any affair with lady

We will be painful
if we live together

l don't care, l love you

l know you are still loving me

Sit for a while

l'm leaving

Do you use your mouth
instead your organ

for the defendant's organ
into your mouth


The prosecutor should
simplify the case

That will mislead the witness

please watch your words

l'm sorry

Do you have oral sex
with the defendant?

Yes or No?

Come over here,
let me help you

Please don't!

Let me help you

Why you have to do it yourself?

You see, you see

l can't do, really l can't do

l'm the kind of people
who is not worth in having a wife

l can't let my wife alone

for whole life after marriage

l really unable

l don't want to see you again

Hey! Ah To, are you there?

l'm sorry!

l know l've made you feel bad

Please forgive me, okay?

Please answer me

one more chance

l think love can
cement everything

Why don't you give me a chance

to face the problem

l'm painful

l really love you

Please don't treat me like that

l have nothing to ask

Witness can leave witness box,

the defendant can continue


According to statement,

my client is sex hypogonadism


The Jury

The definition of

sexual hypogonadism for male is

their penis can't erect

or partially can't erect

Or it cannot erect successfully

According to the
defendant's statement

when he was 9

he was attacked by his brother

This resulted that his penis
was seriously hurt

He was suffering blood urine
for 5 years

He discovered
sexual hypogonadism

after grown up

Did you?

Did you?

l can sure he did!

l absolutely agree
with the defendant's lawyer!

That the defendant
is sexual hypogonadism!

By this point,

he killed the victim purposely


The prosecutor
should not mislead

the jury at this stage


Jury, the prosecutor's comments

Should not be put into record!

l have nothing to ask!

Wong Kuen To

Please explain yourself

Why you kill your brother
Wong Kuen Wah!

Open the door! Hey!

What are you two doing?!

Open the door!
You've even changed the lock

Don't open the door

Don't let me home, right?

Open the door, old man!

Open or not!

l'll break the door
if you don't open the door!

Open the door!

Open the door! Damn you!

l will break it

What shall we do now?


You are not welcome here!
Turn back!

Why can't l go home!

What did you mean!
Not allowing me home!

l also own this house

You can pick up your
belongings at the Estate Office

You really treat me like this

You said you will kill us all!
We're afraid!



Yes, go now


You can think that l'm wrong

l have nothing right now

You won't let home!

You let me sleep in street!

Hey! Hey!

This is all my fault!

You hit me, you hit me!

lf you don't hit me,
l hit myself!

Mama, help!

l am being killed! Mama!

Somebody is being killed

Help! Help!

Forget it!

Ma, help!
Please let me home!

l'm still one of your son!

This time, l decided to be
a good man!

lt's valuable for a bad guy
becomes good

Actually, l need a home
very much!

He is your brother anyway!

Hope he can change!


l'm human being,
l have human mind!

Old man, what's the result
of horse betting?

l don't want to have past
memory this time

Shake hands,
is my room still there?

Bull shit!

l always take drug...

Don't talk!

You better go far away
for this thing!

Don't do these things
in our home!

Bullshit Wah!
l know you are in!

Come out quick!

He is not in!

Only chasing debts!

Let me fix them!

He is not here!
He really have not returned!

Open the door!

Come in please!

Take a seat and
have a cup of tea!

l don't need tea

l just want to have the money

You know l just release today

l have not money

give me a few more days, okay?

Bull shit!

Bullshit Wah,
how about the debt?

You must pay back
the money dead or alive

By all means,
you have to pay me the debt


Brother Choi, please stop!

l will die...

Stop please... or l will die!

Stop please!

You've killed him!

How much he owns you?!

Small amount,
you pay for him?

How much?

Ten thousand dollars

l pay for him, l pay for him...

Help! l'll die

Help! l'm dying...

l can't watch him

being killed

Mama, please help!

Ma, please help...

l will die if you don't help

Help me quick!

lf you pay earlier,
you won't be hurt like this!

Hurrah! We are rich...

Don't follow

You will get nothing from this

Ah Choi, we have agreed
to share the money

Damn it, l must collect
$5,000 for your debt

That $5,000 is mine

That's what brother D said

You must pay the balance
by tomorrow

As we are friend,
l'll give you hints

Be careful if you can't
return by tomorrow

Yes... Brother Choi

You're animal,
how can you do thing like this?

l just worry about you

You are not a human being

Shut up

lf l ask money from you,
will you give me?

You're cheating money
from your mother!

l have took nothing?

Don't beat...

Stop! Don't beat him anymore

Ah To! You will kill him!

Stop! Ah To!

Why do you hit me?

Let her go, she is your mother!

Don't get closer
or l will kill her

Please don't

lt was left behind by
your grandmother!

Let me have the wallet


Hurry up!

Let her go,
she is your mother!

Let mother go!

Shut up, old man!

Let mother go!

Don't get closer

Let mother go!

What do you want?

What do you want?

Don't come near!
Don't come near!

Look out!

Don't push me!

go to hell!

You're cold blooded,
you better not come back!

l don't know

what l have done wrong!

l have not seen him
the day afterward

We hope he will
never return again!

You're back,
Ah To have returned

What shall we do now, Ah To?

The gang is here again
for the debt

They said Ah Wah
owes them $100,000

Take it easy, no problem!


When will you settle
Ah Wah's debts?

lt's none of my business

lt's owed by Ah Wah

You look for him directly, okay?

Ah Wah is one of
your family members

You should settle
the debts for him

l will come to collect
money tomorrow

Hey... Hey...

What should we do?

l think we can't live
any longer in this flat!

lt is troublesome for
having a son like him

lf they come tomorrow,
what can we do?

What can we do?
Let's wait and see

We really don't have
such a big money!

lt's me!

Hey! Where are you!

Don't bring the problem
to the whole family

You need not worry

Let me solve the problem
when l return

Hey! l'm now in Macau
and have borrowed some money!

lf l don't pay back,
they will kill me

Please send the money
if we are brothers

Help me fixing them

You don't want
your brother dead!

Hurry up to get the money!

l will wait for you
at the Ferry

go to hell!





Nothing? Why nothing?

Mother, Fire! What?

What we do now?...

Call the police!

Quick!... Let me do it

Ah To, are you okay?

We have to keep away

from big brother since then

We have moved to other place!


Jenny, come in and sit

Feel at home!

What happen

with you and Ah To?

Where is Uncle?

He is on night shift!

No need

Take a cup of tea first

Thank you!

What happen with you
and Ah To?

There is a lot of problem!
l don't know how to say!

Tomorrow, l'll go to Australia!

To your parent's place

This maybe good!

Please give this to Ah To

Jenny, l'll miss you

Can you and Ah To
together again?

l have to go now!

Wait, Ah To will come
back very soon!

No, l have to go

Ah To is coming back

You can talk when you
see him face to face!

Surprise? You miss me?!

How you can find us here?

l have my way!

Who told you our address?

l get it from Uncle Kau!

How you to be my mother!

l'll revenge!

But you are

my type

Help me to put off my fire!

What you are doing?

Put off my fire!

You're crazy!

Yes, l'm crazy! So what!

Put off my fire...

Stay away! Stay away!

You're animal! Let go!
Let me go!

You are crazy!

go inside!...
Don't come out!

Open the door! Open the door quick!
You're animal

Put off my fire!

My lady!
l'll give you happy hour!



Pretending! Come

Please don't!

Why don't!
Are you a princess?

go to hell!

Kidding! Just kidding!

l'm only kidding!

go to hell!

Come out! Old man!

Ah To!

Stop! That's enough!

What do you want?
Let her go!

You hit me!
l'll hit your mother!

You give me a fist,
l'll chop her into pieces

l'll chop her into 18 pieces!

Out! go away immediately!

l'll leave!

l've to hide away in
Taiwan anyway!

give hundred thousand
and l'll go

Hundred thousand!
We don't have such money!

You better kill me!

l'll be dead if l don't
have hundred thousand

That's not our concern!

Please help me in
solving the problem!

You don't want to see me
here for whole life!

Son of the bitch!

Kill me!

You kill me!

Or l'll kill you all!

You're more clever now!

As a matter of facts,
very nice surrounding here!

How about this side!

London bridge

falling down!

Send Jenny home immediately

No need

Jenny, here is your bag!

Ah To, l know,
l cannot change you

l decided l'll go to Australia!

l'm sure

it is the most happy time
in my life

l'll remember you

and missing you!

Take care! Jenny!

give me some cash
for drug and whore house!

Hey! You dumb?! l'm in fire!

How can l sleep?
Can't you hear?

Damn it! Self abuse!

Don't be fool!
give me the money!

l can't sleep with the fire on my body
give me the money!

give me! Don't watch!

give me the money!


Son of bitch! Bull shit

You don't lend me money!

l need to put off my fire,
l'm in bad luck!

He is an animal

to do all these!

lnsult our predecessor

l must have done something
wrong in previous life

Let me pay the debt!

He is an animal

to do all these!

lnsult our predecessors

lt's my guilty! My guilty!

That's all my fault!
l've owed from my previous life

Let me pay the debt!

lt's all my fault!

Let me take the responsibility

lt's all my fault!

lt's you! lt's you always
cursing me behind!

That's enough!

You will be same bad luck
if l'm in bad luck!

Can't you hear? Stop!

You bitch!

Cursing me whole day
l'll kill you!

They are our predecessors!

They are our predecessors!

So what?

l don't want your predecessors!

They are our predecessors!


They are our predecessors!...




Please don't!

l don't want to see him!
l'll kill myself!

l don't want to see him!


What's happening!


What are you doing
in middle of the night?

You've woke everyone up!

Are you alright?

They are none of my business!

You go ahead and die!
l'll go back to sleep!

What's happening
in the middle of the night?

go to sleep!

l don't want to see him!
l'll kill myself!

l don't want to see him!
l'll kill myself!

l don't want to see him!
l'll kill myself!

My mother is insane!

My mother is insane!

Mother is insane!

Pits off! Pits off!
Pits off! Pits off!

No! Brother, please don't!

No! Brother,
that will kill me!

No! Brother,
that will kill me!

Judge and the Jury

We have listen to defendant
for his defense

You should have some idea
on the victim

The victim is a scum

and worth nothing

He betrayed his wife,
assault his kid and rape!

He hit the defendant to
become handicap

He even assaults his mother

All these are unacceptable
by heaven

But, l would like to point out

Will all these can lead

the defendant to kill people?

Judge, l have finished

The jury

will meet to discuss

grand jury, please stand up

Do you have the decision?

Yes, we all rule!

Defendant Wong Kuen To
is not guilty!

Defendant Wong Kuen To
is not guilty,

release immediately


Wait a moment!


lt's all over!

Mother! lt's all over!

Mr Wong, congratulation!

That's my duty

But l'm glad you are not guilty

Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you! Congratulation!
Thank you!

We go for supper!

Thank you!


Thank you for witness
in the court

You'll go to Australia!

Try hard for you academic!
Take care!