Brother and Sister (2022) - full transcript

The story revolves around a brother and sister who are nearing their fifties - Alice is an actress, Louis was a teacher and a poet. They no longer speak to one another and have been avoiding each other for over twenty years, but the death of their parents will force them to cross paths.


I'm Jacob's uncle.

Can you tell Louis?

Is the body here?

In his room down there.

I'm paying my respects to Louis.

A visitor. Family.

What family? What are you saying?

My family is here.

Why are you here, Borkman?

You came for a visit?

Yes, I came.

Say hello to my wife?

Where is Faunia?



Stupid me! You never met her.

Faunia, the mother of my son who died.

Louis, leave him be, please.

Excuse, me, ma'am.

I came simply to offer my condolences.

- In the name of our former friendship.
- Former friendship!

You get off on death?
You like that!

You never came to see my son alive!


With your priestly airs.

How did you get my address?

15 years you spit in my face!

Stick your condolences up your ass!

Get out of here! You scumbag!

I'll go wash my hands of you!

Where is Alice?

You came too.

Decency forbade you from entering?

You have no decency.

Why are you crying?

Wipe your red eyes.

My son was six.

You had 6 years to meet him,
send a gift, a card.

Christmas, a birthday,

you never knew him!


You didn't lose anything.

I've lost more than my life.

You indecent monster.

Leave or I'll call the cops.


We'll go home.


Five years later


We're not late. Careful, not so fast.

Don't worry, dear.

I'm being careful.


Slow down.

We're going to die.

Put on your hazards.

I think I saw a woman in there.

I think so too.

Call an ambulance. I'll go see.


Look at me.

Can you try to lower the window?

Turn the knob.

Look at me.

Yes, you had an accident.

Speak to me.

What's your name?

You have to call my mother.


We will, but...

Call my mother, it's her car.

We'll call her. Don't worry.

It's not my car.

Calm down...

My parents will kill me.

Give me your hand.

Give it to me.

Step back, Marie-Louise!

There's gas everywhere!


I don't feel my legs.

I can't move my legs!

Calm down.

Move them nice and slow.


It will blow up.

It hurts!

Calm down.


Are you ready?

You're on in 20 minutes.

I'm coming in.

You're not dressed?

I can't act tonight.

What did you do?

I didn't know how to bear the shame.
I beat myself.

Read my brother's book?

I don't read your brother's books.

He wrote stuff again...

I don't care about your brother.

Get dressed and go on.

I couldn't help reading it.

It's my name.

On the cover of the book.

He stole my name.

Every single page in his book is...

to sully me.

The audience will see the red
on my cheeks.

On my ears.

I'm going home.

I haven't the strength.
Too much humiliation, Christian.

You can't ban

your brother's books.

You tried once.
Now get dressed and go on stage.

What happened?

Nothing, see? I'm in costume.

Alice? These are for you.

- Put them in my dressing room?
- Sure.

And break a leg.


You're distressed.

I'm valiant.

Not true.

Christian found you in pieces.

Never again will I go to pieces
in front of him.

The wig.
Shall I accompany you?

Put in on here.

- Is your son coming?
- He's with his uncle.

My parents are coming.

They should be here.
They're not answering.

Shall I check?

Please. They're so old.

It's fine.

I'll tell the ushers.

I sent you their contact info.

- Break a leg.
- Ouch.

Stage fright?

Fear of disappointing.

It's great that you took over.
Break a leg.


Greta, were you dancing?

Of course. Didn't you see me?

I'm trying to get Mr. D'Arcy to sing.

And you?

What row had you with Miss Ivors?

No row. Why?

- She said so?
- More or less.

She just wanted me

to go to west Ireland, and I said no.

Their seats are empty!

I called. They didn't answer.

Call the hospitals.

Go on.


Aunt Kate wants you to carve the goose.
I'll do the pudding.

All right.


I'm not asking for an autograph.

- I won't bother you.
- Alice cannot speak.

I just wanted to say
you changed my life.

Before seeing you, I was in disorder.
You set my life right.

I cannot, miss. Leave me now.

- Where are my parents?
- Alive.

What happened?

They were hit by a truck.

Mom is in a coma.


And Dad?

Did you speak to him?

We've been waiting. He's in shock.

How are you?


I want to see him.

Where is he?

He's here but he's asleep.

I want to see him.


- I won't see them.
- I'll stay.

- My sister wants to see him.
- No. He's asleep.

I must.

Quickly, then we'll take him to the OR.

Dad, look.

Alice came.

There was a car crash
with a girl inside.

Further on, another vehicle,
with no one in it.

We think it was your parents
who pulled over

to help the young woman.

In the meantime, a truck lost control.

It plowed into the car that had crashed.

And the girl?

Dead on impact.

How old was she?



Richard's not here?

He's on his way.

- I'd like to rent a horse.
- Of course.

But first, a glass of water.

- That's a big one.
- Yes, he is.

I can't believe how thirsty I was.



What are you doing here?

I came to see Louis.

There's still no road to get there?

No, for that you need a horse.

Good horse.

Do my stirrups.

Hold on.

Remember how to ride?


You'll be fine.

I'm afraid, but I'm off.

Let go!

Hello, young man!

You're back!

You're a hobo, my friend!

I am!

Hold him for me.

You smell!

- Yes, I smell!
- Bad!

Like strength!


Pain in the ass to get here!

Middle of nowhere!

But once I finish rebuilding it,

and there's a road,

I'll sell it and be very rich.

Very rich?

Rich enough.

Why did you come?

Your parents had an accident last night.



I've come for you.

If my sister's there, I won't go.

Your parents will die.

Says my sister?

I never saw your sister again.

Your brother called me.

- How's my nephew?
- Joseph?

In Lille with Alice.

I saw him at your brother's.
He says he misses you.


Charming, for the son of a psycho.


will be waiting with a rifle.

Does my nephew know that?

You're coming with me tomorrow.
I have your ticket.

What's going on?



Why did you marry a Christian?

The pot and the kettle!

You only sleep with shiksas.

Not my fault,
Jewish women scare me!

I'm scared of nothing.

Can you bear being alone with him?

Poorly, but I bear it.

And the isolation?

We can move by horseback.

I teach once a month in Toulouse.


Why did you stop teaching?

No desire.

I liked insurrection.


I cannot tremble at each word uttered.

I don't live in a subdued world.

Such a hunger for censorship,
what ignorance!

I was muffled.

Angry Louis.

Louis is always angry.

Are you two happy?


So why not come back
amongst the living?

Here I see my son's father every day.

It's a blessing.

There's one seat left on the plane.

No, I don't want her to come.

You shut up.

Let her decide!

Come see his parents before they pass.

Thanks, but I won't come.

Mount your horse.

Why won't you come?

Louis has been a pariah
for 20 years.

I want to be the wife of a pariah.

I won't go.

Go on.


Safe travels.

Excuse me, I'm terribly late.

Clément Rivière, it's an honor.

This way, I think.

The theater didn't tell me
you were so young.

Is that a flaw?

Not at all.

What will you have?

Gin with ice and lemon, please.

I know, it's morning.

No need to look at me wide-eyed.

Will you have something?

I don't drink.


Nothing. I'm good.

I don't have to record,
if you'd rather not.

Will this take long?

It depends on you.

I have plenty of time.

"Depends on me."

Spoken like a true journalist.

I know you're undergoing hardships
at the moment.

We can push off the interview.

No, I think I can withstand it.

Why did you want to interview me?

My editor wanted a portrait
of a female artist.

And I think I've seen all your plays.

Then you can switch on your recorder.

I'd like to start with a silence,
if you don't mind.


You've never mentioned
your brother's books.


I have just one brother.
He's never written.

He's a gym teacher. In Roubaix.

I meant Louis Vuillard.

How curious.

I've always sided with the wounded.

I don't think I like people who wound.

Were you wounded by his books?

How in love with your question you are.

I don't think
my answer would interest you.

And I think we're done here.

You're bleeding.

Wait, I'll give you something.


Take this, if...

Your pen.

My pocket.

Do you have a notepad?

I'll get you one.

Here you go.


Everything got off on the wrong foot,
the left one.

The one you wake up on
since you were born.

Or rather: "since I was born".

The wrong foot is universal.

How could things be different
between brother and sister?

Or between two sisters?

Or two brothers.

Of course things began badly.

For each of us.

But what would we do with that?

Of course things are wobbly.

We must take pleasure in the wobble.

But this wobbliness...

you confused it
with your bad temper.


My God!

You had such a bad temper.

Abel pretended it was funny.

It never was.

For no one.

It was just...


We all gave up hoping you'd improve.

And then,

you became an actress.

And your spite turned into love of good,
which terrifies me.

Your childhood was marked by anger.

Your maturity,
by an alarming taste for saintliness.


My little boy.

I think I was with a young woman
on the road.

She died, Dad.

Why am I alive?

I don't know.

The paramedics don't get it.

I think...

I was running...

Where is Marie-Louise?

Mom is in another unit.

She's in a coma.

Marie-Louise is not dead.

She's just next door.

You've just woken up.

I want to see my wife.

Fidèle, go take a picture.

Why didn't they put us
in the same room?

Because it wasn't possible.

She's Sleeping Beauty.

I called Zwy, you know.

He went to get Louis.

I'll go with you to hospital.

I prefer to be alone.

I'll give you some taxi money.

I'll take the bus and the metro.

I know her.

You're painted into a corner, pal.

We've missed you!

The madwoman isn't here?

Don't say that.
She's at the theater.

Take my bag, I'll go see Abel.

Wait, he's with the nurse.





You doing well?

Beautiful boy!

Why didn't Fidèle and I visit you?

I'm renovating.

Is the house finished?


Vacations without you are so dull.

Each time I see you,

I see my son's face.

Don't wake him.

Will he pull through?

Funny how his face never changes.

Fuck, he's gotten old.

How long since you saw him?

Five years, I think.

Abel and Marie-Louise
didn't want to offend Alice.

- Can I take his hand?
- Careful.

They wanted to help a girl on the road.

She ran into a tree.

So they were heroic?


They were heroic.

What's the girl's name?

I didn't ask.

I want to be alone with him.

A brokhe.

Bless me.

I want you to bless me.

I want you to fight, Dad.

Now you must win.

Did they feed you on the plane?


What would you like?


I'll make you dinner.

What does your mom make you listen to?

Stuff she likes.

You have to go. Alice is on her way.

So I'll vanish.

Where will you sleep?

I don't know.

Come to the parents' place.

Don't worry, I'll be fine.

I'll take the tramway.

Give this letter to Alice?

I wrote it on the plane.


What did I say?

You know I'd never take that letter.

If you don't take it,
I'll put it in a book.

Give me a hug.

Throw it away.

Good evening.

Who are you? Why are you here?

A young man gave me your address,
so I...

You can't barge in. There are rules.
Beat it!

- This isn't cool.
- I need opium.

Black Bombay, 50 a gram.
And beat it!

I'll take it. Do you have any Lyrica?

This ain't no pharmacy.

- Here, 0.3.
- Great.

- Enough?
- Fine.

Heroin, morphine?

Next time you wanna meet, send a Snap.
It's safer.

I don't have a phone.

Your loss.

Thanks, gentlemen.

It's me.

Oh fuck!

I was afraid
it was my dad's mistress.

Stop it, dummy.

Are you already drunk?


Don't drink too much, not when I'm far.

How did you get the number?

I called Zwy.
Fidèle gave it to him.

Why didn't you stay at your brother's?

You wanted to drink alone?

No, I wanted to see
my childhood apartment.

What is it like?


pretty ugly.

Lots of tchotchkes, and it's tiny.

To think there were 5 of us.


What's it like
to sleep in your old room?

It's an office now.

Too bad.

I liked imagining you in the bed

where you brought all your conquests.

I was a very solitary young man, miss.

Your voice is weird.

Are you wasted?


Where are you now? What room?

Living room.

Describe it to me.

So there's wicker furniture.

And a coffee table.

And on the coffee table, a photo album.

Did you open it?


I'm drinking,
looking at childhood photos.

What do you see?

My sister.


Any news from the hospital?

No news.

You didn't stay at Fidèle's?

- Do you mind?
- Not at all.

Fidèle is the best uncle ever.


I'm not the best mother.

Good enough.

Did you speak to Dad?

This afternoon.

He loves you. He loves me.

Do you miss him?

Of course.

Dad couldn't live without you.

Without you either.

I didn't mean that.

- He protects us.
- Yes.

Nothing scares him.

Everything scares me.

Go on, go to bed.

How was your opening night?


I missed you.

I wanted to act for you.

No theater today?

No, I'm next to you.

My little girl.


I never dared to ask you...

What didn't you dare ask me?

I'm afraid to hurt you.

You can't hurt me, sweetheart.

Ask me your question.

Why didn't you continue your studies?

Pull the curtains, please.


God, you worked a lot.

So young.

You had a hard life.

Yet you've read a lot.

I used to love books.

See, I was a good daughter.

I never continued my studies either.

Same as you.

I did a year of college and quit.

To become an actress.

You're a wonderful actress.

Mom hated that.

She found it indecent.

My daughter,

full of glorious indecency.

I wish you'd had a better life.

I'll get you some water.


Where is your brother?

Fidèle will come by tonight.
He works today.

No... Louis.

Did you call Louis?

I think that Fidèle called him.

You seem so unhappy when you say that.

What happened with Louis?

Do you at least know?

What matters is that you heal.

And that Mom wakes up.

I don't want to die
and leave you in prison.

You're all walled up.

So set me free!

I'll never forgive Louis.

- See you tomorrow?
- No drinks?

No, I'm heading back.

You can't stay here,
you'll catch a cold.

I'm sorry, ma'am.

I needed to see you again.

Don't apologize, you're shaking.

You need a hot toddy. You're freezing.

I have no money.

It's my treat.

Can we have two hot toddies?

Take that off, it's soaking.


Is theater your passion?

Impassioned by you.

What's your name?


My parents had three children.

I'm the eldest.

They had two sons after me.

Got any siblings?

Yes, six brothers and sisters.

They live in Romania?

Yes, Romania.

All five of them?

The five children.

We sat to the side.

I ordered a drink, then another.

The young woman didn't touch hers.

I tried to allay her fear.

You ran away?

I thought I'd get to know her,

yet it was I who did all the talking.

While gazing admiringly upon her youth,

I let myself tell her my life story.

I don't have many childhood memories.

I don't remember much of Louis.

I know he was at my knees

and I adored being his heroine.


I remember the exact day

when anger took hold of me.

I couldn't stand him anymore.

I was already an actress.

And I went to a book reading of his.

He received a prize.

For 10 years, he failed and failed.

He lived in my shadow.

I think...

I don't think he suffered.

It would have driven me crazy.

But he was very humble.

And poor.

And that day,

I saw my brother covered in honors.

He came to see me after.

And I said to my brother:

"I hate you."

I said it with a smile.

What did your brother answer?

"All right.

I know."

He was very gentle.

And I laughed.

Is that the day you met Borkman?

No, he and Borkman

had been friends for a while.

They both wrote for the same review.

Only later did Borkman come
and court me.

At the theater.

Meanwhile, Louis' fame grew.

The more famous he became,

the more I was...


Is it true, you detested your brother?

No, not that evening,

It would take me 10 years

to realize that
the sentence that escaped me,

the evening of his prize...

I think I hate you.

...resumed me entirely.

For 10 years I loved him,

I loved him, I kept on loving him.

But one day, hatred

fully invaded me.

I'd hate for you to meet my brother.


You'd fall in love with him immediately.

I prefer you remain in love with me.

This is a pain, it got all over!

Give me your arm.

You'll be better like this.

- It beats hospital pajamas!
- Who cares?

You were always a snob, my son.

I was a snob? Me?

I don't know.

You weren't an easy teen,
in any case.

We never knew what we'd do with you.

Your relationship with your mother,
my God!

Your relationship with your mother...

I stood up to her.

She didn't like you much.

I know.

I was never there, which hurt.

I didn't suffer.

Your books? You've stopped writing?

Just in my head.

Faunia says I have no excuse.

Your wife is right.
It's your job to write.

Mom will soon leave us.

You know that.

And I lost my child.

You say nothing.

I wish I'd died before Jacob.

Abel, one day you'll die.

I hope in 1,000 years,
but you'll die.

Yes, it's scary.

I'm fading away, honey.

When you die,
I won't come to your funeral.

Are you that angry?

No, Dad.

The day I pass,
I want you to come to my tomb.

That day

how will I stand beside Alice?

Tell me, how do I manage?

Why didn't you try to fix things?

You had so many years.

- Fix what?
- My big sister!

Stop her hate!

Shout at her!
Maybe that's all she wanted!

How could you be so negligent?

Daily treatments!

So how are you today, sir?


I won't see my brother.

All well, young man?

How was the hospital?

I won't discuss it tonight.

I gotta get fucking wasted
to be here without your parents.

It's so strange.

Come on.

Where did you find this opium?

I asked no one.

The Vuillard family photo album.


Damn, was your sister gorgeous!

She never once desired you.

I was already old and fat.

Your father was so young.

That's Alice in his arms.

How was your childhood?

When Alice was born,
Abel started this album.

Alice was the first born,

and my father wrote
that she'd be loved madly.

I loved reading his notes as a kid.

I was proud how he loved his daughter.

Alice was a genius.

That was the law.

I was thrilled to obey.

One day, you were the genius.
It killed Alice.


They kept everything about Alice!

Even the posters.

- What?
- What what what?

Go on!

I'm marrying Alice in a month.

She said yes.

I order you to be happy.

- Promise?
- Promise.

Alice adores your last volume.

You never leave her bedside.

- I doubt she really likes it.
- Yes!

She wants to perform your poems.

I'm not very spectacular, you know.

What are you saying?

You are spectacular.

If you want, I could adapt them.

I don't know.

You're disappointed!

Not my kind of dream.

I've never read my poems aloud,
even to myself.


I'll become your voice.

It's not a good idea.

They're not good enough.
You're a real actress.

All I write are tiny, intimate secrets.

I don't want to be read in public.



You won't say them.

They even have a picture of that ass.



You're just jealous.

Not at all.

You married Borkman, and that's great!

He's your guy, it's wonderful.
I introduced you anyway.

After 15 years,
I know him inside out.

But now I repulse him.

What can I say?


Don't say anything, don't defend me.

I'd like to defend you,
find words to soothe him.

You won't find those words!

Take care of him, be happy and love him.

Your miscarriage two years ago.

We were all sad!
You were miserable.

That's just when he started hating!

It's become unbreathable!

I didn't kill that kid, dammit!

I was with you all. I cried with you.


I'm pregnant.


Oh, my dear.

Good evening.

You're André Borkman.

I'm late.
I came to see Alice Vuillard.

They expected you
but the performance is over.


Come, we're adjusting the lights.

You came from Lyon?

I quit the opera.

- Why?
- My staging was shit.

I couldn't focus.

You performed every night?

Every night.

How does she manage
with both parents in hospital?

I don't know, but she does.

- She acts.
- I swear, she acts.

- She'll be thrilled.
- Dressing room?

Since the accident, she goes out.

I could never act
in front of an audience.

I read books at home.

Out loud?

I'm stupid.

No, I'd like to hear you one day.

Never will you hear me.

I learn texts, constantly.

They spin around in my head.

Can I ask how old you are?

I won't say my age.

All right.

It's you blowing out the candles!

Your sister...

Fidèle looking at you wide-eyed.

You know, my father

slaved away for a pittance.

We only saw him on weekends.

On my seventh birthday,

at the dinner table, it was a Saturday,
I remember well,

my father told me:

"You see, this year gone by,

your sixth year...
Mozart used his to write

the Nannerl Notenbuch.

And you didn't do a thing."

The next year, my father taught me
that at my age, Picasso

had already done a painting,
and I was a still a failure.

At the age of 9, 10
I forget how he gauged my failure.

But we did all of Art History,

Rimbaud of course.

My father is self-taught
but very cultivated.

Each birthday was a crushing example
of my inadequacy.

Amazing opium, but so strong!

That's Roubaix!

Yep, it made me so hungry!

Where are you going?

To get some fresh air. Coming?

It's too cold out!

See you shortly.


You got in?

You didn't even go upstairs?

I don't like sleeping without you.

I was worried about you.

No, you were worried about you!

I met a woman who admires me,
believe it or not.

And you stayed with her till 2?


Her name is Lucia.

Where is she from?


She lived in the countryside.

Now she stays in a shelter.

I don't know how she gets by.

I was lost when I arrived in Paris,
but not fragile like her.


You were fragile like her.

She admires me so.

Too much.

Too much? That's very good.

I love you too much.

I'm afraid for her.

I'd like to invite her home.

To protect her.

I'm listening.

I can't stand her vulnerability.


This is a hospital. Get out.

I just fell asleep.

My shoes.

There's a drip, tubes.

What's this spot on her leg?

- The spot on her leg.
- No idea.

Had you seen it?


This morning nurses found an ischemia
on your mom's leg.

That means the blood isn't flowing.

There's a serious risk of necrosis.

It requires surgical intervention.

I can't operate.
I cannot repair the artery.

I'm sorry to announce it like this,

but we'll have to amputate.

Her condition is too fragile.

It would prolong her life a bit.

You'll have to gather
and make a family decision.

I need some time, I'm sorry.

I couldn't stand seeing Mom amputated.

I cannot see her go bit by bit,
it's too much!

I just want her to live.

They'll amputate her.

May I come in?

Sure, we have an appointment.

I'm surprised to see you.

It must be ten years, Alice.

It's long, very long, interminable.

10 years that you still see my brother.

Louis is my friend.

And I'll never forgive you.

Is Alice angry?

How am I when I'm angry?

Spectacularly beautiful.



I'll sit.

Very humiliating for me, this situation.

Why did you come?

To ask you for medicine.

What kind of medicine?

You know Abel and Marie-Louise
had an awful accident.

I know, it's horrifying.

I have to act every night.

I've never suffered so much.

I need an aid.

Since when do you feel
that you need an aid?

Funny question!


Doctors never feel in need of an aid?

Yes, of course.

Why did you come to see me?

You're the only psychiatrist
in Lille I know.

I was afraid to see a quack.

It seemed easier.
If it's not, I can go.

It's all good.

What kind of medicine would you like?

I don't know.

I cry nonstop.

I'm... teetering on the edge.

Do you cry every day?

Several times.

- How often?
- Depends on the day.

I need medicine.

To hold up.

I'm not undergoing "emotional trauma",

or "existential reconfiguring",
isn't that your term?

Did you read a manual before coming?

Yes, of course.

Does Borkman know?


I want this kept private.

Your family, the theater...


I'm going to spare myself

the ridiculousness

of psychotherapy with you.

So either you give me medicine,

or I'll go.

I must know if there are symptoms
other than crying fits.


Not bad.


This is too quick a consultation.


Or Risperdal?

They're neuroleptics.


Why not prescribe Prazepam or Tranxene?

Because tranquilizers

and alcohol don't mix well.

Can't the show go on hiatus?

No, that's impossible.

I'm having a depression.

Why not give me an antidepressant?

Because they take 5 or 6 days
before they kick in.

You're having a breakdown.


You fear suicidal impulses.

can lead to acting out.

That's true too.

I don't want a neuroleptic.

I want a light tranquilizer for now
and an antidepressant.

I won't kill myself.

Have you had suicidal thoughts?

I won't kill myself.


Have you seen the weather?

It's like the sun won't ever come out.

For you or a friend?

For me.

Taken these before?
You know you can't drive.

I know.

Your insurance card?

I don't have it.

You'll have to pay.

That's fine.

I'm in a rush.


What should I do?

Your doctor really went all out.

Can I have your address?

I have no address.

All right.

I'll get it all.

Can you wait?


I missed the notes.
I left the hospital too late.

I'll be there for rehearsal.

No need to come to rehearsals.

I'm worried about you.

Are you crying?

I'm not crying.

Shall I come?

No, I'm fine. See you later.

Here you go.

- I'll write the doses.
- Don't bother.

May I have a glass of water?

I can take the pills right away.

Rivotril, two a day.

Be careful with that.

Not like that.

It's too much! Eight!

Shut up!

What do you know about me?


Your money, you fuckhead!

What do you know about my health,
about me,

about what I endure?

With your sneaky voice,
you come poking around my life.

I must call your doctor.

You're scared, scared!
You're pissing your pants.

Call whoever you want.


Would you sign your books?

Sure. I'd love to.

- Where do I sit?
- Here is fine.

- For the bookstore?
- No, for me.

- You have them all.
- I'm a fan.

- Your name?
- Yours will do.



Funny, you here.

It's normal.
It's a bookstore, I'm a writer.

The hospital is off limits
when your mother's there.

I didn't know.

My ass!

You good?

Still overwhelmed by the accident.

I'm scared to see Grandpa and Grandma.

Why do you call them that?


Grandpa and Grandma.

We've always called them
Abel and Marie-Louise.

Sorry, I didn't know.

Of course you didn't know,
you know nothing!

Stop smiling!
Nice people are bland!

Your mother, Alice, has assailed me
with hate for 20 years.

Growing up in that hate,
you hid behind your childhood.

That was legitimate.

You like to visit me,
you were young, fragile.

I'm not fragile.

But one day you were 13,

and stopped being a child.
Now you're 16!

And I know deep down

you never uttered a word
in support of me, your uncle.

And you want my love?

You're angry
because I missed Jacob's funeral.

- Mom wanted to protect me.
- It was my son!

You lived with your parents
when they sued me for fucking libel!

You didn't know?
Wrong! You knew everything!

Go on, answer.

You're silent. Answer.

What can I say?

You have to answer, Joseph!

Did I shut up in front of my mother? No!

I fought. From the age of 12.

To defend my sister, your mother!
My cousins, my friends!

Our Mother full of Hate,
I know it by heart.

You bow down before Alice.

Does not hating me
make you mature?

Keeping quiet all these years
dooms you!

May I have a seat?

You seem bored.

No, I'm drinking.

Want to go smoke a cigarette with me?

I'm so drunk...

I don't think I can stand up, miss.

So I'll stay by your side.

There's a woman there.

You've been avoiding her gaze.

Is she your companion?

My sister.

Why is she so far away?


My sister hasn't spoken to me in years.

When she sees me in the street,
she runs away, horrified.


Answering would raise a moral issue.

I am the object of her hate,
and that suffices.


are you brave?

Very brave.

Go speak to her now.


To please me.

In that case...


I'll go.

Alice, look at me.

We have nothing in common.

What do you want from me?

I want you to go to prison.

That you never get out,
that you pay for your pride.

You're strong.

That went over well.

Now I believe you.

I really have to wear this?

Yes, the paintings are damaged enough.
I protect them.

Here, this is for you.

Follow me.

A little ibex,



What are the sticks?




Of what?

Women, little women.

And that little house?

It's a vulva.

I'd like you to bear our child.

My God.


The monks are so hospitable...

At night, they sleep in coffins.

In coffins?

In coffins, yes.

But why?

That's the rule of the order.

Yes, but why?

The monks try to make up
for all sins committed by all sinners.

Thank you.


You must leave us
and go to the hospital.

My father or my mother?

Your mother.

It's the end.

She passed an hour ago.

I want her in her black dress
with shoes.

All right.

I want to leave.

Get me out of here.

Last night I dreamt she woke up.

See, now I'm an orphan.

I take your mother to the funeral home.
We'll prepare her.

You want the medallion?

I'll put it back on her after.

Who is it?

I think it's my nephew.

His name was Jacob.

But I never knew him.

Do you need help?

Madam, can I help you?

Leave me alone!

It's Mom.

Honey, I can't bear seeing you suffer.

Look at all she gave you!

We came for her clothes.

He can't go to the funeral home.
I'll stay with him.

Bring your mother's stuff?

Yes, sure.

Here I found it.

There you go.

Now the shoes.

- What?
- Shoes.

- What shoes?
- Black ones.

Here they are.

Take this.

Come in, it's warm.
You seem frozen.

It's cold out.

Here for Mrs. Vuillard?

My condolences.

You're expected.
Fidèle, her son?

I'm the other.

Fine, we're aware of the situation.

No worries.
There's no problem.

We'll meet in the back of the building.

There's a small door.
You go by the outside,

I'll meet you from within.

- The back?
- On your right. I'll join you.

This way, please.

This way.

Live far?

- Do you live far?
- Toulouse.

Long haul.

Just get in?


Can I get you some coffee?

I'll let you take a seat.

Why are you sneaking me in?

Your mother has another visit.

I'll come for you
once the visitors leave.

Sit down.
Make yourself comfortable.

Marie-Louise was older than my father.

She had lots of siblings.
Abel was all alone.

He married her because he was alone.

One evening,

I was a teen,

he was out of work,
undergoing a depression.

He had too much to drink.

He said
that his was a loveless marriage.

I couldn't hear my mother
spoken of like that.

I was...

his young bride.

I won't see Louis at the funeral.

You will.

You will see Louis there.

I have no more defenses.

You'll see your brother.

You'll shake his hand.

And everything will be fine.

I can't undo what I've done.

Mrs. Vuillard's clothing.

- Prefer to come back later?
- I won't be back.

What are you doing?

Rummaging about.


I found the draft of a book
I wrote at age 19.

How is it?

Very bad.

Will you take it up again?

What are you doing?

Burning it.

I found my letters to Alice
when she was in Paris.

Why are they at your parents'?

I don't know.

I figured she'd have tossed them.

You're burning them as well?

I'm burning my vessels.

Then you must start writing again.

- The printer.
- Very kind of you, honey.

You don't use the kitchen?

I can't. It's Yom Kippur.

Okay, can I make coffee anyway?

Let me remind you, you're Catholic.

And you're gay.
You should be more tolerant.

I'll remember.

What can I say about your mother?

Say nothing.

An immeasurable loss.
What did you do?

I began a new book.

Great. What's it about?


Oh, I can guess!

- You didn't eat?
- No, I promise.

- Hungry?
- No, thirsty!

My first Kippur in a synagogue.

You talk too much.
It's a day of gravity.

Put this on.

Just a sec.


You wore leather shoes.


What are you doing?

Who cares? You're Christian!

Socks in synagogue is a total shanda.

What he's saying?

"No man shall approach his relatives
to uncover their nakedness.

I am the Lord.

You shall not uncover
the nakedness of your father

or the nakedness of your mother.

You shall not uncover
the nakedness of your sister,

whether your father's or mother's child

born in the home or outside the home."

The window was so wet
I couldn't see.

I ran downstairs.
I was wearing my nightshirt.

And that poor fellow

was there,

in the rain, shivering.

One week later,

he died.

He was buried in Oughterard.

The day I heard that...

that he was dead,

that day...

What a poor part I played in her life.

I was just her husband.

Now she sleeps
as if we'd never lived together

as man and wife.

Hers was no longer the face
for which Michael Furey braved death.


The newspapers were right:

snow all over Ireland.

It falls onto the dark,
mutinous Shannon waves.


Did you enjoy it?


It was my joy.

Today is our last day together.

I'm going to bury my mother soon.

The play is over.

I'm so small. I can't help you.

It's the theater that's small.

I'd like that...

you never have despair.

I'd like you to forgive yourself.

One day I'll be worth it.

And that day, I'll call you.

This is your shelter?

Then it's time to say goodbye.

Lucia! What's wrong?

When did you last eat?

Two days ago.

I can't buy food.

They stole my money the other night.

I'll go shopping for you.

- She bothering you?
- She's my friend, she's ill.

Where can I find a market?

Behind the station.

I want to come.

You're too weak.
Stay and I'll be back.

All right?

On your way back?

I need to find a supermarket
for my friend.

- What friend?
- The girl I mentioned.

Yes, right. Where are you now?

Behind the station.

I don't like knowing you're there.

I was born here. I'll be fine.

- What's that noise?
- Call you back .

Pardon me.

Excuse me, I think you're my sister.

I don't recognize you,
but it's you.

It's me.

I'm sorry.

There's food all over, it's gross.


It's fine.

I have to drop this stuff off.


Morning, sir, Police. Got some ID?

I couldn't sleep, forgot my wallet.

Drunk and disorderly.
Too early for that.

- Go home.
- I'm no nuisance.

- Throw that away and go.
- Beat it.

Go home.

Did you ever lose?

You only win!
What do you know about loss?

It's you.

I was worried. I called and called.

Yeah, I went out.

I needed some air.

It's good to get out.

Were you at the hospital?

No, my sister's there.

I was just...

bumming around.

Do anything stupid?

You bet.

Abel is dead.


My love.

I remember your parents.

A little.

They were very nice to me.

I didn't know
Abel loved his wife so much.

She was always on his back.

My mother frightened me.

I was a bad son.

No, you weren't a bad son!

Your anger will fade.

Like writing on the sand.

You've stopped speaking?

I'm hanging onto your voice.

When are you getting out of there
and coming home?

Maybe three days?

That's long.

Yes, it's long.

I want you so badly.

Me too, me too.

How's life on the farm?

There was a storm yesterday.

When you get back,
you'll see to the house.


And I'll finally build a road.

You'll have to crack the whip.

I'll crack the whip, how I love that!

I'm sick of being here.

Yes, you're sick.

How will I manage at the funeral?

Don't go.

Got enough to get by on?

Yes, I have enough to get by on.

Want me to come?

Yes, please.

Waiting for me?

Can you take my bags now?

Were you able to sleep?

Like an angel.

You'll leave me alone tomorrow.

All right.


They're coming.

I can't.

You won't come?

We're lowering them in.

I can't, it's beyond me.

Sorry, beat it.

Beat it, Fidèle!

Our parents are dead.


the moment has come.

Before our blood runs dry.

Our café, tomorrow,

10 o'clock. I'll wait for you.

I'll drive you to the airport.

I can't manage, Zwy.

We're tired, my friend.

Parents dead, no more family.
If I mention Jacob, I'll cry.

You have only one land now.

Leave with Faunia.


Sorry, but when is your taxi coming?

It'll wait.

So how is it?

It's you.

Do I please you?

Why not come back with me?

Because I can't.

Stop, Louis.
That woman will kill you.

I already lost a child.
I won't watch my man die next.

I know.

Come with me.

Pardon me.

It's fine.

It's all repaired.

You were a real son of a bitch,
you know.

Yeah but that...

it's my style.

Faunia is the right woman for you.

Faunia laughing,

Faunia pregnant,

Faunia... in despair.

That's how it is.

I don't know what got into me.

My brother.

I wanted to apologize,
I don't even know...

what for.

You okay, lover?

I'm not much help, none at all.

Today, you have a pass.
It's on me.

Well, thank you!


You're built like a Greek god!
Fidèle can't complain.

Don't bother hitting on me.


Where is my brother?

Your parents' room, I think.

Fidèle, come here!

Shit, he went on the roof.

Fidèle, come any closer,
I'll beat you up and jump!

What are you doing?

Another scene? You want to jump?

That's what I'm debating.

Can you ask Fidèle and Simon to leave?

If you want to jump, go on.
I'm dying of cold.

I'll wait a little longer.

What are you thinking about?

About all the years
you let me love you.

I regret them so much.

I'm going back inside.

- Are you sick?
- I don't know.

Come. You're burning up.

I was terrified.

Go to sleep now.

I have to undress.

I'm covered in sweat.

You'll be cold, naked.

It's so cold.

I'm frozen.

I'll be your blanket.

Certainly not!

How strange to be naked
in a bed with you.

Cover yourself.

Are you still cold?

- No, I'm fine.
- "No, I'm fine"?

You don't know what you missed out on.

Shut up!

I've slept with so many men.

Don't bring it up, please.

I don't care about performance now.

I'm an old lady.

To think you hooked up
with low-life Borkman.

You didn't prefer the original?

André is just fine.

Oh yeah?

See? I was your muse.

I made a writer of you.


My name is Louis Vuillard.

This year I'll be teaching you
English Translation.

I'll be clumsy,
I haven't taught in years.

I was tired, I lost the desire.

And now, once again,
I feel like speaking to you.

A little.

I know that this year,
I want to discuss poetry.

I'll start with a poem

by an American friend.

Since I have an awful accent,

I'll read it in its French translation.

So, I'll begin.

"Where were we

on the deck having a smoke
after a day in bed.

Odd oranges and blue velvet
outline the roofs.

We've stalled in this whistle before,

the train at dusk.

Thinking oompahs

of dented brass yesteryear
calling on the road:



and a string to guide us.

Take me away.

Not to negate these years

but I need to stay rutted in my own

long enough to swerve outside...

I'm working on hands to field

other hoists of rescue -




I'm writing from a faraway land.

Remember the book I used to read
about the Kingdom of Abomey?

Guess what? I'm here.

I can forget myself here.

Like back when we were children.

Every day,

I disappear.

I visited King Behanzin's tomb.

This place overflows with history.

With a capital H.

I am overwhelmed with History.

I left everything behind me.

The theater,

my man,

my son.

I left.

I remember those lines you taught me.



Done with both."

I have no more chart.

No compass.

I am alive.

Subtitles: Andrew Litvack

Subtitling: HIVENTY