Brother Sun, Sister Moon (1972) - full transcript

This is a dramatization of events in the life of St. Francis of Assisi from before his conversion experience through his audience with the pope, including his friendship with St. Clare.




Francois. Francois.

He's ill!

What's happened to
you? Speak to me.

He's come back from the war
because he's ill.

He's not a coward! He...

- My dear son.
- Come on!

Come, come.

Francesco, please!

Come on!

We've been riding
all night, too.

- All night?
- Yeah, on a girl,

not on a horse.

And tomorrow,
we'll be riding to battle.

We must be mad.

Is it true
if we win the battle,

we get all the girls we want?

Of course!
That's what wars are made for.

Kill the enemy
and get the ladies!

It's getting late.

Let's go home and prepare.

Wars are serious business.

Such profundity, Bernardo.




What a pity.

It's over.

Yes. It's a pity...

but I hope we'll live to see
another dawn like this.

The last night of our youth.

Do you realize that?

We tried so desperately
to make it never end.

We should've stopped the sun
from rising.

Come on, Francesco!


Leave me alone.





Yes. Lepers.


I don't want to feed them!

Get them off!

No, no, no, no, no...

No, no, no, no, no!

Oh... you're not dressed yet?

What have you been doing
up until now, eh?

Pica. Pica!

Will you please stop
all this sissified nonsense?

The boy's going off to war.

Besides, I don't understand
a damned word.

Why do you two always want

to leave me out of everything?

Don't speak French
when I'm around.

How many times...

If you wanted a wife
who speaks like you,

why didn't you marry

some thick-headed
butcher's daughter?

Bravo, Francois, bravo.

Forgive me, Father.

Forgive me, Father.

Hey, wait, we must talk.

What shall we do with
all the money we'll make

out of this war?

Have you thought of that?

Ah... I see.

A true son of his father,
eh, Pica?

We are going to be late
for mass, Monsignor.

Ah, they'll wait.

Listen, Francesco...
out of the way, out of the way.

Francesco, w-when you're
in Perugia,

don't forget Ugoni's storerooms
behind the marketplace,

near the main tower.

He's as rich as the pope.

There's everything there.

Yes, yes, leave it to me.

Ooh, and Francesco.

What else?

Remember the triptych I told you
about for the cathedral?

It'll save us a fortune
in indulgences.


Yes, war is beautiful.

This is my death mask.

Go forth, sons of Assisi.

God is with you!




Flowers in the
meadow softly sway

And all the little birds
sing merry May Day

Rabbits in the orchard
sport and play

And all the little creatures
smile and are gay

My little boy,
sing out your joy

I am near, my dear

My darling, do not fear

Love is all around you

Comforting with gentle lullaby
to make your heart sing.

What's he doing up there?

Oh, that's Bernardone's son.


Get down.




Francesco, what is it?

Francesco, my sweet, Francesco,

what's happening to you, eh?

You can tell me.

We've always understood
each other.


We've always
been close, you and...

Let me help you, my darling.

Well, sit down, sit down.

Take a drink.

Yes, business is booming.

Life's back to normal at last.

Yeah, talking about business,

I have some fine stuff
to show you

that you won't find
anywhere but here.

Well, not anymore, that is.

Look at this tapestry.

It comes from Provence.

That's beautiful, isn't it?

Feel the texture
of this material.

Now, I'd like you to compare
this with one from Venice.

Ah! This one here.

Look at your hands.

Look at your hands!

Forgive me.

If I find one finger mark
on any of my silks,

I'll beat you
till you're black and blue,

you dirty little pig!


These servants are
just like animals.

How's your son? Better now?

Oh, yes, thank God.

He's cost me a fortune
in masses to our blessed Mary,

but the worst is over now.

Now, there we are.

Oh, he's begun to get up,

and one of these Sundays,
you'll see him with us at mass.

Yes, please, please.

Take it into the light.

Do you remember me?

I'm Clare.

People say you're mad.

Do you know that?

When you went off to war,

they said you were fine
and intelligent.

But now you're mad, because...

because you sing like the birds,

and you chase after butterflies,

and you-you look at flowers.

I think you were mad before,
not now.

Am I disturbing you?
I'll go...

You see?

He talks with her.

Thanks be to God.

That's obviously what
was wrong with him.

The boy needed a woman, eh?


You look at things
so clumsily, Monsignor.

His heart is waking.

Well, you can call
it what you like,

but if you ask me,
that lad's after a woman.

That's why he's been
acting strangely.

What a lovely creature Clare is.

Hmm. Not much
of a catch, though.

Her father won't even
give enough dowry

to pay for a wedding.

Still, if that's what
Francesco wants,

we'll find enough money for
both of them, hey, Pica?

And you know what?


I'm going to put him
to work again.


No buts. You've mollycoddled him
long enough.

- But, Monsignor...
- Shh, shh, shh.

Besides, Francesco's always
been very good at business.

He likes it.

He does.

He takes after me.

Always has done.

Come, come.
You shall see.

I followed your advice,

to the very letter.

I bought and bought and...
and bought.

And now, we prosper.

Oh, I may curse the war
for having given you this,

uh, this fever,
but-but for business,

it was a blessing.

Come, come.

You shall see.

What you're going to see now

will send the blood
coursing through your veins.

Better than all those
potions and medicines

the women give you.


Go, go.

Look at that, eh, Francesco?


You see this? See?

And to think people
speak badly of war.

Come, come.
I'll show you.

You know how it started,
eh, Francesco?

With the war supplies.

And then, after the war,

the soldiers came
to sell their loot.

And then the wights who'd been
looted by the soldiers

came selling whatever
they had left

in order to rebuild,

practically giving
away things for nothing.

I'll show you, I'll show you.

Look at these.


Francesco, see these, huh?

Family heirlooms, hmm?

Titled people.

On their knees, they were.

Cost me less than nothing.

And this is not all.
It's just the beginning.

And there's so much more
than that.

Now we have enough money
to manufacture and sell

with nearly 200 workers...
dyers, weavers.

Well, see for yourself.

It belongs to you, too,

Don't forget that.

God bless the master
of this house

And a lu-la-lu-la-lo

And a lu-la-lu-la-lay

Now milady, lady of

He be handsome, she be fair

And a lu-la-lu-la-lay

And a lu-la-lu-la-lay

Bring them buttons
and bells and bows...

A penny a rhyme will do me fine

And a lu-la-lu-la-lo

And a lu-la-lu-la-lay

Tuppence a rhyme,
I told you so...

God bless the master
of this house

And a lu-la-lu-la-lo

And a lu-la-lu-la-lay...

Yes. Yes.

He invited them, if you please,
out for a stroll,

just like that.

He simply led them
into the sunshine,

and they sat there
all afternoon.

Nobody did a stroke of work.


And that-that... that simpleton,

that-that idiot boy...
he just... he just looked on.

He doesn't get it from me.

There's never been
a history of insanity

in my side of the family.

I've had enough of
your high and mighty ways.

You're not in noble
Provence now, madam,

and you'll not play the
great lady in my house!

You've ruined that boy!

You've pampered him
and spoiled him

with your Frenchified
airs and graces.

He's nothing more
than a cringing idiot.

Something's got to be done,
for God's sake,

but not by you!

You are a stupid, thick-headed,
vulgar animal,

that's what you are.

Don't you understand
what Francesco needs?

He's desperate.

Oh, Jesus, when I think
of my own youth,

I feel like flaying him alive.

That's typical of you.
Treat him like...

like one... like one of
your clerks who comes to you

whenever you stamp.

But, but, but Francesco's
not like that, Monsignor.

- No?
- No, no.

And what's more,

all the fathers and
mothers of Assisi

envy us such a son.

So... so sensitive,
so intelligent.


This is the, uh,
envy of Assisi, huh?

Now you've gone far enough!

No, Monsignor.

No son of mine,

do you understand, however mad,

is gonna behave like this.

Have you no respect for me,

You will obey me in everything!

And if you do not,
I will crush you

- within an inch of your life!
- No!

Is that clear?

Is that understood?

And... And starting
tomorrow morning,

you'll come with us to mass,

even if I have to drag
you there like a dog!

Come on, sit up.





It's... It's mine!

This one.

All of it!

And this.

Out of the way!

Where is he?
Where is he?!

It will never make you happy!

Throw it all away!

Burn it, my brothers,
all of it.


But he doesn't realize

what he's doing, Monsignor.

Be patient.


Father, I want
to share my joy with you.

Our treasures are
in Heaven, Father,

not here on Earth.

Don't be a slave to these.

Throw it all away.

Do as I do.

It's so simple.

Be free.

Father... no...


Om Stop it!

Stop in

You lunatic!

No. No, my brothers.

Don't touch that.

Throw it into the gutter.

Throw it all away!

It will only make you miserable.

Look at my poor father.

Quiet, you idiot.

Call the guards.

See how he struggles.

I want to see him hang
in the public square!

It's Pietro di Bernardone.

His son's gone mad.

What is all this commotion?

Di Bernardone's son,
he's gone berserk.

Has he only found that out now?

Oh, anyway, you'd
better alert the guards.

He's out of his mind.

What's the matter
with you, Bernardone?

Have you gone mad as well?

I want justice,
and I want it here, now,

in front of all Assisi.

Well, it would be helpful
to know the charge.

What has the justice
of men to do with me?

God is my only judge.

Well, unfortunately, He isn't
around to help us out.

Why not go to Bishop Guido, hmm?

Do you think I'm going
to interrupt my meal

because of some sordid
family squabble?

What heresy.

Your Grace...

Oh, tell them I'm out.

Say I'm praying or something.

But the whole town
is down there.

They insist that
the church intervene.

It's becoming
an outrageous scandal.

I really believe...


I've only just got over Lent,

and here you all are
imposing another on me.

But, Your Grace...

Have it kept hot.

God's teeth!

Can a man not be left alone
to dine in peace

in his own home?

The bishop's coming.

Pietro di Bernardone,

this will not do.

How dare you disturb us
when we are in the middle

of saying our office.

What's the matter with you, man?

Have you lost your senses?

It's not my fault, Your Grace.

It's him...
that lunatic there.


it's me.

My soul is in your hands.


Are you trying to cause trouble?

Is that what
you're trying to do?

Is this some damned plot
to rob the church

of its authority?

That's nothing to what
he's done to me, Your Grace.

I mean, God only knows,
I've always given him the best.

I, I, I brought him up.

I, I... I clothed him.


I mean, you ask anyone.

They'll tell you.

He's never wanted for anything

since the day he was born.

But today,

he threw all my belongings
out of the window!

And he even opened
my strongbox!


Thrown to a mob of cutthroats
like himself

down in the street.

Years of hard work
and self-sacrifice

just... just tossed away.

Then what is the answer
to these accusations?

Surely you are sufficiently

to understand
that Holy Mother Church

must punish those who subvert
the established order.

A man such as you is a...
is a menace to society.

He's either criminal or...

Or someone seeking the light.

Someone in darkness.

I was in darkness.

But Brother Sun
illuminated my soul.

And now, I can see so clearly.

Just as you did the day
you chose the sacred vestments

you are wearing now.

Are you seeking holy orders?


No. No.

I'm not worthy.

Then what do you want?

I want to be... to be happy.

I want to live like
the birds in the sky.

I want to experience
the freedom and the purity

that they experience.

The rest is of no use to me.

No use.

Believe me.

If the purpose of life
is this loveless toil

we fill our days with,
then it's not for me.

There must be something better.

There has to be.

Man is...

is a spirit.

He has a soul.

And that, that is what
I want to recapture...

my soul.

I want to live.

I want to live in the fields.

Stride over hills.

Climb trees, swim rivers.

I want to feel the firm grasp
of the earth beneath my feet

without shoes,
without possessions.

Without those shadows
we call our servants.

I want to be a beggar.


Yes, a beggar.

Christ was a beggar,

and his holy apostles
were beggars.

I want to be as,
as free as they are.

But, Your Grace,

even beggars show respect
for their fathers.

I'm not your son anymore.


What is born
of the flesh is flesh.

What is born
of the Spirit is spirit.

I now...

am born again.

Father, I give you back
everything that belongs to you:

Your clothes...

your possessions.

Your name, too.

There are no more fathers.

There are no more sons.

And everyone who has left
houses, or brothers,

or sisters,
or fathers, or mothers,

or children,

or fields,

for the sake
of our heavenly Father

will receive a hundred times
more in the life to come.

Cover him.

Cover him up.

Hey, come and see!

Look at the crusader.

Bernardo di Quintavalle?


Welcome home.

As I am presenting
the keys of the city

to the emperor,
it would hardly be

very bright of me
to present them

from the rear, would it?

Besides, this is not
a religious ceremony.

My dear governor,

Otto of Brunswick
is going to Rome

to be crowned emperor
by His Holiness.

How can you possibly say

this is not
a religious ceremony?

God moves in mysterious
ways, my dear secretary,

and He has arranged,
on this occasion,

that I move forward.

Ah! This is...

pure blasphemy!

What? Do you suggest you are

in direct communication
with the Word of God?!


Come here, Sylvestro.


Something really
marvelous has happened.

Guess what.


Bernardo's back.

Yes! He rode in
through the gates

half an hour ago.

He looks... fantastic.


And I will make
the speech of welcome.

Let's not discuss it further.

Everyone will have
his assigned place.

But, but you are here.


Streets ahead of me.

He couldn't have arrived
at a more appropriate time.

Let's meet tonight
and celebrate.

Giocondo, you arrange it.

- Oh, yes.
- Yes.

Hey! Bernardo!

How do you like your chicken?

Leg? Or breast?

The only one of us
that's stayed the same.

It's all show.

He's trying to go
back to his youth.

Why else would he
choose this place

to celebrate your return
from the crusade?

Crusades are nothing
to sing about, I assure you.

Oh, come on, Bernardo,
you're, you're famous.

You're a war hero.

I say, you must have slaughtered
thousands of Muslims.


How many, at a rough guess,

would you say that you killed?

Too many.


Where's Francesco?

Oh, uh...

He doesn't live in Assisi
anymore, Bernardo.

I gathered that, but...

What's happening?

Where is Francesco?

Oh, you're not still talking
about him, are you?

We told you, he's mad.

What do you mean, he's mad?

Don't take any notice
of him, Bernardo.

He's pissed, as usual.

But Francesco isn't mad,
is he, Paolo?


He's not mad.
He's... He's changed.

He is mad.

A raving bloody lunatic.

Only a lunatic will believe
that God Himself

had come down from heaven
to talk to him.


Listen, God has spoken
to lots of people sometimes.

How interesting.

And I suppose you think
that God personally decided

that San Damiano should be

the first church
in His rebuilding program.

San Damiano...? Rebuil...?

Is that where he's living?

Well, y-yes, I, I suppose so.

Is he all right?

Surely... Surely to God
one of you went along

to-to see him,

speak to him.

You must have done something.

Look, he...

He is our oldest...

and dearest friend.

He might need our help,
for God's sake.

Bernardo, listen to me,
not Giocondo, he's drunk.

Francesco's not mad.

Maybe he's very sane indeed.

But you are a hero
of the crusades.

You can't afford
to have your name

associated with his.

- What?!
- None of us can.

Francesco's been a great
friend to us all, but...

quite simply, we have
nothing in common anymore.


Are you all right?

I'm very well, Bernardo.

And you?

Listen to me for just a minute.

I want to help you.


Words, Bernardo.

There was a time
when I believed in words.

During all those months
in prison,

we talked so much about you.

We were sure you were dead.

When they freed us,

I had decided to go
to the crusades.

And it was in Jerusalem
that I heard you were alive.

But I was surprised
by what they said,

that you had abandoned the life
that you once loved so much.

That you were looking for
a new purpose, a new meaning.

You were right, of course.

I tried that, too.
Only for me it failed.

Yet it's too easy

to blame the crusades
for this... loss,

this emptiness,
this dissatisfaction I feel.

The horror of war,

the destruction of our ideals

is part of it, I know,

but there's something else.

I feel stifled by my past,
by my upbringing.

None of it means anything
to me anymore.

And you, Francesco,

you know better
than anyone else

that I cannot live
without an ideal,

without something
to believe in.

Perhaps I'm wrong,

perhaps one should be
more cynical and forget ideals.

I don't know.

That's why I thought
I had to come and talk to you.

What's the matter?

That would make
a worthy cornerstone...


and true.

Where did you get these,

some quarry near here?

Yes, it's not far.

I can take you there,
if you like.

Thank you, Bernardo.

Oh, come and let yourselves

be built as living stones
unto a spiritual temple.

Stop laughing.
Don't be such a fool!


Oh, I'll tell you,
Bernardo's a ruddy genius.

He knew that all you lot wanted
was to shot him out

on some state occasion
like a circus act.

Look, if that's
all you can say,

- you might just as well go home.
- Aah!

We've got to get Bernardo back.

- Go on.
- Come on!

Bernardo, listen...

Paolo wants to talk with you.

You see, they want you to
present the keys of the city

to Emperor Otto himself.

It's a very great honor.

You're the only one
who can make peace

between the governor
and the bishop.

are you listening to me?

Bernardo, please,
you must come back.

It's for the emperor himself.


No, there's nothing
I want to say to an emperor

who slaughters the innocent,

steals from the poor.

No, Bernardo, there's a lot
one could say to an emperor.

There you see, look.
Even Francesco agrees with me.

What should I say
to an emperor, Francesco?

Well, what could you say?


Well, you could tell him to
throw his scepter in the mud,

or to fling his jewels
into the river.

Then he could see the glow
of some new colors

amongst the glistening pebbles.

And you could say,
"Otto of Brunswick,

"let the birds nest
in your crown.

"Let the winds of heaven blow
through your empty palaces.

"What good is your life to you,

"if your riches bring you
no peace of mind...

and all your people starve?"

That's what should be said
to an emperor.

You mustn't listen to him,
I warn you!

If you're going
to say things like that,

then you'd better stay here!

You'll both be burned
at the stake as heretics!

Stop bleating.

And consider that maybe
Francesco and Bernardo here,

in the way they live, have more
in keeping with the gospels

than you and your lawyer friend
in the bishop's palace.

You were the one
who laughed loudest

and longest at Francesco.

Ah, shut up!

That's true, but I always laugh
when I don't understand.

Because you've got marbles
up there

instead of brains, that's why.

I'll tell you something, though.

I understand yours
and Paolo's dilemma.

Now get back to Paolo.

You! You pathetic little prick.

You just wait!

Go on, get out.

We'll settle our scores later,


Get back to the convent.

You just wait and see!





I send you to get Bernardo,
you come back without him.

You and that other...

Where's Giocondo?

Where is Giocondo?


Throw your scepter in the mud,
Otto of Brunswick!

Fling your jewels in the river

so, at last,
you see the pebbles!

Let the birds nest
in your crown!

What good is your
miserable life when you...

- ...steal from the poor,
- What's wrong with the man?

Slaughter the innocent,

and hoard vast sums of gold,

while your fellow countrymen

are starving to death!

Get him.


He'll be punished!

What have I done?

I've done it.

I've said it, Francesco.


We are given to understand,
my learned friend,

that you have...

that you have joined the ranks

of the state legislature?

Then your understanding
is based

on a misunderstanding,
my friend.

I haven't joined anybody.

I'm on nobody's side.

I've simply offered my services
to the city

to help stamp out the contagion
of San Damiano.

Your Grace,

we are told that the cream
of the city's youth

has already been curdled

by contact with this eccentric
little community, hmm?

They are restoring
a consecrated ruin for love.

Is that a crime?

They have cast away
all their possessions.

They have cast away
all our possessions,

which is
a very different matter.

Yes, indeed,
a very different matter.

A state matter.

If you thought Francesco
might start an uprising,

you should have judged
him yourself

before passing him on to me,

who could not fault his desire

to live in poverty,
like Christ and the apostles.

For Sister Poverty,
we give thanks...

Don't be discouraged, people.

Come on, at least
we're not thirsty

and we're well washed.

We give thanks.

Forgive and you
shall be forgiven

and live in simplicity.

Get away!

Move off with you.


Get out, Pig!

Here, see if you like this!

Thank you, brother.

You're no brother of mine.

Get away!

For Sister Poverty

We give thanks

For Brother Want

We give thanks

We give thanks.

Thank you, Lord,
for all Thy mercy

For the storm,
and winds that blow...


Thank you, Lord,
for all Thy blessings...

For Sister Grace

We give thanks

For Brother...

We give thanks

We give thanks.

"Blessed are the meek,

for they shall
inherit the Earth."

"How blessed are those
who show mercy,

"for mercy shall be
shown to them.

"How blessed
are the peacemakers;

God shall call them his sons."


What's the matter?

God forgive me,
a miserable sinner.

God forgive me,
a miserable sinner.

God forgive me,
a miserable sinner.

He probably heard you
the first time.

Go away.

Leave me alone.

Tell me.

I can take all the rest...

the cold, the hunger...

but there are days and nights

I'd gladly face
eternal damnation

for one moment of love.

I'll ruin everything you've
tried to do, Francesco.

I can't go on.

But... But you don't have to.

We're not a regiment of priests

for whom the sacred vow
of chastity

is a discipline.


We're just a band of men
who simply love God,

each according to
his own capacity.

But if Giocondo finds
the lack of a woman

distracts him from loving God,

then he should marry and breed
to his heart's content.

You didn't cut my hair before.

You knew I was weak.

You knew this would happen.

If everyone took
the vow of chastity,

the human race would end.

Be fruitful and multiply,

But with a wife, remember.

For Sister Chastity...

We give thanks

For Brother Love

We give thanks

We give thanks...

For Sister Poverty,
we give thanks

For Sister Want

We give thanks...

We give thanks.



God be with you, Francesco.


And pray for me.

No! No!

But they have been
working with us today.

Let's share what
little we have.

That way, you fool, there
will be even less for us.

But they are poorer than we are.

Poor? What poor?

They are the sons of landowners,

sons of the rich.

Go and look for bread
in your own homes.

Why do you
have to come and steal

from us, the real poor?

We are all poor
in the eyes of our Lord.

Lord, make me
an instrument of your peace

Where there is hatred,
let me sow love

Where there is injury,
let me sow pardon

Where there is doubt,
let me sow faith

It is in giving that we receive

It is in pardoning
that we are pardoned

It is in dying that we are born

That we are born
to eternal life.



You shouldn't have come,

but I knew you would... I knew.

I have to tell you,
and I don't care

if the whole world knows it.

From now on,
I want to live as you live.

Don't send me away
because I'm a woman

with little strength

or gentle manners.

I'm not seeking
to be understood anymore.

I want to understand.

I'm not asking to be loved.

I want to love.

Where there is sadness, please,

please, help me find joy.



make me an instrument
of your peace.

Good morning.

Give him to me.

Stay here.


If you want your dream to be

Take your time, go slowly

Do few things, but do them well

Heartfelt work grows purely

If you want to live life free

Take your time, go slowly

Do few things, but do them well

Heartfelt work grows purely

Day by day, stone by stone

Build your secret slowly

Day by day, you'll grow, too

You'll know heaven's glory

If you want your dream to be

Take your time, go slowly

Small beginnings, greater ends

Heartfelt work grows purely

If you want to live life free

Take your time, go slowly

Do few things, but do them well

Heartfelt joys are holy

If you want to live life free

Take your time, go slowly

Do few things, but do them well

Heartfelt joys are holy.

Good night, Your Grace.



The church!

Come on!

Quickly, get some water!

Has anybody called
for Francesco?

Look, he's coming.

Francesco, Francesco,

Francesco, look.

What happened?

The bishop's soldiers came.

The bishop's soldiers came.

They wanted to close
the church, and Deodato...

He wouldn't let them in.


He started fighting and...

a-and called for help.

Oh, he screamed and screamed

and... kicked them,
and then they pushed him.

He struggled, but...



Who could have such...

such hatred for such a creature?

What did he do wrong?

I must know.

I must... understand.

Somebody has to help
me understand.

Somebody has to help me.

And there is someone...

if He would.

Water! Away!

Look. Who's that?

There. Who's that coming there?

Come on, let's go and see.


You mustn't go to Rome,
do you hear?

You must not go to Rome.

Why mustn't he go to Rome?

Never mind why,
Bernardo di Quintavalle.

Just bring him back to Assisi.

That's impossible, Paolo.

You know that.


Listen to me.

Not as a friend...

for I may no longer
call myself your friend.

But you must come back
to Assisi.


I must go to Rome...

to find out what
I've done wrong.

What you've done wrong?!

Then you can save
yourself the journey,

because I can tell you,
quite categorically,

you've done everything wrong.


From the moment you ran away
from the war, remember?

And abandoned us, your friends!

And acted like a lunatic
to cover up your cowardice!

And decided to be a king
amongst the poor.

Paolo, don't talk like that.

You're-you're just jealous.

And if I am, I've good reason.

He's had everything I've had
to work and scheme for...

riches, women, position,

even God!

You just saunter out
of your house one fine morning

and pluck God out of the air,

as easily as catching
a butterfly.

It's all too simple.

If what you say is true,

then the Holy Father
will soon point out

the errors in my faith.

The Pope?



So, you still think

you'll be able to see the Pope.

Just look at yourselves...

the pride of Assisi.

Filthy, starving,

reduced to the gutter.

And this is how you hope to find
an audience with His Holiness.

Well, good luck, my friends.


you could help me.

You know what to do.

Francesco... go home.

I have enough money to
see you all back safe.


help me to see the Pope.

Well, if I do succeed,
and it's very little likely,

it will be on my terms,
is that clear?

Yes, of course.

Make way, please.

Everybody, make way, please.



Read it out...

exactly in the way
it is written here,

changing nothing.

Do you understand?

- Francesco?
- Hm? I'm sorry.

Read it out word for word.

A masterpiece of
evangelical strategy.

I almost believe it myself.

Now, remember,
what you must make

absolutely clear
is that you recognize

the supreme authority
of the Pope.

And then, when you've made your
submission to His Holiness,

you will withdraw.

I've arranged for horses,

for you, all of us,
to return to Assisi.

Once there, I promise you

I will do everything
in my power

to reconcile you with the city.

Paolo... why are you doing
all this?


in your simpleminded zeal,

you could all be burned
as heretics.

And besides,

I don't want a martyr
on my conscience.

They're hermits from Assisi.

They're here to make submission
to Your Holiness.

Their leader is, uh...


Just an ordinary blessing,
Your Holiness,

to gratify Bishop Guido.

You asked permission
to speak to us.

Well, speak.




"Look at the birds of the air.

"They do not sow or reap
or store in barns...

"...yet our Heavenly
Father feeds them.

"Is there any man among you who,
by anxious thought,

"can add a minute to his life

or a foot to his height?"

Why the concern for your riches?

"Consider how the lilies grow
in the fields.

"They do not work nor spin...

"...yet even Solomon,
in all his splendor,

"was not attired
like one of these.

"How little faith you have.

"You ask, 'What are we to eat?

"'What are we to drink?

"'What are we to wear?'

"When all these things are
for the pagans to run after,

"not for you.

"Set your mind on God's kingdom,

"and his justice
before everything else,

and all the rest
will come to you as well."

How dare he lecture us
on the gospel.

"You have stored
your treasure here...

"here on earth... where there
is rust and moth to devour it,

"where thieves will break in
and steal it.

"But store your treasure
in heaven...

"where there is no rust,

"no moth,

"no thief to steal.

"For where your treasure is...

there will your heart be



Out! Call the guards!


Out! Out!

How little faith you have!

"No man can serve two masters.

"He will hate the one
and love the other,

"or he will be devoted to one
and despise the other!

You cannot serve both God
and money!"



Forgive me.
You went to so much trouble.

You come, too.

No, not him.

He's not with us.

Well, tell him Paolo,
you're not with us.

Tell him.

I am with them.

Then go with them.

Quiet! Quiet! Move along.

Your Holiness,
I am most dreadfully sorry.

Please forgive this outrage.

We were misinformed.

We were given to understand

this was a humble group
of hermits.

He isn't well.

Shall we suspend the audience?

Do you wish to retire,
Your Holiness?

Your Holiness.

Where is he?

Who, Your Holiness?

Where is that man?

Below, Your Holiness.

Our guards have arrested him.

Call him back.

Bring him here...


What do you want of us?

I have often watched the larks
in the fields round my home.

They are such humble,
modest creatures

who need only a sip of water
and a few berries

in order to live,
and soar into the heavens.

One day, I found myself thinking
that we, too, could be happy

if we were content with little,
like the larks.

If we could live as they live,

and thanking the Lord
who created us.

That is why we came to Rome...

to ask your advice.

Well, what advice
can I possibly give you,

my dear young brother?

God has given you
a most precious gift...

the grace to approach Him
through His beloved creatures.

What more can you want?

Simple people understand us,
but the others...

Perhaps we've made mistakes.

This is what we want to know.

Is it not possible, Holy Father,

to live according
to the teachings of our Lord?

Or have we sinned
through presumption?

If that be the case,

then we would like Your Holiness

to tell us of our errors.

My dearest son,
errors will be forgiven.

In our obsession
with original sin,

we too often
forget original innocence.

Don't let that happen to you.

You've brought me,
dear children,

great joy and a little sadness.

I, too, started my vocation-
oh, long ago...

in much the same way as you.

But, with time,
all that enthusiasm passed,

and the responsibilities
of church government

took hold of me, as you see.

And what will happen
to those who come after you?

Have you thought
enough about them?

But if it be true for us,

then how can it
not be true for them?

We are encrusted

with riches and power.


in your poverty...

put us to shame.



go in the name
of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Preach the truth to all men.

May your disciples
increase a thousandfold,

and flourish...

like the palm tree.

Our Lord be with you,..

In your hands...

and in your feet.

Don't be alarmed.

His Holiness
knows what he's doing.

This is the man who
will speak to the poor,

and bring them back to us.