Brother Outlaw (1971) - full transcript

A man is falsely charged with bank robbery, prompting his brother to break him out of prison. Together the pair set out to find the real culprits, and their search leads them to a gang of outlaws headed by a notorious gunfighter.



They are getting closer.


Do not stop!

Off the road!

Thank your guardian angel, Sheriff.
I will not kill you.

I just want the 50 thousand dollars
that are there with you.

You can't prove
that Dakota is guilty.

I want to know who killed
my brother! Silence!

No more interruptions!
Proceed, Dr. Donavon.

Your Honor,
what else can I say?

We all know that
for that money in the carriage...

It was worth it
to take any risk.

What our loyal
Sheriff decided to do

with all the savings
of an entire city?

Decided to appropriate

and blame a bunch of criminals.

Criminals who, if there are any,
respected jury,

they only served to help him kill
the men of his faithful escort.

Men who fully
trusted this villain.

Without suspecting your
true intentions.

About the ridiculous story

that the stagecoach
was attacked by thieves...

I only say one thing.

What kind of bandit kills the entire
escort and leaves the Sheriff alive?

Especially a sheriff like Dakota,
who pretends to be a man of the law.

So the truth is
certainly not that way.

And I repeat again.

This man was disloyal
in his role as Sheriff.

Pay attention, Donavon.

The Sheriff has
already participated

in the surveillance of hundreds
of these deliveries.

And they were always
delivered safely.

Including the ones
you sent yourself. Really.

This proves that I am right
in saying,

that he just wanted
to gain our trust.

Wait. I still haven't convinced
myself that he made up the story.

And why
should we believe you?

In my opinion,
you made up this whole charge.

It is just an invention.

What evidence confirms
what you are saying?

I tell you. I've always
suspected him since the day...

Unfortunately, your suspicions
are not of interest to this court.

Dr. Donavon...

Proceed with your arguments.
Certainly, Your Honor.

I therefore suggest that a...

transparent investigation
of this case will allow us to understand

the true character of this man.

This man whose name is

This we all saw as a courageous
and honest representative of the law

it turned out to be worse than
the worst of the bad guys.

He betrayed all the trust
we placed in him.

Whether alone, or with
the help of a band of assassins.

Needless to say,
it makes very little difference.

He disappeared with the money,

which we added with
the sweat on our faces.

Without hesitation.
In order to succeed,

he murdered,
colleagues in cold blood.

These crimes cannot
go unpunished!

Let's linch it! It doesn't deserve
our compassion, it's incredible

Listen, Donavon.
You speak as if you know everything.

Maybe I know. But there is one thing,
that you seem to have forgotten.

If he really killed those men
and stole that money,

why did you return
to Tombstone?

Because he expected us
to believe what he said.

And there's more.
If he had run away,

we would have found it.
He wanted to be smarter than us.

The best cover would be
to go back to Tombstone and...

Playing the victim.

Silence in court!
Shut up!

I said "Silence in court",
damn it!

The way things are going,
the Sheriff will be lynched.

If we could do anything
to help...

It is all Donavon's fault,
as the facts are distorting.

Yes. There is not even
a trace of evidence.

The best way to help Dakota is
to take a message to his brother.

Yes, but how?

Go to Passo Bravo
and look for his mother.

She is the only one who
knows where to find him.

You better bring
him here right away.

Silence in court!
Silence in this court!

Silence in court!

Or they'll all be put out!

So, Sheriff...
Would you like to say something?

It's your last chance
to be able to speak.

All standing.

In view of the powers
given to us,

we take every precaution
to ensure a fair trial

of these charges of murder
and armed robbery.

on behalf of our people

and the state of Arizona

we declare that Joe Russel,
known as Dakota,

was found guilty
and convicted today.

However, considering it's
services provided

and in these exceptional

I have decided that the
sentence will be mitigated

for a period of forced labor
of at least 15 years.

Everything was perfect.

I managed to keep the deal,
even though he was convicted.

We spared the Sheriff's life,
as promised.

I said that I could
trust myself and justice.

You had no way of knowing,
that the sentence would be eased.

You were putting
his life at risk.

I knew I could count
on the judge's honesty.

He would never condemn anyone,
to death without hard evidence.

But now it will rot in jail.
The deal was for his life.

You owed him and me being
your tutor, I paid off.

Jeane, I hope you're
not thinking about...

break your promise.

Within a few days,
you will make a statement.

Will announce your wedding.
With me, of course.


Mr. Donavon, an important visit.
Just a moment.

You'll have to excuse me, Jeane.
Go to your bedroom.

We can plan the honeymoon
during dinner.

I'm sorry, but now I have
urgent business to do.

Alvarez, you did a great job!

Receive my sincere compliments.
It was perfect.

All the services I organize
have to be perfect.

I give my word. We will have
all the gold that is possible to use.

The due diligence attack alone
earned us $ 50,000.

What my neighbors have
saved their entire lives.

And my money,
deposited on behalf of the company,

I was very well assured.

I think you understand
exactly what I mean.

We won't have any more trouble
with Dakota for 15 years.

For me,
you made the wrong decision.

It would have been much better
to eliminate it.

Mr. Donavon, I didn?t
like to let you go. Hmm, hmm.

I had no other choice.

A few years ago,
Dakota saved my Jeane's life.

Now I have settled this debt.
Yes, totally.

I knew that...

You have lost many of your men.
It is true?


But I've already
filled in the blanks.

The west is full of desperate
men who do anything for dollars.

And I take good care of my men,
as well as myself.

I am always happy
to work for you.

But don't keep me waiting.

I need money for the widows
and mothers of the men I lost.

Of course, now I only
hire single men and kids fro ...

See you!

Here comes Jackson.
I bet we'll have confusion.

Now it cools...

Hey, don't I know you?
You are Dakota.

Do you know who I am?

A guy that you confined
in this filthy hole for 5 years.


You remember, don't you?

I bet you would never expect
to find me here.


It deserves a welcoming party.
You bastard!

I told you there would be confusion.
Guys, we have a sheriff here!

He's in the right place.

If I were you,
Sheriff would take care of you.

It would be a pleasure for me!
A very personal pleasure.

Jackson, if you like,
we're all with you.

I want to do this service alone.

It's ok!

If you think you're up to it.
But it will not be easy.

I'll give you something
that reminds you of Tombstone.

That's enough!
The show is over.

Get back to work.
Come on, move!


Stop this!

Come on!

There you are.
Get me out of here now!


Please, I can't take it anymore!
Get me out of here! Get me out!

I'll freak out! I'm going
to kill myself!

Get me out of here
I'm going to kill myself!

Please! What do we have
there, Sergeant?

I know.

I understand.


I understand your resistance,
Your Honor.

But the Governor has good reason
to absolve Dakota.

The Governor is going
to clean up the state.

But he has to be careful
not to make any mistakes.

Especially one that discredits,
the prestige of the law.

Yes I understand.

Sergeant. Forget the call.


Hello Brother!

You are a free man, Dakota.

I know you must be surprised.
Here's your release.

That's right, Dakota.

The new Governor decided,
as a result of his brother's appeal,

review the records
of your trial.

Its, since there was apparently
no hard evidence against you,

fact alleged in the appeal,

the Governor ordered you to be
acquitted and released immediately.

As a man of the law, I can say...

Despite all your efforts
and attempts, you know that

justice is sometimes flawed.
Now that you're free,

I hope to count on you
to continue,

the enviable work he has always
done for the state and the nation.

Nice acting, Bill!

I almost believed you were
the governor's secretary.

I got paid for that, didn't I?

You really tricked
the prison director, Bill.

Come on, see you later.
Come on thanks.

Drinks. What? Whiskey.

Where can we find,

I'm a liquor salesman,
not a spy.

The staff is not very
friendly here in Santa Cruz.

But, after all, who are you?

What do you want with
Alvarez? Watch...

We didn't come here
to ask for information.

For those who say they are not a spy,
it seems that you love asking questions.

I see that you suffer
from acute curiosity.

Like your customers so much that
you want to know everything about them.

I have a proposal to make.
How about an exchange?

We say who we are.

And you say where Alvarez is.
It's ok?

Well, it seems fair.

I think. Saw?

There is nothing more
for two men to make a deal.

I think.
How about you talk first?

Spit it out!

We are waiting for information!
Come on!

How about telling me,
which Alvarez?

Was it the barber?
Or... Enough

Let's go, Slim. He's more afraid
of Alvarez than he is of us.

But if you see your
friend, Alvarez...

You can tell him
that Dakota was here.

Who are?
Next time I ask, Sheriff.

Ah, this is the city plan!...

The sheriff's office is
directly across from the bank.

You and your men will enter
the main street... Alvarez!


You fool! You know you have
orders, never to come here!

What does he have with this?

Come on, say it! Calm!

Dakota got out of prison.
He and his brother...

They killed four of us.
Are you sure about that?

Yes, I saw him.

Damn, that nosy one, it will ruin
everything, that we prepared

I knew that sooner or later,
he would be able to get away with it.

If you had heard me,
it would never have happened.

There would be nothing
left of Dakota.

Just a pile of bones in the desert.
But you melted all over for a woman.

I dispense with your opinions, Alvarez.
The woman is my problem.

You just have
to follow my orders.

It was clear? Without me,
you are nothing! Remember this!

It is good to teach your men
to stop being untamed.

I can't count on anyone who
gets out of control for any reason.

Besides that...

It's not just Dakota,
who's after you.

And now?

What is thinking?

Because of my money he
will also have to go.

We have no other choice.

Make sure it was done well.
Get rid of both.

It's ok.

You know what you have
to do, Alvarez.

Did you hear well?

Donavon said that they are ours.
We can take both.

So we'll settle the score,
for what they did to the boys.

Come on!
They don't escape me!

How are you, Slim?

Who are you working for now?
Tell me what are you doing around here!

How did your guardian, Donavon,
let you go out alone?

Don't start again, Slim!

You know I have no choice.
Okay, never mind.

Come on.
I want to show you something.

You can leave, it's me, please.
See who's here, Dakota.

Jeane. Hello, Dakota.
I thought you were here.

But you must not know about
the escape in Tombstone!

They don't know about Tombstone.
But Donavon already knows.

After what you did,
with Alvarez and his gang.

Donavon? What does he have
to do with Alvarez?

Do you think there is time...
Is obvious!

Now it makes sense.
Did you know that, Jeane?


And from the attack on
the stagecoach near Santa Cruz.

So you knew it was Alvarez
and that Dakota hadn't made it up?

Yeah! And I was the one who convinced
Donavon to spare Dakota's life.

It's him...

He promised me that you
would not be murdered.

I swear!

Who made the promise?

So he organized everything?

The one who has to serve
that sentence in jail is him.

Now, Slim!

He's one of Donavon's men!

Listen. Someone is coming!

Come on!

Damn it! They escaped!
They must have heard us.

Wait, Slim.

Let's see what they're up to.
You the boss.

It's still hot.

I mean,
they can't be too far away.

They must have gone across the plain.
We can reach them.

Come on!

With all these here...

There should not be many
in the hideout. Right.

So let's pay a visit.

Don't let me wait too long.

I'm sorry, but I have to...
Don't worry.

Okay, never mind.

You never really learn.
I can wait at the girl's house.

Leave Rosita alone, got it?

Look, I left half a tequila under
the bed. Here, stay with you.

See you later! Stay tuned!



Come on!

You fool!

I should make you pay for this!

It's an absurd.

How did they manage to get a bag full
of money out of their hiding place?

But I didn't expect that.
But you should!

They made a fool of you.

Don't forget that your girl
once saved Dakota.

Were it not for this,
nothing would have happened.

N?o. The only culprit is you.

He thought they wouldn't
attack the hideout.

You were wrong.
The situation is not good!

If Dakota talks to the Sheriff,
he could lose everything.

The only hope is for you
to find those two and kill them.

Both! Understood?
Hmm, now go!

Once you get to Tombstone,
give this to the Sheriff.

Explain everything to him.

We will see what Donavon

thinks of a court when
the accused are he and Alvarez.

Stay hidden until I get back.
Remember you're still a fugitive.

I am not afraid
that they will find me.

Maybe I'll see what
the bad guys are up to.

Don't get too close to that hiding place.
Because if they catch you...

When you're coming back,
you can avoid confusion

going down the bridge street,
before that way.

Do not worry.
I know how to take care of myself.


If you're worried about
something, Jeane,

you should comfort
yourself with me.

Why don't you open up
to me?


I don't like to see you like this
on the eve of our wedding, my dear.

I could at least pretend,
that you're happy.

So, Jeane, couldn't you?
Is it that hard?

By the way,
four of my men are missing.

Would you happen
to know anything?

I wouldn't even want to imagine
that Dakota was involved.

Hmm!... And!...

I have no idea...
It's good to see where you are!

You do not fool me. I don't like your
friendship with Dakota.

Of course,
you wouldn't do that.

I spared his life
once because of you.

But I would think twice
if you asked me again.

So, tell Dakota...

That you're all mine.

Honey, don't you think we should
make plans for the wedding now?

They set up an ambush
just outside, Tombstone.

I tried to escape, but...

Don't try to talk.
You are still weak.

I managed to deliver the bag.

Take it easy.

When can I get up?

You should get better soon.
Luckily, it only hit the skin.

I'll be gone for a few days.
Take care.

Here is your gun and you know
where you have food. It's ok.

Now I settle the score,
with Alvarez once and for all.

And then, take Donavon.

Hello, Dakota? Didn't expect
to find me, right?

You do not need to be afraid.
They're all friends of mine.

Now take off the belt.

Since you know the way...

You better come with us
to the hideout.

Poor fellow!
He looks exhausted already.

Sooner or later, he'll tell you
where he hid the bag of money.

He's tough.

Now it's better to give
it a rest.


You're an idiot!

He managed
to make you all fools.

It made you a joke.

I ordered you to shoot Dakota.

Now he has Tombstone's

And you're laughing...

From me... and you...
From your gang.

I admit, I made a mistake.

But don't forget,
we got the brother.

Well, how wonderful!

I bet your gang is all proud.

Hmm, a boy.

But are you sure you got it?

Who helped Dakota escape?
Just tell me that.

Hmm, if he's alive,
he's got a bullet right in the heart.

That we will see.

Now I want you
to bring me Dakota!

The main thing is to get him
to tell you where he hid the money.

And it won't be difficult.

Because I don't intend to play
games that let you escape.

You bet!

I'm not going to sit here
or hear another word from you.

You don't know me,

It's getting
difficult for us here.

We can,
set up just one more assault.

Just one and we're
done with this party.

We have to be quick.
But everything is well planned.

But as long as Dakota is free,
every second is dangerous.

Gather your gang.

When you receive my orders,
be ready to act.

That's it.


Hey, greetings, friends!
Everything okay with you?

Where have you been?
Would you like a drink from us?

Hello Carlos!

Cralos, hello, how are you?

I'm fine! How are you going?

Want a coffee?
Have a coffee with us friend...

We've been waiting
for you here for a long time.

No news from you!....

I bring good news, boys.
We have service for tomorrow morning.

As soon as Donavon sends the signal,
we will invade Santa Cruz.

Whoever tries to stop us...

You will be shot
if necessary!...

This is good and where is it,
his brother?

Now listen well.
Tomorrow we have to be aware.

Because at this point,
everyone wants to get us guys.

Everyone will be looking for us.

And when we take
the money out of the bank,

perhaps they will organize,
a joint effort to come after us.

But I already know how
to trick them.

When we're done, let's go,
disperse after the assault.

We will meet in Fronteiras
in two weeks. Do you understand?

Until then, I want everyone out
of circulation for now.

Do you have any questions?
We have some to do for you!...

When will we receive
our money?

And where's the money?

You will wait until things
calm down.

What about Dakota.

We have to prevent him
from getting into...

the nose in our business.

Is it clear, guys?

And what are we going
to live on?

You can steal!

Does anyone have
anything else to say?

Come on...

We need to get going.
Come on! Come on!

When we get our hands
on that gold, then we can talk!

My dear friends,
let's take care of our things!...

Come on!


Good morning, Mr. Donavon.
Good Morning.

It arrived just in time.
We just opened it.

I prefer to avoid peak hours.

You certainly have important
business. Extremely.


Feel free.

What an honor to welcome you
to our bank, Mr. Donavon.

I believe it is one of the richest
banks in the west.

How can we serve you?

Simply opening your safe.

You must be kidding,

I'm not in the mood for a joke.

You can tell. Quickly!


Fast! Let's get out of here!

Did you get everything?

Come here!

It is a pleasure to do business
with your bank.

Receive my compliments, sir.

Now, help me get these
bodies out of here.

Oh, wait a minute!
He forgot his hat.

Come on, get out of there, Donavon!
Your comrade Alvarez is dead.

Listen, Sheriff...
Can you hear me from there?

You have to let me out of town.

If you try to stop me, I'll shoot the girl.
Did you hear?

You know, I'm not kidding!

Did you hear me, what did I say?
Drop your weapons!

All right, you can leave.

You there, turn the carriage.

Do not try anything
on our way out!

Ah!... Better not even try
to follow us!


Go over there, Dakota.
Come on, quick!


I decided that you
will join Slim.

This star really belongs
to you.

And now you can go back
to Tombstone, Sheriff.

Good luck.