Brother Enemy (1981) - full transcript

When a gang of angry teenagers is caught breaking into his workshop, david stuggles against his own hostility to teach then a lesson. But can he overcome evil with good?

(lively music)

(Freddy whistling)

(Saul howls)

(Freddy gasps)

- Freddy?

Freddy, I was only joking.

(Freddy gasps)


Lana caterpillar.

- What's happened?

- Freddy has fainted.

- Oh...

I better go home.

- Oh Lana, don't run away.

You always run away.

(mischievous laugh)

- What's the matter Saul?

You got problems?

- Oh no, go away, you never help anyway.

- Oh, but I'm, I'm always available.


He bit me, hit bit me!

- Wanna fight?

- No, Freddy needs help.

- Freddy?

Who cares?


- Freddy!

- Saul, I just saw the
most terrible monster.

- [Saul] It was me, Freddy.

- Well, I hope you learned a lesson.

- I learned how hard it is to get help

when you're in trouble.

- And you are my purple,

furry, good Samaritan.

- What's a good Samara-raritan?

- It's in the Bible!

About a guy who's really in trouble

and no one would help him.

- Like me?

- Like you.

- Tell me about it, Freddy.

- [George] Good David, the
sound is working perfectly.

- Thanks, George.

- With all you're doing to
raise money for the center,

I wish I could do more.

My kids never miss your TV show.

They can't believe that
I grew up with the man

behind the famous Wiemer Puppets.

- Well, we're all ready.

- We've got an hour,
how about some coffee?

- Sounds good.

- Boy, it's great to have you back.

But I can't see how
working here all summer

is much of a vacation.

- Well, I like to work in
front of a live audience.

It keeps me on my toes.

Besides, I like coming
back to the old hometown.

- [George] I wish you'd
let us pay you something.

- Bring your kids, that's payment enough.

- Hiya kids!

See ya at this afternoon's show.

A little change from basketball, huh?

- This sign says no basketball
practice for eight weeks.

- That's right, we've got David Wiemer.

You know, the TV show.

The children's story hour.

Wiemer Puppets?

Well, maybe you're a little old.

Come to the show this afternoon.

Oh, put that notice
back up will you, Todd?

Boy, the things we're
gonna prove around here

with that money, David.

(ominous music)

You'll never know how great
it is what you're doing.

- [Todd] Let's get outta here.

- We need some new equipment for the teams

which we haven't been able
to swing for five years

and we've been trying to get
that parking lot re-serviced

but just haven't had the bread
so that's second on the list.

And if there's anything left after that,

it goes to the nursery department

for educational toys to the little kids.

I hope this experience is as
great for you as it is for us.

♫ Jesus loves the little children

(Saul humming)

Oh no!

- Surprise!

(Saul yells)

- [Saul] Bobby is picking on me!

(Saul cries)

- [Freddy] Saul?

- I'm leaving if that
goody goody is coming.

- [Saul] Good.

- Saul? Saul?

Saul, where are you?

Oh, Saul!

- I'm going Kevin.

- [Freddy] Saul!

- I'll be home at nine
when the library closes.

- [Freddy] Oh, poor Saul!

Oh, let me help you.

(Saul cries)

- Be sure Alice is in bed by eight, Kevin.

- [Freddy] Did Bobby bop you again?

- Bye sweetheart.

- [Saul] He hit my nose. (cries)

- Well, he's your brother.

You have to forgive him.

- [Saul] No I don't!

- [Freddy] Jesus said you'd
have to turn the other cheek.

(phone rings)

- [Saul] Then he will just hit me again!

- Hello.

(Saul cries)

I can't, I'm stuck with Alice.

- [Freddy] What do you want to do?

- Okay, I'll be there.

Give me a minute.

(mischievous music)

Okay, bye.

- [Saul] I wanna bop his wad!

- Alice, I gotta go out.

- [Freddy] That'd be wrong Saul.

- Put your pajamas on and go to bed.

I'll be back soon.

- But it would make me feel good.

(ominous music)

(playful music)


- Ooh.



(mischievously laughs)

Goodnight, David.

Goodnight, Saul.

(lighthearted music)

♫ Jesus loves the little children

♫ All the children of the world

♫ Red and yellow, black and white

♫ They are precious in his sight

♫ Jesus loves the little
children of the world

♫ Jesus loves the little children

♫ All the children of the world

(dramatic music)


(moves into suspenseful music)

- [Man At Door] Burglars in the studio.

Call the police.

- No don't hurt Saul!

No don't hurt Saul, no!

No, don't!

Don't hurt Saul!
- Get her outta here.

Go! Get her outta here.

Go, come on.

(ominous music)

- [Officer] Alright in there, come on out.

(radio transmissions)

- It'll be bad for you if
we have to come in there.

(radio transmissions)


- Get over there.
- Spread 'em.

- Girls, up here in the front.

You're alongside here.

(radio transmissions)

Okay you first.


(people chattering)

Come over here.

(despairing music)

- What happened to you, Freddy?

Oh, poor little fella.

Oh dear Lord, why?

I'll build you again, Freddy.

But I need to know why
the Lord let this happen?

Why Lord, why?

- I called your parents, Lou.

They said they'd pay all the damages

but they really can't get away right now.

- Kevin!

- [Officer] Wait til old
man Harrison gets here.

- If he can walk.

(subdued music)

- [David Voiceover] Oh
Father, children did this.


(wrathful music)

(subdued music)
Help me not to be angry.

Help me understand.

(wrathful music)

(subdued music)

And the Lord's servant must not quarrel.

Instead, he must be kind to everyone.

Able to teach, not resentful.

(wrathful music)

(subdued music)

Those who oppose him,
he must gently instruct,

leading them to the truth.

- We need you at the station
to make the complaint.

- Yeah.

- [David Voiceover] Those who oppose him,

he must gently instruct.

- What have you done now?

- What's this all about?

Where's my kid?

(dramatic music)

- Oh!

- What have you done now?

- [Officer] Destruction
of valuable property.

- You halfwit, if you get
caught you deserve what you get.

- Let go of me!

- [Woman] Mr. Wiemer,
can't we talk about this?

- How do you talk to a guy
that still plays with dolls?

- Tina was led into this with these boys.

You can't intend to blame her.

- Well, Lou's parents
will pay for any damages.

- Bill's stupid but he's not mean.

- You wouldn't wanna
blame children for a joke.

- Now just hold it.

Now, they're old enough to
know what they were doing

and smart enough to know they
have to pay for the damages.

Excuse me, please.

- Who would've thought
he would be so mean?

- I'll see my attorney about this.

- [Todd's Dad] I'll break
Wiemer's dumb dolls.

- I think you've gone mad.

- Well, let me try judge.

- It's your funeral.

Go get them Sam.

I hope you know what you're doing.

- If thine enemy hunger, feed him.

- Yeah (chuckles) if he
doesn't eat you first.

You each plead guilty?

- [Altogether] Yes, sir.

- The damage is appraised at $5,000

by the insurance company.

I have a choice of penalties.

A sentence in a training home

or to have the parents pay
up to three times the value

of the property destroyed.

What has been lost to
the town by this group

is impossible to calculate.

However, Mr. Wiemer has prevailed upon me,

as well as your attorney
and the probation officer,

to exact a penalty, which in
his opinion, fits the crime.

Therefore, I am going
to place all five of you

on probation to Mr. Wiemer
for a period of two months.

At the end of which,

you will present a
puppet show for the town

in hopes of gaining some
revenue for the community center

which was lost to them by you.

Do not mistake this for leniency.

If, for any reason, you fail to show up

at Mr. Wiemer's studio five
days a week, six hours a day,

or fail to present that performance,

I will have each one of
you hauled back in here

and exact the severest penalty I can.

Do you understand?

- [Altogether] Yes, sir.

- If you try any excuse to
get out of your six hours

with Mr. Wiemer, back you come.

Do you understand?

- [Altogether] Yes, sir.

- You begin tomorrow at nine o'clock.

(lighthearted music)

- Come and sit down please.

(mimicking fart noises)

As the judge said,

you'll do a show at the end of the summer.

You'll write your own play from this book.

(anxious music)

- But this isn't a book?

- The Bible.

- You'll pick one of the stories

from this book for your play.

- But this is church stuff.

- They'll laugh us out of town.

- We'll work on it so they don't laugh.

- [Todd] We?

- Yeah, I'll be working with you.

- Oh, aren't we lucky?

- Yes, you are lucky
Todd, you're very lucky.

You could be on your
way to training school

instead of sitting here.

(moves into menacing music)

That's good, Todd.

That's real good.

You sure know how to
push buttons on people

to make 'em angry.

Well, this summer we're gonna find out

if you're capable of doing anything else.

- Oh, I think so.

- Todd.

Sit down.

(moves into fretful music)

Now, each of you will
bring in a story idea

tomorrow morning for the play.

- And if we don't?

- Report to the judge.

You have a choice.

That's all for today.

(moves into menacing music)

I said, you can go.

- I saved this for you to do Saul again.

- Thanks Alice.

- Alice, come on!

- [Tina] Crazy.

- You have a choice!

I like bleeding hearts,

they always feel sorry for
poor delinquents like us, huh?


- [Kevin] Let's just get out of here!

- [Lou] Yeah!


(brooding music)

Be not overcomed of evil,

but overcome evil with good.

I dunno if I can do it.



- Hey Todd, I got this good
one about this guy Solomon,

that he was gonna cut this baby in half.

- Whoa, whoa!

(whistles) Whoa.

I got the story we're gonna do, okay?

It's called The Lost Son.

Now listen, this kid, he
decides to take his father

for everything he's worth and
the old man let's him do it.

And then when the kid spends all the money

well the father's dumb
enough to take him back.

- [Kevin] The Prodigal Son.

- What?

- Here, in Luke chapter 15 verse 11.

- You know this book, don't you Kevin?

- So?

- You like this stuff, Kevin?

- No!

- Well, good.

'Cause I got plans to shaft dear old David

with the dear old dad part.


- Alright.

- [Bill] Okay.

- Now let's decide on what
parts we're gonna play.

- You have decided on your parts?

- I am the older brother that get shafty.

- I am the beautiful temptress.

- I'm the clever tempter, not beautiful.

- Todd?

- I'm the, uh, Prodigal Son.

- [David] Kevin?

- Uh, he's the son's best friend.

They do their thing with sheep together.

- Sheep herding.

- [Todd] That's it.

- How about you Alice?

- Could I be a sheep?

- Hmm, you can be a whole herd of sheep.

- A whole herd?

- Yep.

Now, it's about our puppets.

(playful music)

The ones we will use are called
the hand or glove puppet.

We'll make our own from scratch.

Take the easy ideas first

and you can practice on 'em
til you get the hang of it.

And when you feel comfortable,

we'll begin the show puppets.

- Ah!

- [Tina] Oh no!


- That's enough of that!

Clean up this mess.


- [David Voiceover] They're impossible.

(sad music)

Lord, are you sure you picked
the right man for this job?


- I want you to work on a puppet stage

to get the feel of it.

Now, I've put some old puppets
on a table in the back.

Choose your puppets and make
up a play to use them in.

Alright, go on.

Come on, come on.

- Mr. Wiemer?

- Hmm?

Mrs. Hunter.

- I wanna thank you for being
so kind about what happened.

- Well, let's hope it works.

(uncertain music)

- Something needs to work
for Kevin, Mr. Wiemer.

- Um, David.

- David. (chuckles)

Since his father died two years ago,

he hasn't been the same person.

- He loved his father very much?

- Very much.

And he, it was a long, painful...

- Yeah, I see.

Well uh, we'll try Mrs. Hunter, we'll try.

- Julie.

- (chuckles) Julie.

- We?

- Yes uh, the Lord,

puppets, and me.

(moves into lighthearted music)

- I'll pray for you, David.

- Oh, thank you, Julie.

- (chuckles) Thank you.

Uh, I have to go to work now.


- Um, we could talk again.


- Yes.


- Bye.

(moves into despairing music)

Hmm? Hmm?



Alright, curtain.

(mimicking sirens)


- Oh dry up, you big green Lizard.

(all yelling)

(ominous music)

- [Lou] Look out!

(laughs loudly)

I said "look out".


This is a rock.

That's a tree.

Most puppeteers like to
work out action as actors

before getting their puppets.

Now we've uh, we've worked
this little play out on paper.

Let's see how it goes for real.


- Uh, the first scene is the son

and the friend with the sheep.

Tina and I will come on later to sabotage.

- How can I be a whole herd of sheep?

- Um, everybody that's not
in the scene will be a sheep.

- Uh, that leaves uh,

Bill, and you.



Boy, am I sick of sheep.

(all mimicking sheep)

I'd sell them all if I could
buy something that was fun.

- [David, Alice, Bill] Baa!

- They're so dumb and stupid looking.

- [David, Alice, Bill] Baa, baa!

- And they're all so loud.

- [David, Alice, Bill] Baa, baa.

- It's my sheep herder friend.

- We're off to the city for some fun.

- Why don't you come along?

- Well, maybe I will, huh?

- Uh, what's about these sheep here?

- [David, Alice, Bill] Baa!

- You watch 'em.

I'm gonna go get some money from dad

and have some fun for a change.

- Well, what am I gonna
do with all these sheep?

- [David, Alice, Bill] Baa!

(playful music)

- Kevin and Alice forgot their lunches.

- [Altogether] Baa!

(all laughing)

(moves into pitiful music)

- You must be crazy to do this
kind of work all day long.

- Make it your ambition
to lead a quiet life,

to mind your own business,
and to work with your hands.

That's First Thessalonians
chapter four, verse 11.

- [Lou] I'd rather work with
my head, it works faster.

- My dad says working with
my hands is all I'm good for.

- He hasn't see your puppets.


- I like working with my hands, anyhow.

- Well, they are faster than your brain.


- Hey!

You were thankful for
Bill's hands last winter

when you fell through the
ice and he pulled you out.

- Yeah, I was Bill.

- Alright.

- There.

Who could resist her?

- [Lou] How can she see?

- She was his radar.

Boop-teety, boop-teety, boop!

- She uses too much cut just like Tina.

- I don't have to take that.

It's four now, can we go?

- Yeah just uh, just leave
your puppets where they are.

- Move it, Bill.

- I'm gonna stay and finish this.

- Huh?

- You heard what I said.

- Okay, okay.

- [Tina] See ya tomorrow, Todd.

- Yeah, see ya Tina.

See ya Bill.

- Yeah.


Mind if I stay?

- It's your time.

- Well, no one else wants it,

and I'm behind everyone else.

(hopeful music)

- [David Voiceover] So then
faith cometh by hearing,

and hearing by the Word of God.

- Did you read the book I gave you?

- Oh, the Bible?

Well, how do you think we
got the story for the play?

- I was uh, just wondering
if you had any questions.

- Are you gonna try to convert us all?

- Yes.

- Oh well, go ahead.

I don't have anything else to do.

(lighthearted music)

- You could a lot worse
and read the Bible.

- (chuckles) I like comic books better.

- Comic bookS?

- Get out Fluff Head,
you're getting nowhere.

You've gotta sneak up on him.

- The Bible does not sneak.

- That's not what I said.

Out, out, out!

He means well but he made a hash of it.

Now uh...

- [Fluff Head] He'll never get born again

if he doesn't get his feet wet.

- Umm, how do I start?

- [Fluff Head] Just jump in
with something from the Bible.

- Like what?

- "Except a man be born again,

"he cannot see the
Kingdom of God", John 3:3.

- So um, what do you mean, "born again"?

- Jesus said, in the Bible,

that you had to be born
again in the spirit

before you can be a child of God

and eventually go home
to our Father in Heaven.

- [Orange Puppet] That's
right, that's right.

You're lucky to be a
human and get to be saved.

We're just fur and feathers.

- Shush.

Just tell God that you're
sorry for your sins

and that you'll make up to
others if you've hurt them.

- Then accept Jesus Christ as your savior

and claim the promise He made you.

- Then what?

- [Brown Puppet] Then you
are reborn as a child of God

with all your sins forgiven.

- But uh, why God do this?

I'm nobody.

- Oh, we forgot something important.

God's love.

- Oh yeah, God loves you dummy.

That's why He does it.

- He's not a dummy, you are.

God lets you be saved for eternity

because He made you and He loves you

and you belong to Him.

- You're not nobody, God loves you.

That makes you somebody.

- How do I know, um you,

uh how do I, um...

- You have to tell Him
you wanna be His kid.

He won't force you.

- You have to accept it all by yourself,

like you read in the Bible.

- Where in the Bible?

- It's all in here, Bill.

- We gotta get our feet wet, huh?

(David chuckles)

- Come on in, Bill!

Haven't you had enough of that book?

- I get it!
(Lou chokes)

That's what he meant.

- Bill?

(perplexed music)

- If you confess with your mouth,

"Jesus is Lord", and
believe in your heart,

that God raised he from the dead,

you will be saved.

(breathes heavy)

- Help.

He left the sheep alone again.

- He left 'em with a friend.

- He should be punished.

- That's not for you

to decide, my son.
- I don't see much of Bill


- [Bill] But I've been
doing all of his work.

- I think David got to him.

- Is he waiting

- We'll see.

- [Bill] I'll let him
tell his own story then.

- Hi dad, I'd uh like
to ask a little favor.

- [David] I'm listening son.

- This should be fun.

- I'd like you to give
me my part of the farm

and all the money I get when you die

so I can split and do my own thing.

- Where will you go?

- To the city,

with some friends who know
how to have a good time.

- I see.

- I doubt it.

Just give me the money and
I'll never bother you again.

- I love you, son.

You're no bother.

- Cut it, dad, nobody
believes in that junk anymore.

- Junk?

- About loving.

You want cheap labor for
your farm, using people?

That's what loving is all about.

- You can have the money, my son.

But remember, fathers do love their sons.

I will always love my sons,

wherever you are, where--

- Sure, sure dad, now where's the money?

- They always give money easy.

- That's all the son asked for.

- That's all he gets.

- [Todd] Thanks dad, I won't be back.

- My son.

(menacing music)

- Hey!

- Well, I guess that
wraps it up for today.

Let's uh, let's pack up.

- Hey are you okay?

- Why wouldn't I be?

- Okay.

Come on.

- Hey everyone, how
'bout a swimming party?

- I can't, mom says you're
all a bad influence on me

and I can't go anywhere with you.

- [Lou] (chuckles) alright.

- If I got away with half
of what you got away with--

- Well I'm a girl!

- We couldn't miss that if we tried.

- What does that mean, shorty?

- Pull in your claws, Tina,

if you can find 'em under
all that paint you wear.

- You never complained before, midget.

- I wasn't around you so much.

- [Todd] Hey cut it out you two!

- What's the matter with me lately?

- You don't have to be
tougher than the rest of us.

Ease up.

- I thought that's what you wanted.

- [Bill] No.

- Oh, look what you made
me do to my make-up.

- Don't wear it then.

It makes you look like
a panda bear anyway.

(brass horn toots)

(flute music)

I must've said something wrong.

- The way this day is going,

I should've stayed in bed.


- She brawled at me one after you left.

- Everything is sure
getting weird around here.

- What do you mean "weird"?

- Puppets all day,
Tina's mad all the time,

and Bill hanging around
that do-gooder all day.

- He's helped me a lot.

- You fell for his line.

- Not his line.

- Hey Todd helped you a lot once, too.

- [Bill] I'm a better friend for Todd now.

- Huh?

- I became a Christian last week and I--

- You what?
(bewildered music)

- [Bill] I accepted Jesus
Christ as my savior.

- Big dumb idiot.

- Take it easy, Kevin.

- [Kevin] You betrayed your friends.

- No! David says--

- "David says, David says",
you really let him get to you,

didn't ya?

- Hold it Kevin.

- [Kevin] Traitor!

- Kevin!

- Come on Alice.


- Well it's not like your
murdered somebody or something.

What got into him?

- I don't know.

- Well, it's okay.

I'm not prejudiced against Christians.

You can swim in my pool.

- (chuckles) Let's go.

So I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior

and I feel 100% better about myself.

(graceful music)

Hey, I gotta get going.

My mom will have a fit
and I'll be in trouble.

Again. (chuckles)

You know, Lou,

about the group, I've been thinking,

the reason why we got together was

because we were lonely.

- So uh, what?

- When you accept Jesus
Christ as your savior,

you won't be lonely anymore.

Hey, I gotta run.

- [Lou Voiceover] Never will I leave you.

Never will I forsake you.

You mean, you were there
all those lonely years

and I never knew it?

(phone rings)

- David.

I need your help.

(hopeful music)

- [Lou Voiceover] Pray
this with your heart

that you believe and are testified

and it is with your mouth that
you confess and are saved.

(birds chirping)

- I believe you are the Son of God.

Come into my heart, Jesus.

(joyous music)


- Who is it?

- Me.


- What do you want at this time of night?

- I wanted to say I'm
sorry for this afternoon.

- Couldn't it wait for the morning?

- [Lou] No.

- [Tina] You were really mean.

- I'm sorry.

- Am I really that bad?

- Tina, you're a pretty girl,

and you don't need all that make-up

or that play-acting you do.


- Okay.

(happy music)

(chuckles) Bill!

- I'm sorry, too, Tina.

- What is this, a convention?

- Just us two.

We like you Tina.

- [Bill] Just as you are.

And if you wanna wear all
that junk on your face,

go ahead.

We'll like you anyway.

- Oh!

- (sighs) I think I said
the wrong thing again.

(playful music)

- Move it over to the left,

try to line it up with those hinges.

- Sorry I'm a little late.

- Hey Tina, you're pretty!

- [Todd] Ow, look out.

Look out!

Look out, my shirt!

- Look what you did to Todd's shirt.

(eerie music)

- I'll get my own shirt!

- Let's get this stage up, come on.

- Slow up, would ya?

Would you stop?

(sad music)

- [Todd] You know what this bridge is?

- Nope.

- Separates the good part
of town from the bad part.

Learned that when I was
about four years old.

Town throws all of its
junk under the bridge.

All that's junk people on the other side.

- Not true.

- What?

- You're not junk.

- (sighs) Let's go.

Let's get outta here.

(both laugh)

- [Bill's Puppet] Good riddance, brother.

- Same to you, brother.

- Our father is lucky to get rid of you.

- So are you, huh brother?

- [Bill] You could say that again.

- [Tina] Hi handsome.

Are you coming, too?

- Get away from me!

(Tina laughs)

- Finally, I'm getting out of this dump!

- [Tina] You'll love it!

You'll have a wonderful time.

(Tina laughs)

- As long as your money lasts.

(mischevous laugh)

- Boy this is really living!


- Is Todd okay?

- Tina thinks she's perfect as she is.

She wouldn't listen to us.

- She's smart enough to
know something's missing.

Like that scripture we read the other day,

about putting on a new
self that is like God.

- "And be renewed in
the spirit of your mind

"and that you put on the new man

"which was created according to God

"in righteousness and true holiness."

Ephesians 4:23 and 24.

- Okay, I get your point.

But how do we get her to listen?

- You've been knocking Tina
for what you feel is wrong,

but in here it says that
we should only say what is

necessary for building others
up according to their needs.

- I don't see how you
could say that about Tina.

She gets everything she wants.

- She needs to know that God loves her

and wants her in His family

and that she had a
savior who died for her.

- [Lou] Where do we start?

- [Bill] I still don't
think she's gonna listen.

- [David] Well--

(Lou yells)

I think we just made her start!

(brooding music)

- I'm guilty!

I took the key and gave it to Todd.

- Tina, anyone can fall
into the wrong crowd.

- I'm trying to tell you that
I'm sorry for what I did.

I don't wanna be like this anymore.

- You know, that man and those kids

are having a morbid effect on you.

- Can't we just forget the whole thing?

- Forget?

That I hate myself?

Lou and Bill want to help.

You just want me to stay a little girl.

I came down to tell you I was sorry.

Like in the Bible.

- Oh sure, baby.

(chuckles) It's been a long day.

- I need help!

- You're just depressed.

- I wanted to act like a Christian

and you won't even listen.

You never listen!

You're making me act like I always do.

Why can't you hear me?

- It's hard to hear when
someone's yelling at you.

- [Tina] David?

- This is a family matter.

- I'm sorry but I couldn't
help but overhear.

- (gasps) All the neighbors, oh.

- What have you been
doing to our daughter?

- He's been trying to help.

David, I tried.

(hopeful music)

But it didn't work for
me like Lou and Bill.

- Who did you ask for help?

- Them.

- [David] That's not fair, Tina.

- What?

- "You ask and do not receive
because you ask wrongly."

James 4:3.

You can't ask your parents for something

that belongs to God.

Faith, the gift of grace,

that's His to give through His son.

That's who you ask for help.

- I don't understand this.

We've, we've always been Christians.

- We go to church every Sunday.

- Then you can help Tina become
born again as a Christian.

Right now.

- But, but she is a Christian.

- No!

Not the way David, and Lou, and Bill are.

- We believe in God and...

We try to lead good lives.

- We even read the Bible sometimes.

- Did you read the part
about having to be born

of the spirit to enter
the Kingdom of Heaven?

- Well, that sounds familiar.

- I'll bet.

- Oh, oh.

Sure, I, I remember it.

- Well you see,

Tina hasn't had that experience yet.

But she has started on the first steps.

- I have?

- Weren't you trying to confess your sins,

and ask forgiveness?

- Yes.

- So that's what you were doing?

- I really messed it up.

- Who should you ask forgiveness of first?

- Ask God first and he'll
help me with everyone else.

- Well I, I think we
can take it from here.

Thanks for your help, Mr. Wiemer.

- No David, don't go.

Until I get through it.

- You stay Mr. Wiemer.

Tina needs you.

- Uh, mother?

- Shh.

Please dear, let him finish.

- Well, perhaps your uh,

your father would like
to take it from here,

about what a Christian believes.

- Well we, believe, in the one God and,

and that His Son died for our sins

and uh, He rose again from the dead.

Well, I um...

I don't, what else is there?

- Commitment.

You have to ask.

- You mean, I just ask?

And he gives it to me, this
faith, or grace or whatever?

- The Lord wants you Tina.

He doesn't intend to make
it hard to come to Him.

You just ask and you shall receive.

- I dunno how to start.

You mean pray, don't you?

- Well maybe uh,

maybe your dad would
like to start the prayer?

To help you accept Jesus as your savior

and to be in God's family.

- Me?

Well, sure.


Father I...

I'm a little bit out of practice.

(graceful music)

Father we need you to help our daughter

accept Jesus as her savior.

I guess I've kind of taken you for granted

these last days and,

we, we need your help.

Help us.

- Help me be part of your family.

I believe Jesus is my savior

and I want to be in your family

and do what you want me to do

all the rest of my life.

- And I want to be in
your family with Tina.

Your Son died for my sins

so that You could forgive me.

Forgive my blindness.

Thank you for the gift of eternal life.

- Now we're all Christians.


- Together!

You two sit down and we'll be right back.

- You know, I guess I need
to start where Tina did.

I owe you an apology Mr. Wiemer.

- Not really.

- Well I said I was a Christian.

But I lied.

It wasn't until just now.

I need your forgiveness.

- I dunno for what.

- I guess I wanted to blame you

for things that were wrong in my family.

Well, we owe you a lot.

- In that case, you can
pay me back right now.

- (chuckles) What?

- I need your advice.

You see, when you don't
have any kids of your own,

you don't always understand.

- Well, sure. (chuckles)

Anything I could help you with.

(Tina laughs)

- My first glass of lemonade.


With real lemons.

- Oh.

- Welcome.

(lighthearted music)

If you're all finished,

I thought you might
need some refreshments.

- Alright!


- Homemade cake. Wow!

- With that kind of appreciation,
you may have two pieces.

- Wait til I put this stuff away.

(menacing music)

- If you'd get your mind
off of food once in a while.

- They're all dead.

- No they're not dead Alice, they,

they just need to be fixed.

I'm sorry honey, but we'll
fix 'em up good as new okay?

- We'll all fix 'em tonight.

Right David?

- Right, we'll meet after supper.

That okay for everyone?

- Yeah, with all of us working,

we'll have it done
before the show tomorrow.

(ominous music)

- I gotta go dad.

Let me go!

- You ain't spending any extra
time with that doll maker.

You just stick here.

- Dad!

(moves into dramatic music)


- [Tina's Dad] I never realized
there were so many sheep

in The Prodigal Son.

- A sheep herder has to have a herd, dad.

- I'm glad the kids chose The
Prodigal Son for their play.

It's a story of great love.

- [Kevin] That's not why we chose it.

- [Julie] Kevin!

- We chose it because we
thought it'd give David

the hardest time with it.

- [Lou] Hey Kevin!

- Not because we believe the great love

that fathers have for their sons.

Look at Lou's dad, he's never around.

Or Bill's dad who tells him
he's an idiot all the time.

Or Tina's dad who doesn't let her grow up.

Then there's Todd's dad who beats him

just because Todd's there.

Yeah, fathers are real big in this group.

- You forgot to mention your dad, Kevin.

- I, I don't have a dad.

- Huh?

I can't hear you.

- He's dead, you know that!

(suspenseful music)

- Well what are you so angry about?

- I'm not, I'm not.

- You sure sound angry.

- I think I'd be sad if my dad died but--

- Just shut up!

What do you know about it?

You're not alone.

- Kevin, your father
didn't leave you alone.

He loved you.

All of us.

He didn't have a choice,
the Lord called him and--

- He should've asked God
to take someone else.

God had no right to take him.

You always take about God like He cares.

He doesn't care, you don't
kill people you care about.

You didn't see my dad die.

It was long and hard, he
suffered all the time.


- I love you even if you don't love me.

(hopeful music)

- [Kevin] Cut it out Alice.

- We all love you, Kevin.

Even if you don't love us.

- Just like Jesus loved us.

- No matter how we sin,

He died for us in pain and suffering,

to save us Kevin.

- Kevin, your father died,

but he wasn't worried about you,

because he knew you had
given yourself to Jesus

and the Lord would take care of you.

- [David] He didn't leave you alone.

- He didn't?

- You became a Christian
when you were seven.

- I believed that until...

- Until your father died.

- [Kevin] Yeah.

- Your dad believed in you.

And he didn't think you were
gonna act like a little kid

and get angry with God.

- He thought you would ask
your Father in Heaven for help.

- Jesus loves you even
if you don't love Him.

- But where was He?

Why didn't He...

- Did you ask?

(ominous music)

- [Bill] Happy, Alice?

- You made a good sheep, Bill.

- All of our lost sheep are back again.

- Not all.

- Todd?

- [Kevin] He's the loneliest of 'em all.

- [Kevin Voiceover Echoing]
He's the loneliest of 'em all.

- After the show tomorrow,

the probation period is over.

(all cheers)

- [Altogether] Alright!


- If these kids are
gonna perform tomorrow,

we better get them home.


- [Kevin] I'm coming.

- [Lou] Alright.

- [Tina's Dad] Goodnight.

- [Lou] Bye.
- [Tina] See ya guys.

- [Julie] It went great.

- [Tina's Dad] Yeah.

- [Tina] I think we got a lot done, too.

- [Tina's Dad] I thought some of us did,

Lou did he get all of his?

- I haven't taken a walk in months.

I never seem to have the time.

- I walk a lot.

I seem to have more time than I need.


- You don't have any kids to worry about.

(slow jazz music)

- No.

No, I don't.

(ominous music)

I had a son.

(slow jazz music)

My wife and boy were
driving home one night

on the rain-slick highway

when the Lord decided
to take them from me.

(ominous music)

- I'm sorry.

(slow jazz music)

- It was a long time ago.

- Uh, I gotta go back to
the studio for a minute.

Go on, I'll catch up.

- [Julie] Okay.

(eerie music)

- Todd?


Oh no, Todd!

(dramatic music)

No, Todd.


It won't do you any good.

It'll only hurt you a lot.

- I trusted you!

- We all care about you,
we're just trying to help.

- You're like the rest, you went over.


(moves into suspenseful music)

- I went back to God.

I was gonna tell you all about it.

- You were my friend.


- You don't understand.

- Hey, I understand.

You don't understand.


- Poor old Todd.

- Are you nuts?

You're the one that's bleeding, not me.

- You're bleeding inside.

Without Jesus, it'll kill you.

(Todd yells)

- It's my fault.

- Cut it out!

- I knew about God loving
you but I never told you.

- Don't start that stuff.

I don't believe in your Jesus.

- Todd?

- What?

- I can't find the bag.

- Tough.

- You're trying to hurt all of us,

but everyone's praying for you right now.

We all wanted you to be
part of God's family.

With us.

We'd be a group again.

Brothers for real.

I can't find the bag.

(hopeful music)

- Go do your dumb show.

- Yours too.

- Forget it.

- Don't let us down, you're not a coward.

- I should've left you down there.

- God wants you.

We want you.

- No.

- See you tomorrow?

- No!

- [Kevin Voiceover] God wants you.

We want you.

(foreboding music)

God wants you.

We want you.


(people chattering)

(suspenseful music)

- [David] Kevin, you're
gonna have to play the part.

- I prayed to the Lord
last night that He'd help.

The Lord will help.

Todd will come.

(people chattering)

- Kevin,

where is he?

We've only got two minutes.

- He'll come.

- Sometimes the Lord has other plans.

- No, He'll help.

(moves into hopeful music)

See? See?

- I see.

Get your puppets everyone.

Come on, go.

- You okay?

- Are you okay?

- As of right now, I am.

- You are a real nut, you know that?

- Come on, let's go.

(audience claps)

- Boy, am I sick of sheep.

- [Herd Of Sheep] Baa, baa.

- [Todd's Puppet] I'd sell
them all if I could buy

something that was fun.

- [Herd Of Sheep] Maa, maa.

- [Todd's Puppet] They're
so dumb and stupid looking.

(audience laughs)

- [Herd Of Sheep] Haa, aaa!

- And they're all so loud.

- [Herd Of Sheep] Baa, baa.

♫ Hi ho

♫ We're so free

♫ Me and drink and money have we all

♫ See we are so merry

- [Todd's Puppet] I'm hungry!

- Let's get something to eat.

- [Lou's Puppet] Give me the money

and I'll go get us some cakes.

- [Todd's Puppet] But I uh...

(clears throat) Don't
uh have anymore money.


- [Lou's Puppet] Oh...


Too bad.


- [Tina's Puppet] See
ya around, kid. (laughs)

♫ Hi Ho

♫ He's a fool

♫ We took him for everything he had

♫ Now we'll find another

(Lou and Tina laugh mischievously)

- They made a fool outta me.

All they wanted was my money

and now I don't have anything

and I'm hungry!

- [Lou's Puppet] What do you want?

- Food.

- I don't feed beggars.

Wait, how about a job?

You can have all the food you want.

Yeah. (laughs mischievously)

(audience laughs)

(mimicking pigs)

(audience laughs)

- Well wait a minute, wait a minute.

One for you, one for you, one for you,

and one for me.

Oh, why didn't I know when I was well off?

My father's animals
eat better than you do.

(mimicking pigs)

I can't stand it anymore.

I'm going back home.

I'd be better as a servant
on my father's farm

than to be here.

(mimicking pigs)


So long, friends!

You won't have to share anymore!

(mimicking pigs)

(audience claps)

(mimicking sheep)

- Uh, sorry!

Why, why it's you.

I'm so glad to see you.

- Don't...

I'll get you all dirty.

- Nevermind that, have
you seen your father yet?

- No I--

- [Kevin] But you must
see your father first.

- I just came to look for a job.

- But see your father first.

(micking sheep)

- I can't play this scene.

- Go on, Todd.

- Who is that I see?

In the distance.

Who is it?

- Go on.

- [Todd] I...

- He's forgotten his lines.

- It is my son.

(grieving music)

- I...

- My son.

The Lord has blessed us again.

You, young man.

Bring his best clothes still in his room.

Bring a ring for his hand
and sandals for his feet.

Have the fatted calf killed,

for we are going to have a feast!

In honor of the return of my beloved son.

- [Kevin] I will gladly.

- Don't leave my son.

For we will talk and be happy.

- [Bill] That's not my cue!

- Make up something.

- Um, I knew he'd be back.

I bet he's run out of money
and he just wants more.

- [David's Puppet] It doesn't matter.

- Yes it does!

He took his share and he
doesn't deserve anymore.

- [Todd's Puppet] He's right.

- If he you give him anymore
it would just um, uh...

What did you say?

- I don't deserve anymore.

I took my share and I threw it all away.

- Yes you did, but, I...

- You throw money away,

but you cannot throw love away.

You cannot make a father hate,

because he loves you.

- How?

I'm dirty and I've done bad things.

- But you are my son,

and I love you.

As the Father above loves us all.

- You'd really forgive me?

- Of course I will.

- I, I've gotta go wash the sheep.

- Baa, baa.

- Will God forgive me?

- He will forgive and rejoice like me,

for His son was lost and is found,

and you are His son and mine.

(lighthearted music)

Come, come join your family.

We will be together again.

And you will never again be lost.

(audience claps)

- What about the last scene?

- Forget it, that was the last scene.

(Bill chuckles)

- I'm sorry.

- Hey, one beating for
the Lord's worth it.

- I'm glad it wasn't me.

- Hey, Todd's lucky it was Bill.


(people chattering)

- Will you help?

- We'll all help.

Your hand okay?

- Here they come.

(lighthearted music)

(people chattering)

- You really did a good job.


- Hi David.

- Hi Julie.

- Thank you.

- [Tina's Dad] All the
way around, good job.

- You did it.

- Thanks Judge.

- Thank you.

Oink, oink, oink.

- You make me feel secluded.

You'd have to sprinkle that money.

- (chuckles) Thanks dad.

- Nice job.

- Thanks.

(lighthearted music)