Brother, Cry for Me (1970) - full transcript

Noble, an old man who is unhappy with his three greedy sons, gives each of them a map leading to a hidden treasure in South America. Noble hopes that their greed will destroy them all. The brothers arrive in South America at the same time. Michael's beautiful wife, Jenny, loves his brother Jim, while Geoffrey, the greediest of the three, hopes to possess both the woman and the treasure. The interior is accessible only by boat, and Geoffrey manages to kidnap Jenny as he begins the journey. Michael accidentally kills a policeman in his frantic search for his wife; he makes his way into the jungle with the authorities on his trail. Jim finds Jenny under the guard of Geoffrey's accomplice, frees her, and scuttles his brother's boat. Pablo, a friendly native, leads them to the ancient Inca ruins. Jenny, bathing under a waterfall, stumbles upon the entrance to the cave, but she and Jim are soon confronted by Geoffrey and his accomplice. The police arrive next, claiming the treasure as the property of the government, and all of them are pinned down by the insane Michael's rifle fire. Michael pursues Geoffrey into the jungle, kills him, and threatens to murder Jim before he is gunned down by the police inspector. Jenny and Jim sadly leave the scene of the tragedy.

Since I have already departed
the world of the living,

you might consider this my
final act as [inaudible].

Be that as it may, it does
give me profound pleasure

to know that I can still have
a decided effect on the destiny

of my three sons.

My sons, my incredibly
disappointing offspring,

who by your standards
are entitled

to my earthly possessions.

So be it.

But let them leave that spoiled,
self-centered, sophisticated

world they call
civilization, and return

once again to my world.

There I fought the elements,
and with my sweat and sacrifice

carved an empire for my sons.

In life I couldn't
hold you, my sons.

But in death I can once again
call you back to your home.

Come back Michael,
Geoffrey, James.

Come back to my world of Boca
Nueva, for only there can

you claim my wealth.

And only there can you
learn the truth of my hate.

[motorbikes driving]

Hey, Mr. Noble, watch this.

I'm watching.

You're looking pretty
good there, Gordon.

I think you could pull up on
the handlebars a little more.

You might have had a
better jump than last time.

Yeah, I hit kind of hard.


This arrived at
the office for you.

Marked urgent, so I thought
I'd better bring it right out.

Thanks, Bennett.

How about the Carter building?

Those, uh, plans
come through yet?

Yes, sir.

We should definitely start
construction next week.

The planning board
OK'ed our final changes.

Well, that's good news.

Listen, be sure somebody
notifies George's crew, OK?

Certainly will.

[motorbike driving]

Last year that boy was
a member of a cycle gang.

Pretty rough.

Somehow the rest of the kids
convinced him that dirt bike

racing was a challenging sport.

Last month he was county champ.

How long have you been
working with those boys?

Oh, about three years.

They needed a man
to spend some time,

sort of a substitute father.

Well, I better get
back to the office.

OK, I'll see about 3:00.



[singing] And we [inaudible]

evil with peace and harmony.

We all walk different
highways, so it's true.

Evil well-defined is the
fault of all mankind.

Do they know just what they do?

Let us pray for a way to
see love in every man.

Let us pray for a new day when
we'll all walk hand-in-hand.

If we

Boast in our foolish pride
and stop to look around,

we would see the sands
of time go slipping by.

Our lives are nearly gone.

There won't be another dawn.

Comes the day when
we almost die.

Let us pray for a way to
see love in every man.

Let us pray for a new day when
we'll all walk hand-in-hand.

So to every fellow man who
walks upon this hallowed land,

now's the time to change
the way of life you lead.

Be brothers to the end,
and be everybody's friend.

That's the way of life we need.

Let us pray for a way to
see love in every man.

Let us pray for a new day when
we'll all walk hand-in-hand.

[music playing]

MUSIC: Why can't
I, if it's so easy,

why can't I find
love lingering near?

Not the simple spoken
love I often hear.

In hungered quest for love,
my heart on my sleeve,

giving all too willingly,
a love I never received.

Carry me away.

Let the 5:00 world go by.

Take my heart; lead on.

Never gazing.

Never gazing back
through the dawn.

Why can't I find love?

God knows I've tried.

To find perfection in
love we have to be blind.

Carry me away.

Let the 5:00 world go by.

Lead on; leave my heart behind.

Never gazing.

Never gazing back
through the dawn.

You keep this stuff
up, baby, you're

going to have more in your
hands than you can handle.

I wouldn't be so sure
about that, Geoffrey, baby.

You might have more on your
hands than you can handle.

[music playing]

Are you crazy?

My boyfriend's over there.

How about the house?

OK, Geoffrey.


You fool.

Huh, yeah.

[music playing]

Up and away.

Ha ha.


Oh, stop it.


[inaudible] put on him.


Go away!


Go away!



Ha ha ha.

Now, what's so damn important
you got to bother me right now?

Well, somebody dropped
this telegram off for you.

Well, drop it.

Read it.

Imperative you
return to Boca Nueva

immediately to claim
legacy left by your father.

See ya later, baby.

We've got to find Jack.

I, uh, just got a telegram.

We're going back to Boca Nueva.

What in the hell's
been going on here?

He tried to rape me.

[music playing]




Look out!




[music playing]

[theme music]

[bird chirping]

[music playing]

God, I hate it here.

I've always hated it.

Let's get the hell out of here.

We should be on our way
to Boca Nueva right now!

Michael, well, we cannot
afford to charter a boat!

We have just enough money
to pay the hotel bill,

and get back to the states.

So how do you
propose we get there?

Swim around the island?

We just have to try to be
patient until we can get one

of those little fishing boats.

I should have gone over that.

I knew it.

I should have gone over that.

Well, I should have
stayed in New York.

You'd prefer
that, wouldn't you?

Come on, Jenny.

Jenny, things are going
to be so different now.

I mean there's a
fortune waiting for us.

And we're sitting here like
a couple of gringo tourists.


Cuanto pesos, senorita?

Cinco pesos, senora.


You know what I-- I
just can't figure out?

For the life of me,
I can't figure out

what the old man had in mind.

Maybe he felt guilty.

Maybe he was trying to
make it all up to you.

Yeah, but why stash
it all out here

I'm in the middle of nowhere?

Anyway listen, anyone
with his business sense

would have invested it,
or-- or put it in a bank,

or-- or at least a trust fund.

Why did he give it all to me?

I mean he never did a-- a damn
thing for me in his whole life.

It always--

It was always Geoffrey.


Geoffrey and Jimmy.

Oh, Michael, be fair.

Jim did all right for himself
without anybody's help.

What do you mean by that?


[music playing]


Why didn't you marry him?

Because I married you.


Michael, look.

Look out there.

Isn't that Geoffrey's boat?


What the hell is he doing here?

Did you?

I didn't tell him a thing!

Well, how else
could he have known?

Maybe he doesn't know.

Oh, I suppose he
just happened by here.


He just happened to drop in!

Michael, I don't know
how he happened by.

But he doesn't know
that we're here!

Well, I'll tell you
what, why don't we just go

and find out what's happening?

Oh no, let's go
back to the hotel.

Oh no, no, no.

We are on vacation.

Now, you got that?

We are enjoying the
friendly atmosphere.


We are enjoying [inaudible].

And we are moving
inland, right away!

[music playing]

Come on.


Watch over there, Fred.

I know.

Well, my, my, what
a pleasant surprise.

What are you doing here?

We're on vacation.

What about you?

Come on aboard!


Watch out Watch out.

Jenny, you get more beautiful
every time I look at you.


How about a cool drink?

Oh, no thanks, Jeff.

We just had one.

What are you doing
here, Geoffrey?

Well, I was planning on asking
you the same thing, Michael.

I thought you were going to
spend the winter in New York.

That's funny.

That's what I thought
you were doing.

Well, I was planning to.


After dear your
father died, I figured

a little cruise, maybe a
change of scenery or something.


What's so funny?

Well, if you can't
join, fight 'em, right?

MICHAEL: What's that
supposed to mean?

Oh, you're both ridiculous.

Geoffrey, Michael just wants
to know why you're really here.

Well, I told you.

It's just a vacation.

He's here for the
same reason you are.

The hell you are.

I got the letter.


Right here.

All nice, all legal.

You're wasting
your time, brother.

There's nothing here for you.


Damn him!

I should have known.

Before he died,
he said everything

was to be for me, everything.

Well, I'm sorry brother, but
he told me the same thing.

You're a liar.

There's enough for
both of us, Michael.

Oh, I don't think
there's enough of anything

for either of you.

Jenny you underestimate
my generosity.

But not your motives.

Your generosity
isn't the issue.

We're talking about
something that belongs to me,

you got that?

OK, Michael.

Let's make a deal.

[michael laughing]

When you think
about it Michael,

I've got a boat ready to
go Could be on our way

in less than an hour.

MICHAEL: Good, you
staying at the hotel?

Why don't you go over and
check out and get your things?

We'll gas up and
we'll get on the way.

You, uh, Make yourself
at home, Jenny.

I'll pick up some gas.

[music playing]

Can we give you
a hand, Mr. Noble?

Yeah, thanks.



[speaking spanish]

OK, you guys tie up the skiff
and we'll get on our way.

Bill, get ready to
cast off, will ya?

Wait a-- Where's Michael?

Michael said to
go on without him.

Well, why?

I don't know, he said
something about getting a guy

and going over land to see us.

He is over there.

I'll take these bags below.

Okay, you guys,
let's get lines off!


That's the man I was
telling you about, inspector.

[speaking spanish]

Are you all right?

Ah-- Allow me to
handle things myself.

Inspector Luis at your service.


Oh, my-- my papers, I--
I-- I can't find my papers.

Well, senor, I think you
need a doctor more, no?

No, no you don't understand.

I've been robbed.

But who do this to you?

I must make a report, senor.

Eh, senor, eh?


My name is Michael Noble.

Ah, si.

Eh, you are one of the
sons of the late Roberto

Noble, the coffee plantation.

Yes, but please, there's
no time for that now.

I must get to the boat landing.

Por favor, allow me,
I will take you, ah?


[speaking spanish]

[inaudible] Quick,
get the doctor,ah?

Hey, hey you down there.

Where's the boat?

The big boat?

[speaking spanish]

On the other side
of the island?

You heard?

It went to the other
side of the island.

My wife is on that boat.

She's been kidnapped.

I've got to get her.

Senor, por favor, first
we take care of your wound.

Then, you come to
the headquarters,

we make a report--

There's no time for that.

Do you have a boat?


Well, good, you take me.

Oh, but that is impossible.

But, why?

It is against the regulations.

The hell with regulations!

Didn't I just tell you, my
wife has been kidnapped.

Okay, you did

Tell me.

Okay, now look.

You take me to Boca Nueva
right now, and I promise you,

I'll make it very
worth your while.

Senor, first I
must make a report.

[speaking spanish]

It is not very
nice for you to try

and take somebody else's boat.

Please, you come with me, ah?

What is this, Senor?

[speaking spanish]

Your Spanish is
pretty good, Senor.

Is this your first
visit to our island?

No, I've been here before.

Good Easter, si?

No, my father used
to, uh, own a coffee

plantation around the
other side of the island,

just outside of Boca.

You're the old Indian, right?


What is your
father's name, senor?


Robert Noble.

I've heard that name before.

You're going to see him now, si?

No, he passed away
recently, and I-- I've

got a little unfinished
business to take care of.

I'm sorry, Senor.

Oh, by the way,
can you tell me how

to rent a boat to get around to
the other side of the island?

I was gonna go
over land by jeep,

but they tell me at
the airport that all

the roads are washed out.

The rains have
been bad this year.

As for a boat, Senor, I do
not think you have luck.


The moon is right.

All the men are out fishing.

Well, I don't know what to do.

We have a hotel, Senor.

The time could
pass very quickly.

Perhaps too quickly.

I'm sure it would, Senorita.


That's a very pretty
name, Magdalena.

But I really do have to get
a boat as soon as possible.

You Americans.

You don't understand how to
take time to leave your life.

Wait a minute,
I'll be passing back

through Carmen in a few days.

You can show me around then.

How will you get to Boca?

I can't hike, that's for sure.

--[inaudible] Better luck by jee
but that would be impossible.

Have you got any
other suggestions?

Maybe Pablo, one
of the fishermen.

A lazy muchacho.

Always manana, manana.

What about him?

Well, he was planning
to go to fish tomorrow.

Maybe he would take you to Boca.

Well, where do I find
this, uh, what's his name?

Pablo Gutares Down at um, down--


Something wrong, Senor?

No, no.

There used to be
a Gutares family

that worked for my father's
and his coffee plantation.

They had a young son.

His name was Pablo.

But that's been
many, many years ago.

Anyhow, how do I find
this fellow, Magdalena?

Well, he was fooling with his
boat at the end of the pier

about an hour ago.

Muchas gracias, senorita.

How much do I owe
you for the coffee?

Ah, as you Americans say,
Senor, it's on the roof.

You mean, it's on the house.

Ah, si.

I'll be waiting, Senor Noble.


Ay, Pablo.

Ay, Senor Tim!

You have not been
here in long time.

I grew up.
Now big.

Strong like you.

Hey, you come on the plane
from Guatemala City, Senor?

Si, Pablo.

Can you help me?

I need a boat to
get to the island.

Boat, no, Senor.

Everyone fishing now,
maybe one, two weeks.

Then, plenty of boats.

As a favor to an old
friend, a hundred pesos.

Who wants to fish?

Si, Senor, first thing
in the morning -Now.

Now, but it would-- OK.

We go.

[music playing]

Are we there?

No, not yet.

Let's see now.

Boca Nueva is about
two miles inland.

And we're going to have to
wait until morning to get in,

so I suggest that
we anchor in the bay

and get a good night's rest.

Would you care for a drink?

But I thought we were going
ashore to meet Michael tonight.

Well, we can't.

The tide is out, we
can't risk the reefs.

Now don't worry,
will you, Jenny?

I'm not worried, but
I don't want to goaway.

You know, it's a strange thing.



A girl like you married
a man like Michael.

Well, I suppose I thought
his being your brother,

he might be more like you.

Kind and generous.

I may not be sentimental,
but at least I'm a success.

I-- I know what I want in
life, and I always get it.

Oh, do you really?

You could be part of it, Jenny.

Part of what?

My life.

First class all the way.

Well, you're forgetting a few
things, aren't you, Geoffrey?

Besides, you have got to realize
that you can't buy everything.

Like what?

Like me.

[airplane passing]

Now what are you thinking?

I wish I were on that
plane on the way home.

God, how did three
such totally different

men come from the same family?

Didn't know my
father very well.

Your father.

I am so sick of hearing
about your father.

When I married Michael, I
married a whole situation.

You married the wrong
end of the situation.

You should have
married me, Jenny.

Well, you didn't ask me.

I'm asking you now.

We'll spend the night here.

What do you say, Jenny?

[door slams]

Excuse me, inspector.

Que paso?

The Americano seems
to be resting well.

Ah, but where is Dr. Roma?

I sent Pablo for
him an hour ago.

I must talk to Senor Noble,
find out what is going on here.


It's hot in here.

Why don't you come
over and sit down.

Have a drink.

You're worried about Michael.


He can take care of himself.

You know, you interest me.

I don't think you give a damn
about anything or anybody,

including Michael.

Is that what you think?

I know where I'm going.

It's you I'm wondering about.

Oh, Jeff.

If you have something
on your mind,

why don't you just
go ahead and say it.

I'm in no mood for
your [inaudible].

I'm trying to tell
you that I love Jenny.

This is where I [inaudible].

Wait a minute, Jenny.

There's no one here to impress.

We're alone.

That's right, we're alone.

You're alone and I'm alone.

Now let's just
leave it that way.

[MUFFLED] Geoffrey!

You're meant to be alone!

What the hell's that
matter with you anyway?

[inaudible] Michael.

--[inaudible] a dramatic
rescue by Michael, forget it.

Because Michael--

Michael's what?

Michael's what?


We're going to be
gone a couple of hours.

Keep the girl below.

All right.

Okay, Fred, let's go.

[speaking spanish]


MAN: Hello, there!

MAN 2: -Beat it, mister.

This is Geoffrey
Noble's boat, is it?

Well, he ain't here.

Where is he?

We don't want any
strangers around either.

Oh, Jim.



Tie him up, Pablo.

Jim, oh, Jim.

Thank God you're here.


Is there anybody else on board?

No, no but listen.

I think something's
happened to Michael.

Geoffrey went to
Boca for supplies.

Wait a minute, wait a
minute where is Michael?

That's just the point, Jim
I don'tknow where Michael is.

We were supposed to meet
him ashore last night.

Then Geoffrey gave
me the feeling

that something awful happened.

Nothing Geoffrey
says will surprise me.

Now, listen.

I promise you
we'll find Michael.

But right now I've
gotta get ashore.

All right, [inaudible].

Yeah, what do you
know about that?

Well, Michael and Geoffrey
have the same thing.

We're gonna be going through
some pretty rough country.

Have you got some other clothes?

[speaking spanish]

Well, he won't be going
anywhere without a spark plug.

Maybe he's good
[inaudible], Senor.


C'mon, that a girl.

You made it.



[speaking spanish]


[speaking spanish]


Senor Michael Noble.

You cannot make it
through the jungle.

I will be waiting for you.

Do you hear me?


We go ashore here, Senor?

No, further down.




You have [inaudible]
to a big boat.


Oh, si.

Big boat take much [inaudible].

And rent small boat.

What was the man's name?

Senor Noble.

Ah, si?


Which way did the boat go?

Uh, towards B-- Boca.

Senor Noble.


Who was on the boat
with Senor Noble?

Uh, beautiful lady
who was with gold hair.

Anyone else on the boat?


Two men.

And what happened?

What happened?

I don't-- I don't understand.

After you sell the
gasoline, what happened?

Two men go away and
come back with two bags.

And then I go.

[speaking spanish]



How much did you charge
the Gringos for the gasoline

in a small boat?

Senor Inspector, [inaudible]

Now suddenly everybody
must go to Boca.

I must go to Boca, too,
before I can finish my report.

If you hire my boat
for 500 pesos, Senor,

why we not use it now?

You wanted to come along.

Of course I come.

I have curiosity
not a [inaudible].

With a nose, they can
smell money a mile away.

You make big joke, Senor.
[inaudible] this is no joke.

You all right?


You sure?


I am, really.

Let's go on.

What the hell happened?

-There were two of 'em.
-Who was it?

I don't know.

I never saw 'em before.

Where's the woman?

They took her with 'em.


I think they headed
for the beach.

They won't be for long.

I have the ship.

Damn it.

Did anybody fool with this boat?

I don't know, but they took
one of your rifles in the cabin.

OK, we'll gas up the skiff
and we'll use that, all right?

And please, you stay here
and try to stay awake.

Yes, sir.

Jim, Jim, wait.

I gotta stop for a minute.


What you got?

I got one.


I got one just like you.

What do you mean you
got one just like this?

Like a paper like that.

Well, where did you get it?

I find it in jungle.

In Carmen before
I see Senor Jim.

The truth, Pablo.

A man gave it to
me for his service.

What's his name?

Senor [inaudible].

Very rich man.

Pablo, this is
no time for jokes.

Now tell me exactly
where you got it.

Well, Senor.

Pablo mean no harm.

A poor man must live.

A fainted man laying in the
bushes 'neath the hotel.

Beaten badly.

Was he dead?

I thought that at
first, but then I see him

and the inspector
going to the Doc.


Well, that must be
what Geoffrey started

to tell me back in the boat.

Senor Jim not mad at Pablo.

Pablo, you're a
liar and a thief.

But I'm sure your mother
think you're a very good boy.

Si, si It is true.

Jim, do you think
we should go back?

Ah, don't worry.

Knowing Michael, he's
headed where we're headed.

Come on, let's go.

We're almost there.

It's not a good place, Senor.

Very bad spirits here.

Not even with money.

You afraid?

Me, afraid?

That is a foolish
question to ask Pablo.

Si, I am afraid!

Right on top of that
pyramid is where they used

to make the human sacrifices.

Beautiful, isn't it?


No, Senora.

All right, we'll settle
here for the night.


No stay here, Senor.

I have funny feeling
of this place.

We have no choice, Pablo.


Start a fire or gather
some wood, will you?

OK, Senor.

But when you wake up
in the morning, dead,

don't blame Pablo.

I don't blame Pablo.

This map.

Tells us where to come,
but not where to look.

Well, maybe now
that we're here,

we can look around
and find some clues.

OK, I'll make camp first and
then we'll give this thing

a little closer look, huh?

I'm gonna go get cleaned up.

All right.



I'll be right back.

To my son, James
Noble, I herewith

leave all my worldly goods.

When Dad died, all of his
business affairs were settled.

Even his bank account,
which had been substantial

was withdrawn to the penny.

No debts, no assets.


[inaudible] Michael's

Even though he's only been
dead a few months, I-- I

can hardly remember him.

Never expressed any emotion.

When my mother
died, he treated it

exactly as he would
have the death

of one of his hunting dogs.

He had a deliberate rhythm which
nothing could upset or disturb.


I don't think we
affected him, at all.

I'm not so sure about that.

He must have gotten
religion in the end.

Listen to this.

Where your treasure house
is, there is your heart also.

Gospel according to St. Matthew.

Jim, why did you come here?

Isn't it obvious?


Oh, I don't know.

I-- I was raised on stories
of pirates, jewel thieves,

international intrigue.

And buried treasure.

Yeah, yeah, I guess
that entered into it

somewhere along the line.

Money's never really
been important to me.

Could I see the
[inaudible] please?

You happy?

What do you mean am I happy?

With Michael, I mean?

Well, [inaudible]
one way or the other.

You're a puzzling woman.


Everything seems
to pass over you

like water off a duck's back.

When we were in New York
together, all of us,

before you married Michael, I
think I was in love with you.

But you were so distant,
so-- untouchable.

You like women
to be aggressive?

No, not aggressive.


Good morning.

Good morning.

How 'bout some coffee?

I'd love it.

Thank you.

Where your treasure house
is, there your heart is also.

Jim, the cave.

What cave?

There's a cave
behind the waterfall.

I saw it last night when I
was-- when I was washing,

but it didn't occur to me then.

But don't you see?

The cave leads to the
heart of the mountain.

So it might be there.

That must be it.

C'mon, Pablo, no
time for breakfast.



There must be several
thousand dollars in here.

How many pesos, Senor?

Many pesos, Pablo.

Enough for a new fishing boat?

There's probably enough there
for about ten new fishing


Easy, Jim.

We don't wanna get blood
all over the money, do we?

So, you found it, huh?

This is it.

How much?

I haven't counted it yet.

Poor Michael.

Too bad he won't get
a chance to see it.

What do you mean, poor Michael?

Where is he?

What happened to him?

Why are you so damn
concerned about Michael?

Why am I concerned?

Because I'm his wife.

That's why.

You didn't love him
and you know it, Jenny.

That's none of
your damn business.

You cheated him, Jenny.

He thought you loved him,
but you love somebody else.

And you grabbed
on to Michael when

the other guy wouldn't tumble.


Because I was naive enough to
think you had fallen for me.

It was for you, Jenny.

It was for you.

Let go of me. -And
you're part of it,

whether you like it or not.

That's enough.

Stay right there.

Do not make a move, Senor.

You are a dead man.

Take his gun.

Your gun, Senor.

I have a gun.

Pablo, what are you doing
with such bad people?

You have a gun?

No, inspector.

Not me.

I better look for
it myself, huh?

Hey, suddenly you're
an honest man.

Why don't you tell
the truth, ah?


Michael Noble, where is he?

I haven't the slightest idea.

Then what are you all doing
here in the cave at Boca?


Suddenly it becomes clear, ah?

Where there is greed,
you will find murder.


Or a beautiful woman.

Your husband is a
murderer, Senora.


He has already
killed two of my men.

Well, is he all right?


The inspector, por favor.


This money is rightfully
and legally mine.

It was left to me by my father.

His father also left it to
his brother, Michael, and me.

This paper is very interesting.

But my government owns this
land and everything in it.

Are you crazy?

Oh no, Senor.

I am not crazy.

Shrewd old buzzard.

We never gave him anything.

Always had our
hands out, though.

So before he died, he figured
out this little scheme

to bring us all together
and show us what we were

really like as human beings.

It's our treasure
house, all right.

Hearts and minds full
of greed and hate.

Inspector, if you turn
that over to the government,

you won't get a cent.

Sometimes one duty
becomes very hard.

What's your price?

All of it, Senor.

All of it.

I claim it in the
name of my government.

Uh, are we under arrest?

Oh, no, Senor.

You are free to go.

After I make my report.

A report?

Oh, si, my government
is very particular.

I must make a report
for everything.

Now, I think it would
be wise if we all go on.


Cover her!

Well, do something.

Send some of your men up there.

No, I've already
lost two of my men.

I do not intend to lose more.


I think I should go
up and talk to him.

It is too dangerous.

But, he's my husband.

He'll listen to me.


That man is not the man
you think is your husband.

He has come through
the jungle from Carmen.

An impossible feat
for a normal man.

I'll talk to him.

Maybe I can reason with him.

I do not think so.

I know him pretty
well, Inspector.

What other choice do we have?

As you wish.


I gotta get out of here.

I would advise you,
Senor, to stay right here.

I'll be damned if I'm
staying around here.

He's after me.

Well, what the hell
are you doing, anyway?

What are you doing, Senor?




Get out of here!

C'mon, Mike, let's go.

What for?

You are a lousy, useless
two-bit halfbreed.

Oh, Geoffrey!

Nobody's out of
[inaudible] Where's Jeff?

He grabbed the gun
and ran off that way.


You stay with the inspector,
I'm going after him.

Senor, I do not care if the
three of you shoot each other.

That is your business.

But Michael Noble has
killed two of my men.

That makes him my business.

Well, stay with Pablo.

Inspector, a gun for me, no?

No, Pablo.

You might shoot yourself.

Or worse, still,
you might shoot me.


Geoffrey, where are you?


Geoffrey, Geoffrey!





Wait up!

Geoffrey, wait for me!

Geoffrey, I'm gonna get you.

I see you!




Hey, Michael.

Michael-- I'm your
brother, Michael.



It's so good to see you.

It's all over, Mike.

Jenny's waiting.



Is she all right?

She loves you.

It's true.

I knew it when--
when I married her.

I was always afraid
she'd find out,

an-- and, uh, and leave me.

Senor, I have been
watching all of you.

I think your father
was a very wise man.

Ah, I will take care of this.

[speaking spanish]

Now, I must make a report.




They're dead, Jenny.

Both of 'em.


Michael's dead?


[music playing]