Brother Bear 2 (2006) - full transcript

Kenai, still a bear and Koda strongly believe that they do not need any girl, just each other. Kenai dreams of Nita, a girl he had met and saved when he was very young. After giving her an amulet, and promising they'd be friends forever, Nita leaves for her home and Kenai never sees her again. We then see Nita, now grown up, beautiful and preparing her her wedding. However, the ancestors are not pleased, as Nita is already tied to Kenai. The only way for Nita to break their bond and be happily married is to journey to the very place where Kenai gave her the amulet and burn it together. As Kenai, Nita and Koda journey to the place together, Koda cannot help but feel worried that Kenai might abandon him altogether for Nita. Will Nita break the bond she shares with Kenai and marry another? Will Koda be abandoned by his big brother?





Waking up in the light

Of a shiny new day

Giving thanks to the moon
for guiding my way

There is no greater gift to the soul

Than each breath
that my body can hold

So, great spirits

Hear my voice today

Welcome, magic

Welcome, sweet sun ray

Love is no secret

Look all around you

Welcome to this day


-BOTH: Whoa!

Look out! She's after us, eh!

-Oh, jeez.
-You gotta help us!

-You gotta hide us, eh.
-Oh, jeez. Too late. Here she comes!



I told you that was no moosette.

Well, she looked like one from behind.

What's gotten into you two?

-Well, it's that time of year, eh.
-Spring fever.

Spring what?

-Yeah, you know, like the birds.
-Yeah, and the bees.

And the moosettes. If you know what
we mean by moosettes.

Yeah, well, don't look now,
but your girlfriend's back.

(SINGING) Look all around you

Welcome, magic

Welcome, sweet sun ray

Love is no secret

Look all around you

Welcome to this day

(GIGGLING) Awesome! Let's do it again.


TUG: (LAUGHS) Hey, Kenai.

-Hiya, Tug.
-Where y'all off to in such a hurry?

Crowberry Ridge.

We're gonna get dibs.

There's elderberries,
salmonberries, raspberries,

whortleberries, strawberries,
huckleberries, crowberries...

Hey, hey, slow down now.
That's a lot of berries.

Yeah, there's plenty.
You wanna come with us?

Yoo-hoo! Tug!

(LAUGHS) Well, I'd love to, little Koda,
but can't keep the girls waiting.

Aw, who needs girls?

We're two footloose guys
out on the tundra.

That's right. Kenai and Koda.
We don't need anybody else.

Okay, but you can't run from love.


It has a way of tracking you down.

(CHUCKLES) Hi, Hoonah.
You look mighty lovely today.


Did you see the look on Tug's face?

"Can't keep the girls waiting."

All right. How about we get some rest?

Rest? We've been hibernating
for six months.

-Who needs rest?
-Who needs rest?

A couple bears who are gonna beat all
the other bears to Crowberry Ridge.

And we're gonna get first dibs
on the berries, right?

Yeah, you bet.

-If you promise to go to sleep.
-Okay, okay.


I know all bears like berries,
but I love berries.

Good night, Koda.

Are you a berry-liker or a berry-lover?

Good night, Koda.




Whoo! Yeah!


-Race you to Hokani Falls!
-Wait up!


Here I come!







We're always gonna be
best friends, huh?


BOTH: Wow.

MAN: Nita, time to go!

Goodbye, Kenai.


See you!

Bye, Nita!

Bye, Nita. (ECHOING)


Bye, Nita. Uh?

KODA: So, who's Nita?

Huh? What?

Did you know you talk in your sleep?
You were going, "Nita! Nita!"

So who's Nita?

She's a girl I used to know.

Whatever happened to her?

I don't know. I guess she grew up.

He's here! He's here!

-The groom is here!
-We must hurry. Let us prepare.

GIRL: Hurry up! I wanna see him.
I wanna see Atka.

BOY: Nita, he's here!

They're here.
Prepare for the ceremonies.

He must have brought
his entire village with him.

Well, my sweet, this marriage
is extremely important.

That's why we came
to help you get ready.

Oh, no, no. That's okay.
I can get myself ready.

Ah, go ahead. Use all the water.

Then we'll just air dry your hair.

Air dry? Certainly not.
Towel dry is shinier.

You know...

We'll put your hair up
to show off your beautiful eyes.

Up? No, down, of course,
to frame that beautiful face.

No, we're gonna put it up
to show it off better.



-I'm gonna say down.

Oh, she's nervous. She needs to eat.

-I'll go get some smoked salmon.
-But I...

Salmon? On a nervous stomach?

She needs hackberry root
steeped in rainwater.

In the morning? No!

No, no, I'm fine.

I think I'll feel better when I'm dressed.

BOTH: Dressed?
I have just the outfit for you.

Oh, but you don't understand.
I already have one picked out.

Simple reindeer hide.
Slimming, yet elegant.

No, caribou. Feathers. Lots of beads.

-Beads? Are you nuts?
-Reindeer for a wedding?

-No more beads.
-Seashells, then.

-What is it with you and your seashells?
-I love seashells!


I do believe I am feeling a bit hungry.

-I'll get the salmon.
-I'll get the tea.

Okay. Get plenty of both.


You look as beautiful in that dress
as your mother did on our wedding day.

Thanks, Daddy.

I wanted to wear
something of hers today.

Oh, that means so much to me.
Your mother would be so proud.

I wish she was here.

Oh, she is.

In here.

Once you love someone,
they stay in your heart forever.


Are you ready to meet Atka?


WOMAN: Psst.



Great spirits, we come before you today

to bond this man
and this woman as one.

We pray this pleases you.




MAN: Watch out!


The spirits are trying
to tell us something.

WOMAN: It must be a sign.

(STAMMERS) I don't understand.
How could this happen?

The villagers say it's a sign.

The villagers?
What the heck do they know?

Do you want the advice
of the villagers or a professional?

Oh, no, definitely a professional.

They say that in all the tribes,
you are the wisest shaman.

Sha-woman, okay?

"Wise" and "man" don't even belong
in the same sentence.

Let's get down to business.

So the ice cracked
right out from under you.

Sure you haven't put on a few pounds?
Come on, girl to girl.

No, my weight's been constant.

Well, lucky you, Miss Constant Weight.

Tell you what.
Why don't we just ask the spirits, okay?


Uh-huh. Yeah.

What? What are they saying?

Don't interrupt. It ain't all about you.


They say...

You can't marry Ka-ka!


The point is, you're already
matched up, Miss Two Timer.

(STAMMERS) Already matched up?
To whom?

To the one who gave you this.

Look at that picture.
That thing is crystal clear.


The bear boy?

Oh, no, no. We were just kids.

I've heard that one before.

Oh, there has to be a way to undo this.

Undo it?
You can't undo what's been done.

It's done. Case closed.
No more conversation. Ooh!

There is one way.

You must go and eat an ox!


Oh, wait, I'm sorry.

It's the equinox!

Does this place mean anything to you?

Hokani Falls?

That's where Kenai gave me the amulet.

You gotta go to Hokani Falls.

And on the eve of the equinox,

when the spirits
change winter into spring,

you must burn the amulet

and send the bond
back up to the ancestors!

You know, you might wanna
write some of this down.

The equinox is only three days away.
I have to get going.

Uh, with the person
who gave you the amulet.

Kenai? But he's a bear.


You know, a bear?


Uh, I know what a bear is,
and I suggest you go look in the woods.

Well, even if I find him,
how will I talk to him?

Hmm. How will you talk to him?


Don't be afraid. It's in there.


That ain't it. Come on, try it again.


Ooh! I don't know what that was.
One more time.



KODA: And that mammoth stood there
watching the whole thing.

So I told Bucky, "The next time
you have to sneeze,

"please take the walnuts
out of your mouth first."

Oh, and then I started laughing so hard,
guess what came out of my nose.

Uh, Koda, speaking of food...

I know what you mean. All this walking
has made me crazy hungry.


Hey, watch it.


Hey! Whoa!

All right, step aside, kid,

and let a real bear show you
how the digging's done.

Sure it's easy now.
I gave you a head start.

(LAUGHS) Jackpot. All the roots
you can eat, buddy.

I knew I was onto something.

Oh, yeah, you did, huh?

Ah, what can I say?
I've got killer instincts.

Yeah, right. (SNIFFS)

Oh, hey, look, is this a tuber?

-Get down!
-(GRUNTS) What is it?


Quick, hide in here!










Watch it!

Hey, no, Nita! It's me, Kenai.


Is it really you?

Yeah, it's really me.

Wow, I'd heard you were a bear,

I just didn't realize
you'd look so much like a bear.

Yeah, well, look at you.
You really changed.

Wait a minute. You can talk.
I mean, you can understand me?

Yeah. The spirits did it
so when I found you, I could talk to you.

Whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. You...
You've been looking for me? Why?

Well, this is why.

You've kept this? After all these years.

The great spirits told our shaman
that this amulet bonds us as one.


So now you and I have to go
to Hokani Falls...

Together? Like when we were kids?

-...and burn it.
-And burn it!

Burn it? What?

It's no big deal. It's only a little trinket.

Little trinket?

Uh, well, what I mean is,
we were just silly kids.

They won't let me get married
until it's destroyed.

Hmm. Let me think about this.

-Sorry, can't help you.

So, have fun burning
the silly little trinket on your own.

No, you don't understand.

We have to burn it together.
Otherwise, it won't work.

KODA: What won't work?

Uh, Nita, this is my brother, Koda.
Koda, Nita. Nita, Koda.

So you're Nita.
Kenai was just dreaming about you.

-I was not.

Was too.
You should hear him. "Nita. Nita."

Well, it's been nice talking to you,

but Koda and I have big plans
to go to Crowberry Ridge.

Wait! You're just gonna walk away?

You're not gonna help me
take care of this?


You know, neither of us can get on
with our lives until we burn this amulet.

I'll take my chances.

Okay. Fine. Fine.

I guess I'll just wait for them
to turn you back into a human

and send you to find me.

Would they do that?

No. No, buddy, of course not.

Well, how do you know?

What if they did
turn you back into a man?


Then we wouldn't be brothers anymore.

No, Koda, it's... That's not...


(SIGHS) Fine. Okay.
We'll go to Hokani Falls.

But right after that, buddy,
just the two of us,

we'll race down to Crowberry Ridge.

-Pinkie swear?
-Pinkie swear.

Then it's settled. Ready?

(SIGHS) As I'll ever be.


Hokani Falls is this way.

I knew that. I knew that.

No, he didn't.
Kenai has a lousy sense of direction.

KENAI: That is not true.

KODA: One time,
in the middle of the night,

he was trying
to find our cave in the dark...

Course, when we met, he didn't know
the first thing about being a bear.

Like this one time,
we were hunting for pine nuts,

and he stuck his big head
inside a hollow tree.

And I said, "You better not do that
'cause you don't know who lives there."

But he did,
'cause you can't tell Kenai nothing.

All right, Koda.

Next thing you know, he spent a whole
week smelling like a stinky skunk.

(LAUGHS) Something tells me
stinky skunk was an improvement.

KODA: I got a lot more stinky Kenai
stories, if you want to hear them.

-Okay, so, like, we gotta go, eh.
-We'll see you around, eh.

-So, we'll give you a call.
-Yeah, we'll catch you later.

Yeah, we gotta go work out.

Yeah. Gotta keep
these muscles real buff, eh.

So long!

-Hey, look, it's big bear.
-Beauty, eh.

-Oh, hey, guys.
-Boy, are we glad to see you, eh.

Yeah, 'cause we finally found a couple
of real moosettes, eh,

right down there by the stream.

BOTH: Bye!

-So long!

Those guys are weird.

Don't look. You'll only encourage them.

But they won't give us
the time of day, eh.

We was thinking maybe you could help
us with, you know, an opening line, like,

"Oh, hey, I see you like to eat twigs."

Or how about a sonnet, eh?

Like, "Shall I compare thee
to a summer's dew?"

Oh, jeez. Forget that brainy stuff, eh.
They're not owls.

I like, "Hey ladies, nice dewlaps.
Are those things real?"

NITA: Excuse me.

-Uh-oh. Oh, gee.
-Hunter. Hunter!

We're out of here! Bye!
Every moose for himself.


Act like we're not here.

It's okay. This is Nita.
She's with me and Kenai.

-She is?

-Well, pleased to meet you, eh.
-How's it going, eh?

I'm Rutt, and this is my brother...

NITA: Kenai, what's the holdup?

We have to set up camp
on that far peak before sundown.

Oh, nice to meet you.

Scary, isn't she?

Let's go. We're running out of daylight.

Nita, calm down. We got plenty of time.

A smart traveler always allows
for unexpected delays.

(SIGHS) Well, this won't be a delay
if you let me have a minute

to give these guys
a little romantic advice.


Romantic advice? From you?

Stop kidding. Let's go.


Hmm. You know, boys, I think this calls
for more than just a good opening line.

TUKE: It does?

Oh, yeah, yeah, of course. Ahem.

Acts of bravery.
That's what really impresses the ladies.

RUTT: Gee, eh, bravery sounds scary.

No, you just have to pretend
to be brave.

-I'll go out there, I'll act all ferocious,

and then you guys come over
the beaver dam and rescue them.

Oh. Okay. Yeah, yeah.
That's a beauty plan.

-He's smart, eh. Not like you.
-Oh, get out.

Kenai, we don't have time
for this. Kenai!

It's no use.

This falls under,
"You can't tell Kenai nothing."


What's wrong with him?

Maybe he got ahold
of some bad salmon.

(SIGHS) This is stupid.


This ought to impress the ladies
for sure, eh.


I'm a big hungry bear,
and I'm gonna rip you to shreds! Roar!

I said I'm gonna rip you to shreds!


Uh-oh. Hey, I think that's our cue, eh.

-Yeah, beauty.
-Let's go.

Fear not, moosettes!

I, Tuke, and my brother, Rutt,
will save you, eh.

-What ho, largish bear?

Touch not
those fair moosette ladies, eh.

You's gonna have to go
through us if you want them.

Yeah. You'll have to kill us, eh.

-What? No, no, not kill us.
-Oh, sorry.

Uh, maybe not kill us, but just,
you know, push us down or something.





Jeez, that was scary, eh.

Jeez. I thought
I was gonna wet my hooves.

You can go back to grazing.
Nothing to see here.

-Hey, wait!

Guys, where are you going?
Don't leave.







-This used to be such a quiet river, eh.
-Oh, yes.

-Let's get out of here.
-Nice rack on that little one, though.

Are you kidding?
All antler and no brain.

That went well.


Hey, Kenai.

I thought you were supposed
to be scaring moose.

Do you think you can help me out here?

Do all his plans end
with his head stuck in something?

Most of them.

-KENAI: Koda!
-Well, they do.

Calm down, Kenai.

We'll try to get you out of here.

Okay, let's see here.

KENAI: Aah! Ohh!

Sure would be easier
if he didn't have such a fat head.


-Hi, Kenai.
-Hi, Koda.

Oh! Oh, no! My bag. My bag!
The amulet's in my bag!

It's floating right in front of you.
Just grab it!


You get it. I can't. I can't.

It's right there! Kenai, get it.

I'm a little busy here.

It's getting away, Kenai!
Help! Get it! Get it!

KENAI: Stop hitting...


Oh, no!

Oh! The amulet. Oh, there it is!

I guess this would qualify
as one of those unexpected delays.

Ah, there it is.

Oh, thank goodness.


Let's see what we got here.

Hey! Wait, that's my stuff.


You leave that alone. It's mine.


Ugh! Come on!

It's gone.

Ohh! The amulet is gone.

That's because there ain't a better thief
than the masked bandit.

Once they get something
in their clutches,

you might as well give up all hope.

Nope, that amulet's as good as gone.

The Ice Age will end
before you get it back.

Thanks a lot, Kenai.

-What did I do?
-This is all your fault!

My fault?

If you hadn't stopped
to help those moose...

Whoa, whoa! You're the one
who destroyed an entire beaver dam.

I wouldn't have destroyed it if you
hadn't gotten your head stuck in it.

And I'm not the one who had the bag
in reach and then let it float away.

My head was stuck.
What's your excuse?


Oh, what am I gonna do now?

If I can't burn the amulet,
I'll never be able to marry Atka.






Nita, Nita, you gotta come quick.
You're not gonna believe it.

Kenai spent the whole night
untangling those tracks.

And I didn't think anybody could,
'cause they were all forks,

double-backs and crisscrosses
and dead ends...

Koda, Koda, where is Kenai?

That's what I'm trying to tell you.
He found the river bandit's hideout.

(GASPS) Show me.


(SOFTLY) Nita, Nita, over here.

Well, where is it? Did you get it?

(WHISPERING) Shh! I don't have it yet.

It's up in the tree.
I'm waiting for them to fall asleep.


-Nita, wait.

Nita, what are you doing?

I'm getting my amulet back.

Let me handle this.

I'm fine. I've got it covered.

No, seriously, you could fall.

I'm trying to concentrate.

-NITA: Whoa!

RACCOON: Hey, hey!

Can't any of you morons
define the term "nocturnal"?


Sorry. Sorry.

It's completely my fault. Just me.

Uh, listen, you've got something of ours.

Yeah, it's round, about so big.

Maybe I do, maybe I don't.

That's for me to know
and for you to find out.

Either way, it's a moot point.

Finders keepers, losers weepers.
It's the way of the woods.

Hey, you didn't find it,
you stole it. Thief.

All right, you got me. That's what we do.

We rob from the rich
and give to the less fortunate.

You know, like us.


I don't think
you wanna mess with Kenai.

He's a lean, mean,
raccoon butt-kicking machine.



-Go ahead!

Hit him with all you got. He can take it.

Koda, what are you doing?

I'm tricking them into using
all their pine cones.

Ow! It's a pine forest.

Oh, right. This could take a while.

You think?

Whoa, whoa, hey, hey,
what about a trade?

Whoa, whoa! Hold your fire.
Hold it. Hold, hold. He wants to trade.

-RACCOONS: Ooh, a trade.
-Whatcha got?

(LAUGHS) What do I got?
I got lots of things.

I got pine cones?


Uh, how about this stick?

KENAI: Rock?

-RACCOON: You are insulting me.

-RACCOON: I can't believe it!

-Shoo. Shoo. Come on. (BLOWS)

Come on, let go.






NITA: Uh...


Nita, I think it's time to go!


Nita, behind you!


Whoa! She's not bad.



I got an idea. Come on.

Nita, go to the top.

What? I'm trying to get down.

Just listen to me! I know what I'm doing.


I want what you took from me.

Yes, that's it. Keep going!

Let's get her.


Well, well. Nowhere to run to, baby,
nowhere to hide.

Nita, let go!

What? This is your plan?

Just trust me.

Don't listen to him.

Come on,
be a smart little hunter girl, huh?

Hand over the trinket.

Kenai, this better work!

Catch me!





-That was a lot of raccoons.
-I can't believe I outran all of them.

-When you jumped out of that tree...
-Oh, oh! And the way you caught me!

And then when we fell...

BOTH: You were amazing!


I'm just glad we finally got
the old Nita back.

What do you mean, "the old Nita"?

The fun Nita.

Come on, you know you've been
kind of a stick in the mud this entire trip.

Okay, maybe you don't know.

It's just good to see you
loosen up a bit, you know?

Now hold on.

Ew! What stinks? (SNIFFING)

It's not me, Koda.

Ugh! That's the most disgusting thing
I've ever smelled.

Let's go check it out.

Hey! Wait a minute! I'm not finished.


TUKE: Oh, brother, I have never known
a moose to take this long, eh.

RUTT: Don't rush me.
I can't do it while you're watching.

-Jeez. You're getting it on my leg.

-Oh, hey, largish bear.
-How's it going, eh?

-Are we glad to see you.
-Yeah, beauty.

We're still getting the brush-off
from those moosettes.

Yeah, they seem immune
to our rugged good looks, eh,

so we thought we'd appeal
to their olfactory senses.


Yes, for example,

I'm wearing essence
of wet leaf compost

-with just a hint of sandalwood.

And I'm augmenting
my natural moosely musk

with a blend of pine needles
and river mud.

I got news for you, little brother.
That wasn't mud.

-RUTT: Gee, eh.

-Kind of overpowering?
-That's no good.

Guys, don't sweat it. I got another plan.

NITA: Oh, yeah.

I think we've all seen
your expertise on romance.

Yeah, very funny.
Don't we have an amulet to burn?

Oh, we can spare a moment.

-Beauty, eh.
-What you need here...

Excuse me.

Is a woman's point of view.

-And a plan that actually works.

-That's beauty, eh.

Hi! I'm playing with my two best friends,
and I need a place to hide.

Aw! Look at the sweet little thing.

Jeez, I could just eat him up.


-Psst. Go. Go. Get moving.
-Beauty, eh.

Good luck, eh.

-Rutt, would you get going?

Oh, uh, excuse us, ladies.

We're looking for our pal.

-Um, brownish?
-Why, yes.

-Yes, again.

-About yay big?
-That's him!

Haven't seen him.

Ha! Here I am.

I fooled you. I win.

-There's no beating you, little buddy.
-Look at that.

You're so good with him.

Oh, yeah, eh. We have lots
of little kid animal friends.

We know a little weasel
and a little badger.

And we've even got some
little baby bunny friends.


(SOFTLY) Whoa. Smallish bear
is like a babe magnet, eh.



So, would you ladies
be interested in grazing on some twigs?

Oh, no, thanks, we just ate. Ow!

We love twigs.

Really? Well, so do we.
Right, little brother?

Shall I compare thee
to a summer's dew?

Oh, jeez.

Though it art more lovely
and more dewy than you.

TUKE: Oh, nice move, eh.
MOOSETTE: What's wrong with him?

Don't mind my little brother.

He was trampled by an elk herd
when he was a calf.

Oh, jeez, that's awful.

That's not true. It was only half a herd.

MOOSETTE: You're serious, right?


Um, remind me again
who's the better moose matchmaker.

Beginner's luck.


All right, that was a really nice thing...

Did you see me? I did it.

You can do pretty amazing things
with moose. That's great.

Huh? Hey, wait for me!


Oh, oh, Koda, be careful.

Relax, he's fine.
He's just looking for lunch.

Yeah. Besides, I'm always careful. Ow!

Oh, hey, we're making great time.

Look, see, we just go down this trail
until we hit the river.

-Yeah. And then we swim across.


Then it's just a little ways
to Hokani Falls.

We'll be there by lunchtime tomorrow.

Well, that's a good plan,
but what about this?

We go up this ridge to that mountain,

climb up those cliffs,
walk across that snow bridge

and avoid the river altogether.

That makes more sense to me.

That doesn't make any sense.

That's way out of the way, and there's
too much up and not enough down.

-I vote for the river.
-Me too.

Two-to-one. We win. Let's eat.

-Well, it's my amulet.

And my wedding.

Well, then have
your honeymoon up there,

'cause if we go that way now,

we'll have to walk all night
to make it to the falls in time.

Fine. Then I'll meet you there.

Nita, what's wrong with you?

Trust me.
My way will get us there before...



KODA: What's the matter with you?

You act like you're afraid of fish.

(LAUGHS) My gosh, Kenai,
I can't believe it.

Hey, Kenai, watch this.

Where's the girl who's afraid of fish?

Hi, my name is Nita,
and I'm afraid of fish.

I have a fish. The fish is so scary!
Oh, no, he's gonna eat me!

Ahem. Koda, come on.

-Koda, stop.
-No, he almost got me.

Koda, stop!


We were just kidding around
about the fish.

No, it's not the fish.

(SIGHS) It's the water.

Ever since that day I fell through the ice
when we were kids...


I didn't realize.

That's why I didn't grab
the bag in the river.

It wasn't your fault we lost the amulet.

It was mine.

Hey, we got it back together.
That's all that matters, right?

What are you looking at?

You ready to keep going?

But I'll never be able to cross that river.

We can do that together, too.


Funny how it turns out

That everything can change

What I feel right now
is not the same as yesterday

There's more than I imagined

Deep inside my heart

Emotions that I never knew

And this is just the start

So many things
I've been missing not watching

But that was all in the past

Now I realize
there's so much more to learn

I'm ready for the world

Not scared of letting go

Now I realize
there's so much more to feel

And my heart knows it's real

The part of me so long-forgotten

Is calling, and this feels like home

Home, home

Feels just like home

Feels just like home

Right from the start,
been friends forever

Somehow we're meant to be together

I feel like you've shown me
how to find my way home

Find my way home

Now I realize so much more to learn

I'm ready for the world

Not scared of letting go

Now I realize
there's so much more to feel

And my heart knows it's real

The part of me so long-forgotten

Is calling, and this feels like home

Home, home

Feels just like home

It's the only way.

Let me help you.

I changed my mind.

Nope, it's too late for that.
We're going across.

-Whatever happens, don't let go.

Now I realize
there's so much more to learn

I'm ready for the world
Not scared of letting go

Now I realize
there's so much more to feel

My heart knows it's real

Part of me so long-forgotten

Is calling, and this feels like home

I did it! I did it!

This feels like home

Thank you, Kenai.

Home, home

Feels just like home


Hey, smallish bear.
So where's big bear, eh?

With Nita.

He never has time for me anymore.
He's too busy helping her.

Shee! Boy, do I know how you feel.

My own brother gave me the heave-ho,
eh, all for a babe.

Actually, two really, really hot babes.

Better watch your brother
doesn't walk out on you, eh.

He wouldn't do that.

I said the same thing, eh,

but get a load of Moose-anova
over there.

Shall I compare thee
to a summer's dew?

Did you just make that up?

-Beauty, eh.
-He's such a poet.


Yeah, I guess I'll see you around,
little bear.



KENAI: You had a whole clumpful.
NITA: Oh, you're making that up.

All I know is I had all my fur
when we went into the river,

and two handfuls were missing
when we came out.

-Well, maybe you're just going bald.

You know, it does look
really thin right through here.

Yeah, very funny.

This is the most fun I've had
since we were kids.


Fun but cold.

On a night like this,
it's good to be a bear.


So, Hokani Falls.

I guess we'll make it there in time, huh?

I guess.

A lot sure has changed
since the last time we were there.

No kidding.

Do you ever miss being human?

I mean, have you ever thought about
changing back?

Yeah, I've...

I've thought about it.

KODA: I knew it.


You're going back with her.

Koda, wait. Koda, wait!


(ECHOING) Koda, answer me!



Koda? Are you in here?


Where are you?




Go away.

Koda, Kenai's worried sick about you.
Come on, I'll take you to him.

No! I said go away!

Koda, please keep your voice down.
It's not safe.

I don't care. Just leave me alone.

No, Nita!

We're gonna be all right,
but we've got to go.



Run! Run! Run! Faster!

We're gonna make it.

-Take my hand.



Don't move.




Hang on!


Don't let go!

-Koda, hold on!
-I am!





Koda, what would I have done
if anything happened to you?

You're gonna leave me.
You said you missed being one of them.



You're going back with her, aren't you?

I do miss things,

but you're my brother.

I'll never leave you.

Ah. Not ever.

Ah, this show's giving me
the munchies, eh.

Hey, little brother,
how about you get us some twigs, eh?

(SOBS) Okay.

Are you crying?

No. I mean, well, yeah, but so what, eh?

These lights are so beautiful, eh, I...


Oh, he's sensitive.

A moose with depth?

It's beauty, eh.


He's a cute one, isn't he?

Hey, I can be sensitive, too, eh.

Ooh, I like your hooves.


Yeah, and I'm a hoof man.
Yours are nice and shiny.


Hoof man? Why didn't I think of that?



Is this the equinox?

Yeah, Koda, this is it.

My mom is up there somewhere.

My mom, too.

Do you miss yours?


But you don't need to wait for the lights
to find her, Koda.

She's always with you.

In here.

Once you love someone,
they stay in your heart forever.

It's time.

Koda, you be good, okay?

You're such a sweet little cub.


Oh, the spell.





If you hear a voice

In the middle of the night

Saying it'll be all right

It will be me

If you feel a hand

Guiding you along

When the path seems wrong

It will be me

There is no mountain

That I can't climb

For you, I'd swim through
the rivers of time

As you go your way and I go mine

Our light will shine

And it will be me

It will be me

It will be me

Kenai, did you give Nita the amulet
because you loved her?


It was a long time ago.

But she's still with you in here.

I can tell.

Ah, Koda, it doesn't matter.

Well, if you do love her,
shouldn't you tell her?

It's a little more complicated than that.

Anyway, it's over.

Hey, I promised you we'd be the
first two bears to Crowberry Ridge.

Pinkie swear, remember?

How about first thing in the morning,
we rustle up some more berries?

Sound good?

Mom, Kenai's so sad.

It's all because of me.

I'll be okay on my own.

Tell the spirits to change Kenai back
so he can be happy.


RUTT: Jeez, he's really out, eh.
TUKE: Yeah.

Maybe we should
throw some water on his face.

Why don't you just stand
there drooling, eh? That should do it.

Trample off.

Oh, wait. Hey, I think I saw him move.

Rise and shine, bear boy!

Yeah, not time to hydroplane yet, eh.

-It's hibernate, you hoofer.
-That's what I said.

Hey, we saw smallish bear last night.

Yeah, we tried to stop him, eh,
but he wouldn't listen to us.

What? Where was he going?

Uh... Oh.

To get Nita, eh.

He said he was gonna
bring her back for you.

Bring her back? No, no.

If he steps foot in the village,
the hunters will get him.

BOTH: Oh, gee.

WOMAN: Almost there.

And now for the final touch,
a beautiful bead necklace.

Oh, no, you don't. Not this time.

This is much more appropriate.

Yeah, and that doesn't match
anything she's wearing.

And what makes you think
those beads do?

Nita, what would make you happy?


Once again, we are ready.

Are you, my daughter?

Yes, Father.

I would expect a bride
to be smiling on her wedding day.

Is there something wrong?

(SIGHS) Daddy, I'm so confused.

I thought that when I burned the amulet,
the bond would be broken,

but in my heart, I...


I'm sorry, Daddy.

I can't marry Atka.


A bear! There's a bear in the village!

It's a bear.

Koda? Wait! Wait, don't hurt him.

No, our fish!

I got him!

We've got him now!

-Look, he's up in the tree!
-There he is. Get him!


Don't! Please stop!



Look out, here he comes!


-Get your spears!
-Come on!

-Let's go after him.
-Atka, no!

-Leave him alone.
-Get him!

Oh, no. Run!

MAN: This way.

After them!

Nita, are you hurt?

I have to stop them.

There he is! Let's get him!


Follow me!

Rock! Look out! Get out of the way!

Stay low.





There you are. Got you!




Nice move, eh.

-Gee, eh.

BOTH: Oh! Our heroes.


Beauty, eh.

Come on! We have to find Kenai.




No, don't!



(ECHOING) Kenai!



NITA: How could you?

-He was my friend.





I can't... I don't understand. I'm sorry.

I love you, too.

The spirits?

Kenai, I can understand you.

I asked the spirits
to turn you back into a man.

-So you could be with Nita.

No, Koda.

It's okay.
I just want you to be happy again.

Nita, I can't.

But I can.

Am I the only one that hears
these bears speaking?

-Yeah, that's beauty, eh.
-How's it going, eh?


Is this what you want?

Will this make you happy?

You are my daughter

and I will love you
no matter what you choose.







How do I look?

Like a bear,
except they gave you antlers.




Life is simple and clear

When you make the right choice

It's truth that you hear

When you find your own voice

Oh, my brothers and sisters, believe

You are just what you are meant to be

Oh, great spirits

Hear my voice today

-I love happy endings, eh.
-I love happy endings, too.

And happy beginnings.

-Beauty, eh.




Look all around you

Welcome, magic

Welcome, sweet sun ray

Welcome, my sweet sun ray

Love is no secret

Look all around you

Welcome to this day

Welcome, magic

Love is no secret

Look all around you

Welcome to this day



Learning how to smile again

Free to show my heart

Knowing I can face the things
that used to seem too hard

I look inside
your eyes and see

A different part of me

What I didn't know
I want in life

You're everything I need

So many things I've been missin'
and not watchin'

But that was all in the past

Now I realize
there's so much more to learn

I'm ready for the world

Not scared of letting go

Now I realize
there's so much more to feel

And my heart knows it's real

The part of me so long-forgotten

Is calling, and this feels like home

Home, home

Feels just like home

Feels just like home

Right from the start,
been friends forever

Somehow we're meant to be together

I feel like you've shown me
how to find my way home

Find my way home

Now I realize

It feels just like home

Feels just like home

It feels just like home

Feels just like home


Feels like home

Now I realize
there's so much more to learn

I'm ready for the world

Not scared of letting go

Now I realize
there's so much more to feel

And my heart knows it's real

The part of me so long-forgotten

Is calling, and this feels like home

This feels like home

Home, home

Feels just like home

Feels just like home


If you hear a voice

In the middle of the night

Sayin' it'll be all right

It will be me

If you feel a hand

Guiding you along

When the path seems wrong

It will be me

There is no mountain

That I can't climb

For you, I'd swim through
the rivers of time

As you go your way
and I go mine

Our light will shine

And it will be me

If there is a key

That goes to your heart

A special part

It will be me

If you need a friend

Call out to the wind

To hold you again

It will be me

Oh, how the world

Seems so unfair

Creating a love
that cannot be shared

As you go your way
and I go mine

Our light will shine

And it will be me

Past the everafter

There's a place for two

In your tears
and laughter

I'll be there for you

In the sun and the moon

In the land
and the sea

Look all around you

It will be me

There is no mountain

That I can't climb

For you, I'd swim through
the rivers of time

As you go your way
and I go mine

Our light will shine

And it will be me

It will be me

It will be me