Brahmotsavam (2016) - full transcript

The story of Brahmotsavam is quite simple and is based on Satyaraj and his joint family. But one among the family, Rao Ramesh is always unhappy with the way he is always under the shadow of Satyaraj. To get even more prominence in the family, he decides to get his daughter(Pranitha) married to Mahesh Babu who is Satyaraj's son.Twist in the tale arises when Rao Ramesh finds out that Mahesh is already in love with Kajal. He bursts out with anger and confronts Satyaraj. An unexpected incident takes place because of this issue and disrupts the entire family. Rest of the story is as to how Mahesh takes things in hand and gets his family back on track and where does Samantha feature in all this set up.

Why do we celebrate?

Why do we wish to be a part of them?

There?s beauty and joy when people meet...

Imagine how good it would be when everyone
meets for every occasion to celebrate.

I am here to meet such people now.

I found someone just like me.

He has no inhibitions.

He talks to everyone...

He says, he doesn?t think much.

That was the first time...
I started thinking about myself.

One must be lucky to witness
God from really close in these grand celebrations.

He?s doing just the same. He?s holding it...

Brother, why don?t you add some salt
and check for a change?

Who is Mrs. Lakshmi?


I asked you to be like one of us
and not a servant. Got that?

Sir, is Mrs. Lakshmi here?

There are many Lakshmis here.
Who are you looking for?

My wife?s name is Susheela Lakshmi.
She doesn?t talk too much...

My third brother is very bossy...
my sister-in-law?s name is Varalakshmi...

Not too bossy.

My second brother and
his wife is Bhoo Lakshmi...

She?s very patient.

I have an elder brother.
He?s not around.

His wife?s name is Rajyalakshmi...
she?s epitome of peace.

What about me?
- For you too.

Chitti, for you!

I have a sister too. She?s Mahalakshmi.

So, there are so many Lakshmi?s around.
You can go look for yours.

From where?

From Benz circle!

Not you, the gifts.
where are they from?

from London...

Must be our neice...
she sends gifts home for every occasion.

I don?t need your autobiography. If you can help me
spot Mrs. Lakshmi, I?ll give it to her.

Look... Go straight in...

The one you feel like offering salutations
to is Mrs. Lakshmi.

Where is Chanti?

Chanti you are here,
I've been searching for you downstairs.

Hey, c?mon. It?s time!
- Hey, let me say it first.

One day, our city must be coloured
with the paints from our factory...

One day this city should be
filled with our factory paints...

Not just these walls but their hearts too.
Their lives must be painted with our colours.

It?s not a big deal if you really believe in it.

Come and bless my daughter first.
-Let's go.

Madam... who is Mrs. Lakshmi?
-No idea.

Are you Mrs. Lakshmi?
- It's not me.

Excuse me... I beg you... I believe there?s
someone here one offers salutations to, who is she?

I am right here.

You didn?t go?

No. You aren?t helping me.
I?ll almost cry now.

Hey... whatever comes here,
it must reach the hands of the right people.

I have been worrying about this.

What are you up to? people here have been
fight about this since forever..

Hey! Stop your nonsense...

What do you even know?

If we note 36 characteristics about you
all would be negative. You know that and so do I.

And you are looking for your identity now.

Even though she?s not your daughter...

Can?t you be happy for
your friend?s daughter?s wedding?


Brother-in-law... I was talking to them...

Let me say first.

Sangeet is in the evening.
You must look into everything.

I?ll tell you if there?s anything.
-Come and bless her first.

Where is he?

"Your Lips are Sweet and Charming,
Your Face is Sweet and Charming.."

"Your Eyes are Sweet and Charming and
Your Laughter is Sweet and Charming.."

"Your Heart is Sweet and Charming
Your Going is Sweet and Charming.."

"Everything about You is Sweet and Charming,
oh sweetness.."

"Sweetness... Sweetness..."

"Your Speech is Sweet and Charming,
Your Nature is Sweet and Charming.."

"Your Eyes are Sweet and Charming and
Your Laughter is Sweet and Charming.."

"Your Heart is Sweet and Charming
Your Going is Sweet and Charming.."

"Everything about You is Sweet and Charming,
oh sweetness.."

"Your Bent Posture is Sweet
and Charming.."

"Your Walking is Sweet and Charming.."

Enough of your stiffness.
Ready? -Let's go.

Brother, why are you eating Mr. Manthena
Satyanarayana Raju?s food. Can?t you push it off?

Push push push.. he?s done!

C?mon.. uncle... c?mon.

-C'mon push me.

Uncle is done.

Uncle is gone.

How did you fall? -Superb!

Hey, let?s talk good things.

Nothing else...

Just good vibes!


Uncle here... Mother...

What is this?

Valli... this one is for you...

Husband thinks about one hundred things
but we think just about them...

Just think about that... don?t worry much.

Get up sister... Get up!

Sister-in-law, brother is not here.
He?s never around laughter.

A girl must go through this no matter what...

She won?t budge with her parents
and won?t argue with in-laws.

All these are lessons, girl...
it all depends on his. That?s it.

Good one sister.

A good word gives immense satisfaction.

Makes you content...

and with so much love...

And he?s a combination of all that.

We gave her the name Anandavalli
when she was born.

Our lives changed ever since...

He?s our strength for life. It?s him...


If things happen as per our will or not.
wishes fulfil or not.

We need people around us
to deal with everything.

One good thought...



"The moment is here.."

"Let's say something nice..."

"What are we waiting for..."

"Let's invite everyone..."

"What's music without Sa Pa Sa..."

"A joyful jump in joy..."

"Is not really a mistake..."

"Attention everybody..."

"Say yay for fun..."

"Enough of ABCD.."

"Because, anybody can dance.."

"Live for the moment...
gotta live for the moment..."

"Live... Live... Live..."

"What's music without Sa Pa Sa..."

"A joyful jump in joy..."

"Is not really a mistake..."

"Happiness is hidden within us..."

"Light it up with your smile...
Only then will you know..."

"Say hello playfully...
Don't look here and there..."

"Just say yes..
don't look for excuses..."

"Any moment..."

"Any place..."

"If you want to be happy..
You must believe so..."

"Do you hold responsible for this planet?"

"Do you have all the worries of the world?"

"Why is everyone alone by themselves.."

"Why are you all like a wallflower...
Don't be silent..."

"If you really want something...
If something else happens.."

"If you don't budge...
No issue can harm you..."

"Attention everybody...
Say yay for fun..."

"Enough of ABCD
Because, anybody can dance!"

So, did you see him?
loves his job!

What! It?s all show off.

Can?t you see us or what?
Why are you so hesitant?

Or are you a show off just like him?

Why are you looking at us like that?
Did I say something wrong? I spoke the truth...

You and your inhibitions.

If it was not for your brother-in-law,
you wouldn?t have had a home.

You?d have been looking
for juice just like us.

What?s wrong with that?
You said it with affection...

If my father hadn?t made an effort to give those
four hundred rupees to my brother-in-law...

Things would have been different, right?

He felt bad.
- Gulp it.

Did you call me, uncle?
Your parents might like it... not me...

Morning he will ask me
for all the calculations.

Come, drop me home.
My head is thumping. I?ll get some sleep.

Come on.
- Not that way.

Okay, come.


Why is your face like that?
Look how happy he is...

Have you ever been so happy in 50 years?

Why did you stop here?
- Lemon soda is amazing here...

Hey, give me two glasses.
- Ok.

Every family must have a son like you...
Your father is lucky. Very lucky!

There are Gods who grant wishes.
And you wont be able to take it then. Fool!

It?s very easy to convince you, uncle. Take it.

Why would you say that?
I didn?t think much. Just said what I felt.

Tell me.. what happened?

Why are you bothered?
Just to kill time, you keep asking anything...

There?s nothing...

I?m moving things... is anyone even noticing?
What if things go wrong?

You just want to dress up and go out.
while we were leading our lives.

He got us here.
He did it all... gave us everything...

We can stay back, right? You will question me...

And somehow it annoys me
when things make him happy.

What makes you say so?

It?s a lot that i said it...
and now you are asking why?

Stop it, you. You?ll get mad if I say anything.

Where would I get medicine for this?

I found it, Look there..

Where is Lord Hanuman in the picture?
Near Lord Rama?s feet...

Does that mean we must not worship him?

Stop building temples for him?
People consider him as God, right?

Look, you are like Hanuman and he?s Lord Rama.

You don?t get it?

Let?s do one thing...
Let?s get our daughter married to their son...

Then everything?s ours... our girls.

At least then you?ll feel fine...
and let go off your thoughts...

Is that fine with you?



You're not bothered about your Father..
he?ll come here and wait...

I was contemplating about coming.

Now that I am here I wonder
why I took this decision.

After seeing you, I wonder if
it?s okay that I am here...

I would have... I should have thought
about myself...

That?s how I am thinking...

You?re Kashi Annapurana for namesake.
You just don?t have stability.

Father, start...

The guy is 6 feet tall...

Stays home after 6 o?clock...
he belongs to our caste...

You say things like that, right?

Say it... it?s been long that I heard.

You started even before
I strated talking about your wedding.

It?s time for change, father...

Weddings, relationships..

There?s so much more to study, so much to see.
- Ok.

Brother, shall I load this distemper paint
along with them? -Go ahead...

Take it quickly... what?s the delay for?

Batch is ready sir...

Check the stock completely...

Should we dispatch?
Yes, we have to dispatch immediately...

Hey! Ha ha ha...

Greetings, uncle.

Oh... ha ha ha.

When did you come from Australia?

Ask her when she?s leaving.. hahaha

You?re a photocopy of your father...

He never takes anything...
he?s content with what he has.

She?ll stay here as long as she?s here.

You don't need to mention that...
- Okay, he?s very busy... let?s go!

Just a minute... one minute!

-Let me say it first...

Take it, girl..

Don't spend it... just keep it with you forever...

Thank you..

I won?t take it... hahaha

This curry is amazing. Have some more.
- I had it and passed it to you.

Have it...

Won?t you eat?

I will have it at Aunt?s home.

You very know how to eat
at any random place.

Aunt, I?m hungry..
Can you please serve some food..

Did you eat there?

Didn?t think so much, aunt..
I just felt like eating, so came here...

What did you make?

Fish curry and lamb curry..

I want lamb curry..

By the way.. everyone?s on the terrace..
they are making pickles.

Ha ha ha....

A guy who can excite me has not been born...
Open statement!

You know where it all started...

On the 10th class mark sheet
they mention about birthmarks, right?

A mole on the shoulder, a mole on the cheek,
a mole on the chin..

My uncle that way...

Didn?t realise that i?ll grow up someday...

And wrote a mole on the waist
on my sheet, crazy fool...

When I go to interviews...

and they accidently read that,
I get looked at very weirdly.

Stop looking at me, guys...
When will you guys change?

Well, is the mole still there?
- Why don?t you show it?

"At Naidu's house..Near the pea tree.
What did Naidu say, girl?.."

"You're so weird, girl?"

"At Naidu's house... Near the pea tree...
Naidu gave me four hens.."

"And my heart started thumping, aunt!"

Go... I'll eat and come.

I'll come behind you
after finishing my food.

"At Karanam's house.. Near the drumstick
tree.What did the cupid say, girl?"

"What did the cupid say?"

"At Karanam's house, Near the drumstick tree.
He said, he'd give a gold necklace..."

"A gold necklace..."

"At Munasabu's house... At the door...
What did he say?"

"What did he say?"

"At Munasabu's house... At the door...
He said, he'd give me nose pins!"

"He said, he'd give me nose pins!"

"On your fancy chignon..."

"Three Chrysanthemum flowers.."

"Who put them there, girl?
You look so beautiful, girl..."

"With chrysanthemum flowers in hand...
Naidu called me slyly..."

"My heart was beating hard, aunt!"

"When I wore the gold necklace
and walked by the stream..."

"Naidu caught me there...
My heart was beating hard, aunt!"

"My mother's brothers..
are my uncles..."

"Ones with umbreallas... Ones with
fancy shoes..With beautiful eyes.."

"With elegant gait... Must be someone.."

"Wait till sunrise.. have a
Place your cot carefully.."

"Turn the lights on in your patio..
Scream if he doesn't come.."

Don?t take that man?s
goodness for granted,

Why are you behaving like
it is your own factory?

Who are we?

Why are we here?
I?ll answer my question...

Big companies buying small companies
is a thing of the past...

But your company is not that small...
we enquired about it...

Who said that it?s being sold?
That is your question...

Who doesn?t like money?
That is my answer...

One budges for money...
some budge on appreciation..

What?s this mess?

Why am I telling all this to you? Is your question..

All will be done if I say something
and he passes it on to him...

That?s my answer...

But why should we sell?
Is your stern question...

He understands complicated
things very easily...

You mean.. we must split the property
and fight for assets later...

That would be your question...

Will you get such an offer once again..
is my answer...



Aunt?s exhibition... uncle?s hotel..

uncle?s temple... wonder what he has done
to be punished so much..

When I have some issues,
I look at them for ten minutes..

Then my father tells me..
or my grand father tells me...

Or my great-grand father...

I don?t call it a day unless
one of them don?t talk to me..

How much will they give?

About 400 cr...

That day when he gave me 400 bucks,
I made it into 400 Cr today.

Sounds amazing...

Do they have the intelligence
of selling it for 400 Cr?

That?s it..

I got the backup of those 400 bucks...

and the that gives me courage...

Will forge ahead with the mix of both...

Life is all about trust..not business.

Say something.. I want to listen to you..

Is he silent because he knows everything
or because he don?t?

Take it..
- Oh, Thank you.

Who made these arrangements? Father or son?

How does that matter... look over there...

There?s no smile on that face even today.

He is still dancing...
Stop him, he may fall down.

Hey, stop it, you..

Stop it, come here...
- It?s time for the wedding.

You look better than the first time I saw you...

Even I feel better now...

I have a small confusion though...

But I can deal with that for life, if you are ready!

We?ll be together for 2 months, right? Let?s see...

Two months?

Only Two months...

Can I use this space, brother-in-law?

Oh.. Looks like something interesting
is happening on the stage...

Have I come between the
two of you, brother-in-law?

Or has she come between the two of us?

Or have you come between us?
-I just told her something...

I understood something else..

you are thinking about something.
Let?s go.

Aren't you coming?

Ma?am, bride and the groom are ready..
start it already...

What is it, sister-in-law?

You were on the groom?s side
and now you are on the bride?s side.

If you take the guy?s side,
you think they?ll give you more dowry?

Ah... You need at 600 people
to count the money my son earns.

Okay.. keep your money with you...

How the debts also be my responsibility?

And his name spells money... Lord of seven hills!

Well, no one can point out to our boy...

You please talk about your girl..

Excuse me... did you check everything?

Did you find out about
our girl and our family?

Or you have just come
without any preparation?

Look at our girl?s complexion
and look at his.

Why is he so dark?

Despite knowing his complexion,

your daughter has been
going out with him for ages.

I hope you know that... Or the next bus
is ready for departure... Will you leave?

Yeah.. we had lot of sweets in the morning...
to talk about our girl...

You guys will fall asleep
if I start talking about our girl...

He?ll get married and push off
by the time we find out...

And then you?ll faint while going
to the lord of seven hills...

"How did Bala Tripuramani move
her waist like that and walk by.."

"How is it known that it seems
like spine and she like butter.."

"She is kancheevaram silk and I have the
dhoti attire yet, fine gold thread matched.."

"Gotta go there now or later right.."

"Budha will fight a war after seeing you.."

"So evident is your beauty.."

"You asked me something outright
and secretly.."

"Told you bluntly what attracted me.."

"Shall I say there's no hesitation
at all now.."

"Found out from you speech that
there's no distinction between you.."

"Does the age not know? Knows.."

"Won't it ask you? fights.."

"Stop after stammerring.. won't stop
Moreover after meeting candidly.."

"Some hurriedness (that raises)
Shall I explain the meaning of that.."

"Your immatchable and
I'm attracted to you like never before.."

"Wanna hear every word
that hasn't crossed you.."

"Wanna say it out that
which is thought by mistake.."

"Leisure thats beyond count
Announcement thats incredible.."

"Dunno why it wont stop me anymore
Shall I forge ahead with you effortlessly.."

"Union that has crossed directions
Inappropriate if anyone bends.."

"Rapport was identified after
seeing beauty like you.."

I'll get it..
-I'll give you..

Bujji, she needs something..
-Ice cream. Vanilla?

Do you need anything?
-Thank you sir.

Am I right?

Let?s go loafing around Vijaywada tonight?

All night?

What if I get excited?

Shall I get someone along?
Or will you be able to manage?

Come here..

What is it?

Can we do things in public?

Guys think like that... But nothing happens...

They only find out later...

41, 42, 43...

If you feel comfortable
you just might feel like my wife.

What else?

With you by my side
I am trying very hard to be sober...

What more...

Are you done?
You wanted to go everywhere.

Are you tired already?

Tradition? Silk saree?

I didn?t think too much.
I said because I like it.

I said it, right..

They count things that are irrelevant...

They keep counting till the count is right...

Boys are scared of walking along with girls...

They just walk ahead...

Boy don?t leave if it?s slightly massy...

Girls have crossed that point long ago...
they take it quite casually...

I told you, right?

Guys just need a hug and a kiss... that?s it...

They can do anything for that...

Okay, let?s dance?

There are no people...

I don?t like dancing like this..

She?s seen it all I guess!

This is good, right?
-Yes, mother.

Look at this one..

I like the colour..

Show me..
-Can?t you see..


Mother, what is he eating? -Who?


You tell me...

This will look good on aunt, right?

He?s eating something..

Leave that. Tell me if you like it...

It is good, right?
-Custard apple...

Not just that... lots of custard apple...

That's a lot... what about me?

Hey, let me show you my sarees first...
-What about custard apple?

He?s only been eating.

I managed to send you out for further studies..

But couldn?t send him.

How are your classmates?
The one who ate all the corn..

The fat one, are they around? Are they?

You still remember them?

That?s 1st is Ramadevi, 2nd Umadevi, 3rd is Satyavati

4th is Chandrani...5th Padmaja... 6th is Dhanalakshmi...

7th is Seshaveni..

Why are you laughing?

What is it, father?

Everyone?s here except you..

Come back!

Convince your husband and come here...

when dad wakes up at midnight...
or mother makes tea...

They think of our shenanigans as kids,
hence they were craving to see you and talk to you...

If we want to embrace you,
you are not around...

And you are too far away...

I can fill in for you...

But... only a father can feel that...

We will stay with Dad
and we will keep staying with him.

That?s amazing. come here.

She is crying... -Ok..

Here?s custard apple...

Shall I send an entire basket to London?
Don't cry...

Say something nice.. something!





All of us...

All of us...


Lots of everybody!
Ha ha ha...

Relations are very good...
There is no end...

They keep continuing..
But they are good...

I really like Australia.

You know why I want to settle there...

You can scream out loud if you?re angry...

You can run if you?re bored of walking...

Even if our people are not around
you try to be nice to everyone..

You can offer salutations!

You can do a lot of stuff here as well..

You can call anyone uncle..

Uncle, take the glass.

Can dance where ever you wish...

Come on...

You said, right...

You wanted people...

Here they are... come..

Just a minute... one minute..
take off your shoes.. you?ll feel it.

Come closer..
everything will melt in 15 minutes...

It?s ice.. it will take some time to melt...

Just imagine..

Girls have passed that stage...
They take it very casually...

They get mad if you dominate...

Won?t you?

It?s all because of you...

Your insecurities and your doubts...

We have turned out to be like this
because of your unnecessary attitude.

We lost our sensitivities...
It?s dropped down completely.

Or we are the smoothest
and gentlest of all.

We heard that you are going
to sell the factory and now..

Are you planning to start another one?

Father, I'm going to granny's place
everyone are there.

Before giving anyone any chance to point out,
he?s starting up on his own...

Is that okay? Everyone will be fine, right?

Your son makes me happy at times like these.

He can manage with just about anyone..

Unlike you.

Many people need us in our place...
why do we care about Amaravati.

You started the purchases again?
Which side is it?

I've been standing on my word
since long time.

You can keep it on top of your head...
or wherever you wish... oh, you blind fools...

Till your brother-in-law stands beside you...

Look, he used to walk around here...
he used to sell the paints here...

He became a great man today...
and continues to be the greatest...

I am talking to you... where are you looking?
We are not hesitant about anything...

We always have to say one thing...
we are straight..

So brother-in-law, did you buy lands for the factory?
- Stop it, you..

I like visiting your aunt once in a month...

We just saw her. They are all there...

Let me know if your intending
to get your son married...

My son is doing some business in South Africa..

He?s minting money.. I have no idea how...

You say yes, I?ll ask him to dump
as much money as you want..

Hey... Hey!


Let me say it first..
is everyone ready?

We?ll get started..
- Ok then, see you later...

Mother-In-law, we shall meet again.

Take care, I will call you.

Aunty, One selfie please...
-What is wrong with you let's go...

Hey, why didn?t you get the older one?

She?ll come if she wants to.. not when we call her..

she doesn?t think too much, just like me

Call your uncle..



Give it to her...

-What is it?

Take it.

Mother, take it...

Are you giving or him?
- It?s him..

Is that true?

Are you giving or him?
- It?s him..

Anyway you?re gonna give it to the kids,
so.. take it..

I?ll take it if he gives...
I won?t take it if you give...

I got her married to someone random
because she was not my own daughter...

Her time was good... that she?s so happy today...

Or I would have been so upset with myself...

I am unable to come there
because of this reason only...

when we went through bad times...
he took you...and helped so much...

let me tell you something...

I know you kids too well...

Don?t insult him even in your dreams...

Invite the kids home next week...
they?ll stay here for a week.

She?s been talking about you..
-Stop. Let?s go.

My father gave this too...
-Get lost.

Lift it, brother...
you are Lord hanuman.. Lift it..

Did we get them all? -Uncle.

I am gonna sneeze..
Are you gonna sneeze as well?




What happened?
-He dropped it down.

Mother, she?s carrying father?s diary.
What would she do now?

Why are you carrying Father?s diary?

Like the democracy of the country,
this is our family?s democracy.

This is uncle?s diary...

We?ll find all the solutions of the world
once we open this diary.

What?s your problem now?

Brother didn?t write anything on this page..
that means the problems are over?

Can I use this space, brother-in-law?


If the world is a stage and
we are all actors...

Why hide the acting skills then?
Why can?t we act openly?

Don?t look at me like that,
brother-in-law.. I lose track...

You carry on...

My father wants to get us married...

I won?t accept or deny...

If I accept and the wedding doesn?t happen
it?s a huge problem...

If I deny and we end up getting married
then they ask me why...

Now that?s the problem...

so, let?s just watch
what?s gonna happen on the stage.

What else can we do, brother-in-law?

If there?s some sweet magic between
a guy and girl..

That must surely work out...

We can guess the mindset by the colors...
-Let?s play?



I thought the colour
I?m gonna put on your forehead.

If you can?t take it...

Tell me in advance...

You will fall in order to save me...

I am getting attracted to you ...

So it?s done, right?

But you continue to love me.. I like it..

Doesn?t feel like love..

Guys are like torture...

But... you have to tolerate me.

Black is for negativity.

I thought the colour of your kohl..
- How can say that?

I will cover everything like colour black..

I am short tempered..

But I respect my anger..

I can't tolerate...
but, I respect my intolerance..

It?s in my nature...

And I respect it.

I respect my anger, I respect my confusion,
I respect my jealousy... I respect my feelings..

I respect all my feelings.

All the colours are within you..

Why are you thinking so much?

Become one among us..

Everything will fall into place..

Why are you getting crushed?

Go and tell that you want to get
your daughter married to him..

Look at yoru face.. darn you..

I cant believe you?re my son..
you irritate me so much..

Can i tell you something...
you really don?t want to get her married...

You want to leave right away..

Hey, look!

Did you observe too?

No, brother-in-law...

If you accept, the next good thing
that?s gonna happen is your son?s wedding..

With his daughter...

He is tensed whether to disclose it or no..

Looks like there?s something.
He has a weird feeling.

He's been writing something.
He'll come and tell now.



Why are you getting restless
when I am trying to tell something..

We can talk later.
Can we play these games now?

Ha ha ha...

What?s with life..

Feels really long already...

Okay, let?s go out on a tour..


Yes, everybody..

"Play and sing with others..."

"Speak with other hearts..."

"Befriend others hearts..."

"The long way of the journey..."

"The steps that make the journey..."

"Sing and play... Sing and play!"

"If this moment is true.."

"Won't we think of a better tomorrow..."

"If we get used to this fete..."

"Won't we crave for it again and again..."

"Things we saw... things we haven't..."

"What we see becomes delightful..."

"For one and for all..."

"Wouldn't that be for everyone..."

"I find out things about myself..."

"I learn gossip about you..."

"I ask.. I find out..."

"But it's all in the family!'

"If this moment is true.."

"Won't we think of a better tomorrow..."

"If we get used to this fete..."

"Won't we crave for it again and again..."

Where are you going?

Why am I restricting so much...
Should I just say?

Going away from him
and this feeling is very hard...

But, would I suit him?

Hey Cutee, Come on...

"Whatever is there and
whatever has to be..."

"Wouldn't that be wonderful?"

"If we all walk together...
Wouldn't the distance reduce to half..."

"Dreams hidden in our eyes..."

"Must come true deep from the heart..."

"Let's see them.. let's live them..
And it's all in the family!"

"If this moment is true.."

"Won't we think of a better tomorrow..."

"If we get used to this fete..."

"Won't we crave for it again and again..."

I am forgetting everything
with so many people around..

I told you about all my ambitions, right?

What if I tell you that I changed my mind
and wish to stay here forever..

How would you feel?

What?s with the sudden decision?

Hey hey.. slow...
I asked you not to come, right?

Go sit there...

Won?t you play?
Playing is boring..


Ha ha... you believed me?


Sitting at home is boring...

Playing is exhausting...

Mom keeps scolding Almighty...

That he cheated us...


Apparently, I wont live long..

God will take me away..
I will live only for a few days..

So, shall we also cheat Almighty?

-By Praying every day..

Like this...

Keep praying him everyday...

Not today.. I?ll come tomorrow...

So, he won?t take me away?

Almighty is a nice person...

He gets cheated very easily...

She is a 4 year old kid...

Why does she have to go
through all this?

Shall we loaf around?

Did you say something?
I didn?t hear you..

I can't hear you.

You want to leave?

Even if you give me 100 reasons, I'll stop you.

What about 101 reason?

Look... I'm worried about this.

I am worried that you?ll stop loving
and start compromising...

Compromising is very difficult...

I get exhausted by the time
I meet all your family members...


To live with them...

When my father comes to stay with me
for a week, I wait for him to leave...

It?s okay to be with everyone once in a while.
but, I can?t be like this all the time.

Two months! I thought we could
go through this together.

But these two months,
I saw you and your family...

But I couldn't see myself in your family.

I am losing myself every time
I think of you...

My liking might be hesitant...
but it must not be a problem...

I didn't know how to convey..

I can?t adjust...

I don?t know what to say...

One must not look for words
when they have nothing to say...

Let?s end it here...

I have a good opinion about life...

There are a lot of adventures ahead...

Will meet a lot of people...

That?s what happened with you...

But I can?t stop here...

Must move on..

Lets free ourselves from each other...

I told you, right?

Guys just need a hug and a kiss...

Hey, read this article..

Uncle, I think father left last night.


Is he up?
- Yes.

All of you come here for breakfast..

Father hasn?t been at peace
since uncle left without informing...

He?s been calling him all night.
- Hello.

I?m coming..

I'll be right back...

Why don?t you eat and go...
-That will clearly take time..

I?ll be back.. okay..

What happened?
Whom did you run into?

I was lost in thoughts and ran into the...

They say it?s not my mistake...
he was driving very fast...

I was thinking about Kasi, brother-in-law...

My father saw you hug and kiss
that girl and he came back...

I heard my parents speaking...

Anyway, when will people learn
to accept things, brother-in-law?

Take it..

Take it..

What happened?
- A small injury, that?s all.

You must be careful, girl.. one minute..

Give this.

No, don?t give..

Wait for a minute...

No one must give it... We?ll pay for it...

We will pay.

-Thank you, sir..

What happened, uncle?

Like we don?t have?
Or you think you have too much?

Why are you giving money
to random people?

You ask for good things when I say this...

You think we can?t talk?
Or are you teaching us something new?

You want to play your games from sunrise.

you think we can?t live?
Or do you know something?

How do I find out?

Uncle, we?ll talk about it later..

No, let?s talk right here. Everyone must know..

What happened?
What are you talking about?

Bring it on...

Bring on the anger.
Everyone must get angry now.

My words must hit people today.

-Hey.. come here.

What is this? What do you want?

For what did you bring me here?

You think we don?t have enough money?

Not because we aren?t wealthy enough...

Father, come...

But because you are scared, you?re lazy.
you need people around you.

You brought them here to show.

If we say something,
you stop us by saying let me say it first...

Don?t we know things? Can?t we say?

Thought we?ll make some money
by selling the factory...

You said, we?ll all stay together...

I thought I?ll get my daughter
married to your son...

But we don?t know
what?s on his mind...

I?m sure you know... Drama!

To play with us...

You?ve been playing with us
right from the starting.

Everyone gets ready for this...
Everyone has kids...

Any small occasion, They just walk in...

Get naggy.. nag for everything.

About your greatness.
What about that greatness?

You look here and there when we begin
to talk something... and then we look directionless...

You think 100 times before taking a decision...
and we start thinking...

We are getting scared... so are you...

we wish.. and so do you...
What about the greatness now?

Who is going to teach here?
Who is here to learn anyway?

Tell him...

It?s all because of you...
You are playing the game, right?

After your father it?s going to be you...
We?ll still be your slaves.. Say it?

Don?t we wanna grow?

Don?t we wanna make names for ourselves?

People say that we are hopeless
without your father. They?ll say it.

It?s a harmless thing to comment.
They say it out of affection.

Ask him to come..

let?s make him stand here ...
we?ll figure out the greatness...

Hey, no! Let us live our lives.. Leave us!

You keep giving money
to people just like me?

I do, father..

Give it..

Things you give away never go...
it will come back to us...


Is my belief right?

Of course, father..
whatever you believe is right!

Why did he go?

Let him go.
other three are still here, right?

You are too much.
How can I let him go?

It?s him today..

It?s going to be someone else tomorrow...
someone else later...


100 mistakes are acceptable...
never let go off people..

You must keep them close to you...

I don?t know who I am
and who my people are...

Except for my father?s photographs...

I thought just one from my childhood
is enough for me...

He doesn?t know the joy of living
with your loved ones...

Had he knows the importance of being
there for one another, he wouldn?t have left...

I am a common man...

Very normal...

We are all normal...

That?s exactly why we must be
there for each other, right?

By the way...

My belief...

Isn't it right?


I never got an opportunity...

I am saying it now..

I really like you, father...

No just like... love..

You are my life...

I respect all the hardships you went through...

One more thing...

You always say... let me say it first...

I know a lot of people
get angry for that.

But let me tell you..

You must only have the first say...

And then everybody else...

You have that right, father..

You must say it first, father... no one else..

Not just them..if you think so...

You are very capable, son...

Okay... you are right...

Let him go away.
other three are still here.

Make sure retain those three... forever...


I am here, right?

Why am I telling you...

Why am I really telling you?

I don?t need anyone... let them all go...

I need my husband and no one else..



Say something nice, father...


Say something nice...


Say something nice, Father...

Say something nice, Father...

If we wait for a month...
we can sell off all the products.

You will say anything,
There?s no bell to the cycle..

So what?

I have a mouth, right?
- So..

Sing something... people will move away..

"What happened?
Tam tam.. it flew away... tam tam.."

Raji, ask your mother to come..
- We?ll be back in the morning..

We?ll talk later..

Vara lakshmi, I forgot to ask you...

I am not sure if he ate.. can you please ask..

Just check with Lakshmi.


Why did we all leave..

One must have it in them to feed...
We left because we don?t have such habits..

Aunt, serve me some rice.. aunt, some more..

Despite so much transparency,

You hid so much in you.

I can talk to my father..
but only you have the right to talk about him...

Why has my father considered him close..

Why did he give him so much importance..

You father needs just one thing...

Being together..

He never asked for anything more than that..

Lucky is the one who understood that..

He will taste elixir...

Can?t do much about the one who doesn?t...

Why didn?t you raise your voice
when he came to sell the factory?

Why didn?t you talk
when they were raising a hue and cry in their house?

Why did you think so much about him?

Even you need him, right?


I?ll be there..

I am your sister?s friend.. from London..
can I come in?


My friends have also come..
That?s okay.. ask them to come in..


While I was coming in the train.. I met a few people..

They have come to visit Durga temple...

I got them here
instead of them looking for a place to stay.

She?s just like you!



Why? It?s not a good idea..
- That?s okay.. please don?t hesitate..

No, girl..
- Let me say first..

Allow me to say first..

The house would be so dull
if so many people don?t stay..

Just go and freshen up..

I thought a bit before getting them here...

Then I thought it?d be great if I take them..
so I got them along...

Isn?t it better if they eat here?

I am here to witness Brahmotsavam.

I thought i?ll catch up with you?ll before I go..

But I feel like staying back after seeing you all..
I can stay here?

I must watch my slang
to get my point across I guess..

I am talking to you.. Can I stay here?

What is this, mother?
This girl runs a customized boutique in London.

She makes customized gifts as per request..

She handed over the job to me now..

Finally, I was thinking about the gift
and found your wedding video...

May be the blouse from your wedding video..
I?ll send that..

Your daughter and I have seen
the video several times...

The fear in you
when they take you in your bridal dress..

I think it was your brother.. the worry on his face..

Like the whole responsibility
of the wedding is on him..


A girl who is worried about
what is happening around her...

A satisfaction that the mother
will take care of everything,

You must have seen a lot of that, right?

Is that fear really true? Or the courage?

Hold my hand...

It?s the courage.

Ha ha ha...

Boy, won?t you talk?

I must watch my slang
to get my point across I guess...

I bet on India for 1000 bucks.. you?

Girl friends turn out to be like this
when boy friends don?t care..

Listen, boy...
he already has a girl friend..

The girl is amazing...

The girl is amazing, right?

Did you ever see a mole on the waist?

She has one..

Who is this girl?
- Her?

She?s like a candle..

We wouldn?t know that it?s lit..
and she wouldn?t know that she?s on fire..

I didn?t think much..
just said what I wanted to say..

Lets meet uncle..

Boss, Get back to your job..
Ok ok...

Drink it baby.

Your brother-in-law passed away because of you..
that?s what the world says...

Would he die of an argument?

In that case many people must die..
that?s your take on it..

Did you say something so bad?
Is my question...

In order to make a point... is my answer..


Uncle, will you come home?
Or shall I come there? Tell me, uncle?

Let?s go together...
I?ll stay home until then..

You are still showing off
your father?s greatness?

Leave that, uncle..

I am now the bad guy..
and it?s only because of your father..

I hear things right from morning.. not your father..

I couldn?t laugh while he did...

I couldn?t talk but he did..
how can I ever be the nice guy?

Why are you hesitating to go
when you?ve been called? Is my question.

If I understand your feelings and take away your assets,
you?d be happy, right?

Whatever has happened has happened..

Your father is dead now...
Do his job now, that?s public opinion.

Let?s not talk about it now.

Let?s go home, uncle..

Hey.. You?d know, if i said a few good things
and made you and your father run around me.

It?s not hot only in the summers.

We see things like this, right?
That?s when it gets hot...

Go away!

Put that song...
- Ok..

See whatever you want to see.. I?ll say when you see.

He won?t sell his company..
why do we need his company? Is your question..

We?ll get the company no matter what...
spend as much as it takes.. is my answer...

Am I his strength or weakness? Is your question..

I?ll use whatever it is.. is my answer..

Why are they using me?

I thought it?s better to look at you from close..
so, came here..

You?re good.

Where to?

Mother?s all alone.. Let?s go chat with her..

There?s been too much entertainment
in the house since two days..

Some people are not talking to each other...
but everyone is talking the same thing..

What is it?

You went to meet uncle, right? About that..

What is there in that?

I didn?t understand anything...
What did they understand?

come, see it for yourself..

Are you listening, brother?
Had I known, I?d have stopped him...

I?d have dealt it in a different manner..

That is why your not dealing...
These guys are better...


I didn?t talk about this to anyone else but you..
neither.. I didn?t discuss it with anyone..

What are you talking about?

This won?t end now.. lets go..

Uncle is short tempered.
Brother-in-law is very patient..

Brother-in-law is very senstitive...
he took her instead of taking me.. I felt very bad..

Me too..

felt very bad..

We can deal with this... it?s very
difficult to make them understand..

We must keep them engaged..


Finally, you guys have managed
to deal with that man.

Where is your brother?s left, right and center?

He?s thinking of ways to deal with you..

Hey.. where do you get this shirts from..
he looks good in them.

That kind of person should always be there...

Here.. he?s getting very bored..

You are here for marriage?

You were saying something? Say it...

You don?t have the courage to say it?

The bride?s side have come to the function?
With faces like that..

It?s alike they got a great chance to dress up..

Is it real or fake? You dressed up the girl too?

What?s up, new girl?

You are talking for the guy?
What is with you?

Which guy? This one or the other?

You want your guy to woo the girl
and take her away?

Enough of it.. we must find out about the guy first..

There?s Seetha in one ritual.. radha in another..

Different girls for different rituals..
how can we trust him?

How can we trust your girl then?

Her name is lakshmi.. who is very unstable...

What?s the assurance that
she won?t leave our boy?

We don?t need such girls.. you can keep her...

We will.. We don?t think it?s a burden..
What?s with that look?

And that smell..
Why did you accept this proposal?

Where was your girl born?
In a lotus? In the dirty pond?

Our guy doesn?t like it at all..

What does he like?
he likes forests and mountains..

You'll leave our girl in the forest?
What does your girl like?

She like basil leaves..
To attack our boy?

So you're fooling us?

Then what about us?

Why should we budge?
why should we?

Why should we?

Hey, Stop it.

Stop it...

Get them married properly..

We won?t budge..

We won?t budge..


Before we get two people married..
we look back at the 7 generations..

Who is his father? Grand father? Great grand father..
Tell us about it..

How far is Tirupati from Aluveli mangapuram?
And vice versa..

You tell us first..

His name is Anantha..
father?s name is Govinda.

His name is Srinivasa.. now you tell us..

Her name is Sridevi, father?s name is Ksheradhri,
grand father?s anme is Ratnakara..

Great grandfather?s name is Vishwambhara..

Vishwambhara?s father?s name
is Vishwambhara grandpa..

7 generations.. Innumerable people..

People you wouldn?t want to lose..

Even if we find about 50 people,
we can visit each every holiday...

70-80 people can survive..

I feel bad for the men though..
- Why?

They have to bear..

The same surname... it?s better for us..

One life and two surnames..
there?s a constant excitement, right?

You understood everything yesterday?

I have complete clarity now..
No one asks us to be stable.. must kick him first..

If we keep bouncing around like a ball..
we can go anywhere.. meet anyone..

Are you thinking about it?
- I think so..

It?s okay, right?
What?s okay?


Today? Is that okay?
it?s right if it?s now!

Shall we tell the uncles..
or they?ll think we are eloping..

To the aunts..
they?ll confirm it..

To the kids..
They already think so..

What do we do?

We are starting now..
we?ll get married and come back..



Ha ha ha...

You said it..

I didn?t think you?ll come..

I?ve been feeling very lonely lately..

when you guys were talking yesterday..

I felt that no one can be alone..

If we look, we?ll find many people..

So, let?s just find them...

"Every moment spent with you..."

"Is absolutely marvellous..."

"Any time, any way together..."

"A wish that makes you forget it all..."

"Every way is taking us
towards a celebration..."

"Every moment passed must be
spent like a celebration..."

"Our destinations and our journeys
are a celebration..."

"Our relatives are like
lights in celebrations!"

My dad used to tell me
about his native village.

I never came here before.

No one recognize me here and nor do i...


My father used to stay opposite this house.
I am his son...

You are Chantibabu?s son? What?s the matter?

My family apparently used to stay here...
I am here to find out about them..

What will you do finding out?
Just to catch up..

Catch up and...?
- catch up and talk..

What will you talk about?

I don?t have any answers to your questions.
I just wanna meet them...

You guys are too much... They are all landlords...

They don?t stay at one place...

They started getting into
various businesses and moved apart...

According to my knowledge,

Some of them are in Nagpur...

I must be having their addresses... wait..

Then, why did you stay back?

Why? We look for friends as kids,
to meet and hang out...

When we grow old we tell those stories...

We grow little older and
then we listen to others stories...

When we are awake in the morning,
People would greet us...

Isn?t that enough, son?


Not till we get exhausted...
search till you understand this...

Listen, relative... If you need help, ask.

I will do my bit...

If you need more help, ask.
I?ll strive harder and do my bit...

Not required... We don?t need any help.

If I take help, I?ll have to bow to you in the future...

Not required... Don?t trap us...

Life will go on!

Will life go on? You won?t bow...

You won?t listen to anyone... isn?t that against nature?

We all came to make a living
here few years ago...

We taught tricks and tips to people here...

I grew up because I was intelligent.

I don?t care about the way...
If we start fighting won?t be become a joke to them?

You won?t support me if I am a bad guy?

You will not listen to anyone...
Won?t care about anyone..

How will nature accept this?

I?ll deal with this myself..
But what if they don?t let me..

How much can one suffer...
Even my enemies must not deal with such situations..

This is my destiny. A curse from the past...

How?s the guy in the photo related to you?

Who are you? Why do you want to know?

Tell me, lady...
how?s the guy in the photo related to you?

My grandfather.. who are you?

So, how will his son be related to you?

He?s be my uncle maybe..
And his son...

His son.. who are you?

Tell me, lady..

A brother...

And his son?

How can your nephew not react to this..

Hold on.. I?ll be back..

I don?t need anyone?s help..

Like he was not enough
that you are now adding to my misery...

Life is craving...
the village is craving for its reputation..

Both aren?t there now..
Hold on.. I?ll be back..

What is he doing here?
- He came out.

Could you please stop that...
We?ll talk in the evening...

I?ll look after everything...

She is someone who matters to me..

Oh, relative... it?s foolishness..

The entire village is foolish...
Look at their faces...

I am conducting this auction...

she has a husband...
he?s not around when I need to meet...

He?s gone... She thinks I did it.

Oh, relative... It?s true..

Why am I still talking instead of hitting you...

I am used to hitting and talking...
How can I lose my habit...

If you repeat her mistake.. how can you
stand like that.. you must feel ashamed..

You must learn today?s way of life..

Hey, Nagpur relatives.. go hit him on his waist..

His jaw... his abdomen...

I must not think too much.. Must fight back!


Now his slang has changed...

Why aren't you hitting him...

Prove it to him that i?m his relative... or...
Break his spine...

Do something, guys...

You darn Nagpur relatives... do something..

Write down the address before you leave...

Will invite you for weddings.. you guys can join!
Bloody relatives!

I am seeing this picture out of my house
for the first time..

My father used to look at this picture
every time he had any problem...

I very often feel...

That I might have brothers...

I was sure.. they were there..

But everyone had their own mess to deal with...

Can?t blame anyone..

So, come back..

Our house is huge...

I can visit sometime..

But under such circumstances I?ll never come back..

"We race with ourselves everyday...
for whatever reasons..."


"If you don't have it within you..."

"It's not there in your house too..."

"If you don't have it within you...
It's not there in your house too..."

"It's your inner feeling."

"Every way is taking us
towards a celebration..."

"Every moment passed must be
spent like a celebration..."

"Our destinations and
our journeys are a celebration..."

"Our relatives are like
lights in celebrations!"

Lakkavarapu Lingaraju... a.k.a Lilly!




let me guess... You guys look classy..
Amazon maybe...

I hope you guys are not our relatives..

I don?t have an opinion or impression on them...

Oh no...

- Is this you in the picture?


Your aunt from Nagpur gave it to us..
They gave it.. but why did you come?

Relatives, right? Thought of catching up..

Oh no!

You have relatives..
don?t you feel like talking to them?

Who, bro?

Uncles, aunts, grandparents..

Only if possible, or I just don?t care...

why are you looking at me like that?



Did I hurt your feelings?

No, Lilly... When you turn 60...
you need someone to look after you, right?

I will hire two hot nurses like you.
Do you have any problem with that?

Bar?terierors Et?rashins

Can you just speak in Telugu...


Don?t worry, Lilly... he?s your cousin..

He?s pretty rich..

Aren?t we?

Listen, that?s the problem with relatives...
they never accept anything about others...

That?s a good status... put it up
on facebook... don?t tell me...

And here after...

All the moments of this journey are in Instagram.
are you guys on Instagram?

I don?t think so..

it?s on twitter as well.. I am on whatsapp...

And you guys don?t waste your time
by talking to each other..

Use technology instead..
it?s pretty user friendly..

Give it to me..

The software is getting updated.

Hey, Are you crazy?
Oh.. I lost my phone.. why?

Henceforth, you will be my addiction..

You must always be with me, go around with me

And socialize with people..

Lilly, where are we?

You weren?t so surprised after I was hit, sir..

You are asking me after 450 Km of drive..
we are in Haridwar...

Isn?t it amazing... right or left.. I guess it?s right..

So, we came here taking a right...
and we are in Haridwar...

What?s it, brother? Why are they taking a dip?

Heights of stupidity.. ha ha ha..

You dipped me so many times
just for slip of the tongue...

You don?t know about your grandfather?
You don?t know about your great-grand father

What is with you?
You are here because of them, right?

What?s the point of you are not grateful?
Haridwar has answers to everything... Go!

Om Nama Shivvaya!

What do you mean by it, brother?

1,2,3,4,5,6,7... 7 generations?

You are looking for 7 generations...
doesn?t that sound stupid?

What?s your name and ?gotra??

Where are you from?

Tell him...

Telugu.. you won?t get it here..

Move on..

Oh, stop this nonsense.. let?s leave!

If you keep looking with an address,
you can?t find what you want, brother...

By the way, whose idea was it to load around
and look without addresses..

Pink Devil.

if i had my phone,
I?d have looked up on Google maps...

I?m seeing this for the first time..

Do you really have to complicate
so much for relatives?

We?ll get to know about North-India here..
Madya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Rajasthan...

Aggarwal's, Champaklal's, Ullals,
Varma's, Sharma's, Khanna's only...

You must go to Kaasi
to find the details of south Indians..

So, let?s go to Kaasi..

Even I must come along?
Of course...

You must quit your favourite something
at Kaasi they say, right, brother?

Let?s leave her. We can happily go home!

Why are you suddenly feeling so bad?

My feelings magnify every time I see her like that...


And mine multiply further...

In terms of feelings, everyone?s the same for me...

Bro, you?re so much better...
You are in the first stage...

This guy is too much, drawing stuff...

Government has started Aadhar card surveys, brother..

There?s an application link between them...
if we figure out, we?ll get all the addresses...

Are you from Vijaywada? We are from Amalapuram..

Our guy has sent you here..

If someone or the other hadn?t come here,
this wouldn?t have been there...

Many with your surname live here..

But I?m not sure
if they are your relatives..

I?ve an idea.. I?ll give your their address...

You?ll get the details if you go there..

Bro, please don't look at me like that...
Lilly is tired..

Going around with you...
I got lot of experience...

Rooms are full in this hotel,

They have one room
but we can use it for 30 minutes only.

We have 30 minutes it seems...
Will that be enough?

For what?

Some times even 30 minutes is too much...

More than enough.
For what?

He knows everything, but acts as if he is innocent.

Did he see near that Toll gate?
Which Toll gate?

He defienitly didn't see that...

May be he saw on the Highway
near that speed breaker?

May be on the way to Kasi...
Or may be Haridwar?

I don't think so...
He was sleeping then...

Going around with them
I'm not understanding anything...

What's happeneing?

You didn't sleep... you saw.

What are you talking about...

You saw.

I didn't see.

You saw...

I'm really not understanding
what you are talking...

He saw.
I didn't see it. Darn it!

He saw everything...

I'm telling you with affection...

I don't know why you committed with this girl...
She isn't hot.

Look at the way she is talking...
Vulgar Crap!

Even now I'm so silent...
It's all because of my manners...

Why are you laughing?
He saw everything...

What the hell!

What did I see?

Lilly knows us very well now...

Your relatives house is very big...

Is anyone here?

I don't think so.

Your relatives wouldn't lock the doors?

With 20 people in the house it feels like a party..

I can?t imagine
how 200 people would have managed...

The number of rooms..
The number of stories..

20 kids from 20 years of wedlock...

There education, clothing, weddings.. and kids...

Expenses have increased drastically...

But even now, you wait for me when I get late..

You just haven?t changed..

If you are on a high how I can control myself..

Why would I?

Can I tell you something?

The 19th daughter-in-law...

She said, what?s it mother-in-law?
You look so young even at this age...

Darn... what?s there, girl.. look at
your father-in-law, he?s so handsome...

He?ll look like that for
the next 20-30 years...

Hey, 12th boy...

Hey, 7th girl..
Where is he? The 20th one..

Hey 20th boy...

"Put your hands up!"

"Put your hands up!
Rock it on the dance floor..."

"Put your hands up!"

"Put your hands up!
Shake it on the dance floor..."

"Put your hands up!"

"Put your hands up!
Rock it on the dance floor..."

"Put your hands up!"

"Put your hands up!
Shake it on the dance floor..."

"Let?s wet the place like raindrops"

"Let?s let go off all the worries..."

"There?s a ray of hope
hidden in your heart..."

"What if you find it here..."

"Put your hands up..."

"Put your hands up...
Rock it on the dance floor..."

"Put your hands up..."

"Put your hands up...
shaking the dance floor.."

"The party says,
don?t consider your heavy dreams..."

"This party will bring
back your lost peace.."

"You don?t make
connections just like that..."

"We?ll do the thinking part..."

"Put your hands up..."

"Put your hands up...
Rocking on the dance floor..."

"Put your hands up..."

"Put your hands up...
Shaking on the dance floor..."

"Put your hands up..."

"Put your hands up...
Rocking on the dance floor..."

"Put your hands up..."

"Put your hands up...
Shaking on the dance floor..."

"Shake it.. shake it.. down..
make your sound.."

"Shake it.. shake it.. down..
Go.. Go.. round and round..."

"Party on the house..."

"We can talk later..."

"It?s not always the same..
it won?t let you stop.."

"Time doesn?t see what?s ahead"

"It doesn?t leave you like a shadow...
It doesn?t walk with you like truth..."

"This journey will go on by itself.."

"There?s a ray of hope
hidden in your heart..."

"Put your hands up..."

"Put your hands up...
Rocking on the dance floor..."

"Put your hands up..."

"Put your hands up...
Shaking on the dance floor..."

"Put your hands up..."

"Put your hands up...
Rocking on the dance floor..."

"Put your hands up..."

"Put your hands up...
Shaking on the dance floor..."

Uncle, Uncle..


Get up..

Get up..

Get up..

Who is it?

You asked us to meet after the party, right?

For what?

We are your relatives..

Ha ha ha...


ha ha ha..

Relatives... Relatives...

Why are you riding the cycle..?


Now a car..

Car, bus, train. Flight..I used ?em all...

You know why?
- Why?

You know why?
- Why?

For people..

I love people around me..

I like people.. just like you..

But everyone started using me...

She loved and married me on someone?s cue...

So, i went all over the world because
I couldn?t find happiness here...


But it was people everywhere,
who gave me food to eat...

Then I decided...

To stop with people..

So I decided..

To party every two days...

Let them come for alcohol or anything..

I need people around me..


My relatives fell asleep..

Lilly is a jerk! That reminds me..

I thought they were shots
and nothing would happen..

My head is spinning now..
- Where?

I beg you..

I don?t have any energy to answer your questions..

He said something last night..

Your uncle said something last night..
What did he say?

What did he say?

What did he say?

He was talking about a light...

May be not.

He said something...

What did he say?

Uncle might have gone all over
but it feels like I went all over the world...

He said something towards the end..

What was it...

I remember..

I remember..

To stop with people...

To stop with people..

Ha ha ha...

Now.. look they are gonna roll and laugh..

Oh no, my head is still spinning..

Ha ha ha...

Done with it.. let?s carry on then..

What is it, brother? You called me to tell something..

I was minding my own business..
and I saw something..

Just because I got a little angry..
they blame it on me...

So, I should have died because of him
and his attitude towards my daughter, right?

I have ego, that?s why I split...

You have a bigger ego
that?s why you stayed back...

You too have daughters, right?
If they go get married by themselves,

Only then you will know..

am telling you all this because..
I have just one good thing to say..

Some calculations.. for anger,
problems have been given to me..

What has he lost?

He?s going all over the place..

Won?t people look for pretty daughters-in-law...

An intelligent one.. doesn't fit...

Why won?t he sell?

What?s it? I?ll pay a massive amount..

Tell them, looks like they are crazy...

I need a decision right now..

Hang the phone.

What is it?

I believe you are a relative..

Apparently, you?ve come from somewhere far...


I am amid a few tensions.. wanted to buy a factory..

When he?s ready to give it,
no one is understanding the value of it..

People who know the value aren?t giving it, sir..
What did you say?

You are not buying a factory, sir...
it?s their strength when they were together..

A belief when they split..

You know nothing

I know everything..

What will you do by being together?

Need not do anything.. Just be together..

You called me to talk amid all your tensions...
you know why..

To share the feeling..

Take it if they give it..

They?ll remember you..

Grab it if they don?t give it..
they wont forget you then..

"Like generations of debt...
and a wish to clear it off..."

"Wondering who really are our relatives..."

"A new introduction...
A new experience..."

"Every turn tells us a new story..."

"If we observe closely..."

"We'll figure out the truth..."

"All the passers by...
Are somehow related to us, right?"

"Every way is taking us
towards a celebration..."

"Every moment passed must be
spent like a celebration..."

"Our destinations and
our journeys are a celebration..."

"Our relatives are like
lights in celebrations!"

Every place has something to tell, right?

Every person we meet has something to teach..

We can take a lot a advantage of places like these..


No! don't...

Go that side...
what the hell...

First.. I?ll run..

I?ll follow you...

There are colours ahead...
you won?t be able to find me there..

Then.. I?ll pull your hand.

Let how many people be around us..
no one will bother...

I won?t be able to escape from there..

Then, I?ll almost come closer to you..

I?ll be very close to you..

Let's stop it here.

Sounds amazing..
let?s do it..




Let?s go the hospital..

I have to stay alone.. I am scared..

There are many people here.. Its nice here..

Let?s offer salutations to Almighty..
that I?ll come tomorrow..

He?s a good guy, he?ll believe me..

let?s just go to the hospital
There?s no point in going to the hospital..

About a week ago,
doctor said that she?ll leave us..

If it?s about sleep..
I can play while sleeping as well..

You can play a lot there..

There are many schools there..

They start at 9 in the morning.

And the bell rings at 5 in the evening...

More over, you don?t have to study there..

You can play all day..

There will be many leaders before us..

You can talk to everyone.. you can touch anyone..

You can see them from very close..

You can come along with me, right?

"We race with ourselves everyday...
for whatever reasons..."

"And a minute doesn't pass
without wanting to win..."

"What ever is the value of hunger..."

"Unless you buy it..."

"If you have intention of sharing...
Anything is good."

"Every day is a celebration."

"Those lessons,
mother?s love are celebrations!"

"If humanity is the truth, be truthful,
that?s a celebration.."

When I said that I like the life
you led with my father.

It remained a dream.

When I said it was very easy
to convince my uncle...

It was left as a word to me.

When old man said search till you understand
not till you get tired,

I wondered what?s there to understand...

My father used to write a diary...

Even he didn?t understand life I guess...

But he?s a great guy...

Did I ever had any problem?

Or did he ever make me realise that it?s a problem?

You always keep talking,
right? Say something...

I?m having an unusual feeling about this...



Don't open your eyes. Keep them shut...

I can?t say a thing otherwise...

It?s not always about witnessing
but also about performing sometimes...

You know what I was watching?
Today is my wedding arrangement day...

They?ve arranged it right here.
And only because my father is mad at you...

Only a meeting, he said...

Don?t look at me like that...
I can?t say it if you look at me like that...

We met the London girl downstairs...
She told that you are here.

This is not match which she has to face.

How ever it may come,
four members are there right?

So that we all together came.

I came here to see you. After this...

I don?t understand when people preach...
and I end up provoking them...

I am saying all this because...

That boy doesn?t like my daughter...

And I don?t like the guy I finalised.

Just when I decided to
let go off everything and go to him.

I begin to dislike you...

Have some tea...
I'm telling you about my feeling...

The guy you are going to marry is
unreasonably wealthy...

Not talking about the numbers...

I am making the entire village dance
and they are making me dance...

If that guy doesn?t accept,
I?ll go my nephew and fall at his feet...

I?ll tell him a few things... It won?t go in vain..

He?s a nice guy, just like his father...
or maybe even better...

I?d consider had he rejected when we met...

But he rejected even after split,
that means there?s something...

Girls these days don?t stick
to one thing for too long...

Something will happen, something might happen...

Really? Are you there... something like that...

This happens if I stay away for two days?

The celebrations wouldn?t stop if you say...

Shall I go?

I must go, right?

You never let me see anything...

Don?t look at me like that...

You guys have split...

But not the distance...

Ha ha ha...
He thought to paint brother but it is viceversa.

He choose good match..
as he didn't have good character.

Hey he might listen.
- He could not understand.

Come.. come..

Elder son will make an announcement
in the village...

Or maybe to make us listen
to what the village has to say..

What?s with his hullabaloo...

Where have these guys come from?

They aren?t doing any work...
They?d know if I compare my son with him.

Everyone?s at the wedding...

It?s just us, alone.

But father has his word, right?

That?s enough...


Let?s go to the wedding...

What are you saying?
You are coming and we are going. That's it.

Can?t be casual with him like before...
but I am unable to talk formally..

I feel weird with the idea of
talking to him formally.

You were very straight forward...
What are you whispering there?

Towards the end everything is well...

Must offer the cheek for a slap..
but... I never knew these tricks...

You came along very well...
This wedding... These calculations...

Everyone is amazed with the arrangements...

Hey Radha... Sister...


Whose wedding it is...
We are here because you invited...

Come here.


- Hey!

Come here...

Brother, did you call me?

You said we would directionless
without our brother-in-law, right?

How did we manage all this?

Relatives from all over...are here...


Have they come dolled up for me?

Or my brother-in-law...

Do you think it's about attending the wedding?

Why aren?t you coming?

I?ve been noticing you...
Why are you behaving like this?

We are here only because of him...

Will you admit in front of everyone
that this is your brother-in-law?s?

He can do that...

He came without me inviting...

To be the bigger person he?d bow
and admit that all this is this uncle?s...

Can you? No... Because you are a coward!

Why must anyone bow their head, aunt?

Did anyone ask 30 years ago?

Was anyone there at all?

Uncle is like father, right? He took care of all...

When I was young...
they used to ride me on the cycle.

I never realised that it was dark...

I lost all fears and worries...

I stopped thinking...

They must have seen a lot ever since...

When anyone had any problem...

My father tried to divert them by involving
them in celebrations and festivities...

Never wondered the reasons
for all the dancing and grooving...

Probably father knew that...

If we acted innocent at such times,
Almighty would do the needful...

So, let?s just be innocent, uncle...

Why do we need such smartness?

When my father said...
he wanted his people, I never understood...

When you guys fought and he said not to take sides,

I didn?t understand...

When I went away from everything, I understood.

There?s a father in everyone...

And you in everyone here...

There?s honesty in everyone...

There?s anger and a fear...

The same kind of goodness...

The craving of togetherness...

And saying no to it..

I understood then...

All of these are just questions...

How much can we play with our unstable heart?

How much can it take...

And that?s exactly why my father
always wanted people around him...

When I went seven generations back...

Even if I don?t have any bond them
they become dear to me...

If I had patiently gone 14 generations back...

We?d figure out that everyone is related somehow..

Just because we found them all doesn?t mean
that I don?t need you, uncle..

Not my father... I need people now...

I am like this only because of y?all.

When did you tell me uncle...
there?s something called worry.

I don?t want that for my kids...

And their next generation...

Uncle, in your big world.

The happiness you share with your brothers...

Can I and my mother be a small part of it?

Can mother and I live with you?

Tell me, uncle..

Can we?

Shall we or no?

Tell me...

Yes or no?

We just split... we didn?t move away..

After my death, this property
would go to my older brother-in-law...

Because he was by my side in good,
bad and ugly...

Wondered why I have been so selfish
with crores of property and money...


When he decided to give you all his assets,
I thought is that all I could do.

Can we give away anything without thinking?

I thought unbelievable truths are just lies...

But I realised they are magic only after I met him..


The thought of selling away
the factory was not real...

Had your father agreed to it by mistake...
Your father?s name would not have been there, right?

I just thought about that...

Some unusual thoughts...

Every time I got them
you and your father took me to the crowds..

But those moments were amazing...

If those moments were amazing
how the whole life would be...

Had I realised it back them,
we wouldn?t have been here today.

I think your great-grand-father
might have had a bad one like me...

A slight lesser bad guy
with your grand father...

And me with your father...

All that badness is gone henceforth...

Its over.

Your father?s Lord Rama!

I don?t know if I am Lord hanuman...
but your father is Lord Rama forever!

You said you?ll come after the wedding...

You never came... What happened?

He is coming.