Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King (2023) - full transcript

In a world where magic is everything, Asta, a boy who was born with no magic, aims to become the "Wizard King," to overcome adversity, prove his power, and keep his oath with his friends.

[mystical music playing]

[music fades out]

[dark electronic music playing]

[music intensifies]

[music ends abruptly]

[wind howling]


[solemn tone playing]


Tell me!

Why are you standing in my way, Julius?

'Cause the calamity you're attempting
to bring about is unjust, Conrad.

- Can't you see that?
- [grunts softly]

You need to give up. You don't have
enough magic left in you to resist us.

You're the one who's wrong.

[shouting] I still have plenty of power!

- [dramatic music playing]
- [roars]

[grunts] Pow!


[yells with effort]

It can't be!

The Sword, Elsdocia!


[Julius] He chose
to throw his life away for this?

[music continues]

My duty is to herald a new world.

A society where people respect each other.

Where they can laugh together as equals.

Why would you oppose this?

[angrily] How can you justify
getting in the way of my noble dream

for our world?

[music intensifies]

[scoffs] Really?


[music intensifies]



- [music ends abruptly]
- [low rumbling]


I'm afraid the future's something
you won't see!

[dramatic church organ music playing]

[breathes shakily] You're a fool, Julius.

You know this nation must change.

Besides, if you seal me away,

you won't have access
to the Imperial Sword anymore!

You're right.
It pains me to lose such a treasure.

Truth is,

we no longer possess enough power
to wrest it away from your hand.

I take full responsibility for this

as the next Wizard King!

[music intensifies]

[shouting] This isn't over!

I will bring about a new world!

[shouting] My magic is 'never giving up'!

[music intensifies]

[music fades out]

[wind blowing]

[optimistic music fades in]

[man groans softly]

[music fades out]

[anthemic music playing]

[glass shards tinkling]


[music abruptly ends, fades out]

[wind howling]


[whimsical music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

[music becomes gladiatorial]

[chorus of cheering]

It's my pleasure
to welcome you to The Triumph.

A grand festival of magic battles
that takes place every ten years.

[crowd cheering]

I hope you're prepared for a show
because this tournament

will decide the strongest Magic Knight
out of the many competitors here today.

It's long been said that the mage
who claims victory here today,

will eventually be chosen
as the next Wizard King!

For those of you who may be unaware,

the Magic Knights comprise
nine elite squads of mages

who specialize in battle.

The Wizard King
sits at the top of the ranks,

overseeing their duties.

Together they protect
the peace and happiness

we're lucky enough to enjoy
in the Clover Kingdom every day!

Soon we'll determine who the strongest
member of the Magic Knights is.

Whatever happens, we're certain to be in
for a memorable time!

Thank you for waiting so patiently.

[excitedly] Here we go!

The Triumph starts now! Hurray!

[crowd cheering, whooping]

[music intensifies]

- Hmm. By the way, Klaus...
- Mm-hmm?

I was wondering if you knew why
we were chosen as masters of ceremony?

Uh! 'Cause we're members
of the strongest Magic Knights Squad,

the Golden Dawn, naturally!

And turn off
your Amplification Magic before sidebar...

[girl] It totally slipped my mind!

- Oh well!
- [sighs]

[girl] Pardon the belated introductions!
I'm Mimosa Vermillion,

and I'll be commentating alongside Klaus.

[Klaus] Introductions now?!
We should have done that at the beginning!

Who in their right mind
would choose Mimosa for this job?

Man, look at all these people!

The stands are packed!

Mmm... Yes, of course, they're full.
He's first.

[triumphant music playing]

[squealing] We love Yuno!

[Mimosa] The... The first mage in the arena
is the vice captain of the Golden Dawn.

- Please welcome Yuno!
- [crowd cheering]

Woo-hoo! Hooray!
Go, go, Yuno! Steal the show...

[woman] The first round
features everyone's favorite Pretty Boy.

People came from all over
to watch him fight. See?

My only interest is in seeing
my dearest little sister, Marie.

Exactly what I'd expect from you, Gauche.

Ah, jeez,
I can't wait to get in there and brawl.

I just wish Asta was here to join us.

Yeah, too bad. He's still in exile,
thanks to the judgment at the devil trial.

Man, what a bummer! Let's hope
the rest of the roster's interesting.

[indistinct chatter]

[woman] Look, someone's coming!

[man 1] Where?

- [man 2] Wait a second.
- [man 3] Who the hell is that?

- [man 2] Is that...?
- Hmm?

Yuno's initial opponent is, uh...

- [boy] Hmm.
- [Mimosa] “The Masked One”?

Surely nobody entered the tournament
with such a ridiculous name?

- Oh, they did!
- [man 4] Take off the mask!

[fairy] Are you kidding me
with this getup?

You dressed like this
to make fun of Yuno, didn't you?!


[Klaus] The Triumph
will now officially commence.

Our first round
is Yuno versus The Masked One.

You may begin!

- [crowd whooping]
- [man laughs]

[Klaus gasps]

[boy] Wow!


Hey, Asta. Nice counter.

[Mimosa] The first move
in the tournament came from Yuno!

He used strong Wind Magic.

But The Masked One
countered with a big sword,

which completely neutralized the attack!

It appears they started without us.

[wind whistling]


The time has come, Julius.

Shall we join them?

Oh yeah!

Barrier Magic: Voodoo Shangri-la!

- [gasps]
- [gasps]

I'm sensing enormous magical power.

You've no idea
how long I've waited for this day to come.

Change is finally at hand.

- I will fix this country!
- [dramatic music playing]


- [gasping]
- [boy chuckles]


[indistinct chatter, gasping]

[music intensifies]


- [groans softly]
- [music subsides]

[gasps softly]

I'm surprised to find you
looking so feeble in your old age, Julius.

I only absorbed
the tiniest amount of magic,

yet it's taken this great a toll on you?

[Julius grunts softly]

I thought I wouldn't see you again.
What a shame.

Must have been then.

[Conrad] Yes! I hope you don't mind
that I broke your seal.

You were distracted for just a moment.
But that moment was all I needed.

- [somber music playing]
- [Julius] You're going to try again.

My ambitions have not changed
in the slightest

since we last faced each other here.

Today I will create the ideal world.

Where citizens have respect
for one another.

A nation built on joy and laughter.

And I brought help.

Come forth, my soldiers.
Time for domination.

Tomorrow this corrupt country
will be no more!

[woman] Legion Magic: Gehenna Game.

[dramatic music playing]

[rapid gunfire]


[man moans]

Conrad, stop this! Just... [groans]



- [music stops abruptly]
- [grunts]



[groans with effort]

- [triumphant music playing]
- You gonna be good, old man?

Oh, thanks! I... I'll be fine.

[speed metal music playing]

[groaning with effort]


Quickly! Exit this way!

[Klaus] Steel Magic: Fierce Spiral Lance!

- [grunts]
- Klaus! Leave this to me.

[groans with effort]


[groaning with effort]

What the heck?
Why is everyone targeting me?


Ugh, these guys are the worst!
They ruined my awesome disguise!

And here I thought you were a lost child
who wandered onto the field.

What did you call me?!

[woman] Water Creation Magic: Sea Dragon's Roar!


You dummy. You could've told me
you were going to be participating.

[Asta] Noelle!

[Noelle] You probably can't feel it,

but I think something is absorbing
magical power from everyone here.

Those with not much to begin with,
can't even move now!

- [gasps]
- Wait, really? That's bad. Are you okay?

Of course. I'm a royal. I'm fine.

I have more than enough to spare, moron.

Right. Got it.

Guess I'll have to work harder
to make up for everybody else.

Make sure you don't get too carried away.
And don't worry, I've got your back.

Just keep focusing
on what's in front of you.

Great. Then let's do this!

[music accelerates]

[groaning with exertion]


[music intensifies]

[music ends dramatically]

[grunts softly]

Is this some kind of a trick?

Those three?
How could they possibly be here?

Given your title, you must recognize them.

Three Wizard Kings
stripped of their titles.

Maligned because of their cruelty
and severe natures.

Hey, you floating guys! Did you do this?

Such an insolent boy. How is he moving?

Good question.

From what I can tell, he didn't have
any magical power to begin with.

Fighting without any juice?
[laughs] Buzz off.

There's no way
that my soldiers were defeated

by a peon
with no magical power to speak of.

Something strange is going on.

It was a fairly simple task
to revive them,

given my magic combined
with the power of the Imperial Sword.

[chuckles] You doubted me,

but these three are loyal supporters
of my cause.


And together we will forge a new reality.

You heard the man.
Now let's get you out of the way!

Oh, shut up!
I don't know what you're up to,

but it's pretty obvious
that you're the bad guys!

I'm gonna take you down!

My, aren't you a lively one?

Barrier Magic: Voodoo Regalia!

[broken glass tinkling]

He destroyed my magic?

[chuckling] Hey, Conrad!

I found a fun new toy
you might find amusing.

Why don't you take a turn with him, hmm?

- Hmm.
- [weapon launches]


[grunts nonchalantly]

Wizard King! Have you been hurt?

No, Marx, stay back! Get out of here!

[Conrad] Well, well.
That's interesting magic.

How rude! No acknowledgement?

I suppose that means
I get to take my time.

Stop playing around with your prey.

Have the decency
to finish him off quickly.

- [roars]
- [man] Hey! My toy!

- Asta!
- Yeah!

Ah yeah! Thanks, guys!

[dramatic music playing]

Wow! That's some beautiful magic
you're working with.

It's hopeless.
They can't defeat Wizard Kings.

No matter how many stand against us.

Besides, these are your Magic Knights?

A peasant child with no magic?

How far this country has fallen
under your watch.

[sighs] You underestimate them.

Come again?

You may think we're trash,
but none of us is weak.

Not me or my Magic Knights.

Dark Magic: Dark Cloaked
Lightless Blade Storm!

[groaning with effort]

- Hmm!
- Yeah!


Sorry we're late!

But now some mighty mages
have arrived to save the day!

Wait, wait!
What is this sinister magical power?!

[chuckling] This may turn
into my best masterpiece yet!

I'll take you on and turn you to ash
with the flames of justice!

No, that silhouette. It can't be.

[music ends]

Hello, Kaiser.

It's been a long time.

- Captain Yami!
- My bad.

I'm late 'cause I was takin' a dump.
Couldn't get off the pot sooner.

So, who are these guys?

Not totally sure.
But I do know they're super bad.

And strong.
Things aren't looking good for us!

"Super bad"?
That's how you describe a threat?

In this case, he isn't wrong.

I don't see a way
to defeat them with our current forces.

There is one option though.


Head to Magic Tool Research Lab,
Branch Zero right away, Yami.

I need you to bring back the special tool
we've been co-developing with Nero.

- Uh, pass.
- [Julius] "Pass"?

[groans] I go and you're screwed.

You need me.
Someone's gotta watch your back.

And I've got zero interest
in reliving my past failures.

Uh... Yami...

Look, if you need an errand boy,
just send this dope.

- Kid? You're on.
- Me?

Finral, you heard your king.

Join him. Go to Branch Zero.

Sir! Right away.

Hey, wait! I should be helping out here!


[dramatic music playing]

So this is where you were hiding?

I'd suggest you stay put.

Otherwise, I can't guarantee
a swift death.

[groans with effort, gasps]

- [music intensifies]
- [yells with effort]


Stop your stalling,
and get the hell outta here!

You better make it snappy, all right, kid?

- Or I'll kill them without you!
- Sir!

Captain Yami!

Asta, quick. Go through!

I can't maintain Spatial Magic for long
because of that barrier!

[Noelle] You're a member
of the Black Bulls, aren't you?

Then follow your captain's orders!

[Finral] Thanks, Noelle.

Whaddaya know?

I didn't expect
to see fancy magic like this today.

Well, I'll have to analyze it later.

Oh my!

[dramatic music playing]

Vouivre's Roar!

Okay, not too shabby.
You've got my attention.

[Yami] Dark Magic:
Dark Cloaked Black Blade!

[shouting] Flame Magic: Spiral Flames!

- [music fades out abruptly]
- [glass shards tinkling]


Their defenses
keep getting tougher and tougher.

The kids have greatly improved though.

Maybe. They've still got plenty to learn.

It'll be awhile before they can
hold their own without holding me back.


[sighs] My apologies
for not being able to contain them.

Please. You're doing the best you can.

Thanks to you, I had time
to send my guys out on an errand.

[Conrad] You're wasting energy
trying to oppose me.

When the Imperial Sword's magic
is activated,

the Clover Kingdom will be gone.

[Yami] Haven't you had
any better ideas in the last ten years?

So the Imperial Sword? That's the one
that can absorb magic power.

Stores it 'til the wielder's
ready to release it, right?

Is it really possible
to destroy a country with it?

[Julius] Certainly. If he unleashes
all the stored-up magic at once.

He's already collected power
from every person who was at this stadium.

The blade must be humming with it.

And with his magic,

he can misuse the sword's ability
to no end, bringing ruin to our kingdom.


I'm using the sword
to save this broken world.

I'd say it's the perfect use, myself.

[dramatic music playing]

I'm here now, Wizard King.

We successfully evacuated
everyone in the audience.

Now we can safely defeat them.

Fuegoleon and Nozel.
I do hope you've gotten stronger.

[scoffs] I never expected
I'd be in a situation

where I'd have to fight
this monster again.

Ah, I almost forgot
how Nozel got so spooked the last time

that he cried and crapped his pants.

Another word
and I'll drown you in mercury.

So who're the friends
he brought along this time? They're new.

[Fuegoleon] The woman is capable
of producing magic soldiers.

My grandfather's journal
spoke of this power.

I remember it well because my sister
found it captivating.

- [Kaiser] Not good.
- [Nozel] They're figures from the past.

Leaders who died long ago.

[Yami] Wait. You're tellin' me some actual
Wizard Kings have come back to life?!

In that case, I bet I could make a killing
selling their autographs.

[girl] Former Wizard Kings
have been revived?!

I'm awake for a change,
but this feels like a dream.

It's way too crazy!

[chuckling] This is filling
my brush with inspiration.

Then again, maybe now's not the time
to be painting.

[music ends]

You've managed to gather
a formidable force, but this ends here.


[church organ music playing]

[gasping nervously]

[Conrad] There are countless points
across the land where veins of mana

intersect and interact with each other.

This location happens to be one of them.

Ten years ago, I altered the arena

and turned it into a weapon
of my own design.

But you people interrupted me
before I could activate it.

[music becomes solemn]


[groaning softly]

[both groan]

[Conrad] Festival Stadium.

Also known as Triumph, my flying fortress.

There's no way for you to escape now.

Julius, it's time I make up for the years
you stole when you sealed me away.

[music fades out]

[all gasping softly]

[Finral] We made it.
Welcome to Branch Zero.

[wind howling]


What's up?
This is Asta from the Black Bulls!

The Wizard King sent me!

- Let's get these doors open!
- It's not gonna work.

This lab is a well-kept secret.

Only a handful of nobles
even know it exists.

To enter, you have to spell out
a secret password with your magical power.


And you are?

Ah, you must be the Black Bulls.

I'm branch coordinator Millie Maxwell.
It's a pleasure to meet you.

Come. This way.

- Right!
- We've been briefed.

It's quite the situation.

I'm going to let
someone else take it from here.

[gasps softly, gulps]

[Millie] She'll be happy
to show you around.

[Asta] Nero!

[Nero] The magic tool Julius needs
is down below.

Stored in the depths
of this facility for safe keeping.

Sally is making some adjustments to it.

This could be my greatest experiment!

[chuckles] So Sally's here too.

Nero, you've been observing
the Clover Kingdom for centuries, right?

At least 500 years if I'm not mistaken.

So does that mean you recognize
the people who attacked the stadium?

[Nero] I don't know the details,
but I can confirm a few things for you.

- The mastermind is Conrad Leto.
- Huh?

[Nero] I assume
you've at least heard his name before.

Conrad was the...

- Wait, you don't mean...
- [Asta] Uh-huh.

[Nero] Yes.

He was once a Magic Knight
of the Clover Kingdom.

And Julius Novachrono's predecessor.

The previous Wizard King.

- [gasps]
- Hold on.

Didn't that guy get sick?
He's been dead for almost ten years.

I'll explain what I can. Get on.

Conrad Leto was the 27th Wizard King.

Even before he was chosen for this role,

he was known as one of
the most powerful men in the kingdom.

He quickly became
a captain in the Magic Knights.

And, as you might expect,
his squad was praised for their successes.

The citizens of the land trusted him.

And given his abilities
and the respect he garnered,

it was no surprise
he was named the Wizard King.

However, something changed inside him.

He rebelled against the kingdom and,
as a result, was stripped of his title.

[Noelle] What do you mean, "he rebelled"?

[Nero] He tried to destroy the nation.

No way! The Wizard King's job
is to protect peace!

Why would he try
to do something so terrible?

[Nero] I have no idea.

What we do know is this.

His plan relied
on the Imperial Sword, Elsdocia.

A magic item that belonged
to Lord Lumiere, the first Wizard King.

When Julius and the others
learned of this plot,

they stopped Conrad by sealing him.

[Finral] Intense.

[Nero] They then announced
that he died of an illness,

so the kingdom wouldn't panic.

Keep in mind
that Julius couldn't defeat him,

even with the help
of the most elite Magic Knights.

As such, he had no choice
but to use his Time Magic on Conrad

to keep him locked away and out of sight
so he couldn't harm anybody.

[Noelle] I get it, he's incredibly strong.
What magic does he use?

[Nero] Key Magic.

It grants him the ability to create keys

that can open or close rifts
out of thin air.

The magic space behind these doors
is able to absorb whatever Conrad wishes.

Tools, grimoires...

Magic itself.


Wait, wait. You mean...


He has the ability
to steal a person's magic.

And after, he can use it
however he pleases.

[elevator thuds]

Sealing Magic: Release!

[suspenseful music playing]

[chuckles nervously]
So how far down are we going?

Their security is extreme.

Yes. Patience. We're almost there.

[music becomes quirky]

[Nero] This is the innermost part
of Branch Zero.

Here we store and research

the most important
magic tools in our catalog.

I get the feeling we were asked
to bring back something pretty rare, huh?

[Nero] Indeed. It's something
Prince Lumiere was developing

to control the power
of the Imperial Sword.

You could think of it
as a sheath for Elsdocia.

It's still a prototype, but with any luck,
we can use it to seal Conrad again.

- [Finral gasps]
- He's here?

[Conrad] When I heard you were
after something Lumiere worked on,

my interest was piqued.

But this is a useless trinket.

- No, don't!
- Sally!


[Asta] Demon Slayer!

- [exclaims indistinctly]
- [groans]

- [Finral] No!
- Oh?

[groans, grunts]




- Finral?!
- [groaning]


I know you.

[Asta groans]

[Nero] How did you find us?

[scoffs] Secré Swallowtail.

Yet another Mage
from the Black Bulls Squad.

Your fellow members are Asta,
Noelle Silva, and Finral Roulacase.

Memory Exchange Magic makes it easy
to see what other people have experienced.

Invading a person's privacy
is a bit distasteful,

but it allowed me to locate this place.

[Noelle] Marx's magic!

[Conrad] Shall I show you
what's happening?

[all gasp]

[dramatic music playing]

[woman] Citizens of the Clover Kingdom,

surrender immediately,

and offer your magical power as a tribute.
Resistance is futile.

My Legion Magic soldiers

will keep on fighting
until their last bit of energy is spent!

[Conrad] One of the former
Wizard Kings, Princia.

The Imperial Sword is supplying her
with the magical power it has stored

meaning she essentially has no limits.

The Magic Knights
have been completely wiped out.

And we've taken control of every citizen
and strategic facility in the kingdom.

- [music stops]
- It can't be.

Impressive, no?

So many. So fast.

Don't imagine that you're being invaded
by a paltry swarm of magic soldiers.

Princia can summon armies comparable
to those of even the strongest nations.

As for those powerful mages
who helped you escape...

- [solemn tone plays]
- Captain Yami!

[solemn tone plays]

[Conrad] They're resting now, fast asleep.
They'll resist no more.

All those people at the stadium.

[Noelle] Nozel. Brother?

That's right.
You're the youngest Silva daughter.

Progeny of Acier Silva,

the renowned Steel War Princess.

What a pathetic turn of events
for your brother to fall

before his little sister.

To think that such a coward

was allowed to be a captain
of the Magic Knights!

[scoffs, shouts] Sea Dragon's Roar!

[dramatic music playing]

- [loud crash]
- [Noelle shrieks]

- Noelle! Dammit, I'm coming!
- [stone crumbling]

You've much yet to learn,

but the purity
of your magic is impressive.

I believe I'll take it.

[Noelle gasps]

[smugly] Hmm. The profound difference
in our abilities

makes this such an easy task.

[music subsides]

[weakly] I can feel my magic flowing out.

[voice quavers, sobs]

Bastard. What did you do to her?

Perhaps it's better to show you.

Water Creation Magic: Sea Dragon's Roar!

[Asta grunts]

It's true, he stole Noelle's magic.

- Give it back!
- [dramatic music playing]


You're gonna wish you'd stayed sealed!

Fascinating. So this is Anti-Magic
in action, is it?

[Asta grunts]

[Conrad] Hmm.

[grunting, groaning]



[yells with effort]

[music intensifies]


- [groans]
- [music subsides]

Demon Destroyer!


What a wonderful power you possess!

It can nullify not only magic

but also any phenomena
that is derived from magic.

I'd like to take this ability as well,

but perhaps I'll refrain
for the time being.

I wouldn't want it
to affect anything I have stored.

Let's have a little chat.

After all, you and I
are walking a similar path.

You really are nuts.
I am nothing like you!

[Conrad] The Imperial Sword, Elsdocia
is a magic tool

that was developed
by Lumiere a long time ago.

It happens to be perfectly compatible
with my Key Magic.

The sword was created
to preserve exceptional magic

of great mages and heroes
as a legacy for future generations.

You see, it has not only
the power and wisdom

of every Wizard King stored inside it
but a piece of their souls as well.

Are you starting to understand?

This weapon can absorb,
stockpile, and unleash

an absurd amount
of magical power all at once.

With it, I will combine
the generations of Wizard Kings' magic

with the various types of magic I stole
and create a Gargantuan Compound Magic!

Once that power is in my hands,

I'll drive it into one of the mana veins
pulsing throughout this land.

Disaster will be magnificent!

The foundation of the continent
will be destroyed,

and every single citizen will perish.

But don't you worry yourself,

the Imperial Sword
can also store the souls of the departed.

I will select the worthy

and bring back only those who deserve
to inherit the world that I have created!

I know people loathed me
because of my magic,

I've seen it in their memories.

Trust me when I say
I know what you must feel.

Those with magical power
own everything in this society,

and those without it die in the squalor.

Isn't this world unbearable, Asta?

Shouldn't we destroy it and start anew?

Join me, and we'll shape
a new reality together.

One where people have esteem
for their fellow man.

- Where they can't help but smile.
- [growls]

Everyone should respect each other
and get along great and laugh together.

One day, when I become the Wizard King,
I'll create that world.

Shut up!

- That's bullshit!
- [metal music playing]

The Wizard King
is supposed to protect his people!

To make sure
everyone in the nation is safe and happy.

I will not let you destroy this world!

It's not something
a real king would ever do!

You cannot stop me.

The dregs of this society
are forced to lead lives devoid of worth.

You've seen it.

But I can give meaning to their existence.

[angrily] Why can't you see that?

Every single thing you've said is crazy.

I don't understand any of it at all!

You don't realize
how broken this civilization is.

What a pity.

I said, "Shut up!"
How can anyone be so selfish? [yells]

[music abruptly fades out]

- Why can't you understand?!
- [dramatic music playing]

I know the things you've experienced.

The inequality. The betrayal.
The country is against you.


You must choose, Asta.

You can walk this path with me...


...or disappear forever.

[music intensifies]

[Astor screams]

[jingling getting closer]

[gasping shakily]

[Conrad] Give up this fight already.

We are alike.
Accept that, and stand at my side.

The fusion of magic
will be completed by dawn tomorrow.

That's your deadline. Your last chance.

[breathing shakily]
You have to give Noelle

her magic back

- That's your concern?
- [Asta gasping shakily]

[Conrad] Know that
I will truly regret your death.

[breathing shakily] I'll fight.

I will not back down.

That's because my magic is

'never giving up.'

[gasps, breathes shakily]


That's the last of my power.

- [Sally gasps shakily]
- Uh... Hm. What now?

We're not done. We'll try whatever we can.

Yuno? When'd you get here?

And Millie too?

He made it very clear that
he wouldn't leave until he'd helped you.

- Drink up, Sally.
- Okay!

[gags, gulping]

There's no plan.
We'll just have to play this one by ear.

That sounds like a fun time!
Like we're experimenting.

No. Not fun.

I truly loathe improvisation.

- [menacing music playing]
- [clank]



[music fades out]

[panting shakily]

- [moans shakily]
- [footsteps approaching]


[weakly] Yu... no. [groans]

- [laser whooshes]
- [grunts]

Never thought I'd be using this
in such a way, but here we are.

Come on, quickly! Let's try to activate it
with the magic we have!

This will not work.

[Nero] Maybe not,

but thanks to their help,
we have a chance!

Sealing Magic: Eternal Prison!

[gasps, groans]

- [grunts]
- He's too strong!

[gasps] We will retreat for now!

[footsteps slowly approaching]

[tense music playing]

Jester, what's the status
of the magic fusion?

Hey you. We're at about 20% complete.

Generally speaking, we're golden.

It should be finished by dawn,
right on schedule.

That's good to hear.

And I want to thank you

for fighting the good fight with me.

It's finally happening!
A brand-new nation!

No one will ever cry
or have joy taken from them again.

We'll triumph.

These poor lost souls
will be saved and born again.

What I seek
is a society free from oppression,

where no one
seeks to lord over another individual.

I trust that you can achieve that
as part of your plan, Conrad?

[Conrad] Yes.

How about the mana veins?

[Jester] Don't worry,
I managed to find the perfect one.

It's at a village called Hage
in the Forsaken Realm,

where a demon skeleton rests.

[Conrad sighs]

- [wind softly whistling]
- [restrained classical music playing]

[Conrad] On its own,
my Key Magic is practically useless.

I have to borrow power from other mages.

Kinda goes hand in hand with the future
I'm fighting for, like it's my destiny.

One day soon,
I'm going to change this whole country.


I like to think that my real magic

is 'never giving up.'

[music fades out]

[tense music fades in]

I told you that we were alike.

[music abruptly fades out]

[wind softly whistling]

[breathing shakily]

[Noelle weakly] Where am I?

[gasps] Noelle!

I'm so happy you're awake!

I'm sorry. I healed you as best I could.


I'm glad you made it out. [grunts]

[gasping softly]

[footsteps approaching]

We should be safe here.
This is a Golden Dawn emergency shelter.

It's still under construction,
so only a few members know about it.

They tried to capture everyone
at the arena to steal our magic,

but the captains stopped them.

They bought us time to escape.

Take care of the kid, you hear me?

[Mimosa] I don't know
what happened to them afterwards,

but they're not here yet, so, you know...

- [loud clanging]
- [all gasp softly]

[man 1] Hey, are you okay?

- Asta's up? Excuse me!
- [footsteps retreating]

[Mimosa] Asta, please! You need to rest
until your body's fully healed!

[Asta shakily] Conrad... must be stopped.

He's gonna destroy the kingdom
and everybody in it.

If we don't do something,
the world ends tomorrow at dawn!

[man 2] Dawn?!

How are we supposed to fight such enemies?

[woman 1] Is it really
a former Wizard King?

[man 3] There's no way
we can do anything ourselves.

- We're not strong enough...
- Come on! [grunts]

[woman 2] We could just hide...

- [man 2] We can't hide forever.
- Hey! Listen!

There's nothing we can do
with these numbers.

It probably won't be long
before they find us here,

so we should pack and run while we can.
We'll move out and settle somewhere else.

Maybe the Heart Kingdom will take us in.
We'll be safe there.

This isn't a fight
we're going to be able to win!

[man 4] Not a bad idea
to ask other nations for help.

[man 5] We're talking about
a massive undertaking.

It'd be difficult
to move the injured safely.

[man 6] If this Conrad's
really a former Wizard King,

do we have any choice but to flee?

[man 7] And Lord Julius gone...

[man 8] Why get hurt fighting
when we know we'll fail?

[chatter stops]

[Asta] What the crap
are you talkin' about?!

- Running away? No!
- [poignant music playing]

[Asta] We have to do something.

We have to at least try!

We're the Magic Knights
of the Clover Kingdom, aren't we?

Not cowards!

[all gasping]

[Asta] We've been able
to live happily and peacefully

thanks to the Wizard King
and the past mages

who looked out for us our entire lives.

They protected us
before we joined our squads,

when we were kids,
heck, before we were even born!

They fought for us no matter the odds
and never backed down!

And the Wizard King led the way!

Making sure that the country was safe!
That we could live our lives!

It's thanks to the sacrifices they made
that the Clover Kingdom exists now!

Without them and their passion,
we wouldn't be who we are today!

[softly] Asta...

[Asta] I won't turn my back
on this country.

It's my turn to look after

everything the Wizard King
and the captains have protected.

To take a stand!

But it's not just me. It's your turn too!
This is our chance to make a difference!

I'll heal up using my fighting spirit!

And I'll face Conrad again
and kick his butt for real this time!


[chuckles softly]

We can stop him if we work together.

We may not be strong enough
to win against him by ourselves,

but if we join forces,
we'll turn into something unstoppable.

Isn't that the point
of being Magic Knights?

Why we're here in the first place?

If all of us join together
and pool our power,

there's no enemy anywhere
who could stop us!

I'm not forcing anyone to come with me.

Sekke made a good point.
You can still escape.

Hide out in the Heart Kingdom
or somewhere.

But please, stay!

Some of you have to be willing
to lend me your strength in this fight!

[feet clatter]

Sounds good. But it's not much of a plan.

Well, I suppose that's to be expected
from a reckless fool.

So I'll lend a hand.

[sweeping music playing]

I'm not gonna let you do this alone.

Not a chance.

[music fades out]

- [heroic music playing]
- [chuckles breathily]

King Julius isn't here to lead the way.

And we can't rely on our captains either.

But that shouldn't make a difference
to any of you.

We'll battle on their behalf.

Now's our chance
to prove that we have what it takes

with everything on the line!

I'll say it again.

Look around. You're the Magic Knights
of the Clover Kingdom.

We'll fight as one.
Save the whole country.

And surpass all our limits!

[all] Yeah!

[woman distant]
So! What are we gonna do first?

[Asta] I'm gonna figure that out,
right now!

[woman] You're what?!

[Sekke sighs] I can't take this anymore.

They're gonna get themselves killed.
But not me. I'm escaping.



[footsteps approaching]

[woman] What's all this shouting?

[laughing maniacally]

Now's not the time for empty words,
you hot-headed imbecile!



Lady Big-sis-leon! And more captains!

I didn't know you were alive...
[grunts] Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow!

[Big-sis-leon] Who are you calling,
"Big sis," huh? And don't assume I'm dead.

I've been on my own
doing some intense training.

[tense music playing]

[Big-sis-leon] Ah. Guests.

I hope you're here to tell me
we're gonna have some fun.

I also have been away.

On a mission with Jack.

Fortunately, that means
I wasn't caught up in the initial attack.

The same goes for me. Now that we're here,
we must rescue the others.


We brought some other people
back from our mission.

They should come in handy.

They're already out there,
pulling their weight,

surveilling the giant flying arena.

According to them, it looks like Yami
and the other captains are still with us.

However, they're currently trapped
inside the barrier.

Captain Yami.

[softly] Nozel is alive.

Thank goodness, Yami,
I couldn't handle your dying!

There's something I don't get.

They're captured.

Why hold such powerful
Magic Knights captive?

- Wouldn't killing them be easier?
- [Nero] Because Conrad needs them alive.

He's wielding the Imperial Sword.

With it, he can absorb their power,

giving him and his friends
unlimited strength.

[man 1] Que, que!
So they're his livestock!

Oh! Earlier he said something
about needing a ton of power.

His plan depends on
sucking it out of them!

[man 2] So that's what we're dealing with.

But if he siphons off
their magical powers, then...

We don't have much time.

Asta, knights, gather all your courage.

We're taking back the kingdom!

[all] Right!

Before you run into battle,
I wanna get those tummies full.

- Open wide!
- [music becomes heroic]

[gulping loudly]


[Asta] Whoa! Charmy, you're okay!

- I was worried.
- [woman] That's right.

Rouge and Captain Yami
gave us the opportunity to escape.

- [gasps] You're safe!
- [woman] Hmm.

Noelle, it's good to see you.

Unfortunately, our base was trapped
inside one of their barriers.

Henry and Gordon are there now.
[softly] I'm sure they're holding up.

[Noelle] Good.

Then our first objective
is to break them out, right?

[quietly] The Black Bulls' base.

[music continues]

The Imperial Sword
has absorbed tremendous amounts of power.

They'll drive it into a vein of mana
called a singular point.

Que! Well, that will spell
the end of this kingdom. Toodle-oo!

Given all that we know
it's safe to assume the Wizard Kings

were revived with Conrad's magic
and the sword.

[gulps] So what if we break the sword?

Would that take their power away?
Make 'em dead again?

Given the precautions they're taking,
I'd say that's highly likely.

Right. Our goal's to destroy
the Imperial Sword.

Cut off their power source.

Do whatever you need
to prepare for the battle ahead of us.

Dawn is fast approaching,

and that's our deadline!

[music intensifies]


[sighs] I still can't use
the powerful spells in my grimoire,

but thanks to Charmy,
my magic has returned.

For now, I'll focus on what I can do!

[door opens]


[music intensifies]

[Asta] Wait up!

Hmm. I take it you're healed. You ready?

Oh yeah!

[music climaxes, ends]


[man] This is strange.

When I got back from training,
Henry was the only one here.

It appears the former Wizard Kings

were somehow revived
and have taken over the capital.

[whoosh approaching]



[Asta groans]

[Asta roars]

No barrier's gonna stop me!

First, we go and rescue those
at the base of the Black Bulls.

[hesitantly] Wha... I'm glad,
but are you sure?

This'll be difficult.

Our success hinges on us
preserving our fighting power.

Plus, we're in need of transport.

Something that will allow us
to move everyone safely.

- I understand.
- [Noelle gasps]

Don't you get it, kid? We'll tick off
some important boxes if we have your base.

- [Asta] Oh.
- That's true.

But don't forget that Conrad has stolen
many types of magic he can use against us.

It's safe to assume he'll easily
be able to counter normal attacks.

[man] That's where you come in, Asta.

Anti-Magic neutralizes every type
of magic power.

And since that's what you wield,

you will be
our only hope of defeating Conrad.

We'll work to give you that opportunity.

So what do you say? Are you in?

Yes, sir!

- [gladiatorial music playing]
- [Asta roars]

[music ends]

- [triumphant music playing]
- All right!

[man] Welcome back, everyone.
Oh, wow, we have so many guests!

What's the story, Henry?
Can you get us off the ground?

Let's get goin'!

[chanting dreamily] I've got you covered!

Quickly! Replenish your energy
by stuffing those faces!

[yummy noises]

[ecstatically] I've never felt
so much magic power before!

[music intensifies]

So cool!

The Black Bulls
are really flying in style now!

Hold on.
[quavering] This thing is gonna fly?

[Henry dreamily] If there's enough power,
I think it will!

- You should hold on.
- [all grunt]

[music intensifies]

More resistance than expected. Damn.

[man] Que, que! Severing Magic...

[screaming] ...Death Scythe: Lunatic Slash!

[music accelerates]

Briar Magic...

[yelling] Crimson Vine Spear!

[all gasp]

- [woman] Barely a dent in them.
- [man] Que, que! How annoying!

Huh? Argh!

- Argh! Argh!
- [all grunt]

[somber music playing]

Que, que!

Perfect opportunity to slice and dice!

We'll stop them
from interfering with our mission.

[man] The rest of you go on ahead!

- Captain Jack! Captain Charlotte!
- Hold on!

- If you go, we can't defeat Conrad.
- Uh...

Yeah, but... There's only two of 'em.

Two don't stand a chance.


is a better number.

[thunderous crash]

[man] World Tree Magic:
Great Mistilteinn Tree!

Go. While you have an opening.

Captain Vangeance!

[Henry] Are you ready?

[music intensifies]

[tuts, breathes shakily]

[Asta] Hey.

[chuckles softly]

[music fades out]

[Vangeance] Yuno.

I leave the Wizard King to you.

Well, I'd say it's as good a time as any
to ask our barbarous guests to leave.

[music builds]

Listen closely.

We may be out three captains now,
but we're still goin' in!

- Hey, Asta.
- [Asta] Hmm?

- [Big-sis-leon] Handle the pep talk.
- Huh?

[all laugh]

Right! We got this, you guys!
We'll give 'em everything we've got

and take the Clover Kingdom back
from these losers!

[all] Yeah!

[tense music playing]

I've received an update from my soldiers.

The rebels have begun countermeasures.

How shall we proceed?

They decided to resist.

As I know you would
if you were in their shoes.

The grand finale is upon us.

I've saved you
the best seat for the climax.

Is that why you kept me alive until now,

even after you took
almost all of my power?

[Conrad] Those you love,
those you want to protect,

I want their agonizing final breaths
to haunt your remaining hours.

They will die
in front of their powerless false king.

Only then will the new era
of the Clover Kingdom begin.

[sharp inhale] I hope you're ready
for a stunning show.

[solemn music playing]

[electrical thrumming]

Huh? What is that?!

[warbling] Is that an enormous barrier?!

It's far more powerful
than the one at our base.

This will be tough to break through.

Oh, hey! Look!

Well, well, one last desperate attempt
to stop us.

I'm gonna be totally honest with you.

This is hopeless!

[shouting] You see, a Wizard King
never leaves his blind spot open!


[music fades out]

[chuckles] What'll you do now?

[dull rumbling]

Our enemy's working with this much power?!

He's in a totally different league!
What should we do?

- [grunts]
- [man] Stay back!


It's not your time to shine yet.

We'll handle this guy. No sweat.

We just gotta surpass our limits
like we always do. Right?

[heroic music playing]

You ready, guys?
Show 'em what we're made of!

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

Flame Magic:
Gargantuan Exploding Fireball!

Lightning Magic: Thunderbolt Destruction!

Poison Magic: Forbidden Fruit!

O... kay.

Everyone ready?

[all] Yeah!

[Gauche] Mirror Magic: Large Reflect Refrain!

Let's go!

[music intensifies]

[music abruptly stops]

Bwa-ha! Crap! [quavering] Two more!

[Finral] All right! This is it!

Spatial Magic: Fallen Angel Gate!

[gentle music playing]


[warbles] Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!
We're going to run right into the barrier!

[Finral] That shield is interfering
with my magic.

There's no way I can get us inside.


you can.

[heroic music playing]

[Yami] Asta, I know you can do this.

- [music ends]
- [Asta roars]

- [solemn music playing]
- Face us, so we can get this over with.

[chuckles] That was easy.

Thanks for walking into our trap,
ya walking corpses.

Magic like this is of no consequence...

Sealing Magic: Eternal Prison!

- Finral! Now! Don't let them fight back!
- Right! Here goes.

Also, don't forget I am your superior!

Got 'em! We're good.

- [anthemic music playing]
- [Asta roars]

Didn't I tell you?
I don't have a weak spot!



[music subsides]


[dramatic music playing]

[Asta] Whoa! Thanks for the assist!

[music climaxes]

[music fades out]

[Jester laughs] You do realize
that this barrier has been fortified

with the Imperial Sword?

Even if you did break through,
it would quickly regenerate. No problem.

Now, in order to ensure our perfect world,

I should get rid of
any flies in our ointment!

This is the end!

- [Yuno] Yeah, for you!
- [energetic disco music playing]

Oh, that was nice!
Show me what else ya got!

Mana Zone: Tornado Fang Double Attacks!

Was that supposed to hurt?

[man] Now! Fire at will!

- [music ends]
- [gasps]

One more time! [grunts]


- [dramatic music playing]
- Let's go!

[both roaring]

Nice. I'm loving this. Don't stop!

[all groaning]

- Let's go!
- Let's go!

[loud blast]

[music climaxes, ends]

[glass shards tinkling]

Ha! Color me shocked!

You guys are kind of amazing!

Too bad.

Hold on!

I'm counting on you, Asta!
You better take that maniac down!

Yes, ma'am!

Conrad, here I come!

[Yuno] Hey, look!

[Asta] It's him!

Why's he out here?

- That's the vein. Right there!
- [gasps softly]

[Yuno] It's in the skeleton of that demon!

[wind howling]

[Jester] Oh no!

This is as far as you go!
[screaming] I'll handle you!


Asta! Leave him to me,
and take care of Conrad!


[scoffs] Give 'im everything you've got.


Ugh. [giggles]

It's time. Bell?

Thought you'd never ask!

[Yuno] Let's go all out!

[heroic music playing]

[Yuno] Spirit Assimilation: Spirit Dive!

All units! Get into positions!

Our plan worked,
and we were able to split up our enemies!


[Big-sis-leon] Now, each of you will take
your places and fight to your death!

Show them the pride of a Magic Knight!

Fail and you will answer to me!

[shouting] Not one of you
is allowed to get killed, you hear me?!

If you don't prevail
or you suffer mortal injuries,

I'll burn you to death myself!


If you don't wanna die, then win!

Even if it kills you!

We won't lose.

- [all] Right!
- [music ends]

[Princia] You aren't pulling out
any special tricks

to use in your fight against me?

How unfortunate that I find myself saddled
with such a boring opponent.

- [dramatic music playing]
- You expected tricks?

I'm not some weakling
who can't win an honest fight.

Princia Funnybunny.

A feared warrior with a combat strength
of a thousand soldiers.

Mighty even among Wizard Kings.

According to the history books,

no matter how bad a fight might've looked,
you always came out on top!

No tricks here. Just me.
A fair fight to see how we compare.

Very well, then. I take back my comments.

Legion Magic: Endless Domination!

If you want the honor of playing with me,
you need to prove you're worthy first.

[music intensifies]

[Big-sis-leon] Challenge happily accepted!


you better not hold anything back,
you hear me?!

[electronic dance music playing]

[gasps] Where is he?

[Jester] Were you even trying to aim?

Load out!


[Jester] You're a fool if you think
you managed to lure me into a snare.

It's quite the opposite, you silly boy.

I'm the one who lured you
into what will soon be your tomb!

All that absorbed magical energy
isn't just powering this flying fortress,

we're able to tap into
as much of it as we want as well.

Which means as long as I'm here,
the well of my power

doesn't have any risk of running dry!

[music ends]

Ha. You're dense enough to believe
that means you've won?

Against us?

Wait. "Us"?

[Yami] Not too shabby, Pretty Boy.

But points docked for being so rough.

You're supposed to be gentle
with a damsel in distress.

- [rousing music playing]
- I am a Virgo, after all. Poor form!

[Jester groans]
You mean, those earlier attacks...

He wasn't aiming for me.

I'll do better next time.

Are you good?

Of course, it's my duty as a captain.

Can't have you kids risking your lives
without surpassing my limits.

[shouts] Agreed, fellas?

[Nozel] Undoubtedly.

We will show you our power!
What makes us Magic Knights!

Yuno! We've got your back covered.

[music intensifies]

[Fuegoleon] You stay focused on attacking.

[music ends]

[Jester] Oh yeah?

[yawns] Well, at least you'll talk less
when I've killed you.

This so-called backup of yours?

They've been chained up all day
while we siphoned off their magical power

to fuel our magnificent fortress.

These guys are beat. I'm surprised
they can even stand at this point!

What good are these empty vessels
gonna do you? [laughs] Oh, don't tell me!

You think you can stand against me
'cause you've got nerve?

Fine! Go ahead and try it!

But nobody can bounce back
from being drained that quickly!

[dramatic piano music playing]

You call yourself a Wizard King,
but you know so little.

Not a chance!

[Jester roaring] Come at me, you bastards!

Flame Magic: Explosive Scattershot!

[music intensifies]


[chuckles softly]


Your turn! Grey!

[warbling] Okay!

[shouting] Magic Conversion!



[music ends]

[quavering] Thank you
for getting me out of the way!

[Noelle] I may not be able
to use strong magic,

but I can still help without my grimoire.

- Looks like we'll be able to handle him.
- [chuckles]

Yes, if Asta's successful,
the Wizard Kings will be felled.

If he touches their sword
with his Demon-Slayer Sword,

this will all be over.

All we have to do
is keep him occupied here

until he's able to do that.

What a pathetic showing.

Take heed of my words. For your sake.

Turn your tails and run.

Hide somewhere
our eyes will not reach you.

- Wow. Nice of you to warn us, grandpa.
- [footsteps approaching]

Gotta say I'm confused.

I thought your whole goal
was to kill us off.

[man] If you were
corrupt nobles and royals

who only thought of
what would benefit yourselves,

then I would take no mercy on you.

But you're not.

I can tell from where I stand
that you possess hearts that are pure.

- Retreat!
- [gasps]

If you swear to stay out of our way,

I give you my word
that I'll allow you to escape.

[laughs] Are you for real?

You want us to do nothing
while the bad guys ruin everything?

Don't you know?

[all] We wouldn't retreat
if our lives depended on it!

[Asta groans]

[dramatic music playing]

Such foolishness is pitiful.

Ice Wedge Magic: World End Church!

[music intensifies]

[man] You honestly thought
you could beat me

when you attack with such
insignificant levels of magical power?

My Mana Zone lowers the temperature
of this environment far below freezing!

Amateurs like you won't be able to breathe
on the battlefield I have created.



Move, dang it!

[man] I don't understand,

were you not all so oppressed
by this society?

Why do you reject our goal
of a fairer world?

- [Noelle] Yeah, you don't get it.
- Hmm?

[Noelle] Magic Knights
will give their all to survive.

Even if it's hard,
there's no way we're giving up.

You have no right
to take a person's life away from them.

Who do you think you are?!



No man has that right.

That's exactly why things must change.

I'll do what I must to create a society

where outsiders and the powerless
can lead happy lives.

Empty words.

- [ice crackling]
- You can't justify it... [groans]

[man] Weakness is also pitiable.


[dramatic music playing]

Legion Magic: Blink Castling.



[Princia] You're wearing yourself out.

And without ever coming close
to striking me.

[music subsides]

- [metal clangs]
- [grunts]

[Princia] Sleep now.

I refuse.

[shouting] Not 'til I've incinerated
everything in sight!

Mana Zone: Full Release!

Flame Magic...

Calidos Brachium...

[roaring] Purgatory!

[music intensifies]

[chuckling] Oh yes!

Now the fun really begins!

[music climaxes, stops]

[Princia weakly] "Mereoleona."
Is that what you said your name was?

You made me raise my fist against you.


I like it!

[dramatic music playing]


[Princia laughing maniacally]

[Princia] It's not often
that I get to use this on someone!

You make for a suitable dance partner.

I'm pleasantly surprised.

You're a strong one.

- [music ends]
- But you still don't compare to me.

Round two!

- [dramatic music playing]
- [both grunt]

[Bell] What are we gonna do, Yuno?

At this rate,
Yami and the others won't last long!

I know that.

- [chuckles softly]
- [gasps]

[music stops]

[gasps] Captain Nozel!



Yuno, don't attempt something
beyond your power.

Know your strengths.

Focus on what
you're capable of achieving right now.

- [poignant music playing]
- [Nozel gasping]

And don't bother worrying
about the rest of us.

[sighs gently]

If possible, can you buy me
a little more time?


I'll finish him with my next blow!

[dramatic music playing]

[grunting with effort]

What's the matter, Captain Macho Scruff?

Don't tell me
you've run out of fight already?

[both grunt]

[Yami] You have terrible taste
in nicknames. [grunts]

Look closer, and you'll find that
underneath this scruff,

I'm a blushing maiden. You see?

[music climaxes]

- [music stops]
- [groans]

[wind howling]

[wind gradually getting louder]

[Yami shrieks]


[climactic music playing]

[scoffs] Don't you know any other moves?

[metallic clunk]

[Jester] This kid...

he's pouring every bit
of his magical power into a single strike!

[Yami groaning]

[music intensifies]

You pushed your way through
with sheer power after all.

Pretty unrefined for someone like you.

[grunting with effort]

[glass tinkling]

- [music ends]
- [Jester chuckling]

[chuckling becomes maniacal]

Fine. [roaring] Now you've got
my full attention!

[wind whistling]

[Conrad] For hundreds of years...

you've continued to protect this land.

Watch, Lumiere.

The world you envisioned
will come to pass.

I will bring your dream into existence.

[screaming] Conrad!

There you are.

[roaring] Asta!


I'm afraid you're a little late
to stop me.

For this world...

No, don't! finished.

And in its place,
a new reality will thrive!

[somber organ music playing]

[girl groans]

[indistinct muttering, groaning]


[Conrad] Stand down, Asta.

I've driven the Imperial Sword's magic
into the singular point.

No one can stop
the fall of the Clover Kingdom.

The fate of this land is sealed!

[music continues]

No, it's not!

I'm gonna pull that sword out
and make you eat your words!

Because I don't even know how to quit!

I'll follow through even if it kills me!

Hear me? You're the one
who should back off!

Poor child. You should take
what I'm about to say to heart, Asta.

[music continues]

- My magic is 'never giving up'!
- My magic is 'never giving up'!

[music stops]

[wind howling]


[Princia] If I'd had someone like you
around in my day,

perhaps my loneliness
wouldn't have been so all-consuming.

Goodbye, Mereoleona.

[scoffs] Round three.


[Mereoleona] This battle...

[roaring] ...isn't over yet!

[Mereoleona groans]

[Mereoleona grunts]

[Princia] Wait. Her power increased?!


[shouting] How can you still move?

Uh. Hey there.

Sup, Lady Mereoleona?

Good morning, big sis!

[all] Good morning, Lady Mereoleona!

- [poignant music playing]
- Big sister.


'Cause I've got grit!


if I kick the bucket in a place like this...

[roaring] ...those idiots
will think they can laugh at me!

[dramatic music playing]


[grunts, groans]

And there's another thing.

If I'm not the strongest,

then I can't call a certain someone...

[roaring] rival anymore!

[Princia] You draw strength
from your comrades, aye?

Not bad.

But I must admit it's not my style.
[growling] Still...

You've done well, Mereoleona!

[chuckling] Honestly,
I think you could beat me in a fistfight.

So let's see!

Are you powerful enough
to best me when I go all-out?!

[Jester] Oh jeez.

You're really feisty for a baby knight.

You even made me use my trump card.

If I had met you
when I was still the Wizard King,

I might have made you one of my advisers.


[tense music playing]

What you're doing is not right!

Don't gimme that.

No one actually knows
what's right and what's wrong,

so you don't get to make that judgment!

We're basically the same!

[shouting] Conrad and I have big dreams,

and there's nothing we won't do
to bring those dreams to life!

I get you. In a battle like this, the idea
of right and wrong kinda falls apart.

So we'll have to protect
what matters to us!

Until we have nothing left to give!

- Combo Spell...
- Combo Spell...

[Yami] Dimension Slash...

- Scorching Light!
- Scorching Light!

[breathes shakily]




[music becomes climactic]

You haven't won.

A little scratch
isn't enough to take me out.

[Yuno] That's a shame.

Asta, I'm borrowing your move.

Here's where we are alike.
I hate losing more than anything too!

- [shrieking]
- [roaring]

[music intensifies]

- [music stops]
- [Jester scoffs] Whatever.

I don't care about saving power
for the fortress anymore.

I'll pour everything we've got...

[screaming maniacally]
...into crushing you fools!

[Conrad] Why can't you accept
that I'm right?

There's not a single part
of this unjust world

worth protecting, boy!

[shouting] Join me!
Let us build a new reality together!

[Asta] I don't care about you
or your insane ideas.

My dream is to become the Wizard King!

What nonsense.

Becoming a Wizard King changes nothing
in this kingdom, believe me.



[somber tone plays]

[somber tone plays]

[somber tone plays]

[solemn music playing]

[groans, grunts]

[gasps softly]


I have you completely surrounded.

That sword of yours will never touch me!

No matter how much fire is in your heart,
this is beyond you!

I'll make you an offer one last time.

Stand beside us, Asta.

I'll even name you as my successor.

The new world will need a new king.

[music ends]

You're crazy! Hell, no!

You don't ask someone
to make you the Wizard King!

You earn the title
through your own merits!

And you're wrong. I can stop you.

If there isn't a way...

[shouting] ...I'll make one!

Y'know what this world taught me?

To go harder and surpass my limits!


[Conrad calmly] Good.
That was an impressive attack.

And out of respect, I didn't parry it.

But I tire of hearing your naïve notions.

[Asta grunts]

[Conrad] And I'm done
playing pointless games.

If we cannot walk this path together,

there's no point in holding back anymore.

Asta, I didn't ask you
to join our cause because of your power.

That would be welcome
but wholly unnecessary.

Nor was it because you know
this nation's inequalities.

I simply wanted someone
with the same determination as me

to be rewarded in life.

Unfortunately, you chose
to keep your eyes clenched firmly shut!

What a shame.

[dramatic organ music playing]



[inhales, exhales deeply]


[Asta growls]

[Asta] I'm neutralizing him
with my Anti-Magic,

but I can't keep up!

[music fades out]

That's it!

Finally, let's go.

I've been waiting
for him to think he could go easy on us.

[man] Exploding Fireball!

From there, Flame Bondage Formation!

[dramatic music playing]

[Gauche] Full Reflection!


[man] Ice Wedge Magic: World End Martyr!

To be clear, this is me going easy on you.


[music ends abruptly]

Consider that to be a lesson,
young soldier.

You think way too highly of yourself,
you old fart.

[Noelle] Come on, Asta. Hurry it up!

Our magic isn't going to hold out
much longer!

Black Hurricane!

It's admirable that you still manage
to keep your spirits high.

but your movements are slowing down!

[Asta groans] One Horn Bull Thrust!


[Conrad] No matter
how much you struggle against me,

you'll never bridge the gap between us!

[roaring] Behold!
The power of the Wizard King!

[Asta shrieks]

You can tell yourself that.


I'll never call
someone like you the Wizard King.

Crap. If I let my guard down,
my black form is done for.

I need to land a solid hit
with everything I've got left.

You have a skewed idea
of what a king is capable of.

- [groaning]
- You think the Wizard King's all powerful.

But none were able to bring revolution
to this nation, including the first!

In fact, Julius did quite the opposite
when he was beaten by the elves.

- Or have you forgotten?!
- [groaning]

[Conrad] Because of him,
the Clover Kingdom almost met its doom!

Changing nothing! Protecting nothing!

[shouting] Every Wizard King
has been effectively useless.

- [weakly] It's not like that.
- [Conrad] Hmm?

[Asta] You're forgetting
that the current Wizard King

gave his own life to protect his citizens.

Exactly like the first one did.

And even after he'd given everything
to keep the kingdom safe,

he kept on sleeping,

waiting for hundreds of years.

And do you know why?

[yells] All so when we needed him again,
he'd be there!

[hard rock music playing]

[narrator] The leaves of a clover
are said to each contain one thing.

In the first three
dwells integrity, hope, and love.

The fourth leaf
is given over to good luck.

And in the fifth, there lives the devil.

[demonic laughter]

Is he seriously about to die again?

This kid's such a piece of work.

I suppose I'll help, and then later,
I'll collect my payment in full.

Enough talk.

You were able to become the Wizard King

because a bunch of people
recognized your virtues!

And betraying those people
makes you unfit to carry the title!

You're just a fake!


'Cause a real Wizard King
inspires the people he protects!

He gives them a dream to chase after.

He's the opposite of useless!

You still don't understand
the true nature of the place you live.

Discrimination and prejudice run rampant.
You know that!

Haven't you seen people's hopes and dreams
crushed over and over again in this land?

[shouting] Without my help,
this country will never change!

[Asta] Our future
is not for you to decide!

Right now, no matter how rich
or royal someone is,

everybody works together
to make sure we all live a better life!

So stay out of our way!

[Conrad] Such insignificant improvements
will never break the cycle.

[shouting] You're the one
in the way of progress!

There you are.
Took long enough, but I feel like

I'm finally getting a taste
of what the real you is all about!


[Conrad] Shut up!

I will no longer suffer
the fantasies of a child

who knows nothing
of the real world! [groans]

[hiccups] Not good.

My black form is coming undone!

[Conrad] I admit, there was a time
I trusted this country and its citizens.

When I was the Wizard King, I championed
the incremental changes you speak of.

But people are always bound to betray you.

I'm sure you know something about that.

So a small portion of your community
has changed for the better,

do you honestly think
the rest of the country

will alter their behavior as well?

It's not about change.

It's about coming together!
You wanna world in your own image!

A place where you're actually the only one
with the freedom to be happy.

Well, I wanna laugh with everyone!

I want my friends to smile, always.

That's why we're gonna bring change
to this country together!

You'll all form a nation
full of citizens who respect each other.

One where laughter is everywhere!

That's the kind of world
I'm gonna make a reality!

- [grunts softly]
- [music ends]

My magic! It's back!


[Noelle] Water Creation Magic: Valkyrie Armor!

- Yeah!
- [triumphant music playing]

You struggle in vain.

This defiance only keeps you
from living in an ideal world.

Why fight against me?

[Noelle] A truly ideal world,

isn't something
you have to force on other people!

[yells] It's something
we have to earn ourselves!

Noelle! Here! Look at me!

Mirror Magic: Mirror Brigade!

[dramatic choral music playing]

[Noelle] The truth is
I used to resent this life as well.

I was abandoned by my family

because I couldn't learn
to control my magic powers.

For a while,
I thought I was alone in this world.

But now, I have amazing friends!

Ones who make sure I know that I belong.

They accepted me and my shortcomings.

[shouts] And they support me!

They stand beside me
as I race forward toward my dreams!

[Noelles] Combo Spell...

Mirror Meteo...

[shout] Dragon!

[music becomes rousing]


Magic Conversion!

Turn the ice into water!

[man 1] Yeah, here we go!


[woman 1] Fate Manipulation: Absolute Evasion!

[Finral] Spatial Magic: Fallen Angel's Wingbeat!

[man 2] Let's surpass...

[both] ...our limits!

[both roar]

[woman 2] Jeez. Just go already!

- Leave it to me! [roars]
- [music ends]


This kingdom can get better.
We're not fated to stay as we are now.

We will not let you
take that chance away from us!

Hear me?!

- It's our world.
- [epic music playing]

And we'll change it... [screams]
...not you!


[music climaxes]

[music stops]

[Noelle panting]

Do you give up?

Because I'm not finished yet.

I can do this all day if you like.

- However...
- Hmm?

A better choice would be to work together.

[Asta] I don't mean to brag.

I can't do anything
without the help of my friends.

I nearly died a bunch of times,
but with them at my side,

I've been able to come
further than I thought possible!

[Conrad yelling] Stop talking!


[Asta] I wanna world
of acceptance and happiness,

where people are glad
to wake up and start a new day!

You don't make something like that
by killing a bunch of people!

No one will accept your world
if that's the price!

[Asta shrieks]


[dull rumbling]

[gentle music playing]


Tell me. What's your name?

It's Noelle. Noelle Silva.

A noble? Yes, of course.

I see now.

You're a good girl, Noelle.

You're a royal,
and yet you can empathize with the weak.

If a person like you exists in this era,
there is still hope. [grunts]

- [Noelle gasps]
- [man groans]

[Jester] C'mon, now of all times?

You gotta be kidding me. What a joke.

[grunts] Well, I, for one,
can still keep fighting.

[weakly] For many more rounds, I bet.

But unfortunately, it's my turn to sleep.

- I had an excellent time though.
- [music fades out]

- [wind blowing]
- [Asta panting]

[breathily] I did it.

[chuckling] I took him out, everyone!

[chuckles shakily]

- [Conrad growls] I am not finished!
- [gasps]

[Conrad] No. Not yet.

This is a forbidden spell.

One activated in exchange for my life!

[shouts] Doom's Gate!


[Conrad] One more chance.

I will not give up
on achieving my goal, Asta!

[wind howling]

[man gasps shakily]

[Asta moans, breathes shakily]

[weakly] That's fine.
'Cause I'm not done yet either.

I'm gonna be

the Wizard King.

So I'll keep standing.

No matter what.

[shouting] Just watch me!

- Come on!
- ["Haruk Amirai" by Kankaku Piero playing]

[roaring] Let's finish this!



[Julius] I've got something for you.

What do you mean?

[Julius] You won't need an explanation.

That sword will lead the way.

- The future of this nation...
- [Asta] This magic...

...lies with you.


[Asta] I feel it.

This power is coming from everyone!

It's their hopes and dreams.

I feel your spirits flowing through me!

Stop, Master Nacht! What are you doing?

You've gotta slow down.

You've worked yourself ragged
since you got back to the Clover Kingdom.

If you give up any more magical power,
you're gonna pass out for sure!

A nice long nap
doesn't sound like the worst idea.

Especially if it means someone who's doing
a good thing gets rewarded.

[Asta] Right here.

Right now.


[music continues]

We'll all surpass our limits.

[Conrad] The Imperial Sword?

What good do you think that will do you?

Asta. Do it.




I will stop you!




Come on!

Why are you so hell-bent on destruction?

I see things as they are.

This country must burn!

The nation is rotten to the core!

Its very foundation
must be razed and rebuilt anew!

Stand aside! I have to save everyone!

I'm back

Who exactly do you mean by "everyone"?
Those you deem worthy?

No! Those who are oppressed
and without hope in their lives.

For their sake, I will create...

[music continues]

[Conrad shakily] I...

I... will...

[Asta] Even if you're a peasant
and don't have magical power,

you can still be
the strongest person in the world.

You can be everyone's hope.

You'll see. I'll prove it to you, Conrad!

One day...

[shouting] ...I'll be the Wizard King!

[music fades out]

[breathing shakily]

[Conrad softly] Did that boy

just defeat me?

How strange.

If that's the case,

why do I feel so at ease?


Now it's making sense.

Asta. Become the Wizard King.

And then share the warm world
you hold in your heart

with every citizen in this nation.

Your magic is 'never giving up.'

So I know you can do it.

[gasps softly]

- [poignant music playing]
- [Conrad] You are here too?

[inaudible dialogue]

[Conrad breathily] I see.

[music fades out]

[birds twittering]

[Julius] Conrad used to be
cheerful and honest.

When he saw people struggling,
he empathized with them.

Everyone loved him.

He was strong and kind.

A man not unlike Asta.

But he was framed by the royalists.

His wife and his comrades
were slaughtered as a result, and after...

he was never the same again.

Asta, thank you for stopping him.

I'm confused.

Why was I able to tap into
the Imperial Sword there at the end?

What do you mean?

When we were fighting,
I hit him with my Demon-Slayer Sword.

Its magic must have been neutralized.

So what happened?

Ah, that's simple.

[mystical music playing]

[Julius] Generations of Wizard Kings.

They watch these events unfold,

and they lent
their miraculous power to you.

Whoa! That's, like,
the coolest thing I've ever heard!

Oh, calm down.
He's just teasing you, dummy.

No, it's true. I swear!

[Julius] Rest assured, predecessors,

the clovers who will carry this kingdom
into the future, are growing up nicely.

[Nero] Are you mocking Prince Lumiere?

What do you think, Asta?
Aren't Wizard Kings incredible?

Yes, sir!

And one day,
I'll be an incredible person too.

When I'm the Wizard King! [chuckles]

["Here I Stand" by Treasure playing]

[music ends]

[footsteps slowly approaching]


What a surprise, I caught you slacking.

Do you have any idea how hard I fought?!


The place was in shambles,

but it looks like it'll get rebuilt
faster than I expected.

[Yuno] Yeah.


He was a Wizard King.

[footsteps approaching]

- Ouch!
- Mm-hmm.

Forget about him.

[chuckles] Good call. [groans]

[Yuno] I'll be a proper Wizard King,
so it's fine.

[Asta] Not so fast! We both know
I'll be the one calling the shots...

- [Yuno] Can't hear you.
- [Asta] Don't ignore me!

You wanna go? Let's do it!
The Triumph may have been canceled,

but I can still beat you in a one-on-one
match to prove I'm strongest.

Not a chance.

[both] I'm going to be the Wizard King!

[both roar]

[metallic clang]