Biet Doi Rat On (2023) - full transcript

Hello, welcome back to
the podcast "Have you known…"

Today, we will meet some rising stars
on social media in the past few weeks.

First, it is the return
of a famous singer,

who was once known as the "Disco King."

He is Hao Phong,
with his latest hit "Why Be Sad?"


Hao Phong was one of the most
outstanding male singers of the 2000s

in disco music,
which was very popular at that time.

after spending his time in seclusion,

the Disco King is back

with a new single
which is arousing the youth's interest.

And his "Let's smile" dance moves
have also gone viral.

They've incited many
to make cover reels on social media.

Next, let's head to
the South-West of Vietnam,

and meet a woman who has intrigued
the online community in the country

with her super special wedding ceremony
in Can Tho.

She is the richest woman - Lady Jewel.

Hello everybody.

It's me again.

Today I'm live-streaming
to announce marvelous news.

I'll be marrying Tuan
at the end of next month.

I'm so happy.

My wedding will be live-streamed

so you can all follow it virtually.

And you can take a closer look at

the precious proposal necklace
that Tuan has gifted to me.


Delicious, huh?

You look so cute when you eat.


- Where are we going?
- Thao Dien ward.

I have rented an apartment for you there.

Just temporarily.

We can figure things out later.

I want to go home.

What home?
Your property has been confiscated.

But it's still my mom's house.

Come on, let's listen to music.

Why be sad?

Who's got worn-out shoes,
old brass items, waste rubber,

broken fans, old televisions,

rice cookers that turn on and off
by themselves… We'll buy it all.

What the hell?
Who taught you that weird cry?

- You're weird!
- Why me?

You pissed me off with your oddness.

That brand new cooker in the supermarket
costs only 1.5 million dong.

How much did you pay for the used one?

1.65 million.

Must I hit you 1.65 million times?

You're insane?

Always yelling at me
without knowing anything!

1.5 million dong in the supermarket
but it's never been used before.

This one has been used for a year
and it's still good.

It's a good deal. Made in Japan too.

Made in my ass!

Scolding me all the time!


- Stop!
- Ah…

Peekaboo! Hi everyone,
today we have chicken for lunch.


The pygostyle is the best, then the wings.

All for the elderly!

- I'll eat the thigh!
- Hey!

I'm cross with you!
If you eat disrespectfully,

I'll kill myself by biting off my tongue.

Please do it right now!

Are you really my mom?

Eat fast, just in case
heaven strikes you all with lightning.

- Take it slowly!
- It's mine.

- It's mine.
- It's mine.

The rooster is in there.

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry!

My Swedish black chicken
is worth two billion.

Scar Six stole it
and you dared to grill it.

Each party pays me back one billion.

Oh my Lord, it's stormy and rainy…

Who the hell are you
to say crazy things like that?

Everyone! All these men
want to steal our money.

Leave them to me!

Can't stand it anymore…

I have already eaten the chicken,
what can you do?

Oh God, you make things up
to steal our family's money?

This trick I use all the time, not you…

Ouch, help me!

My beloved family! Ultimate move!

Just one billion dong, okay?

Did we come to the wrong house?

Why did it become a casino?

Tuan probably rented the house to them.

How delicious!
Home-cooked meals are the best.

If only I could eat like this every day.

If you like, I will cook for you.

Our houses are only a few steps away.


If I wasn't performing at the wedding,

I'd eat three bowls.

I better not do it!

Have to keep fit,
so I can dance wildly later.

Good looking!

No doubt, my father's jacket
fits you like a glove.

As a singer, you have to pay attention to
your appearance.

Thank you, Auntie Nga.

No money, then leave.

You owe me hundreds of millions
but are still playing?

Come when you have money.


Running away
and not paying your gambling debts?

Beat me instead of my father.

Stop it!

- Stop it.
- Mr. Bach…

How much do you owe them?

Phong, please.
Stay here, don't go down there!

Stay here!

Let me take care of it.

Don't go down there, please.

Thank you, Auntie.

This favor…

Sooner or later,
I'll definitely return it.

Sounds familiar! It's your famous song.

Those nameless artists
make it look so cheap.

But I think…

their imitation is good.

Let's see!

Let's see if they can
replicate my stunning movements.

Live your life and walk towards tomorrow

Let's be happy

Travel that far, you'll miss…
the European dealer.

The most trusted dealer in the world.

As the dealer, we never let you lose.

We give you the chance
to conquer yourself.

Come and play.

Don't be sad, rich man!
Baby bunny is here for you.

Baby bunny will bring you luck.

Here you are! Leave me alone.

Thank you very much.


Damn it! We only owe him one billion.
He makes us work like wage slaves.

- Wow.
- Why do you wow so much?

I look like Wowy, huh?

Sure, I just want to send you to heaven.

If you don't work,

they will do it for the sake of
his two-billion-dong chicken.

Beautiful reach movement.


- Show hand!
- Show hand, very good. Miss, please.

So lucky, we got quarters.

Three of a kind!

Then it is all yours, sir.

Don't be so sad,

just sell your house
and then start a new game.

Thank you!

Let me handle it.

Hello, Mr. Ut?

The police are coming!

What the hell?

Hey, the police are coming!

The police!

Our ancestors surely helped,
we barely escaped.

What is that?

Tuan is damn ungrateful.

He shows no respect to my mom's house.

And I don't even know
how my daughter Na is doing now.

I have to get her back
as soon as possible.

That is Hao Phong - The Disco King.

Making music videos
under the banana trees?

Stop biting your nails!

It's so unhygienic.


- Ouch!
- What happened to you?

Hao Phong!

Next week, I will take you to Can Tho.

We will sneak into Lady Jewel's wedding

to steal Tuan's fake proposal necklace.

That will make him super-mad.

After that, you will have
evidence to expose him with,

put him in jail
and get back the custody of your daughter.

But just the two of us?

Is that okay?

We have been planning this
for a whole year.

What if the plan fails?

He will keep my daughter for good.

How am I supposed to live?

This is a very complicated situation.

They're talking about wedding ceremony of
a 'jewel lady' in Can Tho.

- What kind of Jew?
- Jewelry jewel, stupid girl!

This woman was married once.

Here is her ex-husband.

Her husband died ten years ago.

He left her all his gold.

But now she's getting married
to a new guy, Tuan.

- Who's that? Her?
- It's her.

Oh my God!

This necklace is super-pricey.

Tuan used it to propose to Lady Jewel.

But Tuan is a deceitful person.

He was married in the past.

- Who is she?
- Let me see.

His ex-wife used to be
a big name in real estate.

- Then she went to prison for fraud.
- Hey.

Why does she look like the lady out there?

It's her!

Wait a minute!

I heard her say that the necklace is fake.

So this necklace is…

This guy can't be trusted.

He is an asshole.

Oh, turns out it's a bunch of crooks.

A bunch of gamblers too.

Let's call the police.


I dare you to do it.

I will tell the reporters about
The Disco King, Hao Phong.

Cover up your face?

You think no one recognizes you?

- Who is this guy?
- It's Hao Phong.

That's right! If the reporters ask me,

I'll tell them you are Hao Phong.

You intend to sneak into
Lady Jewel's wedding

and steal her proposal necklace.

Famous singer turns out to be a thief.

Do you dare to call the police?

Let me tell you,

people like us are imprisoned normally.

But you are a famous singer.

If your secret is revealed,
you'll reach a dead end in your career.

Come on!

He's done nothing, why are
you mentioning the police and reporters?

Tonight at nine o'clock,
Lady Jewel will livestream,

we'll put your plan
under the comments section.

Let's see who will be imprisoned.

- That's right!
- They're scared.

They're scared now.

It's easy. Let's go.


We beg your pardon, please.

My family got cheated
so we had to do it to pay our debt.

I swear I won't say a word.

How about you start begging,
and we give you a hand.

To deal with
an asshole like that guy Tuan,

you need some bigger assholes.

Are you crazy?
Why do you want to be involved in this?

So how do we pay the debt?

Do you think Cuong will let us live?

And to be honest, this job smells good.

Hey. He's right.

To deal with an asshole,
we must be bigger assholes.


How much do you owe them?

Oh my God!

Such a beautiful house!

Our mission
is to steal this necklace at all costs,

expose Tuan and stop the wedding.

This wedding was supposed to
take place last year

but I managed to convince Jewel
to postpone it. So Khue could participate.

Why does Jewel trust you like that?

Because he is a famous celebrity
and Jewel is a big fan of his.

At this pool area,
we will serve snacks to our guests.

- Wonderful!
- Right.

All the lotus are newly planted.

- Great.
- Pretty right?

Oh God, it's my favorite color!

- Right color, isn't it?
- Of course!

It's so beautiful, honey!

- There, the boat for the bride.
- Wow.

Phong wants to help Khue
to expose her ex-husband

so he tried to approach Jewel

to become her wedding planner,
consulting on all kinds of stuff.

Did I say it right?

Sounds easy as pie!

Any problems?


- I knew it from the start!
- That hurts.

It's Tuan's bodyguards led by Keng.

Let's see them practice.

I tried to convince Jewel
to let me choose a security team.

But I couldn't get past Tuan.

His reason is that
he wants to protect Jewel's property

against thieves and robbers.

- Let me.
- Thank you.

Wear it.

- Look nice!
- And this scarf too.

It's pretty.

Less tension already.

- Yes?
- You, please.

I do everything.

Wedding or funeral?

- What can I do now?
- It's so gloomy here.

Change it!

Change? But how?

You need to wear
more colorful accessories.

So change?

We will change it, right?

Okay, then change.

Did you hear that? Change it!

Change it!

Let's change.

There is only one entrance…

and everyone has to scan Face ID
to enter the resort.

The most important thing is
not to let Khue be identified.

And don't let Tuan know
Khue was out early.

Phong has arranged
a performance in the wedding for us.

During that performance,
Jewel will wear the necklace.

Your task is very simple.

Just perform as always

and get me the necklace.

Wait a minute!
We need to discuss it privately.


Shall we do it?

Old man, will we die if we do it?

Should we trust these two?

The intuition of a mom who has
two naughty girls tells me that

she really wants to get her daughter back.


the necklace is not authentic
so Phong dares to do it.

He's a famous person now,
if he wasn't so sure, he wouldn't do it.

Now what?

- Do or don't?
- Let me think.

We should meet someone.

Without this person's consent,
our plan will be difficult to carry out.

Yes, sir.

Have you decided yet?


After a discussion, we've decided to…

- Do it!
- Do it!

Two, three…

Do it!

We decided to do our best.

Since you two are so sincerely
asking us to join in this mission.

But with one condition!

Whatever you do,
don't make me travel by car.

I feel sick at just the thought.

You'll play Kieu Nguyet Nga, okay?

Just for today.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Mom, Dad!

Kim Lien, why don't you wait for me?

Because you walk slowly.

Because of me?

Because the scenery is
as pretty as a picture.

That's why I walk slowly.

Because of me?

No, not you. It's me!
I apologize, my lady.


Beautiful girl.

I will take you home as my wife.

Kim Lien, help me!

Help me!

Help… Oh my God!

I'd rather die
than surrender to you, thug!

That hurts!

Calm down, my lady.

That is a warrior, not a thug.

Such a handsome man!

I give you this as an engagement memoir.

So beautiful!

From a gentleman to a gentleman.

That's a beautiful necklace.

It looks gorgeous on the bride's neck.

Let me see.

It's so pretty.

Look, a bird.

A crab.

A butterfly.

A crane.

I would rather go to jail.

It's so hard.

Now what?



Come on!


Are you sure Jewel will stop the wedding

if she finds out the necklace is fake?

I am!

If someone lies to her,

she will never forgive them.

How do you know that necklace is fake?

Hey, Phong.

Because I saw both
the real one and the fake one.

- Damn it!
- Namo Amitabhaya Buddhaya.

How could he sell
his mother-in-law's assets?

Then buy a fake one
to propose to a new wife.

Honestly, I will not
do this for money anymore.

I will send him to prison.

A damn horrible man!

What did I do wrong to you?

I was talking about Tuan, are you too?

- What are you talking about?
- Then why are you angry?

- Look at your mom!
- Cut it out!

I'm eating…

Sorry, my dear clients,

my family are rarely
in this awkward matter.

Just sometimes, don't mind us.

Please still call us next time!


What is this statue,
that you clean it non-stop?

An important one.

- What kind?
- My idol.

- What are you doing?
- Feed your idol some orange juice.

You are so dirty.


He is choking.

Hello everyone!

I'm staying in Azarai Resort in Can Tho.

A brand new resort.

I have just opened it

to organize our wedding ceremony.

I'm sorry

I cannot invite everyone to join.

Only around 100 guests.

But don't worry!

My wedding ceremony
will be livestreamed from start to finish.

You won't miss anything.

You know what,

I couldn't sleep last night.
I thought a lot.

I thought of how to make my wedding

not only bring happiness
to my husband and me,

but also to everyone.

Therefore, I made a bold decision.

I haven't shared it with anyone,

even my beloved fiancé.

You can admire not only

our beautiful proposal necklace,

but also my precious
and exclusive jewelry collection on stage.

The total value is around
one thousand billion.

Surprise, right?

It's shock, right? You all look the same.

Everybody is shocked.

- You're doing it for real?
- Of course!

I'm Lady Jewel, cheap is unacceptable.

On this occasion,

I want to sell some of my exclusive items.

Then I'll transfer all the profit,

and our gifted money

to the Water Hyacinth Fund
which I've founded

to support poor people,

and people lose their houses
in natural disasters.

What do you think?

Good idea!

Thank you so much!

The streaming crew will be on stage

and will zoom in closely
to each piece of jewelry.

Guests from their house
or at the party will see them clearly.

The more I can sell,

the happier I'll feel.

Since I can give many people
a helping hand.

Many are praising my beauty.

Oh God…

This is the most honest praise I've heard.

Unmeasurable merit.

I'm extremely happy.
I will treasure your love.

How blissfully happy!

I think we are in the pagoda,
not a resort.

You're so cute!

More jewelry means
more security guards on stage.

And the camera crew will also be on stage.

Now we have Ly, the livestream crew.

He's also Tuan's cohort.

How can I do it
if you keep hiding your neck?

We'll stand close to
a thousand-billion worth of jewelry.

This is real business.

We get there first then plan later.

Where there's a will, there's a way.

Hello, everyone.

- Hello, how are you?
- Hello.

I've just released a new album,

a CD for you with my signature.

- A gift for you.
- Thank you so much.

Do you remember my dance in the MV?

- Your dance steps are difficult.
- But everyone can do it.

- Glasses!
- It's so easy, let me remember again.

I give you my CD.

- My glasses?
- Can I borrow it?

- With my signature on it.
- Well…

The dance where the hips wiggle like this.

- This dance.
- Wiggle your hips like this.

I don't want it anymore.

Do you remember the steps?

- Remember?
- Like this.

Wiggle your hips?

More wildly!

Yes, that's it.

- See you later.
- Yes.



Na! Stop playing with the bunny.
Your clothes will get dirty.

We go now, Na.

- Nanny will go with you. Be careful!
- Yes.


They are the support for Ms. Bach Tuyet.

They have practiced really hard.

- They are…
- Phong.

I'm still worried about the wedding hall.

Can we check it again?

Okay. Isn't it pretty?

Flowers, tablecloths, everything is ready.

Phong will stand there and speak.

It will be artist Bach Tuyet's performance
after that.

What time does Bach Tuyet come on?

- Tomorrow morning at ten.
- Okay.

Bach Tuyet will do makeup
and get dressed beforehand.

She will start her performance right away.

Oh God.

The proposal necklace
will be given to Tuan by Luc Van Tien.

Then Tuan will put the necklace
around my neck.

Just imagine…
From a gentleman to a gentleman,

and then he gives it to a beauty.

Oh God!

So out of this world!

That's why I'm worried.

What are you worried about?

The first gentleman is ready,
the beauty is ready too.

Are those actors really good?

Trust me.

I trust you.

Amazing good job!

- My friend…
- Huh?

The security guards,

and the livestream crew,
can we reduce some of them?

For a wedding ceremony,
it's not so romantic…

and ugly.

My God…

- I said the exact same thing to Tuan.
- Right.

But he didn't listen.


since I'm older than him,
coddling him is obvious

for a long-lasting relationship.


It looks so amazing.

- Oh my God!
- Please go outside.

Mommy Jewel!

How did your dress get so dirty?

Nanny is not letting me play with bunny.

Really? That's weird.

Why is Nanny not letting you
play with bunny?

It's not me.

Mr. Tuan was afraid her dress
would get dirty,

he didn't allow her to play.

How about we play with other toys
instead of bunny?

I don't want to.

Hey, good girl, come with me!

Just a second.

Lady Jewel, sign here, please.

What did I tell you?

Don't play with bunny,
your dress will get dirty.

Look! The dress is dirty.

Stay in your room and play with your iPad.

I don't want to.

Are you listening?

Are you?

I will be good…
Please don't lock, and tie me…

Hey. Hold it. It's not the time.

Don't ever say that again!

Don't you ever! Got it?

That bastard,
treating his own daughter like that.

I'll show him a lesson.

Let me go, I need to teach him a lesson.

Receiving half of the money,
you don't want the rest?

Or I'll call a taxi to take you back?


You want me to call the taxi?

Do you think the old plan works?

A whole bunch of guards on stage
and cameras everywhere.

Right where we perform.

How can we steal the necklace?

Lady Jewel is calling.

- Turn on the speaker.
- Speaker?


I've been checking over everything
and I'm still worried.

I'm thinking a lot.

What are you thinking?

I think that we should…

practice together.


Practice what?

The giving necklace scene.


Bach Tuyet isn't here.

Well, let me keep thinking.

How about you fill in
Bach Tuyet's role to practice?

- I can't!
- Can!

You can!

Where will we practice?

In my room at 3:30. Okay?


- Only one hour left!
- You can.

That is more than enough. See you there.

What happened?

Why are you so happy?

- Have you lost your mind?
- The old plan is obsolete.

It's too risky.


it will be much easier
if we steal the necklace from her room.

Brilliant, right? But how do we steal it?

Abracadabra it out?

Sounds like a perfect plan to me.

The point is that the stage
is far away and hard to see.

They'll hardly notice when we do it.

But the room is not spacious,
they will spot us immediately.

Got it?

We practiced the old plan smoothly,
now you want to change it?

Or maybe she doesn't want it easy.

I have a plan.

Can you eat cake
in this stressful situation?

Such a piece of cake.

- Can't you do it?
- I'm sorry.

Damn it!

Hey, you!

What a shame!

Are you alright?

You're careless.

Miss, please.

Who are you?

Are you stealing from my mommy Jewel?


No, my dear, she's not.

She is…

A star bracelet.

I had a similar one before.

But… Dad forced me to throw it away.

You like stars?

I can give this to you. Okay?

Thank you.

Where are you, young miss?

What's your name?

My name's Ngoc…

Ngoc Nga.

Ngoc Nga.

Nice to meet you.

Na, where are you?

This is the map of Lady Jewel's room.

We must succeed!

Why are you here alone?

Where's Nanny?

- Yes?
- Nanny.

I… I apologize.

Why are you so careless?

Never leave her alone.

- Got it.
- My beloved daughter.

I love you!


Where did you get this bracelet?

A gift from Ms. Ngoc Nga.

Ngoc Nga?

- Can you hear it?
- Yes.

Will you be alright?

Spike, club…

They are all props. Please let us in.

Are you done already? Is it necessary?

Just come in.

If they are members of Phong's team,
I totally trust them.

Come in, come in.

- Let me come in too.
- Keng!

- Yes?
- You're not on Phong's team.

Well, then I will stay at the entrance.


Come in, please.

- Everyone has arrived.
- Okay.

- Make yourself at home.
- Wow!


What do you do to get this filthy rich?

I do nothing, I'm naturally rich.

Simply a rich person.

- Let me introduce myself.
- Please.

This is Phat Tan
who will play Luc Van Tien.

This is Phat Tan? Hi, Phat Tan.

- Yes.
- What a sumptuous costume!

This is Hoa Ngoc who will play Kim Lien.

Kim Lien? Wow!

Kim Lien must be tall.

This is Thao Nguyen as a burglar.

Oh…Thao Nguyen… Why do you look familiar?

- Were you in a beauty contest?
- No, I wasn't.

Her beauty is so rare
that no contest can cope.

But she is beautiful in her own way.

Jenny, we'll begin practicing.

Jenny looks so sexy.

You're not only rich but also talk nicely.

Thank you! This is my husband, Mr. Tuan.

Hello, everyone.

Old man, did you drug him?
He still looks so well.

I did, he drank half the glass.
Maybe it needs some time.

Now I'm scared of drinking.

My bridegroom looks so handsome.

- You look so beautiful too.
- Thank you.

- You look very…
- Very what?

Very sickening? What happened to you?

- Are you okay?
- My stomach suddenly feels bad.

Hey! It's slippery, watch out!

Excuse me for a moment.

Where is Keng?

You two go inside and watch carefully.

- Yes.
- Yes.

That's it! It looks so attractive, sexy,

charming, glorious, glamorous.

What a gorgeous necklace!

The necklace is so precious
yet he gave me it as a proposal gift.

He certainly loves me so much.

Tuan's mom gave it to him as a keepsake.

His ex-wife was so bad.

She heartlessly left him
and their daughter.

How could she abandon such a happy family?

While I wished for it in vain.

Come on, let's practice.

Let's practice.

Nguyet Nga puts on the necklace.

I can't!

Can't wait anymore!


What a funny prank!

So funny!

I'm so clever, aren't I?

So funny I wanna die.




- Hey!
- Please, go ahead.

- And be careful!
- Hey!

The scenery is so romantic, my lady.

I'm here,
why don't you wait for me, Kim Lien?

Because you walk slowly.

Because of me?

Because the scenery
is pretty as a picture.

No, it's my fault. I apologize, my lady.



Beautiful girl.

I will take you home to be my wife.

- My lady!
- Kim Lien, help me!

- Ah…
- Sure thing.

Help me, please.

Help me, please.

Stop it!

Good job!

I'd rather die
than surrender to you, thug!

My lady, he's a warrior not a thug.


- Handsome man.
- Handsome indeed.


It's impressive.

I haven't seen this one before.
Have you seen it yet?

From a gentleman to…

The gentleman is here,
where is the bridegroom?


The bridegroom is here.

- We do it again.
- Okay.

From a gentleman to a gentleman.



the groom will slowly walk
to the bride and propose to her.

Put it on.

Why are you so confused
putting the necklace on me?

Stop here, please.

I understand the scenario.

Tomorrow we will do it just like that.


You must be tired already.

Take a rest and thank you so much.

- Then I'll put this back.
- Okay.


Did you vomit?


I probably got food poisoning.

That's weird.

Tuan got a stomach ache.

And now you get food poisoning.

It's not okay,

you have to check the kitchen crew again.


Let's get some rest. Thank you, everyone.

We're done.
Clean up and go back to our room.



You stay here a bit.
I want to ask you something.

Everyone else can go.

Thank you.

You sit there.

I will be back right away.


who are those people?

Come here, quick!

Hurry up!

They are…

There is something
you are hiding from me, right?


Go now!

Hurry up!


Then why did you steal my necklace?


Carry her, Keng.

You were already released?

Why didn't you tell me?

I could have picked you up.

We are so close-knit,

how could you do it to me?

If the wedding goes wrong,

how can I live with all the talks?


That's right.

I've been hiding something.

The proposal necklace Tuan gave you…

is fake.


Why did you trick me
and make me go to jail?

I know…

three years in prison

was difficult for you.

I feel…

I feel guilty too.

Because I couldn't help you.

But I love you so much.

If it's fake,

why do you want to steal it?

I want to unmask Tuan
and stop this wedding.

I don't want you to marry
a bastard husband like Tuan.

You will be miserable.

Thank you for caring about me.


I knew the necklace was fake
long time ago.


What did you say, Khue?

You were the one who cheated me,

now you said I cheated you?

What did I tell you?
That we should do legal business.

We shouldn't do it illegally.

But you still decided to sign
that contract.

I had to sell everything,
but it was still not enough.

I had to hide because of you.

Khue, if not for me,

you have to at least
think about our daughter.

What would you think…

if our daughter found out
her mother used to be a criminal?

How could she go to school
with all of her friends?

You must've forgotten.

It's your stubbornness that made
your mother die from hypertensive crisis.


You want to manipulate me?

Poor Tuan!

His wife left him.

He had to raise the baby by himself,

so he needed money.

Therefore, he had to sell the real one.

But when he proposed to me,

he needed a proposal gift.

There's even a song called
"The Proposal Necklace."


As long as I have a necklace.


The necklace is counterfeit

but his love is genuine.

I know… Tuan truly loves me.


I also need him.

I need a husband.

I'm yearning for a baby.

I love Na immensely.

My dear Jewel…

How can you still marry him
knowing the necklace is fake?

You're so silly!

Why did you trust a liar like him?

What a bunch of bullshit.

The ex-wife couldn't stand the hardship?

He had to raise the daughter by himself?

It's all lies.

He doesn't love you,
he just wants to fool you.

Why are you so stressed?
It makes your back hurt.

You see, you're old,

you can't be stressed all the time.


I don't want to
continue this argument with you.

I will forgive you.

And will not report you
for stealing the necklace.

You tell your friends,

Ms. Khue and the supporting actors.

Stop crashing my wedding.

I will invite them to join the ceremony.

And you, you find me another team.

- Jewel!
- No matter what, the wedding must go on.

What about the necklace?

I have the real one.

There are not that many jewelry dealers.

Luckily, I found and bought the real one.

The name "Ngoc Nga"
is engraved on the back.

The Jewelry Goddess must've helped me.



You two stay and watch them.

I will go back with Tuan.

Now what?

I need the restroom.

Try to hold it.

How can I hold it?

I can't hold it, it will come out.

If you don't let me go,
I'll do it right here.

- Let me go, it's coming.
- Let him go.


He looks weird. Let me take him.

Anyone would look like this.


The fermented fish noodles
from this morning

are making my stomach so heavy.

The color looks as bright as
the yellow of the sesban flower.

Here comes the whole fish head.

Hello? What?

This rig is not good anymore.


Khue has met Lady Jewel.

I'm afraid…

we can't get any money.

What are you planning now?

By tomorrow noon,
before the wedding occurs,

Lady Jewel will bring
all of her jewelry on stage.

We have 15 minutes… to steal all of it.


You're really the best in our team!

Oh my God!

Good job!

We're gonna get rich.

Can you shut your mouth, bastard?

One thousand billion dong!
Don't talk loudly!

We will be rich. Talk softly.

Or get arrested quickly.

Arrest your ass! Shut your foul mouth!

70-30 as usual?

Do first, divide later.

Okay, leave it to Keng.

Keng is so nice.

He bought us ice-creams before he left.


- Hello?
- Tomorrow at noon.

Tuan plans to steal
all the jewelry on stage.

Come pick us up now.

Quo, send Phong the location.

You won't believe me if I tell you. Right?

Talking about it
makes me want to cry suddenly.

Can't believe I did it.

But you did it.

Two guys and they still
couldn't defeat us.

You have defeated them.

Squeezed you like this.
I used my head to crush him like this.


My family may look nonsensical

but we are dangerous.

We are The Brutal Family.

- Do you have a plastic bag?
- What?

- It's coming.
- Oh my God!

He is so useless!

Drop him off, please!

- I feel sick!
- Wait!

It's okay. I swallowed it.

Come in, please.

All of you!

Wipe off your make-up and check in.

They are our new supporting actors.

We are…

Greetings! They are my family.

If we remove our make-up,
it will take time to redo it.

Lady Jewel won't be happy.


What if…

I did something wrong to you,

would you forgive me?

Why you saying this so suddenly?

We are husband and wife.
There will definitely be tough times,

but the important thing is

whether or not you want to
go through them with me.

Of course, I do.
We are family. I love you.


Family forever.

Love forever.


You're doing it…

exactly like my ex-husband.

Before he passed away,

he always did it.

Sometimes I think he was
reincarnated in you.

Then it must be destiny.



"You look so beautiful."

Thank you so much.

"When will the necklace appear?"

Just wait a bit.

When the bride welcome ceremony finishes,

I will change clothes,

and begin the wedding ceremony right away.

Let's wait together.

I'm very much obliged to you!

Thank you for helping me.

Anyone would be willing to help you.

A mother is justified

to get her child back.

Your story… as well as my team,

I want to be a part of it.

Fifteen minutes before beginning,

I will put jewelry in the boxes
and check over them thoroughly myself.

Please be careful!

Try your best!

Now the bridegroom intends to
steal the bride's jewelry.

We'll make sure he gets what he deserves.

I love you.


Ms. Tuyet is here?

Everything is okay? And…

And Khue, how is she?

She is…

She's fine.

We just had a rehearsal.

To be honest, I couldn't sleep last night,

so I keep on thinking and thinking.

Wait a minute!

Every time you "keep on thinking,"
something happens.

So what happens?

I want to replace the performance.

The wedding has started,
is it hard for you if I do that?

What do you think?

Are you sure?

How can I be kidding?

What is wrong with you, Phong?

My back hurts.

I know you're hurt,
but you still need to help me.


The decisive moment has finally come.

In just a few minutes,

the bride and the groom
will be on this stage.

Before the main ceremony takes place,

Lady Jewel wants to give everybody
a special gift.

It's an excerpt from a Cai Luong play
that Lady Jewel loves very much.

Please keep your eyes open

to welcome a special appearance
of the artist, Bach Tuyet.

Oh! Your words hurt
Like a pricking needle, rubbing salt

My husband!

Even Luu

Is not the same Luu as before.

Poor Luu, life puts her
through multiple marriages.

She has to suffer like me.
That's why I changed the performance.

Now Luu

Only deserves
Your scolds and despisement

As for her kids, she had ignored them
And chased another love

As for her husband

Since she had re-married
She couldn't say a word

But, when Luu remarried…

What… Phong.

Phong, what happened? I'm doomed.

Check the circuit-breaker.

- It's fine, just a minor issue.
- Can't lose the power like this.

Following the tornado

With the regret and hatred

Hoping for a clear sky
So she can go back to her peaceful life

But who would have thought…

Living in Con Non

Damn it!

Mom, Dad, help me!


How many years of pity!

Tell you the sorrows in my heart

Tuan! Tuan, my God!

Why do I always lose my husband?


- Mom, Dad!
- I'm here.

Mom, Dad!

Damn it!

It's mine.

It's mine.

Come here!

Ms. Tuyet!

Want to fight? Here.

I thank you so much.

Please give the artist Bach Tuyet and
the new actors a big round of applause.

How dare you hit my father? Ouch!

Ouch! It hurts.

How dare you hit my mom?



Damn it, ouch!

You bitch!

Let's enjoy the meal!

Let him go!

What happened?

What happened?

Oh my God!
Where's the jewelry? Why is it empty?

Where's the groom?

My God! We can't see
the proposal necklace, can we?

Where is the jewelry?

Where is Lady Jewel?
She definitely cheated us.

This woman has cheated everyone
in the country.

Call an ambulance.

Call an ambulance for her.

Besides cheating women,

don't you have
anything better to do, Tuan?

People like you

will lose everything sooner or later.

You really hate me, don't you?

Right there, stab it hard.

Try it!

Can't do it?



You think you're good?

All the property is from your parents.

Dad, help me!

You have a lot
but don't know how to spend it.

- Let me help you then.
- Bastard!

- What did you just say?
- Tuan!


- Stay away!
- Phong, stay back!

Everything is fine.

Stop moving!

I saw you had fainted.

You well know I just pretended.

If I hadn't,

everyone would know
the bride was tricked by the groom.

How can I live with such a scandal?

Oh my God!

I thought you loved me honestly.

When you took care of me,

I was touched.

What you did for me

was very similar to my late husband.

So I ignored the fake necklace.

I let go of all your mistakes.

And I loved your daughter
with all my heart.

Shut up! You're a hypocrite.

How could you love her?
She's not your child!


I used to have a baby.

My husband suddenly passed away

when I was four months pregnant.

Because of labor complications that year,

I cannot be a mother anymore.

I want to have a child.

I want a real family.

But what you did is beyond my tolerance.

I didn't expect you to be like that.
How could you be so evil to me?

You bastard!

- Stay away! All of you!
- Phong!

Phong, you stand there, don't move.

Everything is fine, don't move!

You hit me?

You're only good at hitting women.

You bastard, you fraud!

Only good at fooling Khue and me!

What did you say?

Get out of the way!

I can only take advantage of women.
So what?

I cheated your feelings

and your money too. So what?

It was me that cheated Khue
three years ago.

So what can you do about it?

What did you say about me?

Incompetent, take advantage of women.

But I tricked you all.

That means I'm good, right?

And the likes of you,
always living in a clover.

Have you ever seen how others live?

Who are you to judge me?

You are just the scum of the earth.

I cheated your feelings,

I cheated your money too.

It was me that cheated Khue
three years ago.

So what can you do about it?

Stay away!

Poor Lady Jewel!


Go away!

The bridegroom is a thief.

Look at it!

Damn it! Let's go!

Hi! Peekaboo, our groom.

Do you want to watch it one more time?

I'll show it again.

You want a family?

And you want your kid, don't you?


What are you doing?
I've been waiting for you.


Kidnap Na!


Open the door!

Open the door!

Everyone! There's another exit.

- Why didn't you say anything?
- I've been busy crying.

My God!

Which way? Stop crying!

Let's go!

Keng, why did you anesthetize her?

Where are you taking her?

It's good to have more hostages.


My daughter!

Are you okay?

- Quo.
- Are you okay?

All of you, get in.


Get in!

The car makes me vomit suddenly.

Hold it.

Keep driving like this do we?

Don't we know which direction to go in,

or the destination?

I don't know.
I can't get Quo's location anymore.

The network is weak or something.

Oh my God!

It's your fault.

I told you not to do it
from the very beginning.

We could pay the debt little by little.

If anything happens to her,
I can't live anymore.

You better bring her back to me.

Calm down!

Can we…

ask people around to help us?

The south-western region is huge,

how will we know where to find him?

Anyone have lipstick? May I borrow it?

My God! You can still
do make-up at a time like this?

It's time to save people
without worrying what people say.

I need to take action.

Anyone have lipstick?

- Here.
- Okay.

God! The color is so dark.

I don't know.
When I was on stage with Ms. Tuyet,

she said the color looked natural.

Yeah, natural for a man,
it's not suitable for me.

- Here.
- Thanks, Phong.

What? Phong has lipstick?


A few days ago,

we went on a business trip,
you left it in my car.

Oh, I see.

Hello everyone, I'm here.

I'm livestreaming to talk with you, guys.

Oh my God, it's not the time for it.

My wedding got canceled, I'm so sad.

The plan that nobody expects works out.

I'm Lady Jewel, cheap is unacceptable.

I'm chasing Tuan.

Tuan kidnapped his own daughter, Na.

He also stole all my jewelry that's
worth thousands of billions of dong.


"You want us to find Tuan?"

If you can, I'd be so happy.

Check out his location!

GPS doesn't work.

How can we find him without location?

I have the car's license plate.

Wow, you're a wonderful mom.

Here it is.

She missed her kid
but still got the plate.

51G - 291.70

Thank you, everyone.

I can locate Quo now.

Dung Islet, Soc Trang province.

We found her.

Please watch out for

a red, seven-seat car
driving toward Dung Islet.



Oh my God!

Namo Amitabhaya!



Hurry! We're going to Dung Islet
to catch the groom for Lady Jewel.

You two go this way. You two follow me.

Don't worry,
Bao Bao only reviews delicious places.

Turn it off. We'll go and help Lady Jewel.

My lucky money, please.
Remember to book me next time.

Everyone, everyone.

5,000 traders in Soc Trang market…

I'm riding to rescue Lady Jewel now.

South-western region
please unite and save Lady Jewel.

Fish live in water.
YouTubers live by your love.

Please share this message.

Drive faster.

I have an appointment with Chau Chac.
I must arrive in 30 minutes.

What's wrong?
Why did you get out of the car?

Pull your dress up, please!

- Ouch, my feet!
- Are you okay?

He can't stand being in the car.
We must find another way.

Which way?

There are many vehicles around here.
You don't need to worry.

How can we find a vehicle now?

From now on,

if anyone forced me into the car,
I'll punch them with all my might.

Get in the car.

Okay! Stay there! It's fine.

Oh my good God!

Can anyone rescue me from this?

Lady Jewel!

My comrade!

My comrade, Nam Xa Ban.

I'm here.

- My friend is coming.
- Your friend?

Partner in work, not in bed. Don't worry!

Mr. Nam!

Lady Jewel!

Nam Xa Ban is here.

Not to worry, dear! On the boat!

Heaven and earth.

Feels like I've just come back from death.

Good as hell!

Turn left, Mom, turn left.

Turn left, my baby.

Seeing her steering the boat
really makes me want to bonk her.


Two is enough.

I don't want more siblings.

Keep searching!

What now?

Turn right from here! The route is longer,
but we are still getting there. Let's go!

Hey, it's Tuan's car.

He changed direction? Come on, hurry up.


That's him, follow him!

Hey, stop!
Stop there, you cheating husband!


Hey, stop!

He's speeding up!

Hey, you bastard!

You bastard! Follow him!

Hurry up! They're getting away.

Hey, bastard!

How about, we do it 80-20.

You're leaving me?

Where is the Keng

who always protected me
when the other kids bullied me?

He died already?

Yes, he's dead.

I listened to you
and escaped the orphanage,

and I became like this.


It's life.

No right, no wrong.

Only losers or winners.


If you want, then stop.

Fuck you!


Help me, please! You bastard!

We're nearly there. Only 800 kilometers.

- What?
- Sorry! 800 meters.

It's him.



Tell me! Where did you hide my daughter?

He left me behind and ran this way.

Where is Tuan? Where is Na?
And where is my thousand billion?

Where is Tuan? Where is Na?

And where is my thousand billion?


Why did you put the dress on my face?

Jewel, calm down!

- Quo!
- Quo!

- Quo!
- She's here.

- Quo, are you alright?
- Quo.

Please wake up! Quo!

Quo, wake up!

Wake up!

Please wake up!

Slapping me to wake me up
or to send me off? Want to kill me?


- I thought you died.
- Help her stand up.

Don't! Please call an ambulance, please.

Don't take photos.
The doctor will do the X-ray anyway.

Thank everyone for helping me.

There's still things to do. I have to go.

Please watch over this guy Keng.

I called the police already.
They are coming.

Don't worry, let me watch him.

Please understand.
The social stuff is hard on me.

Hurry it up! Why are you walking so slow?

Hurry up!

The destination Keng said
could be a mudflat around here.

In this area, there are disguised boats
that illegally transport people.

Khue, please be careful! Khue!


Chau Chac.

Go away!

Don't let him on!

He's being chased by cops.

You'll get arrested too if you come here.

Come back here!

Fuck you!

Tuan, stop! There's no place to run!


Why is he running into that ruined house?

It's a dead end, he can't
carry the girl and swim across.


I beg you, please give Na back to me.

Stay away!

- I said stay away.
- Don't.

Na is your daughter, don't you love her?

Are you even human?

Between my daughter and money…

I love money more.

If you love money,
just take the suitcase with all my money.

But give Na back to us.

Don't move,

this house will collapse any moment.

Everyone's evacuated.


I'm scared.

Na! Give her to me.

Please give her to me.

It's so dangerous. Don't let go!

Tuan, give her to me.

Please, don't let go!

Give me back my daughter.

Dad, I'm so scared.





It's alright.

- Quo.
- Are you okay?



Phong, please don't die.

If you die,

who'll go on business trips with me?

Who'll share sad moments with me?

Who'll buy me noodles
when I'm craving food?


Two portion of noodles
with a lot of quail's eggs…



I'm scared.

Khue! Over here.


- Khue!
- Khue!

- Khue!
- Khue!



- Na.
- Na!

- Na.
- Na!

- Na, please wake up.
- Call the ambulance.

- Are you alright, Na?
- Someone call an ambulance!

- Quickly!
- It's okay.

- Na.
- Na.

Don't scare me, Na.



Na, my baby.

Auntie Nga.


This is not Auntie Nga.

Her name is Khue.

She is your real mother.


Mommy's here, Na. Your mother's here.

Na, it's me, it's your mom.


Your Godmother over here.

Please let me raise her with you.

Fuck it!

It's bad luck.

Such a dog's life.

Going through tough times together
can make people easily fall in love.

Honest love can get people
through any trial.

That's really suitable for Lady Jewel.

I have no objection.

Finally, everything is good.

Now we go back home,
I want a good dinner from my wife.

What happened to you, my love?

Oh my God!

No, you don't need to go back home.

Come back to my resort,

the banquet tables are still untouched.
We shouldn't waste them.

One for each of us.

My plan to celebrate a local wedding
is still incomplete.

We have a new bridegroom now,
let's celebrate right away.

Yeah, you can be the new bride.

I have no objection again.

Kiss, kiss, kiss…

Oh my God!

One more time.

- Come on.
- One more.

I like it.

Oh wait, how about the debt
we owed Cuong Meo?

What debt?

We owed the mobster one billion dong.

Never mind, let me handle it.

She's truly Lady Jewel,
cheap is unacceptable.

Do you want to adopt me as your sister?

I'm wealthy but not crazy.