Beyond Tomorrow (1940) - full transcript

Melton, Chadwick and O'Brien, rich but lonely heads of an engineering firm, invite three strangers to dinner on Christmas Eve. Only two show up, James and Jean, they fall in love and become friends with their three benefactors...until the latter are killed in a plane crash and come back to their old home as ghosts. In the coming months, true love encounters some rough spots; can ghostly O'Brien help the young folks?

[ Typing and dictating formulas- ]

[ Typing and dictating formulas- ]

[ Typing and dictating formulas- ]

No George, that's 0.315

Make that 0.315 times 11 minus...

Typing and dictating

Typing and dictating

Put them down anywhere Martin
and run along home. We won’t be
needing you tonight. We're having guests.

Thank you. -My hat, my hat, Joseph.
Oh wait a minute, Martin. Merry Christmas!
-Thank you,

-Thank you sir. -Joseph, Merry Christmas!
-Thank you!
-Where are they?

….Anchored reinforcement…
-Anchored reinforcements my foot, gentlemen.

This is Christmas eve! Fine thing, Come home for the Christmas
spirit and find you two drumming over a lot of blueprints.

Why don’t you live at the office, and be done with it?
These specifications have to be finished.

Meade's yellin' for 'em!
-Let him yell! You girls run along home!

Here Suzy, Merry Christmas!
-The same to you!
- Merry Christmas Suzy!

Merry Christmas, Mr. Chadwick, goodnight!
-Merry Christmas! -Merry Christmas! -Merry Christmas!

And this is for you, you slave driver!

Here you are, Major.
-Oh thank you, Michael!

Christmas. Nothing
but a merchant's holiday!

Oh, what the dickens is this?
-Here. Every time I take a cigarette

it plays me a tune. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Wild Irishman... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh, I say! Michael, does this mean
my pipe's getting too strong, eh?

Well... It's no violet! ha ha ha ha ha...

Well I'll be darned.
Well I suppose this means I'm getting decrepit?

No! I tried to find a black snake whip for you,
but I had to take that instead.

When you're not shaking it over our heads
to make us work, you can hobble around on it
and enjoy your sciatica.

Now come on boys! Do me a favor and clear up
this mess. I'd hate the Van Rypers to know that
I live with a couple of heathens

who worked on Christmas Eve.
-That's right, by Jove, I forgot they were coming.
-Are Van Rypers coming here?

Yes. I was lucky to get them too.
They're fascinating people. They're world-travelled.

They can give you all the latest news about India, Chad.

So, come on. We'd better be getting dressed.

Joseph, see that the living room
gets cleared up. And mix the Tom and Jerries.
-Yes, Mr. O'Brian.

It's a lot of childish nonsense!
-Oh yes, yes.

And liqueurs? Chartres, and Creme de Menthe.

Don't forget Brandy for Major Chadwick.
- Yes, excellency.

Joseph, remember the last Christmas in
St. Petersburg? Just before the war?
-Yes, excellency.

Here, Joseph, Have this present from me.

Thank you very much, your Excellency

The Order of Stanislaus for me?

You were a great friend, to follow me to America, Joseph.

It was no longer my option without you there, Excellency.

Joseph, when I had jewels...

and lands and palaces, I was often weary and discontent.

When everything was taken away except my life

I learned that the way to be
really happy is to serve others.

To be needed. So don't be sorry for me or for what was lost.

Come. The guests will be here and nothing will be ready.

Madam Tanya!
-Here Mr. O'Brian.
-WIll you please fix my tie?

You know, I'm all thumbs when it comes
to tying a proper bow.

And the table... Oh, it's Magnificent! Thank you!

Sure it is magic how you do it.

Yes, It really seemed like Christmas in those days.

What we should have George...

is a troop of grandchildren.

Blowin' horns and beatin' drums
all over the place? Not for me.

Ahh...Well here's a Merry Christmas to you, anyhow.
-Merry Christmas
-Merry Christmas

Good evening, gentlemen!
-Khristos voskres!
-That is for Easter!

Oh Chistmas, oh so it is.
Well, a Merry Christmas to you, then.
You are looking very festive, Madam Tanya.

Thank you Major Chadwick.
-And here is your present.
-Such a big present...

Whatever can it be?

I shall have to sit down.

Well, we thought it would surprise you,
but we didn't think it'd knock you down

George, get a Tom and Jerry for the Countess.

Come now, you must try it on, and see how it looks.

It's beautiful!

But it will keep me no warmer
than your kindness has

all these years.

"Za vashe zdorovie" (Cheers in Russian)
And don't tell me that doesn't mean YOUR HEALTH!

It does. "Vashe zdorovie" and Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas! Many of them!

And don´t you try to duck out and have
a tray in your room. You're sittin' at the table.

I'll be there!

And now I must be looking after things,
the guests are very distinguished,

And as their hostess, I must see that everything is perfect.

A telegram, sir.

What's wrong now?

The Van Rypers, they can't come.

Oh, that's odd at the last moment.

Can't be helped. Illness in the family.

Illness in the family.

You shouldn't have let them know I'd be here.

Don't be ridiculous, George.

You had nothing to do with it.

Didn't I?

Oh I can hear them:

George Veil Melton

Isn't he the fellow that was mixed up
in the Shreve case?

Acquitted? Lack of evidence?

Oh for pity's sake George, don't be so sensitive.

That's all past and forgotten.

Sure it is, and don't flatter yourself
that anybody remembers.

To tell you the truth, I'm relieved that
the Van Rypers are not coming.

He's telling the same jokes he told 20 years ago

And she dyes her hair. I think it's a "shrimp pink" now.

I don't know why I asked them to come at all, at all.

The trouble with us is we're in a rut,

too much work and no play.

We don't take time to see our old friends.

Yes... not so many of our old friends left, Michael.

Well then, we ought to make new ones.

What we ought to do is...

What we ought to do is...

Oh, Come on.
Have a drink.

Confusion to our critics. And to us, a
Merry Christmas!
-Merry Christmas!

Well, there must be some lonely souls out in that crowd.

You're a sentimentalist.

Ha! I have an idea, Chad!

Get out your cards, gentlemen!

What are you up to now?

These are some of the gift wallets that were
left over with 10 dollars in each of them

Put your cards in them gentlemen. We'll throw them out of the window and
maybe they'll bring back somebody to have dinner with us.

What? Strangers? Out of the street?

Oh, there are no strangers on Christmas Eve,

Besides it's better than sitting around and hooting
at each other like three old owls in a barn.

I bet not a one of 'em comes back

I´ll take you up on that.

Dinner at Pierre's for all of us, and the loser pays.

You heard Chad. It´s a bet.

That's alright, I can't lose.

How long do we wait?

Win or lose, we dine at 7:00.

St. Anthony, send us back an honest soul.

With an appetite.

Mine goes first!

It's gone!

Your turn, Chad.

I can't see without me glasses.

Alright, you're next George.

Come on. Come on! Let it go!

Well I doubt if you'll find anybody worth feeding,

But if it gets unbearable, George and I can pop 'round
to the club for a rubber of Bridge.

Don't worry. Nobody'll come back with 'em.

You're a man of very little faith, George.

Come away from the window before you break the charm.

Well... Finder's keepers.
-Any money in it?

Ten Dollar bill. George Veil Melton

...engraved by Tiffany

He'll never miss the money.

Here you are Robin, Merry Christmas!
-Thank you Madam.

You have a heart of gold!
With other people's money!

I tell you, England's territorial expansion
had quite a different significance.

No matter how thin you slice it, a grab is a grab.

Grab! Bah! That's a specious jab.

England carried civilization into the wilderness...

What was Australia before she redeemed it from the aborigines?

She made it a thriving territory. A ranking continent.

For her own special benefit of course.

For the benefit of the whole world!
For the benefit of Australia itself!

The proof is there isn't an acre of the Empire
that it isn't proud to fly the British flag.

And furthermore, let me tell... Oh, will you stop that noise?

Noise is it? What do you two think you're making?

The next thing, you'll be digging trenches in the road.

Yes! but I'm bound to refute his unenlightened bias.

Bias, my foot!

He always takes the other side of the argument to get your goat.

Well... It looks like you pay for the dinner, O'Brian.

Maybe I do...

And then again, maybe I don't.

Oh, Good evening to you!

Good evening, sir.

Somebody here lose a wallet?

Yes! Yes! Come in. Come in. Which one did you...
I mean, my name is O'Brian.

That's the name, alright!
There's ten dollars in it.

Ten dollars it is.

Here you are, sir.


Merry Christmas!
-Wait! Wait!...

Stay and have a bit of cheer with us.

Well I...
-Oh come along, come along...

What is your name, lad?

James Houston, Sir.


That is mighty nice of you...

Oh it's nicer of you

-I mean to bring back... to bring back my wallet

Come along, come along.

Mr. Melton, Mr. Chadwick, this is Mr. Houston.

Good evening.
-Proud to know you Sir.

Mr. Houston brought back my wallet.

And now he's going to have a drink with us.

What'll you have, lad?

Oh, whatever you're having, sir.

I'm having Tom and Jerry myself.

How about you, Chad?

Just a spot.

And you, George?

No thanks, I gotta watch out for my back.

It really feels like Christmas Eve in here.

Mighty nice fire.

Oh, it'll want another log...

Let me do that, sir.

Ain't nothin' like an open fire.

We always have 'em down home.

Ah, you're from the West?

Texas, sir.

I'm from Oklahoma myself...


Well, I declare.

Howdy, neighbor!

It's a small world, isnt it?

Here, sit down!

Thank you, sir.

-Thank you, Michael.
-Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Been up here long?

Since September.

I came up with the rodeo to Madison Square Garden.

Thought I'd stay around and look the town over.

Stayed a little too long, I guess.

Now I'm workin'for a stake to get back to Texas.

Who knew it? Were you going some place?
Dinner perhaps?


No sir. No place in particular. Just walkin' around.

I've never been away from home on Christmas before.

Well, so long as you're not going anywhere,
Why not have dinner with us?

Now, that's right kind of you sir, but I don't...

Well, after all Michael, it's no inducement
for a young fellow to dine with 3 old fogies
like us, you know.

Well, no.

If you put it that way, I...

I can't very well refuse.

Major Chadwick, this young lady says
she found your wallet.

Hmm? Oh yes, of course.

Of course!

Good evening!

Oh, good evening.

Are you Mr. Chadwick?

Oh yes.

I believe it's customary to describe lost articles.

Oh yes, tha's right, of course.

Of course.

Well it's a sort of a wallet...

A square wallet.

With my card inside.

Any money?

Of course...uh...

Oh yes, ten dollars.

Here you are.

Oh yes, thank you.

Thank you very much.

You're very welcome.

Merry Christmas!
-Merry Christmas!

Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Don´t go!

Come over to the fire! It's cold outside!

Get a Tom and Jerry for the young lady, George!

It'll warm you up!

Oh you didn't..
-What is your name?

Jean Lawrence.

My name is James Houston, ma'am!

How do you do, Mr. Houston.

This is Mr. Houston, Miss Lawrence.

Put those two places back,

I believe Mr. O'Brian will have guests
for dinner after all.

Yes, Excellency.

The last time I had a Tom and Jerry
was back home in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire?

Then you're not spending Christmas Eve with your family.

No, I was just going out to the movies.

Why don't you stay and have dinner with us?

Oh, well thank you very much, but I couldn't...

Why not?

Have you had dinner?

No. but I had a late lunch and I---

Dinner is served!

That settles it.

Come along.

We'll not take no for an answer.

Come along.

Now it's all planned.
It's a wee game that we're playing.

I´ll tell you all about it.

You see, there were three of us here,
and we made a bet.

And... One of us lost.

Therefore, Christian men, be sure,
rank or wealth possessing,

ye who would now bless the poor

shall yourselves find blessing

Hey Boy! You can sing!

Hey Hey, Come up!

We want some music up here!

I dream of Jeannie with the light brown hair,

Borne like a vapor on the summer air

I see her tripping where the bright streams play

Happy as the daisies that dance on her way.

Many were the wild notes her merry voice would pour,

Many were the blithe birds

that warbled them o'er

I dream of Jeannie with the light brown hair

Floating like a vapor

on the soft, summer air.

My boy has a grand voice. He's a real singer.

No is nothin' so much

I used to sing a bit down on the range.

Come on, let's all sing!

That's a good idea.

Joseph, Alphonso, and Katherine, come here. We're all going to sing.

Sure, come on. How about Jingle Bells?

Jingle Bells!

Oh...Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way.

Oh! what fun it is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way.
Oh! what fun it is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh.

In Russian: [ Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way. ]

In Russian: [ Oh! what fun it is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh. ]

In German: Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way.

In Italian: Oh! what fun it is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way.

Oh! what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way.

Oh! what fun it is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh.

I can assure you make me feel like I was 22 again.

I like you the way you are.

Don't forget we have a date tomorrow.

Three o'clock at the clinic.

Good night gentlemen,
-Good night!

Good night, Madame Tanya. I had a lovely time.

Bless you child. We all did.

Good night Ma'am.

Good Night Jimmy.

Wait, you are forgetting your overcoat.

Oh I didn't have an over...

Well, that's not my overcoat.

Your overcoat.

You have a good tailor.
-Well, I...

Good night, Ma'am

Ah!... The grand youngsters.

That boy reminded me of David.

I thought you two were going out to the club to play Bridge.

Now Michael, don't gloat.

Luck of the Irish.

I'm turning in.


Goodnight, George.


Tough guy. Gave the lad his pet overcoat.

Well, here we are.

I can hardly believe it's all been real.

Neither can I.

Maybe we're dreaming.

You know? I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see Santa Claus,

reindeers and all,
sliding right down the sky any minute.

Would you?

Hello, feller...

His name's Gallagher.
He's Officer Johnson's horse.

He loves sugar!

Well I declare, that's really something!

I never expected to find a girl in New York
carrying sugar around for a horse.

Hello. Good evening, Miss Lawrence.

Oh. Good evening, Officer Johnson.

This is Mr. Houston.

Hello, officer.

He was just admiring your horse.

Yeah. I raise 'em myself down in Texas.

Oh you do, eh?

Sure has a pretty coat.

What do you feed him? Rolled Oats?

Yeah, he sure is...

You know, I haven't been on a horse for three months.
I used to live on one, practically.

I sure would like to ride 'im...

Well, I'm sorry son, but

if the Sergeant ever caught me letting
anybody ride my horse,
I'd be poundin' a beat in Flatbush.

Sure, I understand.

Well, it's mighty fine seeing him anyway.

He sure is pretty!

Psst! Is it all clear?

All clear!

Hey! The Sergeant's coming.

Good evening, Sergeant


Anything wrong?

Oh, nothing at all.

It's a lovely evening, isn't it?

I mean after the snow, I love the snow, Don't you?
It makes everything seem more like Christmas doesn't it?

I was, oh...

Yeah, well, good evening.

Sergeant... Um...

Would you mind terribly
if I asked you a few questions?


What is it?

Have you ever been in Texas?

I have never been South of the Battery.

Oh, that's too bad. You ought to travel,
you know. It's really quite broadening.

Yes. Well I'm broad enough now.

Sergeant, Do you like children?

00:26:32,782 --> s00:26:34,940
Well I'd better had. I've got six of my own.
00:26:34,940 --> 00:26:37,418
Oh you don't say. You know, I've got twenty.


That is, in the clinic. I work there.

Well, good night, Sergeant. It's nice to meet you.

Wheew! Was that close?

Hello, Texas.

How'd you like the ride?

Oh, I liked it


And as for you, Johnson...

Yes, sir.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you, Sergeant!

Merry Christmas! Ha ha ha

What else do you do, besides feeding sugar to a horse?

Oh, I'm sort of a Kindergarten teacher

I keep the children busy and amused while they convalesce.
You know it helps them get well quicker

Do I have to get sick to join your class?

I don't think. You're much too young for that.

I hate to let you go.

I'll see you tomorrow at three.


Oh Jimmy.

Your coat!

Thanks very much for letting me wear it.
You're sure welcome.

Goodnight, James.

Goodnight, teacher.

Oh... oh here.

So how are your children, Mrs. Brown?

They're just fine, Miss, but
the little one has the measles,
and the big one has the mumps.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

That's a pity isn't it?

Yes it is. You take sugar?

Yes, please.

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Well if it isn't big Chief playing
with the patient fella.

Come on and join the tribe.


Hello and whom might you be?

I'm Tess and I'm 4 and I'm Irish.

Well I'm Michael and I'm 64 and I'm Irish too.

I'm Irish too.

Whose is Irish too?

I am.

And then the Elephant said, through his big long nose...

...I want to be the King!

Oh, they all fell down!

You bet your life they did!

Its a ringer!

A ringer? Ha ha!

Hey Madam Tanya, Where do you think you are going?

Don't I have to pick up the bottles?
Ho ho ho!

The boy'll take them back.

Pick up the bottles...
Ha ha ha ha!

Jean! Come on Jean, you're next!

Here, hold my coat. I'll show you what a bowler I am.

Never mind bragging.

Right, old fellow.

Shoot the works!

Stand CLEAR!

What a champion!


"Be it ever so humble...

there's no place like home"

I've never seen them have such a good time!

I'm grateful to you both.

Ah, you know we're gonna have a
lotta good times together.


Bye, Jimmy.

Goodbye, dear.

You're just like the daughter I always wished for.

Come on, let's get goin'.

Cheerio, lad.

Hhappy landings, sir.

Good Bye, Madam Zanuck.

Das Vadanya, Countess!

And don't be gone too long!
Now, hurry back!

We'll be back, and you take good care of yourselves
and don't go into those Bowling alleys.

Mr. O'Brian,

Can't you gentlemen P L E A S E...

take the train?

Oh, There she goes...

I suppose you'd like to have us take a stage coach...

Now, don't worry. We'll be back before you know it.



I wish they would have taken the train.

Oh, don't you worry. They'll be alright.

Come on, Gallagher.

Tea or coffee?



-Mm Hmm.

Sugar and cream?

Brussel sprouts?

Uh oh. That's bad.

But it's the only one you missed so far.

Everything else, we like alike.

You know? I had a hunch there was something
to keep me here in New York

And you're it!

You have somebody back in Texas?

Oh sure.

You like her?

Oh, I'm crazy about her.

Oh, you must tell me more about her.
What's she like?

Well, she's... pretty...

'bout your colorin'...

Brown eyes.

I suppose she's crazy about you too.

Oh Yeah.

Every night when I come home
she runs clear to the gate to meet me.

What's she gonna say about me?

Oh, I don't know.

She´ll probably say: whinny sound

Oh, you and your old horses.

Yeah How many fellas you got on a string?

Not many.

Just Mr. Chadwick, Mr. Melton, Mr. O'Brian, and you!

As soon as I get a decent job, we can get married.

Jimmy! You just proposed to me.

Huh? I did!

It's alright, isn't it?

Paper, Mister?

Not just now, sonny.

Extra! all about all about it all about all about it

I'm still pretty worried about
those Brussels Sprouts...

Oh Jimmy...

Could you settle for spinach?


Come on, I got to tell somebody.

Our friends should be back.

Let's go.

We had hope...

---until an hour ago.

I knew...
I would never see them again.

I knew.

Gentlemen... If you are here...

What, Excellency?

Keep the tobacco jar filled, Joseph.

And bring the hot toddies as you usually do.

I know you are here.

I cannot see you

or touch you

But I know you've come home...

She didn't see us.

I remember now.

We were flying.

It was a storm.

The mountain top.
We crashed.

Everything went black for a moment...

Then... we were here...

I seem to feel alright...

How are you Chad?


Light as air...

My glasses...


I don't seem to need them.

So this is it.

Sure it's no more than walking from one room into the other.

How's your back?

Oh, ho ho ho! Look at him!

And my feet don't hurt.
And I can see right through you George.

You always could.

And now, do you believe in the immortal spirit of man?

It is just the habit of being here
that brought us back for a while.

For a while.

And then... What?

You are not afraid, Chad
- No...

Only curious as to what comes next.

We'll find that out when the time comes.

Oh... Are we still in partnership?

Looks like we are out of business.

Yes. And good riddance too.

Oh Jim, Don't be ridiculous.
You can't have three best-men.

Who says I can't?
Why can't I have three best-men?


Do you see why I can't have three best-men...

What's the matter Joseph?

You have not heard?


It can't be, Jimmy.

It can't be.

Evenin' ma'am.

Madam Tanya!

They loved you both.

Very much.

They were good to us.

They were our friends.

They brought us together.

We came to tell them.

Oh Jim...


Ah poor kids. They've come to tell us their good news.

Strange seeing it from this side.

There is no pain for us.

Except their grief

Everything seems fading.

Far away.

Except for loving people.

Madam Tanya.

Madam Tanya...

In the library.


What is going on?

Just a couple of bonds.

...enough to get married on.

You shouldn't have done it.

Money is bad for kids.

Don't forget you still owe us a dinner
from the last time you were wrong.

Dear Jimmy and Jean,

Accept this gift for the happy day.

I can see in your eyes it is not far off.

You have our blessing.

Just like them, to do this, for a couple of strangers...

You are not strangers.

You filled a very lonely place in his heart.

But... Won't you need this?

No Jimmy, thank you.

I am well provided for.

Is there anything I can do?

Perhaps Jimmy...

You could come and live here for a while.

So Joseph and I would have someone to look after.

Oh I´d be glad to Ma'am.

Go now. You have a lot to talk over.

I could swear I see them up there.

So could I.

I beg your pardon,
Are you related to the men who lived here?

They were our friends.

Could you give me some idea what they were like?

The report is that they were eccentric old hermits.

That's not true

I should say not. They were swell.

Well I'm on the Daily Press.
My paper wants human interest.

Won't you come along and talk it over?

This is station WRC
National network. New York City.

You just heard your regular reporter
giving you the latest news flash from the WRC tower

Time is fifteen minutes after...
Do you want me?

Here is a story for our next week's personalities
on the news forum.

Now get those kids.

I think we should, Madam Tanya, don't you?


They might give you a chance to sing

And all you need is a chance.

That's right Jimmy.

Opportunities don't come every day.

What about Jean?

It says in the telegram that they want her too.

Oh I couldn't.
I´d be too scared.

Go ahead and see what they say.

Darling, if they let you sing, I know you'll be a hit.

You'll be famous. You´ll be rich. You´ll be able to buy that big ranch with a million horses.

And Madam Tanya can come stay with us.

Then we can all live happily ever after.

I still say he'd be better off back in Texas, on a ranch, where he belongs.

Well, I agree with Michael.

The boy's got talent.

Why shouldn't he do something with his voice?

Sure and why not?

What's wrong with him being a singer?

The world needs music just as much it does buildings and bridges.

Alright. Have it your way.

But I'm not in favor of it.

Uh, My name's James Houston, and I received this telegram from Mr. Barret.

I'll tell him you're here.

Thank you.

Mr. Barret,
Mr. Houston is here.

Mr. Houston, you may go right in

Thank you very much.

Oh I'm...

Aren't you going to pick it up?

I sure hope I didn't do any damage, Miss Terry.

Oh that's alright.

Where have I seen you before?

Oh, probably in the paper.
Um - hummm...

Well? Texas?

Are you going to sing on the air?

I hope so...

Well let me know when you go on...

I'd like to hear you.

My telephone number is on there.

Good luck!

Thank you ma'am!

Where can I phone?

Right here, use this.

Thank you,

Oh Jimmy, really?

Yeah. They are going to put me on the broadcast tonight.

Yeah, I'm going to sing.

Oh Darling, I know you´ll be good.

Would you call Madam Tanya and tell her?

I've got to go practice

I mean, rehearse.

Yeah, I'll come by and pick you up after it's over.

We'll go celebrate.

Bye honey!

I'll be singing to you.

Bye, and Good luck! Darling.


...he is going to sing.


Not him.
I mean Jimmy.

He'll sing tonight at 7:30


I got to tell all the nurses.

Is my wife here?

Not if she's over 9 years old. This is a children's hospital.

Hello Mom...

Mom, I...



What I called you about is a surprise...

Yeah. I want you to tune in on WRC at 7:30 N.Y. time tonight.



Oh no, Mom I don't need 'em.

Oh but mom it's not cold enough for 'em.

But mom, people don't wear 'em in N.Y.


Now, don't forget mom. 7:30 tonight.


Goodbye mom.

Thank you.

Ah, You mind?

No. It is quite alright.

Miss. Terry's apartment...

Who is calling?

No she isn't in right now.

I don't know when she'll be back.

I´ll tell her you called Mr. Houston.


Hello, Miss Terry.

This is Jimmy Houston.

Yeah. I met you at the radio station, You remember?

Well I am calling you like you said
because I'm gonna be on air at 7:30

You are?

Yes. Singing.

Oh you must be swell because Barret's tough.
Sure I'll be listening in.

Thanks for letting me know.

Good bye, Mr. Houston.
00:50:39,200 --> 00:50:40,800
That was pretty good.

Pretty good? It's a hit!

We can go into a fast rehearsal just as soon as
Tommy Marshall returns from Florida.

Oh, poor old Tommy.

He´ll be making his entrances in a wheelchair pretty soon

Don't worry, he's had his face lifted,
besides he still brings them in.

What about some dinner? Oh it's quarter to eight...

quarter to eight?

Wait a minute, there is something I want to hear if I haven't missed it.

So why should we run?

let's get drenched in moonbeams.

The blossoms of romance need showers to start

Don´t shelter your heart. It is raining dreams.

I heard the thunder crash the moment we kissed

And now that we kissed, it is raining dreams.

I saw the lighting flash and light up the skies.

Or was it your eyes? It is raining dreams.

We are caught in a moon shower with no place to run

So why should we run?

let's get drenched in moonbeams. The blossoms of romance

need showers to start.

Don´t shelter your heart.

It's raining dreams.

That was worse than heading off a stampede.

How was I?


Here they come,


Oh yes, Miss Terry.


He's here.

You're doing fine.


Thank you.

Well it's nice of you to say so.

Oh I mean it. Really.

Oh just a minute, my producer,
Phil Hubert wants to talk to you.

Hello Mr. Houston.

Yes, this is Phil Hubert.

Well, you were very good.

Thank you very much.

Why I'd be glad to, sir.

Yes I have the address, I'll be up there directly.


Well, he can't go very far wrong with a voice like that.

Lets see, we can build him up in the radio and then
get Kelly busy with publicity.

And if he looks like you say he does,
I think maybe we've got something.

I think we've... Got something...

Jimmy, darling.

You were marvelous.

Oh thanks honey,

but you don't know the half of it, I'm on my way
to see a fellow about my singing

Yeah, I just came by to tell you
I can't stay. Gotta go right away

Goodbye. I'll phone you later.


I´ll be waiting.

Well hello.
- Good evening Ma'am.

This is Mr. Hubert, Mr. Houston-

Proud to meet you sir.
- Hello.

Congratulations, you stopped the show!

Oh no ma'am, I reckon it was fixin' to stop anyway. I came on at the end.

Well, How did you like the applause?

Fine sir. I figured that half was good manners
and the rest was on the station payroll

It's a crime to spoil modesty like that.
Boy, you are a natural.

Miss. Terry and I are going over the book of our new show.

Our old leading man is beginning to creak a little.
We thought perhaps you may fit in with our plans.

Well I declare... You...

You mean on the stage, sir?


Oh no I don't think that I...

Oh come on... have a drink.

Have something to eat. Let's get better acquainted.

I feel lucky tonight!

To success.


I'm sorry Dr. Brown is on day duty.

Sweet Louise Young Lady...

Joseph, I'm a success.
I am going to sing in a show. Lovely music...

Yes sir. You'd better go to bed. It's after three.

I'm alright Joseph. I'm alright.

Good night Joseph.
- Good night!

Oh well why not? Who wouldn't celebrate?

He's getting his chance.

Yeah, chance to get mixed up with a lot of cheap people,

turn his head and make a fool of him.

He'll drink too much and he'll laugh too much
and he'll lose his way.

There are two sides to it George.

The way I see it, he'll give people a lot of pleasure.

Ah, he's a good lad...

...and he's in love with a fine girl. She'll keep him steady.

To be born innocent is natural,

but to die pure of heart,

...that's a gift.

Well stick to your faith, Michael.

You may need it before you're through

Ah you're always looking at the black side of things.

George Melton

George Melton

George, no matter what you did. If you're sorry for it,
no power of darkness can touch you

I you'll only say you're sorry, George.

What I did needed doing.

I have no remorse...

I never did have..

I´d be a hypocrite, to say I am sorry now...

Come in...

I haven't been in so very many nice things in my life.

My parents were divorced. I was on the stage when I was fourteen.

Then a bad marriage.

A tough struggle

Success and applause isn't everything Jimmy

Sit down Jimmy.

Sometimes I get homesick too for someone of my own.

Someone who really loves me,

The way a woman wants to be loved.

Oh she is a smooth one.

Smooth as silk, that one is.

Every move...

Every word is figured...

I want some one who really loves me
the way a woman wants to be loved...

And him, taking it hook, line, and sinker.

Oh, I've made an awful mess of this.

You´ve got to help me Chad.
You've got to help me bring the boy back.


I heard something...

Sure you heard something. I've been talkin' to ya right now.

It's the old bugle call...

The last post...

It's for me Michael...

Dad! dad.





This is my boy Michael.

My boy David.

I thought I'd never see you again.

We all think that. I've come for you dad.

Where now? What's it like?

What do you want it to be like?

I remember the old army post in Simla.

Without the rains of course...

Ah we were happy there. Great country.

Splendid regiment!

Good horses.

Good sports.

Keen men...

Then that's it. Every man gets his dream.

Let's go.
Mother's waiting.

My Lyn...

Good luck Michael.

Good bye Allen!

Not Good bye, old fellow.

We'll be seeing you.

Won't we David?
- That's right dad!

Good luck Michael!

Good luck!

Ah... Don't cry Jeanie.

Don't cry darling. That does no good.

Get your Irish up!

You're prettier than she is. And sweeter too.

And younger...

Are you going to sit back and let her win over?

Not if you are the girl I think you are.

Sure if he is worth loving at all
he is worth fighting for.

Now, go to him...

...and when he sees you, his heart will remember...

Put on your pretty things and go to him.

Go now, Jeanie girl.

And good luck!

Good luck!

Sometimes I get homesick for the prairie

The stars, the quiet...

The sound of a dog barking way off in the distance.

Say, Do you like horses?

My father used to practically live at the tracks

I went with him a lot.

Before I was ten I knew every racehorse in the country by its first name.

No fooling...


You know? You are a pretty wonderful girl.

Am I?

I am just a hick but...

I don't know why you've been so nice to me?

I think a lot of you.

You know that, don't you?

Don't answer!


My ex husband, drunk as usual.


Let me in.

No. You better go out the back way.

I can't sneak out...

We don't want a row, unpleasant things
have a way in getting into the papers

Think of the show...

But I can't leave you here with him.


You, you're sure you'll be alright?

Oh Jim...

Let's go away for a few days to the country

I need a rest and you do too. Before we start rehearsal.

Well... What about Mr. Hubert?

Oh I'll talk to him and make all the arrangements.
you go home and pack a bag

And I'll telephone you when I'm ready to leave.

Open the door!

I thought so.

You're Houston. Aren't you?

That's right.

Well you don't look like you've been sneaking out of back doors very long

She doesn't want to see you.

Get going!


You'll find out.

Hello Jimmy.

Hello Jeanie.

I was worried about you.

I just wanted to make sure you're alright.

Oh. I'm fine.

Been awful busy...

I wanted to talk to you but it seems

like I haven't had a minute.

You're looking mighty fine Jeanie.

You're looking well too.

I'm sorry about not seeing you Jeanie.

I understand.

Oh Jimmy, I'm so glad about your success.

It's just what I wanted for you.


Everything happened so suddenly, Jeanie

Maybe later on, when things quiet down, and I sorta get my breath again...

I guess I better go now.

Good bye Jim.

Good luck!


If things ever go wrong for you, or people don't treat you right, or you get sick or something,

Don't forget we're friends. Let me know if you need me, won't you?

You fool. Go after her. Don't let her get away Jimmy.


Oh hello!

I talked to Hubert.

Everything is all set. We can stay until Tuesday,
isn't that wonderful?

That gives us three days...
01:10:13,568 --> 01:10:15,933
I´ll pick you up in about twenty minutes, Will you be ready?

You bet I will


If there is anything important you can reach me
at the Pinewood Inn, but I mean important.

If you don't stop annoying me I´ll have you put away where you belong

Arlene, I've been trying to see you
to tell you I have a chance of a comeback.

Milton´s got a show

He is...

He is going to give me the lead if I can get on my feet again


Well, I can't do it alone.

Milton is going to give you a lead?
- Yes.

What are you trying to do? Get me? Look at you!

I knew you wouldn't care.

I know there is someone else now.

There's always been someone else...

But no one loves you the way I do.


-Alright, take your hands off me.

But Arlene... Please!

Madam Tanya. Im worried about Jimmy.

It's not right for him to go away with that Terry woman.
No good will come of it.

Nothing but trouble...

Do everything you can to stop him.

There she is now.

I'm Arlene Terry. Is Mr. Houston ready?

I shall see.

So long Madam Tanya

Jimmy, please don't go.

What is the matter. You look worried.

I am. That girl..

Those stories in the paper

That's nothing but publicity. It don't mean anything.

Jimmy. A man can't spoil his life over a woman.

I know our friends wouldn't like you to go away with that girl.

Hum... She is fine. She...

She gave me a part in her show.

And we both want to get away to the country
for a few days before rehearsals again

Jimmy, Mr. Melton lost everything: Home, family, reputation,

Over such a woman...

Oh now you are making it sound more serious that it really is.

Don't you worry. I'll be alright.

I´ll be back by Tuesday.

Good bye.

What was that?

Just the luggage.

What's the matter? You seem nervous.

I do?

Say, Do you believe in hunches?

Sometimes. Why?

I got a funny feeling we're going on the wrong direction.

On the trail when I feel like that I usually turn back.

Oh I can see you were cut out for the stage Jimmy,
superstitions and everything.

They havesuperstitions on the stage too?

Heavens, yes. Hundreds of them!

Madam Tanya is the one that has hunches
and she's not usually wrong.

Is she the disagreeable old lady that answered the door?

Oh she's not disagreeable, she's just been through alot

You know? I don't think I should have run off and left her the way I did.

Oh nonsense, Jimmy.

You shouldn't be living in that musty old house with a couple of musty old servants

You should have an apartment of your own where you can do as you please

I'll find you one.

Is that wind too much for you?

Snuggle down.

Oh you're so nice Jim.

Maybe you wont think that, after you know me better.

Why not?

Oh I've got a lot of old fashioned backwoods ideas.

Oh we'll soon get rid of those.

We'll have a lovely time in Pinewood

We´ll walk and ride horseback and roast chestnuts by the fire

no crowds, no autograph hounds

There aren't many people this time a year.

I´ll have you all to myself.

How far to Pinewood Inn?

About five miles.

Where can I get a drink?

Right around the corner.

Fill it up!

I'll be right back.


Feeling any better?

A little.

I don't know what's wrong with me tonight

I'm feelin' sort of strange

Oh come on, cheer up. We're on a holiday!

Dinner is ready to serve Miss Terry.


Food is what you need and plenty of it.


Michael O'Brian

I'm here.

It's time Michael.

Right now?



I can't go now.

We'll call only once.

But I can't leave Jimmy.

He needs me.

There's trouble coming,

I got him into this.

I must get him out.

It means you'll linger in the shadows of earth...

For all time.

I can't go now.

I can't.


It gives me great pleasure to announce,
ladies and gentlemen,

That we have with us this evening

Two very distinguished Broadway personalities:

Miss Arlene Terry and Mr. James Houston.

Get up and take a bow

Go on! It´ll be good for the show.

If we try hard enough, we may get Mr. Houston to give us a song.

Jimmy, Jimmy!

Get a doctor, an ambulance. Quick!


Missed the heart... Let's try and suture

one chance in a thousand.

Take his blood pressure, nurse.


Mr. O'Brian.

Oh Jimmy Why didn't you listen? I tried to warn you.



She shouldn't cry like that for me.

She loves you Jimmy

What ever happened to me anyway?

You were too young and thoughtless...

Success came too suddenly.

And that woman...


She is gone?

She had no soul at all to go on with


I'm sorry.

If I could only tell her.

We make mistakes sometimes that can never be remedied.

It's myself I am blaming Jimmy.

Not you.


Michael O'Brian

You've come back

Your mother would give us no peace.

Until we came back for you.

If it isn't asking too much could you be doing me a favor before we go?

Could you give the boy another chance?

He's a good lad.

And he's learned his lesson.

Give him a chance to live...

So be it!

Let him go back.

Come along O´Brian

You're the stubbornest soul we've ever loved



George, I am glad to see you!

What happened? How did you get here?

I've come a long way out of darkness.

Darkness is a terrible thing Michael.

I thought of you and Chad...

Your faith and loyalty and friendship

And then

the bitterness began melting out of my heart.

I saw a light.

And I followed it, and it brought me here.

Sometimes we have to go to the darkness alone

before we can see the light.

There is more rejoicing in heaven

over one sinner that repents

(Luke 15:7)

M i c h a e l !

- It's my mother.