Between Us (2016) - full transcript

Thirlby and Feldman play a couple confronted by the fear that settling down and getting married means their carefree days as city-dwelling young adults coming to an abrupt and depressing end. Both are tempted by the allure of another life before ultimately realizing why they fell in love in the first place.

- You always say we used to be
more like this and that

or do this and that,
especially about sex.

You focus so much on it.
- No.

You were so horny
in the beginning.

I never had so much sex
in my life.

Honestly, I was just
constantly tired

and, yet, I always wanted
to be with you again.

So we would go to bed
at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning

and then get up at 7:00,
like it never happened.

- How did I look
when you first saw me?

- Like a banana,
with a flower on top.

- What did you think of me?

- I thought I was already
in love with you

before I ever met you,
before I ever saw you.

- Did you think you would
end up with me?

- Yeah, actually. I felt like
we were meant to be.

It could all just happen
really naturally

and I felt like
we knew each other already.

- I also felt that.

I just saw you and puff,
in that moment

I didn't care about my
boyfriend or any other guy...

- no. No.

It was like a... like some
kind of power

was pulling us together, right?

I don't think we could've done
anything to resist it.

- It was like a cosmic power.

- Yeah, or like
an energetic field.

It was like time travel or just..
- Yeah.

Or like the explosion of a star.

- Yeah. Plasma.

And just sparks surrounding us

and we're glowing
and we're becoming light and..

- And then we fuse together.

- All this energy
and all that's us

and the future and the past
and the present

or the not-present, just..

- It felt so good.

- Yeah. I loved that feeling.

- Do you still
see the sparks in me?

- Do you?

- Well, what do you think?

- I love it. You?

- I, I li.. It's great.
I like it.

- You don't like it?

- No, I like it.
I do. I really do.

- You do?
- I do. I love it. It's great.

I'm gonna..

- You can use one of these
rooms for your writing space

get all inspired.

- I think we should do it.

- Have you seen the playground?
It's so cute. Come.

- I guess my only question is

do we wanna live all the way
out here or stay east?

- This is a much better area,
you know?

Yeah, you got everything
you could possibly want here.

There's a supermarket down
two blocks away.

There's a Starbucks
around the corner.

- Yeah. No...
- There's two Starbucks.

- Dianne..
- You can each go to one.

- I'm just saying,
this is a little

far from work for you,
and downtown.

- It's not that far. The 10 and
the 405 are right here.

- Yeah, I know. I get that.

But I'm just saying, we should
think about this a little bit.

This is a major life change.

The... the apartment's

- Stop being negative.
- I'm not being negative.

- Well, you decide.

- We just wanted to give you
an option in case you...

- no, thank you. It's great.
The apartment's great.

We just need to take a minute
to talk about it.

- I just don't want someone
else to take it, you know?

- Well, do you wanna buy it
right now?

I just, I, I never saw myself
living in one of these

like, stark, minimalist, boring
modern apartments.

- You don't have to be afraid
of not looking bohemian.

- No, it's not about looking

it's about philosophy,
it's about..

I don't wanna buy an apartment
because we think

that it's, it's the right time

or because we're afraid of not
being a serious couple.

- Well, do you really
wanna live like this

for the rest of your life?

- No. No. This is not..

No, no. This goes away.

- It's prickly.

Oh, what?
- Nothing.

- Wha.. I didn't say no.

- No, but you didn't..
You're not excited.

- What do you want me to do,


Oh, come on.

I'm sorry. Let's kiss.

- Hey. Hey. Come on.

The moment's passed.

Watch your show.

- Okay.

- What?

It's not that bad.

- Oh, come on, it totally is.

The kitchen is falling apart.

It's just not nice.
- Guys, last time.

- Okay, the kitchen is true

but he usually fixes
whatever we tell him to.

- But it's such bullshit.

You know, your house always has
that weird, that, like

it's got a, like a stink to it.

There's a million
stray cats around

a hoarder neighbor.. Thank you

a hoarder neighbor who dumps his
piss on the lawn.

- You know what,
that's not true.

It doesn't stink.
- What dealers?

- Guys, hey!

- Hey, dad, last time
I was over there

someone had left
a shit right at the..

I'm sorry, mom, there's no other
way to say it.

At the front door.

- That was two years ago,
what she's saying.

- It happened like,
one time, ever.

- One too many, right,
for a human shit?

- Guys, I'm just saying,
you don't wanna be with a baby

and be around all of this cat
and dog and human shit.

- What baby?
The one we don't have?

- Look, we're not saying
we don't wanna buy something.

We... we're just thinking maybe

we should stay where we are
a little bit longer

until we're more ready.

- What's the down payment
for a place like that?

A hundred? Two hundred?

- Maybe.
- Two and a half?

And even if it's three, and I
guarantee you, it's not three

but if it's three,
I'll front the money

and you can arrange it
all yourself

- no.
- Just look at another place.

I'll come with you.
I'll-I'll look at it too.

- Listen, if this is about not
taking George's money

which I totally get,
that's fine.

Uh, it's a super-easy time
to get a loan right now.

- Oh, honey, come on.

They're like the typical
unmarried couple.

They're like, "hey,
it's awesome. I'm free!"

The thing is is you guys
are already married.

Come on, you don't need us to
tell you this. No, I know..

But all, all we're trying
to say...

- Henry. You're married.

- Every time I see them I walk
away feeling like a fuck-up.

It's like they want us
to be these

these little fucking puppets,
you know?

- Kids! Kids! Kids!
- Kids! Kids! Kids!

- Kids! Kids! Kids!
- Everything worth..

Do everything exactly like us.
Be us.

- You have to have money
and be boring.

But kids, kids, kids!
- It's not about us being happy.

Or... or making it or whatever.

I... it's about us living the
way they want us to live.

Do you think I should be
providing for you more

you know, like, be more manly

have a bunch of money
in my bank account

take you on expensive trips?

Because I... I would.
I... I.. That's.. You know.

- I think we're normal.
I don't think so.


I mean, fuck them.
- Fuck them.

- We're doing great.

- I think we should just buy
the fuckin' apartment.

I mean, I don't care
if it makes us

wannabe middle class drones
or fuckin' whatever.

Who.. Nobody..
Who fucking cares?

- Yeah, I mean,
at the end of the day

it's just a fucking thing,
you know?

It's a fucking object.

- Yeah, no, but it's a..
It's more than that.

It's.. It marries us.
It basically marries us.

For me, that kind of a thing

is more of a marriage
than a fuckin' piece of paper.

I mean, what happens, you...
You... you buy an apartment

and then, and then what?

And then you're like,
"let's have a kid."

"Let's have two kids," and then
you fuckin' blah blah blah

and it's like..

Anyway, let's just buy
the fuckin' thing.

- I mean, should we just
get married

and get the fucking thing
out of the way?

It's not that big of a deal.

It's not important.

- Fuck it.

- Fuck it?

I mean, fuck it!

I feel if we don't,
then we're just stuck.

Afraid of everything.

Fuck it. Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Fuck it.

Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife!
- Husband and wife!

- Husband and wife-e-e!
- Wif-e-e-e!

- Husband and wife!
- Husband and wife!

- Husband and wife!
- Husband and wife!

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- I want a car.
- Husband and wife.

- And to eat in restaurants.
- Husband and wife.

- And a guitar.
- Husband and wife.

Husband and wife.
And a Jaguar.

- And a Jaguar!
- A nice, really nice car.

And lots of little kids.

Maybe even twins.

Oh, my god.

Husband and wife!
Husband and wife!

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Husband and wife.
- Husband and wife.

- Aah!


- Oh, god, it's hot.

- Are we getting married?

- Wow.

- We have 200 VIP's confirmed.

And over five hundred yeses
on social media

so we're in a pretty good spot.

- Hmm.

- So, what... what do ya think?

- I think it's big.

- Does it feel like
the right spot or...

- I think you'd have to tell me
what you wanna do here.

- Uh, Dianne will..

Can you explain?
- Yeah. Yes.

Um, so, the overall idea
is to give a taste here

of the endless possibilities
of your platform.

So, through what we call
an immersive experience

they, our guests,
will be able to experience

um, a... a motorcycle trip

through the back roads
of Morocco.

Or, the cockpit of an f-16

while it's flying
through the air.

Or the depths of the ocean
in a deep sea explorer.

Basically, living any life they
can live through your platform.

So, projections on each wall,
ceiling and floor. Right?

An immersive experience.

People will be standing here

kind of like, uh, 1984 style,
but cool.

And in the end, it becomes
this whole amazing collage

of real things
and virtual things

and art and objects and taste,
all in one experience.

And then, when it's all over,
after the sensory overload

it'll be pitch-black

everyone will be standing
here like

"what's going on?
What's going on?"

And then, floating in the center
of the room

- Hm. That's it?

- That's it.

- I think it's good.

I like it.
- Okay.

- I like it.

- You wanna be beautiful
but respected as a woman.

And then you... you
wanna be sexy and skinny

but smart and desired and
rich, and eventually a mother

and it's..

Maybe you just want too much.

I don't think it's a terrible
sin to wanna just

stare at the ceiling
and think for a day.

I don't... I don't wanna
live my life

stressing about achievements.

That's why I wasn't a lawyer
or an accountant.

I'm just.. I'm happy
with the life that I have.

Although sometimes when we
go into a restaurant

I, I feel like people think
that I work for you.

And that you're too good for me.

- It's just one of those films

that every single time you see
it, it gets better and better

and you get a little bit more
out of it.

I mean, first time for them

but, uh, it's just
such an edgy, nice way

to close our series
on love and memory.

So, thank you very much for coming all
the way out here. No, thank you for...

- Uh, let's hear it for Henry.
- Thank you.

- Um, alright

I wanna open it up now
for questions from the audience.

Uh, we have a few minutes,
so shoot.

Sure you guys are brimming
with curiosity

so, uh, let's get it out there.

I me.. I, I love it.

I mean, it's so raw and honest

to the relationships
and couples.

It... it almost makes you cringe

at how much you can
see yourself in it.

I have to confess, when I first
saw it a couple, uh, years ago

I was with my girlfriend

and we were so uncomfortable
watching it.

I mean, she was elbowing me
the entire time.

It's... it's those
little moments

that we have all been through,
you know?

- Yeah. Yeah.
- Um, yeah.

Um, so, are you, are you working
on anything new?

Any new projects?
- Uh, actually, yeah.

I'm, uh, I'm writing,
or trying to write

something new right now.

- Awesome. Is it about

- Well, it's, um, sort of a
metaphysical examination of sci..

Of, uh, time travel.

- Time travel?
- Yes, it's a Sci-Fi movie.

- Sci-Fi? Wow.
- Yeah. Yeah.

- Well we can, uh, definitely
get into that.

Um, if you have questions
about his film, about sci..

Oh, we can talk about Sci-Fi
in general.

It doesn't really matter.

- Or, we don't have to talk
about anything

- actually, I do
have a question.

- Yes. Yes, you,
right there in the blue.

What is your question?
- Why the music choice?

- Uh, what do you mean?

- The movie is so focused,
it's almost claustrophobic

and I just, I feel
that good music would add

rather than take away from that.

Your choice of having no
real music, it's just

it's a bit redundant for me.

- Well, um, I, I don't know.

I, I don't think
it was necessarily a statement

against sound tracking

or scoring
or anything like that.

I just didn't feel like music
would elevate the narrative.

And besides mu... music is..

It's expensive. It costs money.

- Well, I... I feel that
that's what

separates the amateurish
from the..

And don't take this
the wrong way

but from the truly-committed
artist, is to not think small.

Small little music, small little
casts, small locations

and especially in a city like la

where you can find
so many cool bands

who'd be willing to give or even
compose songs for your film.

- I, uh, I, I hear you.

I, I understand
what you're saying.

I just.. I don't know
that I, I agree.

Um, I just.. I don't know.

I don't think it's that
I'm being small-minded.

I, I..

Well, I don't wanna sound like
I'm being defensive or anything.

- Don't get me wrong.
I love your movie.

Um, I just..

I mean, um..

No, no, no, never mind,
I'm sorry.

- No problems. There's no such
thing as a bad question.

That was wonderful.
Thank you so much.

Thank you so much, everyone,
for coming.

Let's hear it for Henry, okay?

- Thank you, everybody.
- Awesome.

- Thank you, guys.
- Thank you so much.

- Yeah, I'll let you know when,
when the next one happens.

Thanks for coming.

- Hey, I'm sorry.
I really love your movie.

I just.. I'm in music and I just
get far too passionate.

- Oh, no, no, don't worry
about it. It's fine.

- I love it when the guy
tries to trick her

into fucking her in the ass,
it's hilarious.

And the scene where he's like
bouncing in the room

and he grabs the cushion,
humping it, saying her name.

I laughed so hard at that part.

- I could, uh, I could send you
some of my shorts or...

- I've seen 'em.
- Where?

- On your website.
- Oh, really?

- Also, the way you shot it,
was so meta.

I mean, that was a little

- Yeah. That, it takes people
out of it sometimes.

- Oh, no, definitely,
I mean, in the beginning

I was like, "what the hell?"
But then, you know

I really thought it was genius

- yeah.
- No, no, no, I'm serious.

I mean, I'm not shitting you.
I wouldn't do that.

- Well, thank you. That, uh,
that's very kind.

What, um, what would you've..

What music would you have used?

- Oh, man, I mean there's,
there's so many cool choices.

I could show you some stuff.
I could.

- Yeah? That'd be great.

Do... do you wanna
hear the music? I...

- right now? Yeah, sure,
I'd love to.

We're called oddity, but
if... if you buy it on iTunes

it's o-d..

- O-d-t. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I get it.

So you guys have like,
albums and stuff.

- You thought it was
a garage band.

- No, no, I just, you know, like

you have a, you have a manager
and like a label?

- I mean, we're not Madonna,
but you know.



- This is you?

I like it.
- Wait, check this one.

Here, get closer to the speaker.

- I like it. I like it.
It's.. I like trip hop.

- It's not trip hop.

- Well, whatever you call it.

- You base your whole life
on the idea

that things will work out
in the end. I can't do that.

My father is a chemist,
my mother is a teacher.

They never talked about god,
they never told me to hope.

I just had to do well
in school and make my money.

I do wanna be different,
but I also wanna know

that when I'm old I won't be
starving in the streets.

I admire people that do
artistic things like you, I do.

But I could never
live like that.

- Oh! Oh, great. Ow-ow-ow!


Okay, okay, alright.
No, no, no, no, no. Off. Off.

What is that?

- Uh, this girl who came
to the screening

invited me to a party to hear
her band play.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Guess she's a fan.
- Well, isn't that cute?

- What?

- Nothing.

- What?

- Nothing.

- Well, I can't help
that I'm hugely famous.

Goodnight to you, sir.

- Let's see that.

Let's see that again.
- No. No!

- Now come on, let me just
look at it.

- It's not there anymore.
It's just blue.

It's just a dark blue mark.

- I don't know, it looked
pretty numerical to me.

- That's..
It's not gonna come off

'cause I had it tattooed
this afternoon.

I had a guy go in
and tattoo over it.

So it's there forever.

- Pretty impressive.
- You wanna call her?

- You ever had a girl's number
scrawled across your arm before?

- Veronica?

I'm just, just kidding.
It's, it's Henry from, uh..

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
How's it going?

Great, great. Yeah, me too.

Um, uh, listen I was just
calling, uh

because, I don't know..

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Bailing..

- Oh, look at that ring.
That is so fucking ugly.

Who buys this shit?

That one's not that bad,
the more classic-looking one.

But fairly ugly in general.

- Do you wanna... wanna
keep going?

- Oh, look at that diamond.

Hmm? Hmm?
Hmm, hmm. Hmm? Ding.

- Let's, let's go.
- Shall we go ask?

- About what?

- Let's just see.

- I'm sure it's like
a million doll..

- Fifteen thousand.
- No, it's not that expensive.

- No, it's cheap.

- What do you think?

- It's good.

- So do you finance
this type of thing?

- You pay 30%, and we can do
12, 18, or 24.

- Hmm.

What do you think?

- Do you... do you want it?

- How much is the 30%?

- Three and a half.
- Forty-five.

- Forty-five.
- Five.. It's $5000.

- Hmm.

Do you like it?

- How many times
are you gonna ask me?

It's good, I said it's good.

- Okay.

Well, thank you.
We know where to find it.

Right, my love?
- Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Goodbye.

- I was just checking it out.
I like diamonds.

And I like rings too.
No pressure.

- It's just you say that stuff
all the time.

It's... it's annoying.

It's like, do you really want
a big diamond ring?


- Well I... I don't need it.

I don't require it.

But I thought
that was a really pretty ring

I, it's.. We're not that
kind of couple, you know?

We're not the, like,

in smoke letters in the sky
and like, getting down on a knee

and all that bullshit.
It's just, it feels lame.

It's so, like, conformist.

- Well, you don't have to get
down on one knee.

You can just hand it to me
in the plastic bag, just like..

- I just..

It drives me fucking crazy
that I feel like I'm always

reaching for some material goal
that's so far out of my reach

just because we feel the need
to be this

this evolving,
escalating couple.

- Hey, I'm kidding. Okay?

Really, I am. I don't
give a shit about the ring.

I don't.

But don't make me feel bad
for liking something

just 'cause you can't afford it.

That's stupid.

- Why do you say that?

That I can't afford it, like
that's my goal, that's my thing.

- What... whatever.
You, us is what I meant.

I'm kidding. Really.
I don't want the ring.

If I did, I wouldn't have
a problem buying it for myself.

I just like trying stuff on.

- Oh, yeah. Okay.

- I promise.
I don't want anything.

I, I hate materialism.
I love communism. And Marx.

It will work. I told you.

It'll be fine.
- Good.

- You guys are killing me. I'm gonna
have to give you some math lessons.

- Right.

- That's great.
- Yes.

- Alright.
- Yes.

Are you leaving?
- Yeah.

- Uh, I was wondering if you

wanted to come with me to check
the projectors, actually

just to make sure that we're

because we don't have a lot
of time for back-and-for this

so we should nail it down
as soon as we can.

But if you can't..

- No. No, no, no, absolutely,

- I... it's... it's all the way in long beach though.
- I can.

It's really.. I have a car.
It's... it's not a problem.

- I'm sorry. Am I messing
with your entire day now?

- No, 100%, you're not.

- It's just for efficiency.

- Yes, let's go.
- Okay.

- Alright.
- Okay, let's do it.

It's good that
we're doing this today.

- Like those pants.
- Oh.

- Great pants.

I love long beach.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Uh, can't say I've spent
a lot of time..

- Whoo!

- Hey.

- This guy is insane.

- Again.
- He's insane.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Whoo!
- Yeah!

- It's like a nightmare.

But like, but like, cool.

- The whole night was so Roman.

Everything was in excess

the food, the alcohol,
the drugs.

Everyone was like, making out
and hooking up.

- Uh, you're... you're like,
participating in the or... orgy?

- No. No, not last night.

- I just, I didn't know that
people still had orgies.

It feels so like, '70s.

- Yeah, they're kinda like
the new thing.

- And nobody, nobody, nobody
cares about like, aids

or gonorrhea or anything
like that?

- How long have you been
with your wife?

- My girlfriend? Uh..

I don't know, six ye...
- why do you underplay that?

- I don't.

- I bet you'll make
a great husband.

- Why?

- You seem mature and loyal

like a good guy. Serious.

But you're the kind of guy
who probably

always carries a condom with him

and if you cheat,
you will tell your wife

that you are very,
very, very sorry.

- You make me feel
like I'm a 50 year old.

- Well.

- I've done my share of crazy
shit, you know.


- Come to the next one.

We'll probably get
in an orgy together

- I don't even wanna tell you
how much it was. I... I can't.

- How much?
- I can't. It's ridiculous.

I'm embarrassed to tell you how
much it cost to fix this car.

- Come on.
- I can't. I'm embarrassed.

I would tell you,
but it's... it's absurd.

Let's just say it was worth it

- okay. Let's say that.

- You can drive it
on the way back if you want.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- I would love to drive it.

- People ask me
why don't I drive electric.

Have you... have you
seen them?

I mean, who designs those,

- I'm always afraid
of realizing too late

that I made the wrong choices
a long time ago

when I was like, 17.

I... I was brought up around
this middle-class mentality

where my parents were terrified
of things not working

not, not being able to support
the family or retire.

It's ridiculous.
I... I just wanna say fuck it

and... and be this
drunk artist or drug addict

or this... this guy that's just
fucking all these girls and..

No, but I don't think
that's me either.

I think I'm..

Maybe I'm just a boring guy.

- Thank you for coming.

- You've got to relax.

You also have to have some fun.

And what if your wife is like,
into threesomes

and orgies and wants to be
fucked by a broom?

I mean, who knows.

And if you wanna do that stuff,
then you should just ask.

Or maybe you just
wanna fuck around.

And you should go and do that.
You're young.

- Are you gonna see
this guy again?

- I don't know, maybe.
- Really?

- Yeah. I mean,
he's an okay guy.

- Are you like
going out with him?

- You mean, are... are we
going steady?

Fuck no. He's not my boyfriend.

I am free.
- Okay.

- I... I can, I can suck
your dick right now if I want.

Great feeling.

- I.. You're very nice.

I'm sure that you say that

to all your teams
to motivate them.

- No, I'm dead...
- And it works.

- I'm dead serious.

I promise,
I've thoroughly enjoyed

every second working with you.

Yes. Yes. And you?
- What?

- Have you enjoyed
working with me?

- Yes.

- See, I just
like.. Don't you..

I just like being around you.

That's.. I was gonna say
something about your smile

but I'm not, I'm not gonna say.

- Um... Uh, I have a boyfriend.

- Don't you think that
there's something

something between..

- Between us?

I mean, you're very sweet, but..

- Like, you didn't need me
that day at the projectors

or to help you
with the technical grid

or any of this stuff.

This is your job.

This is what you're good at.

When I'm with you, I, I feel
that there's something..

And I could be
completely delusional

but... I think you're flirting
with me.

- No.

- Really?
- Yes.

- Really?

- I'm.. I don't know.

I m.. I don't.. Maybe, but,
but I... I'm sorry.

I just wanna be professional

- why? Why be professional?

- Because I'm good at my job

and I don't need
to screw my clients.

- Well, that's not what..
I mean..

You... you don't work
at my company.

- And you know what?
I have a boyfriend.

And we're very serious.

I mean, we're, we're

thinking about buying
an apartment together.

And we're practically engaged.

- No, it's... it's..
I get it. That's serious.

That's.. That's very, um..

That's serious.

- Do you still wanna
work with me?

- Of course. Of course.

- Okay.

Uh, you know, I'm very sorry

if I am the one
who caused any of this.

- We'll keep it professional.

- Okay.

- I'm gonna run to the.. I'll be back. I'll be back.
- Okay.

- Hey!
- Hey!

- What's up with this music?
You play it so loud.

- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

- Excuse me, sir.

Is it Glendale or Pasadena?

- Uh, Pasadena, please.

What time are they
supposed to open?

- I don't know.

They're just in there
standing around.

I feel.. Are we underdressed?
- Whatever.

I, Dianne, take you, Henry..
- Henry.

To be my husband

my partner in life

and my one true love.

I will Cherish our union
and love you

more and more each day
than I did the day before.

- Continue.

- "Loving you faithfully

"through the good times and bad

"regardless of the obstacles
we may face together

"I give you my hand, my heart

"and my love
from this day forward

for as long as we both
shall live."

- Okay, what's so funny?
Come on.

You have to believe it
when you say it, okay?

Let's do the rings.

- We don't have.

- You didn't get a ring?
- No ring.

- You... you didn't buy her...
- No. I'm sorry, no ring

we didn't have time, and we wanted
to do something simple and easy.

Quick. Just us.
- Just us.

- Okay. What's the rush, guys?

You know, it's supposed to be
something beautiful.

It's supposed to be flowers
and rings and tears and music.

I'm just messing with ya.

By the power vested in me

by the state of California

I now pronounce you
husband and wife.

You may kiss your bride.

- Look at this.
Look, look, look, look.

That's a real.. Oh, excuse me.
Can you take a...

- No, sorry.
- Hold on one second.

Excuse me.

Will you.. Can you just
take a picture of us

with the building
in the background?

And then hold this.

Did you get it? Awesome.
- Okay.

- Thank you so much.

Okay. Right this way, my wife.

I know! It's real.
- It's so official

- let's get like, a Martini
or something.

- Ooh. That's a good idea

- is that okay?
Can we day-drink?

- Yeah, we can day-drink.

- I'm in.
- What's open now?

- I'm a fucking monkey.

I'm sorry.

Hey, what? What? What is it?


You all good?

- I'm sorry. It's..

- No. No sorry. What?
- I'm just sensitive.

- What is it? What?
What do you.. Do you...

- I feel strange.

- Do you feel
like you fucked up?

- I feel guilty.

I feel like I'm supposed
to feel.

But I don't feel any different.
- Hey.


Do you feel bad?

Do you feel... do you feel sad?

I had like a..
I couldn't breathe.

I had a knot right here.
I was like..

- You did?
- Yeah.

But now I'm... I'm okay.
I'm okay. We're okay.


I got my wife.

- Oh, my god.

- We should celebrate more.

What do you wanna do?
- Yeah. Where...

Where should we go?

What do you wanna do?

- I don't know. What do you..


Or we could go home.

- Okay.

- Okay?

Uh, will you just, will you just
take us home?

- Okay, you don't
have to do this.

- No. No no no.
We're doing it! We're doing it!

- Okay, okay. Okay, okay. Okay, okay.
- Who-a-a-a!

- No, no, no, no, stop.
Okay, okay, stop.

Okay, stop, stop, stop. You're hurting me.
- Okay, no, we have to do this.

We have to do this. No, stop! Oh, god!
Oh, my god, what the fuck!

- I'm sorry.
- You don't listen or what?

- Oh, come on.
- You're so fucking stubborn.

- What?

- Hey.

Let's, let it go, okay?

Come on.

It's our honeymoon.

Hey, we should be celebrating.

Hmm? Hmm.

Ooh, ay-ay-ay. Let's..

- Hey, hey, come on, please.
Just, just..

- Oh, I'm just joking.
- I know. I know you're joking.

That's, that's the problem.

- What are you talking about?
You're the one rejecting me.

I'm rejecting? I'm.. Okay, here.
Come on.

- Really? What the fuck?

You say I always reject you?
Why would I reject you?

You just, you have to be
so fucking brutal?

- It's only brutal
because it's not on your time.

You know, I.. You basically want
me to be your gay best friend.

And then when you're ready for
it, when you think it's time

then I have to be a fucking porn
star, and I just have to step up

and be your fuckin',
your fuckin' dildo.

Sit on my fuckin'..

I'm sorry.

Wanna get a divorce?

We can go right now.

- I think it's crazy
that we met all cool and casual

and now we're gonna be together
for the rest of our lives.

We're gonna die together and..

I mean, this is it.

If we just knew
that when we met.

Imagine in ten or twenty years
will we still like each other?

I mean, is there really a point?

I know how this ends.

You go and go and go forward

doing what you have to do,
until you die.

It's boring.

It's boring.

Do we really want that?

Who gives a shit if we buy
an apartment or a stupid ring?

Do we wanna be together?

Do we really want the life
that we can give each other?

- It's really sad
when you put it like that.

I think for me

the... the thing
that really hurts

is knowing
that the happy and excited

and crazy and horny

and lively girl
that you were when we met

is still inside.

I just can't have her anymore.

If you,
if you met a guy tomorrow

you would just fuck everywhere

and you wouldn't care
if he had health insurance

or if he could afford a juicer.

You would just want him
all the time.

He'd be your,
he'd be your top priority.

That's what kills me.

Someone else can have it,
but not me..

Because I'm here.

It fucks with me.

- I think I..

I was acting like an idiot
and my client thought

that I was into him, and..

He kissed me.

It was completely unexpected.

Like, when I realized
that he was there

and then he just kissed me
and then he left.

It's not that we kissed.

It was really, really unexpected

like, boom, he just kissed me.

But it made me realize

that I wanted it..

In a way I did,
because I was flirting and..

I just feel
really, really guilty

because I don't even like him.

I don't know.
I'm... I'm so sorry.

- You must've, you must've
liked him a little bit..

- No. I don't.

Not at all.

But there's ju..

There's all this weird energy

and that's what I feel
weird about

because you know,
I created that.

Because I..

Crave... That feeling.

- I'm trying.

I'm fucking trying.
I fucking..


- Don't punish me now.

- I've been seeing this girl,
the, um, fan.


And I, I catch myself
thinking, what would it be like

if I just threw all of this away
and ran off with her.

And it gives me a rush.

I get a rush
thinking about that.

I don't do it, but I get a rush
thinking about it.

- You are such a fucking

You just made me feel like shit.

And you're the one who's fucking
a groupie or...

- I said, I thought about it.
I didn't say I did it.

- Yeah, not yet.
- Oh, believe me!

Believe me, I could.
- Oh, of course.

- Believe me, I could've.
- Of course!

- Why are we talking about me?
Why is this about me?

You're the one
who wants to go off and fuck

your rich douchebag boss.

In fact,
you actually went for it.

- No, I didn't.
- Oh, sure. You know what? Yeah.

He just came in, gave you
a little peck on the lips

and then you walked away.

I am fucking sure
something else happened.

- Yeah, you think I, what,
gave him a blowjob

in his car or something?

Is that what you think?
- Did you?

- Unbelievable.

- Okay.

- Where are you going?

- Hi, this is Henry.
I can't come..

- Robert. Robert.

Good, and you?

Good. Good. No, I was just..

No... no, sorry, go ahead.

No, I was wondering
if you weren't busy

if you wanted to..

Hey, hey.
- Hey, hey.

- Thank you for coming.
- Yes.

You've gotta let me drive
this thing.

- You look great.

This thing's, uh..

- Oh.

- There it is.

- Hi.
- Oh, this is Nadia.

- Hey.

- I'm Dianne.
- Nadia.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

- So.

- So.

- How are things?
- Good.

- Oh, my god. Wait, wait.
I love this song.

- Hey! Could I...
- with ice?

- Excuse me. Please.
- A little water, please.

- Hello. Come on.
- Vodka.

- Hey, hold on, again. One
thing. I'll be right there.

- Could you please..
Excuse me, sir.

- Hey, dude, dude, got a beer?

- How 'bout a beer?

- Oh, no, we don't have that.
Order something else.

- I'm really happy I came.

- What else do you need?
- Can I get a coke?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever..

- What do you think
of my friend, Jessie?

- Uh, I..

She seems really cool.

- Yeah, she needs a guy

Excuse me. Hey!

Stop, mainframe.





Can you..

Aah! Goddamn it!

Stop, processor.

Stop, computer.


Oh, god!

I just wanna be..

I just wanna be human, you know?

I just want..
I wanna be all human.

Okay, no more machine.

Can you..

Can you shut down?

Can you, um..

Can you give me back my soul?

Give me back my soul?

Give me back my soul?

- People like you
never had a soul.

Or a life or kids to feed
or dogs to play.

You've lived your life
through parlor walls.

And that's why you die
like a virus.

- There is a nirvana
and I found it here.

It's green and it pulsates.

It's like a... Burst of happiness
in my chest.

With you, I found love.

And I wish I could've stayed
with you longer.





- Okay, so the guy was who?
The mainframe?

- I think the guy was the soul
of the machine

and the machine was the man.

- Really?
So the guy was a machine?

- I think that's the point
of the whole thing.

Machine versus human emotion
kind of thing...

- I think it doesn't matter,

It just makes you feel, I think.

You know? It's just supposed
to be lyrical.

For me, at least.

- So you're into artsy-fartsy?

- You.. What? What?

- Well, no. I just mean

is she an artist or does she
just like groovy stuff?

- Not...

- Or what does she do?
- I'm a designer...

- Dianne's assisting me in the
launch of dream further, so.

- Oh.

- You made it!

- He made it.
- Hey, buddy.

- How are ya, pal?
- Oh, you were so good.

- Nice. Nice.
What is that, calfskin?

- Oh...
- thanks, Nadia.

- Up.
- Oh, it's...

- Or you're gonna get rug burn.
- Oh, that was...

It was, it was really,
it was really great.

- Thanks, Nadia. You liked it.
- It was really great.

- I'm glad you liked it.
- Hi. I'm Dianne.

- Hi, Dianne.

This is Dianne.
- Nice to meet you.

- She's, uh, assisting me.

- Yeah, she's doing a great job in the launch.
- Oh, cool.

- Right, oh, on the new...
The new one or?

- Uh, same thing.

- Yeah, the speaker company.
- Platform.

- Right, the... the trips.

- Yes. That's the...
- right.

- Well, it's nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you. Yeah.

- Alright.

Wow. It's like Star Trek.

- Yeah.
- Wow.

- Wow, is this your new office?

- This is it.

Look at this.

How does this..
Right. Come on.

I don't know how that works.

- Yeah? Let's go.
- This place is..

- Yeah, it's great.
- Right.

- How about some wine, huh?

- Tell him your name.
What did you wanna call it?

So funny.
- The gourmentetures.

- The what?
- Gourmenturers.

- I always say it wrong.

- How do you say it?

- Gourmenturers.
- You say...

- you can't even say
your own idea right.

- I know, it's... it's,
it's like adventures.

But it's the Gourmenturers.
- Oh, I see that.

No, I got it.
It's a pun. I get it.

- All I can say is,
this woman right here

is the best reviewer, bloggist,
fashionist, stylist..

- No, stop. Stop.
- Anything, anything you do...

- no, you guys, that's good.

You got something there.
- Tell 'em what else you can do.

- We're just spoiled, you know?

I mean, we just like good stuff.

Good food, good restaurants,
good wine.

- That's great.
- Nadia, goodnight.

No.. Oh, we can't talk
about restaurants?

- No, you can talk
about restaurants, clearly.

No, man, I... I gotta,
I gotta rehearse tomorrow.

I'm exhausted.
Takes a lot outta you.

- Are you headed east?
- I can take you.

- We can go to dinner.
- That's okay.

I don't wanna get in the way
of this whole vibe.

- Where do you live?
- I'm in los Feliz.

But if you pass the 10
or the 101, anywhere.

- Oh, yeah, no, I know
a great shoulder.

- I could just.. I'll drop you
off on the way. No, i...

- actually, you know what? You
don't even have to stop the car.

- I'll just open the door and jump.
- Just roll.. Just jump out.

Yeah. Yeah.
- Perfect.

- It was so nice meeting you.

- It was so nice
meeting you too.

- Thank you so much
for everything.

- What is your process like?

At 6 A.M., I run around
the reservoir for...

I totally see that.

- Couple of hours, and then
just five hours of...

No, I'm very lazy.

- So how did you come up
with the idea for this?

- I don't know.

- Okay.
- It's like a.. Do you know what I mean?

- Uh, what was that?

- Yeah. Totally.
No, I get that.

- Like a fart that comes out of your your head.
- Yes, yeah, exactly.

- It's a brain fart. And then
I subject the world to it.

- I know, but it works.
It's about all..

- I mean..

I hope that you don't feel
interrogated by all these questions.

- No.
- I'm just genuinely curious.

- No, I'm flattered that you
would give a rat's ass.

- I give more than a rat's ass.

- I, okay, I appreciate that.

- Are you working
on anything new?

- Yeah. Yeah.

I wanna do
a... a time travel piece

a thing where people
are sort of..

It's kind of hard to describe

but popping up
all over the stage

traveling through, uh, time.

- It sounds incredible.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- So I should do it?
- Definitely.

- Would you see that play?
- I would love to see that play.

- Yeah? Well, maybe you can
organize the production.

- Of course.

- Okay, well, great,
it's a deal.

- It's a binding contract,
I think, in a Tesla

in the state of California.

I don't..

- No, that's really cool,
actually. I mean, I would..

Just let me know if you..

You know, I have to admit, this
is my first time in a Tesla.


Do you ever, um, do you ever
let other people drive this car?

- Like attractive brunettes who
are like, what, 5'5", right?

- Yeah.

- You have this admiration
for accomplished guys.

I think you thought that I was
that in the beginning.

There's so many times
where I... I imagine

coming back to the house
and finding you screwing this

like, athletic, perfect guy

and... and I would
just grab my stuff

and leave without even saying

Or maybe I would call you
a whore

and then you would chase me
out of the house

and I would leave the
relationship like a martyr.

You feel like shit and I'm
free to do whatever I want.

- Henry!


Henry. Hey!

- What?

- Hi.

How are you?

- I'm good. I'm all good.

- Do you need anything?

- Like what?

- Each step in the development
of the bourgeoisie

was accompanied
by a corresponding political..

- What is that?

- An oppressed class under
the sway of feudal nobility.

- Whoo!




- An oppressed class under
the sway of feudal nobility.

Each step in the development
of the bourgeoisie was acc..

- Whoo!

- Whoo!

- An oppressed class under
the sway of feudal nobility.

Each step in the development
of the bourgeoisie

was accompanied
by a corresponding..

- Everything okay there? That looked
like kind of an intense conversation.

- Everything's fine.

- Everything's fine.
- I didn't know you were married.

- Um, yeah, 15 years.

- You do not look old enough
to be married for 15 years.

- Aw, shucks. I'm definitely
old enough.

And, um, we got married
when I was pretty young, so..

- Do you have kids?

- No.

- Well, okay.

- So, what about these guys.

Are they making it
into the book or...

- no, you have to try
these fries.

- Yes.
- They're fantastic.

- The wonderful thing
about our lives

are we can get
the most amazing fries.

Oh, my god, Robert,
what is going on?

So what's your scene?

I mean you... you
have a boyfriend or..

- Um, I am also married.

- What? Really?

- I mean, I think I'm married.

I may not be married.

Fuck, I don't fuckin' know.

- Wow.

That sounds nuanced. What...

- my boyfriend-husband

um, just, uh, left the house

and I don't know where he went

and I don't know
if he wants to come back.

And, um..

He might be out
with someone else.

- Did you have a fight or..

- I don't..

So, I have to ask you, you've
been married for 15 years.

I mean, how do you keep it fun?

- It's not fun.

- Oh, how very inspiring.

- Yeah. Well..

It's worth it, right?

Um, you want another
one of these guys or?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

- And now that I know
you're married

I could just get wasted.

Hey, man, that doesn't make me
any less dangerous.

- Ooh!

- Yeah. Know what I'm sayin'?

- Whoo!

- This, in forest thing..
- Uh-huh.

- And then people kept,
like, hunting him down

because they heard
of this legend

and he grows the best weed

in the back
that you will ever see.

- You're out there imagining
your dick inside every woman

running around like a horny dog.

That's why you're never calm.

I never see men as penises.

I see them in the street

and I imagine what life
would be with them

if it would be more exciting
or fun or interesting

and that's what turns me on

and then I think about having
sex with them.

Strange, but that's always
how I end up

being attracted to someone.

I can't control it.

- Oh, my god.

- Could you tell how much
I loved that?

- Yeah. I can.

- I was afraid it was gonna be really
sloppy and slow, but it's not.

- No. No, the thing's bad-ass.
I don't do sloppy and slow.

You wanna get another drink?

- Where, at this hour?

- Uh, yeah, I don't know.

Uh, do you have anything
at... at your place?

- Mm.

I'm worried that if we go back
to my house

that I'm gonna do something
that I regret

because my relationship
is... is in a bad place

and you're married.

And I'm sure that your wife
would not appreciate

and I just don't wanna fuck up
someone else's life

just because my life
is fucked up.

- I promise you
you're not gonna fuck up

somebody else's life
by having a beer.

Come on, it's just two grown men
having a drink.

- Yeah. Yeah.

- Hey.


Fuck these people.
Let's go back to my place.

Just you and me..

Naked in the warm pool.

- Okay.

- Jessie, come back to my place.

We're all gonna get naked
in the pool.

Bring this gentleman.

- I'll see you tomorrow.

- Oh, come on. I promised
this guy here an orgy.

Come on, Jessie.
Come on. Come on. Jessie!

This fucking music.

- Music!

- It's fucking coming!

- Where's the music!

- Let's get outta here.

Anyone wanna come back
to my place?

I am arranging a crazy sex party
for this guy.


- I think I only have gin.

- Only gin?
- Yeah.

- So specific.

- You have tonic?

- What? Mixers are for pussies.

- Okay, alright.
- Okay?

- Okay, I'm a man.
- No, I'm just kidding.

- No, I'm a man.
> I might have tonic.

- Okay.
- Maybe. Baby.

Maybe, baby.

Uh, maybe baby babe..

You can cum inside me.

- I don't wanna,
I don't wanna come yet.

- Ozzie.

Shut up.

- Are you on, like, you know,
the pill or whatever?

- Yeah.

- And you're pretty, you know,
diligent about it.

- It's fine.
I've been on it for ages.

- Okay.
- Trust me.

- But do you want me to stick a toothbrush up there?
- No.

- No, no, no.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.
- Don't worry.

- I'm... I'm not
gonna chase you.

Trust me, it's completely fine

if we never see
each other again.

I don't want a little Liam.

- Hey, I...

I, uh, I would like to see you

I mean, it's not
about sex or whatever...

- for what, then?

- For what?

I don't know, I mean,
as friends, or, I guess.

- I don't think
we could ever be friends.

You know what I mean.

- Right.

I'm getting, I'm getting
divorced anyway.

- What?

- It's not about you.
I'm just getting divorced.

- Why are you telling me this?
I don't give a shit.

- What?

Hey. Hey!

I didn't force you.
You drove us here.

I'm telling you that because
I, because I like you.

You know, I mean, I..

I thought we had, uh, like,
a nice time or whatever.

I know, I... I don't know you
very well.

I just figured I'd tell
the fucking truth for once.

I just, I thought..

- Henry.

- You know, I thought maybe
we could, I don't know...

- Henry, Henry, Henry.

- You know, I thought maybe
we could..

I don't know. Dianne?

Hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey.

Hey, hey, hey.

Relax, okay?

I'm sorry, alright?

I'm sorry.

She said you guys were done.


Get the fuck down.

Stay down. Stay the fuck down!

Fuck this.

- I just came by
to get some stuff.


I feel like I wanna slap you
or hurt you, somehow.

- You can if you want.

You feel better?

Fuck you!
- Okay.

- I hate you!
- I know. Me too.

Me too.
- Let go!

- S... stop it.


- I hate you.
- Me too.

- I hate you.

- Me too.


- I hate you.

- Me too.

- I hate you.