Battle for Terra (2007) - full transcript

BATTLE for TERRA is a fantastic journey to worlds we have only dreamed of. It is a story of friendship, family, sacrifice and most importantly, the realization that all of our survival relies on our earth's precious natural resources.

Cloud sailers.
New toy cloud sailers.

Sora. Tumi.


Roven, Tumi's still sick.

Let's have a look.

- Present.
- Kima?


- Tulo?
- Present.

- Tumi?
- Present.





Come on, Senn!

It's only a race if you keep up.

Is it my fault you keep cheating?

I don't cheat.

Not all the time.

Classic Mala.

Great. All right.

Very funny.
Where are you?


That was really funny.
You got me... again.

Do you hear that?
Is it me?

I think it's coming
from right below... us!

See? She doesn't think
much of your flying, either.


Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Turn around and go home?

Hey, Mala? Mala?
Probably not a...

Wind tunnel!

Mala, pull up!

Senn, throw the anchor!


Come on! Come on!

Are you thinking what I'm thinking now?

'Cause clearly it's time to go back.

Mala, where are you going?

Are you crazy?

Mala, you know this place is forbidden.

Wasn't the wind tunnel enough?

And the huge, crazy sky whale?

Finally, you've come to your senses.

Let's go back now, okay?


What is that?

Mom, what's that?

Tumi, come inside.

A new god!

A new god in the sky.

Go home.
The elders will check on you.

Keep moving.

Move along.

All is well.

It has begun.

Is everyone safe here?

Is there anything that you need?

So, you think it's a god?

It could be one of those large rocks.

The kind that fall from the sky
from time to time.

It will be whatever the elders tell us it is.

I bet I could see what it is.

I bet I could make something
to help me look closer.

Mala, you know that's forbidden.

But why?
It wouldn't hurt anybody.

Inventions that are not approved
by the elders

are against our teachings.

Then maybe our teachings are wrong.

Mala! Go to your room.

Right now.

Getting closer.

What is that?


Sound the alarm!

Everyone, take cover!


Everyone, get to your homes.

What is that?

Mala! Where are you?


It's a miracle!
They are gods!

- Yes. Take me.
- No, wait!


- Over here!
- You see that?

- Where are you?
- I'm ready!

Tumi! Tumi, where are you?

- I am ready!
- I knew this day would come.

- Take me!
- Over here!

- Over here!
- Over here!

Mommy? Mommy?

Mom, where are you?

- Oh, no!
- Take me!

- Everyone please!
- Where's my daughter?



I'm coming!
Father, look out!

No! Please!

Let him go! Take me!

It's my fault! Please!

Take me! Over here.



I'll do it my way.

Come on, take me.
Take me.

Stay where you are!

Get away from me...

you monster.

Please remain in your homes.

Remain in your homes
for the time being.

Stay home!

Everything is under control.

Stay home.

Are you okay? Where's Roven?

He was taken by the gods.

Please, Doron, we have to help him.

They are not gods.

They are invaders, pretenders.


What about my father?

How will we get him back?

We will do the best we can, Mala.

For now, stay inside.

Don't touch that!

Lieutenant Stanton, speak to me.

Are you still operational?

Stop it.
Now, now, now.

There's no need for violence.

Can't we communicate verbally?

You speak our language? How?

I have been programmed
with the basic forms

of your vernacular, yes.

Does he speak our language?

What? No. No, no, no.
Now listen...

I need to talk to him.
Can you teach me his language?

Priorities first. He's dying.

Teach me or I won't help.

Lieutenant Stanton won't like this.

Hold still. Now, don't blink.

My head.

It's full of words.

What language is this?
How did you do that?

A simple organic data download.

Now, please, you must help,
or he will die.

Where do I begin?

Lieutenant Stanton requires oxygen,

a gaseous chemical element.

Colorless, odorless, tasteless.

Vital for respiration.

We need to seal this room
and construct an air generator.

We must identify
an oxygen-gathering plant

and incorporate it into this assembly.

Please gather all available plant life.

Hurry. He's beginning to suffocate.

Please initiate the procedure.

We did it!

What the...


Where am I?

In a dwelling used
by the natives of this world.

I'm a prisoner?

I would say a guest.

Then let's not overstay our welcome.
Get me Earth Force.

My transmitter was damaged.

Great. The ship.
How's my ship?

Neutronic conductor overloaded,
stabilizing gears fractured.

Yeah. But can she fly?


Giddy, it's one of them.

This female's parental unit
was taken by our scout ships.

My name is Mala.
Can you help me save my father?

Lt... It speaks our language?

Giddy taught me your language.

You taught it?

Hey, Giddy,
I never authorized that.

My apologies, but it was hard for you
to issue the proper authorization

due to your asphyxiation.

Are... Are you being sarcastic?

Impossible, sir.

That is not a feature of my programming.

A rescue mission.

Bring my father home, please!

Lieutenant Stanton!

Jim, come inside.


Your lungs can only
withstand this atmosphere

for approximately 27.6 seconds.

- Hurry!
- Give or take.

- I can't breathe.
- Oh, no.


Hold on! I'm coming!

Hold on!


Come on.

Come on.

Mala, hold on.

Help is on its way.

Giddy, pull!

Please, forgive him.
He is frightened.

I scare him?

Everything different scares them.

They should've never left home.

I regret to say they have no choice.

This was their world... Earth,

a planet of plenty...

but not without its limits.

Eventually, humans exhausted

their world's natural resources.

Two neighboring planets...
Mars and Venus...

were terraformed.

Colonies were established.

Two centuries later, the colonies
demanded independence.

It meant war.


All three planets were destroyed.

Everything was destroyed.

The survivors had only one choice:

To travel beyond their solar system

to the nearest life-supporting planet
they could find.

The journey lasted several generations
and led them here.

They named this planet Terra.

Your home?

You made this? For me?

Synchronous rotations,
balance in the focal points.

This is really good.
Where did you learn to do this?

All I did was put the pieces together.
They felt right.

You're a natural.

Synchronous rotations.

Stabilizing gears fractured!

You can...

Help me repair the ship,

and I'll take you to your father.


According to my holographic blueprint,
this device meets all required specifications

for space travel, approximately.

Well, it's not exactly titanium,

but if this thing holds,

I can go home.

Remember, we have a deal.

What is this?

The Ceremony of Life.

We thank life for what it brings.

Even if it brings you war?

Earth Force recruited me when I was eight.

They recruit every kid on the Ark.

Intensive training, hand-to-hand combat,

flight simulation.

Be prepared, always on the ready.

The best, the finest,
the last line of defense.

You wouldn't understand.

You only know peace.


- What are you...
- I had to see you.

You've locked yourself up for a week.
What's going on?

- Huh?
- Look, I know how you must feel.

- But I miss you.
- I miss you, too.

I just... I need a little time.
Please go.

Mala, the Ceremony of Life started.
Are we still going together?

What's that noise?

- Did you make a new toy for Tuki?
- Senn, wait.

I knew you were working on something.

- Mala, run!
- Stop! Stop! You're killing him!

- I'll take him...
- No!

I'm okay now.

- Please, listen.
- It's one of them!

- I know.
- What? You know?

- We can't let him go.
- He's my friend!

- He'll betray us.
- That's enough!

Mala, what... what have you done?

He said he would save my father.



She protected us, Giddy.

She defended us against her own kind.


You said "she," not "it."

We have to go.
He'll be back... with company.

- What's wrong, Senn?
- It's Mala.

It's Mala.
She's protecting one of them.

There's one of those invaders
in her house.

They were just here.

Did she build that?

I believe she did.
Search the home.

Find them.

Hey, all clear.

The elders say a long time ago,

we were apart from nature.

We almost died.

But now we're together,

forever, in life.


What are those big things
up in the sky, Mom?



Stop it! I'm over here!

Cease fire!

Damn it! Stop!

Hold your fire! I'm over here!

Why? Why are they doing this?

I don't know.
It wasn't supposed to be this way.

Are you sure this is the place?

It was right here.

Traces under the recent snow layer
suggest our craft

has been relocated from its position.

Someone took it.

Mala, come on! Keep up!


This whole place kind of gives me the creeps.

The strangeness is increasing.

What is all this?

Lieutenant Stanton, all signs indicate
the trail leads through there.

Those cloud sailers...
what are they doing?

Not celebrating life, that's for sure.


I guess our species have
more in common than we thought.

Hey, come on.

- Where are we going?
- Hitching a ride.

All right! There's my baby.

Looks like they're trying
to figure out how it works.

Cockpit's still locked, though,
so we got a chance to...


Put down your weapon.
You're surrounded.

Oh, no.

- Stop! Back off, or I'll kill her!
- Jim!

- Jim!
- Play along.

No! What are you doing?

- Jim!
- Giddy, now!

- On my way.
- No! Let me go!

I said get back!

Come on, Mala.
They can't see you.

- You can stop fighting now.
- You said you'd kill me.

It was just an act, Mala.

I was just pretending.
I wouldn't hurt you.


Stop him!

- Hurry, Giddy! Hurry!
- Coming.

Open the hatch.

Thank you.

You can do it.
Come on. Hold it together.

Come on, baby. Come on.

- Not good?
- No. Very not good.

- What the...
- Uh-oh.

- Time to go?
- Come on. Just one spark.

All right! There we go!

Come on, Giddy.
We're going home.

Hold tight, okay?
This could be a bumpy ride.

Your people... they made this?

Yeah. Don't let her looks fool you.

She hasn't aged too well.

Central Control,
this is Lieutenant James Stanton.

Requesting permission to land.

Lieutenant Stanton.

Nice of you to finally find
your way back to us.

Just had myself
some shore leave, that's all.

You're cleared for landing in Deck A.

Alert! Alert!

We have depressurization on Deck C!

Seal the hatches!
Hull breach!

No. Not again.

Welcome to my world.

Activate cockpit shield.

Hold on, Mala.

You have to stay here, okay?
It's not safe.

Jim, I didn't come all this way to hide.
I have to find my father.

I understand.
I'll take you to him, I promise.

But you have to trust me.
I'll be right back.

Please try not to touch anything, Mala.

How did you survive your crash?

After my ship went down,
I woke up to find I'd been rescued and...

By whom?

A native.

Are the natives hostile?


Do they have weapons?


Advanced weapons?

"I'll be right back," he says.

Oh, no! Mala!

Hey, Jim. I missed you, bro.


I thought you were a goner.

Come on. It takes more than
one rough landing to kill me.

Mom and Dad would be really proud of you.

You're the man of the hour, Jim.

I mean, even General Hemmer
wants to meet you.


12 dead.

A dozen human beings.

One tarnished, worn-out security seal

way past its recall date, and gone...

12 valuable, productive lives.

How much longer do we have to wait

while this tomb crumbles around us?

When will this council give me the authority

to do what must be done?

Your plan calls for nothing less
than the conquest of Terra...

an alien world, an occupied world.

My plan, Mr. President,

is the only way to salvage our species.

We are dying.

We are the last relics of humanity.

The future depends on us.

We will have no future
if we repeat the mistakes of the past.

We have superior technology and firepower,

impenetrable defenses.

The mistake would be not to act.

Your plan's under consideration, General.

We will vote on it.

Vote! I ask for action, they vote.

What can we expect from civilians, sir?

You're a good soldier, Stewart,

and, I understand,
a brother of a war hero.

Thank you, sir, but I'm no hero.

At ease, Lieutenant.

You're the first man
to distinguish himself in this conflict.


I've had my eye on you for a while.

James Stanton, 32nd Airborne.

How many left in the 32nd?

Eight, sir.

One short of a baseball team.

Let me guess.

Oxygen leaks, faulty fuel lines.

Engine failure?

Tired of watching comrades die for nothing?

We've come a long way.
Terra is our prize.

A jewel hanging in space.

It has real water,
not that chemical junk, and ground.

God, I'd like to feel steady ground
under my feet one day.

Kids born on the Ark
have never seen a blade of grass

or heard a bird sing.

Have you met the enemy?

I have encountered
the native Terrians, yes, sir.

What are they like?

They're an interesting species, sir.

They're peaceful and they're intelligent.

Their lives are filled with art and music.

I meant, can they fight?

They're not going to hit us
with paintings, are they?

- I believe they can fight, sir.
- Good.

Then they'll die with honor.


Don't be afraid.
I'll get you out of here.



Father, I'm so sorry.

I'm gonna get you out of here.

Hey! A floater!

This is General Hemmer. Report.

We have a Terrian floater in Section D, sir.


Get her!

I love you.

Father! Father!

Father, no!

Here is your proof that Terrians

are a hostile, murderous species.

Two more human lives lost.

According to Lieutenant Stanton's report,

the Terrian was seeking its parent,

one of the abductees.

The lines have been drawn.

We are human, they are alien.

Do not take sides against your own species.

General, our species has other options.

We need time to explore, to think,

before we rush headlong into...

We have no more time.

I have waited patiently
for this council to act,

but our people are tired of dying
in the rotting hull of this ark!

Therefore, I am assuming command.

The council is hereby dissolved.

You do not have the authority, General!

If I sin, let future generations judge me.

But mark this: Only thanks to me

will there be any future generations.

Hey, Jim, where you going, man?

- This is wrong.
- Wrong?

- General Hemmer says...
- How can you follow him?

- We're soldiers.
- I obey my commanding officer.

Hey, we obey the council.

Lieutenant Stanton, I would like you
to join the attack force.

Respectfully, sir, I refuse.

You're our only war hero.

It's your duty to lead the way.

I lived with the Terrians, sir.

They're more like us than you can imagine.

Would it change your decision if I told you

we only have air on the Ark
for another two months?

This is mankind's last hope...
the terraformer.

Currently, it provides
sufficient oxygen for the Ark.

Once rooted in Terra's surface,

it will convert the planet
to breathable air within seven days.

Seven days, Jim.

Very Biblical, don't you think?

The Ark will have residual air left
for several more weeks,

but within that timeframe,

we will have won ourselves a planet.

What about the Terrians?

End hologram.





The alien cannot see or hear us.
Don't worry.

The air is pressurized
for Terrian atmosphere.

It can breathe.

A human, however, cannot.

Anybody there?



Where's Jim?
Do you know who Jim is?

- Where are we?
- Stewart!

- I can't breathe.
- Somebody help me!

- Why?
- A test, son.

The ultimate test.
Whose side are you on?

Please, say something!

Stop! You're killing him!

No. You are.

Press that red button,
and you can save him.

A demonstration of the terraforming
technique will commence.

Your brother will breathe.

The Terrian will not.

Hello! Somebody, please help!

There's gotta be another way.

There isn't. Us or them.

- Somebody, he's suffocating!
- Decide.

I can't breathe.

Somebody, please help!

Get away from me!

What's happening?

Help! I can't breathe!


I can't breathe!

I c...

Giddy, save Mala.

Confirm order.

Save Mala.

What's that robot doing?

- Otham. Cotters.
- Get down!

Mala, your respirator.


This way.

- Mala.
- You?

I'm sorry.

Mala, hurry.

- Giddy...
- Follow me.

- Over there!
- This way has a far lower mortality rate.

Stop 'em!

Mala, use the control stick.
Fire missiles... now!

Incoming missiles!

Mala, stay calm.

We're falling too fast!

Prepare to eject.

Mala, grab onto my tail.

Oh, no!

Hey. About time you joined us.

Although, now that you're awake, um,
I don't really know what to say.

I never should've told Doron
about the invader.

Mala, you're my best friend,
and I should've trusted you.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, too.

- Where's Giddy?
- The creature you were with?

It's being held captive by the elders.

I have to save him.

I'm afraid I can't allow that.

He's a tool of the enemy.

I can't release him,
but I can take you to him.

What is this place?

Our past and possibly our future.


We came close to destroying ourselves.

A small group of survivors
formed the eldership.

They vowed to keep the past a secret

and build a peaceful future.

But even gentle beings
must defend themselves when attacked.

We've been watching the newcomers,

but we know nothing of their plans
or intentions.

You're the only one who has
been inside and returned.

No, I'm not the only one.

Please, help.

- Giddy!
- Honestly!

- What are you doing to him?
- We must dissect it to see how it works.

- Oh, dear.
- He is my friend. He saved my life.

Actually, Lieutenant Stanton saved your life.

- He ordered me to protect you.
- Jim?

- I must say, this is not very pleasant.
- Leave him alone!

We need information on the enemy's
strength and numbers.

- This machine might hold the answer.
- So ask him, don't torture him.

Will you help us?

I cannot.

Earth Force created me.

Jim commanded you to protect me.

- Will you disobey his orders?
- Negative.

But if Earth Force invades,
they'll destroy all life on this world,

including me.


So the only way to protect me
is to help us defeat Earth Force.

Well, if... Mala, l...

Lieutenant Stanton...

Your logic is tricky, difficult to compute.

I will protect you.

Hey, Jim, look, I'm sorry
about what happened

in the enviro-chamber,
but Hemmer said...

How can you defend him, even now?

He said it was the only way

that we could be sure of your loyalties.


My apologies, sir.

I believe the Terrian must have
reprogrammed my robot

during our captivity.

Like you said, interesting species.

Full of surprises.

We've got a few surprises
up our sleeve, too.

You're on the terraforming campaign,

- That's an order.
- Sir!

I don't know what happened
to you on Terra,

but this is war,

and I'd feel a lot better
knowing you had my back.

I've always looked out for you, kid.

I always will.

Question is, will Hemmer?

The aliens breathe something called oxygen,

so our atmosphere is poisonous to them.

We must strike early while we...

And that's where the terraformer should land.

The formations of oxygen
can spread more rapidly

to the native population centers,
neutralizing them.

Air filters here and here

can alter your atmosphere into oxygen...

Before the enemy can strike the terraformer,

we must engage and destroy
their primitive aerial attack force.

Men and women of Earth Force,

you hold the entire future of our species
in your hands.

Brothers and sisters,

we are engaged in a struggle for survival.

Not only our own, but for our world.

Every living being on our planet
depends on us.

If we fail, we fail them, too.

Your actions over the next few hours

will either win ourselves a new home

or doom us to extinction.

I believe... I must believe

that in our darkest hour,

the very qualities which made us great
will make us strong...

that love and mercy can triumph
over hate and violence once more.

Be loyal, be brave.

Remember who you are
and what you fight for...


- Hey, take care of yourself up there.
- You, too, Jim.

- Are you ready?
- No, not really.

Return fire!


The Terrians are flying new ships
with more powerful weapons.

No one said we wouldn't
suffer casualties, Lieutenant.

Any soldier that dies today
will live on in history.

Press on.

Closing in on target.

Closing. Closing.

It's a trap!

There's too many! I need backup!

They're coming straight at me!

Help! I need help!
I need backup!

- Launch terraformer.
- Aye, sir.


Brace yourselves, men.

What is that?



It's really happening.

0.5% of oxygen produced.

1%, 3%, 5%.

Half a million cubic pounds
of oxygen generated.


Concentrate your forces
on destroying that machine.

Follow me!

Gunfighters approaching on your left.

Mala, watch out.

Senn, I need help!

Mala, don't worry.
I'm right behind you.

Production up to 7%.

Minor damages on filters G through M.

- Accelerate.
- Sir?

Sir, production of oxygen
at an advanced rate could be risky.

Do it!

That's it! You're damaging it!

General, we've lost air filters A through F.

Production is down.

Divert resources to the remaining filters.

Accelerate to maximum.

If we compress the terraforming process,

we'll be leaving ourselves
extremely vulnerable to combustion.

That is a direct order!

- Follow it!
- Sir, yes, sir.

Second wave, attack!

Phase 1 up to 25%.

1.2 million cubic pounds of oxygen generated.

But the terraforming filters
are under a lot of strain.

How long before the process is completed?

In 12 minutes, the chain reaction
will be irreversible.

Hang in there, beautiful.

Call in the reinforcements.

Orders received, General.
We're on our way.

Lock and load, people.
It's crunch time.

I can't shake this guy!

Hang in there, Jim.
I got this one.

Jim, are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. Just a scrape.

I've got a clean shot.

Mala, hostiles from above.

Sir, we're decimating the Terrian resistance.


Keep production at maximum.
Let's finish this.

I see an opening. I'm going in.

- Mala, I can't shake 'em!
- Hold on. I'll be right there.

No! Senn!

No! No!


Enemy fighter on my tail.
I need backup.

Hang tight. I'm on my way.

Sir, 90% of oxygen dispersed.

Five minutes until completion of campaign.

- You?
- Oh, no.

Jim, where are you?

Just hold on, Stewart.
I'm almost there.

Mala? What?

Jim, what are you doing?
Just shoot!

I can't hold on much longer! Shoot!

What are you doing, Jim?

Wait, wait, wait! Jim!

Incoming, sir!
It's one of ours!

Pull away. Pull away!

Fire at that ship!

Come on!

- Congratulations, Mala.
- Good job.

Mala! Mala!


- Mala.
- I thought you were dead.

Oh, me, too.
I mean, you, too.

You did well, Mala.
Very well.

It wasn't me.

He saved us.

He saved us all.

But now they have no food,
no water, no air.

There's nothing for them to do
but just wait for the end.

Never lose hope, Mala.

There are always alternatives.

- Hey, Senn.
- Hey, what?

Race you.

I knew you were gonna say that.
I don't know why I even answered.

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