Baghdad in My Shadow (2018) - full transcript

"Abu Nawas" is a trendy café and popular hangout for artists, communists and gay Iraqi exiles in London, it's close to the Salafist Mosque. When Nasseer, a fanatic religious youth and ...

Block the road.

-Get ready!
-Yes, Sir.

Traitor! Get out, you dog!

Open the door!


...with another...

...with another jailer.

You are still...

Baghdad, you are still... my life.

In my shadow.

you are still in my shadow.

But you have replaced one jailer

with another.

Move, traitor!

Coward. Move! You shit.


Your brother's a communist!

Admit it!

Taufiq? It's Maha.

The police took Nasseer.
It's serious.

-They took Nasseer.

Please do something!

-Don't worry.
-For the love of God.

-I'll handle it.
-You're all I have.

Don't worry.

Taufiq Jasim. J, A, S, I, M.

You were born in Baghdad.
A writer!

And now you work
as a night watch man.

Why have you called me in?

I told you everything already.

Some things just don't quite add up.

What did you call her?

Amal or Souhair?

You're aware that she acquired her
residency permit under a false name.

Women need to enjoy themselves...

When will you know

that I love you?

I saw your model of the school.

To be a pupil there.

Watch out, the teacher is strict.

That women jogs past here every day.

Whats she look like?

-Well, kind of southern?
-I think maybe Arabic.

Listen up!

Who do you think fucks?

And who gets fucked?

You mean who's the cock
and who's the chicken?

They're watching us.

Well, Fritz, should we stay
or should we go?

Laughing behind my back?

-No, no... Samira.
-What are you saying?

-We would never do that.
-You're our beauty.

Now I see.

Shame on you!

Do I ask if you're on top

or under your wife?

Amal, darling.

Bring some tea!

Okay, Zeki.

I have to work.

How are you?

Sit with us, Amal!

Just for a moment.

I have to work.
Were you arguing?

You know Zeki.

I'll tell you Fritz, there will be
no revolution without us.

Why would a person like Muhannad,
go to a place like Cafe Abu Nawas?

What do you mean?

We know he likes men.

Are you implying I'm gay?

No, we're just saying he likes men.

-Hello, Muhanad.

Amal, darling.
Some pickles, please!

Zeki, it looks bad.

Your computer is dead.

What do you mean, dead?

The drive and the hard disk
are broken.

That's why it rattles.

It's rubbish. Get rid of it!

This is your chance:
buy a new one!

Piece of shit!

Fix it,

or I won't pay.

Ok, from the beginning.

How long have you known
Ahmed Kamal?

Purpose for your visit, Mr Kamal?

I am in the new cultural attache.

I didn't know there was
an Iraqi culture centre.

Culture exchange
is more important than ever.

Thank you, have a nice day!


But it makes no sense for the cultural
attache to kill his ex wife.

Can I help you?

No, thank you.
I'm just doing some stretches.

Right, we notice you like to watch us
doing our work during your stretches.


Is that against the law?

We're building
the new home office department.

Yes, says so on the sign.

-So, you think I'm spying?
-I don't know.

-May I ask who you are?

Martin Hartman, the construction
manager responsible here. Who are you?

I think you are doing a good job.

Oh, well thank you very much.

Well I'm an architect.
At least I was.

Who do you work for?

For no one. I'm from Iraq.

Unfortunately I can't work here
as an architect.

We know what you want aye!
Go for it, lad!


Wow, you're from Iraq?
You don't look it?


-So how does one look Iraqi?

You think all Iraqi women have
pop-eyes like Zaha Hadid?

Oh dear!

Start again, I'm Martin.

Nice to meet you.

I'm bit of a dimwit shall we say,
who likes any insight

into the wonders of the orient
and I apologise.

Well, perhaps I can help you.

I've had a lot of experience
with backward people.

I'm Amal Jerjis.

George in English.

Nice to meet you, George.

I have to go.

Would you like to go with me
to Zaha Hadid exhibition?


Change the subject.

Tell us a bit about
why your nephew

joined up with extremist islamist.

What my nephew got to do
with Ahmed Kamals death?

Nasseer is a good kid.

Breakfast is ready.

I'm fasting.

As the Prophet instructed:
"Sala Allah Alihi Wa Salam."

It's not Ramadan yet.

I'm simply respecting the laws
of my religion, mum.


"My religion"?

So, not mine?

Mine is the religion
of my forefathers.

Not all this!

That's sinful.
It's not true Islam.

True Islam?

So, you want to teach us?

Fritz, fritz, come on doggy.
Come on, there you go!

-No kiss?
-No kiss.

Going for breakfast
at your Abu Nawas?

At mine you get breakfast in bed,
every morning.

-You know I have to stay at the hostel.

And report to the Refugee
authorities every morning.

Then marry me
and all your problems are solved.

You know, I'm glad you showed up.
Close your eyes.

Happy birthday, my dear!

Who'd have thought your lot
were doing this 12,000 years ago.

You know,
we don't celebrate birthdays.

Why don't you just take me along
and introduce me to your friends.

Don't your sweet old communists
scarf a gaze?

Once you get asylum

you'll earn well.

Better than that cheapskate.

Look what I have for the reading!

"For a Free Country
and Happy People!"

-What's this stuff, Samira?

Taufiqs right, this stuff is lame.


I cooked Patcha.

Lame? These days that means:
"old fashioned"!

Are we communists
or fashion designers?

This reading is very important.
I've invited Maud.

Old Maud?

-Who's Maud?
-Taufiq's girlfriend.

She's the editor of a respected
publishers: Old Vintage.

The Old Vintage witch.

How's the Patcha?


Kurdish style.

No! It's international.

Very delicious.

-Red fronts!
-Zeki's witch.

-How ya doing ya old cranks?

Here's your son.

How's the revolution going?

Aro! Good to see you!

-See you at the concert tonight?
-Still stressed?

When are you coming to get him?

Three week's time.

-Take care of him.

Damn it!

You're a real man.

Dear Zeki,

even back in Kurdistan
you didn't get it.

What do you mean?

It's not a disease.

So what?

What's it got to do
with politics?

If you deny homosexuality
it becomes political.

Zeki, it's part of our nature.

My nature?

I better go and cook.

Tell me Zeki:

Why did you name your café after a poet

who was a gay alcoholic?

This is incredible!

It was his idea!


What's funny?

He's mocking Zeki's cooking.

Of course, you have
the right to remain silent.

it would help us a lot

if you could take us through
the entire events in detail.

If someone makes
an attempt on my life

I'm not allowed
to defend myself?

Just press this button longer
and harder.

And there you go!

Come on, Zeki.
There's more.

Slowly does it.

How's Nasseer?

I don't know what to do.

Don't worry,
we're here for you.

He's a good boy.
Taufiq will take care of him.


But where is Taufiq?

He hasn't answered
his phone in days.

I've got to go.

-Thanks for the delicious Qeema.
-You're welcome.

My dear Maha.

You raised him well.
Now look after yourself!

Why don't you find a man?

But first, take off your veil!

No one forces you to wear it.

Don't worry!

Firstly: I don't need a man
to look after me.

Secondly: Why are men
always telling us what to wear?

Just a thought:

Your shirt is so ugly.
Why not find a nicer one?

As I say,
when we were under attack,

I saw Amal flee into the park.
I was worried about her.

Why don't you just tell
us killed Ahmed Kamal?


Thank you.

I told you before:
I don't eat this meal of infidels.

Isn't it your favourite meal?

Why infidel?

It is, but not during
Ashuraa mourning.

This doesn't sound like you.

These aren't your words.

And this isn't you.

Your father didn't think like that
when he married your Shi'ite mother.

If he had, you wouldn't be here.

People like you help the West
control us with fake ideologies.

What do you mean?

Why do you want to forbid us
this traditional meal?

What will your friends forbid next?

Rituals for Hussayn are heresy
they have nothing to do with Islam!

There's no God but God.

What did I tell you?


May I come in?

Why are they still up?

-Does it still hurt?

But the racist bastards are free.

Don't let people like that affect you.

Didn't you want to go back
to college?

No, what's the point?

No ones waiting for me there,
no one needs me in here.

Least of all, you!

You visited me a couple of times
in the hospital,

but after that,
you never visited me again.


When you were little
I was there.

I looked after you

when your mum went to work.

-How's your Arabic?
-What do you want?

Remember when you
and your mum first came here?

I took you to the Zoo
every weekend.

Your mum said your dad
loved elephants.


Enough now.
What do you want?

Do you remember
when I taught you poetry?

The Koran would've been better.

-Yes. The language is difficult.

We'll read it together, but not here.

In Zeki's café, like the old days.


I'll join you at the café,
but only if...

If what?

If you join me for Friday prayer
at Sheikh Yasin's mosque.

He who can shall marry in order
to satisfy his natural sexual desires.

He who cannot marry shall fast in
order to contain all sexual orders.

I ask God for forgiveness and mercy.


Seek refuge in Allah from the evils
of this promiscuous society.

The body of a muslim must remain clean
and these whorey women are unclean.

Not worthy of you,

you should only marry a faithful
muslim to share your pleasures.

Homosexuality is a sin
in Sharia Law

and death is the only punishment

for those who wallow
in homosexual scene.

-God save us.
-God bless you!

God blesses your prayers.

In the name of God...

The skinhead incident...

Do you think that's enough to explain
why a kid joined a radical group?

So explain it to us.

It was all my fault.

Peace be with you.

Peace be with you.

-Everything is fine?
-Yes, good!

Please, enter!

It's an honour.

Dearest Taufiq...

Dearest Taufiq. I'm pleased
to meet finally, Nasseer's uncle.

I am wondering how come you
never join our prayer services?

Nasseer told me that you carry
doubt in your heart.

My religion is between me
and my creator.

Just as the Koran states:

"There is no compulsion in religion."

The Chapter of the Cow.

You're very familiar
with Allah's words.

The Chapter of the Cow,
verse 55?


I told you, Sheikh, he knows
the whole Koran off by heart.

Damn it! What the...

-It's broken.

It sounds like the hard disk
is broken.

If it rattles like that
it means the drive

is losing it and the hard disk
cannot get a grip.

That's why it makes
that sound.

Your uncle even knows
about computer.

Unfortunately, not enough.
But I know someone who can fix it.

-When can he come?

You spend all your time
at the cafe lately...

Are you fucking
this little Iraqi?

Are you crazy?

-Aro is the owners son.
-So what?

They're all straight Iraqis.

-We're not in Baghdad.
-I need the work they find me.

Good luck!

This Yasin is a psychopath

who unleashes his fanatical
followers on homosexuals

inciting murder
and you sent this poor boy

to that mosque.

So, you all know
what you have to do.


Last year's tree was far better.

You've been ripped off.


It's already falling apart!

I should go.

-And the tree?
-The meeting won't wait.

Can you decorate this miserable tree?

Go to Amal.

Amal, darling...

-Don't worry, we'll manage.
-Thank you, my dear.

Go! Don't miss the revolution!

Come on, Taufiq!

You're lying.

She's not a Christian.

-Need a hand?
-No thanks.

My diplomas arrived from Baghdad.

Very good, congratulations Amal!

What's so good about it?

-The name is different on them.
-So what now?

Study all over again?

And risk being deported?


No one will deport you.

You're brave and confident.

I'll think it over.

Do you want to wash dishes
all your life?

I've met a construction manager.

Very good. Can he help you?

It's not like that.

I think I like him.
His name is Martin.


Have you ever heard
of an Iraqi called Martin?


Are Iraqis not good enough for you?

Are you jealous?

So, your "Free Country"
is just for men?

Good morning, my love.
Some coffee?

Good morning!

I've missed you.


Yeah, only a little bit

and not you know little.

Why are you smiling?

Being free.

Being free?
Of course, you're free.

Shall I come and get
you from work?

No, really listen,
I'll finish work

and then come over to yours.

-We need to talk, it's important.

I saw strange things in the mosque.

Tell me!

I saw Yasin give the boys
envelopes of money.

Nasseer was there.


Why didn't you tell me earlier?

You are aware you have killed
a diplomat.

I dedicate the last poem to you,
to Miss Maud Robinson.

Yet Baghdad,

you are still a prisoner behind bars.

You replaced one jailer

with another.

You are still in my shadow,
my Baghdad.

And there you will stay forever.

Iraqi poetry will always stay genuine.

You were great!

The poem was wonderful.


I'm Ahmed Kamal.
Iraqi Cultural Attaché.

Nice to meet you.

I welcome the Cultural Attaché!

Allow me to introduce you
to Miss Maud Robertson.

-Ahmed Kamal.

Editor Old Vintage Publishing House.

So it's an honour to us Iraqi people,

does have such an important
publishing house,

sent us such a lovely

Well, in Mesopotamian times,
your country

was the cradle of humane civilisation
and gave so much to the whole world

so we should appreciate that,
shouldn't we?

Please, please, Maud, excuse us.

-Don't leave me alone for too long.
-Of course.

-Thank you.

Aro, Zeki's son.

I have to go.

Hello, Suhair!

How are you?

I'm Amal.

Amal. Suhair...
Good to see you.

There's a cafe in the park.

I'll see you there tomorrow morning.

See you there, why not?

You still look good, Suhair.

How many men have
you been fucking?

That's none of your business!

You're still my wife,
I can prove it.

What will the Refugee Police say...

Secret Service Special Forces.
Republic of Iraq.

Where did you get this?

Does the new government know
you worked for the dictatorship?

-So what?
-I have more documents.

You're lying.

I've changed, Ahmed.

I don't want to see you again.

Take care.

I met a traveler
from an antique land,

who said:
Two vast and trunkless

legs of stone stand in the desert.

And on the pedestal
these words appear:

May name is Ozymandias,
king of kings:

Look on my words,
ye Mighty and despair!

Nothing beside remains.

Round he decay of that colossal wreck,

boundless and bare.

The lone and level sands
stretch far away.

I do like Shelly.

And no-one wanted
to publish him either.

Please understand that this isn't
about the quality of your poems.

You know, you find it normal

that we know all your poets.

It's not up to me, my boss.

Move your ass then!

We've had our eyes on Yasin
for some time.

The boys transfer the money
to an account in Turkey,

from there it's forwarded to Syria.

They're evidently messengers
for a terrorist organisation.

Yasin's got about 30 boys
lined up.

Twice a week, each messenger
sends ten thousand pounds.

It amounts to a hefty sum.

Your nephew alone has transferred over
120 000 pounds over the last 6 months.

Can I have some water.

-Are you sure?
-We have a witness.

I see.

And what do you want from me?
You already know everything.

Mr. Taufiq, all in all
you're a reasonable man.

Why this reluctance
to work with us?

-Hi, can I get you anything?
-No, thank you.

Peace be with you.

And unto you, blessings of Allah.

-It's quiet today.
-Praise God!

-May I sit?

I'm learning the language of the Koran.
My uncle Taufiq is teaching me.

-Thank God.
-Thank God almighty.

I'm Ahmed Kamal,
Iraqi Cultural Attaché.

Nasseer Karim. Welcome.

I want to understand
the Koran perfectly.

-With God's will.
-Thank you.

-Where do you pray?
-In the mosque at the end of the park.

-We must pray together.
-Of course. Come tomorrow?

-I don't want to bother you.
-No, not at all. Here's my number.

Thank you.

Surely those who come to this place,
don't go to the mosque, right?

My uncle says his faith
is between him and Allah.

Sheikh Yasin says that's heresy.

Something like that tree

shouldn't be here.

In a place run by a so-called Muslim.

Of course it's forbidden.

Amal's idea, no doubt.

Yes, but she's Christian.

A Christian?

In Iraq

her name was Suhair:
she was a Muslim.


-How do you know?

I know a lot of things.

And in Iraq they know exactly
how to treat such people.


Tea, anyone?

I have to go.

God bless you.

May peace be with you.

Good evening!
May I take your coat?

Yes, of course.

Thank you.


You look beautiful.

I'm an Iraqi, but I live here.

-You see?
-There she is?


This is the new design
for the central bank of Baghdad.

Not here.


Not in front of all the people.

There's nobody here.

We're in public.

You can't do that in an exhibition.

Right, well maybe not where
you're from but in England it's fine.

-What do you mean where I'm from?
-It just meant, you know...

I just meant in Iraq, it's different.

-I'm just old fashioned.
-Well yeah, Iraqi, like I said.

-Don't say that again.
-It was a joke.

I have to go to work.

I need to talk to you.

I know what this is about.

No, it's not about the other day.

The new cultural attaché

is my ex-husband.


From Saddam Hussein's agent

to the new regime's cultural attaché?

You couldn't find anyone
else to marry?

My parents didn't trust him.

I didn't listen to them.

What's this?

You don't want my baby?

If I catch you again with these pills
from your communist doctor friend,

I'll make him disappear!

Our neighbour Mazin vanished
after he joked about Saddam.

I found a report on him
in Ahmed's safe.

He had written it himself.

These prove
he worked for the dictator.

Take them!

And why didn't you hand
these intelligence files over to us?

Have you perhaps turned religious?

You wouldn't be the first communist
who in their hatred to the west

had joined the islamists.

People of your kind
are the same in every country.

Only we don't need to use torture.

-Hey, Taufiq!

Sorry I'm late.

Where were we?

What's up?

I met the Iraqi Attaché.

-Did he bother you?
-On the contrary.

He opened my eyes.

What do you mean?

That tree is sinful.

-What's wrong with it?

Is that so?

My dear, as a kid,

you wanted a tree.

And presents, like your English
friends. It's a nice tradition.

As a role model you must follow Sharia
and not deviant rituals.

You failed, you hypocrite!


Ahmed's the hypocrite.

He was one of Saddam's informants.

-A Saddam informant?

A secret agent.

He wrote reports
that got people killed.

I have proof.

Tea anyone?

Please Aro, leave us alone.

Verse 63.


are described in
the verse on hypocrites.

Peace be with you.

And with you.

I am very happy to be received
in this gathering

to support true Muslims

and beside idealistic support

we must not forget to offer financial
support for your mosque.

Thank you.

Please, stay with me.

And now allow me
to answer your questions.

Should Jews and Christians
be forced to pay poll tax...

We will give them the choice:

either they must convert to Islam

or they must pay a poll tax
and obey the laws of Islam.

And if they don't accept that...

They deserve the sword.

Hey Muhannad, nice to see you.

-Hello, Muhannad.

Here's your new laptop.

Any change?

No, sorry.


Thank you.

Zeki, listen to this!

One of those cranks
wrote a new fatwa:

"Women may not touch
fruits or vegetables

resembling the male genitalia. "

What if

a man touches

a banana or a cucumber?

-Then what?
-It was a pathetic internet joke.

Made up by some
perverse westerner

with nothing better to do than watch
obscene pornography online.

A society following the laws of the
Prophet, "Sala Allah Alayhi Wa Salam",

would wipe out
all pornography anyway.

No doubt something
Sheikh Yasin told you?

Have a look at his browser history:
Porno à la Carte.

No way!

you saw it with your own eyes?

It even made me blush!

That's a lie!

What a hypocrite!

Are you sure it was porn?

You think I can't tell?

-That's a devious lie!
-Why should I lie?

True, why would he lie?

To make him look bad
because he's Muslim.

Your Sheikh Yasin has a special passion
for blonde European pussies.

Pussies at the mosque!
That's disgusting!

Stop right there! You atheists!

You failure, you heretic.
Why should I believe a homosexual?

-You trust this fag?

Leave it.

I'm not afraid to say who I am!

The question is:

Are you cocks or chickens?

-I'm confused, Sheikh.

Oh, come one.
Speak up, don't worry.

I was told that there is pornography
on your computer.

-And who said that?


How can you even think that something
like that could taint this holy place?


Listen carefully!

I swear on Allah.

I heard your uncle Taufiq plotting
with the homosexual

to upload porn onto Yasin's computer
to defame him.

He brought a gay in our mosque?

Indeed, he has no faith apart
from hammer and sickle.

Once a communist,
always a communist.

It's true.

Communists are godless.

They're out to destroy Islam.

It all adds up!

Nasseer, it will be a day when you are
going to have to make a choice

and if necessary,
even against your own family.

In the words of Allah:

"If they strive to make you
associate with Me

that of which you have no knowledge,
obey them not."

May peace be with you.

I can't talk right now so please leave
a message after the beep.

Please Nasseer, call me.

How's Martin?

You're spying on me?

So, he's your lover.

They're copies!

Where's the rest?

Don't worry.

They're safe.

Dinner's ready.

Not only have you built your own
kitchen... you cook as well.

Shouldn't every man be
able to do that?

-Like a housewife?
-Like a housewife, exactly yeah.


Aro! What are you doing here?

You're hardly ever in the cafe.

Hello, I'm Sven.


-You're hardly ever in the cafe!
-I was there yesterday.

Hey you two,
lets go over to the bar.

He's my friend.

So it is true after all.

No, it's not like that.

I hate you!

Aro, wait...
Just wait one second.

This guy is fucked.


-Lets take him home with us.
-We can't take him home. Are you crazy!

What's wrong with you!
We can't just leave him here!

Call his father.

-His father? He'll kill us!
-Call him!

Wait! Where are you going?

You're crazy!
Do you know what he'll do!

His father...
They don't like us!

What? Are you riding a camel?

-You're late!
-Enough! Close the door.

Good morning!

How sweet!

To be young again.

Go away, dog!

He threw up,
but now he seems okay.

Come, come. Aro, drink!


Were you involved in this?

No, we found him outside the club.

-He wasn't with us.
-What club?

-Can someone tell me what's going on?
-Internal affairs.

Come, come on!
Get dressed.

-Samira, no I want to sleep.
-Don't be a wuss!

That little bit of alcohol you drank!
You should have seen us at your age.

Nothing put us down.

-I'm tired, please.
-We had fun and we drank a lot.

Sorry, guys.

Our stuff.

Thanks, Sven.


I owe you. Thank you.


Don't drink too much
when you're young.

Ok, I get it. Can we please...

Take him to the car.

Are you okay?

Dad, I'm really sorry.

Don't worry, I love you.

-Feeling better?

Let's go!



I need to talk to you.

-Ahmed is a murderer.
-Help your friend, Nasseer.

Don't let this man through.
He collaborates with the homosexuals.

Go home!
I'll speak to you at home, ok.

You're an atheist.

Admit it you're an atheist.

Who are you to judge me?
Who are you?

We all know about
your submissive plans.

Don't touch me!

And you lied about this place
and about myself.


Nasseer, my son, come!

Nasseer! He spied for Saddam,

for a dictator!

And you want to follow him?

And you! smuggled your friend
into this holy place to install

a sinful website onto my computer!

What are you talking about?

This upright and loyal muslim
has exposed you!

You trust him?

Ahmed betrayed us.
He's a traitor!

Nasseer, come with me, please!

Please, Nasseer!

Nasseer, come with me!

Nasseer, Ahmed's a traitor!

I promise you, all your problem
are going to be solved soon.



What can I get you?

I don't know.

Just wanted to surprise
you I suppose.

You did.
What can I get you?


Then I have to go back
to my work.

Can I help you?

You must be Zeki, right?

-Yes. Have we met before?

Are you a friend of Amal?

Yes, a friend.

Her boyfriend?

Amal's lover.

I told you!
Hand over the 20 pounds.

20 pounds?

He's far too young for Amal.

I'll give you ten.
That's more than enough.

A bet is a bet. You cheat!

I'm no cheat!

I'm Aro's father.

Thanks to you!

You are very handsome!

Oh sweetie,
what God made you?


O sweetie, what God made you?

O sweetie, what God made you?

My heart is bleeding
because of your torture.

Why do I have to be
subjected to my destiny?

Why do I have to be
subjected to my destiny?

I don't repent his love
and God doesn't change him...

You made him leave?

What's wrong?

So, you don't like the English?

At least they know how
to treat a woman!

I married a good,
pious Muslim woman

but the devil has wormed
his way into her brain.

She is cheating on me
with the infidel.

I know in this country, I don't have
the rights of a Muslim man.

What do you think, Sheikh?

Freedom of a religion,
is one of the pillars of Islam.

I say, that those
who lose their faith,

are a grave danger.

They can corrupt the rest of society.

I only see one punishment,

death for all apostates.

I'm telling you, Ahmed,

the killing of this women is Halal,

the earth must be rid of her poison

and it is the duty
of a man among men

to enforce this.

I'm sorry.

I'm really truly sorry.

I don't understand you.
I don't.

-You don't understand our customs.
-Oh, is that it. Okay.

You're accustomed to lying?

As an Iraqi woman,
I should not have an English boyfriend.

Please, can't you see?

No, I can't see, no.

You're your own woman, you're a free
person, you can do what you want.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, me too.



Stay where you are! Don't move!

Take the weapons! Let's run!

Who lost this? Who are you?

I'm Fatmas father.
She's my eldest.

Come here!
Happy birthday love.

Can I open my eyes now?

Your birthday cake.

Should I heat up some food?

What's wrong?

What's wrong?

Who's caused my father's death?

You know that.

Tell me again.

The secret service, under torture.

I know.

Was he involved in politics
with Uncle Taufiq?


Only your uncle was
in the underground.

Your father wasn't with him.

So it's Taufiq's fault.

Of course not.

Don't forget, Taufiq also suffered
terrible losses.

It's his fault!
His selfishness killed his brother.

Now he's dragging us down
with the infidels!

Please! You are...

you're twisting everything.

Who's making you think like this?

I just know.

Don't worry about the lies of time,

so long as the rain dances
on your tears.


Just a short verse I once wrote.

What's the meaning?

The meaning?

Don't worry about the lies of time,

so long as the rain dances
on your tears.

Powerful words, Mr Taufiq.

Powerful too, were the words
you spoke about your brother

and your fiancé.

What are you saying?

You were arrested in '94
for communist activities.

Your brother was also arrested,
as well as your fiancé.

Shortly afterwards you were released

but Karim and Haifa died.

Says here, you were exchanged
in Kurdistan

for a high-ranking regime spy.

Is it possible you betrayed them
to save your own skin?

Help us fight the evil.

I don't trust him.

For such duties, you have to choose
the weakest man in the group,

so you form a powerful platoon.

If I were you,
I would have killed him.

I worry more for Muhanad
than for myself.

then do something about it!

You're all full of leftist slogans,
but nobody actually does anything.

"Free country, free people!"

You've grown old

and your slogans have grown old.
There are better slogans today:

"With peace or munition,
put resistance in position,

no state, no god, no motherland,
common sense is in your hand."

Enough! We get it.
I will call Muhanad.

Where was Nasseer when you were
following Amal through the park.

-Nasseer wasn't there.
-We have witnesses.

I didn't see him.

Yasin provoked your nephew
to such an extent

that he was willing to use violence
against you and your friends.

No, never.

Then explain to us how
your nephew's fingerprints

were found on the handle
of the knife.

What's your theory?

-Where are you?

-I'm with Sven.
-Very good. We have to talk.

Yasin and his followers are looking
for you. Come to the cafe!

Thanks for calling.

We're on our way.


Be fast, strike hard
and don't get caught!

God be with you!

At least I get to finally meet
your people.

Come on!

It's closing time.

Be careful now, try not to be
sarcastic. Just watch out.


-Muhanad and Sven!
-Open the door, let them in!

Guys come on! Quickly!
Come in!

Come on, Zeki!

Take the benches,
build a barricade!

Amal, Muhanad and his friend
must leave!

We're staying with you!

What's wrong with you?

-Give us the homo!
-What the fuck?

They have to give us the adulterator.

Get out of here!

Take Amal and leave!

Death to the homo!
Death to the adulterator!

Call the police.


Amal! Go to Martin's!

If I had my AK-47,
I would take you down!

I'll get you homo!

A kalashnikov?
No, not you, sorry, no!

Bring him! Bring him out!

-Everything's okay.
-And Amal?

Shes gone to Martin's.


Where are you going?

-She's in trouble. We have to help.
-Are you mad?

Will you help?

To the front!

You bastards!
Go home to your mothers!

-Yeah, see it burn!
-Yeah, lets get out of here.

You are against people
like Yasin.

We are too.

If you tell us the truth,

then we can arrest Yasin
for incitement to murder

and put him behind bars
for a long time.


Is that you?

Death to the infidel!

No, Nasseer!

You were such a good boy.

Call the ambulance!

Call the ambulance!

Stay with me!

He betrayed your father.
Kill them both!

Don't believe him!

He's a liar!

Please, Taufiq, think it over.

With this statement, the prosecutor
can charge you manslaughter.

You are the only witness
who can state

that Nasseer was the one
who stabbed Amal.

That will enable us to charge Yasin
with incitement to murder.

My nephew was

not in the park in that night.

Can I go now?

Your warrant.

Taufiq Jasim, you are under arrest
for the murder of Ahmed Kamal.

You have the right
to remain silent...

I'm sorry, Maha.

Forgive me.


Why is it so dark?

Am I dreaming?



Are you here?

Are you with me?

It's so dark.

Wish you would be with me.

Are you?

I had a dream.

I saw us all in Zekis cafe.

We were rebuilding it.

Samira, excited as usual.

And I got to know Muhanads lover,
very handsome...

And Maud.

Martin, I really miss you.

I know

one day we will have
a lot of children,

they will have a dark skin
and curly hair

and some of them
will look like you.

We shall live all over the world

and one day I will be able
to show you

my beautiful Baghdad.

The Tigris,

the gardens of Abu Nawas

and Keradah, my favourite,

where you can see the youngsters
in the cafe disputing, arguing,

but there will be no fear.

And nobody will judge us
for who we are.