Baghavat (1982) - full transcript

The region under Maharaj Singh's control is under-going drought and famine-like conditions, and the Maharaj orders that the treasury be made open so that his public does not suffer. His orders are not followed by his Senapati, Dhurjan Singh, and Mahamantri. When Singh finds out and confronts them, they kill him. They send their men after the Maharani and the Rajkumar, Amar Singh, however, Sher Khan helps them to escape. They hide Amar in Bhagwan Shri Ganesh's temple, and a poor gypsy couple find and adopt him. In the meantime Sher Khan and a devastated Maharani start organizing a rebellion amongst the people. They gather together an army and start training them. Dhurjan passes away and he leaves behind a son, Vikram, and a daughter, Padmavati. Vikram assumes the throne and he is even more cruel than his dad. In the meantime, Amar has also grown up, has fallen in love with Padmavati and would like to marry her. His foster mother has a secret to share with him, but before that could happen, Amar is captured by Vikram's men, held and tortured in a prison cell, and finally he must meet his death when he is to be trampled by the feet of an elephant.

Long live the king!

Long live His Highness!

Mercy, Your Highness

Mercy, Your Highness!
- Shut him up!

Killed me! Save me, Your Highness!

Killed me!

General, why is the complainant
being stopped from coming to me?

It is against your pride to talk
to every other man, Your Highness

A king and his subject
are like father and son

Sher Khan, present the complainant
before me

Tell me.
- We had no rains this year

Searing drought prevails. Our children
are starving. We're in a predicament

Instead of waiving the tax,
we're being burdened even more

What am I hearing, general?

I had ordered for the use of official
treasure, and the foodgrain...

in the storehouses to be distributed
among the subjects. Execute the order

Your order will not be executed.
If all the foodgrain are distributed...

the army will starve. If that happens,
who will protect the nation?

Commander, a piece of land
doesn't make a country

Citizens make a country. If they
are dead, whom will the army protect?

Your Highness, this is against
administrative policy

Swords, not emotions, run a monarchy.
- And the army wields swords

How dare you unsheathe the sword
before me? What does this mean?

Simple, Your Highness. When a Rajput
unsheathes a sword...

he draws it back only after quenching
its thirst for blood

No! No!

This is no time to mourn Queen Mother.
The assassin is on his way here...

for the prince. He wants to ensure
there's no successor to the throne

My son!

Kill the Queen and the prince.
- No heir to the throne must live! Go

Be brave. This is the time to
save the only heir of the king

Surround the palace.
No one must escape

Let's hide the prince inside the
temple of Lord Ganesh over there

In the temple?
- Yes, Queen Mother. We're surrounded

The successor to the throne must live.
For God's sake, heed me. Come on

In this basket

Not to fear, Your Majesty.
Allah will protect him

Lord, we leave the prince to You.
- Save my son, Lord

Queen Mother, let's split. I will lead
them away. We'll meet at the temple

May Allah protect you

Chief, the horse is abandoned.
- Just one shot killed them both

The prince and the Queen

Hail Lord Ganesh

Lord, grant me my wish

A kid.
- Kid...? Let me see

A kid in a basket?
- What a lovely boy

Yes. There must be someone with him.
Let's go out and check

Whose kid is this?

Quiet now!
- Whose kid is this?

Shut up now! Why are you yelling? Who
is going to hear you in this forest?

I've been praying all along.
This kid is mine. The Lord gives me

Hey... that's his mark.
- Mark? Hold it dear, all right?


Queen Mother, the prince is not here.
- What...?

No... no!

Where's my son, my baby?

No! No!

Give me back my son!

Be brave, Queen Mother.
Our prince isn't lost

The Almighty has surely placed him
under the care of a noble soul

Look at the fresh flowers.
Had our prince not been safe...

we would've found this place
stained in blood, not flowers

Believe me. Some devotee has certainly
visited this place and offered flowers

He must've taken the baby with him.
Trust me

The Almighty cannot be so cruel.
He is merciful and benevolent

Pray, son

Where did our chief ind the baby?
- In the temple of Lord Ganesh

The Lord has been kind to him.
- Take a good look at him

Recognise him. He's going to be
our tribe's chief after me

Long live the little chief!

Jwala is here

Tell my son's future, Santoni

Arise, Jwala.
Arise, unravel the mystery!

Predict. Where does he come from?
Why is he here?

Suraj (Sun). Your son is Suraj. He
will rule the world when he grows up

But you will not live.
You will not live to see that day

So what? Every man has to die.
But my son's future is bright

Sire, the Queen and
the prince are dead

Long live, His Majesty Durjan Singh

We, your faithful, have assembled here
to proclaim that...

we shall certainly avenge
your martyrdom from the enemy

Unless we ind the prince
and restore the throne, we shall...

iercely counter the atrocities done
to the poor, under the Queen Mother

So that the ires of rebellion burn
forever in the hearts of the people

We're rebels. Rebellion is our right.
- Long live the rebellion!


"never forget our friendship"

"Never forget our friendship..."

"my childhood chum, my elephant"

"You could die for me"

"You love me"

"You scare everyone
but you are scared of me"

"You are crazy about me..."

"so am I about you"

"Never forget our friendship"

"Together we shall play,
together we shall live"

"May not we ever part"

"May we never part,
may we never be lonely"

"Even if that happens,
may we never stop loving"

"Never forget our friendship..."

"my childhood chum, my elephant"

That elephant will be good for
the prince's rides. Catch it

Why must you?
This elephant belongs to me

it's the king's order! Get it?
- Nloti is mine

I won't let anyone touch him.
- Why won't you? Get out of the way!

No! As long as I alive,
no one will touch him

All right, you won't live


Vikram, look my son,
there's an elephant for you to ride

See Padma? An elephant for me.
There's not even an ass for you

Sher Khan...
- Yes Your Majesty?

When I saw that kid today...
- Yes...?

What state have I come to?
I ind my son in every boy

I had put my son under Your care.
You must return him to me

How long will You delay mercy, Lord?

So many years have passed
in the pining to see my son

Where must my son be?

What kind of justice is this, Lord?
Even today, a sinner...

is occupying the throne that ought
to have been my son's


The king is no more.
The sun has set in Suryagadh

Should the sun set
on one end...

it rises on the other

Hail king Vikram Singh

Hail the Queen Mother

What news do you bring
from the city, Sher Khan?

After Durjan Singh, his son
Vikram Singh has succeeded him

And instead of rejoicing,
his subjects wallow in misery

Son turns out to be ruthless
than his father

How have the subjects reacted?
- The sword of tyranny silences them

I wish, we could tell them that their
Queen and their prince are still alive

But where's the prince?
Who will answer them if they ask?

"Gypsies... we're gypsies"

"Gypsies... we're gypsies"

"We're one of a kind"

"In hearts, we live"

"We make merry among ourselves"

"Like the river, we flow"


"We're gypsies"

"We're one of a kind"

"The world laughs over us"

"We laugh over the world"

"Today here, there tomorrow,
we pitch in wherever we wish"

"We exchange hearts for hearts,
we live and die for love"

"We're lovers..."

"we're lovers, we're Iovestruck"


"we're gypsies..."

"We're one of a kind"

"We use our hands to work,
we use words to entertain"

"Rainy days, we fear..."

"but not along night of love"

"We aren't mean friends"

"Flowers, we cherish"


"even thorns we accept"


"we're gypsies"

Attention! Princess Padmavati's
royal carriage is on its way

Clear the village square

Why are you running off?
- The princess is coming this way!

Run, if you want to live.
- What if I wish to see the princess?

Your eyes will be gouged out!

Amar, come on! You want to die?
- No, I want to see the princess

Come on!

Closed buggy...?

Her Majesty is inside the buggy

I thought you were ugly, that's why
you prefer to stay inside the buggy

But you are so pretty.
- Anybody there? Arrest him!

It's so crowded here.
I'll come to meet you in private

Who is this man?

- They've been ruthless

Why did you have to go there?
- Shallo...

how many marks on my back?
- Many

The whip marks on my body
shows how much she loves me

Loves...? Who? The princess?
- Who else? You?

Stay in your limits. Her brother,
Vikram Singh, is a tyrant

If you try to meet her,
he'll slit your throat

If the swine cuts my throats, the
princess will kill herself my for sake

As if you are married to her!
- Almost. I have chosen her

She's going to choose me now,
and then we'll be married bylaw

If you go there tomorrow, your heart
will bear as many wounds as your back

She's burning in envy,
and she's trying to burn me

Stay in your limits, son.
Why must you take on the royals?

Who's taking them on, Ma?
Her men flagged me. In fact...

they've challenged your tiger, Ma

And what a wounded tiger does,
I must show Her Majesty

Why must you stake your life
for him, Shallo?

Sarju! I'm marrying Amar. You get it?
- But he isn't marrying you

Someday he's going to dump you. Then
you'll come to me. So why not today?

I'd rather drown myself!
- Only if I let you die

I'll take you away by force!
- Let go of my hand!

Don't you dare, Sarju!
You ought to be ashamed

Ashamed? What for?
I'm proposing marriage

You know the rules of our clan.
No marrying a girl against her wishes

One is also allowed to talk to
spinsters. Stop me after you marry her

Whether I marry her or not, but
till such time as I am the chief...

I won't let anyone force a girl.
Shallo, go away

"Look at her..."

"setting water on ire"

Who's there?

"Covering her body..."

"the fair lady is taking a bath"

How dare you? Uncouth man!
Don't you know who I am?

"Are you a celestial beauty?"

"Or, are you someone else?"

"You aren't woman"

"You are a silken thread"

Fool! You think I'm thread?

You have invited your death!
- Death...? So beautiful?

I could die for such a snakebite

"You're a serpent"

"And I'm snake-charmer in love"

"I shall lure you away..."

"and leave the world gaping"

You aren't getting away alive
out of the palace!

"Guard yourself as much as you can"

"Cover yourself as much as you can"

"But don't be so vain"

"Don't deny this poor heart"

"My heart is no less than a palace..."

"for, in my heart you dwell"

"You're a serpent"

"And I'm snake-charmer in love"

"I shall lure you away..."

"and leave the world gaping"

You'll die a horrible death!
- "Those in love..."

"don't fear death"

"For your lovely countenance..."

"a thousand moons could die"

"Your disheveled tresses..."

"could plunge the world into darkness"

"You're a serpent"

"And I'm snake-charmer in love"

"I shall lure you away..."

"and leave the world gaping"

"if not today, tomorrow it will be"

"Let's bet on it"

"Love will cast its spell on you..."

"and you will dance in joy"

"For a smile on your lips..."

"I'd drink your venom"

"You're a serpent"

"And I'm snake-charmer in love"

"I shall lure you away..."

"and leave the world gaping"

Disperse! it's such a lovely moment.
Her Majesty hates this intrusion

You'll be punished for this intrusion.
- Did you hear? You'll be punished!

What are you waiting for? Arrest him!
- What are you waiting for? Arrest me

Didn't hear? She wants me arrested.
She wants me to stay here

- You've fallen in love at irst sight

I must return. Now that I have chosen
a pretty bride for myself...

I want to break the good news to Ma.
- Insolent!

Thank you

Excuse me... my headdress is with you.
Take care of it, I'll return for it

Kill him!

He escaped? How could he?
Tell the soldiers...

if they want to live, they must
bring him to me, dead or alive

Alive, if possible

Why bother the soldiers,
Your Highness? He'll come on his own

He promised to come here, and he came.
He'll come again for the headdress

He's a man of his word.
- Shut up!

My hot babe, out of my way.
- To hell with your hot-babe!

Did you meet the princess?
Are you satisied?

Of course, satisied. And I'm frozen.
- Why? Does she have four eyes?

Four hands? Four legs? Four ears?
- She has four hearts

- Yes. One heart says...

Amar, don't leave me

The second says, Amar, embrace me

Third says...
- Stop it! Your brain is rusted

What has she got that I haven't?
Is she diamond-eyed? Silken-haired?

Do flowers rain when she speaks?
- Yes. Roses

She smells like sandalwood.
Today we even bathed together

You bathed with her?
- Yes, in the royal pool

Take a whiff. You'll smell sandalwood.
- Don't touch me. You've bathed...

with someone else. You're stained.
Unless you bathe in the Ganges...

the stink won't leave your body.
- I won't ever bathe. Never

Lest this lovely fragrance leaves me.
- It appears, you're off your wits

Come on, drop me home.
- No, you aren't sitting...

on my horse any more. Only she
will sit. I'll ride only with her

You will marry only me. I'm going
to mother your kids. You get that?

I have no plans to become father now.
Lay off


Lord, what am I to do?
Wasn't he so ine a while ago?

Princess, our army is amazing.
A man teased you at the pool...

and they picked up twenty men.
Go and identify the lover...

I mean, the rogue

it's none of them

Her Majesty says the offender
is not among them

Let them go.
- Let them go. By order


Those who are arrested and brought to
me, don't return without a punishment

But brother, they are guiltless.
Why must you punish them?

One must fear the curse of the poor.
- Swords run a monarchy!

Otherwise, a monarchy
loses the power it wields

So these are the ones who dared
to enter our pool!

It's a lie, Your Highness.
We are innocent. Your soldiers...

brought us here by force
- You mean, my soldiers...

cannot differentiate between the
guilty and innocent? I trust my army

You trust your army but not your
subjects? This is unfair, Your Majesty

You suspect my justice?
- No, Your Highness

We're merely voicing our anger
against the army

The voice reeks of rebellion.
Soldier, silence the voice

Mercy, Your Highness. Mercy!

Has anyone else
to question my justice?

Take them away.
Throw them in the dungeons

So that their spiteful eyes
pine to see the sun

Come on

Where are they from?
- Village Gangapur, Your Highness

Uncivil men. Gangapur will not be my
territory any more. Execute the order

She's stranded. Get her. Go

Son, were it not for you he'd have
shot me. You have given me...

a new lease of life. Who are you?
- I'm Amar, the gypsy...

Well, I'm no prince that you'll know.
- You're very brave

You're very brave, Ma-ji.
You were great with the sword

May I say something, Ma-ji?
- Tell me, son

I don't why I feel like
touching your feet

We need brave men like you.
Join us

Please don't mind... what do you do?
- We're rebels

Rebels...? Good Lord! That demands
bloodshed. You must be killing many

What we gypsies do is just sing and
dance. Keep this, it might hurt

Goodbye, Ma-ji.
- Bless you, son

One bandit, a woman, defeats
such a huge kingdom

And all of you have come to me alive
with this news?

I feel like skinning you alive
and hanging you at the square

But then, warriors should not be
humiliated before the subjects

Commander, let my favourite elephant
trample all these brave men

At least they will die respectfully.
Execute the order

Past, present, future... manifest!
- Bibi Amma...

What is it?
- My lover doesn't talk to me any more

He has forgotten his childhood love
ever since he has met the princess

When will he marry me?
- Marry? Abracadabra!

This girl loves someone. He is
indifferent. Tell me the consequence

Showers of blood... ires...
destruction... nothing will be spared

Nothing will exist...
no throne, no crown

What will happen to my love?
- Will be decided on a full-moon night

Go and wait for the full moon.
Go away!

I'm restless every moment

During the day I dream about my love,
and at nights I can't sleep

Lady, I'm here

How could you enter the palace?
- I came flying, counting on my love

Insolent! You came again?
I will clip your wings!

And hold them close to your heart.
- I'll ix you rightaway

Before you call someone in,
won't you accept your birthday gift?

Your lover has come to meet you.
And I bring you a pair of rabbits

Don't be surprised. Learn from them
the only thing that they teach

Make love and have kids

Take care

Go ahead, summon anyone

Arrest this savage!


Will you use arrows and swords to
kill a lover? Kill me with love

Catch me if you can

I hate a crowd. I'll meet you
in private. Pretty soon

Arrest him and present him before me

What happened? Has he been caught?
- No, none could catch him

He jumped the wall and ran away.
- Ran away? Useless! All of you

I don't need anyone. Go away.
- Me too?

Yes, you too

Useless! Everyone!

Thank you for this lovely gift,
Your Highness

You...? How dare you lie on my bed?

You mind? In this very bed
we shall have our nuptials someday

Not a bed for nuptials,
it's your deathbed

Not dagger, nor sword can harm me.
My arms have taken all

It seems you don't love your life.
- You are my life

How will I survive without loving you?
- Only if you live

A human can kill another, Your Majesty.
But to kill love is beyond human hands

It is love that gave me the courage to
come here and return alive everytime

Like a thief you entered and left.
And you think you've been courageous?

Don't challenge a lover's courage!
If I wish I can take you away now

But I won't. On full-moon nights you
visit the temple on the hill, I hear

Make sure you come with the
entire Red Army. I'll come alone

If I whisk you away from amidst all
the soldiers, then you will have to...

shed your false pride
and embrace this gypsy. Agree?

Only if your head remains.
- Not you, the high of royalty speaks

For a while forget that you are
a princess, and look into your heart

You'll ind me in some corner.
And... you must give in to your heart

No, I won't return this.
My foster-sister is marrying today

I'll tell her that her sister-in-law
has sent this gift for her

My headdress is lucky, I'm not. Look
how majestically it lies on your seat

Take care of this weapon. You may
need it on the full-moon night. Bye

Look into your heart. You will
ind me in some corner. And...

you must give in to your heart

You threw the headdress away, but
how will you get over his memories?

Memories? Of the tumbler?
- All right he is a tumbler

But his jumps have
set your heart somersaulting

Well, my hot babe looks frozen today

Today it will be decided!
- Has the war begun?

Yes, the war has begun!
I'll kill you or I'll kill myself

You're coming from there, aren't you?
- Shallo, I can't help it

I don't go there, my legs take me

And now, even the princess' condition
is like mine. She's pining

She wasn't willing to let me go today.
- Then why did you return?

You could've stayed back?
- Can't digest the food...

when it comes on a golden platter.
Until I eat the food you cook...

I'm not sated. After I marry
the princess, make sure...

you teach her to make bread.
- Must you rub salts into my wounds?

If you want to marry that cursed woman
then take this and pierce my heart

What's wrong with you? You think
I'll thrust this knife into you?

I don't want your sympathies

Does she love you more than I do?
- Yes... she loves me... dearly

She calls me "My Romeo" these days

Swear it on me

No Shallo, I can't
swear falsely on you

Amar! I knew you can't
swear falsely on me. You love me

You won't even stab me! You want to
tease me that's why you take her name

But I'm not buying that!
- Don't dream unrealistic dreams

Say whatever you want to,
I'll get even with you after marriage

She's hurting herself


Bravo! Now you are capable
of taking on the enemy

What you have learnt, teach that
to the neighbouring villagers

Let them teach others. Finally
every village will become a fortress...

and every young man, a warrior

Princess, are you going to the temple
tomorrow with the soldiers?

What is it about tomorrow?
- The gypsy. The one who promises...

to come, comes,
goes back and returns again

What do you think? Will he come?
Doesn't he hold his life dear?

The text of Love says that true lovers
don't hesitate to give their lives

Basanti, talking about love and
sacriicing life for love...

are two different things.
He isn't coming

My darling Raja, know why I am
decking you up tonight?

Get the plan very clear. Today
the princess is going to ride on you

Don't mess it up,
else I'll whack you. Let's go

He's not to be seen.
- Who?

The one who always promises to come.
- He isn't coming. Poor Life is dear

So the Love texts lie that true lovers
don't hesitate to give their lives

It is true! He is here!

It's a dummy.
- That's a dummy!

The cheat! Coward! See? Talking
about love and sacriicing for love...

are two different things.
- Here! My life is for you, princess

Gypsies are true to their word.
Those foolish soldiers can't kill me

If you wanted to kill me,
you should've brought in cannons

Not like a thief, I'll take you away
amidst flying arrows

How will you ride?
On elephant? Or horseback?

Horseback will be the best!
Raja! Take the girl!


No one tries to step forward!
Inform your king that...

Her Majesty has gone to see
her in-laws


Jump, Raja!

Don't worry, Your Majesty,
your soldiers are sluggish


Insolent man! You'll know
when I get you hanged!

Hang me after the wedding,
I won't mind. But you must marry me

With the princess...?

Stop, Amar!
- Shallo, out of the way!

Where are you taking that witch? Stop!
- We're marrying today

Summon the priest, pronto.
- Stop, Amar! No!

Stop, Amar!
- Her Majesty wants sweet distributed

I'll kill her!

Stop, Raja. Our castle is here

Well Your Majesty,
you like the place?

Come on, darling

What grace! The gypsy girl
is no better than you

And why not? A gypsy's company
does show its effect

Raja, did you enjoy taking the
princess on a ride?

And why not?
Both of us enjoyed

Well, do you commend
my act of bravery?

You kidnapped a girl using deception,
and you call that an act of bravery?

If not an act of bravery,
it is a tactic in love

This battle of war between you and me
has made me Iovesick, Your Majesty

And only wedding can cure me. So
tell me, do you like the bridegroom?

Do you intend to taint a girl
in this desolate ruins?

What a shame! This doesn't
speak well of you, princess

You consider my love a slur on you?
You ought to be proud of my love

I stole you away from amidst soldiers
risking my life. Didn't you see?

I had promised you. Remember?
I have fulilled my promise

Now fulill your promise
and embrace me

You dare to speak such things
because I'm in your custody

Who is in whose custody?
You or I?

I'm in your custody at the moment.
Entrapped in the shackles of your love

I swear by you,
I love the shackles

Still, if you think my love for you is
a crime, I'm willing to be punished

Punishment? I wish I had a sword.
Your head would've been at my feet

Is that all you wish?

I'm in love with you, so I shall
give you every wish of yours

My life isn't dearer to me
than your love, Your Majesty

Here you are

Have your wish

Shoot the arrow. Go on

Go on, shoot!

What are waiting for? Curse
my mother's milk if I waver one bit


You can't shoot, princess

Not the worst of your rage
can diminish my love

Those lovely eyes, fluttering lips,
those shivering arms...

all prove that your heart
has begun rebelling for me

If not me, you must listen
to your rebelling heart

Shoot, or embrace me

Shoot, or embrace me!
- Insolent! Blood gypsy!

Now that you have shot the arrow, you
have made me aware of where I stand

A speck of dirt that tried to reach
for the stars has got its punishment

That a princess would love a gypsy
was just a misconception I had

Thank you for making me aware
of my status

Raja, drop the princess safely
at the palace


What are you looking at?

Not a wound,
it is my love's grave...

in which I have buried
all my desires and dreams

Go on, princess. No gypsy
will ever come in your way again

"My beauty..."

"made me arrogant"

"Your love..."


"that image"

"With the world
and its people..."

"today I revolt..."

"now that I have fallen
in love with you"

"I'm in love with you"

"ls today the day ofjudgement?"

"Such mercy you show towards me"

"You have fallen in love with me"

"You are a princess,
you reside in a castle"

"I'm 893/P53/1
a rustic"

"My crown..."

"I lay at your feet,
I'm crazed"

"Those who weigh feelings
with wealth..."

"are merchants who trade in hearts"

"I'm in love with you"

"I have forgotten all the norms..."

"everything I accept"

"I never knew, desires..."

"turn one impulsive"

"I have fallen in love with you"

"Make me or break me..."

"I'm a caged bird,
do what you want to me, O'hunter"

"My disheveled tresses,
my fluttering veil..."

"invite you..."

"now that I have fallen
in love with you"

"With the world,
with the people..."

"today we revolt"

"I'm in love with you"

"I'm in love with you"

Brother, I'm guilty. I ought to
be punished. You have no right...

to take an innocent's life.
- I'm not here to demand my right

I only want to make you aware that
your place is in the palace...

not among the gypsies. You will
not step out of the palace any more

Which means I am under house arrest?
- No. I'm just guarding royal honour

Brother, you can conine my body,
but you can't shackle my soul

A princess trying to defend a gypsy?
Don't you care for your royal status?

For me to shun my pride, the ordinary
gypsy ought to have something in him

Which is why he will be beheaded
and his head presented to you

To prevent a princess
trade the royal status...

we earned by the edge of the sword

Take the princess away safely

- You recognise me?

You lured Amar and got him arrested.
Are you satisied now?

Who is satisied and who is burning,
how would you know, Shallo?

Love knows not deceit.
- Love? How'd a rich princess know?

Love is heart's treasure.
And a heart, we poor posses

You have destroyed my love.
I shall have your blood

Were my death to save Amar's life
I'd love to die

Shallo, if you really love Amar,
forget me and save his life

Take me out of this place. We must
get to the dungeon and save Amar

Another deceit, another ploy.
- Don't call pining a ploy, Shallo

Pining in your heart? Ask the heart
which pines for Amar since childhood

Amar's voice resonates in every
heartbeat. I'm only a sculpture

Amar is my soul.
- Then help me save the soul

Shallo, if we are late, in this
battle, Time will defeat Love

Whose love do you mean?
Yours? Or mine?

Shallo, this is no time to argue
but to save Amar

He must live, no matter if he
becomes yours... but help me, Shallo

If this be deceit, I'm willing
to accept this beautiful deceit

But on one condition

After Amar is released he will
belong to me, not to you

To save Amar's life,
I accept any condition

Then come on


Your command, Your Majesty?
- Open the gate

I can open it only on official order

isn't a princess' order not official?
- I'm helpless, Your Majesty

Hand over the prisoner to me.
It's an order

Every prisoner is under the king's
custody. I'd rather lose my life...

than betray.
- Then you'll lose your life!

Your Majesty, don't compel me
to use force

Shallo, pick up the keys.
- Don't allow her!

Shallo, quick!


Take this!

Get out of here, quick!
- Come on

Don't let them escape!

Do as I say. The two of you
get out of here

And you?
- Not wise for all of us to go at once

I'll go this way

Your Highness, the gypsy has escaped

Someone is coming. Go on, I'll see

Did you catch the girl, too?
- No. She was shot, yet she escaped

- Shallo, my child!

I regret, those wrists that once wore
golden bangles wear iron handcuffs now

I'm not responsible but your wrong
step that maligned royal reputation

To each his own thoughts. You think
I maligned the royal reputation

But I think I have honoured love

Now that I've freed Amar from your
shackles, I care not for handcuffs

Nlisconception? it's your
misconception that Amar is free

None escapes Death. Likewise, no prey
escapes king Vikram's Singh's custody

Amar is still my prisoner.
And tomorrow morning...

you will witness the bloody scene
when he will be done to death

- Yes, death. Tell me...

if you have a greater punishment
on your mind, I'll consider it

Half a glass? Fill it!
I'm the chief now

Not yet, boss. Yes, you will become
the chief after Amar's death

Not so long before he dies

Don't you know? No prey has ever
escaped king Vikram Singh's trap

And the slut went to save him!
- Boss, Shallo will be yours now

If not me, who else will
the slut belong to?

My Amar's life is in danger.
Save him Bibi Amma, I beg of you

No use begging to me. Look up,
the Goddess needs blood, a sacriice

Then offer me. Let my blood quench
the Goddess' thirst. Save my Amar

No one can save him. No one can
save him from the Goddess' wrath

Love can save him.
My love can take on any tempest

Don't take on this tempest,
you will lose your life

I'll give it! I'll sing, dance
and I shall earn the Goddess' favour

Don't! Don't do it, Shallo. This is
a harsh test. Not only your life...

you will have to sacriice
your love too

I shall give away my love..."

"and also give a test"

"Not only the heart..."

"I can give my life too"

"I shall sacriice my life
for this crazy heart of mine"

"I shall sing and dance
till my dancing-bells shatter"

"I have been deceived"

"Don't stop me tonight"

"The tears I shed
didn't work for me"

"I have lamented enough"

"Tonight I shall bare my heart..."

"to show my wounds"

"I shall sing and dance
until my dancing-bells shatter"

"My luck doesn't favour me"

"it's beyond my control"

"No matter how weak women are..."

"but we aren't cowards"

"Alone I shall take on the world"

"I shall sing and dance
until my dancing-bells shatter"

General, pronounce his crime

The accused Amar is the gypsy chief

Not only did he dare to sneak into
the palace on the sly...

he also committed the crime of
entering into the princess' rest-room

But for the merciful Her Majesty,
her guards would've beheaded him

Her Majesty ordered him to be
detained for sometime

But this ingrate took undue advantage
of her leniency and tried...

to escape from the prison
with the help of some accomplices

But our guards risked their lives
and foiled his attempt

Has the princess proposed
another punishment?


She wants this ingrate to be
trampled under an elephant in public

Princess Padmavati's justice
makes me happy

But before her order is executed,
according to the kingdom's law...

ask the criminal his last wish

Speak, if you have any last wish

If you boast of giving me
my last wish, then hear...

I want to see the
brave and pretty face...

that helped me escape.
- Impossible

Gypsy, know your status!
- Where does a great king stand...

who can't fulill a small promise?
- lnsolence! Behave yourself!

Don't you fear Death?
- Death, I embraced...

the day I desired her love,
whom you have bound in shackles

The moment you breathe your last,
the shackles will break by themselves

Thanks for the comprehension. But you
can't see the tears of a helpless soul

The tears will rejoice after you die.
- You are mistaken, Your Highness

You don't know, those tears of love
will turn into a tempest someday

It will wash away the kingdom of an
arrogant and heartless king like you

No more shall
the crown and throne be

The rule, the false grandeur
will be destroyed

None of you shall live, Your Highness.
But love will forever live!

Trample him!

Trample his head


Moti...? it's you!

It's me

it's me. Your buddy. Remember me?

Don't let him escape!

After him! I want him.
Dead or alive!

Your Majesty...

Amar escaped

Amar is safe

How could he escape?
- A group of wild elephants...

blocked our path, Your Highness

General, this means our animals
are smarter than our army

But where will he go?
To his clan

General, destroy the gypsies.
Kill every gypsy kid

Behead the rebel and present it
before me. Do it!

Where is Amar?
- The king's elephant sauced him

No, he is alive.
- Amar is alive...?

He is on the run.
- My son is alive?

Yes, he's alive. I have come looking
for him. Vacate this place

Else, the king's army
will slaughter you

They are here I guess. If they see me
I'll be damned. Run, everyone!

Let's get out of here. Come on, Shalu
- I'm not going

Where will my son look for me?
Go on folks, I'll stay here

Come on, Shalu.
- I'm not going

Come on.
- I won't!

Why won't you?
- Let go of me! You cur!

Don't set the houses ablaze!

Slut! Sit there! Trying to run away?
Where will you run to?

I'm the chief now!
And you are marrying me!

I'll kill you if you force me!
Or I'll kill myself

I'm a gypsy! And a gypsy girl
never changes her man

I'm Amar's. I'll belong only to him!
- Only if he's alive

He's alive. Basanti said that.
- Is that some life?

Like hounds the king's men will
chase him. And he'll run scared

You get that? Bibi Amma too says,
you will never marry Amar!

Whether I marry him or not,
I have committed my life to him

Then get this! Stay right here.
You're being watched

Step outside, and I'll break
your limbs. Get that?



Ma, what has happened?
- We're ruined, son

We're ruined.
- What are you saying, Ma?

I breathed only to see you.
I can die in peace now

No Ma, don't say that...
- I'm losing time, Amar, my son

Son, I must tell you a secret.
- What secret, Ma?

I'm not your mother.
- Don't say that. You are my Ma

Son, in the temple
of Lord Ganesh...

in the forest... I found you in
the temple of Lord Ganesh

Someone had left you there.
- Who left me there, Ma?

You come from a high stock, son.
- No Ma, I'm your son

No son... look at this

This was tied to your arm

This will lead you to your parents

Bibi Amma...
- What is it?

Make an amulet for me.
- Amulet? What kind, chief?

I want to win Shallo's heart.
- Shallo's heart?

- Abracadabra!

Shallo...? She has flown, chief.
- What...?

Where is Amar?
- I too came looking for Amar

But I ind no one here.
- I thought he must have come...

so I returned. If Amar is not found,
the princess will die

What happened to the princess?
- As soon as the elephant...

raised its leg to trample Amar,
Her Majesty fainted

Perhaps, it still plays
deep inside her mind

It seems as if she'll die for Amar

God forbid such love.
- Will you take me to the princess?

How can I take you inside the palace?
- I'll show you the way. Follow me

Allah is great

Basanti, where have you been? How
could you leave the princess behind?

From a mendicant outside the city
I have brought some holy incense

Who is that with you?
- She serves the mendicant

She wants to see the princess once.
Her magic might just work

May I be given permission.
Allah is great

Take her inside, Basanti.
- Come

Your Majesty...

Your Majesty, I'm Shallo

I'm Shallo, Your Majesty.
Amar is alive

Your Amar is alive, princess.
- Who are you talking to, Shallo?

She has turned into stone

I'm stone-hearted. I couldn't fathom
her pining, how deep is her love

Today I know the difference
between selishness and sacriice

Forgive me, Your Majesty.
I wanted to snatch Amar away from you

I wanted to defeat you.
But your love has defeated me

Forgive me, Your Majesty.
Amar is yours, he'll be only yours

Yes Your Majesty, Amar belongs to you

Your Majesty believe me, Amar belongs
to you. He'll only be yours

Amar must be brought here at any cost.
Only Amar can save her

Amar has to be brought here. Only he
can give her a new lease of life

Come on

Allah is great

Did you make something out?
- Yes, Your Highness

But alas, I can do nothing about it

Why not?
- She's possessed by a great spirit

The spirit has entered right into
her soul. And to drive it out...

alas, alas!
- Can someone exorcise?

Only one man can drive it out.
- Who?

The great seer

Then get him over.
- From where, Sire?

It's been ages since I met him.
He's an ascetic, a nomad

Spends his day here,
night there

Can there be a way out to ind him?
- There is one way out

Set the drums beating. If he hears
that a devout woman...

is badly in need of his help,
he'll come running here, Sire

His sight will cure the patient.
Allah is great

Very well. Let's try this too

Hear the royal proclamation

Hear one and all.
Princess Padmavati is possessed

If any common man, or an ascetic
can drive the spirit away...

and cure the princess, he shall be
rewarded with 500 gold coins...

and ive villages

Raja...? You?

Amar, you are alive!
- Shallo, someone will hear

Did you hear? The princess thinks
you are dead. She has lost her senses

Not spirits, she's possessed
by your love

There's only way she can be saved.
- How?

She must see you. All the seers
can't do what a lover's sight can

Shallo, does that come from you?
- You were the one who said...

those in love give their lives,
they don't take lives

Come to your senses, my child

Who are you reasoning with?
The poor thing isn't herself

Padma, my child...
- Padma, where are you going?

Open the door, Padma

Open the door

Open the door, Your Majesty.

Open up, Padma

Allah! Succour of the miserable,
shows us Thy mercy

Show us

Who are you?
- Foolish king! Come to your senses

Fear Allah.
Address the elders respectfully

I'm Ali the qalandar,
the merry dervish!

Nlendicant, in the king's presence
be humble, not vain

In humility I stand before Allah,
no human I fear

Keep your Lordship to yourself.
I'm going away to the King of Kings

Your Majesty!

What are you doing, Sire?
He is the great seer...

who can do wonders.
He has the Midas touch!

Mercy, O great seer. Forgive him,
he's ignorant. Mercy!

Hey mere mortal,
I'm a spiritual soul

I fear not Death. This world belongs
to none. You're born, so you shall die

Only love will prevail.
Love is love

Whose love, seer?
- Of the one with lovely tresses

Of the one inside.
Love inside everyone

Goddess of love! My love,
I salute your beautiful tresses

"My love, I salute you"

"salutations to you"

"My love, I salute you"

"When in distress
I called out to you"

"My love, I salute you"

"When you are near,
and when you are away..."

"you still hold me in amazement"

"No matter if you are near or away,
my heart is where you stay"

"I salute you, my love"

"You are my friend,
you are my Destiny"

"I have come to your doorstep,
love binds me"

"I'm in love with you,
yet you are unawares"

"Unknown to you,
I love you"

"Look at me and you'll feel
the agony inside me"

"I salute you, my love"

"I can wait no longer"

"I'm lonely"

"When will I see you?"

"Oh, when will I rejoice?"

"Sweetheart, break all the shackles
and come to me"

"Let all the hurdles in our path
go up in smoke"

"Let my lyric unveil the secrets"

"I salute you, my love"

"I behold only you.
- Wonderful"

"You, my only desire"

"Why are you indifferent?"

"Are you dazed?"

"Oh why am I in a daze?"

"Recognise me"

"Recognise my eyes,
the tears and the yearning"

"What do I say how I feel?
The feeling in my heart is..."

"like lyric without music,
like a chalice without wine"

"My love, I salute you"

Go outside, Your Highness.
- What for?

The seer has taken in his own body
the spirit that possessed the princess

When he drives it away, it can attack
anyone. Stay outside, Your Highness

Let's go, Sire.
- Quick

Abracadabra! Calamity begone!

Padma, I've returned
from the land of the dead

You talk of the dead?
Oh, how many times have I died!

They are thirsting for your blood.
Go away

Go away? Alone? No Padma, no

Deathly silence inside?
Not even a word?

Great seer, we can't hear the spirit.
Has it been exorcised?

Patience. Patience, lady. I'm trying
to... the spirit is trying to escape

Thank You, Almighty!
Allah is great

Let go! Let me go! I need
to talk to the king. it's urgent

Your Majesty, you're being deceived

it's the ratbag!

Allow him in.
- Stop her, she spells trouble

Run! We've been exposed

it's the gypsy inside. Amar.
He is disguised as the mendicant

Don't brother, I beseech you.
Kill me if you want to

You put on a farce to deceive me.
You ought to be ashamed. Step aside!

I don't miss my targets.
He must've died

Until you cremate your enemy's corpse,
consider him alive, elders say

Time demands that the princess
should be married off at the soonest

Ask the priest to take
the proposal today itself

So that when the need arrives,
we can take their help too

Help! Please stop!

What's wrong?
- Help us. My Amar is injured

The king shot him

Sher Khan, he's the valiant one
who saved my life. Pick him up

Nothing serious, Queen Mother

Look, Queen Mother

Thank Allah for saving you.
- I must thank you for saving me

May I ask you something, son?
Where did you End the armlet?

My Ma gave it to me.
- Your mother?

Yes, I considered her my Ma

Considered? You mean...?

She wasn't my mother, but she
meant more than a mother to me

She reared me, loved me deeply

She also told me that someone had
left me at the temple of Lord Ganesh

She had picked me up. That armlet
was tied to my arm at that time

Right. She was right.
She wasn't your mother

How do you know?
- Because I'm the unfortunate mother

- Yes

You abandoned me
in the temple? Why?

When a mother abandons her baby,
not even God can fathom her grief

it's a long tale, prince.
- What...? Prince?

Yes son, you are a prince

I'm a prince...?

What are you saying?

I lived just to have a glimpse of you

For once, call me Ma

Call me Ma, son. Just once


Once again

One more time

- My son, Amar

Long live prince Amar Singh!

Prince, my job is over

To protect the truth, justice
and the subjects...

today I hand over
the royal sword to you

Prince Amar Singh, from this day
we consider you our king

We, your subjects, anoint you
with our blood

King Amar Singh...
- long may you reign

Long live king Amar Singh

Today you have anointed me
with blood in place of saffron...

and made me not a king, but you
have shackled me with love...

and made me your slave. I promise,
for the blood I'm anointed with...

I shall shed every drop of my blood
to repay it

I declare rebellion!
Hail Goddess Bhavani!

Hail Goddess Bhavani!

- Rebellion!


My respected Father's statue
was broken today

The flag of rebellion was hoisted not
at the village square but in my heart

My commander, my general, governor,
vizier and my army...

everyone blindly stood watching me
being humiliated

And also kept assuring me that
the Queen and the prince were dead

And today the dead come alive?
How come? How?

Sire, don't the dead stand in for
their progeny? Is he an impostor?

Not Moon nor Sun makes a dawn. In any
other name, the enemy, is but an enemy

Before this rebellion rises
like a storm, quell it

Send the armies to every corner,
shoot every suspect

Let the voice of rebellion
be buried in the twang of gunshots

Speak! Where is your Queen?
- I know nothing

Where is the prince?
- I know nothing

- I know nothing

Bloody rebel! Tell me the whereabouts
of the prince, or your head will roll

I'm not a rebel. Believe me.
- You've gotten used to lying!

Where is the prince?
- I don't know

All your men couldn't ind
the hiding place of the rebels

How will I face the king?
- Can't help it, general

The people are with them. Not even
flaying them has opened their mouths

What your power couldn't do till now,
I must use my brains to do it

Do what I have told you to do.
- Yes sir

No blunders

My message should be sent to
the Diwan of Rajgadh today itself

We need his help.
- Right sir

Long live the prince.
Long live the Queen

Old man...
- Let go!

Where have you hidden
the Queen and the prince?

Else, your sons will be killed
right before you

Destroy us. Kill us. We're rebels!
We won't tell you the whereabouts...

of the Queen and the prince.
We won't tell you

We won't tell you. Kill me,
but I won't tell you

Speak. Else, I'll kill you.
- Go on, kill me

But remember, the death of a rebel
breathes life into the cause

Kill me. Long live the prince.
Long live the Queen

Then die!

Bless you, warrior.
Great is your courage

You are great, sir.
I salute your patriotism

Does the princess know that
you are a prince in rebellion?

I don't know

You haven't informed her?
- No

Have you forgotten her?

She has loved you, and...
- Shallo, it's the time of war

Not the time to chant love

Amar, love is her life. How is she at
fault if you have turned a prince...

from a gypsy? Has she wronged you?
- No

Then why have you changed so?
- Shallo look there...

look at the Queen Mother. An atrocious
brute murdered her husband...

snatched away the throne from her
and made a beggar out of a Queen

And for years, quelling the ire of
vengeance in her heart, she waited...

for the day when her son would grow up
and avenge every atrocity...

that was committed on her,
regain the lost throne...

and turn her into a Queen again

And now that her dream
is about to come true...

should I tell her that I'm in love
with the enemy's daughter?

That, at this crucial juncture,
I can't choose between love and war?

Just imagine the predicament
she will be in

And what about the expectations
my father's soul has of me?

Think only about it, Shallo.
Forget everything else

Your Majesty! Know who
the rebelling prince is?

- Your Amar

- Yes, Shallo told me

They shot two of sons
right in front of me!

Dragging us through the forest, they
were taking us to their commander...

when your men reached there.
- Had we not reached in time, this...

poor man's two other sons would've
been shot to death, Queen Mother

But I'm not grieving, Queen Mother.
Even if a hundred sons of mine...

were to sacriice for your sake,
I'd still consider myself blessed

I'm proud of your patriotism.
Sher Khan, arrange for his treatment

Hail the Queen Mother.
- What news?

Rajgadh's army has marched off
to aid Vikram Singh

Marched off...?
- When will the army reach here?

By night tomorrow.
- Then we must attack the fort...

before they arrive.
- So soon?

Yes Shallo, at this juncture the
enemy is weak. Half its troops...

are spread among the villages.
We must set forth tonight itself...

so that before the enemy awakes,
our cannons would mark our arrival

I agree with Amar Singh.
One who attacks irst wins the war

I've got to know, brother.
The throne you sit upon was snatched

And now the rightful heir
has come forth

Our Father had murdered. Humanity
demands that we wash away the taint

And hand over the kingdom
to the rightful heir

A kingdom is no plaything
that can be gifted lovingly

Crowns are wrested, and might
is used to preserve them

And I shall do it till my last breath.
- The people can't take it lying down

They seek an answer. If they don't
ind an answer, they rebel

Men confront a rebellion. Women must
stay quiet and watch the fun

Women don't only watch the fun.
If the need be, they wield swords too

Turn the pages of history, brother.
- Brave men don't read history

They write new history
by the edge of the sword

May Goddess Bhavani protect you,
my son. Return victorious

Allah willing, Queen Mother, we shall
annihilate the enemy and return...

with the royal carriage tomorrow,
and take you to the palace...

with great pomp and splendour. Amen

Hail Goddess Bhavani!
- Hail Goddess Bhavani!

They have left, general.
- Yes. Are the horses ready?

Yes sir. Behind the hill

Deathly silence. The enemy
is sleeping unawares

Behind the gate,
the throne awaits you

Uncle Khan, get the cannons
at the front

I shall lead the charge. Uncle Khan,
you will attack from the right

And you will stay here with your
forces and attack the fleeing enemies

- Shallo, if something untoward...

happens to me in this battle...
I leave my Mother in your hands

Take care of her as a son would

Nawaz Khan...
- Yes sir?

As soon as we charge,
blow up the gates

Hail Goddess Bhavani!
- Hail Goddess Bhavani!

Did you think I was
having a good sleep?

Uneasy rests the head
that wears the Crown

Fool! You think you can incite these
handful of peasants, give them toys...

and get them to face cannons?
- Not cannons, resolves win battles

And resolves of my men run higher
than the walls you defend

Even ants aim higher,
but they can't harm mountain

If I wish, I can slaughter you
and your men right now

But I don't want to punish
those poor men for your trespasses

So I give you one chance. Surrender,
and I shall spare their lives

We are prepared to die, Vikram Singh.
My soldiers aren't mercenaries...

the men whom your tyranny
has turned into rebels

Your father assassinated the king
and usurped the throne

And we're sworn to wrest it back


Won't you pay obeisances
to the Queen Mother?

She is perched on the throne
that is truly hers


Step forward, and your mother
will be blown to pieces

I give you my word. If you surrender,
I shall forgive your men

What keeps you, Amar?
This is no time to ponder

Step forward and snatch the right
that your father was deprived of

Right now it is your only duty

Don't waste my time, gypsy

If you don't surrender your arms,
at the fourth stroke of the drum...

the cannon will be ired.
Light the match


I accept your every condition if you
will release the Queen Mother...

in exchange for me.
- No Amar! Don't think about me

Do your duty as a warrior.
This kingdom is yours. Seize it

No Ma, not for all the riches
in the world will I give up my Mother

Amar, don't forsake your duty
just for the sake of one relationship

Unto duty you are beholden.
Duty is God

If duty is God,
I hold my Mother dear

Vikram Singh, untie her

I surrender


I kept my word, Vikram Singh. Fulill
your promise. Release my Mother

Fool, you can only lead the stupid
gypsies. How would you understand...

the intricacies of politics? In
politics, promises are never fulilled

Vikram Singh, you are one step ahead
of your father in treachery

I don't regard my vanquished enemy's
words as abuse

All I want to know is if the son
will see his mother die irst?

Or the mother will her son die irst?

Decide fast.
Death is catching up on you

In the face of courage, at times
even Death steps aside, Vikram Singh

Amar has been deceived!
- Blow up the gate!

Fire the cannon

Cannoneer, ire

Save the Queen Mother, quick

Let me see who saves you
from the cannon

Princess, you're helping the enemy?
- I'm in the side of justice

Arrest her!
- Who dares?

Bloody old fraud!
I'll see the end of you!


Oh, what have you done?

I have given to you what is yours,
Your Majesty

His Highness Amar Singh...
- long may he reign

This victory is not mine,
I owe it to all my subjects

No Your Highness, justice wins!
- Truth wins

Victory of humanity!

May the truth prevail!

Let humanity prevail!

May justice triumph!