Baggage Red (2020) - full transcript

Two successful families are brought together through the marriage of Jack and Olivia. The happy couple move from London to Sorrento, and there they begin a picturesque new life together. ...

- Finally.

- At last.

Come here.

Get ready little monkey, for our new life.

You know we've achieved our dreams?

We have our masters degrees,

our new practices, our new house.

We can do anything.

- Yes.

And in your new practice I
know you're going to do great.

- And your new phycology practice,

and being recognized as the top therapist

in Europe weekly magazine.


We've made it.

- Yeah.

- Should we go inside?

- Yes.

- I can't wait.

- Nope stay, I'm.

Olivia, stay there.

- Thank you.

- Go, go, go Skype.

- Mom, dad.

How are you?

Hello, sweetie.

- Hello darling.

- We're so proud of you.

- So proud.

And of Jack to of course,
he comes as a bonus.

- He is, Jack is so sweet.

I love him so much.

He's always worrying about my work

and making sure I have all I need.

- Well you know that we will
always get you what you want.

Do you like the office we got for you?

- Yes dad.

Thank you so much.

I don't know what to say.

- Well, we have a surprise for you.


- Caroline


- Should we tell her?

Tell me.

- We purchased the
entire building darling.

- Oh my God, oh my God.

- Honey, there's nothing
we wouldn't do for you.

- Nothing.

- We love you.

- We love you darling.

- Thank you so much.

I don't know what to say.

Bye, bye.

- Mr. Vanderbilt, good morning.

I'm well, I'm well, how are you?


Good, I was just calling to let you know

that I have finalized the case.

Yes, yes I think we have
ourselves a pretty solid defense.

Yes, exactly.

I'm having lunch with the
judge later this week so.

Wait, a lot can happen at lunch.

Yes, no I'll try and finish
this as soon as possible.

Okay, and you.

I'll speak soon, goodbye.

- Okay, let me see.

We have dinner the day after tomorrow.

Oh God, I had forgotten about it.

Hello sweetie.

- Hello monkey.

- Don't forget, we have to prepare

for a celebration with our
friends and family tomorrow.

- Oh, how could I forget.

I'll be home as soon as I can.

Oh and Olivia?

Yes love?

- I love you.

- I love you to.

- Well before anyone starts eating,

I want to say a little toast.

Jack, Olivia, I think
I speak for everybody

when I say I'm so prod
of you accomplishments.

I remember the day when Jack

was coming home from kindergarten one day.

He said he wanted to be a lawyer.

And I thought, how does he know?

The things is, he just did.

He always has and always will.

And of course he could not have made

it without his lovely wife Olivia.

A toast.

♪ I want to see you dear ♪

♪ In color sparkling light ♪

♪ In spite of apathy ♪

♪ You'll be fine ♪

♪ I broke your melody ♪

♪ It's time to disappear ♪

♪ In spite of everything I'll be here ♪

♪ You and I ♪

- London to Sorrento.

How did we get here?

- I don't know, but I'm so glad.

- Did we fly, did we come by the sky?

Did we sail?

- Do you remember where we met?

- Do I remember where we met?

No, I don't think I do
remember where we met.

- Come on, you couldn't be that drunk.

- I was drunk, I was very drunk.

- Seriously, you talked to me all night.

It was the alcohol speaking.

- Yes, well I had to be drunk didn't I?

To talk the whole night.

- No.

- No, no I'm joking, I'm joking.

Yeah no, I do, of course I do,

it was Tom's house, your friend Tom.

- It was not.

- Your weird friend Tom.

- Who introduced us?

- Tom introduced us, didn't he?

- He didn't.

- Oh Chris, whatever his, Tom's
friend Chris, all the same.

- You got it right, it was Chris.

- Yeah, it was Chris.

I like him, good.

Jack's always right.

- Olivia, nice to see you.

I wanna introduce you guys.

Oh sorry, Jack.

This guy is the man.

- Hi, hi, hi.

- Hi good to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

- Jack, Olivia, Olivia, Jack.

- Hi, Jack.

How are you?

- Good.

- Do you know anyone?

Monkey, you know I love you?

- Hi.

Oh hello darling.

- This is Jack.


- Jack, nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you, nice to meet you.

- How are you?

- How are you?

- I'm good, thank you.

- How are you?

- Fine, how are you?

I'm good, thank you.

This is Jack.

- Jack, nice to meet you.


- Sorry we're late.

- Oh worry not at all, we
don't mind, do we darling?

They're used to
being late all the time.

- So please, will you
tell us how you two met?

- Yes, it was about six months ago.

- Six months.

- And it was at dinner,
cause we had mutual friends.

And psychiatrists and lawyers.

- They're weird.

Getting all together, yeah.

Can I fill that for you?

- Yeah, so Jack.

What do you do?

- Well I graduated from law
school so now I'm thinking,

I'm probably, hopefully,
start my own practice

I think actually, it's the plan.

- He's being modest, he
graduated top of his class dad.

He's brilliant, really.

- I know a few people
in the legal profession.

- Do you?

- Dad come on, stop trying to scare him.

But yes, no,
that's the plan anyway.

- Olivia darling, what are your plans?

- I'm thinking about it,

I'm still keeping all of the options open,

but I, I would like to
start my own practice.

You should,
it's such a good idea.

Yes, you must.

It'd be wonderful.

- I know, all that work paid off, perfect.

- You'd make a beautiful therapist.

She's running.

- Honey, what's wrong?


- Excuse me.

I need to tell you something now.

- Yes love?

- I love you, but it's
time I started to show it.

- Yes, I understand it, I love you.

- You understand that if someone loves you

you show it, you get me?

- Yes, I get, I get you.

I'm all yours.

I breath for you, I need you to touch me.

- Hello, Luca, come up.

Hello Luca, take a seat.

Okay Luca, I want you to
just focus on your breath

cause I need you to relax, okay?

So just focus on breathing
in and breathing out.

Slow down, do not rush it.

There's no need to rush it.

This time is for you, I'm here for you.

That's better Luca, well done.

So I want to try to do
a psychoanalysis session

with you by role play.

But do not be afraid, this is a technique

that I use with other patients,
and it is very effective.

It will help you not to think

about the trauma of abuse you have done.

And this is your first
step to your healing.

So I need you to trust me.

I'm going to grab your
hands, but not be afraid.

I know what I'm doing.

Open your hands.

What am I doing?

♪ For it is ♪

- Hello.

- Hello.

It's good to be home.

- Let me take this off.


What is it?

- It's a secret.

- You have a secret from me?

- I'm allowed to keep secrets.

- No, no.

- Everyone's got a
secret, this is my secret.

- No, it's not.

- Close your eyes.

- All right.

- Close your eyes.

Close your eyes and I
will reveal the secret.

- All right.

Are they closed?

- What's this mystery?

- I'm good at mysteries.

Are they closed?

- Yeah, they're closed.

No peeking.

Okay, one, two, three, open.

- Oh my God.

- You like it?

- Oh my God, it's wonderful.

- Have a look, have a look, have a look.

- This is the one from last week.

- I know.

- You shouldn't have.

- Why not?

- Is to beautiful, I love it so much.

- Of course you do, it's great.

- Thank you.

- It suits you.

- It's very beautiful.

- How was your week anyway?

- Interesting.

- Interesting?

- How was yours?

- Mine was fantastic.

- Was it?

- Yeah, I signed a million dollar client.

- That's great.

- Yeah, he's a rich man,
he wants me to defend

his daughter against a fraud
charge against his own company.

The problem is that, she did it.

- Well honey, you're a lawyer,

your job is to defend your
clients, not to judge them.

What is it, what?

- Now that, now that is why I love you.

You're always smacking me with the truth.

♪ And the stars must came ♪

♪ Unto to you ♪

♪ I'm done today ♪

♪ I'm done ♪

♪ I'm dead to you ♪

♪ I'm dead to you ♪

♪ I'm dead to you ♪

♪ The river colors may brighten today ♪

♪ I go into another night ♪

- Good morning.

Do you want some coffee?

- Yes, please.

- Okay, well.


Watch out, it's hot on the top.

- Thank you.

- It's okay.

- Thanks.

- I wish we had breakfast for longer.

- I want to stay in bed the whole day.

- We got work.

Someone's gotta work.

- Thanks.

- Thank you.

Let's go.

- Let's go.

- Last night, that, that's fine.

- Sit down, sit down please.

So Jack sweetie, I saw you on the news.

- Uh oh.

- You're working on the Vanderbilt case?

The Vanderbilt's are good people.

- Yeah, it's a pretty
high profile case I think.

Don't get him started.

- It's a big case.

It is, I agree, absolutely.

I'm so proud of you working this case.

Help, help, help.

Jack, she's not looking good.

- Mother, what are you thinking about?

Is she on medication?

- She's fine.

Jack, she doesn't look fine.

- She's fine.

- Grace?

- I'm okay.

I'm good.

- Good.

- Enjoy your meal.

- Yeah, thank you.

- She's working to
hard, aren't you mother?

Get some sleep?

- She doesn't need some sleep.

- Hey doc, did you see it?

The third one in a row.

Last week he was on the news.

Aren't you proud?

I think I did a great job.

What, you're criticizing me now?

Like you're the greatest parents?

Come on, why can't you ever be happy?

I'm talking about Jack here.


I think it did a great job.

- Olivia.

- Are we going to talk
about it at some point,

or are you just going to pretend
nothing happened yesterday?

- What happened yesterday?

- Jack are you kidding me?

Didn't you notice what happened
last night with your mother?

- Last night we went to dinner.

- I'm sorry, can you please
close the book, and stop reading

and pay attention to me,
is that too much to ask?


Oh thank you.

- Right.

What's the matter?

- Are you really, I
mean are you kidding me,

or did you realize what
happened last night?

There was something really
wrong about your mother.

- What happened last night,
we had dinner with my mother

and we came home, what, what's wrong?

- Yeah and I have found out

that you've been keeping things from me,

alongside your mother.

- I've been keeping things from you?

- Yes.

- Olivia, what are you talking about?

- I don't care that she lies to you,

or that she lies to me, but when it comes

to you lying to me, it's a
whole different matter Jack.

- Oh my goodness, so we went for supper,

we come back, we go to sleep, we wake up

and now my mother lies
to you, I lie to you?

- I don't care about your mum.

- What are you talking about?

- I care about that lie
about her and you lie to me.

- No ones lying to anyone.

- Of course, yes.

She's been keeping things from you,

have you noticed at least?

- No.

Okay fine, I mean last
night, well she was off.

- Thank you.

- She was off a little
bit, but everyone's off.

- A little bit?

- You and your mother are off sometimes.

- I'm sorry, I'm the psychologist here,

I can see right through her.

- Well done, what do you see
then, what's there to see?

- There's something serious

that she's keeping from you Jack.

You have to make her tell
the truth, you know that?

And you cannot keep things from me,

you know we're married here.

- Okay, I know we're married.

- Then let's start acting like you are.

I can't accept this Jack, you know?

- Fine, fine.

I will go later today

and I'll talk to her
and ask her what's up.

- Thank you, you will
go, thank you so much

for considering me, you
know we're just a couple.

- We will go.

- Fuck off!

- We will go, we will go, later.

- Thank you, thank you.

- Okay.

Olivia, look, we can
go together as a couple

and find out what's wrong with her,

the truth and whatever you see.

- Whatever I see?

- We can go together as a
couple, we can go after lunch.

Please, you're right,

I wouldn't want anything
to come between us.


We can go after lunch.

My dear?



A little smile?

- No.

- No monkey smile?

- No.

- We go after lunch?

- Yeah.

- Yes.

Okay, come on.

It's fine, let's have
some breakfast, come on.

It's so cute, have you seen it?

Hey, hey.

- Yeah?

- Look, come look at.

Honey, I just want to go take

a look at that shop we saw earlier.

- Well don't buy everything.

I'll try.

- It's quite some view.

My name's Jack.

- We know who you are.

- Jack don't forget, we are lawyers,

we're a different breed of intellect.

It's our privilege to lie.

The problem is that, she did it.

The problem is that, she did it.

It's our privilege to lie.

It's our privilege to lie.

The problem is that, she did it.



It's our privilege to lie.

It's our privilege to lie.

The problem is that, she did it.


The problem is that.

The problem, the problem
is that, she did it.

The problem is that, she did it.

- Mr. Casey.

Do you have a moment please?

- Yes, sure.

- Detective Michael Berelli.

I'm searching for Olivia Bailey.

- Yes, that's me.

What's the problem detective?

Is there a problem, what's going on?

- My office has received a
complaint about your practice.

I need to ask you a few questions.

- Detective I think there's
been some kind of mistake.

My wife is a professional.

- Sir, calm down.

This is just an investigation.

No one has been accused of anything yet.

- It's okay.

How can I help you detective.

We're sorry, this is just
out of the ordinary for us.

- I understand.

I'm sure we can get to the bottom of this.

We have a couple complaints from a man

who say you are their therapist.

They say you met with some of them,

and they say you were
asking them to do things

that are uncomfortable, and unusual.

- Unusual?

I deal with people who are
psychologically unstable.

I have to analyze if
they can fit into society

so that they do not kill or
become a menace to this country.

- And?

- That should help you from

having to investigate a real crime.

- Then you shouldn't
have problem with taking

a detection test at out
office if we need it.

- Mr. Berelli, I think you
should check your sources.

My wife and I are late
for lunch, good day.

- I will be in contact.

Thank you for your time.

- Are you guys all right?

- Of course.

Actually, Olivia and I came here

to talk to you about something.

We both feel that there's something

you're not telling us mother,

and now is the time to get things

out in the open and be honest.

- I don't know what you're talking about.

- Yesterday evening,
at dinner, Olivia felt,

we felt, that you were
hiding something from us.

- Was this your idea?

- Seriously?


- Yesterday was so clear
that you were lying to us.

And you know what?

I don't care only this
is affecting out marriage

because he started to lie, he lied to me

and I'm not gonna let it.

May it's just a misunderstanding.

- I'm not gonna allow it.

There's no
point shouting about it.

- What are you talking about?

- Guys, guys, guys.

- You know what?

I don't care if you don't want to tell me.

But to talk to him and tell him the truth.

- Mother, what she's trying to say

is that I think it's time to be honest.

- Or what?

- Or you'll be seeing a lot less of me.

And her, and us.

- You know there are things that are

better not to be said or known.

I don't think you'll like me anymore.

- Mother it's not about whether I like you

any more or less, I'm your
son, I'll always love you.

It's just about telling the truth.

Look I understand if you
don't want to tell Olivia,

it's your choice, it's your
choice, but you can tell me.

Would it make it easier
if I came back later?


Okay, let's do that, okay?



- Yeah.

- See you soon again.

- Bye, thank you.

- Bye.

Bye mom, see well.

- Yeah, listen I, Jack and
Olivia were here yesterday and.

I don't know, Olivia
doesn't seem too well.

You know, we've had our differences

and I'm probably not the easiest,

but I still want him to be happy,

so I thought it would be good if you

had a mother daughter talk with her.

I don't know, distraught, and
I know somethings not right.

What does that mean?


Listen, we cannot tell them anything.

We know that in this world you need

to have assets and without
them, we are nothing.


Just whatever you do, do
not tell them anything.

Okay, okay bye.

- Goodbye Grace.

- Am I willing to sacrifice
my son for riches?

- Dad?

When I went in last night,
I felt something really bad.

And I felt lost.

I know.

I know.

Stop it, it pains me day and night.

Stop it!

Stop it.

I don't know what you're talking about,

- I'm checking on the case.

No, I'll call you later.

So their parents.

Very interesting.

Berelli here, yeah?

Have you heard about Madison Plures case?



Thanks, yeah.




- How can I help you sir?

- Detective Michael Berelli.

Can I come in?

- Yes of course, please.

- I'm investigating on a case
which involves your sons wife.

- Okay, what is it?

- My office ask me to investigate

on an unconventional practice.

- She is the best therapist in Europe,

you don't know what you're talking about.

She's a diamond in this horrible world.

- I understand, but I
still must do my job,

so I have a question for you.

Do you know anything about

a 1978 death of Ms. Madison Plures?

- I don't know what your talking about.

Is this about my daughter in law?

- No, I have to follow up on all leads

that can be related to our case.

- I understand but I really
have to go back to work.

Would you mind to leave now detective?

I'm sorry.

- Certainly.

But I'm gonna be back if I find

that you are lying very soon.

- Are you okay?

Yeah, did you sleep well?

- Yeah.

- There was no bread left.

It's all right.

- Grace.

- Excuse me?

- I know what you did.

- Stop harassing me.

- I've got your number Grace!

I don't know how long
I can go on like this.

- If you don't say the truth
now you will lose everything.

- What about Jack?

What about my son?

You see what is happening.

I feel he's suffering because of me,

because of what I did.

- You have to choose now.

- Where is it, where is it?

Come on, come on, yes.

Little bit, little bit, little bit.

If Olivia could see me now.

Well Olivia is not here.

It's just you, and it's just me.

Come on.

Hello Jack.

Hello Mr. Vanderbilt, I
hope you're very, very well.

♪ Your love how sweet ♪

Hello, good evening Mr. Vanderbilt.

What happened?

- I had sick family.

- Of course I can
reschedule with the judge.

I can reschedule a meeting.

I have I tall under control,

it's all under control Mr. Vanderbilt.

That's why you employed
me, that's why I'm.

Jack, I've
had enough, I've had enough.

Hello, Mr. Vanderbilt?


The world is yours,
take whatever you want.

Jack, a lie is not a lie.

You know what
you want, so just take it.

- The world is yours,
take whatever you want.

- Jack, a lie is not a lie.

Jack, a lie is not a lie.

- Goodnight.

- The world is yours,
take whatever you want.

- Jack, a lie is not a lie.

- Be careful.

Jack, always tell the truth.

- What time is it?

It's breakfast time.

- It's eight.

- It's breakfast.

- God is always watching and listening.

- Phantom.

What the fuck?

I love you, and
it's about time I show it.

We fell in love, if someone
loves you, they show it.

You get me?

Please help!

- Goodnight.

Yes, you see, hello?

My wife, my wife, my life.

And my wife happens to be
the top therapist in Europe.

And New Zealand by the way.

- You sound like a very proud husband.

- Well I am a proud husband,

I'm allowed to be a proud husband.

- And I'm a proud wife.

- It's the best magazine in Europe.

Best therapist in Europe.

- Be careful.

- She can read minds.

She read mine.

What am I thinking?

- Oh come on, I don't know.

- What am I thinking?

- You're thinking, you're
thinking, I don't know.

She doesn't know.

Stop it.

She's fired.


- I can't read your mind because
you're not sick that's why.

Oh, I have to be sick.

Yes, anyways.

Sick with love.

Sick with love.

- Okay, well I'm not sick, yet,
no, I'm fine, we'll be fine.

Here we are
in this beautiful car.

Here we are
in this beautiful car,

and in Sorrento at last.

- Yes.

- All the way from England.

- Yeah.

Long, long, way away.

In a beautiful
red, Alfa Romero.

I really want to show that to you.

- Show this to you the steering wheel.

- Kevin, it's Jack on the phone.

Hello Jack.

- Hi Caroline.

- Yes?

- I was just wondering if you've heard

from Olivia by any chance?

- No, we haven't.

- She normally calls in
to say hi or check in.

- We're worried about her Jack.

- Right, right, well I'll speak to her.

Okay, bye.

- Keep us posted please.

- Hey.

Hi mum, it's me.

Have you seen Olivia?

- No, what's going on hun?

I can't get ahold of her,

I've been looking for her everywhere.

I have no idea where she is.

- Listen, we'll find her okay?

We'll find her.

I don't know what to do.

I think I might have to call the police.

- No, don't, we'll find
her, I'm on my way, okay?

Okay, okay, well come quick.

- I love you.






- Grace, you have to tell the truth now.

- I can't.

I just can't.

- Olivia!
- Olivia!

- Olivia!

- Olivia!

- Hello

Hello, I'm an abuse therapist.

I can offer you my services,
I can help you feel better.

- Olivia!


Olivia, Olivia.

Don't, don't, get away.

Come here, come here, come here.

Everything's fine, sh,
it's okay, it's okay.

It's okay.

It's Jack, it's Jack, It's Jack, it's me.

- Hey.


- So whatever you wanna tell me, tell me.

Come on.

I'm listening.

- You know we weren't always rich.

We were poor common people.

I befriended an old lady who was very rich

and I took care of her estate

because I was intelligent
and great with numbers.

So I took care of her estate

and she trusted me with her life.

Only I got greedy.

And I wanted more power and more money.

So I agreed with the family that

we would find a way to kill her.

And they would set an agreement

that I would get a percentage

of the estate worth
millions if I participated.

I couldn't follow through,
but her family did.

I tried to back out of the agreement

because I believe it's wrong

but they didn't let me.

Instead they killed her

and placed her body into a red suitcase.

This is really hard,

but I had no idea they would blackmail me.

They put the suitcase under
the house when I wasn't home.

I couldn't report it to the police

because they would have arrested

me as an accomplice to the crime.

And every time I approached the suitcase

to dump it into the sea, a demon appeared

that threatened to kill you
and everybody near to me.

Anyways about a month
later I went to the bank

and there were 75 million euros
deposited into my account.

And I took it.

I'm so sorry.

- Sorry?

All of this and you're sorry?

Mother, get that suitcase
out of this house.

Do you understand what it's doing to me!

Tell the police, tell the
truth, it's ruining my life!

If that suit case and you
are not out of this house

tomorrow night, I will take
to to the station myself!

Do you understand?

Get rid of it!

- Stop it, stop.

God, God help me.

God, please help me.

I can't do this anymore, I can't do this.

She's running, she's running.

- Oh Jack you made it, look at you know,

look at you now, you've done it!

Well done you, well done you.

Mr. Vanderbilt, Mr.
Vanderbilt, Mr. Vanderbilt.

Hello Mr. Vanderbilt, lovely
to see you Mr. Vanderbilt.

You want, you want, I can have your money?

Look at you Jack, you've done it.

They've lied.

They've lied.


They lied to us!

She lied to us!

My own mother.

My own mother!

- You were so close.

Yeah, yeah, Chris was telling me.

- Jack, Jack.

Can I talk to you for a second?

- Sure, what's up?

- Be careful.

- The world is yours,
take whatever you want.

- Jack, a lie is not a lie.

- Jack, always tell the truth.

- We know what you want, so just take it.

- God is always watching, and listening.

- Jack can I talk to you for a second?

- Yeah, one sec, sorry.

What's up?

- Jack don't forget.

We as lawyers, we're a
different breed of intellect.

It's our privilege to lie.

Now you have these people fooled,

but I know who you really are.

Do you want to go outside

and take some of this nervousness away?

- Sure, yeah, I'm in.

- Olivia.

- Where is mom?

- She's in there.

- Darling?

Are you okay?

I need to talk to you.

- What's wrong, Olivia?

Right now?

Can you please.

- I can't, not right this moment darling,

I can't talk right now.

Actually you can,
this is what we're gonna do

and you're gonna tell me the truth so.

- Darling even if I--

- This time we're doing my way.

- This is neither the time nor the place.

- Mum, you're not--

- I've heard enough, you know what?

Olivia please, please.

Please understand.

- I'm sorry, we came here for answers

and now you're telling me you don't

even wanna talk right now?

I don't want to talk.

- I cannot go on like this,

we don't know what we're going through.

I can't go on like this.

- You have no idea, you have no idea.

Your father and I, we became
rich when we were young.

We were poor, we didn't
know how we would survive.

- Mum, you are stalling!


- I don't give a shit about this!

Okay, okay, you want me

to tell you, you want me to tell you?

- Yes, yes, I know that something else

is causing this, I need to know it now.

- Okay, you want the truth, okay.


During the 1990s your father

and I met a gentleman at a nightclub

we used to go to to
connect with rich people.

We were seeking opportunities

and these gentlemen,
they liked out company,

and they liked our
style, didn't they Kevin?

So he introduced us to prostitution

and how to run a brothel.

This man, he gave us,
he gave us a brothel.

And the house, this
house, it had many women.

And the man who gave us
the house, he started to.

He started to send underage girls

because men, men would pay
so much money for them.

We didn't like it.

But he insisted, he
threatened to kick us out

if we didn't go along with it.

So we agreed.

And after years of this life style,

and many of these young women,

they ended up with psychological problems

which they took with them
into their adult life.

- But in the end, I'd had enough.

And I insisted that these
girls should go home.

And we shut the house down.

We closed the brothel.

- I knew there was something
else, now I see why.

Now I see why I've been acting,

why I've been feeling so promiscuous.

- Darling can't you just understand?

Just please, understand.

The reason we have so much,
the reason we have everything.

We bought many properties

and we became successful
real estate owners.

We stopped the prostitution.

- The house is, the house is still there.

What do you
mean, it's still there?

- It's abandoned.

But it's, it's still alive.

- Oh my God.

That's why this is happening.

That's why this is happening,

we have to burn the house down.

That's why I'm going through all this.

And you didn't think
we had to burn it down?

We have to burn it down,
we have to burn it down.

I'm gonna burn it down, don't touch me!

- Greetings all.

It is great to have you,
may peace be with you.

You know in life you have the choices.

You can tell the truth or you can lie.

You can believe the curse,

or you cannot believe the curse.

But in end it will be your decision

in life to make the right choice.

Life is not promised with
anything you desire or want.

But the one thing you
do have is your choices.

May the Lord be with you, amen.

- Well Grace, you get to come with me.

We have more evidence on the case.

Okay Grace, are you ready
to tell the truth now?

Jack, I'm
just gonna take a shower.

- Okay.

My darling Jack.

By the time you read this letter,
I will have left Sorrento.

I could not bring myself to say

these words in person to you.

These are the hardest words
that I have ever written.

Now that you have heard what I had done.

You know, everything that I am.

Jack you'll never knew how sorry I am

but I need you to be strong.

The suitcase is in the closet

and the key is underneath my bed.

Now, you know where it is
and the lies it contains.

What you do with this
information is up to you my love.

No one else knows.

This is now you're choice.

I know I'm not perfect.

And I know I have failed you.

One day I pray that I will be forgiven

but for now, I have told you the truth

and that is all I can do.

All my love, mother.

♪ I remember walking down
the road to your door ♪

♪ I remember sitting in your
room when we were younger ♪

♪ Remember the days of sunshine ♪

♪ The days of pretty sweetness ♪

♪ When we danced beneath the waves ♪

♪ Thinking of yesterday ♪

♪ When we used to play ♪

♪ We didn't not know ♪

♪ All the times we spent ♪

♪ With bones ♪

♪ And I reached out to you ♪

♪ You're hurt me, you hurt my bones ♪

♪ Every time ♪

♪ You follow me, I can't, to my bones ♪

♪ To my bones ♪

♪ You reached out to me ♪

♪ Thinking of yesterday ♪

♪ When we used to play ♪

♪ We did not know ♪

♪ I long to tell you how
I love you everyday ♪

♪ Walking through the trees as we ♪