Bager (2003) - full transcript


A little bit
of magic time.

I feel it.

Yes, sir.

Terrific shot !
I'm in the goddamn woods again.


Damn game.

I spend more time in the trees
than the squirrels.

Wizard Two ?
Why not ?


Not again.

I've had five heart attacks
in the last ten years.

My first was on a golf course
in South Carolina.

It wasn't all that bad.

A couple of doglegs that were
more dog than leg, but I-I'd--
all in all, it was playable.

Assuming, of course,
you didn't die
on the second hole.

The second coronary
was at Augusta,
where they had the Masters.

Went down right
on the first fairway.

It was a good thing, too, 'cause
those greens probably would have
been the end of me anyway.

My wife used to ask me,
before she passed on,

why do I play a game
that seems destined to kill me ?

It all started
back in 19 and 28...

when I was just a youngster
in Savannah, Georgia.

Jones and Hagen are
really goin' at it.

They're like neck-and-neck
all the time.

Was it 350 ?
More like 400 with the roll.

I don't care how good
Jones and Hagen are.

Junuh could've beat 'em both
with his eyes closed.

Junuh won that thing
three times in a row.

Now when I was growin' up,
every town had its heroes,

and ours was Rannulph Junuh,
an athlete who was
a born winner.

Well, I wanted to be
just like him.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Junuh has the most difficult
shot in the history of golf.

He must sink this shot
from 110 yards
to win the championship.

He steps up to the ball.

The crowd is hushed
in anticipation.

Can he make this miracle shot ?
And he swings !

Fore !
Watch your heads !

Now I'd
never seen him play myself,
since it was before I was born,

but it was said that Junuh
had been on track to becomin'
the greatest golfer...

this country
had ever seen.

Titanic off the tee.

Approach shots
which fell to earth,
as Sam Snead once put it,

"like a butterfly
with sore feet."

He won just about everything.

But even he was the first
to say that his most
significant victory...

was winnin' the heart
of Adele Invergordon,

daughter of
the wealthiest man in Savannah.


But fate plays funny tricks.

¶ The Yanks are coming
The drums rum-tumming
everywhere ¶

It was a patriotic
call to arms to fight
"the war to end all wars."

Junuh and everyone else in town
believed it was his destiny...

to lead the young men
of Savannah into battle.

¶ Till it's over
over there ¶¶

¶ How ya gonna keep 'em
away from Broadway ¶

¶ Jazzin' around ¶¶

It was to be
his crowning glory.

But nothing could have
prepared him or anyone...

for the shock and sorrow
of what was to come.

Get ready.
Ready, Captain.

Prepare to advance.
Ready, sir.

Advance !

Advance !

Confused, broken...

and unable to face a return
to a hero's welcome,

Junuh just disappeared,

hopin' to forget...

and to be forgotten.

But Adele,
bein' a woman of the South,

had survived
worse than desertion.

And she moved on
with her life,

dedicatin' herself
to her father's dream.

What we have here is
the most magnificent golf resort
on the face of God's good earth,

and I am buildin' it
right here in Savannah.

Krewe Island, legacy
to my sweet Adele.

And we'd like to use all of you
as our main suppliers.

I was ten years old
when Junuh came home.

Stop !

Less than a year later,
the Great Depression
that swept the nation...

hit Savannah.

Jobs were lost, stores
and banks were shut for good.

And John Invergordon,
havin' spent his last dime
on his great dream,

opened Krewe Island
on what should have been
a glorious spring day.


¶ My consolation when blue ¶

¶ So just supposing that you ¶¶

It might not
have been a shot heard
round the world,
Oh, Daddy !

but it sure reached every nook
and cranny in Savannah.

I'll be putting some doors
and closets in the parlor.

With any luck,
we could have some boarders
within a few weeks.

Hardy, you think you
can share your room
with Cara Mae ?

What about
the store ?


Oh, Jesus.

I've died
and gone to hell.

It's not as though
you got a choice, Adele.

Your Krewe Island
golf resort
is dead and gone.

You've got the gumption
of a corn fritter, Neskaloosa.
My gumption is not the subject.

Well, then what is the subject,
gentlemen ? Huh ?

If it's your offer to take
Krewe Island for one-tenth
of what my father spent--

You are lucky to be gettin'
a dime on the dollar, Adele.

Just so you gentlemen can turn
right around and resell it...

to some Carolina paper mill
for a tidy profit ?

The fact that you've most likely
got the deal in your pocket
already is not my problem.

Maybe we should come back
when the shock of your
father's passing...

isn't so-- so--
Oh, God.

Don't bother.
I'm not sellin'.

You got a stack of debts
that'd fill every storage bay
in the Cotton Exchange--

And I intend
to pay them off.

- In time.
- With what ? Ball tokens ?

With money people gonna spend
once they know that this is
the premier resort in the South.

Did I miss somethin' ? Did I ?
Or are we not in the midst
of a great depression ?

There's still people with money,
Neskaloosa, and I'm gonna make
sure they know about Krewe.

But how exactly do you
intend to accomplish that ?

- How ?
- Well, how ?

How ?
I'll tell you how.

I'm gonna have the greatest
exhibition match ever held...

on the greatest
golf course ever built.

- Bobby Jones...
- Bobby Jones ?

-will be playin' Walter Hagen...
-Walter Hagen ?

-for the grand prize of $10,000.
-$10,000 ?

You can't be serious, Adele.
$10,000 for
one weekend ?


I'd make it more,

but that's just about
all I believe I can raise...

if I sell
everything I own...

on this earth.

Except, of course,
Krewe Island.

Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen
are comin' to Krewe Island ?

Playin' an exhibition
match for ten grand ?

That's correct.

They don't know it yet,
but that's exactly
what they'll be doin'.

Have you gone totally
off your rocker ?

Nobody has the right
to call Krewe Island
"Invergordon's Folly."

Good day, gentlemen.

Adele !

Nobody holds your father
responsible for this
depression, Adele !

You're a damn fool,
Adele !

Save your breath, Judge.
She'll sell to us.

You really think Bobby Jones
and Walter Hagen are gonna
come to Krewe Island...

just 'cause Adele Invergordon
wants 'em to ?

All four golf championships
in a single year.

The Grand Slam.
Simply amazing.

I don't believe that's
ever been done before in
the history of golf, has it ?

Well, no, it, uh--
It, uh--

It just takes
my breath away.

You don't impress me as someone
who tends to lose her breath,
Miss Invergordon.

Did you know, Mr. Jones, that
reprobate Mr. Walter Hagen--

who I hear spends his every
minute chasin' after women--

has been approached about
playin' in next's month's
$10,000 Krewe Island match ?

No, I didn't.

But I'm not clear how
this is an urgent matter
for the American Red Cross.

- Did I say that ?
- At the front door.

May I speak candidly,
Mr. Jones ?

I wish you would.

I've come here today to see you
because to the South,
you are a hero.

They see you
as a young god:

brave, valiant,

One of the greatest golfers
in the world today.

I would say the greatest golfer
in the world today...

were it not for that unfortunate
incident last year when that
profligate, Mr. Hagen,

whupped you by 12 strokes
on your very own course.

You say he's been
invited to play at
Krewe Island next month ?

She has a remarkable talent,
Mr. Hagen.

I was the one
who hit the ball.

I wonder if you might excuse us
for just a couple of minutes,
Anna Mae ?

It won't be long.

A charming woman, Mr. Hagen.
Although she gave me quite
a fright for a moment there.

With so much weight distributed
in front, I'd have sworn she'd
topple back to the floor...

before she ever
got to her knees.

I do admire
a man with your...

Oh ?

The South is in such
an unfortunate place these days,
and Savannah most of all.

The memories of our disastrous
defeat in the War Between
the States still linger,

and with them, the defeated,
uncertain men who returned
lacking the vigor...

we woman normally associate
with your gender.

And now, sadly,
here is Savannah,

teeming with the most
attractive young women,

and nobody,
absolutely nobody...

to satisfy them.

Except for, perhaps,
Bobby Jones, who will be playing
in our Krewe Island tournament.

So he says, "It don't matter what it is.
It won't hurt you.

You just pop one
in your mouth,
and you chew !"

I'm pleased to announce
that Mr. Bobby Jones
and Mr. Walter Hagen...

have accepted
my golfin' invitation,

with enthusiasm.

This, of course,
is Miss Adele Invergordon's...

commitment to her father's
dream, possibly the most--

Not one to concede
defeat easily,

Neskaloosa engineered a local
uprising against the tournament.

And I'm sure that you boys
would think I've been drinkin'
too much blackjack tea.

'Course, these are our streets
that they're gonna
be parkin' in.

They will tax the limits
of our constabulary--

Do you think one of them
damn rich Yankees...

gives a hoot about Savannah
or anybody in it ?

Now, now, now, now, now.

Now, we need the Yankee,

but we also need
someone from Savannah...

in the match,
one of us,

givin' Jones and Hagen
a real run for their money.

Then they'll know
what we're made of.

We need someone from Savannah
playin' in our tournament !

What about Dougal McDermott ?
He'd turn a trick or two.

He's a Scot. The only time he
comes into town is to get drunk.

- Bobby Jones is from Atlanta.
- I said, Savannah !

The South.
The real South.

Neskaloosa knew the golden rule
of politics better than anyone:

If you can't beat 'em,
lead 'em.

All right, all right.
Hold it, hold it !
Hold it, everyone !

There's one person
we're forgettin'.

We all know there's one man
who hits gargantuan drives
off the tee...

and has a lock picker's
touch around the greens.

Savannah's own Enderby
"Cottonmouth" Conyngham.

Wait a minute !
He's 80 years old !

He'd need one caddie
to carry his golf clubs...

and two
to carry him !

Junuh could whip 'em both.
You're off
your rocker.

Junuh couldn't whip a dead
possum in a gunnysack.

That ain't true.
Oh, yeah ?

- What about Captain Junuh ?
- Who ?

Captain Junuh.

My dad says he's the greatest
golfer Savannah ever had.

Well, it's true.

You must've said it
a hundred times.

Sit down, son.
The boy's got a point.

-Junuh's born and bred Savannah.
-Exactly !

- And this is the point !
- I heard he just disappeared.

Forget Rannulph Junuh,
assumin' you can locate
his whereabouts.

I hear he's so far gone,
he wouldn't know a putter
from a pussy willow.

I know where
to find him.

You find him, Hardy,
and we will be there.

Fly, lad, with winged sandals
on your feet !

If I live to be a thousand,
which doesn't seem likely,

I'll never know
where I got the courage
to call out like that.

But once I did,
I wasn't backin' down.

This could've been
the stupidest idea
I've ever had.

Captain Junuh ?

Captain Junuh ?

This is Hardy Greaves, sir.

Get outta here
with that.

Hey, just make sure
you guys save some
of that money for me.

Whoa-ho-ho !
What have we here ?

Well, well.

Look like we got
a new cardplayer, gents.

It's all right, boy.
There's no need to be scared.

I ain't scared.

I've seen men drunk
plenty of times.

Well, what do they look like ?
Well, they ain't
much to look at.

At least not so much as
they seem to think it is.
But it don't scare me none.

Gentlemen, we may be
lookin' at the only male
in Chatham County...

who isn't completely
full of shit.

What's your name, son ?

Uh, Hardy.
Hardy Greaves.

- You Frank Greaves' boy ?
- Yes, sir.

What brings
you here, Hardy ?

Maybe I'd better come back
when you're not so busy.

Busy ? I thought you
were gonna say drunk.

But I'm not busy
and I'm not drunk.

Fact is, there ain't enough
whiskey in the state of Georgia
to get me drunk enough.

Well, how drunk
is drunk enough,

- Captain Junuh ?
- Whoo.

Good question, Hardy.
Come on over here, take a seat.

I'll tell you how drunk
drunk enough is.

Aaron, you think you
can find the young man
a bottle of Nehi ?

Expect I could.
Just as long as I takes
my money with me.

Now, the question
on the table...

is how drunk
is drunk enough ?

And the answer is that it's
all a matter of brain cells.

- Brain cells ?
- That's right, Hardy.

You see, every drink
of liquor you take kills
a thousand brain cells.

But that doesn't
much matter, 'cause
we got billions more.

And first the
sadness cells die,

so you smile
real big.

And then
the quiet cells go,

so you just say
everything real loud
for no reason at all.

But that's okay, because
the stupid cells go next,

so everything you say
is real smart.

And finally...
come the memory cells.

These are tough
sons of bitches to kill.

Well, there's a golf match
out at Krewe Island...

between Bobby Jones
and Walter Hagen,

and there was a meeting
to see who would stand up
for Savannah in the match,

so I said you would.

That's why I'm here,
so you can beat Bobby Jones
and Walter Hagen.

Hell, I'm a whole lot
drunker than I thought.

I'll caddie for ya.
You gonna
caddie for me ?

Against Bobby Jones
and Walter Hagen ?
Yes, sir !

- I'll caddie for you too.
- Aaron will carry the clubs.

I'll carry the balls.
And I'll carry them
little wooden tees !

And I'll carry Junuh !

I wasn't jokin' !

I heard my dad tell how
you won every golf tournament
there ever was in the South.

And how you hit
a drive so long...

that they made you
stop playin' for 20 minutes
just to measure it for a record.

And how you
used to swing righty,

but you was in the woods once
by this tree, and there was
no room to swing righty,

so you borrowed
some guy's lefty club...

and hit the ball
six inches from the hole.

It's time for you
to go home, Hardy.

I ain't goin'.

Well, suit yourself,
'cause I'm goin' to bed.


- The hell you doin'
in my house ?
- Trespassin', Junuh.

But on a matter of great
importance-- to no less
than Savannah herself.

Some delegate you got there.
Isn't it a little
past his bedtime ?

Isaiah 11:6:
"And a little child
shall lead them."

This is a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity, Junuh.

So what's in it
for you ?

The great city of Savannah,
so close to my heart.
So close to all our hearts.

Well, you're wastin' your time ?
I'm not playin'.

Why is that ?

I lost my swing.

Then find it.
Goddamn it !

Because you're playin' !
That's all there is to it !
Savannah needs you, Junuh !

Why don't you get Dougal
McDermott ? He'll play.
Balls !

We don't need some sawed-off
Scotsman poopin' drives out
40 yards...

in Jones' and Hagen's way.

We need a man with
thunder in his fist,

a hero to boom that pill out
past those golfin' gods !

- We need a knight.
- You are our gentle-born

That's one hell
of a speech, fellas.

I don't take no
for an answer.

Well, you're gonna have to,
'cause I'm not playin'.

Now get out.

Someone you picked up
on your travels ?

He's not mine.

He's a little young for
a drinking companion,
don't you think ?

So, Adele,
what can I do for you ?

I think you know
why I'm here, Junuh.
I do.

A little late to be out lookin'
for romance, though, isn't it ?

Would that do it,
Junuh ?

Would you play in the match
if I had sex with you ?

Yeah, that would do it.

Well, that's good,

Considering how infrequently
we've seen each other
since you've been back,

I thought this was
gonna be more difficult.

Now, where would you
like to do it ?

Right here is fine.

Don't worry about him.
He's out like a light.

Take an earthquake
to wake him up.

For an earthquake,
you'd have to play many more
tournaments at Krewe Island...

and do quite well
at them.


how do you suggest
we begin ?

Shall I just run
and jump on you,

or would you like some
preliminary romancin' ?

- Romancin' sounds good.
- Very well, then.

Here's one
short kiss.

It is, I'm afraid,
all the romancin'
I have in me at this time.

I do hope I haven't
given the impression that
I'm cryin' over us, Junuh,

because I'm not.

You're not ?

No, I'm not.

I'm cryin'
over Savannah.

Savannah ?

Over her pain
and the pain
of her people.

You're in tears
over Savannah ?
I am.

I truly am.

Then who'd you take
your clothes off for ?

Chattanooga ?


This certainly has been
a colossal waste of time.

I didn't ask you
to come here.

No, you certainly did not,

You know, if you ever
get tired of sittin' around
and feelin' sorry for yourself,

a little golf might
just do you some good.

I've lost my swing,

Really ?

Where'd it go ?

You can open your
eyes now, Hardy.

Your education is over.

Go on home now.


- Who's that ?
- Just me.

Just a man tryin'
to find somewhere
to rest his tired feet,

takin' in some
of God's glories.

- My, what a night.
- I could've killed you
out there.

Oh, no, sir.

See, I set myself
directly in front of you.

Judgin' by how you was hittin'
them balls, I figured that's
where I'd be out of harm's way.

Excuse me, sir.

They say you can
tell a player by his grip.

If you want some food or
somethin', you can go on
into the house, help yourself.

Oh, thank you
kindly, sir.


Yeah, I always felt
a man's grip on his club...

is just like a man's
grip on his world.

- Look, is there
somethin' you want ?
- Five dollars guaranteed.

Guaranteed for what ?

Well, there's a big match
comin' up with Mr. Jones
and Mr. Hagen.

Fella gonna
be needin' a caddie.

You a caddie ?

Well, that depends.
You a golfer ?

Well, I don't need a caddie
'cause I'm not playin'.

I don't play
anymore at all.

Oh. Well,
thank you, sir.

I'll take you up on
that food you offered me.
All right.

Evenin', sir.

Don't make
no sense, is all.

Man say he don't play no golf,
yet he out here
this shade of night,

hittin' balls off into dark
where he can't even see 'em.

Yep, well, I've done things
that made less sense.

As we all have.

For $5 guaranteed,
I'm offerin' you
my caddie services.

For $5 ?

You know the winner gets
10,000, and the caddie's
cut is 10% of that.

So that's $1,000.
I'll take $5

- You don't want $1,000 ?
- You done already said
you ain't even playin'.

And Lord knows
how awful you're
gonna look if you do.

So $5 guaranteed
sounds pretty good
from where I'm sittin'.

Yeah, the rhythm of the game
just like the rhythm of life.


Here !

Oh, no, sir,
I don't--
Go on.

Go ahead.

Well, thank you, sir.

You know, some folks say
you should put the ball in--
in the front of your stance.

Other folks say
you should put--

You gonna hit the ball
or are you gonna dance with it ?

Actually, I'm kind of
partial to dancin'.
Me and this gal--

Hit the ball.

So, you're a golfer.

Uh, no,
I don't play golf.

Give me that damn thing.

Here, uh--
See, the trick is...

to find your swing.

What'd you say ?

Well, you lost your swing.

We got to go find it.

Now, it's somewhere
in the harmony
of all that is--


All that was--

All that will be.

Ooo-eee !

I ain't seen a man
hit a ball like that...

since the North-South
Championship of 1916.

You know, they stopped play
for 20 minutes to measure
how far it went.

Bagger Vance
the name.

Come on, let's hit
a few more.

And that,
they say, is how Bagger Vance
became Junuh's caddie.

Oh, yeah.
One more
just like that.

Just like
that one there.

I'm tellin' you the truth,
Wilbur Charles.

She was down to her
panties and brassiere.

And you were in the room
watchin' all the time ?

You really think we're that
stupid that we believe...

Miss Adele got down
to her skivvies with you
right in the room watching ?

It's the God's
honest truth, Eugene.

Scalp me, shrink my head,
and roast it on the stake...

if that ain't
exactly what happened.

She thought I was asleep
the whole time.

And that ain't all.
Junuh's gonna play.

He said that ?

Not in so many words, but--
Hey, look over there.

Ain't that Miss Adele now
across the street ?
Where ? Where ?

She just went into
Louder's Notions.
I could swear it's her.

I'd know that
figure anywhere.

Well, as far as Junuh
is concerned, I guess
that's just about it.

If we don't have someone
from Savannah, I will not
support this match.

All right.

I'll play in your
damn golf match.

I should've let you
finish what you started.

Now I got nothin' at all
to show for it.

Well, for the life of me,
I have no idea what
you're referrin' to.

I can explain it if you like.
I don't believe
that will be necessary !

God bless Savannah.

The day that Jones and Hagen
arrived in Savannah...

was declared a holiday.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to
the first golf tournament--

That's O.B. Keeler.

He writes for
theAtlanta Journal.

He goes wherever
Bobby Jones goes.

And that's Walter Hagen's man,
Spec Hammond.

They say Hagen
won't play without him.

And that's Grantland Rice,
the most powerful sports writer
in the country.

And he's staying
at our boarding house,
because he's nobody's man.

Aah !

Mr. Robert Tyre Jones, Jr.,
of Atlanta, Georgia.

Mr. Jones has won
13 national championships,

including four U.S. Opens
and five U.S. Amateurs.

He has also won
all three British Opens
in which he has played.

For the first time
in history, last year...

he won the Grand Slam--

all four major golf
championships in a single year !

But what is not well-known
is that at the very same time...

he was winnin'
all his championships,

Mr. Jones was earning
a degree in engineering
from Georgia Tech,

a degree in English
Literature from Harvard,

and a law degree from Emory
University here in Georgia,

all with distinction.

Mr. Walter Hagen--

Mr. Hagen has won
11 national championships,

includin' four British Opens
and five PGA's.

And in one stretch,

Mr. Hagen won 22 straight
professional championships.

That's work !

Mr. Rannulph Junuh--

Walter, I think
we're the underdogs.

Born and bred
in Savannah, Georgia !

Mr.-- Mr. Junuh won
the Georgia Amateur
at the age of 16,

makin' him the youngest man
to ever do so.

And until he left for
the war, was considered...

the South's premier golfer.

Mr. Junuh returned
from the war a hero,

decorated with
the Medal of Honor...

for survivin'
a deadly mission in which...


Most-- uh--

The rest of his company
were tragically defeated.

Boy, makes you think twice
about steppin' on his ball,
doesn't it, Bobby ?

Mr. Hagen.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen...

and our very own
Rannulph Junuh !


On behalf--

On behalf of the great
city of Savannah--

Sure is some storm

So, where you
off to ?

However far it takes.

You don't expect me
to stay around here, do you ?
Oh, no, not me.

I consider it one of the six
great miracles of the world
you was even there at all today.

Let me help you
with these bags.

You heard Adele.

Bobby Jones never finished lower
than second in any tournament
he ever played in.

I believe Miss Adele said
he finished lower
than second once.

Must've been the week
he took his law exams.

Yeah, I believe
it was.

Uh, you gonna be needin'
these shoes where you're
goin', Mr. Junuh ?

They look like they
just about my size.

Keep 'em.
Thank you kindly,

Yep, sure is some storm
headin' this way.

It's a real pleasure
to welcome you to our home.

It's a pleasure to be here,
ma'am. Thank you.

Hardy, you take
his belongin's
up to his room.

Then come right back.
I got chores for you.
Yes, ma'am.

I expect this is the most
exciting sportin' event ever.

Ain't it, Mr. Rice ?
Why is that, son ?

Why ? 'Cause of
Jones and Hagen.
They's out for blood.

Oh, I didn't come
for Jones or Hagen.

I came for Rannulph Junuh.

You come all the way down
from New York City
to see Junuh ?


I saw Junuh play once.
Then he disappeared.

I'd love to see him
play again, especially
against Jones and Hagen.

Go get 'em, Junuh !
You go get 'em !

God bless you, Junuh !
Show 'em what
Savannah's made of !

- Go get 'em, Junuh !
- Hey, Junuh, give 'em hell !

- "Give 'em hell."
- You can do it !


So I takes it you was
interested in bein'...

Mr. Junuh's forecaddie.

- No.
- No ?

- No !
- No ?

Well, maybe I was,

but I guess I just ain't
got the nerve to ask you yet.

I ain't got the time
to sit around and wait, so
here's what I'm proposin'.

I'm gonna assume that just
about the moment you gets
up the nerve to ask me...

gonna be just about
the same moment I decide
I'm gonna tell you yeah.

How that suit you ?

That suits me
just fine, sir.
Folks call me Bagger.

Yes, sir, Bagger, sir.

You may want to get
to pickin' all the crud
out of Mr. Junuh's shoes.

You through with that,
we got us some measurin'
to do out on the course.

Junuh knew now
that if he were to have any
chance at all in the tournament,

he had no choice but to
come to terms with his demons.

The only question
in Junuh's mind...

was which demon was
givin' him the most aggravation:

Bagger Vance
or Miss Adele Invergordon.

Mr. Jones ?

Could you hold,
please ?

Thank you very much,
Mr. Jones.


Any time now.

That's very nice.

Thank you very much,
Mr. Hagen.

Dancin' picture, sir ?

Thank you
very much.

That's it. Very nice look.
Right over here.

Big smile.
No, don't stop dancin'.
Stay together.

Just pretend there's music.
Keep goin'. Keep goin'.

Look right over here.

Give me a smile.

Thank you
very much.


May I have the pleasure
of this dance, please ?


A little shorter.

How's that ?

Yeah, that's good.
One stride equals a yard.

You go on over to the tee
and start countin'.

Top golfers always tried to get
a leg up on the competition...

by havin' the men
they trusted most sneak
onto the course at night...

and do their own

So Bagger and I
walked the course
that night, measurin' away.

Bagger never
wrote down a number.

He filed it all
in his head.

Hit one a little harder.

Go on,
do that again.

Yeah, right here is
where this game is won,

right here on the green,
but first you got to see it.

Sun gonna be there
in the mornin',

over there
in the afternoon.

Funny thing is,
blades of grass...

are gonna follow the sun.

The grain
is gonna shift.

That same putt...

is gonna go one way
in the mornin',

the other
in the afternoon.

One way in the mornin',
the other in the afternoon.

You see that ?

Yeah, a golf course
puts folks through
quite a punishment.

It lives and breathes
just like us.

Do you think
Junuh can win ?

Yeah, if he can find
his authentic swing.

Authentic ?

Go on,
hit one more for me.

Yep, inside each
and every one of us...

is one true,
authentic swing.

Somethin' we was born with,
somethin' that's ours
and ours alone.

Somethin' that can't be
taught to you or learned.

Somethin' that
got to be remembered.

Over time, the world can
rob us of that swing.

It get buried
inside us under...

all our wouldas
and couldas and shouldas.

Some folks even forget
what they swing was like.

Some folks even forget
what they swing was like.

You keep swingin'.
But I don't have
any balls.

Don't worry about
hittin' the ball
the way it's gonna go.

Just swing the club,
feel the club.

Now close your eyes.

Close my--
You can't make that
ball go in that hole.

You got to let it.

I want you to feel that club,
feel the weight of the club.

Settle in deeper, then
drop the ball soft as butter.

Listen to the sounds
of the night.

You just keep swingin' that club
until you feel the breeze
comin' off the sea.

Inside every one of us
is one true, authentic swing.

You just keep swingin' that club
until your authentic swing--

You're part of the whole thing,
somethin' you was born with.

That's a good thing.

I don't feel a thing.

You just keep swingin'
that club until you're
part of the whole thing.

That's a good thing.

Can you see it ?

All right,
time to go.

Why ?

They say that God is happiest
when His children are at play.

Well, it certainly seemed like
God was in fine spirits when
the day of the match dawned.

People came from far and wide.

There wasn't a room to be found
in either boarding house
or the Krewe Island Hotel.

The match had been designed
as the ultimate championship:

thirty-six holes on Saturday...

followed by another grueling
thirty-six holes on Sunday.

Good luck today.

Where's Hagen ?

Oh, he'll be here.

Hello, Mr. Junuh. How are you ?
Bob, how are you ?

They do put on a splendid
show, don't they, O.B. ?

I hear that later today
they'll even be hittin'
some golf balls.

Ladies and gentlemen.

By virtue of the draw,

Mr. Jones will hit first,

Mr. Hagen second,

and then Mr. Junuh.


And then suddenly,
in that moment,

I felt as if I could hear
the earth breathin' beneath me.

Junuh hit a promising
opening drive,

and I was sure
he was on his way.

Nice shot.

It's hard
to imagine three more different
approaches to the game of golf.

Bobby Jones's swing was
a study of grace in motion.

He had a way of making
the difficult shots look easy...

and the easy shots
look even easier.

Hagen, on the other hand,
hit more bad shots
in a single game...

than most golfers do
in a season.

But Hagen had long ago
learned one thing.

Three lousy shots
and one brilliant shot
can still make par.

And Junuh, well, even now
I can't think of it
without wincin'.

Go ball, go.

Yep. Beach.

We sure got lovely weather
for it this morning, though,
don't we ?

Let me get that
from you, sir.

Any ideas ?

Hmm. About what ?

Could you give me
a club ?

That's a good one there.

What the hell's wrong
with his grip ?

By the end of five holes,
Junuh was five strokes behind...

with 67 holes to go.

And things would've been
a lot worse if it weren't
for Junuh's shot on the sixth.

It was a birdie,
one stroke under par...

for the hole,
moving him to four behind
Jones and Hagen...

and his only glimmer of hope
for the entire round.

I think I found my game.

Good news, Mr. Junuh.
Now all we gots to do is
figure out what game that is.

By the 18th tee, at the close
of the morning round,

Jones and Hagen
were neck and neck.

And as for Junuh--
This is becoming

Oh, no, sir.
It's been embarrassing
for quite some time now.

May I make a suggestion
to you ?

- What now ?
- Why don't you just hook it out of bounds ?

Yeah. Just curve it out
over them pretty trees
into the ocean.

Really, just do what you
been doin'. Then you'll
be so far out the match,

man, we can just relax,
enjoy ourselves
the rest of the way.


What you waitin' for ?
Go on.

Just hook it to hell and gone.
Put yourself out your misery.

You want to quit,
Mr. Junuh ?

You can just go ahead
and creep off somewhere.

I'll tell folk you took sick.
Truth be told, ain't nobody
gonna really object.

Fact, they'd probably be
happy as bugs in a bake shop,
see you pack up and go home.

You know I can't quit.

I know.

Just makin' sure
you know it too.

Man alive !
The fairway.

Hello, Bagger.
Hello. Mr. Bagger Vance.

I want an explanation.
It better be a good one.

What on God's green earth
are you tellin' him ?

Sir, I'd sure be most
appreciative if we could talk
about this a bit later.

Right now I'm busy
assisting Mr. Junuh.

Well, you have done a hell
of a job of it so far.
Okay, okay !

Let me talk to him,

Mr. Vance, I think
what the judge is trying
to determine here...

is what exactly your strategy
is for helping poor Mr. Junuh
find his game,

because to the untrained
observer it appears you know
as much about being a caddie...

as I do about
driving a locomotive.

Oh, you-all want
to know my strategy.

Well, right now my player
is a little confused
about who he is.

See, he still thinks
he's Rannulph Junuh.

He is Rannulph Junuh,
you damn twit.

Well, he is and he ain't.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Anybody drinkin' ?
Here. I'm gonna get a drink.

It'll come.

I had me a uncle
named Rufus.

Lost his right arm
in a cotton gin.

Learned how to do everything
with his left arm.

- Then he lost that
changing a wagon wheel.

Axle snapped.
So he learned how to do
everything with his teeth.

- It was a mistake.
- One night he says some
dumb things to Mr. Johnny...

he shouldn't had said.

Mr. Johnny knock
all the teeth out his head.

So he learned how to do
everything with his feet.

Up till he got this, uh, fungus.
It grew--

- Stop it.
- I'm trying to tell you
about overcoming adversity.

Listen, you want to talk to me
about my grip, fine.

- Talk about my swing, fine.
- You don't wanna hear
about the fungus ?

He became a dancer.
Oh, he made a fortune.

It was the most amazing thing
to see this armless, toothless
man sliding across the stage...

to the music
of Bessie Smith and the Duke.

I don't care
if I'm 12 strokes back.
I just don't.

You don't even want
to win ?

- It's just a game, Bagger.
- Ah. Yes, sir.

You done said it yourself now.
Just a game.

So maybe, just maybe,
there is something else
that's rilin' you.

Maybe you thought
you was just gonna sashay
out onto that green...

and the old hero of Savannah
just reappear all by hisself.

Don't work that way,
is all.

The Junuh you was, you
ain't never gonna be again.

That's all I'm sayin'.

You don't know
a damn thing about me.

I know one thing for sure.
You gonna look pretty foolish...

with two different shoes
on your feet.

Ah, Jesus.

You got an answer
for everything,
don't you, Bagger ?

Let me tell you something.
There's no difference
between winning and losing...

and anything in between.

What's lost is lost.
A man lives. A man dies.

And in the end
it all turns out the same.

You're alone.
And that's all
you're ever gonna be.

Is that a fact ?

So, a soul is born
with everything
that the Lord can give it,

and things don't go its way, so
it just gives up, and the good
Lord takes everything back ?

- That's right.
- And then the soul dies.

- Alone. Was that pretty much
what you're sayin' ?
- That's right.

That's a sad story,
Mr. Junuh.

Yes, it is.
And that's just about
the dumbest thing...

I heard any fool say...

You got yourself a hard eye
there, Mr. Junuh.

Soul is born with everything,
it dies, and the good Lord--

You're a funny man,
Mr. Junuh.

Now, what I hear,
Bobby's just waitin'
to make his big move.

He doesn't wanna
peak too early.

You think Walter
doesn't know that ?

He's keeping pace with Bobby
step for step.

And when Bobby kicks
his game into high gear,
he's in for a big surprise.

What about Junuh ?

what about him, son ?

Well, there's still
three rounds to go.
And that's 54 holes.

All he's got to do is
pick up one stroke...

every four holes,
and he wins.

- It's possible.
- Well, it's possible, son,
but it's not very likely.

I mean, I have been told
that Junuh shows no sign
of gettin' his game together.

He's playin' Bobby Jones
and Walter Hagen.

What do you know ?
You can't even get yourself
a decent job !

Hardy ! Hardy Greaves,
you come back here.

Let him go, Ida.

Been a hard time
for the boy.

There something
you wanted to tell me ?

Well, I'm tryin' to think of
how to say it, Junuh.

There is a purpose
to this visit,

and that's to apologize.

But I'm not
a naturally apologetic woman,
so it takes me longer...

to get my thoughts in order.

I want to seem properly contrite
for having gotten you
into this golf match,

but not seem that what I did
was ill-intentioned,
because it was not.

What exactly are you
apologizin' for ?

For publicly
humiliating you.

Oh. Well, that'd
be a good thing
to apologize for.

However... I think that...

basically, what I'm
trying to say is--
is that I'm sorry.

But it's not my fault.

You're the one to blame.

That's one hell
of an apology, Adele.

I'd stop the tournament
in a flash, if I could.

I truly, truly would,
because I know it's just
gonna get worse.

And the way you're playin' !
You're simply destroyin'
any chance...

Jones and Hagen have
of playin' well.

And your supporters,
who are every man,
woman and child in Savannah,

are so demoralized that
they can barely hold down
their lunches.

So, you want my apology
or not ?


That's the Junuh
I know.

Just full
of little surprises.
What was it, Adele ?

What did you like about us ?

I liked the way
we danced.

What's your problem ?

And they was just lookin' at me
like I was stupid or crazy
or something.

To think that you could beat
Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen
bein' 12 strokes behind,

even though I told them
all you had to do was
pick up one stroke...

every four holes
of the next 54 holes, right ?

Yeah, right.
And who do you think
was tellin' me...

what a hopeless case
you was the most ?

My very own father,
who says that he was
a good friend of yours...

until you lost your mind
in the war.

He's right.

You can't win ?

He was a good friend
of mine.

He's sweepin' streets,
Captain Junuh...

in the middle of Savannah
where everybody can see him.

Me, my friends
and everybody.

You feelin' sorry for yourself
because your daddy's
got to sweep streets ?

He ain't the only man
who can't get work.

Wilbur Charles's dad
can't get work neither,

but he says he'd rather do
nothin' at all than something
beneath his dignity.

Grow up, Hardy.
It ain't time for me
to grow up, Mr. Junuh.

Your daddy's out
sweepin' streets because he took
every last dime he had...

and used it to pay up
every man and woman he owed...

and every business
who worked for him, instead of
declaring bankruptcy...

like everyone else in town,
including your best friend
Wilbur Charles's dad, Raymond,

which is why he's able
to sit around all day long
on his dignity.

You daddy stared adversity
in the eye, Hardy,

and he beat it back
with a broom.

You really love this game,
don't you ?

The greatest game there is.

You really think so ?

Ask anybody.
It's fun. It's hard.

You stand out there
on that green, green grass,

and it's just you and the ball,
and there ain't nobody
to beat up on but yourself.

Just like Mr. Noonan keeps
hittin' himself with a golf club
every time he gets angry.

He's broken his toe three times
on account of it.

This is the only game I know
you can call a penalty
on yourself--

if you're honest,
which most people are.

There just ain't
no other game like it.

I better get goin'.

In case you didn't see that,
Bobby, remind me when we're
out there.

I'll show you where it's at
when your second shot
catches up to it.

Oh, yes.
Greatest game there is.

- Right, Hardy ?
- Yes, sir.

The greatest game
there will ever be.

Just you and the ball.
All by your lonesome.

I think it's time.

- Time for what ?
- Time for you to see the field.

The field ?
I see the field.
It's 445 yards long.

It's got a little red flag
at the end of it.
It's 12 strokes ahead of me.

Come on.
That ain't it.

'Cause if you was seein'
the field, you wouldn't be
hackin' at that ball...

like you was choppin' weeds out
from under your front porch.

Just gimme the club.

Sorry I bring it up. Here.
You gonna take that.
Hack away.

All right.
What's the field ?

Fix your eyes
on Bobby Jones.

Here's a piece of work
here right now.

Give the man room.

Knock it out there,

Look at his practice swing.

Almost like he was
searchin' for somethin'.

Then he finds it.

Watch how he settle hisself
right into the middle of it.

Feel that focus.

He got a lot of shots
he could choose from.

Duffs and tops and skulls.

But there's only one shot
that's in perfect harmony
with the field.

One shot that's his.
Authentic shot.

And that shot
is gonna choose him.

There's a perfect shot
out there tryin' to find
each and every one of us.

All we gotta do is get
ourselves out of its way.

Let it choose us.

Mm. Look at him.
He in the field.

Can't see that flag
as some dragon you got to slay.

You got to look
with soft eyes.

See the place
where the tides and seasons...

and the turnin' of the earth...

all come together.

Where everything that is...

becomes one.

You got to seek that place
with your soul, Junuh.

Seek it with your hands.
Don't think about it.

Feel it.
Your hands is wiser than
your head ever gonna be.

I can't take you there,

Just hopes I can help you
find a way.

Just you, that ball,

that flag,

and all you are--
seek it with your hands.

Don't think about it. Feel it.
You're lookin' at it, Junuh.

Your authentic swing.
That flag.

And all that you are.

Even the blind squirrel finds
an acorn now and then, Bobby.

The rest of that afternoon
is a blur.

Junuh kept asking question
after question about the field,

while Bagger just acted like
nothin' much had happened...

and kept makin' remarks
about how much Hagen's socks
must have cost...

and how long
to dry tobacco leaves
before they make a good smoke.

But somehow,
in the middle of it all,

Junuh started playin' golf.

As the day and the second round
came to an end, there was
genuine excitement.

I do so enjoy
this little game.

Why don't you ladies
freshen up, and I'd love you
to join me for dinner.

Hello, Hugh.

I'll have a double Scotch.
All right, sir.

Pretty entertaining out there
today, huh ?

That's what the people want.

I got a proposition, Junuh.
Exhibitions are the thing now.

Five, ten grand
for two days' work.

How'd you like to go
on tour with me ?
We'd have some good matches.

I'd expect to win, of course.
But then we'd split the money
70 - 30 afterwards.

You'd get the 30.

Oh, don't get me wrong.
I'm not just lookin'
for another payday here.

I couldn't breathe if it
weren't for this game of golf.

I once had the next king
of England hold the pin for me
while I putted !

Did you know that ?
I did.

Yes. I've paid back
everything that golf gave me
several times over.

But now I'm
on the receiving end.

It's the good life, Junuh.

Why me ?
The crowd likes you.

I think we have a lot
in common, you and I.

You've got no illusions that
there's anything out there
worth gettin' riled up about.

The meaning of it all
is that there is no meaning.

Ah, you'd be good company.
That's all I'm sayin'.

Thanks, Walter.
I'll think it over.

Hey. I admire the way you're
dealing with this match, Junuh.

Fighting the way you are.
It's damn noble.

But no matter how good
a fighter you are,

just remember, I can ask
the king to hold the flag
for me when I putt.

But he's not gonna give me
his crown. Neither is Bobby,
and neither am I.

I'm not asking
for your crown, Walter.

If I wanted it bad enough,
I'd just take it.


Was there something you wished
to discuss ? Because this might
not be the right time to--

I can win, Adele.

I can beat both of 'em.

Look in my eyes
and tell me what you see.

Pure determination.

Panic, Adele.
Pure panic.

I'm eight strokes behind
the two greatest golfers
in the history of the sport.

They've never blown a lead
in their lives, and I'm
gonna win. You know why ?

Panic ?
That's right.

Oh, Junuh.
You don't, by any chance--

Oh, I ought to go back
to my guests.

Yes. I should go back
to my guests.

You-- You will
stay in touch ?

I don't think I can
wait another 12 years
for the next installment.

Was there something about me
that you particularly missed ?

Something that I can feel
gratified about depriving you
of all these years ?

I like the way we danced.

Make sure you got enough balls
in there. Got another sweater ?

Got enough water ?
Driver. I need the driver.

This is gonna take
everything I got.

Oh, that's for sure.
That's a jigger.
Help you keep it under the wind.

Bagger, my putter's got
more loft than this thing.

Well, actually,
they just about the same.
Oh. Well, that's good.

I'll just putt the ball
down the fairway, then.
Anything else ?

Just bash the livin' shit
out of it.

An iron.

Well, I don't suppose
it matters much
what club you use...

when you start the day
eight strokes back.

- What club was that ?
- Mid-iron.

Some kind of driving iron.
Extraordinarily well-hit.

- The flag !
Pull the flag, Hardy.
- Yes, sir.

Junuh eagled, pickin' up two
strokes on the very first hole.

And he picked up another stroke
when Jones bogeyed the second.

And two more strokes on Hagen
when he double-bogeyed
the third.

Does it look like
180 yards to you ?

It's 181.

You might wanna play that ball
back just a bit in your stance.

He just hit a hole in one !
Hot dang !

I just seen a miracle
with my own eyes !
He just hit a hole in one !

Hey, Homer, you're not gonna believe this !
Junuh made a hole in one !

Junuh made a hole in one !
He's gonna make it !

He's gonna make it !
You're kiddin' !

What ?

What's up ?
Junuh's makin'
a run for it.

He's pulled within three
of Jones and two of Hagen.

He made a hole in one on eight !
God bless Savannah
and the men she propagates.

Let's go. Let's go !

Get back. Get back now.

How do you expect Junuh
to hit the ball if you stand
on top of him ?

Shh !

His play in the third round
was beautiful to watch.

While Jones and Hagen discovered
new hazards of their own,

Junuh had discovered,
as Bagger so eloquently put it,

how to stop thinkin'
without fallin' asleep.

Junuh finished the third round
one stroke behind.

It was a new match,
and no one knew it better
than Jones and Hagen.

Not now, girls.
Not now.


Don't believe Walter planned
on exerting himself.

It was fun this morning,
wasn't it ?

Yeah, it was.

This is my last match, Junuh.
I'm retiring.

You're at the top
of your game.

I've got a wife and three small
children and a law practice.

It's time to stop.

It's just a game, Junuh.

You know, I'll never forget
you winnin' the Georgia Open
in 1916.

I'd never seen
a swing so sweet...

or a man get
so much pleasure from it.

This is my last 18 holes,

And I been thinkin',
I couldn't have picked
a better way to end it.

- Thank you, Bobby.
- It is truly my pleasure.

I can't let you win
out of sympathy.

You know that.

I do.

And I have no intentions
of losing my last match.

Gentlemen, excuse me, excuse me.
Let's give Mr. Junuh some room.

Thank you. Thank you.
I'd like to have a word
with you, Junuh.

I don't think this
is a good time, Adele.

No. I think this is
a very good time.

I don't wanna do anything
that might disrupt your
concentration or anything.

But since our little encounter
last night, I've been thinking.

Ten years and not one single
solitary word from you ?

You don't do that
to someone you love.

I deserve better. I deserved
some correspondence and some
indication of what you felt !

Oh, Junuh, I don't know
what happened to you.

But whatever it was, it could
not have been as unbearable...

as a woman waitin'
with no end in sight,

wonderin' if she's
remembered or forgotten
by the man she loves.

You never even said
you were sorry.

And now I'm supposed to just
run into your arms and melt
like butter on a hot muffin ?

I'm sorry, Adele.
I am. Truly sorry.

It's too late
for "I'm sorry," Junuh !

But-- Then--
Tell me what to say.

It was too long ago.

No, it wasn't.

It was just
a moment ago.

Did something happen
since we talked last night ?


Not that I can think of.

Well, this is barely
the place to talk about it.

You gotta go back
to your game.

This town is gonna give you
the biggest damn parade
you ever seen !

Junuh was playin'
a fierce fourth round.

And a wild thought began
to percolate through the crowd.

Junuh could win.

- I think the driver, Bagger.
- Hey, give us a smile.

Well, you got water out there
on the left side. Why don't
you put your spoon out there...

with Jones and Hagen,
play this thing smart ?

I'm gonna hug the left,
get there in two and close
the door on these guys.

Get ahold of yourself now.
We got four more holes to go.
You settle down a little bit.

I never been more settled.
An eagle, and this thing
is over.

Oh, that's 300 or more yards
if it's an inch.

Looks like the longest drive
of the day, Mr. Junuh.

I'm gettin' there
in two.

Two twenty-five into the wind,
out of the bunker.

Geez. The lip's too high.
So much for an eagle.

Says who ?

Where's that drivin' iron,
Bagger ?

Well, there's a time to hit
that shot, and there's a time
to leave it in the bag.

Which one of them times
you feel this is ?

Tell him.
Tell him, Bagger.

Tell him it's a mashie, so he
can have one easy shot to--

That's amazing.
The man's gonna go for the green
with that cleeky lookin' thing ?

He's got the guts
of a Greek god.

I don't care
if he's Apollo,
son of Zeus.

That ball won't clear
the water.

I hope you're all
payin' customers.

Junuh ! Junuh, don't--
Shh. Hush yourself,

If first
you don't succeed.

Which would make your spot...

right here, Junuh.

Give it to him.

When Junuh dropped that ball,

it was as if every heart
in Savannah dropped with it,

none landing harder
than his own.

You gonna be wantin'
a different club there, Junuh ?

I can't do this.

Why don't you just loose
your grip up a smidge ?

A man's grip on
his club is--
That's not
what I'm talkin' about.

- I know.
- No, you don't.

What I'm talkin' about
is a game.

Game that can't be won.
Only played.

You don't understand.

I don't need
to understand.

Ain't a soul on this entire
earth ain't got a burden
to carry he don't understand.

You ain't alone in that.

But you been carryin' this one
long enough.

Time to go on.
Lay it down.

I don't know how.

You got a choice.
You can stop.

- Or you can start.
- Start ?

- Walkin'.
- Where ?

Right back to where
you always been.

And then stand there.

Still. Real still.

- And remember.
- It's too long ago.

Oh, no, sir.
It was just a moment ago.

Time for you to come on
out the shadows, Junuh.

Time for you to choose.

- I can't.
- Yes, you can.

But you ain't alone.

I'm right here with ya.

I been here all along.

Now, play the game.

Your game.
The one that only you
was meant to play.

The one that was given to you
when you come into this world.

You ready ?

Take your stance.

Strike that ball, Junuh.
Don't hold nothin' back.
Give it everything.

Now's the time.

Let yourself remember.
Rememberyour swing.

That's right, Junuh.
Settle yourself. Let's go.

Now is the time, Junuh.

Let's go, Hardy.

Hey, Bagger ?
Yeah ?

You are one hell
of a caddie.

Well, I do the best
with what I got to work with.
We ain't done yet.

By the 17th, Junuh
got his swing back.

You have the right to call the
game on account of darkness.

That crowd'll
string us up by our thumbs
if we don't finish.

All right !
Play will continue !

Oh !

This is when a man needs pals
in the mermaids' union.

Cars ! Get your cars, boys !

I want every car
on this property lined up
with lights blazin' !

I don't care if you're
kitchen help or Savannah police.

If you got a car,
get it in gear !

What's his mark ?
It was out of bounds.

Does he have a shot ?

Then Hagen came back
from the dead.

Can I get a smoke ?

I want you to tell Spec to hold
the flag in case I make it.
He'll love that.

I want a three iron.

Get my shoes,
will ya ?

Hey, what's goin' on ?

Hagen wants Spec
to hold the flag for him
in case he sinks it.

I'm gonna miss
playing Walter.

Don't hold nothin' back.

- The ball moved.
- No.

It moved.

I have to call a stroke
on myself.

No !

No. Don't do it.
Please don't do it.

Only you and me seen it,
and I won't tell a soul.

Cross my heart.
Ain't nobody gonna know.

I will, Hardy.

And so will you.

You've got to tell him
not to do it, Bagger !

It's just a stupid rule
that don't mean nothin'.

That's a choice
for Mr. Junuh, Hardy.

No one wanted the penalty

not even Jones and Hagen.

This was no way to win a match.

Maybe you're mistaken, Junuh.
Maybe it moved before you
touched the impediment.

Might not have moved at all.
The light plays funny tricks
this time of day.

"A ball is deemed to have moved
if it leaves its original
position in the least degree,

but not if it merely oscillates
and comes to rest in its
original position."

Is she different ?

Can you be certain ?
Sometimes a ball
will shudder...

and then settle back
again, Junuh.

The ball was here,
and it rolled to here.

Hit it quick, old boy,
before you have time
to think about it.

You're leaving.

Yes, sir.
Yes, I am.

I need you.

No. No, you don't.

Not no more.

There is a small matter.
Round about five dollars.

It was guaranteed.

- Yes, it was.
- 'Spect you won't be
needin' these shoes back,

now that I done broke 'em
into my foot and all,
you know.

Thank you, sir.

This man is yours,

Take him on in.

Y-You want me...
to take over for you ?

You leavin' me ?
Oh, only for
a little while.

You pick up Mr. Junuh bag.

You tote it real straight,
now, you hear ?

But what if something
comes up...

and I don't know
what to do ?

I got a feeling
you'll figure it out.

But I'll be
seein' ya.

Whoa, wait a minute.
What's going on here ?

You can't leave him now.
He needs you, Bagger.

You're the only chance he's got.
You have to stay.

You walk out of here like
this, you'll never caddie
in Georgia again,

I'll personally see to it !
Ya hear ?

Where's Junuh lie ?

Two with a penalty.
Could be hittin' three.

Man. I can't hit it
any better than that.

Yes, sir.

Judging from the sound,
I think I just knocked
your ball in the cup.

Interesting match.

I always thought so.

All right, everybody.
Comin' through.
Out of the way.

Hagen and Jones both lay two,
a shot ahead of Junuh.

If either of them sank
their putts, Junuh would lose.

What do you think,
Hardy ?

Well, the night air
has gotten colder.

My guess is it's put a layer
of dew on the warmer grass,

which is gonna
slow your ball down.

Why don't you go on over
and stand with your father ?

Are you sure ?
Go ahead.

Go on.

That is one tough shot.

Make it.

Yeah !

Rannulph Junuh
from Savannah, Georgia...

tied Mr. Bobby Jones
and Mr. Walter Hagen...

in the greatest golf match
the world has ever seen !

That was the last match
in competition...

Bobby Jones ever played.

From that time on,
Walter Hagen played
only exhibition matches.

As for Captain Rannulph Junuh
and Adele Invergordon,

they did have that dance.

And me ?

Well, it seems like yesterday
I used to see old guys like me,

wonder why they still bothered
with this crazy game.

But it doesn't matter.

As Bagger once said,
it's a game that can't be won,
only played.

So, I play.
I play on.

I play for the moments
yet to come,

lookin' for my place
in the field.