Bagdad (1949) - full transcript

A Bedouin princess returns to Bagdad after being educated in England, only to find that her father has been treacherously murdered by the head of the Black Robes, a group of renegades. She is hosted by the Pasha, who is the corrupt representative of the national government. She is also courted by Prince Hassan, who is falsely accused of the murder. The plot revolves around her attempts to bring the killer to justice while being courted by the Pasha.

Baghdad, the fabulous city of the
Scheherazade of "The Thousand and One Nights".

Fortress in the desert
for five thousand years,

crossroads between the
civilized world and the wild East.

Legend has it that Adam
and Eve founded Baghdad

when they were expelled
from the Garden of Eden.

Perhaps it is true, because in
Baghdad, the incredible is possible.

Baghdad, the bastion
of peace for the Arabs

where for seven centuries
there has been no peace.

Although the faithful pray
on their knees five times a

day, unfortunately, Allah
does not answer his prayers.

The Turkish military authorities
do not pray, of course.

Prayers are useless before the
rapacious tribes of the desert.

You forget, Pasha Ali Nadim, that
my people come from the desert.

I was not referring to the Bedouin
tribes, but to the Black Chilabas,

but growing up in England it is
logical that you do not know them.

- Black Djellabas! Q
- Less than an hour from Baghdad! Q

Do you realize you weren't
exaggerating, ma'am?

Curious Bedouin custom! Q

They know they are more
and we cannot fight them.

They stop to negotiate
before beginning the massacre.

I'll go see what I can do.

I wouldn't worry about Pasha.
He is not in danger.

Neither do you.

The black Djellabas only
want weapons and ammunition.

How do you know?

We camel drivers, sooner
or later, find out everything.

Do you learn to speak
English with a French accent?

- Who are you?
- They call me Hassan,

and the accent is Viennese, not French.

Our military governor
diligently fulfills his duty

but the Black Djellabas will
take what they want, as always.

In Constantinople
this is not going to like

anything, nor will I deal
with thieves and murderers.

- It's very dangerous?
- Do you think we're in England?

Those savages will
stop at nothing! Q

Except when they get what they want! Q

Apparently he considers me a coward! Q

No, the military governor
is a very sensible diplomat.

You would prefer him
to be a dead foolish hero.

- A very Bedouin look! Q
- That's what I am! Q

The soldiers will escort
you the rest of the way.

I must reach the citadel before
the mail leaves Constantinople.

I have to report the latest
outrage by the Djelabas Negras.

I will visit you later.

I'll be here for a short time, if my
father waits for me we'll leave tomorrow.

I will not lose hope.

It is written in the Qur'an:
"What will be, will be."

We weren't expecting you, ma'am.

We are full, but I will arrange for
you a satisfactory accommodation.

I'm sure they're waiting for me.
My father stays here.

There is no English
gentleman in the hotel.

My father is Sheikh Khasim Ibn Barak
of the Aremlak tribe of Bi-en-Naga.

- Are you Princess Marjan?
- Indeed.

A thousand pardons, princess, I
did not imagine that he was an Arab.

Well, she already knows.

Some of your subjects have come.

They said they
would camp outside.

- Go find them immediately.
- Yes, princess.

You camel driver! Q

Bedouin beggars and thieves! Q

Sir, these gentlemen are looking for you.

They say your cousin is in Baghdad
and wishes to see you immediately.

He waits in the citadel
of the Turkish governor.

-Since when is he in Baghdad?
- I don't know, sir.

- Since when?
- Mr. Raizul will inform you.

He must come right away.

Go back to your master and
tell him I'll come when I please.

It's not pretty but
it's not bad, I'll keep it.

Let's see this.

Princess, I beg you, I am poor
and my children are hungry.

-I want to know if his father will pay me.
- It will.

- But it is that...
- Silence, paunchy.

Yes, princess.

Muhammad Jad! Q

The veil! Q

Since you were a child I have
not seen his uncovered face.

Many people have seen it.

Your father would sink his
august beard into the earth.

I'll have to talk to him,
that's very unhygienic.

Where is he, why hasn't he come?

Allah forgive me, I
spoke without thinking.

My father said that it
was one of his weaknesses.

-Where is the?
-His father...

I can't speak in front of these people.

- Get your things and go right away.
- Waiting! Q

Now a servant of my
father gives orders for me?

Who will pay for all this?

They told me that the
great sheikh of the Aremlak.

-And he will.
- There is no money to pay anything.

The Aremlak is uninhabited,

jackals roam the
ruins of our oasis

and your father is dead! Q

- I don't believe you.
- Your father is dead.

They treacherously killed him
and his tribe was liquidated.

Quick, go away! Q

That dress is mine, I will
not allow it to be stolen.

I am a poor man with
many hungry children.

This is £200 in London,
no one is out to rip you off.

- Gather your things and go! Q
- Yes, princess.

Come on, come on, hurry up! Q

Run! Q

Muhammad Jad! Q

Tell me everything.

Prince Ahmed Khabar of El Jhazir,
mortal enemy of the Aromlak,

summoned your father to a
meeting to end the bloody fights.

Ahmed Khabar offered
his life to ensure his safety.

Your father, having no
son, wished to make peace.

Disregarding my advice, he
went to the indicated place,

an ambush by the Black Djellabas.

That night they entered Bir-en-Naga
and threw your father's head at us,

mocking everything as
they burned and killed.

Allah took mercy on me
and I survived the slaughter,

I saw his boss leave on
your father's white horse.

Was their leader
Prince Ahmed Khabar?

Only he knew about the meeting,

and only a prince would ride
a horse of the Burnaya breed.

So life for life, Ahmed
Khabar's for my father's.

You. He will avenge you?
A spoiled woman in England?

If you have friends there
she comes back with them,

if not, maybe a rich man from
Baghdad will buy you for his harem.

You can't do anything
for the Aremlak! Q

- We can't help you.
- We will appeal to the military governor.

How naive! Q They informed the
Pasha before leaving for Damascus.

So, did you know that my
father had been murdered?

Yes, and he will do nothing.

He called me crazy for accusing
Khabar of being with the Black Djellabas.

Even a cousin of Ahmed Khabar is
a guest of the Pasha in the citadel.

And do you suggest that we go
to the Pasha to demand justice?

We would be expelled from the city! Q

Remember that I am your princess.

You will follow me wherever I go.

The Pachá will attend
to us, I promise.

- Where are these people going?
- We want to see Pasha Ali Nadim.

Like all of Baghdad, but rests
and must not be disturbed.

He is already awake, so we
will not interrupt his sleep.

What happen?
Who has sounded the alarm?

I want to see the Pasha.

It is impossible! Q

Tell him that Princess Marjan of
Aremlak requests an immediate audience.

Her highness awaits you.

So Hassan the camel driver! Q

Your father the emir would
be proud if he could see you.

I doubt it, cousin,
although you seem to like it.

I've come to take you home.

Your relationship with the Djellabas
Negras is a disgrace to our people,

but your father offers you to
be judged by the elders of the

tribe, to which you are entitled
as the crown prince of El Jhazir.

This is what your father
has ordered me to tell you.

You have fulfilled it very
well and before witnesses.

But, between cousins, tell me Raizul,

Do you think I'm the
leader of the Black Djellabas?

What does it matter what I believe?

Can you come with us?

I cannot, to defend myself
against that accusation,

I need to know many things
about the Black Djellabas.

- Do you defy the emir?
- It's one way of interpreting it.

Then I'll give you some personal advice,

For your own safety and
the honor of our people, go

back to Europe where you
learned and forgot so much.

Stay there and let your
father think you're dead.

Cousin, your concern
touches me deeply.

You are very generous.

I thank you for making me the
richest camel driver in Baghdad,

which is what I
intend to be for a while.

Good to maintain the
figure and calm the nerves.

I just spoke with
Prince Ahmed Khabar.

Yes, I knew that already.

Did you also know that he
has come from Damascus in

your caravan, disguised
as Hassan, the camel driver?

So your cousin was present
at the Djelabas Negras attack.

Very interesting.

He refuses to leave Baghdad.

It is stupid on his part, in
Baghdad he is in great danger.

- And what do you plan to do?
- Whatever is needed.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
there's a lady waiting for me,

she very beautiful and very impatient.

- Find Hassan, the camel driver.
- Yes, Excellency.

- When you do, kill him.
- Yes, Excellency.

Sorry to keep you waiting,
she had urgent business.

- Are you angry, madam?
-Why didn't she tell me?

- The fact that? Oh, about her father.
- Yes, exactly.

Would he have given her life back?

I didn't want to tell
you such dire news,

she would have made me very sad.

You knew that my father was
murdered, and also who killed him.

That is not quite correct.
An accusation is not proof.

The government cannot
avenge bloody tribal disputes.

Prince Ahmed Khabar swore
to ensure my father's safety.

We have a right to claim that life! Q

Unfortunately, you have to
claim it from the Emir of El Jhazir,

Constantinople orders me
not to intervene in anything

that compels the emir to
denounce our treaty of alliance.

I already said that justice
would not be done to us here! Q

You seek revenge and not justice! Q

It's a Bedouin matter,
I can't do anything.

But sit down, let us
consider the matter sensibly.

Your people could work in the

citadel as servants
or even as soldiers,

if they swear allegiance to the
government and cease their bloody fights.

What do you think, respectable old man?

The Aremlak do not
accept charity from men.

Do you expect the lady to
wander with you in the desert?

I do not ask for anything, that she
follow her path and we follow ours.

The Aremlaks will go on
their way and the lady will stay,

as it should be.

She will not regret her
decision to stay in Baghdad.

With the Pasha's personal
protection, surely not.

There is an almost
European café, with excellent

food and French
champagne, the Café Ifrangi.

We will have dinner there
tonight to celebrate our agreement.

And to let all of Baghdad know
that I am under her protection.

You are not only charming,
but also intelligent.

The camel driver will
own numerous caravans.

He will go to Mecca three
times and wear a pilgrim's turban.

She will have many sons and no daughters.

Tonight, sir, at Cafe Ifrangi.

Sir, we're being watched.

Keep going, when
I stray, follow me.

Excellency, he has escaped! Q

- The outside.

Out of! Q Go away, I'm busy! Q

Yes, Excellency! Q

Your Highness, I tell you
quite frankly that you are

taking a great risk in Baghdad
disguised as a camel driver.

Totally agree with
your Excellency.

It's too dangerous,
I'll stop doing it.

Will he return with
Prince Raizul to El Jhazir?

No, I like living in Baghdad.

Your Highness, you make it
very difficult for me, I must insist...

I'm sure he won't deny
me hospitality from him.

I try to protect him,
many want to kill him.

I have already met some.

Others seek revenge
and they will find it,

They have sworn to take your life.

- The Aremlaks?
- Yes.

If they kill you in Baghdad,
I would be held accountable.

I have no intention of letting myself
be killed in Baghdad or anywhere.

Hassan the camel
driver is not safe, I admit,

but I don't think anything
unpleasant will happen to

say, Hassan, the rich
merchant from Cairo,

guest of the military
governor in the citadel.

He will not hint to continue
this childish game of dress-up! Q

It would be undignified, stop fantasizing.

His father would hold me responsible.

Not if I am under the
protection of the Pasha

which I do not think you
will refuse to grant me.


So I accept his
hospitable invitation.

We can have dinner together, Café
Ifrangi has been recommended to me.

I already had a commitment
to which I am late,

with a lady, you'll excuse me.

If I have to excuse you, I will.

- Excellency, me! Q
- You idiot, shut up! Q

Excellency, we are
honored by her presence! Q

Ms! Q

When you dine with Pasha Ali Nadim,
you should look at Pasha Ali Nadim.

Sorry, I wasn't looking
at anyone in particular.

An excellent idea.

Sir, the Arabs at that
table have covered

their faces but they
were with Raizul.

I'm more interested
in the man they're with.

Please, efendi, follow me.

Over here please.

- The Pachá wants me to accompany him.
-But, he is having dinner with a lady.

I can see that.

Good evening, Excellency, I
hope I haven't kept you waiting.


Since his excellence has fallen
silent before so much beauty,

let me.

I'm Hassan, a jewelry
dealer from Cairo.

Before Hassan, camel driver from Damascus,

if I'm not mistaken.

Princess Marjan is not wrong,
but there is a simple explanation.

With this, it was
smarter to take a camel,

especially with the
Djellabas Negras so active,

but being the Pasha's
guest and counting on his

protection, I can display
my treasures without fear.

The Pasha is very
generous in protecting him.

Thank you, both of you are
more so with your compliments,

but my duty is to provide protection
to whoever arrives in Baghdad.

Does that include the
gentleman sitting at that table?

To him in particular, it is Lavellar.

He represents the company that
sells ammunition to my government.

Does he also trade
with the desert tribes?

It is forbidden, they are
probably friends, Café Ifrangi is

very cosmopolitan, it brings
together very diverse people.

Which is very convenient, isn't it?

If I were governor, I would be
interested in Lavellar's friends.

It is surprising that the Black Djellabas
know which caravans carry weapons.

You prefer rubies, me too.

It is a perfect jewel... for you.

In that case, I'll buy it for her.

Put a price on it.

An impeccable beauty
is not bought, Excellency,

not even a Pasha.

What do you suggest for dinner?

His Excellency has already ordered.

- For two.
- Well, let it be for three.

- I've heard the food is excellent.
- Thank the Pasha,

it was he who wanted Baghdad
to have a Continental Café.

I'm surprised you didn't want
European entertainment too.

Unfortunately, European
artists don't come that far.

- I can offer my services.
- What do you say, Princess! Q

You will not pretend
to sing in a public cafe.

- Why not? I must earn my living.
- No way.

I think this is a good idea.

Since this place is
surely protected by the

Pasha, he will surely
fix it immediately.

I don't know, it's very irregular.

Excellency, give your consent.

It would be a great
honor if the lady sang.

Thank you.

For her to bring him luck, and because
she should only be worn by a princess.

Thank you, I accept the
compliment but not the jewel.

He came to me easily
and he must easily go.

Come. His Excellency will excuse us.

Excellency, I didn't know what to do.

- Beautiful and talented! Q
- You have been magnificent! Q

You haven't sang
since we left Damascus.

You deprived me of that great pleasure.

With His Excellency's permission,

If Princess Marjan would agree
to sing a little bit every night,

I'll pay you whatever you
ask, that is, if it's not too much.

Since she will sing for me, I will allow
it, but you will have to pay her very well.

You have pleased me tonight.

Excellence! Q

You cannot refuse a
gift from Pasha Ali Nadim.

-I hope that his Excellency sleeps well.
- I don't suffer from insomnia.

He will have a clear conscience.
By the way, she forgot to fire the car.

He may have to go out again
to examine the city's defenses.

The work of a military
governor has no end.

It's such a beautiful night
that I might join you if

it's finally necessary to
examine the city's defences.

Don't you think we've spent
enough time together already?

No, I enjoy every minute.

Fire the car.

- But...
- Go.

- Good evening, Highness.
- Good evening, Excellency.

Sir, I don't understand why he
plays cluelessness with the pasha.

It shouldn't be surprising,
Saleel, being a man of many wives.

I would like to be at
home with one of them.

Wait, my lord.

Doubts about the Pasha?

- And you, sir?
- As much as a sparrow from a leopard.

- I'll sleep at your door, sir.
- You'll be up for a while.

If you see that the Pachá
tries to leave, call me.

We don't want you to
wake up Princess Marjan.

Sir, that woman is Aremlak,
he will not weigh on her like...

She just like a smart woman,
and for that she should be watched.

We simply carry out
your father's orders.

Since you refuse to obey
him, I will take you by force.

No! Q

- Don't shoot!
H-He runs away again.

Go outside! Q

Fool, savage, I told
you to leave it to me! Q

You were with him and
the lady at Cafe Ifrangi.

He has returned as your guest of honor.

It's weird, suddenly
you're really good friends.

He is still the prince of El Jhazir.

- If I had killed him in the citadel...
- I wasn't going to kill him here.

They would have found him
in the street, a victim of thieves,

who would suspect that it
really was Prince Ahmed Khabar?

- Now we've lost him.
- Let them search and find him.

In Baghdad, I am the boss.

If you forget, I'll have to
stop intervening in this matter.

Do not even dream about it.

You broke your oath for
gold, so you're out of position.

Capture him while he's still
Hassan, the rich merchant.

Your Excellency, is Princess
Marjan not with you?

Do you see her? Where is she?

She left the dressing
room an hour ago.

You're late for the performance! Q

I warned you not to let
her go anywhere alone.

I swear I couldn't do anything.

The woman! Q Excuse me.

The Princess said that I would
be punished if she followed her.

In the week you've been
here I've aged a year.

She doesn't know how much I fear her.
- You should be afraid of me.

- It's a regrettable mistake.
-I told her, but she replied...

Her Excellency will not
want to hear what she said.

You will be punished at
dawn, 60 lashes on her

feet, if you don't find
her in less than an hour.

Yes, Excellency.

I have brought this.

With this you can buy food,
horses, weapons, whatever you need.

Devil's money,
thrown at your feet by

morons, in exchange
for a song or a smile.

Go back to the city where they
proclaim her name in the market

and take the damned treasures from her.

The old man talking like a child.

Everything that the Black
Djellabas do is known at Café Ifrangi.

I'll be there until I find
out who their leader is.

When the time comes,
I will need your help.

You will obey me as my father.

Quick, the city closes the gates.

Charity, for Allah's sake! Q

Charity, for Allah's sake! Q

Mister! Q

Charity for the holy
wanderer of Marrakech! Q

Don't go back to Cafe Ifrangi.

Stay at the consulate until
you can return to England! Q

Now you're a bum, who
are you, what do you want?

That doesn't matter, but it does
matter that you leave Baghdad.

The women who make fun of
Pachá appear floating in the Tigris.

I'm not going to leave Baghdad
and I'm not afraid of the Pasha.

So he feared the Black Djellabas.

They know you
checked out Cafe Ifrangi.

Why do you know so much
about the Black Djellabas?

Soldiers! Q

Hasan, wait! Q

Are you sure he doesn't have
any more jewelry in the hotel?

Yes, Excellency, he took them all.

You have been away for a long time.

Did it seem so much to you?

Prepare my dress,
the blue and silver one.

Excellent, it will
match your jewelry.

I handed over my jewelry to my men.

I will be able to dispose
of what is given to me! Q

And is this so precious
that you do not part with it?

I have never considered it mine.
I want to return it.

I understand that tonight
you could have done it.

I didn't think she would see him.

Have you made an appointment
with him to return the ruby?

I couldn't, your
soldiers prevented it.

And you are only interested in the
handsome Arab returning the jewel?

Well no.

I am interested to know why
you come one day as a guest,

then he disappears and
your soldiers try to kill him.

Against my wish, since
I gave him protection,

and just because
I deeply appreciate

it, I will break the
trust of my office.

Your friend Hassan,
the one in the costumes,

He is Prince Ahmed
Khabar, according to your

people, the chief of
the Black Djelabas.

And why was he your
guest in the citadel?

Women do not understand
the delicate affairs of state.

Arrest the crown
prince of El Jhazir

he would bring many
problems to my government.

Tonight I tried to prevent it by
eliminating a simple bum, a beggar.

Unfortunately, I failed.

- Are your men still after him?
- Naturally.

But there's a problem,

if he decided to return to the
citadel as Prince Ahmed Khabar,

I should offer you my hospitality.

What if the Aremlaks
found him first?

Interesting possibility.

Will you allow us to
take him to the desert?

To, according to your tradition, do
what the government does not dare?

Yes, his life for my father's.

After, of course,
a slow torture.

You Bedouin are
truly a wild people.

We also know how to be grateful.

If I made such a concession to
you, would I deserve your gratitude?

We Aremlak have a saying:
"Promise for promise".

It is, promise for promise.

Charity, for Allah's sake! Q

Allah rewards the charitable! Q

- Charity for Allah's sake! Q
- They want to see you, beggar.

I have done nothing,
I know nothing! Q

Shut up and follow me! Q

Don't let them kill
me, have mercy.

Your miserable life is
not in danger if you obey.

I must speak to the tramp
who was with you at the gates.

- The one who calls himself Hassan.
- I don't know him.

- You lie! Q
- You will die for it! Q

Kill me, I will not betray him.

Who speaks of treason?
Find Hassan, tell him I must

see him at my hotel when
I get back from Cafe Ifrangi.

He won't come, he doesn't trust anyone.

Give him this, he won't distrust me.

If you don't give it to him, we'll
look for you all over the streets.

and we will bury you in an anthill
with your head smeared with honey.

Let's go! Q

That woman is indefatigable! Q

He has been walking for an
hour, and faster and faster.

Not even my wives, who
adore me, would be so impatient.

My lord was wise
to suspect treachery.

But I'll be a big jerk if
I find out too late that

he was wrong, and that
his heart aches to see me.

Mister! Q

The princess will have to
rest after such a hectic night.

You'll return this
tomorrow with my respects.

Tell her that she couldn't come to her,
but that I won't be long in seeing her.

The English say that a false
penny always comes back.

Today I found out that
it also applies to rubies.

Especially this ruby.

The Pachá seems to
enjoy it, but it's not funny.

You guys are angry and nervous,
and that brings me to this question,

Is it due to the frustrated desire
to take revenge on an enemy

or wounded vanity because
instinct in the face of danger

made him forget your
undeniable charms?

Your song can wait.

Prince Ahmed Khabar
has informed his father,

the emir, that he
will defend himself

before a council of
tribal representatives.

The emir has assembled the
council at the Rock Oasis Khorasan,

where all men are bound
by an ancient oath of peace.

The emir asks us to ask
Pasha Ali Nadim to attend

so that everyone knows that his government
will support the ruling of the sheikhs.

We await your
decision, Excellency.

As everyone knows,
Baghdad is the seat of justice.

It pains me that the Grand Emir
of El Jhazir is suspicious of her.


Prince Ahmed Khabar

can only be judged by supreme sheikhs,

not by the Baghdad government.

But if he were forced to hand
him over to the desert tribes,

It would be like confessing that I
have failed as a military governor.

How would it be a confession
or a failure, if with his

help we discovered the
truth of the Black Djellabas?

In fact, Excellency, if you
refuse to support the council,

there will be those who interpret
it as a different kind of confession.

Is his Highness insinuating that
he protected the Black Djellabas?

I'm not implying anything.

Like these sages of El
Jhazir, I await your decision.

I will try to communicate
with Constantinople.

It is a very special case and
I do not know if I have the

authority to decide without
the approval of my superiors.

Your Excellency, we cannot wait
for instructions from Constantinople.

The council has already been convened
and the emir expects you to attend.

You have no alternative.

- Very well.
- Tomorrow we leave together.

Until then we will accept
your hospitality at the citadel.

Yes, of course, it is an honour.

Have rooms prepared
immediately for their excellencies.

I hope you rest, Excellency.

Princess Marjan, why didn't
they tell me you were waiting?

He was busy with
more important guests.

You can't imagine the
gravity of the moment.

I only know that the murderer you
promised to deliver to the Aremlak

he is in the citadel and
he is your honored guest.

He will leave tomorrow.

The emir has called
a council to judge him.

Look how good, he will
be judged by his own

father and of course
declared innocent! Q

It's possible, but I
can't do anything at all.

You just have to
keep your promise.

Let my people enter
the citadel and stop him.

The compound is infested with
Bedouins and I've had enough! Q

It's our business, the
prince belongs to us.

I'm sick of this Bedouin plague.

Let them eat hot sand
and die in their dirty desert.

I'll go back to Constantinople
where people live civilly,

and you'll come with me,
we're going out tonight.

Old man, go to the lady's
hotel and pack her luggage,

be ready when we arrive.
Didn't you hear me?

- I am not going anywhere.
- Me neither! Q

I'm sorry to inform you that
you shouldn't make me angry.

I no longer beg, I command.

You are not in a position to order.

The great Pasha Ali Nadim fleeing
Baghdad for fear of an assassin.

You're not just pathetic, you're ridiculous.

Wild Bedouin! Q

Excellency, Excellency! Q

How dare you bother
the Pasha right now?

I have heard noises.

And more you'll hear
if you bother him again.

Where is Ahmed Khabar? Join us.

Do as the princess commands.


Black djellabas in the citadel! Q

And in it is Ahmed Khabar!
Q Lead us to him, quickly! Q

Lord, Lord! Q

-She finds her Excellency.
- Yes, Highness.


That all the Black Djellabas
leave the citadel immediately.

Lord, we have found the Pasha! Q

Muhammad Jad, look! Q

Do you dare to look me in the face?

Why not? I'm going to
make you a great man.

Following the Black Djelabas to
Baghdad, to the citadel, charging

myself with the responsibility,
how am I going to explain it?

You will be able to testify
before the council that they

entered Baghdad to rescue
their boss who was your prisoner

but you did not allow him to escape.

You killed the chief of the Black
Djelabas with your own hands.

He lies unconscious
in your reception room.

Come on, Pasha Ali
Nadim, become a hero.

Come on, he shoots.

So you were going to
make me a great man! Q

Stupid, wild! Q

Ahmed Khabar lives and
will tell all this in the council.

We will arrive before him.

You will tell the emir that his son
escaped with the Black Chilabas.

- No, I'm going to Constantinople.
- You come with me.

Ahmed Khabar will
die before being tried.

You and I will make it so.

Why do you take so much trouble?

Leave me here a few more hours
and between the sun and the vultures

- You won't have to kill me.
- We don't want you to die yet.

We take you to Bir-en-Naga
for the Aremlak to see

the punishment of my father's murderer.

One noise and I will kill you! Q

The soldiers and the Pasha! Q

They go to council
anyway, of course.

They'll testify that
the assault justifies my

guilt, and thanks to you,
they'll get away with it.

My father's white colt! Q

- Who rides it?
- My cousin Raizul.

My father was on that horse
when the Djelabas killed him.

For the thousandth time, my cousin
is the chief of the Black Djellabas,

he always has been, and your friend
the Pachá is up to his neck in this.

- You lie! Q
- No, it's the honest truth.

I'll say it another way.

I speak as Prince
Ahmed Khabar of El

Jhazir to Princess
Marjan of the Aremlak.

In the name of Allah, I only
ask for time to prove the truth.

Let me attend the council.

If my enemies win, who
are also yours, I swear by

Allah that only your
dagger will pierce my heart.

Princess, he betrayed your
father, he will also betray you.

I swear it with my blood.

If you lie, you will suffer
even more for having done so.

But if he's telling the
truth, he'll need our help.

We'll go to council together.

Mercy great lords of the
desert, do not kill us! Q

We are poor and harmless gypsies! Q

We go to the meeting
of the sheikhs to tell

the fortune, shoe
horses and ask for alms.

We have nothing
worthwhile and women are

useless and old, and
as you can see very ugly.

Silence, women are worth
more than the men around them.

We'll trade our horses
for your mules, our

clothes for yours, and
this to close the deal.

Ruby is for women

as compensation for the misfortune
of being your wives and daughters.

One thing! Q Haven't
you got a dress to lend

me that makes old
men stroke their beards?

Yes, I will show it to you.

We will become gypsies
and you will become Bedouins.

May Allah witness
this great miracle! Q

The oasis is neutral ground.

Only sheikhs and their
entourage can enter.

And the Pasha's
soldiers are camped here.

Stop, if you take one
more step I'll open fire! Q

Who are you, where do you come from?

We neither come nor go
anywhere, we are gypsies.

Gypsies! Q

Men thieves and
liars and women...

The question is how
do I get to my father.

Be careful, I know the Pasha and
the sentinels will be looking for you.

Entertainment and a banquet
have been provided, as you ordered.

Now that you've arrived
I'll fire the dancers.

I don't want my guests
to share my sorrows,

- keep the fun going.
- As ordered by the Emir.

Gypsies? What are you doing here?

We come in peace, great
commander of heroes.

We only ask for food and water,

in return we will shoe
the horses, fix the pots

and we will read you fortune.

Take them to the
soldiers' camp! Q

But the soldiers have no
money, they won't pay us! Q

They'll feed you
if you earn it! Q

Do not leave the camp,
watch them at all times! Q

Yes captain. walking! Q

Hurry, let's go! Q

I see you have ridden
many terrible horses,

Your hand is hard and
callused, you did hard labor.

That's the past, tell
me the future! Q

Your wishes will be fulfilled.

Soon you will be captain, rich,

and you will have many women.

Tomorrow I will buy you,
gypsy, as my first wife.

But tomorrow you
won't be rich yet, soldier,

you still have a lot left.

You can't read the future! Q

Before the night is over, I'll
be able to buy many like you! Q

This is ugly, not me.

And since I'll be rich too, why
don't you choose me, gypsy?

Neither you, nor him, nor Pasha himself.

I'm tired of
reading the fortune.

And the song you promised, gypsy?

I'm going to look for the musicians.

Come back quickly or
I'll come looking for you.

The song for him, gypsy, me! Q

- They are not the soldiers of the city! Q
- They're not even soldiers. Look.

There's one of these
under every chair.

Black Djellabas! Q

That's why the Pasha
left Baghdad with 30

men and now he has
five times as many! Q

- But why?
- They are Raizú's men.

It's obvious they want to
assassinate the entire council.

And they will blame you, believing you
to be the chief of the Black Djellabas! Q

Forcing him to disappear
leaving Raizul owner of the desert.

There is an oasis of El
Jhazir six hours away.

May Allah we can
ask for help in time! Q

But there is no time left, they
talk about being rich in the morning.

Whatever the
plan is for tonight.

We will buy time.

Coloquinty pumpkins! Q

Horses eat them but if a
man does it he feels like dying,

and for hours he suffers so much
that he implores himself to death.

Collect all the
pumpkins you find.

I'll hold off the soldiers
while Prince Ahmed escapes.

I must not go, you.
He will warn my people.

Here you are in danger.

And how will you entertain them?

Dancing and singing for them?

Don't worry about the princess.

When they've
eaten, we can escape.

You gypsy! Q

To work, gypsy dogs! Q

You promised a song,
we are waiting! Q

I won't keep you waiting any longer! Q

But my people starve.

They will eat the leftovers
when their masters eat.

Show that you are grateful! Q

Take the food pans
to the soldiers! Q

- Do it carefully! Q
- With great care, noble soldier.

Go away, Prince Ahmed Khabar,
and may Allah be with you.

Also to you Mohamed Jad.

Hey gypsies, get back
to work until we're done!

You stay to keep me company!

The soldiers have
finished eating.

We can only wait a few minutes.

If the princess cannot escape
we will have to go looking for her.

My people are hungry, I'll
take this and I'll be right back.

I'll go with you, so you won't be in a hurry.

Gourd gourds, an
old Bedouin trick!

My men are useless, useless.

It could have been worse,
they will recover soon.

Yes, but not tonight!

Lady Marjan of the Aremlak
and the warriors of her dirty tribe!

No, friend, they are gypsies, nothing more.

It is important that you remember it.

- Where is Ahmed Khabar?
- I do not know.

Of course you know.

Witnesses describe a tall, young
Arab, very handsome for a gypsy.

He went and killed a
sentinel, where is he?

- I told you I don't know.
- What are you doing there?

Discover the chief
of the Black Djellabas.

- Well, it's a disgrace!
- No friend.

If I am not mistaken,
there is a method prescribed

by the law of the desert
to punish poisoners.

It consists of burying
them up to the neck,

then the spearmen inflict
a slow death on them.

One spear for each eye.

One for each ear.
It will be fun.

You don't want to see it.

Did England lose its
taste for desert sports?

I demand that I be brought before the Emir.

That is impossible, the emir
does not speak with gypsies.

He will talk to Princess
Marjan of the Aremlak.

You're just a gypsy
who tried to kill my men.

For that you will be punished.

Now it's the old
man's turn, unless

you tell me if Ahmed
Khabar is still alive.

Maybe you tell me, old man.

Bad manners even for a Bedouin.

Bring these two.

Wait, Your Highness.

I suggest you take
the woman first,

-May the old man enjoy her death.
- As you like.

They told me you were
dead, would Allah have it so.

This is my son, turn him on.

Sir, I'm here to be
judged by the council.

I demand my rights
as prince of El Jhazir.

This is my witness, Princess
Marjan of the Aremlak.

They accuse me of murdering her father.

I have sworn in blood,
that if I am found

guilty, my punishment
will rest in her hands.

There will be no punishment.

Great Emir, by Bedouin
law I must be heard.

Princess Marjan is present.

Yes sir.

The absence of my cousin,
Prince Raizul, speaks for itself.

I declare you guilty of the
crimes that were imputed to me

and accused Pasha Ali
Nadim of being his accomplice.

Where is Raizul, Excellency?

Has he abandoned You?

Has he left you alone before
the punishment of the spears?

Or has he gone to see if his
Black Djellabas have recovered?

to assassinate his father's brother
and the rest of the desert jeues?

Answer, Pasha Ali Nadim.

I think Raizul has answered for you.

This is my defense, Raizul
at the head of the Djelabas.

The El Jhazir await
my signal in the hills.


The veil!

I don't think he misses it.

Your father!

Pretend you don't see it.