Baduk (1992) - full transcript

Baduk is the name of the child who works in smuggling, due to poverty he and his sister separated, the sister will work as a maid, he keeps trying to reach his sister in vain, finally he escaped from Iran because he thinks that his sister left Iran, he discovered later on that she is still in Iran.

In the name of God - BADUK

We extend our sincere thanks to...

Reza Danesh Pazhouh

for offering time and energy to...

do the English subtitles...

for this specific work of art...

which has been the debut film of...

the world renowned director from Iran.


Supervision - K. Manav

Sync - G. Sandhya

Interpretations - M. Gupta

Transcription - K. Annu

The subtitles have been done for...

the world community interested in serious cinema.

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Baduk (1992) - a film by Majid Majidi

Main subtitles by

Reza Danesh Pazhouh

The Persian term "baduk" refers to people,

often children hired against their will,

who carry smuggled merchandise from the border on foot.

Jafar! Come with us or you'ld be alone.

Listen to us. Don't be hard.

You've no tolerance.

This earth is dry. It is waterless.

HIS blessing has left this area.
What do you search here?

Courage and manhood.

Better you had left the village when your wife died.

It's still not late.

There's nothing here.

We're more certain than you.

Please listen to us.

Think of your children.

Let us go. He doesn't listen.

Good bye Jafar!
- Bye.

Father! Father!
- Father! Father! Father...! Help!

Help! Help! Father!

Please help! Anybody there?
- Help! Help! Help!

Help! Help!

Help! Help! Help Father!

Any body there? Help! Help!


Please help! Help!

You didn't sleep?
- I couldn't.

Go, sleep.

When do we leave?

Tomorrow morning as the sun rises.

What are you doing in the desert?

Come in! Come! Get in!

These're different than the earlier ones.

I've brought them from Pakistan.

I was there at the time of packing.

Ist class material. Not old.
Different and new.

The earlier stuff is still lying.
Can't you see?

Hey! What're you saying?
Open a package and see.

From the 'Red-Cross'.
Super quality.

Hello Sattar!

These kids're good.

Bring them in!

Hey boy! Go inside.
- why?

I told you he's helpful. Go in!

Open your mouth.

Don't be scared. I won't harm you.
Open your mouth.

What are you looking at?
I say open your mouth.

Leave her!

Crazy boy!

Open your mouth.

Ok! She is not bad.

He has a baldy patch.

Fine. But he is a boy not a girl.

Still a problem.

Why say 'no good' if not wanted?

I do want him but at cheaper price.

This won't benefit me.

What 'benefit'? You paid nothing!
You found them in the desert!

I did a mistake by speaking the truth.

Go and don't speak about it.

Hello, Alkhalid! What a co-incidence that I see you here.
I heard that you were in Pakistan.

You stay here. Don't you wish to come to Tehran?

I have a problem if I go back.

How are you Mr. Abdullah? Everything, ok?
Whatever I've is from you.

Tell me the purpose.

I've got goods for you.

How old are they?

Not both. Only one of them.

Why is that Sattar?

One of them is a girl
I've brought for myself.

Ok. How much for the boy?

I paid 5 Toman. Any thing more suits me.

You're doing wrong Sattar.

I made a mistake that I told you.

Is he healthy?

Solid, solid. Don't you worry.

Take this.

I'll bring him.

Get down.
- What about Jamal?

Hurry up! Don't speak! Get down!
And you wait here.

Where are you taking Jamal?
- Don't talk. Get down.

I don't want to.
- No?

- It is not in your hands.

Get down! Get down! Don't speak!

No! No! I don't want to!

Leave me!

Stay calm! Be silent! Don't talk!

Shut up! I say shut up!

Jafar. Jafar. Jafar.

Is this a good stuff Satar?

What's wrong?

Too costly to be a 'baduk' Sattar.

Can you get a 'baduk' at this price?

Your name kid?

What's your name?


Go, stand there. You must go down.

Yusuf! Yusuf!

I leave now.

Visit us. I've something for
you Sattar. Ok?

Ok! Certainly. Good bye!
- Good bye.

What is it Abdullah?

This is Jafar. Go down and make a bed for him.

Let us go.

Don't sit there? Have something.


Why are you laughing bad boys?

Wake up! It?s noon.

Here! 2 Tomans. Get cheap and best material.
- Sure, bye!

Why got up so late? What is Jafar doing?

I told him to come up.

Stay here. I've a job for you.
Distribute these among boys.

Take it. Take it.

Take, this is for you.

Come here Jafar.

Yusuf, take his care.
He must not get lost.

Yes sir.

Pay attention. People shouldn't cheat him.

Are you Abdullaha?s hireling?

No. Whoever works for him for
a few days becomes bonded.

No, no! Are you Abdullaha?s relative?

No. Abdullah has no relations with his family.

What does it mean?

After some days you'ld understand everything.

Relax. Work for some days and you know all.

Sattar! Where is Sattar?

I've no idea about Sattar.

Must be in some part of the hell.






You rascal!

Stop! Stop!

Come in. Come.

I knew you'ld return.

Look. Whatever's happened to
this boy is his own fault.

No problem. Little blood only.

Don't repeat what you did today dear Jafar.

Anyone who goes from here either returns
himself or is brought back.


Take it Jafar and wear this.

You will catch cold. Now go to the boys. Go.

Where're you till now?
Go near the fire, warm yourself.

I told you hundred times but you didn?t listen.

What're you doing?

Are you blind?

You don?t know the stuff they carry I ask for. Ha?

I don?t have hundred eyes to look at all of them.

Pity! If you don?t have! You've no skills!
Why do I need you?? - to take care of boys.



I heard you brought a cigarette carton
and sold it yourself.

Get in! Get in! Hurry up!
Hurry! Cilmb! Get in!...

Any news?
- Not yet.

Where else are you searching?
- Around the village.

Perhaps Sattar brought her here.

I don?t know. Anything Sattar says I do.

Sad, that I got arrested otherwise
I would've found her.

Arrested? For what?

To do schooling. My father says I must study.


It is closeby and open 24 hrs. My father says
I must go there. They pay salary also.

Salary! For what?
- To help us study.

It's better, you free yourself from work.

My father tells the same. He is
thinking about himself since...

the day my mother died. He wants
an excuse to get married.

I must go to school from tomorrow.
Otherwise he won't let me in.

So I don?t see you again?

I'll come and visit you. If you want, you come.

My father'ld get you admitted in the school.

No. What would happen to Jamal?

This is the address of my school.

Police! Police coming! Run away!
Run! Hurry up!...

Get down! They're searching.
I'll stop after the police post.

15 minutes. If you get late I 'll leave.

Get in. Get fast. Move! Come on!

(conversation in Arabic at the back)

Yusuf, Yusuf!

Who's talking to Abdullah? Tell me.


Tell me who is he?

He is Khalid. - not from here.

What's he doing here?

He is a headmaster of one Saudi school.

Jafar. Be careful.

Jafar. What are you looking for?


How many are there?

2, 3 come and go but overall 20.

All of them've been accepted.

It's critical this time. They need kids
between 10-14 years.

These Saudies fancy young girls.

Why're you so late?

What's in this package?

It is none of your business.

What's in this package?

Did you open this package?

No. Ghafoor opened the package.

Ghafoor opened it?

Yes. He took his share from this.

What do you mean? His share?

What did you do there?

It is none of my business.
Why are you fighting?

Shut up! You arrogant boy!

Why did Ghafoor open this package?

It is none of my business.

Stupid! Crazy!

It is none of my business.
Why should I be responsible for what you do?

No my dear. We've no problem with each other.

I simply ask you why did you
permit Ghafoor to open this package?

When I reached there, it was all finished.

Ok! Ok! Tell me What did Ghafoor say to you.

He said that he didn?t know there are drugs in it.

Tell Abdullah that it is not principally fair that
we work hard and he makes money.

Now onwards, I will take my share.
I have already taken it from Ghafoor.


He did open the package and showed me.He said you are
very innocent. If police finds the packet, we will just die.

I will get that from him.


I have confidence in you.

From now onwards you are performing Ghafoor?s duties.

I will not work again.

You do because it benefits you Yusuf.

Work for free.

Strange? So you want a share? No problem. I pay your share. I will give you Ghafoor?s share.

Ghafoor has taken his share.

I know but the share I give you is different. It is different.

If you don?t give my share, I know what to do.

Be sure. We both know what to do. Go down now.

What happened Yusuf? I heard some comversation.

Nothing. You have time for all this?

I want to know.

Go and sleep.

Yusuf, it's none of my business
but I think you can help me.

You can get the address from those
people where they took my sister.

You know them better than me.
You know everything.

I told you this is not the time. Go and sleep.

Did you find it easy?

Ok !Ok !

Did you check everything?

Nothing is missing from that package?

I'm in the shop. It's the perfect time.

Jafar! Jafar! Wake up.

Tomorrow it might be late.

I tell you something. Khalid is the
man you are searching.

You may find Sattar form Khalid.
I don?t know if your sister is with Sattar.

Sattar and Khalid are sharing girl business.

How can I find Khalid?

He is the headmaster of a Saudi school in Pakistan.

How can I find him?

From Ghafoor.

Ghafoor? Who is Ghafoor? Where is he?

Ghafoor has a connection that leads to Khalid.

Find Ghafoor and you find Khalid from his contact.

What is Ghafoor?s address?

Ask anyone in Sherabad, you'ld get it.

What about Sattar?

Hey! Come with me.

I told you that I will give you the share.
I don?t keep anybody?s share.

Help! Help!

Get him!

Help! Help!

Hurry up! Hurry up! It is late. Wake up!

Hello! Jabbar! Ok! Great! This time
I'll take you to Dubai and...

you enjoy in my city for some days.

I've a great gift for you. You work very
hard for me. Ok! Ok! Sure.

Why are you looking at me?

Go! Yusuf has left and he would never return.


What do you want?

Is this Ghafoor?s house?

Ghafoor? I don?t know, go inside and check.

Ghafoor is here?

Asking for Ghafoor? He's in the next lane.

Why are you like this?

I don?t know.

It's because of Abdullah?s men.
- Abdullah?

Who sent you here? Who gave you my address?

Yusuf. I want you to do a work for me.

Some body must help me.

See, my sister is with Khalid. I want his address.

This condition is not enough for me?

I want only Khalid?s address .

Go and don?t create a problem for me.

Ghafoor, you know me?

We are from the same village.

Who are you?

Me - Haider?s son. You wanted him to leave the village.

I remember. What happened to your father? Where?s he?

When you left, the well collapsed and he died.

For what purpose you want Khalid?s address?

I want to find my sister. When you left
somebody brought us to the city...

and sold us to Adullah. Jamal was taken away.

What was his name?


I know him. He is with Khalid.

Will you help me find him?

Somebody knows his address. When I get well,
we go together to the border.

-Day after tomorrow.

You're sure he would come?

He must come. It's his business.

It's her last picture.

Has she ever been to Pakistan?

No, I'll go to India to see her.

Even if I die, it?s no problem.

You bring me another picture of her.

You want her cassette?

No, only picture. I have no cassette player.

You've no player.

No, we've no electricity. I want her photo to decorate my tent .

You must hear her voice.

What should I do?

Tomorrow again we?ll wait.

Come, come! Move, move!
It's a red storm, why did you stop?

Come! Move!

Get up! Get up! Move! Hurry up!

Get up! You ass! Lift it Jafar!

Get up!

It?s not possible. Don?t die! Please don?t die!

Think of my children

Get up and go!

Hello! Tabriz! Take the line.

Sarkar Tabriz!

Hello mother. I can?t leave this
place. I send you a letter. Bye, bye!

Line was disconnected.

No I spoke. How much?

It was all free.

Thank you.

I want to write a letter to
my friend. He is in Pakistan.

This is not a post office. Only phoning is possible.

Where is the post office?

This is no post office here. You need to
go to Zahedan. Is your letter ready?

No, I'm uneducated.

So why do you need a post office?

I want somebody to write a letter.

Take a seat. I'll write it.

Sir, are you Sayed?
- Sayed?

I'm Ghafoor?s friend.

No I'm not Sayed. And I don?t know who Ghafoor is.

Jafar, Jafar! I am here! Come, come.

- How are you?

I wrote you a letter. You got it?

Letter? I ran away from school.
- For what?

I?ll tell you. What did you do?

The name of your headmaster wasn?t Khalid.

No, why?

One of the Saudi school?s headmaster is Kahalid.
If found we can find Sattar.

There're many Saudi?s schools.
Wait!... Somebody with that name.

Police! Police! Run! Run!

What're you telling?

I can't find him.

Where do you live now?

Behind those mountains, in a
small cafe. Every night I sleep there.

I've a friend Ghulam Hussain. Go! See you later!
- Good bye!

Go inside. Go! Go!

When would I be free?

I bring remnant to that room.

I've some work with you.

If you've any work, tell me fast because
sunset is closer and it'ld be dark. I must go.

Where must you go?

I must go home, my children're waiting.

Really? Why didn?t you tell me before?

I thought you know.

Be here. I've some work with you.

Why were you arrested?

For nothing.

Nothing's not possible .

I can say the same to you.

Why're your hands bloody?

The life's impossible. I's collecting wild wire from
god's land, the desert and was selling it.

Wild wire from the border?

Which border?


You're thinking deeply. You are not from this area?
Where are you from?


Why did they arrest you?

A little bad luck.


I was driving my father?s car and I killed somebody.

You killed?

Yea! But not purposefully.
I wanted to go to Pakistan.

I will return once everything dies out.It seems
somebody knew my programme and he informed the police.

Who was to take you from the border?

Why're you asking?


I want to know how much was fixed.

Right now it makes no difference.

The agent got no money and I could?nt flee.

What's his name?


Is that Samad working in cigarette market?

You know him?

A little.

How much money he must get from you?

Twenty thousand Toman. Is it a lot?

No, that?s the price for this work.

The names I read out, can leave.

Boobarzehi, Khudabaksh-e-Baruch, Nauser, Noor,
Mohammad, Shir Ahmad, Jafar, Reegi, Shirabadi.

Wait! You must put a finger.

What're you doing?

First on the stamp-pad and then on the paper.

You know what's this?
- No

This is a recognizance. If you do the
crime again you?ll stay in Jail.

-Good bye.

All of them are damaged. You're troubling me.

Why don?t you pay attention Jafar?

You know how many times I've tried to make you Baduk.

No! You don?t know.
You don?t pay attention to your work.

What?s happening? Why're you looking at me?
Your duty is finished. Go down.

Hello! No! I stay tonight in shop.

No! I'm not going home.
I'm waiting for Khalid?s phone.

I rest here I'm too tired.

What? Khalid went to Dubai? Why to Dubai this time?

The day after tomorrow. No. He told me
that he would call me tonight.

Ok! ...No!

Wake up! Wake up! Fire! Fire! Wake up! Fire!

Bastards! I?ll kill of you! You worms!

Ran away! Run away! Go away!

Who opened the door? Who opened the door?
Answer me. I?m gone poor! A pauper!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Are you Mr. Samad?

What do you want?

I want to go the other side of the border. I was told to ask you.

Who told you to come to me?

When I was in jail, somebody called Karim asked me to go to you.

It is very costly. You've money?

I've this much.

It's very less.

Please, please I'll pay you later.

Take it.

Have your tea. I go to check my mobile.
I will wash myself and we go.

Where're you going? Stop!

He cheated you.

What did he promise you?

He was to transport me to the other side of the border.

How much money did he take?

A few minutes back we're together.

Going to the other side is no problem for you.


Whenever Baduks want to buy
any thing cheap, they go to the other side.

How can I go?

Get up. It?s the time.

Those two cowards are going.

Now what should we do?

You will help me go to the other side.
I'll send you the stick and you also come.

Why did you leave the stick?

My hand is wounded.

Hurry up! It's getting late.

Why did you come late and want to leave so early?

Lift these.

Who's coming?

Coward. Coward.

Where're you going? Come. Get up. Come outside.

I didn?t do anything wrong. Leave me! Leave me!

What're you singing?
- Some song.

I want to see Ghulam Hussain.

Not today. He's gone out.

Somebody came to inquire about you.
- Who?

God knows! He must be around.

Are you looking for me?

Hello! I'm Jafar. Narrudin?s friend.

Yes! You're Jafar.

Finally, you've come here.

Where's Narrudin? When would he come?

One or two hours later. Go up and I bring
you something to eat. And have little rest. Go.

How're you Jafar?


Hello! I did know you?ld come here. I was waiting for you.

You don?t know I?ve come here with lots of troubles.

First, I tell you I found Khalid?s place.

Really? When can we go?

Around sun-set.

Is it far from here? How can we go?

I must speak to Ghulam Hussain. And borrow his bike. Get up!

Why are you going through desert?

It is shorter.

When would we reach there?

I think in one or two hours.

Your school was like this?

Yes. But it was newer.

Somebody?s coming.

What are you doing here?

What does he say?

He is asking 'what do we want'.

Tell him I want to have a word with Khalid.

We?ve a work with Khalid.

What work? Come tomorrow morning.

We?ve a message for him.

Come in.

You stay here.

This boy wants to see you. Abdullah has sent him.

Come inside.

You said Abdullah sent you.

Yes! I work for Abdullah.

Ok! What do you want?

I?ve a message for Sattar. I want his address.

Ok! Any news?
- Nothing.

Nothing! How did you come here?

It is such an important message that you took all this trouble?

Take this! this is Sattar?s address.
Ask anyone he would direct you.

Thank you so much. Good bye !

When do you want to go Jafar?


To Sattar?s house. When do you want to go?

Right now.

Good luck!

Come here immediately.

That boy came here. Abdullah wants him.
I?m sending him back.

How many girls are there? Ok! Ok!

He must be here.

Be careful.

What is that girl doing?
- Wait Jafar, wait!

Do it fast! Fast!

Don?t rush.

Jamal! Jamal!

Jafar! Jafar! Jafar!

Where is Jamal? Where can I find her?

Catch him.

Leave me. Leave me. Leave me.

My sister, where is Jamal?

Such a small message from Abdullah?
You should've asked him.

Take him to the basement. Hurry up!

Leave me!

What're you doing here? How many girls're there?

40. A few of them, I?ld send in the next group.

We?ll see each other at the waterfront.

Jafar. Jafar. Jafar.


Naruddin! Open the door. I?m here.

I found their place. Come, it?s getting late.

Get up! Get up! Come out side.

Get up! Get up!

Hurry up! Come! Hurry up!

Why aren?t you coming?

Where are they taking them?

I?m going.

Stop. Jafar.

Why do you want to go? You can?t do anything.

What about Jamal?

Jamal must be on the other side
of the sea like other girls.

I must go!

Jafar! Jafar don?t go!

Jafar .

Wait! Wait!



What's wrong? I searched the entire city because of you.

He wasn?t careful. What?s my crime?
I did what I could do.

I wanted to offer him my shop
but he was against me.

What should I do? Ok, I?ll search
and would find him for you.


Mohammad Kasibi

Mehrallah Mazar Zahi

Allahnoor Bara Huyi

Edooj Mughadam

Mariyam Tahan

Habib Allah Hadad

Ahmad Razabi

Riza Sadeghi Ganje

Hussain Hajar

Mohsain Rigi

Jalal Taba Tabaie

Qurban Ali Ramzan Khani

Jamshed Segol Zahi

Shamsallah Babai

Ghul Hussain Noori

Ghulam Taheri

Khudabaksh Regi

Ghulam Poodinah

Director - Majid Majidi

Assistants - Hussain Saberi and Mahdi Karimi.

Cinematographer - Mohammad Dormanesh

Music ? Mohammad Reza Ali Gholi

Film produced by

Ardashir Iran-Nezhad - Islamic Propagation Organization

Film distributed by

Ace Deuce Entertainment (Japan)

Location : Sistan and Baluchestan

Screened at the Director's Fortnight at Cannes in 1992

Baduk (1992) - a film by Majid Majidi

Subtitles by Reza Danesh Pazhouh