Badrinath Ki Dulhania (2017) - full transcript

Badrinath Bansal from Jhansi and Vaidehi Trivedi from Kota belong to small towns but have diametrically opposite opinions on everything. This leads to a clash of ideologies, despite both of them recognizing the goodness in each other.

'Hello. Welcome to Jhansi

'Let me introduce you to my family.'

Meet my father, Ambernath Bansal...

'...and my mother Shanti Bansal.'

'Mom's silent most of the time.'

'My father takes all
of the decisions in my life.'

'Right now he's deciding...'

'...who is lucky
enough to be my bride.'

'This man here,
who's anxiously tapping his foot...'

' the bride's father.'

They are here with a marriage
proposal for their 'Liability'

'In our country every
child's "balance sheet"...'

' prepared at
since the time of his birth.'

Congratulations, it's a boy.

Boy = Asset!

Congratulations, it's a girl!

Girl = Liability.

'The birth of an 'Asset'
is celebrated with exotic sweets...'

'...while the birth of a 'Liability'
is only cheered with cheap candies.'

'No matter how useless
the boy is...'

'...his value keeps growing.'

'And despite how talented
the girl maybe...'

she's never
enters the 'Assets' column.

'And then, a couple of years later...'

'...the time finally arrives
for their audit report, i.e marriage.'

'The Assets are evaluated...'

'...and their ODP, which is
'One-Time Dowry Price' is declared.'

'And these prices are conveyed
to the concerned parties...'

'...through various agents.'

The party's final offer...

Right after the engagement, there will be
a brand new SUV parked in your garage.


The girl is studying to get a MBA.

The party is willing
to give five million.

And right after the wedding he's
promised 10 acres of land...

And cash separately.

But her qualification won't make
any difference to the price.

Along with that, she will
bring a gold and a diamond set.

Just say yes.

What more do you want?
Snacks are nice!

'And the good-for-nothing
'Asset' they are all referring to...'

'ls me.'

Badrinath Bansal... aka Badri.

Don't give me that crooked smile.

You're not Shahrukh Khan.

Now smile properly.

A little more.


Come on.

Stop showing your teeth.

Little less.

Now turn your body.

Just your body, not your face.

Like in one of those
clothing commercials.


Why are you tapping your feet

Stop making me act like a clown!


Soon my company...

will be the biggest matrimonial
company in all of Jhansi and UP.

Think of something else,
that's a stupid name.

Just wait and watch...

I will fix your marriage as well.

No thank you,
my father will take care of that.

By the time your father's
priest finds you a bride...

you will already have turned 50



This fort was built
in the 11th Century.

Stop, Prakash!

Badri has received a call.

He knows you're here.

Prakash, stop!

Otherwise, Badri will come
run over you with his motorcycle!

Hey, stop.

Stop you...

Prakash, why are you making
my friend run after you?

I didn't notice Somdev...

If you didn't notice him then
why were you running from him?

I was just jogging.
Dressed like this?


Why all the exercise?

I am getting married next week.

So I thought I should
lose some weight.

You won't lose weight just by jogging.

You know what, start doing sit-ups.

I will start tomorrow...

'What you must do tomorrow,
do it today...'

'...and what you must to today, do it...


Do you have any
intentions of repaying...

the 1.5 million you
borrowed from my father?

I met Alok the other day.

I promised to pay him half
the amount right after the wedding...

and the rest in installments.

Mother promise.

Wow... someone's been
practicing his English.

You see,
my would-be wife is a graduate.

You're blushing.

How do you spell 'GRADUATE'?

Speak up.

Okay, Somdev will tell you.

'G' along with an
'R' followed by

then comes 'D' and a 'U'
and another 'A' and then comes 'TE'.



I thought you're asking
me to spell it in English.

Don't think too much.

Here's what you will do.

Add four more names
in your guest list.

When your father-in-law
gives you the money...

you can quietly hand it over to me.

Otherwise, I'll make you rot
behind bars for demanding dowry.

And once in there...

you won't need to make
an effort to lose weight.

Get it?
I do.

Have a good day.

All this running for nothing.
You should exercise as well.

No... I don't need to lose any weight.

Her astrological charts show that...

she will only bear daughters.

Our daughter has already
completed her B.Ed.

And she has a desire to teach
kids even after her marriage.

Are you going to decide...

what she will do after marriage?

That's not what I meant, Mr.

This is my eldest daughter-in-law.

She is much more educated
than your daughter.

But she never had any stupid notions
like taking up a job.

We'll give it a thought
and let you know.

If your son and our
daughter could meet...


Now leave...

'Father may be the only
person in this world...'

'...who uses an oxygen cylinder
for his heart condition.'

'But this oxygen cylinder is more
like his strength, and not weakness.'

'Actually my brother
Alok fell in love.'

'He wanted to marry Sakshi
and make her my Sister-in-law.'

'But father had already
fixed his wedding with Urmila.'

'Brother rebelled against it,
and when father slapped him...'

'...he decided to leave home.'

'Brother was almost
out of the door...'

'...when father clenched
his heart and fell on the sofa.'

'Brother's courage was shattered...'

'...and finally had to
marry Urmila instead of Sakshi.'

'An Indian father has the
weakest heart in the world.'

'The Lord created him equipped
with a 'heart-attack button'.

'As soon as things start
to get out of control...'

'...he presses the button
and brings the situation in control'.

'Now brother keeps
himself busy with work.'

They showroom we got
from his father-in-law...'

'...has already expanded
threefold in just two years.'

'He also looks after father's
money-lending business.'

'At night he sits on the terrace
alone and has a few drinks...'

'...and sometimes
even falls asleep there.'

'It's been a while
since I saw brother smile.'

'I just pray to the Lord...'

'...that my story
doesn't end like this.'

Hello! Welcome!

We extend our welcome to Mr. Diwedi
and his son Prakash...

and to all of the guests present here,
on behalf of Quota International Band.

The buffet has been laid out.

Oh, God!

The guests haven't even started yet...

and you two are already eating.

This is the limit!

Are these guests our 'Gods'?

Do we need to offer them
food before we eat ourselves?

Okay, listen... - Mom, buffet
means everyone helps themselves.

I know what a buffet means.

Now go...
Go and invite the guests.

The food is still hot.

Tell them to start helping themselves.
Come on.

Do we have to feed them
too or can they eat on their own?

Come on.

I must admit,
the arrangements are simply amazing.

All my guests are really happy.

What can I say?

I had to do it.

After all...
it's my only daughter's wedding.

Here you go.
There was no need for this.

We're not greedy for money.
Mr. Tiwari.

There's something I would like to say..

Look... we're in an urgent meeting.

Please come back later.

I can clearly see what's so urgent..

Please spare us the speech
on 'women empowerment'.

We know what's wrong and right.

Shut up! And don't interfere.

I don't want to talk to you.

I didn't come here to stop you.

I only came hereto
invite you for dinner.

And anyway, I already gave up on trying
to reform this country long ago.

You see... all your guests
are loitering around.

So I request you to continue
your business deal in the room.


See... that's all I wanted to say.

Do you like pudding?

Do try, it's really delicious.

I guarantee you will love it.

Good bye.


She looks like a bachelor.
I am only taking a picture.

I will find her a groom.
You just watch.

Fine, go.

Attention friends...

No, Mr. Prakash will tell us
about his experience...

He has nothing to say, allow me...
just a second.


My name's Badri.

Prakash's best friend!

First and foremost, we're grateful for
the hospitality, you have shown us.

The pudding was simply
delicious today...

so I figured we must
show them a thing or two.

Hit it.


When my eyes

When my eyes met yours

This made the lover surrender

When my eyes met yours

This made the lover surrender

When you shyly peeked out of the window

This made the lover surrender

Listen O girl! Being in your love

I never knew when June became December

When you scolded me in English

This made the lover surrender

When you slapped my cheeks with love

This made the lover surrender

When my eyes met yours

My looks are awesome, my style is beautiful

I know you very well, you’re a bloody fool

My looks are awesome, my style is beautiful

I know you very well, you’re a bloody fool

I know you very well, you’re a bloody fool

It’s the wedding season, not an April Fool’s day

How can I say that I accept you?

When I covered my face innocently

This made the lover surrender

When my eyes

When your eyes met mine

Then the lover surrendered

O blessed one! Please understand that fighting is useless

Can you not see my love, is there dust in your eyes?

Can you not see my love, is there dust in your eyes?

It was Shah Jahan's mistake to build the Taj Mahal

He had money, whereas I just have a flower in my hands

When you disconnected my call in anger

This made the lover surrender

When my eyes , O mister!

When my eyes met your eyes

This made the lover surrender

Yes he surrendered, yes he surrendered, yes he surrendered

Uncle, this cylinder...

Yeah, I have a bit of...

What do you call your company?

It's a unique name.

Our work is unique too.

I saw both your daughters
at Prakash's wedding.


If you could give me their
bio-data and birth-chart...

I will find suitable
grooms for them immediately.

Both of them?
Of course, aunt.

I know some great
boys from good families.

By the way, I am a bachelor too.

You're doing a great job, son.

We're already under a lot
of pressure to get them married.

Have faith in God, aunt.

Both of them will get
married on the same day.

I assure you.

Please have this.

You're quite the sly guy.

Both the sisters have
some amazing features.

Why did you climb on the bed? Get off.

I am so happy-

By the way, whom are you focusing on?

I was thinking about the younger one,
but she's a rebel.

I want peace.

So you can keep the younger one.

Thank you very much, sir.

The elder one is Kritika
and the younger one is Vaidehi.

Surname Trivedi.

Show me.

Vaidehi Trivedi.

What a nice name.

Badri... are you in love?

You must be crazy.

My time to fall in love is over.

If father fixes my marriage
with someone else...

then I'll have to spend the rest
of my life looking at her picture.

And who needs two love-lost
Romeos in one house?

My brother is enough.

I am looking to get married.

Now do one thing...

take this bio-data to my father.

Have you lost your mind?

I am not going to stick
my head into the lion's den.

Then who will?

Speak up.

Mr. Romeo...

Excellent idea!

How are you, brother?

This is the first time
you've ever checked in on me.

Must be something very important.

I thought I'd have
a drink with you today.

Soda or water?


I see...

By the way, she was really beautiful.

The same girl you were
dancing with at the function.

Her name is Vaidehi Trivedi.

You're in a hurry.

Brother, do you miss Sakshi?

Are you trying to fix
your marriage or destroy mine.

I seriously want to know,
I'm not joking.

Tell me.

I used to for a couple
of months in the beginning.

But Urmila's an amazing girl too.


Brother, please speak
to father about my marriage.

I can't talk to him.
Just say it...

He'll get another heart-attack...

and maybe this time
he won't make it.

We will all be free from him.

Did you talk to Vaidehi?
What do I talk to her about?

Does she want to marry you?

That doesn't matter.

Her parents do.

And they are under a lot of pressure.

And anyway, they won't
find anyone better than me in UP.

Look, take my advice.

Talk to her once.

Vaidehi didn't look like
the obedient type to me.

And we'll involve father
at the final stage.

Badri, slow down.
There's no time to slow down.

I've must get to Kota...

and you don't drink too much.

Vaidehi, you tell us.


Anxiety caused by being
confined in a closed space.

Didn't she recognize me?

How could she when you're
wearing those glasses?

How can she not recognize me?

We danced together,
don't you remember?

Who was dancing with you?

I was just dancing.

Just dancing!

By the way,
do you teach English here?

I am a student, not a teacher.

That's nice... everyone
should learn English.

If the mother knows English...

the children
automatically learn English.

By the way, I own a really
big car showroom in Jhansi.

That oar Somdev's driving
is from our showroom.

My brother looks after it.

My father... My father is a
well-known money-lender.

Brother lends money on interest...

and I recover it.

Our family is very respected
in Jhansi, you can ask anyone.

Why are you telling me all this?

You must know.

Why? If anyone asks
what does your husband do...

what are you going to say?

Why are you laughing?

Have you lost your mind?
What is so funny?

Whoever told you that
I am looking for a husband?

No one has to tell me... it's obvious.

If you don't get married now,
what else will you do?

Don't be shy, tell me?

You can drop this
stupid idea for good.

I am not interested in marrying you.

Let's go.

'It's hard to believe
that she's annoyed by me.'

'I am sure there's
a different reason for it.'

'The reason behind Vaidehi's annoyance
was her father Mr. Trivedi...'

'...and the reason behind Mr.
Trivedi's weak heart...'

'...was his younger
daughter's love story.'

'Vaidehi and Sagar met
in college and fell in love.'

'They had all the intentions
of getting married...'

'...but also hoped to start
a saloon business together.'

The place is really nice
but the rate's too high.

Oh, sir... it's a road-facing shop.

The owner wants 2 million in cash
and 1.5 million in cheque...

he won't budge from his demands.

I can borrow 1.5 million...

but I only have
600,000-700,000 in cash.

'Asking a middle-class
Father for his provident fund...'

' as good as
asking for his kidney.'

It took me 25 years
to save 2.5 million.

I've to think about your marriage.

Start thinking about
getting married...

and forget these stupid
dreams of starting a business.

There's no way you can
get us both married in 25.

We hope to profit around
600,000 per year from the saloon!

You don't have to worry
about my marriage, father.

Sagar's parents are
not hungry for dowry.

We get married in court.

Think about the future.

If the business does well...

you can expect a life of leisure.

Otherwise, you'll still
be sitting in patched up clothes.

'Well... everyone likes
to lead a life of comfort.'

'Mr. Trivedi did regret
dipping into his savings...'

'...but he swallowed his
regret with his glass of rum...'

'...and lent Vaidehi
rupees 1.2 million.'

'Sagar and Vaidehi handed
over their cash to the broker...'

'...and started dreaming
about their beautiful future.'

'But the broker and
Sagar had conspired together.'

'And he disappeared with the cash.'

'Trivedi sir pushed his button
and lay down.' - What happened?

'Followed with some cuss words.'

Did you start your business?

You know what, why don't
you sell my kidney as well...

and start a new business?

Or better yet sell all my organs.

In fact, sell my heart
while it's still working.

Papa, it's not my fault
that he was a crook.

I only wanted to start this
business for everyone's benefit.

How many times have
I tried to tell you...

people always try to cheat girls.

I cannot blame you
since I am the unlucky one.

So? She left you
stranded in the parking?

She must be feeling shy
because I spoke to her directly.

Stop lying-

She clearly rejected you on your face.

You don't know what she said.
You weren't there with me.

Badri, I might not read books but I know
how to read your expressions well.

It's a good thing, you know.

Now just forget about her and move on.

How can I just move on?

You have it really good, brother.

Sister-in-law cooks delicious
meals for you every day.

Help me out too.

Even I want my wife to
come to the showroom every day.

Serve me lunch.

I see..
Of course.

But even I bring
meals for you every day.

Here you go.
Sister in-law.

It's not just food he's looking for,

It's time for him to
chew betel-leaf.

One with special ingredients.

Why don't you talk to mom?

There's no point in talking to mom.

Brother, talk to father.

Are you crazy?

If father does send a proposal...

and Vaidehi refuses
then father will hang us all.

I will handle everything,
just talk to him.

I don't want to listen to you.


If he's insisting so much,
why don't you try talking to him once?

Fine, I'll talk to him.

Wow, brother, you've been listening
to Urmila these days.

Because she is smart
and not stupid like you.

She is not stupid like you.

She is not stupid.

When are you going to talk to him'?

Somdev's brought this proposal?
Yes, mom.

He's started a matrimonial company.

Remember, what starts with a snap...

often ends in a snap too.

I told you...

Let's meet her once, she is beautiful.

Even the Taj Mahal is beautiful.

But keeping its beauty
intact is expensive.

Which the government pays for.

Can Mr. Trivedi meet our expectations?

I already had a word with the family.

They will arrange for everything.

Badri, do you want to see her picture?

Father, I am such an
amateur in these things.

You can finalize all of it.

I don't want to see any picture.

You're such a lousy actor.

I can clearly see
the lust on your face.

Stop it.

They own a showroom,
money-lenders by profession...

and pretty popular in Jhansi.
What more do you ask for?

Can't we discuss anything
else other than marriage?

Of course, we can...

How much profit is your
saloon making these days?

Sarcasm won't change
our decision, papa.

It's a really nice family.
How do you know?

I don't want to get married.

And why don't you think about Kritika,
she's elder to me.

You didn't think about her...

when you squandered
away all the money.

Are you okay?
No, I am not okay.

I've been trying really hard...

to get this burden off my chest.

But it's in no mood to budge an inch.

Don't get angry, papa...

you will only ruin your health.

You better explain to them, Kritika.

We can take decisions
for our own life.

What will you do with that card?

Send a reply for
their marriage proposal.

Open the video quickly.

It's not as easy as
opening my drawstring.

It will take time.

I already told you once
I don't want to get married.

Don't you get it?

Sending a marriage proposal
to my family was a cheap trick.

Next time I will file a
complaint at the police station.

And you'll be arrested
for molestation charges.

Get that into your
thick head and don't forget.

What's 'molestation'?



This is the third time in two days...

I've been driving up
and down between Kota and Jhansi.

Do you have any idea that the oil-wells
around the world are drying up?

Show some mercy.

Then stop rubbing so
much oil on your hair...

and it won't dry so soon.

That's not oil, it's a styling gel.

Hello, Kritika.

I will set your dreams ablaze.

Focus on my girl.

I can clearly understand
all this drama you're up to.

What did I do?
knew your intention wasn't good...

right from the wedding function.

If my intentions weren't good,
I would've made you my girlfriend...

and not proposed to marry you.

Did you ever have a girlfriend?

I didn't want one in the first place.

Thank God you didn't,
because you could've never had one.

Right, sister?

Let's stop discussing
about girlfriend-boyfriend...

and talk about marriage instead.

I don't want to get married?

Do I have to tattoo that
on my arm for you to understand?

Is he bothering you?
Does it look like I am bothering her?

Don't try to be a hero.

Look... Listen.

I don't want to get married, okay?

Not with you,
or any other boy or girl. Okay?

What do you want to do?
I only want to see Kritika get married.

And then I will leave Kota forever.

The Himalayas.

There's a small cottage up there,
where I will renounce this world.

Ms. Vaidehi.

I know all about what
that boy did with you.

I can understand that you're in shock.

But I am stilling
willing to marry you.

You're shameless.

My elder sister is still unmarried...

and you're dreaming
about the younger one.

I will get her married too.
I am ready to marry you.

We can all get married
at the same venue.

I would rather commit
suicide than marry you.

Hey man, stop bothering her...

Sit down or I will punch
the daylights out of you.



Marriage is a bond between two equal.

So please spare us.

I know, but I have a big heart.

You're a middle-class girl, but...

I am still willing to marry you.

I didn't mean wealth,
I was referring to intellect.

I have a really sharp mind.
Go ahead and test me.

I see...
What are your qualifications?


Qualification means only one thing.

I've finished high-school.
And he's Mr. Bansal's son.

That's all the qualification
one needs in Jhansi.

Is he the candidate or are you?
Stop interfering.

Kota is famous for IIT classes.

What does 'IIT' stands for?


'Indian Institute of Technology.'

Don't ask me questions...

about things that
are not related to me.

Fine, you own a car showroom,
don't you?

What is the full form of ABS system?

Stop looking at me.
You're the candidate here.

Anti-Lock Braking system.

My brother looks after that job.

You're a money-lender, aren't you?

How does one calculate 'Simple
Interest' and 'Compound Interest'?

Look here,
I've already cleared high-school.

And even have the certificate for it.

I don't need to prove anything to you.

What will you do if
your father throws you out?

Why will my father throw me out?

What if he does?

You're not making any sense.

I am his son after all,
why will he throw me out?

Come here.

If you get me pregnant
before our wedding...

won't he throw you out?

Don't you see she's bothering me now!

You're glued to your seat. Huh!

Badri, I guess the stars
are not in your favor today.

Let's go.
We'll talk to her tomorrow. Come on.

You've mentally disturbed today,
something's wrong with her.

I will come back tomorrow.

You can't graduate in a single day.

I am a really nice guy,
and I will take good care of you.

Okay-okay... let it go.

Did you hear how she was talking to me?
Let's go.

Just a minute, aunt.


Are you crying, Badri?

I feel like crying, what to do?

Come here... don't cry.

She's crazy, forget it.
Did you hear how she talked to me?

You're a 'Bansal'.

Bansal's don't cry,
they make others cry.

Forget her.
Where did you park your bike?

Come outside, we need to talk.

Forget about the money we lost.

But finally something
good is happening.

Don't ruin it with your stubbornness.

Once you get married,
Kritika will too.

Papa, I want her to get married.

We've been circulating your
bio-data for three years now.

Even Kritika has rejected
some pretty good proposals...

because of her stubbornness.

Good proposals stop coming with age.

They are not the right guys, papa.

Dear, even you can't distinguish
between right and wrong.

I will be retiring after two years.

And I want to see you
two get married before that.

I've spoken with my bosses.

They will lend me the
money against my house.

Without any interest.

And I will repay the debt somehow.

Papa, as soon as I get a job...

we'll repay all your debts.

I don't want your money, dear.

Just stop looking for a job.

And get married.

Let Kritika get married too.

Just do me this one favor.

Wow... Sweets!

Congratulations, Priest.

Someone had a daughter?

Still trying, huh!

What number is this?

Better stop now...

Otherwise, there will
hardly be any difference...

between daughter and granddaughter.

So, brother, you didn't
tell me how was the meeting?

It was amazing.

She was begging me to marry her.

But I said we're not in a hurry.

I see...
You said you're not in a hurry.

You see, brother,
marriages are a tricky business.

It's important to be a little evasive.

Somdev, those people from
Kota haven't shown up yet.

Mr. Trivedi has a
heart problem as well.

He's asked for a week's time.

Ask them to hurry up, he's been asking.

You two better stop joking.

If father loses his temper...

he will banish you
two from Kota permanently.


Can we meet today evening?


I wanted to talk to you... in private.

I'll leave now...
it'll take me four hours to get there.

Fine, see you then. Bye.

Okay, I'm hanging up then.

Your Sister-in-law.

I think the marriage is fixed.

What are you doing?
Let's go.

Okay, smile.

Hey... get lost... come on.


I am really impressed
by the people of Kota.

They've built another Taj Mahal here.

There are seven wonders
of the world right here...

and you only know
about the Taj Mahal?

Did you call me here
to teach me Geography?

You're looking really smart today.

You should marry Kritika.

Have you lost it?

She's much better looking
and qualified than me.

And she's a Trivedi as well.

If tomorrow you call
your dog 'Sweety Trivedi'...

will I have to marry her too?

I want to marry you.
I don't want to get married, Badri...

please try and understand.

I am requesting you as a friend.

Please, it will be a big
burden off my father's chest.

There are other ways
to lighten his burden.

Circulate her bio-data
in UP and Rajasthan...

and she will immediately get married.
It's not that easy, Badri.

Kritika has already rejected 30 proposals.
Then tell your sister...

to stop trying to make a 'world
record' for most number of rejections.

Marry her...


Ms. Vaidehi.

Don't be upset.

I won't marry her, but...
I will find a husband for her.


Don't expect anything more, Badri.

Hope is what drives this world.


You're actually looking smart today.

I look smart every day...
but you noticed it today.

What's this board for?

I'll tell you.

Kritika, now you describe
the kind of guy you're looking for.

Somdev will draw him on this board...

and we'll find a
similar looking guy for you.

I am going to draw my picture...

you can say anything you like.
Shut up...

Kritika, start.

Go on...

My husband will be very cultured.

How does one draw 'cultured'?

Kritika, forget cultured...

tell us about his features.
I see...

Handsome face with a fair complexion.

Curly hair.

Brown eyes.

Strong shoulders... and a slim waist.

And he will come for
me riding on a horse.

Draw it.

You want a husband
like Hrithik Roshan?

Exactly like him.
Do you have anyone in mind?

I look like Hrithik from a distance.

From a mile away.

What is all this?

We're looking for my husband,
not the next Roadie.

Don't worry,
we've made all the arrangements.

By tonight you will find your husband.

I've two garment showrooms in Gwalior.


It's a 'yes' from us.
Absolutely 'no'.

Why? He's a nice guy.

What nice?

She will spend the rest of her life
cleaning his betel-leaf stains.

Thank you.

I am from Lucknow.

Still looking for a job.
First, find a job and then come back.

My son lives in Dubai.

He also works in Dubai.

Even my sister will work in Dubai,
do you agree?

Of course, I do.

I don't like him.

The boy doesn't say a word.

His father does all the talking.

He will learn slowly.
Don't try to force my sister.

I told you,
you'll marry me only.

You see, it's like this..
Uncle... Dubai.

"Made me a lover...
made me a lover..."

"You made me a lover."

"Made me a lover..."

Stop-stop-stop... why are you singing?

I am auditioning.

Isn't this India's Got Talent?

Do I look like Karan Johar
to you? Huh?

Get lost.

Oh my, Jadoo.


Kritika, your dreams have come true.

This is not my dream.

Just let him dance first

Mister, dance for us.

Hey, mister, stop.

That's enough.

Someone take his batteries out.

What was he doing?

I warned you...

Finding a husband for her is not easy.

Then why don't you
talk to your sister?

Everyone has to compromise in life.

How can I ask her to compromise...

when I don't believe
in compromising?

Don't worry, I am fasting on Monday.

The Lord will definitely be pleased.

You are keeping a fast?

Because there's a shortage
of good men in the country.

What about you...
the leader of all good men?

I am... but I cannot marry everyone.

There's something called chivalry.


You're miles away from
any kind of chivalry.

Why? Have I ever said
anything vulgar to you?

Have I ever held your hand?

Or ever... pulled you like this.

What's this?

Sorry, I got carried away in emotions.

Control your emotions.

Think about Kritika.

I am out of
my wits thinking about her.

Why don't you look for some NRI?

Excuse me, I am not a traitor.

My own brothers are still bachelors.

You're quite a patriot.

Yes... I am.

Found it!

Indian NRI.

A warm welcome to everyone
from Bhushan Patnaik.

We're devout of the Goddess.

You've all come here
seeking her refuge.

And she's a Benevolent Goddess!

One who alleviates all our sufferings.

So let's all Focus on Goddess...

And She will shower her grace on you.

So repeat after me...

Glory to..
The Benevolent One!

Is that your local NRI?
He's no NRI!

He's one of my clients... from Jhansi.
Shut up.

The entire family
is from Jhansi, but...

they spend half the year around the
world arranging religious programs.

I'll go talk to him
about the proposal.

Shall I?


I'll go.

Go on!

Come on.
I am not going.

Come on!

Stay back... There is no need
to approach the stage...

The Goddess will bless everyone.

Bhushan, are you married?
I'm still a bachelor.

But with the grace of Goddess...

maybe I will find
a life-partner soon.

Because the Goddess has a big heart.

Sing with me,
Glory to the Benevolent One!

Glory to Her!

Bhushan, I need to speak with you.

Let's talk after the program.

We must talk right now.

You see, father takes all
the bookings for the programs.

Well, actually I want
to book you... for marriage.


Bhushan's marriage.

Why isn't anyone saying something?

She will definitely reject him.
Hey, Romeo...

Don't jinx this.
I will kill you!

Why are you so shy?
No reason... I just...

Can I say something?
Of course.

I didn't like you at all at first.

But now I really
like your calm nature.

Can I say something too?

I always knew that the
fruits of devotion are sweet.

But I didn't know it
would be so beautiful as well.

Seems like everything is going well.

Looks promising.

I am leaving, I can't see this.

What are you doing?

Do you like to sing?

During school and college...

I took part in many
singing competitions.


You can also sing
with us in our programs.

We've been looking for
a female singer for a while.

But I guess we won't need one now.

Why don't you sing something?

You are...


I really like you.

But we'll keep looking for a singer.

Well... we conduct religious
programs all over the world.

Canada, America, Britain...

and so we have
modern thoughts as well.

That's a good thing.

In fact,
we would want your daughter...

to work even after her marriage.

And not just sit idle at home.
That's even better.

The children are
getting along just fine.

So... why don't we grownups
discuss things too?

Yes... of course.

So... how should we go about this?

You tell us.

His son looks like a horse...

what are they
demanding 2.5 million for?

Dear, that's the
standard rate these days.

I'll call the police right now!

They will learn a lesson
when they rot behind bars.

The police won't do anything.
Calm down.

Stop supporting them.

Don't worry,
I will make some arrangement.

How? By selling this
house or mortgaging it?

You're a heart patient.

If something happens to you...

will you live out on the streets?
What are you saying?

Shut up!
It's the truth!

They call themselves devotees...

but feel no shame in asking for dowry..


I will speak with them. Don't worry.

I will fix everything.

Uncle, your demand was too high.

Be reasonable.

I see... so you're
here to bargain with me.

My boy's not on sale...

There's a long list
of proposals for him.

Bhushan, talk to your father.

You like Kritika, don't you?

Hey... don't try to provoke him!

We're not provoking him, just talking.

Are you her uncle...

that you're bargaining with me?

Bhushan, talk to your father
while there's still time!

Kritika will marry someone else.

He will marry her.

I will... what will you do?

Just sit there?

Listen to me...
Talk to me... Say something.

Throw these guys out.
Be reasonable, father!

I've been asking you
to reduce it for a while...

How dare you back talk to your father?

I will remain a bachelor
forever because of your greed.

You even rejected Verma's daughter.
I will die a bachelor.

Shut up!

Even Sharma's daughter left.

Enough of this game.

Don't try to explain
these things to me.

Tomorrow when your father
puts forth his demands...

then how will you stop him?

Will he be reasonable?

I can adjust a little... not anymore.

Come on... now get out.

What's wrong? You look stressed.

I am under pressure for this dowry.

I've to arrange for
both the daughters.

You look more like their father.

Now I know why India
has so many heart patients.

If this goes on...

then soon I'll need
father's oxygen cylinder.

Is Mr. Trivedi unable
to arrange for the money?

Alok, why don't you suggest something?

Father won't agree to this
alliance without a dowry.

And every time Vaidehi hears
about dowry she gets violent.

What can I say?
I can't think of anything.

Badri, Mr. Trivedi has arranged
for half the amount, hasn't he?

Then why don't you
arrange for the rest?

Father or Mr. Patnaik will never know.

You can tell him that Mr. Trivedi
has arranged for the entire amount.

But how can I arrange
for such a big amount?

We can prematurely break
one of the showroom's FDs.

But the transaction
will show in the statement.

Father will ask about it.

You can say that someone wanted
to borrow a large amount of cash.

And since you didn't
have cash in hand...

you had to take it
from the showroom's account.

And anyway, we've multiple shares...

mutual fund investments as well.

And soon it will be time
for cash recovery too.

We can show multiple entries
in the book and adjust some of it.

Wow, Urmila.

You learned a thing or two
about this business...

spending time with Alok.

She didn't learn from me,
I learned from her.


I... I topped my college
in Banking and Accounts.

Before the wedding...

I even got offers from three banks.

One from even Singapore.

But father didn't agree.

She has a big contribution...

in the expansion
of both our businesses.

Where to invest,
on what rate of interest...

she has pretty good
knowledge about it all.

I see...

So this is what you two actually
do during those lunch hours.

Does father know?

Urmila, you must be really
angry... with father, with us?

Yes, I was, in the beginning.

But your brother is too sweet.

So I only feel love for him.
So do I.

Vaidehi is so fortunate.

Her husband is a diamond.

He's paying for his own dowry.

I will call her right now and tell her..
No, brother... not now.

It won't be right.

By the way how do
you calculate 'Simple Interest'?






Simple Interest = PRT/100


And Compound Interest?

It's a bit complicated.

But I will tell you soon.

If only you two had met earlier...

he would've graduated college.
I see...

I have a unique offer
of a good news and a proposal.

What's the offer?

The good news is that
Mr. Patnaik has accepted.

And proposal?
My father's accepted too.

So if you say yes...

there will be two
weddings instead of one!

Just say yes...

and make my prediction come true.

Give it a thought.

And then tell me.

May I leave?


Fine, I am going.
Let's go now!


Why are you getting married?

Because my happiness is on
the ground and not in the skies.

Badri is really nice.

But... our worlds are completely apart.

I want something else in life.

Even I wanted Hrithik Roshan...

but you don't get one in reality.

So you're compromising?

I am accepting my reality.

You can't trust the future.

You can't trust anyone actually.

Badri is not Sagar, Vaidehi.

He's helping all of
us without any reason.

Should I forget my
dreams of flying?

Dream about being happy.

Then it won't matter whether
you're on the ground or in the air.

So... there is no difference
between Bhushan and Hrithik Roshan.

Look here, I am not going to lie...

and my would-be husband
cannot tolerate the truth.

So just go to sleep.

Alok and Badri have together
expanded my business.

In just two years.

You're really very fortunate.

Two sons and both so talented.

The color of your
cylinder is really nice.

Well, Alka insisted that
I get it polished before coming here.

Do you have breathing problems?
No, my breathing is fine.

But I have a very weak heart.

So I don't take a risk
and always carry this with me.

You should.

When we heard the
name of his company...

we thought it will
close down pretty soon.

But I can't believe...

what a pretty girl
he found for my Badri.

I will advertise his
company all over Kota.

At the first meet, Somdev said...

that both your daughters
will get married on the same day.

And look... it's come true.

I had no clue that
my tongue was so cursed.

Otherwise, I would've
Cut it out a long time ago.

Both the fathers have
become very good friends.

They are bonding well over
oxygen cylinders and heart-attack.

Stop laughing, mom...
they are calling everyone downstairs.

Yes, of course...

Let's go.
Let's go.

Someday you will realize, Vaidehi...

that I am the best choice.


Thank you for marrying me.

Thank you for keeping your promise.

Listen, Oh my beloved

Do you have the slightest idea

Listen, Oh my beloved

Do you have the slightest idea,

of the way your breath travels ?

I could live there, all my life...

I could live there, all my life...

As beautiful as these meetings are

More lovely are your words

When I lose myself in your words

I wish I could never come back to my senses again

In your arms, I could spend my whole life

Listen, Oh my beloved

Do you have the slightest idea

Oh cruel one! In your love,
I have become crazy…

I was just standing,
Lost in some thoughts

How I am leading this life like a madman…

And you came quietly,
You entered my heart

And so begun this love story

I learnt to smile from you

Only you, who my heart is attached to

You are the faith of my life,

I wish I could never come back to my senses again

In your arms, I could spend my whole life

Yes, I didn't know,
That I would consider you as my God

That I would come to your street,
so much , all the time

Listen, Oh my beloved

Do you have the slightest idea,

of the way your breath travels ?

I could live there, all my life...

I could live there, all my life...

Oh cruel one! In your love,
I have become crazy…

Looking nice.


Let me help.


Go ahead Bhushan.

Exchange the garlands.

Or else Badri will elope
with your bride.

Alok, what happened?

What happened?

Vaidehi Trivedi,
why do you want to be an air-hostess?

For the past two years
I've had just one dream...

Air-hostess... - The job of a
cabin crew is not some dream.

It's a very serious job.

Young girls think they will get to travel
all over the world as an air-hostess.

But it's hard work.

Sir, I am from Kota.

There's a garden... called
the 'Seven Wonder's Park'.

I've already seen the
Seven wonders of the world.

My dream is not to see the world.

It's to build a future for myself.

And I am ready to work hard
to achieve that



How are you?


Vaidehi, where are you?

You're calling after so long...

Who runs away like that?

Morn, I am in Mumbai.


What are you doing there?

And are you okay?

Yes, mom. I am absolutely fine.

I was taking training at
the Frankfinn Academy... for a job.

How... How are you?
How is papa?

He's very angry with you.

Just come back now. Come on.

Please listen, mom.
I got a job as a air-hostess.


So you ran away for a job?

No, mom.

I didn't just run away to get a job.

Please try to understand, mom.
Understand what?

Kritika's wedding almost
got canceled that day, but...

And poor Badri...

Will papa talk to me?
I want to tell him about my job.

Please give him the phone.

I'll have to check if he's up...

I'll ask.
Hold on.

Listen... it's Vaidehi's
calling from Mumbai.

She wants to talk to you...

Just talk to her...

lam still telling
you to... just come back.

Yes, mom. Alright.

I have to go now. Take care.


Hurry up... haven't you eaten?


What brings you here?
Do you want to eat something?

The Wedding's over, isn't it?

When are going to pay up?

I will pay tomorrow..

If you can pay tomorrow,
Then why not today?

Stay back, or else I will
throw you out of the city.

When no one was willing
to lend money to your father...

my family trusted you, didn't we?

And that's how you
started this restaurant.

Yes, but...

This fritter you're
offering me is brought from our money.

Forgive me!

Forgive me!

When you promised to pay the money,
then why haven't you?

It's wrong to trust anyone these days!

Badri! Badri!
Badri, what are you doing?

Have you lost your mind?

The repair work cost extra...

so I couldn't pay
back the money on time.

But I will definitely pay tomorrow.


Somdev, take him away.

Let's go.



I will definitely pay tomorrow.

Since Vaidehi ran away
my business has gone to the dogs.

I fixed Kritika's wedding as well.

But no one remembers that.

I can't forget her, Somdev.

Your planets were
definitely in a conflict...

when she entered your life.

But why did she run away?

She could've refused
if she didn't want to marry me.

Why humiliate me in
front of the entire city?

Badri, it's impossible
to understand females.

That's why elders always
advice against falling in love.

Get married when you grow up...

have few kids and then life's set.

I even thought of
names for the children.

Vishnu... Sarthak...

Prerna... Rukmani.

Why did you stop?

One more and you could've
had your own small army!

What the hell?
Stop laughing at my life!


Father's calling you.
they've found Vaidehi.

Trivedi called... he was apologizing.

That girl is in Mumbai.

It doesn't make any
difference to me...

whether she is in Mumbai
or she's dead.

She is dead for me.

Not just for you...
she will have to die for everyone.

She likes to run away, doesn't she?

I'll hang her body in the street,
so that...

it's a lesson for everyone that
women shouldn't forget their limits.

Take the car... go to Mumbai.

Find her...

And bring her here.

Why are you looking at Alok?

I am talking to you.

Don't you understand what I'm saying?
Go and get her!

All our friends and family
are still talking about it.

She destroyed your reputation.

And you're still thinking.

Are you up for it, Badri... or should
I send someone else.. - I will go!

I will go.

There is no need to send anyone else.


Badri, don't be crazy.

You don't have to go anywhere.
I am going.

You don't have to do this, brother.

You're not like this at all.

And what about her?

Was what she did right?

I don't know what kind of a man I am.

But I know I have to go.

Come, Somdev.

Vaidehi Trivedi trained here, right?

But who are you?

We're from Kota... her relatives.
I see...

We heard she got a job.

So we brought sweets for her.

But, sir, she went abroad for training.

Yes, sir.

She's gone abroad.

She did tell us,
but we forgot all about it.

Where did she go?

She's got a job at silk air.

These exits are the
two doors at the front...

and two at the rear.

And two at each side
of the over wing-windows.

In-case of decompression...

oxygen masks will automatically
drop from the compartment above.

Please read-it carefully
before the takeoff.

Good job.

Enjoy your meal

Welcome to Silk-Air.

I'll see you in a bit.



You like to run, don't you.

Come on then PT Usha, let's run.




Badri, what are you doing?

Somdev! Somdev!



Badri, please let me out.

What you're doing is not right, Badri.

You won't get away with this.

If the police catch you, they will
throw you behind bars. Please...

Listen to me, Badri... please!

Don't try to threaten me.

I am not afraid of the law.

I will kill you right here...

and I don't even care
if they hang me for it.

Why did you do it?

I did everything I could for you.

And you deceived me..

I never mistreated
or misbehaved with you.

I literally went out on a hand
and limb for you and your family.

And you left me.

I was standing there on the alter...

holding the garland.

I was dreaming of my future with you.

And you..

What sorry? What sorry?

If you didn't want to marry me,
you could've said so.

Badri, I tried telling
you so many times...

but you weren't prepared to listen..
You could've said it again, Vaidehi.

Did I force you?

You were really cunning.

Taking advantage of me
to get your sister married.

And disappeared in thin air.

Badri, you were helping
me for your own intentions...

it wasn't some charity..
I was.

But I was doing a good thing.

I didn't hurt anyone.
What good did you do by lying?

What did I lie about?
Badri, I know.

You arranged for that money.
Who told you?

No one has to tell me... because
I know what kind of people they...

I don't care what they think!

But it was a blessing for you,
wasn't it?

Where ever the money came from...

how does it make a difference to you?
It does make a difference, Badri!

Why are they putting a price on me?
Did I put a price on you?

I put a price on you, Vaidehi?

But you didn't stop
your father either.

Did you?

So you're punishing
me for his mistakes.


I didn't run away because of you.

I ran away for myself.


I felt suffocated there.

I don't know how to help
with your suffocation now.

My father sent me to bring you back!

He said he will kill you publicly..

Show everyone the
consequences of running away.

Then why did you stop?
Let's go to Jhansi.

That's exactly what I wanted to do.

But I love you too much...

it weakens me.

I am Sgt. Laxmi Shankar.

I've been called to
communicate with you in Hindi.

When Sgt. Zhangvi saw you,
he was trying to strangle you.

Is that correct?

No, ma'am.

So he wasn't trying to strangle you?
No, ma'am.

So then was he giving you a massage?

We don't want to discuss
our personal matters.

If you prefer keeping your
personal life behind closed doors...

then stop taking massages
in the open at night.

Like I said,
ma'am, it was a misunderstanding.

It won't happen again.

What are you staring at?

The police station is really nice.
Jails are a lot nicer.

Would you like to see?

It's your first warning.

Next time we'll deport you...
or put you behind bars.

Get it.

Mr. Badri, out here in Singapore...

we're not used to
staying up late at nights.

So my suggestion is that...

you two stay away from each other.

I don't want to go anywhere near her!

If you won’t be there in front of my eyes tomorrow

I hope I don't die
without seeing you...

How should I forget you?

You won’t get persuaded, how can I persuade you?

Tell me

Even upon trying, these tears are not stopping

They want to stay with you always

Even upon trying, these tears are not stopping

The place where the lines of fate of two hands meet

If someone knows, tell me
Where that place is

What sort of helplessness is this in love?

Even after meeting the heartbeats, the heart is lonely

How do I make the distance less ?

You won’t get persuaded, how can I persuade you?

Tell me

Even upon trying, these tears are not stopping

They want to stay with you always

Even upon trying, these tears are not stopping

Lein's calling you.



All fine in Singapore?

I hope you didn't tell father.
Not yet, I haven't.

But hurry up,
he will find out soon.

I've some news for you.


Your Sister-in-law is pregnant.

That's great news.


And father's looking
for a bride for you.

He's saying that he'll get
you married as soon as you return.

So hurry up.

I'll call you back.

Vaidehi, very few people get
this opportunity that you're getting.

So please don't waste it.

Encounter with the cops...
is not what we encourage.

Ma'am, actually a friend
of mine is here from India...

and he just got into
a little bit of trouble, so...

I understand.

Maybe you should know this.

We're actually considering
you for a posting in Singapore.

And this can be huge for your career.

So think about it.

Yes, ma'am.


Thank you, ma'am.

Alok said... father's trying
to find a bride for me.

He's doing the right thing.

Are you planning to chase her
for the rest of your life instead?

Don't talk nonsense, Somdev.


I am talking nonsense?
Yes, you are.

Look... be a man.

Either teach her a lesson...

or let's just go back!

Shut up, I'm getting pissed.
I can see that.

Losing your mind...

My back's gone sore from
sitting all day in the car.

Then get some ointment for it,
but shut up.

I won't.

You gave Jhansi a bad reputation.

This is my last warning, shut up.

Last warning?
Yes, last...

What do you want?
I said shut up!

Shut up!

She abandoned you on your wedding.

Now she's right in front of you...

but you're helpless.

You know what?
Just keep wasting fuel chasing her.

That's all you can do...

I told you to shut up!

Bickering nonsense like an old hag.

See, I hit you now.

I... Somdev! Somdev!

Where are you going?

Vaidehi call..
Passport... Airhostess... Vaidehi...

Vaidehi Trivedi, she knows me.

I am going inside. Let me through...
Just call her.


Badri, get down.

Sir sorry... sorry.
He's my friend... my friend.

Badri... come.

I need to talk to you.

My father will get me married
to someone else.

I want to marry only you...
why don't you get it?

Shut up.

Let's go to Jhansi.

I am ready to go back.

I earn 150,000 a month here.

I was just told that maybe
I can get a job in Singapore.

I am ready to quit all that, let's go.

But first call your father.

Tell him that even after marriage...

Vaidehi will work
wherever she wants.

And I support her.. Tell him...

Call him!

You can't do it.

You can't do it, can you?

What's wrong, Badri?

You can publicly kill me...

You're even willing
to die in Singapore...

but you can't call your own father.

Vaidehi makes 150,000 a month.


Somdev, I am apologizing


Don't be so angry.

Your BP will shoot up.

It's my last warning,
you will regret it.

I am saying sorry,
why don't you get it?


I've been trying to apologize...
and your just sulking

Try to understand.

I was your best friend.

Weren't you ashamed of slapping me?

I came all the way
to Singapore for you.

Do I have to cut
my veins to assure you?

How many times do
I have to say sorry?

How long should I apologize.

How can I hear your
apology under the water?

Somdev, you're my
only friend... out here.

And who else do I have?

And who else do I have?

You broke my heart, Badri.

I will fix it in a snap.

Fix it in a snap..

What are you doing?
I can't help it.

I don't know what to do?

I'll explain you. Come on.

Why are you laughing?
Come on.

Come, I will tell you.


Badri, 150,000 rupees man!

Make me an air-hostess as well.

You won't look good in a skirt.

Just try it on me once.

Somdev... let's go back to Jhansi.

Badri, since we're in Singapore...

let's stay another day.

We'll go sight-seeing.

Eat some noodles. And then go back.

You're such a bad friend.

My life's ruined...

and your focus is
on eating noodles instead.

Can't help it that I like noodles.


Whatever's happening...

Don't let me make you sad.

You have a... killer smile.

I mean...

If you lose that, then... then what.

Life's finished.

You've been showing off
your English in Singapore.


I am a master of English.
I see...

Then tell me the spelling of Vaidehi.

Right away...


V with A and I...

D follow E... and H with I...



Vaidehi broke my heart!
I will fix it, Badri.

Careful... where are you going?

I am going back to Jhansi.

Are you going to walk to Jhansi?

I am going.
You'll fall in the water.

I am going to Jhansi.

Badri, don't go into the water...



Sister in-law


Why are you calling her,



My Singapore, uncle...

Tell me her flat no... and call her.
We want to meet her.

Quit... people are sleeping

I will call the police.

Tell me Vaidehi's flat number.

Tell me Vaidehi's flat number.
Call her downstairs.

Which... which window.





I'm coming, wait.

Your Sister in-law is coming.

Badri... Badri...


Are you married?
Let him go...

Let him go first...

Why did you do it?

Why? Vaidehi, why...

Badri, control yourself.
Sagar betrayed you...

and you betrayed me.


Scores settled.

Let's go to Jhansi... come... come on.

Badri, I am right here.
Let's go to Jhansi...

I am right here.

Court procedures will take three days.

Until then we'll keep their passports.

He's your responsibility now.

Thank you, ma'am.
Thank Gurmeet.

Bail amount is 1500 dollars.

Do you have it?

Need some help?

Come, guys.

The water is kept there.
Fruits are in the refrigerator.

Bathroom's on the right..
I won't stay here.

If you want to order food,
then the menu cards are right here.

I don't need your charity,
I won't stay with you.

Where else will you go?

You've been given a warning.

Please, Badri, stop this drama.

You think this is drama?

The taxi has arrived, shall we?
Yes... coming.

Badri, they let you out
on my friend's guarantee.


I know it's your personal matter.

But why are you still helping Badri?

Because it was all my fault, Kiran.

And he is the one who
has to endure everything.

What else can I do?

You do know you can
lose your job over this.

Lein has already given you a warning.

You know when Sagar betrayed me...

I thought,
how can anyone be so selfish?

And now... I've become like him.

This job is important for me, but...

I cannot leave
Badri alone right now.

You know he still loves you.
I know.

But tell me...
what does one do with only love?

What do you mean?

Isn't love important for you?

It's very important.

But what's more important is respect.

And right now he doesn't respect me,
neither do I respect him.

So what should I do?


Will I have to do everything.

You're crazy.
I'm just kidding

What are you doing? Gurmeet.

Who are you?

Excuse me, who are you?

Don't try to be pretentious

How are you related to her?

However I maybe, who are you to ask?

You want to know...

I'll show you who I am

Look here..

I love her!
You can't come between us.

I was the one standing at the
alter with the garland in my hand...

you have come between us.

I will make you pay for this.

She is mine.

She is mine.

She's mine!

Vaidehi is mine!
Kiran's mine!


What are you doing, Badri?

You okay?

What's going on?

He bites, man.

Go inside.



Badri, wait!

What's wrong with you, Badri?

How long will you go
around beating up people?

You know...
Gurmeet got you two out of jail...

on his personal guarantee.

He doesn't even know you... in fact,
he hardly knows me, but...

I thought..
Badri, listen.

If there was anyone else in my life...

I would've told you.

There is no one!

Now... let's go home.

What's wrong, Badri? Say something.

I don't get it!

What kind of a man have I turned into?

Being aggressive with you...
beating up people.

This is not who I am.

I hate myself like this.

I don't want to bother you anymore.

As soon as I get my passport...

I will go back to Jhansi.

Badri" Vaidehi, run!

No, I won't go.
Vaidehi, I said run.

No, I am not going anywhere.

Run, Vaidehi.

Badri" Vaidehi, run!

You think you're tough guy.

I'll show you who's tough.

You're handsome.
stop provoking me or else...

Oh man... What a beautiful face.

Such nice lips.
What are you doing?

You like that?

Don't touch me.
You go to gym?

Don't do it... I'm not liking it.
Do you work out?

No... no... no...
What do you have down here... so soft...

No-no-no... that hurts...

That hurts... don't pinch me.

Don't pinch me there.

I wonder where they...

You okay?

Don't touch me.





They tore it all up.


I have to go.

I've made food for you two.
It's in the fridge.

So... reheat it whenever
you want to eat.


I even made pudding for you.

I'll eat it.

I'm going to the market,
you also come


Stop frowning and smile.

Or else I'll call those punks again.

Come on.


This one's really tasty.

Don't do it... don't...


Sorry... sorry.

Badri, I feel like puking...
I'm getting out of here.

I feel really... sick...

Don't puke here, guys.

Welcome back.

Dinner's served.

All by yourself, or did they help?
Yes, we did.

I don't touch fish...
so I cut the vegetables.

Let me know how you like it?

You did a great job.

He mixed all the spices,
so he's the main cook.

Let's eat?

I'll take that...


Eat it.

When the rice was cooked,
I switched off the gas.

I just tempered the lentil,
he made it.

Who made the lentil?

Well, Somdev tempered the lentil...

but Badri cooked it.

Salad-Salad... anyone for salads?
I will take that.

Don't cook
breakfast for me anymore.

I can take care of myself.

You already work quite hard.

I can't take a risk.

What if you burn down my kitchen?

I am not that stupid.

I can even operate the microwave now.

You're such a genius.
Yeah, I am.

So Mr. Microwave,
can you please pass me the sugar.

Just a minute.

Yes, Badri, is everything alright?

How do I switch on your microwave?

Press the 'start' button.

Press the 'start' button.

There are so many buttons,
which one do I press?

The black one on the bottom right.

Black one on the bottom right,
it's also written there.

It's in Chinese and English.

It's on.. It's on, Badri.
It's on.

I have a different brand back home.

Yes, of course...

Stop lying... I know it's
your first time using a microwave.

Now hang up, bye-

Look at it moving round and round..
- Just get the food.


She's here.

"All portable electronic devices
must be kept in flight-safe mode."


Come in.

I hope I didn't disturb you.

Are you studying?

Let me see.

I've been observing
that you study really hard.

But do you understand any of it?

I mean, when children study...

In fact, when I used to study
my brother would test me.

So... are how much
of this you remember.

Do you want me to test you?

You are going test me?

I just recently in
In a plane, and...

saw everything they did... you know,
when the plane loses its mental balance...

That's not mental balance..
Whatever it is?

When that happens..
Yes, I know, I know...

Show me...

In case of decompression oxygen
masks will automatically drop...

from the compartments above.

Pull the mask down sharply
to activate the flow of oxygen.

How was it?

The other day you brought
a gift for me, so...

Take a look.

It's a 'Kamino'!


Kamino... It's a really nice dress,
worn by those people.

What its called.

Wear it.

Wow... it's got a seatbelt,
this goes here and this one here...

Double up.

I got shoes for you,
and you got me this.

You didn't like it'?
Of course I did...

I meant... I only got you a pair
of shoes, and you got this for me!

I knew you would like it.

Very nice.
It's so nice.


Aunty, you have been
drying a lot of clothes?

When will it be my turn?

I want to dry my clothes as well.?

I'm not from your town,
I cant understand what you are saying.

Badri, what are you doing
Everyone's waiting outside.

I want to dry my clothes too...

but she's got a whole
pile of clothes..

I don't understand... I no

Who wears so many clothes?
Badri...? No-no-no...

You can dry your clothes at night.
Did she abused me?

Thank you, ma'am. We're sorry.
I am leaving.

It's better system in Jhansi.

Just hang your clothes to
dry outside in the sun.

Bye, aunty.

Yes, brother.
It's me.

Yes, father.

You went to Singapore
and didn't tell me?

I was going to tell you, but..
You don't even call.

Did you find that girl?


That's enough... come back.

Yes... I am coming back... really soon.

Badri, who is it?


Where is he? We're getting late.

He's been in the bathroom
for over 3O minutes.


I'm looking like a clown, right?

You're looking really cute.

Let's go.

Silk Air welcomes the
families of all cabin crew.

Now we want you to observe
the door evacuation drill.

Brace... Bend down!

Head down!

Stay down! Stay down!

Open seat belt!

Open seat belt!

Move... come this way, come this way.

Inflate life vest!



Good job.

What happened, Badri? Why are you sad?

It's nothing.

Missing your mom?

No... my Sister-in-law.

Looking at you, I realized that...

even she could have achieved a lot.

Honestly, Vaidehi.

Kritika would've been really
proud to see you like this.

Do you miss her?

A lot.

But I don't have the
courage to talk to her.

But I do.

Here, talk to her.

Talk to your sister.

How are you?


Kritika, sorry.

Stop wasting your time apologizing.

We're talking after such a long time.

Where are you?
London... with Bhushan.

We're here for a function.

Wow... you're in London.

Even you made it to Singapore.


Vaidehi, It's Bhushan...

Hello, Bhushan... how are you?

I am fine...

You and Badri have cheated me...

you told me that
she is naive and innocent.

But she's taken
charge of the entire family.

She's even made my father retire.

Now we two travel around the globe...

conducting religious
functions together.

Has Kritika been singing
too in the programs?

When she does...
we will all have to retire.

I am hanging up now,
international calls are expensive.

I will call you later.

Kritika, I love you.

I love you too.

Thank you, Sergeant, thanks a lot.



Does he want to stay here.

He likes this country.

Since you two got here...

you're either beating
people up or getting beaten up.

What is this?

This is your deportation paper.

They are sending you back.


This is your bail receipt.
Who paid for it?

Doesn't matter.
No, but who paid for it?


Badrinath Bansal.

Somdev Mishra.

So... shall we go?

Let's go.
Thank you, Sergeant.

Finally, where were you?
Sorry, sorry...

I went to collect my passport.

You got your passport?


You won't have to sleep...

in my small hall anymore.

I get great sleep in that hall.

Show me your passport.

Badrinath Bansal.

Why are you laughing?

Why are you laughing?

You look so stupid in your photo?

You don't look like
Deepika Padukone either.

Everyone looks stupid in
their passport photo? - Yes.

It's my childhood photo.

Badri, will you go outwith me today?


Everyone will be there,
but let's go out together.

Let's party or something...

So will you?

Yes, I will.

Okay, let's go.

Come on...
Ladies first.

Now, give me my passport.

You won't get entry in the club.
I'll keep it.

You look like a kid.
And you look like an adult?



Alright, so my new song
for all the Bollywood junkies...

and my friends from India.

Greeting to You Ladies and Gentlemen!

In just a few words

I want to sing to you

A famous song of that year

You’re a lover... Yeah!

I’m a lover... Control

You’re ready... Wait A Minute!

I’m ready... Uh Ho!

You... Aa Ha!

Me... Aa Ha!

The flying saucer is sending regards

The Been is being played by the female snake

Shake Your Body Girl!

You’re a lover... Aa Ha!

I’m a lover... Aa Ha!

You’re ready... Aa Ha!

I’m ready

Then why care about what our parents think

Only you are worth loving

and the rest of the world is useless

Tamma Tamma Loge, Tamma Tamma Loge Tamma

Tamma Tamma Loge, Tamma Tamma Loge Tamma

The Been is being played by the female snake

He changed

Don’t have any doubts, baby

I'll declare my love openly

Whoever comes between you and me

I’ll burn them !

Forgetting about the world

I’m just running behind you

In my dreams

I’ve already married you

Make me lucky, baby

Finalize our love story

Why do you think so much,

just say yes and accept me

You need a lover like me

I need a lover like you

You need a lover like me

I need a lover like you

Those who feel jealous seeing us, make them more so

Let’s dance endlessly

Tamma Tamma…

Tamma Tamma…

Should we go up or get down ?

Three Two One, Kill It!

Loge… Tamma Tamma Loge Tamma

Tamma Tamma Loge

Tamma Tamma Loge Tamma

Tamma Tamma Loge

Tamma Tamma Loge Tamma

Always keep smiling.

Don't ever be sad.

And what if I get sad?

Call me... I'll make you talk
with my wife and kids.

Will you get married as soon
as you go back? - Yes...

There's a long list
of girls waiting for me.

So I have to.

Come to Singapore.

I will.

For my honeymoon.

Badri, thank you.
What for?

You know, since I was a kid...

I always wanted to be their son.

But I could never succeed.

And when I got the job, I called home.

I wanted to tell my
father that I got a job.

But he didn't talk to me.

And I thought... that people
like my father will never change.

But even after what
happened between us...

we are sitting together
here today... up high in Singapore.

And it's all because of you.

You're a very good guy.

So thank you.

Why do you want to be their son?

You're already an amazing daughter.

I've been watching
you all these days...

You're shone so much strength.

You're making your own world here.

I always believed...

that I am the only
man in all of Jhansi.

That whoever marries me
will be really lucky.

But after meeting you, I realized...

whoever marries
you will be the lucky one.

You're drunk and exaggerating.

It's the truth.

I see Promise.

Okay... so when you have a daughter,
call her Vaidehi. - Are you mad.

I've already decided their names...

Really? Tell me...

Vaishnavi... Sarthaki...



I am okay, Badri.




20 days... and you couldn't find her?


Are you being honest, Badri?

What's the point of lying..

It's alright.

If I see her, I will kill her my self.

You don't worry.

I've chosen a really
nice bride for you.

'Dussehra' is next week.

I've arranged a prayer
meet for Urmila.

Go... get some rest.

Are you okay?

What's the prayer-meet for?

So Urmila has a son.

And that will make her have a son?

Thank god Vaidehi ran away.

She would've suffocated here.

How is Vaidehi?

O cruel one...

why are there these distances?

where do I find you now...

tell me, where will I find you now?

tell me, where will I find you now?

Listen, Oh my beloved

Do you have the slightest idea

of the way your breath travels ?

I could live there, all my life...

I could live there, all my life...

I learnt to smile from you

Only you, who my heart is attached to

You are the faith of my life,

I wish I could never come back to my senses again

In your arms, I could spend my whole life

Yes, I didn't know,

That I would consider you as my God

That I would come to your street

so much, all the time

Listen, Oh my beloved

Do you have the slightest idea,

of the way your breath travels ?

I could live there, all my life...

I could live there, all my life...

What was he saying...

Mr. Trivedi.

Who invited them?
I did!

This is Mr. Vyas.

He owns two petrol-pumps in Jhansi.

I've fixed Badri's marriage
with his daughter.

And you must know
Mr. Trivedi pretty well.

He's become quite popular
all over Jhansi...

since his daughter ran away.

Father, it's time to start...


Where is Badri?

I'll go look.

Tell him to hurry up.




You're drunk on the
day of the prayer-meet.

You will get us in trouble, Badri.
Get down...

They are calling you inside.

Do I have to go?
Of course you do.

Hold my hand.
Don't let go.

Why are you hugging that shoe?

Vaidehi gifted it to me.

It's my favorite shoe.
Great... hold it tightly.

Don't let it go.
Just keep quiet. Okay.

You take such good care of me, Somdev.

You're my best friend.

I don't want to be
your best friend anymore...

It was a mistake.
Just walk straight.

I slapped you when
we were in Singapore.


Listen to me carefully, Badri.

Don't talk to anyone inside...

In fact, don't open your mouth at all.

Otherwise I will punch you.

Hold my hand.
Don't laugh!

Walk straight... good

Sister-in-law is sitting
on the weighing-scale.

It's a tradition.

That's Mr. Trivedi... Hello!

What are you doing, Badri?

He's such a nice man.
It's alright...

Take your shoes off.
And your glasses.

Don't look at anyone, walk straight.


Urmila, how are you?
That's a nice sari

Sit down.
I don't want to.

Fine... just stand straight.

Join your hands.

Why are you laughing, Badri?


Badri, what are you doing?

Mr. Priest...

Badri... get up...

Tell me something...

If one can have a son through all this...

then why didn't
you do it for yourself?

You have four daughters yourself.

Badri, you're not listening to me.

Aren't you?

Fooling people, aren't you?



What Badri?

I know my name is Badri.

Badrinath Bansal. How do you do?

This is Ambernath Bansal.

Mr. Aloknath Bansal.

My Mother Bansal.

And that's...
my Sister-in-law, Urmila Shukla.

She left her name,
her home... for us.

And what did we do in return...

Made her sit on this weighing-scale!

Get up.

Badri, what are you doing?
Get up...

What are you doing?
Get up... get up...

Badri, we'll go home
and talk about this.

But please keep quiet now.

Why should I keep quiet?

Why should I keep quiet?

Our mother stayed quiet all her life.

She made us keep quiet.

You're quiet too.

And you asked Sister-in-law
to stay quiet.

But I'm done keeping quiet.

Trivedi uncle... why are you sulking?

Vaidehi is very happy in Singapore.

She has become an air-hostess.

She earns 150,000 a month.

She is making you proud.

I see...

So all this is a
result of her influence.

Yes... correct...

She taught me how to be a real man!

To respect women.

What did you teach us?

"Kidnap her..."

"We'll hang her in the street."

Who teaches these
things to his children?

And what about the
fact that she ran away?

Thank God she ran away.

Otherwise you would've made
her sit on that weighing-scale...

just like Urmila!

It's 2017.

This city of Jhansi...
is popular because of a queen...

Not a king!

When will you understand, father?

That didn't hurt!



I am not a kid anymore.

I am not...

You want to hit me, don't you?

If you want to hit me, hit me harder...
harder... - Stop it, Badri! Badri!

I miss her!

I love her!

I see her everywhere I look.

Here... there... there...

Why have you come here?

Who just appears like this...

This is not the right place for you...
I am not the right guy for you.

Go back to Singapore...

You see... the stressful situation
of my sudden appearance...

is making your heart beat faster.

You're blabbering...

So tie your seatbelt...
and breath slowly.

Because if something happens to you...

then I will have
to marry someone else.

Which I can't.

Because I want to marry you.

I love you a lot.
Me too.

I love you, Badri.
I love you...

You've chosen the worst time
to start our romance.

I'll talk to them.

I know... I hurt you.

I insulted everyone.

I am very sorry for running away.

But I thought that...

Badri is not the right guy for me.

But I was wrong...

Absolutely wrong.

I really love Badri, papa.

And only I will be Badri's bride.


I will be Vaidehi's groom.

She will work in Singapore.

And I am with her.

If you understand, then good...

If you don't...
then may the Lord bless you.

Somdev, don't clap.

Why did you run away
without telling me?

Should I have taken your permission before?

Did you take my permission
before running away?

Stop ranting about permission.
I will...

How do you spell permission?
I don't know...

But you will teach me.

'I stepped out as a modern male.'

'But the next two years
was very difficult.'

'Vaidehi was working in Singapore...'

'...and I was waiting.'

'I am truly grateful
to Facebook and Skype...'

'...through which I could
see and talk to her everyday.'

'Two years later Vaidehi
returned to Jhansi...'

'...and the lover-boy was
has surrendered all over again.'

'She has started her own
training institute in Jhansi.'

'Now even the youngsters can
dream of flying high.'

Alok and Urmila had twins.'

'A boy and a girl.'

'Father keeps playing
with both the kids all day.'

'He hasn't differentiated
between them yet.'

'Maybe he's gradually changing too.'

'Urmila has her own
cabin in the showroom.'

'She and Alok look after
the business together.'

'Somdev's company had
a successful stint too.'

'And he took the plunge as well.'

I am still as useless as I always was.

Life's sailing smoothly
between collection and romance.

I am thinking,
when I have a daughter...

I'm definitely going to
demand dowry for her. - What?

For our daughter.

We won't for anyone.
We won't.

Have a good day.

Why don’t you go and play Holi, O dear?

Why don’t you go and play Holi, O dear?

Everyone is asking about you

That where is the bride of Badri?

I’ll apply colour on your dress

Tell me which colour, blue or red?

Your hair is flying in the air

Let me colour both your cheeks

Are Sa Ra Ra Ra

Hey Hey !

Hey Hey !

Kabira Are Sa Ra Ra Ra

See the girl's earrings

Shake your waist a little

The rowdies are already dancing openly

Aye Aye Aye Aye

In the middle of the day in Uttar Pradesh

We are staring at you from the windows and rooftops,
with our eyes wide open

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!

My naughty gaze is stuck on you

Making you, making you, making you

The bride of Badri, we’ll take you away

We’ll take you away making you the bride of Badri

O queen! We’ll take you away making you the bride of Badri

O sweet bird! You’re Badri’s bride

O sweet bird! You’re Badri’s bride

It’s the Holi festival!

The girl is very naïve

I’ve coloured her dress

She’s speaking non-stop in English

Please don’t mind, it’s Holi

O Lord Rama! A miracle has occurred

My gaze has tangled with yours

I’ve just reached my prime youth and this cruelty has befallen

I’m a great deal of trouble

Are Sa Ra Ra Ra

Kabira Are Sa Ra Ra Ra

O Lord Rama! A miracle has occurred

My gaze has tangled with yours

I’ve just reached my prime youth and this cruelty has befallen

I’m a great deal of trouble

Oh my! I’m dead

My neck is hung on the nose

I wanted to say no

But I said yes

I’ve just sent you my heart

I’m the bride of Badri

We’ll take you away making You the bride of Badri

See the girl's earrings

Shake your waist a little

The rowdies are already dancing openly

Aye Aye Aye Aye

My naughty gaze is stuck on you

Making you, making you, making you

The bride of Badri, we’ll take you away

We’ll take you away making you the bride of Badri

O queen! We’ll take you away making you the bride of Badri

O bird! You’re Badri’s bride