Badnaam Gali (2019) - full transcript

It encompasses the journey of a surrogate mother, played by Patralekhaa, and her dynamic relationship with people around her.


Damn you!

Stop! Stop!

Stop! Stop! I'm warning you!

If I get my hands on
you I will pulverize you!

Stop, you scumbag!
You won't stop running!

You scumbag!

Scoundrel! I will pulverize you.

Damn druggy!

Stop! Stop!

You jackass!



Hey! Not inside! Not inside! Damn you!

Damn you! Scoundrel!

Damn you! Scoundrel!

Damn you!
Scoundrel! You dog! Come here!

Cool down, Rano.
You will explode. You will explode.

What are you doing?

Come here. Come here. Come here.

One moment. One moment.
Tell me what he has done.

Ask him!

That's what I don't know.

Aunty, he had parked his
Pajero over there. I only honked.

- You honked, you scoundrel?
- Stop. Stop.

What are you doing?
What are you doing?

What am I doing?
Ask him. Tell the truth.

Did you honk on seeing my Pajero..

..or did you honk on
seeing Satinder's sister?

- Scoundrel! Son of a gun!
- What son of a gun, dad?

He has increased noise pollution
honking all over the village.

My honking is noise pollution to me.

The girl who was sitting
on your scooty beeping.

That did not seem like
noise pollution to you?

Someone was honking
and someone was beeping..

..but why are you going around
the village acting like James Bond?

Hold on.

Where is the Pajero?

Daddy, I've told him before.
Mind your own business.

You don't pay heed, do you?

Sure. You mind your
own business as well.

Learn how to handle
your wife and kids first.

Don't even try to handle us.
- We will handle ourselves.

You have made your
children so bad-mannered

This is all you can do.

Don't bother getting a job.

Why are you telling me? Injustice
was being done in front of me..

Hey, injustice! Listen to me.

Are you a Superman or Spiderman?

You feel compelled to do justice
where injustice is being done.

Yes, I feel compelled.

Yes, he feels compelled, dad.

He's talking nonsense!

Today he was beating one person
because of Satinder's sister..

..and the other day.

What about the other day?
What about the other day?

The other day he was beating
Satinder because of someone else.

Yes, I will beat Satinder
if he eve teases a girl.

If he eve teases!

- Grandpa.
- Yes.

You wanted to know
about the Pajero, right?

Yes. Tell me where the Pajero is.

I will bring the Pajero..

..but clam him down first.

He's been wailing since I got here.

Listen to that.
He is always on my son's back.

I told you not to cross your limits.
I am warning you.

You don't cross your limits, uncle..

and don't let your kids
cross their limits.

Someday I shall stuff
a sock in his mouth.

- I'll slap you!
- Slap me.

What is he saying?
He cannot handle his children.

You shut him up.

What am I supposed to
do with this thing? Go there.

Have you lost your mind?

Calm down!
Calm down! Mummy. Mummy. Are you deaf?

I told you to calm down.

You have turned this
house into a fish market.

I don't want to live
in this fish market.

I am going to aunt's house in Delhi,
okay. I want peace of mind.

Does anyone in this house
know what peace of mind is?

You understand? Peace of mind.

What is it?
What? Why are you laughing?

You waste my petrol driving
all over the village.

What will you do in Delhi?

You will burden your aunt, right?

Firstly, dad,
I don't waste petrol, I waste diesel.

Both of them cost money.

It costs money to
service the cars too..

which I do for free.
You never talk about that.

- Really?
- Yes.

The Pajero key.

The key of your Pajero is
in the ignition of the Pajero..

..and your Pajero is
parked next to Lala's shop.

Tell your earning son
to go and bring the Pajero.

And let me tell you something.

You are so conceited about the car.

A day will come when

I will change cars to
match my shoe color. Okay?

Yellow Lamborghini. Red Ferrari.

The servants at my house won't
go to buy veggies in your Pajero.

This is a mental asylum.
I don't want to live here.



Hey! Switch that off.

Why, brother? What is the matter?

Because the passenger says so.
I am the passenger. Switch it off.

The passengers only think
about themselves, brother.

Nobody understands
the pain of us drivers.

We get into such a terrible state..

..plying the car from
here to there all day long.

When we play a little
music it makes us feel better.

Listen to me, your highness.

You will stop feeling
better if I slap you.

I told you to switch if off.
Switch it off, scumbag!


Brother, you appear to be from Punjab.

How does it matter whether
I am from Punjab or from Kanyakumari?

I am the passenger. When I told you
to switch it off, you switch it off.

End of story. I have come
to this city looking for peace..

..and you are playing songs.

Peace? In Delhi?

Bang-bang. Bang-bang.

The sound goes on till 3 AM in the night.

Till 3 AM?

What is it you do, sister?
Your husband isn't here.

Sure, she has visitors.

She has so many visitors, Rani,

you will lose count of them.

- Take that. Peace.
- You don't understand.

The body has needs.

One has to fulfil those needs.

- Right, sister?
- You are right, aunty.

I think the needs of her
bank account are being fulfilled..

..along with her body's needs.

Look. You are crossing the line now.

- Sounds come from every house..
- Sure, but they are no so loud.

Well, we don't have any secrets.

We are discussing
things everyone knows.

That's right. Our street
has a bad reputation because of you.

Huge cars come here.

They have cash transactions.

What are you saying?

What are you saying? - And condoms
are found in the bin the next day.

Imagine. How can a girl become
pregnant without her husband?

Wow! Hats off to your passion!

You guys wake up at 3 AM to listen
to the sounds coming from my house.

You check my garbage.

It is clear what
you have on your minds.

I think that your
passion is running over..

..because your passion
is lacking, brother.

What do you mean?

I mean if you show your passion
at the right time in the night..

she won't have so
much garbage on her mind.

And if your passion is
somewhat lacking these days..

..medicines are available
on the internet these days.

They can be delivered at home,

Are you corrupting my husband?

I was saying..

Come with me, aunty.

I shall show you where
the sounds come from.

What are you doing?

Why are you so afraid? Are
you going to Baba Ram rahim's house?

No. Don't you trust his character?

Stop it. I am getting late for office.

Let's go and tend to our homes.

It's not going to make
any difference to her.

In any case, who can talk to a girl
whose parents we know nothing about?

Sure. The people whose parents
are known are so very classy, right?

You are setting such
a good example for your kids.

Shame on you!

Go! You go! And what are you watching?
The scene is over. Go!

Go! You go!

You? Do you also have questions?

My aunt's house.

Come. Come. Come. Come. Take this.

Aunt, this is a nice society.

Yes. It is really very nice.

How was your journey?

Don't ask, aunt.

It wasn't a journey.
It was suffering. It was very bad!


Hush. Anyway, never mind that.
Look at this.

What are you doing?


- I see.
- Smile.

The people here in
the colony have FOMO.

FOMO. What is that?

Fear of missing out.

Let me tell everyone
who has come to my house.

Hash, my handsome
boy has come to my house.



- Son.
- Yes.

Do you want black
coffee or milk coffee?

What is this, aunt?

Silly chap.
This is called a French press.

I see.

Mrs. Khurana saw it
and she commented too.

Rani hasn't seen it as yet.
It's okay. She must be busy.

- Hey. Hey. Don't look over there.
- Huh?

- Don't look over there.
- What's the matter? What's the matter?

She is a witch. A witch!

She is a witch?

She has sucked the
blood of so many men.

Stop it, aunt.

I swear. I swear on God.

And I think the Bengali woman
is carrying this bearded man's child.

What do you mean you think?
Isn't he her husband?

God forgive me. We know nothing.

Many men visit her house.

For some reason the Bengali
woman always picks up rich men.

In that case, I am safe, aunt. -

That's right.

He is leaping at 22 weeks.
He's a very active baby.

But it won't happen so soon.

When do you want it?

In two days.

What are you saying?

It will take 14 weeks
at the very least.

What? For this?

I will make it in two days.

Hey, madam. What's on your mind?

I am talking about this baby.

Sorry. Sorry.
I was looking at Alia's dress.

Look. It's a beautiful color,
isn't it?

It has great demand in the market.
2.5, Doctor.

Come on.

You should take care of yourself.

I do. I eat broccoli. I eat eggs.
I eat fish. I even drink milk.

And I'm even exercising these days.

- Okay. Take care.
- Bye, Doc.


I hope all is well.

- All is well.
- He is active today.

Very nice.

Listen. My wife called up.
I have to go.

Do you mind taking a cab?

- It's okay?
- I'll take a cab.

Take this, brother.

You should construct a
waiting room outside your shop.

What's the matter, sir?
Why are you annoyed?

I am not annoyed. Hurry up. Move it.

Your job is being done. I assure you.

Tell me something.
Shall I give you Baba brand flour?

I am only serving the country.

Give me any Baba's flour. Hurry up.

Give me Baba brand flour.

Brother, give me bread,
eggs and a bag of milk.

Of course.

Your total comes up to 1470 rupees.

Give the lady eggs as well.

Take it.

What's the matter?

What's the matter?
Did you forget something?

You got everything you
need for lunch and dinner.

I think you've forgotten eggs.

How much for the eggs?

Six for 40 rupees.

Give me six.

Chhotu, give the man six eggs.

Give me another ten rupees.

I don't have ten rupees right now.

I shall give it to you when
I pass here. Put it on my tab. Okay?


- What?
- Let him go, brother.

He is aunt Sodhi's guest.

I see.

You are Mrs. Sodhi's guest?

Excuse me. Excuse me!

Does my money have thorns?

You bought the eggs because you
did not want to touch my money, right?

Don't you understand
that I am avoiding you?

But I am not avoiding you.

Listen to me.

I don't speak to women like you.

What do you mean by women like me?

What have I done?

Listen. Listen.
Listen. Listen. Listen.

Listen. Your network is very strong.

You downloaded all the
information about this lane..

..faster than 4G speed
as soon as you arrived.

Not bad!

Listen! Hey!

How could you bring eggs to my house?

If your uncle had been alive today..

..I would have to get
the whole house whitewashed.

Sometimes I feel very
jealous of that Bengali woman.

You know the boy who visits
her house these days?


His name is Shekhar. I heard
his name when I eavesdropped on her.

He is very hot!

He has six pack abs.

I feel like calling him
home someday to count them..

..and find out if he has six or nine.

So, count them and find
out if he has six or nine.

I have noticed you
have your heart set on him.

You do. She was ogling at him.

No, no, aunty.

We were wondering why he visits her..

..when he has a wife at home.

How can people do that?

Yesterday I saw a TV being
delivered to the Bengali woman's home.

- Yesterday afternoon, right?
- Yes.

That's right.
I saw it too. It is a 50 inch TV.

Everything happens in
the afternoons in Delhi..

..when everyone else is asleep.

That is true.

Of course. I am the bad one.

You come home drunk
and start thrashing me.

Is that.. Aah! Mummy!

I will complain to my mummy.

Great! He is at it again.

Saturday night. And it's live action.

Help me!

This is a daily event with them.

What's going on, aunt?

Nothing. Nothing.
He does this all the time.

Live action.

I am doomed.

Beasts live there.



Get back, man! It's over.

Come on Friday.

How many years have
you been building your body?

I asked because you
haven't succeeded as yet.

What do you want?
Why are you hounding me?

I've fallen for you.

I'm kidding. Don't take it seriously.

I said it because you
believe everything you hear.

Will you have tea?

Look, Bengali woman.

First you said hi and
now you're offering me tea.

Don't mistake me for an idiot.

I don't think you're an idiot.

I think you are a lion.

I liked the heroic entry you made
last night to rescue Mrs. Khurana.

There are very few
real men in this lane.

Are you really working out
or are you showing off your body?

Don't you have anything else to do?
Go inside!

They have turned
this into a mental zone.

Do you work?

You don't?

You take money from
your aunt for the eggs?

Take my advice.

Go to Jantar Mantar.

What is Jantar Mantar?

All the idlers in
Delhi convene over there.

They shout slogans.
You shout them too.

You will get sufficient
money for tea and puffs.



Oh! So this is where
you tarnish your face?

I was wondering how come I
didn't spot you for the past 5-6 days.

People with tarnished
faces are talking about others.

What? What did you say?


Come on in.
You have come at the perfect time.

Yes, Pandey.

Come. Have lunch.

- Sit here.
- Pandey,

I brought your shirt.

Is that so? Wonderful!

- What do you think?
- It is lovely.

Very good! Sit. Sit.

Give the bag to me. Sit.

Yes. Let's have lunch.


"Pandey is colorful."


Hasn't your lunch been delivered?

Come and have lunch with us.

Stuffed flatbread, yogurt and pickle.
I have it all.


- You go ahead.
- Come. Eat a little.

I told you I am not hungry. You eat.

In any case I don't want
to stray my religious path.

Your lunch.

Oh! Aunt Sodhi was
going to come here herself.

I told her she should
allow youngsters to help her.

Please come.


You want to feed me now?

Shall I?

No! Go away!

- Pandey, I'll leave now.
- Stay.

Hey! What's the matter?
You find it funny?

Eat your food or I will slap you.

Mr. Randeep, you make a lovely couple.

Shall I get the wedding cards printed?

I know a printer.

Listen to him.

You sit to eat with tramps..

..and you want to
get my cards printed?

Hey, hero.

Let me make this clear to you.

Good-humored banter is fine.
I don't get offended.

Hereafter if you bring
up Nayan even by mistake.. will be sorry.

Get back to work.



- What?
- Take this.

I want the car back in the evening.

It's like this, brother.
This is a car..

..not a horse that I can
feed water and return to you.

It is a car.
It will take a day or two.

Really? I'll talk to Pandey.

Talk to the Prime Minister.
Why are you trying to intimidate me?

He wants to talk to Pandey.
I will thrash the bloody hippopotamus.


God! Please save me today.

Hey! What is it?
- You? Thank God!

What is the matter?

- Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
- Tell me what happened.

Let's go.

Where do you want to go?
To the hospital?

Just drive the car.

I'll drive the car but first
tell me what's happened.


O, God! Please.
Please. Please. Please.

Get lost, you scumbag!

Will you tell me what happened?
Shall I call the Doctor?

Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!

- Where? Where?
- Stop!

Stop the car!

Stop! Stop!

What's the matter? Will you talk?

Hello? Where are you going?


God! Just a little further.


Tell me if I should stay or leave.

Strange female.


Are you crazy? You were screaming
a minute ago and now you're smiling.

What is going on?

Sorry. I needed to go urgently. Pee.

You wanted to pee? That's
why you created such a big scene?

I thought you were going to go up.

It wasn't time for me to go up.

It was time for me to go from down.

It feels exactly the same
when a woman is pregnant, my boy.

Sure. Pregnant woman!

Hello. Why are you getting
into the car, ma'am?

Drop me off home.

You're a very selfish woman!

Yes, I am.

Hey! Why are you always so grouchy?

You did a good deed. You helped me.

Okay. Then I'm sure you must be.
Be happy. A little bit.



See you. Bye.

- Go now.
- It won't open.

Thank you.

I shall send it to Mrs. Sodhi now.

- Hi, Shekhar.
- Hi.

- When did you come?
- It's been ten minutes.

Give it to me.

- Is this heavy?
- No. No. How are you?

- Have you eaten?
- Yes. Yes.

Who was that?

Bring me a cup of tea.

Did they put salt in this?

No. It's just fine.

Oh, well. I shall drink it.

You ordered one more, didn't you?

- Nayan, you're here.
- Mr. Pandey.

- Where's the car?
- Over there.

I see. This car.

Mr. Rano, go and check the car.

Madam is purchasing a new car and
if we make a mistake in assessing it.. will be a shame on us.



I won't do it.
Get someone else to assess it.

Why? Have you applied
henna on your hands?

I don't want to touch this car
that you've bought with dirty money.

This is not dirty money.
It is the baby's father's earning.

What's the matter?
Go and take a look at it.

Go. This is too much!

Do you know who the baby's father is?

I don't know and I am
not interested in knowing.

Exactly! Neither am I interested..

..but need makes you
do all kinds of things.

Come on. Do your work.

You? Your house is across the road.

I want to tell you something.

You aren't proposing me, are you?

Can we go inside to talk?

Look, if you're trying
to save your image..

..hen we're fine here.

It's just that we are
doing what we are doing here..

but if you come inside..

..then our clothes will
come off in public imagination.

Okay. I just wanted to tell you

..that you can bargain for another
30-35 thousand rupees on that car.



I'm going.

Listen. Don't buy the car.

It is not a good car. You will have
to spend a lot on it.

Find another one.

Where do I go looking
for one in my condition?


I shall find one for you.

You will find one?

- Yes.
- Really?

You will find one?

- Thank you.
- Goodnight.


Why did you go over there?

What is going on between you two?


I warned you.

I told you to stay away from her.
She is a witch.

- Aunt, listen to me.
- Silence!

Hold on. Look at this.

Look at what Shipra sent me.


It's a boomerang.

Silence! Both of you
were in the car together.

What will I tell my brother?

What's the matter with you?

Aunt, why don't you
join a good news channel?

- Don't talk nonsense!
- I'm not talking nonsense.

They need this kind of melodrama.

If you behave this way over
there their TRPs will rise sky-high.

I'll show you TRP.

You are talking nonsense!




You are sitting here?

Forget it.

Look. I brought you chamomile tea.

Come. Come. Come.

It will cool your head.




You should thank the
person who brought you here.



It's you.

Of course, it is me.
Who else could I be?

You were the only
one in such a big lane..

..with the guts to
bring me to the hospital.

I think there is something between us.



If not from this lifetime
then surely from our past lives.

I don't know about that.
Give me the number.



Your boyfriend's.
It is night. I have to go home.

Which boyfriend? I have many.

Weekend boyfriend. Weekly boyfriend.

Incidentally I have seasonal ones too.

One for the summer. One for
the winter. Another one for autumn.

Have you no shame?

Why would I feel shame?

I am only repeating the
words of the people in the colony.

That is what you believe, right?

I don't believe anything.
Just give me the number.


Whose? Obviously, your boyfriend's.

You mean the baby's father?

Again you are going round the..

You are going round the bush again.

The baby's father and your boyfriend
must be the same person, won't he?

The baby's father is not my boyfriend.

Do you think I am in idiot?

I don't think it. You are.

I make babies. For others.

I am a surrogate mother.

Let it go. You won't understand.

What do you mean, I won't understand?
I know what that is.

- You know?
- Yes.

Tell me what surrogacy is.

You want me to tell you?


- Look, It's like this. You take a bowl.
- Yes.

First they place a
woman's eggs in it. Okay?

Then they place a man's
eggs in the same bowl.

Hold on.

- A man's eggs?
- Yes.

Have you seen a man's eggs?

Everyone has eggs.

Doc, have you seen a man's eggs?


Don't laugh. I have seen a man's eggs.

A few days ago a man came
to the general store in our lane.. purchase a man's eggs.



Rano. When will you
come out of the egg?

Very funny!
Very good joke. You are laughing too.

So, you're staying
tonight with the patient?

Yes. Of course.

Okay. Goodnight. Take care. Bye.

You're crazy.

Well, I'll call aunt
since I'm going to be here.


Good morning.

You want tea?

I'll get some from out.

The hospital tea reeks of phenyl.

Find out about my discharge too.

I have many deliveries today.

What? Children?

No, you silly. Clothes.

I am a tailor.

I recreate first copies
of celebrity designers.

I sell clothes worth hundreds
of thousands of rupees.. the customers for thousands.

They are happy and I am happy too.

I see.


I see. That means the people
who come to your house.. I see.

Okay. That makes sense.

Listen. Will you make me an LV jacket?

Yes, I will. Go and find
out about my discharge first.

- I want to ask you something.
- Yes.

My mind divided in two parts.

One part tells me to ask you and the
other part says it is inappropriate.

I mean I am a little confused.

Are you related to a pretzel?

- Who?
- No. Not pretzel.

My aunt's name is Cookie.

We call her Cookie at home.

Just come out with it.


I was saying this type of babies..
- What type?

I mean surrogate babies.
It is good. I'm not saying it is bad.

I was wondering who
the babies look like.

I mean there must be several
babies that look like you in Delhi, right?

Yes. There are. Look there!

The one in red. She is my daughter.

Let's go say hello to her.

Stop the car.
Stop the car. Let's go and say hello.

- Her? Now?
- Yes.

You recognize them at sight?


Damn! You..

You confused me.

"Nights spent wide awake and sleepy days."

"Moments lost in untold words."

"What kind of light is this?"

"This light is kind of unfamiliar."

"It is your advent that has brought..

..this unfamiliar light."

"Your arrival is the reason."

"I smile without reason these days."

"It is the impact of your arrival.."

"..these days."

Look at this one.

I don't like the color.

You're supposed to look at
the engine in the car, not the color.

- No.
- It looks fine to me.

But the seat is not very comfortable.

The seat is not comfortable.

You are a tailor. Stitch one.

I need comfort too.

No, no, no.
The gold silk chap won't come either.. it won't get done.
Yes, alright.

Yes. No, aunty.
You will get it by day after tomorrow.

The gold silk chap isn't coming.

It has gold silk work on it.

Ask Sonu. No problem.


Yes, yes. Alright.
It will be done by day after tomorrow.

"Without asking and unknowingly.."

" put your head on my shoulder."
- Sonu!

Here's your delivery.

"- I'll bring tea for you."
- No.

"You are around me all the time and yet.."

"..I am searching."

"Why have I gotten so used to you?"

"Was it the sound of
feet or is it a knock?"

"Shall I keep my eyes open
or shall I keep them closed?"

"What kind of light is this?"

"This light is kind of unfamiliar."

"It is your advent that has
brought this unfamiliar light."

"Your arrival is the reason.."

"..I smile without reason these days."

"It is the impact of your arrival..

..these days."

You have it. This is delicious.

What is it you call it in Bengali?

Very good! Very good!

This is my specialty.

I don't normally eat fish.

Today it is so delicious.
That was enjoyable. Wow!

Why are you chasing him?

Bengali! He is still a kid.

What are you saying, aunt?
She hasn't done anything.

And I am not a kid.

You be quiet. Don't talk at all!

A person isn't grown up if
he eats this rotten fish. Get it?

Aunt, we are only friends.

Don't you dare call me aunt!

- Tell her!
- Don't call her aunt.

Aunt, please stop it.

The girl is not done anything.

Of course, she is not doing anything.
She has driven you crazy.

She has shaken up your brains
feeding you this rotten fish.

Aunt, I told you to be quiet.


I'll be quiet hereafter.

My brother will speak now..

..that is your father!

Rano is getting out of control.

Witch. Witch. Witch.

He is under the influence of a witch.

And she is Bengali.


No. No. No. No. No.

She is unmarried.

- Let me talk to dad.
- But she has had children.


Lord knows where the first child is.
It is missing.

You are talking to dad, aren't you?

And the second child is on the way.

Also, Rano has started eating eggs and

rotten fish too.

- What are you doing?
- What are you doing?

- What am I doing?
- Are you insane?

- Yes, I am insane!
- You are educated, aren't you?


It does not appear that way.

You live in the Capital of India.

You drink French press coffee..

..but you still talk like
you are from the eighties.


And, aunt,
she did not do anything. I..

Don't talk nonsense about her.

I will talk. This is my house!
I will do what I wish!

I shall decide who will have éclairs
and who will have baklava over here!

I will talk to anyone
I want to over the phone.

Okay. This is your house, right?

- Yes.
- This is your house, right?

- Yes.
- Okay. Alright.

You can have your
éclairs and your baklava.

Hey! Hey, I'm not done yet.

I am done.


I came here for peace of mind..

..but I can't find that for miles.

And you are acting stuck-up
about this house, right?

Well, you can keep this house.
I don't want to live in this house.

Go if you want to. Go! Go! Go!

You are thankless. You are thankless.

All of you are thankless.
Nobody thinks about me.


Go. Go. Go.
You strut like a hero, don't you? Go.

I'd like to see where you go.
I'd like to see.

You are dead! You are dead to me!

What? What is it?
You think this is a drama?

You are dead to me!

Put it here.

You've turned this into mishmash.

May I ask you a question?

As though you can hold yourself?

My mind is divided in two parts.

One side tells me to ask while the
other side says what are you doing?

Since when did you
start liking pretzels?

When did I say I like pretzels?

So ask me directly.

Why didn't you go to Ratna's house?
She's a hot gal.

You think she's hot?

You go.

Tell me. Why didn't you go?


I'll go right now and
take my eclairs with me.

Alright. Okay. Okay.Don't act cocky.

Eat your food.

There's a room upstairs
and a vestibule.

Where do you want to stay?

Look. I am a village beast.

- Okay?
- That you are.

Yes. I like open air.

I will go with the vestibule.

Okay. Done.

How much rent will I have to pay ?

Bring me éclairs every day.

- Every day?
- Every day.

Okay. Give me 50 rupees every
day and I'll bring you two éclairs.

Yes, dad. Ask.

Ask you what?

Aunt's words must have filled
your mind with questions.


Storehouse of overconfidence
and over-smartness!

Look up.

look where, dad? How can I see you?

Look in front of you!

Why have you turned life
into a game of snakes and ladders?

It must have been snakes
and ladders in your time.

In our times it is
called a roller-coaster.

You are staying alone with
a girl in her house out of wedlock..

..and you're explaining
the roller-coaster to your father?

I am living in, dad..

..but you wouldn't understand.

You have your head wrapped
around the Pajero at all times..

..while the world has reached Mars.

Hold on there. I shall carry
out a surgical strike and

send you to Saturn.

Come over here.

- I want to talk to you.
- I see.

You want me to walk there
for a beating from you.

I won't come. This is my house now.

If you want to talk to me,
you come here. You're most welcome.

Hey! Don't you go presuming

I will not come because of my ego!

Come down. Prepare to welcome me.
I want to talk to you.

Come on down.

I tried to hit his ego but it didn't work.

I will..!
- My first salary.

Don't put your son or daughter
in my arms like this someday.

Hold that.

You are being so dramatic
the moment you got here.

- Come inside. Let's talk inside.
- I won't go inside!

You are a perfect example. A video
should be made of you for Youtube.

- How to destroy one's own life.
- Really?

And how did I destroy my life?

No, no. It hasn't happened as yet..

..but I can clearly see the
ditch on the path that you've taken.

Don't you understand that this girl...

Her name is Nayan.

Whatever. Nayan or Kanan. Whatever.

She is after you for
your estate and property.

You are rich. You have a good body.

She couldn't find a better
candidate to plunder than you.

Hold on, dad. Please pause for a bit.

First explain the math
of estate and property.

Grandpa had a small chunk of land,
which was divided into four parts..

..because you were four brothers.

You got one-fourth of it.

Now that one-fourth part
will be divided into three parts.. we are three brothers.

Are you telling me..

..a girl is being so manipulative..

..for one-third of that
one-fourth part of land?

Just think about it, dad.

That girl has done you a favor.. becoming friends with me.

And it's thanks to
her I got my first salary.

Why don't you continue staying here?

I shall tell your mother
she has only two sons.

Tell her.

And the tiny chunk
of land that I have,

it will be divided
into two parts only.

- Okay.
- You continue living here.

- - Yes, I will.
- So, stay here.

- I don't care.
- I am staying here!

Mother can't hear the things you say.
What will you tell her?

- Forget it!
- Forget it."

You go inside.

Aunty, it takes perception to copy.


Excuse me.

- This is it.
- Okay.

I'll call you back, aunty.




Okay, I'll be there in one hour.

Listen, Sonu.

I have completed this. You
start on Mrs. Sharma's work.


- You understand?
- Yes, yes.

I am going to the hospital.

Your boyfriend didn't accompany you?


No. I forbade him.

He has a new job.

He must focus on his job, right?

Absolutely.Go inside and take a seat.

The Doctor will be
there in five minutes.

Hi, Doc.

How are you?

Yes. Is everything okay?


I won't beat around the bush.

There is a small complication.

There is defect called ASD.

Atrial Septal defect.

In layman terms,
there is a hole in the baby's heart.

I hope the baby's
life is not at risk.

There are several factors.

The baby's immunity.
Its strength to cope.

Health after birth. It all depends.

That means risk is involved.

One more thing.

I shared this
information with Shekhar.

What did Shekhar say?

Shekhar is unwilling to
accept this baby with the defect.

What do you mean he is unwilling?

He has signed this consent.

But that's not your problem.

It is the hospital's responsibility.

will do something about it.

What's the matter, dad?
You want to apologize?

Your landlady.

Yes. Nayan. What about her?

Something has happened.
Come home quickly.

What happened?



No. Dad called and said
you looked very perturbed.

- What happened?
- No. Nothing happened.

Didn't you to the hospital today?
Did they say something?


- What did they say?
- They said there's a complication.

There's a hole in the baby's heart.

What do you mean there's a hole?

And Shekhar refused to take the baby.

I shall bring the red one.

How can he refuse?
Is he a man or a mouse?

We have no reason to panic.

The hospital will make
all the arrangements.

If he doesn't take the baby
then someone else will adopt it.

Listen. Are you okay?

Yes. Why wouldn't I be okay?

You should go.
You have work to do. Go.

Will you eat tonight?


Mr. Randeep Singh.

I have heard the National
drink of the Punjabis..

..after 8 PM is this.


Whereas you have immersed
yourself knee-deep in work.

Come. Work will be
around all your life. Come.

Are you jealous?

Did you have a fight?

Nayan kicked you out of the house?


You need money?

Don't you know, Pandey?

Don't you know what has happened?

You have been baiting me for so long.

Sometimes a man becomes very helpless.

He can't do anything
despite wanting to.

I understand.

You don't understand.

Not just you, nobody can understand.

Only the sufferer can understand.

You asked me if she kicked
me out of the house, didn't you?

I wish she had. I wish she
had kicked me out of the house.

I wish I needed money.

Anything should have happened, Pandey.

I just wish it wasn't this.

And I can't do a thing about it.

I am available but
I cannot do anything.

One doesn't always
have to do something.

Just being there is what matters.

And I am pleased..

..that you are standing
by her during this dark phase.

That's why I am telling you.

Don't immerse yourself in this work.

Go home..

..and help the firefly spread light.


Go home.

And I am not going to
pay you overtime to stay late.


Go home.


All will be well.

Mr. Pandey said that you..

like a firefly..

..that spreads light everywhere.

You have to

spread light in this
baby's life in the same way.

I know you are very brave, my doll.

You are even braver than me.

Still if you ever..

feel like crying..

..then you should cry a little.

But then.. wipe your tears and
turn into a firefly once again.

Because this..

junior over here..


Silly chap.

Your mummy is asleep.

You are troubling her?

Pleased come out quickly.

You are my kickass baby, aren't you?

When you come out..

we shall teach all of them a lesson.

The people here are very nasty.

They have harassed your mummy.


Never mind.

Get some sleep now.

We shall talk in the morning.


God protect you.

Hey, Nayan. Something very
funny happened today. I tell you.

At the garage Pandey was
showing someone how to rig a car.

Pandey very angrily told the chap,
"Move. I shall show you."

He went on to do it himself
and the car fell on him.

Everyone laughed.

What are you looking at?


You want to go?
Even you want to go there?

No, sister. Why would..

This is how your son started..

..and he wound up there. The father
is going to follow in his footsteps.

- It's not that, sister.
- Silence.

Drink your tea.

- You're too much, sister! You..
- Inside. Go inside.


I shall prepare fish today.

Which fish do you Bengalis eat?


Why should I carp?

I'll go and buy some.

But he quoted a very high price.

One could learn to make
a deal from him.

- It's a package deal.
- Exactly.

Without doing anything
he will have a baby in his arms.

He has a steady source of income too.

What did you say?

What did you say? What did you say?
What did you say? What did you say?

What did you say?

Brother. Brother. Brother.
Sorry, brother. Sorry, brother.

Brother. Brother.
Brother. Brother. Brother. Brother.

Come out all of you!

Come out!
Come out, residents of this colony!

Shame on you!
You should be ashamed of yourselves!

You blow kisses. You make stories.

The dirt you have for Nayan.

It is the dirt in your mind.

You have a layer of
dirt in front of your eyes.

That girl.

She wants to bring
happiness in someone's life.

She wants to give a
baby to a barren mother.

She wants to fulfill a father's wish.

Science has made
so much headway today..

it can make a baby
by in vitro fertilization.

They can take the man's
sperm and the woman's eggs..

but they still need a woman's womb!

This is the girl who
has provided her womb.

Have you people ever
given anyone a lollipop?

Don't make noise, Rano!

You only came here
recently. Get that?

You don't know all the facts as yet.

That layer of dirt you were talking
about is in front of your eyes.

Do you know why our lane got
the reputation of being an infamous lane?

Because of her!

And people ogle at our
daughters with vulgarity. Why?

- Shut up!
- Because of her.

She spread the rumors about herself?

She spread the rumors
about her own self?

All of you made up stories
without knowing the whole truth!

Never mind Nayan.

I know only too well what
your views about each other are.

How much you respect each other.

If you hear my aunt's
thoughts about you.. will fall off your roofs.


Mr. Khanna.

His son.

He cannot reveal the truth
about himself for fear of you all.

For you people will taunt him!

Are you crazy?

You are silent because
of these barbarians?

And him.

This scumbag Khurana.

You think you are very tough.

You are tough?

You beat up a woman, scoundrel!

Evil people!

Because of you that baby has a hole
in the heart before even being born.

You are such jinxes!

Your curse penetrated
the mother's stomach..

and made a hole in the baby's heart.

God, I pray you don't

let any child to be born in this lane.

Else these vultures will
rip it apart and eat it.




- Sonu.
- Yes, sister.

Vacate this room quickly.

Remove everything.
The fabric, the machine. Everything.

Have you received a new order, sister?
You didn't tell me.


Ramji. You must come now.

It's important work. Come quickly.

Yes, alright.

Listen! Randeep Singh
will prepare food today.

Will you eat?

What's going on?

Tell me something.
Has this become your hobby?

Sometimes you shift the things
from this room to that and vice-versa.

I am keeping the baby.

Keep the baby boy.

I am keeping this baby.

This baby?

What do you mean you're keeping it?

I am keeping it.

Are you insane?

Hey, I'm talking to you.

These decisions aren't
taken in a fit of emotion.

I think you haven't
thought it out carefully.

Shall I prepare tea?
Let's make ourselves comfortable..

..and talk about this calmly.

I have thought it out
calmly and at leisure..

..and my decision is final.

What final decision? Are you insane?

Do you know what a big responsibility
it is to raise a child?

And what have you planned? Tell me.

who will marry you in the
future if you have this child?

You have this business set up.
This work..

Have you given it any thought..

..or are you simply saying
that you've thought about it.

What are you saying, Rano?

I should abandon this
baby for a good future.

Did you think about how I would
look myself in the eye in future?

Oh, you!

Nayan, listen to me. I understand.
I understand your emotional angle..

..but you don't understand.

Raising a child is
a huge responsibility.

Who would know that better than me?

I have faced the world all by myself.

I don't care what you've done.

Let me tell you I won't
let you take this decision.

What do you mean you won't let me?

Who are you to tell me?

What do you mean who am I to tell you?

I am concerned for you.

You need not be concerned for me.

Please leave.


Go to hell!

I don't want to stay in this house.

My mobile.

What color do you
want to paint the room?

Blue or pink?

Can it be peach?

- It can.
- Yellow?

I'll get it done.

Have tea.

Drink it already.

You feel sorry now, don't you?

You say sorry.

- it's okay.
- Say sorry.

I told you it's okay.

Tell me. Messi or Ronaldo?

Saurav dada. Ganguli.

You Bengalis bring
Bengalis into everything.

Both are favorites to Bengalis.

Really? You like cricket so much?

Not cricket. Cricketers.

Come in.


We want the kid.

Which kid?

I won't give this child to you.

I felt it would be good that
this matter be resolved smoothly.

Really? Or else?

Or else the law is with us.

Listen, bro. You don't realize
you are threatening us in our house.

Come outside with me.

Come on out!

Hey, lady justice! Let's go.


Get lost!

Brother. Don't force me. Go on. Leave.

Do you want to stay here?

Hold on, son. Hold on.

Greetings. Greetings, son.

Finally I got to see
the boy face to face.

Come here, Shipra.

Look. Look. Take a good look.. see how demons look in
these times. This is how they look.

- Excuse me?
- Tell me something.

If your daddy had fallen ill,
would you get rid of him as well?

Look, you have no right
to speak in our matter.

Hey! Hey! Ms. Goody two shoes!

Does that make sense!
You accept the child when you wish..

..and you reject
the child when you wish.

Like hell!

You know what?
Now I will make sure I take this baby.

Let's go.

- Yeah, go!
- Go.

Listen to me.

You better think
before you do anything.

We are Punjabis, and in this matter..!

We don't have a good reputation.
Especially him.

Wow! That's wonderful, aunt!

Wait one minute, child.

Can I get one cup of tea?

The tea my sister
prepares is horrible.

Please come in, papa.

I'll be there shortly, sister.


- Let it go. I shall prepare it.
- I don't want tea prepared by you.

- I prepare good tea.
- You don't know anything.




Hurry up!

What is the matter?

My water broke.


- Dad! Dad!
- What is it?

- Calm down.
- Damn! Rano, bring the car. Go.

- Hurry!
- Yes.

Bring the car!

Come, my child. Take it easy.


Sister! Hurry up. It is
time to take her to the hospital.

It is important.

The paper that Shekhar signed.

Which paper?

He doesn't want the child.
It is with the Doctor.

What is the matter?

Take care.

Don't be nervous. We will follow you.

Come. Come, son. Come, my dear.

Come. Come.

Bring the stretcher! Please.

Come. Come. Easy.

- Shekhar.
- Hush.


Hush, Nayan.
All you can think of is Shekhar.

The paper is with the Doctor.

Move. Move. Move.

Talk to Shekhar, Rano. Rano.

Listen, Rano.

Don't talk. Don't talk, Nayan.

I don't want to give
my baby to anybody, Rano.

Listen. As long as I am
here nobody can touch your baby.

Just concentrate on giving
birth to the baby now.

- Yes.
- Okay? Don't think much.

I'm feeling scared, papa.

You'll be okay, child.
You'll be okay.

I will be out here, Nayan.

Doctor, Shekhar had signed a form.

It said he does not want the baby.

- Yes.
- Where is that form?

It's there.

- Krishna.
- Yes, ma'am.

Give him Nayan's file from my cabin.

Yes, ma'am

- Take care of her.
- Let's go, Rano.

Let's go. Hurry up!

I don't see the file.
Ms. Nayan's file is not here.

What do you mean it's not here?

Where is the file if it is not here?

You could check the records room.

Okay. Okay.

Don't stop me today, dad.

Let's go, you twit!

Hey! Hold on.
Hold on. Hold on, brother.

Hold on.

Which floor?


He means the same. The same.

That way.

It says so over there, dad.

Where does it say so?
Let's go. Let's go.

We have a little business
inside for a minute.

This is a restricted area, sir.
It is only for the staff.

Please stay outside.


Easy. He's my dad.


Aunt is not around when you need
her the most. She's not here today.

If she were here she would have..

Why are you worrying?
Her brother is here.

What will you do?

Hey, brother! Please take a look.

Yes. Doctor.

What are you doing over here?

Where is it?

Where is Nayan's paper?

Stop. I'll give it to you.

Which number is it?

Number two.

Don't move!



Stop the overacting.
Stop it. The job is done.

Get up!

Let's go.

Congratulations! It's a girl.

Is her health alright, Doctor?

A minor surgery will have
to be done after some time.

After that she should be fine.


How is Nayan, Doctor?

Nayan is also perfectly alright.

No. No.

Yes. No. Please take her away.

Even you were tiny, Rano. Come here.

I'll be back in a minute.


You said you don't bother
talking to women like me.

How are you feeling?

Like a king feels after winning a war.

You never have a straight
answer for anything.

I am asking you if you are okay.

You tell me. How do I look?

My baby.

For some unknown reason
I feel she looks like you.

You feel that way because
you've lost your mind, dad.

Book a bed and get yourself treated.

He's saying senseless things.

See for yourself. Take a look.

She is very beautiful!

That's why I say,
son, she looks like you.

How can she look like me?

- How can she look like me?
- How can she not look like you?

I have heard when two people live
together for a long period of time..

..they start to look similar.
They start looking alike.

Now I get it.

You have troubled her
so much with your talks..

..this baby took on your looks.

Very good logic!

Papa is right.

You say things that make no sense.

She is like an angel.


And she has come to tell
us what big fools we are.

We are dimwits.

What's going on, dad?
The truth is surfacing today.

Make fun of me.

I was thinking unknowingly

I was going to make
such a big mistake.

I mean I would have lost
my granddaughter to my stupid ego.

And an adorable daughter.

Thank you, papa.

Thank you, papa.

Bless you, son!

Come here! Come here!

Come! Come!

Shame on you! Take this, son.

You should get married now.

We will get to eat delicious food.

We will do the snake dance.

You want to eat food or...

Why do you always lose your temper?
He is right.

I see. I should get married because
he wants to eat delicious food?

No. For the snake dance.

You want to get married?

- No, I am not at all interested.
- I am not interested either.

It is decided.
We don't want to get married.

Why not? Get married.
You live together anyway.

Oh, no! They are fine
just the way they are.

You should stay just as you are.

Didn't you notice how he got there
in an instant to take care of her?

He has become the baby's father.

He even told his father to come here.

Did you notice how
the aunt was dancing?