Badman's Gold (1951) - full transcript

Unable to cope with a series of raids on stagecoaches hauling gold to the U. S. Mint, Sheriff Masters appeals to the U. S. Marshal's office for help. The Marshal assigns his best man, Johnny, to the job of discovering the hiding place of the stolen gold and bringing the outlaws to justice. Johnny enlists the aid of Bess Benson and her brother Bob. Bess insists on taking her pack dog, Daisy. The foursome then goes to the territory controlled by Sheriff Masters.

Sheriff, I sent for you
because these gold robberies

have narrowed down to your territory.

Once the gold is stolen, it seems not

to appear for resale.

So whoever's stealing it
apparently is stashing it away.

We've got to find it.

Marshal, I'm doing all
I can but I need help.

And you shall have it.

I've got just the man for you.

Come in, Johnny, how are you?


Johnny, this is Sheriff
Masters of Goldfield.

This is Johnny Carpenter,
one of my best men.

Nice to meet you, sheriff.

Same goes here, I've
heard a lot about you.

You're pretty well known
along the border yourself.

Johnny, you'll move in on Goldfield

and work with the sheriff as usual.

I'm hoping you'll be
able to solve this mess

because if we miss, some of us

are going to be looking for new jobs.

You know how politics are, sheriff.

If we don't give them plenty of action

they're always trying
to cut our heads off.

Now Johnny, the sheriff will give you

all the information he has

and you can take your pick
of anyone to help you.

Well I'd like to use Bob
Benson and his sister Bess.

You know how we've
worked together before.

If it's all possible
I can get the job done

with their help.

You mean to say you have
a woman on your force?

One of the best.

Marshal, this is no job for a woman.

I assure you this requires
someone tough and rugged.

Don't worry about the rugged part.

We've worked on a lot
of cases together.

Surely you must have
known of the Benson's.

Their father was the
best law man in the west.

You mean they're the son
and daughter of Jim Benson?

That's right.

I knew him well.

He and I worked on
many a case together.

I knew he had a family
but I had no idea

they were packing stars.

Well they are.

See, they've been working with me

since their father was
killed by a gunslinger.

Whether it was for revenge
or not, I don't know,

but they've been working
on the side of the law

and they do mighty well.

Well marshal, I guess
you know what you're doing

but where you're sending
him they'll have to do well.

Well I'll be going.

Good to see you again, marshal.

Good to see you, sheriff.

And I'll see you in Goldfield, Johnny.


Bob, Bess!

Hey Bob, Bess!


Johnny Carpenter!

How in the world are you?

Hello Bess, we have an assignment.

Where's Bob?

He's down at the south
pasture working on the fence.

Wait till I get a
horse, I'll go with you.

We haven't time, you'd
better go with me now.

Johnny, how are you?

Hey, who's been
taking your fence down?

That's what I'd like to know.

Hey wait, fellas, you haven't time

to stand around here and talk.

He's got an assignment for us.

Great, where is it?

Goldfield, Bob.

What's the deal?

Nevermind, there isn't
time to tell us now.

He'll tell us on the way.

Hey wait, we're not
going without Daisy.

Oh, do we have to take her?

Well we're doggone well
not going without her.

She helped us before.

We might need her again.

Okay, I'm willing.

Come on, Daisy, come on!

That's a baby.

Alright fellas, if you're
ready let's get going.

I'm ready.

How about you, sis?


You know you can't take
your baby on this trip.

You've got work to do.

Go on, now, take her back.

Go on.

Come on, Daisy, come on.

That's a baby.

That's it, sit down.

Boys, I called you in to tell you

that next shipment
of gold goes through

on the afternoon stage on
its way to the railroad.

Now you'll intercept it at the pass

just below the old mine.

Jake, you know what you're to do.

Yeah, I meet them at the buck board,

take the stuff up to the mine

and hide it with the rest of the gold.


Now this is pretty close
to our base of operation

so lead anyone away from
the road to the old mine.

Shorty, you drive that
stage down the road

a few miles before you turn it loose

and be sure the guard and driver

won't be ever able to
identify any of you.

Okay boss.

The rest of you know
what you're to do.

Boys, this is the last job
we have to pull for a while.

Make it good.

A fortune in gold and we
can't spend a cent of it.

I hope the guy Rance is expecting

has got a good plan to put
these into circulation.


Rance has been
planning this for years.

Even to getting this
bird out of prison.

He don't take this kind of chance

unless he's got a sure thing.

I get itchy fingers just
looking at this stuff.

Let's get back to town.

Come in.

Well boys, how did it go?

Perfect, the gold's up at the old mine

and the stagecoach won't be found

within miles of it.

Good work.

Sit down, have a drink to our success.

Wait a minute, a drink is fine

but when do we get our cut?

So far we've taken all the risks

and we haven't got a
thing to show for it.

We can't spend them gold
bars like silver dollars.

That's where our friend
the professor comes in.

I got a telegram from
him this morning.

He'll be in on the afternoon stage.

Who is this professor?

We never heard of him.

How do we know he's gonna be able

to make money out of them gold bars?

You've never heard of
him because he's never

operated in this part of the country

which is to our advantage.

He's discovered a way of
melting down that pure gold

and spraying it back
into worthless quartz.

Well I don't see how pouring that gold

back into the ground is gonna
put money in our pockets.

Boys, we're gonna restock
the worthless old mine

with the richest gold
bearing ore you've ever seen,

form our own mine company, and legally

mine the stolen gold.

But when will be able to mine it?

Well actually just a few days

after the equipment's set up.

Rance, we might be in trouble.

What do you mean trouble?

The old mine where
we're hiding the stuff

has just been filed on.

That's ridiculous.

There isn't any more gold in that mine

than in your teeth.

Oh no, I guess what we've been putting

in there for hiding is jelly beans?

Shorty, who filed on it?

Some old codger.

I never saw him before
but it's all legal.

Boys, get out to the
mine and run him off.

I don't care how you do it but do it.

Oh, hi fellers!

Hello, old timer.

What do you think you're doing?

I'm just moving in on my new holdings.

My name is Wiggins.

We don't care who you are.

You're getting off right now.

Get moving?

Why, you must be joking.

Look, I filed on this
property and it's mine.

Filed or not you're
getting out right now.

Well I ain't doing no such a thing.


Fellas, help the old
boy with his things.

He's leaving.

Leaving, I ain't leaving

'cause here's my claim right here.

Hey, take it easy, men.

Hey, what seems to
be the trouble here?

Well that's none of your business.

One at a time, mister.

You'll get your chance, too.

And now, gentlemen, you
will put everything back

where it was.

You'll hear more about this

and you won't like what you'll hear.

Less of this and more
riding, get going.

Tell me, friend, what
was this all about?

Well sir, I don't know.

See I filed claim on this
abandoned mining property

and then these sidewinders come along

and tried to throw me off.

That's a funny one.

I wonder why?

There's nothing funny about it.

There's something here
that someone wants.


Look, old timer, you sit tight

and don't let them run you off

and we'll do some
investigating for you.

Oh, much obliged, much obliged.

Say, that's the first time
I missed my catalog teeth.

Thanks, shorty.

They don't fit so well, do they?

Those two hombres fought
like a couple of wildcats

and they got a gal with them.

Shoots pretty good.

Boys, we'll have to keep
our eyes on those three.

Nothing must stop us
from getting that old man

off the mine property.

Well this looks like a
nice, quiet little town.


It's a little too quiet for me.

Let's see the sheriff.

Oh and by the way, sheriff,

I forgot to introduce you
to my two running mates,

Bob and Bess Benson.

Well, I'm mighty glad to meet you two

after all I've heard about you.

We've heard a lot about
you too, Sheriff Masters.

How are you, sheriff?

Glad to know you.

Well, where in the
world did that come from.

That happens to be Daisy, sheriff.

I guess she wants to
be introduced too.

Wherever we go, she goes.

Always at your service.

This is a terrific
little gang, sheriff,

that is after you get to know them.

Well let's sit down and
try to figure this thing out.

We may be able to round up this gang.

Well thinks the missing gold bars

are somewhere in this vicinity.

Hey, could there be any connection

with the mine today and that old fella

they tried to run off?

Of course, there could be
connections with anything.

That's what we gotta find out.

You two will work,
as usual, undercover.

The sheriff and I will have
to work out in the open.

Well let's get up the street.

We'll have to make
arrangements for your horses

at the county corral.

There's a man out
there looking for you.

He just got here on the stage.

Good, that's probably the professor.

Well professor, good to see you.

Likewise, Rance.

Nice to be out in the west.

It's nice to be out,
isn't it professor?


I wanna thank you for
what you did for me.

Say, what's this big deal all about?

Meet in my office.

Wait a minute.

There's two of the
people that butted in

out at the mine.

You folks see what I see?

What's up, you folks act
like you've seen a ghost.

We have, sort of.

Meaning what?

Meaning that little
man you see over there,

he's a very dangerous person.

As far as I know, he's
an escaped convict.

That's right, the last time I saw him

he was sent up for 20 years.

And it was our dad that sent him up.

Well if you think he's escaped,

I better lock him up.

Not yet, sheriff.

If we let him run
loose, he might lead us

to the gang ransom.

Yeah, like a bird dog.

Now he doesn't know me.

That'll make it easier.

But he better not see me with you two.

Looks like they could be trouble.

Look like trouble?

They are trouble.

I know that boy and girl.

They're the law.

Are you sure?

Course I'm sure.

If they see me here we're in for it.

Then get into my office
and stay out of sight.

The man he's talking to is Rance.

He sort of runs things around here.

Then he's tied in
with a no good hombre.

Johnny, is there anyway we can check

on why the professor's
running around loose?

Yes, there is.

Sheriff, can you trust your
local telegraph operator?

As far as I know he's alright.

Better take no chances, Johnny.

Alright Bess.

We'll send the message
ourselves tonight.

Come on.

You suppose we can
the marshal at this hour?

Yeah, there's somebody
in his office at all times.

You think it's alright fellas

breaking in here like this.

This is federal business, sheriff.

Anything we do is alright as long

as we're on the side of the law.

I guess you fellas
know what you're doing.

How do things look
down the street, sis?

I don't like it, it's too quiet.

Hey, come here.

Can't understand where the sheriff

and those law pushers are.

Not a sign of 'em in town.

Well Rance, even lawmen
gotta sleep sometime.

Leave that bottle alone.

You've got into trouble
before drinking.

You talk too much

and nothing must happen
to spoil this deal.

Shorty, get the boys
and look around town.

I have a feeling the
law is up to something.

Sure boss.

I got him.

It's the director of the
marshal's headquarters.

Good, ask him to
check on the professor.

See how come he's running loose.

They're contacting
the marshal at his home.

Well that'll mean more
waiting but worth it.

Those roughnecks are heading this way.

You better move fast.

Let's get out of here.

We can't, I've gotta
wait for this message.

And I'm waiting with him.

Sheriff, let's get the horses ready.

Johnny, we'll meet
you at the edge of town.

Looking for someone?

Yeah, you.

Reach, you.

Drop it.


You reach.

Quick, high.

Now drop your guns.

I wonder what's keeping the boys.

They probably have their hands full

but don't worry about them.

They can take care of themselves.

We'd better get out of here.

They'll bring the
whole town down on us.

Wait a minute, I've got an idea.

We've gotta get our
answer and we'll get it.

We'll take this
telegraph setup with us.

Great, we'll need these tools.

Okay, get her done, boy.

Alright, Johnny.

Keep a sharp watch, boy.

Well one thing, they
haven't left town.

Then we've gotta find them.

Here it comes, Johnny.

Smart boys.

You should be around them.

Professor Benson with outside help,

escaped federal penitentiary,

June sixth.

Whereabouts unknown.

We better warn them.

They've got to get that message.

Hold it.

Come down out of there, you.

I'll trouble you for that message.

And I'll trouble you,

to drop those guns.

Here, hold these will ya?

It's mighty good coffee, Bess.

Thank you, Johnny.

Sheriff, I'm sorry I
can't offer you cream

but I guess you can't
have the comforts

of home and the
beauties of nature too.

Aren't you finding this outdoor life

a little uncomfortable for a lady.

Ms. Masters would
be glad to have you

down at the house until
this case is closed.


Maybe miss out on some action?

You don't know Bess.

Don't worry about me, sheriff.

I'm afraid I stop being a lady

when I pinned on my socks.

Well let's get down to business, sis.

Our main purpose is to find that gold.

Bob's right.

But it's too early to crack down

on Rance and the professor.

Without evidence there'd
be no conviction.

Now here's our plan of action.

We all know that Rance is interested

in the old miner's shaft.

So tonight, Bob and Bess will go

into the land office
and search the records,

maybe they can come up with something

that'll be of help to us.

What are you gonna do, Johnny?

I'm gonna contact the professor.

He doesn't know me.

Maybe I can get him to talk.

Daisy, look out!

Well, I'll see you in town, Bess.

So will I.

I think I'll go with them.



Howdy Rance.

Everything's going swell out the mine.

How's the professor?

Oh, he's working like a little beaver.

That's quite a contraption he has

to work on the gold.

Yeah, he's the best in his field.

Hey, by the way, what
happened to that old miner?

Jake and Shorty take care of him

just like you told them to.

Now remember, no
liquor for the professor.

This job must not miss.

Don't worry.

It's fixed so he can't
get a drink in this town


Good, I'll be out the
mine later to check up.

Say, has there been any sign
of those bunch of law pushers?

I haven't seen 'em around.

I guess they took out.

Rance ain't gonna let
you have no whiskey, prof.

We gotta get this job done quick.

I know, Bart, but I need
a little to quiet me down.

Couldn't you arrange to get me some,

my nerves are all shot.

Nothing doing, now get out
the mine and get to work.

Here's my chance to get
in with the professor.

If I make the grade, you let Bob

and Bess know where you'll be.

Okay, I will.

Hello, professor.

I don't believe I know you, friend.

Oh yes you do or maybe
you'd better take a good look.

Your face is familiar.

Say, who are you?

They call me Red River Johnny.

Red River Johnny,
yeah, I remember the name

from down along the border.

But how do you know me?

I was doing a little hitch
in the big corral, professor,

when you were doing your bid there.


I was let out but
you went over the wall.

Say, you do know me, don't you?

Oh, by the way, what do the boys

think about my breaking out?

They think you're
plenty smart, professor.

I bet they do.

What are you doing in these parts?

I heard there's a little
gold floating around.

Thought maybe I might cut in.

Not a chance, son, not a chance.

That's the deal I'm here on.

You'd better cut me in.

By the way, the sheriff might like

to know you're here, professor.

You wouldn't do that.

I'd do anything.

I'm desperate and I need money.

Besides, might work
out to your advantage.

Meaning what?

Meaning you and I might
pull a little double cross

and have it all to ourselves.

Why I wouldn't...

Come on, I'll set
you in with the boys.

This is my set up.

Come on, I'll show it to you.

You know, professor, ever
since you went over the wall

I've kind of admired your brains.

Yep, you had to be a
pretty smart feller

to figure out all this equipment.

There isn't another man in these parts

knows what I know about gold

and I got all the
information right up here.

Hey, what is all this stuff?

Very interesting.

You know, I bet you
know a way to mine gold

that's worth a million.

I do, I do.

But nobodies gonna find out.

Rance isn't taking any chances.

Why he won't even let me
touch a drop of liquor,

afraid I might spill something.

Hey, what do you think you're doing?

The boss ain't gonna like this a bit.

He don't like blabbermouths.

We've had trouble
with this guy before.

He's been acting mighty
suspicious lately.

Who is he?

He's an old buddy of mine.

Red River Johnny.

We used to work down
along the border together.

Sorry about that little
trouble this morning, boys,

but I was just playing
a game of my own.

Wait a minute.

I've heard of Red River Johnny

and a faster and a better shot

ain't never been seen anywhere.

Come here, mister.

I'd like to see what
you can do with a gun.

Shorty, go set him up a target.

It's ready, Bart.

Okay, go ahead.

Hey gentlemen, mind if
I take a practice shot?

No, go right ahead.

I remember right, he was
also good with a whip.

Here, let's see what
you can do with this.

Good work, my boy.

Well Shorty, looks
like that's him alright.

Yeah, wait'll Rance hears about this.

This Red River Johnny's
got quite a reputation.

You better slip down and tell him

what the professor's done.

Rance, guess who's in town.

I just saw him out at the mine.

The professor took him out there.

Red River Johnny, you know the
one we saw with the sheriff.

Red River Johnny?

So that's who was
talking to the sheriff.

Then what's the professor
meddling with him for?

He explained that, you see,

Red River Johnny, the
minute he hits town

likes to get acquainted with the law.

That is if the law
don't already know him

and in this case they don't.

That way he can work both
ends against the middle.

He might be a handy
guy to have around.

He's sure a wizard with a gun.

I'd better get out the
mine and check on this.

Say Shorty, by the way,
I heard the sheriff

left town for a couple of days.

Have you seen anything
of the other two?

No, our guess was right, they've gone.

Saddle me a horse.

We'll head for the mine
as soon as it's dark.

Okay, boss.

This shows the mine they're working on

was filed on three days
ago, transferred yesterday.

I've got a hunch it
was the little miner

who first filed then somebody

made him transfer yesterday.

There's something in
that mine they want

that ain't gold.

I don't think so.

I'll bet that's where
they're keeping the gold

we're looking for.

Hey, maybe you're right.

Hey, I just saw a flash of
light in that land office.

Daisy's warning us.

Someone's coming.

Let's get out of here.

Too late, they're here.

Let's go out that door.

That door.

Come on Daisy.

Let's jump down to that roof.

There they go.

Daisy, come out.

Hold it.

Shorty, throw these two in jail.

We'll hold for the mine

and bring in this Red River Johnny.

Then we'll hold a nice
little necktie party.

Okay, let's go.

That one, over there.

Rance mentioned Red River Johnny.

That must be Carpenter.

Then he's out at the mine.

We've gotta get out of here.

He'll be needing help.

Well, you got any ideas, Houdini?

Tell me, professor, how
do you melt this gold?

Well that's easy, son.

In that heater over there.

We melt it down, we pour it
into these worthless rocks,

then Rance has it
delivered to the smelter

and credited to his account.

It's actually mining gold.

Very clever.

Have another drink professor.

Professor's had enough to drink.

So you're Red River Johnny, aye?

Very interesting.

You're not Red River
Johnny, Mr. Lawman.

We caught your pals
going through the records

at the land office.

We took care of them.

Now what's your next move?

Get out the tool house
and get some dynamite.

We'll make this look like an accident.

Move the gold outside
then get into town.

We'll finish those other two.

By now Sheriff Masters
is at the meadows

waiting to hear from us.

Well this whole plan
would have worked out fine

if we weren't caged up here
like a pair of monkeys.


Hey wait a minute, where's Daisy?

Come on in, Daisy, come on.

Get the keys.

On the desk.

Go on, get the keys,
up on top, way up there.

That's right.

Good girl.

Oh no, Daisy, come back!

Come on, come on, bring 'em here.

Come on.

We've gotta work fast.

When we get out of town, I'll go

to the mine to help Johnny.

And I'll meet the sheriff
and tell him what's up.

Come on Daisy.


Hey man!

Come on, boy, come on.

Pick it up.

Come on, come on.

That a boy, come on.

Now get out of there, get!

Johnny, Johnny.

Boy I just had a close one.

You talk about close,
they were ready to hang me.

Where's Bess?

I sent her after the sheriff.

We gotta head 'em off.

We better hurry.

I've got to nail this guy Rance.

Sheriff, sheriff!

You seem to be in a hurry, what's up?

Johnny's in trouble out
at the old mine, come on.

Well let's go.

Sure glad to see you, sheriff.

We've got a fight on our hands.

I'm ready to crack down on Rance.

Well let's get started.

My boys are waiting
out the edge of town.

They're gone!

We've gotta catch
them, they know too much.

They can't be far.

Shorty, you come with me.

The rest of you comb the town.

We'll go back to the office.

They just might show up there.

We better destroy those papers anyway.

You're right, it's still
not too late to be cautious.

Sheriff, I'd like to take
Rance alive if possible.

He's got a score to
settle with the law.

You get your men down to
the end of the street.

We'll get the rest of it started.


Rance, those law pushers
are in town and they're ready.

That law gang, they're
heading this way.

Shorty, this may be a little rough.

I sent for the Dylan gang to help us.

They'll be here any minute.

That's using your head.

Here's your man, sheriff.

He's one bad hombre that won't be

giving us anymore trouble for a while.

The rest of 'em are taken care of.

Well, I guess that does it folks.

And not bad.

Daisy, come on Daisy, come on.

Well, that's it.

Well what are you boys up to now?

We just notified the marshal.

The case is closed.

You certainly did a fine job, fellas.

Sheriff Masters, it's
been a real pleasure

working with you.

On our next assignment, I have an idea

you'll be with us.

Thanks, Johnny.

And I kind of hoped you folks

would be sticking around a while.

Not a chance, sheriff.

This town's too quiet for us.

Or at least it will be from now on.

Well so long.