Badman's Country (1958) - full transcript

Pat Garrett arrives in Abilene where he catches five of Butch Cassidy's gang. He calls in Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson and they learn there is a half million dollar shipment of money arriving by train and Cassidy is amassing enough men to take it. They also realize he has tapped the telegraph line and they send a false message saying the money is already in the Abilene bank. But the townspeople not only refuse to fight but they release the prisoners trying to avoid a gungight in their town.

Well, we might
as well eat here.

Then move on.

I could
stand some.

You're still worried
about it, aren't you?

Pat, you quit
your job as sheriff.

My father can't ask
for more than that.

He'd ask for a lot more
than that, Roy.

After all, it's his daughter
that I'm marrying.

You think I'd had ride all the
way from Abilene to New Mexico

to get you
if sis wasn't sure?

She wanted to marry me
before, Roy.

This time
it's different.

Pa won't get in your way.

You left your reputation
back in Lincoln County.

Pat Garrett,
killer with a badge.

You know, it takes
an awful lot of riding

to lose
a reputation like that.

What do they expect
you to do?

Bring in Billy the Kid
and those other gunslingers

wrapped up
in pink ribbon?

I think we better
get moving.

Hit bad, Roy?

I can't tell.
I feel numb.

Can you make it
to Abilene?

Heh. Don't think I'd hold
up the wedding, do you?

Who do you figure
did it?

Well, whoever it was,
it was meant for me.

Is that what you always
gonna be thinking?

There's always gonna
be somebody

waiting to kill you?

Look, Roy,

I've put lot of men
in boot hill,

and I put a lot more
in jail.

There's always someone who's
gonna try to even the score.

Nobody will know you
in California.

That's what
I'm figuring on.

For your sis's sake.

Harv! Harv Logan!

It's your brother.

Give me a hand, Blackjack.
Let's get him inside.


Now, who did it,


Pat Garrett.

in Kansas?

Where was he heading?
Which way?

Toward Abilene.



What happened?

Don't get sore,

Billy the Kid
was my friend.

killed him.

You tried to bushwhack
Pat Garrett alone?

You know why I wanted to talk to
you boys?

Forty men
from the Wild Bunch

will be in this area
anytime now.

Butch Cassidy's gang?

I sent for them.

There's half a million
dollars to be had

and it can't be taken
without a big outfit.

A half
million dollars?

That's right.

Well, he's got 40 men.
Why does he need us?

Cassidy doesn't know
how to get the money.

I do.

You know, you shouldn't
have missed Garrett, kid.

Ah, one man
can't bother us.

He can
organize Abilene.

Just like
he organized the law

in half the towns
in Lincoln County.

All right, kid,
we'll finish what you started.

If Cassidy or
any of his boys show up

you tell them
where we are and why.

Come on.

Hi, sis.

Is the doctor around?

Oh, he's at the
McDonald house. Hurry.

Sorry about this,

He stopped a bullet
that was meant for me.

This bed.

Dad will be here
in a minute, Roy.

I got this far.

I'll be all right.

Cody McDonald smashed
his finger on the anvil.

So Dad had to go--

Eight months since you two
have seen each other

and all you can talk about
is the blacksmith?

How does your, uh...

How does your father feel
about my coming for you?

It's no use
lying over it, Pat.

But I'm going with you
to California.

We'll have a wonderful ranch
and live our own life.

I'm figuring on that.


Glad to see you,

Hm, I'm sure.


How did it happen?

Oh, it was--

It was an accident,
that's all.

Of course.

I have often wondered
which gets there first:

the accident
or Pat Garrett?

I'll be at
the house, Pat.

When you finish here
I want to talk to you.

All right, Lorna.

It's a clean wound.

You'll be able to go
to the wedding.

I wasn't so sure
you were figuring on one.

It's what Lorna wants.

You've changed, doctor.

You think my criticism
was of you. It wasn't.

I know your kind of man

is necessary for
this kind of country.

Perhaps in a way
I can even see

that law and order have
to come on the heels

of a fast gun
and dead men.

When I stood between
you and Lorna,

the only thing I wanted was
to keep her away from the danger

and cruelty of guns
and dead men.

My job was to keep a lot of
people away from it, doctor.

And I won't stand
in your way this time.

Thank you.

I'll be over with Lorna
if there's anything you want.

Blackjack, Carter,
you keep your eyes open.

Let's see if we can find out
where Garrett is.

What is it, Pat?

Aren't you sure now?

Lorna, your father wants
a guarantee

that you're
going to be happy.

Well, I-I can't
give it to him.

I can't give it to you.

Oh, Dad's just worried
about me, Pat.

He's afraid
of this country.

I think most of the people
who live here are.

They stay here because
they want something.

Good farmland,
good grazing acreage, gold.

Your father certainly
doesn't want any of those.

No, but he wants
something, Pat.

He wants to feel he's worth
the air he breathes.

When the government asked
for doctors to go West

and offered him this hospital,
he jumped to the chance.

He felt it was really an
opportunity to help people.

Yeah, well,
he's got what he wants.

He should be satisfied.

Yes. But the West is still
a wild animal to him, Pat.

He hasn't lived
with it like you have.

And how do you feel
about living with it?

I want to be with you,
wherever it is.

I love you, Pat.

I gotta see
Pat Garrett.

Garrett, I'm McAfee,
town marshal.

Trouble's looking for you.
More than you can handle.

It's all over town already.
Gunslingers, five of them.

All staked out
at the El Dorado.

Know any of them?
All of them.

Seen their posters, plenty.
Harvey Logan, Sundance Kid.

They've all killed
more than their share.

Harry Longabaugh?

That's the one.

Then there's Blackjack Ketchum.

Ben Kilpatrick, Jake Carver.

What do you suppose
they are after?

Five of the top gun hawks
in the territory

aren't here
for my benefit.

Three of them
are inside the saloon

asking questions
about you

and the other two
are outside just watching.

What you gonna do
about it, marshal?


Garrett, I don't even
want to know you're in town.

Look, look,
I'm marshal here.

Let me give you
a friendly warning: get out.

Grab a horse and get.

You don't take
those five now,

Abilene will become a calling
stop for every gunman in Kansas.

My getting killed
won't change that.

He's right, Pat.
Please leave now.

How many do you
suppose they'd kill

if there were
no law here at all?

Get your shotgun.

You'll move in
on the two outside

and take their guns away.

That's what
you're being paid to do.

All right, ma'am, I'm--
I'm scared.

I got a right
to be scared.

He must be too, marshal.

You men looking for
Pat Garrett?

What crazy fools are
making all that noise?

It's Pat Garrett.


The El Dorado.

He's quit firing.

Maybe he's been hit.

Harv, Sundance,
what's going on in there?

Drop that gun, sonny.

Just climb down
nice and slow.

The whole town
will be on us now.

We gotta get
to those horses.

Let's go.

Hold it.

If you think I won't
shoot you in the back,

just try

All right, outside.

Hi, Pat.

Oh, hi,

thanks for the help.

When you go for haul
you don't do it retail.

Glad you're in town.

Cody, this wasn't
your fight.

Could be we'll pay
you back somehow.

All right,
let's move.

Lots of fellows have had
a whack at that, Sundance.

I guess you can hunt
just so many buffalo,

then get to be
the buffalo's turn.

Got knocked off my horse
in a stampede.

This old bull decided to go
for a walk on my ribs.

Busted 'em pretty good.

The boys yanked me into
the hospital here yesterday.

You gonna marry
Doc Pardee's girl?

Ah, this should be enough
for the marshal's report.

You didn't answer me.

I don't have
the answer yet, Bill.

You three ready to say
why you came in to Abilene?

We were thirsty, Garrett.
We were having a drink.

Anything you wanna
know other than that?

No. Really doesn't
make any difference.

You'll probably
hang anyway.

Mr. Garrett.
I'm Mayor Coleman.

You have the deep and sincere
thanks of this community

for your courageous capture
of these criminals.

You don't have to
thank me, Mr. Mayor.

McAfee said they
were gunning for me.

I've made
a report there.

Marshal can make it
official when he gets back.

The reason we're here
is in the hope, Garrett,

that you'll make
it official.


is growing.

We could use a man
like you here.

Garrett, will you
take over as marshal?

Well, mayor, I gave up being
a lawman in New Mexico.

I see no reason to change
my mind in Kansas.

But you're--

You're not just going to
leave those murderers here?

No, I'm sending for
Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp.

They'll take them
back into Dodge.

Court's in session there.

Folks around here will be
able to sleep lot easier.

Well, how do you feel,

He's all right.
Just a flesh wound.

You did a good job.

Put a burr under
a saddle horse he'll jump,

because you put
a couple under mine.

My thanks
to you.

You'd better notify them
in Denver and Salt Lake.

About the three of those
and about the two dead ones.

I think they all
have posters on them.


Pat, what do you think about
those gun hawks in there?

You're wondering why the five
of them would get together

just to get me,
aren't you?

They've never operated
together before.

Something's happening
around here.

Something we don't
know about.

If there's
anything more to learn

Wyatt and Bat
can handle it.

Maybe you should've
taken that marshal job.

You're worrying about making
Doc Pardee and Lorna happy.

Well, you've never done anything
but work for the law.

You think
you're gonna be happy

sitting in the sun
in California?

I'm going on over
to the telegraph office,

and send for
Wyatt and Bat.

You tell Lorna
I'll be back in a few minutes.

How long you figure
it'll take this wire

to reach Wyatt Earp
in Dodge City?

Oh, about a
couple of hours.


You didn't put down your
return address, Mr. Garrett.

That's right,
I didn't.

Oh, I thought
it would never end.

I couldn't go out there.
I couldn't go out on the street.

Oh, Pat,
if you'd been hurt...

I know, I know, Lorna.

We'd better talk.

Your father was right.

He's been right all along.

I thought by quitting
my job as sheriff

I could walk away from anything
that would hurt you, Lorna.

But I can't.

I can't yet.
It's too soon.

But will waiting help?
It won't, Pat.

You'll expect me to stop
you from being afraid.

But the way things are right now
I'd be more afraid than you.

Every time I'd see a man
with a gun

I'd think he's aiming
right at my back.

I'd be scared.
Scared because of you.

I couldn't stand that
and neither could you.

But, Pat, I don't think
it would be like that.

We could try.

Lorna, please.

Oh, Pat,
we've got to try.

No. No, we must--
We must wait.

I've got to go
to California.

I've got to
start a new life.

If I do,

I'll be back
and then we'll be married.

You've been thinking of this
all along, haven't you?

Ever since
Roy was shot.


try to see it my way,

I should never have asked
you to give up your job.

I should have gone to
New Mexico with you.

No, no, no.
That would have been worse.

You think you're different
from my father, but you're not.

You're the same.

He needs his hospital
to make him feel

he's accomplishing

Well, with you
it's your job.

I saw it today, Pat.

Even without your badge,
you were the lawman.

You took over.

You acted as though you still
had your badge on you.

I'm leaving the first thing
in the morning, Lorna.

Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson
will be in tomorrow.

Tell them
that I've gone on.



I'll wait for you, Pat.
I'll have to.

I love you and
that gives me no choice.

It's a big outfit.

Make out
anything yet?

There's no
cattle around, Bat.

Can't be a roundup.

Who do you
think it is?

One of them
is George Curry.


That's the
Cassidy gang.

The last report we had

Cassidy had been spotted
in Utah and Wyoming

in quite a spell.

It must be something
pretty big

to draw Cassidy
out of his territory.

And the garrison left
Fort Dodge after the Apaches.

Had to leave this area
wide open.

They might know that.

Ah, there's no money
in Abilene.

I don't know why Cassidy
would come down here.

There's something.
There's gotta be.

We better get
to Abilene.


Don't try that.

Now sit right there,
real quiet.

Well, well.

Pat Garrett, killer.

Without a badge.

What have you been doing,

Reading the New Mexico

Some of them said

you're even too
tough to be a lawman.

Shot first,
asked questions afterward.

One way of saving
the state some money.

Maybe we don't think
that's so funny, Garrett.

Lonnie Logan told me
that five of the boys

went into Abilene
looking for you.

They didn't come back.
Now where are they?

Well, maybe we could trade
some answers.

What are you doing
so far east?

I said,
where are my five men?

Or do we have to beat it
out of you?

He won't talk, Butch.
I told you.

Give me a gun
and let me finish him.

Shut up. I've taken
all I intend to

off of guys
who act on their own.

But Sundance figured
Garrett would get in our way.

It was worth
going after him.

Not worth a half
a million dollars.

And that's what
it's liable to cost us

if we don't
meet that train.

You making it rough
on yourself, Garrett.

We need the Sundance Kid.
We need him real bad.

And you're gonna
tell us where he is,

or we'll even
get rougher.

How can I tell you
where he is when--

When I don't know?

Five top guns just don't
disappear in thin air, friend.

Don't suppose Sundance
changed his mind.

Wants that
half a million himself?

Sundance has got
more sense.

He's got the information,
we got the men.

And none of us have much
time to wait around.

Did you hear that,

We don't have that
kind of time.

But we do have
time enough

to hold out
longer than you.

That much
we do have.

Bat, Wyatt.

Sure glad to see
you fellows.

Old times.
Acting like I got some

lit dynamite
in that cell.

You have,
Mr. McAfee.

Cassidy and his gang
have this town locked in.

Cassidy? Why?
What does he want?

Is he gonna
raid the jail?

If we knew that,
we'd know what to do.

Where's Pat Garrett?

You say the whole town
is locked in...

I asked you,
where's Pat Garrett?

He's gone. Left
a couple of hours ago.

Headed west
for California.

That's what he said.

He'll never get through.

Does that mean
you can't take these three

out of Abilene
to Dodge City?

That's just
what it means.

Oh, the town
ain't gonna like that.

Town's not gonna like
a lot of things, Mr. McAfee,

if Cassidy uses it
for a target.

You think
Pat's alive?

Depends on his luck.
We'll try to find out.

Maybe we can
pick up his trail.

Oh, and Mr. McAfee,

you better tell every
able-bodied man here in Abilene

to have a gun ready.

And loaded.

You think
it's Garrett's?

It's Pat's,
all right.

Look like he broke loose
from some place.

There's been some
riders here.

Trail leads
up the hill there.

We'll follow it.

Ah, that's mine.

I'll bet, uh...

I'll bet 10.

Uh, five.

Guess it must have
been a mountain lion.

Let's round up
the horses.

Butch, Garrett's loose!
He's getting away out the back!

Well, whoever they are, there's
no sense in following them.

We couldn't
trail them at night.

Well, what do we do,

Take a chance on
going into Abilene,

see what we can find out
about Sundance?


The minute one of our men
started asking questions

he'd be grabbed.

Butch, it was Wyatt Earp
and Bat Masterson.

Those two working
with Garrett?

Earp and Masterson, huh?

There's something else.

Now Garrett knows
why we're here.


What you gonna do?

From now on
we treat this job

just like any other one
we've pulled.

Go find those idiots who were
supposed to be on guard.

Come on, Lonnie.

Anything I can
do for you?

Get him out
of here.

All right, Elzy,
just like always.

Keep all the regular traffic
going in and out of town.

If you hear anything about the
money, let me know. And fast.

Here, wait a minute.

Here's what happened to
Sundance and the others.


No wonder Garrett
wouldn't talk.

He's stalling for time.

So Earp and Masterson
can take those three fools

to Dodge for trial.

You gonna let them?

I don't know.

It all depends on whether

we get the information
we need from that thing.

You stay with it
and don't miss anything.

The council met last night,

The vote was unanimous.

We absolutely refuse to ask
the men of this town

to arm themselves and
fight the Cassidy gang.

It's ridiculous.

We are a
peaceful community.

Fighting a mob
as large as Cassidy's

would be like waging war.

Now you can tell that to
Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson.

You can tell them yourself.

I had the pleasure of being
a guest of Mr. Cassidy's,

Mr. Mayor,
a couple of hours ago.

They know more about
what's going on around here

than your law does.
What have you been holding out?

Holding out?


You knew about that
half a million dollar shipment

coming through
on that train.

You had to know.

Anything that big and important
must go through your office.

Yes, I knew.

But it was supposed to be
a thorough secret.

Even the
law enforcement officers

between here and Kansas City
weren't notified.


The cattlemen were afraid
that word would get out somehow.


You mean they're driving their
herds through here?

Within the week.

The cattle buyers
are shipping their money

rather than
carrying it on them.

They've hired private police
to go with the train.

Don't those
idiots know

that robbing trains
is Cassidy's specialty?

He's never been
stopped yet.

Maybe we can't
stop Cassidy,

but we can sure stop that
shipment from leaving.

You better come with me,
Mr. Mayor.

We've gonna have to send
a wire to Kansas City.

That is if the lines
are still open.

You mean the town is surrounded?
Nobody can get in or out?

You're locked in unless
the wires are still open.

Something I can do
for you gentlemen?

You still getting service
through to Kansas City?

Sure, why not?
Hasn't been any trouble yet.

There, you see, we--
We're not locked in.

It doesn't
seem possible.

Cassidy must be up to
something else, Pat.

Yeah, we better get that wire
through and fast, mayor.

Now, what will I say?

Tell them the Wild Bunch
is in the area.

To hold up shipment
until we notify them

that it will be safe.

coming in.

The way Howard
is sending this morning

he either
busted a finger,

he's drunk
or he's using his feet.


Well, every operator can
recognize the other man's style.

It's like handwriting.

Wait a minute.

Suppose that
isn't Howard, Pat.

Yeah, you're right.

Operator, hold up that wire.
It won't go through.

It has to.
How can you be sure?

Well, we could send
a man out to take a look

and get him killed,

I'm as sure as I have to be.

We're not going to
send that wire.

Could Cassidy tap the wires
between here and Kansas City?

Yeah, there's a relay station
a few miles out at the sighting.

Why would
Cassidy bother?

Why didn't he just
cut the wires, Pat?

You're right, Wyatt.

keep that line open.

But I don't see--

Cassidy must need

And we're gonna
give it to him.


Look, it's not that the
shipment is coming through

by train tomorrow.

But that it is already here
in the bank vault at Abilene.

Are you out of your mind?

you're hemmed in, mayor.

Cassidy is spread
throughout the hills.

We go out there looking for him,
none of us will come back.


Get Cassidy out of
the hills into Abilene,

at least we can see him
when we fight him.

Deliberately lure
that band of thieving,

murdering outlaws
in here?

Cassidy must be stopped.

Now, while we have a chance.

Unless you've got a better idea.

Stop him someplace else.

I'm not going to have my town
shot up and my people killed.

This has stopped being your town
when Cassidy took over.

Garrett's right.

organized big.

His gang can operate in
three states at the same time.

But he's here now.
Cassidy himself.

Get him
out of the way

and the whole organization
will break up.

The law has waited a long time
for a chance like this.

No, I'm not gonna let you
talk me into it.

I say take your
three prisoners and get out.

Go back to Dodge City.

Fight Cassidy there
if you must fight.

You know,
Your Honor,

I can't make up my mind
whether Abilene's scared

or you're just
plain yellow.

Yeah, we're wasting an awful
lot of time we don't have.

I need some
authority, Wyatt.

You're deputized.

You haven't heard
the end of this.

Operator, send this message.

Money shipment
arrived safely.

Holding it in the vault
of the Abilene bank

for the arrival
of the buyers.

And, uh...

Cassidy gang seen.

Request additional guards.

That ought to do it.

Well, we started
something, Pat.

We better
be right.

Now you're telling me
Pat Garrett left town.

Why didn't that maverick
come say goodbye to me?

Maybe he's afraid you'd try
to talk him into staying.

Most times
I need advice, Lorna.

But this time
I'd like to give some.

Pat Garrett's
lived with the badge so long

it's like already
having a wife.

I think
I know that.

If you wanna be happy,
the three of you gotta be happy.

You, Pat and the badge.

Who's doing the
doctoring around here?

Pat shouldn't have
gone to California.

He'd be like a
fish out of water.

That'll be for me
to decide, Buffalo.


You sure found out in a hurry
you didn't like California.

You're hurt.
Where's your dad?

He isn't here.
Mayor Coleman sent for him.

Well, you'd better have
a look at his back.

Better get
your shirt off.

You must've met up
with the same buffalo I did.

All I need is a little sleep.
That's all.

You'd better check him up.
Just in--

Oh, Pat!

What happened?

You'd find out
sooner or later.

Ran into
Cassidy's gang.


Yeah, they've got the
whole town surrounded.

You can't get in or out.

Why? What do
they want?

Are they after those
three gun hawks in the jail?


But they're coming back
into Abilene just the same.

I asked them to.

And the people in this town
are gonna help us

either put them in jail
or kill them.

Now, you men head up the group
surrounding the town.

That's why
you're here.

What I have in mind

is gonna take every
gun we have in the area.

A wire just came through
the relay station.

That wire
changes our plan.

We're not gonna
hit the money train.

And for a very
good reason.

The money is already
in the bank at Abilene.

Either Sundance
had his information wrong

or the cattlemen shipped
the money early.

Pat Garrett, Wyatt Earp

and Bat Masterson
are all in Abilene.

If they thought we were
gonna hit the bank,

they could make it
tough for us.

But they don't think that.

Because we're not
supposed to know

the money's already
in the bank.

So they'll still be expecting
us to rob the train.

Now the way
things stand

we can pull a surprise
raid on the town.

With a half a million
bucks there,

won't the place be
loaded with guards?

That's right.

And that's why that
Sundance and Logan

and Blackjack Ketchum
are gonna help us.

Whether they know it
or not.

Where's Pat?

He's still sleeping.

I've got to see him.
This is important.

Is something up?

Plenty, Bill.



Yeah, what is it?

There's a big meeting going on
over at the El Dorado.

Who's there?

The mayor called
the council together.

Could be they'll run us
all out of town.

Is my father
there too?

Yes, ma'am.

Anybody who has anything
to say at all is there.

I can't figure this town.
Just can't figure it at all.

I can.

I've told Pat
about it before.

People here think
that Abilene can exist

like some peaceful
little village

in Vermont
or Massachusetts.

They'd never had to
fight for anything

and they don't intend
to do it now.

You don't have to lift
a finger to help them.

If they feel
they don't owe anything

to men like you
or Wyatt or Bat,

let them suffer.

Lorna, I've stopped
worrying about Abilene.

But when a mad dog
comes at you,

you've got to kill it
or be killed.

If we let Cassidy get away
with it here in Abilene

there won't be a town in
the whole West that'll be safe.

Where's Bat?

He's over at the El Dorado
getting an earful.

I'll wait for you

I know these people.
They won't listen to you, Pat.

Lorna, maybe the-- There'll
be one with a conscience.

If there is,

well, there's always
hope for others.

Well, that sums it up, men.

We have been forced
into a position

that can only mean trouble
and killing for this town.

Thanks to Pat Garrett,

the biggest and most dangerous
collection of outlaws

that ever existed

is on their way
to shoot up Abilene,

so they can steal
a half a million dollars

that is still
in Kansas City.

Well, what can
we do about it?

Well, since Pat Garrett had
the gall to come here, ask him.

What makes you think
I'm so happy

about facing
all those guns?

How about you, Wyatt?

I can think of places
I'd rather be.


I'm ready to quit
anytime you are.

Well, it's a cinch
we can't quit.

We can't get the army and we
can't get the federal marshals.

And we can't
get out of here

to get the sheriffs
of the other towns.

It's just us.

Us and no one else.

You expect the men of this town
to give you any help?

I expect them to realize

that a lot of us had fought hard
to hold this country.

And I don't think we should
give it to Cassidy

on a silver platter.

All right, Mr. Garrett,

you've had your say
and I've had mine.

Now I'm going to give you
the opportunity

of asking
for volunteers.

I think I can save
my breath, Mr. Mayor.

Go on home.
All of you.

Well, I guess
that settles it.

The meeting is adjourned.

Pat, I'm truly sorry.

Good night, doc.

Drink, Bill?



They're all
talking outside.

I heard
what happened.

Coleman, you wouldn't dare
do a thing like that.

Why not, doctor?

We don't want Cassidy here,
we've settled that.

Why not do everything possible
to keep him out?

Aren't you
going to stop him?

Maybe he's right.
I don't know.

What about
the rest of you?

McAfee, get the horses
belonging to these men.

Their horses? What for?

We're turning
them loose.

What were you men talking
about at that meeting?

Safety for
this town.

I'll assume full

What in blue blazes
good will that do?

These men are killers--

And we're making a deal.

And I'm sure our
friends will accept it.

Now you get the horses,
marshal. Those are my orders.

I'm gonna give you men
a chance to save your necks.

You won't get any
argument from us.

As you
very well know,

Butch Cassidy has
this town surrounded.

Before morning there's
every probability

that he will try
to raid the bank.

The bank? There's nothing
there but chicken feed.

Pat Garrett has managed
to make Cassidy believe

there's a half million dollar
shipment in the bank vault.

What kind of a
stupid stunt--

He's pulling Cassidy into town
where he can be ambushed.


How do we know
the money isn't there?

This notice from
the express company

describing the shipment

and when it's
to leave Kansas City.

It checks.

I'll tell you this much.

That train will be the
most heavily guarded one

in the history
of the railroad.

If Cassidy's fool
enough to attack it

and get himself killed,
that's his business.

When your horses come
you're free to go tell him.

You're all right, mayor.

You should be
working for us.

I don't think there's
a chance in the world

of you getting
that money.

More likely you'll all
get yourselves killed.

Which should serve
as well as hanging you.

Are you sure that's the way
you really feel, Coleman?

Or did you
lose your backbone

thinking about Cassidy
coming into Abilene?

Well, do you want
the deal or don't you?

Do we get
our guns back, mayor?

You'll get
your horses.

That's all.

Oh, Pat, my father's just
told me what's happening.


There won't be
a fight.

Cassidy isn't
coming here.

What are you
talking about?

Mayor Coleman is releasing
the three men from the jail.

He's setting them free
so they can tell Cassidy

the money isn't here.


Now, he's doing it
right now.

All right.
Horses are outside.

The keys, please.

Well, I didn't think you'd
go through with it, mayor.

When a man's scared enough
I guess he'll do anything.

Now that'll
be enough.

Well, sure.

All right, up against the wall,
all of you!

Uh, what are
you gonna do?

Why, we couldn't possibly
leave town without our guns.

Now where are the guns,

Wait a minute.

I said,
"Where are they?"

Bottom drawer.

Get them.

All right,
now that makes us even.

Just tell Pat Garrett
I'll see him around.

Much obliged, mayor.

You're the one that's gonna have
to go to jail for this.

I don't think so,

The precedent
has already been set.

The governor of Wyoming
granted Cassidy an amnesty

to stay out
of the state.

I only wanted him
to stay out of a town.

All right, let's crawl
down off those horses.

Are you kidding,

We were just
turned loose.

Yeah, and you're just
going back in.

What's the matter
with you?

Mayor promised a safe
conduct out of town.

Are you getting off those horses
or do we have to knock you off?

Stand up!

Stand up!

Stand up!

That blasted Pardee
is a horse doctor.

Tried to draw
and I couldn't.

Ribs sticking me
in all the wrong places.

You got clipped
on the forehead.

Well, what do
you know?

I've had worse than
that in a barber shop.

Hope you're
satisfied, Jeb.

Oh, I didn't wanna give
them their guns, did I?

Why blame me?

We can blame you
for getting the idea.

We can blame

for following you
like a bunch of sheep.

Now see here--
Shut up, Coleman.

Once and for all,
keep you big mouth shut.


You better look
after Bill.

Well, we stopped
the messenger, boys.

All we gotta do now
is take care of Cassidy.

Right back
where we started

before the mayor
got his bright idea.

Not quite.

We were wrong
and we wanna say so.

You fellows doing what you did
after the way we acted

kind of made us
see things straight.

Even though
we did it backwards

we were no better
than a lynch mob

taking the law
in our own hands.

Yeah, and that's the way
we feel about it too.

Regardless of
what you think of us,

that isn't the kind of a town
that we set out to have.

And it's not going
to be that way.

We'll get you every man in town
that can use a gun.

And that goes for everybody
else in this town.

You know something?

I'm beginning to feel like
a human being again.


Think he'll live?

if he doesn't kill me.

Lorna here tells me
that it was you

that tipped her off about
Coleman letting those three out.

Why didn't you come
right to us?

I wasn't gonna say
anything, Pat.

I was gonna let them
get away with it.

Somehow it was just a
nightmare, it wasn't real.

Then I saw
the marshal

going to livery stable
to get those horses.

And then it
became very real.

A man can have just
so much on his conscience.

That's when
I told Lorna.

Well, we gonna sit here
all night, doc?

Perhaps not. But it
might be easier

than trying to keep you
in a hospital bed.

What about Cassidy?

When do you think
he might hit us?

Daylight maybe.

He'll wanna make sure
he can see what he's doing.

You hear that, doc?

You can keep me in bed
till daylight.

You come along.

Well, now all we
gotta do is sweat it out.

Yeah, and if Cassidy wants
to bust those three out now

he can have them.

I think we better
get things moving.

Don't mess with this.
You'll only get one chance.

Don't worry.

All the men posted
at all the roads?

They'll see that nobody
gets in or out of town.

All right,
mount up.


He's coming

I don't know much about
this type of thing, Pat,

but I have to help.

All right, doctor.

all set in here?

how's it outside?

Ah, I think the
whole town is ready.

Rest is up to Cassidy.

Bat, marshal, Wyatt,
we'd better get in position.

What time is it?

Must be about 6.

Cassidy don't come soon,
this waiting's gonna kill me.

As soon as you get in,
throw the dynamite.

That'll pull the lawmen

to the other end of the town
away from the bank.


And when we hear it go off,
we'll come in.

Now get started.

They're coming.

Get down!

That's it.

Hyah! Hyah!


Here they come.

Sure wish
they were buffalo.

Can't make a rug
out of an outlaw.

Throw down your guns, Cassidy.

Cassidy, you and your men
are through.



Any more questions, Cassidy?

Now I've got all the answers.


They say where they're
going on their honeymoon?

No, Bill,
they didn't.

Not even to you,

All I could get out of Lorna
was the strangest remark.

She said the three of them
are gonna be very happy.

That's right.

Lorna, Pat...

and the badge.