Badlands of Dakota (1941) - full transcript

Bob Holliday (Broderick Crawford), owner of the Bella Union saloon in Deadwood, sends his younger brother, Jim Holliday (Robert Stack), to St. Louis, Missouri to escort back Anne Grayson (Ann Rutherford), Bob's childhood sweetheart. On the riverboat journey back to Deadwood, Jim and Anne fall in love and are married by the riverboat captain. Whe Bob learns of this he is outraged and goes on a drunken binge and is beat up by the ruthless Jack McCall (Lon Chaney, Jr.) and is saved by a teamster called and known only as Jane (Frances Farmer). She loves Bob and has thought she and Bob would get married. Bitter Bob joins McCall's renegades who, disguised as Indians, rob the stagecoach gold shipments , aided by information supplied by Ransome (Bradley Page), the local agent for the stagecoach line. To end the lawlessness, leading citizens of the town decide to hire a town marshal. When Wild Bill Hickok, turns down the job, Bob suggests that the unqualified Jim be given the job. Bob thinks that Jim will be humiliated and possibly killed, so he can marry Jim's widow. With timely interference by Hickok, Jim arrests McCall but he escapes. And Jane makes an unsuccessful attempt to stop Bob riding with the renegades. Jim has a plan to capture the outlaws by having a posse follow the stagecoach, but it goes awry but Jim finds a watch-fob belonging to Bob. The latter claims he lost it when McCall beat him up. Jim buys his exclamation. Meanwhile McCall murders Hickok and Jim is going after him but is stopped when Jane warns the town that, based on smoke signals, it is about to be attacked by the Sioux. Jim sends stagecoach driver, Hurricane Harry (Fuzzy Knight), to bring General Custer (Addison Richards) and his 7th Cavalry troopers. The Sioux attack and set fire to the town, while Bob and McCall and the gang members, disguised as Indians and under cover of the attack, plan to rob the bank.

[bright music]

[dramatic music]

[light music]

[men shouting]

-[hammers banging]
-[bright music]

♪ Oh my name is McNamara ♪

♪ And I'm the
leader of the band ♪

♪ Although we're
few in numbers ♪

♪ We're the finest
in the land ♪

♪ We play at wakes
and weddings ♪

♪ And at every fancy ball ♪

♪ And when we play
the funerals, we play
the March from Saul ♪

♪ Oh, the drums go bang
and the cymbals clang ♪

♪ And the horns
they blaze away ♪

♪ McCarthy pumps
the old bassoon while
I the pipes do play ♪

♪ And Hennessey Tennessee
tootles the flute ♪

♪ And the music
is something grand ♪

♪ A credit to old Ireland
is McNamara's band ♪

Wong, watch my horse.

Me washee horsee.

You likey starchy too?

Ladies and gentlemen,

tonight you're gonna
see the best darn show

that Bob Holliday
has ever presented

or the best show that I
ever rang our curtain up on

as long as I been master of
ceremonies at the Bella Union.

First, I want you to meet
those two little girls,

the Anderson Sisters,

two of the best
high-kickers I ever seen.

Give 'em a sample, girls.

That's enough!

[men cheering]

I knew you'd like it.

I knew you'd like it.

Now I want you to
meet the triple trio,

Mary, Belle, and Lou, those
girls with the golden voices.

Give 'em a sample, girls.

-On me.
-One, two.

That's enough girls,
don't give 'em too much.

-[audience laughing]
-[audience applauding]

And now for the final,

I want you to meet
the Johnson brothers,

two of the fastest men
with Indian clubs

not to be Indians
I ever looked at.

Give them a sample, fellas.

That's all, that's enough.

[all laughing]

[audience applauding]

Don't forget, curtain's
at seven o'clock.

[voices clamoring]

-You must be awful brave.
-Oh, it's all in a day's work,
all in a day's work.

Here, here, here,
the minute I turn my back
on you, what happened?

I was just tellin'
the girls about the Albion
I was playing.

We rescued all those
beautiful girls.

Oh, what a beautiful fire,
beautiful fire.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
He starts more fires
than he puts out.

Oh, you're only jealous
of me, only jealous.

Jealous, me? That was
Fire Chief Alarmy.

-What do you mean?
-[voices clamoring]

Boys, boys, break it up.

[voices overlapping]

Do me a favor, will ya?

Deal 'em off the top this time.

I'll learn you,
you young squirt.

Get out of here.
Go on, get out.

Oughta throw you
out with him.

Look at you.

Why should I bother with a gun

when everyone's
afraid of my brother?

Yeah, well someday you're
gonna run into a real tough guy

and when he gets
through with you,

you won't be able
to hold your liquor.

Speaking of liquor,
bartender, some service.

There you are, the finest
service in the West.

You wanna know
after six months

if things are
different in Deadwood.

Where men live with
their collars off

and die with their boots on.

Here's the Deadwood,
a town with hair
on its chest.

[Jim coughing]

What's the matter?

What is this stuff?

Oh, that's an old Indian
drink made from wild plums.

The Indians take the plums,
they put it in a blanket,

squeeze the juice out,

and cook it over a hot
fire for half an hour.

Forgot to take the
blight out of this batch.

[bartender laughing]

What's the idea?

Two drinks of that and
you'll really get in trouble.

Always mind your
big brother, kid.

That's the best way to keep
your health around here.

Friend or customer?

Oh, hi Jack.

I understand you
still have to wash

behind his ears
for him, huh Bob?

[men laughing]

Now I remember you,
Jack McCall.

They almost hung you for
cattle stealing last month.

All right, Rocky,
I'll handle this.

Sorry you're in
such a hurry, Jack.

Stop in again sometime,
will ya?

Come on, Jim, I want to
talk to you on the office.

Well, what do I have to do?

Stand in the corner
for a half hour.

Jim, I want you to
do something for me.

I'm gonna send you
a back to St. Louis

St. Louis?

Yeah, I know it's
not New York,

but you'll get a lot of things
around there you miss here.

-You going along?
-I won't be able to,

that's why I'm gonna send you.

Sure you're not just
trying to get me

out of this bull bad town.

No, you'll be
coming right back.


You remember Anne Grayson?

-Anne Grayson?

Sort of, big eyes, pigtails.
Kiddie legs.

She used to have an uncle
rode Pony Express, didn't she?

That's right.

He used to tell Anne and me
stories about the Indians

and the Badlands
and the mountains.

He's the one that got me
interested in the West.

-Funny that.
-Least it's profitable.


I've made mine and I
want to settle down.

And well, you see, Jim,
when I left St. Louis,

I, uh,

well, I, uh,

told Anne I'd send for her.

Why, you old son of gun.

And I didn't even suspect it.

Only she was just a kid.

She's 22 now.

She's still in love with ya?

Well, there's no
reason for her to be,

but judging from
her last letter.

All right. All right,
I know the answer.
When do you want me to go?

There's a stage leaving
for Fort Pierre tomorrow.

You'll take that and take
the boat on down from there.


Hello, Jane.


-[whip cracking]
-[man shouting]


Hiya, Jane.

[chuckling] Next time,
call your shot, huh?

[Jane laughing]

How's the road to Pierre?

It's a little muddy, but
you can make it all right.

Little muddy, huh?

[voices clamoring]

I'm too dry to talk now.


One schooner coming
up on a full sail.

Well, what's the
news from Chicago?

As far as I know,
it's still burnin'.

Yeah, if I'd have been there,
they wouldn't have had any fire.

I bet you would have
shot Mrs. O'Leary's cow

the day before it
kicked over the lantern.

Well, what's the cow
got to do with the fire?

-Anybody can put a cow out.
-Where's Bob?

He's in the back room there,
but he's very busy now.

He's never too busy
to see me.

[upbeat music]

-[boot kicking]
-[coins jingling]

Oh no, this is that button now.

Woo-hoo, Just picked 'em up
and gonna bring 'em to ya.


[coins clinking]

Oh, here come more
that you forgot.

[boot kicking]

Hiya, boys.

Jane, when did
you get in town?

Few minutes ago.

Just hit the jackpot,
so I'm buyin' the drinks.

Busy now.

Oh, now a lady don't
enjoy drinking by herself.

We sitting together
at the show tonight?


You goin' home to
change your clothes?

Don't you ever wear
dresses anymore?

Not unless I have to.

It makes me feel
too darn effeminate.

Here, this oughta
cover all the expenses.

-Say, what about her?
-What about it?

There's nothing
between Jane and me.

We kicked around together.

Sure, I know.

She's been a scout
for General Custer.

She's ridden over half the West.

Don't get excited,
boys, don't get excited,

but the place is burning down.

[voices overlapping]

Somebody must have
thrown a cigar.

Wait, wait, wait.

I'll take care of it.

Leave it alone,
I'll take care of it.

Oh, you're just in
time for the fire.
Go ahead.

Don't get excited.

-It's all right.
-[whimsical music]

Oh boy, am I in a pickle.

Everything is okay here,
everything's all right.

Don't be alarmed.
I'm right here.

Coming through,
coming through.

Everything's all right.

Don't worry, folks.

[bell ringing]

What this town needs
is a new fire chief.

What are your talking about?

The fire chief's the
best bartender in town.

[all laughing]

-[upbeat music]
-[voices clamoring]

How many times have I told you
not to interfere with my fires?

It makes a man very mad.

Well, what are you
gonna do about it?

[water splashing]

[voices clamoring]

[all laughing]

[upbeat music]


Only be a few minutes.

-Yes, sir.
-I hope.

Afternoon, sir.

Does Miss Anne Grayson
live here?

Yes sir, step right in.

Who will I say is calling, sir?

Jim Holliday.

Yes, sir.

Won't you please sit down?

Thank you.

[footsteps descending]


I'm waiting for a
Miss Anne Grayson.

I'm Anne.

Don't you remember me?

Oh, well it has been ten years.

And I thought that
only butterflies.

[Anne laughing]

-So you're Anne?

Won't you come in here
where we can sit down?

How's Bob?

Oh, he's all right.

Big man out West.

You mean I won't have
to do my own washing?

Not exactly.

Tell me what it's
like in Deadwood.

Well, it's kind of a
combination of things.

You certainly paint
an exciting picture.

Oh, but you don't have
to tell me, I know.

Indians, miners,
life in the wrong.

Oh, the frontier.

I'm gonna love
every moment of it.

I see you read a lot.

Oh I do, everything I
can find about the West.

You see when,
Bob and I are married,

I want to be able to help
him in the work he's doing.


Yes, I see what you mean.

Is that you, Holliday?

You remember uncle Wilbur?

Oh, of course.

-How are you, sir?

I reckon you never forgot
all them stories I told ya.

Oh, I think that was
my brother, Bob, sir.

Yes, siree.

I bet you it was them stories

that started you
heading for the West.

I said it was my brother.

Ah, another?

Oh, sure, sure.
I got lots of them.

Say, I'll tell ya
about the first time
I headed for Fort Latimer.

Please Uncle Wilbur, not now.

Yes, all right, all right.
Later on I'll tell you that one.


so you've come east
to marry my niece, huh?

No, it's Bob who is
going to marry her.

Speak up, don't mumble.
I ain't gonna bite you.

I'm taking Anne
back the Deadwood

to marry my brother, Bob.

Oh, hey, well that's fine.

Well, you have my consent.

I always figured that you
and Anne would get married,

ever since you
was kids together.

Don't mind Uncle Wilbur,
he'll go to sleep.

-How's that?
-Nothing, darling.

Tell me about the
social life in Deadwood.

I suppose they have dances
every Saturday night.

I've even seen men
dancing Friday afternoon

at the end of a rope.

Now you're trying
to frighten me.

Well, you yourself said
it's life in the wrong.

Say, you're afraid

I can't do without
comforts, aren't you?

Not exactly.

I just can't picture
you in a frontier town.

That sounds like a challenge,
and I love challenges.

How soon can we leave?

Well, the St. Joe starts
upstream day after tomorrow.

Can we make it?

We can, but remember that
I've been in Deadwood
for six months

and I'd like to catch up
with some civilization.

For a starter, will you
go out to supper with me?

Course she will,
and so will I.

I say I haven't been out to
supper for more than a year.

[Wilbur chuckling]

[bell dinging]

[soft music]

[water splashing]

[horn blaring]

-Enjoying the trip?
-Oh, I love it.

How far do we go
on the boat?

To Fort Pierre then
overland to Deadwood.

Overland by stagecoach?

Yes, the famous Deadwood Stage
you've heard so much about.

Oh, then we might be held
up or attacked Indians.

Not a chance. The whole country
is patrolled by Custer
and the 7th Cavalry.


Look, Anne, I wish you
weren't so incurably romantic
about this thing.

You've built up a
picture that isn't true.

The West is a gusty, bawdy place
that does things to people.

Doesn't seem to
have bothered you.

That's because I'm
not a part of it.

I don't like it.

I came out here to visit Bob
and he insisted I stay awhile.

After I get you to Deadwood,
there'll no longer be any
reason for me to stay.

[horn blaring]

[soft music]





$50, if you can
stand it, gentlemen.

It's too rich for my blood.

No place for two small pair.

I'll have to raise
that $200, sir.

Take it, um,
I was only foolin'

Better luck next time.

I'd like to see what won that.

Sure you want to?

Paying customer, eh?

I have every right
to see the hand.

You could have had six cards.

A busted straight.

That's one time you
should've called.

[men laughing]

Oh, a snicker.

I should have known
with that hair

and them fancy clothes.

Gentlemen, gentlemen.

Mr. Jackson,
I'm surprised at you.

You keep out of
this unless you want

to get your ears
pinned back, too.

I won't stand for this, Duke,
makin' a fool out of me.

I thank you kindly, Mr. Jackson.

Well, if you'll excuse me,
I'll cash these in.

I'll take care of that Duke
before he leaves this boat.

Mr. Jackson,

that gentleman that happens
to be James Butler Hickok.

They called him Wild Bill
when he was Marshal of Abilene.


[stammering] The man I called.

Wild Bill Hickok.

Yes, sir.

James Butler Hickok.

Oh, excuse me.



Traveling far?

All the way to Deadwood.

Ever been out that way?

No, I haven't.
Have you?

Oh yes, my brother runs
the Bella Union in Deadwood.


I realize this is none
of my business, sir,

but these boats are infested
by professional gamblers.

They're a dangerous lot.

Well, that's right
kind of you to warn me.

I have seen a lot
of them in Dakota.

They generally go armed.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

Take a tip from me
and borrow a gun.

You might need it.

[horn blaring]

[water splashing]

[voices clamoring]

Oh, you dance much
to well, Mr. Holliday.

My Uncle Wilbur
always warned me,

beware the dancing man.

Don't be alarmed.

Light Moment Jim,
they call me.

I pour tea, take up packages,

sing with a quivering baritone,

and dance with any
turn of the foot.

But I promise you
there's no harm in me.

Oh yes, I'm quite
sure of that.

Oh, Jim,

I do want to thank you
for the many little things

you've done to make
this trip so enjoyable.

It has been fun, hasn't it?

Well, don't look so solemn.

We'll have good times
in Deadwood, won't we?

Yes, won't we?

The three of us.

[light music]

[dramatic music]

We're tying up in Plainview

and we'll be there for one hour.

Those going ashore will please
be governed accordingly.

-Ticket to the West?
-Oh, I'd love too.

I'll meet you right here.

[horn blaring]

[upbeat music]

Anything like you think it is?

Well, not exactly.

Can we cross the street?

-All right.
-[soft music]

So I told him
I'd give him $100.

Look out.

[guns firing]


Oh, Jim.
Oh, Jim.

He's hurt.
You did it, you shot him.

I'm sorry, ma'am,
I don't believe I did.

Well don't just stand
there, do something.

Let me have a look.

Well, there's no
gunshot wounds.

-Maybe he bumped his head.
-[Jim groaning]

Oh, sure enough he struck
it on this rock here.

Let me help him up.

Where am I?

Oh, my head.

Jim, are you all right?

He'll be all right soon as
we get him back to the boat.

Mr. Hickok, thanks.

Them two fellas have been
making fight talk
around here for a week.

Yeah. I knew them in Abilene.

I'll be glad to answer
to your authorities.

No need to, Mr. Hickok.

Clear case of self-defense.

What'd he call you?


Not Wild Bill?

Oh, that's just a nickname.

And I was gonna protect you.

Well, I appreciate
it, believe me.

[soft music]

Feeling better?


And you?

I can still see those
poor men lying there.

You'll have to get accustomed
to a lot of things, Anne.

Those men we saw
back there in Plainview,

they were civilized like us
once before they came out here.

But they should be stronger
for what they've been through.

And ax gets dull when it's
chopped down too many trees.

Has Bob changed too?

Oh, you know Bob,
nothing can change him.

Anne, don't think
I'm being disloyal.

But if you want
a little more time--

Oh, I can't go back now.

Don't be fooled by
a schoolgirl's dream.

This is reality.

Sure, I have courage enough
to go through with things.

Isn't it wise to
acknowledge a mistake?

I don't know what you mean.

Yes you do.

[somber music]

I love this part of it.

The quiet night,
the clean smell of things.

The rest is rather terrifying.

Anne, you and I, we sorta,

what I mean is that
when I was knocked out

back there the street,
I had a beautiful dream.

A dream that you were holding
my head and your arms,

but you called to me,
your voice trembled.

-You were worried.
-That wasn't a dream.


[romantic music]

-[voices clamoring]
-[bells ringing]

[guns firing]

Looks like some
kind of celebration.

Oh, look at it, Jim.

I'll explain everything
and Bob will understand.

[guns firing]

Just a little
welcomin' party, folks.

Everybody turns out
when I come to town.

Hurricane Harry,
they call me. [laughs]

We must get this over with.

I don't know where he is.

There's Bob, oh Bob.

Anne, I'd know you any place.

It's a swell turnout,
isn't it?

-Bob, I want to talk to you.
-How you doin', miss?

-Welcome to Deadwood.
-This is Rocky Plummer.

I'm Chief of
the fire department.

See my helmet?

Oh, I forgot my helmet.

Bob. Something's happened.

-Welcome, Miss Anne.
-She's in there.

-Bob, must--
-The parade's all ready.

Oh good, come on.
Come on, everybody.

-[crowd cheering]
-[guns firing]

[bright music]

♪ Outside the shooting match ♪

♪ Is our dear sick lad ♪

♪ Gonna have a
big time tonight ♪

Come on, boys.
Let's head over to my place.

[crowd cheering]

♪ Take her into town ♪

♪ Oh, we're gonna have
a big time tonight ♪

♪ Going to the ho-down
in something fine ♪

♪ Gonna have a
big time tonight ♪

♪ Then we'll all be dancin' ♪

♪ When the rooster crows ♪

♪ Oh, we're gonna have
a big time tonight ♪

♪ Hear Bill singin' ♪

♪ Gonna have a
big time tonight ♪

♪ Big concert tonight ♪

♪ Then you'll go with me ♪

So she got here.


Well, here's to the bride.

[glass clattering]

Your pardon, ma'am.

Oh, hello Jane.

You just come in on the stage?

Yes I did.

What's she look like?

A lady.

[men whooping]

♪ When the gal is swingin' ♪

[guns firing]

♪ We're gonna have
a big time tonight ♪

Here she is, Anne.
And it's all yours.

Go inside now and get yourself
prettied up for the wedding.

Come on now, and take that
stuff right in, fellas.

Go on.

Bob, please come inside.

I want to talk to you a minute.

Oh, no, no.

It's bad luck for the
groom to speak to the bride

before the wedding.

Bob, you gotta listen to me.
Anne and I want to share--

Jim, I can't thank you enough
for what you've done for me.

All right, boys, drinks
on me at the Bella Union.

[men cheering]

[guns firing]

All right.

Now what?

Don't worry about it.

I'll go down and get Bob
away from the others.

He'll have to listen.

Hey, wake up.

Free drinks at the Bella Union.

Oh, go away.

-[men cheering]
-Free drinks?

Sorry to butt in on you.

I wanted to see what
a lady looked like.

Really, I--

Jane, there's been a mistake.

A big mistake.

You thought you could
horn in, did ya?

Well, there ain't no place
in this camp for ladies.

You're going out
in the next stage.

Oh, this is Jane--

Never mind the introductions.

I'll tell her who I am.

Me and Bob helped
settle this town.

We trapped for food 'fore
the wagon trains come

and we fought Injuns
'fore there were soldiers.

And when the smallpox hit us,
I nursed him through it.

Could you have done that
with your pretty face
and your fine clothes?

-If you'd only listen to me.
-I've listened long enough.

I'm doing the talking now.

No frizzly haired hoity
toity petticoat rustler

is gonna beat my time.

There's something I
want to tell you, Jane.

Jim and I were married
in Fort Pierre.


and him?

-[upbeat music]
-[voices clamoring]


Hello, Jane, I was just
thinking about you.

I'll bet.

I'm been meaning to talk
to you for a long time,

but you know how fellas
keep putting things off.

Yeah. I know.

I knew you'd take
it like a sport.

I had it all figured out.

I knew just what I
was gonna say to you.

And I knew just about what
you were gonna say to me.

What did you figure
you'd say to me first?

Well, let me see.

Was gonna say,

Jane, we've been
partners a long time.

Strictly business, of course.

Now that we're calling it
quits, no hard feelings, eh?

Yeah, I remember.

We promised to have
a last drink together

with big smiles all around.

That's right.
I won't need that today.

Jane, look, I want to
talk to you seriously.

Now that we're through,

I got a little present for you.


[soft music]

Had it all planned, didn't you?

Well, I just wanted to give
you a start someplace else.

I didn't want you to
rob banks or anything.

That's where you went wrong.

You don't owe me nothing.

I don't owe you nothing?

After all the years
we've known each other?

Yeah, after all the years
we've known each other.

You didn't think I had enough
style for you, is that it?

You wanted a wife you
could be proud of,

one you can show off in
front of the whole town.

A girl all wrapped up with
the lace and pink ribbons,

a Sunday school look in her eye.

-Wait a minute.
-Wait a minute?

I'm just getting unwound.

What do you think I've been
following you around for?

You thought you couldn't buy
me off, put me on a pension?

Well, you can keep it.

If that girl you
picked is your idea

of a beautiful, faithful,
trusting female,

I'm downright sorry for ya.

-What would you think

if I told you you're
miss high and mighty

better than them all
is already married?

-That's a lie.
-Sure it is.

And here's another one.

The man she's married to
is Jim, your own brother.

They got married in Fort Pierre
on the way up here.

Buy your way out of that one.

And next time,
don't come running back to me.

-[voices clamoring]
-[light music]

[men cheering]

Just gonna find you.

-[door slamming]
-[hand slapping]

I oughta kill you.

How'd you think
you'd get away with it?

Wasn't thinkin' of gettin'
away with anything.

I tried to tell you
at the stagecoach

and your brothers house
but you wouldn't listen to me.

Yeah, well I'm listenin' now.

Well go ahead and start talking,
and it better be good.

[Anne] It is good.

It's the best
reason in the world.

We love each other.

-You what?
-We love each other.

How can you? You haven't
seen each other for ten years.

-What's that got to do with it?

Nothing, except when you were
playing around back east,

I was out here working.

And what do you
think kept me going?

You wrote letters tellin'
me what a great fella I was

and how much you were looking
forward to joining me.

Oh Anne,

and I understand it was
the boat and the moonlight

and the music and
his fancy talk.

-Now look, Bob.
-Shut up.

I don't blame you, Anne.

We can go to Judge Newcomb,
we can tell him
it was a mistake.

But it wasn't a mistake, Bob.

I knew exactly what I was doing.

Oh, I don't blame you
for not understanding.

You wouldn't want me knowing
I was in love with
Jim, would you?

It just happened, Bob.

Nobody has control
over a thing like that.

Is that the way
you want it, Anne?

Yes, Bob.

That's the way.

-[door slamming]
-[somber music]

♪ Sad is my heart ♪

♪ Joy is unknown ♪

♪ For in my sorrow ♪

♪ I'm weeping alone ♪

♪ No gentle voice ♪

♪ No tender smile ♪

♪ Makes me rejoice ♪

♪ Or cares be gone ♪

♪ Then dreams alone ♪

♪ My love, I see ♪

It's awful sad, isn't it?

Oh, 'tis.

-Beautiful sentiment.
-Oh yeah.

Makes me want to reform.

That's good,
I'm glad to hear that.
Glad to hear that.

From now on, I'll never touch
another drink of whiskey.

-Give me a dry martini.

A what?

Dry martini.

-That with gin?

Hey, that's no martini.

A dry martini has an olive here.

-An olive?

There you go.

Trying to slip something
over on me, huh?

♪ I'm weeping alone ♪

[Jane] Sing it again.

Oh Jane, that's the 14th
time we have done that thing.

The boys are tired.

Can't we quit and go to bed?

Sing it again.

♪ No one to love ♪

♪ None to caress ♪

♪ Roaming alone through ♪

♪ This world's wilderness ♪

♪ Sad is my heart ♪

♪ Joy is unknown ♪

This is too sad for me.

I'm gonna get out of here.

What happened?

Hey, Hey, what'd
you do with my arm?

With your arm?
I don't know about your arm.

See if it's in there.

-Find it.
-Well get it yourself,

you're closer to it than I am.

There it is.

Put another olive in that.

Oh, I wouldn't take too many.
Them things are awful green.

♪ His well-known voice
whispers sweetly to me ♪


Jane, you gotta come.

He's trying to hold the town up

and well you're the only one
that can do anything with him.

Oh please, Jane, you gotta come.

-Something awful will happen.

[gun firing]

Did you hear that?


♪ Round them away ♪

♪ Sad is my heart ♪

-[punch landing]
-[men laughing]

-[gun firing]
-clear out

or I'll put the next
one right through ya.

Oh, Anne.

Well sir,

just like I was tellin' ya,

how men can et into an
awful mess over that woman.

I remember one time
in Kansas City.

Well it ain't my fault.
Orders is orders.

And if I don't throw you
out, Bob'll throw me out.

Hurricane, here's
a passenger for ya.

Don't let him out 'til
you get to Fort Pierre.

-Fine for me, too.

I hope I never see
this town again.

Come on, buddy, I'll
pull you right in here.

Say, you're kinda wrapped up
in yourself a little, ain't ya?

I'll give ya a little help.

Put this around in here like--

Hey, wait a minute.

Wait a minute.

Just a minute,
it's too hot in here.

Oh, get in there.


Take it away, Harry.

Hyah, hyah.

How much was in
that strong box?


How much was
in that strong box?

Now look, Bob,

you don't want to get mixed
up in anything like that.

You just want to get
even with somebody.

Why don't you go in
the bath for a few days?

I tried that and it didn't work.

Now I want action.

Known about that setup
of yours and McCall's
for a long time.

I'm running this office, Bob.
You're running the Bella Union.

We're both doing all right.

Yeah, I know all about that.

Now I want to be dealt in.

It's not that easy, Bob.

Believe me, I know.

Once you start,
you've got to go on through.

You got to play what's dealt.

You can't get tired
after a few bad hands.

They won't let you quit,
they can't afford to.

Stop preaching, will ya?

Where's McCall?


If your mind's made up,

might go out to Big Creek.

Find them back down the Hills.

[upbeat music]

[hooves clopping]

[Harry laughing]

You know what I says to judge?

I says to her judge,

paying alimony's like
buying oats for a dead horse.

[Harry laughing]

Well sir, I know what
the judge is going to do.

He like to have a apoplexy.

He said to me, Mr. Haberdasher.

[tense music]


Well, that's how it's done, huh?


Do I have to wear one
of those Indian outfits?

If you want to
stay healthy?

[punch landing]

[chest crashing]


[wood splintering]

I knew you was quiet company.

-[Harry groaning]
-[suspenseful music]


I'll stick with you even
if I have to stick too.

Wayward stage!

Runaway stage!
Here she comes,

-get down, get down.
-[wagon crashing]

[stage crashing]

[voices clamoring]

What happened to your horses?
The Browns took 'em?

Then where are they?

Well, it ain't easy on the back.

[voices overlapping]

Good old Fort Pierre.

Say, you look like
the big fat blubber head

that run me out of Deadwood.

Didn't I meet you in Abilene?

No, I ain't never
been in Abilene.

Well, that's funny.
You know you remind me of

a fella who used to play
around with the Kansas Kid.

Nice boy, the kid.

You were shot in the back

[speaking in Chinese]

Send your bill to the Express.

[speaking in Chinese]

Injuns. There must've
been 50 of 'em, General.

They shot the guard
and stole the gold.

Stole the gold?

That doesn't sound
like Indians to me.

-When did this happen?
-Back at Big Creek.

And they was injuns, all right.

I oughta know, they jumped on
the stage and tried to scalp me.

I never seen the like
of it in all my life.

I ain't seen the like of it.

[General] Send a detail back,

see if they can
pick up the trailer.

Come into the office.
We'll make out
a complete report.

-Hello, Jane.
-Howdy, General.

Indians, huh?

Jane, you know
more about Indians

than any five white men.

What do you think of
this attack on the stage?

Maybe the Sioux did
it and maybe not.

I seen signs in the hills,

smoke signals, night campfires.

But where they strike
or when, nobody knows.

If I only had more men.

They expect me to patrol
hundreds of square miles,

be every place at once.

These towns have got to
learn to protect themselves.

Well, this one votes
to bein' wide open.

They won't know how open it
is till they see them Redskins

galloping through
from both ends.

Call your leading
citizens together, Jane.

I want to talk to them.


I think the first step is to
clean out the known outlaws

and make the town
safe within itself.

We're with you on that, General,

but we haven't any legally
recognized courts, no authority.

I'm coming to that.

I suggest you apply to
the Federal Government

for papers of incorporation,

but I don't see any reason
why you can't go ahead

and elect a
Marshal here and now.

[voices clamoring]

General Custer, you pick him.

We'll take any man you name.

I represent the Army and
the United States Government.

If you'll excuse me,

I think this is a matter you
should settle among yourselves.

Good day, gentlemen.

-[men murmuring]

As far as I'm concerned,

there's only one
man for Marshal.

That's what they said about me
when they made me Fire Chief.

How about you, Mr. Hickok?

I appreciate the
honor, believe me.

But I came here to find gold

and that's about all
I'll have time for.

Oh, that's too bad.

What we've got to have is
a man with nerve enough

to fight it out and shoot
it out to the finish.

To the finish, to the finish.

Oh, well you see
I'm a pretty busy man

with my fires and
tending bar, you know?

-How about you, Bob?

Oh no, no, I'm not
the man for the job,
but I know who is.

Of course I don't
like to mention it,
we've been so close,

but I'd like to see my
brother Jim get the job.

You really think
he could handle it?

Well, if Bob thinks
his brother can do it,

I move we appoint him.

Well, he could
sure use a job too

'cause well he and Anne
been working a claim

out there on the hills and
well, they ain't got enough gold

out of there to fill a tooth.

What's your opinion, Mr. Hickok?

I think maybe he
might surprise you.

That settles it, then.

We'll notify him
of his appointment.

[voices clamoring]

[soft music]

Jim, we've got company.

I'll be right up.

Howdy, Mrs. Marshal.


Yes ma'am.

That's what we came
to tell you about.

Your husband has been
appointed Marshal of Deadwood.

Now that's a fact.

Maybe I've got something
to say about that.

Why, it's the greatest
honor a man can have.

It'll make you the leading
citizen of the town.

Oh, you can't say no now,

especially after
we turned it down.

That is so you could have it.

What does he mean?

What he's trying to say is,

well, we're organizing the town

and Bob sold us the idea
of making Jim the Marshal.

-Jim, what do you think?
-Not for me.

Well, I wouldn't
know the first thing

a Marshal's supposed to do.

Well, you could learn.

But, Jim, it would mean
living in town again,
seeing other people.

Building empires.

Perhaps, not the way
we planned, maybe.

But you'd be getting ahead

and you'd be making
something of yourself.

The claim isn't much
good anyway, huh?

Well, it looks like I'm handing
in my shovel for a badge.

When do I start?

I'm sure you will
know best about that.

Remember, we're behind you.

We're all behind ya.

Yeah, way behind you.

Hello Jim.

Howdy, Jim.

-How are ya, Marshal?

Oh, just fine.

Good luck, son.

[voices clamoring]

[Wong Lee yelling in Chinese]

[bell ringing]

[man] Chinese laundry's
a burnin'!

[bell ringing]

[fire roaring]

Hurry up and get
that hose on the wall.

All right, boys,
I'm comin', I'm comin'.

All right, work fast men!

Start the water, prime the pump.

[water splashing]

Get back, man,
let's have some room.

Yeah, get back, boy.

Don't you know it's
the Marshal talkin'?

[men laughing]

[light music]

[gun firing]

[men laughing]

Who did that?

It slipped.

After all, I am Marshal here.
Let's quit the horseplay and
try and put this fire out.

You're too late, Marshal. Look.

Law and order comes to Deadwood.

That's a good one.

[both laughing]

You looking for me?

I was.

I had a strange idea
I wanted to thank you

for making Jim Marshal.

Oh, that's all right.

[somber music]


-What are you doing?
-It's no use, Jim.

You were right about the West.

It's not for us,
we don't belong out here.

You don't mean that.

Oh, why should we go
on fooling ourselves?

There's only one
reason you've stayed,

it's because you
thought I wanted to.

You hate the West.

You told me there was
nothing to keep you out here.

They kind of made a fool
out of me, didn't they?

No, Jim, it's not that.

It's just I decided I was wrong.

I've lost all those
silly romantic notions.

I have to laugh at
myself when I think

how I wanted us to take
the West by the tail

and swing it around our heads.

Big job.

Yes, and why should we bother?

We're not that kind of
people like you and I.

We're going back East.

Then it would kind of look
like I was running away,
wouldn't it?

What difference
would that make?

You don't owe
them anything.

Yes I do, in a way.

I owe them you.

I'd hate to make us spend
the rest of your life

thinkin' maybe you
picked the wrong man.

I'll never think that, Jim.

I know you won't.

I'm gonna see to it.

Jim, where are you going?

Off to start swinging
the West around.

[somber music]

[light music]

[guns firing]

[men laughing]

You're the bouncer. Why don't
you put them fellas out?

Me? No.

-It's my day off, you do it.
-Me do it?

Suppose a fire breaks out,
who's gonna take care of that?

[light music]

Come on, come on,
throw them clubs some more.

Keep 'em swinging.

[men laughing]

Here's our peace officer gonna
get himself torn to pieces.

Pretty good shooting.

Well, well, if it
ain't our new Marshal.

You guessed it.

They tell me you're gonna keep
things in order hereabouts.

Well, they have
been a little rough.

Somebody has to smooth 'em out.

You ain't aiming to
starting on me, are ya?

I might.

You haven't seen
our jail, have you?


And I don't intend to.

Get 'em up. Up!

I guess you're gonna have
to take his gun again.

That's the way they
got the Kansas Kid.

[curtain crashing]

[punch landing]

Drop that gun.

Who's afraid?

[gun crashing]

Back towards the wall.

[bright music]

Got a room reserved
for you, McCall.

Judge Newcomb wants to
talk to you in the morning.

[curtain crashing]

Come on, out this way.

Come on.

[gun firing]

[sand crashing]

Get outta here.


Bring me some water.

Oh, right away.

Where do you want it, the water?

In the face, in the face.

[water splashing]

Where's McCall?

He went right out that door.

You sure got him bloody scared.

Look at me.
What's a matter with you?

Well you said in the face.

In his face!

It's too late now.


[door opens]

It's about time you got here.

I knew something
was gonna happen.

-Hickok always was
bad luck to me.
-What's wrong?

There's something you
and me gotta get settled

-about that brother.
-What'd he do?

We were sitting
there having a drink.

What are you doing here?

Just plyin' my trade.

I called us a date with
Judge Newcomb in the morning.

I'm gonna make sure he keeps it.

Well, if you've come to
get him, get it over with.

Come on.

Sorry if I interrupted anything.

Smart idea of yours
giving him that badge.


Wasn't it?

[soft music]

I've been waiting for you.

What are you all dolled up for?

How about maybe we'd go
out for a high heel time.

You know, like we used to?

I laid out your good clothes.

I'm busy.

-How do you like my dress?
-It's all right, I guess.

I'll bet you forgot
how I looked in one.

Go find somebody to play with.

I told you I was busy.

-You've been busy a lot lately.
-What if I am?

You can't get away with the Bob.

Ever since she came here,
you've been different.

Can't you see the change in you?

Sneaking off to the
Badlands to meet Jack McCall

and ruin everything ya built up.

Try mindin' your own
business for a change.

This is my business.


Let's get away from here.

There's still plenty
of new country.

Get away from here?

Just when I'm getting
things lined up?

Lined up with what?
Robbery and murder.

You ain't foolin' me.

I know you had to make
your brother Marshal

just so he'd stop his
flood from a .30-30

and leave you a free hand.

-Now you and--
-[hand slapping]

Told you to mind your
own business, didn't I?

[somber music]

[door slamming]

Hi, Mr. Benson.

Hello, Jim.
How's business?

A little slow, but I've
got an idea it'll pick up

after you make another shipment.

Well, I'm afraid it's gonna
be slow for a long time.

I wouldn't ship an ounce
of gold without a cow--

The injuns won't touch it if
there's any cavalry around.

They know what's going on.

They know too well
to suit me.

Listen, you and the other
so-called solid citizens

made me Marshal of this town.

You wanted law and
order, didn't ya?

Yes, but I don't
want to risk losing--

You won't lose anything.

Just make a routine shipment
same as you always did.

Only this time.

[bright music]

[dramatic music]

Uh oh, here comes
galloping trouble.


[guns firing]


Whoa, you redskins!


Come on.

What are we gonna do, Bob?

Mercer, you come with me.

[suspenseful music]

[guns firing]

[Mercer crashing]

It's a White man.

[guns firing]

[soft music]

Marshal, they wasn't Indians.

Bill here just dropped one,
it turned out to be Mercer.

Hello, darling.


Something's wrong.

Oh no, nothing's wrong.

We caught up with
the stage robbers.

Wasn't that what
you expected to do?


You might as well tell me.

Whatever it is,
it's my problem too.

I'm gonna turn in
my badge now.

Why, Jim?

It was Bob that tried to
hold up the stage today.


But I thought the Indians.

He was dressed and
painted like one.

I didn't know it was Bob until,

well I found his watch fob.


It was Dad's.

Bob wears it for a lucky piece.

Do you think I could bring
him in and let them hang him?

He belongs to this country.

Without men like
Hickok, Bob, and Custer,

the West would still
be a wilderness.

Hickok, Bob, and Custer.

I wonder...

Somehow I don't believe
they're the ones

who are gonna push
the wilderness back.

Oh, maybe history will say so.

But what about the
people who plant farms

along the stage trails
and build schools

instead of gambling houses,
common people like us?

Oh, Bob and the others,

they came here looking
for shiny adventure

and they'll go on
searching for it

for the rest of their lives.

But we're different, you
and I, we came here to stay,

just as our fathers went
to Ohio and Missouri

and even California.

But leaders never
settle a country.

The real pioneers are
the ones who build homes

and raise families and
teach their children respect

for the law.

Custer and Hickok and
Bob are like bright stars

that blaze a trail across
the heavens and disappear.

We're like trees that take root

and grow old and
replenish the Earth.

Oh Jim, this is
the last frontier.

And it's people like us who
will make it part of America.

[patriotic music]

You might as well quit pacing
up and down like a cougar.

Walking ain't going settle
what's the matter with you.

Look, get out of here
and leave me alone.

That's all there is to it.

Just get out of here
and leave ya alone.

-Simple, huh?

Come on, drink some coffee.

[door knocking]

Who is it?

I wanna talk to you.

Howdy, Marshal.

-Thanks, Jane.
-What do you want?

-I wanna do you a favor.
-To do what?

I wanna return this.

Where'd you get it?

From one of the Indians that
attacked the stage today.

Oh, an Indian, huh?

What did he get?

That's what I'm waiting to hear.


Oh, so that's it, huh?

Well, Marshal,
I'm sorry to disappoint you,

but I lost it in a fight in
front of the Dakota house

about a month ago.

Just about the time
you and Anne got back.

You remember that night,
don't you Jane?

Yeah, I remember that night.

Well, in that case, I'm sorry.

Marshal, Jack McCall just
shot his way out of jail.

About that fob business.

I'm glad I was wrong.


Jim, I'd be careful 'cause
he's making powerful talk.

Thanks, Spearfish.

Well, this looks like a blow up.

I'll deputize Hickok.

-[gun firing]
-[dramatic music]

-Who did it?

And in the back too.

Somebody took his
favorite chair.

It's the first time he ever
sat with his back to the door.

[somber music]

You'll raise your right
hand to be sworn in.

You do solemnly swear
to uphold the law

and discharge your duty
as deputies, so help you.

[all agreeing]

I wouldn't send any men
out of town if I was you.

There's a lot of women
and kids around here

that wouldn't stand a chance
holding off an Indian attack.

-The hills are full of Sioux.

Look out there.

And there.

Yes, take four men
to the east road

and report to us a minute
you see them coming.

Rocky, get your fire department
together and standby.

Spearfish, find Anne
and the get the kids

into the Bella union.

See the breastworks
are thrown up

and riflemen posted on
the roof of every building.

Joe, you better go on along.


I've never seen
the white chaplain.

I got some questions
to ask you later.

Lock them up, boys.

Wait a minute.
Say, what's going on here?

Get on the fastest horse in town
and ride up to General Custer.

-Where is he?
-I don't know, find him!

[frogs croaking]

Indian attack, huh?

Are you sure?

Well, you can see for
yourself, all them signals.

It's a wonder they
haven't raided before.

That town's wide open.

Plenty excitement around
one of those raids.

Be kind of busy, won't they?

Fella uses his head,

he might have things
pretty much his own way.

Get mounted.

Where are we going?

Gotta get the bank
before it opens.

Keep your eyes open.

Come on over that hill.

-Wake up, Rocky.
-[gun firing]

Got another one,
I got another one.

What's a matter with you?

Musta been asleep, I guess.

Not yet, just stand by.

Stand by?

Stand by who?

[voices clamoring]

Go on, go on.

Go on you kids,
get to bath time. Go on.

Yes, I rounded them
all up, Miss Anne.

Please try and keep them quiet.

I've just gotten
the others to sleep.

The Indians ever get
a hold of this one,

they'll all leave town.


A little.

Is there any word
from Custer yet?

I'll keep a strong
guard posted here.

All the men I can spare.

[voices clamoring]




Well, her mother told me if
I had any trouble with her

to give her a bottle.

A fine father you'd make.

Well I thought maybe it
would make her sleepy.

It always does me.

Any more signal fires.

Everything's quiet,

too quiet.

Seen Bob?

Not since you did.

Too bad, we could use him.

And everybody else
that can handle a gun.

Seen your wife taking
care of those kids.

She's all right
in her own way.

You're all right too, Jane.

If it hadn't been for you,
this town wouldn't
have had a chance.

We're not out of
the woods yet.

[baby laughing]

-[suspenseful music]
-[men whooping]

[guns firing]

[wagon crashing]

[fire roaring]

[guns firing]

[woman screaming]

[wood crashing]

[glass shattering]

[guns firing]

They've mixed in
with the Indians.

They'll never know
the difference.

Wait a minute.

I'm giving the
orders around here.

-[dramatic music]
-[men whooping]

[guns firing]

Fall back to the south.

Burn it!

They're coming through
the north barricade.

[guns firing]

Get some water and
some towels, quickly!

[gun firing]

[dramatic music]

Here we go.

[glass shattering]

-Keep us covered.
-Come on, come on.

[guns firing]

Jane, they're
cleaning out the bank.

Hey, Joe, come in
here and help us, hurry up.

Hiya, Marshal.


I didn't believe
you thought the fob.

Didn't expect anything
as crazy as this.

Yeah, well this
proved that Anne married
the right man, huh?

Let me get one thing straight.

Were you mixed up in this
before you sent me
back to St. Louis?

-What difference does that make?
-Give me your gun.

I don't give my gun to anybody.

I'm not fooling this time, Bob.

Come over and get it.

Why don't you shoot from there?

Go on, Jim, start shootin'.

Get over in that corner, go on.

Get over there, get over there.

Take his gun, Marshal.

[punch landing]

[gun firing]

[somber music]


It's the only way
I could stop you, Bob.

Indians attacking
your own people,

and your own brother!

[guns firing]

[suspenseful music]

[men whooping]

[woman screaming]

[valiant music]

I thought I heard a bugle.

Hurricane must have made it.


I'm all right,
take care of Jane.

[somber music]


You've done a fine thing,
defending your town.

I wish I could
stay and help you,

but the 7th has been ordered
to the Little Big Horn.

Were we hope to have
it out once and for all

with Sitting Bull and the Sioux.

Hooray for General Custer!

[all cheering]

-Good luck, General.
Come back soon.
-Good-bye, General.

[upbeat music]

What are you starin' at?

Don't you know when
a lady needs a drink?

Come on.

[theme music playing]