Badland Doves (2021) - full transcript

On the trail to seek justice for murders by a man the entire town is protecting, these girls are out for revenge and they're up to the fight.

[soft music]

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy birthday, dear papa ♪

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

[speaking in foreign language]

Did you see this?


H S, that was my idea.


I love it.

[dramatic music]

- Dad, dad.
- Pa.

[dramatic music]

[speaking in foreign language]

[speaking in foreign language]

[gun shot fires]

[Woman] Get out!

Get out!

[gun shots firing]

[Man] Let's go, boys.

[crickets chirping]

[soft music]




[gun shot fires]

[soft music]




Get me something to stop the bleeding.

Sarah, go get Doc Carruthers.

Go now.


[crickets chirping]
[soft music]

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

She's gone.


If there's anything else
I can do, let me know.

[soft music]

[soft music]

[Sheriff] What do you want
me to do about it, Victoria?

Well, you all the sheriff.

I know that.

Unless anyone saw who did it,

I have nothing to go on.

I found this in her bed sheets

when I was cleaning out her room.

Could have been left there any time,

not just the other night.


She wouldn't have noticed
a spur in her bedsheets?

This could belong to any cowboy.

No, this is different.

This has made special.

Look, there's engraving on the inside.


But it ain't much.

It's something.

I'll hold on to it.

You find out who done this, Sheriff.

You find him.

I'm sorry about what happened to her.

It's a terrible thing.

Damn shame.

Then you do something about it.

[soft western music]

I want you to teach me.

Teach you what?

To kill.

I could do that.

But why?

He killed my whole family.


That's a powerful force.

Why don't you just

go on about your life?

God spared you.

I don't think so.

You're sure?


This road

you want to walk down,

it's a lonely one.

Alone is how I feel.

[soft music]

Teach me.

All right.

[soft music]

All right.

All right, so like I showed you,

once the guns cocked,

you'll see the front sight,

put it right in the
middle of that rear sight.

Right, see if you can hit that can there.

Come on over.

[gun shot fires]

Now a big part

of winning a gunfight

is just staying calm.

All right.

He's going to be a little bit scared.

He's gonna hesitate.

You're not gonna.

You're gonna get that gun up.

You're gonna focus on that sight.

You're gonna let lead fly.


Cause he's going to do that.

And if you don't, you're gonna die.

[gun shots firing]
[soft western music]

All right, I've taught you
everything I can teach you.

The rest is up to you.

You can do this.

Just remember,

be quick or be dead.

[western music]

[western rock music]

Hey, that's my horse.

That ain't your horse, Carl.

[Carl] Yeah it is, that's Butch.

I tell you, it ain't.

Butch has been gone a long time.

You best put your horns in.

[soft western music]

Hey, that's my horse.

You let go of Butch right now.

I ain't going to ask you again.

[soft western music]

[gun shot fires]

It was a fair fight.

He drew first.

That's a woman!

Is that true?

Yeah, Sheriff.

Do you know him?


Never saw him before.

Well, go on then.

[soft music]

Can you get her some feed?

Yeah, sure thing.

It'll be two bits.

You, you want to board her?

I'm not sure.

Where can a lady get a bath in this town?

That'd be Clarence's, up the street.

Ah, they've got a nice tub.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Hey, what was with all that
commotion up the street?

Somebody got shot.

[soft western music]

I tell you the,

the problem with those
stoves is that they,

they let smoke into the room,

that's the problem.

Oh, I don't know.

Mine works pretty darn good.

Well, it's these mail order products

you get from a catalog.

You can't see 'em first.

I know what you mean.

My wife does love the catalogs.

Yeah, mine too.

She's got all the
clippings cut out of them.

Can I get a bath?

Well, sure.

I'll have some hot water
fetched straight away.

Just get into town, did you?

[soft music]

Get out of here!

[somber music]



It's not a place for a lady though.

I assure you, I'm not a lady.


What can I get you?

Is there a sporting club in town?

Right through that door.


Ask for Victoria.

Thank you.

You know who that is, don't you?

Know who?

That's a girl who shot that cowboy.


Yes, sir.

That cowboy never had a chance.

That cowboy was drunk.

Don't matter how drunk he was,

wouldn't made a difference anyhow.

She's fast as lightening.

She's a killer.

If you say, Otis.

[soft western music]

I'm looking for a Victoria.

I'll see.

I hear you might be
looking for a new girl.

Take a seat.

Regina Silva.


So you've done this before?


Don't worry, I cleaned up real fine.


aren't you just the opportunist.

Becky's body's not even cold yet.

She's not even buried.

She's still very upset
about what happened.

They were very close.

I heard.

I'm sorry.

Let's see.

Take your hat off.


Are you as good at this

as you are with your guns?


House takes 60.


Just don't shoot the customers.


I came over straight away.

I appreciate that, Ben.

Really do.




Oh, stop, what was that for?

Did you lose something?


Stop it.

I said, did you lose something?


Where'd you find it?

[Mr. Chalmers] Where'd
you get to the scratches

on your face?


Oh, okay, I'm sorry.

[Mr. Chalmers] Jeez, you killed a whore.

I'm sorry, Pa.

What's the matter with you?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, pa.

You're always sorry.

I'm sorry, I was drunk.

I don't remember.


Oh, am I in trouble, Ben?

[Mr. Chalmers] Get out of my sight.

I'm going to town.

That boy's the biggest
disappointment in my life.

See that he puts this on

before notices it's missing.

Hold on.

If she asks,

tell her this is the spur she gave you.

Not a word or this to anyone.

Of course not.

[Victoria] In your hands, oh Lord.

We humbly entrust our sister.

In this life, you embraced
her with your tender love.

Deliver her now from every evil

and hold her to eternal rest.

The old order has passed away.

Welcome her into paradise

where there will be no more sorrow,

no weeping and no pain,

but fullness of peace and joy

with your son and the holy spirit

forever and ever.




[soft western music]


A little early for that, isn't it?

Leave me alone.

Put this on before
anybody sees you without...

What did I just say?

My pa sent you.

Yes, he did.

Now put this on.


I need to talk to you.

What are you looking at?

Ain't you ever seen a
pair of boots before?

- You.
- What do you need

to talk to me about, Victoria?

You gave him that spur.

What are you talking about?

Here's the spur you gave me right here.

I've been asking all around town about it.

That's not the spur I gave you.

And you know it.

What are you talking about?

You son of a bitch.

How are you doing?

As well as can be expected.

She didn't deserve this.

How are you doing?

I'll manage.

Hello, Victoria.


Ma, what are you doing here?

I've come to walk you home.



Bye, Miss Minton.

See you tomorrow.

Bye, Sarah.


I want to ask you something.

It's very important.

Did you see anything that
night you ran to the Doc's?

Did you see anyone?

Was anyone out there?

I saw Pete Chalmers.

He was throwing up, but he
told me not to say nothing.

I'm sorry, mama.

[Victoria] That's all right.

I was scared.

I know.

It's going to be okay.

You promise?

I promise.

Will you pinky swear?

Oh, I pinky swear.

I can't print that Victoria.

Why not?

Because I just can't print it.

But it's the truth.

Even if it was the truth,

and I ain't saying it is,

I still couldn't print it.

Why not?

Oh, because nobody gives
a damn about a dead whore,

is that it?

I never said that.

Yeah, but that's why you won't print it.

Look, you've lost your senses.

Mr. Chalmers owns this paper.

It's his son you're accusing.

You think I don't know that?

Well I would lose my job.

You don't do your job.

You know, if I was you,

I would stop all this nonsense

before you find yourself
in some real trouble.


if you don't mind,

I have a deadline.

I have the proof.

You'll see.

[soft western music]

Hey there, sweetie.


It's been a while.

[Virgil] Yeah.

Where you been?

Oh, busy.

You know, always busy.


You ready?

Well, actually I'm here
to see that new girl.



Mr. Clark.

Ms. Regina.

Let's go.

Ah, let's see.

Hi, Regina.


I'm Johnny.

No, no, no.

She knows my name.


Let's see maybe,

is it okay if,

if we just talk.

Good, good, good, good, okay.

I've never,

I've never been to a whore house.

No, that's not good either.

I've never been to.

I've never been here, right.

I've never been here

to Victoria's and it's because I,

I don't,

I don't believe in,

oh, this is awful.

This is awful.

What am I going to do?

[Regina] Stop.

Get off of me.

- No, get off of me.
- Calm down.

[Cora] No, you took him from me.

[Regina] I did not take him.

[Cora] You did.

[Regina] He chose me.


No, stop.

You're being so immature.

No, I'm not.

Stop it.


What's going on here?

Get off of her.

Where are you going?

Get back here.

I was just defending myself.

Yeah, well you've been starting trouble

since you got here.

This is my place

and my girls

don't fight.

You can both leave if you don't get that.

Do you understand me?


Can I go now?


Come on.

Give her a chance.

She didn't kill Becky.

Yeah, well she's been
stealing my customers.

Come on, Cora.

It was exactly the same thing

when you were the new girl.

I wanted to just slap you so bad.


I didn't dare.

You're too strong.

Why, Johnny Brown.

What can we do for you?

Is this a bad time?

[Virginia] No, it's fine.

I'm here to see Regina.

[Virginia] She's in her room.

Just give it a knock.

Is it all right if we just talk?



I've never been here to,

to Victoria's.


I don't

believe in.

Oh, well I,

I just think that.

I think I know what
you're trying to say.

So if you don't approve,

why are you here?


not too many ladies, women,

come into town and

I'm not hankering on anyone in town

and, ladies that is.

[Regina] I understand.

I always thought someone
would come into town who would

catch my eye and then

I saw you walk over to my
place with your horse and.

Ah, this ain't coming out right.

I'm sorry.

I better go.




Well, I just need...

I truly,

I'm truly flattered.

If I was looking for a man,

I might surely consider you.

It's just that

right now,

looking to settle down

is not what I'm searching for.

Of course I,

I understand.


I'm sorry.

I better go.

Thank you for the flowers, Johnny Brown.

They're real pretty.

You're welcome.

That was quick.


he just came by to bring me flowers

and tell me I was special.


I see,

a secret admirer.

So it would seem.

Let's go find Beth.



You go.

No, it's okay, you go.

I'll take it then.

So you girls done fighting?


we're done with all that.


Now we have to take care of each other.

We're a family.

So you're saying
Regina's my step-sister?

That's not what I'm saying.

You know what I'm saying.

[Cora] Yeah, I do.

You're such a wise apple.

Sorry I hit ya, sis.

You know, they're all my girls.

I take care of them.

They all need me in some way.

I can see that.

But you,

you're different.

You don't need anybody.

Why are you here?

Do you always ask so many
questions of your girls?

Not usually,

but you're different.

I mean I feel like,

I dunno what it is.

Does it matter?

Not really.

And you?

What do you want?

I have everything.

I mean, I have my daughter.

I have my girls,

present company excluded, of course.

Of course.


this can't be it.

I can't be all you want.

It is for now.

I mean the future has a way

of taking care of itself, you know?


I'm glad you're here.

Hello, Victoria.


I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to drive away any business.

It's all right.

She never buys anything anyway,

just looky loo.


This is Regina.

[Ida] Hello.


She only has one dress.

Oh, well, you've come
to the right place.

Let me get something.

Let's see.

I think this and well this,

I think this will suit you just fine.

Go in here and try it on.

You're doing good?



If you need any more help you let me know.

Oh no, no.

I'm going to pay you back every dollar.

It was my pleasure.

[Ida] Thank you.

That's what neighbors have for.

Oh, here comes our girl now.

Here she comes.

[soft music]

You look good.

[soft music]


We'll take it.


What do we say we go to Victoria's

for some billiards later tonight, huh?

I got a gal.

I don't got time for all that.

Pete, Victoria ain't gonna let you in.

Why not?

Well, because you killed that whore.

Hold on.

What do you mean?

Well, I don't mean nothing.

I was just saying...

What did you say?

I was just saying on account
that killed that whore.

I didn't kill no whore.

All right, calm down now.

Put that thing away.

You ever say that again,
I'll shoot you dead.

Okay, Pete, okay.

It's time you start

showing a little bit more respect, Beau.

You too.

Sure, Pete.

I'll be running this outfit someday.

My pa ain't gonna be around forever.

You got that?

Yeah, Pete, yeah.

How long you've been with me, Henry?

I reckon it's been a long time, Colonel

Now that is fine lemonade, isn't it?

Yes sir.

Reminds me of back home.

You're a good man, Henry.

You're assistance over the years

have been much appreciated.

Thank you, Colonel.

Been saving these.


I'm worried about him.

I really am.

There's unsightly business with a whore.

It's just,

it's distasteful.

To say the least.

I don't know where I went wrong with him.

I don't think it's
anything you did, Colonel.


apple falls from the tree

and it just goes bad.

I wonder if you could
keep an eye on him for me.

Of course.

Good, good.

Keep him on point.

Yeah, make sure he doesn't
do anything stupid again

before this all boils over.

I'll take care of it.

I know you will,

but first

finish your cigar.

A man should never rush a Cuban.

Thank you, Colonel.

[tense music]

[muffled speaking]

Just remember,

be quick or be dead.

[soft western music]

- Whew.
- Busted.

Let's head upstairs

and have ourselves some fun.

Except for Tucker of course

cause he's busted.


Well what do you say, boys?

Sounds good to me, Pete.

I'm in at this spot me.

Out a little late
tonight, aren't you Henry?

Henry probably has to head home

on account of his old age.

[men laughs]

I may be older than you boy,

but I could still squash your
head like a bug on Sunday.

You remember that.

Okay, okay, let's go.

Jesus, you're gonna break my neck!

[tense music]

Get out.


I didn't do anything.

You got a lot of nerve coming up here.

You gotta believe me.

I would never hurt Becky.

Yeah, not when you're sober.

I didn't do nothing.

Now we came up here

to have some fun

and I heard

you got a new girl.

I know what you done.

I told you I didn't do nothing.

I know you did it.

And I have the proof.

Now get out of my place.

Get out.

What are you going to do, shoot me?

Or aren't you drunk enough?

Now get out.

Let's go boys.

Let's go boys.

You know,

Mr. Chalmers ain't gonna
be too happy about this.

I don't give two bits.

We'll see about that, won't we.

We will see [mumbles].

There's gonna be a reckoning
coming to this town.

You'll see.

A reckoning, I tell you.

Are you okay?


I know he's the one
who killed my family.

Those are my father's spurs he wears.

Are you sure?


My mother had 'em made
special for my father

for his birthday.

She gave 'em to him the day he died.

She had his initials
inscribed on the inside.

H S.

[speaking in foreign language]

Do you see your initials.

[speaking in foreign language]

[Father] That's beautiful, thank you.

I've been been

searching ever since,

going from town to town.

I work in places like this

to meet the local cow hands.

What better disguise was there.

I didn't care how many men touched me

as long as I found the
man who killed my family.

What are you going to do now?

What do you think?


Wouldn't it be better if you saw him hang?

I don't know.

I'd be more satisfying to shoot him.

If you can give me a little bit of time,

I have a plan.

I'll give you a very
small amount of time.

This much.

The clock is ticking.

I've had enough of what I
can stomach of that whore.

It's about time she learned her place.

Why can't I come, pa?

Best you stay here, Pete.


Because I said so.

Ain't you done enough?

This is your mess I'm cleaning up.

I know that, pa.

That's why I wanna come and help.

That's the end of it.

You hear me?

[brooding music]

Let go of me.

Or what?

You're gonna stop talking about my boy.

You hear me?

He killed Becky.

You're not listening.

You know he did it.

Shut up.

All over town, you've
been spreading your lives.

Nobody talks that way about my kid.

I own this town.

And you work for me.

About time you remember that.

If I hear so much as a whisper,

I'll put you in the dirt

right next to that whore you just buried.

You straightened up,

or it's gonna be me that
puts a bullet in you.

And Victoria,

you dropped your letter.

I want you to show me.

Show you?

Teach me.


[gun shot fires]

There you go, Cora.

[gun shot fires]

Go get it.

[gun shot fires]

Go ahead and pull when you're ready.

[gun shots firing]

There you go.

This is the best thing

I ever tasted in my whole life, Addie.

Yeah, that is so good.

Thank you.

You should be a famous cook

with a famous restaurant.

Oh, I've always wanted a restaurant.

Addie's place.

Or, Addie's fine dining.


Or how about just Addie's.


If I had all of the
money in the whole world,

I would buy you a restaurant.

[Addie] You would?

Of course.

Oh yeah, what would you buy me?

I don't know, what do you want?

I'll have to think about that, Sarah.

How can that be?

I still have another nine
years left of my mortgage.

Yes, that's correct.

So how can you expect
payment in 30 days?

Well, the owner of the bank.

Mr. Chalmers.

Yes, he's invoking clause 64D.

It's right here at the
bottom of the contract.

It states that in the
event the mortgage is sold

to a different institution,

that institution may require
payment in full within 30 days.


It seems the new institution,

the bank of Westmorland
out of Pennsylvania,

found some discrepancies in
the original loan documents.

Our bank is merely working on their behalf

to rectify the situation.

Mr. Bartholomew I,

I haven't missed a payment on my mortgage.

That's correct.

So then why are you doing this?

You know that I,

I can't pay it in 30 days.

I just work here.

This is Mr. Chalmers' bank.

You're going to have to take
all of this up with him.

But I,

I could lose everything.

I'm sorry.

I want those whores

cleared out of my building
on that very morning.

Yeah, I'll take care of it.


What can I do for you, marshal?


Long ride.

I'm looking for Pete Chalmers.

That'd be my boy.

What do you want with him?

I got a warrant for his arrest.

For what?


Oh, it must be a mistake.

We're upstanding citizens.

We built this town

with our bare hands.

I know who you are, Mr. Chalmers.

I'm just here doing my job.

No, you're not getting my son.

I'll just get in touch with Judge Belton

and he'll sort this all out.

It was Judge Belton
who signed the warrant.

[western rock music]

I ain't going.

You have to.


Can't you fix it?

Not today.

Not now.

I ain't going with no marshal to jail.

Listen to me, son.

You need to go.

People need to know

that you went peaceably with the marshal.

There's got to be something you can do.

I ain't going.

Straighten up, son!

Buck it up.

Why you always hitting me, huh?

Don't you love me?

Of course I love you.

You're my son.

Then don't let them hang me.

Nobody's gonna hang you.

I didn't bring you up
and build all of this

so it could end up hanging from a rope.

[western rock music]

All right, pa.

Trust me, son.

[western rock music]

Talk around town is

there's a photograph of
that spur in question.

A photograph?

Anyone see this tintype?

No, not that I'm aware.

She's a devious creature.

Yes, sir.

Yes indeed.


there's only one place in these parts

to get a tintype made.

[soft western music]

The light, dammit.

Mr. Chalmers.

Hello, sir.

How can I help you today?

You have a photograph
that belongs to me.

I do?

Yes you do.

I'm not sure I quite understand.

Victoria Bonham was in here, wasn't she?

Yes sir, I took a photograph of a...

- Spur, yes.
- Yes.

I want it.

I'm sorry I don't have it.

[tense music]

Now I want that tintype.

I told you I,

I don't have it.

Now you think real hard.

Victoria has the only copy of it.

And she took the negative with her.


You're finished.

You hear me?

Who do you think you are?

You're nothing but a cheap whore.

I'm closing you down.

This establishment is now closed.

Now get up and hand over that tintype.

You heard him.


now as sheriff, I gotta warn you,

don't make this more than it is.

Shut up, Ben.

You're no sheriff.

You never have been.

I think it's time you all left.

Hold on a second.

You heard me.

Everybody out.

She's bluffing.

[Regina] You think so?

Let's go.

Lat person put a gun to my head

ended up dead and full of holes.

This ain't over.

Not by a long shot.

[tense western music]


This is your plan.

This is why I waited?

That man will kill you before
he lets you testify in court.

He'll kill us all.

Hell, hey there, John Brown.

You pick me some flowers?

What a sap head.

Should I make a match with a sportin' gal.

As soon as Chalmers
sets it up to Slate Ridge.


Can't be babbling your mouth like that.

- I didn't say nothing.
- Shut up, shut up.

Victoria's billiards is now closed.


You heard me.


If I hear of any of you heading up there,

you're going to have to deal with me.

Have a good evening, gentlemen.

It's all ready.


Could do keep this for safekeeping?

I sure can, honey.

Is this is what I think it is?

It is.

Are you sure you're up to this?

Honey, I am so sure.

What's happened to this little town,

it's just made me so unhappy.

Chalmers and his men be damned.

Oh no, no charge.

You be careful out there.

I will.

[soft music]

[dramatic music]

What are you doing?

This is what I'm doing.

Everybody shut up.

You're coming with me.

[tense music]

How could you take a child?

That's a bold accusation, Victoria.

A bold accusation, indeed.

This is in fact quite unfounded.

Although I do recognize the pain

of having a child removed,

much as my Pete was taken from me.

How could you do it?

And how could you let him do it?

Nobody is letting anybody do anything.

She's your daughter.

The child,

based on your profession at the time,

could have any number of fathers.

A moments of weakness and your chamber

hardly makes me a candidate.

While you might as well
assign every man in this town

was the father.

You're the devil himself.

I think you better go.

And you,

you're bought and paid for sheriff.

We all set with Pete?

Yes, sir, Colonel.

I got men going there now.

[tense music]

Are you okay?

They took Sarah.



Where are you going?

Your time is up.

I'm going to kill Pete.

What about Sarah?

We have to find her.

Or don't you even care?

You better get changed.

[tense music]

It was Beau Carmichael and
John Tucker who'd done it.

How do you know?

I heard him talking in the saloon.

I know where they took her too.


That little cabin up on Slate Ridge.

That the little one that's
backed up in the hill?

Yep, that's the one.

That's what they were saying anyway.

Thank you Johnny.

Be careful.

[tense music]

Now, I'm in that cabin over there.

If you so much as poke your head out

like a rabbit and a hole,

I will shoot you in your eye.

You understand me?

Now get in there.

You stay, you hear me.

[tense music]

[Victoria] How we gonna do this?

[Regina] We just do it.

Beat that.

There you go.


Who says I ain't good at cards?

All right, Johnny boy.

Yeah, take me for one.

Take me for one.


Let me do 'em again to
make that money back.

[gun shot fires]

Where's my daughter?

Your daughter?

I don't know nothing about your daughter.

I know you took her.

You do not.

Victoria, step away from him.

Where is she?

I ain't saying nothing.

How do you like them apples?

[gun shot fires]

Son of a.

Where is she?

Don't tell 'em nothing, Tuck.

No, no, no.

Don't shoot, don't shoot.

She's in the root cellar out back.

Go check.

[soft music]



[Sarah] Mama?

[Victoria] Sarah.


Take Sarah out.

She doesn't need to see this.


We're not like them.



Don't shoot me.


[tense music]

You're too soft.

[gun shot fires]

Are you hit?


Can you ride?


Okay, let's go.

I didn't do nothing, you know,

nothing at all.

Is that so?

Yes sir.


That's a fact.

She's lying.

You can tell it to the judge.

The judge.

What does he know?

He doesn't know anything about this.

Why don't you try and
get some sleep, son.


I can't sleep.

Could you sleep in these iron cuffs?

No one could.

I'm trapped like a hawk.

Aren't you afraid that I'm
going to bash you on the head

in the middle of the night?

Not really.


maybe you should.

I've been doing this kind
of work a long time son,

longer than you've been
breathing on God's green earth

and I've dealt with worse killers

than you could ever imagine,

really bad men,

men that I would not dare shut
my eyes for even an instant.

Oh, you're a killer all right,

a killer of women.

When I look into your eyes,
I see fear of looking back.

So for you,

I can nap all day and not
so much as worry a lick.

Now shut up and go to sleep.

[soft music]

I've done the best I could do for now.

I'll leave you with this medicine.

I doubt Chalmers will
let me see you again.

She should be feeling
better in a few days.

What do we do now?

If they don't come, the bank will take it.

And then we wouldn't have anywhere to go.

They'll come for us.

We should just leave town.

What about my mom?

She can't travel.

We can fight.

Against Chalmers?

Ekta's right.

We fight.


For certain they will come for us.

But not before Chalmers is back.

Tomorrow, we'll go after them.

We'll start with Sheriff Ben,

me and Cora.

The rest stay here and look
after it Victoria and Sarah.

Don't worry.

You're ready.

[soft music]

[tense music]

What are you doing?

Are you crazy?

Yeah, I am.

Get up.

There's still time for you
whores to get out of town.

Yeah, well,

I'm not running anywhere.

Well you ought to.

Get in.

Now hold on a second.


Chalmers is on his way here right now.

And he aims to shoot you all.

The whole town knows it.

Well, you tell him he can find us

down the street at Johnny Brown's.

He'll kill you all.

Damn whores.

[church bells tolling]

So this is where you
want to make your stand?

Yeah, it take away from Victoria's.

Is that okay with you?



How was she?

She's holding her own.

Good, and Sarah?

She's fine.


The place is yours.

Thank you.

It's terrible what's
happening to this town.

That's what everybody keeps saying.

You all could have done
something about it.

Yeah, I know it, I just

ain't never been in a fight.

That makes two of us.


Now, Ben, what would
you be doing in there?

They got the jump on me.

Get him out of there.

They said they'd meet
you down at Johnny Brown's.

Oh, they did, did they?

Damn whores.

Get your gun.

Let's go.

[tense music]

You four,

head over the whore house
and shoot them whores

you find there.

The rest of you, with me.

Let's go.

Are you supposed to feel
this way before a fight?

How's that?



No worry.

They go away once you start shooting.

That's encouraging.

You'll be fine.

Look, I'm sorry I was mean to you

when you first showed up.

It's just Becky and I,

we were close.

That's okay.

You forgive me then?

I already have.

Sisters then.

To the end.

[soft music]

[gun shots firing]

That's coming from Victoria's.

[tense western music]

[gun shots firing]

[western music]

Give me that.


Now where's the little one?

She's not here.

Where is she?

I said she's not here.

Too bad for you then.

Don't hurt her.

[gun shot fires]

[tense western music]

You whores should've left
town when you had the chance.

You the one that wants to shoot me?

That's right.

Here I am.

[gun shots firing]
[western music]

[tense music]

[gun shot fires]

[western music]

[gun shot fires]

[western music]

[gun shots firing]
[western music]

[tense music]

[gun shots firing]
[western music]

Get away from here.

[gun shot fires]

[western music]

Oh Lord.

They're coming.

No, no, no, no.

What are you doing inside, Virgil?

Come on, I need you.

You too.

What, I'm a barber.

I don't care.

You're coming with me.

Let's go.

[western music]


I'll let you leave

if you leave right now.

I'm not leaving.

This ain't even your flight.

You're not from here.

What do you want?

I want your son.

My son?

That's right.

It makes no sense.

He killed my family.

I see you, Ida McCann.

Now you go on home,

or I'll take your shop.

No, I'm staying.

Then I'll kill you too.

Johnny Brown,

you're a dead man.

[gun shots firing]
[western music]

Pete, stop or I'll
shoot you in the back.

Drop your gun.

Turn around.

Okay, put the gun down.

Please put the gun down.

You don't remember me, do you?


No, who are you?

Take off your spurs.

Hurry up Pete!

These belonged to my father.

You remember me now?


Okay, okay, put the gun down,

put that down.


I was drunk.

Okay, okay, I'm sorry.

Don't shoot, don't shoot.

I will be there the
day they tie the noose

around your neck.

You got any final words?

I just want to say that

I didn't mean no harm

to anyone.

Every bad thing that I've done in my life

was because of the drink alcohol.

And I'm sorry

to everyone.

If I can do it again,

I'd be sure to do better.

That's all.

[somber music]

That should do it.

As Mr. Chalmers only remaining heir,

Sarah Bonham is now the legal owner

of Chalmers ranch and all of its holdings.

What does that mean, ma?

It means you're rich, honey.

Can I buy Addie's restaurant.

Oh, you sure can.

[angelic music]

You excited?

Wait til you try her pie.

Oh, Addie.

I still have plenty of room too.

Oh my gosh, this looks amazing.

I'm very happy for you,

for all of us.

Is that your favorite, Sarah?

This is the best pie every.

I know, I know.

[western music]