Badla (2019) - full transcript

A dynamic young entrepreneur finds herself locked in a hotel room with the corpse of her dead lover. She hires a prestigious lawyer to defend her and they work together to figure out what actually happened.

Extracted by NARACHI




- I must be.
- Nuts?


Naina Sethi?

Yeah. Yes.

Badal Gupta.

Your lawyer, Jimmy Punjabi
has sent me here.


Actually, I was expecting
you a little later.

- So, should I come back a little later?
- No. No...

- Please come in.
- Thank you.

Jimmy praises you a lot.

Good! Else I would have
had to praise myself.

- May I take your coat?
- No, I'll do it.

- Can I get you some tea, coffee?
- No, I am good. Thank you.

Oh, please finish your meal.
I can wait.

No, I am done.

I don't feel like eating anyway.

My wife says,
a car cannot run without fuel.

- She must be really looking after you...
- Yes. A little too much.

Please have a seat,
I'll join you in a minute.

In other news, the trial of
Naina Sethi is set to begin this week.

Photographer Arjun Joseph,
found dead in a hotel room

was allegedly murdered by
his lover, Naina Sethi.

Sethi, was recently awarded the
Focus Business Person of the Year Award

is pleading innocent and states
she was the victim of a plot.

Sethi, currently out on bail
will be appearing in court this...

Please sit.

At least they said "allegedly."
I'll sit here?

Right now, you're just a suspect.

There is no evidence against you.

There won't be any.

Because I haven't done anything.

But sometimes you get punished
for doing nothing.

- How?
- Homework.

In school? You get punished
for not doing your homework.


Sorry. That was a bad joke.

But, it's very popular amongst us lawyers.

- Good to know.
- But, on a more serious note...

we may have a problem.

Do you know where's Jimmy?
I can't reach his phone.

He's out of town.

But Jimmy said that
everything is under control.

- He's found a lead that will...
- That will...

change the case in our favor?

- Yes.
- He said the same to me,

when we last spoke.


what I just found out...
can also change our case.


not in our favor.

The prosecution has found a
new witness against you...


I don't know.

I don't know who or what.

But that person has some evidence...

which can completely change our case.

That's why I changed my time to come here.

The new witness will testify...

at the police station in three hours.

And if the witness does
have any evidence...

then I am afraid, you may be
called to the police station tonight.

- And...
- And?

The police may issue an
arrest warrant for you.

Let me just call Jimmy.

You have reached the voice mail box of...

His phone's off.

Whatever evidence this witness has...
how will it change our case?

I've told the truth to the court.

What we think is the truth,
might not be the truth for everyone.

Everyone sees truth
differently, Ms. Sethi.

As you're aware justice is blind.

It only considers that truth...

which can be proven.

Which can be believed in.

And belief, Ms. Sethi...

is built from, the details.

Details that...

make or break the evidence.

As you said, they may have evidence,
but you have the truth.

And I need this truth.

Because your statement
has some loopholes in it.

Which the prosecution might
use against you...

that's why I need the truth
to seal these loopholes.

And I assure you, I can do it.

I've never lost a case till date.

That's why your lawyer hired me.

But you know,
Ms. Sethi, I'll need the truth.

The truth, the whole truth
and nothing but the truth.

So help me God.

I made one mistake...

and ended up in such a mess.

My husband and child have left me.

The police have turned
my house into prison.

I am being watched 24 hours.

Don't you think, if I had anything
else to say, I would've said it by now?

Then we have nothing to discuss.

A murder was committed and the
police found the murderer.

- Who?
- You.

Didn't you just see the news?

Sorry, may I call you by your name?

Thank you.
I have a daughter of your age.

Naina, if the prosecution had its way,
you'd be arrested at the earliest.

We have only three hours to stop them.

And I can stop them,
provided you tell me the truth.

Again? I told you already!

I am telling the truth!

- Someone's trying to frame me.
- You're paying me by the hour, Naina.

Either you continue to
whine about being framed...

or with my help,
keep yourself out of jail.

The choice is yours.

- Fine!
- Good.

That's the spirit.

Okay, let's start from the beginning.

What were you and Arjun
doing at the Glen Mohr Hotel?

We were told to go there.

Arjun and I had been
together for three months.

Someone found out and
started blackmailing us.

We were only following instructions.

- Blackmailer wanted 100,000 pounds.
- 100,000 pounds!

That's a lot of money.

Was it just an affair with Arjun
or were you in love with him?

I love only my husband and my child.
That's all.

Arjun was a mistake, nothing else.

The hotel is...

200 miles from here.

I told you already,
I didn't choose the hotel.

Didn't you find it odd...

- a place so far away...
- How should I know?

The blackmailer could be fond of their
room service or the d'cor... I don't know.

But seriously,
why this hotel in particular?

Had you two been there before?

How does it matter?

Don't you think it's
more important that...

somebody committed a murder at that hotel
and pinned it on me?

Naina, everything is important.

Remember, details.

Whatever it is that you saw...

you must make me see.

Like how it was...

for Sanjay and Dhritarashtra.

- Who?
- Sanjay and Dhritarashtra.

You must have read the Mahabharata.

When I was young.
I know the basic story line.

"Basic story line!"
That's a good one.

No, but... Naina, listen.

Like justice,
Dhritarashtra was also blind.

And Sanjay was his eyes.

Whatever Sanjay told him...

became the truth for him.

Now, you are my eyes.

Whatever you tell me,
will become the truth for me.

So, try to see everything
clearly in your mind...

and then tell me.

Every little detail.

Okay? So, first off...

you told the police that you
received an SMS. Tell me about it.

We had been waiting there for two hours.

- Arjun?
- What happened?

Blackmailer has sent a
text from your phone.

Saying, "I'll tell everyone the truth."

It is a trap.

Grab your coat, I'll take the money.
Let's get out of here.

I was unconscious for a while.

- When I woke up...
- What did you first see?

Someone was knocking on the door.

Police! Can you hear me?
Is everything okay?

Open the door, now!

Can you hear me?

Is everything okay in there?

Arjun! What's wrong, Arjun?

Hey, you. Open the door.

Step aside.

Can someone help me?

Help! Can someone help? Arjun!

Wake up, Arjun!

- Police!
- Can someone help me, please?

- Get up slowly.
- Can you please help me?

Hands where I can see them.

- Hands where I can see them.
- There's someone else in the room!

Hands behind your back. Now!

I didn't do anything.
There's someone else in the room.

Stay where you are.

Can't you hear me?
There's someone else in the room!

- I haven't done anything!
- Listen to me!

Turn around! Turn around, now!

Stay where you are and
turn around, please.

He must not have gone too far.
Officer, please!

Officer, there's someone else...

I am arresting you under
suspicion of murder.

- I haven't done anything...
- You do not have to say anything,

but if you do say anything,
it may be used in the courts of law

as an evidence against you.

Send forensics.
We have a dead body.

According to the police report...

the witnesses heard someone
scream in the room, but...

did not see anybody leave.

The door was locked
and chained from inside.

The windows could not be opened
because the hotel,

removes the window handles during winter.

And, there was no sign of force
on the doors or windows.

No footprints either.

The police investigated all
exit points in the room.

But it was impossible to leave
that room without a trace.

So, according to your statement...

whoever killed Arjun...

just disappeared into thin air.


But the person must have entered the
room before disappearing, right?

Someone was already in the
room before we got there.


The hotel staff testified that
only you had the key to the room.

So, how?

That's exactly
what I am saying, Mr. Gupta.

The whole thing was
planned very carefully.

The entire crime scene
was planned to frame me.

So the police would think that
I wanted to break up with Arjun

and I offered him money to
keep our affair a secret.

But when he refused, I killed him.

- Who would want to frame you?
- I don't know.

- Don't you suspect anybody?
- I don't know!

All I know, is that my husband
and child have left me.

I'm getting stuck with this mess,
while the culprit is getting away.

To frame somebody...

one needs a motive.

Why would anybody do this to you?
What's the motive?

Your story has
neither a motive, nor a murderer.

So, where are we?

It's not my job to arrest the murderer.

- It's the police's job.
- And they have done it. You!

Naina, forget about the judge,

even I cannot believe...

- this invisible murderer story.
- That's your problem.

But this is the truth.

You know, Naina,
in my 40 years of experience,

I've come across two kinds of clients.

One, who think they are smarter than
me and the other, who are actually smart.

You seem like the first kind.

So, let me be very clear.

Neither are you smarter than me

nor should you try to be.

No, no... Just one minute.

Look, this is the missing boy.

And the headline says,
"Missing from Aviemore."

What do you think?

Isn't Aviemore near Glen Mohr Hotel?

What do you think will happen...

if the new witness connects
this story with your case?

You know, Naina...

we have wasted ten minutes.

And you are still the murderer.

So, if you want me to find the truth
and keep you out of jail,

tell me everything,
even if it seems irrelevant.

And I implore you,
do not hide anything from me!

Don't try to hide anything
from me, from now! Okay?


It all began three months ago.

- And I still regret...
- Woah!

Woah! Naina!

This room walls, the furniture, me...

we all understand that you
regret the whole thing.

But one does not win a murder
case by regretting.

To win a case, you need facts, details.

So, keeping the regret aside...

can we focus on the details? Yes?

Thank you.

Hi. How's Paris?

Very boring.

And how was the meeting?

Not good.

The deal didn't close.

Alright. Don't stress about it.

Dad called. He has invited
us for lunch on Sunday.

What was that?

What was what?

- Are you smoking?
- No.

- Are you lying?
- No.

- Where's Sana?
- Right here. Talk to her.

Say hi to Momma.

- Hello, darling.
- Hello.

- Missing Mummy?
- Momma.

I'll be back today.

Love you.

When is your flight?

I am on my way to the airport.

Have a safe flight and I'll see you soon.

Love you.

Love you too.



Who was it?


What's the time?

We're late. Let's go.

Yes, sir.

- Mummy's call.
- Momma's call.


Wait, turn left.

But the GPS is showing right.

Yeah, but left is a shortcut.

- You're sure, right?
- Trust me, Naina.

We're already late.
I need to be home tonight.

It's empty roads now.
You can drive faster.

Are you okay?

I cannot do this anymore.

I can't keep lying to my family.
I am sorry.

Naina, I feel bad about lying, too.

But I love it when we're together.
The feeling is irreplaceable.

Do you remember what we had
decided when we started this?

That we both wanted to?

Also, that if we can't do
this anymore, we'll...

Do you want to leave Sunil?


I don't want to leave Rachael either.

That's why, what we have is perfect.

This is wrong and you know it.

Naina, you want to leave me?


Are you okay?

I don't know.




- Hey, who are you calling?
- The police.

Police! Give me the phone.

- I have to report the accident.
- It wasn't our fault, Naina.

- There was a deer in our path.
- But I drove into his lane.

- Accidentally. Come here.
- Give me my phone back.

I need to call the police!

- Give me my phone back.
- He didn't even have his seat belt on.

Plus, he was on the phone.

If anyone was at fault, it was him.

Give me my phone back.

I could have controlled the car
but you made me drive faster.

- Naina, think...
- I have to call the police right now!

- I am calling the police.
- Naina, think!

- No! No...
- Naina, he's dead!

Do you understand that?

There's nothing you can do.

Listen to me...
Just, listen to me.

There's nobody else here.

Nobody saw anything.

We are the only ones who
know about this accident.

If you call the police...

everything that's been perfect till now.

Our families...

our careers...
everything will be destroyed.

I know...
But there's nothing you can do.

Look here.

He's dead.

But we have our entire lives ahead of us.

Let's leave before anyone sees us.


It won't start, Arjun!

Please, please, start.

- Please...
- Naina.

- Hey, Naina.
- What?

- Someone's coming.
- What?

Get out, now.

- Why?
- Stay right there.

- Where are you going?
- There's someone coming.

Just do as I say.

What happened? Need any help?

No, mate. Just a small problem.

Our cars skid. We had a small accident.

Just insurance stuff now.

Need me to call an
ambulance or anything?

No, we're okay.

No damage done.

You sure?

- Yeah.
- Positive.

Must be the insurance.

I'll get back to you right now.

You okay?



Everything's good. I'll call you back.

All sorted.

Looks scary.

- Glad nobody got hurt.
- Me, too.


- Bye.
- Take care.

Take care.

- What are you doing?
- We can't just leave him here now.

What? Why?
We were going to leave, right?

Think, Naina!

It's not the same as before.

That driver is a witness.

If we leave the body here, then he'll
tell the police that we were lying.

Help me, please.


You'll have to do it.
It's a manual car, I can't drive it.

So, what am I supposed to do?

Get rid of it.

- Just dump it anywhere you want.
- What?

- No, I can't do it!
- Yes, you can.

- No, Arjun...
- You will have to!

For us.

After this...

if you want us to stop seeing each other.


Got it? Just keep the keys now. Please.

Arjun convinced me.

I drove for almost an hour,
not knowing where I was headed.

All I could think was...

I wouldn't have overslept
if I hadn't been with Arjun.

If I hadn't taken the left,
the deer wouldn't have crossed my path.

And that boy would've been alive.

Everything would be so different.

Everything will be alright.

Trust me.


what did you do with the car?

- Drowned it.
- With Sunny?

Arjun's words...

still haunt me.

"It was an accident."

He's dead...

"but we have our entire lives ahead of us."

That boy was a stranger to me.

I had to think about my family over him.

Somehow, I consoled myself.



Then I called Arjun from a
payphone and told him where I was.

What's wrong?

I need a tow truck.

My car ain't working.

What? Where am I?

I don't know!

My GPS is not working,
my car is not starting.

You know what, I can't hear you.
I'm going to call you back.

- Hello.
- Hi.

What's wrong?
I am sorry. Do you speak Hindi?

Yes, I do.

I have a bad habit of
always breaking into Hindi.

- What happened?
- It was just a deer.

It suddenly came in front of my car.

But I am fine. Thank you.

Thank God you're alright.
What happened to the car?

I don't know, it just won't start.

Is there a garage nearby?

Yes, there is.

Sorry, I didn't get you.

Meet my husband, Nimbi.


But I call him Nimbi.

There is no car in the
world that he can't fix.

Look at ours for instance.

Never spent a penny on its maintenance.

He's an expert.

Come on, help him.

Only if you stop talking for a minute.

Oh! Rani. Rani Kaur.

Ajay. Ajay Mehta.

Nice to meet you.

There's a lot of Indians in the UK...

hardly any around here.

Could you open the bonnet please?


There, next to the accelerator.

Sorry, it's not my car.

- It's my sister's.
- It's okay.

Before meeting him,
I didn't know anything about cars either.

But now, he's turned
me into his assistant.

The world's most terrible assistant.

Be grateful that you at least found one.

It's the starter.
The motor sensor's blocked.

It happens upon a sudden impact.

The unit needs to be reset.


Tell us if you can fix it or not.

Except your brain,
I can fix anything in this world.

But I am going to need my toolbox.

No, thank you.

Please don't worry.

- I'll call up a garage.
- They'll take hours to be here.

Come with us,
our house is quite near.

Thank you, but I don't want to
bother you.

We're not being bothered.

Nimbi will tow your car

- and fix it in a matter of two hours.
- Am I allowed to say anything here?

Go ahead.

I'll tow the car...

and it will take me
an hour to fix it.

That's exactly what I said.

You said two hours.

- You underestimate my talent.
- Forgive me, my talented husband.

Where are you from, Ajay?

- Where are you from?
- London.

Notting Hill.

So what are you doing here?

I was visiting my sister.

- Oh, really? Where does she stay?
- In Elgin.

Really? We used to stay there before.

Nimbi used to work there.

- But then, he got sick.
- He's not interested.

- Of course, he is. Aren't you?
- Yes.

After that, we moved to Aviemore.

It's a quiet place.
Nimbi works at a hotel nearby.

And I stay peacefully at home.

There is barely any
peace with Rani around.


What do you do?

I own a book shop...

- in Notting Hill.
- Oh, wow! Really?

We love reading.
Especially, theater and drama.

That's how I met him.

We both were in a theater group.
But I am a much better actor than him.

- Rubbish!
- Oh, really?

Who won the Best Actor Award for
Twelve Angry Men?

I did.

Okay, fine!

But the audience clapped on my entry.
Not his.

Hi, darling.

- Hi.
- When do you board?

I was just about to call you.
I'll be a little late.

Okay. I'll pick you up from the airport.

- What time do you land?
- No, no...

- I'll come on my own. Don't bother.
- You sure?

I'm taking off anyway.
I'll work from home.

- Great. See you soon.
- Okay. Love you.

Love you too, babe.

Are you hurt?

No. It was just my wife.

You've got blood on your hand.

Must be the deer, ma'am.
I am fine.

Come on in.

I'll stay here, with the car.

Don't worry. Nimbi won't steal anything.

Thank you.

Come in and wash off the blood.
It might get infected.

I'll make you some hot tea.

Do I get tea?

Only if you admit that
I am the better actor.

Never mind the tea.

It's okay!

Everything okay in there?

- I hope you're not hurt.
- Yes, ma'am.

Everything's okay.

I'll get the tea to
Nimbi and be right back.

Sure, ma'am.
I'll be out in a minute.

Oh, there you are!

Here's your tea.

Sure you don't want anything to eat?

- I am not hungry, ma'am.
- Please sit.

You have a very beautiful home.

Well, home is where the family is.

Do you have any kids?

My wife wants one.

But I am not sure.

You're young, you have time.

Once you have kids, everything changes.

I became a mother after I turned 40.


Maybe that's why I spoil my son so much.

He's always glued to
his phone and computer.

Never touches a book.
Just goes on and on about Google...

Excuse me.


Hey, Jazz. Give me a second.

My son, Sunny.

As good looking as me.
Hi, Jazz. Tell me.

Sunny's not home.
He's out with his friends.

You're with them?

He's not there yet?
How's that possible?

He came back from work,
changed and left immediately.

Didn't even eat.

I'll check and let you know.

Where's Sunny?
He's not with his friends.

I don't know.

Call him?

My company has made you intelligent.

Dude, your car's ready.

Sorry, I must've sat on it.

Thanks. Rani.

How come Sunny's phone is here?

He must have forgotten it.

No way! Sunny never leaves
without his phone.

Call Jazz.

- I just talked to her.
- Sorry...

but I got to go. My wife...

Hang on.

Here's your lighter.

- I found it in the car.
- Thank you.

It's my sister's.

That cell phone messed everything up.

It was being used until the accident.

He was answering texts.

If anybody checks his phone...

they'll definitely know that I had it.


Shit! Shit!

We have to get rid of all the evidence.


Arjun's tone scared me.

He insisted that I get rid of my car.

We said our final goodbye.
And promised to never to meet again.

The next day, I reported my car as stolen.

And told everybody that
I had just returned from Paris.

I had to lie to Sunil as well.

Guilt and fear had taken over me.

My company and my family...

both were at stake.

My company expansion meetings
had started happening.

I had to be at work, no matter what.

We had been working on
this deal for a year.

I couldn't risk losing it.

The deal would've taken my
company to the next level.

I just wanted my life to be normal again.

And just when I thought
everything was under control...

20-year-old Sunny Singh Toor,
worked at this bank in Aviemore.

He left work at five o'clock,
stopped at home and then went back out.

His parents were expecting him for dinner

but they haven't heard from him since.

Friends and relatives have joined
the police to search for him,

for many suspect
he may have had an accident

and that his car could have
fallen off a cliff.

If anyone has any
information about my son...

please contact the police.

I'll never forget his mother's face.

I could feel for her...

but there was no way I could help her.

Excuse me.

Yeah, hello?

Yeah. What is it?

Are you sure?


Let me know if there's any other news.
Alright. Bye.

The prosecution's witness has
arrived at the police station.

We don't know who it is but...

the judge is on his way.
We have to hurry.

- Where were we?
- Where the hell is Jimmy? Excuse me.

- Hello.
- Where are you?

I've been trying to reach you for so long.

Just landed at Edinburgh.

Still inside the flight.

Badal Gupta is here.

He's saying the prosecutor
has found a new witness.


A new witness?

- Who is it?
- How would I know?

- When are you back?
- Tonight.

Let me talk to Badal.

Yeah, just a second.

- Jimmy wants to speak to you.
- Yeah.

- Jimmy.
- Mr. Gupta.

What's this bullshit about a new witness?

Not sure, prosecution has
found some new witness.

They have just arrived
at the police station.

- Right now?
- Yeah.

I think...

Naina might be summoned to
the police station tonight.


Hello, Mr. Gupta?
I can't hear you.

Can you please text me all the details?

And, Mr. Gupta...

I am leaving Naina in your hands.

I am trying my best here as well.

I might have some good news
in a couple of hours.

- I'll call you.
- Yeah. Okay.

What did he say?

Everything's under control.
Nothing to worry about.

He'll call back.

Yeah, so, where were we?
Shall we continue?


I was trying to get
my life back together...

But the police didn't let you.

How did you know about this?

There's no record of it.

Homework, Naina.

I do my homework.

So that my clients don't have to suffer.

I find out things that others don't.
That is why...

you pay me by the hour.

I was in a meeting when...

Sorry to interrupt.

You have visitors.

Call Jimmy.

At Inverness,
the police have found evidence

of two cars colliding with each other.

About three miles away from
this missing boy's house.

But the accident was never reported.

And the strange thing is
that this boy's parents

met a man that day, who had met with
an accident at the same location.

This man.

Do you know him?


What does my client
have to do with that accident?

This man was driving your client's car.

Audi Q7.

Plate N4 INA...

I know.

It was stolen from a parking lot
that weekend. It's been reported.

I know. But there is no proof that
the car was at the parking lot.

Are you suggesting that
my client is involved with that accident?

I don't know.

Is she?

We're done here. Naina.

Actually, I'd left the
parking ticket inside the car.

I think, someone must have
used it to take the car out.


But I'd require you to share the
details of your Paris trip.

You'll get them.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I thought you quit.

Please don't tell Sunil.

Why are you nervous?

No, I'm not.

If you aren't nervous,
then I am Amitabh Bachchan.


I know you since college.

Tell me.

Do you know anything about that boy.

Sunny Singh...

His disappearance?


Then what is it?

I was not in Paris.

- I was with someone else.
- What?


You made me lie to the police!

Is there a way you can prove
I was in Paris?

Well, I have no other choice.

So you were with that man from the sketch?

It was a mistake.
Won't happen again.

I can't let one mistake ruin my life
with Sunil and my daughter.

Next time you need me, make sure
you tell me the truth.

Or get someone else.

How am I supposed to work with this?

I need another favor.

What now?

Can you remove my name
from the police files?

My Japanese deal is going to close.

They cannot find out.

Jimmy took care of Paris...

but not the police records.

One of my sources found
your name in the records.

I would've never done this
if it wasn't for Arjun.

Tell me something.

When you told Arjun the police were
looking for him what did he do?

I never told him.

Can't imagine what he
would've done if I told him.

- I wanted to stay away from him, but...
- But?

Arjun always knew how to get
what he wanted.

He did the same with me...

and was doing the same yet again.

The police have discarded possibility

that Sunny Toor,
the young man who disappeared in Aviemore

three weeks ago, had an accident.

Due to recent reports, he may have stolen
50,000 pounds from this bank branch.

According to a bank spokesperson,

he was taking small amounts
from clients' accounts,

- and then disappeared.
- Hi, there.

- Hi.
- What table number are you?

- Nine.
- Nine.

- Yep?
- I saw the news.

- What did you do?
- Meet me, I'll tell you.

Where did you get this?

I took it when we put him in the trunk.

I thought it could be useful later.

And it was.

After the accident, Rachael
worked from home for a few days.

Luckily, the boy worked in
a branch of Rachael's bank.

I used Rachel's card to login.

And used Sunny's card
to take small amounts

from different accounts and
transfer them into Sunny's account.

Hey, hang on.

What are you saying?

Arjun was a photographer...

as well as an expert in
computer banking systems?

The judge will die laughing.
You'll be accused of another murder.

Arjun used to work in a bank first.

That's where he met Rachael.

He became a photographer many years later.

The characters of your story...

keep developing new skills...

as per their convenience.

First, the invisible
murderer and now this.

That's what he told me.

I don't know how he did
it and I don't care.

Maybe he did it, maybe his
wife helped him... God knows!

Do you want to listen further?

Or we can discuss something else.

No. Please, continue.

I didn't leave a trace.

No one's ever going to find us.

Do you realize what you've done?

Do you?

I am doing this for you.

For us.

Don't look at me like that, Naina.

You're equally responsible
for whatever's happened. Okay?

You could have called the
police, did you?

We're the same, Naina.

- Get used to it.
- No, we're not.

You stopped me from calling the police.

You think whatever you want, sweetheart.

But if I go down...

I am taking you with me.

Are you threatening me?

The police have your sketch.

They do.

But I have something...

that the police don't.


Photos that prove you were never in Paris.

So, you stop trying to threaten me.

Are you sure you saw him?

Not really sure.

Maybe it was him,
maybe it wasn't.

But what if it was?

We'll figure it out.

What happened next?

Over the next few days,
things were getting back to normal.

My company...

my family...


I closed the Japanese deal and my company
was established into the Asian market.

We got plenty of media attention as well.

The Focus Businessperson of the Year...

Naina Sethi.

I won the Businessperson
of the Year Award.

Must feel nice...

to win the award at such a young age.

Nothing felt nice anymore.

Everything was changing.

I was turning into someone else.

This lady wishes to speak to you.

And then she came about with a mirror...

to show me what I'd turned into.

- Yes?
- Naina?

I am sorry to call
you by your first name.

But you're almost my daughter's age.

Do you know me?

How could I forget that face?


But I know for sure...

you're not Seema Mathews.

I am Sunny's mother.

Rani Kaur.

I know that it's a...

really special occasion for you.

And I am sorry to bother you.

But I had no other choice.

Ma'am, let's just talk there.

- Please.
- Sure.

I wanted to ask you a few
questions about my son.

I only know what I've seen in the news.

My son is not a thief...

neither is he on the run.

Whoever has spread this rumor...

is laughing at me and my husband.

The day you were at the police station,

Nimbi and I were there as well.

I don't care what the police believe.

I believe in what I saw.

Sunny was using his cell phone

right until we met this man.

So, it's impossible that
Sunny left his phone home.

Sorry, I must've sat on it.

This man must've gotten it along.


And that's only possible if he
would have met with Sunny before.

- Yes, but it's merely an assumption...
- And...

this man wasn't alone in the car.

- There was someone with him.
- How can you be so sure of this?

I have told you already!

He adjusted his car seat before leaving.

It's not my car. It's my sister's.

He wasn't the one driving before.
He lied to us.

Sorry, do you have a lighter?


Here's your lighter.
You must've dropped it in the car.

It's my sister's.

Nobody lies without a cause.

He was either protecting himself...

or you.

- Rani, I was in Paris.
- That's what the police say.

Here's her boarding pass,
hotel reservation

and hotel booking confirmation.

But an airplane ticket and a hotel
reservation prove nothing.

Yet, we trusted the
police and returned home.

But then...

We saw the news of our son
being accused of theft.

That's when we realized...

that all information
given to us was a lie.

Nimbi figured that something
terrible has happened to Sunny.

And someone is trying to cover it up.

Only someone really powerful...

can do this.

Nimbi said that we cannot
fight such powerful people.

But I wasn't ready to give up.

I am his mother. I carried
him for nine months inside me.

I checked every
book store in Notting Hill.

But nobody knew anything about an Ajay.

So, I was left with only one option.


You have the money as well as the power.

And the fear of losing them both.

That's why you had to hide everything

to prove that you were in Paris.

And not in fact, with another man.

I went back to tell this to the police

but they just wouldn't listen.

That's when I realized
how powerful you are.

But I don't fear you.

Fear is for those who have a lot to lose.

Like you.

For someone who has lost her child

along with a husband,
who's dying in the hospital.

There is nothing else
that can cause any fear.

The security will soon find
out, I am not Seema Mathews.

Please tell me. Where is my son?

- Ma'am, you're mistaken, I...
- Don't you take me for a fool!

Because when we picked up
Ajay, you weren't there.

Where were you?

You are responsible for
my son's disappearance.

Aren't you, Naina?

You snatched my son away from me.
Was it really that easy, Naina?

Tell me.


- Did you really...
- No.

I beg of you...

please tell me the truth.
Where is my son?

As a mother,
please help out another mother.

I know my son is dead.

I just want to see him one last time.

Come with us, please.

Don't touch me.

- Please, ma'am.
- It's okay.

Power is the worst kind of addiction.

Because those addicted to power...

fail to foresee their own fall.

Imagine, Naina...

If it were your child...

the child of such a powerful woman.

To what extent would you
go to save your child?

And then there's me.

Someone with nothing to lose.

The things this mother will do,
for her child...

you cannot even imagine.

So, did you hear from Rani again?

I told Jimmy about it.

I asked him to keep an eye on her.

Rani understood that it was
best for her to stay away from me.

She never tried to contact me again.


Now we have everything.

Is there anything else
you want to tell me?

I've told you everything.


Now let's see what we have.

Two dead bodies-
Sunny Singh and Arjun Joseph.

The police are aware of Arjun because
that's the only body they found.

And a suspect, you.

But we and Sunny's parents know that...

there's another body which
hasn't been found yet.

The parents suspect that...

you and Arjun are responsible...

for the death of their son.

They're convinced about Arjun
because they saw him there...

and not so convinced about you.

So, between us...

we can assume...

that Arjun's murder is connected...

to Sunny's death.

And if it is...

- then Arjun's murderer...
- Is connected to Sunny's death.


But you're forgetting someone.


That driver, who saw us with Sunny's car.

Do you think the judge will believe

that a random driver who
crossed paths with you...

is the blackmailer?


Maybe he found out who I was and
that Arjun wasn't my husband.

No "maybes," Naina.
We need facts.

The judge won't buy this theory.

I didn't tell you how the
blackmailer contacted us.

I thought you told me everything.

This came for you.

I know what you did with your lover.

The price of my silence
is a 100,000 pounds.

In small unmarked bills.

At 5:00 p.m. sharp.

Be at the Aviemore train station.

I'll call the phone booth
in the parking lot...

and I'll tell you where
to deliver the money.

Don't come alone or without the money.

Else, I will send this photo to the police

so they can find Sunny Singh Toor.


How do you expect me to believe this?


How could the driver know...

where you hid the car?

That sound.

I heard something before I
drowned the car. Remember?

What if it wasn't a deer?

What if he saw something?


What if he followed me?

Enough, Naina.

That's enough, please.

The driver...

sees everything and
calls you at the hotel...

for the money.

Sounds believable.

But someone, who's only motivation
is the money, suddenly changes his mind

kills Arjun,
slams your head in the mirror...

and disappears.

Without even taking the money that he
wanted in the first place. I mean...


I am just trying to say that
it is one of the possibilities...

No, Naina. No!

What you're trying is to create a distance
between you and Sunny.

So that the entire focus is shifted

from you to the blackmailer

who murdered Arjun. Am I right?

You said you find out things that
others miss out on.

So, you tell me,
what could have happened instead?



I have three questions for you.

If you answer any one them correctly...

I'll believe in your
"blackmailer killer" theory.


How do you explain the message
you received on your cell phone?


If the blackmailer wanted money,

why did he leave without it?

And third:

How did he get in and out of
a locked room?

You see?

You're giving the prosecutor
exactly what he wants to hear.

You just made his job easy.

Fine. But there was a blackmailer.

The one who murdered Arjun.

I believe you.

Even the judge will believe that there
was a blackmailer and a murderer.


how will you hide these three
questions from the law?

Mr. Gupta...

I am paying you by the hour, right?

I am not paying you to find
faults in my testimony, am I?

I am paying you...

to find these answers.

So, you tell me...

what must have happened?


You came up with a theory.

Now, let me create mine.

Let me formulate a theory
that answers these three questions.

So, let's start with the blackmailer...

who was supposed to contact you at
five o'clock, at the Aviemore station.

Arjun went alone.

Because he didn't want you both
to be seen together.

Then the blackmailer instructed you

to go to the
Glen Mohr Hotel with the money.

Room 303.

Also, he told Arjun
to leave his phone inside the bin.

There was only one way
to get to the hotel.

The train.

But the question remains.

Why did the blackmailer change his mind?

If he wanted the money...

then why didn't he take it?


I'll go and find out.
Stay right here.

Thank you.

- Hello. Good evening, sir.
- Hi.

I have a booking. Room 303.


Under the name Naina Sethi?

Is that correct?

I just need you to sign this form for me.

I'll go and get your room key.

Until you both arrived,
the room key was at the reception

from where it went straight to Arjun.

- Did anybody see you?
- No.

You both had no idea that someone
was already present in the room.

Whoever was hiding in the room...

waited for it to get dark.


Because he wasn't
interested in your money.


- What's wrong?
- I received a text from your phone.

It's a trap. I'll get the money.
Let's get out of here.



So, you think Rani did this?

Don't you?

For the judge to believe you...

Rani is our best choice.

Rani Kaur had a strong motive.

The police weren't ready
to believe her either.

There was nothing else she could do...

but to make you reveal the truth.

To make you confess.

She wanted to murder one of us...

and pin the accusation on the other.

- That was her plan.
- Correct.

And that's what she did.

Everybody believes that
you're the murderer.

The police, your husband,

your Japanese partners...

Rani destroyed your life and your career.

Only Jimmy...

managed to bail you out.

And he paid a large
amount of money for that.

Then the two of you...

came up with this absurd
"blackmailer" theory

and Jimmy came to me.

Jimmy knew that if you
could convince me with this story...

then we could convince the judge too.

Badal Gupta.

Who is he?

Badal Gupta is the best.

He's an expert at preparing witnesses.

You know, he announced his
retirement four weeks ago.

But I've somehow convinced
him to fight your case.

What do you mean he prepares witnesses?

- He'll tell me what to say in the court?
- Naina, consider yourself lucky.

He has not lost a case in 40 years.

And I don't intend to lose
my last one either.

But I must admit, it will be fun
to face an opponent like Rani.

What a...

What a brilliant game she has played!

- Brilliant!
- Meaning?

Meaning look at her plan.

If you want to prove yourself innocent...

then you'll have to pin
the accusation on Rani.

And to do that, you'll have to tell...

what you did to Sunny.

You're right.

But the question is,

how did Rani get out of the
room without leaving a trace?

Because, when I woke up

there was nobody in the room.
I am 100% sure about it.

The answer to that too...

lies in the details.

Mr. Gupta, please don't mind...

but I'm starting to get sick
of your riddles now.

If A=E, B=F,

C=G, D=H...

then E=?

- I?
- Sure?

I say, A.

Oh, back to where we started.

Like how we go all over
searching for a particular answer

but the answer in fact, is always
right in front of us.

These are all the police photos

of your case.

We'll find the answers right here.

But what are we looking for?

Concentrate on the details.

You were too busy looking for the "6."

While the "9" was always
right in front of you.

The murder took place inside the room.

But the evidence was outside.

Is that?


Nirmal Singh Toor.

Sunny's father.

Arjun told me he works at a hotel...

Glen Mohr Hotel!

Rani set up a trap...

and you fell right into it.

She sent you that packet...

and made you see what she wanted

not what you should've seen.


Have you got the money?

- Have you got the money?
- Yes.

- She only wanted...
- Arjun.


You're a quick learner.

I should make you my assistant.

- But how could Rani know about the swamp?
- Man!

Just when I thought you were learning!


that area is full of swamps.

Anybody would have dumped
the car in a swamp. Even I would.

She sent you the picture
of a random swamp.

You panicked...

and led her straight to Arjun.


Then you got impressed
and offered me some coffee.

And I didn't refuse.

Sorry. I'll just get a coffee for you.

So, Rani found Arjun.

Then what?

Rani wanted...
Hey, this is really good coffee.

Rani wanted Arjun's phone.

So she could use it
to send you that message.

And make you the prime suspect...

of Arjun's murder.

You were busy talking, while she
took the lead and reached the hotel.


Before the "then!"

- What's this?
- Homework.

The floor plan of Glen Mohr Hotel.

Third floor.

Here's room 303.

And the store room right next to it.

To which, only the hotel employees
have access to.

- So?
- So, let's continue with the story.

Nirmal had already
kept the room unlocked for Rani.

Hence, they chose room 303...

so that they could communicate.

And that key...

That's the only key which
unlocks and locks the windows.

And that's how Rani got into
the locked room without a trace.

Then, all she had to do was wait.

- Thank you.
- Room 303.

I just need your signature...

on this form.


Under the name Naina Sethi?

Just sign at the bottom,
I'll get you your key.

- Did anybody see you?
- No.

All Nirmal had to do,
was send you the text

to make it look like Arjun
was going to betray you.

Grab your coat, I'll take the money.
Let's get out of here.



You were completely trapped.

The text on your phone.

The room booked under your name.

The money left behind.

And finally...

your fingerprints.


Is everything alright?

We heard some screams.


The invisible murderer!

Both Rani...

and Nirmal executed their plan perfectly.

Here, open it.


Hands where I can see them.

Can someone help me please?

It was Nirmal's responsibility to
make Rani disappear from the locked room.

So there's only one suspect remaining.


You know?


Tell me.



Thank you.

The prosecutor's witness?


It's Arjun's wife.



But why?

- Why would Rachael testify against me?
- I don't know.

I don't know.

Did you do something to her?

To her...


- I never thought...
- Neither did I.

I didn't think either.

We have no idea...

about the information she has.

No idea at all.

What do I do?

Exactly what I tell you.

Let's assume...

that Rachael will testify against you,
stating Arjun was about to expose you

and that's why you killed him.

- But I didn't kill him.
- Naina, please!

Don't you realize that you're trapped?

And to get you out,
we'll have to lay a trap for Rani.

We know that Rani is the murderer.

But nobody will believe it unless...

Unless Sunny's body is found.


- How will that help?
- Link! Motive!

Sunny dead body is the only
link between Rani and Arjun.

But finding the body will lead
to another set of hundred questions...

Tackle the existing
set of questions first.

We'll think about the others later.


Let us assume...

Let us assume that you were really in
Paris on the day of the accident.

Arjun alone rented the cabin.

His is the only name on record.

And when he left, alone...

He was driving your car because

you might have given it to him.
It's quite common between lovers.

Hence, that day he was alone...

and alone, he drowned
Sunny's car into the swamp.

We just need to convince the judge that

you are also one of Arjun's victims,
and that you were in room 303

because he asked you to be there.

Wait, wait...

Until then, you knew nothing about Sunny.

That's why Rani killed
Arjun and spared you.


But how will finding Sunny's body help us?

Only then can we connect Arjun directly
to Sunny's disappearance.

I mean, think about it.

What if the police...

was to find one of Arjun's belongings
in the car with Sunny?

That will prove that Arjun is responsible
for Sunny's death.

And Rani killed Arjun
to avenge Sunny's death.

I need you to remember and tell me exactly

where you dumped the car.

If we inform the police
about Sunny's dead body...

won't they figure out
that I was there too?

Obviously, we won't straight up
inform the police.

They will receive...

an anonymous phone call,
saying there's a car in the lake.

And when they find the car

they will discover the body.

- You're making a mistake, Mr. Gupta.
- I don't make mistakes.

If there is no body...

then there is no murder.

And if there is no murder...

then Rani doesn't have
a motive for revenge.

And Rachael?

What about her?

What if she proves that
I was with Arjun that weekend?

There is no Rachael.

There is no witness.

I lied.

You lied to me?

- Why?
- To know the truth.

You lied to me as well.


To see if you could explain Rani's
disappearance from that room or not.

I always knew that she was there.

I saw her too.

It wasn't tough to figure that
Rani's husband worked there.

Why didn't you tell me this before?

To see if hiring you was a mistake or not.

You know, there's a reason I won
Businessperson of the Year Award.

So what do you think?

I think I can trust you.

There's something else I haven't told you.


- Sunny was still alive.
- What!

Sunny was alive?

I didn't know, I swear.
We thought he was dead.

What did you do?

What else could I have done?

It was too late.

You do understand why I didn't
tell you this before?

I had to be sure if you could
save me from this mess or not.


Because after the autopsy,
the police would find out...

that Sunny died not due to the accident

but in fact, due to drowning.

I didn't have the time to think.

Are you lying to me or to yourself?

It was a clear murder, Naina.

- Committed by you.
- No, not by me.

By Arjun.

You just proved that Arjun killed Sunny.

So whatever the autopsy reveals
will hold Arjun responsible, not me.

No, Naina!

You're not getting it.

This changes everything.

I came here to find the real murderer...

not to defend one.

Nothing has changed.

I'm still paying you by the hour.

Your job is to defend me, right?

So please stick to your job
and defend me.

I am not going to let
you ruin my record.


That's the spirit.


But now, you must
tell me the whole truth.

I've told you everything.

Then why do I feel,
that whatever you said...

was only in fact to test me?

Whatever I believed would be the truth
and what I didn't, are lies.

What is it that you don't believe now?

Maybe everything happened
the way you said it did.

But then again, it's you who said it.

Is it actually a "6" as you showed me

or in fact a "9" you tried to hide?

It's possible that after
watching that news...

Arjun was the one who called you up...

and not the other way around.

Disappeared in Aviemore,
three weeks ago, had an accident.

Due to recent reports, he may have stolen
50,000 pounds from this bank branch.

According to a bank spokesperson...

- Hi there.
- Yeah.

What did you do, Naina?

Meet me, I'll tell you.

And listen,
don't ever call me on my mobile.

Where did you get this?

You dumped the car.

It was easier for you to
take that wallet, than Arjun.

Also creating that false story about
Sunny being a thief...

must have been an easy job for Jimmy.

Now that's a lie!

Justice is blind, remember.

The truth is only what can be proven.

Okay, go ahead!


Let's reverse roles, shall we?

You alright?



Are you okay?

- Who are you calling?
- The police.

- Why?
- We must report the accident.

It wasn't our fault.

He wasn't wearing his seat belt.

He was texting. It wasn't our fault.

There is a reason you won Businessperson
of the Year Award after all.

- What are you doing?
- We can't just leave him here.


Are you blind?
That driver has seen everything.

Now come and help me!

You dragged Arjun into this.

No, I could never do that.

You could have saved that kid
but you decided to drown him.

You can do anything, Naina.


Arjun was the one
having sleepless nights.

It was Arjun...

who couldn't take it anymore.

That's when he realized that
there was only one thing he could do.

He couldn't bring their son back...

but he could tell them the truth.

Arjun knew that you'd never agree to it.

That's why he didn't leave
you a choice.

Arjun went to meet the parents...

at the same hotel where Nirmal worked.

He went by himself...

and called you from a phone booth.

- Naina, somebody knows the truth.
- What?

He made you believe that the
driver had seen everything

and that he was blackmailing him.

And you fell for it.

Arjun wanted to confess
everything to Sunny's parents.

And as a way of compensating them...

he got you to bring the money.

And as for the message
that he sent you...

Nowadays, people break up
over text messages...

because they fear confrontation.

So did he.

He knew that you don't
care about anything in this world.


for yourself.

And you rushed.

Arjun knew that you'd
comfortably manipulate him.

But this time, he was determined.

He wasn't going to back down.

That is why...

he sent you that text.

What is this?

Arjun told you about his plan.

This money is also for them.

I will tell them the truth.

And you will tell them where their son is.

Then we'll go to the police.

And it went, as he feared it would.

You refused.

We're not going to do any such thing.

We're leaving right now!

We don't have time for that, Naina.

I've called them here already.

They will be here any moment.

Then let's get the hell out of here.

They cannot see us together.
Let's go.

There's nothing you can do now.

The room is booked under your name.

They know you are here.

You were trapped.

And there was only one way out for you.


Look, I didn't kill Arjun!

- So, I'll never admit that...
- Wait.

I am yet to come to the best part.

You're trapped in a locked room with a
dead body and no way to escape.

What do you do?

Tell me.

Is everything all right?

We heard some screams.




Is everything all right?



Is everything all right?

You thought that message
could be useful later.

And your mind started weaving a story.




Is everything all right?

This story had a blackmailer...

who took Arjun's phone.

And a mother...

who wanted revenge.

Police! Is everything okay in there?

Police! Can you open the door?

Open the door, now!

Open the door.

All this while...

I thought I was playing the game
of Chausar against Rani Kaur.

But you, Naina Sethi...

you outdid even Duryodhana.

You want to play?

Let's play.

According to your theory, Arjun had told
the truth to Rani and Nirmal already.

Then why didn't they go to the police?

You already know the answer to that.

But you know everything!
So you tell me.

They know...

that you will never convict yourself
by revealing where the body is.

That you will do anything
to get away with it.

Even spin Arjun's murder around...

to convict Rani for it.

Come here.

Come here.

Look at that window.



Rani stopped believing in the
police a long time ago.

She wanted to seek revenge against you...

on her own.

How do you know this?

Nobody knows Rani better than I do.



How, Mr. Gupta?

When Rani and Nirmal
arrived at the hotel...

they heard about Arjun's murder.

They didn't know what to do.

Rani had already confronted you.

And she knew the police would do nothing.

So, she watched you.

Rani became your shadow.

If you do leave, you may be
placed under arrest.

She took an apartment
in the building across...

only to keep an eye on you.

I'll take it.

She saw the people you hired.

She saw everything you
did to save yourself.

Including me.

Following Jimmy, led her to me.

I wondered, "Who was that
woman taking my pictures?"

So, I had her followed...

to find the truth.

So, you knew everything
about Sunny already?

Then why did you interrogate me?

You know, there's a saying.

"For he is a fool,
who knows only the truth...

but not the difference
between the lies and the truth."

Don't tell me this too
is from the Mahabharata?

This is what Lord Krishna said to Arjuna.

See, Naina. I knew the truth.


I wanted to know the lies as well.

You know nothing!

This photo proves that
Nirmal was there that day.

And he helped Rani escape.


Nirmal was on a leave that day.

He and Rani were at the hotel...

- only to meet Arjun.
- Lies!

Nirmal is in the photo!

Are you blind, Mr. Gupta?

Do you really think...

that I am blind, Naina?

Is that why you hired me?

This photo is a fake.
Look carefully.

The details, Naina.

Details that you always overlook.

Look at this photo.

Look at the mirror.

Nirmal's reflection is not in the mirror.

I made this photo...

for you.

So that I could turn your lies into truth.

I hope you now realize
the importance of details.

Have you ever realized

how much you need me? Have you?

To turn your
pathetic lies into truth.

To keep you out of jail.
Have you realized?


I... I am sorry.

My apologies. I...

spoke out of line. I...

I apologize.


Ms. Sethi, I can't represent you.

If there is no trust between us...

it's pointless.

- You should look for...
- No, listen.

- Another lawyer to represent you.
- No, Mr. Gupta. Listen to me.

- I want you to represent me.
- I won't.

I want you as my lawyer.

Then you'll have to
tell me one more truth!

What do you want to know?

Did you kill Arjun?


Everything happened the way you said.

You see?

It wasn't that difficult
to tell the truth.

So, thank you for having faith in me.

It will be an honor...

to represent you.

Thank you.

So I hope I won't have to go to jail now.

And that, the judge
will believe our story.

Revenge is a strong motive.

Even the Mahabharata was
a revenge saga of the Pandavas.

I won't lose your case.


I'm going to need coffee because I'll
have to work all night.

Leave a message after this.

Naina. Your phone's off.

Call me. I have good news.

Good news, huh?

Looks like your luck is changing.

You should call him back.

Meanwhile, I'll call my wife too.

I need to tell her I won't
make it home tonight.

- You can use my room.
- No.

Outside. Some fresh air...

I also need to think
what to do with you.

- Mr. Gupta.
- Yeah?

Thank you.



was Draupadi's revenge saga...

not the Pandavas'.

Draupadi told Yudhishthira

it is not right to seek
revenge every time.

But it is also not right
to forgive every time either.


- Hi, Jimmy.
- Naina.

I found the driver.
Now, you were never there.

Can we trust him?

Hundred thousand percent.

Is Badal still there?

How's it going with him?

You didn't give him enough credit.

Now I know why he has never lost a case.

He earned my trust enough
to tell him everything.

How do you feel?

Like someone saved me from drowning.

And what was he saying
about the new witness?

Never mind.

What was that, Naina?

I don't know, the pen did it.

What pen?


Just a minute. I think Badal's back.

Mr. Gupta, you're back already?

- Naina Sethi?
- Yeah?

Badal Gupta.

Your lawyer, Jimmy Punjabi
has sent me here.

- You're Badal Gupta?
- Yes.

Actually, I was expecting
you a little later.

So, should I come back later?

But you know,
Ms. Sethi, I need the truth.

The truth, the whole truth
and nothing but the truth.

You'll have to tell me one more truth!

- Did you kill Arjun?
- Yes.

Everything happened the way you said.

I need you to think and tell me
exactly where you dumped the car.

- You're making a mistake, Mr. Gupta.
- I don't make mistakes.

Please tell me. Where is my son?

Mahabharata was Draupadi's revenge saga.

Rani set the trap...

and you took the bait.

She made you see the "6"...

instead of a "9."

How do you know this?

Nobody knows Rani better than I do.

For you, I am Dhritarashtra.

Whatever you tell me,

will be the truth for me.

Whatever it is that you saw...

you must make me see.

Every little detail.

For he is a fool,
who knows only the truth...

but not the difference,
between the lies and the truth.

"It is not right
to seek revenge every time.

But it is also not right
to forgive every time either."

Hello. Police?

Extracted by NARACHI