Badi (2015) - full transcript

Joe, Faiz, Tania and Kila are undergoing practical training in a hospital. They are given a task to carry out an anatomical inspection on the body of Mek Nak. Following this, strange things start happening to the group of students.

Mek Nab, please help me.

Mek Nak, please.
My wife can't hold it any longer.

Have you prepared
everything that l've told you?

I have, everything's there.

You may leave.
l'll call you once settled.

Spread your legs.

Why did you call Mek Nab?

What else should l do?
l've no choice.

My wife is about to give birth.
Where else can l find a midwife at this hour?

Do you know that she's keeping a demon?

lf anything happen to your wife,
it's your responsibility.

Take care of yourself.

l'm going home.

Push harder.

Thank you, Mek Nab.

This is your first time seeing
a real corpse, to do an analysis.

This is Zainab binti Che Mat.

She died due to blunt force trauma.

He caused of death still remains as a question.

But, don't forget. The report
must be on my desk next week.

Now it's your time to get
to know Mek Nab better.

You guys settle this one.

- Where do you want to go?
- l'm leaving.

What about our task?

You guys finish it. l don't have
a heart to face the old woman.

She ugly and looks like an old hag.

Why don't he give us a sexy...

... And pretty woman Then l would
have a courage to complete the task.

l'm leaving.

You're jealous?

Hey, guys.

One, two, three.

Please be serious.

You're so annoying.

Dear, let's go out tonight.

Dear, I want to go to the toilet.



Can't you see that l'm working?

lf you want to go out or do anything, ...

... Ask Faiz or Kayla to go with you.
What's your problem?

l don't like being pushed around.

Please understand.

How nice. Everyone left and
leave me with this corpse here.

May l help you?

Where's Dr Rahim's room?

Go straight, then turn left.
lt is the third door.

Thank you.


May l ask something?

What is it?

How can l see Dr Rahim?

Sorry for asking.

... do you have anything
important to talk to him?

Actually, ...

... l came here...

... to claim the body of my late aunty.

Zainab binti Che Mat.

If that's the case, let me take
you to him now.

Am l disturbing you?

No you're not.
lt's our responsible to help.

Plus, at the moment...

... l'm handIing this case.

By the way, l'm Joe.

l'm Sarah.

Let me take you to Dr Rahim.
Okay, this way.

After you.

Dr Rahim ask me to
handle your case, for now.

While he speaks to the police.

This way.

ls this your aunty?


Have a seat.

lt's okay, l...

l'm going out for a whiIe.

Mek, I've tried searching for sister.

But l couldn't find her.

l'm going to give you some more time.

So tonight you need to...

The police said...

... Mek Nab's case is settled.

So l can take the body home...

... to be buried.

Can l come along?

No, don't get me wrong.

l think...

... it's better for me to be there.


- Are you scared?
- What's wrong with you?

l've been looking for you aIl around.


l was handling Mek Nab's case.

The police had interrogated her niece.

About the corpese, ...

... we'll replace it with another one.

What's wrong?
Why are you screaming?

There's nothing.


- Please send me home.
- What's wrong with you?

No, I can't.

You've to take the cab.
l can't send you.

Take a cab?
You want me to take a cab?

l want you to send me home.
l want you, l'm scared.

What's wrong with you?
l toId you l've thing to do.

- Just now, in the toilet...
- What?

Don't telI me that you want to follow that girl?


Yes, l want to follow her.
So, what?

They want to bury the corpse tonight.

Since earlier today we'd...

... like to analyze her body, ...

... l better be there during the burial.

What an excuse.

You got a point there.
l want to follow you.

- Kyla, where do want to go?
- What?

lf you want to come along, let's go.

Do you guys realIy want to leave me?

Where are you guys going?
Leaving me behind?

Are you scared?

Faiz looks so high.

- ls he on drug?
- Yes, that's why he's so high.

That's why he's like that.

Faiz, wake up.
There's a roadblock.

Wake up, there's a roadblock.

Hurry up, Joe.

- You know there's a roadblock. Why so slow?
- Yes, l'm making a turn.

- Stop, l need to pee.
- Wait.

Are you sure it's this way?

According to the GPS, this is the way.

I feel creepy.

Stop thinking nonsense.

Why does it not working at time like this?

Are you scared?

This is all because of that girl.

All this won't happen if we don't come here.

Who's that?

You're here, Din.

l've been here the whole night.

Who are they?

l was on my way home when
l found them at the junction.

They said, they're looking for
Mek Nab's house. So l took them here.

- You don't want to come upstairs?
- lt's okay, Din.

l've things to do, l need to go home.

- You've arrived.
- You know them?

l met Joe at the hospital.

He helped me.

We're all medical students.

At the hospital.

Turns out I'm the one handling the body.

That's why l decide to come here for the burial.

The more, the better.

I'm Joe.

This is Faiz.

Kyla and Tania.

l'm Udin.

Let's get inside.

Sorry, my house is not that comfortable.

l need to got to the toilet.

- Sorry, where's the toilet?
- lt's at the back.

At the back?

Kyla, let's come with me.

- Let's come inside.
- Okay.

Don't be like this, Ali.

Mek Nab was one of our villager as well.

We're all brothers and sisters in Islam.

lt's not that l don't want to help dig the grave.

l can't do it.
Do you still remember?

When my kid was being
disturbed by her demon?

l can't accpet that.

She may passed away because of
her black magic she's been practising.

That's her part between her and Allah.

What right does we have
as human to punish each other.

Let's put it this way.

Just see this as a good deed for yourself.

For helping people.

Let's put it this way.

l can help digging the grave.

l do this because of you.

l respect you.

But not tonight.


Be patient, Sarah.
He'll be here soon.

Who are you waiting for?

Tok lmam.

l forget to ask you.
Do you walk here?

No, we're here by car.

The car broke down on our way here.

What's wrong with you, Faiz?

Kyla, are you outside?

l'm outside.

Tania, open the door!

What's wrong with you?

I want to go back to Kuala
Lumpur now. Please.

- What's wrong with you?
- This house feels creepy.

How is it, Tok?

We can't bury the body tonight.

There's no one to handle it.

We'll do it tomorrow morning.

- Have a rest.
- Thank you.

What are you doing out here alone?

- Go to sleep.
- Yes, let's sIeep.

Thank you for helping me.

Only Allah can repay your deeds.

You have to calm down.

Everything will be okay after this.

Just ignore what the others say.

You've to be strong.

- Din.
- Yes.

- Please look after Sarah.
- Alright, Tok.

- l need to go home.
- Okay.

Thank you so much.

Let's go home.

You look very tired.

Thank you for helping.

You're welcome.

l guess, we'll see
each other again some other time.

l'm going home, Abang Udin.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Where are they?

Miss, did you see where my friends are?

They went to the cemetry.


lt's okay, thank you.

You guys are finally home.
How could you left me?

We tried to wake you up,
but you won't. So we left you.

Luckily there's this girl here with me.


Let's go back to Kuala Lumpur.

l'm going home, Sarah.

There are lots of things
that need to be settled there.


Thank you very much, Joe.

lf you're not here, ...

... l don't know who else wouId heIp me.

Except for Abang Udin.

lt's okay, l'm sincere.

Take good care of yourself.

Just caIl me if you need anything.

l'd like to give you two my heirIooms.

- This bracelet is for Leha.
- For me?

- lt's beautiful.
- This necklace...

... is for Sarah.

- lt's beautiful.
- But remember.

Take care of these heirlooms
the way you take care of yourself.

- Thank you, Mek.
- Thank you.

- Let me put it on you.
- Help me wear it.

You're so quiet.

l've nothing to taIk about.

You've nothing to say or you're
thinking about that village girl?

Even if l'm thinking about her, ...

... what does it has to do with you?

Do you know who she is?

- That village girl is a witch.
- What are you talking about?

Remember when we left the cemetry.

We made a stop at the shop.

l met villagers who told me that
her aunty was keeping a demon.

Taht's why the villagers hate her.

Didn't you notice it
when we were at the cemetry?

There was no one else there, only us.

She is a mysterious girl to me.

There are lots of things
about her that I need to know.


Why her?

You shocked me, Mak Som.

You think you're
the only one who is surprised?

Where did you go last night?

Your parents were asking about you.

l'm starving!
ls there anything l can eat?

Now you're changing the subject.

Have a look what's under there.

- Let see what we have here.
- Yes, go on.

l call upon the new moon.

l call for l want to use you.

Show yourself, appear before me.

l will wait for you.

l call for you.
Show yourself.

l call upon our promise.

l worship the seventh heaven.

Show yourself with your body.

What's wrong with you, Tania?

What's wrong with you?!

This is Zainab binti Che Mat.

She died due to blunt force trauma.

Her casued of death is still a question.

l don't have anyone Ieft.

This is tiring.

lt has been four hours.
We haven't manage to catch a fish.

Be patient.

Patient? You still
fixing your hook since then.

Are you going home?

Wait a minute.


She's quite pretty.

But if it's up to me, ...

... l won't be staying at that house.

l would never set my foot there anymore.

I'd like to ask you this.
If it's up to you...

... would you stay in a house
full of demons and evil creatures...

... all in there.
Do you dare?

l would never do that.
But I don't know about her.

She even look like a ghost.

But listen to me.

You should be thankful.
You know why?

Because the villagers
are still being considerate.

They let you stay here.

lf l'm the head of the vilIage, ...

... there's no way l would let that.
l would burn down your house as well.

You'll no Ionger be here.

You're from an evil descendant.

What are they doing here early morning.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

We've something important to teIl you.

What are you guys talking about?
What evil spirit?

That thing has been following
me since l was at the viIlage.

l'm sure the demon
belongs to that vilIage girl!

That village girl?
Who? Sarah?

Doesn't matter what her name is.

The problem is, that thing has
been disturbing us.

This is all just your illusion.

You, Kyla.

You've been disturbed too?

l don't know what to say.

l've been harrassed by that thing.

Could you please stop
thinking of all this nonsense?

Stop accussing around.

CouId you?

You guys better go home because...

... l'm going out. l've important
thing need to be settled.

Don't tell us you're going back to the village.

You can't go there, the vilIage is haunted.

Please don't go.

Yes, I'm going to the
village to meet Sarah.

And no one can stop me.

Why do want to see her?
l don't want you to go see her!

By the way, that village girl's name is Sarah.

Don't you dare call her names!

What would you like to have?

- Two hot tea and two ice tea.
- That's all.

Yes, that's all.

Did you go past that girl's house
when you came to pick me?

Your questions get me
on my nerve sometimes.

You're driving me mad.

Our village is not that big.
That's the only route available.

Where else can I go?

No wonder Sarah followed
you when we go fishing.

You're pretty brave.

- l wouldn't dare to do that.
- Let's follow them.

l don't even dare mentioning her name.

You're a coward.

What's wrong with you guys?

We're from Kuala Lumpur.
May l sit here?

May we join you here?

What's your problem?

Like my friend mentioned
earIier, we're from KuaIa Lumpur.

We came here to see our friend.

Hang on.
l feeI weird.

lt's kind of hard to find
people from KuaIa Lumpur here.

You even have friend here.

- Who's your friend?
- Sarah.

Another weird thing.

You came from Kuala Lumpur...

... then said that Sarah is your friend.

How did you know her?


- Keeping a demon?
- Yes.

What do you mean that
Sarah is keeping a demon?

Do you know who is Sarah?

Her family is an evil family.

Mek Nab used to keep demons.

Her demons have been haunting this village.

But things get better after
she passed away.

Here's another story.

Sarah used to have a sister.

Her sister was just like her.

She's been acting delirious.

She said she saw ghost.
You know what the weird thing is?

Why was she scared?
She's been keeping one too.

That's enough, Usop and Man.

Mek Nab has passed away.
lt's not nice to talk about them.

Their soul will not be in peace.

How can their souI rest in peace?

They're not even at peace
when they were alive.

Enough with your lecture!

- ls it true that Sarah's family...
- Let's put it this way.

lt's hard for me to explain.
lt's up to you whether to beIieve it or not.

lt's up to you.

lt's okay then.
We need to leave.

What are you doing here?

l came here to see you.

How can you be here?
Just now, weren't you...

That's enough.

lt's nothing.

Let's go upstairs.

Let me prepare you drinks.

We just had drinks just now.
We had enough.

lt's okay.

You guys can rest at the bench there.

I'm going upstairs to prepare some stuff.


What a flirtatious viIlage girI.

Such a useless guy.

He hasn't notice me who
has been with him all this while.

I don't understand why
he's so crazy over that girl.

He wouldn't trust
everything that we told him.

Why are you so emotional?

He refused to believe us.
There's nothing we can do.

You also know that Joe
doesn't has feeling for you.

Why are you still waiting for him?

l've been waiting for him for a long time.

I've done so many things for him?

But he hasn't noticed them one bit.

He doesn't appreciate me as well.

Let's put it this way.
Like what Kyla said.

l think you can move on.

Form what l can see, Joe really likes Sarah.

You can stop chasing him.

l know Joe, we're both men.

l don't think so.

lt's impossible that Joe
could falI for a girl who Iives...

l don't understand aIl these.

Just by looking at her house,
you know what l'm trying to say, right?

Do you notice another thing?

So many things have been haunting us.

l've something to show to you.

What's wrong with you?

What is it?


There's nothing.

l've something to ask you.

You said you've something to ask.

Why are you quiet?

l don't know where to start.

Who are you actually?


l mean, l just want to know your history.

Is it important for you to know all that?

lt is.

Whether we realize it or not, ...

... there are some things
that have been disturbing us.

When we were at the stall just now, ...

... there are some people
who taIked about your family.

l don't want to beIieve all that.

But based on what's happened to me...

... and my friends, ...

... l just want a confirmation from you.

lt's hard for me to explain.


... l don't understand
what is happenning either.

After my parents passed away, ...

... my sister and l stayed with Mek.

She loved us like her own daughters.

But l don't know what she's been doing.

That makes everyone hated her.

The villagers said...

... that she practiced black magic.

She kept demons.

She went into the jungle to meditate.

And much more.

lt's difficult.

Since we were little, ...

... we've been insulted and humiliated.


What about your sister?

l'd like to say something.

What is it?

You've been keeping a secret from me?

lf one day l'm no longer here with you, ...

... I want you to promise me
that you'll take care of yourself.

Where do you wnt to go?

l'm not going anyway.
Just in case.

Because I can't take care
of you forever.

l'm all grown up now.

l can take care of myself.

Don't you worry.

Whatever it is, l want you to remember.

That I really love you.

l only have you in this worId.

l only have you too in this worId.

l reaIly love you.

Don't leave me, okay?

No, l won't.

Promise me.

That night was the last time I saw my sister.

l don't know where else can l find her.

No one wants to help me.

Except for Abang Udin and Tok lmam.

But was it true that Mek Nab...

l don't know how to explain to you.

Don't worry.

l'm here.

I promise you...

... l'll take care of you.

It's getting late.

l think it's better for
you guys to have dinner here.

Let's go inside.

My stomach is so painful.

ls Sarah home?

Hang on?

You are...

Tania, stop behaving like this.
She has cooked for us.

Why are you still being nice to her?

Haven't you been through enough?

What else do want us to do?

We came here with Joe.

lt was you who insisted to folIow.

You're so annoying.

Are you sure you want
to stay here until tomorrow?

Let's go home tonight.

Let's just go home tomorrow.

It's getting late.

l don't have a heart to
leave Sarah here aIl alone.

What has been possessing you?

You don't beIieve any of my words.

What happened?

You guys wait here.
Let me go and check.

Sarah, l'll go with you.

Don't go, dear.
Please wait here.

l told you just now.

- Let's just go home.
- You may leave if you want.

Dear, I want to go home.

May l ask something?

l saw a Rebak in the back room.

Mek Nab was a Mak Yong's dancer.

She inherited it from generations.

l learned a little bit of the dance steps.

But l can't dance in front of other people.

What is Mak Yong?

Mak Yong used to be performed in the palace.

But the singing part is really good.

lt is so annoying.
lt's very hot in here.

Kyla, follow me.

Hurry up.

Your voice is good.

Let's eat.

Let me get it.

l call upon the new moon.

l call for l want to use you.

Show yourself, appear before me.

l will wait for you.

l call for you.
Show yourself.

l call upon our promise.

l worship the seventh heaven.

Become one with my body.

O my loyal companion.

Tania, stop behaving like this.
Sarah is innocent.

l don't think she's evil.

Tania, I'm talking to you.

Wait, I'd like to ask something.

Who is this lady in the photo?

I've seen her a few times around here.

Do you hear what l'm saying?

Hurry up.

Open up the unseen path.

Come bow to me.

Come and worship me.

What is happening?

You called me and I came to you.

l calI...

... and worship the seventh heaven.

Appear and become one with me.

Emerge with my body.

Don't do this, Mek.

There are all kinds of people.

Please have a pity for Tania.

She stole my possession.

My soul is suffering until now.

Let her feel the pain l feel.

Joe, please help me.

- What are you rambling about, Tania.
- You!

Loose lips sink ships.

You guys please settle this.
I don't have a heart to face this old lady.

Not only she's ugly,
she Iooks like an old hag too.

And you!

Don't you dream to be with my daughter.

Abang Udin, just now Tania and Mek...

l knew.

How did you know it?

Because I turned her to that.

You won't understand, Sarah.

You and Mek Nab won't understand.

No one will understand...

... what l feeI.

Take this, memorize and practice it.

l don't want Sarah and
Leha to know about this.

l'm passing my companion to you.

l've fell in love with her since long ago.

But why didn't she notice me?

Am l not good enough for her?

Until the day l feel...

... that l need to telI her the truth.

Yes, l like him.

l love him.

But why do you do this to me?

Please, abang.

Please don't do this to me.

Get up, Leha.
Look at me.

l reaIly love you.

l've love you all along.

No one else can have you.

What are you saying?

- You're like a brother to me!
- What are you saying?!

But l don't feel the same, Leha!

Let me go!

Wake up, Leha.

How can you have this bracelet at your house?!

Where's Leha?
l've been searching her alI around.

What are you saying?
l don't know where she goes!

You better tell me
where's Leha! TelI me!

Where's Leha?!

Don't you lie to me!
Tell me where's my daughter!

- l don't know, Mek Nab!
- Where's Leha?!

- Where's Leha?! Tell me!
- I don't know, Mek Nab.

l don't know!

l don't choose alI these.

l'm the victim of circumstances.

I'm confused, Sarah.

l don't know what else to do.

l feel ashamed towards you.

How could you do that, Abang Udin?

You bastard!
This is for you!

l came.

l hope...

... you are at peace there...

... with Mek.

I missed you.

l missed Mek too.

I have to be strong.

l have to learn to be independant.

Please pray for me.

Let's recite the Al-Fatihah for your sister.

There are many ways
to get rid of all the evil spirits.

Everything has been written in the Quran.

The easiest way is by
reciting the verse from Surah Ruqyah.

All the jinn and satan...

... will be get burned
when they heard the verse.

l call upon the new moon.

l call for l want to use you.

Show yourself, appear before me.
l will wait for you.

l call for you.
Show yourself.

l call upon our promise.

l worship the seventh heaven.

Become one with my body.

O my loyal companion.

Open up the unseen path.

Come bow to me.

Come worsship me.