Badge of Honor (2015) - full transcript

On her first day of the job, brand new Internal Affairs detective, Jessica Dawson (Mena Suvari), gets caught up in the aftermath of a violent drug bust that includes an officer shooting of an innocent young teenager. The facts, as reported by the two narcotic detectives, just don't seem to add up. As she struggles to find the truth, the ramifications of a single lie reverberate throughout the whole precinct. Soon she finds she can't trust anyone, including the precinct captain (Martin Sheen). In this gritty crime thriller that could be ripped from today's headlines, it's cop vs. cop in a deadly fight for honor.

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- F..k you!
- F..k me?

- Why don't you just shut up!
- Yeah, f..k you, you're lying!

You're driving me f..g crazy,
you irate f..g b..h!

- I can not believe this.
- You're gonna call me a b..h?

- F..k you! You're lying!
- F..k you! No, believe it!

- Call me a liar?
- Where were you, okay?

F..k always going on and on
and on!

I pay f..g half the rent

I don't want to hear it!

What the f..k are you...

You can't put two sentences

I f..g hate you!

- You f..g crazy?
- What the f..k, b..h?

- You called the f..g cops?
- F..k you! Get out!

- You called the f..g cops.
- Go f..g deal with it, big man.

F..g kids...

- Police, open up.
- You shut your f..g mouth!

Sir, this is the Seattle Police
Department! Open this door.

Can I help you with something?

We got a complaint of
a disturbance.

Ain't no disturbance, we's just

- Husband and wife s..t.
- Ma'am, are you all right?

- You ain't got to say nothing.
- Sir, away from the door.

- I told you, we was just arguing.
- We need to ask her that.

- You're under arrest.
- What the f..k for?

- For assaulting a police officer.
- Let me go.

- Get on your knees.
- I didn't f..g do nothing!

Get on your f..g knees!

Ma'am, I'm going to have to
arrest you if you don't stay back!


- F..k that.
- Let me go!

Stay back! Stay back!

You want to hit a cop, huh?
You want to hit a cop?

No, stop!

Let me go. Let me go. Please!

Stop! You're gonna kill him!

- He's gonna ice me up.
- He's gonna ice you up.

- Hey, Victor?
- What?

Bro, I'm a bounce, it's getting

It's a party, bro.

All right, whatever, man.

Good morning.


Do you want some?

Keep it.


Keep your f..g mouth shut and
let me do the talking.

- Who the f..k is this guy?
- He is with me.

- F..k that, bounce.
- Do you want this or not?

Okay, loco, there's two of them.

What you got for me, cowboy?

Where's the money?

Get the b..h's money.

This better be good s..t.

- Hey, Victor. I'm out.
- Where are you going?

What is this s..t?

You trying to f..k with me, b..h?

Seattle PD.


Put the f..g gun down!
Gun down!

Get down on your f..g knees!

Down! Get the f..k down!

Mike, secure that gun!

Shut the f..k up!

Don't f..g move!

Give me your hand.

Don't move. Don't f..g move!

- Get back inside!
- What...

Stop, police!

Mike, I lost my guy.
What's your 20?

Fourth floor hallway, I got one
loose in the building.

He's armed, heading down the
North stairwell.

All right, copy, I'm heading
to you. I'll cut him off.


No, no, no. F..k!
S..t, don't...

Jesus Christ, Mike.

F..k, I was coming around
the corner...

...he just looked like he
was coming at me. I didn't...

Call it in, man!
Call the f..g paramedics.

- Don't f..g die. F..k!
- He's already dead.

F..k! Goddamn it!

- Did anyone see you?
- No.

Okay, okay.

Give me that. Give me that gun
you grabbed from upstairs.

- What?
- Give me the f..g gun, Mike!


- No man, no.
- Listen to me.

Get the f..k out of the way.

Look, you were chasing a suspect
on the stairwell, okay?

He fired twice.

All right, you fired back.

No, no, I'm not doing this.

- I'm not doing this, man. No.
- Yes, you are.

- No, I...
- Yes, you f..g are.

You f..g idiot!

Listen to me!
F..g listen to me!

You will, you f..g will!

That was an accident, okay?

You're a good cop, Mike, and I'm
not gonna let you burn for that.

I mean, what's the alternative?

Right? I mean, he's dead. Okay?
He's dead.

You going to jail
ain't gonna bring him back.


Think about your family.
Think about your kid.


Look at me.
Have I ever let you down?

- No.
- No.

Okay, so you gotta trust me
right now.

Right now, you gotta
trust me, okay?

Because I'm
gonna fix this.

- Okay?
- Okay.

- Okay? We're good?
- Yeah. Yeah.

- Okay. Okay.
- Yeah. Yeah.

Okay, you did good, man, and I'm
gonna fix this. Okay?

Okay, you done good, man.
You done good.

I'll take care of it.

- Lewis, come with me, please.
- Hey, Captain.

- Johnny.
- Captain.

Make damn sure the press stays
away. It's a mess in there.

Charlie, good to see you.

Gallo, why didn't you guys call
for back- up?

We had no time, Captain.

My informant got a hold of me last

By the time Gallo and I
got down here, it all went down.

- Is that right, Gallo?
- Yes, sir.

David, come here.

- Yes.
- What happened in the stairwell?


The boy, David.
What the hell happened?

Look, Gallo was in pursuit, suspect
came out into the hallway...

...fired at him twice.

Mike pulled out his
gun and put a bullet in him.

- That kid fired twice?
- Yes.

- Gallo fired one round?
- That's right.

- And the kid fired first.
- Captain...

- You're sure of that.
- That's what I saw, sir.


Gallo, I'm really sorry,
it's a tough deal.

How are you holding up?

- I'll be okay.
- So the kid pulled a weapon...

...while you were in pursuit.
- Yes, sir.

- And he fired two rounds?
- Yes.

- How many rounds did you fire?
- One.

- You're certain of that?
- Yes, sir.

- And the kid fired first?
- Sure.

Are you sure? All right,
we're gonna go back inside...

...and go over everything
while it's still fresh, okay?


I waited up for you.

- How's he doing?
- Good.

You know, "he" could be a "she."

I shot a kid today.

Gallo, I know you're shook up.

Okay, but f..k, man, you were
just doing your job.

He couldn't have been more than
15, he was...

...standing in this hallway...

...and I thought he was
someone else.

The average person don't
know half the s..t...

...that we go
through on a daily basis.

Yeah, long night for me.

That could just as easily be you
lying on that floor...

...f..g bleeding to death,

Watched him take his last

Listen to me, the brass isn't
gonna give a s..t about...

...what you think you did
or didn't. They will crucify you.

I shot him.

He came to me the other

He said, "Mom, there's this girl,
and I really like her...

...and I want to take her to
the dance."

"And I'm thinking of maybe
buying her some flowers."

And I'm thinking, "Aw, that's so
sweet, with what money?"

- Anyways, I told him to get a job.
- Karen?

- Yeah?
- You have a call.

Maybe it's my trip to Hawaii.

Hi, this is Karen.

Where is he?

I'm so sorry, Karen.

You do not want to see him so.

Mijo, baby, no.



Who's the commanding officer?

No, no, I'll be at the office in
an hour.

- What was that about?
- Your husband.


- Captain.
- Good morning, Aaron.

- Morning, thank you for coming.
- My pleasure.

Well, we got a hell of a mess on
our hands here, Daniel.

15- year- old boy killed in a Wild
West shoot- out by your cops.

- It was a clean bust, Aaron.
- You call this clean?

IA started an official

Of course, that's standard.
I'll talk to Mattis.

Mathis isn't getting anywhere
near this one.

- Why not?
- I'm assigning it to someone else.

- Jessica Dawson.
- I do not know her.

She's new.

Just made detective, transferring
in from the East Precinct.

Apparently she's hated over
there. She...

...arrested her own partner...

...for beating a handcuffed
suspect half to death last year.

Is there a problem?
- No, no, just...

...we heard a lot about that case.

It's quite the road, Daniel.

There was something wrong with
this bust, just couldn't find it.

I'm not worried, Aaron.
Mike Gallo followed procedure...

...and he's a good cop.
- Well, they're all good cops...

...until they're not.

The kid pulled a gun
and fired first.


Aaron, there is a cooperating

- Detective Miles?
- Yes.

- Hardly credible.
- I beg your pardon?

He has a long history of

He's a loose cannon
and in my humble opinion...

...doesn't belong on the police

Well, thank heaven I don't run
my precinct...

...according to your opinions,

In my opinion, he's one of my
most effective men...

...and he is a decorated officer.
- They gunned down a little kid... the middle of an apartment
complex, Daniel.

No, no, no, they took
down a perpetrator...

...who was firing at the police!

It may be true.

It doesn't change the fact white
cop killed a brown kid...

...without as much as a

The press is gonna have a field
day with this... I need to remind you?

- I hold an elected office here.
- I'm well aware of that.

When the s..t hits the fan, and
I promise you, it's going to... isn't gonna be my a.s left
hanging out to dry.

Digging deep on this one.

Hate to see you get caught in the
fall- out.

Respectfully, in light of your
approaching retirement.

I mean, what do you got,
six months?


- What are you trying to say, Aaron?
- I'm just telling you like it is.

Okay. Is there anything else?

That's it for now.


- Thank you, Captain.
- Thank you.

Send in the Marlowe files,


Miss Rivera?

- I'm Officer Jones.
- Can I take my son now?

Ma'am, Ramon was found with a
firearm in his possession... the time of his death.

That's the reason the officer
opened fire.

What? What are you talking
about? That's not possible.

Ma'am, I understand
that this is not easy.

But I can assure you...

...we have very competant people
working on this.

Very competant?
Like the one who shot...

I want my son.

Honor Roll student, no priors,
no gang affiliation...

...not even as much as a
suspension from school...

...shoots an armed
police officer... point blank range in the
middle of the night.

Make sense to you, Detective?

I don't have enough facts to form
an opinion about the case, sir.

Why would I pick a...

...rookie detective with hardly any
experience in Internal Affairs... head this investigation?

Sir, I can't answer that.

Testified against your own
partner, didn't you?

Yes, sir.

He was found not guilty, as I

You on the other hand, were
transferred, given clerical duties.

You're a pariah.
You're a liability.

No commanding officer is ever
going to promote you.

Why did I pick you?

Because Internal Affairs...
This is all you got.

- So they just shot him?
- Yes.

- Why?
- Look, I don't know why, okay?

The f..g kid was just
standing there.

The cop shot him anyway.

How many times do I gotta
explain this to you?

Oh, my god.
Does he know you saw him?

I do not know.

- Maybe.
- They're gonna be looking for you!

- You think I don't know that?
- My God, Jacob...

...we have to get out of here.
- Where are we gonna go?

Where are we gonna go?

I don't know. I have a cousin in
Virginia, we can go stay with her.

Virginia? What the f..k are we
gonna do in Virginia?

Work a minimum wage job?
F..g scratch by.

- No! That's not for us!
- Look how we're living now?

Dude, you said that this was
the last deal.

You said that this was it.
You promised.

Well, the deal didn't go exactly
as planned now, did it?

- Fine, so forget it. Let's just go.
- We have no money, Angela.

- No food, no rent, nothing!
- So get a job!

Pull off me! Jesus Christ!

What the f..k I told you,
I'm handling this.

- Mommy?
- It's okay, baby.

Mommy and Daddy are just talking,

Hey, little man, hey, I'm sorry.
Did we scare you?

I'm sorry, look, I am gonna
handle this, okay?

So let me handle it.

What are you doing up so

I'll take you back to bed, huh?

- How are you doing?
- Busy.

Yeah, I know.
You're always busy.

What do you want, David?

Look, I was hoping that maybe I
could see you tomorrow.

I do not think so.

All I'm asking is maybe you
could meet me for lunch.

You do remember that we're
separated, right?

Yeah. I remember, I just...

I don't know, I just miss you.

Please, don't.

I had a really tough bust
this morning.

- And a kid got killed.
- Yes, I heard.

Look, I'm feeling a bit

...and you're the only friend
I got.

Did you sign the papers?




- David.
- Yes, I'll bring them with me.

Well, lunch.
Goodbye, David.

Listen, I just...

Bam, motherf..ker.

Jacob, where the f..k have you

Laying low, man.
That s..t was crazy.

Yeah, man, I can't believe we
got out alive.

Barely. Cops came in blasting.

- Did you hear about that kid?
- What kid?

From the news, man, the
one they killed.

Yeah, I heard he shot at the

- Crazy Mexican.
- F..g Mexicans.

No, man, that kid didn't do

F..g cop shot him
down in cold blood.

- You saw that?
- It was f..d up.

Yeah, listen, man, I don't think we
should be seen together now.

I don't need that kind of heat, so,
don't come around here no more.

Yeah, that's cool.

Thinking about getting out of town
anyways, I'm sick of this s..t.

I mean, as soon as I get my
money, I'm gone.


- Your money?
- Yeah, man.

- My cut.
- There is no cut.

That deal went to s..t.

Look, man, I know you took off
with all that money.

So just give me my cut,
and I'm gone.

What the f..k are you saying?

What the f..k are you
talking about, man?

You're lucky to be f..g alive
right now!

And how do I know you're not
the one who ratted us out... the f..g cops?

- Man, f..k you with that bulls..t!
- F..k me?

Yeah, I ain't no snitch!

Now give me the f..g money,
Samuel! I earned that s..t!

Turn him the f..k around!
Turn him the f..k around!

You don't raise your voice to me!

Give me this f..g arm.

You know what we do to snitches?

No, no, no, no, no!

Detective Dawson?

Captain Richards wants to see
you in his office.


Come in!

- Captain.
- Yes?

I'm Detective Dawson, Internal
Affairs, you wanted to see me?

Yeah, have a seat, please.

Thank you.

- I understand that you are new.
- I'm new to this precinct, yes.

- And new to IA.
- Yes.

- You want some coffee?
- No, thank you, sir.

Well, I don't know what you
were expecting...

...but I just want you to know,
in this precinct...

...IA is not a
separate division.

- It's not us against them.
- Understood.

I mean, I know you got a job to
do, I do, too.

I mean, I don't want a rogue police
officer in my department...

...any more than you do.

I just want you to remember that...

...we are all professional
policemen here...

...and policewomen,
too, of course.

And just doing our best to
protect and serve the community.

We're not the bad guys, okay?

- Of course.
- Okay.

So, you've been
assigned the Gallo case.

- Yes.
- How's it going so far?

I don't have all the facts yet,

- You got the reports, didn't you?
- I have them.

Has Officer Gallo been placed on
administrative leave?

Yes, until further notice.

- So, you're not suspending him?
- No.

No, that would depend on your

- I'd like to question him.
- Of course.

And the other officer at the
scene, Detective Miles?

Yes, both officers will be at
your disposal.

Thank you.

And I hope I can be of some
service, too.

Thank you, sir.

Well, any questions?

There will be.

- Well, I guess that'll be all.
- Thank you, sir.

Ms. Dawson?

Off the record, I hope you
won't mind my saying that...

...I was not expecting
someone so young.

Yeah, well, thanks for coming in.

- Is that mine?
- It's probably cold.

Look, I know I'm a little late,
I just...

- I had a bad morning.
- You picked the time, David.

Yeah, yeah, and you picked the

This was closest to both of us.

Yeah, maybe closest to you,

Do you even know where I stay?

Look, you'll have the house back

...I'm almost finished moving
my things out.

I already told you I don't want
the house, okay?

You can stay
there as long as you want.

I'm fine.
I'm moving in with a friend.

A friend?

I get it, yes.

Yeah, f..g your boss fits

...into your upwardly
mobile career plan.

You're such an a.shole!
I don't even know why I bother.

I'm happy for you, Rebecca.

No, I really am, I...

The single life is working
out perfectly for me, too.

I mean, I have all sorts of

Like being married ever stopped

You left me.

You know what? I'm not having
this conversation any more.

Did you bring the papers?

S..t, the papers.
I forget them, I...

Why are you making this more

Because I still love you.

Rebecca, look at me.

And tell me that you still
don't think about me.

I have a meeting, I have to go.

Jesus Christ, we just got here.

No, you just got here. I've been
here for 30 minutes, remember?

Just sign the papers and drop
them off at the house, please?

Rebecca, listen.

- Hi, guys.
- Hey, Captain.

What are you doing, kid?

Just figured I'd bring
some of this stuff home.

Why? You're not planning on
coming back?

Look, this is a temporary

It's all pending the investigation.

- Am I gonna be okay?
- Why wouldn't you be?

Don't beat yourself up, son.

What we do is a tough job and
sometimes these things happen.

- Yeah, no, you're right.
- Detective Dawson is an honest cop.

Just tell her your side of the
story. That's all you have to do.

- Okay?
- Yes, sir.

And leave your stuff here.
It's safe.

Well, look at that.

Now that's a baby boy.
You hear that?

That's your baby's heartbeat.

It's a healthy baby boy, guys.


Do you remember the night in


I must inform you that...

...this interview is part of a
criminal investigation.

- Do you understand that?
- I do.

For the record, you've chosen
not to have an attorney present.

Is that correct?

- Do I need one?
- Just answer the question.

Yes, ma'am, that is correct.

Detective, failure to answer my
questions directly...

...or tampering with any aspect
of this investigation...

...or interrogation
may result in punitive action.

Are you new?

Everyone keeps asking me that.
Why does that matter?

Do you mind if I smoke?

Yes, I do.
This is a non- smoking building.

Take your gun off the table,

I have some questions for you.

- Who authorized this operation?
- I did.

And did you get clearance from
anyone at the department first?

No time. I got a tip.
I moved on it. It panned out.

And no money was recovered,

- That's what was in my report, yes.
- I have read it.

What time did you arrive at the

It was after dark.

We were told the deal was
gonna go down around 8:00 pm.

And your assignment?

We were positioned just outside
the building.

Miles had the intel.

How long were you investigating
this operation?

This group's jib hit the streets
about a year ago.

I've been tracking them for
about three months.

Who informed you on the details
of the exchange?

I wasn't led in on that

Did you know how many perps were

Nobody told me that information,

Did you know any of the suspects
prior to the bust?

- No.
- Yet you identified Ramon Rivera... one of the drug dealers.

You ever been out in the field,

- Yes I have.
- You ever been shot at?

- Someone wanted to kill you?
- I don't see how that's relevant.

No, you don't!

Maybe that's why you ask such
stupid f..g questions!

- Tell me about Ramon Rivera.
- I don't know anything about him.

Look, what happened was

...but there was so much
s..t going on already...

...and I'd already been shot at
so many times, that...

You made a mistake?

No, I defended myself.

- He shot at you first?
- Yes.

- Yes.
- Yes, he shot first.

- Once, twice?
- I saw two shots, I heard two.

- I've f..g heard two shots.
- Heard or saw?

He was shooting at me, once,
twice, he had a gun.

He was shooting at me.

- And you fired back?
- Yes.

So you're telling me that this
15- year- old kid...

...with no criminal record was
involved in this huge drug deal?

Cincinatti Ohio...

...13- year- old kid writes a book
report on Huckleberry Finn.

Teacher gives him a C- minus.

Next day, that same kid comes to
school with his daddy's gun...

...and he blows away his teacher
and 18 others.

Then that little b..h puts
the gun in his own mouth...

...and blows his own f..g
brains out.

Violence happens every day,

So don't give me some
bulls..t story...

...about some great
kid who wouldn't harm a fly...

...because I ain't f..g
buying it.

You were involved in another
police shooting, is that correct?

I'm involved in a lot of
shootings, yep.

An unarmed motorist?
You cut him off?

I was cleared on that.

Not exactly.

Case was settled
with the victims family...

...and you were placed on
disciplinary leave.

Do you have a problem
controlling your anger, Detective?

What do you think?

Is that the reason your ex- wife
filed for a...

...restraining order
against you?

And aren't you also in the
middle of a second divorce...

...with your current wife?

I don't see how that's relevant.

You don't?

That's all I need for today.

In case there's something you
may have forgotten.

I don't forget anything.

- A b..h, huh?
- I've seen worse.

All that bulls..t about my
personal past.

F..g cheap shots.

Did she say anything that wasn't

Did you?

Do you want to ask me something,

I asked you a direct question,

Did you say anything in there
that wasn't true?

Don't tell me you believed
that bulls..t.

What I believe is...

...that there is a very clear line
separating us from the bad guys.

It's called honor.

Your father believed that,
too, right up to the end.

I stood in for him when you
graduated from the Academy.

And I've always backed you.

Even when no one else in this
precinct would.

So I'm asking you now, man to
man, on your honor... there more to this case
than you're telling me?

I can't believe that you would
even ask me that.

You have to go to the police,

- They could have killed you.
- I can't do that.

I just need to
figure this thing out.


No, I can't.
I can't do this anymore.

I just need...

I just need a couple days.

You said that a couple of days ago.

Nothing's better.

We don't even have food in the

I can fix this thing.

- Trust me.
- Trust you?

What happens the day you don't
come home?

What am I supposed to tell Adam?

I'm leaving, Jacob...

- With or without you.
- Angela...

I'm not letting my son grow up
in this s..t.



- No, no, no need for that.
- Stay away from me.

Or what?
Are you going to shoot me?

- I'm not armed.
- What do you want?

Do you think you're better than me?

Questioning me like I'm the
bad guy?

You asked me about my anger

Let me tell you what
makes me angry.

Bureaucrats like you who have no
f..g idea...

...what it takes to
survive in the streets.

Who the f..k do you think keeps
you safe at night?

I've seen a hundred cops like
you come through...

...thinking they're hot s..t.

But as soon as they get out in
the real world, they break.

What kind of a f..g cop
throws his partner under a bus?

A man with a wife and a kid.

And you destroy him for
doing his job.

It must be real lonely being
such a b..h, huh?

Maybe that's it.
Maybe you're lonely.

Maybe I can help you out with that.

Back up.

Back up, detective.

You got me.

You have a nice night.

What kind of a f..g cop throws
his partner under the bus?

A man with a wife and a kid.

Let him go! No!

Rodriguez, he's subdued!
Stand down.

Back off, Dawson!
Mind your suspect!

Officer Rodriguez, put down your

He's killing him! Please!

I'm your partner.

He's killing him!

Drop it, now.

Thank you.

What is going on?

This is Detective Dawson, she's
here to talk to you about the case.

I know who she is.
What are you doing here?

I questioned the tenants at that

Ramon was there quite frequently... visit his friend Victor,
including that night.

I spoke with Victor as well, and
Ramon never had a weapon on him...

...that day or any other day of his

I don't have anything else to
say to you.


Brittany, stay out of this.
You need to leave.

Are you covering up for
your partner?

Already gave you my statement.

I looked at your record, Michael.
You're not like Miles.

If it was an accident,
I can help you.

Ramon never fired at you that
day, did he?

He didn't even have a gun.

One way or another, the truth
will come out.

Goodbye, detective.

One life lost in this community... one life too many.

This is why I will bring the
full force of my...

And I promise you, we're gonna
look at this from every detail...

...because every life matters.

Ramon's life matters.

Ms. Rivera, we are very sorry
for your loss.

I can't even begin to understand
how difficult this must be for you.

But Officer Mike Gallo has
a stellar record.

- No prior shootings.
- He's lying.

There was a witness to his

They're both lying.

- Ms. Rivera.
- You're all lying!

Ms. Rivera, were you aware that
your son was using drugs?

The autopsy report shows traces
of marijuana in his blood... the time of his death.

You never saw any warning signs?

Mrs. Rivera, nobody wants to
think that...

...their children can be
involved in something like this.

But with the evidence at hand,

...really nothing more we
can do.


You don't shoot somebody
for smoking marijuana.



Shut the f..k up down

Get out. Get the f..k out!

Get out!

Sammy, you hidin' out, mijo?

You didn't think I'd find you?

No, man, I'm not hiding out on

Just have to lay low in a
safe place.

And this is a safe place?

Nobody f..ks with me here.

Except you.

Where the f..k's my money?

- Under the bed.
- Yes. Of course.

You really f..d s..t up, huh?
You could have got us killed.

I told you to come alone.

Oh, yeah, right, with you and...

...your f..g trigger- happy
friends, right?

Why don't you tell that to your

He's the one that
killed some kid.


What, you didn't think I knew you were covering s..t up?

F..k, you better watch your
back, man.

- Are you f..g threatening me?
- No, man, I'm just f..g saying.

- What did you say?
- I did not say anything.

- Who the f..k did you tell?
- I didn't tell anybody, man.

- What do you f..g know?
- I don't f..g know, it's Jacob.

He's going around telling everybody
how you guys shot some unarmed kid.

- All right? I did...
- Don't you f..g look at me!

Okay, okay, but you said that,
man, I didn't say s..t!

- Who the f..k is Jacob?
- He's a nobody, man.

I only brought him on the run...

...because you said you were
gonna bust everybody, right?

It's not my f..g fault that
you guys let him get away.


Listen to me, listen to me,
look at me, man, look at me.

Okay, come on, come on, all right?

Why would I say anything?

With the s..t I know on you

You f..g...


F..k you, man!
What the f..k was that?

- Who the f..k is this guy?
- I don't f..g know!

- Where the f..k is he?
- I tuned him up a few days ago.

Nobody has seen him since.


F..k, okay, f..k. Okay, f..k.

All right, this is what we're
gonna do.

You are gonna find this f..g
guy and you're gonna make sure...

...he does not open his f..g

- I didn't f..g agree to this.
- Just find him you'll get the rest.

Look, man, this is bulls..t, I'm
not gonna f..g...

F..g find him!


So what are we gonna do?

The only thing we can do, Mike.

I mean, if he hasn't told anybody

...he's probably not gonna talk,

- He probably wants to disappear?
- Are you f..g kidding me?

He's already talking, how do you
think I found out?

Do you want to take that chance,
Mike? Because I sure as f..k don't.

We need to find this guy...

...and we need to make sure he
doesn't tell anybody else.

Are you okay?

Richards suspended me.

Yes, I heard.

How deep does this rabbit hole

As deep as it needs to, Mike.



I made you breakfast.

- I need three people for dry wall.
- Yes, here.

Hey! Anyone here speak English?

You, you, and you, get in the

So, are you gonna come back to

I don't know, I haven't been
feeling so good.

My grandmother died last year.

My mom said that maybe...

...I can see my grandmother

- You think you will?
- Yes.

I think you'll see your
brother, too.

- I hope you come back to school.
- I will.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Hi.
- Hey.

You must be Amanda.

I'm Jessica Dawson.
I'm with the police.

Is your mom home?

She is inside.

Can you tell her that I'd like
to talk to her?

She doesn't want to talk to anyone.
She just sleeps all the time.

Did the police find out who shot
my brother?

That's what I'd like to talk to
your mom about.

My brother never hurt anyone.

- Is that yours?
- Yeah.

- Ramon was teaching me to ride.
- He was?

He was good on the bike.

Every day after school, he would
try to teach me some tricks.

I would practice a lot on my
own, too.

I was getting good.

I'm sure he would be very
proud of you.

Can I help you?

Hi, Mrs. Rivera, I'm Detective
Jessica Dawson...

...I'm with Internal Affairs.

- Do you have a...
- Amanda, get inside.


I don't want any of you people
coming near my daughter.

Do you understand?

I completely understand.

I'm only here to ask you a few

There's nothing to talk about.
You people shot and killed my boy.

Now you want to come and tell me
he was a criminal?

You can all rot in hell for all
I care!

Mrs. Rivera, please!

I know that
your son wasn't a criminal.

I'm trying to prove that!

So what do you got for me?

Jacob's holed up with some b..h
on the Westside...

...Angela Flores or some s..t.
- Here's the address.

- You're sure he's there.
- Yeah, he's there.

They got a kid together, all right?
So he's always home.

All right.

He's working as a day laborer.

You don't have to worry, man,
the kid's scared s..tless.

He's not gonna be a
problem for you.

I'm not worried about him.

You want to make another five

What do I gotta do?

I got another little problem you
might be able to help me out with.

It doesn't bother you...

...that there was
no money recovered at the scene?

No, field work rarely goes by
the book.

The entire operation was a
disaster, sir.

Five bad guys, two dead,
one in custody...

...50 pounds of meth off
the street.

I'd say it was a disaster for
the bad guys.



It would be six bad guys...

...if you include the boy that
Officer Gallo killed.

You said five.

You know that Ramon Rivera had
nothing to do with that drug deal.

I don't know that for a fact,

But there is something I need to
share with you.

We've gotten a lot of phone
calls on this case...

...but none like this one.

I know who shot that boy.

What boy, ma'am?
Please slow down.

The one on the news.

He didn't even have a gun.
He wasn't even a part of it.

My boyfriend was there, he knows

He saw everything.

They were chasing after him and
now they're trying to kill him.

He saw it. He saw the cop
kill that little kid.

Play it again.

I know who shot that boy.

What boy, ma'am?
Please slow down.

The one on the news.

He didn't even have a gun.
He wasn't even a part of it.

Hey, did you get my message?


- You're not gonna invite me in?
- No.

What's going on?


- This thing's clean.
- Put that away.

- It's clean, okay?
- This is my neighborhood, man.

It's clean, it can't be traced
back to either one of us.

Mike, come on, it's the last
thing we need to do.

Okay? Then it's over.

This is the last thing
I need to do.

It's the last thing I need to do,
for you, until the next last thing.

What the f..k is your problem?
I have done f..g everything!

All you need to do is take this
motherf..r out.

Take him out?
Listen to yourself.

- I'm not a f..g murderer, man.
- Yes?

Tell that to that kid's mom.

Okay, get the f..k out of here!
I'm done! I'm done!

You're f..g done when I say
you're done.

- Mike.
- Stay inside, Brittany.

- David, what's going on?
- Brittany.

It's cool, Mike. It's cool.

We'll see you around, Britt.


- Hello?
- I'm ready to talk.

- I'll tell you everything.

But you need to promise you'll
take care of my family.

I can't do that, but if you make
your statement...

...I can promise to
tell the truth.

Not over the phone, it's gotta
be in person.

- All right, tell me where.
- 3615 West 10th Street.

Okay, all right.
I'm leaving now.

Easy, easy now.

Where have you been all my life,

The big dog's got you now, huh?

This is just gonna be fun for
you and me. Okay?

You f..g little b..h!
Come on!


- I'm really proud of you.
- It's just temporary.

To make a little more than we're
out of here.

I love you.

Grab Adam, I'll take the


Come on, baby. We're home.
Adam bubby.

Wake up, bubby.
We are here.

Oh, my little munchkin pie.

Hey, munchkin. Did you have a
good nap?

Ready to sleep?
I found your pajamas.

Oh, my god!

I just had that set of keys.


Yeah, I need a Washington state
plate ran...

...4- 5- 7- Foxtrot- Sierra-Indigo.

- Is she still in there?
- Yes.

- What floor?
- Third floor.

All right.

- Are you okay?
- Yes.

- What happened?
- I don't know...

...he just rushed me
at the door.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

- This guy was at the bust.
- What?

Before I shot the kid, this is the
guy that ran off with the money.



Mike, what's your 20?

- This is Miles.
- No, no, no.

Yes, Michael, you know it.

- You sure about this?
- Yes.

I been in there a hundred
f..g times.

There's a door in the back room.

It's a no- brainer.

All right, well, don't f..k it up!

I want all eyes on Detective
David Miles. Now, Officer!

Do it.

Can I get a location on
Detective Miles?

No one has seen him all day.

But he did call in a license plate
15 minutes ago.

Angela Flores.

I know who shot that boy.

My boyfriend was there.
He saw everything.

He saw the cop kill
that little kid.

You know who that is?

He asked for the address of her
next of kin.

- What address?
- Can I get that address?

475 North Baker Street,
Isabel Flores.

- What are you doing?
- I'm going after them.

No, no, no, no, you can't.

Send a unit to Angela Flores'

And get Captain Richards
on the phone now.

I want an APB put out
on Detective David Miles.

- Jessica! You don't know this guy!
- He tried to have me killed, Mike!


No, Mommy, I gotta get out of
here, Mom. I gotta get out of town.

They killed Jacob.

They killed him, Mom,
and they're gonna kill me, too.

- Then let's call the police then!
- No, we can't call the police, Mom!

The police are the ones that killed
Jacob. Aren't you listening to me?

- I can't call the police!
- What's the matter with you?

Mom, I just need to leave.

Mom, Mom, I need your help.

Please, I need your...
Please, $100, Mom.

I'll pay you back. Please?
You're not listening to me.

Please! Help me!
Why, Mom, please help me!

I need your help, Mom!
They killed Jacob.

They killed him and I have to
get out of here.

No, we can't call the police!
Mom, please!

Let's go!
Mom, who is that?

- Who is that, Mom?
- I don't know.

- Do you know who that is?
- No.

Oh, my god, Mom, he has a gun.
Mom, we have to go!

That's him!
That was the guy at the door!

That's the guy, Mom! That's him!
We gotta go! Please!

- That's the guy.
- Seattle PD.

Mom, we have to get out of here.

Mom, that's the guy!


Sit there.

Help me! Will you help me?

Open the f..g door!

Open the door! Seattle PD!

Open the goddamn door!


- Mijo, Mijo!
- Open the f..g door, b..h!

F..g w..e!
Open the f..g door!

For f..k sake!

You motherf..r!

Open the f..g door, b..h!

That's his car.



Jessica, wait, wait, wait, wait!

- You okay? You hit?
- No.

- F..k.
- Stay here.


David, it's over, man.

It's over.

You're gonna draw on me, Mike?

I saved your a.s.

I did all this s..t for you!

No, David, no, you did it for
the money.

Yeah, I know. People know,
you can't kill everybody.

If you do this, we are both

This ends now! Okay, put it all
on me. I don't care anymore.

No, I can't let you do this,

...because I won't do the time.
I can't do the time.

And neither can you.

I shot that kid, man.
That could have been my son.

I can't live with that.

You think they're gonna let you

Just because you confessed?

They're gonna f..g burn you,

So be it.

I'm not gonna shoot you, man.

You're my partner.

But I gotta tell the truth.

I gotta do it.

I'm sorry, partner.

But I can't let you do that.



Mike, stay with me.
Just breathe, okay? Just breathe.

Oh, my god.

- It was an accident.
- I know.

I know.

Tell my son that
I did the right thing.

Just breathe, just breathe,


Oh, my god.


This is what you're submitting
to me as your final report?

Yes, sir.

So you expect me to believe that
Detective Miles...

...acted alone in
this entire cover up?

It's all in the report, sir.

And you do realize that this
contradicts even...

...Detective Gallo's previous
statements on this case?

I do.

In light of this... is your recommendation
that the Gallo family receive...

...full benefits...

...for his meritorious
service to this community?


Are you willing to testify to
these facts, Detective?

I can only tell the truth, sir.

I don't see where we need to

...any more of the people's
resources on this matter.

I'm gonna consider the case closed.

Thank you, sir.