Bade Miyan Chote Miyan (1998) - full transcript

Fellow Police Inspectors Arjun and Pyare work in the same Police Station in Mumbai, India. Although they work together, they have an unhealthy rivalry between them - leading to considerable acrimony and inefficiency. Then things get worse when a series of crimes and robberies take place - with witnesses coming forward and identifying them as the culprits. Their seniors view this matter very seriously, hold an inquiry, get evidence of their involvement, and suspend them. Now Arjun and Pyare must fore-go all past rivalries, band together and find out who framed them - and why?

"The elder brother is great but the younger brother is amazing!"

"The elder brother is great but the younger brother is amazing!"

"The elder brother is great but the younger brother is amazing!"

"The elder brother is great but the younger brother is amazing!"

Hurry up! Come on, fast.

It's me, Brother.

How many times have I told you not to touch me from behind?

I consider anybody touching me from behind, as my enemy.

Fortunately I had a brush in my hand.

Had I been holding a knife or a gun you would have been lying dead.

Tell me, what's the matter? - Party has come to buy weapons and RDX.

May I bring him here tomorrow? - No! Not here.

I never do business from here.

People think that I am a sculptor. I am an artist here.

I make beautiful sculptures.

What I hide in them, only I know.

Not here! - Where will you meet him? - ln a hotel, in any room.

What if I'm caught doing business here?

I'm very fearful of being beaten up by the police.

They hang you upside down and thrash you with a sticks.

I've heard that two new inspectors have come.

Arjun Singh and Pyare Mohan.

I wonder how they are.

What's going on?

Can't you see me sharpening the saw?

Do you take me for an idiot?

What is there to take you for? You are an idiot. - Hey!

I know everything.

You are planning to escape.

You must take me too. - Hey!

Hey, are you out of your mind?

My mind is perfectly sound but if it goes bad

I'll start shouting. - Hey!

Hey, why are you doing that? - Don't do that.

You are a weird fellow. - I have to be. - Hey!

Why are you being jealous if two brothers are trying to escape?

If three brothers escape together

that will make me very happy.

Do you want to swallow the rice that we have cooked?

We have worked for four nights to cut these bars.

And you want... - To get out so easily.

Hey Head Constable! - Hey!

Okay you too come along quietly. - Come on.

Come on.

Fly away, bird!

Greetings, sir.

Hey... - Hey, wait!

We've come out of the jail. But what now?

There must be blockade everywhere.

We can't even buy a change of clothes. - True.

You helped me escape

so, now it's my duty to help you somehow.

How can you help us? - What do you mean?

I'll take you to my boss

who can send you out of country overnight.

Tell us his whereabouts. - Shall I tell you his name?

Yes! - Sundar Kala.

Welcome, Khalim Dile.

Sundar Kala is proud of his men.

Like a lion, my men can finish my enemies.

And like a bird, they can fly out of the jail.

Look at him. We did all the work and praise goes to him.

Speak up!

It'll take time to explain. - What's that? - Wait!

They are very useful. The helped me escape from jail.

You can keep them. They are very useful. - Fine!

If you insist, I'll keep them. You both are appointed.

Boss! We've been surrounded by the police. - Oh, God!

Everybody, stay where you are!

Don't try anything clever Sundar Kala!

All my men are armed with gun in hand and a pistol in pocket.

Your men have guns but you don't.

It's cheating. You have two! I've none. Give me one. - Quiet!

Mr. Sundar Kala, can I say something?

Why do you want to blacken your clean hands by killing him?

I can take care of him for you.

First you jailed us now you want to jail Sunder!

Scram! Mr. Sundar Kala, give us a chance to show loyalty.

Give these revolvers to us. - Give it.

You give us order and then see. - Give it. - Fine, take it.

Give. Now order us. - Kill him.

Hey! - Hey!

Hey, Khalim Dhile, have they gone mad?

Talk to them. - Hey, what are you doing?

If you pull the trigger, boss' brains will come out

of his cap. - We escaped from jail to catch your boss!

That's why we brought you here, idiot!

That's cheating! - It isn't cheating, it's setting.

But who are these two?

Meet me! I'm Inspector Arjun Singh.

And I'm Inspector Pyare Mohan.

Pyare Mohan. - Arjun Singh.

No... You deliberately punched me all over.

Sundar Kala had his revolver aimed at your temple.

Had we not punched you in time, he'd have shot you dead.

Instead of warming you, your family would've been weeping.

And the warmth you'd be getting would be from your funeral pyre.

And forgive us, sir, we'd have been standing there to salute you.

Why are you talking about my hypothetical death scenario?

We aren't talking about death, we are talking about saving you.

Yes, we risked our life to save you and we also caught the criminals.

Instead of appreciating it, you're weeping over a couple of punches!

Go! Get out of here and don't show me your faces.

Why, sir? - We get paid for showing our faces to you.

I beg of you, you can take an off today, please go from here.

Thank you, sir. - Thank you, sir.

Hey, Seema.

Don't talk with me. You're late again.

What can I do? That person drives so slowly!

You never come alone. You always bring some excuses with you.

I think I'd stop seeing you. - What do you mean?

I mean, I should marry you.

Were you scared?

I want this the same. But who'll pacify my brother?

He's growing older, but neither does he care for himself.

nor for me. - What can I do then?

So, until he's a bachelor, shall I also remain one? - Perhaps...

What do you mean by perhaps? Tell your mom

to get him married. - Hey! - Your mom should get him married.

Okay. - If he gets married then I can marry as well.

Anyway, I am always afraid.

What will your brother think when he finds out about us?

He never has good things to say about me.

Perhaps I'm little naughty. - Yes.

I want to file a complaint against Arjun Singh.

What is my crime? - Not getting married.

See, we're a small happy family of three members.

My mother, my sister and I.

When the fourth member comes, who knows what her nature will be?

Will she be able to run this home? Will she serve my mother or not?

I want to avoid these problems.

You can't escape with such excuses.

If every man thinks like him nobody will ever get married.

From youth till old age, girls will remain unmarried. World will end.

After hearing arguments from both sides, Home Minister concludes

that either you select a girl of your own choice and marry her

or I will do that by force.

Look at your age. After sometime we'll hesitate to ask any girl.

Oh, no! As you like.

If the proceeding is over, can I get something to eat?

If you're ready for marriage then food is also ready, Brother.

Wow! The food looks great! - You? - Yes, me.

Greetings, ma'am. - God bless you.

Sit and eat. - Look, a mother's heart.

When kids eat, a mother's heart is delighted.

And there are some people who become jealous.

How dare you come to this house! - What're you doing?

Let him eat.

You live alone in Mumbai, you should always come here to eat.

I think I'd have breakfast too.

If a man takes good breakfast, his entire day passes pleasantly.

Okay then, you should come here for breakfast every day.

Seema, prepare a room for me. - Hey...

I'll leave for work from here. - Get out. - What's the matter?

Son... - Get out.

I'm being insulted... - What're you doing?

If you love him so much, have some food sent to his house.

Why do you treat him like this? What evil do you see in him?

The evil that I see in him, you can't see.

Just a minute! - Yes. You bring my meals. - Get lost!

Very good. Excellent.

You have many good weapons.

But this time it is going to be a very big order.

How big will be the order?

Ten times bigger than the last order.

Even if it is twenty times bigger, Zorawar can easily handle it.

Really! Superb! - Please sit.

Mr. Zorawar, you have a big bungalow

but why do you hold meetings in a hotel?

What are hotels meant for? For meetings among people like us.

Book a room in anybody's name and just close the door.

What goes on behind the closed door nobody will know.

This room has been booked in the name of Jamshed.

You'll ask who's Jamshed.

When I don't know myself, how will the police know?

I am afraid of the Mumbai police.

They beat you up with canes.

I am not afraid of death. I am afraid of the police.

What happened? - I want to go to bathroom.

Yes, please?

Hi. - Hi.

Open this door. - It has the 'Do not disturb' tag.

That's why I cannot open it.

Come on, open.

Don't open the mouth. Open the door.

Mr. Zorawar is taking quite a long time.

I think he is worried about the police.

Move it!

What are you doing?

Are you watching a super-hit competition?

What will you do? Do you want to get me arrested?

Don't you know I'm very afraid of the police?

Just give me the video cassette.

Zorawar! This is the proof of your illegal deeds.

You won't be spared! - I have pain in my neck

so, I can't bend. Give me the video cassette quickly.

As long as I am alive you won't get this cassette.

Maybe I'll take it after you are dead.

He's gone.

Oh... You're lucky.

He was watching it on TV.

You've seen the live telecast.

What should I do with you? It is not your age to die.

And your body is too delicate for putting a bullet in it.


Look, your confusion and shaking won't serve any purpose.

A police inspector was murdered in that hotel.

And I won't spare the murderer of my inspector.

Give your complete statement. - Yes.

Is this the way to talk to a girl?

I know our inspector has died but this girl is so perplexed. - Pyare.

Please don't disturb. I'm taking her statement. Yes, tell me.

First, have some water. Don't worry.

Get relaxed. Relax. - Thank you.

Yes. - Thank you. - It's okay.

Now. - Speak up. - Speak up! - Yes.

Isn't that too much? - Pyare, please don't disturb.

Yes, Ms. Madhu, please speak.

Had I not ran

he would have killed me too. - No...

Don't be afraid. Police is with you.

We're with you. Don't worry.

If you see that man again can you recognise him?

Yes. - We're not going to bother you anymore.

Just write your phone number and address on this pad.

After we find the murderer, we'll contact you.

Come on, I'll take you home.

At this time she needs a friend rather than a police officer.

I don't think you can do it better than me. Please come with me.

Do you live alone in this city?

No, sir. My friend Neha lives with me. Just there.

So, you live here. - Yes. My flat is over there.

Okay. I'll go now. When you catch the murderer

call me for inspection. - Here we go.

I helped you, entertained you from police station to here

just to hear this! - Sorry. Did I say anything wrong?

You broke my heart.

Will we meet only after we find the criminal? - I don't get you!

Would you mind if I invite you for tea or dinner? Would you?

Of course not. You have my phone number. - Yes, I'll use it.

Please do.

If you're afraid or suspect anyone, give us a call. - Sure.

If you see that man... - Thank you. - Take care. - Bye.

Madhu! Why did you take so long? I was so worried.

I called you at hotel and found somebody had been murdered.

A police inspector was in a hotel room. He was murdered.

Who did it? - I saw the murderer.

I went to police station to report. - How did you come from there?

Pyare dropped me. - Pyare? - Yes.

Inspector Pyare Mohan.

He's a gem of an inspector! I was frightened to see the murder

but he calmed me and made me feel better.

He was very nice and we developed good friendship.

He'll call up someday and invite me for tea or dinner.

You'll eat when you're invited

but I'm starving because of you.

Serve the food, I'll join you. - Okay. Come fast.

Oh, my child, my baby

my favourite kid...

I found you at last!

My burden has been lightened.

I searched you everywhere.

And you were reporting to police. You were giving your statement.

I'm so afraid of police. - He can't sleep.

He can't eat. And you're having nice dinner. - Oh!

Food is served! Let me see.

It looks so tasty. - What are your plans for this girl?

She must be killed. I've no other choice.

She understands that. - Shall we eat something?

Yes, let's eat first. It's hot.


One witness is not yet dead another has come to die!

How much sin does God want me to commit?

Where did she fall? - She ran away.

Go and get her, else she too will go to police.

Where is she?

She had a friend, Neha. Find out where Neha is.

Hello, commissioner of police...

Shyamlal speaking. - Hello?

No. I want to talk to Pyare Mohan.

He is not here, but you seem to be worried. Tell me. I can help.

I'll can only tell Pyare Mohan. - Tell me. Don't hesitate.

I'm Madhu's friend I've seen her getting murdered.

Tell me more about it. - No, I'll only tell Pyare Mohan.

Pyare Mohan is here. He just came.

Some girl is calling. She has witnessed Madhu's murder.

She only wants to talk to Pyare Mohan.

So, have her talk with Pyare Mohan. Why are you asking me to talk?

Pretend to be Pyare Mohan and talk to her. That's my order.

Come on.

Hello? - Talk like Pyare Mohan. - Sir, he talks like this.

I could have talked like that! - Then go ahead and talk.

Okay, sorry. Talk to her.

This is Pyare Mohan speaking. - I am Neha, Madhu's friend.

They have killed Madhu.

I want to meet with you.

I want to tell you everything. - Where are you calling from?

Where is she calling from? Sorry... Ask her again.

Where are you calling from? - I..

I'm calling from a public booth across from Sitara hotel.

Don't worry. I'll be there soon.

Where is she calling from?

Sir, there is a public booth across from Sitara hotel.

You go immediately.

Sir, send Pyare when he comes. - What if he comes after 2 hours?

Then what can I do, sir? - Look Arjun Singh

she is a very important witness in Madhu's case.

Go there as Pyare Mohan, talk to her in his style. That's my order!


Leave me!

You too are that murderer's man You have come to kill me.


What are you doing? Have you gone crazy?

I'm Inspector Pyare Mohan. - How can I believe?

You don't even have a badge!

Okay then. I'm going back to the police station.

Call there. I'll pick the phone. I'll come back again.

No... Please wait. I'm perplexed.

I don't know whom should I trust and whom I should not.

You trust me. Let's go. - Where?

To Pyare Mohan's house. I mean, my house.

You have no danger there. Please come.

Come on.

Don't worry. This is a policeman's house. There's no danger here.

Wait here. I'll pick up the key. - Okay.

Salute, sir.

Sir, Pyare sir is not home. - Yes, I know. I want key to his flat.

Key! But why? - Don't ask question.

Key, but why, sir? - You're questioning again!

S-Sorry, sir. Sorry.

Listen. - Yes? If Pyare Mohan comes, don't let him come upstairs.

Okay, I understand. - What did you understand?

I'd stop him here, shouldn't let him go up, as you're going up.


Come. You're safe in this house.

Nobody will bother you here. Because it's a policeman's home.

Here... Be careful, there's a stair.

Nobody will find you here. It's a policeman's house.

It's very hot here. - It's hot. I'll put on the fan.

The fan... The switch is over there.

The fan is here.

You turned on the light. - Oh yes. I turned on the light.

You turned on the light again. - Yes.

Yes, I turned on the light again.


Oh, yes! Here it is.

The fan is working now.

Where is your bedroom? - Bedroom!


ln fact all rooms are my bedrooms. I live alone. I sleep everywhere.

It's my style.

You... can rest in this one. It's my favourite.

May I? - Okay.

Oh, okay. Doors at the police station all open inside.

You have photos of so many girls. Are they your girlfriends?

No. They aren't my girlfriends. They are all 'wanted'!

You must be hungry, I'll get something from kitchen.

I'll get something...

This is the bathroom.

There's the bathtub. There's the soap and towel.

I will get something for you to eat.

Makan? - Yes? - Give me the key. - I can't give you key now.

Why? - You can't go upstairs now.

Why can't I go in my house?

Mr. Arjun's order. He told me to say this to you.

You're my servant. Why do you follow his orders?

He has brought a girl.

He said, if Pyare comes stop him here.

Don't let him come upstairs because I will be there.

How many girls has he brought here before this?

How can an ugly mind think of anything nice? - Oh!

You can do ugly things but I can't even think about them!

How will you face your mom and Seema?

Now I know why you haven't married all these years.

She is Neha. - So what?

She is the eyewitness to Madhu's murder.

What? - Yes. She wanted to meet you.

ln your absence Commissioner made me Pyare Mohan and sent me to her.

Why did you bring her here? - Where else could I take her?

The goons are pursuing her. There's no other safe place.

If she is here, where shall I go? - I don't know.

What? - I'm doing my duty here.

I'll stay here as Pyare Mohan for few days.

ln that case I'll stay in your home as Arjun. - No!

Why not? - No. - Why not? - No.

I can't keep him in my home. - Why not?

Sir, try to understand. I have a young sister.

What a shame! If one uniformed officer can't trust another

how will outsiders trust them?

Sir, I trust the uniform but not the man wearing it!

What the heck!

Today an inspector doesn't listen to Commissioner.

When you asked me to stay in his house, I didn't say a word.

ln that case, I suggest you tell the truth to Neha.

Don't talk like idiots.

If she finds out that you're not Pyare, she'll lose faith in police.

She'll think police is playing some game with her.

Until she recognises the murderer

this drama will continue. It's an order!

At last we have arrived here!

Greetings, Mom. - Greetings, ma'am. - Greetings.

Both have come together. Looks like you've made peace with each other.

I'm going out for a few days. - All of a sudden!

Policeman's work is always sudden.

I'm going to Delhi by flight tonight.

How can we live alone? Somebody should be with us.

Until I come back Pyare Mohan will live here. - Okay.

I can't understand you.

Sometimes you say don't let him enter the house.

Now you are asking him to live here!

Whatever Mom. He's our own man.

A policeman can protect another policeman's family.

Yes. You've improved a lot in one day.

Seema. - Yes? - Pack up some food for me.

Okay. - You're going by plane. They will serve you food.

Mom, when I miss you I'll eat your hand cooked food.

Here is food. Where would you like to eat?

Over here? - Okay. - Come on.

You have so many photographs. Who is this man?

He is Arjun Singh. - Who is Arjun Singh?

My friend, my brother, my everything.

But why his photos are more than your own photos. - Yes.

I live here. Where is the need for putting my photographs.

He doesn't live here. When I miss him I see his photos.

Come on, have some food.

This looks like homemade food. - Yes. It's from home.

Whose home? - My home. I mean, from Arjun Singh's home.

Looks like you love him very much. - Yes, more than very much.

I love him so much that I think about him round the clock.

I wonder what he's doing right now.

Eat the food. - Are you feeding a beggar?

Take my name with respect and say, 'Please eat the food'.

Mohan, eat the food.

Sounds like you're demanding tax. Say lovingly, 'Please eat food'.

Pyare, eat the food. - Wow.

Sounds like someone has thrown a stone.

I have a lovely name. Say 'Pyare, please eat the food'.

Pyare, please eat the food.

I've never seen such contrived form of love in life.

Anyway, I will eat now.

No, I'll feed with my own hands. - Wow!

Both you and your brother show contrived form of love.

Tell me. If a boy and girl like you and me

want to spend life together in one home in one room

what should they do?

I will ask my brother. - You took wrong person's name.

Why does he always come

between our love? - What are you doing?

Nothing! - Leave me. - Seema.


What happened? Have you caught cold?

No, I think you've used my perfume.

I live in your home, naturally I'll use some of your things.

I too live in your home

I never use any of your things.

Calling home. Hello, darling.

How are you? I know you didn't sleep last night.

Feeling sleepy. I too.

I got to perform my duty.

What? Your brother? Why should I be afraid of him?

Haven't you heard, if you love don't be afraid.

Hello, Seema. - It's no one.

He's such a goof! Hey, Pyare Mohan!

Where were you lost?

I got phone from police station.

I'm having nightmare since then. I'll make a phone call.

Pyare... with my sister...

Leave me. - If I hold a hand, I never leave.

What are you doing? - Something I always wanted to do.

Somebody might come. - Who'll come?

Your mother is always sleeping. And your brother isn't here.

Where are you going? - A girl's honour is in danger.

Who is that!

Hey you!

You? - Yes, me.

Why were you climbing the roof like a thief?

This is my house!

I may enter my house from roof or window or door it's my choice.

Do you doubt me? - No, I don't.

For your uniform's sake, are you messing with my sister? - Goodness!

Not until now, but the way you're blaming me, I think I should do it.

What are you thinking? - To make you my brother-in-law! - Hey!

"Let's go to some disco."

"Let's go out for dinner"

"Let's go to some disco, let's go out for dinner."

"Someone may see us. Let's roam around."

"Let's love each other."

"Let's love each other."

"Let's go to some disco."

"Let's go out for dinner"

"Let's go to some disco, let's go out for dinner."

"Someone may see us. Let's roam around."

"Let's love each other."

"Let's love each other."

"My dear, I can lay down my life for you."

"But it's true that I am scared of your brother."

"My dear, I can lay down my life for you."

"But it's true that I am scared of your brother."

"Stop being afraid and come to me."

"May we not die in longing."

"Someone may see us. Let's roam around."

"Let's love each other."

"Let's love each other."

"It is not easy to love someone here."

"Lovers do not have peace here."

"It is not easy to love someone here."

"Lovers do not have peace here."

"It's only you and me and nobody else."

"Give me a hug. We only have this one chance."

"Someone may see us. Let's roam around."

"Let's love each other."

"Let's love each other."

"Let's go to some disco."

"Let's go out for dinner."

"Let's go to some disco. - Let's go out for dinner."

"Someone may see us. Let's roam around."

"Let's love each other."

"Let's love each other."

"Let's love each other."

"Let's love each other."


Sir, send me back to my home and Pyare Mohan to his home.

I won't allow Pyare Mohan to live in my house anymore.

Look, Arjun, I know that your sister too loves him too.

Sir, she is innocent. - But she is an adult.

And although you're hard on him, you like Pyare Mohan too.

You want to go back home? You haven't found about murderer

perhaps you too have affair with.. - What do you mean?

Are you swimming, baby?

We too had to swim in cold water because of you.

He has cold. What if he gets pneumonia?

She's so stupid. Lives in a policeman's home instead our home.

By living with us, you'd have saved your life and you'd have fun too.

There she only has a tall man. But we are two men here.

Now tell quickly what should we do with her. I'm very cold.

We have to kill her. She too knows about that.

Hey! Where are you going? What are you doing?

What happened?

What's the matter?

Who is he? - Him?

Ganpath Rane... - No..

Not that one. - Why did you point to him?

Just like that.

What about him?

This guy?

Azeez! Do you know... - No, sir.

Tell me, who was with you? - Sir, no.. - Speak!

Who else was with you? - Sir?

What're you doing? He isn't that man.

Oh, shut up!

I called you here to pick out a man. You're so confused!

Can't you recognise a face? - I can recognise.

Then why don't you recognise? - I can't do it forcefully.

I'm already disturbed and you shout at me. I'm leaving.

Hey, listen... Hello.

Where are you going, Neha? It's not good to be so angry.

I don't want to talk you, why are you after me? I don't know you.


Darling, if you don't know him then try to know us.

"Oh, sweetheart. Your lover is here."

Let's go home. - Why?

This is not the time to joke. These goons are after me.

These are goons? No. The look fine people

Hey, tall man. Leave the girl and run from here.

See? They are so decent. - You blabber too much.


Mister, not only blabber, but I thrash people too.


See? How decent are these people. They aren't even talking.

I had to beat them unnecessarily. - Let's go. - Where?

We will go home. - Hey, don't stick to me. - Hey..

"This was bound to happen."

"This was bound to happen."

"What was bound to happen has happened."

"The heart is lost in love."

"This was bound to happen."

"This was bound to happen."

"What was bound to happen has happened."

"The heart is lost in love."

"This was bound to happen."

"This was bound to happen."

"The season is delightful. Let's make it enjoyable."

"We won't get this chance again."

"I am delusional. You are clueless."

"Kiss me, oh, darling."

"Why are you following me like a shadow?"

"I've heard that one goes and never returns"

"after visiting you."

"The heart is lost in love."

"This was bound to happen."

"This was bound to happen."

"Desire is intoxicating."

"You will never know about it."

"I like a little encouragement."

"Come close to me."

"Don't say those things to me, darling."

"You seem to be ill, have some medicine."

"What has happened to you?"

"The heart is lost in love."

"This was bound to happen."

"This was bound to happen."

"I had no idea."

"Now, I am trapped."

"This was bound to happen."

Pyare! Dear Arjun Singh, how are you?

Dear Pyare, how are you? We have met after so many days.

Won't you hug me? - Let's go out to talk.

He has just come. Let him have tea. - He doesn't drink tea.

I drink coffee. - Yes. - Pyare, I'm craving to talk with you.

I'll take care of all your cravings outside. Come.

Why outside? You can talk with him here.

You love him so much you have put his photos all over.

He looks good in photos not in home. Come.

Come on Neha, let's go out. - Neha won't come.

Why not? - See? - I am seeing. - This is what I complain about.

He has put me in this jail. Never takes me out.

Now I've come. I'll take you out, promise.

Thank you. - Excuse me.

This is my case. - Since when do we work separately?

Helping one another is duty of every police officer.

I don't need your help. I'll handle this case myself.

Are you ready to handle this case? - I don't understand.

Unless two parties agree, love doesn't flourish.

Do you love him? - She's shy, which means yes.

Do you love her? - What nonsense!

Let's go out, Neha. - Neha won't come.

Do you love her? - What nonsense.

Let's go out, Neha. - Neha won't come.

Do you love her? - What nonsense.

Say it or else you'll grow old and also lose this girl.

Yes! - Woohoo!

Yes. Okay. Sir? - Yes? - There's a call for you.

Just a minute. - Sir, looks you're taking her.

Hey! - I mean, taking her out.

Yes? Yes. Yes.



Get down!

You have long tresses!


Come on, ladies first. Let's go.

Move, Arjun! Move!

Hold her. - Come on!

Oh, goodness!

Come on!



What happened? - Get out!

Come on.

Turn it.

Where are you going?

She jumped! Turn back the car!

Hey. - Sorry.

Seema, how's this card for Pyare?

Not Pyare. Say Inspector Pyare Mohan.

You should respect your would be brother-in-law. - Okay.

Excuse me? - Yes?

You mentioned Pyare Mohan. Does he really love you?

Yes. And I too love him very much?

What happened? - He has affair with me too.

What? Brother was right. Pyare isn't trustworthy.

He has been cheating us both. How many more girls will he cheat?

You are right. We should complain about him. - Yes.

Inspector Pyare Mohan?

What did he do?

He has played with our hearts.

On one hand he showed false love to me.

On the other hand he showed false love to me.

He has cheated both of us. - Let me call Pyare Mohan.

Pyare Mohan! - Did you call me, sir?

Do you know them? - No, sir. - What? - Yes, sir.

He isn't Pyare Mohan. He is Arjun Singh.

He is Pyare Mohan. Arjun Singh is my brother. - Yes.

I am done for. - Seema doubts me because of you. Do something.

Why did you lie that you aren't Arjun, you're Pyare Mohan?

Cool down, madam. We lied because of you.

Because of me? I told him to meet you as Pyare.

But why? - You were adamant to talk to Pyare and no one else.

Couldn't you tell the truth afterwards?

I told him to tell you. - Shut up!

I don't want to talk to liars!

I too don't want to support a liar.

Hello? - They are gone.

Pyare, do something!

Sir, you help us in this situation. - Yes.

I think there should be a song in this situation.

"The one who gives her heart..."

"The one who gives her heart"

"takes my love in return."

"...takes my love in return."

"The one who gives her heart..."

"The one who gives her heart"

"takes my love in return."

"...takes my love in return."

"I am crazy for your love, don't ever leave me."

"I am crazy for your love, don't ever leave me."

"I am your devotee, don't turn away from me."

"You seem to have lost, it's your fault."

"I won't go with you, your love seems false."

"The one who gives her heart..."

"The one who gives her heart"

"takes my love in return."

"...takes my love in return."

"There's elixir in your lips and alcohol in your eyes."

"There's elixir in your lips and alcohol in your eyes."

"You sweet smiles have made me crazy."

"Do I like it when you say these things?"

"The world seems false but my lover is truthful."

"The one who gives his heart..."

"The one who gives his heart"

"takes my love in return."

"...takes my love in return."

"The one who gives her heart"

"takes my love in return."

"...takes my love in return."

Better late than never.

You've fulfilled my desire to see my daughter-in-law.

From today, you'll live here.

Yes, a daughter-in-law is needed at home after Seema is gone.

Ma'am needs some company.

Where is Seema going? - Won't she be married?

Only if we find a suitable boy.

No mischief, Brother-in-law. - Don't be abusive.

Marry her first if you want to call me brother-in-law.

What are you conspiring about? - Nothing ma'am.

Nothing? I know everything.

Even when I am asleep I keep my eyes open.

Nothing can go on in this home without my knowledge. - Mom.

Ma'am! - I've always liked Pyare.

Good that I got a daughter-in-law as well as a son-in-law.

May God always keep you happy...

What was that? - ...and never let you face any difficulty.

A car is coming. May I go and crash with it.

Go and crash. - Okay. - But be careful.

Won't you rob them? - Sure but be careful.

You should rob them. - Sure but be careful.

Brother! - Yes. - Let's rob them. - Okay!

Hey, be careful.

Oh, my God! He's same policeman!

God! - You hit the policeman, idiot.

Oh, God! - Oh my younger brother.

Come out, you bastard look what you've done!

I'm sorry. It was a mistake.

Please listen... - What can you say?

I'm sorry. - You've killed him. Don't you know how to drive?

I'll give you a tight slap.

Please don't drag us to police let's settle here.

How do you want to settle? - Tell us what do you want?

Elder brother! - Yes?

Is it daytime? - Yes. - I can't see anything.

He can't see. - I can't see. - He can't see.

I am dying, Brother! - Don't die, Brother.

He's dying. - Take this money. Take him to some hospital.

That's good.

Who'll give doctor's fee - I will give it. Take it.

Brother? - Yes? - This is for the doctor

who'll pay for the medicine? - Who will pay for that?

We've only this much. - Is this ring real? - Yes. - Take it off.

This one is real too. Take this. - Yes?

Take his watch. - Yes take off the watch.

You give your necklace.

I'm very cold, get his coat. - He's cold, take off your coat.

I have headache, get his cap. - He has headache, give your cap.

Take it.

What is this? - My car key. - Give it to me.

Otherwise, how will I take him to the hospital?

I'll go in the car. I can't walk. - Move or else you'll get run over.

Brother, we don't have pants. - Yes, we don't.

Hey! - Hey!

Oh, God! Lord Ram...

I hadn't seen a thief dressed as a saint, my whole life.

Don't accuse a saint, child, you'll be punished for sinning.

I think he is the biggest sinner.

Come to me, child. I'll remove all your doubts.

I'm not afraid. - Come to me.

Here I am.

I can tell that you have a purse in your right pocket.

Of course. Will I carry a nurse instead of a purse in my pocket?

In that purse you have...

Praise God!

...Rs. 685 and 12 annas.

I know I have Rs. 685 but let me see if there are 12 annas.

Yes. I have 12 annas.

Not a big deal. He must have removed my purse and put it back.

If you still don't believe me, I can tell you one more thing.

You're in love with a girl named Vaishali.

Sage! - Hail the sage!

Vaishali's father is unhappy with such alliance.

He has tried to kill you twice.

He failed both the times but he will succeed the third time.

Save me please. I don't want to die.

I'll repent for my mistakes.

What do you want to do? - Repent.

Okay. Hold this in your hand. I'll chant 'mantras'. - Okay.

Present it with a fire with my my recitation of 'swaha'. - Okay.

"All auspiciousness to God Vishnu, the One who bears 'Garuda'."

"All auspiciousness..." - To lotus like eyes!

Praise God!

"To the One who has lotus like eyes and to Lord Ram."

'Swaha'! - 'Swaha'!

'Swaha'! - 'Swaha'!

Whose baggage is this?

This is Mumbai!

Hey, what are you looking at? - Hey, why do you look shocked?

I'll gouge out your eyes. - Whose baggage is this?

Some queen had come here and she left her baggage.

Idiot! - We are standing near the baggage. - Yes.

And the baggage lies before us. - Yes.

So, would it belong to your dad?

Does all this belong to you two? - Why not?


This bag contains socks of my right foot.

And this one contains socks for his left foot.

In this, shoes of my right foot. - In this shoes of his left foot.

That one contains my dhotis. - That one contains my shirts.

That one contains my combs. - This contains mirrors.

Other bags.. - Enough! - All this will go in a small truck.

Come on! - Okay. - Carry it properly!

Hey, come on. Let's go!

Hey, come here.

Who's in charge of this truck stand? - Me, sir.

Who's the owner of the truck number MH004917?

It doesn't seem to be the truck of this stand, sir.

Hey! - Who is the owner of this speed truck?

I am coming!

I'll be back soon after attending to that customer.

Okay. - Be quick. - Yes, I'll be right back.

Wait, I am coming.

We need a truck for our baggage.

The baggage goes in the truck, not in your mouth. Shut your mouth.

Are you okay? Put the baggage in truck.

I'll be back. - Hey!

You want the policemen to wait for you in this heat?

How dare you touch a policeman's nose?

We'll come again tomorrow. Find his address, else I'll arrest you.

Got it? - Hey, pick it up.

Where did the truck owner go?

Perhaps he is not in a mood to rent his truck.

Then, what should we do? - Let's drive it away.


Come on.

Hey! My truck!

My truck! - What happened? - They're going. Chase them!

Brother. - Yes? - They are very shameless.

They've followed our truck with 20 trucks. - True.

Now, what shall we do? - As usual. Come on.

Those of you who'd like to be punched should go to him.

Those who prefer to be kicked should go to him.

Let's go!

What is going on? Trouble in thieves' bazaar!

Looks like they're shooting for a Hindi movie, 'Sholay'.

These two are proving stronger than those twenty.

The younger one is performing great!

The tall one is kicking them with his long legs.

What's the matter? Come on!

Hey, beardy!

Why did you mess with them unnecessarily?

Hey, keep it. Swear to God.

For first time I'm seeing Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee in Dhotis.

What's your respected name?

Respect to the one who has created this world.

People call me Sharafat Ali.

Tell me, Mr. Sharafat Ali, where does one sell stolen goods?

He's funny!

You're asking address of barmaid at the door of a bar!

This entire market is called Thieves Bazaar

and this shop belongs to

its uncrowned king Sharafat Ali.

I've introduced myself. Tell me what do you want to sell?

We want to get rid of everything in that tempo.

Where did you steal all that baggage from?

We robbed a train. - What? - A train.

We don't rob planes, since anything we throw will be broken.

You are a good comedian. - I crack jokes sometimes.

Who are you guys? - He is Big Brother.

And he is my Little... - Brother.

Greetings. - Greetings. - My name is Sharafat Ali.

Swear to God.

In last 9 years Sharafat has not lost any money.

He has earned good name too. - That's good.

Both your name and deeds are good.

But how did you enter this business. - How?

Out of anger. - Anger? - Yes!

I came from Bhopal to Mumbai

for sightseeing in my Jonga Jeep. - Then what?

I parked my jeep for tea and then I saw that

my Jonga jeep was being sold in that shop across from here.

That shop? - Yes that shop.

Its tires, engine and steering were taken apart.

I said to the shopkeeper, mister, this is my Jonga.

He asked, which Jonga? Now, you'll have to buy it.

I asked why should I buy my own Jonga? I was angry.

I told him not to mess with Sharafat Ali.

After that day I established in this thieves market.

I used to steal his goods in night and sell it back to him.

Gradually, I took over the thieves market.

Swear to God.

Today, his shop doesn't have even stolen hankies.

But some day in Sharafat Ali's shop, Taj Mahal will be sold.

He is very clever! - That's true.

Brother? This is the list of their goods.

That's enough.

'Ten bridal dresses, bridegroom's sword, 75 pair shoes'

'Hundred nuptial chains.' Where did you get all this?

We robbed a full train compartment.

Forget that. We heard that Mumbai is good place for fun.

Yes. Show some good time to us.

You've befriended Sharafat Ali. I'll do something for you.

Elder and younger brothers have come to Sharafat Ali.

Show them some colourful dances.

"Some love us, some offer their lives."

"Some love us, some offer their lives."

"They see us and say"

"The elder brother is great but the younger brother is amazing!"

"The elder brother is great but the younger brother is amazing!"

"Some love us, some offer their lives."

"They see us and say"

"The elder brother is great but the younger brother is amazing!"

"The elder brother is great but the younger brother is amazing!"

"This generation is new, this melody is new."

"We have written a new tale together."

"This generation is new, this melody is new."

"We have written a new tale together."

"The anklets are broken, the music stopped."

"Even royals bow down in front of us."

"Our fire is different, our pride is different."

"Don't think we are common men, we are of a different kind."

"We will change the scenario of this crowd."

"We will change the scenario of this crowd."

"Dance and make merry with us. - Elder brother!"

"The elder brother is great but the younger brother is amazing!"

"We do everything in the open."

"But still people defame us here."

"We do everything in the open."

"But still people defame us here."

"My dear, I keep note of everyone."

"Nobody is spared from my sharp vision."

"Wherever we go, we make a hat trick."

"We win and the enemies lose."

"Nobody believes in us."

"Nobody believes in us."

"We can make the impossible happen. Elder brother!"

"The elder brother is great but the younger brother is amazing!"

"Some love us, some offer their lives."

"They look at us and say"

"The elder brother is great but the younger brother is amazing!"

"The elder brother is great but the younger brother is amazing!"

What is this, sir? - You went to brothel last night?

You danced with courtesans! - It is unbelievable, sir!

Sir? - Sir?

Who says I'm sir? I'm blind in one eye. I'm an idiot...

I am a fool, idiot and a nincompoop.

Why are you insulting yourself?

How did you get these injuries, sir?

You're asking about injuries? You are adding salt to my injuries!

You say as if we're responsible for your injuries!

Yes you are! Do you know what you did to me last night?

What did we do? - You used foul language. - Did we?

You showered currency notes. - Did we?

And you pushed me. - Did we?

Yes, you!

Sir, what nonsense are you talking? - Shut up!

Don't make excuses! This is my last warning to you.

If you do it again, I'll have your uniform removed

and have you thrown behind bars.

Don't go back to police station.

Fine, we'll go to a hill station. - Shut up!

You will go to a film shooting.

We aren't interested in seeing a film shooting.

I'm not sending you to see a film shooting.

ln fact film industry people are getting threats.

Madhuri Dixit too has been threatened.

You both should go and get file her report.

Madhuri! - Madhuri!

Oh, that is Madhuri!

Yes really! She is Madhuri! - Yes.

Our Madhuri is being attacked. - We'll teach them a lesson.

Cut it! - Who has dare to cut us? - What happened?

Why are you shouting? - Anil Kapoor...

They aren't really attacking me. - How dare they attack you?

We'll never let that happen. - Don't worry, we're here. - No!

You've misunderstood. We are shooting a movie.

Shooting? - Yes. Mr. David?

Who are these people?

They're inspectors. They came to my home for taking my report.

I called them here. I'm sorry.

Madhuri, please forgive us. - We didn't know there was a shoot.

That's all right.

Bahadur, serve them cold drink, tea and bring chairs for them. - Okay.

You sit here. - Okay.

You look very nice in traditional attire.

Oh God! - Brother? - Yes?

Do you understand? - Yes!

Do you get it? - Yes.

Chair, tea, cold drinks.

We look nice in traditional attire.

Brother? - Yes?

A girl praises only when she has some kind feelings... - Yes. her heart! - In her heart!





"Have a taste of my love, my darling."

"Don't be shy, my darling."

"Have a taste of my love, my darling."

"Don't be shy, my darling."

"We are crazy for you, we are wounded in your love."

"Don't leave us."

"I don't want to have a taste of your love, my darling."

"Keep your heart to yourself, oh darling."

"I don't want to have a taste of your love, my darling."

"Keep your heart to yourself, oh darling."

"I am drunk and cannot be trapped by anyone."

"Pacify your heart."

"Have a taste of my love, my darling."

"Don't be shy, my darling."

"Leave me alone, crazy men. Don't bother me."

"You'll be desperate, you can't have me, I won't walk with you."

"Leave me alone, crazy men. Don't bother me."

"You'll be desperate, you can't have me, I won't walk with you."

"Crazy girl, don't be uptight. Write a love story with me."

"Crazy girl, don't be uptight. Write a love story with me."

"Come to me, I'll give you a kiss."

"I don't want to have a taste of your love, my darling."

"Don't be shy, my darling."


"I am a spark, a young woman, don't hold me this way."

"I can't be cajoled, there are a lot like you, don't be rude."

"I am a spark, a young woman, don't hold me this way."

"I can't be cajoled, there are a lot like you, don't be rude."

"Nobody wants you the way I want you."

"Nobody wants you the way I want you."

"Beauty, give me a hug."

"I don't want to have a taste of your love, my darling."

"Keep your heart to yourself, oh darling."

"I am drunk and cannot be trapped by anyone."

"Pacify your heart."

"Have a taste of my love, my darling."

"Don't be shy, my darling."

Brother. - Yes?

You've got a sister-in-law. - Brother.

No, you've got a sister-in-law. - Who? - Madhuri.

Crazy fellow! Madhuri will become your sister-in-law.

Hey! Madhuri shall become your sister-in-law.

Your sister-in-law. - Your sister-in-law.

Your sister-in-law. - Your sister-in-law.

Why are we fighting? Let's ask Madhuri whom she will marry.

Sir, ma'am has called you.

What? - Yes. - She called me.

Let's go. - Come on. - Oh, God.

I'm sorry, I made you wait.

No problem. When you can wait for me for so many years

can't I wait for a few hours?

I don't understand. - What's so hard to understand?

We started loving at first sight and have decided to marry.

Who had thought this will happen? Not me.

What nonsense are you talking?

Don't worry. You work in movies as long as you like.

After you get bored, we will get married.

Get up...

Oh, Madhuri. - Dixit! Get out!


What happened? - What else?

When I went there

Madhuri was on my chest. She started crying.

Oh! - Yes.

But I thought I am a thief. I have no life, no home. - Yes.

How can I make Madhuri wander with me after marriage. - Yes.

So, with heavy heart, I told her I can't marry her.

She can marry any actor. - You made a sacrifice. - Yes. - But I won't.

Why? - I'll live in Madhuri's bungalow.

Watch how I'll cajole her. - Go! You too will be beaten.

The shoot is for four hours and the dubbing for two hours.

After that I'll come to your shooting. Okay?

You have to adjust.

Okay, we'll see about that.

Okay, bye.

This must be very tiring.

No. - From morning till evening, so many people, so much work.

Listen. Your partner has no manners. - Okay.

He doesn't know how to talk. - Yes.

Idiot. - Yes. - But you look sensible to me.

I know he isn't suitable for you. He just came after you.

I am suitable for you. - What?

Try me.

Ask me to dance, fight, sing

or even to hug you.

Try me once, Madhuri. - Come on

Get up! Get away from here. - But what happened?

Bahadur? - She's calling you. - Kick him out.

Don't touch me. - Come on.

What kind of inspectors they are! - Sorry, ma'am.

But Madhuri, what happened?

You have come again.

You said you'll give your statement... - Shut up.

I'll complain to police commissioner.

I'll have your uniform removed.

Madam, please speak decently. - Oh, really?

Now, you'll teach me decency! Get out!


Both of you want to marry Madhuri Dixit.

Sir, please listen to us.

I don't want to hear anything.

Have you seen your face in the mirror?

One is so tall that he has no end.

Other ends even before starting.

Sir, I'm about your height. - Shut up!

Why are you being personal? - You also shut up!

Sir, you don't know these actresses, They have hidden agenda.

She wants publicity by associating her name with us.

Publicity? Then why doesn't she associate it with a Commissioner.

It was my mistake to send you.

Now I am going to her. Madhuri, I am coming!

He will be beaten. - He'll be beaten very badly.

"The one who gives..." - Are you leaving?


Work. I am going to work.

Do you remember anything other than your work?

Yes I remember. - What? - You.

What is the day today?

Tuesday! - What else?

March 23rd. - What's importance of 23rd March?

Why are you puzzling me? Tell me what's the matter?

Today is Seema's birthday.

Oh, my God! I forgot such important day.

Seema! Many happy returns of the day.

You were born today and you have grown so much.

Neha must have told you this.

Don't say that. Can a brother forget his sister's birthday?

Rather I told Neha that today is your birthday

and she should not forget to wish you.

Neha wished me early morning. - What should I do?

Wait. Let me put something sweet in your mouth.

Make all preparation for evening.

We shall eat cake and go for dinner.

Why did you tell her?

You embarrassed me.

You forget and show anger.

Do you remember anything else?

Is there anything else? Maybe your birthday?

You had promised to give Seema a necklace.

Oh, my God. What is wrong with my memory?

Let me do this. I'll order it with Popley Jewellers on my way.

You can it pick up from there.

Okay. I'll bring it on my way home.

Why are you looking around, sir?

Any restrictions on looking around? - No, sir.

I can select only after looking. - Yes, do select other things.

But before that, look at the one you'd ordered.

This my necklace? - Yes, you selected this one.

Why did you take the trouble of coming? I was about to send it.

Yes, I did take the trouble, but... - Don't worry. You can pay later.

Money isn't going anywhere. Please take it.

This is a strange city. I get everything effortlessly.

I didn't expect you will pick up the necklace.

What? - Come on.

Where? - Home.

Why are you dressed like this? Were you following somebody?

Who's that girl holding my brother?

Come on. - Where are you taking me?

Brother! - Sit.

Why are you pushing me? - Sit inside. - You're rude.

She is taking him in the car!

Hey, Brother! I need a rickshaw!

Come. - Where?

Inside. - Why?

Come in the house.

No, I won't.

Why are you behaving like this? - What are you doing?

Come on. - What are you doing?

You're forcing me. - Yes, I am forcing.

You're here early today. And what are you wearing?

This is Dhoti, this is Kurta and this is scarf. Don't ask again.

Good you've come. Where is other? - Who?

She knows my younger brother too!


Brother! Where are you? Are you in here?

Who's that? - What are you looking for?

What am I looking for? Why? - Come inside.

Inside? - Now even brother has agreed.

Without asking me? - Come on.

Strange! Today, both have come well before time.

But why are you wearing these clothes?

Everybody is asking about clothes!

We aren't naked. - Isn't it enough that we're wearing clothes?

Why are you being cross? Perhaps some criminal has upset your mood.

Where is my necklace? - Here.

I'll wear it.

Where? - Gone.

You came back so soon!

What do you mean? I've come on time.

Money wasn't going anywhere! Okay, give it.

What? - Money.

Why? Don't you trust policemen?

Do you think I'll go away without paying you.

Sir, I didn't say that. - Bring the necklace.

Are you joking? You took the necklace half an hour ago.

What nonsense? - It's not nonsense, sir.

By God, I had given you the necklace in presence of everyone.

Why don't you say something? Why all of you are quiet?

So, you've already prepared your witnesses.

Do you know the punishment for cheating and lying to a policeman?

You're lying. Taking advantage of uniform you don't want to pay me.

But I'll take it from you. It was a necklace of Rs. 100,000.

How does it look, Brother? - She called me brother.

And she is showing it too. - A good thing will look good.

Why are you talking like this? - I'm talking with my mouth.

First, you're wearing rustic dress and now you're talking rustic.

You don't like my language and clothes. I'm going from here.

Yes, we're going from here.

At least eat the cake. - Cake!

Where's the knife? - I'll bring it.

Wait. Do you need a knife? Here it is.

Since when are you carrying a knife?

We got to carry. We're in dangerous work.

But such a big knife! - We do big jobs. Can't carry nail.

Take this. - Cut the cake.

Oh, you want to cut this one. - This is for something else.

We cut many things with it.

Seema. Call mommy. We'll eat with mom.

Yes, right away.

There is no water in the glass. - I'll bring it.

Come, Mother. I want to feed you with my own hands.

Your mood keeps changing. You're angry and loving!

Mother is always lovable. You eat, Mom.

I'll feed some rice to her. - You must eat from my hand.

Not so much. - Eat it.

Please eat.

You should also eat. Take it.

Eat a little bit.

Open your mouth.

I've eaten so much that I feel very sleepy.

Yes, it's showing effect. - What's showing effect?

It's effect of the food. Nice food always causes effect.

Indeed, food was nice. I'm feeling sleepy.

We will carry her.

"The one who gives his heart.."

"The one who gives his heart"

"takes my love in return."

"...takes my love in return."

"The one who gives his heart.."

"The one who gives his heart"

"takes my love in return."

"...takes my love in return."

"There's excitement in my veins, youth comes only once."

"There's excitement in my veins, youth comes only once."

"The one who doesn't enjoy this regrets it forever."

"Don't try to trap me, I am a decent man."

"Do we look like spoiled brats?"

"The one who gives her heart.."

"The one who gives her heart"

"takes my love in return."

"...takes my love in return."

"The one who gives his heart"

"takes my love in return."

"...takes my love in return."

Who can that be? - You look.

There is nobody. It is only a mirror.

Yes, indeed.

Oh! - What happened?

But we're in Kurtas. They're in uniforms.

What? - Police uniform.

That's the problem with girls. Little delay and they lock you out.

That's why I never want to marry.

Do you understand?

Oh! Double role. - Yes.

They are policemen. If they catch us they will beat us.

I've a master key. We're standing just like that.

Neha! - Seema.

Look, they are sleeping. They aren't concerned about us.

And they had invited us for dinner.

Come on. Let's serve ourselves.

Mr. Sharafat!

Mr. Sharafat! - Greetings.

Where is Sharafat? - He was arrested in a police raid.

What is the use of our friendship? We are out, and he is in lock up!

Which police station did he go?

Why don't you go ahead of me? Are you leading me or vice versa?

I am taking you.

Sir, he is Sharafat Ali. He was caught buying stolen goods.

Hey, constable. By God, you've brought me to right place.

Get up. - What are you doing, pal?

This uniform has made you forget you friend!

You look very impressive in this uniform.

You slapped on the face of friendship.

Now I get it. You're slapping just for showing these constables.

But slap me lightly. I will cry very loudly.

You're thrashing me for real?

Tell me who you buy from and where do you sell?

If I tell truthfully, you too will be in a problem.

I will be in a problem?

He is punching me unabated.

I think I'll have to speak the truth.

Hey, listen everybody! I buy stolen goods from him.

From me? - Yes. You sell stolen goods to me.

Lock him up.

Don't give him food for two days. That will teach him a lesson.

You seem upset. - He says I sell stolen goods.

When did you start?

Hello? Who is speaking?

Get ready for promotion. - Why?

A big smuggling deal is being planned near Mulund crossing.

Where are you speaking from? - From my mouth!

No nonsense! Who are you? - I am an informer.

Don't you understand this?

What happened? - Mulund.

Mulund? - Crossing.

Crossing. - No.2. - No. 2? - Smuggling.

Who was he? - An informer. Promotion. - Yes!

Sir, you came back so soon.

Do I need your permission? - No, I didn't mean that.

What happened to you? - Do I look sick?

Do I look stupid. Remain in limit, else

I'll take off your uniform and make you run naked in the desert.

Naked! - Yes.

Where is Sharafat? - ln the lock up.

You said put him in the lockup. - When did I say that?

Cool down. He might have said that.

Didn't he say? - Yes.

Now I say, let him go.

But sir, you said to put him in the lockup.

Sharafat! - You stay back. He has already

beaten. Maybe now it's your turn.

Why do you talk like this? Maybe it makes you happy.

He slapped my cheeks like punching bag.

Were you laughing?

Don't say no. I don't like to hear no.

I'm a very rigid police officer. You haven't seen my temper yet.

Everyone is scared of me.

Who caught dacoit Mohar Singh?

I was on vacation that day.

You tell me. - I had gone out for collection.

You tell me. - By God, I didn't catch him.

What about you? - I can't speak, I am dumb.

Really? If you are dumb then I don't have hands.

They are refusing to admit as if I am going to blame them.

They are all buffoons.

ln fact I caught the dacoit Mohar Singh.

When I went out to catch Mohar Singh, a fierce chase took place.

He was running ahead, I followed him in my jeep.

He was ahead. I was after him.

His feet got hurt and came in my hand.

I invited him to sit in my jeep. I told him

you run when road is good, so that I can catch you.

On good road I asked him to run again. - Run again!

That road ended in a jungle.

I followed him on foot in to a swamp.

Mohar Singh jumped out to other end of swamp.

When I tried to jump I fell into the swamp.

I was being drawn into the swamp. I was all-alone.

No animal, no man, not even a bird.

Gradually I was going deep into the swamp.

What are you looking at? It's a matter of being afraid.

I didn't know how to save myself.

Suddenly I had an idea. I went to a nearby village.

I bought a rope, pulled myself out and came back here.

You talked too much. Sharafat is out. Before they come, let's run.

Okay. - But! - Don't say no!

Good riddance! - Take me with you.

If anybody asks for me, tell him I'll be in my home. Okay?

If there were few more policemen like you India's prisons will be

empty, and all criminals will be free.

Trust me, sir. I had locked up Sharafat Ali.

You mean they are lying? - Yes sir.

No, sir, we're telling the truth.

Sir, he made us say whatever he wanted us to say.

He slapped us when we said no. - Pyare always seconded him.

They are obviously lying but I don't know why!

Arjun was telling us stories.

Stories? - You shut up. You speak.

He used cane to make us agree to whatever he said.

He said he caught dacoit Mohar Singh.

And said, never say no.

You arrested Mohar Singh. You can't arrest an ordinary criminal.

How can you arrest Mohar Singh!

I've decided to give you one last chance.

You know that half of the Kohinoor diamond is in England...

And the other half has come back to India.

That half is kept in the museum, so that people may see it. - Good.

I've decided to put you two on duty in that museum.

If anything goes wrong don't say that sir, we were not there.

Don't worry, we'll protect the

diamond more than our own life.


This is half of the Kohinoor.

Steal it for me. I'll give you your asking price.

I read it'll be on public display after a few days.

It'll be delivered to you as soon as it is displayed.

Gulam, your tea. Rasul, your tea.

Hey! What was that?

Every time you forget my tea. - I'll bring it. Why do you pinch?

Bring it quickly! - I'll get it.

You never pay but act smart!

What do you want? - What do you have?

Chicken masala, chicken fry, chicken curry, chicken biryani.

Mutton masala, mutton fry, mutton curry, mutton malai

mutton halwai, mutton paneer, mutton kofta, dal fry, dal makhni..

All these things. What should I bring for you?

Bring two plates of everything.

Two plates? Are more people coming?

We are enough. - Will two of you eat all that?

Are you eating for the first time in life?

Hey! - Hey! - Kadar!

What is happening?

Perhaps, commissioner is losing brain along with his hair.

Bring the food I ordered. - How can I? They ate everything.

There is nothing left.

They always shout for their order.

Waiter! - What?

There's nothing in the kitchen. Only I am left.

Put salt and pepper over me and eat.

Bring some tea. - How many dozens?

What's happening? We're two, we'll take two cups of tea.

I'll see if there is any. Chances are very remote.


What's happening? - It is a challenge.

By assigning security of diamond, commissioner has given a challenge.

Diamond. - Diamond.

Your tea. - Who ordered tea? - You asked me to bring tea.

We don't drink tea. We drink milk.

Or we take milk pudding. Go, brink milk pudding.

Why are you bothering me? Better take the tea.


Kohinoor diamond will be brought to the museum today.

It will be displayed to the public tomorrow.

I think we should inspect the security today.

I wonder what is happening.

The commissioner is very... - Very...

Here is the milk pudding.

What is this, mister? - I knew you'd say that.

Didn't you ask for milk-pudding? - We said tea not milk-pudding.

I'll go crazy. Hey, come here.

Here is your tea. Take away the pudding.

Give me Rs.1080.

What? Rs.1080?

One cup of tea for Rs. 540! - Kadar!

Why have you been calling me?

They aren't paying for the food they ate.

Them. - What... - Is happening?

Are you harassing the kid with your police uniform?

Should a call Shyamu?

Who is Shyamu? - Your commissioner, Shyamlal.

He is my childhood buddy.

No. Don't call the Commissioner. We'll give you the money.

What is happening?

Take out the full amount, and his tip too.

See? You have to be stern.

Who is the security in-charge?

So what? I'm the in-charge of this museum.

Security of the diamond is my responsibility.

I'll let you in after investigating your right and left.

Will you investigate us?

Inspector Arjun Singh. Inspector Pyare Mohan. - So what?

Even thieves wear police uniforms these days.

Come in. - Seems crazy.

Arjun Singh. - Pyare Mohan.

Did you see the arrangement?

Yes, we saw the arrangement inside. We'll do the outside security.

Okay. - Come, Pyare.

You came back again! What do you want now?

We've come to inspect the security of the diamond.

But you inspected just now. - So what?

Don't you eat twice a day? Don't you watch TV or wife twice?

We may see twice or 10 times. Your duty is to show. Show it.

Okay, come in. Open the door.


We've put cameras all around. - Thank you.

Anyone approach the diamond will be photographed. - Thank you.

What's so special about it? Anybody can dodge the cameras.

So what?

If anybody touches the showcase

all alarms will start ringing.

Thank you.

Did you see the function of alarm? Guards, attention!

Don't worry. That was a demonstration.

Inspection of security. No need to worry.

Attention! Turn around! - Sir. - Go back!


Similarly, if anybody picks up the diamond, the alarms will go off.

A strong light will be beamed from here to that cage above.

And the cage will fall on the head of the thief.

Oh, if the cage falls the thief will become an omelette. - Yes.

Hey! - What?

There is a spot in the diamond. - So what?

There is a scratch in the diamond.

Scratch in the diamond! What do you mean? Want to give me heart attack?

Can't you see the scratch? - What? What are you talking?

Can't you see scratch in the diamond?

Scratch on the diamond!

Put your head above diamond. - Face and diamond on same level.

Some more. - Stretch some more.

Here we go. - Now? - Yes.

Now I'll slowly move the diamond.

Relax. A demonstration is in progress inside.

Don't move your head. - Why?

If you move, a light beam will strike the cage above.

And the cage will come down.

Then your head will become... - A half-fried omelette.

That's what I told you. Why did you trap me here?

What a shameful act! You've brought shame to police department.

I sent you for security of diamond. And you have stolen it.

Sir, it's false allegation. - We were on duty outside.

How can we go in and steal it?

Perhaps you don't know that there were cameras inside.

And your idiotic faces have come in cameras when you were stealing.

How can this happen, sir? Why don't you believe us?

Sir, we have not stolen.

No, you didn't steal. Your ghosts came to steal it.

Until today I've forgiven your small and big mistakes.

I covered them. But today's mistake can't be forgiven.

You must be punished. I suspend you.

Until the diamond is found you will remain in jail.

Arrest them!

Why did you call me so early? We rushed without taking bath.

We know the museum is open. We'll steal and give you diamond.

It has already been stolen. - What?

Yes. That's why I tell you to read the newspaper.

I can't read. Read it out.

This is Mulayam's picture.

Pyare Mohan and Arjun Singh.

Good. They have done our job.

We fear police but not so much that we can't get diamond from them.

Who are you? - I don't know my own identity.

Your brother has caused a lot of trouble.

Out of fear, I can neither sit at home nor walk on streets.

So, I've taken shelter in your car.

I'm sure you'll save me from your brother, won't you?

Shut up and get out. Get out of the car.

Good kids are never obstinate. - Move inside.

I won't get down. - What the heck!

If my brother comes to know, he will take you to task.

We want your brother to know.

Do you want to get me killed? Come over here.

This is not a diamond, this is a bomb!

If you help us sell, we will get some money.

The entire Thieves Bazaar will be sold out but not this diamond.

Why? What is its value. - Crores.

I like this diamond. Have it cut. I want a ring.

Have you gone crazy? Give us some idea to sell it.

I know a man. Outwardly he is an sculptor.

He buys stolen goods at international level.

His name is Zorawar. Only he can give its price.


You got your diamond, give us our money.

That too in cash and quickly. We have to move from here.

I got the diamond. Where is the heroine?

Which heroine. - Heroine, Neha!

What nonsense! We don't know Neha. - You mean, Neha isn't with you?

When we said we don't know, it means we don't know.

Sharat? - Yes? - Bring out the baby.

Brother! - Brother!

Did you recognise her? - Face looks familiar.

She is inspector's sister.

Brother, save me.

Look, mister. She is neither my sister, nor I'm her brother.

You mean this girl isn't your sister?

How many times do I have to say this?

Is this man your boss? - Yes.

Is he idiot, blind or deaf? - Can't hear, understand or see!

See. Even your brothers don't care about your honour.

Don't blame me. Do it.

Brother! Please save me.

She is our sister.

Leave her! - She is my sister.

We are bringing Neha. But don't do anything to her.

She should be all right. Let's go, Brother.

Welcome. So you got the real culprit.

We knew, sir, that someday you'll repent for your action.

You look very disturbed.

Neither I got the real culprit, nor do I repent.

I've come to tell you that your sister Seema...

What happened to Seema? - What has happened to Seema, sir?

Somebody has kidnapped Seema. - What?

Please, sir, free me for one day.

After finding Seema we shall put ourselves in your hands.

I'm worried about Seema too. She is like my own daughter.

I've notified all police stations and blocked all roads.

No harm will be done to Seema.

But sir, who're the kidnappers? What do they want?

What if something happens to Seema! - Nothing will happen to Seema.

She'll be fine.

Hey baldly!

Why these dry hiccups? If you can't see, open the other eye.

Open it. Why are you two so shocked?

Haven't you seen 'Ram aur Shyam' with Dilip Kumar in double role?

We too saw for first time in your home.

Do you remember bitter gourd? - Bitter gourd?

Baldy, don't you recognise us?

We had thrashed you in the brothel!

You danced with us, we showered money on you.

You held my clothes, I thrashed you, remember?

Oh! That was you?

Whatever bad has happened in your life, we were behind that.

We stole the diamond too. - Where is the diamond?

We came out by giving them the diamond.

Now they want Neha to release Seema.

Arjun, Pyare, did you have any twin brothers? - No, sir.

Lost in childhood? - No, sir.

Lost in a fair? - Absolutely not.

Where have they come from? - By God's grace, on public demand.

Your good luck has sent us to release your sister.

This is Zorawar's hideout. We'll come dancing from stairs.

We'll keep them entertained... We'll get down the stairs.

We will sing songs and divert his mind.

You feed them some intoxicants. - Okay.

When shall we enter? - When we finish singing we'll say...

You enter by breaking this glass window.

Look here! There's a glass window, break it and come in.

Look, I too will come with you. What if you run away?

We are helping and this bald man is doubting us.

We won't help you. Better catch them alone.

Wait a minute. Don't mind. Sit.

If you sing and dance

I too would like to sing and dance.

Please take me. Please.

What is going on? - What is going on? - Okay.

Hey, pal. Do you remember when you have to enter?

Yes, we do...

"Eighty, snapping, ninety, tunes, crush the tobacco and chew it."

"Eighty, snapping, ninety, tunes, crush the tobacco and chew it."

"Eighty, snapping, ninety, tunes, crush the tobacco and chew it."

"Then you'll see the magic of the tobacco."

"What say, Brother?"

"Eighty, snapping, ninety, tunes, crush the tobacco and chew it."

"Eighty, snapping, ninety, tunes, crush the tobacco and chew it."

"Eighty, snapping, ninety, tunes, crush the tobacco and chew it."

"Then you'll see the magic of the tobacco."

"When the tobacco comes in between your lips"

"then brother, it feels like heaven."

"When the tobacco comes in between your lips"

"then brother, it feels like heaven."

"Crazy, open your ears and listen, it has a lot of benefits."

"It has a lot of benefits."

"The one who chews it sways around. - Sways around."

"The one who chews it sways around. - He roams around the world."

"You won't have any regrets in your heart."

"Then you'll see the magic of the tobacco."

"Eighty, snapping, ninety, tunes. Crush the tobacco and chew it."

"Eighty, snapping, ninety, tunes. Crush the tobacco and chew it."

"Then you'll see the magic of the tobacco."

"Then you'll see the magic of the tobacco."

"It creates the mood in every party."

"It crushes your enemy."

"You are right, Brother."

"It creates the mood in every party."

"It crushes your enemy. - It makes everyone intoxicated."

"It opens up a narrow mind."

"It opens up a narrow mind."

"It explains to the people who are foolish."

"It explains to the people who are foolish."

"It guides those who are lost."

"It can correct a twisted walk."

"You'll see the magic of the tobacco."

"Eighty, snapping, ninety, tunes. Crush the tobacco and chew it."

"Eighty, snapping, ninety, tunes. Crush the tobacco and chew it."

"Then you'll see the magic of the tobacco."

"Then you'll see the magic of the tobacco."

"Then you'll see the magic of the tobacco."

They were to enter at this point. - Haven't come.

It's already time.

I told you not to trust them.

Start singing. He's coming. - Clear up your throat.

"Then you'll see the magic of the tobacco."

"Then you'll see the magic of the tobacco."

"You'll see... - You'll see the magic."

Hey, come on! - We are done for.

You dance quite well. Do you think we are stupid?

You thought we will be down with tiny bit of drugs.

This much we normally eat with our breakfast.

Everybody, sit down. Please be seated.

No one else will dance. Now only these two will dance.

Come on, baby, dance!


"Eighty, snapping, ninety, tunes. Crush the tobacco and chew it."

"Eighty, snapping, ninety, tunes. Crush the tobacco and chew it."

"Eighty, snapping, ninety, tunes. Crush the tobacco and chew it."

"Then you'll see the magic of the tobacco."

"Eighty, snapping, ninety, tunes. Crush the tobacco and chew it."

"Then you'll see the magic of the tobacco."

"Eighty, snapping, ninety, tunes. Crush the tobacco and chew it."

"Eighty, snapping, ninety, tunes. Crush the tobacco and chew it."

"Then you'll see the magic of the tobacco."

"Then you'll see the magic of the tobacco."

"Then you'll see the magic of the tobacco."

Hey, Brother. Get up.

Now, he'll talk. Please talk.

That's it? - Hey! - What?

You think you're Mughal-e-Azam and we are Anarkali?

How much can we dance?

If you like we'll come to dance every day, morning and evening.

But let us go now.

Start dancing or else I'll put the bullet in you.

This is wrong. ln old times, dancers

were rewarded with gold and silver.

You're showing us gun, so we won't dance.

You've done enough. Let us go respectfully soon, or else..

Otherwise what will you do?

Or else... We will dance.

Eighty, snapping, ninety, tunes... - Come on.

Nobody will move!

What's going on, Brother?

You are typical policemen. Why don't you ever come in time?

We almost died dancing. Had you delayed more you'd see dead bodies.

You didn't die. We came before that.

Why do you come in the end? Why not early? You always come in the end.

And you're talking as if you have done us a favour by coming.

Let them go. We aren't going to spend all life with them.

We're going. Forgive our misbehaviour. Goodbye.

Goodbye. - Come, Brother.

In the end? - Hey, come on.

He said, in the end. - In the end?

Hey! Why are you ogling your eyes? They are thieves, we're policemen.

They should come early. - They are always late.

It was our last day. - We'd have died. - What's this?

Don't be surprised. He is not your man. That's over there.

That day you picked me from the jeweller's shop.

And then after the cake in your home, the food, the dance...

How can I thank you?

You were not my brother, yet you saved my life.

Why are you embarrassing me?

ln fact, we have nobody in this world.

That day when you affectionately called me your brother

my heart felt music of many strings.

So, I felt I must help you.

ln fact, we did good deeds in confusion. We aren't really good.

Let's go, Brother. - Let's go.

Why is our van going separate way from others?

Are we being taken to some special jail.

What happened? Why did you stop the van?

There are two dead bodies ahead.

We aren't dead bodies. We got tired waiting.


Just give us a ride to the railway station.

Brother? - Yes?

Doesn't the man standing inside look like Zorawar?

He is actually Zorawar. Shameless man has again cheated the police.

He is always coming in our way.

Run them over!

Where are you turning the steering?

Hey! Get out! I will ride the van.

Hurry, Sharat! - Hey!

Those who like to be punched, come to me.

Those who prefer to be kicked, go to him.

Hit me, if your hands can reach me. Hit!

You're holding me from behind? Come in front of me.

At the door! And the second door.

A kick, a punch, and... thrashing.

Did you play with him? Now come, play with me.

Hit me.

They aren't letting me sit.

Come on... Go!




Come on, dreadlocks! I'll grab your hair.

Don't you feel anything?

This is a wig! You're fooling me!

One, two, three.

Come here, Sharat. - Hello.

Was he saying kabaddi? - No, he said, one, two, three.

I have back pain. Help me get up.

Do you remember faintly? - Yes, I remember.

These bastards had made us dance a lot.

Now we'll be Mughal-e-Azam and they'll be Anarkali.

"Eighty, snapping, ninety, tunes. Crush the tobacco and chew it."

"Eighty, snapping, ninety, tunes. Crush the tobacco and chew it."

"Then you'll see the magic of the tobacco."

So, everybody has been caught.

But the real criminal you took army to catch is missing.

Sir, we had locked him in the van.

If you had locked him in the van then how did he get out?

Sir, you got the diamond. - So, should I leave real criminal?

I don't know, how did Zorawar vanish.

Here is Zorawar.

But where are you people going?

India is a big country. We'll do our business elsewhere.

What if I make arrangements for your livelihood?

Brother, is he proposing to take us into the jail?

God has blessed you with good mind which you use for stealing.

Use that brain for serving the country and the law.

Will you work for the police?

Police? - Police? - That too, us?

Stop! Where are you going?

As a policeman you're showing hand to policemen.

Sorry, sir, we made mistake.

What do you mean by sorry?

Brother. - Yes? - These two look familiar.

Yes. Who are you?

The van you're moving in used to be our van.

And the uniform you are wearing used to be on our bodies.

Why are they being rude to us?

Haven't you learnt manners to talk with your officers?

If you talk like this again I'll make you run naked in the desert.

And remember. We're very hard. Never say no to us.

Never say what? - No.

"Some love us, some offer their lives."

"Some love us, some offer their lives."

"They see us and say"

"The elder brother is great but the younger brother is amazing!"

"The elder brother is great but the younger brother is amazing!"

"Some love us, some offer their lives."

"They see us and say"

"The elder brother is great but the younger brother is amazing!"

"The elder brother is great but the younger brother is amazing!"