Badding (2000) - full transcript

Perpetually bothered by stage-fright, singer Rauli "Badding" Somerjoki runs away from a gig in Helsinki. One of his old friends is sent to do a story on him for a newspaper, and they travel to their former home village in the country. The characters' interaction and memories illustrate the singer's life and feelings.

This is not true. This is not false.
This is a fairy tale.

Somerjoki, Rauli Aarre Tapani.
- Yep. I admit.

You wrote that due to stage fright
you haven't sang in six months and -

that you consider yourself
unfit to work as a singer.

You also mention difficulties
in interacting with others.

Anxiety and social phobias -

make working with others
overwhelmingly difficult.

You say that you would
like to pursue an education -

yet you don't specify what kind
of education you would like.

But you wrote that you enjoy
the solitude of nature -

and like to grow and tend things.

Are you perhaps
talking about gardening?

Am I right?

I will tell you a story.
Or this is more like a fairytale.

This is a tale about an old rabbit.

He already has some gray in his
whiskers and scars here and there.

I'm sure he has also got
a few old pellet wounds in his butt -

but he doesn't mind because he's so
happy living in his rock cave.

There are these wolves, though,
that have become a real nuisance.

In summer they just shed hair and
try to put up with vermin.

But in fall
they are just skin and bones -

and they are so hungry
that their eyes are on fire.

This worries the old rabbit
who is not that stupid.

And there is one more thing.
The rabbit's name is Rauli.

In my heart I have one wish
I wish I would still be yours

As long as I'm uncertain
I can go on just by myself

And in my heart I have one desire
I would like to see you again

Yet I am left
in the grayness of another day

There you go.

Good girl, fat girl.

You must be terribly happy, cat-happy.

The comeback of Rauli Somerjoki
will rip your libido.

It will rearrange your tulips
and make your pussycats purr.

Friday at the Helsinki Hockey Arena,
tickets only 50 marks.

Drag your bones there.
You can be saved. Hallelujah!

Finally. I thought I'd remind you
of the gig you promised to do.

You know you are supposed
to be rehearsing now.

Are you there? Hello?

What the fuck? Hello?

Badding will rock you to heaven!

The master will step into the ring!
Give him a big hand.

Louder! Badding is coming!

The Master is here.
Badding is in the building.

Bring him on stage and fast.

I was sitting at the bar one evening

I picked up a girl
She wasn't that pretty

I had to have someone
I had the feeling

They started playing rock 'n' roll
The girls started stripping

Give me a little bit, she said

They played a slow song
People started looking at the band

People yelled: Get out of here
if you can't play rock 'n' roll

Switch it rock 'n' roll or we'll get mad
What could I do?

So I played rock 'n' roll

I played it all night long
I played rock 'n' roll all night

I played rock 'n' roll
I played it all night

Rauli! Goddammit, don't hang up.

No more games. I'll give you
one more chance to save your face.

They'll pick you up tomorrow in
Elvis' old Cadillac. Good enough?

Too much money is invested in this.
I won't let you make a fool of me.

I've got my nets around you.

The night falls whispering softly

Someone turns on
the lights in a window

No one is left alone in the dark

The lights will chase
the shadows of the night away

But I won't turn the lights on

I don't think I need them

You are the brightest light of all

I could even say
you give too much light

They want to know why

There are no lights on in my home

Shadows are creeping in smothering

Anything could happen to me

They don't know that light could

Frighten this tender feeling away

We said, the two of us

We will never turn the lights on

Kalevi, dammit. Want to buy a guitar?
- My name is Frans.

Oh, now it's Frans.
How should I know? Will you buy it?

I've got to get back to Copenhagen.
I came here because you asked.

It's not my fault
if they don't like your playing.

Arde, wait!

I've got a real
undercover job for you.

Nothing criminal,
I'm a family man now.

I want the car keys.
- What?

The car keys. You have your license?
- I still do, again.

I want you to get Badding here
in time for the gig. - I don't know.

You'll get more when he's on stage.
- How can you love music so much?

- Badding.

I wrote the addresses where you'll
find him. Keep me informed.

Let the scarred sores be
Don't tear them open again

Let the bitter memories die
Try to forget little by little

The violin in my soul
has a broken string

No more tender notes
They are gone forever

Arto Molander
from the Finvox Studios.

Have you seen Mr. Somerjoki?
- I don't know him.

This is him. Somerjoki,
the rock singer. - Oh yes.

Let me think.

Go down those stairs.

You'll come to a door.

Turn the handle
and the door will open.

You'll find yourself outside.
You can't miss it.

Thank you.

Rauli, I've got a surprise for you.

Shall I guess?
- Guess.

I don't have to, I know.
We old men have to stick together.

Have you seen Somerjoki?


One day Rauli the Rabbit leaves
his cave to escape the wolves -

and bumps into an old friend
who he hasn't seen for years.

This friend is Ossi the Squirrel.

Ossi! I'm so...

What? Get in the car.
- Oh no.

I'm on my way to see my Mom.
I'll take the bus.

Just get in the car.
- OK then. I'll sit in the back.

The tragic gauntlet of Badding.
An old friend tells all.

Six thousand. OK, five then.
I'll do it for that.

I've got to go.
See you at the Hockey Arena then.

You won't get in trouble for this,
will you? - What do you mean?

With your wife or something?
- No more wives.

Alright then.

Ossi, things are not so great.

Ossi the Squirrel guides
Rauli the Rabbit to his home meadow -

to his mother. That's good because
he can see better from a height.

He can see if there are
traps or wolves lurking.

Rauli, when was
the last time we met?

I can't remember.

It was at the Vanha caf?.
- I guess so.

You sat there surrounded by your
court like the Sun King.

Did we say hello?
- Barely.

I was always busy then.

Poor Rauli trusts Ossi wholeheartedly.

How could he know that
Ossi has become a wolf -

who is in squirrels' clothing.
But so far everything is fine.

Ossi playfully drops cones
to Rauli's head from the tree.

It's just like when they were boys
by the sunny home meadow.

In love I have always
counted on hard work

I have listened to the birds sing
and travelled around

I have gone to dances
ever since I was a little boy

After seeing a girl home
I have always broken my heart

Always find someone in a dance

The poison of love kills all sorrows

You've got tons of condoms here.
- So what.

You've got lots of rubbers here.
Do you remember this?

Does this still work?
- Of course it does. Putte!

Putte, Putte!

Putte, fuck off.

Hey, what's your name?
- Putte. Rauli.

Putte-Rauli. Come here.

Isn't it nasty when
they're always pushing you?

But if you don't plan on dying a virgin -

I think you better get some new ideas.


First of all, you have a body.

Especially that pelvis.

I think you should always use it.

You don't have to get lyrical
with girls, you just move.

And I mean moving.

You look and move, like this.
This is how you do it.

Let them know you have
something yummy hidden in your pants.

You get it?

And get rid of that quiff.
- Yup.

Putte! Fuck Putte.

If I say you're Badding,
I'm not lying much.

- Don't say yup, say Badding.

- Again.

- Badding is a good name.

You see, with Badding
you can have a few beers.

Take a shit in your own hat,
it's cool.

Watch me pull now.

Hi! You want to give me some?
- You idiot!

- Rauli!

What do you think?
Is Mickey Mouse a man or a mouse?

Personally I think
he's a pretentious snoop -

But Minnie is some bitch!

Have you noticed that there
are no churches in Ducksburg?

That's right. Money is their religion.

And Uncle Scrooge is
the head priest of that.


Surrounded by tall bushes
is a lunatic asulym

The patients have fun
when the doctor's away

He messes things up
when he's there

His mental health
puzzles the patients

They know he'll climb
the flag pole if told so

The patients are amused
but also worried

Mental disease rock rock rock
tuberculosis rock rock rock

Leuchemia rock rock rock
0ne-legged rock rock rock

Diseases attack people
many die

For the patients
the situation is unfair

The staff becomes quiet
The sick can't sleep

0ur friend the doctor walks by
The nurses close their eyes

There is tension between
the doctor and patients

Both are sulking
Yet at times everybody's happy

The doctor's good 'cause
He can dance rock 'n' roll

Mental disease rock rock rock
Accident rock rock rock

Bad heart rock rock rock
Bad temper rock rock rock

Everybody has their problems
that's why we'll rock again. Rock!

Ossi, do you have a cigarette?
- I don't smoke anymore.

Ossi, your hair looks kind of corny
for a cop. - What?

You have a cop shirt on.
That makes you a narcotics cop.

Geez! This is a taxi driver's shirt.
- No, you're a cop bass player.

You're the worst bass player
in the world but the best narcs cop.

Did you know that?

Do you still send stuff
to the magazines? - No.

You made that story of me
remember? - Yeah.

You even took the photos
with the little camera.

You put that girl in the front
and faded me in the background.

Who was that girl. It was...

Don't tell me you don't remember.

My beloved one,
am I the only one

Promise me you'll take me
away from my tearful dreams

Tell me you are mine

Close to you,
my beloved one

I want to give you everything

You are not mine
yet you still are

Like the night and the wind
that blows through me in dreams

Are you alright, honey?
- I'm alright, baby.

Can I get you a glass of water?.
- No, but I could sure use a drink.

Rauli, do you think
we are on an Esperanto course here?

Ossi, you don't get it.
I'll wait for the right time.

Do you even know what two
things your dick's good for?

I'll take care of it, I will.

I can feel your skin
when I am in your arms

Night brings you to my soul
In the shadows I sink

Darling, don't let me go

The nymphs of fairytales
wouldn't dance anymore

A beautiful friendship
would vanish in the shadows

Eternity would be like ash
rowing on emptiness

Oili, Seija, Sirpa,
Inkeri, that's Inksu.

Rauli, when the summer comes
I've fucked my name on this.

The only letters missing are M and A.

How are you going to take care of the A?

That's an easy one.
Ailis will always let you.

But what girls do we know with an M?

What's your girlfriend's name...

When I've gotten my name
on this pole, I'll burn this barn.

Rauli had always feared this. His
love for Mari the Mole was impossible.

But how could a squirrel
even think of loving a mole?

A mole doesn't even live
on the ground, it lives under it.

Despite this,
Rauli the Rabbit was very uneasy.

And I touched my dear old boat
- Is it a love poem?

No, this is more
about my view of life.

What is it that floats in the river
Challenging wind and nature

Mocking man's longing

When I saw that it was a log
Unchained by reason

I was sickened by knowledge
and imprisoned again

My pussy is freezing.

Rauli the Rabbit's not dumb, he sees
that Ossi is prettier to look at -

with its bushy tail up in the trees.

Rauli would just like to sit
in the leaves' shadows with Mari.

He would like to look her
in the eye and speak softly.

He wanted to say this
to her but never got the nerve.

Rauli, let's wait
- What are we waiting for?

We'll wait for
the temperature to rise.

This is cool, this is rock.

Soon you're going to
have great balls of fire.

It's hot, Rauli.
Look, this is rock 'n' roll.

Watch the flames lick the walls.

What? Are you crying?
- No.

Why are you crying?
It's not your barn. - It's not that.


Sometimes I feel like
Sometimes I don't

Sometimes I do
Sometimes I don't

Sometimes I feel like
Sometimes I don't

It was one o'clock and
she asked me to give some loving

And I did. Bumping and grinding
Loving all night

It was almost two and
the girl just got wilder

0h well. Bumping and grinding
Loving all night

I thought it was four o'clock
and she wanted more

Why not?. Bumping and grinding
Loving all night

It was almost five o'clock
and I was getting tired

Well, well. Bumping and grinding
Loving all night

It was getting late but the girl
made me give her some more.

I looked at the clock
but she pulled me back

I'll grind. Bumping and grinding
Loving all night

It was seven o'clock
and we went flying to heaven

I'll grind. Bumping and grinding
Loving all night

It was almost eight
and my head was aching

And we were bumping

We did it in the kitchen
and I got sticky fingers

Bumping and grinding
Loving all night

He's bleeding.
Get some bandages here.

Give him a break.

Isn't it nice that they love you?

Didn't you want this?
You're like Elvis now.


People can be so cruel and sadistic.

These guys put a little nestling,
it was still bald and blind, in a box.

They kicked and shook the box
and threw it in water.

I cried because I could see in it.
It was like I was in the box.

And it still makes me so sick.

Don't you jump out of my car.

You don't jump out of my car!

Ossi, you move me.
- Shut up.

Give me a kiss.
- You're so... fuck.

Walk then.
- Wait.


Ossi, look!

What's that? A man's belly button.
- No, this scar here.

It was one crazy groupie.

I thought she wanted to kiss
but she almost ate my belly button.

I had to bear it
for the rest of the gig.

You couldn't have left,
there were two refrigerators-

from the local wrestling team
blocking the door.

Where would you have gone?

That's right,
you were in the road crew then.

You fixed me with duct tape, you quack.

It wasn't nice
when they took it off.

It stuck on the hairs, you see.

That served you right.

Cop bass player!

Rauli shot from the little village
straight into a rock'n'roll star.

Established stars said that
he shouldn't sing the way he did.

But he breathed the music.
His voice was amazing.

He sang like an angel,
even with his asthma.

He sounded like nobody else.

It wasn't his fault that
he looked the way he did.

He probably thought about it every
time he saw his reflection.

People started calling him the Singing
Pimple after he blew a couple of gigs.

He had thought fame
would make his life more worthy.

It's occupied.

I'm doing a shit.

Come see Badding at nine
at the Helsinki Hockey Arena.

Buy a ticket and you could win
Elvis' old Cadillac for a week.

And now, as we are the radio station
that knows what's happening...

- Wartburg.

You don't even have
a driver's license.

Sources tell us
Badding wasn't in today's rehearsal.

He hasn't been in
any of the rehearsals.

Do you want to comment on that?.
- Could we focus on the real issue?

Weren't we supposed
to talk about us?

A few more words about Badding
who we haven't seen in public lately.

He's a drunk.

A social welfare case.
A psychiatric patient.

A commie.
- It may seem like that.

But aren't his merits in Finnish
rock the core thing?

Who is Badding? - For others who don't
know yet, here is his song "Stars".

Composed and written
by Rauli Somerjoki.

The dark sky with twinkling stars
With its gaze so mysterious

The countless stars
vanish in the far distance

The earth circles
its small orbit again and again

Stars, oh stars
I would like to be close to you

Stars, oh stars
It would make me happier

Stars, oh stars
Can't I come to you?

Stars, oh stars
Into the eternity, beyond time

It's useless to have dreams
It's useless to walk that path

If you give something in love
it will lead to nothing

Stars fade into the morning
There is a glow in the east

There is bitter longing
in the dawning new day

A beer, please.

Here you are. - Thank you. A pretty
smile is like dew on a cactus leaf.

There are empty tables.

Have you seen Somerjoki lately?

He's got a concert in Helsinki.
I've come to take him there.

I'm not interested.

It's getting dark and Rauli
can already see the home meadow.

Excited Mother Rabbit taps
the ground, welcoming Rauli.

Soon he'll see her loving eyes.


For Mother,
he will always be Little Rauli.

Nothing can break Mother's love.

He could have made it as a rock star
but he didn't want to sing rock.

One of his songs was "An old halter".

He cries and sings about an old horse
that's going to the sausage factory.

He misses that horse, dammit,
and everybody is playing his songs.

If Roy Orbison sings for the lonely
Badding sings for the sad.

In America he would have a hacienda
next door to Orbison -

but he couldn't handle fame.
It wasn't part of his image.

His identity slipped out of his
hands like a soap bar.

And I got tired of catching it.

No way!
- I need a drink.

I told you no.
- I need to clear my head.

You can't have one before the gig.
- They hate me.

What? - They shout Elvis' name.
I don't want to go.

My God, it's always the same.

I'm so ugly.

Do you think
Mick Jagger is beautiful?

You could make a rubber dingy
for two with his lips.

Look at this. What does it say?

I can tell you. We love you Badding.

And that's you.
Let's get out of here now.

They should whisper things like that.
- Badding and his whispering fans.

Why don't you go there then?

Put in earplugs then. If I was
there... - People would need them.

A good one.
- Ossi, I need my drink.

Alright, I'll get you one.
- Yup.

A lot of people would have traded
places with him.

I saw him very close.

It was like he was
pissing razor blades.

Why was he on stage?
I was more rock than he ever could be.

I would have divided groopies
into the ugly and the beddable.

I would have enjoyed
every minute of it.

I would have swum deep enough yet
with the snorkel above the water.

I probably wasn't the only road crew
member with these kinds of thoughts.

When I met you
it was the loveliest of nights

Birds were singing
and the moon was gleaming

You wanted to get out of the town

I thought this is going
to work out fine

When we got to the seashore
the flowers were in bloom

The sea was in whitecaps like beer

We walked to the shore
and undressed ourselves

The moment was so intoxicating

If I could just give you
the most beautiful, this earth

But I won't
A little moment is enough

When I am close to you

We got tangled in an embrace
and sand got caught in our toes

When we fell into
the hot rhythm of the sea

You were joking
when you said mouth to mouth -

"These are things
adults whisper about"

They are looking on the wrong side.

If I can stay here quiet,
they won't find me.

Or I could go under the water
and breathe through a cow chervil.

If they find me,
they'll take me to the market -

and take my clothes off
and brand my face.

I will never be like other people.

Hello. Damn. Can you hear me?

I'll get on a stump.

Can you hear me? Me? I wish I knew.

I don't have a clue.
They told me to go to a pond.

I searched, the fog got thicker
and I found no pond.

I just found ditches and brushwood.

I didn't find the pond but
I would sure like to find my car.

Or a road.

There must be a road there.

Who has been here?
- One of your friends.

He said you were supposed
to be singing somewhere.

My friends don't smoke cigars.
What did you tell him?

I told him you would be at the pond.

I thought he would
never find you there.

He said you must call him.

He left a number on the table.

You are not going anywhere,
are you? Will you stay for dinner?

I can't.
- Rauli.

I have to go. - Lf you are in some
trouble, you can always tell me.

Don't worry. No new troubles.
- Oh, dear.

You still sing and wander around?
- No, I just whistle.

You were in the magazines
much more in the 70s.

We watched you on TV, too.

A grown man showing a belly button.

I'm going to a Lions meeting.

We'll donate money for a new
electric organ for the school.

Aren't people talking about you
having a drinking problem?

Your father had his share, too.
You know, the sensitive guy he was.

The sun was shining
in the Palpakka hill

Killi lifted her skirt and
a teacher took off his shirt

Killi was swaying a handkerchief

Do the men want pussy or a drink?

Killi walked in the village
in a white dress

A man had a big hard-on
once he saw her

In my heart I have one wish
I wish I would still be yours

As long as I'm uncertain
I can go on just by myself

And in my heart I have one desire
I would like to see you again

Yet I am left
in the grayness of yet another day

It wouldn't matter
if I were weak

I could take all the sorrows

In my heart I know
what is longing

Now there is only Ioneliness

But in my heart I know
I drove you away

I did it again like everyone else



How did you know I was back?
- I didn't.

You're shivering. Why don't you
go inside? - Where are you going?

I have to go to work.
You can wait in the house.

Your mother won't like it
and there's a little kid inside.

That's my daughter Veera.
- Congratulations. Then I won't come.

Please, come in.
I don't have a man there.

I'm going through rough times.
- You're just drunk and cold.

Let's go in.

Life is chaos and swirls. Hands
grasping hands and eyes locking.

Moments of happiness.
Sorrow. Songs of both.

Someone always pays the ransom.

Pays and leaves.

The door is ajar
and you can hear music inside.

My heart started beating
We need a nurse here

I got trapped making a fire

She is here
The flame of fate

She lured me into this
and I got trapped

What should I do
when she's close

She's got a devil inside
but I see an angel

I can't run away, should I stay
I got trapped

I hide in bushes
She is there

I take a sip of wine
She looks at me invitingly

What should I do
She's tearing stars off her hair

I comment on the weather
even when I can't see a thing

She winks and I am trapped

She stole my soul but
the fire didn't go away

I had enough of fire and passed out

In the morning she was in my arms again

I asked if she liked it and
the flame was burning me inside

She turned and I got trapped again

Rauli's at my house.

I see.

Do you know anything about
a reporter being after him? - I don't.

You're not playing fair now.
- What?

Are you talking about fair game?

People haven't been
fair to me, either.

I was the one who cleaned
after Badding threw up.

I talked about nymphs in the cold
woods when we had to get him on stage.

I grabbed him by his ankle
when he tried to jump off a bridge.

I fed him like a little bird
when he was hung-over.

I made sure
he was together all those years.

So don't you talk to me about fair game.

So, how old is your kid?
- Veera is four.

Who's the father?
- You do the math.

You know Badding, right? - I don't
know what you're talking about.

You hung out with him in the 70s.
- I don't know him.

You were a member of the road crew.
You even look like one.

Dammit. I told you
I don't know the guy.


Don't move or I'll kill you.

Rauli the Rabbit is scared frozen
because the wolves are after him.

You can see their burning eyes and
froth between their strong teeth.

Rauli is expecting those teeth
to strike his neck any moment.

He could be pulled outside
and fallen prey to the wolves.

Fear is redness of blood
under his closed eyelids.

I think we'll go back to town.

I'll take you home.
- How much do they pay you?

Are you coming home
in this Cadillac?

Did you drive that?

Whose is it? - Let's just say
it still smells of cigars.

Did you kill him?

It's a deal.
I trust you.

You're very punctual.

You wanted pictures, right?
Let's go outside.

Wait your turn.

The house is two kilometers
that way. You can't miss it.

You wanted to meet Badding?
- You put him in the trunk?

How can you do this to him?

That'll be 2000 marks.

I'll give a 1000.
- 1800.



I really despise you, Ossi.

We're done.
- You're crazy.

Shut up. He's just a little late.

We can change the schedule.
The audience doesn't need to know.

This will be a night to remember,
for my name is Sturm und Drang.

What if he doesn't show up?
- Then you can shit on the stage.


Rauli the Rabbit is floating
in the river on a tree trunk.

The wolves follow him.

The water turns darker.
It's almost black.

Here and there one can see
floating mud, like clots of blood.

Rauli is floating
right into the wolves' cave.

The wolves are howling hungrily.
Rauli can smell blood.

Fear makes him act and
he jumps into the water.

The strong current wants to
swallow the little creature.

The shore is so far away.
Swim, Rauli.

Never surrender.

I am going to slash my throat.
I won't sing anymore.

You're not taking me anywhere.
It's going to stop now.

If you slash your throat
what's left of you?

Tell me, Rauli.

Ossi, I'm really sorry.

Ossi & Mari.

Hi ho Silver.

I'm going to stay here.

When is Badding going to start?
We have waited for two hours.

Ma'am. I was going to tell you.

I have a fifty-mark note here.

Maybe it's the one
you paid your ticket with.

You may have worked two hours
for it. Maybe you cleaned houses.

You demand that for this note,
soiled in your poor pockets -

Badding should perform
at a certain time and sober -

and make you happy with all
the songs that you like so much.

Get me out of here!

Am I in Helsinki?

Watch me do something
with this fruit of your diligence.

Perhaps you want it back?
It's value has multiplied.

An artist has touched it.

The audience seems ready.

I'll tell you a story. There was
a man named James J. Braddock.

He was a heavy-weight amateur boxer.

He worked in the port.

One day he decided he wanted
a good home for his family.

He started training hard.

He got ranked in the world series.

Then there was
Glamour Man, Max Baer.

He was a real charmer
and the heavy-weight champion.

Braddock was supposed
to be a piece of cake to him.

But Braddock came and
beat him and became the champion.

That's how he got
the name Cinderella Man.

OK, I'll take some
liberties with these songs.

One more thing. I have a cough.

Let the scarred sores be
Don't tear them open again

Let the bitter memories die
Try to forget little by little

The violin in my soul
has a broken string

No more tender notes
They are gone forever


Summer is withering away

Fall wind is bending the trees

Birds will fly far

0nly the wind is left to cry

Time is lost beyond dreams

The bells of rain toll for death

Time sleeps in the darkness

Those gray clouds tire my mind

I couldn't take this anymore

If I didn't know I'd see you again

The sunshine takes away the winter

And we'll see the spring come

When the message of summer comes

Brought by new green leaves on trees

Time flows so fast

I'll meet you half way

I couldn't take this anymore

If I didn't know I'd see you again

The sunshine takes away the winter

And we'll see the spring come

Translation by Aretta V?h?l?