Badal (2000) - full transcript

Badal (Bobby Deol) is a victim of the 1984 riots, brought up by a terrorist (Ashish Vidyarthi). Badal lives with the sole aim of exterminating a police cop Rana (Ashutosh Rana) now the DGP. Rana was responsible for cruel harassment and murders of innocent people in the villages of Punjab. Including that of Badal's whole family. An honest police officer (Amrish Puri) and his family give shelter to young Badal where he falls in love with Rani Mukherjee. Badal's aim remains to kill the treacherous police officer who had killed his parents and his loving sister. After several twists and turns he meets the treacherous Jai Singh Rana who has now become a DIG. How the hero accomplishes his revenge forms the rest of the story?

'Who can conquer the Creator?'

'Nobody can harm the
one who is blessed by God.'

Be alert.

Be alert.

Gudiya will get married to a prince.
- Listen to your brother.

My brave son.
- Dad.

Look, brother.

Who's there?

Who is it? Why don't you answer?

Don't shout or else I'll shoot.

I will shoot.
- Shoot me.

If your pain is alleviated
by shooting me..

..then go ahead and shoot me.

Who is it?
- Nobody, my dear.

A lost brother.

Ask him if he's hungry.
I'll serve dinner.

What's there to ask?

I won't let him leave without
having his dinner. - I'll get it.

Tell me something.

Does your mother know..

..that you are badly injured?


The day she finds out,
she'll cry bitterly.

So, throw away this weapon.

I've taken up this weapon to
defend the rights of our community.

For our freedom.

Great, my friend.

Even Mahatma Gandhi had fought for
our freedom. Did he use any weapon?



You have invited death.

But before dying, eat this bread.

Take it. Go.


..there is a wounded terrorist.

Someone has given him shelter.

Hand him over to us.

I will give you ten minutes.

If we find him first,
then along with the terrorist..

..all the villagers will be punished.
- Inspector.


I'm the head of this village.

Nobody in this village is
involved in any illegal activities.

If you want,
you can search every house.

Go away, rascal. Am I your servant?

Why should I search for him?
You'll search for him..

..otherwise, all of you will be killed.
- Why would you kill us?

Are there no laws in this village?

You are a public servant.

So behave like one.
Don't try to rule us like a master.

I know the law.
- Scoundrel.

You are teaching me the law?


Don't make this mistake, inspector..

..or else these villagers will
label you as a terrorist and kill you.

They will leave your
body at the police station.

Go. Everybody,
go to your houses and go to sleep.

Go on.

- Mahinder.

Burn this village.

If he is hiding here,
he'll come out..

..or he'll burn to death.

But the innocent villagers
will also be killed.

Let them die.

I don't want to be just
an inspector all my life.

I have to become famous.
I have to reach my destination.

If I have to kill innocent
people to get there, then I will.

Burn this village.

If anybody interferes, kill him.

Today, I will remind
them about the incident.. Jalianwala Baug
(A town in Delhi).

Run away with the children.
Praise the Lord.

Run away with the children! Oh God!

Run, children!



'According to our information,
this morning at 10am..'

'..some terrorists robbed
Faridabad's New City Bank.'

Take this. - 'The police have
put up check posts in the city.'

Come, Singha. - Be careful.
If you talk, there will be cheating.

Nitya, serve me tea.

Tea is served. Here.
- Thank you.

Here's your tea.

Raj, here's your tea.

Brother, I'm scared. I'll fall.
- Bunty.

I don't want to ride it.
- Come. You've been playing all day.

Don't you have any sense?
How many times..

Brother, I will fall.
- No, you won't, Gudiya. I'm holding you.

Come home. Come on.

What are you thinking?

To discuss this incident, we have
in our studio, D.I.G. Jai Singh Rana.

D.I.G., we've heard
that innocent people..

..out of fear of police brutality..

..have taken up weapons
and have become terrorists.

What is your opinion about that?

It is an absolute lie. It is rubbish.

I can't speak about
the entire police force..

..but as far as I am concerned,
in a career spanning 23 years..

..I have never raised
my hands on an unarmed person.

No. Liar. He is lying.


This killer is lying. He is lying.

He is lying.

Give our ball back to us.

Brother, could you
give our ball back to us?


I know that the terrorists
who robbed the bank yesterday..

..are hiding here.

I will give you two minutes.

Surrender your weapons
or you'll be killed.

You can't.. - There are too many
cops and we don't have enough bullets.

We won't be able to hold
them off for very long.

I'll give you cover from the front.

Escape from the back.
- And you?

Don't worry about me.

This is your last warning.
Surrender your weapons.


Praise the Lord.




- Get up.

Sir, I am ruined.

My four-year-old daughter
perished in this fire.

What should I do?
- How did this fire start?

How did this fire start?
- Sir, what can we say?

Six or seven terrorists
were hiding in this house.

In order to get to them,
the police burned down the whole village.

The terrorists were killed.

And four villagers died as well.

What kind of justice is this?
We didn't commit any crime.

There's only one option left.

We have to leave our
houses and go somewhere else.

You won't have to go anywhere.

This house belongs to you.
This place, this land, belongs to you.

Will you leave your motherland?

Stop your speech.

This house belongs to us.
This land belongs to us.

If this land belongs to us,
why can't we live here peacefully?

Where were you when our
people were being killed?

Our children perished in
the fire before our own eyes.

Have you ever seen your
children being burned alive?

I have.

I have.

A mother can't see
her child being cremated.

And I saw the child..

It should have been me instead.
Why didn't I die?

Aunt, hit me. Hit me.

If hitting me results
in less pain for you..

..then I will consider myself lucky.

Do you want to alleviate my pain?

Then why don't you
explain that to them?

They are so young and
they carry weapons with them.

What do they want?
Why are they killing each other?

Will you pacify them?

I promise you, aunt.
I will go to our loved ones..

..who, for some reason,
are angry with us.

I will pacify them.

And until they don't
return to their homes..

..I will not return
to my house either.

Mr. Satyaprakash, I think it is
futile to talk to these terrorists..

..and advice them to give up violence.

They only understand
the language of bullets.

Change your decision
about the peace march.

I know how to handle them.

It is our task. Let us do it.

D.I.G., I've been observing your work.

The whole village
perished in the fire.

Four innocent people were killed.
Seven policemen were killed as well.

Many people became homeless.

There is violence everywhere.

Mr. Satyaprakash,
we killed six terrorists.

Maybe you're not aware.

This incident will give
birth to 50 new terrorists.

Maybe you're not aware.

So, why don't you tell
me what we should do?

You won't do anything.

Whatever has to be done, I will do it.

This country is mine.
And its people are my people.

Is it true that you're going
on a peace march for the country?


Sir, will it improve the situation?

Somebody has to try.

But, sir,
your life might be in danger.

Nobody knows the future.

Sir, do you believe the terrorists..

..will listen to you
and surrender themselves?

I have a lot of conviction.

Even if a single
terrorist surrenders..

..I will consider myself lucky.



I thought you were also killed,
along with your friends.

I can't die before Rana does.

Do you know who has killed my friends?

That same killer, Jai Singh Rana.

Had I known that Rana is
the leader of the police force..

..I would have killed him
then and there. Right there.

Everything is over, Raj.

You'd better forget about Rana.
- What?

What should I forget?

Should I forget that I had a father?

That he didn't die of natural
causes because Rana killed him.

Should I forget that
I had a mother who raised me?

Should I forget that my sister,..

..while tying me a rakhi (a thread
symbolising sisterly affection)..

..thought that I would protect her?

Should I forget that when I
should have been playing with toys..

..that scoundrel forced
me to take this gun?

I can't forget it.
I can't forget anything.

If you want me to forget all that..

..take this gun and shoot me.

For, as long as I live,
I will seek vengeance.

Shoot me.

Raj, you're so desperate to kill Rana.

Even God is unable to do anything
in the face of such madness.

I'm just a human being.

Right now, D.I.G. Rana is in
charge of Mr. Satyaprakash's security.

So, he will have
many policemen with him.

And many innocent people
will be around him.

But as soon as the peace
march reaches Sunder Nagar..

..the police and Rana will relax..

..and your task will become easier.

This is the money which
was stolen from the bank.

I'll make arrangements to
deliver the weapons in Sunder Nagar.

And yes..

..I'll also give you
a letter for Daya Shankar.

He will arrange for your lodging.

What happened, driver uncle?

Baby, the petrol pipe is busted.
- Oh, great. You had it, oldie.

I don't understand.

Get the car repaired and go home.

I'll hitchhike and
make my way home. Okay?

- Where there's a will, there's a way.

And here comes the bus. Bye.

Stop. Stop the bus, man. Stop.


Excuse me. Can I?


Will you please make room for me?

I mean, please move aside.
Please. Okay?

Thank you.

Thank you.

Looks like you didn't
sleep well last night.

Friend, what a girl. She is great.

She is really gorgeous. Oh, God.

Friend, today is your lucky day.
Here comes another.

You're unlucky. She is pregnant.

Please have my seat.
- She is pregnant.

Thank you. - Great.

I will go sit. - Go on.
- Here I go.

He got up from his seat,
so that she could sit there and you..

Yes, me. Hey, beautiful.
- Shut up, silly.

Don't you have any respect for women?

Don't talk too much
or I'll teach you a lesson.

If you are so concerned,
why don't you sit on my lap?

Let this pregnant woman
sit beside you, right?

Am I right?

Wow. Great.

He picked them up and punched them.
They went right through the glass.

He punched the next guy and he
went right through the glass as well.

You were fabulous. Hi, I'm Rani.

He is sleeping already.

Whoever wants to eat can do so.

The bus will stop here
for ten minutes only.


"Everyone goes through it,
but you are too youthful."

"Crazy girl."

"The whole world becomes crazy, but
you've become crazier than the rest."

"Scarlet skirt."

"Scarlet skirt."

"Everybody is crazy about it."

"Swaying and swirling.
It has made everyone crazy."

"Everybody is floored
by its silver anklets."

"Swaying and swirling.
It has made everyone crazy."

"Everybody is floored
by its silver anklets."

"It kills everybody.
- The skirt."

"Scarlet skirt."

"My scarlet skirt."

"Scarlet skirt."

"My heart is beating faster."

"Where did this stranger come from?"

"His every glance is striking."

"How do I express my plight?"

"Look at this. She has gone crazy."

"Friends, save her."

"She is losing control. Restrain her."

"Scarlet skirt."

"Now days pass in agony."

"Once the poison of
love spreads inside you.."

" is difficult to get rid of it."

"It kills everybody. - The skirt."

"Scarlet skirt."

"My scarlet skirt."

"Scarlet skirt."

"I have long black hair.
My waist is enticing."

"Millions desire me."

"All of India is crazy about me."

"My mannerisms are appealing."

"You are too young.
You are inexperienced."

"Hide yourself.
Everyone has an eye on you."

"Scarlet skirt."

"Look, don't touch it, beloved."

"It emits flames of merriment."

"It kills everybody.
- The skirt."

"Scarlet skirt."

"My scarlet skirt."

"Everybody is crazy about it."

"Scarlet skirt."

"Scarlet skirt."

This is Sunder Nagar. Excuse me.

Do you know where Shahi Theatre is?

I don't know. I'm new in this city.

I'm from here. I know my way around.

If you do, then why are you asking me?

By the way I'm Rani.
Want to be friends?

Not every person who offers his hand
in friendship turns out to be a friend.

Don't be my friend.
At least tell me your name.

By the way, what's that?

That? That's Town Hall.

And behind Town Hall is Mall Road.

There is a KD store in Mall road.

KD store is the largest
departmental store of this city.

By the way that is my grand..

He left without telling me his name.

"Hail Mother Goddess."

Yes. What do you want?

I have come from Sanewal.

You could be from Sanewal or Garhwal.

Firstly, tell me who are you.

Whom do you want to meet?

I want to meet Daya Shankar.
- Then meet him.

Are you Daya Shankar? - Of course.
Do I look like Sushmita Sen?

No. I mean..
- I told you I'm Daya Shankar.

Now do you want the entire
village to testify to that?

This letter is for you.
- I don't want to read it.

If you don't read the letter,
I'll be in trouble.


As long as Daya Shankar
is here nobody can harm Badal.

Do you know me?

I don't only know you..

I also know what is in your bag.
- How?

Mantaveer had called
from Delhi early this morning.

Aren't you the younger
brother-in-law of..

..Dharshan's aunt's
sister-in-law's aunt?

He even told me you
are a skilled craftsman.

You had me tensed.
- It's an old habit of mine to make jokes.

An Indian always lives merrily.
Give me five.

Thief. Thief. My purse.

My money.
Somebody nab him. He stole my money.

Thief. Thief. Somebody catch him.

Catch him.
He took away my purse. Thief. Thief.

You. Stop.
- Stop him.


Daya Shankar, stop him.

Stop or I'll shoot. - No, Sahab Singh.

Get up.

You rob people..

..for small sums of money.

Sir, this is my purse. My money.

Is it your purse? - Yes, sir.


You can go.
- Thank you very much. Thank you.

Tell me.
- I'm not a thief.

That's what every thief
says after being caught.

No, sir. Today is the
last date to pay my exams fees.

I had to make the payment.

Sir, if I don't make the payment
today, my future will be ruined.

How much are your fees?
- Rs. 1200.

Sahab Singh, release him.

Take this and go straight to college,

Enough. Enough. That's fine. Go.

- Yes.

Don't stoop so low in
the bigger examination of life.

Understood? Go on.

Sir, you let him go.

He should have been punished
so that he won't do this again.

Punishment will only
brand him as a thief.

Soon after that he'll
become a big criminal.

Sahab Singh, our Indian
boys are killed not with bullets..

..but with sweet talks.

I'm sorry, sir.

Well done.

Today, you've not only
saved an innocent person..

..but you've also saved a police
officer from committing a crime.

Thank you.

I've never seen you before.
- Actually..

..sir, he is one of our own.
He's from our village.

From Sanewal?
- Yes.

Actually, he is my distant relative.

Haddamo's brother-in-law.
- What?

Yes. But since the last ten years
he has been living in our village.

He has grown up.
He has come here in search for a job.

During the day he
will work at the shop.

And he will sleep here.

Very good. Sanewal.
- Yes.

Daya Shankar.
- Yes.

Where are you from?
- Your village. Sanewal.

From where has he come from?
- From Sanewal.

If you can live in my house,
then why can't he?

That's very nice of you, sir.
Give me five.

Grab your luggage and come along.
- I..

What? What is your name?

- Badal.

You are an adult.
Why should you be shy?

Come on.
- Come.

Take your luggage.

Mom, save me.
- Preeti.

Mom, save me. - Preeti, I said, "Stop."
- Papa, look at her.

What happened?

Papa, I was talking on the
phone and she pulled the wire.

- No, Papa. It is half-truth and half-lie.

Sister was talking to brother-in-law.

When I told her that I wanted to talk,
she didn't give me the phone.

So I pulled the wire. - Really?

I won't give it back.
- You will pull the wire.

Stop the fighting. Stop. Stop.

And look who has come to our house.

Who is it?
- Have a look.

Simran, he is Badal.

- He will stay with us.

Badal, she is Soni,
my elder daughter. - Hello.

She is studying in her final year.

Very soon she'll get
married and leave us. - Papa!

I am not going to
leave this house so soon.

I'm in the 6th grade.

By the way, my name is Manpreet,
but you can call me Preeti.

I study in the Central School.
And I am learning computers.

Do you know computers?

No problem. I will teach you..

..but on one condition.
You have to be my friend.

That's fine. - Guest's are like God.
Preeti knows that.

He looks like a demon to me.
- Keep quiet.

Come. Welcome.


Did you like the house?

It's good. But..
- What do you mean?

I'd rather stay in the garage.

What's wrong with this house?

It is a nice bungalow.
Delicious meals.

You will live a luxurious life.

And there is no fear of being robbed.. such a senior
police officer's house.

Also, the people of
the city will respect you.

There can't be a
better place than this.. entire Sunder Nagar.
Give me five.

There is a young girl in the house.

And you have brought a stranger here.

Darling, he is not a stranger.
He is Daya Shankar's relative.

And most importantly, he's from
the same village where I was born.

Really? Bring the entire village here.

I'll go to my mom's with my daughters.

My darling,
you can be condescending if you want.

Demote me from an assistant
commissioner to a constable..

..but don't threaten to
go to your mom's. I feel sad.

Enough of your drama.

Dinner is ready.
Go and fetch your villager. Go.

You are unnecessarily
worried about that guy.

I feel very strange
when I look at him.

Did you see his eyes?
They are so silent.

And did you see my eyes?

There is so much of chaos in them.

Give me a sweet kiss.
- Go away.


You're still awake?
- Actually.. is cold at night.

Keep the blanket..

..or you'll catch a cold. - Okay.

I'll leave now.

Good night.

Have you gone mad?
You want to pacify the terrorists.

Don't vex yourself uselessly.
Nothing will happen to me.

Terrorists are also human,
like you and me.

Listen to me very carefully.

I won't allow you to
go beyond Sunder Nagar.

That area is very dangerous.

Fine. We will talk when we meet.

Take care, okay?
- Bye.

Merry Christmas, Grandpa. What's this?

You got emotional on the phone.

Who were you talking to?
Your girlfriend?

Fool. - Tell me, grandpa.
Don't change the topic.

If your girlfriend is upset with you,
I'll appease her.. bringing up your
age in conversation.

Tell me, grandpa. Tell me.

I'm not talking to
you as my girlfriend.

I am talking to you as somebody
I grew up with, Satyaprakash.

He will meet the terrorists.

He will pacify them.
- Terrorists.

How exciting..

..meeting terrorists, talking to them.

By the way, grandpa.
Have you ever seen a terrorist?

I have.
- Where?

Tell me. When? Where?

She's standing before me.
- Grandpa!

Sahab Singh, so early in the morning?
Is everything fine?

The collector has called
you for an urgent meeting..

..regarding the peace march.
- Papa, what about college?

Sorry, love.
Could you walk to college today?

- Yes.

Will you do me a favour?
Will you drop Soni to her college?

- And why don't you take my bike.

And get the clutch and
break checked on your way back.

I have to open the garage.
I'm leaving.

Go on.

Soni. Is there a shortage
of men in college..

..that you've brought
this fool from the outside?

He's probably one of A.C.P's goons..

..that's serving time.

We are also ready to serve time.

Darling, we are still alive.

Please go home.

But this..
- This is routine stuff.

Girls are used to
hearing such comments.

If this happens everyday, why
didn't you complain to your father?

What's the use?
Father will lock them up.

And they will be
released the next day.

One is a minister's son
and the other is an MLA's son.

My studies would be
stopped unnecessarily.

And why are you so worried?

You won't come to escort me everyday.
- Hi Soni.

Hi Rashmi.

Today these guys
have crossed the limit.

Let's go away from here.

This is for my mummy.
This is for my elder brother.

This is for my younger sister.
- And what am I for?

You are here to pay the bill.
- Oh, God.

Oh, God. - What happened?

He bumped into me.
- You bumped into my wife?

Aren't you ashamed?
We are on our honeymoon. Understand?

We just came here today.
You should apologise to her.

Let it be, Guler. He is handsome..

..just like Dharmendra.

Have you come for our honeymoon
or to look at other men?

He's handsome? So am I a goon?

Where did he go? He got scared.

He doesn't know me.

Let it be. I know what you are.
- What do you know?

- Is your father an astrologer?

Don't talk about my father.
- Don't lock horns with me.

What will you do?
- You will fight with me?

- You want to fight. - Yes.

You want to fight with your husband.
- Fight with my husband.

On the street?
- On the street.

Am I from the streets?
- Yes.

Really? - Yes.
- What will it be?

Arm wrestling.
- Come on. - Come on.

Come on.
- Use your strength.

I lost?
- You lost.

I lost?
- Yes.

Come to the hotel.
I'll turn my loss into a win.

Carry the luggage.

This is a nice set.

Oh, my God.

Yes, sir.
- Hi, I'm Rani.

Today you'll have
to tell me your name.

What is your name?
- Eveready.

Eveready? - Okay.

Is that your name?
- I want a big Eveready torch.

Look, you'll get everything you want.
It's my shop.

I want a hook and a 30-feet long rope.

It should be able to carry my weight.

You will get a torch,
but you won't get a hook and rope.

I'll get it from another shop.

If you are so adamant,
take the hook and rope as well.

But at least tell me your name.

I should,
at least, know the person's name..

..who is going to use
my rope to commit suicide.

Why? Do you want to marry me?

I want to lodge
a complaint with the police.

Do you want my photograph?

For the time being, pay the bill.

Okay. It will be okay.

Yes, Rashmi,
tell me, how come you're still awake?

Not just me, everyone
in the girl's hostel is awake.

Do you know what happened
to those four goons..

..who used to tease you every day?

What? - Someone came and
thrashed them black and blue.

They've been admitted to the hospital.
- What are you saying?

Your dad probably got
those goons beaten up.

Good for you.
They deserved to be thrashed.

Soni, are you there? Hello?

Soni. Hello.

Have you been to the hostel?

Hostel? What hostel?

Don't lie to me. I know everything.


You had those guys beaten up
because they were teasing me.

Why would I beat anyone for you?

What is our relation?

Your hand is bleeding.

Let it be.

It doesn't matter.
Everyone feels the..

..pain regardless of
whether they're bleeding.

For those that are close to you,
but not for strangers.

I have to nurse your hand.

Today, I am bandaging your hand.

Tomorrow I'll tie rakhi (symbol of
sisterly love) on these wrists, brother.

Today on the occasion
of Sunder Nagar's..

..annual skating competition,
the winner..

..will receive a reward
from our respected collector.

We will have to wait in anticipation
to see who that lucky winner is.

Best of luck.
- Thank you.

Girls, take your position.


Badal, my sister will win. Watch.

And now the first round begins.

And this is the hurdles round.

Whoever crosses the hurdles..

..will come closer to winning.

And now begins the semi-final round.

That's the ballet round.

Badal, watch.
My sister will win for sure.

And now we begin the final round.

The round that separates
the winners from the loser.

On one hand we have Soni
and on the other is Rani.

Best of luck.

Badal, please do something.

Badal, please do something.

Badal, please do something.

Badal deserves half the prize.

That was a nice trick.

Trick? What do you mean?

You were losing.
I told him to assist you.

So Badal rolled the coin because
of which she had an accident.

That's really what secured
your victory. - What?

That's shameful.

I would prefer to lose
than win like this. - Hey, guys.

It's cool. Don't worry.
I'll definitely win the next tournament.

Don't worry.
- Excuse me.

Yes. Bye.
- Bye.

Hi. - Hi.
- Congratulations.

Thank you.
But you are the real winner.

No. I fell.

You didn't fall.
You were made to fall. - What?

My brother did that.

I see. So he is your brother.

Come here.

Apologise to her.

Everything is fair
in love and war. Come on.

Sister, can I have a cold drink,
please? - Preeti, stop.

I'm sorry.
- I don't mind falling..

..If you'll be there to hold me.

At least, now tell me your name..

..or I won't forgive you.
- Badal.


"The heart is afraid to meet those
that we might give our consent to."

"The heart is afraid to meet those
that we might give our consent to."

"Don't meet.."

"Don't meet me frequently.
We might fall in love."

"We might fall in love."

"We might fall in love."

"The heart is afraid to meet those
that we might give our consent to."

"The heart is afraid to meet those
that we might give our consent to."

"Don't meet.. "

"Don't meet me frequently.
We might fall in love."

"We might fall in love."

"We might fall in love."

"This fervor, the heart doesn't know."

"This fervor,
the heart doesn't listen."

"Look, don't love me like this.
Oh, darling."

"In the path of love,
there is pain and sorrow."

"We are so near and yet so far."

"Why are we helpless in love?"

"Your glance may strike my heart."

"Don't meet.."

"Don't meet me frequently.
We might fall in love."

"We might fall in love."

"We might fall in love."

"Don't make me crazy."

"Craziness says there's
no control over love."

"Oh, my love, my darling."

"This affection might turn into love."

"What's this angst?
What is this state of being?"

"We are not conscious of anything."

"To live and die
might become difficult."

"Don't meet.."

"Don't meet me frequently.
We might fall in love."

"We might fall in love."

"We might fall in love."

"The heart is afraid to meet those
that we might give our consent to."

"Don't meet me frequently.
We might fall in love."

"We might fall in love."

"We might fall in love."

"Like the cloud."

"The star of my heart."

"The twinkle of my eye."

"The lovelorn one is yearning."

"The star of my heart."
- I love you.

"The star of my heart."
- I love you.

I love you.

Go on. With the help of the villagers,
bring the goods here.

Yes, sir.

Did you see this?

This is what our neighboring
country is sending us as a gift?

Sir, there are lots
of explosives in this.

It has the ability to kill hundreds.

What are you all looking at?


Greetings, Rana. Greetings.

Come, Asgar.
- Greetings.

Take your belongings.
- Rafiq, pick it up. Quickly.

Come on.
- Come.

Rana, according to my promise..

..your money will be deposited
in your bank account.

No, Asgar.

I have closed all
bank accounts in India.

This is my Swiss bank account number.

Deposit it in this account. - Okay.

Rafiq, leave one box behind.

I'll have to show something
to the government.

I'll leave now. Goodbye. Come on.

Hello. Control room.
- Yes, sir.

This is D.I.G.
Jai Singh Rana speaking. - Sir.

Listen carefully. I've apprehended
the terrorists' explosives.

Five terrorists were
killed in the encounter.

One officer and a driver
were killed as well.

Send the police force..

..and ambulance to Malay
Kotla village immediately. Over.

Study this list carefully.

I want all these explosives
before the 15th of August.

So many explosives? Do you
want to blow up the entire city?

I heard Asgar is only
concerned about his money.

He doesn't go into the details.

There is certain style in your talk.

I don't want the delivery here.
I want it in Sunder Nagar.

Sunder Nagar? And the money?

You'll get it.

As soon as I get the explosives,
I will pay you.

Simran, hurry up.
We are getting late. - Coming.

- They must be waiting!

Yes, Mom!

I told you to dry these clothes
on the roof before taking a bath.

Mom, you do it.

We are going to fix the wedding date.

When will you grow up? Come.

Beena. Dry these clothes too.

Okay, ma'am.


What are you doing on the roof?

- It's nothing.

Simran, are you coming or
should I go by myself? - Coming.

We'll return soon.
- Come on. We're getting late.

Take care.
- Yes, Mom.

Now what are you thinking? Come on.

I'm coming.
- Get in.


Chhotu? - Yes.
- Where is Badal?

I don't know.
He has not come since morning.

I'm doomed. I'm very troubled.

Mister, I'll solve your problem.
Where is your car?

My car? I missed my car, brother.

Missed it? - Yes, I just got married.
I'm new to this city.

We are here on our honeymoon.

God knows where my wife has gone.
I'm very worried.

Listen, if your wife is lost,
why have you come to my garage?

My wife is very innocent.

Someone must've given her
a lift and she must've gone with him.

The car could possibly break down.

He might come here to get it fixed.

So I came here. I am worried.

If your car has broken down,
I'll repair it. - Okay.

But what do I do about your wife?

What's the difference
between a car and a wife?

A car breaks down suddenly
and so does the wife.

Tell me. What part is damaged?
- All the parts.

What are you talking about?

I'm newly married.
And you are talking about parts.

Are you crazy? I am worried.

And to make matters worse,
you're making me mad!

If your wife is lost, go to the
police station and lodge a complaint.

They ask so many questions
at the police station.

Are you married or not?
Where? And how?

Who does your wife look like?
Is she fair or dark? - Mister.

How does she sit? How does she walk?

They ask countless questions.
And I have only one mind.

You just tell me how can I help you.

Write down the address. - Tell me.

India's most wanted, Delhi..
- My dear! - Billo's voice!

You are here?
- Billo, where are you?

I searched everywhere for you..

..the Zoo, the police station.

Police station?
- Then what?

You should've got lost
after our wedding night.

I got lost for the first time.
Sorry for the trouble.

I was confused.
- Hold this.

What day is today?
- Sunday.

I think there will be a
world war in the hotel. - Come.


Today, I'm very delighted, Simran.

Our daughter's wedding date is fixed.

But we'll cry a lot when
our Soni goes to her in-laws.

Right, Simran? What happened?

Are you fine?
- I'm very afraid.

Afraid? Why?

That guy in our house.
- Yes.

He might do something
to our daughters.

You are unnecessarily
getting worried, Simran.

Badal is one of our own.

He is Daya Shankar's relative.
He must be at the shop.

Hello, sister-in-law. Hello, sir.

Daya Shankar, where is Badal?
- I don't know.

He didn't show up
for work this morning.

Come on. Let's go home quickly.


Preeti. Soni.

What happened?
- Soni.

Mom! - Preeti.
- Simran, what happened?

- My child. - Preeti!

Soni! So..

Where is my daughter?
What did you do to her?

Where is my Soni?
- Mom. What happened, Mom?

Why are you beating him? Mom.

What's going on, Simran?

Papa, my plan is ruined.

Today is your wedding anniversary.

Badal was decorating
the whole house for the party.

What is this blood?
- Mom, this is the paint.

I was making the wedding
anniversary board.

She was being naughty.
Her shirt got stained in the process.

And that gun shot?

I was watching a movie on T.V., Mom.

And why did you beat Badal?

I'm sorry. I made a mistake.

I am not your mother..

..but I am like your mother.

Even a mother can make a mistake,
can't she?

Forgive me, son.

Son, you have decorated
the house with lights.

Will you not show them to my wife?

"The beauty of my
beloved is so radiant."

"This moon looks like your face."

"I have lost my sleep and peace."

"A craving aroused, a pain awakened."

"The matter proceeded. Who knows?"

"When love happened."

"When love happened."

"Through my eyes,
you entered my heart."

"Through my eyes,
you entered my heart."

"It took away your life."

"Beloved, beloved."

"Beloved, beloved."

"Beloved, beloved."

"Beloved, beloved."

"Beloved, beloved."

"Through my eyes,
you entered my heart."

"Through my eyes,
you entered my heart."

"It took away your life."

"Beloved, beloved."

"Beloved, beloved."

"Beloved, beloved."

"Beloved, beloved."

"Beloved, beloved."

"Beloved, beloved."

"The one with bindi,
bangles, braids, rosy cheeks.."

"..and dark eyes,
stole my heart away."

"The one wearing the
blue and yellow silky veil.."

"..who sweet talked, stole my heart."

"Those who taste you.."

..they will be as intoxicated.." the inside of
a closed bottle of liquor."

"On your face.."

"Looking at the two
black moles on your face.."

"..consumes me with intoxication."

"My beloved, let us meet."

"Even if we have to do this
surreptitiously, let's talk."

"Beloved, let us meet."

"Even if we have to do this
surreptitiously, let's talk."

"Like a lamp on dark nights."

"Like a lamp on dark nights."

"Is his smile."

"Beloved, beloved."

"Beloved, beloved."

"Beloved, beloved."

"Beloved, beloved."

"Beloved, beloved."

"Beloved, beloved."

"I am crazy, so are you."

"I am fanatical, and so are you."

"Queen of my dreams,
what craftsmanship."

"You saw it? I saw it too."

"You thought about it, so did I."

"You said. I said. You are gorgeous."

"I've lost you. You're handsome."

"This youth is so treacherous."

"Look at this."

"This youth is so treacherous."

"I find solace even in fever."

"If you smile,
the season of spring will arrive."

"I find solace even in fever."

"If you smile,
the season of spring will arrive."

"Your style and your grace.."

"Your style and your grace.."

"..has floored me."

"Beloved, beloved."

"Beloved, beloved."

"Beloved, beloved."

"Beloved, beloved."

"Through my eyes,
you entered my heart."

"Through my eyes,
you entered my heart."

"It took away your life."

"My great brother."

"Beloved, beloved."

"The beauty of my
beloved is so radiant."

"This moon looks like your face."

I've been waiting since long.
Why hasn't Badal come?

"In this breeze. In these mountains."

"Your beloved calls you."

Oh, God. It is such
a beautiful love point.

This is the point where
Laila and Majnu.. - Oh, God.

..Heer and Ranjah..
- Oh, God.

..Juliet and Romeo..
- Oh, gosh!

..and Titanic's heroine and hero..
- Darling.

..committed suicide.
- What?

They committed suicide.
- What's suicide?

People who are not happy
with themselves commit suicide.

Really? Suicide?

Some people die in their sleep,
and others don't..

..they are called suicide.

This is my philosophy.

I think you have gone crazy, Guler!

I've gone crazy?


I've heard everybody goes
mad after they get married.

What's the big deal if
I've gone crazy? - Excuse me.

Billo. - Excuse me, Mister.
What's the time?

I hope you are not fooling me.
- Mr., excuse me. What's the time?

What's the point?
What's the point of asking the time?

Today you will ask for the time.
I'll tell you the time.

After a while, you'll ask for my name.
I'll give you my name.

Then you'll ask for my address.
I'll give it to you.

I'll ask for your address.
You'll give it to me.

I'll come to your place.
You'll come to my place.

We'll do this often.
Friendship will blossom.

You will come to my house.
My wife will become suspicious.

What's the point?
- But I just want to know the time.

I am coming to that.
Look, we can't be sure about the time.

In these times,
friends are not friends anymore..

..enemies are not enemies.

They humiliate us. The times are bad.

Everywhere there are time bombs.

Could we imagine that
the times would be like this?

I'm worried. Please tell me the time.

Look, I will tell you.

I'll tell you what time it will
be tomorrow and what time it is today.

I'll tell you about the future.
The times ahead are very bad.

I'm sorry for you.
This is not a good time for you.

You're asking me for the time.
Who doesn't have time?

I never wear a watch.
What's the point?

If we can't take it with us,
it doesn't make sense to wear one.

This is my philosophy.

Everybody runs away after
listening to my philosophy.

I was waiting over
there like a crazy person.

And you're waiting
comfortably in the car.

I'm not lying. I'm doing my work.

But you had promised to meet me.

You probably dreamt it.

Does that mean you
didn't call me last night?

You didn't promise to meet me?

No. Now go home and let me do my work.

That's what I'm here for. Work.

My car has broken down. Repair it.

What's wrong with your car?
- I don't know.

I'm not a mechanic.

Come with me for a drive.

You'll find out what's
wrong with the car.

Look, I don't have
time for your nonsense.

When your car really breaks down,
come to me.

Talking big.

- Yes.

Come here.

Tell me, ma'am.

The brake,
fuel pump, gearbox and carburetor..

Repair it?

No. Damage it!
- What?

Use your strength.
- Come on.

Use your strength.
- Come on.

Use your strength.
- Come on.

- Hey?

Hey, come here.

My car broke down. Repair it.

Look, I don't have the time.

Get it repaired from
somewhere else. - No.

I want to get it repaired by you.

Don't be stubborn.

You're being stubborn.

You're being stubborn.
- You're being stubborn.

You're being stubborn.
- You're being stubborn.

It's you..
- Badal.


What is it? Why are you fighting?

Look, uncle. My car has broken down.

I've been telling him to repair it.
But he doesn't listen.

Her car has broken down. Repair it.

She is Kedarnath's grandchild.

You have to repair this car.

Badal, where is Daya Shankar?

Where is he?
- He has gone home.

Here he comes.

Daya Shankar, where are you going?

My aunt is very sick.
- Really?

Yes. I received a telegram
to go there immediately.

God knows what will happen.

You know my aunt raised
me after my mother's death.

Have faith in God.
Everything will be fine.

Come. I'll drop you
to the bus stop. Come on.

Badal, I am leaving.

You're responsible
for the shop in my absence.

Don't worry.
- God knows when I will return.

Many rituals have to
be performed after her death.

Why are you being negative? Come on.

Look after the shop.

Badal, take Rani's car for a test run.

You can repair the
car later if you want.

We'll take some other
car for a test run right now.

I know you love me.
Why don't you say it?

Look ahead and drive..

..or else there will be an accident.
- Who is afraid of accidents?

I will die in your arms.

Now say you love me.

Say that you love me.

Say that you love me.

You won't?

You don't know me.
I will risk my life.

Don't play with fire. You will burn.

So be it! I want to burn.

Are you crazy?
- Cray in love with you.

My heart is made of stone.

Badal, I have seen
stone-hearted people mellow out.

You'll be shattered!
- I don't mind.

Why are you endangering your life?

My life is connected
with your life, Badal.

If I don't have you,
then what will I do with this life?

I will die.

I will die.


I love you.


"My darling."


"My darling."

"My companion, my beloved."

"You stole my heart, my beloved."

"My companion, my beloved."

"You stole my heart, my beloved."

"I don't want to live without you."

"I don't want to die without you."

"I swear to God."

"My companion, my beloved."

"You stole my heart, my beloved."

"My companion, my beloved."

"You stole my heart, my beloved."

"I don't want to live without you."

"I don't want to die without you."

"I swear to God."

"My companion, my beloved."

"You stole my heart, my beloved."

"You and I."

"Wonderful ambiance, my darling."

"The pain this love has given us."

"This love has made us mad."

"Stop me. I'm going crazy."

"The weather's intoxicated.
The clouds have gone wild."

"I don't want to live without you."

"I don't want to die without you."

"I swear to God."

"My companion, my beloved."

"You stole my heart, my beloved."

"My companion, my beloved."

"You stole my heart, my beloved."

"My love.."

" my life."

"Why do you love me so much?"

"I know even you love me immensely."

"I don't know where I am
and what is going on in the world."

"It's the effect of my love."

"I don't want to live without you."

"I don't want to die without you."

"I swear to God."

"My companion, my beloved."

"You stole my heart, my beloved."

"My companion, my beloved."

"You stole my heart, my beloved."

Excuse me.
- Yes.

Where is the temple of Goddess Tara?

On that hill.
- Hail Mother Goddess!

The explosives have arrived.

Rana's death is that
much away from him.. much I am away from him.

No, dear.

A decision made in
haste ruins everything.

Don't forget, this is our last chance.

Hail Mother Goddess!

Hotel Bawa. Room number 102.
Come there with the money.

Preeti, did you call dad?

Yes, Mom. But the constable
said dad has gone out.

He doesn't care about anything
except for his duty. - Badal.

Badal, where are you going?
- I have some urgent work.

Look how beautiful sister looks.
The groom's family has arrived.

Preeti, I have to go.

Can anything be more
important than sisters?

No, Badal. Come on. Come, Badal!

Who is this guy?
- He is my brother.

In the absence of the father,
the brother may perform this ritual.

Come, Badal. Come on.

"Sing, Tara, ra, ra."

Excuse me.
- Yes.

Did you see her?
- Who?

My wife?

I'm a married man.
Why would I look at your wife?

I mean, my wife is not in her room.

Then she must be in some other room.
- What do you mean?

You're misunderstanding me.

She must be sitting in the
neighbouring room, passing time.

In the neighbouring room,
passing time! Am I dead?

She must be sitting with some woman.

Must be sitting with some woman.

Fine. When you find her,
send her to my address.

Fine? - Fine.
- "Sing, tara ra ra."

The room is over here. Here.
- Where? There?

- "Sing, tara ra ra."

- Yes.

Is your wife in the room?
- Yes. Why?

Who is he?
- My wife must not be here in that case.

He is a weird character.

Only women have character.
Men have tractors!

"Oh, God!"

"My beloved cries out to the Lord.
My Billo is a gorgeous woman."

"Beautiful. My wife is beautiful."

"Nobody else. But me."


You just brag about it.
You don't really celebrate the honeymoon.

Don't insult me.

Today, I will do what
nobody else has done.

With a splash of perfume.

Perfume. Where is the perfume?


Yes, I am here.

Darling, that perfume smells terrible.

It is so fragrant.
- You must have a cold.

Sniff it.

It's fine.

You put it on. I don't want it.

Did your father ever use perfume?

Don't bring my father's
name into this.

Did your mother ever put some on?

Don't bring my mother's
name into this.

Then whose name should I bring up?

You mentioned my mother's name.

You mentioned my father's name.
- What should I do?

I will not spare you. - No.

Will you bring my parents into this?
- No, enough.

I won't spare you.
Our marriage is over!

What did you say?

Why are you barking like a dog?

You have harassed me.

Who is harassing you?

You came in without knocking.

Should I be worried or should you?

Take this. - She is beating
me like you would beat a dog.

Who is worried?

We've been married for seven years,
but we don't have a child.

Who should be worried, you or I?

We've been on seven honeymoons.

But it is futile.

Who is more worried?

One time she went to
the roof to dry pickle..

..and my mother was
cutting cucumber below.

She slipped. Nothing happened to her..

..but my mother died.

My father remarried
in his state of shock.

He had four children.

But I have no idea when
I'll have any children.

Who should be worried?

Come. I will trouble you. - Leave him.

What has happened to your eye?
- Switch on the light!

What should I do?
- Switch on the light.

It's turned on.
- What happened to me?

He beat you up?
- He thrashed me.

Yes. He thrashed me.

Call the police.
- He thrashed me.

Call the fire brigade.

You locked horns with Guler Rangoli.

Hello, Gazi Nagar police station.


- What is the fight about?

- Catch him.

Mister, have you come on
a honeymoon or to cause riots?

Oh, God. He thrashed my husband!
And you're accusing him of rioting!

Let me make one thing clear, sir.

The riot you are talking
about happened in 1984.

Now it will be a lot worse.
Get me the sword. Get..

How many times have I told
you to carry a sword? - Okay. Okay.

But you never listen!

Keep quiet.

Don't act too smart.
You're crying for nothing.

Keep quiet. Listen to me.

Who had a fight with the sardar?

Sir, they were making a lot of noise.

He went to stop them.
Sardar started the fight.

We'll quarrel or create a ruckus.

Who are you to stop us?

You punched me. Am I a punching bag?

You scoundrel.
- Keep quiet.

Go out! - Okay, all right.
Let's go. - Come on.

Where have you come from?
- We've come from Ludhiana.

What's your business?

We're into woolen clothes.
We're traders.

What's in this bag?

Shawls and sweaters.

Oh, God.

You hit him.
- Stop.


He ran away in fright.


He is running away.
Nab him. - Thief! - Nab him!

It is good that they were killed.

- I think he's a terrorist.

They were terrorists.
That's why they were killed.

Have you ever heard of this?

I've never heard of this.

I've been staying here since a long
time. But this has never happened.

Am I right?
- Look! They are taking that man away.

Soni, just call up the
police station and find out..

..why your dad hasn't returned yet?

Right away, Mom.
- Don't worry. I'll make the call.

If you dial, it will connect
to your brother-in-law's house.

Very funny, Preeti.

- Gandhi Chawk police station.

I'm my father's younger
daughter speaking.

Sir, Preeti...I mean,
your daughter is on the phone.

Take this.

Yes, Preeti.

Hello, Dad. I'm very angry with you.
I will not talk to you.

But you are talking to me.

If you don't reach home within
half an hour, I'll never talk to you.

We have arrested a criminal.

We are questioning him and
trying to trace his companions.

Dad, where are his companions hiding?

Somewhere here.
They must be hiding in the same town.

Mom, dad's arrested a criminal.

He has to arrest his companion..

..who is hiding around here somewhere.

Give me the phone.
- Hello, Dad.

It got disconnected.

He is not bothered about his health.

He hasn't eaten
anything since morning.

Shall I take dinner for him?

Yes, that would be good. Come with me.

Don't just deliver
the dinner and leave.

Make sure he finishes
his dinner before you leave.

Don't worry about it.

Badal, you never told us
about your family?

I have nobody.

I mean, your parents,
brothers and sisters?

I have nobody.
- Don't say that.

We're here for you.
- What do you say, my sweet brother?!

I love my brother. How sweet.

Sahab Singh.

The stick can only hurt the body,
not the soul.

Until their conscience awakens..

..they will not follow
a righteous path.

It's your last chance.

Think again.
Tell me everything clearly.

Did you understand?

Got you.

For a moment I thought I was caught.

Look, that guy's face resembles mine.

If I had a beard and moustache,
you would've locked me up.

Do you think I'm mad?

Don't I know the difference..

..between a terrorist's eyes
and the eyes of an innocent boy?

Why did you come here?
- I have brought food for you.

I told Simran not to send any food.
In spite of that, you're here.

Our wives are bigger officers than us.

They dominate us at home,
and also in the office.

Speak, you rascal.

Enough, Sahab Singh. Enough!

Come have some food.
- Yes, sir.

Did you give him anything to eat?

Sir, let it be.
If you keep him hungry, he will talk.

In my experience, people who
don't respond to physical abuse..

..will respond to love.


Why don't you..
- Shall I?

Yes. Here, give it to him. Go on.

Have some food.

Don't worry.
I'll rescue you very soon.

Sahab Singh.
- Yes, sir.

If he comes clean tonight,
we'll keep him in the lock up.

If not, we'll get the court
to sanction a 14-day jail sentence.


Shall I leave?

Yes. Tell Simran I may
not return home tonight.

Sir, there is a wedding in your house.
Guests have come over.

Go home.

I'm right here.

He won't try to escape
from the lock up.


- Goodnight, sir.

Badal, today I'll
ride your motorcycle.

"You've been lucky.
You will be lucky."

Oh, God.

"You've been lucky.
You will be lucky."

Why do you keep doing that?

Have you come here for
your honeymoon or to get drunk?

What's the fun of a
honeymoon without drinks?

It's been three days. As soon
as you get to the hotel, go to bed.

You're not even
enjoying the honeymoon.

Are you challenging me?

You are challenging Guler Rangoli?

If I get angry,
I will continue to drink.

And there will be no
honey or the moon of any kind.

Enough. If this horse hears it,
it will laugh.

Do you feed grams to him?

You're comparing me to a horse.
Am I a horse?

Be grateful that I compared you
to a horse and not a donkey. - Donkey?

Am I a donkey?

This is not done.
She just called her husband a donkey.

People? Is anybody there?
Did anyone hear this?

She called me a donkey.
I am not a donkey.

I will tell you. I..

Mister, what's the matter?
Why are you creating a ruckus?

My wife..
- Yes?

..calls me a donkey and a horse.
Isn't it wrong?

- Isn't that wrong?

Sister, if you call a blind
person blind, he won't feel bad.

Yes, you're absolutely right.
- Does that mean I'm blind?

Yes. - You are the eldest,
so I asked you for your opinion.

And you are calling me a blind person.

Listen, this is not right.

Sister, he is very drunk.
Take him to the hotel.

Fine. Come to the hotel.

I'll show you if I'm a donkey,
horse or a blind man! - Come on.

Let's go.
- Go on!

- Welcome! A.C.P.

I will have to cancel
your bar's license.

Do you know what time it is?

Sharma has won the
tournament from Dehradun.

He has thrown a party
to celebrate his victory.

Even the collector is here.

- Welcome!

Join us for a celebration.

Well done, boys.

We are proud of you.
- You deserve a drink, Ranjeet.

You've arrested a terrorist.

- Thanks is not enough, Nathu.

Get a drink for the A.C.P.


- Yes.

Who is this guy?

He is..
- Your son, he has grown up.

You didn't tell me.

No, Suri. He is not my son.

But he is like a son.

So he's your son.
- Here you are, sir.

Come on, young man.
Pick up a glass. Don't be shy.

I don't drink.

Ranjeet, unless you don't
tell him he won't touch alcohol.

Take it. After raising a toast,
you can put it back.

- Cheers.

You know, Badal..

Why did I drink today?

When the collector
unknowingly thought..

..that you were my son..

..I felt very good.

It reminded me of Bablu.



My son was four years
old when he died.

If he had been alive today..

..he would have been your age.

I've been doing all the talking.
Why don't you say something?

Take this.

Have a glass. Here.
- No, sir. Not me.

Why are you calling me sir?

You are my Bablu.

When a son grows up,
he becomes a friend.

Today have a drink as my friend.
Drink it.

Drink it.

It's inappropriate for a son
to be drunk in front of his mother.

You referred to Simran as your mother?
- A mother is a mother.

Very good, son! Very good.

Today you've made me really happy.


..let's go to Circuit House.
- Circuit House?

Yes. The police have
arrested a terrorist there.

Let's go see him.

Badal, I've never seen a terrorist.

God knows what they look like.

He probably has a big moustache..

..long hair, red eyes and bad teeth.

I'm sure he looks like a demon.

No one is born a terrorist.

He is neither a demon, nor a beast.

In fact, his mind has
been poisoned with hatred.

You want to see a terrorist?

A son that's probably
been snatched from his mother..

..a brother from his sister..

..and he is orphaned.

Nobody picks up a weapon
because they want to.

He's forced into it.

Go! Go and see him.

But try to look for
the pain in his eyes.

That's what keeps
these terrorists alive.

Want to see a terrorist? Terrorist!

Your name is not Jeetram..

..and you're not a cloth merchant.

You are a terrorist.

Your friends are hiding in
Sunder Nagar. Tell us who they are.

Who are you planning to kill?

You may kill me.

The truth is that I'm not a terrorist.

You will die.

Why are you making it difficult
for yourself? You will die in pain.


Who likes to die, Rana?

Today, it's me.
Tomorrow, it will be you.

You are very determined.

But you don't know me.


D.I.G., what are you doing?

He will die like this.
- So what should I do?

Should I greet him with garlands?

I mean, he might be a criminal,
but he is still human.

Thank you.

Very insightful. My life is blessed!

Where are your feet?
- What are you doing, sir?

I am asking for your blessings.

What is your name?
- A.C.P. Ranjeet Singh.

And who am I?
- D.I.G. Jai Singh Rana.

What is the difference
between the earth and the sky?

Do you know or should I tell you?
You crazy junior.

How dare you interfere in my work?

D.I.G., I might be your junior..

..but that does not give you the
right to talk to me in this manner.

Under the law we are not permitted.. treat people like animals.

I know how to behave with these guys.

I don't take orders!

I give orders!

No go search every the
nook and cranny of this city.

And find out where
his companions are hiding.

I want it done fast!
Is that clear? - Yes.

Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.

Now get lost.

People who used to
sell the antidote of love..

..have become prosperous.

You have answered all my questions.

Do you have an answer
for this question?

Rana bought explosives
and gunpowder from me.

So, you have lost.

Why did you want the explosives?
Tell me.

Tell me. For God's sake. Tell me!

Tell me.

He lost consciousness.

He will speak when
he regains consciousness.

- Yes.

What happened?

He will die, Simran.
- Who?

He will die. I will..

"The days to steal
a heart have arrived."

"The days to steal
a heart have arrived."

"The days to go crazy have arrived."

"The days to get
wounded have arrived."

"Oh, God. I'm young again."

"Oh, God! Where is he?"

"Oh, God! I'm young again."

"Oh, God! Where is he?"

"Come, beloved. I am burning up."

"What is this fire that has no smoke?"

"Oh, God. I'm young again."

"Oh, God. Where is he?"

"Oh, God. I'm young again."

"Oh, God! Where is he?"

"What kind of pain is this?"

"I like this restlessness."

"Day and night don't pass easily."

"Beloved, without you.."

"..slowly and gradually,
this heart beats."

"What kind of ecstasy is this?"

"I like being lonely."

"My heartbeats are impatient."

"My desires are getting ahead of me."

"Oh, God! I'm young again."

"Oh, God! Where is he?"

"Oh God! I have become young."

"Oh God! Where is he?"

"Ever since you locked eyes with me.."

"..I have become ignorant."

"It has started affecting me."

"The poison is spreading."

"A spell has been cast.
This distance is torturing me."

"Hold me in your arms.
And do whatever you want."

"Admire me. Love me."

"Don't harass me, beloved."

"Oh, God! I have become young."

"Oh, God! Where is he?"

"Oh, God! I'm young again."

"Oh, God! Where is he?"

"Come, beloved. I am burning up."

"What is this fire that has no smoke?"

"Oh, God! I'm young again."

"Oh, God! Where is he?"

"Oh, God! I'm young again."

"Oh, God! Where is he?"

"Oh, God!"

"I have become young."

"Oh, God!"






I can't run with you.

I don't have any strength left.

You run away, son.

Run away.
- No!

I can't leave you here to die.
Come on.

Don't be stubborn.

Life and death don't go hand in hand.

What lies ahead of me is death.

What lies ahead of you is your life..

..your mission!

You have to kill Rana.

Kill Rana.

Run away.

Run away.
- Come with me!

Come on!

Will you do me a favour?

Shoot me.

Yes, son.

When life becomes
worse than death.. - No. should be liberated. - No.

If the police capture me..

..I won't be able to
endure their torture any more.

Shoot me.

Give me salvation.

Son, God will protect you.

Great. Your security is great.

A terrorist rescued his
companion from police custody..

..and you didn't even know about it.

D.I.G., it is evident
that I was alert..

..because I brought
Jeetram's corpse to you.

Don't talk to me about corpses.

I want the person who killed him.

I'm sure his companions
are hiding in this city.

Find them.

Or these terrorists will
convert our city into a graveyard.

Mr. Satyaprakash,
you're making a mistake.

You should not visit
this village again.

Why? Isn't this village
a part of my country?

That's not the point, Mr.

Dangerous terrorists
live in this village.

For the last ten days, there
has been a curfew in this village.

Nobody can enter,
or leave, this village.

We have cut off the food supply,
electricity and everything else.

But by cutting the supply
of food and electricity..'ve not helped them.

In fact,
you've made things much worse.

I agree that they are terrorists.

But why are you punishing
innocent women..

..and children for
crimes they did not commit?

Then what should we do?

Should we let these beasts run loose..

..and allow them
to kill innocent people?

The people who you call beasts today,
were also innocent once.

There must have been
some injustice done to them,..

..which forced them to take up arms.

An eye for an eye is a good maxim
to follow when you're at the border.

But it is not something to
follow in the villages of our country.

People live in these villages.

They are not dangerous beasts.

They will not reform.
- That's what you believe.

If a robber like Ratnakar
can become Sage Valmiki..

..then why can't these
people change as well?

One more thing, D.I.G.
Jai Singh Rana..

..even if these people shoot at me,
your men should not fire.

Sharma, give it to me.
- Here.

Vande Mataram
(Pledge to the motherland).

Vande Mataram
(Pledge to the motherland).

Vande Mataram
(Pledge to the motherland).

Vande Mataram
(Pledge to the motherland).

If your children's hunger is satiated
by killing me, then shoot me. Shoot.

What is that he is carrying?
What if they are explosives?

Please have some. - Father, have some.
You must be hungry.

Son, if I eat this food..

..then I'll have to spend
the rest of my life in prison.

That won't happen.

The government has made me a
promise that that won't happen to you.

No injustice will be done to you..

..if you surrender yourselves.

Listen to them, brother.

The children have been
starving for many days.

We are all hungry and starving.

I have a message
from my superiors, Rana.

Lately, your superiors
send too many messages..

..and not much of a reward.

This time the reward is enormous.
You will be tired of counting money.

Really? - Yes.

The I.S.I. has deposited Rs.150
million in your Swiss bank account.

I'll kill my own mother
for so much money.

Don't kill your mother.
Kill Satyaprakash.

He wants to end terrorism.

- 15th August.

What if I kill him today?

Rana, you don't know
how to make people suffer.

When the entire country
is celebrating Independence Day.. would be great
if an explosion took place.

I'll be waiting for
the 15th of August.

"My sweetheart took my heart away."

"And left me with pain
at such a young age."

"My sweetheart took my heart away."

"And left me with pain
at such a young age." "

"My heart jumps when I see you.
My heartbeats say.."

"My heart jumps when I see you.
My heartbeats say.."

"My heart jumps when I see you.
My heartbeats say.."


"I'll pass by your lane tomorrow.
You stand by the window, my love."

"My heart jumps when I see you.
My heartbeats say.."

"My heart jumps when I see you.
My heartbeats say.."

"My heart jumps when I see you.
My heartbeats say.."

"..oh, young guy."

"I'm a young man from
Punjab (state in India).

Would you be my Punjabi wife?"

"I'm a young man from
Punjab (state in India).

Would you be my Punjabi wife?"

"I'll pass by your lane tomorrow.
You stand by the window, my love."

"My love took my heart away."

"And left me with pain
at such a young age."

"My love took my heart away."

"And left me with pain
at such a young age."

"My sweetheart, hold me in your arms."

"My sweetheart, hold me in your arms."

"I beg of you, make me your bride."

"My sweetheart, hold me in your arms."

"You said my name so sweetly."

"I had to come and hold you."

"Our eyes talked."

"You called out to me
with your heart and we met."

"Come quickly with my palanquin."

"Let the band play at my doorstep too,

"I'm a young man from Punjab.
Be my Punjabi wife."

"I'll pass by your lane tomorrow.
You stand by the window."

"Let our love grow."

"Let our love grow."

"The world is a jealous place,
so let it be."

"Let our love grow."

"I don't care about what others say."

"I love only you."

"I see you.
I ask for you. I love you."

"Let me hug you and
show you my consent."

"I'll shield you in my arms
and I'll always think of you first."

"Just give me a sign
and I'll take you away."

"My heart jumps when I see you.
My heartbeats say.."

"My heart jumps when I see you.
My heartbeats say.."

"My heart jumps when I see you.
My heartbeats say.."

"..I'm a young man from Punjab.
Be my Punjabi wife."

"I'll pass by your lane tomorrow.
You stand by the window."

Badal, where were you? Come here.

"My love took away my heart."

"And he gave me the pain of youth."

Give me a bottle.
- Here.

Give me four more.

Mister, you're not permitted
to drink in the shop.

Really? We can buy liquor here,
but we can't drink it?

No problem.

You made me lose Rs. 250.

You pushed me.

I know you.

You had beaten me up previously.

It's because of you that
my neck has become crooked.

It's like one-way traffic.

You beat me and you ran away.

Billo. Look, I have caught him.

Come quickly,
or he'll beat me up again.

This is the same guy with weapons.

Oh, God. You wrecked my Guler.

I hope you rot in hell.

Grab him. - Keep quiet.

What happened? My neck feels fine now.


Hey, you. Where are you coming from?

That alcohol!

Some day your drinking
will put all of us in harms way.

Who are you?

It seems we both were
looking for one another.

I want the explosives.

I see. So you are the one.

Where is the money?

Where are the goods?
- Money first.

Fine. I'll meet you here
in a short while with the money.

I'll be waiting for you.

What are you doing here?

I thought you'd get tired
of carrying this heavy load.

You haven't seen my strength yet.

Your strength is useless
against this pistol.

Give me the bag.

What's going on?

There has been no arrangement made.
You have been working since morning.

Sir, don't worry.
Everything will be done punctually.

Hurry up.

Be careful, Haldiram.

These are auspicious sweets.
Don't drop them.

Badal, what has happened? Badal.

Shut up.

No. Leave my mother.

Jabbar. Take the bag.

Don't do anything to my mother.
Leave her.

It won't be good.

Let go. Let my mother go.

Let him go or I'll kill her.



How do you know how to use the weapon?

My mother's life was in danger. So..

Who are you?
- You know me.

I want to know what
you've hidden from me.

You doubt me unnecessarily.

This bag is filled with money.

And the corpses are covered in blood.

This means that you're
not an innocent man.

In fact, you are a criminal.

And you will be punished for this.

- Yes, sir.

Until I return, keep an eye on him.
- Yes, sir.

And nobody should be allowed to enter.
- Yes, sir.

Some people have been killed, too.

Come immediately with
the police and the ambulance.

I'll tell you the rest later.

No, aunt.

Move, Mangey.

If I had a beard and moustache,
you would've arrested me too.


You can't be a criminal.

A mother can never be wrong.

Tell me, son.

Tell me. Who are you?


Do you realise what you have done?

I did what any mother
does for her son.

He is a culprit. A terrorist.

He is a terrorist.
- Yes, he is a terrorist.

If you were in his shoes and
went through what he has undergone..

..even you would have taken up arms.

You too, would have
been branded as a terrorist.


..she was my mother!

The one whom your
brother had targeted..

She was my mother! My mother!

A terrorist.

Under the law,
a terrorist is a notorious criminal.

And under this same law,
the person who shelters a terrorist.. a greater criminal.

Now you tell me, A.C.P...

..what should the law
do with a criminal like you?


..every word of my
statement is as pure..

..and true, as the holy scriptures..

..and it is nothing but the truth.

If this is true..

..then both you and your
wife belong behind bars.

A.C.P., I will save you.

Tell me the truth.
For how much money..

..did your family
sell their conscience?


My family can't be bought with money.

It can only be bought with love.

My wife is sure Badal
is not a born terrorist.

In 1984, in the Khemkaran
village of Punjab..

..a police officer had burnt
his mother, father and sister..

..along with the
rest of the villagers.

And that boy lost his
way and became a terrorist.

He didn't come to kill
innocent people of Sunder Nagar.

He is searching for
that police officer.

Oh, I see.

Now what do you intend to do?

Will you arrest that police officer
or that terrorist?

God will punish that police officer.

But I will punish
this terrorist. I will.

Listen to me very carefully.

Put up a check post at every bus
stand, railway station and highway.

That terrorist should not
escape at any cost, understood?

As soon as you see Badal, shoot him.
Shoot at sight.

You will kill him?

After all, you are a police officer.
Kill him.

He has betrayed me, Simran.

He has broken my trust.

Henceforth no one will
reside in my heart. No one.

Sister, Badal won't marry Rani?


Not Badal. A terrorist.

You wanted to see a terrorist,
didn't you?


He is standing in front of you.

I don't understand.
What are you talking about?

I'm not what you think I am.

In the police records, my
name has been registered as Rajveer..

..a terrorist.

I came to Sunder Nagar..

..because I wanted to kill
the person who made me a terrorist.

Before the police kills me..

..I will kill him.


And our love? Our life?

You didn't think anything about that?

My thoughts, my love..

..everything will end with my death.

The mission of my life is revenge.
Only revenge.

And what about me?
Don't I mean anything to you?

Why did we meet?

Why did we weave
all those dreams? Why?

This is the beginning of a war.

I may die anytime.

Your future is not entwined with mine.

My end is before me.

Stay away from me.

Surrender yourself to me.


Not today.

Move away from my path..

..or I can do anything.

You will shoot?

Go ahead.

Come on. Shoot me.

I have no family to mourn my death.
You have a family.

You are a part of that family as well.

Don't bind me with
emotional talks, A.C.P.

I can still see those people burning.

Until I kill him,
even death can't harm me.

Yes, Sahab Singh.
A.C.P. has come to Kedarnath's place.

I don't know. But from here
he'll go directly to Circuit House.

Yes. D.I.G.
is staying there. Yes, sir.

You wanted to kill me, didn't you?

Now look.

Your life is in danger.

Do you want to know
why I'm still alive?

Because I never consider
my enemy as weak.

Even that day you were helpless.

The day I burnt your family alive.

Today, also, you're helpless.

Shoot me.


Brother Badal.


No, Badal.

No, brother.


Simran. Where is Simran?


What happened?
- Simran.


Soni. Preeti.



What happened, Sirman? What happened?

Why don't you speak? Where is Soni?

Soni. We don't know where she is.

She is been missing
since this evening.


He is using the girl
to protect himself.

The same girl he
considered as a sister.

He will suffer for this.
He will suffer.


- No.

Let her go.

Let her go.

He will.

Only when you do a job for us.

Tomorrow morning you'll have to kill..

..our leader Satyaprakash.

Before that I will bury you alive.

If you want your sister to
be alive and get married tomorrow..

..then you'll do as I say.

Take her away.
- Brother.

This is the parade
ground of Sunder Nagar.

Tomorrow is the 15th of August.
Independence Day.

Tomorrow, the great leader
of our country, Satyaprakash.. going to hoist the
flag before countless people.

There will be tight security. But..

..Sahab Singh will
trick the security men..

..and escort you to this manhole.

You will get down,
and through the water tunnel.. will reach this manhole..

..which opens opposite the dais.

As soon as Satyaprakash
descends the dais.. will get out of
the manhole and shoot him.

And yes. Keep one thing in mind.

Your sister is in my custody.

If you try to act smart,
then she will be killed.

Sahab Singh.

Sir, do you think he
will shoot Satyaprakash?

Sahab Singh,
people are strange in this country.

They are ready to sacrifice
their lives to save their sister.

After he kills Satyaprakash,
we will kill him.

In the eyes of the government,
a terrorist will be killed.

And I will get another prize.

Today is an auspicious
day for Sunder Nagar.

Check every person carefully.
- Today, 15th of August..

..a great leader of our country..

..Mr. Satyaprakash
is going to come here.

He will unfurl the national flag.

As you all know, Mr. Satyaprakash..

..had contributed to
the freedom struggle and..

..he has greatly contributed
to the fight against terrorism.

Why did you stop?
Hurry up. We don't have the time.

I have enough time.

What do you mean?

Unless I don't talk to my sister..

..I won't kill Mr. Satyaprakash.
- Have you gone mad?

Let me talk to your boss.

- Tell me.

He says he wants to talk
to his sister before going ahead.

Talk to your brother.

- Soni.

Brother, save me.
- Don't worry.

As long as your brother is alive,
nothing can happen to you.


Tell me! Tell me,
where have you hidden Soni? Tell me!

Besides Rana,
nobody knows where he is!

Believe me! Believe me! Believe me!

Ram Singh, keep a tight
watch on the north and south zone.

Vande Mataram
(Pledge to the motherland).

Vande Mataram
(Pledge to the motherland).

Vande Mataram
(Pledge to the motherland).

Vande Mataram
(Pledge to the motherland).

Vande Mataram
(Pledge to the motherland).

Vande Mataram
(Pledge to the motherland).

Friends, India is our country.

Today on the 15th of August..

..on our Independence Day, I promise..

..that I will eradicate
terrorism from this country.

Keep one thing in mind.

Terrorists are not strangers.

They are one of us.

And we should try and
make them into better people.

Now repeat after me. Jai Hind.
- Jai Hind (patriotic sentiment).

Jai Hind.

Jai Hind.

Jai Hind.

"Thou are the ruler of
the minds of all people."

"Dispenser of India's destiny."

"The name rises the hearts of Punjab,
Sind, Gujarat, Maratha.."

"..Dravid, Orissa and Bengal."

"It echoes in the hills of Vindhyas
and Himalayas, mingles in the.."

" of Yamuna and Ganga and
chanted by the waves of the Indian Sea."

"They pray for your blessing
and sing thy praise."

"The salvation of all
people is in thy hand,..

..thou dispenser of India's destiny."

Come, sir.


Come, sir.


What is all this?
- Death. Your death.

If he doesn't kill you, then I will.

Stop. Nobody will shoot.

Tell me. Where is Soni?

Where is my sister?

Tell me. Where is Soni? Tell me.

Where is my sister? Tell me.



Stop, Badal. Stop.

Surrender yourself.

He will be punished for his deeds.


My child.

Son, you have done..

..what a soldier of
this country would've done.

We are proud of you.

I will request the government not
to treat you as a hardcore criminal.

"The heart is afraid to meet those
that we might give our consent to."

"Don't meet me frequently.
We might fall in love."

"Like the cloud."

"The star of my heart."

"The twinkle of my eye."

"The lovelorn one is yearning."

"Through the eyes,
she entered your heart."

"Through the eyes,
she entered your heart."

"It took away your life."

"My love, my love."

"My love, my love."

"My love, my love."

"My companion, my sweetheart."

"You stole my heart, my sweetheart."

"My companion, my sweetheart"

"You stole my heart, my sweetheart."

"I don't want to live without you."

"I don't want to die without you."

"I swear to God."

"My heart sways when I see you.
My heartbeats say.."

"My heart sways when I see you.
My heartbeats say.."

"..oh young guy."

"I'm a young guy from Punjab.
Be my Punjabi wife."

"I'm a young guy from Punjab.
Be my Punjabi wife."

"I'll pass by your lane tomorrow.
Stand by the window, oh, love."

"My sweetheart took away my heart."

"He gave me the pain of youth."

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.