Badal (1951) - full transcript

An Indianized version of the Sherwood Forest legend. King is away, the jaagirdar is a wimp and his henchman loots the poor. Our hero steals from the tyrant and helps the poor and repressed. On a romantic sideline, he courts the jagirdar's beautiful daughter, who is also being wooed by the evil henchman.

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The tyrant Jai Singh is
going into the village.

Who knows who will
face trouble now?

- Has everything come?
- Yes, the money.

Doctor, my father is very sick.

You've come again?
This isn't a charitable dispensary.

You still haven't paid me
for last time.

I have the money.

Take this.

I was a brave soldier but old
age has taken away my strength.

My illness has made me helpless.

Please give us some more time.
I beg of you.

Get lost!

Don't plead to him.

You're expecting coolness
from fire.

Or I'll cut your tongue.

- Pay the tax.
- Please have pity on us.

Just think, where will we go
if you throw us out of here?

To hell.
You've been given enough time.

Empty this place
or you'll be thrown out.

Why not? Now you can do
anything you want.

If the King had
been in the region...

then you and your officers
would never dare to talk like this.

You're taking advantage of the circumstances.
Do as you wish but remember that...

my great grandfather
was a soldier.

And so were my grandfather
and father.

We've given our blood
to protect this kingdom.

You and your officers...

Please forgive my son.


What's happened to you?

The brave and valiant
soldier died.

Where are you going, Badal?

I don't know.

- Wait.
- Where?


Drink this.

Badal, the whole village
shares your grief.

But because of Jai Singh,
no one can cry with you.

Consider this as your own house.

As long as I'm here,
I won't fear Jai Singh.

Lie down.


The world is changing...

oh, the one shedding tears

You hide these tears
in your eyelashes

My heart says to you...

make these tears your weapon

Wash away your pain
with the light of hope

In these dark times,
light the lamps of your mind

Now put aside your darkness.
Morning will come again

Seeing you, even my eyes
have filled up with tears

You change everything
with the strength of your youth

You must also change.
This is the time to control yourself

Who will stop you?
Move like an arrow

I'll play the music.
You sing happy songs

Where were you?
I searched for you everywhere.

Keep quiet.

Why should I keep quiet?

How the times have changed!

You're asking your elder
brother to keep quiet.

- Keep quiet for God's sake.
- I should keep quiet for God?

What does God do for me that
I should keep quiet? I will not.

- He is very unhappy.
- God is unhappy?

You're wrong.
God is not unhappy.

God makes us unhappy.

He is very happy.

Badal is unhappy.

- Our Badal?
- Yes.

- Where is he?
- Over there.

Maina, what happened to him?

His father has been killed.

His father has been killed.

His father's been killed?
And he's lying around like this?

What can a poor man do?

Yes, a poor man can't do anything.

A poor man can do everything.

He's a village youth.
He can take his revenge.

He can cut him into pieces.

If he can't,
then I'll go and take revenge.

Give me my sword.

Let it be.

I'll take revenge. Let go.

Tell me who killed him.
I won't spare him.

- Jai Singh.
- What? Jai Singh?

If anyone comes,
tell them I'm not home.

Brother, Badal has left.

You're all made of mud.

I'll shoot all of you.

I'll lock all of you
in the jail.

- Who are you? A servant?
- No, Sir.

Who are you?
What are you doing here?

I'll burn you all alive.

May I come inside?

My Jai Singh.
Ever since I've lost...

they have ruined my life.

I've become enslaved to them.

Please call Ratna somehow.

But I have come to tell you
the day's proceedings.

Very good.

- I have collected the tax.
- Very good.

- 500 gold coins.
- Very good.

Because of non-payment of taxes,
I took over a few houses.

Very good.

Four men died in our
kingdom today.

- How?
- Death came to them.

Very good that death came to them.

I have some need.

- Very good.
- Go.

Is anyone there?

- You?
- Yes, I.

Why have you come here?

Over whose body
have you laughed today?

You can't save yourself
from my hands.

I served my father
with these hands.

I also lit his funeral
pyre with these hands.

And now I'll kill you
with these hands.

But you know that I am
just the landowner's servant.

It's my duty to obey his orders.

And that's why you killed my father?

You took away
the pride of my ancestors.

You made me homeless.

I'll return your house to you.

What do I do about the land
that bears my father's blood on it.

My heart is thirsting for revenge.

I will never leave you.

Your death will be life
for humanity.

Badal, everything in this
house belongs to you.

You can take with you
whatever you want from here.

- Gold and jewels.
- Gold and jewels?

Can you buy humanity with them?

Can they bring back my dead father?

Can your wealth give me
a father's love?

Can I get his playful scoldings?

What happened, sir?

Keep quiet!

Or else I'll end up killing
a coward.

Take me to the secret door.

What happened, sir?

Open the door, sir.

Open the door.

Call your soldier inside.

Follow him.

The entire population is
being ordered...

that Badal Singh,
son of Pratap Singh...

by the orders of the Jagirdar...

has been declared
a traitor and rebel.

That is why,
whoever brings him...

dead or alive before the court...

will be given
100 gold coins as a reward.

And whoever helps that traitor...

will be severely punished
by the Jagirdar.

- Father, did you hear?
- What's the matter?

Badal has been
declared a traitor.

It's been announced that whoever
catches him will be rewarded.

He doesn't know there's
no use trying to face the Jagirdar.

God knows what we all
will face this year.

You still haven't paid your taxes.

And you're sitting here
and having a feast.

Today we got a little rice
after two days.

And you call it a feast?

- Keep quiet.
- You keep quiet.

Sir, this drought has killed us.

Whatever little that grew,
your men took away.

- And we are...
- Starving.

So what can we do?

- Take him away.
- No, leave my father.

- Move.
- Daughter.

- What's the matter?
- Who are you?

I live in the
neighboring kingdom.

I am his friend.

- I borrowed money from uncle.
- 2 gold coins.

I've come to return that.
How much does he owe?

- 2 gold coins.
- Very good. It's perfect.

The tax is the same as
the loan. Give it.

Put it in your pocket.
It's yours.

He means that whatever belongs
to us belongs to you.

Sir, give us the receipt for that.

Who are you?
You saved my life.

Uncle, a person doesn't
do anything.

God does everything.

Yes. Jai Singh has offered a reward
of 100 gold coins for my arrest.

If you want, you can take it.

- Call Jai Singh.
- My son.

Praises for Badal.

Friends, praise justice.

You're praising justice.

But don't hesitate when
being battered by injustice.

Burn that country where there are
no men that support justice.

The people who look towards
others to give them justice.

You all know
the Jagirdar is useless.

Jai Singh has him in his control
and is troubling poor people.

This comes as no surprise.

What's surprising is
you tolerate it quietly.

Your parents are killed in front
of you and you keep quiet?

They die from starvation
and you're not affected?

Your daughters are openly raped
and you all watch quietly?

Shame on your manhood!

Or the flow of your blood!

Rise and show the
tyrant Jai Singh...

that you all can
protect yourselves.

As long as the king does nothing,
you face injustice strongly.

From today, our fight begins...

in the name of God and the King.

From today, it is our duty
to serve the poor and the aggrieved.

Our duty is to serve
the old and the young.

Others' happiness is our happiness.

Stand in front of this fire
and take this promise...

that as long as a single drop
of blood remains in your body...

you will fight against injustice.

- You will die for it.
- We will die for it.

Praise for justice.

Today my heart does not listen,
it dances...

in this spring weather

See, the happy and nice
clouds have come...

and brought with them
the wealth of happiness

His coming has made the
departure of grief

My heart has been
captured by his look

I am here but my heart
is with you

Wherever the world might be,
but you are with me

My dreams do not listen anymore

I am his but he doesn't know

Is anyone listening?
Where is everyone?

- Yes, sir.
- Where is Jai Singh?

- He's gone out.
- Then what will happen now?

Don't you know,
my daughter Ratna is coming today?

See, her letter.

Go and call soldiers and
the army for her protection.

Go and do it.
You are all donkeys.

- I know you very well.
- Shameless, talk with respect.

All are shameless.

No one is worthy.

What rudeness is this?
Who are you?

I am the great Mahipal Singh.

Don't scream.
I know you very well.

Shameless, talk with respect.

Badal does not give
respect to people like you.

Yes, Badal. For whose arrest,
you have offered a reward.

But why have you come here?

To empty this locker...

into which you have put
the sweat and blood of poor people.

Open it.

But, I don't have the keys.

Don't lie.
Open it.

I'll open it.

Come with me.

This is the Jagirdar's carriage.

Let's go and see.

Greetings to you from
Badal and his friends.

You slapped me.

Badal I have to tell you
something interesting today.

After hearing it, you'll
know how brave I am.

- Have you robbed someone?
- We always do that.

Today we kidnapped a girl.

Are you mad?

I was expecting you to
call me mad.

We kidnapped the Jagirdar's daughter.

- The Jagirdar's daughter?
- Or my father's daughter?

Whether a girl is a Jagirdar's
daughter or a laborer's...

- a girl is a girl.
- But her father is our enemy.

Not the girl. Understand?

It's the same.

- Where is she?
- 2nd number.

- Yes.
- You'll have to fight me.

- Why?
- So she thinks I rescued her from you.

Come on.

- Don't be scared.
- Who are you?

- I've come to take you.
- Where?

I've come to rescue you.
Come on.

Beware. If you try to touch
the girl, I'll eat you alive.

- Get out of my way.
- I've moved.

- I am Badal.
- Who, Badal?

You're spitting on Badal's name?

if I get angry,
I'll break you into pieces.

- Really?
- Yes, come on.

Coward, fighting with a sword.
I don't have one.

I'll get my sword and show you.

Even I have a sword.
Now you'll see.


Badal, my foot.

He took her. This is what
happens when you're junior.

You have to take beatings.

Oh God.

- Get on the horse.
- By saving me...

you've done me a favor
I'll never forget.

What favor?
This was a simple job for me.

What's your name?

- My name is Baga.
- Good.

Now you sit on the
horse and I'll walk.

How is that possible?

- So, you get up, too.
- I get up with you?

- Together?
- Why, do you mind?

I don't mind, but my horse does.

Okay Baga, tell me.

Who are you?
Where do you live?

Who am I?

I am a wanderer,
wandering everywhere

No one knows how joyous I am

This earth is my bed

This wind is my sheet

I am the daylight in the night

This lightning shows me the way

It takes me to my destination

I've been brought up
in the storms

When I'm angry, I'm like fire

When I'm happy,
I'm like a note of music

Away from the world,
I'm different

Maina, this is the
Jagirdar's daughter.

The poor girl was
kidnapped by Badal.

It was Baga Singh's courage that
I rescued her from there.

You go and leave her
at the palace.

Okay, I'll be right back.

Baga, is this your wife?

No, this is Maina.

You'll have to come
to the palace with me.

And what if your father
thinks I'm Badal?

Absolutely not.
I'll be there with you.

Think about it.

I've thought.

Maina, you stay here.
I'll go and deliver her.

Shall we leave? When you're
so prepared, why should I worry?

You all call yourselves soldiers?

You're all fools.

Badal kidnapped Ratna in front
of you all and you did nothing.

You all deserve to be shot!

- But, sir...
- Keep quiet!

You all can just brag
and nothing else.

I saw your bravery.

Sir, your daughter has come.

- Father!
- My daughter.

You've come?
Why are you all standing here?

Go from here.

- Who are you?
- This is Baga Singh.

He rescued me from Badal.

I'm very happy to meet you.

He beat up Badal.

I'm even more pleased
after hearing that.

You wait here.
I'll be right back.

I'm rewarding you for your bravery.

Take it.
Don't feel shy.

You've saved my daughter's life.
You've done me a big favor.

- Take it.
- Sir, I already live on what you've given.

This also belongs to you.
Saving her was my duty.

Very good.

Young men like you can banish
the bad things from my region.

Very good.

Sir, now permit me to leave.

I won't permit you.

First tell me,
how did you go there?

And how did you free Ratna?

I slipped and reached there
and freed her with my nails.

Very good.

Yes father. After seeing him,
they got scared and ran away.

They ran away?
But where can they run?

Jai Singh will catch them.

Then I shall take that Badal
to the square and shoot him.

You know, he secretly came
into my room and...

and stole my jewels.

- What?
- Yes.

- Why are you laughing?
- No reason.

Please pardon me.

- Permit me.
- Yes, go.

I've fallen in love with him

I lost my heart.
He lost his heart

Two hearts have united

You freed me from pain
with an arrow

You extinguished one fire
by starting another one

The two eyes met
and the world changed

The clever understood,
but no one else

No one else knows

See the strange game
played by nature

There are no clouds
but still it is raining

You are still here, Baga?

No, I lost something here.

I'm looking for it.

Why look in the sky?
Look at the ground.

That's the problem.

You're very bad.

May I come inside?

I heard that you faced
trouble on the way.

- Yes.
- I'm very sorry...

that I wasn't there
and couldn't help you.

Thank you.

That's not the thing.
You don't know.

At your word, I can make
the sky and the earth one.

I know and I also know that...

your soldiers turned into
scared cats seeing the dacoits...

and ran away.

It is good the brave
youth over there came...

or who knows what
might have happened?

How can I convince you.
If you stay with me...

then I can conquor
the entire world.

Now go from here.

But I want to say
something special to you.

But I don't want to hear anything.
Go from here.

- It's strange.
- Go away.


Where are you, Baga?

Far, very far,
under this balcony.

Stop joking.

Okay madam.
Here I come.

But who was the one going
to conquer the world?

What can I say?
That was Jai Singh.

An evil man. He's kept
my father in his hold.

Actually, he's the one who rules.

He wants to marry me.

It is right.
You are a princess...

and he's a brave soldier.

And I'm a wanderer
of the jungles.

Love does not differentiate
between rich and poor.

For love, both the palace
and hut are the same.

If you don't believe, then wait.

Do you believe me now?

But I'm scared.

Our ship of love
might break in my stormy life.

I'll leave now.

Please wait a little longer.

I'll come again. Until then,
keep this token with you.

And think about me.

What happened?

The Jagirdar's soldiers
are taking all the grain.

Come on.

Badal has come.

Praises of Badal.

- I won't leave you.
- No, please forgive me.

This was Jai Singh's order.

This was Jai Singh's order!

Why don't you say you
enjoy persecuting poor people?

If we don't obey him,
then Jai Singh will kill us.

It's better to die than do this.

Don't do that.
I promise never to do this again.

This time I'll forgive you.

If you do this again
then you will pay.

Come on.


I left my kingdom for six months...

and all these rebels
have taken root.

Today he's robbed here.
Tomorrow he'll rob everywhere.

But why?
Is the Jagirdar sleeping?

- Yes, sir.
- Write a stern order to the jagirdar...

that if in a week
this problem isn't solved...

then I'll take that
province under my rule.

Yes, sir.

What are you thinking?


The food is ready.
Come and eat.

You all eat.
I'll be back.

Nirula, did you learn anything?

- Nothing.
- Just no.

No one could find out
anything about Baga.

Did you go to Maina's hut?

Yes, but he wasn't there, either.

If he's not there,
then where has he gone?

Go and search again.

Please pardon me,
but what has happened to you?

You're always lost in misery.

What can I say?
I don't even know what's wrong.

My heart...

don't hide from me

Tell the truth...

about what has happened

Let it be, my love

What has happened has happened

I counted stars all night

I don't know when I fell
asleep in your memory

That dream was very beautiful...

and I became totally lost in it

Someone in my sleep became
angry with me...

robbed me and went away

Don't leave your window open

The thieves of love are
on the prowl

Many hearts have been looted...

during the dark and beautiful nights

For this illness of the heart...

only the pain is the answer

Don't make excuses

Your secrets have been revealed

Don't shy away from me

Our eyes have met
each other's eyes

What's so bad if the
heart is excited...

and your home has been changed?

I'll be back

Don't go.

Yes, father.

What's the matter?
You seem very worried.

We are ruined, my dear.

- What happened?
- The king's order has come.

If we don't arrest Badal
in a week...

he'll take stern
action against us.

What will happen now?

Father, I have an idea.

You got an idea?

That Baga Singh who
rescued me from Badal...

he's very brave.

He knows his den also.
We'll arrest Badal through him.

- You have said a good thing.
- Okay.

- But... - But what?
- Where is Baga?

Baga is here.
I'll show you.

Where are you Baga?

He was just here,
I don't know where he's gone.

You must have been dreaming.

How can Baga come here?

No, it is true.
I know his house.

- I'll just go and call him.
- Take Jai Singh with you.

- You?
- Yes.

- Did Baga come here?
- No.

When he comes,
tell him to meet me.

We want to arrest Badal
with Baga's help.

You want to arrest Badal?

- With Baga's help.
- Yes, take me to him.

You wait here.
I'll look for him.

Come back quickly.

- Jai Singh!
- Yes, me.

Why have you come here?

What better place
to express my love for you?

Don't try to cross your limits.

Go away.

I haven't come just to leave.

What are you doing?
Leave me.

- Scream loudly.
- Shameless man.

I just feel scared of your eyes.

Sorry, I came at the wrong time.

I'll go.

Save me from this evil man.

He is just joking.

- Sir...
- Sir, my foot!

I hope you aren't hurt.

Who are you?

- Yes, Badal.
- No.

This can't happen.
This isn't true.

It's true.
I am Badal.

Please don't touch me.

Baga was brave
but you're a coward.

Baga was truthful
but you're a deceiver.

I loved Badal but I hate you.

- Yes Badal.
- No, this can't happen.

- It's not true.
- This is true.

I am Badal.

This is Badal.

Don't touch me.

Badal was brave but
you are a coward.

He was truthful
but you're a deceiver.

Come here quickly. Someone has
tied up Jai Singh over here

Badal, someone has tied Jai
Singh to the tree over there.

I tied him up.

You take him away.

Brother, please wake up.

Who is it, who ran away?

No one ran away.
Where is Badal?

At the Jagirdar's house.
Why are you bothering me?

Ratna is at our hut.
She's looking for Badal.

She must have come.
What do we have to do?

- Ratna is in our hut?
- Yes.

She's looking for Badal? Why?

Thinking that Badal is Baga,
the Jagirdar...

wants to arrest Badal
with his help.

Say it once more.

Thinking the Jagirdar
is Baga, Badal...

- No.
- Wait.

No, it isn't possible.

Considering Baga to be Badal,
the Jagirdar... No.

Why are you counting
again and again?

If you don't understand
then go to sleep.


- What do you want?
- Come with us.

- Why? - Come.
- Leave me.

- Keep quiet.
- Release me.

Release me.

You may go.

What's the matter?
Why have I been arrested?

- What have I done
- What have you done?

You're that robber Badal's helper.
You're also a traitor.

You're accusing me of what
the residents of this palace...

have been doing for years?

You loot our houses and kill us.

Even after that,
when your heart still doesn't rest...

then you accuse us of
being traitors and rebels.

It's not a sin
to call a blind man blind.

I wish I had known earlier
that Badal was disguised as Baga.

Then you would have
arrested and hanged him?

I praise your love.

I don't love any rebel.

Badal is neither rebel nor dacoit.

He is a truthful man and...

even the sun and moon
verify for a truthful man.

Your men threatened my father
and took away his wealth.

Badal had nothing to do with that.

It is used against people who
are looted by your father.

- Maina!
- The truth always hurts.

We farm in harsh sunlight
and raging rains.

We nurture young saplings
with our blood.

When our sweat is repaid
in the form of grain...

you come and steal it.

No, no, it's a lie.

We haven't exploited anyone.

We haven't punished anyone.

This is the difference between
the palaces of kings and our huts.

Those living in palaces start
screaming over small things.

But those in huts consider
tears as God's grace and bear it.

Badal will rest after
ending your tyranny.

Because of your tyranny,
his father died in front of his eyes.

Maybe you don't know
his father was a brave soldier.

He served your kingdom
all his life.

And when old age took away his
strength and he became ill...

his son Badal started
working to pay your taxes.

And when the taxes couldn't
be paid, Jai Singh came one day.

Badal's old father
pleaded on his knees.

But the tyrant Jai Singh
felt no pity.

He just struck him down.

The old man couldn't get up.

Jai Singh took over his
house and land.

Poor Badal came out of that
place with his father's body.

His house and land were
added to your wealth.

But why didn't Badal
tell me all this?

Why didn't he tell me?

I have committed an injustice against him.

I'm a criminal.

Maina, please take me to Badal.

- Please.
- There's no use meeting him now.

Badal is a priceless gem
and you didn't realize his value.

You didn't appreciate him
and lost him.

I've lost Badal?

No Maina.
Please take me to Badal.

I beg you.

Take me.
You're a woman.

A woman can understand
another woman's feelings.

I wish you could also
understand my feelings.

So, do you also love him?

Who doesn't love him?

We're both children
of the same earth...

whose childhood is spent
wrapped in dirt.

Who always play with that earth.

And when they grow up...

they start loving
in mother earth's lap.

There is no roof except the sky.

There is no clothing except
shame on their bodies.

But if you loved him,
then why did he meet me?

Because he felt happy
after meeting you.

I don't have what you
have in you.

You know how to talk sweetly.

You know how to control him.

And I know how to obey orders.

I could never even tell
about my love till today.

My heart used
to secretly worship him.

And you used to speak
and fulfill his love.

Your love has words.

And my love is silent.

No, this can never happen.

This will never happen.

Maina, Badal is yours.

And he will always
belong to you.

I promise you.

Now you go home.

Be happy.
Always be blessed.

Life is a fleeting moment

Little do we know
our journey's end

Though my heart
is filled with longing...

where will I find
another heart to love?

One flower withers
while another blossoms

Some lose, others gain

How can I complain against fate?

Not every season
is filled with color

The light of dawn
spreads across the sky

Dawn spreads
but darkness fills my heart

My unhealed wounds cry out

How can I find a way to blame
the one who has wounded me?

This smoke is coming
from my burning heart

My eyes are filled with tears

Death alone will
extinguish my grief

Such is my sad predicament

Where is Maina?

Why don't you answer me?

When your father and Jai Singh
couldn't arrest me, you tried?

And you arrested Maina?

I never expected you
to stoop so low.

You anger is against me,
not Maina.

I have committed crimes,
not Maina.

You can arrest me but you
have no right to punish Maina.

If you think she'll be frightened
by your punishment...

and leave us, then you're wrong.

She's no coward.

Call your men and arrest me.

Why don't you speak?
Why is your mouth shut?


Tears in those beautiful eyes?

The Jagirdar's daughter was...

fooled by a traitor and rebel?

You're unhappy about that,
aren't you?

- Yes, father.
- The king has sent a new order.

He's asked me to go there.
Who knows what will happen?

We couldn't arrest Badal.
In fact, he's captured Jai Singh.

What will happen now?
How will I face the king?

If we don't arrest Badal, we'll
have to give up this territory.

Father, I can hand Badel
over to you.

- You?
- Yes.

- But there's a condition.
- Condition? What is it?

- He should be forgiven.
- Forgiven?

Badal should be forgiven?

Have you gone crazy?

I'm not mad.
I'm saying the right thing.

Until now, you and Jai Singh
couldn't arrest Badal.

And you'll never be able to.

Forgiving Badal is the best thing
for you, this kingdom and everyone.

I believe even the King
should be given this suggestion.

Even the king should be
given this suggestion?

You've become totally mad.

What will happen now?

Before anyone sees you here,
you must leave.

Where is Maina?

She left a long time
before you came.

She went away?
I am very sorry.

I thought wrongly of you.
Spoke badly to you.

Please forgive me.

Please go from here.

Badal, now you go from here.

It's possible I've deceived you.

I lied to you.

But one thing is true.
My love for you.

You must leave.

Badal, please go.

But I'll come again and
not go back alone.

You'll have to come with me.
Promise me.

Now you go.



My God, goodbye forever.

And you can't dispense justice.

Mahipal Singh,
I can never tolerate this.

If you can't run your
territory then...

I'll have to take
it in my own hands.

This time I myself will
attack his den and arrest him.

- Will you arrest him?
- Yes, sir.

And if you want,
he can be pardoned also.

That rebel who has taken
the law into his hands?

Are you mad?

Even I told her that she
has become mad.

Who has gone mad?

My daughter Ratna. It was her
idea that the traitor be pardoned.

So nowadays you follow
the suggestions of women?

No, sir. Forgive me.
Just give me one more chance.

Okay, I'll give you
one chance more.

I want peace in my kingdom.

Jagirdar, remember that
this is your last chance.


Please give me water.

- I'm very thirsty.
- I've brought water.

I'll give you, wait.

Do you understand how it
feels to trouble the poor people?

Can you see how much fun it is?

Badal has come.
Now he'll give you water.

Badal, please give me water.

Ram Singh, bring water.

Now do you realize
what thirst means?

What hunger is?

- Badal, leave me.
- I have intentionally tied you.

So that you realize what
those thousands of innocents...

suffer when you hit
them mercilessly.

I've learned now, Badal.
Let me go.

I will leave you.

But promise me that you'll
behave decently from now on.

Behave with humanity
towards poor people.

Before troubling them,
you'll look at their helpless faces.

Keep a hand on your heart
and go back.

I promise you, Badal.
Please leave me.

I'll leave you today.

But remember, if you
don't change your behavior...

then I'll break you into pieces.

- Yes.
- Blindfold him and leave him outside the jungle.

Father, what happened?

Everything is spoiled.
We're ruined.

But what happened?

The King gave me ten days
more with a lot of difficulty.

We'll become beggars
if we can't catch Badal.

We'll lose everything.

- Did you ask about the pardon?
- I did.

You would have understood
if you had been there.

The King became very angry
after hearing it.

The idea about Badal's
pardon is good.

So did Badal leave you?

Yes. The thought about
pardoning Badal is very good.

Do you really want Badal pardoned?

Now I've seen him
from very close.

I think that this is the
best way to stop this rebel.

Did you hear? I said that
Badal is a very good man.

Please get him pardoned.

Very good.

If both of you want it, then
I'll try to get him pardoned.

I just want this rebellion
to end in some way.

I don't believe this.

This is a ruse.
When they couldn't arrest you...

they invented this pardon plan.

Even a 5 year old child
is aware of his actions.

Why are you silent?
Why don't you speak?

Because I feel this is right.

The king made the declaration...

and it's our duty to obey him.

And what is our aim except this?

If I have to go to the king
to receive justice, then I'll go.

But if I don't come back,
then I'll tell you what to do.

- Don't go.
- What are you saying?

You know I've decided.
This is best for all.

Please don't go.

- Why?
- How do I explain to you?

My heart tells me
this holds deceit.

- Don't go.
- These are your doubts.

Don't worry.
Everything will be alright.

Badal, you've come?

I'm very happy.

Jai Singh, read the orders.

The Jagirdar of Shaipur and the
neighboring areas, Mahipal Singh...

according to the
wishes of the King...

announces for Badal Singh,
son of Pratap Singh...

the order to be arrested.

Father, was this your promise?

Is this justice?
Badal trusted you...

and you betrayed him.
God will never forgive you.

Ratna, what are you saying?

Aren't you ashamed to talk
to your father like this?

I wish I wasn't your daughter.

Badal, take this.

Take him away.

Leave him.
I tell you to leave him.

- Go.
- Father!

Father, leave Badal.

Or people will start hating
the name of justice.

The coming generations
will spit on your name.

Have pity on me.
Please release Badal.

Please forgive me, Badal.

Priceless love is sold for free

In the markets of this world...

human beings and honesty are sold

In this world,
the buds of love get burned

Desires remain in the hearts.
The moonlit nights come to an end

So many families get
destroyed in this world

We are robbed
in broad daylight, also

This heart filled with love
is trampled under his feet

The buds of my hopes dry
in this weather

I have seen the snake of sin
nurtured by the milk of wealth

In this upside-down world,
I've seen the sun set in the morning

Tell me God, is this
the justice in your court?

- Let me go.
- I'm helpless, Princess.

It means I'm a prisoner
in my own palace.

If you want, then something
can be done.

- Meaning?
- Speak softly.

I mean that maybe
we can free Badal.

Why do you want to free Badal?

He saved my life once.

I'll be grateful
if I can do something for him.

Please come inside.

Will you tell me the name
of your friends or not?

You're such a fool, Jai Singh.

You think I'd give
the names of my brave friends...

to a coward like you?

I'll break all you bones.

Even I could have done
that, but I spared you.

And now you're trying
to be brave?

You've killed so many
innocent people.

Today, you're scared
of a common man like me.

I might die after
being whipped...

but I will never
betray my friends.

I will kill you.

You can kill me but not
those thousands of people...

who will continue to rebel
against scoundrels like you.

The people of the country
are not such cowards.

You can't quench the fire
that has started in their hearts.

We'll see.

What punishment is Badal getting?

He'll be hanged.

He'll just be hanged?
Is there no other punishment?

A rebel and traitor should
get a bigger punishment than this.

Very good.
You are truly my daughter.

Now do you understand
how dangerous that Badal is?

Yes father. Now I've come
to understand Badal very well.

I've heard the rogue
isn't even naming his friends.

That is the biggest problem.

Problem. But father,
I can solve this problem like this.

- Like this.
- Like this?

- How?
- See, father.

What you can't learn by violence,
can be learned by love.

Badal has told me all the
secrets of his life.

You're right.

- I'll go and ask him.
- Wait, I'll come too.

You're coming too?

Yes, how can I let you meet
that rogue alone?

Put this away.

Open the door.

Jai Singh has given us strict
orders not to let anyone go in.

Father, are you the Jagirdar
or is Jai Singh?

You fool, am I the Jagirdar
or is Jai Singh?

I order you to open the door.

No father.
You wait here.

If you go inside,
he won't believe me.

But how can I let you go alone?

- He can go with me.
- Okay.

- What happened?
- It was of no use.

He doesn't listen to me.
He doesn't trust me.

Close the door.

Who opened the door?

He escaped.

What are you doing over here?
Badal has run away.

- Run away?
- Yes, go quickly.

There's a horse outside.
Take it and ride away.

But how can I leave you alone?

Don't think about me.
You run away.

- He'll trouble you.
- I'll manage. Save your own life.

They're coming.
You run away.

Get on your horses.

What happened to you?

Catch them.

Very good, Badal's brave men.

I ordered no one to go
into the jail without permission.

- Then how did he run away?
- He just ran away.

Should I say that you and the
princess are involved in this plan?

Maybe it's not wrong.
Pardon me.

But I'll have to inform the
king about all these happenings.

- What will happen then?
- What will happen?

He'll remove you from this
palace onto the streets.

No, Jai Singh.
Don't tell the King.

I can't show disloyalty
to the king.

What if I agree to marry you?

Thank you.

My daughter.

Ratna, I've got
the wedding clothes for you.

Try them on to see
if you like them.

It's enough that you like them.

I like them a lot,
but you should decide.

I'll see, but now
I'm not feeling well.

It's okay. I won't
trouble you anymore.

I'll leave the clothes there and leave.

Try them on and see.

My wedding clothes.

This marriage veil.

They'll make a good covering
for my dead body.

Badal, even the last breath
of my body is just for you.

These lips will become cold
while taking your name.

After I die,
don't forget that...

I tried very hard...

to repent for my father's
and Jai Singh's sins.

But my wish remained unfulfilled.

I am sure my God...

will see that you always
remain happy with Maina.

I just have one request from you.

That in the ups and
downs of life...

you think of me sometimes.

- Did you call me?
- Yes.

Badal has become a legend.

Those people couldn't capture him.

He escaped from prison
after being caught.

Now I have to take
matters into my own hands.

I'll investigate it myself.

But that won't
be free from danger.

I'm not scared of dangers.

And then this will be
my own way.

I'll go there disguised
as a tradesman.

He won't recognize me.

A few soldiers will be with me,
who'll follow my orders.

Your going between dacoits is
like facing danger.

If I have to face danger
for my kingdom, I will do it.

Go and make the arrangements.

Throw away your weapons.

Or you might have to
lose your life.

I have no weapons.
I'm just a simple trader.

What right do you have to trouble
me like this? Who are you?

Until provoked,
even I'm a simple man.

My name is Himmat.
Who doesn't know me?

Give me money and go on.

- Who is your leader?
- Right now, it's I.

But actually it is Badal Singh.

- Yes.
- I want to meet your leader.

You can meet him later.
First give the money.

- I'll only give it to him.
- It doesn't make any difference.

As you wish. Whether you go
this way or that way...

it's the same.

This trader says that he'll
only give the money to you...

and no one else.

- How much money is in this?
- 10 gold coins.

You seem to be
a very weak trader.

You're the first trader who's
spoken the truth.

I reward you half of the money
for speaking the truth.

What right do you have
to rob like this?

The same right with
which you rob the poor.

You rob them and fill your bags.

I rob people like you
and fill their stomachs.

In the name of God and the King.

The same King who lets robbers
like you continue to flourish.

And himself rests in his palace.

Enough! If you say anything against
the King, I'll pull out your tongue.

So you think that your
King is very nice?

I don't only think,
but I'm positive...

that the day the pleas of
the people reach his ears...

he'll listen and come to our aid.

If you have so much
faith in your king...

then why don't you plead to him?

Why take the law into your hands?

That's the regret.

That we can't even see the King.

Forget taking our plea to him.

- Is that the case?
- That is the case.

Let it be.
Come and have food with me.

Whatever we have is before you.

- What happened?
- I can't eat this.

It's food fit for animals.

Do you think you're the king?

Do you pass your lives with
the help of this food?

Man can't eat this.

There are thousands
who don't even get this.

You can't eat this.

But it's very important
to poor people like us.

But what do you do
with the money you take?

Want to see?

Who are these people?

Laborers who toil
with their blood.

They've been victims
of Jai Singh's tyranny.

- What happened?
- Jai Singh took away my son for not working.

There's been no news
of him for seven days.

There's nothing to eat at home.

I went and pleaded
at the Jagirdar's door.

He didn't listen and
his soldiers kicked me away.

Badal, I don't know
where my son is.

Don't worry.
I'll free your son.

- Why are you here?
- I cut a small tree.

I paid for it also.

But the Jagirdar's man came
and said it was against the law.

He started asking money from me.

How could a poor man like
me pay him money?

He took away all my tools.

And threatened me if I
don't pay the money in three days...

he'd put me in jail.

You tell me what I should do.

My children will starve.

Don't worry. Be brave,
everything will be alright.

How is your mother?

Jai Singh beat my father a lot.

- I saw him.
- Its okay. I will see.

Badal, it is enough.


Jai Singh's men are torturing us.
They're taking away all our grain.

- But you've paid taxes.
- They take it anyway.

Ratna's getting married.

- Ratna, married?
- Yes.

But why are the
poor farmers being troubled?

Make the men ready
and go with them.

Come on.

Happiness has been imprisoned

Is this living any living?

This wicked world...

has taken the happiness
of my life

My heart is crying.
Who should I call? What should I do?

Living is difficult.
Who should I call? What should I do?

Fate has ruined me

The sun of my life has set

These waves of misfortune
set in...

and washed away my rays of hope

Now my destination
has gone far away

These flowers are the
thorns in my happiness

They hide and cry secretly

Death, you give witness...

that I am sacrificing
myself for love

The world is a big killer

When I die just do this much

Come and cry two tears for me

In the lost world of love...

light a lamp in my memory

You couldn't become mine

Ratna, you are mine.
I've come to take you.

Badal, take me away.
Far, very far.

Where this palace and
Jai Singh don't exist.

Where there are no fights.

Just the two of us.

I'll take you.
Come on.

No Badal, this can't happen.

This can't happen.
I can't go with you.

- Are you someone else's.
- What are you saying?

You belong to Maina.
Maina loves you.

She needs you and you need her.

Don't talk crazy.
Come quickly, I don't have time.

Time is up and this time
you can't run from here.

This time I haven't come
to run away.

Move Ratna.

Close the door.

Catch him.

Come forward.

Today a dangerous criminal
is standing before you all.

He's a traitor and you're all
aware of his crimes.

That is why,
in the name of God...

the king and this country,
I give this order...

that Badal should be hanged.

Badal, you run away!

Praises for Badal.

It's you? You've come
to pay for my goodness?

I behaved decently with you,
gave you freedom.

I treated you with respect,
like a guest.

Now you've come to arrest me?
You ungrateful man!

Take him to the scaffold.

I'll go there on my own.

Praises for the King.

My lord.

My people, you all must
be surprised to see me here.

But you all know that the first
duty of the royal family has been...

to maintain peace
in the kingdom...

and keep the subjects happy.
When I heard that...

Badal and his men were
troubling people without reason...

and the Jagirdar and Jai Singh
were unable to stop them...

I was forced to come here.

You all know that rebelling
against the rule is a crime.

Badal is standing as
a prisoner before you.

You all decide his proper punishment.

You are all silent.
Then listen.

I have investigated
all of Badal's activities.

I've also decided on
the punishment for him.

Badal, before I declare
your punishment...

you're given a chance
to say something in your defense.


You're also silent.
Then I'll declare...

that rebel Badal is pardoned.

Praise to the king!

And Jai Singh will have
to come with me.

I'll decide at court
what to do about him.

You just saw Badal
slap his king in public.

I deserved it.

That king isn't a king...

if he removes another's freedom
without just cause.

That king has no right
to sit on the throne...

in whose country rich men's palaces
are built over poor peoples bodies.

That king is a disgrace if,
in the name of a king...

the pleas of poor people...

go unheard from the palace doors.

I am proud of young men
like Badal...

who help the poor
and helpless people.

By saving them from atrocities,
he has done something...

I should have done myself.

That's why I'm not just
pardoning Badal...

but from today I am awarding
this region to Badal.

My Lord, please forgive me.

Arise, Badal.

Tears in the eyes of a lion.
Aren't you happy?

Yes, these are tears of happiness.

My fulfilled dreams are
coming out in this form.

Standing in front of my father's
funeral pyre, I had taken a vow...

that I'd avenge his death.

Today after seeing me
in my lord's arms...

his soul must be feeling so pleased.

Badal, I cannot bring
your father back...

but if you want,
you can accept me.

Badal, what do you want?
You'll receive whatever you ask.

My men should be pardoned.

- Praise to the king.
- Anything else?

The taxes on the poor
should be dismissed.

Ask for more.

My lord, I want your sword.

- Why Badal?
- You rule over us.

But not with a sword, with love.

It will happen. Don't you
want anything for yourself?

No, my Lord.

Badal, think once more.
You still have a chance.


Badal, Maina has been shot.

Someone needs me, I have to go.

You may go.

Maina, you won and I lost.