Bad Times at the El Royale (2018) - full transcript

Circa 1968, several strangers, most with a secret to bury, meet by chance at Lake Tahoe's El Royale, a rundown hotel with a dark past. Over the course of one night, everyone will show their true colors - before everything goes to hell.

Are you lost, Father?


Are you lost?


I suppose not.

According to this,
I am in Nevada.

I've never been
to Nevada before.

What's it like?

Oh... It's not bad.

Looks like it might rain.

What's California like
these days?


still sunny.

Can I give you a hand there?

That's very kind of you.

Thank you.



How are you
enjoying Nevada so far?

So far, so good.

Those are my accouterments.

Over there by the front desk.

That's my trunk.
That's my fortnighter.

That's my hat case.

And I would ask you folk...

to please respect my claim

when it comes time
to divvyin' up the rooms.

But when that'll be
is anybody's guess.

Been ringin' that dang bell
so much my hand is tired.

My ears are sore.

And my constitution
needs coffee.

That's why I was
scratchin' around back there.

I did find some...

though I can't vouch
for the quality.

Laramie Seymour Sullivan.

Sales manager,
Calhoun Appliances.

My name might not be
on the masthead there...

but that don't mean
we aren't a family business.



And what may I call you, Father?

Daniel Flynn.
Nice to meet you.

Oh, Father Flynn.
That's easy to remember.

Alliterative and such.

Whereabouts is your parish?

The Immaculate Heart of Mary's
in Bloomington, Indiana.

Well, let me just
say up front that myself

and the good people
of East Biloxi Baptist...

may have our differences
with your pope...

but I do believe we all carry

the divinity of Jesus Christ
in our hearts.

And that makes us brothers
as far as I'm concerned.

You're more than welcome
to give that bell a whirl

if you'd like.

You might have better luck
than I did.

So what about you, darlin'?

Are you in
the hospitality business?

I do not work in
the hospitality business, no.

Well, I am going to give you
my card anyway.

I bet you know some gals
who just might need a vacuum.

Your first time
at the El Royale?


Well, it wasn't
always like this.

And I don't just mean

you could find a clerk
come check-in time.

No, no, no.

This place used to be
hustlin' and bustlin'.

Tahoe's best-kept secret.

I mean it was always
a bit of a novelty,

yeah, sure, of course.

But there's state fair novelty

and then there's
old horse novelty.

And I believe we are firmly
in the old horse variety.

Yessir! 1966,
this place had swing.

Hell, I don't even think
I could get a room here

in the main lodge if I tried.

It was a hidey-hole for
the Tahoe swells, you know?

Old Dean Martin
even sang a song about it.

"Half in California
with Judy."


Well, wasn't one of
his best. Coffee?

Oh, no, thank you.

Oh, come on, girl.

I made a whole pot.
Shame for it to go to waste.

There you go.

Atta girl.

I'll let the clerk
give you the whole spiel

if he ever shows up again,
that is.

But the thing
they always leave out...

is that this place
lost its gambling license

about a year ago.

Something to do with
the commission or some such.

So all the swells
took their business elsewhere.

Now the main lodge
is all that's open.

The pool is filled with ducks.

And they'll even rent you
a room by the hour

if you ask real quietlike.

There you go, Father.

Thank you.

Mmm-hmm. Although if
we're bein' honest...

that's probably
the only reason that a priest,

a vacuum salesman,
and a negro...

could afford freight here,
am I right?

I'm just funnin'.

Truth be told, my stay
is on Calhoun Appliances...

which is why room choice
is so important to me...

and why I ask you
to respect my accoutrement

as proxy to my person.

I intend to lavish myself.

I always wanted to stay
in the honeymoon suite...

although I'm not currently
on my honeymoon.

The lady's got a harder hand
than we do, Father.


I am very sorry
to keep you waiting.

Damn, boy, where you been?

Waitin' in this lobby so long,
I could use a shave.

What's wrong with you?

I am very sorry.

What are you doing here, Father?

Do I know you, son?

No. But, I mean, this is not
a place for a priest, Father.

You shouldn't be here.

We might need to
work on your sales pitch, son.

"The El Royale,
no place for a priest."

There are other hotels, Father.

Maybe closer to Tahoe.
I could help you find one.

I'm sure you would
be happier there.

Uh, Miles, is it?


If this is not a place
for a priest, Miles...

then this is exactly
where the Lord wants me.

Well, the Lord don't want you
in the honeymoon suite.

I can promise you that.

Miles, those are
my accoutrement there

and I stake my claim as such.

But you can go ahead
and check them in first.

I don't mind.

It's all right, son.

Come on, boy.

Give him the whole spiel.

The El Royale.
And blah, blah, blah.

The El Royale
is a bi-state establishment.

You have the option to stay

in either the great state
of California...

or the great state of Nevada.

Warmth and sunshine
to the west...

or hope and opportunity
to the east.

Which would you prefer?

What's the difference?

Between California and Nevada?

Between the rooms.

Well, for starters,

rooms in California
cost a dollar more.

When did that happen?

What makes 'em a dollar better?

They're in California.

And that's worth a dollar?

Some people think so.

You got a phone number
for any of those people?

'Cause I sure would
like to sell them

one of these vacuum cleaners.

Hey, speaking of which,

who handles your hospitality
here at the hotel?

Currently, that is also me.

Oh, well...


We'll have to worry
about that later.

May I see a map
of the hotel, please?


Only the main lodge is
available in the off-season.

You could still use
the California amenities

if you choose to stay in Nevada.

What exactly is
a California amenity?

Uh, for instance,

we're not allowed
to sell liquor in Nevada.

So if we wanna drink,

we gotta do it
on that side of the room?

That is correct, sir.

Also, coffee is 25 cents a cup.

Let me guess.
You're also the bartender?

That is correct, sir.

All right. Well...

Feel free to flip that

if you need to make
a decision, Father.

Startin' to cost me money
waitin' around this place.


Four. I'll take room four.

I'll need one night
in advance. Eight dollars.

And it's 25 cents
for the coffee.

Please sign the ledger.

Who's next?

May I have a room
in Nevada please, Miles?

Room five.

Um, is there
another room available?

Possibly further away?

Uh, those rooms have not been
serviced and are unsuitable.

He also does
the housekeeping,

There are rooms in California
available, ma'am.

Miles, she don't wanna be
near the priest.

It's not like we didn't
see her walkin' in here...

with her own bed rolls
under her arms.

No judgment on you there,

Maybe you can talk
to the Father here...

about, uh, Mary Magdalene
and forgiveness and whatnot.

Room five will be fine.

Please sign the ledger.

And it's 25 cents
for the coffee.

Okay. Of course.

Thank you.

Can I give you a hand
to your room?


Sorry, Father. Uh...

That's very kind of you.
But I can manage from here.


Good afternoon.

Who's next?

Please, be my fuckin' guest.

I need a room.

The El Royale
is a bi-state establishment.

You have the option to stay in
either the great state of...

I'll take this one.


Don't fuckin' tell me.

I'll take room one.

You can't have room one.

Do you not see my fortnighter
right there at your feet?

Do I really have to explain

the concept of
a free-market claim stake...

to the goddamn hippie?

Give me something
along this wall then.

The available rooms on that wall

have yet to be cleaned, and...

I don't give a shit.
How much?

Eight dollars.

Please sign the ledger.

You have yourself
a pleasant day, ma'am.


I'll take room one.

Hello, my love.
I'm sorry.

I know.

Check-in took a little longer
than expected.

Is she still up?


Hello, bunny rabbit.


The clock is right
and Daddy is wrong.

I'm sorry. I was delayed.

I am ready.

Yes, I am on my knees.

Now I lay me down to sleep...

pray the Lord my soul to keep.

If I should die before I wake...

We're not saying
that part anymore?

Where did you hear
the word "morbid"?

Well, what does Mommy
want us to say?

"And when I wake
in the morning light"? Okay.

And when I wake in the...

From the beginning?


Now I lay me down to sleep...

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

And when I wake
in the morning light...

teach me to do what's right.


Okay, bunny rabbit,
Daddy has to go.

Will you tell Mommy I love her?

And I love you, too.
Sleep tight.

Together can
serve the cause of peace.

Mr. President,
do you consider it possible

to have a ceasefire
in Vietnam...

so long as the Viet Cong still
occupy Vietnamese territory?

I think that it is not helpful
in discussing Vietnam...

to use such terms
as "ceasefire"...

because ceasefire
is a term of art...

that really has no relevance,

in my opinion,
to a guerrilla war.

When you're talking about
a conventional war...

then a ceasefire,
agreed upon by two parties,

means that the shooting stops.

But when you have
a guerrilla war in which

one side may not even
be able to control...

many of those
who are responsible

for the violence in the area...

the ceasefire
may be meaningless.

This is a Channel 7
News Special Report.

Police are
searching for suspects

in the grisly murders...

of noted Malibu County

Bernard Webber
and his wife, Etheline.

The couple was found
stabbed to death

early this morning
in their beachfront home.

Director's office.
Case 246673.

Director Hoover,
it's Special Agent Broadbeck.

I'm here on site
at the El Royale.

Sir, we have a problem.

Good morning, everyone.
Let's have a listen, shall we?

Cut. Cut.

Cut it.

All right, let's take
a break, everyone. Shall we?

And, Darlene, a word, please.


do you know
how much my time is worth?

No, sir, um...

Mr. Sunday.

Well, Columbia Records does.

Columbia Records
currently values my time

at $200 an hour.

Are you currently in a position

where you can afford
to turn down...

two, four, $600 when
it's offered to you?

No, I'm not.


$600 of my time...

and still you wanted to stay,
what was it?


Which apparently means
flat on the intro

and sharp on harmonies.

I'll get it right next time,
Mr. Sunday. I promise.


Do you know how much
your time is worth, Darlene?

$12 a session.

No matter how long the session.

Which, I suppose,
means the longer I keep you,

the less your time is worth.



I think that you have
a choice here.

Give me one year of your time.

I can make you a star.

You'll be singing lead...

headlining the Riviera.


you can continue to treat
my time as disposable.

Keep scrounging for $12
backup gigs until they dry up.

Five years from now,
you'll wake up...

find yourself shuffling
between shit hotels...

begging for the opening slot
on pancake night...

in Reno.


Do we understand?


All right then.


Hello, Darlene.

It's Father Flynn from earlier.

I'm so sorry. I was making
too much noise, wasn't I?

Oh, no. No, not at all.

I have to rehearse
and I was trying

to keep it quiet, but...

I'm sorry, I won't bother you.

No, it was no bother.

Quite the opposite,
actually. It's lovely.

Thank you.

That song that you were singing,

did you write that?

Oh, no, it's by
The Isley Brothers.

Your brothers wrote that?

No, um, it's a famous song.

It's been on the radio.

Oh. I don't know too much
about the radio these days.

I was gonna go find some food
in the lounge...

and I thought I'd see
if you'd like to join?

With this place, there's
probably strength in numbers.

No, that's all right.

You sure? It's on me.

Consider it payment.

For letting me listen
to you sing.

That's a very nice thing to say.

Why even have a bell?

I suspect we're on our own.

I handle food.
You handle entertainment?


We're told
both the husband and wife

suffered multiple stab wounds...

and were dead
when the deputies arrived.

Bernard Webber was well known
in the Malibu community...

and was very active in local
philanthropic endeavors...

mostly concerning
homeless children.

You really never
heard of The Isley Brothers?

Then we have some work to do.

How are you making out
over here?

You're definitely better
at your job

than I am at mine.

How lucky
are you feeling tonight?

Definitely not
eat-that-sandwich lucky.


Pie's good.

We have a very good, uh...

Well, no. Now that
I've heard you sing...

we have a pretty good choir
at the Heart of Mary.

That's actually how
I got started.

Church choir.


St. Paul's Evangelical
in Decatur.

Lutheran. But we don't
have to get into that.

You're forgiven.

I'm sure we must've sung
some of the same stuff.

Do you know, um,
Nearer, My God, to Thee?


And Alleluia! Sing to Jesus?


What about Hold Me
in Your Arms, Lift Me on High?

That was my first solo.


It goes...

You got that?

To be honest, my memory, um...

isn't quite what it was.


I think I'm gonna have a toddy.

Can I interest you?

No, I'm fine.

No? You sure?

Nothing like a warm whiskey
on a cold night.

I'm fine. Thank you.

So, what are you doing out here?

Oh, I live in Bakersfield now,

but I got a job
singing in Reno tomorrow.

Oh, that's exciting.

That's not exactly
the word I'd use

to describe a 6:00 shift
at the keno lounge.

But, um, it's a job.

Why are you staying here?

It's not a good job.

Don't pay nothing.

But if I stay in Reno proper,
I'd be in the hole.

Outskirts are cheaper.


Why do it at all?

You know, I ask myself
the same question sometimes.


Singing's singing.

How about you?

How'd you end up
at the El Royale?

I was visiting my brother
in Oakland...

and, uh, I had to get off
the road before dark.

Well, my eyes,
they're no good at night.

And the Ritz-Carlton
was booked...

so here we are.

I'm guessing church pays about
as much as a keno lounge?


About that, yeah.

How about your brother?

You and him close?

Used to be.

Used to be, yeah.



can I confess something to you?

When I said that my memory
isn't quite what it was...

I think I might have been
understating things a bit.

For the last couple
of years, my recall...

well, I've been
having problems with it.

And, uh, I don't think
it's just my age.

I'm certain
it's not just my age.

I wake up some days...

and I can't remember who I am.

I have moments when I lose time.

When you saw me earlier today
in the parking lot...

I had completely forgotten

where I was, what I was doing.

Strangest feeling.
You know, you look around

and you're someone else...

and you don't know who that is.

Can I say something, Father?


I think you should see a doctor.

Yeah, I have, and he agrees
with my assessment

that it's not just age.

I'm sorry.

Oh, I'm not looking for pithy.


I'm just letting you know

in case I've seemed scattered...

I don't mean offense, ma'am.


None taken.

It might be for the best.

There are parts of my life
that aren't worth remembering.

I have those, too.

I could use another.

You sure I can't tempt you?

No, I'm fine.

Are you sure?

Now, I may have
a spotty memory...

but I do recall it is a sin to
let an old priest drink alone.

All right. Just one.


Perhaps I can even tempt you...

to grace me
with a song again later?

Don't push your luck, Father.

But if you happen
to be in Reno tomorrow,

I go on at 6:00.

Oh, I'd like that.

I'd like that.

But until then...

In the course of

retrieving our equipment...

I discovered another wiretap

along with several
other microphones.

Did you recognize the equipment?

I don't believe
they were ours, sir.

Additionally, I discovered

the hotel room
had a two-way mirror.

I also found
several other hotel rooms

with the same setup along
an observation corridor...

as well as a camera.

Did you find film?

No, I called in
as soon as I found the camera.

We must assume

our operation
has been compromised.

No one is to leave there,
Agent Broadbeck...

until you have any and all

existing surveillance
materials in your possession.

Understood, sir.

Sir, there is something else.

Upon investigating
the observation corridor...

I came across what appeared
to be a kidnapping in process.

A young woman, Caucasian,

appeared to be holding
another young woman hostage.

Also Caucasian.

The priority
is the surveillance materials,

Agent Broadbeck.

Peripheral matters
are not our concern.


I am not in the habit
of repeating myself,

Agent Broadbeck...

but I will do so here to
ensure there is no confusion.



I like your boots.

They're my daddy's.

Well, they don't look like
your daddy's no more.

Is that why you're so sad?

We don't get a lot of girls
down here in boots.

You must have come straight
from the station, huh?

It's all right, Boots.
You don't got to say nothin'.

I'll figure it out
in three guesses. Watch.


Nah, that's too easy.

You ain't no Texas girl.
I know that much for sure.

West Virginia?

Nah, of course not.

Don't insult the girl,
Billy Lee.

Hey, I'm just messing with you.

I knew it the second I saw

these boot prints on the beach.

You're an Alabama girl.


Told you I could do it in three.

Now, you gotta come
swimming with me.

That wasn't the deal.

Sure it was.

You knew the game
the second we started playing.

Come on, Boots. You got
no reason to cry no more.

You're in California now.



Rose, hey. It's okay.

It's okay.

You're safe.
You're with me.

It's okay. It's okay.

Rosie, I can't untie you.

Stop it.

I expect you're all kinds of
mad at me,

and to some extent
you're right to be...

but we're gonna wait this out.

I'm gonna get you clear...

and then we can have it out.

We have to get as far away
from him as possible.

He's all kinds of bad.

It doesn't matter
what you did, Rose.

I'm gonna get you clear...

and then we'll just start over.


Hello. I'm sorry
to disturb you.

What do you want?

Oh. Ma'am, yeah.
It's Laramie Sullivan.

We met in the hotel lobby
there earlier?

Would you mind opening the door?

No, I ain't gonna do that.

I certainly

understand that, yes.

It's good to be cautious.

We can talk through the door,
if you like.

What do you want?

Oh, well, ma'am,
the storm's just wreckin'

all kinds of hell on the hotel.

People are having complaints
about losing power and such...

and so the boy up front
had asked me to come around...

check on some of the women
and make sure they're safe.

I'm fine.

Well, that's good to hear.
That's good to hear.

Uh, listen,
if you wouldn't mind...

Fuck off.

I'm very sorry
to have spooked you, ma'am.

You have a safe night.

Hey, hey, hey.
Look at me!

It's gonna be okay.
It's okay.

Okay? It's okay.

You're safe now.

Let's get you untied.

Don't touch it.

You let it bleed.

Next time you wanna get smart,

look down at all that red
and think twice.

Where's Rosie?

Rosie, Rosie?

Don't you come out, okay?

No matter what you hear,
you stay put.

Where's Rosie?

No matter what you hear,
don't make a sound.

Okay, listen to me.

You don't have to be
afraid anymore.

Okay, good.


Get out of the way.


Father Flynn.


Father Flynn.

Father Flynn.

Hey. Don't try
to move, Father.

I'm not your father.

Take it easy.
Take it real easy.

What the heck happened?

Oh, what's this song?

do you know where you are?

What happened?

That's what I'm asking you.

I just found you like this.
On the floor.

You got glass in your head.


Was I alone?

Yeah. Why?
Was you with somebody?



Kid, what's your name again?


Miles. I need a drink.

Fix me a drink.

Oh, I'm not so sure
that's a good idea.

Just one drink to clear my head.

I'd get it myself,
but look what happens.

Miles, I fell down.

I'm old.

Shit happens.
Get the whiskey.


I was hopin'...

I was hopin'
I could ask for your help.

I've been gone...

gone from the church
for a while now.

But I was devout my whole life.

Baptized, confirmed...

never missed a Sunday
till I left Indiana.

I was born in Indiana.

Really? No kiddin'?



Father, I was hopin', see...

I got things I need to confess.

Not now, kid.

Okay, Father. Right.

Of course.

It's just...

I'm penitent, Father.

I promise I'm penitent.

And I'm afraid for my soul.

I've done horrible things.

So? So has everybody.

You'll be fine.

You have a master key
to this place?

Did you lock yourself
out of your room?

Like I said, kid, I'm old.

I'm old.

Should be right here.


Where's the key?


I told you...

this wasn't
a good place, Father.

You watched me?

What did you see?

I didn't see nothing!
I didn't, I didn't.

I only watch
who they tell me to watch.

Who's "they"?


I get a call...

"So-and-so is checking in,
set up the camera."

Hasn't happened much
since the election.

Mostly they just want,
you know, people screwin'.

What do you do with the film?

Develop it in
one of the back cabins,

mail it to management.

P.O. box in Pennsylvania.

Do you ever keep
any of the film?

Do you ever keep any of it?


Last year.
The big celebration.

A man stayed with us.

He was a big deal,
you would know him.

Management wanted him.
They really wanted him.

But he was kind to me.

Nobody's ever kind to me...

so I told them there wasn't
no woman in his room.

So you kept it, the film?

Father, this ain't even
what I was trying to confess.

I've done so much worse
than this.

Who is that?

Oh, Jesus!


It's okay.

It's okay.

You're safe.

You're with me.

We gotta help her.

We gotta help her, Father.

We gotta do something.
We gotta help her.

Miles, listen to me. Miles!

Listen to me.

The Lord wants you to tell me
where the film is.

He's all kinds of bad.

Father Flynn.

Ma'am? Hello?

I'm so sorry to bother you.

What do you want?

Ma'am, it's Laramie Sullivan.

Father Flynn!

Father Flynn!

Father Flynn, get down here!

That vacuum man
just busted down the door...

and he beat up that other
girl, and he's got a gun!

Get away from the window! Kid!

Help me.


What the fuck?

Jesus fucking Christ!

Don't push your luck, Father.

But if you happen to be
in Reno tomorrow,

I go on at 6:00.

Oh, I'd like that.

But until then...

Come on.

Come on! Come on!



I need your guidance.

I'm in darkness,
and I need your light.

Rose, get out of the way.

Jesus fucking Christ!


you stay here.

Please don't kill...

Come on.

Keep your fucking hands
where I can see them.

What are you doing?

Hi, it's me.

I don't know.

I'm with Em.

She had me all tied up.
Think she shot a cop.

We're in a hotel.

I don't know.

You will?


Let me look.

It says "El Royale."


Rosie, get in here.

I gotta go.

Okay. See you again soon.


Come on! Come on!

No, no, no!


I just wanna talk.

Roll down the window.

I just wanna talk.
Can I get in?

I will shoot you in the face.

Believe me.

I believe you.

Well, we're in
a bit of a pickle here.

I'm sorry that I tried to drug
you back there in the lobby.

I wasn't trying to diddle you
or nothing like that...

I just needed
to break into your room.

And I didn't wanna hurt you.

Any more than need be, I mean.

No hard feelings about
bashing me in the head

is what I'm saying.

I'm pretty sure those girls
killed a cop of some sort.

They did.

You saw it?


That his gun?


This is not so good for us.

I'm not really a priest.

Yeah, no shit.

- Are they dead?
- Nah, they'll live.

Where'd you learn to drive?

They swerved.

Yeah, they tend to do that
when you're box sweepin' 'em.

"Stay on his fender," you
said. "I want him scared."

"Scared," not comatose.

Oh, here we go.

Are they dead?


Where'd you learn to drive?

We've been over this!

Shut the fuck up!
Get the money!

They ain't dead.

Praise the Lord.

Well, can't leave this here.


Will it run?

Let's go with yes.

Think the new guy is bent
or just stupid?

Oh, I'm going with stupid,
but I can be persuaded.

What are we doing, Dock?

Get out of the car.

Get out of the car, Felix.

Here, here.

Take the kid...

ditch the Chevy at Rocklin.
Split up.

I'll lead 'em south,

I'll burn this
once I'm in the clear.

We all meet
at the El Royale, huh?


You play it close
with these assholes. Huh?

You sure about this, Dock?

Oh, we got this, Felix,
piece of cake.

I got it under control.

All rise.

Donald O'Kelly...

on the charges of grand larceny

and conspiracy
to commit larceny...

I sentence you to 15 years
in the federal penitentiary.

What? Where?


Where am I?

Hey, hey, Dock.

It's okay.

What? Where am I?

Same place you've been
the last ten fucking years.

You're gonna be okay, man.

Jesus, Dock.

We gotta do something
about this.

What do you think?

I think you should stop fighting

with the negroes, for starters.

Mesican... Mesican...


Yeah, them this time.

And I didn't do nothing.

Hate to see what happens
when you do something.

Oh, well.

Tell me that boy down the hall
may not walk again.

He jumped me.

Mmm-hmm. Yeah, sure.

It's not about the fighting.


It's not about the fightin'.

Tell me about your family.

Any history? Dementia?

My mother.

Her father.

How long I got?

When you up for parole?

Six months.

You should make it till then.

Felix, my brother, and I...

we robbed an armored car,
outside of Stockton.

The job went bad.

I think we got burned
by our crew.

Felix was killed at the meetup,

which was here,
at the El Royale.

We had a plan
in case things went south.

Bury the money in the floor
of the room.

I couldn't remember
what room we said.

It was either four or five.

It's true what I told you
back there.

My mind, it isn't what it was.

I guessed wrong.

So, I think
there's a bunch of money

buried in your room, Darlene...

and I need your help to get it.

You expect me
to believe all that?

Well, it's the truth.

It's the truth,
so there is that.

But, no, I get it.

How did you know I wasn't

on the up and up
in the first place?

You spend your life
getting shook,

you learn how to spot a shaker.

Is that from a song?


If you'd have been wrong...

you'd have bashed a priest
in the face for no reason.

I would've found a way
to forgive myself.

Yeah, I guess I'd have done
the same thing

in your situation.

And now?

What would you do
if you were me?

Well, my first impulse would be

to shoot the old man
in the face...

and clear out of Dodge.

You're dead right.

Oh, but I would
think that through.

You know,
the cars aren't working.

The storm's not lettin' up.

People are gonna come looking

for that dead cop soon enough...

and I don't want to be
the black woman

in the woods at night
with a gun when they do.

So then, I'd start thinking
about my other options.

I suppose
I could go back in there...

take my chances with those kids.

I promise you
I'm not thinking that.

Which leads me to option three.

Maybe I hear the old man out,
maybe he's telling the truth.

Maybe there really is money
buried in my room.

Maybe the old man...

he doesn't have
a lot of time left.

He's fine with 50% of whatever
we find in that floor.

If I'm wrong, I can still
shoot him later, huh?

But if I'm right...

I might just survive tonight.

If I'm right...

I can walk out of here
with enough money

to change my life forever.

How much money
are we talking exactly?


What is this?
Some kind of pervert hotel?




I don't know.

You just shot me in the face.

Well, now, let's be clear.

I shot another man
who had it comin'...

and you just happened to be
back there being creepy...

and you caught a face full of
buckshot for your trouble.

Wait, hold still a sec.

You got glass in your head.

How does it look?

To be honest, I don't remember

what you looked like
before this.

But I think
you should make peace

with the fact
that things have changed.

Are you gonna kill me?

How can I not
after what you've seen?

I seen worse.

And I ain't said a thing.

You've seen worse than a man

getting sawn in half
with a shotgun?

I seen all sorts of bad.

I seen, um...

a senator beat up
a whore so bad...

she had to shove
her own stockings

back where her teeth
used to be...

just to keep from bleeding out
through the mouth.

I saw...

a junkie paint "Sorry"
on the wall in his own filth.

Like that'd make it easier

when I cleaned all that shit
off his cold body.

I saw a man
lay with a wolf once.

Guy drags
a full-grown feral wolf

on a choke chain
into his room...

ties it up to the bed...

and takes off all his clothes...

climbs into bed beside it,
and holds the thing.

All night.

It wasn't sexual...

but it wasn't
not sexual, either.

Guy just laid there crying,
sayin', "Help me..."

while he held that wolf.

All night.

I never told nobody
about none of that.


I ain't so sure
you should've told me that.


You don't have to kill me.

What could I even say
about you, anyway?

"Some girls shot some guy
who was gonna shoot them"?

I don't even know your names.

I'm Rose.

Don't say...

Rose Summerspring.


That's my sister, Emily.

What's your name?


Miles Miller.

Well, it's nice
to meet you, Miles.

Where are the others?

That's your name, right?

Please, Rose.
Please don't kill me.

It ain't entirely up to me.

You can talk to her.

She's your sister,
she'll listen to you.

It ain't up to her either.

Well, who's it up to?

Where's the priest?


I don't know.

But you do know something,
don't you?

Is this yours?

Do you want it?

Where's the priest?

I don't know.

I promise.

I wanna find him too.


I'll do whatever you want.

Just let me talk to the priest
when you find him.

Just let me talk to him
before you kill me.

I've been trying to tell him

that we might not
have to kill him.

But it's not up to us.

Who's it up to, Rose?

Rose, what did you do?


So how long you lookin'
to stay with us?

However long
my sister stays, I suppose.

No, you don't get
to be a part of the family

just 'cause you're kin.

Why do you wanna be here?

Rosie says
you treat her pretty nice.

I appreciate that.

What does God mean to you?

What does God mean
to all of you?

Is He some being in the sky?

Do you pray to Him at night?

Do you ask Him
to watch over you?

Is He here with us now?

Or maybe there is no God, huh?

Maybe it's all lies.

Listen, I ain't saying
I got it all figured out.

I'm not.
But I do see the game.

They define right and wrong,
and then they make you choose.

And that's how it all starts,
with a simple choice...

which side are you on?

Up, down?
Good, evil? Right, wrong?

God or no God?
It's simple, just pick.

Boots. Quick. Choose.
Are you good or are you bad?

I'm neither.

Now, she's cheating
'cause she knows

what answer I'm looking for.

Boots, I'm giving
a whole speech here

in front of people.
Don't mess it up for me.

They'll get you to pick.


I'll do it right now.

I'll do it right now
with my star pupil.

Boots, why don't you
come up here

and help me out for a sec?

And, what about...

Millie, why don't you
come join us, too.

Come on.

We're gonna have ourselves
a tussle tonight.

It's been a while since
we've had a tussle, right?

Oh, but wait a second.
Rosie don't wanna tussle.

She's smart enough to know
not to play the game, right?

But this is how I get her.

I dangle something
she really wants.

You two are gonna have
a proper tussle tonight...

and the winner...

Well, the winner
gets to sleep with me

in the big house tonight.
How'd that be?


Now we got skin in the game,
as they say.

So what do you think, Boots?
You wanna play?


So, pick a side.

Do you wanna be Right
or do you wanna be Wrong?

I wanna be Right.

She wants to be Right.

Well, Millie,
I guess that makes you Wrong.

Let's have ourselves
an allegory.

All right. Have at it.

Whoa. Easy, Emily.

She's a big girl.
She can take care of herself.

Now, here's the important part.

While they're fighting,
what am I doing, huh?

'Cause I sure as hell ain't
fighting. What am I doing?

I'm watching them.

I'm getting off on it.
Then I'm coming over here...

and I'm takin' what's theirs.

And they didn't even notice...

'cause they're too busy
playing my game.

All right, all right.

Rosie, Rosie.

Come on.
Hey, okay, okay.

All right, all right.
Tussle's over, okay?

Okay, tussle's over.

Rosie, Rosie.

Hey, tussle's over.

Love each other.

All right, all right.

You did good.
Both did good. Okay.

So, what have we learned, huh?

Maybe we won't play
their games no more.

Maybe we won't listen
to their lies.

Maybe the only truth
in this world is right here.

And here.

And here...

and here, and here...

and here. Just us.

And maybe for tonight...

we get to be our own Gods.

Father Flynn.

Bless me, Father,
for I have sinned.

Please, Father...

Kid, if you don't shut up,
I'm gonna tie your mouth shut.

Father, please, forgive me
for the sins of my life.

Please, Father...

No, no, no.


So, I'm guessing
you're Father Flynn.

Which makes the dead guy
Laramie Seymour Sullivan.

And you, miss,
must be Darlene Sweet. Hmm?

Well, I suppose
you could be Fuck You...

but, uh, something tells me
that's my Emily here.

Any other people in the hotel?


Wade, Annabell...

stand behind these four,

and if they try
to get out of those seats...

you just shoot 'em
in the back of the head.

Flicker, Roman, come here.

Go to room seven,
get the dead guy...

and put all of his stuff

and the body
in the trunk of the car.

Then go room to room,
see if you can find
anybody else.

If you can, you bring 'em here.

What about them?

Well, first I got some questions

that need answering.

But leave some room
in the trunk.

Hiya, Em.

Billy Lee.

You know, uh...

you left without saying goodbye.

What'd you think,
I wouldn't take offense? Hmm?

Naw, I figured you would.

But I'd be ready when you did.

You don't look ready.

You caught me on a bad night.

Ain't that the luck, huh?

Did you tell 'em
what she did? Hmm?

Did you tell them what she did?

What'd I do?

Oh, right.

Sorry about all that.

She's sorry.

It's all right, Boots.
We'll deal with that

when we get back to California.

We got us a Nevada problem now.

So, uh, Miles...

What is this?
Some sort of pervert hotel?

Kid can't answer you.

You tied his mouth shut.

Well, why don't I
ask you then? Huh?

Why don't I ask the priest
who was walking

out of the hotel
with a bag full of money?

All right.

Yeah. I think it's some
sort of pervert hotel.


The kid told me, he films
people doing whatnot...

and sends it to his bosses.

Who are his bosses?

People who own
the hotel. I don't know.

Does it really matter?


And what, he just offered
this up to you, did he? Hmm?

I think he was
trying to confess.


I think it's been
weighing on him.

I think he's trying
to confess right now...

because he knows how
this is gonna go...

and he fears for his soul.

Hey, buddy. Uh...

Listen, if you're so worried
about your soul...

maybe you shouldn't
have been doing

all this bad shit
in the first place.

Is that who I think it is?

I wanna see.

Now, wait a second.

What's a man of God
like yourself

doing with this in his coat?

It's just people fuckin'.

No. You take
a closer look, Rose.

Wait, I know him.


He's dead.

That he is.

That he is.

All right.

Where's the money come from?

Well, that money...

I ain't
asking you right now, Father.

Ms. Darlene Sweet, where's
the money come from, hmm?

It's mine.

It's yours?


Where's a girl like you

get all this kind of money
from, huh?

I earned it.


Well, you must be
one hell of a singer then.

I am.

All right, your turn.

Where's the money from? Hmm?

She's telling you the truth.

That's her money,
she earned it singing.

Yeah, and you're
a man of the cloth, huh?

I am.

You know, I forgot to mention...

I hate priests.

You wanna change your story?


Alrighty then.

Boots, why don't you
find something

to listen to
on that there jukebox?

It's too quiet in here,
don't you think? Huh?

Gives me the willies.

Who is this?


It's Deep Purple, I think.


It's not for me.

Now, I want you two to pay

real close attention
to what happens next, okay?

And keep it right up there
in the front of your minds...

when I'm asking questions

looking for
truthful answers, okay?

All right.


Pick a color.

Red or black?



Well, that's just
not hardly nice.

I'm offering you
a chance here, right?

On account of the fact that

we're practically family,
all right?

And that's downright

charitable of me, considering...

Boots, you hearing
what your sister's doing?

Em, if Billy Lee
is offering you a chance,

I think you should take it.

Did you think you could
just take what's mine,

and I wouldn't come a-huntin'?

She ain't yours.

Rosie, are you mine?

Of course.

Of course.

There was no violence till you.

Yeah, maybe.

Maybe not.

But it's there now, isn't it?

Pick a color, Em.
I ain't asking again.

Pick a color.

Pick a color.


I guess that makes you
black, altar boy.

What? No, no, no.

Come here. You got some
prayers, you can say 'em now.

Forgive me, Father,
for I have sinned.

I have done so much worse
than you know.


Father Flynn,
I have sinned and I repent.

Forgive me, Father.

I have sinned and I...

Father Flynn, please!

Do you want to tell him
or you want me to do it?

I have sinned and I repent!



Forgive me, Father!

He's not a fucking priest, kid!

Well, it looks like the Lord
hasn't forsaken you yet.


Now then,
who wants to play next?

Ah, whoa, Wade, Annabell...

keep a close eye there.

See, everyone's liable to get
a little more squirrelly

now they know the stakes.

You two gonna be
more forthcoming?


Could I have
some of that whiskey?

Yeah, sure. Why not?

Boots, can you pour the padre
a glass, please?

I can't do it anymore.

I can't...

Hey, kid...

if you don't shut the fuck up,

I'm gonna make you
play the game again.

So, let's try this again.

Where's the money from?

I stole it...

about a decade ago.

I hid it here, did some time...

got out a few days ago...

came back tonight
to retrieve it.

Why you dressed up
like a priest, then?

Didn't want too many questions.

People tend to look
the other way

when you're wearin' a collar.

And you?


I'm just a singer.

The money happened
to be hidden in my room.

He said he would split it...

if I could help him get it back.

Of course he did.
Of course he did.

Yeah, yeah.

'Cause that ain't
even the real score,

is it, padre, huh?

'Cause you found this.

I bet you he didn't even
tell you about this, did he?

Huh? Don't you even
wanna see who's in it?


It doesn't matter.

Oh, no. Then, darlin',

you ain't understanding
what's on this film.

Let me guess.


It's some man...

who talks...

a lot.

He talks so much

that he thinks
he believes in something.

And really just...

wants to fuck
who he wants to fuck.

I've seen it enough.

I'm not even mad
about it anymore.

I'm just...


I'm just bored.

Of men like you.

You think I don't see you
for who you really are?

A fragile little man.

Preying on the weak and lost.

Yeah, well, if I...

I've heard it.

And I don't care.

I'd rather sit here
and listen to the rain.

You go right ahead.

Why didn't you just leave

when you had the film?

It's worth way more
than some bag of money.

I did time for that money.

My brother, he died for
that money. That money's mine.

That money's ours.

That money's ours.

Why is that film
worth so much anyway?

Guy's dead. Who cares?

Well, Boots...

sometimes the memory of a man

matters more
than the man himself.

Ain't that right, padre?

Yeah, if you say so.

Who's gonna come
looking for their money?


Somebody's always
looking for money!

No, they're all gone.
Except me.

And who are you exactly?

Let's just say
I wanna check this story out.

What's your real name, Father?

It's, uh...

Did I tell you my real name?

You never did. No.

Oh, really?

Now you wanna

Start playing games again?

He can't remember.

His mind's not all there.

That's what he told you?

He did.

And you believe anything
this old crook says?

I believe that much. Yeah.

All right, all right.

Let's see if we can't jog
his memory, huh, Darlene?

Pick a color.

Now it's quiet again.

I don't like it.

No, I don't like it either.

Hey, ain't you
supposed to be a singer? Huh?

Why don't you sing
something for us, Darlene.

No, thank you.

Hell, I'll tell you what.

If you sing something for us

and if you're as good
as you say you are...

I won't make you play the game.

Don't do it.

He's gonna do
what he's gonna do,

but he don't deserve
to hear you sing.

Suit your fucking selves!


I've heard better.

No! You'll hit Billy Lee!

No, I can't do it.

I can't do it no more.

- I can't. I can't do it.
- Miles.

I can't kill no more people.


Help us.

I can't kill no more people.

How many people
have you killed, Miles?


My heavens, Ginger!
Look what your boy can do.

Miller! Why the fuck
have you stopped shooting?


I can't do it.

I can't kill no more people.


It's all right.

You don't have to kill
any more people.


Let's see
if you can't remember this.

Easy there, altar boy...

Take the gun.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.


Help him.

I can't.

No, God. No, God, please.

Help him.

Please, God.

I don't wanna...


My son, confess.

You're not a...

You're not a priest.

Of course I am.

Miles Miller, my name
is Father Daniel Flynn...

and I'm here to absolve
you of your sins.

Bless me, Father,
for I have sinned.


I've sinned.

I've sinned more times
than I can count.

I've killed.

I've killed so many people.

I'm so sorry, Father.

It's all right.

No, it's not.

I did so much bad.

I lied. I stole.

I hurt people.

I did it all even though
I know it was wrong.

I'm so sorry, Father.

Do you seek absolution
for your sins?

Yes, I do.

Do you give yourself
to the mercy of the Lord?


Will you give to Him the time
that you have left?

I'm too late.


It's never too late.

Yes. I will try.

I'll try to be better.

I'll try to be a better man.

I repent.

Father Flynn, I repent.

You are forgiven.

Miles Miller.

In the name of the Father,

the Son, and the Holy Spirit...

you are forgiven.

Good luck, everyone.

And 47.

Now, we have got a special
treat for you tonight.

Coming to you all the way

from beautiful
Los Angeles, California...

Ladies and gentlemen,
let's give a warm Reno welcome

to Darlene Sweet.

Thank y'all for coming
to listen to me tonight.

It means a lot to me.

Thank you.
Thank you so much.

That's very kind of you.
Thank you.

God, come on in. There's
enough room for everyone.

Come on in.

Now, if it's
all right with you...

we'd like to do
a few more for you now.

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