Bad Cat (2016) - full transcript

Produced by Turkey's biggest animation studio, Anima Istanbul, The Bad Cat is an animated epic for young adults featuring the unforgettably bad cat, Shero and his foul mouthed gang in action. As animals inhabiting streets Shero and his friends are after what anyone else in their notoriously sleazy Istanbul neighborhood wants: debauchery with girls, food and the occasional drinking binge. This ordinary looking day will prove otherwise as their paths cross with humans, things get a little out of hand in hilarious, harsh and unexpected ways.

A YTS Release

- There's a person here, you idiot - faster if!

What your mind has been delayed so much, (Shiro)? Did you fall in the toilet?

I almost finished

What is that? Where is the toilet paper?

I'll have to spend my time out of the balcony and get out of there!

Get out of there! Come on, damn!

O selfish fool!

Learn to open the water you stupid cat!

Do you think that life-like animation? It's tough for us birds too

Hints, people give you a couple who give me a sama

I am tired of this nonsense

Are you still here? Tell me, what do you complain about it now?

He feels sorry for himself. (Shiro) says life is not fair

It's really disturbing to be a rat

I asked you to stop using that word

any word? "Rat" or "annoying" mother?

It's the word "rat", you idiot!

Stop this nonsense

You have to make decisions for tonight's party. Will the food be thicker or more meaty?

I know if that was the second food, again?

- Was it fish? - Was it fish?

Yes, I've had fish, but you did not know how to catch fish, right?

You know I can not swim because I'm wild gull

If you would like to sink, then please do so!

Totally Deaf! I'll get fish and drink ye would attend

It is a hopeless situation

Well, well, but I have to warn you that doing the job is difficult without money

Do I look Enough excuses like I was indifferent about it?

You are a thief, and went stealing something

It seems like our side to go from here

Enjoy listening to music to proceed now!

How much I hate this town!

"Inspired by the comic books of the writer (Bulent Oston)"

"(Anima Istanbul) offers ..."

"Slit the cat"


You are O (Shiro)! My friend!

(Shiro)! (Shiro)!

Where are you (Shiro)?

What is that?

Do you consider that music?

The choir can be deaf and mute much better!

shut up! - Your mother seems to have abandoned the cello machine

She came with an electric saw and used it to spread her fat body!

Totally deaf, you cat chatter!

- (Shiro)! I am the leader of this oh! - Who is calling me?

(Shiro)! Boss! I (Blackie)!

You must attend immediately

It's the most beautiful I've ever seen in my life

It's a cat that suits you perfectly

It is not ... if this is a concern

I mean, of course,

What do you think? What about the family tree? Certainly

It is a clean, soft, beautiful, truly upscale Siamese cat

It means they like me

I think it will be over before they get back to the fun things

So what is inhibitory? Siamese, then?

Are those fluffy nose cats and thick tail?

No, no, no, those are not upscale

But these cats her feet she really beautiful velvet

- Do you think I'll like her? - Sure, how can it be rejected?

There is no doubt about it, my friend. It is a very impressive and ready-made cat

But you must attend now, but you will have gone

Can not you learn how much respect you fat cat?

I stopped to sell me religion and want to respect? Old Idiot!

I will not sell you again

Destiny will manage your destiny one day

Excuse me, sir! I am looking for someone

What do you think? Information center?

Use your phone for other young kids, concept?


Tell me what she likes, you should arrange for a party

That is why I would like to go beyond empty words and get into the subject immediately

- Concert? Can I attend? - Tell me only

She will like you so much

Call her (Princess) "Princess" It is a very beautiful

Ball small fur designed for comfort, not for speed

Just relax and enjoy the matter

All that you have to say the fans, "Come on (Shiro)! Come on!"

I paint out in the performance of the movement so that really affected my curiosity

This is all part of the service

Did you know that I would launch Verbock, an app for cat acquaintance?

(Blackie)! Do I went back to work in these poor areas is legal?

No, no, this is legal and legitimate

Do you realize how difficult it is an acquaintance in this city?

Even during the season, the pedigrees find pairs

We have some excitement

- Will you drink at the party? - Of course, I am completely in control of the situation

The desired target is located in the direction of south-east

How wonderful, I have lost

This is a nice cologne

What's her name? "Water cologne rats"? Shut up!

Calm down, O shouted, I must say that it improved

Yes right! Completely shut up, and fly!

Have you ever one to tell you that you are printing a negative?

Yes, I am absolutely sure that you are a fool!

Rattle, cat! Rattle!

This strain is said to have originated in (China), two thousand years ago

The emperor alone, he could have acquired

For this I thought you, of course, my friend!

I also thought about the possibility to take a new name for yourself

President (Miao)!

Hello, "Little princess"

You are so cute that I would like to make them kiss your face for kissing

Look what I did? I've put you sign it

No, I'm late again

not now

I have to go

Well, (Princess)! I will come back soon

Being nice and quiet during my absence

let's go!

Hello my dear! I (Shiro) to get you to work

To proceed!

What is that? Fur bird, what?

I think I liked

What just happened?

- it could simply rejected - what we've done?

Is it dead?

Oh my God!

(Shiro), (Shiro), (Shiro)! To leave, quickly!

Do not panic, this is not our fault

It is clear that they were infected with a contract related to psychological communion with others

he is back! Oh my God!

Well, well, wait!


Hi? (Princess)!

My dear?

(Princess)? No!

(Princess)! (Princess)! (Princess)! My dear!


He lost his temper and we had to leave this place immediately!

I love you (Princess)! Awake!

It was an accident!

Told ya (Shiro)!

- Believe me, that is the truth! Is enough!

No! I was O (Shiro)!

- (Blackie)? My friend!

Tell my companions that I died as I was 3 inches deep

Say, Can you say ...

I need a drink

- (Shiro)! - (Shiro)!

(Shiro)? where are you?

where is he?

where is he now?

Listen, you tell him, the concept?

- I certainly do not want to tell him - I will not be forced to let them know ...

- it will teach, it is always the case - for

That's right

You are! (Shiro)! I have a surprise for you

West on my face, my dear! My mood is not good for surprises

No, no, believe me, you'll love this surprise too

I finally returned to your senses, give me a bottle of syrup

Hey, what? No!

No, this is not beyond him Bratnk

See came here!

- What is that? Hi, my name is Taco.

My Father!

- He directs his words to me - what do you mean?

It looks exactly like you

When did cats have children?

Believe me, young man, it is better for you to live without him

It's a lost cause

Here there is it empty-handed turn also

This is wonderful, but it means that we will starve tonight

And you fool regards me

Please bring my son! You can not cancel at the last minute

But it is only once a year

If your favorite food is ready

Please rethink it

It's actually in the fridge

It's been a long time since we sat together, come on!

Hey! From ... From there?


Where did this come from?

Here I brought the fish in the pouring of the drink

Date drinking has come

- What ya shouted speeches? - he could not survive

who is he?

I mean (Blackie) the idiot

- He was killed violently - I wish him mercy

We will add Cuba for my friend

Hey! Where drink?

We never found any quantity

The weather is very dry, so the turtles took their nests using barbed wire

There is nothing nothing and never at all

You simpleton! But what do you think you are?

We do not work that we are supposed to have as friends

But the owner of the jaw, who is over his head, did not care about what we faced today

I was completely, I do not care

From this had enough, I am going from here

O son of the brave cat!

We face the hardships of Agelola, who can only insult us!

What Dhak?


who are you?

It looks like a miniature (Shiro)

Poor little



O dirty! I drank everything

Aware that other people live here, right?

- filthy selfish! - Oh ungrateful!

Cows produce more milk when they listen to classical music

As plants grow, you become more obese and more depresse

Do you consider it nonsense music? You're terrible!

You do not distinguish good music even if you hit your head

- Damn you (Tank)! - (Shiro)!

And what benefit you?

You do not bother yourself feeding me or give me any drink

But you still take pride in yourself and claim that you are a lover of cats

I can not be blessed moment of tranquility? One moment only!

- Get out of here, you failed! I'm looser?

When I went out to enjoy the last time?

You are busy worrying about those who export to the noise

What? - It's all that cares about it

Do not get into this! (Shiro)!

- hater miserable - miserable for you O (Shiro)!

See what I did to my dear (Lulu) I mistreated her

From the door? What?

It is the owner of the house

That dirty ugly beast particular man

Well, my lady! Let me just put this land

- What did you do now? - I am unable to breathe

are you OK? - Silence

Do not talk to me the title of "Lady"! As you like him completely bad

- you have not paid a penny months ago - Really? are you sure?

For years, years, years and years, I've been using

I was overwhelmed by both of you

I want you to leave my apartment immediately!

I hope attached in his throat a huge bone and strangles

That dirty rascal stole the fish of thy, true?

What do you think that Amzqh Nsfino Ahhhh doll and presented to your grandson as a gift?

It is too late, too late

I beg you? Shut up

I can not believe that I will say this ...

But I will spend one more day paying what you owe

one day? How do? - That's not my problem managing money tomorrow

Otherwise, I will let the police throw you in the street. Do you hear me well, you poor man?

- Be logical, please! - One day, no more, do you understand?

Well if you let me open the door for you


What reason for being here?

It's really funny Hey (Shiro)

Where do you hide?

Sure, he has gained from his mother's cheerful spirit

I am ignorant of the calculated yourself, but you are unwanted here

- But your son, Dad! - Do you realize how many cats call it?

Is not something to be proud Do you think they see me as their father all?

- Stranger than here - Calm down, O (Shiro)!

Do not interfere in this!

- But, Dad! - Stranger than here!

- But ... - Move!

I've had to find you very difficult and I got here just


It was a tough act even for you, O hoot!

What is the matter? - It is the date of death

right Now! You've ended your life ninth

Have you finished understanding?

What are your speeches now (Tank)?

Let us, there are things they resolved

Yes offcourse

These are these and these!

No more anymore, my cat

We have everything between us is over

go from here! Get out!

right Now! what do you mean?

You are supposed to pay the rent!

From now on, you will be alone!

Lucknow Zala, Mishshuda, Fascalla! Fascalla!

Do not bother him!

Which father refuses a nice little boy like you?

Come, live with me you can be a spoiled cat

Aware that I have so much food, right?

And all the milk that you may want

Nothing for me here! nothing!

I realize when my presence is not desirable I get used to it

- Thank you, in any case (called)! Well Well

But let me give you a bit of food at least

I lost my appetite must go

Well, goodbye if

Take care of yourself, my little friend

What a friendship!

I do not need it for myself I will adopt Mutt

It is dirty, and I'm not

I am in desperate need of a means Distraction and immediately

It reached the end of the road you, "Snow White"!

You have two options, two

We can do this the easy way or the fun way

Or the hard way is very difficult, and the pun intended

Hello dear!

It sounds fun Can I join you?

what's your name? My name? (Mescat)

(Mescat), "Miss cat"? You are not married if?

Went off alleys, my cat! It's us

What we say, O beautiful? Before these two silly dogs interrupt our conversation?

Would you like to go from here and give up Casey Fleas these two?

O failed!

What did you say? - failed!

- failed? - failed!

I'm looser? - I was completely

I would like to understand exactly it

- I did not mean it - Yes, I meant

- What do you think about what I have to withdraw? - This is impossible

I'm looser? Are you deaf?

Say it again, O hybrid dog!

Failed! Failed!

Failed! Failed!

"Frontal lobe"

- I've moved - You're crazy, you need to sleep

- but his heart is still beating - but this is impossible

The subject of his brain in a bowl

Stop! Stop!


(Princess)! (Princess)!




My hero! I have saved my life

This neighborhood risk for a cat like you

That's what I see really we've moved here recently

I wanted to walk around the fence taking these two road blocks by chasing me

- It is not that you attended ... - No problem, I am at your service

- You're very nice - really?

Let's talk about the bottom line off

- Is not this act a bit hasty? Certainly

- the other one of us do not even know - quite a bit, we will act according to your style

(Mescat), (Shiro) (Shiro), (Mescat)

It is said that romance has become extinct tried to ask to accompany you on a date

are you serious? We ... We are not cats and humans

We come together and share our admiration directly

Well, (Shiro)! Good-bye!

Well, well, fairly well, you're winning

- (Mescat)! - Maketa called me, it was time for dinner

Stay! I will give you a small amount of time (Shiro)

my dear! I am from the seed of cats (Ankara) net and you can not bear my expense

- You are originality if, true? - Of course, what are you?

Never my family, what is wrong with that?

Never my family? Is that basically the breed?

It seems that it will not be today

We may meet here later, if you want

- I certainly want - I see you are eager

I am not really patient

I thank you, Misshal, for another kick?


When the moon is in my face, I'll be here

Is it possible to have this love?

Stranger than here!

You accepted me

I am in love

I am in love

You all miserable (Shiro) In love

A ball of fur, love of love

Love, I am in love!



This head is dead!


My friend Tayeb (called)! Is not the life of great beauty?

No, it is not and is still dealing with you religion prohibited

- I would like to ask you something - what now?

I need advice, opinion

- not free - I met my cat (named)! Fell in love

Do you think I'll help you in the rhythm of another cat in trouble?

- I do not think I'll do it - after all I did for you?

I wanted to give it a gift only a special gift you want to know what you think

If? - Do you drink a bottle suitable gift?

And how you will pay for a bottle of drink that?

What ya mind (called)? Do not behave as such

- What about a drink tray? - You're too stupid already

What did you do? In order to win a woman's heart, you do not give her a drink

- but Tahedeha flowers - give me flowers if

I have bread on the shape of a flower but encounter something called only money

Get lost! - Come on, Come on, Get out!


It is a very nice

- Take, little! Come on, take it! - Sorbt (Shiro) and manipulating it

Come on! Take it! - to bring others, to widen and beaten

- This region - Take! Come on!

Already subjected to beatings

- but I did not know a form similar to this - we actually ordered him we will manage

take! excuse me!

I feel as if my heart has become abroad

No catwalks!

Why is the magnitude of his head to that degree? It is an abnormal situation

Certainly deal growth hormones or similar

He will have what he deserves


you will die!




It is also looking for him in turn


- Where is (Shiro)? - I know his place, O Lord!

What is that? - (Shiro)!

I brought flowers for you Like?

Do you like flowers? Take it! Are you stupid?

for you! for you! for you!

Here are some of the flowers

As if that will succeed

Take possession of yourself, yell!

You're such a nice

How wonderful! Can I be more vulnerable?

I can not do this

I am going from here

- hello, my handsome! - Since when you are there?

Smell disgusting!

It is planted with colloidal approval and is the newest method

- Do you realize that you are nice? - and you are very beautiful

open your eyes!

Did you like that? Failed!

Failed! Failed!

- failed ... - What do you think of that, my bag of filth?

- I ask you guys!- It's me, me alone!

Mine! Mine!

I thought you were originally!


You are now dead

Died (Princess) Miss Cat died!

Let her and will! Nothing to do with the matter!

You targeted me, you dirty zombie!

Revenge, Revenge!

Get out and manage his order!

(Shiro) Miniature

you are mine!

- (Princess)! - Life goes on, O the owner of the skull cap!

My Father!

Here's me! I want to enjoy only!

This small but very nice Is he your son?

- I wish it was also - in order, I am his son

- My mother's name (Memosa) - (Memosa)?

- From the ancient Chinese town? - Those are exactly

- dark hair, right? - Yes, those are

I do not know her, go from here!

wait a moment! You are now only met him?

I met him twice but Egypt stranded

You have to go Andkma much to Taathdtha about it

No, you will stay as he walks away.

What do you think about returning to your mother, the concept?

Told her that (Shiro) call which calls for the restoration of their own thing

What do you think that if we go from here?

- I died my mother! What? (Mimi) died?

How do?

- like you care about! - Wait, little!

Oh my God! This is annoying

- It's okay, I have seen what he did

He is able to take care of himself

Okay, if?

Yes, yes, yes! Yup! Stop!

(Containers)! (Containers)!

open the door!

You offend my reputation in front of my cat!

It's impossible to act (John) with (Garfield) as such

O human Selfish!

- came to see his father - his father?

When cats become parents?

- We are not human beings - you are my father


This is not bad, oh boy

Do not use your wrist next time, but relied on your shoulder

Learn, in this way

Thank you I will try to do this next time

Well, let's get some food

Finally, I starve

To the extent that I am able to eat my food twice

Have you met the person who works in a grocery store, boy?

- in order - I have an idea

Hello my (called) do you empty boxes?

I think I have a few boxes in the rear area with mice

What about the money you owe me?

- carrying amount with you, right? - Do you look Kmichrd?

this is unbelievable!

- Yes, look well - (called)?

what do you want? Named)!

Is that you, again ?!

- never in the bud - allowed me (Shiro) to stay

- Is not this wonderful? are you sure?

- What is the benefit that would accrue from it? nothing

- This cat has changed, so I promise - this far-fetched

What about allowing you to stay?

If you are insisting that you know what is happening has much sent me on a mission

Who thinks the same?

- from Band (Blues Brothers)? In fact...

I can only stay if I brought some drink

Otherwise, it will send me away permanently

This is impossible, it will not get a drop to rely on himself

I can not assist you, would not be given that Lounger any other thing on the account

Well, thank you understand your situation

I hope I have another so that I could stay

- Farewell, Dad - Well

What do you want convinced me too?

4 fried chickens and water gas

(Shiro) small!

Dad, help me!

leave me alone! - What happens now?

Security is difficult to get a short period of calm ?!

revenge! revenge!

My Father!


Cohesion, boy, we are coming!

Spoil this person daily really!

- I will hit a cat with one stone - the smell of your nasty breath @!

Kill me if you like but do not breathe in my face

Hello, Never slow down the pace!

Follow my directions, my pizza delivery boy

Launched the largest right to do quickly

I will be able to escape

Come on, approached him more Oh boy pizza delivery

Present, my angry cat!

- Come on, grabbed my hand - I can not reach it

My Father!

My Father!

I wanted to get a drink, but ...

I thought you lost your life, be careful!

I grabbed my hand, Dad

I'm glad you're okay

I want to be installed close wood paneling very tightly

Get out of my face!

You are not welcome here

If you are caught, turn you into a pullover

Did not my understanding what I said after?

And never return!

Oh slow bike driver thank you for getting us, here we have arrived

Deported girlfriend

And you dare to enter

Prevents you access forever


What happens O (Taco)?

(Mescat)! (Mescat)!


Where are you (Mescat)? I do not believe this!

This is how annoying!

Stepped back all need more space, they moved!

Come on, all of us have gone back!

You have heard what the man

are you ready? Pull!

Damn! who is this? Is it dead?

- Hurry up! Beware! - Pay attention!



- (Revki)? - You're wrong, chubby

You'll see the bird you boob!

- My wings are empty, yeh!

We have a short distance after Let us look at the city center, we agreed?

Slow down, wait a little

I can smell him, but I do not make mistakes

From that direction the smell coming from the tower

- What do you think to share our roles? - In case the exchange of roles ...

I will exchange them with squirrels where there are no traps or poisons to kill the rats

Get Squirrels respect!

Are you kidding? The squirrel will be very ugly

Enough! Let us, come approached more

are you crazy? I can not jump from this distance

When you hear Severta Come and get me, we agreed?

You are, rappel now

(Mirthan), my friend how conditions?

I can not believe you're here

Over a long time since we met do you carry with you good things?


Worsen air quality Oh shouted

Chimpanzees are natives of us all

Your right, watch out!

What struck the children of these days?


- Still working at the loading dock ships? no no no

I enjoy my retirement, and what about you? Still working in the theft?

Yes, somewhat, but this work is getting harder

No longer have enough time in this trivial time

where have you been?

- you're lounging like a jerk? - Stop hitting me

- Hey you stupid! I'm sorry

- I met by chance (b Mirthan) and we were talking ... - I was about to lose my life

- I could have died, you poor - stop, he shouted

What do you do? Did you receive other jokes from the jokes (Steven Segal) "The Nurse"?

Birds of a feather flock together failed

We ended up, ended our friendship I am tired of you

- I told you that I am sorry - will not benefit I apologize now

I'm sure they will return soon

I do not think so

What do you know about women anyway?

The fact, it seems that Miss (Mescat) Nice

The kindness is dull, and you are boring

You do not drink or smoke because your conversations are trivial

All you talk about is the drink and women

And you are not interested in wading in the actual conversation

- I am leaving - Slow down

What the thing that has four feet and tail and lands on his feet always?

We are about to find out the answer

He brought me some cigarettes

Watch out (Rivki) razor wire!

- Where were you? - the failure of all things, my shouted

I do not care at all that I will not accept more excuses

- Where to drink? - And who cares about the excuses, you fat and humble?

What do you think that if you ask me just fine?

- it was possible to die - Relax! Stop My Friend

We mature animals so they stopped behaving like humans

Do not interfere in this matter as it is not an animal, but a man

a man! Look at the size of his head

I warn you, I'm not a parasite in a good mood

I suffered enough today I do not need more inconvenience you

Like you are experiencing problems you sit without doing anything all day long

Oh really? I tried to spend time with a cat and subjected to electric shock

A moron killed my friend and I will kill him

If he returns to life, he will kill him again

Call me if you are the real humble appeared

And then he fell in love but disappeared

I have not had the love and I do not have any food or drink

And I think that your situation is bad?

I think he suffers

I hate you all!

Let me sure that you will be able to fix this situation

Well, I think it's up to me

Do not worry, things are going to be fine

Well, look at the thought of those inferior

They enjoy safe and warm in their homes may have to start thinking as a man

If not Kgard, what do I need?

the money! The existence of money we can buy anything we need

And how do we get the money? I will not get to work

Think about it does not adhere to the laws of human beings

So, what forces us to adhere to them? They get what they want when they please

They then store them for use in the winter as you do squirrels

The time has come to restore this city, forcing us to live on the streets as homeless

We have agreed to let us go to restore

Here we are

What? Do you want to steal a bank? why not?

- It's easy - so, what plan?

That was not my idea, was it?

Well, here's the plan for sneaking in

And I open the door and I accomplished this task

What a neat plan (Riza) I will monitor

(Shiro)! Revenge!

- (Princess)! - Shut up, you idiot

The rule of purity is silent even though we break it apart

- I do not know what I do? - What do you mean by (Shiro)?

dead! - He's crazy, I'm holding him

- (Shiro)! Shut up

- (Shiro), (Shiro) - Shut up!

It must deal with more fiber in his food

- Do you see my boy? Not yet

How wonderful!


- What is keeping you? - I had to deal with some things

"Gesture from Login: please"


How you will open the gate? Will you use thy Stink?

Never, I'm an expert in opening the locks

raise me Up

Well, guess a number from 1 to 9

I'm surrounded by idiots. I open it

She is about to let go of her reputation cracking

That was my back

As is clear, that does not work what we will do next?

‫4 ,3 ,2 ,1...

- How did you do it? - pure skill

she is beautiful

What? This is a lot of money!

Sign Up"

We call the attention of all units

Get a robbery at the First National Bank

The thieves seem to be a cotton

- I repeat, cats - cats?

Let all the units respond immediately

- It is imperative that this joke, right? - (Shiro)!

Stop entertaining!

(Riza), to go

- Just want enough for a night - what is your sermon Hey (Shiro)?

What about tomorrow? We have to take it all

(Taco), helped me to carry

It's just a small cat that it is too heavy, O Rat

Greed is good, the rich will not miss him

In addition to being insured we do bring as much as we can

Come on, take it

Come on, come on, come on Come on, come

You behave greedily Plus, to go

Well, come on but it is very wrong to leave behind

Well, to get out of here only

You can not buy happiness, but you can steal

Shut up!

Is that the police? No!

Hey guys, the police here you get out of there immediately

" Bank "

Hurry, were caught us out from there, go immediately


the police"

The police came

- We have now been eliminated - through the toilet would come out

What? What about us?

Your head will not be able to pass through the cavity

Give up, get out and raise your mind!

I actually pour money now

No! - surrendered!

Windows, it's the only way out

- glass consists of two layers - I know that we can succeed

All we have to do is to put our heads together, Dad

What? (Shiro)?

Stopped! We were kept Mk.cma!

- shot - they had me!

(Shiro)! (Shiro)! (Taco), here!

- (Riza)! - There is an open door

I ran towards him when they stopped shooting

Success both can

You better be right because if I were you Vsonal

- They are me! - stopped!

Cat from my share!

(Riza), no!

Well, it was a bad day too

- Faster, little one - (Riza), is he okay?

Yes, yes I'm sure it's okay

To hide in the sewers somewhere

"Building (Dickman)"

What is the?

Zombie fool

(Taco), do not!

Attention guys on the surface

They are cats at the top, sir

O Kitten at the top know that you have money

We take you both! No room to escape!


(Taco), wake up, (Taco)

Please, (Taco)

Awake, O (Taco), please

Say something, my son!

O Kitten, give up and you can go back to playing piano online

Surrender, I threaten you! We want that money!

Cats steal a bank?

- I can not believe this, how it really? - Well people, Turn back

Paved area!

Do you want money? If you take him, take him

Take him all

Donna and us alone!

Whew! Look, free money it's raining money

Moved off

Just go, moved

- But please, O cop, I'm penniless - not Telmusoha, and will let it

- Money, Money, Money - Stay away from here


What is that?

You are! you there! Move!

Come on! (Shiro)?

what happened?


What happened to the small? You are hit by a car?

Or you did something to him?

- I'm the worst father ever - what do you mean?

He was shot

- He's dead - give me him off

Hey! you idiot!

veterinary clinic"


veterinary clinic"

veterinary clinic"


Antiseptic, no, hey syrup, no, antiseptic syrup

I have a drink disinfectant

Gauze, cotton, bandages

this is unbelievable! where did you put it?

Boxes are useless! Do something useful, Be brave!

is that her?

Let me see! How wonderful! It is still bleeding!

Come on (Taco), has not

(Taco), you never have 9 lives, go ahead!

It took an hour of time to climb ten drawers

Attach me, O shouted

I was born to fly ...

- not walk - Well

Made Up

(Shiro), I have succeeded

That was very crazy

What happened to the small?

Save my life, you idiot

- How can we help? - stopped, it needs to rest

The young man will wake up rich, right?

What is the total score? how much?

With you money, right?

There is no money left away, all of them!

No! What? After all we have been through!

"Shut up, let everyone go out - me too?"

Especially small you will remain here, they move, get out off

- It's my son, I look after him - you guys!

This is not going to happen to make it almost kills!

- but I did not do, it's okay - my friend!

- ye! - not to accommodate it, O (Shiro)?

Ended up, we ended up ordered

This is enough - we do not have a house anymore!

With me some money

Give me them!

Well, for the last fare and this for the next year

This is for the damage you have caused for the fish that you stole

This is for the tension you caused me

Sustainable ...

What you owe to (named)

These ...

What will we do with it?

- Give me - you like it, right?

- God bless you - it was hard at first

Every time I try to grab it hit me hard on the tail

In any case, while the situation was going well, and her father came

- prefer, it is the finest Turkish species - wonderful

- are you see, you have the ability to eat - a wonderful

And then her father said he did not want his daughter to meet the rat

He said he did not have enough cashew nuts to feed them

- Do you believe this? - You're inventing this, right?

Later that night I went to her tree and hit me Balbleut

And then I decided that I would not like squirrels again

But like you, it's crazy

A fool, stupid!

Based on the honor of this delicious feast I would like to play something

What? And spoil the fun? - This is impossible

- miserable! - That is the problem these days

No estimate of the classics of no paper

Since it is now gone to start this concert

This is annoying I've gone forever

- Can you pass me the water please? What do you do? Do not drink with water

- You will drink so much that you will not fly - no

Is this explosive gas mine? What is that?

- (Shiro)! - (Misses)!

- everyone will die! - The only person who will die is you

Hey, that's my cat!


If tampered with my family, you mess with (Tank)

- Merry, well done - look at it

spend it - fun

- Spend it you - No, no, this is impossible

- OK, really - OK OK if you insist on it


It seems that the circus had arrived in the city

- Happy New Year - Happy New Year

happy New Year

I thought I was not good enough for you

Are you happy now?


I do not believe! I will not enjoy my time never

In fact I did not like the word "never" at all

There is no better time than now, what do you think?

Let's have fun together

""I proudly presented (Anima Istanbul) ..."

"The Original Picture Books of the Writer (Bulent Oston)"