Back in the Day (2004) - full transcript

With big box stores and large corporations dominating the American business landscape the role of the small business is often uncertain. Back in the Day takes a light-hearted look at the collision of small town sensibilities and fast food convenience by comparing the successes and failures of two small-town bakeries, the storied and now defunct Gottlieb's Bakery and Back in the Day Bakery, a young upstart operation.


Lord, this brother, here,
he's in a lot of trouble.

So all I'm asking is,
is there a way for me to go,

if that's what's supposed
to happen?

And this brother gets saved,

I guess it's up to you,

so...whatever's gonna happen,
is gonna happen.

[phone ringing]

My father's a sports executive.

He met my moms when he was
just a lawyer

for the local NBA team.

She was a cheerleader
for the team.

They were together long enough

for me and my sister
to be born.

He left my mom
when she was pregnant

with my little brother, Vince.

He couldn't keep it in his
pants, so Moms kicked him out.

Moms was proud like that.

She wouldn't even accept
child support,

which means we didn't have
no money.

Moms was just like that.

Any episodes
since the last visit?

No, I've been good.

Okay, good.

When I was 12, I got mixed up
with these street cats.

And here I am, with no pops,
nobody to look out for me

on these streets,
but they helped me,

so I did some work for 'em.

I did it so I could walk
up and down these streets

without being shot.

[ rap music ♪]


J-Bone. He was the man. He ran
the blocks like a soldier.

I mean, he could do
whatever he wanted to do.


As far as I know,
no one ever crossed him

and lived to tell about it.

To me, he was like
a big brother.

One day, I took a bullet.

I lived, but Moms didn't have
money to pay the medical bills,

so she gave up,
sent me to live with my pops.

A little while later,

Bone got locked up
for some dirt.

I haven't seen him since.

I never forgot
where I come from, though.

[metallic clanking]

[rap music ♪]

[breathes deeply]


Nigga, what's up?

Welcome back.


You still doing that thing?

Oh yeah.

Everything straight?

No doubt.
I handled that.

You ain't got to worry
about nothing.

My nigga.

What's up.

[engine revs]


[muffled cheering]

Reggie! My homeboy!

- What's up?
- How are you doing?

[overlapping dialogue]

All right, take it easy, buddy.

[cheers, applause]

Hey. Hey, Reggie. Enough with
the free food, already, man.

- You're gonna get me fired.
- Come on, Phil.

I'm starving.

At least let me get
a soda or something.

All right. Only cause it's you.

Catch the first half?

Nah, I missed it.
I had a doctor's appointment.


[cheers, applause]

[inaudible dialogue]

...I think we should
put it back the way it is.

No, I don't--

Look, he's gonna play for us.
He's a--

Yeah. Yeah.
No, absolutely.

No, if we do it that way,

then we're gonna be fine
for the playoffs.

We're gonna make it, okay?


[muffled cheers]

- Yo, partner.
- What's up?

- You good or you got a problem?
- I ain't got no problem, man.

Yeah, I see scheming,
trying to step to my nigga, J.


I thought that was you.

What up, my nigga?
It's me, Coop!

Choir boy?

- Yeah, man!
- Choir boy!

What's up?

[overlapping dialogue]

Damn, man!

Shit, you got all grown
and shit. Look at you, man.

It's good to see you, baby.
You lookin' all swole.

Damn, man. You ready
for a war or something?

You got problems, man?

Hey, man. You never know, man.

Shit blowing up in America,
brother gotta be prepared.

Know what I mean?

Look, I don't wanna know
how you got it in here,

I don't even care, man.

Lookin' good, baby.

Damn, what's up, man?
You all right?

You just be careful.

There are
a lot of undercovers in here

and they be on that bullsh...

Be careful, my man.

Oh, good lookin' out.

- Cool. Always, baby.
- Like always.


Yo, man. We havin'
this little jam next week.

Why don't you roll through?

Yeah, I'm with it. I ain't doin'
nothin'. That sounds good.

But yo, I gotta get out
of here right now, man.

My pops will
be buggin', man.

You know how,
you know how that go.

- Yeah, your pops.
- Yeah, yeah.


- You know how he do.
- Yeah.

Yeah, for sure.
Yeah, I'll see y'all later, man.

Tell your piece to be easy.

Thug love!

Always, baby.

You'll never guess
who I saw today.

I saw who you ran into.

And I don't want you
around him.

It's just a matter of time
before he's back up

to some kind of dirt.

All right, so he's made
some mistakes.

We both know he's not
the only one around here

who's made mistakes.

Look. I don't deny the fact
that I'm partly responsible

for Joseph's incarceration.

I make no apologies for that.

But he is a thief
and a criminal.

Doesn't matter what crime
he went down for.

He was going down
and I wasn't gonna let you

go down with him.

[piano music on stereo]

[dramatic music]


Somebody there?

Who the hell is it?

Cataracts getting worse,
huh, Pop?



It's me, Pop.

Come to visit your old man.

Pour yourself a drink.




Oh, damn, boy! What the
hell is wrong with you?

Oh, Lord. Jesus Christ.

[moaning in pain]

Oh boy.
What's wrong with ya?

[indistinct yelling
and mumbling]

I'ma bleed to death!

[indistinct yelling
and mumbling]

Oh boy.

I see you walking around
here like some kinda hood.

Like you're a gangster,
or a thug,

or whatever it is
you think you are.

I know where you
used to live.

And you don't
live there anymore.

You need to start
acting like who you are.

And who is that?

A young man
with something to lose.

Your days of chilling
and hanging out are over.

You are coming to work
at the dome.

You will start in marketing
and rotate around

to every department 'til we
find something that fits.

And you can forget about
that nepotism crap, too.

You will work.

You will come to the office
early and you will leave late.

And that is the end of it.

Oh, shit.

Boy, what you doin'?

[groaning in pain]

Oh shit.

I never hurt you bad, boy.

I only tried
to toughen you up.

Boy, what you doin'?

[trunk slams]

[screaming, pounding]

How'd your doctor's
appointment go?

It was all right.

Same old thing, you know.

I still blame that boy
for getting you shot.

Damn, dad.

Look, he didn't
get me shot. I did.

Can we just
get off of this right now?

It's starting to give me
a headache.

Okay. All right.

You hungry?


Where you wanna go?

I don't know.
Whatever's open.

Yeah, I gotta stop and get
some cash right quick.

[rap music ♪]

Let's roll so we can catch
this nigga, man.

You handled it?

Everything is cool, baby.

[engine revving]

You know, I was gonna wait
'til Vincent's graduation

to tell you, but I think
now is the time.

I have something for you.

Something like what?

This is for you.

What is it?

If, after a year,

you show me you've done
some good work,

and you show me you can
be responsible,

you can have that.

You can do
whatever you want.

But you have to
make me a promise.


That you'll stay
away from him.

Ah, come on, Dad.

Promise me.

All right.

I promise.

Give me a minute.

[cell phone ringing]

Ah, shit.


Somebody help me!

Hold on. Don't die on me.

Somebody fucking help me!

Somebody help me.

The death of Brother Ben
is tragic.

A devastating loss,
and not just for the family,

but for our community,

who proudly counted him

as a conscientious citizen,

but more than that.

Much more than that.

As a friend.

And we have to keep our
friends in our thoughts

and prayers,

and our hearts and minds.
And how do we do that?

How do we do that?

By resisting the temptations
of anger and vengeance.

By redoubling our efforts

to eradicate this disease of
evil whose symptoms

are drugs and violence.

By reconnecting with God.

And rebuilding our injured

We must become more
vigilant in our commitment

to our community.

I would ask you all to bow
your heads,

take a moment of silent
prayer and contemplation.

When I look back on it now,

this is when it all
start to fall apart.

I listen to all this talk
about the community.

About staying together.

But the only thing I could
think about was...

was revenge.

[cell phone ringing]

Hello? Who dis?


Hey, Ma. What's up?

I just called to remind you

that it's your brother's
graduation this Saturday,

and he expects you
to be there.

[mouths] Damn.

You didn't forget, did you?

No, Ma. I didn't forget.


You're not the only one
that's hurting.

I know. I know.

What time?

Uh, four. Um...

we're having some people
over afterwards

for a little food.

I'll be there.

[cell phone beeps]

Hol--hold on
one second, Ma.

[cell phone beeps]


Yo, man. It's Bone.

Yo, Bone.
Hold on one second.

I got my mom
on the other line.

- Mom?
- My mom on the other line.

- Hold on.
- Mmm.

[phone beeps]

- Ma.
- Reggie?

Yeah, so I'll see you guys,

- Oh, Re--
- Love you, Mom.

[phone beeps]

Yo, what's up?

Yo, peep this.
I got a little business for us.


We gonna find that nigga
that killed your father.

When, right now?

That's right, man.

Yeah, all right.

Nigga, I'm on my way.

Yeah, man. Shit, man.

I ain't do this shit
in a long time, man.

My father's words
about J-Bone

weren't but a few days old.

Yo, look right up here.

Just like when I was a kid,
there he was.

Looking out for me like
nobody else in my life.

Nah, nah. That ain't him.
That ain't him.

Yo, man. What this nigga
look like anyway?

Kinda stocky build.

Got a low haircut.

And somehow, looking to get
the guy who shot my father,

even doing it with J,

it didn't seem as bad
as doing nothing at all.

[music, quiet conversations]

Yo, look up here.

Look right up here.

[laughing] Oh my God, man.
Y'all see this?

We looking at a bunch of
clowns, man.

That's a birthday party.

Yeah, there he is!
Blue shirt!

Nah, that's the local preacher.

He look like a local gay
scientist to me.


Son of a bitch.


Gentlemen. Ah...lady.

Can I help you all?

Nah, Pops. We was just,
uh, in the neighborhood.

We're looking
for a party or something.

Well, you found a party.
This is, um...

my daughter's 21st birthday.

Nah, this ain't what we
looking for.

You know what I mean?

Yeah, I think I know what
you mean.

But uh, if you all can
promise to behave yourself,'re welcome.

That's cool, Revvy Rev,

but we gonna have to pass
on this one.

We gonna keep it moving.

Well then, y'all have
a peaceful night.

Whatchu lookin' at man?

What, you might know me
or something?

No, nothing.

No, I just thought...

Come on, let's go.

Save that noise, Preach.

[engine revving]

God bless ya.

Yo, we gonna find that
bitch ass nigga
that shot Benson,

we gonna be out.

I've been ready
since yesterday.

Jamal, where you say
them busters kick it at?

North Park,
near Lembrook, dog.

That's where
them fools be at.


A'ight, business man.

Still, what was
more important

than talking
to your little sister?

It's not even like that,

Just had to do a few things,
take care of some business.

You should be minding your

Various family members
were hit by gunfire

at 12:30 last night,

in what police suspect was a
drug related shooting.

Mrs. Flo Jenson and her four
children were all wounded

- in this house behind me.
- Shit.

Eight year old Clara Jenson
was seriously wounded

while she slept in her bed.

Mrs. Jenson's 18 year old
son, Philip Jenson,

did not fare so well.

He died at the scene.

I'm talking with Lieutenant
Phil Hudson.

Lieutenant Hudson,
any new information?

Nothing conclusive.

We're in the process of
going house to house,

trying to tie down leads.

Can you give us
some explanation

as to the motivation
for this senseless attack?

Well, we believe the
intended target

was Philip Jenson,

a local dealer with ties to
smuggling and gun running.

Other family members were
just victims of circumstance.

And what are the chances
that the perpetrators

will be brought to justice?

We believe that the
combined efforts

of law enforcement in the

is what's needed to prevent
a repeat of this tragedy.

Thank you.


Same old shit...


Same old story.

[rap music ♪]

Hey girl!

[indistinct conversations]

- What's the number?
- Seven.

All right,
throw those huns on...

Come on, dog.

Come on, dog!



- Lucky, man.
- Yeah.

You wanna stop, huh?

- It don't matter--
- Yeah yeah yeah yeah.

Take that, nigga.
I be in a minute.

- Uh huh.
- Lucky nigga.

Yo, don't let this
nigga break y'all, man.

Oh, you guys gonna let this
sorry ass fool...

- ...take y'alls money.
- Loot, we just lucky


See this fool?

These niggas
ain't got no choice.

Come on.

What up my nigga?

What's up, baby?

Not shit.

So you got what you want?

Took care of that thing
last night?

Yeah, man. You ain't gotta
thank me for that.

See, that's what family do
for each other.

Plus, I owe you one.


I'm saying though...

you could have told me
though, man.

I don't know.

I didn't want to hear it, like,
on the nightly news, nigga.


Everybody roll out
for a minute.

Yo, don't act like you didn't
hear him. Roll out.

Hey. I want my money.

You feelin' okay?

I'm good, nigga.

Yeah, you looking good, too!

Don't-- Shut up!

Don't you ever question me
in front of people.

You got it?

I got you, man.

Now, I was trying to keep
your young ass out of this,

but since you
want to know everything...

after we dropped you off,

we ran into that cat
that killed your pops.

Don't sweat that.

We handled it for you.

Bone, we talking 'bout
little kids, man.


There ain't no kids
in the ghetto.

So why you bitchin' up?

Nigga, you should be on
your knees,

thanking me that I put that
shit right for you.

My nigga, I...

I just think with, you know,'s a little girl, man.

If that nigga get in the way
of me handling my business,

that nigga gotta get got.

I'm G'd up for real, nigga.

Now, if you can't roll with it,
you let me know right now

and we can just cut out
all this bullshit.

What's up?


Cool. Love is love, then.

Aye, y'all niggas
come over here

so I can break y'all back off.

Hold on, nigga, I still
got a little something left.
Hold on.

Yo, speaking of shootouts,

Coop, why don't you
tell that story about

how you and Bone got
jacked. I love that shit.

Ah, yeah. That's a good one.

- I like that ill thug shit.
- Yeah, you wanna hear that?

Y'all wanna hear
that old story, huh?

Yeah, tell that mother fuckin'
story 100 times this year.

You wanna hear that old ass
story, yeah.


[rhythmic drumming]



[horn honking]

That's a good story, but not
exactly as I remember it.

Whatchu talking' bout?

What, now you don't
remember the story?

Anyway. Anyway, listen.

I just want to say pardon me
for earlier, man.

I don't really know
what hit me, man. I'm just--


Cool, baby.

You got lucky too, man.

I was about to take
my present back.

- Present?
- Mhmm.

What you got for me?


I remember what my father
said about him.

I knew who he was,

what he was capable of.

But being with
a brother like J...

Thanks, Pete.

Knowing you was with him,

with his crew,

it just felt better
being on his side.

When I went in,
I wasn't scared.

Not even the first night.

Looked at those cats
on the bus.

You know,
some cats looked scared,

most of them
try to look hard.

You know, throwing up
gang signs and shit,

talking all loud.

It was like they thought,
the louder they talked,

the less somebody would
mess with them.

I can't even imagine
what that's like.

That first night...

everybody was hoping that
they wouldn't be the ones

who got got.

I mean, cats were being
beaten, raped, you name it.

But nobody fucked with me.

No, it, it was like they were
trying to make me

feel comfortable
so they could sneak me.

Then about a week went by,

and five cats
came into my cell

and beat on me
for about a hour.

And then they just walked away
like nothing happened.

I know you got them niggas
back, though.

[laughs] Nah.

Nah, see. It wasn't personal.

They just wanted to let me

that no matter how big I was,
no matter how hard I was,

they could get to me.

I respected
them niggas for that.

They helped me.

Like my pops.

Whatchu talking' about?

Thank you, Pops.

[J-Bone's father's voice]
Come visit your old man.

They reminded me that no
matter what they did to me,

it would never compare to
what my pops did to me

every day of my life.

See, my pops, he prepared
me for what was coming.

He taught me
how to survive without him.

In his own special way.

You should have
thanked him.

I did.

Yo, nigga.

You got me all off track,

I got you something.

What's that?

What is that?


You in the pimp game now!

Now with this, boy.

This a nine?



Thank you, Bone.



Thank you.

Time to put in work.


I'm ready.

[indistinct conversations]

[rap music ♪]

Hey, Ma!


Hey, Ma!

Ma, I'm sorry I'm late.

An hour late,

gonna act all crazy.


What's wrong with her?

What's wrong with her?
Look at you.


Look at me.
I look good, right?

Chill, Tosha.

- What's up? What's up?
- What's up, my nigga?

- Give me that love, nigga.
- Owe you, man.

They got you in a tie
and all that.

[drunkenly mumbling] They tied
you to my little nigga.

Come on. Let's go. I got
some stuff to show you.

- What they got you man?
- I'll show you.

What they got you?

Oh, my God.

You lookin' good, shorty.

you're really trying hard

to have my brother killed,
aren't you?

Hey, baby. Your brother
knows what's up.

Leave us alone.
Just leave us alone!

Uh uh uh. Can't do that.

See, Reggie is my boy.

And he ain't got nobody to
look out for him

in this streets.

So I gotta teach him
the street game.

No, thank you.
You're not welcome here.

You don't belong here.

You need to wait for Reggie
in the car.

My condolences.

Man, look at this. I'm paid.

One, two, three,
one hundred.

One, two, three,
two hundred.

What do you have there?

- Nothing, Mom.
- Give it to me.

- Give you what? I don't g--
- Give it to me.


Why'd she do that?


How dare you show up here

looking and acting like a fool,
driving up on the grass,

playing that loud music,

and bringing a murderer
into my house?

Don't you have any respect
for your family?

Ah, man...

I ain't a man and apparently
you aren't either.

I could smell you before you
hit the door.

Don't you ever...
don't you ever

bring your father's money up
in this house again.

I done told you about that.

But I'm just tryin' to help
out around here.

Money's money, Ma.

You know how I feel
about his money.

You know,
you're just like him.

You think that money can
buy forgiveness, well, it can't!

What gives you the right

to say anything
bad about Dad?

I'm your mother.

You can't even put food
on the table!

At least he paid the bills!

He put food on the table,

he took care of me,
he loved us!

You don't got the right
to say shit about him!

What about me?

What about the love
he didn't give me?

You get outta here,
and don't you come back

until you're a man.

Get out!

Get out! Get out!

Yo, Bone, come on, man!

Well, I guess it's time to go.

It's been real.

[Mrs. Cooper crying]

[rap music ♪]

Man, what was you trippin' for

What's up?

I'm just tired of all
this fake shit, you know.

Tired of these fuckin' people
coming around,

feel my pain.

They understand
what I'm going through.

What the fuck
they understand?

That's right, man.

Know what we been through
and shit.

This is exactly
what I'm saying.

What the fuck do they know
what I've been through?

They think cause they
went to my father's funeral,
they know me?

Mother fuckers
don't know me.

I know what you mean, man.
It's like...

they tried to pull
that bullshit with me

when I was in the joint.

You know,
rehabilitation, right?

See, I know kill or be killed.

I know that shit,
you know what I'm saying?

They ain't no right or wrong.

They ain't no good or bad.

It's whatever gets me from
day to day.

They want me to be the

I ain't gonna be no goddamn

Fuck it.

No, I'm gonna get them
before they get me.


It's exactly
what I'm talking' about.

Get them before they get us.


[cell phone ringing]

Who the hell is this calling?

Who dis?

Yo, what's up, baby?

Yeah, man. Yeah.
We on our way.


Yo, man. Got a little
business for us.

What's that?

Okay, just chill man.
Just chill. Be cool.

You're gonna make the right
over there on Greenwood.

I love being a nigga, man.

Ain't no rehabilitation here,
man. I love that shit.

Crazy mother fucker.

Nothing yet, but we followed
him. He'll be here.

Good. Y'all go on and do
that thing.

We gonna handle this.

Hm. So y'all gonna
handle it?

Yo, man. My nigga Reggie's
down. He got it.

Say word.


Big boy.

[engine revving]

Now you do it exactly
as I say.

Let me kill some of that first.

Okay. This is it, baby.


This is it.

Let's get it.

Give me all the money.

Give me the money
right now.

You gonna kill for 40 bucks?

Maybe I would.

That's all I've got.

You're not gonna take
someone's life

for 40 dollars, would ya?


You think I'm playing
with you?

Get your ass
back over here.

Look, if taking a human life
is worth 40 bucks to you,

then that means that's what
you think your life is worth.

Commit murder?

Then there's
no turning back, son.

Your own life will never
be the same.

Or maybe you know
that already.

Don't hear this shit.

Wait a minute.

- I know you.
- Nah, you don't know me.

Reggie, you can't
blame yourself

for your father's death.

You're in pain,
but killing someone

is just gonna make it worse.
It's not gonna make it better,

and it's certainly not gonna
bring him back.

You think you know me,

You think you know me?

Get on your fucking knees.

Get on your knees!


That ain't gonna save you

I guess I'm supposed to be
beggin' for my life here,
but you know what?

If I go, that means, brother
here, he's in a lot of trouble.

That shit ain't gonna save
you now.

So all I'm asking is,
is there a way

for me to go if that's what's
supposed to happen?

Where's your god now, huh?

And this brother gets saved

I mean. It's in your hands.
I don't know...

- ...what to do here.
- Praying.

I, I've talked to this brother
the best way I know how

and I guess,
I guess it's up to you.

But like I say,
I'm ready to go.

I've got nothing to worry
about, so Lord,

it's in your hands. I don't
know what to do here.

So whatever's gonna
happen is gonna happen.


Come on. Come on.

Come on. Come on man.
We gotta get out of here.

Let's roll.

Shit. Get the gun.

[breathing heavily]

I killed him.

I think.

I killed him.

That's right, baby.

You handled your business.
I'm proud of you.

Let's roll.

[television reporter]
We're reporting live here
from downtown,

where the city is in shock
this morning at the news

of the second murder
within a month

of a high profile member
of the community,

shot dead
at an ATM machine.

Reverend James Packer
was murdered late last night.

Ironically, moments after
he had just deposited

his parish's weekend

Investigators are not--

They say you can't
take back mistakes.

I guess if I knew then
what I know now,

I crossed a line that night

that should have
never been crossed.

And I felt I just,
I had to do something.

[Reverend Packer's voice]

You can't blame yourself
for your father's death.

Killing someone is certainly
not gonna bring him back.

[Benson Cooper's voice]
Just a matter of time
before he's back

into some kind of dirt.

Right now you have
everything a man

could ever want.

All I want is for you
to take advantage of it.

All I'm asking is,

this brother gets saved...

You need to start acting like
who you are, Reggie.

Who you are...
who you are...

who you are...
who you are...

What the hell was I doing?

I honestly don't know.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

- I didn't mean--
- ...up here, Mom.

I'm Alicia.

Cool. I'm...


Reggie Cooper.

Oh, I think I remember.

My father spoke at your
father's funeral, right?

Yeah. He did.

Thanks for coming.

No...don't, don't thank me.

I just, um...

thought I'd come by...

pay my respects.

This has gotta be hard on
you right now.

You're probably
the only one here

who really knows how I feel.

It was nice to see you.

Yeah, you too.

Thanks again for coming.

If you ever want to talk,

you should give me a call.

I'll do that.





What is this?


those belonged
to your daddy.

He started this scrapbook
when you were a little girl.


he has a record of his whole
life in this journal.

His thoughts, his feelings,
his prayers...

his dreams for you.

Can I read it?


And you know what?
I think it might be nice

for you to take it into
his study and read it.

Have a nice
private talk with him.



- Yo. What up, 'Mar?
- Reggie Reg.

- What's up, baby?
- What's going on, baby?

- You. You.
- What's going on?

Nah, we cleanin' up
in here, man.

- A'ight.
- Talkin' doctors, lawyers,

Indian chiefs, you name it.

We got it. They all freaks
of the industry.

- Hook me up.
- Yo.

See you later, baby.

Yo, J!

Yo, Bone!

Damn, baby.
Why you so late?

I thought you were coming
to put in some work.


I was sidetracked.
I gotta go to this funeral.


Hold up.

Now do me a favor.
Tell Luke to recheck the count.

Register's off.
I'll be back in a minute.

Now, tell me you didn't go to
that preacher's funeral.


Tell me you smarter
than that.

Yo, this ain't no game, son.

This business is rollin' now.

I'm about to have this entire
thing locked down.

Look, you ain't got to worry
about me. I'm handling this.

I hope so.

'Cause I won't let anything
or anyone stand in my way.

Including you. You got that?

So you go, you get your
head straight, nigga.

When you ready to get
down, you give me a call.

You got it?

- I got it.
- You sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

Call me tonight.

I'ma hit you later.

[phone ringing]


Where you been?
I've been trying to page you.

It's not working.

Yeah, I, I got a new number.
That cell phone was dead.

Listen, where's Ma?
I need to talk to her.

Oh, um. She went
to the store with Vince.

She's a little worried about
you. What's up?

Everything's fine, all right?

I don't want y'all worrying
about me.

Tell Mom I'm all right.


But I was glad you called.


Reggie, I wanna know
if it's okay if I come over,

um, Daddy's house
for the weekend.

I need some place
to stay because...

I just need some space,
you know?

You always up to something,

Go ahead. The keys is
where I always put them.

You go.

Yo, but don't mess up
the house, neither.

All right. Thanks.

And um, Joseph called
looking for you.

Don't tell him you spoke
to me, you hear me?

Um. Okay.

I'll act all innocent.

Yeah, if he calls back,
don't tell him you spoke to me.

All right.

Well, at least you could give me
your new number.

Hold on. Let me see
if it's in this thing.


8-7 [laughs]

All right.
I'll tell Mom you called.

All right.

[woman crying]


Give me
the money now.

Give me the money.

Be quiet. Get in the car.

Slit your throat.

I will mess you up.

Shut up.

Get in. Get in.

[woman crying]



Officers, I just--

Don't move. Don't move.

You, too. Don't move.

On your knees.

On your knees.

[chatter on police scanner]

You expect me to believe

that you came all the way
out here to shop?

I don't care what you believe,

or how many times you ask me
the question,

you gonna get the same

I don't know him.

Y'all hear me back there?

[inaudible whispering]

We got your partner next door.

And he confessed to

He said you planned this one.

- You're a goddamn liar.
- Hmm.

I don't know that dude,
and you know that.

Remember this?

This is the gun we took off
your partner.

He says it belongs to you.

Am I gonna find out that
that is your gun, Reggie?


Don't answer that.

Maybe you wanna
lawyer up now.

I don't need no lawyer,

'cause I didn't do nothing.

[knocking on door]


[knocking continues]


Oh, it's you.

Where's Reggie?

I know he's having problems
with his phone.

You know, I don't know.
He didn't say.

Oh, so you heard from him?


Well, you know. I, I erased
his phone number.

You got it?

[phone ringing]

Hold on. Be right back.


Hey, Ricky, sweetie.
How you doing?

Oh, no. That's cool.

'Cause I just got out
the shower anyway.

So, how long you gonna be?

What time are you coming?

All right. That's fine.



Uh, hey gorgeous. I'm out.

You miss me?


Looks like this is
your lucky day, Mr. Cooper.

Seems like your story
checks out with the victim.

My captain says you might
have saved this lady's life.

So, you're free to go.

Thank you, officer.


[cell phone beeping]

[phone ringing]



This Alicia?

Yes, this is Alicia.

Hi, this is um, Reggie.

Remember, we met
at the mortuary?

I know who you are, Reggie.

I don't even know
what to say.

Is it okay if I'm calling you?

Is that o-- I don't know
if that's all right.

I know it didn't make
much sense,

but there wasn't a way
that I could tell her

how I really met her that day.

How you been?

But I had this hole
inside of me

from the day
that my dad got shot.

And I had this fool idea

that maybe she
could help me fill it.



Come in.

- It's nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.

And no matter what my
daughter told you,

I don't bite.

Um. Um...

I'm so sorry about what
happened to your husband.

Thank you, Reggie.
Thank you.

And I was sorry
to hear about your father.

I heard that he was a very
nice man.

Anyway, welcome
to our home.

And these are some
beautiful flowers.

I was gonna get some roses
and stuff, but the lady--

Oh, these are very special.

Yeah, I will.

I will.

You know that gun we took
from the mall robbery?

The lab just found trace
blood elements on it.



They might have a match for it
up in the city.

This Lieutenant Hudson
just called.

Guy's jonesing to make a
connection with the homicide.

Some local preacher.

[phone beeping]

[rap music ♪]

Bills, bills, bills.

What the hell
are y'all doing?

- [gasps]
- Reggie!

- What are you doing here?
- I live here!

Yo, get the hell out of...
you know what?

It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

No no. Reggie, this is Ricky.

- What the hell is you doing?
- No stop, Reggie, Reggie!

- This is Ricky!
- Get out of my way!

- Get the hell out of my house!
- Yo, I'm sorry! I didn't know!

Yeah? Yeah?
You didn't know? Know this.

- Get the hell out.
- Reggie! Reggie, stop!

Get the hell out of here!

Don't be giving me no crazy
looks neither.

- Hey, Reggie!
- Yo, shut up!

We can't be having the
whole goddamn hood

know where I live.
Get inside, man.

And don't come back
around here!

Ricky, I'ma call you later,
all right?

She ain't callin' nothing.
Get inside!

- Dang, Reggie!
- Ricky...

Why you gotta be so mean?

I didn't know you was
coming back so early.

You said you was gonna be
gone for a while.

I don't care what I said.

Don't be having these little
bastards up in the house.

Bastards? It's just Ricky.
He's my boyfriend.

I wouldn't bring
anybody else here.

Look, let me tell you.

I don't care if his name
is Ricky, Sticky, Stevie,

I don't care
what his name is.

Don't have him up in here!

Do you, do you understand
what I'm saying to you?



Come here.

You know what Ma
would do to me

if something
happened to you?


All right, big head.

Love you.

[overlapping chatter]


Look at these.

Woo. I'm gonna tell you, J.
This the spot, baby.

Ahh, what up witcha, baby?

- Yo.
- I'm good.

- You know J-Bone.
- Sup.

- His girl, Loot.
- Hey, big son.

- How you doin' man?
- Good.

- Good to see you, man.
- Lady Loot. How are you?

[rap music ♪]



You wanna go get air?

Thank you, Reggie.
I'm having a really good time.

Me too. I'm glad you're
enjoying yourself.

You ain't the invisible man.


What you doing here, nigga?
I didn't even see you.

Where you been?
Where you been, stranger? Huh?

Who dis?


Alicia, this is Joseph.

Joseph, this is Alicia.

Call me J-Bone.

It's nice to meet you,

I see where you've been
hiding yourself.

You remember your people

- 'Mal.
- Yeah. What's up, boy?

What up, nigga?

Yeah. Whatchu got
going down here?



You mind waiting in the car?

I'll be out in a sec.

Damn, Coop.
You got a fine bitch there.

Yo, let me holla at you
for a minute, man.

What's wrong with you,

You getting sensitive, right?

Catching feelings
for the preacher's daughter.

Oh, my bad. You thought
I didn't recognize her.

Why you messin' with her?

It ain't even like that, man.

I bumped into her
on the way in the spot,

figured we have a few
drinks, you know--

This ain't no game.

You need to cut that shit off
right now.

Bone, I got this man.
I can handle this.

Don't worry about it.

You better not slip up,

You know, ever since...

Ever since the thing
with the preacher, man...

I've been a little on edge,

I just need a little time

Fuck that preacher.

That preacher got
what he deserved.

He was holding out,
so you dealt with him.

That's a done deal.

Now all you gotta do
is do right by me,

and I do right by you.

That's all you gotta deal with.
You got it?

- Yeah, I got you.
- You got it?

I got you, man.

Yo, Alicia's waiting for me.

I'm gonna be out,
I'm gonna get going.

I'll holler at y'all later.

What you talkin about?

Orion's Belt, huh?


So who was that at the club?

Who? Bone?

He's an old friend of mine.

We used to hang out
back in the day.

You know, but uh...

I ain't seen him
in a while, so...

Well, what happened?

Did you guys have
a fight or something?

Nah, nah. Nothing like that.

Just kicking it.

And talking about some

That's all.

Reggie, should I know

No, why do you say that?

I don't know.
You're just, you know...

You're acting
kind of mysterious.

- Mysterious?
- Yeah.

How am I being mysterious?

I just don't wanna mess up
a good night, that's all.

...I don't, Bora Bora...

or some crazy place like that,
or whatever.

So they tells me, so he like
rents this yacht.

So they go out on the yacht,

and they're cruisin',
the yacht gets stuck.

So they had to take
the little boat

back to the island.

So, they're stuck
in the middle of the ocean.

This-- right.

So they get in the little boat
and they, you know,

start going back
and they start looking
in each other's eyes

and the sun
was going down and...

It was that type of...

- googly eyes and, you know.
- Love at first sight.

I wouldn't call it love
at first sight.

I, I don't really believe in
love at first sight.


What do you
believe in then?

I don't know.

Everything's so fake

You know how you...

open yourself up to people...

[stammers] and let 'em in
and show 'em love?

It's like, it makes it
so much easier

for them to just stab you
in the back.

You know what I'm saying?

Oh? Friends, family, your

None of that matters

It's like, the more you let a
person in, and they love you,

and you love them and stuff
like that,

and I, I know I wanna know
a lot about them.


You mean, the easier it is
for them to hurt you.

You know...

My father told me once

that the only thing you can
count on in this world

is that people are gonna
make mistakes.

So you have to forgive.

That's all love is.

It's forgiveness.

Forgiveness, huh?

[cheering on TV]

How was business tonight?

Oh, you know.

The numbers were good.

Actually, the best night
of the week.

Why are you here?

Where else am I gonna be?

The Caribbean,
or the south of France,

Hollywood, you name it.

Mmm. Sounds good.
When do we leave?

My point is...

I'm not going anywhere.

But you could.

You could go anywhere,
you could do anything you want,
if you put your mind to it.


You're kidding.



What's going on?

They lifted a partial off
that gun from the mall robbery.

You remember that
Lieutenant Hudson

I told you about
up at the 22nd?


What do you think?

Get this.

The prints and the blood

match the murdered

Yeah, well...there's just one
problem, detective.

- What's that?
- I never heard of this guy.

He's not in the system.

What, what about
the other guy?

Yeah, well that's a donut,

Nothing so far, but I'll run
this one statewide.

I might wanna follow up
with you.

Anytime. Just give us a call.


[intercom beeping]

Bring me the Packer file.

[rap music ♪]

[inaudible dialogue]


I love you, Alicia!


Get out of here, big head.

[R&B music ♪]



Put down your weapons
and come out.

Hands on head.


Put down your weapon and
come out hands on head.



[police scanner]



[sirens, police scanner]

Mr. Brown.


It just might interest you
to know

that we've got you in custody
because of a tip.

Can I have a cigarette
or something?

Sure. Kline?

You had a smooth operation
going there, Joseph.

You don't get your hands
dirty anymore, do you?

You get your flunkies
to do it for you.

Even get them to take
bullets for you.

I guess this is where I ask
for my attorney.

Sure, we can do that,

and we'd just violate
your ass back to prison.

Or we could hold off
on a lawyer for now.


Maybe we write it up that
you're um...

here of your own accord.

That you're not under arrest,

but you're cooperating
with an investigation, hmm?

I'm listening.

We need some information,

We need to know
what you know

about the murder of
Reverend James Packer.

Yeah, I heard about him,

That's a sad thing.

Yeah, well, we think you
know something about it.

I mean, how you figure that?

What do you know
about a young man

named Reggie Cooper?

Coop, you mean, Coop?

Yeah, yeah.
Coop's from the hood, man.

Um, what he gotta do
with this?

We have witnesses
connecting you to him.

We also know you two
happened to have a falling out

around the same time
as the killing.

Witnesses to what?
What witnesses?

Guess it doesn't matter.

You were asking me
about a lawyer, weren't you?


Joseph, we got
a tight bust here.

We got associating with
known felons.

We got alcohol

We've got stolen property.



You know,
maybe Mr. Bone...

needs to spend
a little more time in his cell.

No, that's not gonna be

Well, tell us.

I know y'all ain't got
nothing on me.

But maybe you could make
things uncomfortable,

so let's just say that it's
in my best interest

to give you what I know.

Now, you give me 48 hours,

I'll see what I can
come up with.

And then we can end
all of this

bad business between us.



Who are you,
Reggie Cooper?

Why you always
messin' with me, baby?

Who am I?

I think I know you...

but I really don't. Do I?

Are you serious?

You showed up out of

We went on one date...

...and now we're inseparable.

Isn't that strange to you?

I mean...

What do you want
to find out about me?

That I'm not perfect?


I don't wanna ruin
the surprise, baby, but...

I'm not.

Remember you said...

"Past is the past" and

"We should leave stuff
in the past."

What happened to that?

Is it about your father?

Look, why can't we just chill?

Why you always gotta bring up
all this sensitive shit?

Talk about that right now.

Okay. Fine.

You're not telling us
everything, Lieutenant.

We found a gun
that we think might be...

involved in this killing.

Where did you find it?

Well, that's the sticky part,

I'm really not at liberty
to tell you, right now.

I see.
I, I guess you know best.

Thank you.

Um, I'd like to ask you both
a couple of questions.

Could you tell me anything
you might know

about a young man called
Reggie Cooper?


that's my boyfriend.

How long
have you known him?

About three or four months?

How well do you know him?

Pretty well.

We're very close.

What's going on? What does
Reggie have to do with this?

Probably nothing.

I wonder, could you tell me
how you met him?

He came to
my father's viewing.

My father spoke
at his father's funeral.

Benson Cooper.


If I may, Lieutenant,

why are you asking all these
questions about Reggie?

We just gotta follow up on
leads, ma'am.

That's all.

Tell me, Alicia.
Is there anything unusual

about this boy?

I mean, anything you could
like me to know?

No, I can't think of anything.



I appreciate your time
very much. Thank you.

Thanks for your time.

So long, Alicia.
It's good to see you.

Bye. It's nice to see you, too.

You let us know
what you find out.

We deserve that much.

You certainly do.

Thanks for seeing me.

Thank you.

[phone ringing]

- Yo.
- Hi, Reggie.

What's wrong?

A police officer

came here asking
a lot of questions.

Questions about you
and my father.

Police officer?

What, what'd he say?

He was asking how we met.

How did we meet, Reggie?

What do you mean,
how did we meet?

You know how we met.

Yeah, but why
were you there?

To pay my respects, baby.

What, what's with
all the questions?

I don't think
you're telling the truth.

So what am I lying about
then, baby?

Look, I need you to tell me
the truth.

Do you know anything about
my father's death?



I'm listening...

Do you love me?

Do you love me?

I think so. I...

I guess so...

Alicia, baby, you know...

you know you
mean more to me

than anything in this world.

You know I would never do
anything to hurt you.

You know that, right?

I know.

It's just that...

some things...

are just hard to explain.

What things?

Reggie, what are you talking

I don't know. I...

Baby, I gotta go.
I ca--I gotta go.



[phone beeps]


Hey, watch it young man.

I just got out of the hosp--

Sorry about that, old man.

That's all right.
Thats all right.



What's the matter?

Don't ask.

What do you mean?

This Packer.
It doesn't make sense.

The white guy from the mall
is not the shooter.

I mean, this idiot
was locked up for a DUI

at the time
of the Packer murder.

What about the other guy?

Well, I can connect
Reggie with Joseph.

I can even connect
Joseph with Packer.

But I can't connect either
one of them

to the scene of the crime.
I need something else.

How bout an eye witness?

I'm not in the mood, Kline.

Look, I gotta
work this through.

No, no. I'm, I'm not joking.


I came in here to be a
witness to a murder.

Well, why now, Mr. Cody?

Why didn't you
come in sooner?

I was in the hospital
'til the other day.


I'm glad you're feeling better.

Why don't you tell us
what you saw?

I drove my car up to the
grocery story.

Now, on the way back,
I usually go past the river,

but the road was blocked off
for construction.

So, I went down
to Main Street.

You know, past Main Street?

By the bank?

I sees this man

robbing this nice
minister man.

You know?

The reverend, uh...uh...

- Packer?
- That's it.

The reverend Parker.

Now, I pull away fast

'cause I didn't know
what would happen.

I was going to hightail it
all the way back home,

but then I start
to feeling bad.

So I turned around
and went back.

But it was too late.

Parker was on the ground...


Did you get
a good look at his face?

Yes, sir. I did.

I never forgets me a face.

It was Parker, all right.

Saw his picture in the paper
the very next day.

No, sir. I meant
the kid with the gun.

Well, that's
what I'm getting to.

Mr. Cody, let me
make this easier for you.

Here. Is this the kid that
you saw that night by the ATM?

Hmm. Let me see here.

That's all right,
take your time.


Don't know that I've seen
that boy before.

Mr. Cody, please,
this is very important.

- Are you sure?
- Yes, sir.

Like I said,

I never forgets me a face.

But I'm sure glad
you got the other one.

What other one?

Well, the one that just left

out of this office a few
minutes ago.

[Reverend Packer]
June 14th.
Alicia's 21st birthday.

My wife prepared
a nice dinner.

I was surprised
by an encounter

with Joseph Brown.

Didn't know he was
out of prison.

Benson Cooper
and I gave information

which led to Brown's

I know we did the right thing.


[car beeps]


Ricky, I gotta go.
Somebody's at the door.

Call me tonight, k baby?

All right. Bye.

[phone beeps]

Oh, it's you.

Goodbye, Joseph.

[body thuds]

I'll have a look for myself.


My dad always said,

you can't run
from who you are,

from what you do.

I've just been too angry,

too stubborn
to be paying attention.

There was so many people
I cared about.

People who cared about me.

I'd hurt them all
too much already.

There was only
one move left.

I understand.

Only one thing left to do.


Reggie? Hello?

Is anybody home?

Oh my God!

Tosha! Tosha?

Tosha! Are you okay?

What happened? Wake up?

Oh my God.

Don't leave her.
I'll be right there.

[phone beeps]

Mama, what's wrong?

Baby, I can't talk right now.

I got to go.
I'll call you when I can.

- What's--
- It's Tosha.

For the niggas
who won't be here.

[indistinct conversation]


How do you want this
to go down, boss?

SWAT. I'll be there this time.





Yo, Reggie.

- Where you been, man?
- What up man?

What up? Where Ma at?

What, you here by yourself?
Where's everybody at?

I don't know. Ma rushed out.

Something about Tosha
getting hurt or something.

I don't know.

Hurt? What are you talking
about, hurt?

I don't know, man.
She rushed out of here.

Mom said
she was gonna call.

Yo, man, I thought you was
never coming back, yo.


Of course I was
coming back, man.

Where's the phone?
I need to make a phone call.

I don't know.
It's right over there.

Let me get this room
for a minute.

All right, cool.

[phone dialing]

[phone ringing]

Hudson here.

my name is Reggie Cooper.


Listen, we need to talk.

Yeah, I know. It's all over.

I'm turning myself in.

Fine, good yeah.

But there's something
you need to know.

What's that?

It's about Joseph Brown.

When's the last time
you saw him?

I don't know,
it's been a while.


'Cause we think he may
have good reason to kill you.

That's why.


Yeah, Bone.

Whatever you call him.


He might be coming for you.

Hang up the phone.


[phone beeps]

What the fuck
are you doing, man?

I'm handling my business.

Something you ain't been
doing lately.

Now, go sit your bitch ass down.

[dial tone]

Sit the fuck down.

Oh no, what, you gonna
kill me, Bone?

That's what this
has come to?


You wanna kill me?

You a snitch.

I can't trust you no more.


Nigga, why would I
snitch on you, man?

I got more to lose than you.

You know, I ain't never killed
nobody who ain't deserve it.


I killed your father.

What the fuck
did you just say?

I killed your father.

Why the fuck
would you do that?

Because your father
was a snitch.

Like father, like son.

So I just even the score.

But I'm gonna give you
a chance

I didn't give your bitch-ass
father, or mine.

You didn't do that.

You love your father?

Why the fuck
would you do that?

I should kill you right now,
you fuckin' piece of shit.

Yeah, yeah.
Pull the trigger.

I loved my father.

Pull the trigger, bitch.

Squeeze it, bitch.

Come on, squeeze it.

Ahh, fucking kill you
right here!


Send me to hell.

Send me to hell.

I won't do it again.


I'm not like you.

It was that preacher,

wasn't it?

I knew it...

it's just not for me, Bone.

Well, hallelujah.

You got religion
all of a sudden.

This ain't got nothing
to do with religion.

NIgga, I loved you
like a brother.

Huh uh.

Taught me a lot of shit.

Like a brother to me,
my nigga.

Huh uh.

I loved you like a brother.

I'd rather...

I'd rather be feared
than loved.

But I don't fear you, Bone.


I did what I did...

for family.

I'm your family.

Loot was your family.

Jamal was your family.

The streets are your family.

You do for us, we do for you.

That's how it works,
but you forgot that.

You forgot where you
come from.

What did I forget, Bone?

Where am I from, Bone?



That's it.

I decided

I'm gonna turn myself in,

tell them what I did,

and I'm not gonna
take you with me.


You got it twisted, son.

It's not about what you did
the night the preacher died.

It's about what you
didn't do.

What are you talking about?

What am I talking about?

What makes you think...

you could kill anybody.

You don't even know
how to use a damn gun.

Don't move.

Think you know me?

Get on your knees!

Get on your fucking knees.


That shit ain't gonna save
you now.

I guess I'm supposed to be
begging for my life,
but you know what?

If I go, that means
this brother here...

- ...he's in a lot of
- Praying.

Is there a way...

Where's your god now, huh?

...for me to go if that's
what's supposed to happen?

It's in your hands.
I don't know--



I guess you finally caught up
with me.

You should have minded
your own business.

What makes you so...


Well, since I won't be going
with you,

tell that nigga Jesus
I said what's up.


[body thuds]

Coop. Coop.



Come on, man.
We gotta get out of here.

Let's roll.
Oh, shit.

Get the gun.

I didn't do it?

I had to kill him.

You, you ain't cut out
for this game.

It don't matter now.

I didn't do it.

I didn't do it.

Make your peace
with Jesus, Coop.

Drop it.


Well, if it ain't little brother
playing 5-0 again.

I ain't playing, Joseph.

Drop the gun!

Well look,
I appreciate the offer,

but I'm afraid I can't do that,
little man.

I'm gonna have to
call your bluff.


please don't make me
kill you.


He got nothing to do with this,

Yeah, nigga. Yeah.

See that, that's what I'm...
that's what I'm talking about.


I will fucking
blow your head off in here.

Do you hear me?

Please, don't make me
kill you.

I believe you would.

I believe little man
would kill me.

Drop the gun.

[gunshot, glass shattering]



[glass shattering]

Vince! Vince!

You all right? Vince?

I'm all right, I'm all right.


- Target's clear.
- Let's go.

Clear to enter the house.


One clear, two clear.

[police scanner]

That's cool, Coop.

Life is hard.

This is easy.

You ever done something
you truly regret, Lieutenant?

What do you mean?

I mean, like, if you could
turn back the hands of time.

Just for a minute,

maybe an hour.

You know, do some good
for the one you love.

No, I'd have to change more
than an hour.

I guess.

The gun we took wasn't the gun
that killed Packer.

The ballistics don't match,

but I guess you know that,
don't you?

We had an eye witness.

He recalls seeing
two men at the scene.

He ID'ed the shooter,
it was Brown.

I don't imagine you know
anything about the identity
of the second man, do you?

You don't owe him anything

It's over.

Take this opportunity
and start over, okay?

Thanks a lot, Lieutenant.

We're not gonna meet this
way again, right?



what do you think?

Did I do the right thing?

By the way, I checked out
what he asked me to.


Brown's gun...

wasn't even loaded.

What the hell
do you make of that?

How is she?

She's all right.

I'm sorry.

For everything.

[rap music ♪]