Baby Boot Camp (2014) - full transcript

Fitness instructor Julia is down on her luck, trying to make her baby boot camp a thriving business. To make ends meet, she becomes a part-time nanny for a single widowed father. Trouble is, she knows nothing about taking care of children.

by VaVooM

All right, great job, everybody.
Two more.

Just two more, Julia?

I've barely even broken a sweat.

Okay then, three more.

Except for my pregnant moms,
you can begin stretching.

Thank god.

Three, two, one...

Let's hold, arms up.

And breathe.

All right, everybody,
you're done.

Shake it off.

Great work.
I'll see you all next week,

and remember what I always say,

fit bodies pre-baby
make fit mommies with baby.

Great work.

- Good work, sis.
- Thanks.

not as good as the keener.

I mean, seriously,
who gets back to a size two

three months after giving birth?

Not me, that's for sure.

You class always works, Julia,
wipes us both out.

Do you mind?

Joey's got a bit of a greener.


You okay?

Just some false contractions.

How do you know the difference?

Because both my kids
came 10 days late,

and this one ain't
comin' out early either.

Later, skaters.

Hey, so are you
coming over tonight?

I'm making veggie tacos.

I love having a domestic sister.

I know, I know.

All right, I'll see you later.

Hey, Julia,

can you watch baby Abby
while I go freshen up?



Bye, sweetie.

Cute shoes.

Too bad you can't
walk in them yet?




Hey, have you seen a baby?

Cute, little pink sparkly shoes?


Here, girl!




My Abby ate worms?

You can't text
when you're babysitting, Julia.

It's like malpractice
for babysitters.

It was an accident.

Texting isn't an accident.

Well, how was I
she could crawl that fast?

Besides, the doctor said

she can just poop the bugs out.

"Feeding your unborn child"?

Come on, Gwen,
babies can't taste anything.

The book says

that she'll grow a taste
for whatever I eat.

Then it's going to love chips.


No, no, I'm off all junk food.

This is just a, you know,
little "hold me over."

Okay, sure.

Hello! Can you
hear me in there?

It's like hearing underwater.

You know what?

Check this out.


On your ear, Jules.

Can you hear the heartbeat?


That's so cool.

Speaking of cool,

Phil and I have decided

we're going to go through with
the water birth.

You know, just so the baby feels
a little more natural

when it comes out.

A water birth?

What is that, like,

you have the baby
in a bathtub or something?

No, in the pool, silly.

Oh, and before I forget,

you have plans on your birthday.

Me and Phil are gonna throw you

a little gathering
in the backyard.

Gwen, I told you, no party.

But you're turning
the big 3-0, Jules.

Come on.

Yeah, I'm turning 30,

I am single,

I have no prospect
for a husband,

oh, and I'm broke.

Not much to celebrate.

All right, as far as
being broke,

you clearly need a second job,

and as for being a spinster,

we're just going to
have to get you hooked up.

No way.

I am not falling for
another one of your hook-ups...

or your husband's,
for that matter.

You guys both stink at it.

Hey, Ravi was a great
blind date, okay?

He's a catch.


What is that?

The empathy belly
pregnancy simulator,

so Phil can relate
to how I'm feeling.

I can experience up to
20 symptoms of pregnancy

right now.

30 pounds of weight gain,

fetal kicking,
shallow breathing,

shortness of breath,
increased blood pressure,

back pain,


Plus, it even presses
up against my bladder,

so I feel the full effect.

Do you wanna try?

No, I'm good.

I'm gonna wait for
the real thing.

Which is gonna happen,

because Phil and I have invited

all of Phil's single friends
to your party.


You mean the ones
that were still single

at my last party?

You know what?
Don't worry about it.

There's gonna be options.

Yeah, well, there better be,

because if this birthday
fails to yield me a man,

I'm seriously going to adopt.

Oh, Julia, don't be so dramatic.

Great party, right?


If I was turning 5 not 30.

We told everyone it was
a family friendly party,

seeing as how
everyone has kids now, right?

Hey, did you get a chance
to talk to Phil's friends

from the club?

Cheers, guys.

You're welcome.

Does Phil ever question
why they're all still single?

You know what?

I'm going to go dry off.



How's my ray of sunshine?

What are you doing here?

I was going to take the bus
out to see you.

How could I miss
my little girl's 30th?

Well you'll stay, right?
For the night?

Well, it's bridge night,

and as condo organizer,

I got to be there to make sure

things don't get out of hand.

This is for you.

Dad, you didn't have to
get my anything...

it's from your mother.

This is from her charm bracelet.

Before she died,

she wanted you to have it
for your first-born,

but I just figured
you should have it now.

Why? Because I'd be
old and gray otherwise?

It'll happen
when it's meant to be.

Just look at you...

you took your sweet time
coming after your sister.

Look, Jules, I know
that we were supposed to...

the plan was to get
pregnant together,

but doesn't mean you have to
go and do something crazy

like adopt.

I mean, my
"motherhood ready" book

says you need to be able
to master all things

before you become a mother.

Like what?

Like, I don't know, your plants.

I mean, they're
always dying, Jules.

I run a baby bootcamp.

I know what I'm doing.

Baby toys.

Okay, everybody,
let's begin the class.

We're going to start with
some really easy neck rolls,

just releasing all the tension

from carrying baby.

Excuse me.

I'm assuming this is
the baby bootcamp?

Yeah, this is it,
the one and only.


Your website says
that this is for new parents,

not just for moms only.

No, it's for new parents,
dads too.

You're just our first dad.

Okay, great.
Lucky me.

Let me get you a mat.

I know him.

He shops at the grocery
store near my house.

I heard he's a widower.

- A widower?
- That's what I heard.

Pretty sad.

So, are you sure this is okay?

Because we don't mind
either way.

No, it's fine.

You can just skip
the kegel exercises.

Great, thank you.
Thank you.

Hear that?
We don't have to do kegels.

Don't be shy.
I mean, hi.

I'm kind of the class leader,

so if you want my opinion,
you'll get a better workout with...

who's that adorable
little pumpkin?

This is Mattie.

- Say "hi," Mattie?
- Hi, Mattie!

So, just how Mattie
is up on your chest,

you want to like this...

all right, everybody,
social hour's over.

So let's start with lunges.
Left leg back first.

Right foot back.


Here's your mat.

Thank you very much.
I'll bring my own next time.

By the way, great workout.

I feel like my legs
are going to buckle

thanks. Hope you don't have
far to walk.

No, my office is, like,

literally just
around the corner.

So I should be able to make it.
Barely, but I'll make it.

- Anyway, same time next week?
- Same time, same place.

Okay, thank you.

Okay, he is too cute.

Gwen. Cute, and I'm sure,
happily married.

Actually, no.

What, you have
the scoop on him already?

- What? Divorced?
- Widowed.

You're like a lawyer
at a crash site.


Morning, ladies.

- Morning.
- Morning.

What y'all doing in the park
so early?

- Morning stretches.
- Morning stretches.

Stretches, okay.

So you wouldn't be operating
a fitness class,

or anything like that, right?

- No...
- Good god, no.

No, god, no.

Because you need a permit
and insurance to do that, huh?

What? Really?
That sounds complicated.



- I think it's time.
- It's time.

Are you okay?
Are you sure?

Yeah, we're great.

Escort, full lights.
I can call my friends...

You need to get insurance.

Keep walking.

All right.



"Past due."

Excuse me,

not that you're not
beautiful already,

but it's like I always say,

fit bodies pre-baby

make fit mommies with babies.

Thank you.


We're always accepting
new members.

- Hey.
- Hey!

Look at you,
shake-down advertising, I love it.

Where are you guys going?

Just going to the office.
You want to walk with us?

- Sure.
- Great, come on.

You bring Mattie to the office?

Oh, yeah.

I have a little play area
set up for her,

so it's not that bad.

What do you do?

I run an adventure
tour company, actually.

- Really?
- Yeah.

That's awesome.

Well, I'm glad you think so.
I'm not always so sure.

So, you take people,
like, shark diving,

and mountain biking?
That's so cool.

I've always wanted to do
that night safari,

where the animals
hunt each other.

Look at you, all go-getter.
Yeah, we do all that stuff.

How did you get into that?

Well, when
my wife and I first met,

we did a lot of
traveling together.

And this one time,
we were in Brazil,

and we were about to bungee jump

off the Altavila tower

and the idea just
sort of popped into my head,

hence the name
"Alta adventures."

You know, I'm sorry
about your wife.

I heard from the girls.

Yeah, it's been hard, but...

We're managing.

I think.
We're managing, right?

Anyway, how about you?
You do much traveling?

No, not exactly.

It's not in the budget
right now.

How about you?

That's a stupid question.
You run a travel company.

No, no, not at all

I mean, you'd think, right?

Unless you're counting
trips to the kids' park,

no, we don't do much traveling

at all right now.

Anyway, this is me,

so, thanks for the company.

And I'll see you in class.

You bet.

- Okay, bye.
- Bye.

- Hey.
- Hey!

So, clean bill of health?

Well, Mattie got
a clean bill of health.

The doc wants me to start
eating a little healthier.


You can make that stuff
taste like anything,

ground beef, chicken.

It tastes like nothing.

Yeah, it is sort of nasty.

So, you want the good news
or the bad news?


You missed the conference call.

Jer', I'm so sorry.
I totally forgot.

No, it's cool,
I covered for you.

I said you were out
with the flu,

but the good news is...

We got the account.


Atta boy!

Yeah, they want to
talk to you man,

about numbers, marketing,
all that stuff.

So I set the video call
at 4:00.

Oh, shoot.

Mattie has
rainbow songs at 4:00.

You know what, no biggie,
I'll take her.

No, Jer',
you already do too much.

I'm not gonna subject you
to a bunch of kid sing-alongs.

Dude, are you kidding?

Remember the old
garage band days?

Don't worry about it, man.
I got this.

Thank you, and I owe you.

You don't.

But I really think you should
reconsider getting a nanny.


If I could just...

you know, I don't want my kids
raised by somebody I don't know.

I get that, I do,
but no one else is raising them.

It's just an extra hand
to help out.

Think about it. Okay?

- Yeah, I'll think about it.
- And what is that smell?

That smell,
that smell is your turn.

Oh, Mattie...

Does someone have
a little stinky bum?


All right.

All I'm saying, dude,
is think about it.


Bye, sweetheart.
I love you.

Isn't it weird how every
stage of development

can be described as
either a fruit or a vegetable?

I mean, first she's a pear,
then she's a grapefruit...

you're supposed to be relaxing,
not talking.

I'm multi-tasking.

I saw that.


Every mother

has eyes in the back
of her head, my dear,

even expectant ones.

On to child's pose.

All right, everybody.

Up and into child's pose.

Just wanted to say,
another great class,

but, as usual,
we're in a rush to go,

so, thanks...

hey, so, do you...
do you have any help?

I mean,
we heard about your wife.

I'm sorry.

My sister doesn't know
anything. At all.

No, that's okay.
It's okay.

The answer
to your question is no,

we haven't got any help
since my wife passed away.

But my business partner's

just about got me convinced
to hire a nanny,

part-time around
the house anyway.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Well, you know, Julia
actually used to be a nanny.

- Really?
- Yeah!

Okay, Gwen, no...

Don't be so shy.

She is so great
with kids.

And extremely domestic.

I mean, she cooks, she cleans,

and she was actually
just looking for another job.

- I was?
- Yeah.

And you live pretty
nearby, I presume?

Yeah, literally, just, like,
five minutes up the street, yeah.

That is so great,

because Julia actually lives
just a few blocks away.


Well, okay, what kind of hours
are you looking for?

Because I don't technically
have to be in the office

until after 10:00,

so that could really work
around your class schedule.

Yeah. Yeah, that...
that's good.

Okay, well, you know what?
Here, I've got a card.

Why don't you just email me,

and come up with a time
to swing by the house,

and... we'll go from there.


All right, well, there you go.
Okay, guys. Thanks.

All right, you take care, Scott.

Would you look at that?

We got you a man
and a job all in one.

Gwen, I can't even
take care of a plant

and you signed me up
to be a nanny!

Don't worry, okay?

I'll give you my books.
I'll teach you.

- Well, I do need the money.
- See?

Besides, it's just one kid.
I mean, it'll be a breeze.

- So, is she hot?
- Sorry, what?

Don't play that game with me.
Is she good-looking?

Well, she's a fitness

Yeah, she's very pretty.

A hot fitness instructor nanny!

My man, this is beyond, like,
every dude's wild dream.


Maybe yours.

You know, you're like
my bestest friend, right?

So, clearly,
I'm coming from a good place

when I say this,

but it is time for you to get
back in the dating world.

I don't know, I just don't know.

I loved Claire, too.
You know that.

But she wouldn't have wanted you
to be alone forever.

Yeah, I realize that.
You're right.

But I don't think she had
the nanny in mind.

Okay, fair enough.

Then at least

agree to come with me
to the riv' this weekend.

We can get hot nanny to babysit.

- If I hire her.
- Of course.

So are we on?

Mattie, what do you think?
Should I go?

Talk some sense into daddy.

That's a good point.


- Hi.
- Welcome.

Mattie's in the kitchen,
so come on in.


If you could just,
put Mattie's bib on,

that would be great. Hi.


Give me a chance to finish up
Charlotte's grilled cheese.

Yeah, no problem.

I'm sorry.
Who's Charlotte?

Charlotte's my other daughter.

Hey, Char.
There you are, honey.

Come on in here and meet Julia.

I didn't know
you had another daughter.

Well, this one
is my little angel.

I don't know
what I'd do without her.


Sorry about that.


I guess it doesn't all
end up in the bib, huh?

It's okay.

You've got a...

There's a... in your hair.


Jeez, I have to
make a quick call,

so you know what,
I think Mattie is done.

Come on, up we go.

There you go.

Maybe the two of you
can just sort of

get to know each other
a little bit

and I'll be back
in a few minutes

when I deal with this, okay?

No problem.

So, Charlotte.
How old are you?

Seven and three months.

So that's...
Grade two, right?

How old are you?

I am 30,
and two weeks.

But who's counting?

What are you reading?

"Penelope the sleuth."
I loved that book.

Have you ever read

any of the Nina girl
P.I. Books?


Well, I liked them.

No, Mattie, she's doing a poo.

I'll show you
where to change her.


You should clean her first.
And don't forget her back.

- Poop goes all the way up.
- Right.

Could these be any smaller?

I have poo on my hand.


It's sticky.


I'm a little rusty.

Sorry about that.

time zones, it's crazy,

but, you guys look like
you're doing all right.

Everybody's getting along?

We sure are.

That's great, I mean, I guess...

If you're happy, then I'm happy

to go ahead and make this
official, I guess.

That's great.

Excellent. I just...
one more thing,

if you're not busy,

maybe on Saturday night,
you could watch the girls for me

for a little while?

- Saturday night?
- Only if you're not busy.

And then we can start
three days a week from Monday?



I mean, I had no idea
what I was doing.

If it wasn't for Charlotte,

I would have never
gotten that diaper on.

And that's another thing.
Nobody told me he had two kids.

It's kind of a game-changer,
don't you think?

Do you remember dodging the cop?

You need money to make this
bootcamp thing legit, Jules.

That's the bottom line.

What are you doing?

Water birth, remember?

How much harder
can one more kid be?

Twice as hard.

I mean, I feel like
I'm really in over my head here.

Although Scott is
pretty awesome.

You should see how cute he is
with the girls.

So, maybe it's not just
for the money?

Now what are you doing?

Getting you some help.

For what?

Baby bootcamp, Julia.
Baby bootcamp.

Feeding time.

Organic is a must.

Anything purple or green
are the healthiest.

Those are the ones you want.

Pasta's a staple.

Red sauce tastes great
and keeps it fun.

Chop and mash, chop and mash,
chop and mash.

Everything is a choking hazard
at Mattie's age.

Veggies with low sodium soy,
coconut butter or pea butter

on gluten-free toast,
and remember, no nuts.

When in doubt, cheese puffs,
cheese crisps, anything cheese.

Got it?

Got it.


All sharp corners,
drawers, cupboards.

Hey, honey?


Okay, well,
I just put Mattie down,

and you don't
have to worry about her

because she never wakes up.

And this one
has to go to bed at...

- 8:30.
- 8:30?

No. 8:00.
Nice try, young lady.

But she knows
what else she has to do,

teeth, jammies,
and Mr. Brown.

Who's Mr. Brown?

Mr. Brown
is her favorite stuffie.

Her mom gave it to her.

So, where are you going tonight?


a friend of mine, actually
my business partner, Jeremy,

is dragging me out,

because... he seems to think

that I need to get
back in the game.


Anyone home?

Uncle Jer'!

Hi, Char!
How's my number one girl?

Give me
some knuckles.


Oh, la-la...

You must be the new nanny
I've heard about.

Julia, this is Jeremy.
Jeremy, Julia.

Please, do not embarrass me.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

You are... fit.

Maybe I should sign up
for that boot camp

Scott's been doing.

I could use
a little tone up, huh?

- What do you think?
- Sure.

Okay, on that incredibly
inappropriate moment,

I think we should get going.

- You have my cell, right?
- Yes, it's in the phone.

Okay, and you,
young lady, you...

You be good, okay?

- All right, we should go.
- Yeah.

You be bad.

Really nice meeting you.

All right, homework.

Let's start here.

It's okay...

Here, this should help.

Thank you.

What about you,

Is this your first nanny job?

Yeah, sort of.

Are you a mom?

No, not yet.

How come?


I guess I haven't met
the right daddy.

There you go.
Snug as a bug in the rug.

Thanks for your help today.

You're pretty smart

for a seven-year-


You should have seen them, Gwen.

They were all dressed up
for a night of trolling.

Just because he's going out
doesn't mean he's picking up.

Scratch Betty.

She's new, not 90.

He said he was
getting back in the game.

I mean, if that doesn't mean
he's picking up,

I'm not sure what does.

What if he does meet
someone tonight?

So what, Julia? You're in.

I mean, you're basically like
a surrogate to his children now.

There's no competition.

- Maxine?
- No Maxine.

But why not?
That was our first choice.

What do you think the kids
are going to call her?

Maxi? Max?


- Yeah.
- Gotcha. Okay.


Mr. Brown.

I mean, he is kind of
the perfect husband material,

with the house and the kids.

And you're right,

as soon as he sees how great I am
with Charlotte and Mattie,

he's sure to fall in love
with me, right?

Like, Tenny?

She's a 10!


I should go check
on the girls.

I'll keep you posted.


Hey, sleepyhead,
wake up.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Sorry.
- That's okay.

What time is it?

Just a little
after 10:00.

That's it?

Yeah, no, I just,

I guess I just wasn't into
the whole scene, really.


Yeah, I don't know,
maybe I'm just too old,

or jaded, or something,

but it just kind of
felt like a...

- Like a meat market?
- Yes.

Exactly like a meat market.

Anyway, so I came home.

I was just going to get a drink.
Do you want something?

Water would be great.

Water, okay.
I can do that.

So, how were the girls?

The girls were great,
no problems.

- My kids?
- Yeah.

- Really?
- Yup.

Well, good, I guess.

There you go.

Look, I just,
I wanted to ask you,

did Charlotte talk to you at all

about her mom by any chance?

No, she didn't.

I was just sort of thinking
that, you know,

with you being a girl and all,

that she might open up
to you a little bit.

Not that we don't talk.

I mean,
we talk about everything,

but, you know, she's just...

Ever since her mom died,
she's been...

She's been quieter, you know?

What happened?

To her mom, your wife?

If you don't want to talk about it,
I completely understand.

No, no, it's fine.

I mean, I should probably
tell you, anyway,

in case she does
want to talk about it, right?

Shortly after we found out

that Claire was pregnant
with Mattie,

she started having
all these weird things

happen to her body.

Like, you know, bumps,
and pains and stuff like that,

but we just thought
it was the pregnancy,

so we didn't really...

We didn't pay much attention.

But then things got worse,
she started to feel worse.

The doctor said
that wasn't normal.

So we did some tests.

Two months later,

she was diagnosed
with stage four cancer.

I can't imagine.


And of course,

she refused the chemo
because of Mattie.

She never would have made it.

Seven months later,

she gave birth to our beautiful,
healthy baby girl...

And an hour later, she died.

But not before they met.

They were both determined that
that was gonna happen.

And it was
just for a moment, but...

I know they say that
newborns' eyes don't focus, but...

I saw the way Mattie
looked at Claire,

and she knew...

I mean, she knew that
that was her mom.

So they met.

They met.

I am so sorry.

Yeah, me too.

But anyway...

Oh, boy.

You know, we're managing.


Yeah, we're managing.


Charlotte, she's...

She's been my rock,
because, honestly, I...

I don't know if I would have
made it through this

without her.

Yeah, and...

Now you're here, too, right?
So things can only get better.

I want to help.

I really want to help.

Thank you.

I should go.
I have to get up early.

Of course, yeah.
Boot camp, right?

- You know it.
- Yeah.

- Well, I'll see Monday.
- Okay.


Good night.

Good night.

I mean, it's so tragic,

never to see your
children grow up?

Kind of like mom?

I mean, she saw us
grow up to be teenagers,

but she's never going to get
to meet her granddaughter.

Here it is,
3D baby monitor.

It comes with glasses

that give you
the added bonus value

of entertainment
while you watch your baby sleep!

I totally need this!


- Thank you!
- Yeah.

How awesome is this?

I mean, it's good
that Charlotte's got you now.

You know, and who knows,
maybe you'll become more.

I don't know, Gwen,
it feels wrong

going after someone
with a wounded heart.

Look, I get that he's been
through some stuff,

but everyone has a second
chance at happiness.

Who's to say you're not his?

Just keep the door
open to it, all right?

Now, this is the latest

from the mommy
and Mozart collection.

Many expectant mothers play this
for their developing foetus.

It's really for
the avant garde parent.

That's so totally me and Phil.
Like, completely.

There is a correlation

between classical
music-listening baby fetuses

becoming excellent

- They, like, did a study.
- I'm sure they did.

Are bears gender neutral?

Charlotte would love this.
It's perfect for her.

See? You're already
thinking like a mommy.

Good morning.

Hey, you brought supplies.

That I did.

Hey, sweetheart.

I thought you might like this.

I'm almost 8, you know.
I don't play with stuffies.


Don't be so rude,
you little rat,

she's just trying
to be thoughtful.

No, it's... it's fine.

Of course.

I mean, you already
have Mr. Brown,

and he's pretty special.

He's not a stuffie.
He's a rabbit.

And, yes, he is special.

Okay, on that note,

I think we should probably
get going.

Mattie's still
upstairs sleeping,

she should be up
in a few minutes.

You've got my number
at the office

if you need anything,

and this one's friend's mom

is dropping her off
after school, so...

- Good?
- I'm good.

Have a...
have a good day at work.

Good luck.

Bye, Charlotte.





Tickle, tickle,
tickle, tickle...


Come on, Mattie.



Oh, you did it.

You did it!

Charlotte, did you see?
Mattie was walking.


That was good.
That was good.

You want a snack?

I have some leftover pasta.

I don't feel like pasta.

I want a grilled cheese.

Of course.
Coming right up.


That's not the way
my dad makes it.

How about some scrambled eggs?

You got it.

I want waffles.

Your waffles.

I only like chicken noodle.

Cheese puffs?


Here, this is how you do it.


- These should be burned.
- Actually, we like to wash them.

These are disposable diapers.
Disposable dirty diapers.

We like to recycle.


And my dad will be really happy.

Okay. Great.


Mattie's up.
I'm going to go get her.

Hey, you guys.

How you doing?
How was your day?

Pretty good.

Good. Hi.

Oh, my.

Did I miss a party or something?

Yeah, I meant to get to those,

as soon as I finished
folding the diapers.

Folding the diapers?

Yeah, I washed and folded
the diapers

just like you like it.

- That's great.
- Reuse and recycle, right?

Reuse and recycle the diapers,
that's great. Yeah.

Yeah, I baby-proofed the house.

Baby-proofed the house.

Hey, I want to
show you something.

Want to show him?

Okay, Mattie.

Good girl!

- Amazing, right?
- It's amazing.

Isn't it time
for Julia to go home?

Charlotte, honey,
did you see this?

Your sister is walking.

Yeah, I did.

Well, I'd better get going.

The dishes.

No, no, that's okay.

We'll do the dishes,
that's all right.

I'm so proud of you.

Bye, Charlotte.

Bye, Mattie.



See you later.

You're walking.

She's walking, isn't that great?

Come here, you.
Don't be so grumpy.

Okay, ladies, and gentlemen,
you're doing great.

Keep it up.
30 more seconds.


Are you okay?

Karla, why don't you
start stretching?


You know what, Julia,

if you work like this,
if you alternate like this,

you get a way better workout.

Okay, Amber, thank you.

Karla, what is it?

The baby!
It's coming!

I thought you said
your babies never came early.

Take it up with him.

Gwen, go get your car.

No, no, no, no time.
It's coming now!

Amber, call 911.

Tell them exactly
what's going on.

Gwen, get me some towels.

We're going to have to
put the baby on a towel.

You, are you ready for this?

You mean, me? Us?


Yes, we're going to have a baby
at baby bootcamp.

Now, I need you
to go behind her,

support her back and her neck.


Are you cool with this?

All right, now,
I need you to push, okay?

Thank you, got it.

It's going to get
a little creepy and weird.

You ready?

Okay, here we go, here we go.

That's it.

Good, good.
One more.

You're doing great.

There you go, I can see him.

I can see him.

This is crazy.

Oh, my goodness.

Thank you.


He's got blood on his hands.
Call for back-up!

I need your help, come on...

he's got blood on his hands.

Whoa! What?

Hey, hey, hey.

I think there's been

a little misunderstanding
here, guys.

What are you doing?

Stand back.
He may still be armed.

Armed? With what,
a baby soother?

This man just delivered a baby.


That's right,
a baby!

So maybe you could come
and help us out?

Oh, well...
I like babies. Sure.

Good, I'm good,
enough with all the fuss.

The entire park just
saw all my lady parts,

but, you know, I'm good.


You were incredible,
how you just jumped in there.

No, no, you were incredible.

And you know what,
you were incredible, too.

You the organizer here
of this little...

Baby bootcamp?


Do not try and deny it.


Permit and insurance, please.

You know what, I don't have
those things right now,

but I am working on it.

You just pay this ticket.

And consider yourself lucky

that your friend here,

who gave birth under your watch,

doesn't sue.

As if I would.

If it wasn't for this group,

who knows
what would have happened.

Seeing as you all took
your sweet time getting here.


If I see you here,
or anywhere in this park,

without the proper

I'm going to shut you down,

for good.

And that's a promise.

Let's go!

Well, that's it,
my career is officially over.

He shut down my boot camp.

For now.

Look at the bright side, Jules.

You've got a new nanny job
with extra hours,

which definitely means
that he likes you.

Yeah, until he finds out
I don't know what I'm doing.

Who is this?

This is Stephanie, my midwife.
Stephanie, this is my sister.

You know, Julia...

food, it's the way
to a man's heart.

That's ridiculous.


What are you talking about?

Okay, our fourth date,

you cooked me a beef tenderloin

with bernaise sauce
and garlic mashed potatoes.

That was the first day
I fell in love with you.


I love you.



It's the way to a man's heart.

So, Charlotte,

your dad asked me to
cook dinner tonight.

Any idea on what he might like?


I thought it might be fun
to have dinner as a family.

Well, he definitely
doesn't like meat.

So he's like a vegetarian?

Oh, yeah.
Lots of vegetables.


- I can make a mean tofu.
- He loves tofu.

Hey, Charlotte, love your hair.

Can we just go?

Hey, you okay?

No one wears pigtails anymore.


You hungry?

I've got snacks?

I'm not hungry.

You know, when I was in school,
there were mean girls, too.

Girls that made you feel like
you weren't good enough,

pretty enough.

Melissa Cuthburt.

She's always picking
on my clothes, my hair.

She said I look like a baby

because I still
wear my hair in pigtails.

What's wrong with pigtails?
I love pigtails.

Melissa gets her hair cut
in a salon.

Dad still cuts mine.

And he doesn't get
that my clothes are old,

or that I don't want to wear
pigtails anymore.

You know...

My mom died when I was 13.

She did?

Yeah, she did,
right before high school.

And trust me,

you've never met a mean girl

till you meet one
in high school.

And my dad,

well, he didn't
understand either.

He didn't understand
why I wanted to wear cool jeans

or get my hair highlighted.

Dad's aren't supposed to.

But I understand.

And if you want,

maybe I could help you.

Okay, so we have one hour

till Mattie wakes up
from her nap,

so let's do this.

So, what do you think?

I love it.

You know, I'm pretty good at
putting outfits together, too,

so if you want,
maybe we could go shopping.

Get some cool new tops.

I saw these great pink converse

with glitter all over them...

I can't.

Are you sure?

We could make a girl's day
out of it.

You're not my mom, you know.

And if you think my dad
will ever replace her,

you're wrong.

Hey, what happened to
doctor's orders?

That does not smell like tofu.

It's so good, though.

And it has lettuce and tomatoes.

So, question.

Does she have a boyfriend?

Does who have a boyfriend?

The hot nanny.

I don't know.

I don't think so.


Well, I was just thinking
that I might, like, ask her out.

I mean, that is
if you're cool with it.

Only if you're okay with it.

Well, yeah,

I just...

But what happened to

the super hot stewardess
that you were dating?

I mean, she was... like.

She was hot.

Yeah, like, really.

Yeah, but her time change clock,

it was screwing me up.

I was getting jet-lagged
in my own city.


But look, if you're not cool

with me asking Jemma out,
I will just...


Her name is Julia.

Julia. Right.

I meant-i meant Julia.

I should get that right.

But honestly, man,
if you're not okay with it,

I'll totally, like, step aside.

No, no, no, it's...

No, it's fine.

It's not like
I'm not dating her, so...

And you don't want to?


You don't want to date her.

No. I mean, no,
she's the kids' nanny,

that's it.

She's the nanny.


Okay. Sweet.

I'll grab her number
off that resume.

And don't worry, buddy.

I will give you
all the dirty deets.


Julia. Julia...

I'm home!

- Hey.
- Hey.

What's all this?

Dinner. Remember?

You asked me to start it, so...

Here it is.

Okay. Where's Mattie?

She's asleep.


Well, this looks really good.


Did you eat before?


No, no, just a...

Here, I can.


Thank you.

Oh, Charlotte.

Shall we?

Hi, sweetheart.

Hey, you have a braid.

And pigtails.

Sure. Yes,

and pigtails.

So, did you do fun stuff today?

Not really.

Just grocery shopping.


All righty.

It looks,

it looks really good.

It's tofu.

Your favorite.


And sorry, who told you
that tofu was my favorite?


She mentioned
you were a vegetarian.

Did she now?

Okay. Great.

You know what,
you don't have to eat it...

no, no, no, it's...

It's very good.

I love it.


You try it.
Tell me what you think.

Go ahead, yeah.


It's really...

It's really...

Love it.

It's, it's really good.

You were supposed to hate it!

Whoa, honey. Hey...

Charlotte, honey.

I'll just... I'll go talk to her.

I'm sorry.



You know,

you look more and more
like your mom every day.

I don't know.
I'm not so sure.

Why would you say that?

I'm starting to not remember
what she looked like,

and it's my fault,

because I don't think about her
every day like I used to.

Oh, sweetheart.

It's okay.


It just means...
it means that you're healing.


And you are never

going to forget about your mom.

You know why?

Because she's right here.

In your heart.

And she always will be, okay?

I just wish I could see her
one more time.

Oh, baby,
I know, I know, I know.

Oh, babe, it's okay.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- There you go.
- Thanks.


So, how is she?

She's all right.


She's up there,
she's got all the blinds closed,

she's setting
her little tea set.

She'll be fine.

She just misses her mom
a lot right now, I think.


what are your plans,

now that
the baby boot camp thing

is on hold for a while?

I don't know.

You know, I always thought

I'd be married and settled
with kids by now.




I don't know, just to me,
you seem sort of, you know,

carefree and independent.

You know, the night safaris,
the mountain hiking, all that.

Yeah, I mean, I still
want to do all those things,

I just, I always envisioned

a baby on my back
while I was hiking,

or kids in the Jeep
on the safari.

That's-that's funny,


well, I used to have
all those same visions.

And then, you know,

with everything that's happened,

I just sort of
lost sight of them.

They could still come true.

No, no, no.

My sister's due,
so I should get this.

Of course.





You know what, can I
get back to you on that?

All right, sounds good.

So, that was...

- Jeremy.
- Jeremy.


Yeah. What did he want?

He wanted to know

if I would go to dinner
with him sometime.

Is that weird?

I don't know...

I don't know.

I mean, is it weird for you?

I don't know.

I don't know either.

It's just...

You know what,
I should probably go.


But I'll see you on Monday.



There's no way
I'm going out with his friend.

I mean, that's total sabotage.

You said you kind of felt like
you and Scott

had a moment, right?

I think so.

I mean, it felt like
we had a moment.

Well, why not be sure and
go out on a date with Jeremy?

I don't follow.

If you really want to know.

Scott's feelings towards you,

what better way
than to make him jealous?

You women are cruel.

More Achilles.

Are you sure?

I mean, I don't want to
turn him off.

I am positive. Do it.


Honey, hang this up?

Thank you.

Other one.

You are lucky I love you.

You love me so much.

I think this one.

- This one?
- Yeah, definitely.

Definitely that one.

That one's creepy.

Yeah, that's better.

So, have you decided

where you're going to
take Julia?

You know, for the big...

The big date.

Oh, yes, I have.

I was thinking
Rodney's oyster bar.

You know, oysters are
an aphrodisiac.


You're... you're still cool
with this, right?

Oh yeah. Yeah, of course.

You know what,

I just don't think
she's your type.

Really? My type?

- Yeah.
- How come?


Okay, first of all,
she's boring.

Like, no sense
of adventure whatsoever.

Really, I'm serious.

And so not ready to settle down.

I mean, you know, I look at her,

and I just don't see
mother material at all,

so if you're thinking about
something serious,

then I just don't...
I don't know if it's right...

whoa, whoa, whoa,
slow it down, my friend.

Who said anything about serious?

I'm just looking
to have some fun,

if you know what I mean.

And you know what I mean.

- This one's cool.
- Yeah, it's great.

That one's a winner.


Like, that's fun.

I brought some of
my Nina girl P.I. Books

in case you wanted to read them.

No thanks.

Well, I'll just leave them here

in case you change your mind.

All right, stinker,

let's get your diaper changed.

Hey, sweetheart.

Hi, daddy.


She has a pretty voice,
doesn't she?

I guess.

She does.


You're home.

Here you go.

Hi, sweetheart.

Okay, well,

I just need to freshen up
before I meet Jeremy,

so do you mind if I use
the washroom?

Yeah, of course. Yes.

Well, I guess
I'm going to get going.

You look amazing.


Bye, Charlotte.

Bye, Mattie.

Good night.


It's okay, sweetie.
She's coming back.

She's coming back...

So, tell me,

what does Julia

the fitness instructor
slash nanny

like to do for fun?

I don't know,

boring stuff, I guess.


How about you?

Well, personally,

I love to feed beautiful women.



They're delicious.


So, how long have
you and Scott been friends?

It's got some kick to it.

A long time,
since we were, like, 16.

So, you knew his wife.

Yeah, I did.

Claire was,
she was one of a kind,

you know, smart,
sophisticated, classy,

but also really laid back.

She sounds amazing.

I mean, it would be hard
for Scott to find someone

to live up to that...

unless, of course
he's found someone.

Oh, no. No, no, no,

Scott hasn't dated anybody
since Claire died.

I mean, I've tried
to get him out there.

He's just...
He's not interested.

That's too bad.

I mean, he's a great guy.

And dad.

I mean, he'd be
a great catch for...

For someone.


For someone...

like, say someone
who's great with his kids.

Of course.
I mean, they'd have to be.

And fit.
I mean, Scott is a real do-er.

Very fit.
So they could keep up.

Yeah, like you.


No! Not me.

Not me-me.
I mean, like me.

- Like you.
- Right...

- Right.
- Right.

Okay, I'm going to call.

No, I'm not going to call.

And you should see
how cute he is with Mattie.

I mean, how many guys
do you know

that would go to
a baby boot camp?

- Not many.
- And all the girls love him.

I mean, he's just...

Charming, and...

He is.

Sensitive, but still masculine.

Yeah, no, and he's handsome.

The man's got great calves.
I mean...

Okay, I'm going to call,
I'm going to call.

I'm going to call...

Speak of the devil.

Scott, what's shaking, buddy?

Hey, Jer', how you doing?


sorry to bother you
on your date, and all.

Are you still on the...
on the date?

Kind of, I guess.

Great, well, that's good...

Yeah, no, I just wanted to know

if the...

Scuba place from Belize

got back to you about the thing.

They did, buddy.

You were there, remember?

It was a conference call?

We were both on the call?

Yeah, yeah, no, yeah,
I remember.

I remember, yeah.

So. So that's great.

Okay, yeah.

Anything else that I can...

Help you with, or...

don't worry, bro,
I'm hearing you.

And you know what,
you were right,

Julia is totally not my type.


Nope, not in the slightest.

Thanks, Jer'.

Thank you.

Okay, tell you what,
how about...

How about I get you home?

Sounds good.

If he called during the date,
he was fishing for sure.

Plus, he pretended to like

her tofu casserole.

And they had a moment.

So I need to plan a day.

Not just any day...

you need to plan something
that's special to you and him.

I remember that day.

It was the day
me and Phil went rollerblading

in Wyndham park

and then we stopped
for funnel cakes.

Stew took me fishing,

taught me how to fillet a fish
fresh off the hook.

I think I know
exactly what to do.

If you'd told me
you had a thing for her,

I never would have
asked her out.

I didn't know
I had a thing for her.

I still don't know
that I have a thing.

I just...

I think she's great.

And hot.

Like, she's, like, really hot.

Yeah, she's pretty.
She's very pretty.

She is pretty.

And... I don't know,

I just, it feels like
a high school crush.

Well, don't worry, all right,

because if she could
say no to this action,

then obviously she's
crushing on you, too.

Really? You think so?

Buddy, she talked about you

the whole time.

Okay, all right.


So, what do I do?

You ask her out.

I don't know.

What if she says no?

Look, as your wingman,

have I ever steered you wrong?

I mean, okay, aside from

that one time in Mexico...

I apologize for that...

but otherwise, have I
ever steered you wrong?



All right, I'm going to do it.

I'll ask her out.

That's my man.


I'm here!

Oh, boy.

Hey, look at him.

Look at him. Okay...

Hey, Charlotte.

You look nice today.




Look, why don't you
go wait in the car

and I'll be right there, okay?

Atta girl.

- Look, I just wanted to...
- So I wanted to ask you...


- No, you go.
- No, you go.

Absolutely you go first.

Okay, I wanted to know

if you'd maybe consider

taking the afternoon
off tomorrow,

to go on an outing
with me and the girls?

I just thought it'd be nice,

because, you know,

you work so hard,

and you never get a chance
to spend a full day with them.

Yeah. Yeah, that would...

I would love that.
It'd be great.


Let's say 11:00

at Granville island?

Okay, yeah, sure.
Granville island, 11:00.

I'll be there.

Hey, come here.

Hey, guys.
There you are.


So, what's the plan?

Welcome to
the adventure tour of your city.


our official photographer.


Right this way.

This is going to be so much fun.

Okay, here we are.

Last stop on the tour.

I think they're sleeping,

or at least one
of them's sleeping.

Anyway, thank you.

You don't have to
keep thanking me.

Yes, I do, because
for me, that day was...

Well, for me, it was perfect.

It was perfect for me, too.


I was wondering

if maybe you would like

to have dinner with me sometime,

and not at my place,

and maybe not with them.

Like at a restaurant

or something?

I would love that.



Well, I don't know,
maybe Saturday night?


I'll see if Jeremy
will watch the girls

and we can go out.

It's a date.

Okay, it's a date.

Say goodbye to the girls for me.

I will.



Okay, he's asleep!



What are you going to wear?

I don't know.

I haven't thought about it yet.

Well, you definitely
don't want to look like

you're trying to hard.

Anything without baby spit
will be a step up.

Definitely a dress,
or maybe a jumpsuit?

A jumpsuit?

No, I'm thinking, like,
a low-cut dress,

she's gotta show a little...

ladies, ladies!

If you're talking,

you're not working hard enough.

Let's get back into it.

Come on, I think
there's still a spot.

We really need to get
back in the park.

Your phone's ringing.

You know what, this is work.

Can you watch Mattie?
I'll be right back.


Baby bootcamp by Julia.

Right, yeah, I know...

Come on,

let's play a little trick
on Julia.

I am looking for a bigger space.

Dad definitely
won't like this one.


No, I'll get back to you.

It's okay, Mattie.


Charlotte, where's Mattie?

Mattie! Where's Mattie?

You lost Mattie?

You were watching her.
Where's Mattie?


Hey, guys.


I got some shots made up
of the adventure day.

- Dad!
- What?

Julia lost Mattie.


Scott, she was just here.



The shed, dad, check the shed.



She's not here!

She's not here.

She was supposed to be in here!





I found her! I found her...

Mattie, oh, boy, oh, boy.

I am so sorry.

I'm so sorry.
I should have never left her.

Jules, I think you're being
too hard on yourself.

Am I?

That's twice I've lost a baby.

You should have seen
the look on his face.

I'm never going to be
able to face him again.

Besides, I have the money I need

to get the camp up to speed.

It was always
for the money, right?


What is it?
What's happening?

Okay, here we go.

Arm, I need an arm.

Is it happening?
The baby?

It's happening?




Babe? What's wrong?
What's wrong?

It's happening!

What? It? This?

You? You're... camera!

I'm going to get the camera!

Hold on, baby, daddy's coming!

I'm getting the camera.

Baby, hold on.

Hold on, okay.

I'm coming.
'Kay, 'kay, 'kay. Hold on.


I need you

to remember the steps.

You need to get the phone
and call Stephanie.

Oh, you're right!

I'll call Stephanie!

Gotta call the midwife.

I'm coming, baby,
don't you worry.

Hold on, baby!

Hold on, baby, here's the phone!

Oh no!

What was that?

Oh, baby, that was nothing.

Don't worry.

Julia, do you have
a cell phone I could borrow?

- Yeah, it's in my car.
- No, no, no!

There's no time.

She's coming.

- What do you mean she's coming?
- She's coming?

Like now?

Like, she's coming now!

I'm really not feeling so good.

I'm not feeling so...


He's okay. He's fine.

I need to get my phone
and call an ambulance.

No, no, no, no.

It's too late.

Get in.
She's coming.

No, no, no.
No, no, she can't!

I need calm energy, Julia.

Calm energy.


Let's go.


There's the head.

Okay, it's time.

Let's go.

You're going to
have to get in there.

Yeah, yeah.
You're going in there.

You need to get under.

Down there?

You're going to
have to catch her.

I see the head, I see the head!

Okay, get back down there.

One more. I love you.

I got her.
I got her!

Watch the cord.

Gwen, you did it,
you really did it.

We did it.

It's a boy.

It's a boy?

It's amazing, huh?

Even after all that planning,
he still managed to surprise us.

Yeah, the doc says
his old ding-a-ling

was tucked right there
between his legs

on the sonogram.

So, what are you
going to name him?

I don't know.

I guess I'll have to get Phil
to do up a whole new flowchart.

Look at him.

My little baby boy.

I've got a son!

He's beautiful.

I've got a son...

Stephanie, we had a son.

You were amazing.

Thank you.

Well, at least I finally
did something right.


No, you were right.

I need to learn
how to master things

before I become a mother...

or a nanny.

But at least now

I have a little nephew
to practice on.

All right, you two,
get some rest.

- I'll see you tomorrow.
- Okay. Bye.

This is nice.

Just the three of us, right?

Yeah. Yeah, it's nice.

Very nice.


Do you miss mom?


Yeah, I do.
I miss your mother very much.

Then why did you
ask Julia out on a date?

Just because I like Julia,

it doesn't mean that
I've stopped loving your mom.

I will always love your mother.


She wanted us to be happy.


I guess Julia makes me happy.

So it's okay?

Yeah. Yeah, it's okay.

It's what she would have wanted.

And no one is ever
going to replace your mother,

I promise you.

And you two girls will always
be my number one girls, okay?

You got it?
Are we good?

Give me a hug.

"Dear, Scott,
Charlotte and Mattie,

"where to begin?

"I guess by saying

"I should have been truthful
with you from the beginning

and told you I was completely
in over my head..."

The mail here.

"...but I guess
I'm just thankful

"nothing truly bad
happened to Mattie.

This time."

What is it, dad?

It's a letter from Julia.

It says she can't work
for us anymore.

Charlotte, honey.

"My mom once told me

"to always follow my heart,

"but to make sure
that logic was mixed in.

"Which is why I can no longer
work for you, Scott,

even though I've fallen
in love with your family."

"My mom also told me

"that honesty is always
the best policy.

"I'm not a nanny, Scott,

"I'm a fitness instructor

"if I can even
get that together,

but I'm not a nanny."

"Do me a favor, will you?

"Please give Charlotte
a hug for me,

"and tell her I love her,

and I'm so sorry
I let her down."

Hey, man, why don't you just
give her a call?

Because she asked me
to respect her decision,

and I'm going to,
it's the least I can do.

Dude, are you crazy?
A girl like that?

You can't give up that easily.

Jer', I appreciate it, okay?
I really do.

But I guess it's just
not meant to be, all right?



Come here, sweetheart,
let's go for a little walk.

All right?

All right, ladies,

let's hold this
for five more seconds.




Can we stop holding now?

Yeah, sorry.

Right, let me stop you.

I have my insurance.

Good job on turning this around.


All right, guys,
finish up with some stretches.

It's going to be okay, Jules.

You're okay.

It's okay, dad.
I don't mind if it's burnt.

I think you should call him.

Gwen, don't you think
it's time to admit

our master plan failed?

Did it?

Julia, the number one thing
couples fight over

are their children.

But that's just it,
we didn't fight.

I would have felt better
if he yelled at me...

better than
the disappointment in his eyes.

I'm just saying.
You never even gave it a chance.

It's kind of nice
having dad here, right?


You should see how he lights up
when he holds Austin.

Speaking of which,

I think he's hungry.

Phil's got this one.
Phil! Feeding time!

You can't be serious.

Why shouldn't he share
in the bonding?

I pump, I dump,
pop it right in there,

super easy.

Third quarter's about to start.


I'll catch you in the fourth.

That's uncle Jer'.

He's taking me to school today.

He is?

Yup. See ya, dad.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
give me a kiss.

Bye, Mattie!

I'll see you later.

Did you get it?

Yup, I got her address
right here.

- You got the brochure?
- Got it.

All right, kiddo, hop in.
Let's do this.

In the back you go.

Seatbelts on.

Your grandpa taught me that.

Come on,

we're going for a walk
through Stanley park.

Sweetheart, I'm just
not in the mood right now.

Dad, you can't just
sit around here moping.

Mom wouldn't have wanted that.


Now, are you coming or not?

Okay, fine, fine.
Do you want to go for a walk?

Yeah? Okay,
let's do it.

Where is she?

Where's who?


Why would Julia be here?

Because I let her know
we'd be here,

so I could fix things,

but I guess I messed things up

real bad.

Sweetheart, it's not your fault.

It is.

I'm the one who hid Mattie.

I put her in the shed
so you thought Julia lost her.

Well, why would you do that?

Because I was afraid,

because you liked her,

Mattie liked her,

I liked her.

And I thought

if we liked her too much,

she would replace mom,

but now she's gone,

and I miss her.

I missed you, too.

Julia, you came!

Of course I did.

I wouldn't want to miss out

on my life adventure.

Look, Julia,

all that stuff with Mattie, I...

It was me.

I did it.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

I understand.

So, does this mean

that you would consider
coming back?

If you'll have me.

I would like that very much.

So this is a date, isn't it?


Maybe it is.

I don't know, what do you think?


Kiss her.

You think?

- I love you.
- I love you, too.

When Mattie gets bigger,
she can come here,

and I'll tell her all about mom.

It's a beautiful tree,

in memory of a beautiful mom.

There are my other girls.



He's kicking.


Hello in there.
Can you hear me?

He can hear you, but it's like
hearing underwater,

at least that's what
your aunt Gwen says.

Aunt Gwen knows a lot.

Aunt Gwen thinks
she knows a lot...


Come on, let's go.

by VaVooM