Baby Beside Me (2017) - full transcript

The only tie between me and the world, but he is not mine !

How is it going?

Click the Setting button,
and then what's next?

I just keep forgetting.

Click the Device button.

-And then?
-Then Wallpaper.

This one?

-This one?
-And click the photo you want.

Well, this one of Ye-jun.

Don't forget to click Okay.

I'm too old for these complicated things.

Even older grannies can do it.

You missed a spot here. I'll redo it.

Just leave it. It'll come off anyway.

I'll do it right for you.

-Sun-yeong, where's the water?
-It's boiling on the stove.

Put the barley tea bag in when it's done.

Mom, are you still losing your hair?

It just happens with age. Never mind.

Do-il, when are you going back?

Next Friday.

Gosh. Such a long leave.

Fix a date to go pick out
the wedding dress. Okay?


Where's the tea bag?

Look carefully. It's there somewhere.

So, did you ask your commander
to officiate your wedding?

He said he's too young to do it.

Did he? Goodness.

Who else can we ask?

Should I ask your uncle to do it?

What are you saying?
Who is he to officiate our wedding?

What should we do then?
We have no one left.

We can just do it without one.

People often get married
without an officiator these days.

What are you talking about?
We need an officiator, at least.

Most people have an officiator.
Your brother also had one.

What's he got to do with me?
Forget about the officiator.

I wonder if I'll ever see you
do things right before I die.

You're ruining my appetite.


Ye-jun, you're the happiest guy.

All you do is eat, sleep, and poop.

Someone soothes you if you cry,
comforts you if you fuss,

-cleans you if you poop…

What's that?

To celebrate your discharge.
Wear it when you work.

We have a uniform for work.

So? You don't want it?

Okay, I'll just return it.

I can still wear something else.

Give it here.

Oh, I bought something on my way home.

What's that?

Look! Isn't this cool?

What's this?

Is this for Ye-jun?


How could he play with this?
He can't even grab it.

Then he can play with it later.

Didn't you see this?
It's for ages three and up.

What were you thinking?

A Porsche for a baby?

A Porsche is really expensive, okay?

You just don't know anything.

Leave it. I'll play with it. Porsche.

Thanks anyway.

Is that all? Anything for me?

Of course, I have something for you.
Where did I put it?

It should be somewhere here.

Are you crazy?

Yeah, I'm crazy.

Stop it.

All right. Let's get crazy.

Do-il. Should we go somewhere with Ye-jun
while you're on leave?

How about Everland?
I always wanted to go on T Express.

That big roller coaster?
How can we ride that with a baby?

We can ask someone
to look after him for a while.

You're talking nonsense.

Why don't we go to the zoo?

I hate the zoo. It stinks.

Hey, Ye-jun loves animals so much.

Seals, sea lions, penguins.

This is my leave, not his.

Don't talk like that.


Remember what we talked about
when we had him?

Why are you bringing that up?

Let's go ride the T Express.

-Please let's go ride it.

-Keep it down! You'll wake him up.

-I want T Express.

-Shut up!
-T Express!

The amusement park would've been more fun.

Hello, deer.

Go away.

Look at that!


Wow, it's so cool.

Ye-jun, are you looking at this?

That's too much.

Awesome, isn't it?

Long time no see.

You look great.

Are you already discharged?

I only have a few days left.

This is just great.
You have so many treadmills.

This is nothing special.

These days,
this is the least we should have.

Really? This place is huge.

It must've cost you a fortune.

Sorry about that.

I already have another guy for that job.

You told me you'd get one for me.

-What am I supposed to do now?

Customers are so picky now.

They even want us to have
a certificate and a college degree.

Why do they expect gym trainers
to have all that stuff?

There's nothing I can do about it.

So many gyms are going out of business.

Come on, I have a son to support.
I need to start working right away.

What about that promise
you made in the army?

Do you want to work as a gym manager then?

-Nothing special.

Just some cleaning
and handing out flyers, you know.

What the heck?


-You want me to do that?
-What else then?

I'm doing my best to get you a job here.

It's your call.
We can't afford another trainer.

Take the job or what?

Forget it. I don't need it!

Hey, you're back.

What's going on?

Is he sick?

He's been coughing a bit
since we came back home earlier.


Take him to the hospital tomorrow.

Mom, I'll do it.
He doesn't know where it is.

Just take him to the ER.
Why wait till tomorrow?

We went to a doctor already.

He had no fever,
so we just had an allergy test.

They'll have the results tomorrow.
You take him to the hospital.

No, I can go.

You're going to work.

I'll ask for a half-day off.

Don't make your kid an excuse.
No company likes it.

Let him do his job as a father.

No, I'll be worried
about leaving Ye-jun to him.

-Leave it.

I'll take him with me.

Yes, you do it.

You should do your part.

My poor baby…

I guess it was the problem
that you went to the zoo.

The lactose and protein levels are stable.
Don't worry about nutrition.

I don't think we've met before.

Not when Ye-jun was born either.

Oh, I was serving in the army then.

Oh, you're very young too.

I appreciate what you did for us.

Don't mention it. It's my job.

Unfortunately, unlike you,
Ye-jun is a bit weak.

He often comes to see me
because of a cold.

So take good care of him
and always keep him warm.

But don't worry about this allergy.

I will give you three days' medicine.
Let him take it after meals.

Doctor, let me ask you something.

What is that?

Why is his blood type B?
He should be O as I know.


He can't be type B. I'm sure he's O.

Was he tested here?

Yes, he was. He was born here.

What did the doctor say?

He's a bit allergic to fur.

That's all?


I told you to mix it with liquid formula.

Liquid formula…

Remember how much?

Put 40. See that red line there?

So, nothing at the hospital?

No, nothing.


I told you not to shake it.
It'll become bubbly.

Give it to me. I'll do it.

See? Gently like this.

You just keep forgetting.


So we can see each other
after such a long time.

I don't need fitting.
The hanbok size isn't even that important.

Okay, I'll come next month.
Give me a call. Bye.

What a hassle.

Don't you think the map is too small?

I don't think so.

That's too small for someone old like me.

Tell me how to put a photo
on my cell phone.

I learned how, but I can't remember.

What's the point of learning
something you'll forget soon?

Come on.

Do your mother a small favor.

You're never as good as Sun-yeong.

Shit, I forgot the number.

Just go ask her again then.

Goodness, you're so mean.
Like father, like son.

-Forget about it.


I'm sure he took that temper
from his father.

Be quiet!



But sometimes the test goes wrong, right?

Who's this cute boy?

What are you doing there?


What are you doing?

You're late.

Yes, working on the inventory.

Chief made a fuss over nothing.

Did you have a drink?


You did. I think I smell it.

Want to tell me something?

No, let's talk tomorrow.

Just go to bed and sleep.

Sun-yeong, Give me some water.

Shin Sun-yeong!


The number you have called
is switched off.

You'll be directed
to the voicemail service after the beep.

Excuse me. Is Sun-yeong here?


Shin Sun-yeong. She works here.

She's not answering her phone.

I haven't seen her yet.

Did Sun-yeong come to work today?

-I don't think so.

She should've been here…

-Who is he?
-I don't know.

By the way, how do you know her?


I'm her…


I'll leave my number here.
Call me when you see or hear from her.

You're her husband?

I didn't know she was married.

Me neither.

Hey, give a call to Hye-mi.
She won't take my calls.

I don't care! Just give her a call.

Call Mun-seong and Seong-hun too.

I did, but she's not at the market!

I'm not kidding. Just make a call.

Try this. Ye-jun, try this.

He's here.

-Here comes the groom!
-Ye-jun, Daddy is here.

-Why are you so late?
-Come on. Take a seat.

It's been so long!

I didn't get to see you before
your military service.

You've become a man now.

-You seem to have lost weight.

Soldiers train every day.
It's only natural.

That's not true for sergeants.

It's only natural for them to get lazy
and put on a lot of weight.

You must be hungry. Go ahead.

Why didn't you bring your wife-to-be?

Right. You should've brought her
and introduced her to us.

I haven't even met her yet.

She's busy these days.

You can look at Ye-jun instead.

Do you look after the baby?
Do you know how?

Who can't feed a baby and change diapers?
Right, Ye-jun?

These days, the men on TV do it all too.

But there's only so much to that.

How could a man do everything?
He has to be Superman.

What about women?

-We work, raise children, and cook.
-All right.

-Isn't it nice to share the chores?
-My point.


So you cook in the kitchen
and do house chores?

Just eat.



Where have you been?
Didn't you get my text?

I met someone.

I told you not to be late!

Take home some sweet and sour pork later.

No way. I don't need leftovers.

It's not for you.

Sun-yeong must be hungry
when she gets home.

Anyway, why isn't she answering my calls?

Keep it down.

Let me give you a drink
to celebrate your wedding!


Now that he's done
with his military service,

let's toast and wish him a happy life

and many kids!

Another baby? Ye-jun alone is enough!

It doesn't hurt to have a cute girl too.
Don't you agree?

And stop worrying your mother

and show her how happy you are.

You've been…

That's all your mother wants, okay?


Cheers to you.
May you live your life to the fullest!

-Drink up!

Be happy.



Have some water, Ye-jun.

-You know…

Oh, gosh.


What's wrong with you?

Get up. Let's go see a doctor.

I'm fine. Don't make a fuss.

You are bleeding now. Isn't that blood?

It's the jjamppong soup.

Don't be ridiculous
and go to the hospital.

Don't worry. I've made an appointment.

What are you talking about?
Why wait for that appointment?

What's the name of your hospital again?

It's too late to call.

Forget it. Just call Sun-yeong.

Why is she so late?

Where is she?

I don't know.

Are you not even worried?

Is something wrong?

We argued.

She's staying with her friend.

You argued and she just left home,
leaving the baby here?

We had a big fight.

Let it go and look after yourself!

How can I let it go?

Did you

hit her?

I'm not a scumbag!


Who are you?

Is this Hye-mi's place?

-Who are you?
-I'm a friend of hers.

Why do you want her
in the middle of the night?

Just give her my name.
I'm Do-il. Tell her…

I asked why you want to talk to her
at this hour.

Sorry for coming so late.
Can I just talk to her?

You can simply call her.
Why did you come to her house?

I called…

Who are you?

She didn't answer my phone,
so I had to come here.

For goodness' sake!

If you're her friend,
why wouldn't she answer you?

This shithead is talking too much.


I know she's inside. Call her.

What did you just say?

-I know she's inside.

-Come here.
-Calm down.

-Get inside.
-You piece of shit.

I know him. It's okay. Go inside.

-Be quick.
-Okay. Stay inside.

Let's go down and talk.

He thought you were here
to collect your money from me.

Why didn't you take my call?

Did you talk to Jeong-uk?

Yeah, I had my phone suspended.

Can I get one too?

Thank you.

You're here because of Sun-yeong, right?

Sorry, but I don't know where she is.

Don't give me that.
She always comes to you first.

No, she doesn't.

I tried to talk to her too,
but she didn't answer.

I'll kill you if that's a lie.


What about the baby?

I don't know. Don't ask.

Gosh, that crazy bitch.

Why did she insist on having a baby?

I told you everything I know.
I have to go back.

I'll call you if she calls me.

Hold on.


Give me your phone.

What phone? I didn't bring it.

Just give me the phone.

I don't have it! Get off me!

-You talked to her, didn't you?
-Get off me!

-Give it to me.
-I didn't!

-Leave me alone!
-Let me see it!

-What the hell?
-Stop it. No.

-Why are you holding her arm?

-Back off, if you don't want to die.
-You bastard!


-You come here.


You little asshole.

Don't do that!

Go on and hit me, you asshole.

You bastard.

How could you not know her number?

Because she changed her number.

She changes her number
whenever she meets a new guy.

Didn't you know?

So, you didn't meet or contact her at all?

What are you talking about?

I have no business with her.


Let me ask you something.

Just tell me frankly.

What's that?

What is it?

Don't get me wrong.

When I was in the army…

did you

sleep with her?

Are you nuts?

That's all you want to know?

I understand that can happen.

So just answer me.

You crazy asshole.

Get lost.

-What the hell?


Unlike you, I don't fool around
with someone's girlfriend.

Shut the hell up and get lost.

Why? Is she cheating on you?

That's the way she is.

Good luck with finding her.

That's hard.

Because when you report someone missing,
the police don't find her for you.

All we can do is track her location.

So, if her phone's off,
there's no way to find her?

Have you had any arguments
with your wife recently?

No, we haven't.

Then, have you contacted her family?

Well, her parents died and she left home,

so she has no family she can contact
or a place to go.

I think you don't need to worry too much.

It's been only a day now,
and mostly they come back soon.

We get these cases
more often than you'd think.

You're so late.
Why didn't you take my call?

Are you going to pay for my taxi?
Look at the time!

Your home isn't even that far.

How's Mom?

She just fell asleep.

She threw up all day.

This isn't time for you to be
fooling around like this.

-What about Ye-jun?
-He's sleeping.

Where's your wife anyway?

Leaving her baby here
when her mother-in-law is sick.

Does this make any sense to you?

I'll bring her back. So stop nagging!

Just leave. You said it's late.

Isn't this great?
She's messing up your family.


Who did that to you, Ye-jun?

It's all right, baby.


You want me to take him?

You think your brother is some babysitter?

What can I do?
I'm going back in a few days.

That's your business. Not mine.

I'm never looking after your baby.

Sort things out and let her take the baby.

How can I go look for her with the baby?

I won't do it, okay?

How could you be so selfish?
You told me to fix the problem.

Is that really hard
to have him for a few days?

Lower your voice.

You have your house and car
and everything.

Can't you help me out with this one thing?

Try to put yourself in my shoes.

My shitty shoes!

What about you?

Who cared for Mom when you were away?

How much did you pay for Mom's surgery?

Have I ever taken credit to myself
for that?

Have you ever appreciated
what I had to do for our family?

Yeah, you're the good son.
So take Mom with you.

You still think I'm a loser?

Am I?

Okay, let me just kill the wedding.

And dump the baby away.

I don't give a damn if Mom lives or dies!

You son of a bitch!

Watch your mouth, you asshole.

Don't you know why she got ill?

-Oh, is that my fault too?
-Hell, yes!

Shit, why is everyone blaming me?

Do you think I have no shame?


Yes, my son. What is it?

My lace got loose.

Your shoelace? Here, I'll tie it for you.

All done.

What are you doing here alone?
It's cold out here.

Why are you spacing out here?


You're out of here soon.
Why the long face?

Baek-hyeon, how am I going to live now?

What are you talking about?

You did well in the army.
You'll be okay out there too.

Hey, see that wire fence?

When I was a private,

looking at that made me feel like
I was locked up in prison.

Now that I'm about to go out,

I think it's not bad
to be locked up inside.

All I have to do is do as told in here.

Do you remember Jun-yong? Jang Jun-yong.

One day, we went outside
for a cigarette while on duty.

He was looking up at the sky.

Then he said it's so good to see
so many stars here.

And that he just wanted to stay here.

At that time, I thought he was an idiot.

Now you sound like one too.

I'll be okay, right?

You'll figure it out.

You've done a good job.

I'll see you outside.


Write it down here.

Write down what?

Where Sun-yeong is now.
Give me her friend's address.

Write it down.

I'll go find her, so write it down
if you know where it is.

You think this is a joke?

Do you know where she is or not?

What's wrong with you?

How could you…

How could you do this to me?

Don't you feel bad for your son?

And you call yourself a father?

Just tell me what happened!

Why isn't she coming back?

What did you do to her?

What are you thinking?



So did you have fun
with that chick the other day?

I said I didn't do it.

It's been forever since I got laid,
so shut it.

-I can hook you up with someone.
-Forget it.

-Hey, are you impotent?

-You don't deserve a dick.
-Mom just gave it to me!

She gave it to you, and you're wasting it.

-Stop it.
-Okay, let's shut up and drink.



Do-il, if you really want
to find Sun-yeong,

ask Gwang-ho for help.

-He runs a cell phone store.

Can't he see her call log or something?

It's always on TV.

A guy cheats on his wife,
and his wife checks his call log.

It makes sense.
Ask him if he could get anything.

But he won't do it for anyone.

What are you talking about?
He has to do it for Do-il.

It's all thanks to Do-il
that he makes a living.

That's true.

What if he checks the call log,
and sees his number come up?

Who knows if he banged her too?

What the hell?
It's you who slept with her.

What are you saying? I never did!

Shut up and just drink.

-Drink up!

What a pathetic bastard.

Why are you so serious?

If you can't find her, just be it.

We're too young to get married.
And Sun-yeong of all girls?


He's just doing his best.
And he has the kid with him.

He's not actually his, is he?

She has nothing to say
even if he dumps the baby.

Stop it.

By the way,
Sun-yeong was the queen of all sluts.

This punk's so wasted.

I said to shut up.

I really don't get it.

You didn't even love her that much.

Whoever the baby's father is,

why did she keep him and cause this shit?

She should've just gotten rid of him.

Do-il, once a slut, forever a slut.
Don't you know?

You just can't change someone.

-You son of a bitch!
-Stop it!

-Stop it.

-You piece of shit.
-Stop it.

Calm down!

Just ignore him.

Hey, Do-il. Do-il!

Hey, they're just too drunk.

They won't even remember tomorrow.

Let go.

I wanted to treat you big time tonight.

I'll shut them up.
Let's have one more round!

I'm so wasted already.

How about we go to a club?

What the…

Let's go together. I have to go.
I'll get a cab for us.

-I have to go home for Ye-jun.
-Just this one time, please?

Let's go. Or I'll keep doing this.

Let's go.

You're going with us, right?
I'll get those punks.

So you go ahead. I'll follow soon.

-Be there, okay?
-What the hell?

Come on!

I need to go.

-Let me go.
-What's your problem?

I need to go watch my baby.

Are you married?

Are you?

No, I'm not.

Then shut up. You really want me to go?

Yeah, I'm on the third floor!

What happened?

She's still being examined.

Where's Ye-jun?

Are you drunk?


Are you out of your mind?

How can you be drinking?

She arrived just in time,
and she's come around now.

But she needs to stay for a while
to watch her arrhythmia.

Sometimes, chemo causes arrhythmia

and since there's a high chance
of relapse,

you should cancel the second round
of chemotherapy

-scheduled on the 31st.
-Hold on.

What chemotherapy?

The one she's getting now.

But she was done with chemotherapy
last year.

She had a relapse and has been coming
for two months.

Didn't she tell you?

It spread to her lungs,
so she must have been in pain.

Did you not know?

Aunt found mother collapsed.

She threw a fit
saying it's all your fault.

Don't come here and stay home for a while.

I don't think…

she'll make it…

this time.

I didn't mean it…

when I said it's all your fault.

Her life didn't treat her well.

I think we did our best for her.

Now pull yourself together.

Stop looking for the girl,

and handle the baby problem.

I'll let my church
know about the situation.

They'll find an orphanage
to take the baby.

Ye-jun's at your place, right?

Why do you ask?

Don't be stupid and just do as I told you.

I'll take him.

Then what? Raise him all by yourself?

Nothing changes
even if you find that girl.

Never mind. I'll take care of this.

Kim Do-il!

It's just a small thing you can do for me.

You won't get arrested for that, asshole.

My boss will freak out if he finds out.

You need to bring her seal,
and I need her consent too.

Don't you know about the privacy policy?

I don't give a damn about that, okay?

Do me this one favor.

You're the only one
I can turn to right now.

I have nowhere else to go.

Please help me out.


This is Sun-yeong's friend.
You know her, right?

Have you recently heard anything from her
or met her?

Okay, I'm sorry.

Hello, this is Sun-yeong's friend.

Three years?

This is the police.
We're looking for Shin Sun-yeong.

I'm Sun-yeong's husband.
Have you heard from her?

No, I'm her friend!


Yes, I called you earlier.
What's your number?


This is Sun-yeong's friend.

Hello. Sorry for calling you this late.

This is Sun-yeong's friend.

Wondering if you have seen her
or met her recently.

I see.




Is it him?

I can't believe this.

How could you call me about this
after so long?

So, for how long?

Can you keep him for about a week?

A week?

Are you crazy?

Please do me a favor. You like kids.

I have a job.
No way I can watch him for a week.

I'll have him over the weekend.

He does look like you.
Especially your nose.

Sorry for asking out of the blue for this.

Forget it.

It's just over the weekend.
Not after that. Got it?

Hold on.

I almost forgot.

Diapers are inside here.

Mix the liquid formula when you feed him.

Can I just feed him baby food?

He still needs milk
since he has trouble digesting.

You can feed him
about five times with 40ml.

Or twice with 60ml and twice with 40ml.

And I packed baby wipes
and his favorite cookies.


Who's there?

Is this Sun-yeong's place?


I'm looking for Shin Sun-yeong.
Isn't this her house?

Who are you?

Hello, my name is Do-il.
I'm her friend from Seoul.


Hey, how's Mom?

No, I can't go now.

I know, but I just can't.

I'm not even in Seoul now.


I'll call you back.

You're the one who called me?

Are you Sun-yeong's brother?

Let's talk somewhere else.

Hey, are you really her brother?


She never told me she had a brother.

You're a dead man if you screw with me.

It was before my mom died.

I can understand
she told you she had no family.

Mom died long ago and I was only a baby.

Is that your father at home?

He's an asshole.

Sun-yeong left home because of him.

They didn't get along?

Worse than that.

He got drunk like hell
and beat us up every day.

It was so tough for us.

I would've run away too.

You don't know where she is?

Any call from her?


She used to come home from time to time,

but now Dad's home all the time,
so she doesn't.

What did she do at home?

She gave me some money
and we ate out together.

We went to see Mom too.

Can I have a cigarette?

-How old are you?
-Please, just one.

The price went up,
so I haven't smoked for a while.

-Knock yourself out.
-Thanks! I have a lighter.

What are you carrying it for?

I have many at home.

Sun-yeong always left them
and said she'd quit smoking.

This is the one she left.

Has she stopped smoking?

No way.

I knew it.

It's hard to kick the habit.

Why did she leave your place?

None of your business. Stop prying.

-So did you break up with her?
-Asshole! You talk too much.

Call me right away when she calls you.

Give it here.

I'm taking this.

Quit smoking.

Isn't the last bus at 9:30?

The last one departs at 9:00
during the weekend.

Aren't they supposed to run
at later hours on the weekend?


You should've told me that the last bus
runs earlier on the weekend.

How would I know that?
I haven't even been to Seoul.

And I don't work here.

Get your ass off and go home.

No, I won't.

You just hate your home, right?

Go home. There's no place like home.

Sun-yeong left home when she was my age.

I don't care if you run away,
but at least wait till graduation.

Look at your sister.

Go home now.

Bro, you still love her, right?

Just get back with her.

Cut the bullshit.

She said you're a good man, bro.

I'm not your brother.
Stop calling me that.

It was long ago.
Sometime around last year.

I don't know where she is.

Didn't she tell you she had a boyfriend?

She did.

But who doesn't have one?

She hardly showed up anyway.

She only showed up
when a customer wanted her.

Wanted her?

Then she did it with customers too?

Why do you keep asking these questions?

I should know whom I'm looking for.

I didn't know she did this kind of thing.

I never tell anyone about my business.

I didn't come here for you.

It's because I feel bad for Sun-yeong
and her baby.

A customer kept asking for her,
so I asked her to come out.

But I really don't get it.

What's the point of looking for her?

Are you two going to live together?

Do you need someone
to take care of the baby?

Mr. Kim Do-il?

Nice to meet you. Get in the car.

So you haven't heard from her recently?

No, you're the one
who broke the news about the baby.

Let me take a DNA test anyway.

If he's my son,

I'll figure things out.

I'll do it carefully, so don't worry.

Instead, sign this paper
to keep things secret.

There are a lot of places
that take good care of babies.

So don't worry about it.

And this says you won't blabber about it
to my family or my work,

so read it through.

Apparently, you're not
in the position to keep the baby.

The sooner you fix this, the better.

You have a family.
Why do you go to hostess bars?

It's what everyone does. Haven't you?

Did you never sleep with another girl
when you have a girlfriend?

It's the same. Gosh, why am I
even talking about this?

Anyway, be more careful when you pick
a girl to marry.

Not someone like her.

Read it through and sign it.

What do you think you're doing?

I don't need this.

And you don't need to take the test.


What are you doing here?

Is no one home? Can I come in?

Get lost.

Come on! I'm coming in.

What's all this?

Why did you get these?

Don't be mad!
I was just worried about you.

Are you kidding me?

Come on.

I'm only here because you helped me out
a lot in the past.

So forget your pride and just let me help.

Leave it and get out of here.

Do you have a baby too?

Shut up. No.

But I can see he's not yours.

Bitch. What are you talking about?

If I had kept that baby,
he would've been bigger.

Anyway, none of this is his fault,

so be nice to him.

Shut up.

He must be bored spending all day inside.

Can I take him out for a while?

What will you do if he catches a cold?

When he starts crying,
you'll feel like hell.

I saw a park nearby.
We'll just take a walk for a while.

Shut it.

Ye-jun, you want to go outside?

Come in. He'll catch a cold.

I said, come in!

Okay, I'll be right back.

Look over there.



-Over there.

What are you doing?

You bitch.


-You bitch!
-Let go!

You bitch! You know where she is.
Where is she?

-Tell me where she is!
-I don't know, you asshole!

-Where is she?
-It hurts!

-Tell me!
-I don't know!

I really don't know!




Shin Sun-yeong.


Shin Sun-yeong.


-Who are you?
-Oh, I'm…

Who are you? What are you doing here?

I'm looking for someone.
It won't take long.

At this hour? Go find the manager.

This place is for women only.
You can't come in.

There was no one in the office.

You can't just barge in like this.

Whatever it is, go ask the manager.

-Shouldn't we call the police?
-He scared me.

-I'll go call her.

-What is she doing now?

We don't know each other.

Go out! Just get out of here now.

You can't come in here.

What's your deal?

What are you doing here at this hour?

I'm just looking for someone.

All this fuss to find a person?

This place is for women only.
What the hell do you want?

-Shouldn't we call the police?
-I'm not a freak.

Just get out!

-Stop talking and get out!
-How dare you barge in here?

Don't make a fuss here!

-Her name is Shin Sun-yeong.
-Get out!

Get inside and lock your door.

For god's sake!

-Shin Sun-yeong!
-Hey, you!


Don't you even feel bad for Ye-jun?

Hello, police? Please send some officers!

We have some freak inside the building.

You won't see me again?

Hurry up, please.

Gosh, that freak.

I've run this place for ten years,
and this is the craziest thing ever.

What on earth is going on?

I'm so sorry.

Some got scared
and want to leave this place.

If I lose any tenants,
will you make up for my loss?

You have a kid. Know to act better.

I am so sorry.

I was going to sue you,
whatever your case is.

But I'll drop it all because of that lady.

What lady?

It must be her.

She came to me in the morning crying
and said it's all her fault.

She begged me not to sue you.

I'm only letting you loose
because I feel sorry for that young lady.


Did she say where she's going?

No, she didn't.

I saw a lot of girls like her.
It won't be easy to find her.

They leave Seoul and go to Japan,
Thailand, the Philippines.

And you know what they end up doing.


Can you do me a favor?

Be quick.

-Where's your dad?
-Stop crying.

Ye-jun, look at this!

He's crying. Keep the volume down!

-I need to watch this.
-Turn it down.

-Why is he crying so hard?
-Come on, soothe him.

Go fetch a diaper. It's under the TV set.

-Somebody bring the milk!
-Is this it?

Don't shake it up and down.
Back and forth.

Gently back and forth.


Please have a look. Thank you.

Please take this. It's Konggo Fitness
by the intersection.


Thank you.

Thank you.

-Please, just for today.
-Sorry, I can't.

-Half-day then?

How are you holding up?

You know, Sang-min is going to quit.

I need a new trainer.

Would you like to try?

I feel bad to see you do this.

I can't bear to look at your face.

It costs you a lot to raise a baby.

Give it a try.

Thank you.

Let your wife watch the baby.

You can't bring him here every day.

It's just uncomfortable.

Get it?

I'm heading off now.
Wrap it up and go home.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Nice to meet you.
I'm a preacher at this church, An Su-hong.


It must have been a tough decision.

You'll be blessed
for taking care of the baby so far.

So don't feel guilty about your decision.

Well, it's not easy to raise
someone else's baby.

Did my brother tell you that?

Yes, your friend left the baby
and never came back.

What will happen to the baby?

We'll look after him here
until this Sunday.

And after the Sunday service,
he'll go to our orphanage.

You can visit him whenever you want.

We'll find him nice new parents.
So don't worry too much.


Please keep this for him.

-Let's eat some fishcake.
-No, let's go to a karaoke bar.

Let's have some soju with fishcake.

-Water is all you deserve.

-You didn't empty your glass again.
-Drink up.

You said you have a high tolerance.
Want a good beating?

You didn't drink that much.
What's wrong with you today?

He's wasted.

Do-il, where's your wedding invitation?
You have only a few weeks left.

Yes, it should be ready by now.

Give me one.

Dude, I want one.

Damn it! It's ready, okay?

-It's ready, okay? You shithead.
-All right.

-Hey, calm him down.
-It's ready. Got it?

Don't get mad.

-Am I singing for your wedding?

-I practiced so much.
-You piece of shit.

Are you okay?

You drank way too much.

I'm sorry, Mom.

I tried to make it right.

But I'm just good for nothing.

What am I supposed to do?

Just live your life.

You're doing well.

This is good enough.

I had a friend

who got married to a nice man.

She was ugly, but she was lucky.

She had a son,

and he was so smart.

I got so jealous of her…

because she was happy even though
she was ugly.

Her son got accepted to SNU.

He was so smart
and he studied in the US too.

Or so I heard.

So I envied her.

About two years

after he graduated,

he had a car accident…

and he died.

You're struggling to live.

I think it's way better
to die just like that.

So, trust yourself

and hang in there, okay?

I'm sorry, Mom.

Time really flies.

My life has gone by so fast.

Where's Ye-jun?

I miss him.

I miss Sun-yeong too.



What's wrong? Mom, look at me!


She was briefly in a coma.

Her vitals are so unstable now.

Things could get worse anytime soon.

Tonight will be critical.

Call your family and relatives,
just in case.

Yes, Aunt.

I've just arrived so I'm not really sure.

Yes, it seems we should.


What time tomorrow?

Then you should stay there
and I'll call you.

Uncle, please unlock the phone.

Hey, give me Grandma's phone.

No, I want to play the game.
Unlock it for me.

Stop it.

-Don't bother him.

Give me that.


Who's there?

How can I help you?

I'm looking for the preacher.

He's upstairs.


He's talking with someone now.

-He knows who I am.
-Let me give him your message.

-No, please let me…
-What's going on?

We don't have service today.


Well… Could I…

take back my baby?

-The baby you brought last time?
-Yes, Ye-jun.

I understand you miss him.

-But you can't just show up like this.

I'm not here to see him.

I want to take him back with me.

Even if you insist,

there's nothing I can do for you, so…

Hey, stop. Calm down.

I'm not sure what's going on.

-Why don't you talk to the pastor first?

Talk about what?

I am Ye-jun's father.



want to…

raise Ye-jun.

What the hell?

What do you want?

Did you come to take him away?

Why the hell did you…

Why the hell did you run away
in the first place?

I was scared.

I'm not going to hold you back.

Just do whatever you want.


It's all right.

It's all right.