Babu Bangaram (2016) - full transcript

A cop goes undercover to investigate a businesswoman and her father.

For looting your country
in all these years..

..public are angry with
us and are hating us.

They are chasing you by
forgetting we are ladies.

You are speaking good telugu.

They are teaching us abuses.. that we understand
their abuses.

You have to save us.

Please save us!

Please save us!

Please save us, sir!


What is this?

Feeding the people who played with
our lives by making us slaves?

Good and bad people feel hungry.

Like how their guns
carry bullets..

..similarly if their hearts
have some sympathy...

...then we would have
been humans long back.

Sir, you are very generous.

Nothing should happen to such...

...a generous heart in
spite of hurting it.

Stone like heart!
Diamond like heart!

Sir, your heart is
meant only for public.

Sir! Sir! Sir!

You praised for
long about heart.

See what happened now! Rascal!

Doctor! Greetings!

Mr. Rayalu?

Yes. - What happened?

Heart pain! Conduct
operation urgently.

Sir, child has turned upside down.
Operate my wife first.

I am the lone doctor. How can
I treat both of them at once?

Sir is the head of the village.
First check him, doctor.

Sir, you are our God. Sir, show
mercy on my wife and children.

Sir! Don't show mercy now!
Don't show!

If you show mercy now then there
wouldn't be anything to show later.

Listen to me.

No, sir. - Stop!

Mine is just a single life.

It is about two
lives over there.

Doctor.. Operate them first.

Hey, all this happened
because of you. Sir!



With the mercy showed,
God too showed mercy..

..and gave him a grandson
with his all traits.


Sir, we found the where abouts
of RP jewellery thieves.

Okay, I am coming.

I told you, right?
I told you, right?

I told you, right?

Sir's timing is perfect
and he will come.

Greetings, sir.

Sir, I know why you are silent.

I give share to everyone.

I kept few special
ornaments aside for you.

There is a waist-necklace too.
It will be useful in future.

Keep it, sir.

I told you, right? I told you, right?
I told you, right?

Everyone is greed for money.

Giri! - Sir.. - See..

Come, come. Take it.

You four of you wear four.

I told you a lot.

I gave a good offer.

But still if you want
to do your work..

..then I will do my work.



Doctor, save me! I will die! No!



Sir! - Very sad!

Doctor, are X-rays and scanning done?
- Yes.

Brother, you don't sneeze.

Krishna, why are
you feeling sad?

He is sneezing because of cold.

No, doctor. Though they are
thieves, they are also humans.

They too have families.

What is this tragedy!

Sir, if something
happens to my husband..


Hello Priest? - Tell me.
- I beat four thieves with water.

They should recover immediately.
Don't worry about the expenses.

Offer special prayers
in their names.


I want to see my
thieves happy again..

Thank you.

Krishna, why should you beat
them if you feel so sad?

They will not listen to
me if I don't beat them.

My character doesn't
allow me to beat.

That's why I beat
them with water.

Anyways, my conscience..

Wonderful man!

Who is he? He is very sensitive.

He is sensitive inside out.

Sympathetic police. If anybody
is in trouble he will shed tears.

If Mother Teresa were to
be born again as police..

That's our ACP Krishna!

Great. Don't know whose
troubles he is going to solve.

Such a great person
is born on this earth.

Yes, sir.

Look.. Don't make me
ask again and again.

Since it is me so I am
making you sit and asking.

Had it been my brother he would
have killed you by making you stand.

Tell me where your father is.

I don't know anything.

Please leave me.
- If I were to leave you..

..then your father
should come out.

Or else I want
the video he shot.

I am giving you two days’ time.

If you don't tell
where your father is.. three sisters will become
mothers without getting married.


He is Mallesh Yadav's
younger brother, right?

Big scoundrel!

He is asking something.
Why don't you tell?

What should I tell, uncle?

He is asking where my where is.

If I tell where my father
is then they will kill him.

If I don't tell, they will
not let the family stay alive.


Uncle, I feel like dying.

Started again!

Why don't you tell
these problems to...

...your brother-in-law?
He might solve them.

He himself is a big problem. He
wants me, he doesn't want my problem.

Have patience. Your
good days will come.

When will they come, uncle? On one
hand I have to pay sister's fee..

..and on the other hand I
have to pay bank instalments.

If all these problems come at once
then how will I tolerate them?

Here is the money you asked for.

Hey, I want to take
leave for one month.

One month?

By seeing her troubles, I
feel like taking one year off.

I have decided to do
something for her.

Your heart has
become too sensitive.

I had never seen a more sensitive
person than you anywhere.

You have seen me, right? Kishore..
- Sir..

Find out the places she visits every day.
I will follow her.

What about us?

You follow me. - Okay.

Come. Let's go.

What makes you happy, sir?

We didn't come for marriage alliance
so as to show you the girl secretly.

Sir, you keep quiet. Veena is
being played inside sir's heart.

It is not Veena, they are
sounds from temple's bell.

No, it is Veena.

Hey! How many times
I should tell you?

How many times I should tell
you not to take the offering?

Don't beat me, sir.
- You are always seen here.

How many times.. - Oh!

Why are you beating
such a small boy?

How come he is a small boy?

He is behaving as if
the offering in the...

...temple is being
prepared only for him.

He already came twice,
this is third time.

That's why I am thrashing him. Go away!
- Hey!

It is wrong. Offering
should be eaten only once.

Not for myself, sister.

It is for my sister.

Do they give offering for
free if you show your sister?

It is a mistake to allow you
inside the temple. Go away!

Hey, do you have sense?

If one sports a big vermillion
and prays to God ten times..

..they don't gain virtue.
One should possess..

..a kind heart to feed people.

One should be forthcoming
in helping a person.

This offering might be very less
for well to do people like you.

But for such people it is elixir
that fulfils their hunger.

Person should have little bit
of sympathy and compassion.

Sir.. Sir..

See her empathy towards hungry people.
What is her heart like?

Sympathetic heart!
Same like you.

Sir, in fact you
should be in her place.

Sister-in-law just filled the place.
- Sister-in-law?

I am seeing such a girl
for the first time.

I thought her looks are beautiful,
her heart is also beautiful.

All these years I stayed
away from marriage...

...for not getting
a perfect match.

Now the time has come.
Heart for heart..

Age for age.. Don't delay further.
Sing a song.

Sir! Girl has left.

You come to reality from dream.

Sir, I have to
tell you something.

She hates policemen.

She doesn't even look
at police uniform.

She runs a mess by herself.

They are into catering business.

I shot some visuals of you yesterday.

Show them soon.

I can't see.. No,
this is too much.

What happened, sir?
Isn't my direction good?

Sir, we will correct
the problems in CG.

What will you correct?

I imagined her as angel.

She should visit parlous
and enhance her glamour.

Why is she working in kitchen?

Sir, we see girls
as angels in dreams.

But in reality, in
their house they...

...apply hair old that
keeps pouring from head..

..and by wearing
loose nighties..

..they brush their teeth in
open, they look very ugly.

Stop it. I am talking about
her problems at a young age.

I feel pity for seeing her.

Let anything happen. I will make
her my wife and give her a life.

Hello master! Her brother-in-law
took up that work.

She got engaged to him.

She got engaged? - Yes.

Yes, sir. What can we do now?
It's all over now!

But still I will
not leave my angel.

What is his name?

Bathayi Babji.

Where is stays?


See that angel and this guy!


What are you talking?

This orange gives us food.

Don't call it as..
biting and sucking.

They are roots inside.
Worship it.

We should get rid of him.

We should get her rid of him. Sir,
it is better if you marry her.

Okay. Has our team come?

On the way, sir. - Let's go.

How much is for half a dozen?

This is whole sale shop.

We don't sell in
dozens or singles.

How much for lorry full?

You look like an NRI.

30 years fruit market!

I think you don't know me.

From Amalapuram to Hyderabad
only I do oranges business.

Search everywhere.

What are you searching, sir?

Want big size? Come to
that side, I will show.

Sir! Bundle of ten rupees notes!
- Ten rupees..

Sir, it seems they printed in the night.
Paint smell is fresh. See.

Hey, hey.. Print and painting?

We received information
saying that... are printing fake notes
and circulating them in market.

That's why I searched,
you are caught. Come!

Sir, sir, sir.. This finger
shivers to cast fake vote.

So how can I print
with this hand?

What is this bundle?

Sir, don't think
I am acting smart.

Why will we print five
or ten rupees notes?

If we decide to print then we
will print 1,000 rupees notes.

What? Have you set
your eyes on big notes?

Hey, see if there is
anything in machine.

Sir! Sir! Machine to
print fake currency!

Sir, I got 100 from this side when
I have put a paper on that side.

Hey fool! Didn't you drink
sugarcane juice anytime?

What is that machine
and what are you saying.

This is sugarcane machine.

If you keep a sugarcane
on one side then... get its juice on the
other side, but not papers.

Sir, he doesn't seem to
have knowledge, teach him.

He looks dumber than me.

Hello! What are you
talking about him?

Does he look like a person
printing fake currency?

Yes, sir. One will believe if you
say he commits murders or rapes.

How can you say he prints fake currency?
It's a cheap stunt.

You cool down, bro. Don't
give them unnecessary ideas.

You seem to have half knowledge.

What? Half knowledge?

You will get full knowledge if I
throw you in jail and thrash you.

Put him in the jeep. - Hello! You
are not showing any respect. Wait.

I will make a call.
Look.. Talk..

Who, sir? - KTR.

You mean? KCR's son.

My friend.


He will see to it.

Hey, you are making a
mountain of a mole hill.

Sir, sir, they are stopping
me from doing my duty.

Enough of your over action.

Sir, after your telling me..
okay, okay, sir.

Give it. - Sir.

Mr. Bathayi Babji..

Sir, I didn't know that your
friend has such a big background.

Forgive us. Please.

Go ahead.

Don't touch again. Go.
- Yes, sir.

Don't do that..
- Usual mistake, sir.

Bro! - Come, Babji!

Bro! Bro!

Tell me.

Bro, where have you come for me?

Washington? Dallas? Texas?

Let it be anything.. When I see you.
I feel like seeing my elder brother.

Oh bro! You made
juice with hands.

Drink juice.

Henceforth you are the..

..king of this Bathayi Kingdom.

Don't you have successors?

What successors, bro?

You are making me
an elderly person.

Will I become a married person if
you called me as elder brother?

Do I have children
if I sell oranges?

Just got engaged.

Shy.. - Feeling very shy..

Like in Raghavender
Rao's movies,...

your marriage hall will
be decorated with oranges.

Bed decorated with oranges,

bedsheet made with oranges,
first night with orange..

Stop! Everything
is with oranges.

You understood my inner
feelings correctly, bro.

By the way, what do you do?

I earned a lot in US.

I am planning to
start hotel business.

I am searching for
food suppliers.

But I am not finding them.

My fiancée too is into the same business.
She runs a big mess.

Wait, I will introduce her.
You can get along very well.

Sir, carry on... - Go ahead!

No, it won't look nice.

You will introduce me to your
fiancée and then she and I..

What bro? You are not seeking
my help in love matter.

It is just for business purpose.

For the help you
extended today..

..time has come to
repay your favour.

Agree! Please!

Give consent, sir.

Should I? - Yes.

Okay, let's go. - Come. - Nice.


Sir is Bobbili Raja, he is
a NRI living in America.


He is my best friend.

My sister-in-law has come.

How are you?

You will be fine.

Grandmother, why
did he come again?

I told him not to come, right?

Sweetheart, it is..

I have got a name. Shailaja.

Call others with pet names.

Sailu, don't treat me
like a rotten orange.

I will feel insulted
in front of my friends.

He is Mr. Krishna.

For helping the poor people.. providing good
quality with at low rates..

..he came to Hyderabad
with a good intention.


Yes, I don't have
experience in this business.

If I travel with
you for few days..

..I will get an idea.

If you co-operate with
me then I will invest.

You take the profit.

Just help me in providing.. to others though me.

I thought you too are
a crooked person... him for being his friend.

This old woman is
spoiling my name..

..instead of doing her work.

But by seeing you.. look like a
very good person.

Yes, grandmother.

Everyone calls sir as
Babu Bangaram - Golden Boy


By seeing your family, I feel
as if I came to my house.

Don't say no. Please.

Come to the mess
tomorrow, we will talk.

Okay, thanks.

All happy!

Why is the entire
family against you?

It is..

I had a small breakup.


That's why by using you..

..I made re-entry.

He is not a normal orange.

Bro. - Yes..

From tomorrow you should build
a strong foundation between us..

..and get us married..

..and send us to honeymoon..

..with a orange.

So from tomorrow, your
marriage is my marriage.

What is that?
- That's it! Your marriage is my marriage!

Yes. - You will not get it.

Babji.. Babji..

Why is he calling my
marriage as his marriage?

He is a good person.



Isn't your mess
business over yet?

Will you not check if your sister
is there in the house or not?

What are you talking?

I kidnapped her.

She is with me. Go and see.

Hello, sister.

Where are you, Vidya?

I am studying in the house.

Hope you are fine.

Yes. What happened, sister?

Nothing.. you study.


Felt tension?

Just kidding! Kidding!

If you don't tell
where your father is..

..I will make your
tension come real.

I don't know! I don't know!
I don't know!

You keep saying that.

I will make you say, 'I know.'

See how I will
torture your family.

Good morning.

Bad morning!

Why bad morning?

Today there is an order for
2,000 members in a function.

It got late by the
time we prepared it.


They rejected the entire food.


We can't sell it
if they reject it.

Moreover each carriage
is of his size.

My dear senior, you don't
give unnecessary ideas.

My dear assistants!
- Reporting, sir!

We are selling these!
- Yes, sir.

We are wiping madam's tears.

Without wasting even
drumsticks in sambar,...

...we will sell
each and every item.

It is not that..

It is very difficult
to sell them.

You don't have
experience, leave it.

Why do you say like that?

Have I entered your life to keep
quiet when you are feeling sad?

I will become the banana leaf in
your hands when you feel hungry..

I will become a leaf to collect
water when you feel thirsty..

He will become Zandu balm
when you get headache..

He will become Tiger balm
when you get back pain..

Why do we need
this business, sir?

This is today's business.


You wait, we will disappear.

18, 19..

What's the collection? - Crap!


What's it with items? - Items?

What is this work for us?

For getting closer to her.. should help me
some times like this.

Will you not help your ACP?

Forget that you
are a policeman..

..and continue this work.
That's it.

Stop! Stop! - Hold on!

Sir, have you eaten?

Going by your faces,
you look very hungry.

We already ate.

What if you have eaten? Will
you not feel hungry again?

Come aside.

Why didn't you take curd?

I can't stand the smell.

That's wrong. Don't rub.
Go and sit there.

Don't talk to him.

I don't have time to wait.
- Sir, one minute.

I don't have time. - Sir..

Wait! - Hey!

Licence! C book! RC! Pollution!
Everything is there.

Okay, I don't have
time, I will not stop.

I have lot of time.
- I will not stop. - I will stop.

Why? - Number plate is missing.

I don't have time to put it.

My person will get it
done, go and eat lunch.


Hey, what's the time?

No time to eat,
there is no sambar.

Eat curd.


Sir, he is driving
auto like a Volvo bus.


Why are you stopping
early morning?

He is talking differently.
Check him.

My God!

You are putting the machine
inside the mouth early morning.

Is it a time to drink?

Not to drink, but
to smell buttermilk.

Buttermilk? - Yes.

Why are you putting the
machine inside the mouth?

Blow out.


He didn't eat yet.

Why do you say I didn't eat?

Just now I ate four
chicken pieces..

..and ate biryani stomach full..

..and also licked my fingers.

See the smell.

Sir, he licked very badly.

That's why he is driving in a
different style due to body heat.

Hey, give him curd rice.

Okay, sir. - Go.

Two curd rice for him!

Stop! Hold on! Stop!

Sir, what is this speed?

Sir, sir, I am going
to a program urgently.

Chamak Chandra! Jabardast!


Remove your drape.

Sir? - Come aside. - Okay.

Sir, keep this..

Leave me for today.

Giving a tenner?

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Take this and..

..extinguish the fire. Please.

Hey! Chandra!

Come on! Come.

Come. - Crook!

Chandra, are you trying to
escape by giving some money?

Sir, sir, we had an
entertainment program suddenly..

Entertainment? - Yes, sir.

Entertain me, I will leave you.

Ours is lunch concept, right?

Lunch later, Chandra has come.
Let him entertain.

Super sir!

Sir, you danced better than us.


You said you will entertain me..

..but made me to entertain you.

Thank you, sir. - Okay.

Go there and have lunch.

Sir, you are a very good person,
you are giving free lunch. - Free?

Make payment and leave.

What is this concept, sir?

Babu Bangaram concept.

Collect from all
those who had lunch.


Son, look there..

They came to the hospital and..

..unable to pay money and..

..without eating proper food..

..see how they are
lying down there.


Feed them with your hands.

Thank you. I think I
gave you lot of trouble.

Nothing like that.

Madam, this is my
blood and sweat.

You took 2,000 meals and..

..gave one lakh rupees?

Took any commission?

Sorry, my team didn't
calculate properly..

Take this card and
draw the amount.

Draw the money?

Didn't you sell the food?

We sold at low rate. - Sir..

You don't even
know to tell lies.

You wait.

Let me tell, sir. What is wrong?

We started selling..

..but sir gave
food to the poor..

..for free. - Hey..

They say even mother will not
give food if we don't ask.

Our sir gave free food to
everyone without anybody's asking.

Our food has fulfilled the
hunger of some poor people.

So let us also gain some virtue.

Meeting a good person like
you even in this generation..

..makes me very happy.

Grandmother insisted on
bringing you to eat food..

..after I told her
about your help.

Let's go.

Let's go.. - You wait.

Give 100 rupees
each to all workers.

They worked very hard, they
will have tiffin and go home.

Come, let's go. - Come.

You get good idli
at Yousufguda, go.

Okay, sir.

What does she think?

She thinks we are workers.

Let's go.

Where is Shastri?

Give me the video he shot.

Or else even your dead
body will not be found.

I will not get frightened
of your threats.

I will bring Shastri
out at any cost.

I will write your notorious
history on my website..

..and send you and MLA to jail.

Forget becoming city Mayor..

..I will not let you
become even Corporator.

My pen is mightier..

..than your sword.

You said it true.

It is this, right?

Give water to the sheep.

I completed half century
with this murder.

Thanks, Murthy.

Happy journey.

Greetings, Anna.

MLA Puchappa, greeting.

Sit. - Brother Mallesh..

It is okay that
you killed Murthy.

Did you find out
where Shastri is?

Don't know.

Rama! Story has to
the beginning again.

My tension is increasing.

If Shastri or that video..


..then I will get destroyed
for sure in elections.

You will get destroyed as Mayor.

Why are you taking
tension, Anna?

Our men are threatening
Shastri's daughter daily.

It is not about
threatening or pleading..

..increase the dose little bit.
- Okay, Anna.

Torture in some way.

We are doing it, Anna. - See that
our names are not revealed. - Okay.

Got it?


Anna, my sweetheart has come.

We are going out,
I will talk later.

Come sweetheart. Come.
Be careful.

Do murderers love
their wives so much?

Eat, grandmother.

What should I eat?

We used to eat
happily every day.. talking to my son.

I am unable to eat food.

Grandmother, if I
too start crying..

..then what will happen to
small children. Tell me.

Please, grandmother.
For my sake.



I am journalist Murthy's wife.

I want to talk to you urgently
about your father's matter.

Where shall I come?

Shocked at the unexpected entry?

What should I do? We
both have patched up.

I want to talk to you privately
but you are not found alone.

That's why I caught you on
your way like Chiranjeevi in...

...'Donga Mogudu' movie.

Get aside, brother-in-law.
I am going on an urgent work.

Go. Who said no but..

Tell me when we are
getting married.

Hey! Are you mad?

What is my situation and
what are you talking?

It's about your father, right?
Just yesterday..

..I met a priest. You
know what he said?

If we get married and..

..have an orange like son..

..all cases will be dismissed.

Listen to me.

Don't waste more nights.

Orange should be plucked
from the tree and eaten.

You just say yes,
within a week..

..I will fix the date.
- Shut up!

We are crying on my
father's situation.

Will you stop me on the road and
talk disgusting things like this?

If you bring up the marriage
topic with me then you will die.

Hello.. - Hello.. - I am coming.

I am leaving.

It is already too late.
- It is..

You may come again when
I call you next. Bye.

Ugh! Because of you.. work got spoiled.

If you bring up the
topic of marriage again..

We can talk if you
give little gap.

What should I talk, brother?

My life has become an orange
that is put inside the mixer.

With little bit of adjustment..

..I would have turned my
life into orange orchard.

My sister-in-law made me a fool.

She warned me not to bring
up the topic of marriage.

Since you are my friends so
I want to tell you something.

Yesterday night at 12 o'clock..

..I crossed 40.

Hey, shut up!

As if it is a great thing. Sit.

I thought of getting married and
enjoy the life for at least 10 years

She is not encouraging at all.

Brother, I am afraid my
life will become an orange..

..and remain in showcase forever.
I am afraid.

I understood your pain.

Give solution, brother.

Any girl wants to marry a
boy who looks like a hero.

First you should
like a hero to Sailu.

For you to look like a hero..

..from tomorrow I will make your
heroism reach the sky in every scene.

I will stay by your
side and lift you

I didn't understand.
- We understood. Continue.

Sailu will go to the market
tomorrow for buying vegetables.

You come in a nice dress.

We will blast your heroism.

Brother, I am getting lot of
energy upon hearing your words.

Tomorrow morning,
fresh look, freshness..

..I will arrive!
Thank you brother!

Bro! - Yes.

What brother? - Orange.

You love my orange a lot.
Give it.

I love you. - Happy birthday!

Sir, the plan is..

Park the vehicle.


How is my t-shirt?
- I think it is bit tight.

I am not asking if
it is tight or loose.

Do I look like a hero?
- You look like a hero in real.

Thank you, bro.

Last night, as you said..

..Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu..

..Balaiah, NTR..

..Prabhas, Bunny, Cherry..

I took them all for a ride.

What are you talking?

I mean I watched their
action episodes once.

See there.

The girl who Mallesh
Anna talked about.

Hey! - Anna.
- Go and bring her sister.

Bro. - Yes.
- Look, my sister-in-law is coming.

Tell the concept, bro.
I will show heroism.

Tell me soon.

Babji, I don't know how
to show in this dress.


I am observing daily,
you are ignoring me.

Hey girl! Why don't
you show interest?

Give one kiss, or else one hug.

Concept has come
searching for the feet.

If we break the knees of the guy who
commented on younger sister-in-law..

..for elder sister-in-law..

Hero! - Yes! - Hero!

Super! Go ahead!

- Brother-in-law, where are you taking her?

Hey, if you see my
sister-in-law anywhere..

..if you live by
controlling your desires.. will live a long life.

If you say no and
pass comments..

..and talk bad of
sister-in-law and tease her..

..I will thrash them.

I didn't understand?
Is it telugu?

Sri Lanka! Hey Malinga!

Anybody should become
silent when I say dialogue.

Or else violence!

I want violence.

You want violence?

Will you see the violence?

You might not have tasted
the juice of raw orange.

Touch this hero and see.
You will get crushed.

Touch me! Touch me! Touch me!

Bro, image is damaged.
- I had seen.

My sister-in-law
is watching, bro.

I am giving this entire
scene in your hands.

Save me without becoming a hero.

Hey girl!

Stop! Don't waste time! - Hey!


Sorry, buddy! Sorry!

What a punch!

Oh! Sorry..

Where? Where are you coming?

Sorry, sorry.

Oh.. oh..

Why do you get beaten by me?

Why? What is this torture?

Hey! Is it over?

I showed pity and beat you lightly.
Did you start again?

There should be bleeding now. Giri!
- Sir..

Speed up!

Nobody becomes a hero if they
shower flowers on themselves.

Flowers should fall automatically.
That is called heroism.

You tell many things if you have
an audience, like Vennela Kishore.

Good comedian.

Brother, what is this blood
and what is your thrashing.

This fighting is
against your character.

Such a drastic change
in characterisation?

Oh my God! That is pomegranate.

Concept is new. - Blood?

So much of blood?

Hey fool!

That is not blood, it
is pomegranate juice.

Is it? Really?

It is very tasty. I think
it is a hybrid fruit.

Whatever it is, go.

No, no, I can't tolerate, bro.

I can't tolerate this insult!

Babji! Babji!

Your hand is bleeding!
Call the ambulance.

No, bro. No. Sit.

Bro, you became a hero
there and also here.

I am good for nothing.

What is this?

Sir, going by his body language,
I think his brain is dead.

Sir, narrate one scene with
a compassionate heart...

...that will melt Sailu,
he will feel good.

Father's operation, with love.

Father's operation?

With love?

In the movie 'Nannaku Prematho'
hero loves his father a lot.

Sailu loves his father a lot, right?
- Yes.

If you celebrate her father's
birthday tonight at 12 o'clock..

She will decide to make me her
husband, right? - Go ahead!

What is this sound?

Hey! What is this?

Why are you beating like that?

Your heart will stop beating
and you would die. Stop it.

Emotion, grandmother. Emotion.

What motion?

This old woman is
insulting the character.

Babji, what is that
suit and specs?

What is this chaos at midnight?
- Boys!

Come, let's give clarity.

Out of these two fruits..

..which is rotten and which is good.
- Hey..

Tell me clearly.

Grandmother, you will
understand if I tell like that.

Based on this fruit principle..

..hunger, sleep and sex..

..are common emotions for
humans and animals. Am I right?

What are you talking
in front of girls?

Idiot! - Okay, grandmother.

I have no feelings even
if you beat me now.

Because my degree is zero
and also emotion is zero.

To keep my emotionally high
love remain hyperactive..

This beating is for the same.
- Stop!

Enough of beating. We
are unable to see it.

what are you doing?

We can't understand anything. - Scene
is super hit if you don't understand.

Means? - I feel you would have
connected strongly if you were NRI.

Am I right?

Feeling irritated! - Okay, okay.

I will break my
rules for you and..

..narrate you directly.

Today is your father's birthday.

Yes. - Boys..

Your father's
birthday celebration..

..I wanted to make you do them..

..and to share your emotions..

..I came with emotion and without
understanding my emotion.. became
emotional unnecessary.

It's a pity.
- We are in sorrow..

..and don't know how
days are being spent.

I forgot my son's birthday too.

Grandmother, don't feel sad.

Brother-in-law, have
you really changed?

You are seeing it.
I am zero character.. emotion, zero fat.

Mr. Krishna..

You are here at this hour..
- It's your father's birthday, right?

Babji forced me
to come so I came.

Great, brother-in-law.

You proved to have
emotion in your innocence.

Yes, yes.

Where is your father? I
had never seen him before.

He is on a tour, he didn't come.

So we should call
him up and wish him.

Babji, why don't you tell me?
- Bro..

Bro, I had forgotten,
this is my own creation.

Okay, leave it. Sailu..

Call uncle urgently.

He will feel happy
if we all talk.

Call him up, sister. Please!

Call him once.

Everyone is ours, call him.

Okay, I will call.

Hello. - Sailu..

Happy birthday, father.

Thanks, dear.

Sir, you couldn't find
any clue in the murder..

..of journalist till now.
What does it mean?

Has he escaped?
- Police has failed?

Just a minute! Just a minute!
One by one please!

We are working on it.

We will arrest him very soon and
release a statement after that.

I will keep you
posted, not to worry.

Krishna! - Sir..

I think that's all for now. Excuse me.
- Thank you.

Come. You heard it?

Media person Murthy died.

Channels are shouting
saying he was killed.

Yes, sir. I had seen on TV.

Seeing the blood and all..

I didn't eat food properly for two days.
Very sad!

Krishna! Krishna! Don't show sympathy.
It doesn't help.

Catch the criminals.

We can do something if you catch him.
Do you understand?

Definitely, sir.

It's my duty.

That's great.

Please sir.

Give me some time.

I will pay the instalments.

We are in deep problems.

We will fall on the streets
if the mess is closed.

Please, sir. I am a specialist.. putting seals. My ears
have become very strong..

..for hearing pleas like you.
I can't heat them anymore.

Bring money. Money!
Money! Money!

This is a good chance.

Bumper offer to
prove heroism again.

I will deal the matter alone.

I will make her
call me number one.

Hey, if you have guts..

..if you are a man..

..put this seal on the lock.

I am a man! - Hey!

Showing heroism?

There is only one
hero in movies.

This is not a multi starrer.
Will you put the seal if I tell?

You seem to be very stubborn.
Where is the rod?

We need rod in this situation, not
orange. Search it. - Brother-in-law!

Stop, brother-in-law. What are you doing?
- Don't stop me, Sailu.

Are you trying to act smart?
- Leave me!

Leave! - Oh!

Hello. - Hello..

Mr. Krishna..

What are you talking?
- How many chances I had given you..

What more you want? - You want..

Why did he come in police dress?

Bro, you came at the right time.

Name board and dress
in such short time..

Trying for Oscar..
moreover gun..

Dummy! Dummy!
- Don't say it loud.

Sir, sir, you came
at the right time.

They are not paying instalments
and we were doing our duty..

He held my collar, sir.

Sir, thrash him in jail.

First open the seal,
we will talk later.

Sir, it is their mistake..
- We should follow Babji's order.

It is my responsibility if
they don't pay the money.

We will talk later,
go and remove it.

Sir, if not you,
I respect your dress.

Sir, they should be dragged to the court.
- Leave!

We will see it in the court.
- Yes, we will..

Remove the seal.

Mad fellow! He got frightened
for seeing fake dress.

Sailu, have you seen it?

I brought Krishna in
police dress and..

..solved the entire problem.

This is called heroism. Got it?

Who is it there?

I will see that they don't
come to you again. Okay?

Thanks a lot.

Take this full
and final payment.

You shouldn't go to
them again, take it.

Shocked? Sir is
very sympathetic.

He cleared everything so
that you don't lose your job.

Bro, how is the scene? - Scene?

I have written it.

Sir, I am seeing for
the first time that...

...a hero has written
his own scene.

You are a multi vitamin fellow.

Not multi vitamin,
it is multi-talented.

What should I do now, bro?
- When my sister-in-law comes.. should say I love you.
- Oh..

Cut to! I will make
entry by clapping hands..

..and give lecture to Sailu.

I will warn her
saying every boy..

..will propose her daily
if she doesn't marry him.

My Sailu will become
worried with it and..

..she will be afraid
of missing me..

..and dreams of a song in Europe

Bro! Bro!

It is good to hear.

But it has been ages since
I last proposed a girl.

What is this? As if she
says yes if he proposes her?

Will anybody accept if he says
I love you with innocent face?

That's why I selected you.

If you don't go now..

..I swear on my orange.
- Don't swear on orange.

Keep it in the pocket carefully.
- Okay, okay.

Bro, my sister-in-law is there.

She and her divinity..

She is my heartbeat.

What is this strange expression?

I think you are going bit deep.


Why are you watching
from top to bottom?

I should go into depth, not you.

Go and propose.
- All the best, sir.

What brings you here suddenly?

You look very nice in this sari.
Did you father buy it?

Did you come to say this?

What is this?

Why is he talking indirectly
even after explaining clearly?

Sir, not all can talk
directly like you.

Little bit of
screenplay is required.

What is your opinion on me?

What do you lack?

You are gold. The
girl who marries you..

..will be very lucky.

Brother, sister-in-law too
is improving her dialogues.

Exactly! You understand it well!

No jokes with me!

Why shouldn't you
become that lucky girl?

I shouldn't be asking like this but
I am expressing my inner feelings.

I like you very much.

He is playing the
character very well.

Nandi award and national awards guaranteed.
- Confirm.

I want to hear your feelings..

..and marry you
whenever you are ready.

Only if you don't
have any objection.

Super! That's great.

If our marriage gets
delayed further..

..then every boy will
propose you like this.

To show you practically..

..I played a small
drama with bro.

Well done, brother.

Your expression, modulation..

I couldn't believe it myself.

You did a very good job.

Keep it up! How well he did!

Hail Lord Ayyappa!

What happened, brother?

I gave you a tight slap!

I am observing you
since one week.

Recently when rowdies
passed comments. took my sister
and provoked them.

It was good that he
was there on time.

Otherwise she would..

..have been in trouble
because of you.

Yesterday it was my mistake
when I didn't pay the loan..

..and you beat the bank
manager in excitement.

He arrived in police dress
and gave the cheque and..

..saved us.

Otherwise we all would
have been in jail.

Because of you.

He didn't do all these to
become a hero in front of me.

He did them out of
sympathy for me.

One who shows sympathy
will also love.

It is.. - Look..

He will not play dramas
like you to marry.

Mr. Krishna, you told
me in the temple..

..that you liked me.

It entered my heart.

This heart will love only you.


What is this twist?

Where? Where is your sister?

What does she think?

What are you so much angry?
- I just introduced them to each other.

Will they get closer?

I thought you will get
married and be happy.

Will you bring a son-in-law through back
door? - What is this, brother-in-law?

Tell me clearly.

Why do you still call
me as brother-in-law?

Title is registered in his name.

Moreover your sister..

..said clearly that she
will marry only him.

There must be some
strong reason..

..behind her saying like that.

Why wouldn't it be there?

He is more handsome than me, looks
like Venkatesh from 'Gharshana' movie.

Rich boy.

She trapped him immediately
after finding him.

Whether good or bad.. should adjust with
the fruit after buying it..

..but they shouldn't find fault
with its colour or taste. - Hey..

Don't shout like that.

Neighbours might hear you.

Already this house
has lost its respect.

There is nothing
new to lose further.

I will tell the
people who don't know.

Hello! Listen to the
story of our family.

Tell her after she comes.

That boy is not gold, but
this brother-in-law is gold.

Marriage, three
knots, seven steps..

Only with this 40
year old Bathayi.

If you say no and
play some drama..

..either she or I will die.

This is fixed!

I used it for impact!

What happened, doctor?
- Heart attack.

Three holes in the
heart are blocked.

Got to perform
operation urgently.

Why don't you do, doctor?

She says her son should come.

She says she will undergo
operation only if he comes.

Call him urgently.

Sailu, how can
you cry like this?

Nothing will happen,
I am telling you.

Call your father immediately.

His life will be in
danger if it gets late.

Come, let's call first.

KLN Shastry has fled after murdering
his colleague IT officer Narayan.

However we tried to search
him, he is not found.

Sir, he killed him so brutally.

Doesn't he have
sympathy and compassion?

Is he a human or animal?
- He is that animal.

Krishna, you should
take up this case.

His elder daughter Sailu
definitely knows where he is.

He is in touch with
her after absconding.

Our department has inquired..

..their family aggressively.

They even attempted suicide
one due to police fear.

I am handing this case
to you so that you will.. this case with sympathy.

Mother, why do you
say you will not..

..undergo operation
if I don't come?

Anyways.. least I could
see you like this.

This is enough for me.

I don't care if I live..

..or die now. - Mother..

Nothing will happen to
you, nothing will happen.

Father, how long should
we go through this hell?

Big people are involved in this.

That's why..

..I am unable to come out.

If I get caught by the police..

..they will definitely
send me to jail and then..

..I have no option other than..

..hanging myself in jail.
- Father, why do you talk like that?

How can we live without you?

I feel very sad that I couldn't
provide good education.. my daughters and also unable
to get any daughter married.

We are fine, father.

A good person is helping us.

He is Krishna, he treats
us like how you do.

We will not face any
problem when he is there.

Yes. He.. indeed God.

I can't..

I am unable to control
my tears by seeing him.

How can I separate that
old man from his children?

I cannot arrest him,
let anything happen.

You are under arrest.

You are caught.

Who do you think I am? Police!

Circle Inspector of Police!

ACP Krishna, Crime Branch.

What are you watching?
This is his plan.

He played the drama
of loving you..

..only to catch him.

You know how many plans we
made to catch your father?

We got introduced to you by
using your brother-in-law.

We pretended to help you and
got closer to your family.

Only to catch your father.

By sending a cake through your
brother-in-law on your father's birthday..

..we made you talk
to him for long..

..only to trace your father.

After you fell in love, he asked you
many questions about your father..

Not to help you..

..but to catch him.

Finally when your grandmother
fell down due to BP..

..we made the doctor
tell it is heart attack..

..and called your father here.

Our ACP Krishna did all this
but I have arrested him.

Entire credit goes to me.


Sir, that mad fellow might shoot him.
Let's go.

Please, sir. Please.


Did you see any policeman
coming this way?

I didn't see, sir.

What's that blood?

Sir, somebody hit me in dark,
I am going to hospital..

Sir, I am having doubt.

Let's go to the station.

Sir, sir.. - Be careful.

He already injured his
leg and suffering pain.

You go.


Go carefully. - Okay, sister.


Sailu, listen to me. Please.

Enough of helping us.

Enough of the love
you showered on us.

What mistake we committed for which
you are harassing us like this?

You had no relationship
with us and.. entered our lives
and showered lot of love..

..and in return we confided
in you but you cheated us.

You don't have sympathy
and compassion.

You pretended to have it.

I thought there wouldn't
be any person like you..

Yes, there wouldn't
be anybody like you.

Ugh! My whole lifetime is
not enough to abuse you.

Look, if anything
happens to my father..

..nobody from my
family will stay alive.

You will be the reason for it.

Remember it.

What is the mistake I committed?

As a police officer,
I performed my duty.

I don't hurt even the
people who commit mistake..

..but I have hurt Sailu even though
she didn't commit any mistake.

I have to prove her that
my love for her is true.

I should see that she doesn't
she tears all her life.

I have to do something
for her happiness.

I have to find her
father's story.

One minute.

How are you? - I am still alive.

Listen to me.
I came to help you.

Please co-operate with me. How did you
father get involved in this murder.

What's the relationship between
Mallesh and your father?

Tell me if he told
you something.

I will get your
father acquitted.

Believe me. - Stop it.

There is a limit to tell lies.

Once I trusted you
and you cheated.. in the name of friendship.

Please leave from here!

Sailu, why are you
acting stubborn?

Try to understand. Please.

Will you leave me or not?


Like a small girl I asked you
about your father's whereabouts.

You said you don't know.

So how did he come to the hospital?
Tell me.

Tell me.

Where is he?

Hey! Take her inside!
- Sir, she is a small girl.

She doesn't know anything, sir.

Sir.. please, sir. I beg you.
She is a small girl.

She doesn't know anything, sir.
Please believe me, sir.

I beg you! Please, sir!

I don't know whom you will
call and what you will do.

By tomorrow morning,
he should be with me.

Or else I will take her
away, let her be anywhere.

Got it? Leave her! - Sister!

Anna, she is ACP's girlfriend.

She might tell him.


Sir, Mallesh Yadav's
henchmen attacked you, right?

In spite of knowing that you left
him, and in this half light.. are drinking full bottle.
This shows how sympathetic you are.

Sir is synonymous with sympathy.

You won't find such person
anywhere nowadays. - Hey!

Go out! Are you mad?

This is not my problem. It's the
problem of that man in photo.

Finished! Entire
respect for you is lost!

My assistants too
are making fun of me.

Why do I need your useless sympathy?
I don't know.

Every policeman having sympathy
inside is God. Believe this quote..

..I am following him.

But what for.

I showed so much sympathy and
they thought I am a weakling and..

..thereby tried to kill me.

To kill them right there,
I have guts given by my father.

But his useless sympathy
made me to spare him.

If criminals are
escaping because of... sympathy then I
don't need such sympathy.

If the girl whom I like
is getting distanced by... because of
sympathy then I don't it.

From today I will give up sympathy
and show what real guts is.

Start the vehicle.

Kill you! Rascal!
- Sister! - Satwika!

Hey! Leave!


You mocked the tiger
when it ate veg food.

It started eating non-veg.
Everyone will see hell now!

Hey! You attacked me
but I took it easily.

But if you trouble my family..

..then I will kill anybody,
tell this to Mallesh.

Poor Krishna, I pity him.

However you try to ignore him..

..he is helping us in
some or the other way.

We need such person's support.

Grandmother, will you
stop talking about him?

Why shouldn't I talk?
What did he do?

He didn't tell you that
he is a policeman, right?

Did you tell him
about your father?

Everyone has their own secrets.

Now I am telling you.

Only Krishna has the courage.. get my son released..

..without any case on him.

Yes, Sailu. Don't talk of love
and marriage if you don't like.

If he really gets your father
acquitted from the case..

..then we will think.

Pretend to smile until then.

We will get our work done.
We have got nothing to lose.

Sister! Father's message!

Sister! Sister! Father
has sent message!

What message?

'I am with a friend
and I am safe.'

'Don't call me.
Police is tracing me.'

'We will talk through messages.'

'I will send message
whenever I can.'

'Don't worry about me.'

'Take good care of
mother and sisters.'

Thank God! - Thank God!

He is safe.

Sister, Mr. Krishna has come.

We told him to come.
Call him inside.

Call him inside.

What will you have?
Coffee or tea?

Green tea. - Which tea?

Nothing, grandmother.
Hot water..

..dip the matter, everyone's
health will be good.

What is that? She
brought it so fast.

Sir, so madam is convinced.

Have it. She prepares it well.

Why are you all standing there?

They will talk piracy.

Come here.
- Grandmother, it is not piracy.

Privacy! - Shut up! You dimwit!

There is no relation
between you and me.

There is no relation.

You are police and I am
a normal person. Got it?


By the way, did your father tell
you anything about this case?

That night police
threatened him.

Rowdies warned him.

After that..

What's this, Krishna?

Truths revealed from IT
officer's murder case.

Mallesh's henchmen
are harassing..

..Shastry’s family by asking about him.
Website Murthy..

..was killed by Mallesh
Yadav for some video.

Based on these two things..

..Mallesh Yadav and
MLA needs to find..

..Shastri more than
our department.

That's okay, Krishna. Why did
Shastri killed IT officer?

Shastri didn't kill him, sir.

Why should he escape if he didn't kill?
- I will tell, sir.

Upon studying this
murder from all angles..

..I learnt few truths.

At 12.40 PM on the
day of the murder..

..MLA Puchappa's house..

..was raided by IT officer
Shastri and Narayana..

..with their team.

Two crores cash..

..four kilograms of gold..

..few hard discs, Pen Drives..

..assets without proper
documents were seized.

At 11.30 PM, Narayan
and Shastri..

..were searching the files..

..and they found a video.

It is the video of
MLA Puchapa and..

..rowdy Mallesh
Yadav private video.

Narayana found it to be more
important than the raid.

Hello sir. - Without even thinking
for a minute, he called up Puchapa.

..he threatened him to
inform Mallesh Yadav..

..if he doesn't arrange
one crore in half an hour.

God! - I have fixed my
daughter's marriage.

If you give one
crore rupees then...

...I will perform the marriage in
Grand Kakatiya in grand manner.

Puchapa was afraid that Mallesh will
kill him if he finds out the matter.. he called Mallesh and told
him that he will make him Mayor..

..if he kills Narayana.

Though Mallesh Yadava is
short tempered, he is dumb.

Without asking why and what..

..he shot Narayana mercilessly.

IT officer Shastri
got trapped in it..

..without his knowledge for
following IT officer Narayana.

Shastri shot the video of
Mallesh killing Narayana.

Until then only
Puchapa was at risk.

But suddenly because
of Shastri's video..

..Mallesh Yadav too was at risk.

In one night, for state MLA..

..and city rowdy,...

...Shastri became
their common enemy.

They bribed police with it..

..and spread the news in media.

By showing for 24 hours
in all the channels..

..they confirmed the news saying
Shastri killed his superior officer.

Nobody asked why he killed him
and what his motto behind it was.

Nobody questioned by asking the reason
behind the killing of his officer.

Including me.

Because if he comes out..

..he and his family will
get killed, so he fled.

This is the truth
revealed from my inquiry.

Sir, I have no
evidence to prove it.

If we can get the video from
Shastri, of IT officer's killing..

..we can close this murder case.

Before finding it..

..we should get hold of MLA Puchapa
and Mallesh Yadav's wife and..

..make them confess the
murder by themselves.

Good then, go for it. What
are you we waiting for?

I am going to meet
Mallesh today.

If I find some clue I will inform you, sir.
- Good.

Keep me posted, Krishna.
- Okay, sir.

Thank you. - Jai Hind.

Sir, will you tell
Mallesh about his wife?

We don't benefit if he knows it.

He will kill Puchapa
if he knows it.

It is of no use for us.

He planned the murder
for a useless video..

..and deprived the family's happiness
and distanced their father..

..similarly by
using a fake video..

..I will make that family
get their father's love back.

I will make everyone in the
family happy because of him.


Golden boy!


ACP sir came to us.

What will you have?
Tea or coffee?

I will take you if you come.
Will you come?

Sir is funny.

Jersey buffalo milk! Very pure.

I will get a tasty coffee.
Have it.

I drink it daily. - No need.

If I drink that, I too
will grow fat like you..

..and feel like
committing murders.

Funny again?

Not fun, Mallesh Yadav.

You and MLA killed
the IT officer..

..and framed KLN Shastri for it.

Sir, this murder took
place last month..

Sir, I was in Delhi
with MLA at that time.

Talk if you want.

Hello. - Anna, ACP sir has come.

He is talking something saying
we both killed the IT officer.

Give the phone to him.
- MLA sir.. talk..

ACP. - Sir..
- Case is handed to you.. arrest the murderer.

But not to jail innocent people.

Innocent? You or him?

There should be
proof for murder.

Talk only if you have proof.
Do you have proof?

I came with proof.

Pen Drive.

Pen Drive? What is there in it?

The video that you feared for..

Romantic selfie video..

4 minutes HD quality.
Full clarity.

Is it with you? How
should I believe?

Watch in Youtube from your cell.

I will upload right away.
- Please don't!

I got complete clarity.

Raja, don't talk
about that video and..

..the woman in it..

..anywhere, please.

I will meet you personally.

Give the phone to my brother.

Anna..- Brother..

I don't know whether you
will beat or commit murder..

..we should get hold
of that Pen Drive.

Don't discuss anything with him.

Fight him directly.

Anna is feeling bad, give that.

I will give you as much
as you want if you give.


..I will send any number
of people to kill you.

Babu Bangaram!

Babu Bangaram!

Babu Bangaram!

Finished your
display of smartness?

Look Mallesh..

Like how MLA's video
entered this Pen Drive.. killed IT officer, right?

Similarly that video too will
come from Shastri's mobile.

It will be found in a week.

I will come again then.

I will throw you both in jail.

They got thrashed for you..

..without committing
any mistake.

If I don't beat you at least
once for committing mistake..

..then my profession
will be a mistake.

I feel satisfied now.

Don't spare the ACP.

Sweetheart, call..

Priest.. I offer prayers
daily in your name.

He must have called
to send the offering.


Hello, priest.

Hello, what happened?
- Everything is finished.

ACP found the visuals
of our love story.

He came to your husband just now and
I told him to snatch the pen drive.

Had he seen it..

..he would have created
nuisance by now.

Since you are still
talking to me so it means..

..he didn't take the pen drive.

He seems to have beaten him.

He is taking massage.
- Thank God!

I am safe. - Anyway I..

I have been telling.

..not to take photos and video.

You made different faces and..

..clicked selfies
with your stupid face.

Selfie number 74.

75, 76..

Don't scold me.
I am already crying.

Look, if anything goes wrong..

..he will not say anything
to me, he loves me a lot.

My brother-in-law
talked closely to me..

..but he didn't care
for him and killed him.

God! - So I don't think I
need to tell what he will do.

Don't scare me.
- I am already frightened.

I will come and divert him.
Hang up!

Driver, you go. - Okay, sir.

Are you listening to the conversation?
- No, sir.

Brother Mallesh, you
tried your best..

..he fought you. What can you do?
Leave it.

How did you know about it, Anna?

We are coming directly
from the airport.

Do you want logic?

Brother is suffering pain
and you are questioning me?

Idiot! Brother Mallesh..'s a small injury, leave it.

How should I ignore it?
How should I?

Look, if ACP finds Shastri..

..and the video is found then
I will definitely go to jail.

I will never become
Mayor anytime.

Never. - You will become..

Don't feel sad.

Don't cry. - Look, what he is saying?
- Stop your music.

Brother Mallesh.. have got more
influence than him.

His influence is very little..

..yours is too big.

You find out Shastri..

..become ACP finds him.

You get your video back.

I will do whatever
I can to the ACP..

..and I will get my video back.

MLA is correct.

Look, even your
sweetheart is supporting.


Hey, search..

Wherever Shastri is..

..he should come to me,
he should fall at my feet.

Okay, brother.

Though 'Shani' is
troubling your father..

..'Shukrudu' is trying.. do favour to you.

I know it. Gundu Sudarshan!

Grandmother, how do you know?

'Shukrudu' is our Krishna.

He is trying to do good for us.

'Shukrudu's friendly
planet is 'Budhudu.'

'Budhudu is trying..'

..'to enter 3 rd place..'

'..and bring happines
in all fronts.'

Aunt, in coming days..

..our house will be filled with happiness.
Believe me.


I think some beggar has come.

Tell him to come later.

Mother, I am MLA Puchapa..

MLA Puchapa?

You came to our house?

I am ACP Krishna's close friend.

He called me in the night..

..and felt very sad for you.

He said Sailu's family is
missing their father and..

..are feeling very sad.. we should do
something for them.

That's it! I left early morning
without even brushing my teeth.

Ugh! Didn't brush your teeth?

What can you do to our family?

We are dealing
with our problems. may go.

Why do you send him
away like that, aunt?

Who do you think has come?

I told you that he will
come to help us, right?

Where is he?
- It's not good, dear. Wear this footwear.

I beg you, I don't want.

Talking so rudely?

You will become blind, I am elder person.
- Sir, sir..

Sir, why are you
holding footwear?

I came to this
house as a father.

I started this footwear
shop symbolically to..

..say that I can do
anything for you.

Please don't disturb me.

I will give footwear to you too..
- Sir..

Fish! Make the
children wear footwear.

What is that exhibition?

Keep it inside.

Put your leg down.
- Baby, wear this..



Why are you forcing like that?

Leg will suffer fracture.

You have other pairs too, right?

Okay, Anna. - Try them.
- Show your leg.

Show your leg, wear it.

Anna, she is not
putting her leg forward.

Dear, you didn't
like the design?

We brought lot of
material from old city.

If you wear them then
your legs will shine.

I don't want - What do you want?
- Medical seat.

You heard it right?
She wants medical seat.

Krish! When did you come?

Hey Puchapa! When did you came man?
- Right now!

Even I came right now.
- So you also right now?

Yes, right now!
- Let's go for a personal talk. - Yes, yes.

What a coincidence! - What a coincidence!
- What a great man you are!

Raja, medical seat is
very expensive these days.

Do you find this Pen Drive to be cheap?
- No, dear.

Want to snatch it?
- Give it, dear.

You are applying butterfly
effect, right? Do it.

You think I will give this if
you make them happy, right?

Continue! Continue!
- Dear, it won't happen.

Your family suffered
a lot because of you.

I will give this only after
I see them happy again.


But there is finance problem.

So we will upload
this on Youtube.

We will get more money when views are
more and then we will buy the seat.

Well said, brother.

We will upload it on
Youtube right now.

Millions of people will watch it.
- You think.. is Pawan Kalyan's teaser..

..or Mahesh Babu's trailer..

..or Allu Arjun's
new movie first look?

It is my ugly face.

I will get destroyed
if it is leaked.

Dear, we will take the risk.

What is this seat for, sir?
- Medical seat.

Already finished?
- That's why I brought it.

It is not comfortable but
still she will get adjusted.

Put the chair in the class
and teach her lessons.

Sir, management
quota seats cost..

I know. Give it.

I am giving this Laxmi
Devi and Saraswathi Devi.. your hands.
Finish her MBBS..

..and send her with gold medal.
- Anna..

What if she doesn't
get gold medal?

We will buy.

We bought the seat.
Can't we buy gold?


What is it? - Thanks a lot.

Why are you crying
like a small girl?

You did what my
father wanted to do.

Thanks a lot.

I got her seat but
she is thanking him.

Look, study well
and become doctor.

For getting you seat..

..treat him for free when he suffers
heart attack and diabetes in future.

Should I suffer diseases
to get treated by her?

Anna, he says she will
give free treatment.

We will at least get
post-mortem done to your body.

You are getting late for class,
go. All the best. - Thanks

Sailu, why are you becoming
emotional for a small matter?

This might me a
small matter to you..

..but this is the biggest
thing in our lives.

Thanks a lot.


Hey.. - Anna..
- Sir is in good mood.

We will throw a good party
and get drunk and.. - Anna..

..snatch the Pen Drive.
- Okay, Anna. - Go.

Golden boy! One minute.

After seeing their happiness.. heart is overwhelmed with joy.
- Yes, Anna.

For making rowdies
do such a good work..

..our Anna is giving party
in his personal dhaba.

I don't like such.. - No, dear!

Don't say no! Accept
this small present.


Sir, now tell me what I should do.
This is my situation.

Look Krishna..

..when all routes are closed..

..only option left is to arrest
Mallesh and make him confess the truth.

But that is not easy.

You know about MLA
Puchapa's influence.

He will get him released
by seeking Centre's help.

Krishna, you have to
use only Puchapa for...

...this case as well
as for that family.

There is no option.

Okay, sir. I will do my best.
- Good.

Thank you. - Good luck.

Greetings, MLA sir.. - Dear..

You maintain this
protocol very well.

But you will not give that.

I think you brought
something to give.

Last time I brought fruits and
footwear, they were not satisfied.

That's why I filled the entire
house will electric appliances.

Hello school children
and college girls!

Aunt in kitchen! Everybody come!
Your friends have come.

Hey! - Anna..
- Give prizes to the beautiful family.

Give Apple laptop
to doctor girl.


Give Tab and makeup kit to
the second girl. -Fantastic.

Give designer dress to the third girl.
- Wonderful!

Give i-phone 6S to grandmother.

Latest, pink colour,
ladies favourite..

Take it. - Why do I need it?

Grandmother, you
didn't use WhatsApp.. your younger days.

Do chatting and enjoy.

Dear, their happiness.. your happiness.
Your happiness.. my happiness. You know..

..what my happiness is.
- I am not happy.

Why are you not happy?

College seat yesterday and
different things in house today..

What more does a middle
class family need?

Grandmother, recently you
talked about some wish..

Tell what it is. He will fulfil it.
- Grandmother!

Tell me what you want.

Tell me. We will
fulfil your wishes.

House has become too old.
- Yes, very old.

Tiles are falling down.
- We will get new ones.

Pillars are broken.
- We will fix new ones.

Not much.. - Yes..

If you spend 30 crores..

..and build in latest fashion.. will be useful
for 10 generations.

Do it.

You can do it.

What should I do?
Poor old woman..

Ask for some lentils..

..tamarind rice..

..or a cotton sari.

30 crores? My house
costs only 3 crores.

Do you have humanity?

Upload it on Youtube.

Grandmother, we don't
need fantasies..

..but make one wish that is liked
by your son and all relatives.

It is..

Sine long time I
wanted to celebrate..

..puberty function to
my younger daughter.


This is called a wish.

Hey! - Anna.
- Go to the market.. five silk
saris, 25 people for.., jasmine flowers.. leaves.. we
will finish with this.

How will I agree so easily?

Like it like how you will celebrate
your daughter's puberty function.

Our sir's daughter's function..

That's a different
level you know!

I want the same level!

I want this..

You satisfy that,
I will satisfy this.

Sure? Promise? - Promise.

Don't look at me, look there.

Father, Mr. Krishna is celebrating
young sister's puberty function.

Father, it will very
nice if you attend.

Try to come at any cost.

Okay, dear.

Tell me, brother.

Anna, we searched with friends,
relatives and colleagues.

We didn't find him anywhere.

We will catch him at any cost.
- Don't leave him. - Okay, Anna.

Putting signatures? Great!

Even Rajinikanth mustn't have put
so many signatures in 'Shivaji.'

Sir, on this.. - - Cheque
of one lakh rupees?

For whom? - Magician.

Hi guys! This is Magic Mangamma!

I think he will be happy
even if we give 1,000.

I didn't come for
Dussehra collections..

..for taking 1,000 or 1,016.

I came to perform magic.

So vanish something right
now on this spot and show.


Mango pickle!

Abracadabra! Abracadabra!
Mango pickle!

Mango pickle! Open it!

Ugh! Dirty smell? Who
does it belong to?

Yours. - Mine?

Why are you all looking at me

Let me see myself first.

It's mine!

I have some doubt.

Can't believe it.

If you have guts then vanish
his underwear right now.



Mango pickle!

Open it.

Sir! - What?

Doesn't he have underwear?
This shorty doesn't know magic.

What is this? Only elastic!

Where is the cloth below that?

Where? - He is asking, tell him.

Yes, brother. It is fashion
to show this, right?

That's why I have cut the cloth and wore
this ring like this.. - Put it down.

Enough or do you
still have doubts?

Oh, you are superb!
You are not ordinary.

You are super!
- Thank you, thank you very much.

Like this I got trapped
in ACP Krishna's hands.

So dear Mangamma..

..if you get hold of the..

..pen drive from ACP.. using your magic tricks..

..then I will give extra
one lakh rupees to you.

Let Krishna have
100 or 1000 copies..

..I can vanish them but it
won't happen with my magic.

I have to hypnotise and take it.
I have to take Krishna into trance..

..and control his mind..

..and I will delete the file..

..from his pen
drive and computer..

..and finally from his brain.

Super Mangamma! What
should I do now?

Add one zero to the..

..extra cheque you gave. - Definitely
Mangamma. - If anything goes wrong..

..I will add two zeros.

How is it possible, Mangamma?
- Don't ask logic.

Enjoy the magic.

Oh really?

I will take Krishna
to the bar and..

..make him a doll and
will snatch pen drive.


I will come and vanish you.

You said alcohol
party but no glasses.

Glasses for alcohol party?

You just say cheers! - Cheers!

Wow! - That is Mangamma!

You are watching this bell.

Yes, I am watching.

How is the bell?
- It's very nice.

How is the bell sound?

Very nice.

Why do you give such expression
only for the sound of bell?

Have you..

..felt hypnotised? - Very much.

Give the pen drive if you
are really hypnotised.

It belongs to Puchapa, I will not give.
- Will you give to Puchapa?

I will give.
- Stand by your word.

I am freezing you.

Fridge? - Not fridge.

Freeze! You are frozen, right?
- Yes.

You are done! Be like that.

Be like that.

Krishna! Krishna!
- Don't disturb him.

He is watching
'Jungle Book' movie..

..on big screen. - Oh!

Are you showing it
by making him stand?

Mr. Mangamma, I have put
more salt in sambar.. perform some magic..

..and lessen the salt.

She seems to be a fool.

I can hypnotize her
and have little fun.

Tell me. Can you do it or not?

How will I not do? I am
doing it since 30 years.

Cheeky babe!

You are seeing this bell.
- Yes, I am seeing.

You are kissing me with
your beautiful lips.

I will do. - Don't make it late.

Come closer.

Come closer. - I came.

Why are you coming? I told her to kiss me.
Why are you kissing me?

Go out!

I am going.
- Where are you going?

Going? Where?

You need not go. Come.

I came.
- I didn't tell you to come.

What is this to me? Ugh!

Go back! Stand there!


You come with me!
- You said freeze, right?

Didn't you say, rascal?
- Rascal!

Ugh! This is my fate!

Where are you from?

Come! Come!

You be here.

What are you discussing here?

Is the salt less in sambar?
- Yes, I poured water in it. You go.



You will do as I say, right?

How many times will you say?
I am ready.

You be in romantic
mood like that.

I too will come
in the same mood.

Come closer!

Why are you standing there?
Where is she?

Sir, I live by performing
small magic tricks..

Please don't show
me the life in jail.

If I were to forgive you
then you should do as I say.

Mango pickle, sir?

Sir, I am doing.. I am doing..

I will do!

Why are we hypnotizing
Puchapa now?

He has got Sujata's
video with him.

You should hypnotize
him and get that video.

It is in your pen drive, right?
- This one?

This is empty one. He only
knows where the real one is.

Is it?

Will I have fun with every comedian
I come across if I were to have it?

By now I would have made
him confess the truth.

Okay, you be here.

Come after I blow whistle.
- Go away!

Did you bring the pen drive?

It is not as easy
as eating yawning.. snatch the pen drive
from him and delete the file.

Anna, only you seem
to believe him..

..but I doubt him.

That employment and.. Shut up!

You don't know to pronounce hypnotize.
Will you make fun of it?

Okay, we don't know.
You do it and show.

Self-digging! You are
digging your own pit.

So okay, I will make
you all sit here and..

..take you to Bangkok
and get you massage.

Are you ready? - I am ready.

Why did you take out the bell? You
think our brain will melt down for bell?

Hey, if you talk nonsense
then forget Bangkok..

..I will not even
take you to Bunder.

Wait, Anna. You do it. - Now..

You closed your eyes and..

..slowing falling asleep..

Falling asleep..

Big sea in front..

It is there..
- In small shorts..

..with girls around..

..rolling like
pigs in the sand..

Enjoy there.
- You made everyone fall asleep.

MLA didn't go to Bangkok?

He is not rolling yet.

Tell me. Didn't you
go to Bangkok yet?

I went to Sujata.
- You like Sujata so much?

She is my life. - Oh..

Who shot your video?
- Who will do?

I will do it myself.

Do you have that
video with you now?

What is its password?
- Password.. my thumb. - Oh..

So will you put it here?
- Go ahead.

Why are you taking it? He will
kill if he wakes up. - Go away!

Listen to me and give it.
- Go to hell!


Mango pickle!

Everybody come
back from Bangkok.

We are coming back. - Come.

We are back.
- Very good! Very good!

Anna, where is your cell?

Where is my cell phone?

Anna, that mad people and police
have stolen the cell phone.

Didn't you go to Bangkok?

I went to Swati's house.


I am giving you
give minutes time.

If I don't get back my cell..

..this bell..

I will shove this bell
into your throat..

..and kill you.

Yes! - Give me one
minute time, sir.

Sir, take your cell.

Hey! This is not my cell.

Let it be, sir. Use
it on temporary basis.

You think I gave
it for repairing.. that I use other
one as replacement.

I want my cell.

Sailu's call?

Hello. Father, I am Sailu speaking.
How are you?

Function was nice, I have sent the photos.
Have you seen them?

What are you saying, Anna?
- Yes, brother.

ACP is using Shastri's phone.

He is lying to his daughter.. telling her he is alive.

I am sure he died.

If the video of
murdering Shastri is..

..found in Shastri's cell..

..then he would have
finished you both by now.

We are completely safe.

You be happy.

Brother, why are you laughing?
Is sister-in-law nearby?

Since she is with me..

..luck is coming in search of me.
- Yes, brother.

She is our luck!

Father, have you seen the photos?
- Dear..

It's not your father..

..I am MLA Puchapa.

Cell is not with your father.

It is with ACP Krishna.

So it was not your father
chatting with you all these days.. is ACP Krishna.
Krishna Vande Jagadgurum!

It means your father is dead.

Take the cell.

Keep it with you as
your father's memory.

What is happening?
Pack up everything.

Auspicious function is
replaced by mourning the death.

Bye. See you.

Where is father?

Where is he?

What did you do all these
days instead of telling?

Tell me. What did
you do to my father?

Is he alive or dead?

Tell me. What did you do?
Tell me.


What happened? Why
is he like that?

Tell me, Krishna. Please.

Nothing happened, Sailu.

That day I called your
father to the hospital..

..not to arrest him..

..but to prove him as innocent.

But police entered suddenly.. I went in search of him
after he escaped from there..

..and I found him in
critical condition.

Don't know who beat him.

His dead suffered
severe injury..

..and was battling for life so
I admitted him in hospital .

Mr. Shastri..

Take him away.

Doctor, has he regained consciousness?
- Sorry, Krishna.

Doctors said it is
difficult to survive.

I didn't know what to do
so I came to tell you..


If something happens
to my father..

..nobody from our family will live.
You will be the reason for it.

Remember it.
- After you talked like that..

..I didn't know what to do.

He slipped into coma.

They tried everything to bring
him back to normal condition.

Recently under one US Doctor.. make him a normal person..

..I tried one last time.

Good news! He will become a normal
person in ten days. - Thank God.

Thank you, doctor.
- Okay. - Thank you.

Had something went
wrong with him.. will lose your father
and I will lose evidence.. prove him innocent.

I could have told
you all this before.

But you will not tolerate the tension
of your father's critical condition.

That's why I was sending
messages to you..

..from his phone and
made you believe it.

Sailu, you are all lucky, he will
regain consciousness tomorrow.

With the evidence he
is having, I will..

..send MLA and Mallesh
Yadav to jail for sure.

Sailu, I didn't do this
because I love you.

I would have done it even
if you had rejected me.

I gave your father to you alive.
If you wait for two days..

..I will get him acquitted.

Son, how are you?
- Mother, I am fine.

Father, he is the reason
behind your being alive..

..and also to..

..see us alive.

How should I repay your favour..
- Sir..

We will do that later.

You shot the video of Mallesh
Yadav murdering your friend, right?

I want it urgently.

Tell me where it is.

It is..

Thank you, sir.

God exists!

Will you make me spend..

..lakhs of rupees
with a fake pen drive?

That's why our
Mallesh found the.. hidden by Shastri.

We are free now!

What are you thinking?

Give my cell phone.

Anyway, you can't open it.

My thumb is my password.

What's the use if you steal it?

Give it. Give..

Take the call, I think it
is your brother Mallesh.

How did you guess?
- Sir, first pick it up and talk.

My brother, my blood relation..

Brother.. - Hey..

You should come to
me in ten minutes.

I will cut your hand or leg
if you come on your own.

Hell with you!

Brother, you know with
whom you are talking?

I am Puchapa.


I will cut you into pieces!

How dare you!

With my wife..

Dear, this is selfie number 74.


He is waiting. Go.

Where are you?

Will you come here or not?

Don't spoil your
health, I am coming.

Come! Rascal!

Tell me.

How should I kill you?

Brother, forget what happened.

Shut up!

I will cut your tongue if
you call me as brother again.

You trapped my wife
by saying brother..

..and got the journalist
and IT officer killed by me.

Did you do it for free?

You did it because I told you
that I will make you the Mayor.

I don't want the
position of Mayor.

Entire city should learn that..

..I will kill even MLA if one
has any affair with my wife.

I will behead you and send it
as my wife's birthday gift.

Is it her birthday today?

Oh no!

I forgot to wish her when
I called her last night.

I would have sent a message if
I remembered in the morning.

I would have sent a cake
if she had called me.

Hey! Will you talk of sending birthday
cake in front of me? - No! No!

I will tell you something.

I saved you from all the murders
you committed till date, right?

So how can you kill me?

How will there be shadow
if the tree is cut? - Hey!

Will you save me?

How many murders I
committed with you?

I killed 40 people
without your knowledge.



..and one Judge is
also there in them.

Even my buffalos will
tell my track record.

Why will I ask your buffalos..

..after you told me so directly?


I provoked him, he
got carried away.

From all angles.. all cameras, he opened up.

This spy.. over there..

..dome behind..

Come immediately
and make arrests.

Come on!

Hey, he and that policeman
has joined hands.

Kill him! - God!

God! Krishna! - Hey!

Bobbili Raja is back.

Come on, let's have some fun.

Babu Bangaram!
- Puchapa! Shake a leg.

Yes.. yes..

Hey! ACP

Hey! You already
acted very smart.

Give the evidence you found
and get lost from here.

Oh.. - I will spare your life.

Or else I will you and
him with this knife..


Stop your stupid dialogues.

It's a new scene and
I am enjoying it.

Why do you spoil the mood?

One villain is killing
another villain..

..and hero is saving them.
Isn't it comedy?

I made a plan to make you
confess to one murder.

But you told your
entire life story.

Don't change this entertainment
scene into serious scene.

Come! Everybody come at once!

Hey, I am not a constable
to come when you tell.

I am a rowdy!

Hey! If you are a
hard core rowdy..

..I am a policeman
without any sympathy.

Heart will turn into a stone
if I see a person like you.

Again I love you, dear!

Come, let's play.


Yes, kneel down. Good boy.

Hail Venkatesh!

See there.

Hey, that was close!

Come, come. Come on!

That's it!



Why don't you reply on WhatsApp
when you are seen online?

Police is taking
your husband away.

We have to book two
tickets in Maldives.

Everyday it will be fun for us.

I am coming.

What? - Where?

For cutting the cake!

I am too coming!

Why you? - Me?

What is this twist?
- You should be going to police station.

Not for cake cutting.

Not the..oh!

Kill him!

Babu Bangaram!


Night..- Babji..

Why are you here? What
are these oranges for?

Bro, God writes our name
on every orange we eat.

Also our name is written on the
forehead of the girl who we marry.

From the beginning, you
gave me hint saying.. marriage is your marriage and my
sister-in-law is your sister-in-law..

..I couldn't understand it.
I am a mad fellow!

Sorry, Babji.

I showed sympathy in everybody's
matter but I forgot in your matter.

I will show it now. Babji..

Babu.. Babu Bangaram..

I have seen your
performance at top level.

Show your performance.. my sister-in-law, not me.

Let's go.

Sailu, go bit closer.


You are gold!

They too are gold!