Babooska (2005) - full transcript

A year in the life of members of a troupe of circus performers. The circus is named Il Floriciccio.It starts with the 20th birthday party of Babooska and ends with her 21th. From winter through summer and back to winter, travelling from small town to small town in northern Italy and performing often to meager audiences.We see little of the circus performances. The documentary concentrates instead on a few of the troupe's members, especially Babooska and her family. It is an insightful, behind-the-tarp look at their daily life, living in motor homes and moving frequently, dealing with ailments that force sudden changes in personnel, coping with town bureaucracies and irate restaurant owners who feel the circus is trespassing on their turf.The film closes with one of Babooska's performances: the Hula-Hoop. Quaint.

Give me an ashtray.

It's cold.

Here she is!

Be a good girl,
it's Babooska's birthday.

It's not your birthday.
- Go away.

When it's your birthday...

When it's her birthday it'll be freezing.

Dad, this is Babby's seat.

Now? She hasn't sat down yet.

I'll do it.

They've put on twenty.
- See that.

It looks like...

a castle, that's it.

I'm twenty today.

Get up dad.

It's my birthday. Twenty years.

Yes, of prison.

Happy birthday dear Ciccio.

It's not like that, come on.

Let me sit down.

Happy birthday to you...

Come on, everyone sing!

If anyone hears us,
they'll think we're nuts.

Come on, blow!

Eighty of these years!

Hi Auntie!

Hi! Good, and you?

How are things there?

And how's your weather, is it raining?

It's the same here.

We haven't opened yet.
Since Wednesday.

Not a single person's come.

Yes, we were in another village,

We did three days there,
it went pretty well. We can't complain.

Here, my God,

we must have seen five people
since Wednesday.

We haven't opened yet. What a place.

My God.

Following its huge success,

the circus is extending its run
until the 6th of January,

with two amazing shows each day.

A modern heated circus,

inside it's warm and dry.

For your entertainment,

following its huge success,

the circus is extending its run
in Montalto di Castro...

until the 6th of January.

Each day the circus will present
two very special shows,

in the afternoons at five o'clock,

and in the evenings at nine.

A modern heated circus...

Isn't anyone here today?

The place is deserted.

The circus in Montalto di Castro
at the ex-Esso service area...


she buys a...


No, not a kilogram, it's too hard!

No, wait.

And she spends...

Four Euros.

I decide.

No, four Euros!
- Okay.

That's enough.
- So, how much...

No, no, I choose the question.

What's the point if you choose it?

I choose it.

Come on, how much money's left?

No, how much more money?

What do you mean?

How much money's left?

My exercise-book isn't here.

Come on. Write it here.

Read what it says.
- No, here!

How will you read?

So? I'll do it backwards.

Please... Come on,

show me how clever you are.

Simona goes...

No, you wrote that, after I'll write
the other things underneath.

First solve this one! That's it.

Simona goes to the market
with 20 Euros,

buys 2 apples and spends 2 Euros.

Then she buys a kilogram of bread,

and spends 4 Euros.

How much money's left?

Ok, what do we do?

I have to solve the problem.

No, wait. What do I have to do?

How do you solve it?
- Ah, that's the problem!

Ok, so now I have to write...

the numbers.

I have to write the things...

The things in the sum.

The numbers.

Like that.
- Come on.


How do you do this?
Wait, just a sec, maybe...

Wait... Babby?

Can you get my maths exercise-book
from this year?

I'll show you what to do.
- No, no, you go and get it,

go and get it Babby,

I asked you to, go on...
- Come on...

Oh, I remember!
- Thank God.

So, we're here, here until the sixth.

Yes, in Montalto di Castro.

We're staying a bit longer,
because we haven't found another site.

We're heading to Viterbo...

because there's no work here.

Mum's going into hospital tonight.

No, it's because of all the stress -
they're doing some tests.

A bit of everything, her stomach...

We'll be working without Mum.

Never mind. Are you working?

What was that noise?

The New Year fireworks.


it was Lenticchia, going...

Are you scared of the fireworks?

They annoy me.
- They wake you up.

Will you take her with you when you go?

Mind the cats don't get out.

They mustn't get out.

The year's over soon.

Poor Lenticchia! Come here.

They're celebrating already.

Poor baby! She's scared.

Everyone's scared.

They've started.

I can't see anything.

The Floriciccio Circus,
just passing through Bomarzo,

is only staying for 4 days.

Until Sunday.

A modern heated circus,

no need to worry about the cold!

A young, modern and dynamic show,

with young artists
performing in the circus ring.

Clowns, jugglers, acrobats,

fakirs, acrobatic contortionists,

performing dogs,

snakes, iguanas, ferrets, lizards,

an amazing Hula Hop display
in the circus ring.

The Floriciccio Circus, in Bomarzo,

in Piazza Salvo d'Aquisto.

So come along to the circus...

19 dead on Saturday, another 8 tonight,

the number of injured is unknown,
and the list continues to grow.

The weekend is not yet over,

but the death toll of 27
is already dramatic.

In Rome alone, the police recorded...

90 accidents on Saturday night,
one fatal.

In Turin one man died
and another was injured,

when their car crashed into a tree.

News just in: 3 people have died...

and another three have been injured
following a road accident.

As you have heard,
many accidents caused...

by the fog and bad weather,

let us go now to Claudio Badiatti...

for a weather report.

How many children live here?

About ninety.

Yes, but yesterday nobody came
because of the fog.

Let's hope they come today.

We're on soon.
- They dance here on Saturday.

I know.
- Shall we come?


I think there's a band.

You think?

There's something, I don't know what.

Shall we dance?

I've never danced!

I'll teach you.

Why, are you a dancer?

There's the park of monsters here too.
Shall we go?

There's a house that leans on two sides.

I know, they told me...

Shall we go?
- Yes.

But we have to walk a bit...


It's all in a forest.


I don't know.

What do people do here?
They don't go out walking. Look there.

They stay home.

They watch television.

The old women make socks for the men.

Nothing else.

What about the kids.

They don't even come to the circus.

Strange, isn't it?

What a place!


It's not horrible, it's that no-one comes.

It's horrible 'cause there's no-one here,
no shops,

there's nothing.

I'd never live in a place like this.

It's hard.
- Yes.

But on Saturday night, to eat here,

do you have pizza?
Restaurant and pizzeria.

And then you dance.
Do you have to book?

Sometimes, depends how busy we are.

How many people will there be?

Probably around forty, fifty.

So we don't need to book now.

No, there's no need.

And after you eat there's dancing.
- Yes.

Are there young people?

No, they're older people, not youngsters.

Just look around!
- Mostly it's accordion music.

All accordion music?

Maybe some youngsters
like the accordion, why not!

I'm coming.

Are they all people from the town?

From Viterbo, Bomarzo, Attigliano,
all people from around here.

Just one person who plays?

Yes, just one.

Don't they ever sing?

No. Once last year there was a group
who sang and played.

But not this year.
They prefer the accordion.

They enjoy it more because
it's ballroom dancing.

How many people live in Bomarzo?

I don't know...

Also because I'm not from here,
I'm from Sicily.

You came here from Sicily?

What a contrast!

From day to night.

The people are much colder here,
in Sicily they're more welcoming.

It's different, really.

When I did my national service in Rome,

most of the others were Sicilians.

Maybe Viterbo is more open,

Bomarzo's very small, people are...

Everyone knows
what everyone else is doing...

They look at your makeup,
how you're dressed.

You're right. The place is so small,

everyone knows each other.

It's a small town, people gossip.


It's such a nice place it's
strange no-one comes to the circus.

It's hard. Maybe because,

if they go out on Sundays
they go to church...

Isn't there a sports centre for the kids?

No, not here.

They go to Viterbo.
- Yes.

It's crazy.

So what do they do here?

Most of the parents here work.

After work they're tired,

they don't have time to take
the kids to the circus.

You see?

That's the problem.

They don't like going out, visiting places.

They only want to stay home.

But nothing ever happens here,

when the circus comes they could...

But they don't like new things,

they don't like them...

They just make money
and go on holiday in summer,

then they come home.
That's all.

Does it look difficult? Watch me.

Just lift your toes, come on...

Put your hand on her shoulder!

Like that?
- That's it.


Let's try you and me, watch...

Like this?
First you say on her shoulder...

- For the lady.

So like this.

Wait! Like this.

Wait, slowly,

turn, turn.

Bomarzo, you're crazy.

Criminal tango!

Go Felice, the mossinga.

You're on camera!

Felice, you're great!

What a show!

Olé, the maracca is over!

And now stay on the floor:

with Bella Bionda, the menito!

And go with the menito...

Tyson's left misses his opponent...

He keeps ducking.

Another right from Etienne,
Etienne and Tyson,

Bill Clancy intervenes to separate them.

A right from Etienne and from Tyson,
Etienne's been knocked down.

Oh my God...

What's he done?

It's over. KO.

He can't get up.

He's pulling him up.

And the fight is over
in less than one minute.

- He got him up.

The kiss from Mike Tyson
to Clifford Etienne,

we've gone from Tyson stroking...

the face of Lennox Lewis...

last June to the kiss for his opponent,

evidently Mike Tyson is showing
his tender side,

here at the Pyramid Arena,
and we can see that Clifford Etienne...

has already recovered, Mike Tyson...

is pacing nervously in the ring,

and Mike Tyson is not very happy,

fifty seconds are very few for him,

to assert himself,

and as always he thanks Allah,

for his victory...

He's thanking the floor...

A modern heated circus,

inside it's warm and dry.

Young artists performing
in a fantastic circus show.

The Floriciccio Circus
in Monteleone di Orvieto,

tonight at nine o'clock...

presents its first show.

A modern heated circus,

inside it's warm and dry.

Young artists performing
in a fantastic circus show.

Clowns, jugglers, acrobats, fakirs,

acrobatic contortionists,

performing dogs, snakes...

There we go.


It's not my problem, otherwise
I would never have stayed with him.

But I stayed and he can tell you
how much we loved each other.

The problems we had,
came from outside.

Why care about those problems?

Nothing, but every day I'd wake up
I knew I had to fight, mentally...

But Claudia, we always have to fight.

I was tired mentally.

Mum, does Naike go away on Monday?

Yes, Naike goes away.

When'll she be back?

Thursday I think.


And when does she go...

to live with Mirco?

At the end of March.

At the end of March.

Everyone gets married, Azzurra.

She'll only be away a month.
- Right.

Why don't you go and marry Mirco.

Naike and Azzurra are marrying Mirco.

You can live in Rimini.
- No.

So live here.
- Yes.


So she goes away Monday,
gets back Thursday,

then leaves in March.

We don't care about, Azzurra.

It's true.

We'll be two sisters not three.

- Yes.

Then you can work with me.
Do the tricks with me,

the Hula Hop with me.

So who's going to do it with me?

Who'll do it if Naike isn't here?

No, the conjuring tricks no.

Let's get Mum to do it.

Mum can do everything.

I'll do the tricks with Michele,

Michele or Azzurra can do the Hula Hop.

- I need someone.

And who'll do the sword with me?

And the sword? And the balancing act?

Darn it. I'll have to do it.

And she's bought a new sword!

She's bought new swords
and now she's going away.

We'll use them,
we'll do the balancing act.

We'll show Naike that
we can be good without her.

Can you do the balancing act?

No, with the sword!

I'll teach you, hold your arms out:

Look Mum,
she's learning Naike's job already.

Watch, let's do something easier,
like this:

She can do it too! We don't need Naike.

So we've solved the problem.

And now boys and girls,
you've seen the skunk,

now for something different,
we have for you...

a young Indian python.

A very young Indian python,

already 2 metres 60 long,

here it is boys and girls,
the Indian python...

What's up?
- The skunk's escaped.

No, you'll waste them.

They don't eat sweets.

Are there fish here?
- No.

Of course there are.

Fresh water fish.

No. I don't think so.

There are sharks too!
- Not true.

There's one there, look!

Tell him it's not true,
the lake's too small!

It's too small here.

A shark can't come here.

But not even from the sea.

Not from the sea?


Taste the water
and see if it's salty or fresh.


- Salty.

The water's salty? Well done.
- No, it's fresh!

Haven't they taught you that at school?

The sea's nicer, though.

Looks like the sea.

No, there are waves on the sea...

So what are these?

And in the distance
you can see the sunset.

Here you can see all the mountains.
It's closed in.

The sea's open. It's nicer.

Azzurra stop it, we're working.

I'll smack you...
- It's dry!

You'll get everything dirty.

It's dry.

2001, 2002, 2003... It's seven!

It's eight!
- It's three!

When she was a year old
you were already together.


So let's go and ask
when we started our own circus.

But she was one in January,
February, March. Two months later.

You were already together.

Seven years.
- Shh, let me think.

Azzurra, go and ask Michele
when he got engaged to Michele,

no, to Babooska,
seven or eight years ago...

As if he'll remember.

He will remember.

I'll buy you a coffee if he does.

No-one's coming today. Give me a drag.

Babby's right!

I was right, how many years?
- Seven.


I thought eight.

Stop, where are you going?

Where are you going?

Come ahead!

Pull the cable!


We're okay here.

Go there.

We're okay here.

How much there?
- 11 metres.

I'm measuring the tarps.

We'll put the stuff there.

Let's leave it like that,
it'll stand a bit squint...

The centre here?

No, not the centre,

go over there, pull,

wait, go,

go, pull,

good, we can put the front there.

You can only get in with a tractor.

But if you don't get the tractor?

You can't do it without...

Slowly. We'll put the lighter ones in.

There's some small stuff
to put around the outside.

Go, go, go.

Do you want us to push?

Michele you're too wound up,
you piss people off.

Shouting and swearing,
all for a stupid cable!

The tree!

Shit, will everybody just calm down!

Why all the shouting?

They've all gone crazy.

He's always got to do things his way.

We just need to calm down.

Go and do what you have to do.

When'll the camper be ready?

In half an hour. Go.

In quarter of an hour. Ok, bye.

He's always busy.

A boy was here the other day.
Did he speak to you about the posters?

Yes, for which streets?

He said the street from the hospital
to the police station.

The street that winds around.

So from the hospital,

the A71,
do you want to put in a request?


Let's see this.

Look, see...
- That's it, perfect.

Or to the Mayor.

Then I put my details.

The undersigned...

Requests the authorisation...

Perfect. If you can give me a form...

I'll fill it in right away. Oh, sorry.

Come this way.

I didn't...

I thought that one was okay...


So. To the Mayor...

of the municipality...

of Cittá della Pieve.

One for the police too?
- No.


If you have a problem or need help,
come to me.

But one at a time, otherwise
there are too many people at my desk.

In silence.

So, this is the third problem.

So, let's write number 3,

that way it's clear.

Now let's try and solve it.

Now go back to your desk,

we write down the numbers,

then we think how to work out...

the total number of sheep.

Okay. First write the numbers. Go.

Poor little things,
sausages with broken glass for dogs...

What do I do with this?
- Fix the sole.

Put another piece, with glue.

What do you mean no?

I've already fixed them myself.
- But I have to fix these chairs.

Don't you fix shoes?

Yes but...

Try and put a bit of glue...

They need to be repaired,
but I can't fix them.

I have to do those armchairs.

Try putting a bit of glue,

listen to me.

I know what you're saying.

Use glue.
Isn't there another shoemaker?

There's about a kilo of dirt...

That's no problem.
- Sure it is!

I'll clean them, if you want...

if you say you can repair them.

Yes, I said to your friend...

Put a bit of glue...

Then a bit here and it's done.

A bit here.
- Otherwise...

By tomorrow though.

No, no, I can't!

The day after tomorrow!
- I work tomorrow.

No, dad, not tomorrow,
it's Tuesday today!

- Today's Tuesday!

But I'm working Thursday.

Okay then. The day after tomorrow.


Why Thursday?

I need them Thursday.

I'll put in four nails...

Sure, I don't need them brand new,

but if you can put four nails, a bit of...

glue if you can.

Because this, see,

put four nails here too...

I'll come Thursday morning.
- Okay.

Because look...

Put them in...

Some good strong glue,
and they'll last me.

I need them for work on Thursday, so...

I'll come around midday.

Are you a clown?
- That's right.

You're a clown?
- Sure!

So am I!
- You too. A fellow clown!

So make me happy -
don't charge me too much!

Clowns don't make much money!

As a fellow clown, I'll do them free!

No, not for free.
If you work you have to get paid.

It's not right.

Anyone who works has to get paid.

The honest ones at least.

Anyone who works has to get paid.
I never work for free.

I'm honest, I work...
More than that...

Go on, spray it at your dad!

Hey, this stuff's messy!

See you Thursday around midday.

Okay. Bye.

And do a good job!

Come on pacifist, let's go!



You can write peace another day.

It's time for war.

Buy one of those there.

This one, it's really pretty!


This one!

Or one of these little ones...

You know it's prickly...

We didn't buy the pasta.

How are you?

Awful, really bad.
- Still.

Jesus, it's worse than before.

Wait, maybe if I lie down.

We would have brought
your food through...

Go and lie down.

What, go to bed now?

If you're feeling so bad, dad.

Get up a sec.

Go to bed!

Go to bed,
we'll bring you something to eat.

Wait a sec, I can't walk.

If it doesn't get better...

We'll see how he is today,
if he's still not up to it,

we'll find a way, I'll be the clown...

The clown...

Fucking hell.

Go to bed.

I've got to lie down. Get up.

I'll come with you dad.

Get away Azzurra,
out of the way, quickly...

And we didn't work yesterday.

Azzurra can be the clown.

About time.

No, Babby.

Baboo's working.

I'll end up doing it.

Or I can do it.

If you can.

I'm good 'cause I know it all by heart,
but if I forget it all?


That's what worries me.

This stuff's not bad!

I'm the only one who can do it.

You're right.

And keep my makeup on
from beginning to end.

I'll do your makeup Naike.

I did Dad's yesterday.

It's a problem for me,
because I have to do the fakir,

the moon and the dogs...

I won't do the sword.

Exactly. Like I said,
I'm the only one who can do it.

I'm the only one.

I'll do it, what can I say? It'll be a laugh.

For us or the public?

And the tricks?

Michele can do them.
Or I'll do them as the clown.

Because the clown's after the tricks.

Michele can do them, or I'll do them.

But I'm the only one who can do it.

Whatever, do what you want.

So what, we don't work?

No. I don't know. Whatever.

I don't know.

It's a problem.
What do we say to people?

I don't know what to think.

What a nightmare,
when someone can't work...

We need a family of artists.

Now that Naike's going away,

we need to make a decision.

Good girl. You're not scared any more!

Do you want to go in?

You're shaking, don't be scared!

Let's put you in. Go, go, go...

Good girl.

Good girl, Pasqualina.

Is this Carina's?
- Yes.

But when are they coming?
- At ten.

Ah, at ten.

- It's new.

My God.

Do you like it?
- Yes.

I have to tidy up.

Is the light here?

There. Two lights there.

Nice, isn't it. Switch this on.

There's a wardrobe.

It's really messy.

I like these cushions.

Look here, Babby, look at this!

Look here.

How does the kitchen open?

It's different, yes, I see...

Look at this.

It goes up like that
and you put it like that.

Sara, why don't you speak?

I do speak.

She doesn't speak.

I don't either.

Viviana, do you like it?

I don't.

What's up?
- Nothing.

You keep making us move!

We've only asked you once.

When we arrived we...
- No, twice!


We were here
and they told us to go there.

Why is he saying it was once?
It was twice!



Am I talking to this lady?
- That's my wife.

But am I talking to her? Am I?

Watch it or else.

The problem now is
you'll complain about the music.

We never complained
about anything or anyone.

You've got us doing
thirty times the work...

The first time,
your wife asked us politely,

if we could set up there, and we did,

then your wife called the police...

We're not puppets.

So don't complain!

And don't you complain.

Don't complain, or I'll break your face!

Okay, but since we asked first...

she could've said so earlier.

You want me to come over there?

I'll stick your glasses up your ass!

Okay, calm down.

Calm down...

Fatty, come over here.

Go inside,

don't be stupid, go inside...

You don't belong here...

Go inside.

So let's stay cool, stay calm...

I've paid to come here.
- We live here.

So what?
I paid to come here, I didn't just come.

I come here and I pay.

I bring money to Portovenere.
End of discussion.

But don't tell me everything's OK now.
You call the police,

make us run around like idiots,
you're having us on...

Where do the steps go?

Up to the castle.

But there's no time.

Yes there is.

See the mini boat?

That's a motorboat.

Let's go, Saretta.

Let's go, Viviana.

Let's go and finish the tour.

Viviana, Sara,
let's go and finish the tour.

They made us move three times,

at the end he told them not to
break our balls about the music,

and the guy said to him,

come over here, fatty,
I'm going to kick you in.

You know, sometimes...
Nothing more after that.

You know these hotels,
they think they're...

Not hotels, it was a restaurant,
thinks it's...

master of the world.

Master of the universe.

That's it, really.

Carina will be working with us now.

I feel so useless with just one hand,

what a nightmare, I can't do anything.

No, it's not swollen.

I can move it, but it's like moving...

a hundred kilos.

That's the problem.

It feels like I'm moving a hundred kilos.

I move it if I have to.

I'm still moving it.

But it feels like
it's getting heavier every day.

Yesterday I'd have cut myself
into a thousand pieces...

to find where the pain's coming from,

I was in so much pain.

Ok, I see.

You have to stay still, or I'll hit you.



Go over there, you don't go off alone!

Got a chewing gum?
- No. Go and sit down.

Come on, Saretta.

Sit down.

I have to sort out the tricks.

I'll help you.

Okay then, go and get the knives.

One get the rope and one get the knives.


Come on.

Don't be afraid, there's no danger.


No, I've already done it.

It's your turn again.


It's freezing!

You're right.

It's cold.

I'm freezing.

Viviana, go away.

I have to sleep.

Stop it, Viviana.

I'll pull your knickers down.


Stop it!

Is the washing machine on?
Shall I leave it on?

No, unplug it.

Where did the lightning hit?

Here in front.

I'm going to unplug, I'm scared.


Everything's plugged in!

Where's the switch?

My God.

Which number's the kitchen?

Where's the dog gone?


I don't know where he's gone.

Go in, I'm scared, there's a storm.

The storm's over.
- No, the lightning hit here.

Azzurra! Hurry up!

Damn it.

Leave it - he'll come back!

So where's he gone?

For a pizza... He'll be somewhere.

But he gets scared and runs off.

Funky, here boy, come on...

Let's go home, Funky.

Come on Funky, here boy...

Funky's back. Even Funky's back.

Do they bite?

Don't worry, they won't hurt you.

I never asked you,
where did you get your dog?

Tell her: they abandoned me...

They abandoned you?
Who was that murderer?

Hello Lilli.

I saw her in the paper.

Not the Miranda...


There was an ad in the paper
and the lady gave her to me.

She's my baby.
- So they found her...

yes, then they gave her to me.

How come you decided...

Because she's my baby.

Yes, but she wasn't before you got her.

Now she is!

Why did you get her?
I mean, you saw the ad...

No, I wanted to get one.

I went to all the kennels
but I didn't find one.

That's what I wanted to know.

Say hi to your sister.
- She's in Rimini.


She's not moving. Hi.

It was him who called.

Ah! Did you know it was him?

Sure. I told you it was him.

He was at middle school with me,
second year, not very tall,

shorter than me. I was so happy,

that I was taller than someone...


Is this her son?

What is he? A boy?

He's gorgeous!

Is everything okay? It's been a while.

Yes, but my sister won't be around.

- She's in Rimini!

Are you here tonight?

No, I'm going out with my granny,

for pizza, then I'm leaving on Sunday.

But I'll be back...
- Will you see Marzica?

If I come by later.

Say hi to her for me.

Bye, dear.
- Bye.

My school:

Nursery, elementary.

Both here?

Yes, both of them.
And middle school there.

But it was more...

Maybe more...
No, I think it was the same!

They haven't changed it much.

Maybe they painted it
but it needs to be done again.

They haven't changed anything here.

Ah, they've cleaned the front.

There's no sauce on this pasta.

What do you want?

Don't know. I just said it.

My arm hurts.

- My arm hurts.

Babooska, is this your stuff?
- Thanks.

- Here. Do I have to wash it?

I don't know,
I've loads of my own to wash.

I've just put a load on.

I don't have time
to wash your stuff as well.

Do you know what I'm going to do:

we've got to do this village,
what's the other?

Villafranca in Lunigiana.

Then there's Pontremoli.

Then I'm going to try the theatres.

We can't work like this.

If you want to just give up...

All the expenses each week
are more here...

than we'd have in the theatre.


Because instead of moving each week...

you move once, say every 15 days...

But what expenses, we used
two kilowatts, that's not even 100 Euros!

And all the fuel?

Another 100 Euros, makes 200 Euros.

200 Euros, no way!

You'll see at the end of the week
how much we spend.

200, if only, you wish!

Ok then, 200 here...

I think in the theatre...
- 200 per day.

What! 200 a day?

You've been working non-stop
since yesterday morning.

So, what's the problem?

Ah, nice work,
killing yourself in the rain and the cold.

Why, do you like it? Great.

Running around from morning to night
then maybe 10 people come.

What kind of life is that?

You're going too fast. Look!

What's wrong?

My God.

If there was someone cycling behind
you'd have hit him!

One of these days I'm gonna hit you.

I hate when you talk like that.

I'll slap you!
- Go on then.

Look at this guy. He must be loaded.

It doesn't mean anything,

Sonni had a Mercedes too...

and he's in debt up to his eyeballs.

It looks like he's got money.

People go around in a Mercedes,
or a Porsche,

when they've only got a thousand Euros
in the bank. Not exactly rich...



These are okay.

Are they closing?

I don't think so.

How about if I send an application
to Genoa for Christmas?

Good idea.

At worst,

if it's too big...

we'll do just a part.

And we'll take just a part.

Or if we can get an article in the paper.

We'll see. When we get nearer the time.

We'll see nearer the time.

Or Savona.

Where's Savona, after Genoa?
- After Genoa.

I've sent applications
as far as Ventimiglia.

And maybe we'll go out of Italy.

Where, to France?
- To France.

Who knows.

We'll decide when we're there.

It's in the European Community, right?

Right. I'd like to see...

how it works there.

If not, we come back here
for next summer.

They say it should get hot again.

It's out of focus, we can't see!

Just as well, you won't see yourself!

Better? No.

That's granddad, Angelo.

And who's that?
- Giuliana.

That's my dad.

God, he's ugly!

That's your granddad.

He looks like you.


- And Michele's.

Here I cut the ribbon.

But can't.

What do you mean?

We can't see you, Giuliana.

If you're blind put on your glasses!

Look, the priest's the only one
you can see!

There they are!

You look like Pittiglio.

He looks like Paolino.

That's my sister, that's my dad.

All your relatives.

This is my mother-in-law.

My granny.

Jesus, your granny.

That's Katja.

Who's that?

Al Pacino.

She's got a pillow on her head.

Paolo, Roberto.

Where's Paolo?
- No, it was Roberto.

The butcher.

Look, she's posing.

Carlo, my goodness.

You should've thought about that before!

Ahh, they're eating!

That's my cousin.

Did you pay for everything, Carlo?

There weren't many of you.

No, about sixty.

They were all gadjis.

There's your sister.

Shit, what's she eaten?

What's she eaten?

What an ugly bunch.

You really look like your daughter.

If she gets as ugly as you
when she gets old, poor Juri.

What are you doing?


What are you looking for up there?


Grotte di Castro, Marta,



Montalto di Castro,


Grotte Santo Stefano,


where were we here, Graffignano,

Civitella d'Agliano,


Civitella d'Agliano,
where your friend was.

Which one?
- Alba Chiara.

I don't know.

Who knows. I can't remember.

This is Bagnoregio,

then there's Ficulle,

Monteleone di Orvieto...

I met Alba Chiara
in the place where it snowed.

Cittá della Pieve,

Rapolano Terme, Castelnuovo Berardenga,

Querce Grosse,

Certaldo and Pisa.

What a tour we've done!

Will you go to all the schools
in Liguria this year?


Who knows where we'll go this year.

What we'll do.

How's it going at school this year?
- Terrible.

Terrible? No, we're moving now,

here the teacher was a bit...


Yes, a bit severe.

Maybe in your next school she'll be nicer.



2, 3,

4, 5,

6, 7,

8, 9,

10, 11,

12, 13,

14, 15,

16, 17,

18, 19,

20, 21,

22, 23,

24, 25,


27, 28.


Twenty-eight schools.

What a lot of schools in one year!

Happy birthday!

Into the twenties!

There's a message.

Mind your own business.

Are you going to blow it out 21 times?


- 4.

She's gone mad.


The lighter's run out, thank God.

We'll be eating wax soon.

Stop it.
- Wait!


Give me the lighter.

Come on.



How did you produce this one?

I wanted 21!




When do we get to eat the cake?

Nearly there.

She's mad.


And 21, okay, that's it.

She can't be this crazy.
Is your sister crazy?

Just think when she's 50,

how long we'll have to sit here, 51, 52...

Ciccio, why's your t-shirt on inside out?

Because it's lucky.

I'm lucky.

I have to leave.

You're leaving, on my birthday?
- Yes.

My present?

I gave you it before.
- I've lost it already.

None for Ciccio...

What do you mean none!

If you die, you only die once,
remember that.

You'll get fat!
- Who cares.

You'll die!

Who cares!

I'm not eating.


Do you like the cake?

Get down.

You'll break the camera.

Come on, let's eat.

Make a wish.

Hurry, hurry.

Shall I blow?

Wait, I wanted to do it
with all the candles.

Mum, tell Naike to stop it.

Tell me when.

Blow, go on.

No, light them again.

Give me the lighter, come on,
you're too slow.

Too slow?

Come on.
- Ready.


Take the wax off.

Give me a spoon.

Where's the cake, here it is!

This is Babooska when she's big.

That pretty?

No, much prettier.

Original Hula Hop attraction.

In the ring for you: Babooska!

Let's give her a round of applause!

The Hula Hop: Babooska!

Babooska! Well done!

Translation: Fiona Peterson