Babloo Bachelor (2021) - full transcript

The story of the film is based on UP, where a well to do family had always dreamt of their son's wedding with great pomp and show. Babloo "Sharman Joshi" met few girls for his wedding but didn't get the right one.Then he met Pooja Chopra who was already engaged in other relationship and is not virgin.After listening to this, he rejects the proposal.In one wedding he got to meet Tejasri Pradhan, with whom he falls in love and both agrees for the marriage.But the twist comes when on the wedding day Tejasri ran way from the wedding and left a letter for him.She had always wanted to be an actor and now she had got a chance of a lead actor in a reality show in Mumbai.Sharman tries everything to reach his would be wife.He even goes to Mumbai.There, by chance, he again bumped into Puja Chopra who was the creative head of that channel.He told her everything.She agrees to help him and when finally Tejasri comes back, Sharman falls in love with Puja Chopra after looking at her intitiave and efforts to bring Tejasri back.

'More than 30,000 alliances!
Meet today itself!'

'Teri Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
is now more than 30,000...'

'Now more than 30,000 alliances
Teri Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi!'

'Now you select a partner of your choice.'

Oh Sharmaji, I am telling marriage...


Babuji, what is all this?

You are getting married!

Babuji, I don't want to get married now.

I have undergone a lot of
suffering because of marriage...

...and not any more.

Wow... you have really
undergone a lot of suffering!

But I am very happy!

I am waiting for the last
35 years for just one dream...

...when my Babloo will be
worthy of getting married...

...and when will I perform
his marriage grandly!

One by one you have
refused 20 odd alliances.

I am very happy.

Forget others, think about your mother.

Which temple has she not visited?

Which God has she not prayed?

She has done fire sacrifice and what not.

Only for this so that you get married.

Do you know... one dared to stand in front of me!

But today people talk behind my back...

...that Thakur's son is not manly enough.

That is why his marriage
is not taking place.

So today I will surely get you married.

Whether it is doing
openly or at the gun point.

Excellent! Fantastic!

Well said!


Oh brother...!

Oh move... move else I will hit you!

Sister-in-law [BHABHI]. Swati.

The mistake you did by
insulting and divorcing Swati...

...this is the right time to correct it.

Babuji, I have not committed any mistake.

- And I have not got married to you.
- Babloo.

Swati has apologised to all of us.

We have also forgiven her.

You also forgive her.

Get married.

Please brother Babloo, get married.

Yes brother Babloo, get married.


Brother, get married.

Yes, get married.

Babloo, I am really very sorry.

this is the problem with you girls.

First create problem and then say sorry.

You have ruined my life.

What do I do with your sorry?

I won't get married. Won't get married.

Babuji, I won't get married.

shall I make him wear the wedding dress?

Yes, make him wear.

Come brother, carry him carefully.


I don't want to get married to her.

She has troubled me a lot, babuji.

Ok, right, right, come on.

Ok brother, we know she has
troubled and you too trouble her.

'He is my only son Babloo.'

'Babloo Bachelor!'

'Yes, he is well known in
this entire area by this name!'

'I had named him Ranvijay.'

'Forget winning in the running race...'

'...he couldn't even win a girl's heart...'

' that he gets rid of bachelorhood...'

'...and a daughter in law for our family.'

'And it is not that he
didn't get any alliance.'

'But one by one he refused everyone...'

'...because Babloo wanted a perfect wife!'

'Now what this perfect wife is...'

'...even I don't know.'

'After a lot of effort by his close friend,

'Lucknow's top marriage agent.'

'Pintu Tripathi...'

'...has given a commitment that
he would get Babloo married.'

'Let's see whether the stigma of
bachelor on Babloo is wiped out or else...'

Oh my lucky dove.

My lucky dove has gone.

Oh my lucky dove!

My lucky dove has flown away...
remove the luggage, elder brother.

Now where is this Tiwari.
He has not yet come?

I will see.


Greetings, myself Premananad Tiwari.

No.1 marriage agent of Lucknow!

Tell me, how can I help you!

Put the phone on vibrator...

...and put it. Stupid fellow.

Please don't use such abusive words.

In the time I waited for you,
I trimmed my beard.

Where are you?

I will be present before the
time at the address given.

Hello... listen...

Everyone is ready at home.

Just brother Babloo is left.

- See.
- I knocked the door thrice.

But he didn't answer at all.

The useless fellow must be sleeping.

Oh babuji, you sit, I will go.

- I am going to the restroom.
- Oh.


Is it itching within that
you are always scratching?

Yes it is itching a lot, come and scratch.

Come... come.


"What a news it was, slowly, slowly"

- "You will be my life"
- Brother Babloo... [KNOCK ON THE DOOR]

- Oh Brother Babloo... [KNOCK ON THE DOOR]
- "What a news it was".

Open the door.

- "Slowly slowly you will be my life"

- "Instead of a heart beat"
- Again.


Outside everyone is waiting for you.

And here you are listening
to the Mehdi Hassan's song?

Oh come on, get ready soon.

- Hey Chote...
- This is good!

Nothing is going to happen.

Why are you unnecessarily
wasting your time?

Hey, I have done a deal
with a top marriage agent!

You will get a girl of your choice!

Exactly like a heroine!

This time there won't be any compromise,
come on get ready.

'wish I get a loving face'

'whom I will place in my heart'

'I am waiting with a
lot of love filled desires...'

'...if I don't get that
person in this world...'

'...whose face I have in my mind'

If you keep reciting such poems...

...then friend, the youth will go away.

- And you will only...
- Is it...

...then why are your hands trembling?

Sometimes because I get nervous...

Don't get too nervous.

Or else when it is necessary,
nothing will come to your aid.

Brother, you too are...

Chote, you are not understanding.

Brother I don't want to understand.
Now come quickly.


Brother Babloo, come down fast.

People are waiting for you.
Uncle is getting angry.

I am coming.

Uncle, why is this brother
Babloo taking so much time?

- This way he won't come.
- Look, now you don't start.

He will come.

- Please take.
- Thanks.

You are very beautiful!

Brother, your daughter is ok.

But it is very important that
our Babloo has to like her.

Isn't it brother?

Oh brother, both of them have to
meet and get to know each other.

- It will be good, isn't it?
- Yes.

What you say is right.

Both of you go alone
and talk to each other.



- Do you remember...
- She is very beautiful!

Are you fine? Are you alright?

- What happened?
- Nothing... nothing.

She is a very big devotee of Mata.

Sometimes Mata enters her body!

She will be fine,
why are you waiting, get water.

I will get it.

- Brother...
- Everything will be alright.

I am sorry. This is my work out time.

So you all had to wait.

I totally agree with you.

To stay healthy exercise is very essential.

Well, mom and dad will take some more time.

They have gone to an important meeting.

Whatever you want to talk to me,
you can talk directly to me.

- No, you only say.
- That's great!

No demand, no conditions!

But I have few conditions.

After the marriage I
won't stay in the village.

You know village...
because I hate villagers!

Rural, illiterate, uneducated people...

...and one minute.

After marriage hope you won't
have a moustache like your father?

It tickles while we kiss!

- No moustache?
- Listen to me Thakur.

Now it is very essential
for us to remain calm.

Because the matter in question
is regarding Babloo's wedding.

You trust me.

There are many girls in my area.

I promise you,
very soon Babloo's wedding will take place.

Chote, ask everyone to sit in the car.


Please sit, sit.

Asked to cut the moustache, don't know...

Will you hit him or do I hit you?

You think.

I had asked you to show the girls.
Not conduct a tour of the museum.

But they were girls!

Look, you don't make me get very angry.

Otherwise you will hit you so much...

...that you won't be able to sneeze also.

I have to say with utmost regret...

...that now Babloo's
wedding won't take place.

Why won't his marriage take place?

Now I have decided...

...that looking at this
disrespectful behaviour of yours...

...bad behaviour, I can't help you further.

- I won't help you.
- How will you not help?

Why are you getting so emotional?

Aren't you my friend?

Love you Tiwari!

He looks very desperate.

Immediate marriage
followed by nuptial night.

As such there is no
need for you to feel shy.

You can talk to me openly.

No, I am not shy.

Actually I am a bit nervous.

This is the first time.

It is not my first time
but I am also nervous.

Talking the same thing
for the past 7 years... even my words have got tired.

Excuse me, you said 7 years?


Isn't it a little too much?

It is not too much,
it is much more than that.

One can't marry anyone just like that.

One has to stay with
that person an entire life.

And if the pair isn't perfect,
then it is not love but problems...

...increases after the marriage.

- So...
- Perfect pair...!

I mean this can be your
personal opinion but... per me, more than perfection... is important to have
acceptance between two people.

Ok, for example...

...after so many years, assume that... get the girl of your choice...

...who, as per you, is perfect.

And both of you get married also.

Then you realise that
she is not perfect for you.

Then after marriage what will you do to her,
leave her?

No, as such you have said a
perfect thing and I will accept.


Tell me one thing.

What hobbies do you have
other than searching for a wife?

it is not my hobby to search for a wife.

Sometimes I have interest in writing.

To write? Really?

I thought you would say,
acting, dancing, singing etc.

Why can't a writer have
a right to look handsome?


Ok tell me, let me also hear
how this handsome writer, writes!

- Now?
- Yes.

Ok, I will tell you a couple of lines.


'it would have been better if
she didn't make eye contact'

'if she had not come so close,
it would have been better'

'each time the love refuses'

'wish we remained strangers,
it would have been better'

- Didn't you like it?
- No it is very nice!

What do you do, I mean job or business?

Babuji has done so much... manage that itself is enough.

No it is not like that,
you will have some goals, ambitions...

...what career would you like to have?

I am happy with what I have.

I will think when the need arises.

- Drink the tea.
- Ok, thanks.

You are very beautiful!

You also look very decent!

Not only in looks even
at heart I am decent.

Till today I have not had any affair, so...

- Not even one?
- No.

- That means are you still a virgin?
- Yes.

Then it will be a big problem!

No, why would there be a problem?

I have read Kama Sutra. Fully.

And what else can you do?

I didn't mean sex.


See, when the talk about
our marriage is going on...

I don't want to hide anything from you.

I have had boy friends.

One minute... you said boy... friends...?


How many boy friends did you have,
if you don't mind?

Avantika has had 5 boy friends. Five!

Avantika herself told me this.

And what did you marriage agent tell you?

The girl is very virtuous!

Brother, now what to do?

Nowadays this is the
definition of being virtuous.

Now you will tell me the
definition of being virtuous?

If you argue too much,
I will hit you here itself.

Brother, what I was thinking was...

...that now I will donate my manhood.

When it is not used...

...what is the use of
having it unnecessarily?

Then we will together
form the 'widower gang'.

When you are in my situation...

...then you will understand
what my predicament is.

I will never be in that situation.

Shall I tell you one thing?

Don't get angry. We are brothers.

Talking about Avantika,
you are getting very negative.

I am being negative?

if you get married at the age of 35 years...

...then how will you get?

What I am saying is what you
are getting is a blessing from God.

- You accept that.
- But five boy friends!

- Five...
- But whom did she like?

Smart, handsome, brother Babloo!

"You are there."

"With me at all."


"You are there."

"In the faces that come and go."

"You are there like god in every direction."

"What do I write about you,
you are my spirit."

"Do I read and sing about you."

"In my sunset evenings."

"If your morning mingles."

"Then in the emptiness of the night."

"Let every difficulty get solved."

"You are there."

"With me at all."


"You are there..."

"In the faces that come and go."

"Before you, the taste of."

"Happiness seemed faded."

"My life of randomness."

"Was closely related to."

"But since the time you have come."

"But since the time you have come."

"The time is flying like a dream."

"You are there in the waves."

"That rise in the heart."

"Lakhs of names are linked with love."

"Even if love is dishonoured."

"In great discomfort from age."

"Love is a solace for life."

"Paint me in your colours."

"Give me your colours too."

"Let me also do the work of loving."

"You are there."

"Shall I leave or."

"Shall I stay back."

"You are there."

"In the faces which pass by."

"Like god, you are there everywhere."

"What to write about you,
you are the spirit."

"Do I read and sing about you."

"In my sunset evenings."

"If your morning mingles."

"Then in the emptiness of the night."

"Let every difficulty get solved."

What is the matter brother,
you look very colourful!

Chote, I think I am in love!

With whom?

With Avantika.

Avantika, that means yesterday
you were simply saying dialogues.

Hey no... I was confused.

Now it has cleared.

Ok brother, I will slog... will enjoy!

Give me also some credit.


- Hello...
- Hello, is it Bablooji?

Yes, it is me.

- Tell me.
- Hope I didn't disturb you.

No, no... tell me.

- Babloo, can we meet tomorrow?
- Yes.

- Ok, don't be late.
- No, I won't.

Ok. Ok.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Whose phone was it?
- Avantika.

Sister-in-law? What did she say?

- She wants to meet me tomorrow.
- Oh... oh...

...that means both the sides
are in the same mood!


Hey... who is this boy who is with her?

- Who... that one?
- Yes.

May be he is a brother type friend.

Girls have a lot of liking to raise dogs.

You first.


- Greetings, Sister-in-law!
- Hi...!

- Hi Babloo, how are you?
- How is he?

Oh don't ask as to how he is.

24 hours he is only talking about you.

- Chote.
- He is in love with you.

- How are you?
- Actually I wanted to talk to you.

Yes, tell me.

Don't feel shy looking at me,

I used to move about in my
inner wear in my childhood.

That too without washing!

- Chote...
- All that is fine, but...

I will be grateful if you leave
us alone for some time, please.

Yes, ok.


Behaviour does not seem to be right!

Change has started from now itself!

What sort of friends you have!

Chote talks a lot but
he is very good at heart.

I apologise on his behalf.

- Come, shall we sit?
- Ok.

What is the connection
between you and Sister-in-law?

Connection? What connection?


You... Sister-in-law... connection.

Hey we are just good friends.

We are friends.

Friend...! Hi-five!

I knew you are just a friend.

Babloo I don't want this
marriage to take place.

What do you mean?

But why, Avantika?

Babloo, I am not like you.

I can't be happy with my
babuji's name and money.


One who has only one goal in life...

...that is marriage...

I can't do that, Babloo.

You please say no to this marriage.


But all the arrangements have been made,

I know.

But Babloo,
I too have dreams and ambitions.

I want to fulfil them, Babloo.

Are the invitation cards ready?

Yes it has come, you see.

These two are there.

- This bottom one is at the top.
- Yes this.

This one.

Hey show it to the one
who is going to get married!

Later if he gets angry then
who will sit on the horse?


Brother see this,
I have to send it to Banaras.

- Ok.
- It is nice!

- Make a list.
- Yes I have done it.

- Babuji...
- Ok?

I don't want this marriage to take place.


I don't want this marriage to take place.

What happened? Tell me.

Are you in your senses?

Or have you done drugs?

I have taken this decision
after a lot of deliberation.

And I don't want to give any clarification.

And I request all of you not to
put me in a predicament, please.

- Hey...
- Hey... Babloo...

Babloo listen... Babloo...

After a month.

Listen Babloo,
give this to Kriti and this to aunt.

This has to be given to uncle,
rest everything I will manage...

...don't worry, take care.

- Drive carefully.
- Bye.


Come on brother, we have reached!

- How are you?
- How are you, brother?

Fine, thank you.

Why have you made everything yellow?

Add some red also.

- It is my daughter's first marriage!
- Boy's people have come.

- At the top...
- Don't know when you will...

This saree is from Banaras.

- Malti, come here.
- One minute.

- Brother...
- Hey... how are you?

- I am fine.
- Your ignorant nephew has come!

And he has brought that monkey also!

What is your problem?

What was the need to call him?

He won't sit on your head,
let me do my work.

Yes in this house only I am useless.

- Aunty...
- Oh my Babloo has come!

How handsome you look. Tell me one thing.

Chote is not to be seen. Where is he?

He is parking the car.

- All well at home?
- Yes.

The house where such a person
is staying how can they be happy?

He is old enough to be a
father but hasn't yet got married!

you go and freshen up and come quickly.


Hey I have had a bath.
Why are you looking at me like this?

- Strange!
- How do you like the sari?

Isn't it good?

- You wait.
- My lucky dove...

Decorations are fantastic!

Hello... beauties!

Have all the beauties
of this area come here?

- Beautiful!
- Hey what are you doing?

- I am scratching my leg.
- Like this?

Look, I am not in a mood to argue.

- Greetings aunty.
- Oh Chote... be happy!

It is good that you have come.

See it is your sister's wedding
and so much work is still pending.

Now you will go only after
the marriage gets over, isn't it?

Isn't it?

Even I was thinking about the same thing.

That I will complete sister's
wedding and then go.

- Kriti...
- Brother Babloo!

You? How are you?

I am fine. How are you?

I am fine, ok tell me...

- are these ear rings?
- They are nice!

You know brother, I was more
excited for your wedding than mine.

But you don't like any girl!

Mother has sent this for you.

- Keep it here.
- Oh... thank you so much!

Thank you!

- Your lucky dove... your lucky... Hi.
- Now take the dress from there.

- My name is Chote.
- Stupid!

Stupid girl...!

- What?
- What is the problem?

Why do you harass me with your eyes?

You talk to me properly.

why do you harass me with your eyes?

- Look, I am telling you...
- I don't have time, I am busy.

Where is my room?

Chote, it will be next to your
dear uncle's room and where else?

See you...!

- Whose house is this?
- Mine.

Karan, how long do I wait?

I can't tell any more lies to my family.

Everyday mummy comes with a new boy's photo,
how long do I say no?

Look, we have very little time.

If mummy comes to know...

...that I am pregnant even before the
marriage there will be a big chaos.

I don't know anything.

You have to meet my family
and talk about our marriage.

Or else I will commit suicide.

Because I have no option other than this.

Then you spend the
rest of your life in jail.

Cut shot!

Wow sister, what a fantastic acting you do!

1st class!

Shall I tell the truth, Swati... are one of the top class actress!

There are no actresses
from Bollywood to Hollywood...

...who can match you as regards acting.

When you said the line,
I will commit suicide...

Yes Munna, I understood your feelings.

Now you first transfer it on to my mobile,
I have to send.

- Consider it done.
- Yes.

- What is it?
- Nothing.

Oh God...!

Brother... hi...

Brother, what are you doing here?

Can't you see, I am smoking cigarette.

Yes... yes, that I am seeing.

Give me also.

Thank you.

Brand is good.

Ok Kriti, listen... who is that hero?

- Who?
- Just see...

Ok, he...

...he is my brother Babloo.

He is my landlord uncle's only son.

Why? Do you like him?

If you say, then shall I start the talk?

Two marriages in the same wedding hall!

You get married.

I don't want to get
married and ruin my life.

Chutki, cold drink! Take.

Swati, hot samosas were being made...

I felt that you would like it.

So I got. You eat.

Thank you, Munna.
But now I don't feel like eating.

Later on, ok? And...

Ok give.

Now will you feed me and then go?

- I will eat it. You go.
- Please.

You eat.

I don't know about your wedding.

But this Munna is crazy in your love.

Hey forget this man, tell me about him.

- You?
- Yes it is me.

What's your problem, boss?
Why were you staring at me?

- No, I was just...
- What just...

...what I was just...

You have no other work other
than follow me and stare at me.

Do I say something or you
yourself will decide everything?

Oh... so you talk also!

You tell me, I would like to hear.

Please tell.

- I was saying...
- What were you saying?

- I was saying...
- What next?

I mean, I...

...heard what you said over the phone
when you threatened to commit suicide

- I felt that...
- What you felt?

You will make an entry
like a hero and save me?

No, I didn't mean that.

- I was...
- I know very well... are a sexually unsatisfied,
frustrated man!

The moment you see beautiful
girls all the lust is seen in your eyes.

And it is written on your face that...

- are such a big adorer of sex.
- Oh no...

- You have misunderstood me, I...
- No.

I have understood you correctly.

It is my mistake, forgive me.

Do you know what your problem is?

You give up very fast!

Thank you for informing.

- I had asked about you to Kriti.
- Ok.

From what she said
one thing is clear to me...

...that you are not that bad also,
like the way you appear.

Sorry, I was joking. Sorry.

No, it is nothing like that.

- Anyone can misunderstand.
- Correct.

Now don't you want to know
how you misunderstood?

- I?
- Hmm...

I was actually recording
an audition for a TV show.

And I had no idea of
committing suicide till now.

But if you stand like this in front of me...

...then I will get frustrated
and surely commit suicide.

I am so sorry,
I mean you want to become a heroine?


- Oh...
- But my parents...

...are against me having a career.

So all these have to be done secretly.

But you see,
one day when I become a heroine...

...then everything will be fine.

You will surely become a heroine.

Thank you.

- May I...
- Yes sure.

This woman is a characterless person.

Just for one cigarette
she has talked so much?

As such the problem is
the same for both of us.

In your case marriage is not happening.

And I don't want to get married at all!

Did you like any girl here?

I have no idea of breaking the heart again.

It seems you were dangerously in love.

I didn't even agree and
she said I am disloyal.

Your talks are very flattering!

Hope I don't fall in love, Thakur!

Brother, as such Swati is also ok.

Shall I start the talk?

Now will you sleep peacefully
or take something from me?

Will I get a kiss? Good night kiss?

- Give.
- Oh...

...who gives a kiss like this?

- Did you get hurt?
- No.

Oh s**t.

Oh brother...

Everything will be ready. You don't worry.

- What about 'sangeet'?
- I have called No.1 DJ!

Specially for you.

- Come on. Let's go.
- Yes.

Check that one.

Babloo please listen.
What I am saying is...

...tomorrow you become my dance partner.

Don't refuse, please.

Why just dance partner, if you
say he will make you his life partner.

What brother?

- No, I don't dance.
- What?

I will teach you.

- Please.
- I can't do these dances.

- This dance...
- Ok.

Tomorrow I will dance alone.

No Swati,
I would have surely danced, but...

I can't dance.
Swati, you aren't understanding.

I don't want to talk to you.

Oh Swati, why are you upset?

I will dance with you.

You got such a good chance.
You made Swati angry.

When I don't know to dance what do I do?

Hey... you don't need to have
Ph.D for dance, my brother.

When she asked, why did you refuse?

Chote, I am under tremendous tension.

Don't argue.

If you want, shall I reduce your tension?

- What?
- Oh God...!

You get me married to Swati!

I will offer five and a
quarter kilos of sweets to you.

Don't you feel ashamed to
talk like this in front of God?

He is our God.

I can ask him anything.
What is your problem?

Hey, if he gets angry he will finish you.

- Is it?
- Hmm...

Then what do I do, you please tell me.

- Then what to do, good question.
- Yes.

Do one thing, find an auspicious time.

- Hmm...
- And commit suicide.

Get lost.

This is for you.

Are you proposing?

No, I refused for dancing, so...

Oh you are saying sorry by giving rose!

Hope you have not changed your intention,

No Swati, what are you saying.

Henceforth Swati is your Sister-in-law.


Are you in competition with me?

When I am standing,
Swati won't even look at you.

Oh stupid fellow,
I am not talking about me.

Look there.

He is a very dangerous man.
He has murdered 5 people!

- Who Babloo?
- Yes.

Even police won't dare to catch him!

And do you know how he kills?

By shooting.

Do you underestimate me?

By the grace of God,
I have a high status in my village.

Is it,
let me see what a high status you have!


what are you doing in the marriage venue?

- I was measuring.
- Shut up.

I was doubting him and
Babloo from the beginning itself.

Now you too...

- Uncle you have misunderstood.
- Keep quiet.

I will talk to your father.

Take your things and leave this place.

Uncle... to papa... uncle...

Why are you smiling?

You see I will tell everything to Swati.

Now it is just this.

Later it will be even worse, understood?

Give him water.

Your mood seems to have changed!

Hey Radha...

Oh God...

Someone is measuring...
someone is kissing...

What is happening?

I feel it is not the house
of my daughter's wedding.

This has become the
place for people to love.

Oh God...!


Thank you.

Smile my brother is coming.
Greetings brother.

Oh greetings Malti, greetings!

Greetings Sister-in-law. I am fine.

What is this,
why are you looking like this?

Your sister has made me dumb.

Come on,
Malti has done at least one good thing!


- Come on... come on...
- How are you brother?

What is the matter...

...because of which there is
gas formation in your stomach?

There is gas formation in my stomach.

But when you hear... will have loose motion!

- Your Babloo...
- Yes...

- He is a bi sexual.
- What nonsense are you talking?

Hey what are you saying?

I am telling the truth.

You stay here for few
days and see for yourself.

Then you will come to know.

And you keep that Chote away from Babloo.


Oh wow!

Best wishes on your daughter's wedding.

Oh fantastic!

- Greetings, Sister-in-law.
- Greetings.

Hearty congratulations brother.

You were to come tomorrow.

I will do one thing, my luggage is outside,
we will come tomorrow.

- Come, come.
- Oh Sharmaji...

Sharmaji, welcome... please sit.

- Greetings!
- Greetings, greetings!

Is everything fine?

- Greetings!
- You go in, Malti is inside.

I will go and meet.

Hello Sharmaji... please sit.

- He is your guest.
- Oh he is my friend.

This is for the two of you.

Banna... Banni...

Come on the floor.

"Lime betel leaf, lime betel leaf."

"Lime betel leaf, lime betel leaf."

"Dressed up and went to buy sweets,

"But brought a long sugar cane."

"Oh... oh... yeh."

"Oh like a shining eight annas [50 PAISE]"

"I felt it was banni..."

"When the veil was raised,
I saw four annas... [25 PAISE]"

"Oh... oh..."

"Banna and banni's pair is
like ghee and kachori... [SNACK]"

"If you had seen chutney
and pakodi... [SNACK]"

"This pair is like catechu,
lime and betel leaf..."

"Let it be surely a model pair..."

"This pair is like catechu,
lime and betel leaf..."

"Let it be surely a model pair..."

"Dressed up and went to buy sweets,

"But brought a long sugar cane..."

"Oh... oh..."

"Like some bitter gourd
climbs on neem tree..."

"And says is there
anyone taller than me..."

"Like some bitter gourd
climbs on neem tree..."

"And says is there
anyone taller than me..."

"Fell down suddenly
on the ground bannaji..."

"Banni's wish was shattered to pieces..."

"There is something
different about this pair..."

"Rest of the pairs
seemed to be a joke..."

"When their argument started..."

"Didn't know if
there is any full stop..."

"But all their talks
were very beautiful..."

"Their world was seen
in each other's eyes..."

"They will not see
anything in front or back..."

"They both stay together hoy hoy..."

"Just see the mischief is
seen in every action of theirs..."

"And their togetherness will double..."

"Their strength..."

"You think and even
by mistake don't stop..."

"This pair of banna banni,
are together all round..."

"Banna was flirting with banni..."

"Banni was very smart..."

"Banna was flirting with banni..."

"Banni was very smart..."

"Banni locked the door
and went off to sleep..."

"Banna held on to the pillow
and cried the whole night..."

"Oh... oh..."

"Banna and banni's pair is
like ghee and kachori... [SNACK]"

"If you had seen chutney
and pakodi... [SNACK]"

"This pair is like catechu,
lime and betel leaf..."

"Let it be surely a model pair..."

"This pair is like catechu,
lime and betel leaf..."

"Let it be surely a model pair..."

"This pair is like catechu,
lime and betel leaf..."

"Let it be surely a model pair..."

"This pair is like catechu,
lime and betel leaf..."

"Let it be surely a model pair."

Did you see...?

How closely she was
dancing with that Thakur's son?

Before coming here what all you did,
all that we know.

And you... you don't say anything at all.

You will see,
one day when she blackens your face...

- Sudha...
- Oh what Sudha...?

So in front of the entire world we
will hide our face and move about.

Papa, everyone is normal here.

What else is normal as per you,
tell all that also.

Enough... enough of all this.

After leaving from here you
will get married to Sharmaji's son.

Do you understand?

Before I get married to that stupid person,
I will drink poison.




Since when do you know our Babloo?

For a long time.

Ours is a childhood love.

Till now we had hidden it.

Because Babloo was scared to
talk to you about his love marriage.

Actually we are brahmins and... are Thakur, that is why.

Babloo didn't marry till now because of me.

Babloo, do you also love my daughter?

Oh papaji, I know Babloo since childhood.

He loves Swati so much...

...what do I say!

our status is not matching that of yours.

But I have earned a
big name in the society.

If you don't have any
objection with this alliance...

...can we talk further?

When all of you together
have already decided...

...then fix the date and send the card.

I will attend the marriage.

Thakur... Thakur... don't worry about brother.

Now he is a bit angry. I will talk to him.

What is there to worry?

I know everything will be fine.

I will fix the date in the coming week.


Why did you say that I
love Swati since childhood?

And why did Swati say like this?

Brother that was the only way... fix the marriage of the two of you.

You didn't speak at all.

You would have missed the chance.

Hey, what would babuji think about me?

You think a lot.

What will he think?

One or two days he will be
angry and then calm down.

He also wants you to get
married and it will happen.

You also unnecessarily... plan for the nuptial night.

But I have not yet thought
about it properly that...

If any problem arises...
I will break your teeth.

nowadays you have become very violent.

Wait, I will make you listen to something.

It is very good. You listen.

I am saying. Love is better than attack.

Love is better than attack.

Because condom is cheaper than sword.


"Swear on you, don't go anywhere..."

"Walk slowly and come close."

Don't settle down, brother.

Just have control over the speed.

Easy... easy...

Ok, take this.

For extended pleasure!

The car will run for a long time.

All the best!

- Hasn't Chote decorated it nicely?
- Yes.

Aren't you happy with this marriage?

Why wouldn't I be happy?

I had only asked you to marry me.

No you were looking a bit sad, so...

That..., I am a bit tired.

- Listen...
- Yes.

I wanted to say something to you.

- Yes tell me.
- What if...

...we don't do anything today?

So you were worried about this?

See, I am not at all in
a hurry for the first night.

Whenever you are comfortable
then we can have first night.


"Swear on you, don't go anywhere."

"Walk slowly and come close."

"Swear on you, don't go anywhere."

"Walk slowly and come close."

"Reduce this distance a little bit."

"Listen to my heart beat."

"Swear on you, don't go anywhere."

"Walk slowly and come close."

"Let me get entangled in your arms."

"Let me get lost in your eyes."

"Your scent has made me crazy."

"You only say what do I do now."

"Don't tell me what is right and wrong."

"Swear on you, don't go anywhere."

"Don't listen to what the rain says."

"Don't go anywhere other than me."

"Get wet with me throughout the life..."

" I don't want to live without you."

"If possible you stay here."

"Swear on you, don't go anywhere."

"Reduce this distance a little bit."

"Listen to my heart beat."

"Swear on you, don't go anywhere."

"Walk slowly and come close."

Babloo, I am sorry.

I am leaving you and going away.

I am feeling very bad.

But actually,
I didn't have any other way also.

I was tired of fighting with
my family for my career.

You are the only one who can understand me.

Babloo, I have got a show.

With great difficulty... has given me an
opportunity to achieve something.

I can't miss this.

Because if I miss this show...

...then your Swati can
never become a heroine.

I tried to tell you all the truth also.

But I couldn't do so.

Take care of yourself. Bye.

Everyone at home is upset.

Mother and aunt have
swollen eyes because of crying.

Babuji is not saying anything.

Everyone in this house
has gone on silent mode.

Brother, you are also not saying anything.


Only you can set all these things right,

Brother I swear on you, within one month...

...if I don't get you married
to a better girl than Swati...

...then I am not a man. I am telling you.


all the time why are you talking about that?

Hope you have not taken up a royal hobby.


Forget about my marriage,
prepare for your marriage...

...with Dhaniya.

Will do the snake dance at your wedding.

- Brother...
- Chote you get very emotional.

Now if you argue a lot...

...then I will hit you.


Chote, I am fine.

Don't worry about me.

Savitri... Savitri eat the food.

Look Savitri, Babloo is my son also.

I know him very well. He is very adamant.

It would be better if
we give him some time.

Let a day or two pass by,
I will myself talk to him.

You don't worry and eat the food.

You talk to Babloo.

Ok, I will go and talk to him.

You eat the food.

When the heart breaks, people drink liquor.

You are managing with cigarette.

You are a strange miserly lover!

- Babuji... sorry...
- What sorry?


Listen, I will tell you a secret.

I too used to smoke cigarette like you,
without my babuji's knowing.


I used to enjoy a lot.

It has been ages.

Today even I am in a mood... one thing, you light.

Lets take a few drags now.

- Babuji...
- What...?

What are you looking at. Light, light...

...hey light.

You don't tell you mother.

If she comes to know
then that will be the end.

After a long time...


No babuji, I just smoked. Thanks.

That is also right.

As such smoking is injurious to health.


Son, I would like to say one thing to you,
if you agree.

- Babuji, please...
- Look...

...everyone has their own past, isn't it?

For some it is good, for some it is bad.

Now because of that
to forget one's present... wrong.

Son, Swati did what she did.

Right, she has gone ahead in her life.


Why are you sitting waiting? This...

Listen to me.

You get married again.

This is the wish of everyone.

Babuji, now I won't get married at all.

Listen to me once at least.

- Babuji please.
- How long will this continue?

Don't know, but I won't get married.

Babloo... become like how
you used to be earlier.

It has been long since I have scolded you.

If I don't shout at you, I don't enjoy!

I mean, everything seems empty!

Don't do like this,
you become like how you used to be earlier.


Brother Babloo...

Brother Babloo... Brother Babloo...

...see this. Take.

Look Babloo, I want you to go to Mumbai...

...and bring our daughter in law back.

- But babuji...
- She did, what she did.

But she is the daughter
in law of this family.

Babuji is right.

I will book two tickets to
Mumbai for tomorrow itself.

Not two, one.

Only Babloo will go to Mumbai.

But babuji...

Let him take his own
responsibility sometimes at least.

I have trust in you Babloo.

And your cousin is also there.

- PP.
- Yes.

Yes, I told you that I will
introduce you to Salman bhai.

Yes I will get the
'dhinka chika' done also.

Now don't trouble me by repeating it.

Yes you can take a selfie also.

Now don't irritate me. Yes... cut.

Oh... swear on papa... is a big headache to have contacts
of big people than be a big man.

Irritating people,
many a times they trouble me a lot.

Brother, even you are smart.

If you want, shall I start the talk?

I will start your launching!

No please spare me.

You launch yourself.


As such your idea is not bad.

I will launch myself.


Oh we have come! Reached!

- How much?
- Hey I will pay.

Sure, here take your bag.

You go in, I will come.

Oh... he agreed!

- How much?
- It is 420.

Why don't you try in Olympic?

- Means...?
- I mean you lie so easily... will win one or more medal!


- Shall we go?
- Yes.


Today's day is over, come on let us eat.


You take a long time to bathe.

The flow of water was not enough.

As such, isn't your house a bit small?

I am a bachelor.

To be a bachelor in Mumbai
and have a house to stay...

...this itself is a big thing.

You are so friendly with Salman!

Take help from him.

I have heard that he is very generous!

I have told Salman bhai... a favour to me by not
doing any favour to me.

I also have self respect!

How much more will you lie?

Now I can't take it anymore.

If I had not stayed in your house...

I promise, you would have thrashed me.

Have some shame at least.

Can't you close your mouth and eat?

If I close my mouth, how will I eat?

Actually you didn't tell me as to
what work you have with Swati.

- What do you mean?
- I mean...

...she has a lot of fans!

What sort of a fan are you?

Do you want a selfie
or will autograph will do?

She is my wife.

You talk big but can't eat properly.

Oh God,
from where all you send people to me!

They need 5 Star hotel to stay.

His wife is such a big actress!

Luckily he didn't say that
Amitabh Bachchan is his father!

- Father's...
- Where do I keep this?


Ok, I am leaving.

You come to No. 15, Goregaon Film city.

- Make sure you call and then come.
- Ok.

- Otherwise I will be in trouble.
- What?

No, nothing. Definitely come, ok?

'When you came I remembered...'

...'the moon was seen in the lane' Take.



It is good that my mobile got
switched off on my way itself!

Otherwise how would I have
known about your true self?

Brother Babloo... hey hold...

Brother Babloo...

Oh Brother Babloo...

...if our people come to know that I
am serving tea I will be humiliated.

Hey wait... I will commit suicide.

- Brother Babloo... Brother Babloo...
- What are you doing?

Have you gone mad?

Yes, I have gone mad.

Look I won't let you
go till you promise that... won't tell anyone
as to what work I do here.

I am also willing to accept
that Swati is your wife.

What do you mean by
you are ready to accept?

I mean I promise you that I
will take you to meet Swati.

Promise... sure.


Other than you I have no other way also.

Now will you get up or shall I kick you?

No I won't let you kick me.

Will you drink tea? Spot.

'Swati Ka Swamyamwar'


- Don't get scared, it is my own.
- Hey where are you going?

Stop... where are you going? Stop.

I wanted to meet Swati madam,
just for 2 minutes.

Be it 2 minutes or 2 hours,
shooting is going on, can't go in.

- Look brother, I am not a fan.
- Is it?

Tell Swati that Babloo wants to meet her.

What is your relation with her?

- She is my wife.
- What?

Is she your wife?

- Swati madam!
- Yes.

Hey go,
why are you unnecessarily troubling me?

- Go from here.
- Brother look...

Go... go... take him.

Get out, go.

- PP...
- Go, go.

- Get out.
- Come let us do something else.

- We will do something else.
- Go away from here.

Go... go.

Why are you getting angry,
we have not come to see the shooting.


Greetings babuji.

No I have not yet met.
But I will see her soon.

She was busy with her shooting.

No, I am fine.

Oh no... PP is here.

He takes good care of me.

Ok, greetings.

Brother, till date no one
has understood the illusion...

...of the illusionary world.

Thousands come here every day.

Along with a dream and a hope.

Running after that they don't
know when they forget themselves.

Listen to me, leave her and forget Swati.

Even if you meet her, will she leave
everything and come along with you?

You go back to your home.

I can't see you get so humiliated.

I have not come here to return empty handed,

If I go, I will take Swati along.

Now why should I be scared of humiliation?

I got humiliated the day when Swati
left for Mumbai without telling me.

Still she is my wife.

I want to maintain that relationship.

So today I am at set of
'Swati Ke Swayamwar'!

And with me is the famous TV actress...

Swati Sharma!

Hi Avantika. Hello everyone!

So Swati, tell me, everyone wants to
know why did you choose this show?

Well, I was in search of my Mr.Perfect...

...who could understand me.

And accept me as I am.

And at that time the
creative head of our show...

...who is my very good friend also...

...told me about the Swayamwar's plot...

...and I really liked it!

Hey... have you come again?

Look, you are not understanding... is very important
for me to meet Swati.

Look, you are not understanding.

I won't let anyone go in
without an appointment.

If you understand
this peacefully it is fine.

Or else I know other methods also.

I have heard that lakhs of
people have applied for this show.

How difficult was it to choose
the final 12 contestants?

It was very difficult to
choose the top 12 contestants.


Hey she is my wife.

I have come from Lucknow
to take her back home.

Ok, ok, I am the brother
in law of the Prime Minister!

Hey just go, don't bother me.

So Swati, the show has begun...

...the elimination round has begun.

How are you going to
choose your perfect man?

There are certain tasks which they
have to perform and win the roses!

And the one who has the maximum roses...

...he will be the man of my heart!

Great... so Swati we wish
you all the luck in love then

I wish that you get your
perfect man quickly...

...and thank you for being with me.

Thank you Avantika for
having me on your show.

Thank you so much, Swati.

So India,
get ready for 'Swati ka Swayamwar'!

Along with cameraman Amit,
this is Avantika, Bollywood Spice!

Look you can't be rude to me.

Is it? You have prestige also?

Go away otherwise I will hit you. Go.

"Late in the day you will also."


"How much I loved you..."

" one would have loved."

"Late in the day again the rain."

"Will surely pour."

"The cloud of my mind will come."

"Will wet you."

"You are my life... you are my life."

"You are my life, come back."

"You are my life... you are my life."

"You are my life, come back."

- Bhosle, bring him.
- Ok sir.

You make him understand...

...that he should not repeat
the same thing again.

- Ok.
- This time I am leaving him.

Ok, I will take care of him.

- Thank you.
- Come out.

- Hey... fan...
- Go in.

I am leaving you because of her.

Otherwise I would have made
this place a washerman's area.

Sir, I am ok in the lock up.

do you think it is your in law's house?

Go away quietly from here.

Otherwise I also know
how to take care of you!

Sir, you do whatever you want.

- But I don't want her help.
- Hey...

Babloo, is your drama over?

Shall we go, please?

Now why are you helping me?

What do you want from me?

I don't want anything from you, Babloo.

I have realised that...

...what I did to you was wrong.

I had my own personal reasons.

I am really sorry.

I have forgiven you and
thank you for helping me.

- I will leave.
- Oh Babloo...

...please sit down for some more time.


So what if we didn't become life partners?

We can be friends!

So now I am not worthy of this also?

No, when did I say that
you are not worthy of this?

I am surprised that what is
it that I have done that you... yourself want to be friends with me!

You have gone to the jail and come,
is it any less?

Actually after that day
I was regretting a lot.

I wanted to apologise to you also but...

I didn't get a chance at all!

I am really sorry.


As such what were you doing on
the set of 'Swati Ke Swayamwar'?

Swati is my wife.


- You are serious?
- Yes.

We are not covering that story.

What? Are you sure?

What if some other
channel covers this story?

We will be losing something really big!

I know but I am not covering it.

And about others...
you will not tell this to anyone, ok?

- Hi...
- Hi...

I am glad you called.

I will surely take you to your Swati.

But Babloo, you too should... know...


Babloo, where all we don't
go in search of happiness?

And we forget that it is on our lips!

I swear, we have forgotten to smile!

But Avantika,
what about this heart which is beating?

But even if I smile forcibly... won't give peace to the heart.

Yes but by looking like Devdas
also you won't get anything.

What are you doing? Get up.


You are a strange person!

Sitting here I am motivating and
you are giving me a fake smile!

Shall we leave, or else in the
bargain of making both of you meet...

I will lose my job.


He is Babloo,
he is a very good friend of mine.

- Can we...?
- I am so sorry.

- Please come on in.
- Thank you.

Will you have something?

- Swati.
- Tea, coffee...

No thank you.

Will you take something, Babloo?

Shall I get something for you?

Avantika, I will wait for you downstairs.

But Babloo...

That... I need your NOC to air that show!

- Yes I will get it.
- Ok.

- What happened?
- What happened?

Didn't you see how she was
behaving with me like a stranger?

But what can she do, Babloo?

Would she come and hug you?

- Would she tell you I love you?
- Why not?

Oh come on... understand.

Hey what do I understand?

Only this my friend,
she loves you a lot even today.

She is just confused a
bit regarding her career.

If she loves me,
then why this Swayamwar and all that?

This is a glamour industry!

You know to be in market one has
to do all this and there is no option.

Ok forget it,
why am I telling you all this.

Anyway you couldn't do anything more.

So on Monday,
there is a success party for Swati's show.

- You and I will go together.
- I won't come.

- I am going.
- I am not going.

- I am going.
- I am not going.

- I am going.
- I won't go at all.

- I am not going at all, Avantika.
- Ok...

- I won't go, ok?
- Fine.


"What has happened between the eyes..."

"It is good that this heart is lost..."

"What has happened between the eyes..."

"It is good that this heart is lost..."

"Without you don't know
why the evening doesn't set..."

"Without you don't
know I don't get sleep..."

"I too can't live without you..."

"I too don't like anything these days..."

"At night sat counting the stars..."

"My heart weaved a dream about you..."

"Sleep has refused to come..."

"Eyes remained awake and didn't sleep..."

"My condition is also the
same like that of yours..."

"I too couldn't handle even my step..."

"Slowly started losing peace..."

"Oh what all has
started happening to me..."

"How did you do this magic..."

"I could see you everywhere..."

"I can't live without you..."

"I too don't like anything these days."

Babloo every girl wishes...

...that the one whom she loves
should be self dependant.

He should be doing something in life.

So where am I useless?

And it is also not necessary that
everyone should be ambitious!

Isn't it?

If there is no ambition in life...

...then what is the difference
between human being and animals?

What if there is no goal or ambition?

One can't achieve anything in life.

Look now you only decide that...

...without ambition am I a human
being or an animal in human form.

But now that you have started the topic...

...then I will also tell one thing.

No boy friend in the world would want...

...that is would be wife
has five boy friends!

- There were and I had told you.
- Yes.

There were. Correct, you said.

- You boys are pure?
- Why, what do you mean?

Because all the rules and
regulations apply only to girls.

Because there is nothing
called virginity in case of boys!

Ok, if you take up feminist
attitude at every step...

...what can I say?

- Hmm...?
- So what?

We have to fight for our right.

Where have I occupied your land?

Ok sorry... sorry.

Why are you spoiling
the fun of having a beer?

As such you look nice in
this wonder woman look.

But you look more nice when you smile!

In fact you look extremely nice!

It is late, we should be leaving.

Shall we go? I mean I am leaving.

Good night!

Have you ever loved
anyone other than your work?

There were so many boys after you.

Leaving all of us,
you went after this idiot.

I mean, how?

Ok, I am sorry.

But does Babloo knows
that you are loving him?


You have the courage to
love but not to express it!

Just go and tell him.

Otherwise that idiot will never understand.

- Got it?
- He...

...still loves is Swati.
She is still his wife.

Really? Avantika...

...don't waste your time by getting
involved in this one sided love.

Either get him or forget him.


I feel very guilty.

I feel I should meet Babloo
once and ask him to apologise me.

Are you crazy?

Now you can't meet Babloo at all.

As far as I know,
that Bollywood Spice Avantika... after Babloo.

And she is definitely trying
to create some spicy news!

And in the mean time if you meet him...

...then he will doubt even more.

So... so you just leave this on me.

I will take care of it, ok?




how many times I called and messaged?

There is no reply at all.

- Don't we have to go to the party?
- Babloo, I can't come.

Hey how do I go alone?

You have to come along with me.

Babloo, why are you forcing me?

I have told you that I won't come.


I am not feeling well.

Otherwise I would have come with you.

What happened? Did you ring up the doctor?

No, my health is fine.

It is just my personal problem.

You won't understand, Babloo.

What is such a personal
problem that I won't understand?

Oh I understood what
your personal problem is!

And why you are getting angry.

Don't worry on such days one gets angry.

- You do the breathing exercise.
- Babloo it is nothing like that.

But then...

I feel...

- Let it be.
- Tell me what you feel.

Really I am telling,
now your mood is not ok.

I have read about the breathing exercise,
it is very beneficial.

Whenever you are in a bad mood then you...

I feel that...

I have started liking you!


logically I may be a bachelor but...

...technically I am a married man.

Sorry for that night.

I couldn't control myself.

But it would be wrong to do any such thing.

For me as well as for you also.

I don't understanding at all... to what is good and bad for me.

What I am doing is right or wrong.

And that is why I didn't want to meet you.

Anyway leave it.

Shall we go to the party?

Thanks Avantika.

"Shall I zoom the eyes and see."

"Darling your look is alcoholic."

"The room in the heart is empty for you."

"Come and don't delay darling."

"Your glamourous heart has snatched mine."

"Stealthily I touched your figure."

"Gets hit and goes crying."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"This is the bottle of desi liquor."

"This is the bottle of desi liquor."

"You drink the whole night."

"Let people think whatever they want."

"Let people think whatever they want."

"If you want to take it with you."

"With you."

"Let me keep dancing with you."

"Let me keep talking to you and flirt."

"Today I will ignite in your heart."

"Romantic English emotions."

"The one who jumps in high heels."

"My feelings dances."

"Slowly when you sway your hips."

"Heart beats faster."

"Your fair complexion invites me."

"Your fans fight with me."

"Gets hit and goes crying."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"Shall I zoom the eyes and see."

"Darling your look is alcoholic."

"The room in the heart is empty for you."

"Come and don't delay darling."

"Your glamourous heart has snatched mine."

"Stealthily I touched your figure."

"They get hit and go crying."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

Babloo what nonsense is this?

Aren't you happy?

You wanted to become a heroine.

And today you have
become such a big heroine...

...that you don't have time
to meet your husband!

I respect you for your passion!

But I have also not seen
a selfish person like you!

If you had to do only this then
why did you get married to me?

You could have told me once.

I would have helped you.

Do you know how much
humiliation I had to face?

First time...

...first time I saw tears in
babuji's eye only because of you.

And babuji has only sent
me here to take you back.

Otherwise I didn't even
want to see your face.

But what to do? I have married you!

And I am not like you...

...who thinks only about yourself.

Babloo look, I am extremely sorry.

I had got confused.

Didn't understand how
to tell you about this.

- So I thought that...
- Enough, you don't think, please.

You have thought and
done a lot as per your wish.

You wanted to become a
heroine and you are one!

And also there is no problem ahead.

Do whatever you want to do.

But as of now you are coming home with me,
that's all.

Babloo, how can I come home suddenly?

Like how you left me suddenly
during our honeymoon, the same way.

- Will you come tomorrow?
- Ma'am I am waiting for you.

Be ready.


Babloo, where were you all this while?

No I was...

Since when I am calling you
and you are not answering!

My phone is dead.

- Shall we go?
- Ok.

Tomorrow I am going to Lucknow with Swati.

Wow! Congratulations!


- Finally you got your Swati back!
- Yes.


I hope that things should
happen the way you want.

And like how I want.

Actually even I wanted the same thing.

How many plans I made!

Mission successful!

Congrats and I am really happy for you.

Babloo, both of you will go to Lucknow... got your Swati.

Sometimes I think why did
you come into my life again!

And if at all you came,
why did I let you go close to Swati!

Why couldn't I control myself?

Why did I love you?

Why I was unable to
make this heart understand?

That I have no right over you.

Still why this heart is saying repeatedly,
what should I say?

What should I do?

And you just become mine.


You will always be close to my heart.

Because you alone did not love.

I have also loved you.

But perhaps this is our luck.

Now perhaps we might
accuse our luck for life.

Or else smile and part ways
and say good bye to each other.

There will be pain.

But we will live in each other's heart!

And I can't give lecture more than this.

Now if you don't stop
crying then I will also cry.

By thumping the chest and aloud.

Don't let this smile
go away from your lips.


I am sorry for my behaviour last night.

But you have done such a thing
that even if I don't want, I get angry.

As such I have informed my people that...

I am coming home along with you.

I have come to Mumbai not to go back.

I accept that whatever I did to you,
were very wrong, and I am...

...really very sorry about it, but...

I am not going with you.

Do you want a divorce from me?

Please sign.


I tolerated every wound of yours.

I didn't say anything.

It doesn't mean that I
am worthy of only this.

Take care of yourself.

And yes.

Don't do such a thing to anyone else again.

Because you will not
find anyone like Babloo.

Here is a sensational Breaking News!

TV's famous heroine Swati Sharma,
has been exposed.

Swati, who is conducting her own Swayamwar,
actually... already married.

It is understood that Swati's marriage...

...with a youth named
Ranvijay from Lucknow...

...was performed long back.

And she cheated him and ran away
to Mumbai during their honeymoon.

Yes Babloo, where are you?

- You look very handsome!
- He is telling the truth.

Babuji, you have forced me into this.

At least you should have
taken my measurement.

This sherwani doesn't fit me.

I will not get married.

See this new drama!

- Brother Babloo...!
- Who is it?

Hey please give way... give way madam.

- I mean how?
- By flight!

In two hours, I am with you.
And to tell the truth...

I enjoyed a lot, I mean I really enjoyed!

What an amazing and
beautiful girls were there!

By pressing one button she comes
immediately with a smile on her face!

What do you want sir? How do you want sir?


Swear on papa,
I almost fell in love with her!

Hey stop this nonsense.
What are you doing here?

I will tell slowly!

Please give me way, mother.

Hello, you are not a heroine, madam.

One, two, three...!

I know, you will say sorry.

But I will not forgive you.

I have not come here to say sorry to you.

I have come here to say only this that...

- I love you.
- You don't say this at all.

You are a liar,
you are a stigma in the name of friendship.

- What do we say...
- Slut.

Yes, you are a slut.

- A curse on the society.
- Yes you are a curse on the society.

- Witch...
- Keep quiet.

Was there anything left
for you to humiliate me...

...that you have come again?

But what have I done?
This is your misconception, Babloo.

- I didn't do anything.
- Show mercy on me.

I can't get humiliated further.

Tell me,
whether the marriage will take place or not.

- I am feeling hungry.
- Hey control...!

- Come for eating?
- Hey control...!

Have you all finished your talks?

Now shall I start talking?

Whether the marriage takes place or not,
everyone will get food.

And you... because of you my
entire family thinks I am wrong.

Because they feel that I have
broken my relationship with you.

But the truth is that you were the
first girl whom I wanted to marry.

But what did you say?

You don't want to be like me...

...who is known because of his father.

So today I want to tell you this...

...that I am extremely proud of it.

That people know me because of my babuji.

You won't understand.

Forgive me,
I have been cheated by you twice.

Now not any more.

Oh Brother Babloo... are unnecessarily
getting angry at Avantika.

She was not aware of the first thing.

Whatever happened in Mumbai,
all the mistake was done by Amit.

He had written the News.

It would be better for you if
you don't talk favouring her.

- Oh...
- Oh Swati...!

You are still here despite so
many things have happened?

I felt that by now you would have run away.

- Babloo...
- Enough Swati.

How much you will act?

You never loved me.

You married me for your own interest.

There is no need to marry
me just to do a favour.

You take care of your career.
All the very best to you.

Babuji, I won't get married.

And if you force me...

...then I will commit suicide.

Then commit suicide.

But you have to get married.

- Babuji...
- Brother... I am helpless.

Listen, enough of your heroism.

Now quietly go and
sit at the wedding hall...

...the auspicious time for
the wedding is about to end.

Ok, fine.

Then I need some time to think.

You have 15 minutes.

Think whatever you want.

But you have to get married. Go.

- Oh... where are you going?
- Where are you going?

- Brother...
- Brother...

...15 minutes are over. What is he doing?

- Go and see.
- Ok babuji.


Babuji... brother jumped and is running.

- Babuji, brother Babloo has run away.
- What?

- Yes.
- Babuji...

Babuji is dead.

- What happened?
- He is not dead.

- He is about to die.
- Keep quiet.

What to do? This is the same every time.

Don't know what would happen.

Let us see.

Let us see.

Look there, Babloo is going!

- Stop him.
- Stop him.

Shut up.

- Call the doctor.
- Call the doctor.

Brother... brother... please open your eyes.

Someone please call the doctor. Brother...

Nothing has happened. He is breathing!





Hey get some water.


- Babuji...
- Babloo...

- I am going.
- No babuji.

- I am going.
- No babuji.

You failed in each class.

I didn't say anything to you.

You couldn't find a single girl.

And like a fool you spent my money.

Still I didn't tell you anything.

But today I will say.

Today I will say...

- I am dying with a heavy heart.
- Babuji don't say like that.

- Mother...
- Son...

I asked you only for one thing.

Get married.

But you couldn't do even that.

Don't know... I don't know whether
my soul will be peaceful or not.

Don't say like this babuji.
Where is the doctor?

- He is coming.
- Call him... babuji...

There is no need to call the doctor.

I am going.

No babuji, don't say like that, please.

No brother, don't say like that.

very little time is left for Thakur.

Yes Babloo.

Now everything depends on your decision.

Either you be ready
to get married to Swati.

Or else lit the pyre of babuji.


- Babuji, what are you doing?
- Keep quiet.

What do you think...

...only he knows acting?






- Babuji, I will not marry.
- What...?

Why? What happened?

Babuji, now this is over acting!

Because in the eyes of Babloo...

...there is no love or respect
for me which was there earlier.

When there is no love...

...even if the marriage takes
place I won't be happy.

Enough, now I can't force him further.

And as such, the mistake was mine.

Then I should only get punished.

Babloo, didn't I tell you?
You learn to live.

Stop proving.

And I don't have to prove
that how much I love you.

I trust you more than I trust myself.

And that is why I got married to you.

I thought slowly everything will be fine.

But in order to get something,
I had to lose something.

I have got what I wanted.

But I lost you.

If possible, you forgive me.

- Swati...
- No Thakur.

Now you don't get emotional, please.

It doesn't suit your personality.

You get married to Avantika.

I have seen the love which
she has for you in her eyes!

And as such Avantika was your first choice!


Come on uncle, brother Babloo's
wedding won't take place today also.

- Come.
- Come, come...


What a nice atmosphere, isn't it?

Romantic... romantic!

This beautiful evening...
this loneliness...

I mean few people are there. But...

I and you...

Why have you come here?

To play kabaddi! Shall we start?

Please you go away from here.

Hey if I go away then on
whom will you show this anger?

All these are a joke for you, isn't it?

You can love anytime and reject anytime?

Hey I was angry at that time.

To top it up babuji was
asking me to get married...

...and drama and what not.

And you also didn't stop.

On one side my wife Swati,
who ran away and returned...

...and on the other side it was you.

And both of you landed at the same time!

And in an emergency landing
there is a risk of injury, isn't it?

Yes so now you and
your Swati are safe isn't it?

- No...
- What do you mean?

I mean I never wanted
to get married to Swati.

My marriage to Swati was situational!

And situational is a comedy and not love.

So do I fit your perfect wife philosophy?

After a past few days, I have understood...

...that love is the most important thing...

...and I love you!

And you love me.

Now you have to decide whether
Babloo should remain a bachelor, for life...

...or else be a perfect husband to you?





...this marriage can't take place.

I object this marriage.


- Tiwari...
- But you don't say anything.

Wow Thakur wow!

You turned out to be too smart!

You told me that you don't like this girl.

Despite being a number 1 alliance...

I accepted.

And you are quietly performing
the marriage with this girl?

I have also decided...

...till I don't get my commission...

I won't let this marriage to be completed.

You may do anything.

Look you will get everything,
your respect and commission.

As of now you stand there quietly.

- Go.
- Ok, thank you.



A question arises in my mind.

Why is your name Chote!

I will come.

Or are you going?

Now Babloo is not a bachelor!

Congratulations Thakur, congratulations!

The marriage has been completed!

- One minute... one minute...
- Hmm...

There won't be any celebration!

Marriage had taken place earlier also.

But problem arises
during the nuptial night.

- Hey Chote...
- Brother Babloo...

...this time I won't take any risk,
I am telling you.

First the nuptial night
and then celebration!

Hey... sleep with your eyes open.

Till now we didn't get the news!
Till then keep awake.

Keep awake...!

Brother Babloo.

Brother Babloo.

Brother Babloo.

Brother Babloo.

- Brother Babloo.
- Hey what...?

Good morning, Sister-in-law!

Brother Babloo is not a bachelor!

Oh all of you listen brother
Babloo is not a bachelor...!

Brother Babloo is not a bachelor...!


Hey are you listening?

Babloo is not a bachelor...!

"Shall I zoom the eyes and see."

"Darling your look is alcoholic."

"The room in the heart is empty for you."

"Come and don't delay darling."

"Your glamourous heart has snatched mine."

"Stealthily I touched your figure."

"Gets hit and goes crying."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"This is the bottle of desi liquor."

"This is the bottle of desi liquor."

"You drink the whole night."

"Let people think whatever they want."

"Let people think whatever they want."

"If you want to take it."

"If you want to take it with you."

"Let me keep dancing with you."

"Let me keep talking to you and flirt."

"Today I will ignite in your heart."

"Romantic English emotions."

"The one who jumps in high heels."

"My feelings dances."

"Slowly when you sway your hips."

"Heart beats faster."

"Your fair complexion invites me."

"Your fans fight with me."

"Gets hit and goes crying."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling."

"All the boys are getting jealous."

"They are getting jealous my darling"