Babli Bouncer (2022) - full transcript

A one-of-a-kind story of a female bouncer, the film follows Babli Bouncer (Tamannaah Bhatia). It explores the various facets of the profession, which is usually dominated by men.


do something!

Do what?

She broke my leg.

If you had only listened...

your legs would've
remained intact.

But you had to act cocky.

Get it now?

{\i1}On the outskirts of
India's capital city, Delhi,{\i0}

{\i1}are two neighbouring villages.{\i0}

{\i1}Asola and Fatehpur Beri.{\i0}

{\i1}Also known as
the Village of Bouncers.{\i0}

{\i1}You can look it up on the Internet.{\i0}

{\i1}Every kid in this village
knows that,{\i0}

{\i1}to shape their future, they need
to get their body in shape first.{\i0}

{\i1}And not the usual kind.{\i0}

{\i1}A body like a bodybuilder.{\i0}


{\i1}Then they can get a job
as a bouncer in Delhi.{\i0}

{\i1}It's a cool job.{\i0}

{\i1}Every evening,
the boys from this village{\i0}

{\i1}hop on their motorcycles,
looking dapper, and ride to Delhi.{\i0}

{\i1}This story is of
one such bodybuilder.{\i0}

{\i1}Except it's not a boy...{\i0}

{\i1}but a girl.{\i0}

Hey, baby.

You can tell me
if the bundle's too heavy.

I'll lift you in my arms

and drop you home with the bundle.

Isn't that right?

What's wrong?

Oh, Sheru...

You have a dog's name,

but you insist
on acting like a donkey.

You look so decent
after the haircut.

Will you look good carrying
a bundle on your head?

Since you're insisting so much,

you can drop me home.

I'm feeling pretty tired.



Babli ma'am,

we'll never trouble anyone again.

Please spare us today.

What a sudden change?

From baby to ma'am?

And only God can decide
whether to let you go or not.

Right, Bablu?

Right, Pinku.

Pinku, pick up that stone.


Wet side up, you get a beating.

Dry side up, we'll let you go.


Dry. Dry. Dry.

Dry. Dry. Dry.


We're safe!

We're safe!


Celebrate all you want

because you won't get
this opportunity again.

What are you doing?
Untie me.

Untie me.

-This is all your fault.
-Listen, I'm going home.

My fault?

You had to flirt with those girls.

Babli, please untie me.

-Untie me, Babli.
-Untie me.


Bravo. Bravo.
Don't stop now.

Chotu. Chotu. Chotu.

Add more weights. Babli is coming.

You're already doing 20.

Lifting these weights
is a breeze for me.

-Add more weights.
-Fine, fine.

Hurry up. Hurry. Hurry.

-She is here.
-Careful, brother.

-On the other side as well.

Let it rip.

Hold it. Hold it.

Kukku, you should lift
as much weight

as your body can handle.

Otherwise, your back
will arch like a bow.

You embarrassed me.

-I warned you.
-Take the weights off.


I'm sorry I delayed your breakfast.

But it's not my fault.

Just like you were eager
for your lunch,

a few guys were eager
for my punch.

And I think of everyone.

You know that.

Come on, eat.

You've made it a habit
of coming home late.

If you're done with your buffalo's
interview Babli madam,

go make some bread.

For Golu.

Your father and Golu
will be home soon.

They must be on their way.

Coming, okay.

Walk faster.

Let your hands do the work,
instead of your mouth,

to make bread.

Go to the kitchen.

Can't even bake bread.

Focus on your studies.

Don't trouble your teachers.

Which country's map is this?

Looks better than your round face.

It will eventually end up
in your belly.

So eat.

She can twist words

but can't shape bread.


You're good for nothing, Babli.

Says who?

She lifts more weight than
any bodybuilder in the gymnasium.

What good is her bodybuilding to me?


Sweets for everyone.
Need your blessings.

What have you done this time?

I got a job.

At Delhi's Sarvodaya High School.


Just received their email.

I have to join in two weeks.

Hurrah, you did the impossible.

Finishing college
finally came in handy.

We want a party now.

Both these girls
are made for each other.

This one's going to Delhi,

and that one is
aiming for the moon.

Aren't you two ashamed?

All the other girls your age
are married,

and some of them
are even pregnant.

I wonder when you two
will get married.

Aunty, having kids
is highly unlikely.

In the city, women our age
don't even get married.

Late marriage
is in fashion these days.

And anyway,
I want to work first.


take a few more pieces of bread.

After all, your friend got a job.

It's all right, Mom.

I'll take a second helping
if I want.

Pinku will share the food
with me too.

Won't you?

I know who's going
to eat all the food.

Let her eat, will you?

They are bodybuilders' daughters.

You be quiet.

Even a dozen slices
won't make a difference.

Isn't this great?

You always gorge on food,

and I'm the one who gains weight.

Of course.

Why should I do all the work?

Gorge on the food
and also put on weight?

All the kids are going
to call you "madam" now.

That they will.

Sis, don't become like that Drum.

You had to take her name.

By the way,
you gave her an apt name.


Yeah, she looked like a drum

and sounded like a drum.

(X+Y)2 is equal to...

Who will solve this equation?


The girl sitting next to the window.

Your name is Babli, right?

Where's your focus?

Busy eating all the time.

Come on, solve this equation.

You're teasing me, madam.

X and Y are English letters.

Ask me a math question
and I'll answer.

How did you make it
to the 10th grade?

Pinky's skills at studying
and her skills at copying.

Quiet! Was I cracking a joke?

Always laughing unnecessarily.

Hey, Drum fell down!

Madam, how can you be so sure...

that Babli threw those banana peels?

Just like I'm sure she will fail
the 10th grade this time.

I don't care. In any case...

we'll get her married
in a couple of years.


Who will marry her?

You're sounding so orthodox now.

What's wrong with my daughter?

She doesn't have
a single feminine quality.

Your eyesight is weak.

Get a pair of glasses.

Take a good look at my daughter.

She has such a pretty face.

From top to bottom,

she's the epitome of femininity.

God, your infamous burp.

You moved on to the next class...

while I kept failing for five years.

By then I had had enough

of 10th grade.

Kukku bro,
you're looking handsome today.

-Am I?
-I swear.

Seems like it's your wedding
and not the chief's son's.

I spent three hours
at the best salon.

This is my opportunity
to impress Babli.

But I forgot to spray deodorant.

Oh, damn.
I'll go get it for you.

-You will?
-Of course.


Right away.

Put on some lipstick.
It will look nice on you.

I don't want to wear
a red lipstick.

It leaves a mark everywhere.

-At least untie your hair.
-I don't want to.

They get entangled.

What the bugger? It's Drum!

Hello. Hello.



The Drum's become bigger.

The Drum's fine,
but who's the little tin can in tow?

Hello, ma'am.


These are my former students.

-That's Pinky.

And that's Babli.


This is my son. Recognise him?


He spent five years
studying in London

and returned six months ago.

He now works for a big company
in Delhi.

That's amazing.

-Thank you.
-Those who focus on studies

always have a bright future.

Chitra madam.

Yes, coming.

That Drum still has an attitude.

You guys call
my mom ''Drum''?

Sorry, it was a mistake.

Relax, guys.


I was just joking.

Every student has a nickname
for their teacher.


Our Babli is funny.

Yes, I am funny.

I am very, very funny.

See you, guys.


I wish even you had a job in Delhi.

We could have lived together.
It would've been so much fun.

We've been together for too long.

No jobs for me.

I just want to get married
and settle down.

My, my...

What brought on these sudden
romantic feelings in you?

Just like my burps,

these romantic feelings
are also coming naturally.

I see.

And with whom will you settle down?

Bless your black tongue.

I pray that happens.

And what about that Drum?

Can you tolerate her?

I won't have to.

Now she will have to tolerate me.

My time will come.

Take her away.

Are you serious?

I'll get it fixed.

What's wrong with the car?

What the bugger!

Your name may be Pinky,

but your tongue is actually black.

Please hurry up.

Babli, what are you doing here?

What's wrong with the car?

The car's broken down,

so I'm getting it repaired.

How long will it take
to get it fixed?

At least a couple of hours.

A couple of hours?

You'll get a tan.
The sun's pretty hot.

Then you'll have
to fix yourself as well.

You are funny.

I am very funny.

Okay, listen.

There is a restaurant close by.

Their buttermilk is very sweet.

Let's go get some.

Thank you,
but I don't drink buttermilk.

That's all right.

I'll have buttermilk,

and you can have a cup of tea.

Now quickly hop on.

Hop on?


Why don't you drink tea?

Father says

those who drink tea get
dark circles under their eyes.

Then no one will marry me.

But I drink tea a lot,

and I don't have dark circles.

See for yourself.

-Do I?


Then what?

I'll drink tea
starting tomorrow.

And anyway, Babli,

marriage has nothing to do with
someone's skin colour.

People's frequency should match.

The what now?

I mean their thoughts should match.

Yes, true.

Do you merely want to settle down,

or do you have
any other plans in life?

-No, I have other plans in life.

A boy and a girl.
That will be great.

Father says,
"A small family is a happy family."

Fine, but don't you think
it's more important

for a person
to be independent in life?

Not just important,

it's imperative.

To be independent.

Everything I said earlier

is what I plan to do later.

After I become independent.

You get it?

First, I will go to Delhi,
like Pinky,

and get a job.

That's great. Nice. Good.

So, if you're ever in Delhi,
call me.


you didn't give me
your phone number,

so how will I call?

I'm really sorry.

Take it down, please.


Ganga, Babli is home.

Wait here. Your mom's coming.

She looks so exhausted.

So, I made this for you. Careful.

I prepared this hot glass
of milk for you

with almonds. Drink up.

What's wrong?

Why is she showing
so much affection today?

A boy's shown interest

-in ruining his own life.

He's coming to see you.

Dad, I don't want to get married.

Even I want to go to Delhi,
like Pinky,

and get a job.

You spent 10th grade
like India's Five-Year Plan

and still couldn't clear it.

And now she wants to take up
a job in the city.

You shut up.

Look, Babli,
what's the point of getting a job?

He's a nice guy.
He has shown interest in you.

Meet him once.


Finish the hot glass of milk.

I've put almonds in it,
just the way you like it.

Like it?

I'm sure you know how to cook.

Don't worry.

We'll hire a cook.

You must like watching movies
in the theatre.

Don't worry.
We'll catch a movie at home.

I have a 52-inch-screen TV at home.

We'll move it into our bedroom
after the wedding.

What... what are you doing?

You should try it too.

It's so satisfying.

You haven't tasted the fritters yet.

No, thank you,
I don't like fritters.

Don't worry.

They are fried in pure butter.

Even your burps
will sound expensive.

Something urgent just came up,
and I've got to go.

Just tell them
you're with your future wife.

No, that's not it.

It's very urgent.
Thank you very much.

Hey, at least have a cup of tea.

Okay, bye.

I swear, Mom.

I even said the fitters
are of the best quality

and offered them to him.

But he ran away
without trying any.

Don't worry, sir.

There's another guy

who is a perfect match for Babli.

He's a very decent guy.

He owns a chemist shop
in the neighbouring village.

Shaukeen Chemist.

He's from a well-to-do family.

I can speak to them if you like.

I need something for a headache.

And for a backache.

And a stomach ache as well.

Why don't you just tell me
what all you need?

A pack of condoms, too.

Mister, make that two.

Which one?

Whichever you think is the best.

I don't know. I'm not married yet.

Neither am I.

Well, Mr. Hooda...

it's all about destiny.

If it's pre-destined,
things fall into place.


Babli's here.

Come, dear.

That's Babli.

Our daughter.

Take it, son.

Babli made it herself.
It's fresh fruit juice.

You too, mister.

Babli knows every chore
around the house.

She's innocent like a lamb.

Even Mannu is a straight shooter.

Just like an arrow.

That's a good thing.

But not as sharp as one.

Papa... Papa...

She came to buy condoms
at my shop.



We need to discuss something.

-We'll be right back.
-At least eat something first.

Come on, get up.

Let's go.

You should have done
a background check.

With him, we didn't even
get to the snacks.

It's not that, Babli.

It's exactly that, Mom.

If you force him to get married,

then he'll either run away
from the wedding

or from his responsibilities
after marriage.

I'm fed up now.

I don't want to see any more boys.

Okay, okay.

Let's wait.


You're looking more dapper
than the groom at the wedding.

That's right.

Slacking off on the job, Kukku?

That's right.

Do your job!

Sorry, sir.



Why did you put ice in my whiskey?

I had said...

no ice in my drink.

Ma'am, you had clearly said
you wanted ice.

You mean Dolly Chadha is lying!

You're the liar!

And your father!

And your whole family!

you can't talk to me like this.

you can't talk to me like this."

Are you the Duke of England?

-Get lost!
-Madam, calm down.

-What's wrong, madam?
-Oh, my God.

-He touched me.
-No, no.

He touched me.

-He touched you.
-No, no.

-I'll file a case against you--

I'll shut this club down right now,

-Madam, please--
-Dolly. Dolly.

You're one of our regulars.

Don't worry.

Cool down.

I'll order a new drink for you.

Get a new drink for
your mother's boyfriend!


Lower your finger!

Come on, girls.

Trying to teach Dolly Chadha.

Damn jokers.

Sir, she didn't pay the bill.

Forget the bill.

Thank God the headache's gone.

This is their daily drama.

Mr. Tyagi, these incidents
have become frequent.

Last week, some college girls
created a stir,

and today it was Dolly.

Listen to me clearly.

We cannot ban women from entering.

Girls can come to our pub.

They are our customers.

Jaggii, you need to come up
with a solution.

I have a killer idea.

Only a diamond will cut a diamond.

Let's hire some female bouncers

to handle the women.

Female bouncers?

What do you guys think?

-He's right.

-Jaggii sir is right.
-Good idea.

Okay, done.

Thank you, sir.

Sorry, sir.

Kukku, bro!

Kukku, bro. Kukku, bro.

Kukku, bro.

-What's wrong?
-You'll be left dragging weights

when Babli marries someone else.

How can anyone else marry her?

It's been my childhood dream
to marry Babli.

-Your dreams might never come true.

Babli's been getting
marriage proposals.

-What nonsense?
-Yes, I swear.

Let's go.

We didn't know before today

how much Kukku likes Babli.

Rathi, my buddy,
as the saying goes,

the most obvious things
are hidden in plain sight.

And this is perfect.

Now my daughter will stay close by.

Right, Ganga.

You're absolutely right about that.

And anyway,

marriages are made in heaven.

Just like a God and Goddess.

I'll give this good news to Babli.

-Of course.
-Have some sweets until then.


So, what's up, Rathi?



You said all the boys
in the village are my brothers.

So, what changed now?

You never treated him
like your brother.

Nowadays everyone is a "bro,"
but we don't take it literally.

It doesn't make them siblings.

You've turned blind
in trying to get me married.

I have also turned deaf.

I can't hear a thing.

I can only see...

Kukku and you getting married.

What's keeping the two of you?


Come on.

Let's go, come on.

Kukku and his parents are also here.

Other boys run away
at the sight of you.

But they came here on their own.

You'd probably get me
married to an ox if you could.

Hello. Hello.

{\i1}Your daughter's very beautiful.{\i0}

I know.
You've seen her grow up.

White as milk.

Try this.


{\i1}How are you doing?{\i0}

{\i1}Doing murder.{\i0}


{\i1}Murdering mosquitoes.{\i0}

{\i1}When are you coming to Delhi?{\i0}






Your biceps are
looking quite strong.

That's right.

And you have a decent job
in Delhi as well.

That's right.

But girls need to become
independent too, right?

That's right.


I knew it.

Whether anyone understands
me or not,

you will, my dear.

"My dear"?

-Of course.

I'll have to be a bit formal
with you...

now that we're getting
into a relationship.

That's right.

So, it's decided then.

We'll get married later.

First, I'll get a job in Delhi,
like Pinky...

for at least a year.

What job?

Pinky got her bachelor's degree,

and you flunked high school.

So did you!

I mean, even you studied
till eighth grade,

but you still have a good job.

I'm a bouncer.

One needs brawn in my job,
not brains.

I'll find something similar to do.

Inspired by you.

That's right.

That reminds me.

There's an opening for
a lady bouncer in my club.

You can be a lady bouncer.

Yes, of course.

No, no.


It's a night job.

Plus, it's in Delhi.

Your father will never agree.

I'm no longer his responsibility.


Your decision is final for me.

I know...

my Kukku will convince my father
for the sake of my happiness.

That's right.

-I will convince him.


Uncle, just say yes.

It's a night job...

in a city like Delhi.

She's a young girl.

I don't like this.


Don't worry, Mother.

Babli is now my responsibility.

I'll pick her up every day

and also drop her home.

Please, Mother, I'm there.

I have a suggestion.

Let her give the interview.

We'll take it from there.

What say?

But, Dad, promise me.

If I pass the interview,

you'll let me work as a bouncer
for at least a year

and won't talk about my wedding.

Okay, I promise.


Babli, give the interview properly.

Ms. Bobby is a bit of a grouch.

She'll be taking the interview.

Don't worry.

We're from a village of bouncers.

It runs in our blood.

Listen, Babli.


What's this for?

Starting anything new
on a sweet note

brings good luck.

All the best.

Kukku, you're so sweet.

That's right.

Go on then.

So, candidates,
this is Ms. Bobby.

She is going to select you
for the bouncer's job.

Why is your waist out of line
from your body?

Stand straight!

All girls, attention!

Shoulders tight.

Listen, missy,
why did you wear earrings?

This interview is for a bouncer,
not Miss Universe.

Take the earrings off.

Take it off!

Girl, what's your name?

Babli Tanwar.

Father's name, Gajanan Tanwar.


I asked your name,
not your resume.

Madam, my father also trains boys
in the village, just like you.

That's what I wanted to say.

Like me?

Your father?

So you're a bodybuilder's daughter.

That's why you're acting too smart.

Okay, then.

Let's see what you've got.

Front and centre, come on.

Come on.

Do push-ups, right now.

Do it now.




four, five, six...




Thirty-five, thirty-six,











Enough, enough, enough, Lady Hulk.

Stop it. Stop.

You really are
a bodybuilder's daughter.

Ms. Bobby, she is a killer.

Shut up.

Your training starts tomorrow.

-Yes, ma'am!


-Shall we go?
-Coming; give me one second.

{\i1}I've been calling,
but you're not picking up.{\i0}

{\i1}Call me when you can.{\i0}

Excuse me.

One more.

-Hello, sir!

-All good.

Super, mind-blowing.

He seems loaded.

Rs. 2,000 as a tip.

Who is the rich guy?

His name is Saurav Dutta.

But we all call him Uncle.

He's been a regular here
since many years.

He's a well-known businessman.
He's rich but has no family.

-I'll be right back.


Hi, Babli.

I've been trying
to call you for so long.

But you seem to have disappeared.

Sorry, I was out of town
on business.

I had poor network there.

So, what's up?

I'm in Delhi.

I want to meet you.

Wow, Delhi!

How come?

That's what I want to tell you.


When can we meet?

Let's have lunch on Sunday.


Yes, sure. Done.


Are you blind?
Can't you see where you're going?

Sorry, madam. It wasn't intentional.

You know what?
Fuck you.

Fuck you!

Just buzz off.

Kukku, tell me something.

What does "fuck you" mean?

Where did you hear that?

A girl I bumped into
in the club said that to me.

Babli, people in the city say that
when they are angry.

It means "naïve."

Let's go.

I see.

Yes, Pinku.

What about your plans to meet Viraj?

What do I tell you?

That Kukku never leaves me alone
for a minute.

How can I meet Viraj?
You tell me.

Then rack that devious brain
of yours.

Guess I'll have to do that, Pinku.

-{\i1}Okay, bye.{\i0}
-See ya.


So, Babli's become a bouncer.

Commutes to Delhi every day
at odd hours

with that Rathi's kid.

Good God.

Chief, what if the other girls
get influenced by Babli

and decide to roam around
with boys on motorcycles.

It will be disastrous.

Look, Gajanan...

you have three choices.

Either you make your daughter
quit her job.

Or get her married
to Rathi's kid, Kukku.

And if there's nothing
you can do,

then send Babli to Delhi.

We won't tolerate any of this here.

Your daughter will be

a bad influence
on the girls in the village.

You're a wise man.

Let's go.

What the chief said...

is absolutely right.

We cannot continue like this.

I have made up my mind.


you will move to Delhi.

But where am I going to stay?

You can stay with me.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Since everyone is insisting...


Here's your grand bedroom!

Even the air of Delhi
smells of Viraj.

You're totally smitten, girl.

Now, what's the plan?

The plan is to meet Viru,
that's all.

Viru? Is that his nickname?

If not, it will become soon.

I am just waiting
for Sunday to arrive.

You're sounding like
a modern-day Romeo, I swear.

Babli, it's good to meet you
in Delhi.

Me too.

Excuse me.

What will you have?

Some stuffed bread
and a tall glass of buttermilk.

They don't have that here.

We have to order something else.


Such a big fancy restaurant

and you don't have bread?

Fine, then order whatever they have.

Do one thing, get me one...

Veg pizza and one edamame rice.

Whose mummy?

Edamame is soybean pods.

-Kind of a fried rice.

-That's all. Thank you.



You were going to tell me.

Oh, yes,
I got a job in Tally Gully.

TG Club.

The same place where Kukku works.

I got a job as a lady bouncer.

A lady bouncer!

That is so fascinating.

So, how did it all happen?

I can't tell you
how difficult the interview was.

But I gave
all the answers correctly.

And nailed the physicals.

I mean I did well.

Madam got tired of counting,
but I kept doing push-ups.

Good. Very good.

Very nice.

It's here.

Thank you.


Viraj, this is stuffed bread.

We stuff the vegetables
on the inside,

and they sprinkled them on the top.

You are funny.

I am funny.
I am very, very funny.

Do you intend
to clear your 10th grade?

People study to get a job.

I already got one.

What's the point
of finishing school?

Then you can get a better job.

You don't like this bouncer job,
do you?

No, no, it's not that.
It's a nice job.


By the way, what else do you like?

Hanging out with friends,

watching movies.

What about you? What do you like?


I mean, I don't have time
to spare like you.

I spend all my time at the club.

But now you'll have to make time...

to come to the club.

Yes, of course.
I'll bring all my friends.


In a few days.

I'll wait for you.

Can I taste
some of your "mummy" rice?

Why not?

Let me know how it is...

It's delicious.

You don't have to bother.

I can catch a bus home.

It's okay.
I'm heading in that direction.

Hi, Nats.

{\i1}How are you? How was
your Singapore assignment?{\i0}

Very well.

The assignment was also pretty good.

How are you?

{\i1}How would I be without you?{\i0}

Stop joking,
and tell me why you called?

{\i1}Are we meeting
at the club tonight?{\i0}

{\i1}The entire gang's waiting.{\i0}

{\i1}We miss you, man.{\i0}

Even I miss you all.

-See you there.
{\i1}-See you, darling.{\i0}

-Bye-bye, take care.
-You too.


No, just a friend.

Wasn't she being pretty bold?

She also called you "darling."

Babli, that's how friends talk
to each other in the city.

See, we've arrived.

Thank you.


Bye... darling.

-Monika, watch your step.
-I'm fine. I'm fine.

Guys, hurry up, I am hungry.

How are you, Babli?

How are you?

You can take the table at the back.

Let's go for a smoke.



Tabassum, my stomach's acting up.

Can you take my place outside,

I want to be near the bathroom
in case I need to rush.

Okay. Take care.


Isn't that the bouncer
we saw at the gate?


She's from the same village
where my mom's a teacher.

-She's cute.

Babli, a drunk girl is creating
a ruckus outside.

She is going crazy.

Go outside and control her.




-You will fall down.
-Don't touch me. I'm fine.

She can't handle her.

Come, madam, your car's over here.

Come on, get inside.

-Please get her in the cab.
-Come on, get in.

Behave yourself.

Just leave me; I want to party.

What the bugger...

-Guddu, open the door.
-Just leave me. I wanna go.

I wanna party.

Her father must be
waiting for her at home.

I don't wanna go.
I want to party, man.

Let's go. Too much you are.

Shut up.

-The ambience was good.

-And please get fit.
-Yeah, yeah, don't worry.




Babli, what happened?

You're leaving?

Why didn't you tell me?

I thought you were busy,

and I have a hectic day
at the office tomorrow.

So I just left.

Viraj, won't you introduce us
to your friend from the village?

Yes, of course.

Guys, this is Babli.
And, Babli, these are my friends.

Neena, Natasha, Puneet and Romil.

-Hi, darling.


-Hi, darling.

When will we meet again?

Some other time.

In fact, pretty soon.

Come on, Viraj.

Won't you invite Babli
to your birthday?

Yes, of course.

Won't you invite her?

It's your happy birthday?

Yeah, the day after tomorrow.

In fact,
I was going to invite you,

then I thought that
you won't be able to attend.

You have a night shift.

How can I not come
when you are insisting so much.

That can never happen.

Your shift?

We'll shift the shift.

And I can always get a stomach ache.

She is so funny, dude.

I am funny.
I am very, very funny.

Okay, see you.

Guys, let's make a move.

Okay. Bye, Babli.


Happy birthday.

It's his happy birthday!

It's my buddy's birthday.

It will be in London.

And guess what? I am hosting it.

Hey, that's great.

All the delegates will be there.
You should come.

For sure, I will.


Excuse me, guys.
Good to see you.

Happy birthday.

Who gives these nowadays?

You're saying that now.

You would be sulking
if I hadn't got it.

Don't be shy.
You can buy anything you like.

Look who's here!
Babli Bouncer in the house.


-Guys, you carry on.

You're looking nice,
but don't you think

this dress is better suited
to a fancy-dress competition?

Exactly my point,
this dress is very fancy.

So it is.

-You're not drinking. Romi!

-Get the lady a drink.


Drink it.

I don't drink alcohol.

This isn't alcohol. It's champagne.

-Should I drink it?
-Drink it.

Drink it.

You're the bouncer
from Tally Gully Club.

That I am.

Slow down.

It's a celebration drink.

I can drink a big glass
of buttermilk in one go.

So this is nothing.

Can I get you another one?

Yes. It's nice.

Here you go.

Can I get another one?

-Another one?

Love you, bro. What a party, man!

-Superb, superb.
-What a party.

And that bouncer of yours...

she seems to be drunk, man.

Better check on her.

Yeah, yeah, don't worry.
I will see to it.

-See you, man.
-You guys take care.

-Good night.
-Bye, bro, bye.

There you are, Babli.

It's pretty late.

Don't you want to go home?

First, we need to talk...

then I'll leave.

What is it now, Babli?

A heart-to-heart chat.

Let's do it some other time.
You don't seem okay now.

I've been this way
since the day I saw you.

Can't eat, can't drink.

A girl who ate 12 pieces of bread

is down to only six now.


don't I look weak?

You have no clue

about the things I did
to come to Delhi.

Made my father's life hell.

Got rid of two boys

who came with marriage proposals.

Even fooled Kukku.

You like independent girls,


I'm independent now.

Standing on high heels.

People in love get heartache,

but even my ankles are aching.

Babli, let's talk about this later.

You should leave now.

-I love you, Viru.
-Babli, you are drunk.

Let me call the cab.

Why are you speaking
so much English?

Just say those three words
and end it.

And then fix the wedding date.

-Give me the phone.

Babli, give me my phone.

You make it sound like
I have no right on you.

Babli, please give me my phone.

First, answer my question, Viru.

You are talking rubbish
in this drunken state.

Have you lost your mind?

You didn't think once
before coming to Delhi

whether I have any feelings for you.

You just landed here.

Babli, you work as a bouncer
and don't even like it.

And you call this being independent?

You haven't completed high school
and can't speak a word of English.

You eat like a buffalo
and burp in public.

And you want me to marry you?

What will I tell my friends?

What will I tell society?

That I was bitten by a rabid dog?

Babli, of all the girls I know,

you'll be the last one

I would ever fall in love with.

Got it?

Come on, I'll drop you home.

I came to Delhi on my own.

I can go home on my own.

Don't be stubborn, Babli.
I'll drop you home.


Fuck you.

-Fuck you!

{\i1}You didn't think once
before coming to Delhi{\i0}

{\i1}whether I have any feelings for you.{\i0}

{\i1}You just landed here.{\i0}

{\i1}You haven't completed high school
and can't speak a word of English.{\i0}

{\i1}You eat like a buffalo
and burp in public.{\i0}

{\i1}And you want me to marry you?{\i0}

{\i1}Babli, of all the girls I know,{\i0}

{\i1}you'll be the last one{\i0}

{\i1}I would ever fall in love with.{\i0}

What's the matter, baby?

Can we give you a lift?

Just leave me alone, mister...

and get lost.

Madam, it's pretty late.

Come sit in the middle.

You won't feel cold either.

I would've responded
on any other day.

But I'm in a bad mood today.

So, thank your stars and leave.

Don't get upset, madam.

Give us a chance.

I promise you

we'll fix your mood.

Rascal, now come fix my mood.

Now tell me, you rascal.

Stop. Stop. Sir, stop.

Wait, you rascal...

-Save us, sir.
-Save us.

-Save us, sir.
-What's going on here?

Save us. Save us, sir.

We were only asking for directions.

But, all of a sudden,
she flew into a rage.

How dare you lie, rascal?

-Control her, Balwinder!
-Sir, he's lying.

-What is this ruckus?
-Sir, he's lying.

-Save us!

Let's go.
Take them to the police station.

Everyone in the back.
Put everyone in the back of the van.

Listen to me.

Be quiet! Quiet!

Say what you have to
at the police station.

Be quiet.

These boys are lying.

I haven't done anything.

-Arrest them. It's their fault.
-Be quiet.

Don't raise your voice
in front of sir.

Let's go.

-Everyone makes mistakes.
-You must have, too.

-Listen to me.
-You listen to me.

Keep this...

In the middle of the night...

on the streets
of a city like Delhi.

If she roams alone,
in a drunken stupor,

she's definitely looking
for trouble.

It wasn't intentional.

-She is just a young girl--
-She's not just a young girl!

She is a bomb.

An atom bomb.

Look at the boys.

She beat them to a pulp.

They are so terrorised by her

that they are afraid
to look at the female constables.

It's taken care of.


you seem to be
from a decent family,

so, this time,
I'm letting you off with a warning.

Next time, be careful.

Of course.

Let her go.

Thank you very much, sir.

Wait a minute. A piece of advice.

Make her wear a pearl...

on her small finger.

It will help control her temper.


My stomach's acting up.

I'll just go to the bathroom.

Whatever you did last night...

you must have a valid reason for it.

I know.

So, I don't want to know anything

about the violence, the booze,

the arrest

in what order they occurred

or why.

There is just one thing
bothering me.

My innocent child
who liked drinking milk...

has started drinking alcohol
in the city.

I made a huge mistake, Dad.

I promise...

I'll never drink again.

This city doesn't suit you.

Take my advice,
come back home with me.

Dad, you promised

you'll let me work
as a bouncer for a year.

I haven't forgotten my promise.

But everyone back home
has begun asking.

"When is Babli's wedding?"

What am I going to tell them?

You also promised

you won't bring up
my wedding for a year.

You always said

breaking a promise is a sin.

Do I order more butter?


Eat your fill.

Don't leave a single bite.


Father is pampering the daughter.

I guess you two have made up.

Yes, we have.

-Do you have a problem with that?


You take over.


Are you all right, Babli?

Did something happen?

Kukku called in the morning,
said you got arrested.

Did anything happen
at Viraj's birthday party?

Will you say something?

Let me sleep.

My body needs rest.

Babli, it's too early
to go to the club.

Where are you going
in the afternoon?

It's time to change
some things in life,

so I am going.

What's wrong? Are you in shock?

No, but I have finally
learned my lesson.

You shouldn't take such things
to heart.

We'll come up with
a new idea to impress Viraj.

I don't want to chase
Viraj anymore.

But tell me what's wrong.

He showed me the mirror.

And I hate the image I saw.

I want that Babli to change.

I have made up my mind.

This whole episode
has a silver lining.

Go on, I'll see you later.

And get some 10th-grade books
on your way back from school.

This time,
Babli will clear high school.

Hey, all you lovely people. I hope
you had a lovely time tonight.

This is your last track tonight.
Enjoy! Have a blast!

Pammi, I know these Rajouri Garden
kitty party women very well.

They'll buy their outfits
from the local market

and claim they bought them
from a designer shop.

Bloody frauds.

Dolly, you are too good.

I know how to expose these people.

She's the Dolly Chadha
because of whom

we decided to hire
lady bouncers for the club.

Then I must thank her.

I wouldn't be here
if it wasn't for her.


Babli, thank me too.

Let's order another drink.

Bill, please.

We'll pay the bill later.
First, get me a drink.


And listen, no ice.

One for the road.

Sorry, ma'am, the bar is closed.

You know my name's Dolly Chadha.

And this table
is always reserved for me.

Go, get me a drink.
Yes, ma'am, I know, but--

Shove your "but" up your butthole.

What? You're still standing here?

Who do you think you're staring at?

-How dare you?

Leave my hand.

Leave me.

Dolly, are you okay?

Are you all right?

You touched Dolly Chadha!

You don't know my power!

I'll shut down this club today!

You may shut down the entire city.

Take this drama someplace else.

You and your girls...

won't leave without paying the bill.

Dolly, let us pay the bill.


-Give the bill,
-Yeah, we are giving.

Just a minute.

Sheep like to butt heads.

But they forget...

that they can run into
a bull someday.


Dolly Chadha.

One more thing...

thank you.

Let's go, girls.

This way, please.

Are you okay?

You're a killer.



I had fun roaming
the streets of Delhi with you

on Friendship Day, Babli.

I'll never forget this.

It's the last Friendship Day
of my life.

Next year, we'll get married

and, from a friend,
you'll become my wife.

Kukku, you're my best friend.

That's right.

You've always supported me.

Me coming to Delhi,
becoming a bouncer,

the credit goes to you.

That's right.

But I want to tell you
something today.


I lied about wanting to marry you.


I fell for Viraj
at the chief's daughter's wedding.

I know what you're going through.

I felt the same thing
when Viraj turned me down.

But I've understood one thing.

We can't decide
who we end up falling for.

In fact, we're both idiots, Kukku.

But my fault was that

I lied that I wanted to marry you.

And for breaking your heart...

I'm sorry.

We both made mistakes,
so let's just move on.


Friends don't say sorry.

Can I say something?

And I won't apologise for it, Babli.

Go ahead.


you'll be working
for a couple of years.

But someday you'll think
about marriage.

That day, will you consider me?

Babli, I can still dream.

What's it called?


Will you have ice cream?

Mister, two ice creams, please!

Yes, sir.

None for you?


Okay, sir.

Viraj, can I say something?

I noticed at the club
the other day

Babli was completely ignoring you.

What's up!

Maybe what I said on my birthday
upset her.

Whatever the reason,
she may be a country bumpkin,

but she's not fake.

Yes, I know Babli is a nice girl.

It's just... she is not my type.

Come on, let's go get some coffee.

One more, please.

Uncle, what's wrong?

Uncle, come with me.
Come on.

Uncle, listen to me.

Everything will be fine.
We'll be at the hospital soon.

Right, Jaggii?

-We'll be there soon, won't we?
-Yes, in no time.

You are listening, right?


This is exactly
what happened with Bhuri.


Bhuri, my buffalo.

All of a sudden,
she fell unconscious one day.

We were all very shocked.

What was wrong with Bhuri?

We didn't know
what to do or not to do.

The villagers
then called the doctor.

The doctor gave her a big injection.

Nothing was wrong with Bhuri.

It was just gas.

Bhuri was completely fine.

Yes, see...
we've arrived at the hospital.

Jaggii, park quickly.

Come on,
we've arrived at the hospital.

Get the stretcher quickly!

Take him to the ICU immediately.

It's a good thing he's conscious.

Otherwise, his situation
could have turned critical.

Don't worry, we will take care of him.

Come on.

Babli, you were amazing today.

If you hadn't kept him awake,
talking about your buffalo,

he would've definitely
lost consciousness.

The next time Bhuri starts
to lose consciousness,

I'll tell her about Uncle.

Scores settled.

You know something.

You're a killer.

-Let's go.
-Come on.

You two should have informed me
before coming to Delhi.

-We did inform...



What a perfectly round bread!

Definitely not Babli's job.

Must be Pinky.

Mom, please look at those {\i1}rotis.{\i0}

They are so fresh.

As you can see,
Pinky is sitting here.

So it can't be made by her.

Eat, eat quickly.

Babli now makes her bread round

and fluffy.

Just like me.

Our trip to Delhi was a success.


Babli, hearing you speak
such fluent English

has overwhelmed me.

We can go back home
in the evening without worry.


-Yes, sir.

Are you male bouncers upset

that we employed
female bouncers?

Not at all.
The boys are very happy.

You see,
boys can't do what girls can.

The girls are doing
a pretty good job

handling problematic
female customers.

-It was really good.
-Same here, man.

I watched it last night.

I really liked the first part.

The second part was even better.

How can he smoke here?

With his mouth.

It's so suffocating.

Excuse me.

Brother, you can't smoke here.
It's a no-smoking area.

Where does it say that?

You know what?

Go sit
under the no-smoking sign.

This is ridiculous.


Do you know who you're messing with?

I'm MP Sikander Rana's son!


Think of something new.
The same old cliched line.

Typical Delhi--


Just let it go.

-What did you say?

-Sir, please.

-Sir, don't start a fight here.

If you want to fight,
take it outside.

We won't tolerate this in the club!

Viraj, let's go.

Come, Jags.

Sir, please.

Calm down, Viraj sir.
Please sit down.

Relax, Viraj.

Listen, take him outside.

-So, where were we?

Hey, No Smoking!

What's this now?


Viraj... Sorry.


I don't see a no-firing zone
written anywhere on your body.

Should I fire?

Don't you know, man?

You're so hung up on rules,
but my father makes the law.

If I squeeze the trigger now,

you'll meet your maker.

Hold your horses, bodybuilder.

That thing could always misfire.

It's hard to believe

that a politician's son would lose
his temper over such a small matter.

Clearly, you don't care about
your father's reputation.

Never mind.

Look all around you.

There are CCTV cameras
in every nook and corner.

Within seconds, your video
will go viral on social media.

It won't take long for you
to become breaking news on TV,

and it will escalate
to the Parliament.

Your father can kiss
his seat goodbye then.

And you will go straight to jail.

Jags, she's right.

Now, listen.

Keep the gun back in your pocket.

Look at the camera, smile and wave.

Take your friends, say good night
and disappear.

Everyone will think this is a prank.

Am I right?

Hey... hey, bro!

It's just a little misunderstanding.

Sorry, bro. It's all right.

-How stupid.
-Bye, guys, bye-bye.





It's Viraj.

I recognise your voice.

Which number are you calling from?

It's my domestic help's number.

You've blocked mine.

Say what you have to say quickly.

Babli, can we meet today
in the evening?

My shift starts in the evening.

You can always call in sick.

Babli doesn't make excuses anymore.

How about lunch tomorrow?

I have made plans for tomorrow
with Pinku.

What plans?

How about the day after?

I'll call you some other day.

I'm cooking lunch right now.


Hi, Babli.

Please, can we talk?

I would...

but I'm getting late
for my English class.

I see!

So that's why you've been so busy.

Nice, nice.

I'll give you a lift.

I'll walk.

I work all night,

so I don't get time to exercise.

Just hear me out.

Please. Please.


Babli, just hear me out, please.

I'm getting late for the club.




Sir, just one second.

Ma'am, please.

Babli, you're not going
anywhere now, are you?


Just quickly say
what you have to.

Babli, of all the girls
I know, you--

I know.

I'm the last girl you would
want to fall in love with.

Please hear me out once. Please.

Go on.

Thank you.

Babli, out of all
the girls I know,

you're the one
I'd want to fall in love with!

Did you get yourself injected?


-Injected for what?
-For dog bites.

You said you'll fall in love
with a girl like me

if you get bitten by a rabid dog.

You're trying to get back at me,
aren't you? I know.

So, you didn't get bitten
by any dog.

No, I didn't get bitten by any dog.

I really want to get
to know you better.

I see.

And what brought about
this massive change of heart?

It had to happen.

You saved my life.

You risked your life to save mine.

I don't think
anyone can love me so much.

I would have done
the exact same thing

for anyone else.

You don't love me, Babli?

I don't.

I was impressed
by your personality

just the way
you are impressed by mine now.

This is not love.

It's called infatuation.

No, Babli, that's not it.

I really, really like--

So, you mean to say

you like this Babli
who hogs like a buffalo

and who couldn't
clear high school?

Yes, I do.

And my burps?

Is it good to burp aloud
in front of someone?

What's good or bad about it?

It's a natural way

to release the extra air
out of your stomach.

And not just a burp...

tomorrow you might hear
other sounds too.

Other sounds?

Babli, you are very funny.

You are very funny.


this time, I'm not funny.

I'm serious.

It's not easy
to love someone so much

that you love everything
about them.

And if your love is not that strong,

then it's not love at all.


I think this was
a bit too deep for you.


{\i1}Next station is Sector 56.{\i0}

{\i1}Doors will open on the left.{\i0}

One more thing.

If you think

I did you a favour
by saving your life,

then know that
even you did me a favour.

What favour?

You opened my eyes.

Babli's aim in life is
not just getting married anymore.

It's to become independent
in this city.

With heels or without heels.



What are you doing here?

I was coming to meet you.


Anything special?

Yes, of course.

I wanted to thank you.

You're the reason
I'm completely fine today.

Uncle, the credit goes to Bhuri.

Who's Bhuri?

My buffalo.

I told you her story in the car.

You love animals

more than I have
ever loved human beings.

I spent my entire life
making money,

not relationships.

If I had gotten married on time,

I would have had
a daughter your age.

Uncle, I'm like your daughter too.

My father always says

that relationships are made
with love, not blood.

This is for you.

-What is this?
-Take a look.

You're my daughter,
so don't say no.


Okay, Uncle.

I'll accept this
on everyone's behalf.


B for Babli, B for Bhuri...

and B for Basanto.

Now, who is Basanto?

Bhuri's calf.


God bless you, dear.

Thank you, Uncle.

See you.

Hey, guys, India's number one
Bollywood DJ...

DJ Chetas in the house!

-I'm going for a smoke.
-Yeah, okay.

Is that a joint?

Wanna try?

This is amazing.

It's Afghani.

By the way, my name is Sameer.


By the way, Monika,

I have some more superstar stuff.


In the parking lot.

But I have a friend with me.

We'll be quick,
snort a few lines and be back.

And then rock the party.

Shall we?


Wow, Monika, one more.


Have it, go on.

Come on, one more.

That's my friend calling.

Have it, then we'll party.

Madam, is there a problem?

Yes, I can't find my friend.

I tried calling her.

It was ringing at first,
but now it's switched off.

I am loving this.

-Come on! Come on!

Did you see a girl with a guy
dressed in a leather jacket?

Yeah, they went this way.

-Get in. Where are you going?
-Leave me!

-What's happening? Help!
-Start the car.

Someone help me!

Stop the car! I said stop the car!

Someone help me!

Robert, give me your bike quickly.

Let me go!

Just leave me!

Sameer, I said stop the car!

Sit tight.


Who's that blowing up the horn?

Let me go!

Let's see who this crazy person is,
trying to mess with us.

Pull over.

Shut up!

Someone help me!

Who is this guy?

Let's see.

Help, help me.

-Bro, it's a girl.
-Help me, please!

Today is our lucky day.

One plus one,
and it's not even a sale.

Let's take care of her also.

Come on.

Come on.

I had promised my father

that I'll never beat up
anyone again.

I could've said this
by breaking your arms.

But, for now, I'm requesting you.

Release the girl to me.

You want the girl?


Take her.

Let the girl go with her.

Where are you off to?

Don't move!


do something!

Do what?

She broke my leg.

If only you had listened...

your legs would've stayed intact.

But you had to act cocky.

Get it now?

Where am I?

You're in the hospital, my child.

Who am I?

Good God!

Has Babli lost her memory?

Hit Babli on the head
in the same spot.

It can bring her memory back.

I'm sure.
I've seen it in old Hindi movies.

I'll hit you on the head.
Nothing is wrong with me.

I was only joking.


Do you think this is funny?

I almost fainted.


I'm going to faint of hunger.


pass me that fruit.

-The basket.

One is never enough for you.
Eat it.

Eat properly.

Babli Bouncer is on TV.

{\i1}-Calm down. I'll tell you.{\i0}

{\i1}All four offenders
have been apprehended.{\i0}

{\i1}And the kidnapped girl{\i0}

{\i1}has reached home safe and sound.{\i0}


{\i1}Sir, tell us something about{\i0}
{\i1}Babli Bouncer.{\i0}

{\i1}What can I tell you about Babli?{\i0}

{\i1}I know her personally.{\i0}

{\i1}In the middle of the night,{\i0}

{\i1}on the lonely streets of Delhi,{\i0}

{\i1}when Babli singlehandedly
beat up those goons,{\i0}

{\i1}it was like watching
the reincarnation of a Goddess.{\i0}

What the bugger!

From an atom bomb to a Goddess.


Babli, are you okay?

Is Babli all right?


I always thought
you're good for nothing.

But you turned out
to be pretty brave.

Mister, Babli is one in a million.

And whoever she marries

will be a very lucky guy.

That's true.

You're absolutely right, Mom.

Aunty is right, isn't she?

Yes, absolutely right.

I have a question, ma'am.

When Mom used
to talk about marriage,

you used to talk about education.

And now when I want
to complete my education,

you want to see me get married.

You can study all you want.

But remember...

whenever you get married,

this Drum will happily dance
at your wedding.

Now that's something!

Come down!

Come on! Come on!

Come join us!

Mom, stop! What is all this?

Everybody, stop!

Babli, you've made
the entire village proud today.

What did I do?

In Delhi, you saved that girl's life
from those goons.

So the Chief Minister has decided

to present you
with the bravery award this Sunday!

To date, Asola-Fatehpur
was known as a bouncer's village.

Now it will be known
as Babli Bouncer's village.



a few words for our youngsters.

CM sir, in a few words
I can only say "good" and "bye."

I've always been scolded
for the way I am,

but this is the first time
I've won an award for being myself.

I want to thank everyone.

Another thing I would like to add.

Babli has cleared high school.

-Well done!


As the saying goes...

all is well that ends well.

Babli, you're not just smart

but also funny.

Sir, I am funny.

I am very, very funny.

There you go!

{\i1}So, that was the story
of our Babli Bouncer.{\i0}

{\i1}The goal of her life
isn't just having girls anymore. {\i0}

{\i1}It's about making them independent.{\i0}

{\i1}With the financial help
given by Uncle,{\i0}

{\i1}Babli is training more girls
to become bouncers{\i0}

{\i1}and creating more Bablis like her.{\i0}