Babe: Pig in the City (1998) - full transcript

After Babe's great victory in the shepherding contest, Farmer Arthur Hoggett turns down all offers to make money with his pig's talents. But when he gets hurt severely in the well, his wife has to take up farming. She does her best but cannot meet the bank's requirements, which results in the necessity of getting back to Babe. Soon, Esme Hoggett is sitting in a plane headed for "the" city. There, Babe unwillingly causes deep trouble. He has to stay with Mrs. Hoggett in the only hotel in town that accepts pets. Friendly neighbours send officials who catch all animals from the hotel: Cats, dogs, chimpanzees and many others. Babe, who managed to stay free, decides to help his new friends and gets unexpected help - not only by Ferdinand, who flew all the way to the city.

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Babe: Pig in the City (1998)

"So... the best sheepdog
in all the land was a Pig."

- ?? [Marching Band]
- [Shouting, Cheering]

[Narrator] The first hazard
for the returning hero...

is his fame.

The adulation
can spin you quite giddy.

Those who once dismissed you
as a lousy pork chop...

now clamor just to be
in your presence.

Sir! Sir!

- Look, sir, look! Look!
- Up in the sky!

Look up there!


Excuse me. Mr. Hoggett.
Mr. Hoggett, sir.

Mr. Hoggett, sir.
Your pig.

If you'd just hold the pig up
for the press.

Look this way!

- This way! One more!
- Show us the pig!

[Narrator] The deeds of the farmer
and his remarkable pig...

became renowned
even in distant lands.


...find the time to apply
for all these...

Invitations came from all over
to open fairs,

- to demonstrate sheepherding...
- Oh! More? [Giggling]

And, indeed, to meet a queen.

- Ooh.
- But Arthur Hoggett was a retiring man.

He found his best pleasures
working his farm.

[Mrs. Hoggett]
I'll need a neighbor to help me.

So it was, one morning he set out
to repair the water pump...

and Babe somehow got it into his head
that he could help.

But fate turns on a moment,
dear ones,

and the pig was about to learn
the meaning of those two
cruel words of regret:

"If only."

- If only he hadn't been so careless;
- W-Whoa!

If only the weight
of the pig and the pump
did not exceed the weight of the farmer;

if only the farmer did not connect
with the platform on the way up...

or jam his fingers at the top;

[Babe Groaning]

If only the pump
hadn't fallen off at the bottom;

and if only the poor farmer
had the presence of mind...

to hold onto the rope.



- [Moos]
- [Clucking]

[Hoggett Groaning]


[Babe Snorting]


[Snorting Quizzically]

[Snorting Happily]

At no other time in his short life...

had the pig wished more that his words
could be understood by humans,

if only to say, "Sorry, Boss."

Sorry, Boss.

? Non, rien de rien ?

? Non
je ne regrette rien ?

? Ni le bien ?

? Qu'on m'a fait ?

? Ni le mal ?

? Tout ?a m'est bien
?gal ?

- ? Non, rien de rien ??
- [Grunting]

Even before her Arthur's misfortune,

Mrs. Hoggett was ceaselessly busy...

bustling, baking,
bottling and pickling,

but now, having to nurse her husband
and pay the bills,

she found life
considerably more challenging...

than she had ever anticipated.

[Thunder Rumbling]

Before long, two men showed up.

Two men in suits.

Men with pale faces
and soulless eyes.

Such men could have come
from only one place: The bank.

[Thunder Crashes]

- [Dogs Barking]
- Arthur!

- Arthur!
- [Barking Continues]

Where is it? Where is it?

Where is it?


"Dear Mr. Arthur Hoggett...

"...guest appearance for your pig.

[Continues Muttering]
...sheepherding demonstration."

Sheepherding demonstration?

"Free air travel, accommodations...

and a generous appearance fee."

Oh! Arthur! Arthur!
A generous appearance fee!

Look! See? See?

Pig! Pig!
Pig, pig, pig! Pig!

Pig, pig, pig.
Pig? Pig, pig, pig!

[Mrs. Hoggett]
Pig! Pig, pig, pig!

Come, dear.
You're being called.

- [Mrs. Hoggett] Pig!
- Uh, he's not here.

- Pig, pig, pig, pig!
- Babe.

Babe's not here.

You can't undo what's happened, son,
but you can make up for it.

Babe, the boss
is about to lose the farm.

- We'll all be sent away.
- There's no telling where we'll end up.

Not every human is as kind as ours.

- But what can I do?
- Nothing!

You're a sheep-pig.
A champion, no less.

- [Mrs. Hoggett] Pig!
- Most likely they'll want you
to herd sheep.

You can't leave. He can't leave!
You're my lucky pig.



You call the wretched thing.

Come, pig!

[Hoggett Whistles]

Well, I must be off, then.

You won't be alone, dear.
You'll be with the boss's wife.

Oh, sure, the boss's wife. You'll be
in the company of a serial killer.

Do not take counsel of your fears, lad.

- Do you want to pee before you go?
- Uh, no, thank you.

Come on. Come on, pig.

B-B-But I need this pig.

He's my lucky pig,
my good luck pig.

W-W-Without him, I-I'm dead.

Deceased! Lifeless! Extinct!
A demised duck!

In you go.

Can you come with me, Fly?

I wish I could, dear,
but it's you they want.

- Please?
- Stop it, now. You're a brave pig.

And, Babe, more often than not
in this uncertain world,

fortune favors the brave.

Porridge in the morning. No sugar.
A little bit of salt, but not too much.

Tea. No milk, just lemon.

Okay, I think that's everything.

Right. I'm off.


Don't worry, Arthur.
I won't let anything happen to your pig.


[Giggling, Grunting]

And so, dear ones,

the pig and the farmer's wife...

ventured into the larger world.

What follows is an account
of their calamitous adventures...

and how a kind and steady heart...

can mend a sorry world.

Save the farm, Babe!

Save the farm!

Save the f-a-a-a-a-a-rm!


[Engine Roaring]

? La la la ?

? La-la la la-la ?

? La la la
la-la, la-la ?

? La la la la-la-la ??

[Stewardess On P.A. Speaking French]

[Stewardess Continues Speaking French]


[Chuckling Nervously]

Stop. Stop!


[Panting, Huffing]

- [Male Singer] ? Pardon me, boy ?
- Huh?

? Is that the Chattanooga choo choo ?

? Yes, yes ? Track 29!

- Uh, pardon me, boys.
- ?? [Continues]


- Uh, see that fat,
featherless flying thing?
- Uh-huh.

- Any idea where it's headed?
- Follow us.

Oh, good. Follow them.

- Okay.
- [Chorus]
? Chattanooga, there you are ?

[Male Singer]
? She's gonna cry ?

? Until I tell her
that I'll never roam ?

- ? So, Chattanooga choo choo ?
- ? Doodle-oo dee-doo, doo-doo-doo ?

- ? Won't you choo-choo me home ?
- ? Doodley-doo ?

- ? Chattanooga, Chattanooga ?
- ? Doo-doo-dee-deedle doo-dee ?

- ? Get aboard ?
- ? Chattanooga, Chattanooga ?

- ? All aboard ??
- ? Dee-doodle
Chattanoogie-doodie-doo-doo ??

Ohh-ohh... Whoa!


U-Um... Um...

- [Sniffing]
- Uh, uh, excuse me.

- Excuse me, but I was wondering...
- Hey, look, pal, I'm busy.

- Uh, well, I seem to have lost my human.
- Hey, hey, I'm workin' here.

Capisce? Comprende?

Whoa. Ain't you
a weird-lookin' puppy.

I'm not a puppy.
I'm a sheep-pig.

My human's gone, and I'm hungry,
and I'm supposed to save the farm.

Yeah, that's truly tragic, but you see
that long line of stuff over there?

- And all those piles yonder?
You see 'em?
- Yes.

Well, I gotta sniff every doggone
one of 'em. I'm a sniffer, ya see.

- A fully-qualified,
triple-certificated sniffer.
- Oh.

It's all in the hooter, the schnozz,
the olfactory instrument.

- You could be a sniffer
with a schnozz like that.
- That's very kind of you, but...

Don't interrupt me now.
I'm just gettin' to the good part.

- When you sniff the right smell,
do ya know what happens?
- Mm-mmm.

You jump up and down and go berserk.
That's what happens.

- You should see the humans come runnin'.
- They do? Why?

Beats me, but it's sure important.
I get big rewards.

- Rewards?
- Sure. My heart's desire. Watch this.


- [Shouting]
- [Man On P.A.]
Security guard, to the floor!

- [Barking Continues]
- Security guard, come to the floor!

We got one.

[Barking Continues]

[Man #1]
She could be my mother.

[Man #2]
Creepy, isn't it?

Esme Cordelia Hoggett?

Oh. Thank heaven.

My pig hasn't come through,
and I've only got 15 minutes
to make flight FF-115.

I've got to get
to the other terminal,

but there's no point me going
without the blessed pig.

- Ma'am, we have the pig.
- Oh. Let's get a wriggle on, then.

Oh. If we miss FF-115,
then we won't make the 4:15 shuttle.

And if we don't make the 4:15 shuttle,
we won't make it in time for the fair.

It's the grandaddy of all state fairs,
they say, and today's the very last day.

It'll all be over
and we won't get the appearance money,

and if we don't get
the money the bank won't take, "Sorry,
I missed my flight" for an answer.

That'll be it. All over.
Arrivederci, farm.

Poor Arthur would be utterly...

- devastated.
- [Grunts]


Esme Cordelia Hoggett,

we have reason to believe
you may be carrying
illegal substances on your person.

Being an officer
of the Drug Enforcement Agency,

I am authorized by law to
conduct certain... procedures.

Please step into the cubicle
and remove your clothes.


[Babe Grunting]

[Narrator] Of course,
it was proved beyond any doubt...

that Esme Cordelia Hoggett
was not a felon.

But, sadly, they had missed
their all-important connection,

and to make matters worse...

they were obliged to wait some days
for the next flight home.

They couldn't go forward,
and they couldn't go back.

- They were stranded.
- [Gulps]


[Sniffs, Snorts]

A-And so, you don't take pets.

But he's just a little pig.

Well, it's more of a dog, really.

But it's practically human!

[Airplane Landing]

- ?? [Humming Lullaby]
- [Babe Snorting]

?? [Continues]

?? [Stops]

- Uh-huh?
- [Snorts]

Scram, lady.

This is not a farm.


[P.A. Announcer, Indistinct]

Excuse me.

Flealands Hotel,
a few blocks south.

You'll be welcome there.

[Narrator] Esme Hoggett
studied the face of the stranger...

Thank you.

And wondered what could have provoked
his unexpected act of kindness.

? When the moon hits your eye ?

? Like a big pizza pie ?

? That's amore ?

? When the world seems to shine ?

? Like you've had too much wine ?

? That's amore ?

? Bells will ring, ting-a-ling-a-ling
Ting-a-ling-a-ling ?

? And you sing vita bella ?

? Hearts will play
Tippy-tippy-tay, tippy-tippy-tay ?

? Like a gay tarantella ??


I need a room for myself...

and, uh, the, uh, wee pig.


Are you crazy?
Animals in here?

- What makes you think we take animals?
- Oh, but l...

What kind of establishment
do you think this is? Well, it isn't.

Am I aware of the city codes
and regulations? Yes.

Am I one to break the law?
Absolutely not. I am very lawful.

Are you hearing-impaired?
Go away!

[Airplane Passing Overhead]




- How long did you want to stay?
- I, uh... Two days.

- Will an attic room do?
- Uh... Well, I thought you...

That was just for the neighbors.
Heartless meanies.

Where do they expect
these poor creatures to go?

- Is he house-trained?
- Oh, yes. Just like you and me.

Do we provide meals? No.

But is there a convenience store?
Yes. Two blocks south.

And what is the golden rule?
Never answer the front door.

It might be an inspector.

Mind that step.

- What happens if you need anything?
- [Animal Shrieks]

You knock on this door on the left.

Who lives there? I do.

Where's the bathroom?
End of the landing.

- Do we provide towels?
- [Sniffing]

What is that, a canine? Huh?
You canine? Little puppy dog?

Flealick, come back.
We don't know where it's been.

- Do we, Alan?
- No, Nigel.

- Feline. You're a cat?
- Do I look like a cat?

How do I know?
I got the myopia. I can barely see.
If you're a cat, you gotta scat.

Hey! Kitty! You got no business
being on this floor!

You got that? No felines
on this floor. Period!

Where's the pay phone?
In the foyer.

Local calls only.

And where does the little piggy stay
at all times?

In the room.

?? [Scales] ? Meow, meow, meow, meow
Meow, meow, meow ?

And where does the dear little fella
do his necessaries?

In the kitty litter.

Who empties it?

You do.
Any questions?

Oh. Where do I make
a long-distance phone call?

Oh, uh, two blocks south.




Stay, pig.


- [Bell Tolling]
- [Ship's Horn Blowing]

[Narrator] Babe looked out
across this vast habitat,

abundant with humans
and other creatures,

and wondered when he would
see his first sheep.

Then the thought occurred to him:

Maybe it wasn't sheepherding.

Maybe something else
was required of him.

Whatever the case,

in this place with its dark corners
and endless possibilities,

the pig felt sure he would find a way
to redeem himself.



Uh, can I help you?

What are you doing?

- [Babbling]
- [Mice Squeaking]

I beg your pardon?

Uh, w-wait a minute.


Uh, that belongs to the boss's wife.

Hey, that... Come back!

Uh, hey!

[Babbling Continues]

Wait up!

Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh, yeah!

- Whoa.
If you're not a cat, stay and chat.
- Sorry.

We don't get out much on account
of Nig and Al and their nerves.
They're a little nervous.

Me, on account of the hips.
Well, don't be a stranger. It was...

Open up, please.

O-Open this door!

You got a problem, sweetie?

- Uh... l...
- [Male Voice] Who is it, honey?

It's, uh, kind of
a baldy, pinky, whitey thingy.

Show 'im in.

[TV: Announcer, Indistinct]

I'd like the bag back, please.

[Whimpering, Babbling]

Hey, pinkness, look at the little guy.

You wanna break his heart?

But it doesn't belong to him.

All I know is what I see:

Tug comes in with the bag,
just doin' his job, collectin' stuff,

and you barge in here "accusicating"
and making "demandments."

I didn't see you with the bag.

Who's to say it belongs to you?

I'm not leaving without the bag.

I don't think my big brother,
Bob Bobalooba, the Big Banana,

is "mis-splaining"
how things work around here.

Well, I have to warn you:

I may be small,
but I can be ferocious if provoked.

And what have we here?

Well, uh, we're in a negotiation...

with this naked, pink individual.

[Female Chimp]
He's of foreign extraction, Your Honor.

Possibly even an alien.

You drooling imbeciles.

This is an omnivorous mammal
of the order Ungulata,

an inconsequential species
with no other purpose...

than to be eaten by humans.

This lowly, handless,
deeply unattractive mud-lover...

is a pig.

- Oh.
- For your information,

I'm a sheep-pig,
and I've been sent to save the farm.

Come to think of it,
I should be saving the farm right now.

A-And if you can't say anything nice,
don't say anything at all.

So, will this little
pink "lunchness"...

fulfill his destiny,
nourishmentally speaking?

We shall see.

I feel very uncomfortable
with this conversation.

I want my bag back.
Get out of my way!

[Door Slams]


- [Snorts]
- [Landlady] Uncle Fugly!

Uncle Fugly!


- [Wheezing]
- [Squealing]

Uncle Fugly!

- Huh?
- [Thumping]

- Please let me out.
- Uncle Fugly!

There's been a theft upstairs.

- Can you imagine?
- [Grunting]

Esme Hoggett, Fugly Floom.

Uncle Fugly, Esme Hoggett.

- Perhaps we should call the police.
- No, no. No police.

No authorities. It would be the end
of this place. Surely you understand.

Oh, dear. I just phoned my Arthur to
tell him that at least his pig was safe.

- Now, on top of everything else...
- Hey! That's my human!

- Remember, we have found your clothes.
- I don't care about clothes.

But the pig...
I can't go home without the pig.

- [Muttering Incoherently]
- [Airplane Passing Overhead]

- [Muttering Continues]
- Did you get that?

Approximately five minutes ago
something that looked like a pig
exited this establishment.

Where did he go? Left on Canal Street,
and then in the direction of the beach.

Okay. Thank you.


? Meow ?
?? [Vocalizing]

- ? Meow, meow ?
?? [Continues]
- What's that?

It's beautiful.

Oh, it's lovely.

? Meow, meow ?
?? [Continues]



? They all ran after
the farmer's wife ?

? She cut off their tails
with a carving knife ?

? Did you ever see
such a sight in your life ?

- ? As three blind mice ??
- [Squeaking, Screaming]

?? [Continues, Ends]





- ?? [Techno Dance]
- Here, pig-pig-pig-pig-piggy!

Here, pig-pig-pig-pig!

Pig! Pig!



Here, pig-pig-pig-pig-piggy!

Who you callin' a pig, lady?

Not you. An-Another pig.

- M-My husband's pig. Y-You know...
- What's in the bag?

- Give it here!
- [Grunting]


[Shouting, Screaming]



Oh, dear.

- ?? [Circus]
- [Children Laughing, Shouting]

[Children Laughing]


[Narrator] Show business may not be as
honorable a profession as sheepherding,

but the pig was willing
to endure the ridicule...

if it would help put things right
back at Hoggett Hollow.

And the animals had told him
if all went well...

there would be big rewards.

- Uh, h-hey, so, when do I get paid?
- Shh!


?? [Drumroll]

[Children Squealing, Screaming]

[Cheering, Laughing]

Sir, I gotta get going now.
How do I collect my reward?

I told you, stay under the table!

Yep. Okay, uh... Uh...

[Babe Grunting, Yelling]

[Female Singer]
? Non, rien de rien ?

? Non, je ne regrette rien ?

? Ni le bien ?

- ? Qu'on m'a fait ?
- [Whimpering]

? Ni le mal ?

? Tout ?a m'est bien ?gal ?

? Non, rien de rien ?

? Non, je ne regrette rien ?

? C'est paye ?

? Balaye ??

- ?? [Continues]
- Take your hands off me!

Oh... Oh... Ohh! It's a mistake!
I'm a grandmother!

Somebody help, please!
Call Farmer Hoggett!

Okay, freak show's over!
Finished! Come on!

- Help! Help!
- [Siren Wailing]


Just tell me.

There is no reward, is there?

Was there ever such a thing?

Oh, little pink thingy,
this is the city.

As Bob always says...
What do you say, Bob?

It's all illusory...
it's ill, and it's for losers.

Naw, that wasn't it.

- [Burps]
- You know, that stuff
about no yesterday and no tomorrow.

All you got
is this actual "now-ness."

The past is gone, and as for
the future... [Blows Raspberry]

Yeah. No guarantees,
my little pork pie.

It's a dog-eat-dog world
and there's not enough dog to go around.

So you look after number whatsy.

- Get my drift?
- I'm not a pork pie.

Whatever you say, cutie pie.

I'm not any kind of pie.
I'm just a pig on a mission.

?? [Mice Singing]

[Narrator] It's tough
if you're a pig alone in the city.

It can leave you empty.

And whom do you turn to?

Where was the boss's wife?

He thought it might help
if he could recall Fly and Rex
and their steadfast words,

and he tried really hard,

but he could barely remember
the face of his beloved boss.

The farm was fading.

It had become just a comforting dream,

an echo.

?? [Continues]

? Is your heart
filled with pain ?

? Shall I come back again ?

? Tell me, dear ?

? Are you lonesome ?

? Tonight ?

? Whoo-ooh-hoo-hoo
Whoo-oooh ??

- [Thud]
- Huh?

[Squeaking, Thudding Continues]

[Heart Monitor Beeping]

[Beeping Continues]



[Door Closes]

[Ambulance Siren Wailing]

Are we okay, Thelonius?


I couldn't wake him.
I tried.

But he wouldn't wake up.

He'll be back.

Himself always comes back.


Easy, let him be.

Let's see.


Whoa, whoa, wait a minute.

Uh, this looks good.


Yeah, just drop me off, uh...
Yeah, right here'll be fine.

- [Regurgitating Noise]
- Uh, thanks for the ride, pal.

- I just hope you get
that operation for your wing.
- Yeah, right, uh-huh.

I mean, not being able
to fly long distances,

on top of the amount of family tragedies
you've suffered...

- Oh, my gosh!
- Yeah, yeah. Don't sweat it. See ya.

Farewell, noble duck.

[Ferdinand] Okey-dokey,
you are cleared for landing.

Here we go.
Flaps down... Ohh!



Hmm... Huh?
[Chuckles] H-Hey!

- [Gunfire]
- Huh? Huh?

[Groaning, Yelling]


[Ferdinand Screaming]

- [Pigeons Cooing]
- [Shuddering]




- [Narrator]
By nightfall, all Babe's concerns,
- [Moaning]

All the troubled voices in his head
were drowned out by one insistent moan.

- [Rumbling, Roiling]
- [Deep, Gravelly Voice] Food.

The fact is, Babe's belly
was making such a fuss...

he began to believe
it was talking to him.

- [Deep, Gravelly Voice] Food!
- Huh?

Anybody got any food?


Hey, dogs, you got any edibles,
any nibbly-dibblies?

[Flealick] We got a carpet here
with some nice spaghetti stains.

- But we can't keep licking
the carpet, can we, Alan?
- No, Nigel.

Hey, cats! Cats!

What about you?

[Cat Choir] ? No, no, no, no food
No food, no food ?

? No food, no food
We have no food ??

Well, then,
I'm gonna get "proactivated."

I know where there's food a-plentiful.

We're goin' outside?
Without a human?

Could be kinda dangerous, you know,
in a lethally sort of way.

We'll stick to the shadows, honey.

It's coolness.

[Door Opens]

[Door Closes]

Hey. Hey, w-w-wait!
Wait a minute!

Where's the food?
I have to eat!

Hey, keep your voice down.

I'll do anything, absolutely anything.

Ah, go "porkinate."

What can you do?
You don't even have any hands.

What can I do?
Uh, lots.

Yeah, right.

Uh, sheep!
I can herd sheep!

Go home, sweetie.
You're making a spectacle of yourself.

Wait a momentum. I'm thinking
I might have some sheep for him to herd.

- You do?
- Uh-huh. I'll show ya.

Right here, behind the Food-O-Rama,

is where they keep the sheep.

I'm gonna open this hole.

Open Sez-a-Bob.

They're in there.

Border Leicester
or Scottish Blackface?

Pit bull and a Doberman pinscher.
Very exotic breeds.

Uh, where do you want me to herd them?

That's up to you. Just keep them
occupied till we get the necessaries.




A-Anybody home?

[Loud Snarling]

Uh, anybody else?

You must have
a very thin grasp on reality.

Unless, of course,
you are suicidal.

Uh, I-I'm just looking...

for some sheep.

I warned you.

- Aaah!
- [Barking]

- [Barking Continues]
- Baa, ram, ewe!

Baa, ram, ewe!

To your breed, your fleece,
to your clan be true!

Baa, ram, ewe!

- [Barking Continues]
- [Bob] Down here, honey.

Take care, now.


[Snarling, Barking]

I'll head him off!


Let me in!

Please! Somebody!

- Let me in!
- [Chittering]

Let me in!

Open the door!


Darling, don't get yourself in a state.

It's not my imagination.
Something is going on in that place.

Hortense, you'll miss the aria!

- ?? [Opera]
- Hortense!



I'm gonna catch me!
I'm gonna catch me!

[All Murmuring]

[Cats Yowling, Hissing]




[Barking, Snarling]


Something broke through the terror...

fragments of his short life,

the random events
that delivered him to this,

his moment of annihilation.

As terror gave way to exhaustion,

Babe turned to his attacker, his eyes
filled with one simple question:



- [Gasping]
- [Snarling]


This is what happens, Alan,
on the outside.

It's the times, Nigel.

[Metal Clanking]

Honey, come away.

[Hoofbeats Running]


[Murmuring, Yipping]

[Gasping, Coughing]

Please, someone, give us a hand!

[Coughing, Gasping Continue]



- [Chittering Continues]
- [Pit Bull Wheezing]

[Female Voice]
Kind sir? Kind sir?

Can you help me?

I have been cruelly cast out
and have nowhere to go.

- Oh, b-but how?
- Please. Please.

I know you're different from the others.

Those that have had their way with me
make their empty promises,

but they are all lies... lies.

- But, uh...
- I'm cold.

And I'm afraid
and terribly, terribly tired.

- Where's your human?
- My humans belong to someone else now.

Someone younger and prettier.

I, uh, I-I never,
ever had a h-h-human.

I'm hungry.

My human tied me in a bag
and throwed me in the water.

My tummy hurts.

Try not to think about it.

Take pity on us.

We are the excluded
and have nowhere to go.

Well, uh, it is nice and warm inside.

- Not a good idea.
- Oh, but they...

No. No. "No-ness."

Uh, could that be food?

- Oh, have mercy.
- [Excited Murmuring, Chattering]



You'll bring all manner of trouble.

Uh, perhaps if we all
went inside and we all line up,

I'm sure
there'll be enough to go around.

You're talkin'
as if you're the word around here.

- I'd say he is.
- [Gasping, Murmuring]

I'd like to offer up a solution...

that I feel confident
you'll all respond to:

Whatever the pig says goes.

Anyone hostile to the notion?

- No! No, no!
- No problem!
- Whatever the pig says, yeah!

Anybody else?

Fine by moi.

Anybody else else?

It's still just a pig.

[Window Hinges Squeak Open]

Well, fluff my fur.

This recalls the glory days...

when I was dizzy with privilege.

I had my hair styled and my nails
manicured each and every day.

- Freeloaders.
- Riffraff with no manners.

They'll soil willy-nilly,
won't they, Alan?

Willy-nilly, Nigel.

Hey. Swine.
I want you to have this collar.

- [Chittering]
- Um...

that's not necessary.

- Yes, it is.
- Uh, you're very kind, but...

No, no, I'm anything but kind.

In fact, I have a professional
obligation to be malicious.

Then you should change jobs.

- I can't.
- Yes, you can.

No, no, it's in the bloodline.
We were once warriors.

Now there's just the urge.

A murderous shadow
lies hard across my soul.


- Should I have let you drown?
- Most would have.

Pig, if you were to wear my collar,
it would honor me.


[Rattling Noise]

[Pit Bull]
Thank the pig.

- [Old Dog] Thank you, pig.
- [Babe] You're welcome.

[Pit Bull]
Thank the pig.

[Female Dog]
Thank you, pig.

You're welcome.

[Pit Bull]
Thank the pig.

[Male Dog]
Thank you, pig.

You're awfully welcome.

[Rattling Noise]

- Thank the pig.
- Thank you, pig.

You're welcome.

- Thank you, pig.
- You're welcome.

[Pit Bull]
Thank the pig.

- Thank you, little thingy.
- You're welcome.

- [Rattling Noise]
- Here.

Thank the pig.

Hey! You!


And some for you.

Thank you,

Your Honor.

- [Chattering]
- [Pit Bull] Thank the pig.

Thank you. Oh, thank you, pig.

- Thank the pig.
- [Poodle] Thank you, pig.

Thank you, Thelonius.

[Pit Bull]
Okay, folks, cafeteria closed!

I'm still hungry.

A couple of jelly beans
don't even hit the bottom.

- If only there weren't
so many of those cats.
- Will someone slap the dog?

- Watch it, pussy!
- Hey!

- Shove it, butt-sniffer!
- [Animals Murmuring, Yelling]

- Listen...
- Hey!

The chief has somethin' to say.

Um, well,

uh, maybe cats and dogs...

could, um, you know,
be nicer to each other.


It is decreed that
all cats and dogs...

put aside their instinctive and
fanatical abhorrence of each other...

and that all creatures, great and
diminutive, shall be of equal stature,

with rights to liberty and justice...

? That nobody can deny ?

And so say all of us.

I'm still hungry.

My tummy...

it feels all... thingy.

I know, honey.

We did all the work.
We should get the biggest share.

No, honey. Here.

- What?
- Mmm.

What's wrong?


- Nothin'.
- [Chuckles]

[Narrator] And so, dear ones,
this topsy-turvy night...

was to end with a beginning.



[Narrator] This event, that weaves
a thread from past to future,

soothed the tired hearts
of those assembled...

and, for a while at least,

they put aside their uncertainties.


I'm an uncle.


[Cooing Continues]

Who's like us?

- Darn few.
- Darn few.


Darn few.

- [Poodle] Well done!
- Congratulations, Mom.

Look at that little face.

- They're so cute. Look at that.
- They got their father's ears.

[Female Dog] I just wanna lick 'em
all over their little faces.

On behalf of us all,
I'm sure the chief...

would like to, uh,

extend a special welcome,

so, uh, listen up!

Well, uh, l... Hmm.


? l-l-lf I had ?

? Words ?

? I'd sing a day for you ?

- [Singing Along]
? La la la la la-la ?
- ? I'd sing you a morning ?

- [Singing Along] ? La-la la la ?
- ? Golden and true ?

? La la la la ?

? La la la la la ?

- ? La-la la la-la ?
- ? Blah-blah, blah blah-blah ?

- ? La-la-la la la ?
- ? Blah-blah-blah, blah blah ?

[All Continue]
? La la la la, la la la la la-la ?

Huh? Hmm.

? La la la la la-la
La-la la la ?

Pig. Pig!

- [Animals Yipping, Howling]
- ?? [Continues, Triumphant]

Oh, God, Roger,
the place is teeming.

Overrun with filthy animals.

It's a zoo!

[Tempo Increases]
? La la la la, la la la la la-la ?

? La la la la la-la
La-la la la ?

[Quacking, Grunting]

- ?? [Continues]
- Ohh! Ferdinand!

[Quacking Continues]

Hey. Hey, pig!
Pig, where you goin'?

[Triumphant Finale]
? La la la-a-a-a-a ??

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


- Oh, Ferdy!
- Give us a peck! Come on, pig!

- Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss.
- Oooh! [Laughing]

- Who are these losers?
- Ferdy!

What's going on here?
You look different.

- Yeah, well, this place can
really take it out of ya.
- Tell me about it.

But hey, I'm with my pig.
My lucky, lucky pig!

Little ol' Ferdy,

snug and safe at last.


- Man!
- It's gonna be a real busy night.

- [Cats Meowing, Dogs Whining]
- I'll check upstairs.

- [Barking]
- [Meowing, Whining Continue]

- [Chittering]
- [Nigel] My word!

There's no one home!

Come on. Come on.


Well, bite my tail.


Doll, don't go there.

Good girl.

Oh, that's my pretty girl, yeah.

Pig, let's go home.

[Man Shouts]
Pick up some more cages!

[Yowling, Barking Continue]


Over here.

- Now!
- [Whimpering]

- [Shrieking]
- [Men Groaning]

Careful now.

Pig? Pig! Huh? Huh?

Okay, you're gonna be all right.

- You got him?
- Easy.


Hey, fetch another cage!

[Men Continue Chattering]

Come on, Zootie.

?? [Walkman: Jazz]

- Okay, now.
- Okay.

You got him?
You got him?

Reel him in. Pull him in, pull him in.
Come on, you got him.

[Walkman] ? Peep, peep
said the chick in the barnyard ?

? Quack, quack, said the duck
Won't you let me in ?

? Cluck, cluck, cluck
said the little red hen
Let's boogie in the barnyard ?

? Baa baa, said the sheep
from another hole ?

? Moo moo, said the cow
Let the butter roll ?

? Cluck cluck, said the little red hen
Let's boogie in the barnyard ?

- ? Yes, the barnyard's jumpin' ?
- [Ferdinand Muttering, Squawking]

? Everybody's havin' their fling ??


- Net. [Grunting]
- [Zootie Shrieking]

[Ferdinand Sneezes]

Are... Are there
any cats in here?

Cats? Absolutely not.
No cat would dare come in here.

But I'm allergic to ca... to ca...


- [Cats Complaining, Yowling]
- [Cat] For crying out loud!

- Oh! Got you! Hey! Hey!
- [Growling]

Good heavens!
His heart condition!

He'll kill himself,
won't he, Alan?

Yes, Nigel.

- Flealick! Flealick!
- Flealick!

- See any more?
- No, that does it.

Hey, get a load of this.



Think we can get out of here
without either one of us getting hurt?

How about you cooperate with me?

- [Gasping]
- [Mice] Do something!

Um... uh... uh, water!

He needs water!

No more up here!

- [Thelonius Whimpering, Screeching]
- [Men Yelling, Grunting]

[Man Grunting]


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

- Hey, pig!
- Oh!


- [Mouse #1] Someone help me.
- [Mouse #2] Why can't you do anything?

[Squeaking Frantically]

[Mice Together]



Thank you, pig!

[Worried Chattering]



What is that?
Get it out of here.

What are we gonna do with that?


Come on! Let's go!

- Flealick!
- Flealick!

[Sputtering, Gasping]

What happened to you?


Flealick? Flealick!

Let go! Let go, Flealick!


Oh, pig! Pig!


[Panting Continues]



- [Babe] Flealick?
- Huh?




Can you... Can you hear me?


A-Are you okay?

Just flip me over.
Fl... Flip me over.

Ah! Okay, okay. Whew!

Feelin' good, feelin' peppy!

They went... All right.
They went this way.

Uh, actually, Flealick,
I think it's the other way.

Wait a minute.
What are you doing?

- It's all in the hooter. The schnozz.
- The what?

- The olfactory instrument.
- Pig! Pig, pig!
You're unraveling here!

"A," they are long gone.
"B," they were not nice people.

"C" is for kamikaze
and "D" is for delusional,
which is what you are in the head!

- Ferdy.
- Face it. You're just a little pig
in the big city.

What can you possibly do?
What can anyone do? Why even try?

[Squeaking Noise]

- Huh?
- [Whimpers]

Would you help me off
with this, please?

Oh, boy. Unbelievable.

[Both Grunting]

Hmm. Uh...

Ferdinand the duck,
witness to insanity.

[Mice Reading]

- revisited."
- Re... revisited."

Oops. Sorry.

[Narrator] Sometimes we discover
our talents only through necessity.

Babe, who never used his nose
for anything but the piggish
pursuit of food,

soon found he could make his way
through the trickiest of smellscapes.

As the morning wore on,
he became quite the virtuoso.

[Babe] It's close.
It's close. We're getting close.

Yes, it's this way.




[Babe Panting]
I do believe we're here.

[Nervous Quacking, Chittering]

[Woman On P.A.]
Dr. Collins, please report to...

- [Shutter Clicking]
- [Cats Yowling, Dogs Barking]



- [Whimpering, Chittering]
- Dead. I knew it. They're all dead.

- They're not dead.
- Well, let's go get 'em.

Flealick, if we get caught,
we won't be able to help anybody.

Oh, yes, I've given myself a good,
hard talking-to, let me tell you.

I said to myself, Esme, you have
let Arthur, yourself and the pig down.

The judge had never heard anyone
speak so many words in so short a time.

- [Continues Chattering]
- Evidently, this was a woman...

of clear conscience and good intent.

I used to dismiss pigs, but then a pig
became my husband's best friend.

[Narrator] Besides, he grew up
on a farm and had a fondness for pigs.

You can bind me in chains,

but the minute I'm free I shall
march back into those streets...

and search for my Arthur's pig!

Case dismissed!

Hello? Hello?

- [Bob] It's the pinkness!
- All right!

- [Zootie] Thingy!
- [Pit Bull] Chief!

- Oh, I knew he'd come.
- Hot-diggety doggie-doo!

- Shh! We have to be quiet.
- Sorry. Uh, sorry.

- I'll go lock up.
- All right.

Okay, okay. You all know the term
"survival of the fastest."

Well, I've got an idea.
We split into two groups.

The fast ones come with me.
The slow ones stay behind
and sacrifice themselves.

- Ferdinand!
- That way we don't all die.

I think that's only reasonable,
don't you?

Wh... Where's Thelonius?

What are you doing?

I, l... I'm not dressed.

But, Thelonius,
you're an orangu-thingy.

- Well, I'm not dressed.
- [Babe] Mr. Thelonius?

Time to go.

This is insanitary.

Thank you for waiting.

Quick, go back. Go back!


[Door Locks]

[Poodle] Oh, my. When is something
nice gonna happen to me?

[Ferdinand Choking]
Oxygen. Oxygen.

?? [Stereo: Opera, Loud]

?? [Volume Increases]

?? [Volume Returns
To Previous Level]


?? [Continues, Loud]


[Snapping Sound]


What's going on?
What happened?

I thought I could make a place
where we would all be okay.

But how can you do that here?

This used to be a lovely neighborhood.

People kept an eye out for each other.
They really did.

But now,
I'm away for just one night...

with my Uncle Fugly on his deathbed...

You poor, wee thing.

Why couldn't they just leave us be?

- Who?
- What did the animals ever do to her?

- Who?
- Her! That...

?? [Continues, Loud]



Got anything that'll fit me?

U-Um, eh...

[Rattling, Squeaking, Jingling]

?? [Opera Continues, Loud]

[Pounding On Door]

Where are our animals?


- I'm not going across there.
- Do it, Nigel.

It's just a walk in the park.

Try and use all of your legs.

Come on, we're almost... not there.

[Nervous Honking]

In this whole wide world,

is there anywhere that's truly safe?

Yeah, for my babies?

[Babe] There is a place I know,
but it's ever so far away.

How do we get there?

Well, first we have to find my human.

Huh? Ohh!

[Man's Voice]

There you are.

- [Pants Squeaking, Jingling]
- [Huffing]

- [Babe Whispering] Quietly.
- [Ferdinand] Huh?

- Quietly.
- "Quietly."



Four leg.

This is a dog.

And a pig.

Hi, Thelonius.

[Baby Giggling]

Come on, Thelonius, come on.

[Ferdinand Quacking, Babe Snorting]

- John? John?
- [Bell Dings]

Mrs. Willis.

- ?? [Elevator Muzak]
- Any pain?

- No, very little.
- Good.

Good evening, Doctor.
Evening, sir.

- Evening.
- Hello.

Okay, thank you.
Have a good night.

[Blaring Siren Approaching]


We're looking for, um, some animals.

What kind?

Pig, cats, dogs, monkeys,

that sort of thing.

- ?? [Muzak Continues]
- ?? [Ferdinand Humming Along]

- [Cats Yowling, Dogs Barking]
- [Chefs Exclaiming]

Hey! You can't come in here.

[Mrs. Hoggett Gasping, Grunting]

- Pig!
- [Chefs Shouting, Arguing In French]

- Yaaaah!
- Ooohhh!

- [Both Groaning]
- [Ferdinand Quacking]

Well, bite my tail.

This must be the fun.

Oh. What a surprise.

I adore surprises.

[Growls Quietly]

- [Screaming, Shouting]
- [Mrs. Hoggett] Back off!

[Guests Screaming, Shouting]

Ohh! Ohh!

- Come here!
- [Whimpering]

Okay, go!


Pig, pig, pig, pig!

- [Quacking]
- Whoa!

It is her!
It's her!

Sure, it's her.

- Stay, pig, stay!
- But it looks like Himself!

Thelonius, I don't think so.

I tell you, it's Himself.

- Things are lookin' up, Ferdy.
- Huh?

You're comin' with me, Porky.

[Babe Squealing]

- That's not your pig!
- He is my pig now.

The chef's got your pig!


[Growling, Barking]

Okay, Thelonius, let's go.



- [Guests Gasping, Shouting]
- Oh.

Grab her, man!

- [Babe Squealing]
- [Quacking]

I am Esme Cordelia Hoggett...

and I've come for my Arthur's pig!



- Oh, dear! Ohh! Ohh!
- Whoa!

- [Squealing Continues]
- [Grunting, Muttering]



- Whoo!
- [Guests Shouting, Exclaiming]

Isn't this appalling?

Oh-Oh-Ohhhh! Ohhh!


Ohh! Ooh! Sorry!




Aaah! Aaaah!


[Guests Murmuring, Screaming]


- Come on, Ferdy. Come on.
- [Honking]

[Mrs. Hoggett]
Ohh! Come on, pig! Come on! Ohh!


[Groaning Continues]

- Ohh!
- [Guests Gasping]

I'm coming, I'm coming.

- Grab him!
- [Babe Squealing]

[Guests Gasp]

[Squealing Continues]



Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

[Chandelier Groaning]


[Woman] Oh!



What, honey? What's wrong?

- I think I dropped a baby.
- What do you mean, you dropped a baby?

I must have dropped the other baby.

Oh, Zootie!
Calm down. Calm down.

Zootie, don't worry, honey. We'll find
the baby. The baby has to be right here.

- Hello?
- Oh, my baby!


Thelonius, look! Look up!




Thank you.

Yeah, Thelonius. Thank you.

Thank the pig.

Pig, you get here now!

- ?? [Techno Dance, Loud]
- [Chattering, Laughing]

[Narrator] You can't always
put things back together as they were,

but you can look to something afresh.

At least,
that's what the two ladies decided.

So it was, the hotel was rented out.

And this provided
for a curious arrangement.

I just can't stand it anymore!
Roger! Roger!

?? [Mice Humming
"Are You Lonesome Tonight"]

The money from the hotel...

allowed the Hoggetts
to keep the farm from the bank.

[Nigel Grunts]
Race you home, Alan.

You betcha, Nigel.

And so it was,
the pig brought the two worlds together.

Two broken halves
to make something afresh...

in a place just a little to the left
of the 20th century.

?? [Continues]

The chimpanzees
left show business behind...

and were able to be chimpanzees.

As you would expect,
the air agreed with them immeasurably.

Although the others
got a taste for country life,

Flealick found the pace too slow...

and took to chasing trucks.


- [Mice] ? Are you lonesome tonight ?
- Sad to say,

- ?? [Continues]
- The thing between the pit bull
and pink poodle didn't last.

She ran off with another dog
and left him with the kids.

Kids, you got to be scary.
You're warriors. Give me your snarl.

But, Dad, do we have to?

We don't want to.

?? [Continues]

? When I kissed you ?

? And called you sweetheart ?

? Do the chairs in your parlor ?

? Seem empty and bare ?

- ?? [Continues]
- [Narrator] As for the orangutan,

he insisted on staying
at the farmhouse... with Herself.

? And picture me there ?

? Is your heart filled with pain ?

? Shall I come back again ?

? Tell me, dear ?

? Are you lonesome ?

? Tonight ??

[Narrator] And finally, dear ones,
the pig and the farmer...

were content again
in each other's company.

And things were back
to where they started, more or less.


[Pipe Rattling, Thumping]

That'll do, pig.

That'll do.


? A kind and steady heart ?

? Can make a gray sky blue ?

? And a task that seems impossible ?

? Is quite possible for you ?

? A kind and steady heart ?

? Is sure to see you through ?

? It may not seem
like very much right now ?

? But it'll do, it'll do ?

? When you find yourself
in the middle of a storm ?

? And you're tired and cold and wet ?

? And you're looking for a place
that's cozy and warm ?

? You'll make it if you never forget ?

? A kind and steady heart ?

? Can conquer doubt and fear ?

? A little courage
goes a long, long way ?

? Gets you little bit further
down the road each day ?

? And before you know it
you'll hear someone say ?

? That'll do, Babe ?

? That'll do ?

? A kind and steady heart ?

? Is sure to see you through ?

? A little courage
goes a long, long way ?

? Gets you little bit further
down the road each day ?

? And before you know it
you'll hear someone say ?

? That'll do ?

? That'll do ?

? That'll do, Babe ?

? That'll do ??

Thank you for staying till the end.