Baba Joon (2015) - full transcript

Yitzhak runs the turkey farm his father built with his own two hands after they emigrated from Iran to Israel. When his son Moti turns thirteen, Yitzhak teaches him the trade, hoping that he will continue the proud family tradition. But Moti doesn't like working in the turkey barn; his passion is fixing up junkyard cars and bringing them back to life. Moti's mother Sarah tries to reconcile between the two, while his grandfather pushes Yitzhak to take a firm hand with his son. Yitzhak takes Moti's refusal to work in the turkey barn as a personal rejection. Though he loves his son dearly, he makes it his mission to impose the family farm on Moti. The arrival of Darius, the uncle from America, sets off a chain of events that will undermine the familial harmony. Soon enough Yitzhak will learn that his son is just as stubborn as he is. The conflict is inevitable.


See you later. -Bye.

Okay, clutch...

first gear,



Pothole, watch out.

I know how to drive.

Watch the road and look out for potholes.

Stop, stop. Press the clutch and stop.

Stop, stop!

Turn off the engine, turn it off-.

Get out.

Dad, what's wrong?

There's a hole in the hose.

I have to make it shorter.

No, that won't work.

"I've torn more shirts than you“,

I know what I'm doing.

Wtzhak, what's wrong'?

There's a hole in the hose.

You have trouble with your pickup every day,

you can afford to buy a new one.

What for? This one keeps going.

Oh, okay.

Can I take the jerrycan?

Sure, dear, go ahead.

Want me to tow you home

with the tractor?

No, thanks. I'll fix it myself.

I saw you bought new equipment

for the turkey barn.


I'm renovating the old one.


I thought you wanted to sell the farm.

Why renovate?

You don't want to sell?

You'll have to ask my boss.

Boss? Who's the boss?

Moti, are we selling?


We aren't selling. -You aren't selling, okay.

In any case,

Wtzhak joon, in Hebrew we say:

"Better a close neighbor

"than a distant brother.“

If you want to sell, I'm right here.

Thank you.

Bye, Moti. All the best.

Dad, I have a solution.

Can't you see I'm fixing it?


Moti, I have to replace

the hose.

Just listen, Dad.

Moti, the chicks will die in this heat.

I have a solution, just listen.

Okay, go ahead.

We'll put the jerrycan on the roof,

we'll take a hose

and pump the water into the radiator

until we get home.

Okay, lift it up to the roof.


Get up there.


Let's go.

We can't go in for the next lwo days.



Because as soon as a chick opens its eyes

it looks for its mother.

If you go in there,

they'll think you're their mother

but if they grow up together,

they'll regard each other as their mothers.

It's called "imprinting?

Moti, turn that off!

Don't make any noise, it scares the chicks.

I already told you.

Please don't come in here again.

Go to the barn, feed the chicks.



Come to Baba.

I'm coming.

How are you, Moti-joon?

Give me a kiss. Come sit next to Baba.

Can you sing a song for Baba?

Sing a nice song for Baba.

My heart yearns to go back to Isfahan

Back to the city that's like half the world

My heart yearns to go back to Isfahan...

Hello, Amir, Blackie.

Come to Baba. Come.

Come here.


All this needs to be thrown away.

No, that's got to go.

Come here, Shukri-joon. Look, my dear.

That stays, I'll take it myself.

That stays.

All those have got to go, that and that.

Not this!

Moti, this is not a junkyard,

it's a turkey barn, it has to go!


Get up!

I'm talking to you,

don't behave like this in front of them.

It has to go.


Wtzhak, wait a minute.

Leave it here for him.

I need to clean up here. It has to go.

Listen to me-.

Listen. Weren't you ever a boy?

Didn't you ever play?

The chicks are so cute. -Yes.

But we worked so hard.

When the pickup broke down,

I was so afraid that not even one of them

would make it to the barn.

But Moti really helped you, didn't he'?


You push him too hard.

He needs to learn.

But you know

he doesn't like this work.

Neither did I at first,

but I got used to it.


What if he doesn't want to?

I'll force him.

What's the matter? -Nothing.

What did I say'? -Nothing.

"If you bend a branch too hard, it breaks.“


Come here!

Come on!

Run, run.

Close the door, close it.

Now when I need him, he's gone.


Moti, come here.

You have to learn this work already.



You grab it from here, okay'?

Like this.

You're hitting me?!

I raised you and fed you, and you hit me?

You hit your turkey?!

Are you crazy?



Come here, it's okay.

What happened, ma'am?



Come, work with me.


Put it in the truck.

Wtzhak, he's just a boy. -Just a boy'?

At his age I took care of the whole barn.

Put it in the truck!

Why are you standing there? Go get it!


Go help him.

No, he has to learn.

What happened?

Nothing, Baba. -Go to sleep, Baba.

Let's go.

Okay, I'm going-

Good night. -Good night.

Did you catch it?


That's enough.

Ow, Dad. That hurts.

It hurts'? -Yes.

I'm not you.

"If it doesn't hurt, it doesn't get clean.“

That hurts!

Do it softer.

Vacation starts today.

Remember, vacation is very dangerous.

Whenever you have a free moment,

read the Mishnah.

Now each of you come up here

and get a Mishnah to take home.

We'll start here.

Thank you. -Why can't I see your yarmulke'?

You're not ashamed of it, are you'?

No. -Good.


Let's go, who's next?

Don't dally. Hurry up.

You can start reading now if you like.

Who didn't get a Mishnah'?


What are you waiting for?

My father says that

other things are more important.

So there are

more important things

than the Torah at your house?

Those people are always working,

they have no time to read.

Shut up, don't talk about us.

Quiet back there.

I realize it's a matter of money,

so each pupil will donate

a few shekels as charity

so you can buy the Mishnah.


What did you say?

You swore, didn't you'?

Leave the classroom now.

He didn't do anything, sir.

Get gOinQ-

Out, out.

"You mustn't swear at the teacher.“

Hello. -Hello, Mr. Morgian.

I've been waiting for you, what happened?

I swore at him.

Let's go outside and hear what you've done.

"Remember: God doesn't go on vacation,
be observant also on vacation.“

Tell him you're sorry.

Wtzhak, I'm a teacher.

I have a degree in Education.

My job is to teach him.

You don't want him swearing at you, too.

My son would never raise his voice at me.

Tell him you're sorry. You insulted him.

I'm sorry for hurting your feelings, Moti.


Drive by yourself.

Dad, can I go faster?

Sure, go ahead.

Here's all the equipment you wanted.

40 waterers.

The feeding equipment.

It's all ready and will be delivered.

Thank you.

Good. -Dad.

Look, a cordless drill.

You want it? -Yes. -Take it.


Come here.

Come see what I bought for you.

Come on.

I work so hard for you

and you can't even say thank you'?

At least in front of strangers?

Look at me, I'm talking to you.

Okay, okay. Thank you.

Talk to your friends that way,

not to your father!

Who asked you for a barn anyway??


Go to hell!

What have I done to...?

This is the thanks I get'?


Okay, now thank your father.

What for?

Honey, he made such an effort for you.

Show him some respect and thank him.

It's not a gift for me, it's for him.

We're the most pathetic family in the world.

Go water the trees.

Go on.

Moti, look.

Look at him watering the trees.

Do you know how much you mean to your father?

Don't you want to help him?

I want to help him, he's my father.

But I don't like this work.

Okay, when you grow up,

you can do whatever you want.

But now you have to do as he says.

Then what can I do?

"A tree that can't bend

"in a storm will break.

"Wait for the storm to blow over.“


Thank you, Dad.

Hold on tight!

A little more.

Pull, pull.

Here they come.


Well done.

Well done, look how he's grown.

Hello. -Hello.

Moti. Hello. -Hello, Uncle-joon.

Look how you've grown,

I can't believe it. -Yes.

Well done.

Hello, Darius-joon. -My dear Sarah, hello.

Nothing's changed here,

only you've become more beautiful.

Thank you. And you look so chic.

That's kind of you, thank you.

I missed you all. -So did we.

It's heavy. -I'll go make some tea.

"May God bless you and keep you.

"May God forgive you.

"May God grant you peace.

"The Israelites will receive my name

"and I will bless them."

Your hands got softer, Baba-joon.

I got old.

I got old. I've lost all my hair.

No, you're not old.

I brought you all nice gifts from America.

In America everything is big.

Houses, cars, roads.

What's that tape?

I bought you a video cassette

of Iranian songs.

Baba-joon, the video clips

that you love. -Good.

Tea. -Tea? Sweetheart.

Did I come here after ten years

to drink tea with my family?

You have a good bar like the Americans.

Brother, wine from 1972?

Are you a collector?

I bought this bottle for you ten years ago,

you still haven't opened it'?

I'm too busy for drinking.

So now's the time to drink.

Sarah-joon, glasses, please.

Brother, who built this? -Dad.

Really? -Come take a look.

This big wheel rotates all these.

I took this

and turned it into a spinning wheel.

Good job.

Sell this to

Americans in Beverly Hills

and you'll be a millionaire, brother.

Let's go.

Together, to America, now.

Right now!

Will you come?

I have, I have, ltook.

Thank you.

Are you happy with the barn

I'm building for you'?

You're building it for me? You wish.

What are you building it for'?

For Moti.

For Moti?

Are you crazy?

You're killing yourself, brother.

It's slave labor.

Remember one night

Baba made us inject the turkey?

And I let one free.

I remember.

Baba took off his belt

and beat the hell out of me.


How I cried that night...

I wanted to die.

And now you're building this for Moti?

When I was a boy, Moti,

whenever I wanted to be alone,

I'd come up here and relax.


Do you like working in the barn

with the turkeys?


Is that not okay?


It's fine.

Dear brothers,

let's welcome our holy Sabbath.


is at 7:10 p.m.

This announcement is in memory

of Nissim, son of Rachel.

Candle-lighting is at 7:10 p.m.

Have a good and blessed Sabbath.

"No entrance on Shabbat“

"May God..."

"Blessed be His name."


"His face..."

"to you...“

"May God..."


Shabbat Shalom to the holy congregation.

Shabbat Shalom.

The removal of the Torah from the Ark

for a blessing for a good living.

Wtzhak, buy the blessing for Darius.

No, I don't want it.



150 shekels.

150 shekels for the removal

of the Torah from the Ark.

200. -200 shekels.

200 shekels. -500.

500 shekels.

500 shekels for a blessing

for a good living and health.


510 shekels.

1,000. -1,000 Shekels!

1,000 for a blessing for a good living.

Going once.

Going twice.

Going three times. sold.

He who blessed our forefathers

Avraham, Wtzhak and Yaakov,

may He bless Shukri, son of Yaakov. -Amen.

Here, my children.

I made nut-filled dates for you.

Thank you for...

What happened?

Nothing, I played six and one.

Baba-joon, she's cheating. Every time

I turn around, something moves.


I saw from the corner of my eye.


Sarah, watch out, he's a born liar.

I know.

I'm a born liar?

I'm the most honest one in the family.

"Moti's Garage“

I'll lix it for you later, Moti-joon.

Is it okay?

Yes. -Very good.

Very good garage-

Come see my buggy.

I took a scooter, cut it in two,

gave it three wheels...

Come see how I did it.

I put the accelerator here. -Accelerator.

Brakes, clutch. -Clutch.

This is the steering wheel

but I need more parts to finish it.

You built this by yourself?


Wow! Moti, you are a genius!

What's this? -The starter.

Oh yeah? Can I start it?



Turn that off.

The chicks, Daddy.

Your son is so gifted, brother.

He built this all by himself.


When you finish up here, come help me-.

Remember how much time

we spent in here, brother?

How you played in this garage all day

with these games and toys?


Your son is like you.

Baba used to get so mad at me.

He was always mad.

But your son has your genes,

look what he built,

I can't believe he did it on his own.

You didn't help him?

I'm happy that you came. -My sweetheart.

Good for you, you and your son.

You're done here,

come give me a hand, Daddy.

Let him play,

it develops his mind, it's good.

He sits and plays all day

while I bought those chicks for him.

This just can't work.

Come, Baba-joon.

Don't get your clothes dirty.

They're the kind that clean easily.

So what's it like in America'?

They call it “the land of opportunity.“

There are people who got rich from nothing,

I swear to God.

Are there lots of Iranians?

Rich, successful Iranians, thank God.

There's Iranian television.


Iranian magazines, newspapers,

stores, you name it.

Darius, tell me the truth,

are you happy there?

Well, I'm all alone.

Being alone isn't that good.

My heart misses the family.

If I yell out in my apartment,

no one will hear me.

Then why don't you come back here?

Come back here?



Give me a hand, get me one, Daddy.

Come sit down.

No, I'll bring them to you.

No, Daddy, you have to learn.

Okay, look.

Open its beak and put it here, like this.

Like this,

then press the pedal, okay'? Here.

Put it here, its beak here,

then press the pedal.

It doesn't hurt them'?

No, Daddy, it's like clipping fingernails.

It won't hurt them.

Why do we have to do it anyway?

We have to clip their beaks

when they're young,

otherwise when they get bigger

they'll peck each other to death.

It's good for them, understand?


Understand? Okay.

Put the beak here and clip it.

Put it in there.

Moti! Pick it up!

Moti! -I don't want to!


You'll clip all their beaks

even if it takes all night.


Haven't you done anything?


I brought you dinner.

Come eat.

You haven't eaten since lunch. Come and sit.

Sit down.


Eat, Daddy.

I'm not hungry.

Clip its beak.

I don't like this work.

I didn't like ii either.

Clip its beak.

I want to do what I like.

Not like you.

Clip ii!

Put it in there and clip it!

When I tell you something,

you must do as I say.

Understand what I'm saying?

Wtzhak, leave him alone.

Leave him alone.

If I had another son,

he could do as he pleases,

but I only have this one!

Go home, sweetie.

It's not his fault.

Get yourself another wife

so she can fill your barn with kids.

"Top-quality Turkey Farm
Wtzhak Morgian & Son“

Brother, brother, careful!

Wtzhak! -What happened?

"Hallelujah, praise the Lord, O my soul.

"Let every soul praise God, hallelujah.

"Let every soul praise God, hallelujah."

Goodbye, Wtzhak.

May God give you good health

so you can come to synagogue

next week to get a blessing.

Bye, Darius.

Bye, Moti.

Thank you.

Get well, Yitzhak.

Your farm is like my farm,

I'll take care

of whatever you need.

Thank you.

Bye, Baba-joon. -Thanks for coming.

Wtzhak-joon, may God give you good health

and we'll see you at work

as soon as possible. -Thank you.

Bye, sweetheart.

Good night, Darius.

Good night. -Thank you.

"With one hand they stroke the horse

"and with the other they pull its tail.“



Nice, huh?

Did you see that? -Good for you.

Very good, Moti. -Now I press the clutch...

and release it slowly.

Wait for me!

I want to get on, too.


Hear O Israel, the Lord our God...

Aren't you tired of this work?

Don't you want to live somewhere else?

Now's the time.

You have lwo jealous neighbors

with their eyes on your farm.

You can sell at a good price,

get out and have a good life.

I should sell?

And then what?

You can use the money to buy

lwo nice houses in town.

And do what?

Rent one and live off the money,

and live in the other.

We'll relax, go to the beach,

didn't you say you dream of fishing?

We can enjoy life.

What nonsense are you putting into her head'?

I should sell and leave?

Are you crazy?

I put my life into that turkey barn.

Our last name means "poultry raisers,“

do you understand?

Do you?

I want to talk to you.

No, sit down. You stay here, too.

I may be old but I'm not deaf.

Why did you come here?

To visit my family, of course.

Well, your visit is over.

Now take off your suit,

put on work clothes

and go work in the turkey barn.


If you don't like my suit,

I won't wear it any more.

If you want me to wear work clothes, I will-.

But I told you,

I'd never set foot

in that barn as long as I live.

Shame on you!

Baba, leave him alone.

Me and Moti can run the place.

What are you doing?

The turkeys are dying

and you're here goofing around!

Put that down and get out.


Go to hell!

Uncle, who are they?

Me and your father on a boat.

And them?

That's Baba-joon and your father.

Look, your father is playing

with a little chick in the picture.

Baba-joon used to work with turkeys in Iran.

Come sit, Moti,

I want to teach you the work.


This is the best job in the world.

Making jewelry and selling it.

It's good because you can always pack up

your stuff and go wherever you want.


let's say we want to make a necklace.

You take this while it's wet

and put it where you want to solder.

Did you see that? Good.

This is the hard part.

Be careful.

Okay, now...

You hold it like this and turn it in circles.

Want to try?

Not too close, not too far.

The heat melts the metal

and attaches the rings.

Very good. Now we wait for it to cool.

Come in.

Oh, my dear Sarah. -Hello, Moti-joon.

Hello, Mom. -How are you feeling, sweetie?

Hello, Sarah dear. You shouldn't

have bothered, I already cooked.

I brought something, too.

Bless your hands.

Moti, I brought your clothes.

They're here, okay'?

I think the VCR is broken.

Baba, the VCR's not working.

Hello, Darius-joon.

How are you'?

Can I speak with Moti'?

Thank you.

Hi, sweetie, how are you'?

We want to use the VCR

but it isn't working.

I don't understand,

you talk to him.




So you're working with your uncle?

Wow, America!

Is it an up-and-down switch?

Is it an up-and-down switch?

Yes. Flick it down.

What now?

Now adjust it.

There are only lwo stripes.

There are only lwo stripes.

You have to push "play."

There's no picture.

Now flick the same switch

back up.

Great, it worked.

Iran, Iran...

My head won't stay on my body

If I let strangers steal away my homeland...


Look at this.

Well done.

You're a genius, Moti.

Very nice. We'll sell it

this very day. Finish it.

Come in.

Please, come in.

Hello, my brother. -How are you?

How are you feeling?

Thank you. Hello, Moti. -Hello.

Want some tea? -No, we have to go.

A little whisky?

Have a seat, I'll get you some tea.

Thank you.

How are you'? -Okay.

Did you have a nice time

with your uncle? -Yes.

This is beautiful.

You like it?

Your work is always so delicate and precise.

Your son made it.

It's very nice.

Moti, say goodbye to your uncle,

we're going home.

Let him stay a few more days,

I don't mind.

No, he should sleep in his own bed.

He has a home.


I'm not coming home.

Moti, come home.

I'm not coming.


May we come in? -Of course, Mr. Shukri.

How are you'? -Welcome.

How are you'?

Hello, fitzhak. -Hello.

How nice. How are you, Mr. Engineer?


Hello. -How are you doing?

Thank you.

Please come in.

I'm leaving. Moti, I'll see you at home.

I poured tea.

No thanks. -Ok.

See you later. -See you later.

Look at this one, it's beautiful.

How much is it, Darius?

5,000 shekels.

5,000 shekels'?

Do you know what stone that is'?

It's an emerald from Neyshabur,

the highest quality there is.

Do you even know

what an emerald from Neyshabur is?

Is it good? -Do you like it?

What kind of a father are you'?

Where is your son?

Why didn't he come?


Where is Moti?

He didn't want to come.

Stay out of our business.

You push him too hard.

If you had kids, you'd understand.

I don't want kids

if I have to act like you.

You don't want kids because you're selfish.

No, it's because I never wanted

to be like Dad.

Hello. -Hello.

Moti, come home.

No, I'm not coming home.

That's enough, Moti. Get up, let's go.

Wtzhak, let him stay,

it shouldn't bother you.

Stay out of my business.

You left us all behind and now

you come and tell us what to do?

I didn't leave, I ran away.

From what?

From this village, from the mean people

and the damn turkeys!

And what about me?

What about me')?

It's your decision to stay.

Moti, I am your father,

Do as I say.

Come home.

Wtzhak! -Leave me alone!

Let's go! Afitzhak! -Leave me alone!

Shame on you!

Wtzhak, don't do this! -Leave me alone!

Leave me alone!!

You've been here for a long time.

Have you decided to stay?

What will I do here, Baba-joon?

My life and work are in America.

My dear, I'll give you money,

you'll build a new house here,

instead of our old one.

Thank you, Baba-joon. I have money.

What about your brother? He needs your help.

Baba, I told you,

Moti and I will run the place.


Moti can't even hold a turkey,

How can he work in the barn?

Baba-joon, times have changed.

Your grandson won't be working in the barn.

Besides, Sarah and Yitzhak

need a break...

Shut up. Shut up!

I don't want to hear your voice!

You never had a good word

to say to me my entire life.

I'm your father!

When I say stay, you stay!

I don't belong here.

Then go!

Get out of here!

Go to hell, go!


Don't go.

Tell Moti to come back here.

Okay, Dad.



Baba, I hate you! You're mean!


What's wrong with you'?

Who are you fighting?

You've become like him'?

Have you become like him'?

Get out.

Get out!

Oh no, oh no, what have you done'?

Wtzhak, give him a beating,

teach him a lesson! Go.

Forgive me.

I'm sorry, Baba-joon.